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  1. Reviews
    After Deng the Deluge (Review)
    Governing China, by Kenneth Lieberthal
    1. Governing China by Kenneth Lieberthal
    Foreign Affairs, September 1995, pp. 148-153
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    The Art of Shi (Review)
    Cultural Realism, by Alastair Iain Johnston
    1. Cultural Realism by Alastair Iain Johnston
    The New Republic, June 23, 1997, pp. 36-38
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    Asia (Review)
    Xiang Lake: Nine Centuries of Chinese Life, by R. Keith Schoppa
    1. Xiang Lake: Nine Centuries of Chinese Life by R. Keith Schoppa
    The American Historical Review, October 1990, p. 1267
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    Asia (Review)
    Peace, War, and Trade Along the Great Wall, by Sechin Jagchid and Van Jay Symons
    1. Peace, War, and Trade Along the Great Wall by Sechin Jagchid and Van Jay Symons
    The American Historical Review, February 1991, p. 229
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    Asia (Review)
    The Ili Rebellion, by Linda Benson
    1. The Ili Rebellion by Linda Benson
    The American Historical Review, February 1992, p. 268
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    Asia (5 Reviews)
    America and Island China, by Stephen P. Gibert and William M. Carpenter
    1. America and Island China by Stephen P. Gibert and William M. Carpenter
    2. ASEAN and China by Joyce K. Kallgren, Noordin Sopiee, and Soedjati Djiwandono, ...
    3. China Builds the Bomb by John Wilson Lewis and Xue Litai
    4. Daughter of Destiny by Benazir Bhutto
    5. The Pacific Way by Michael Haas
    Orbis, Fall 1989, pp. 627-628
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    Asia (9 Reviews)
    Beijing Jeep, by Jim Mann
    1. Beijing Jeep by Jim Mann
    2. Cambodia, 1975-1978 by Karl D. Jackson
    3. China and Its National Minorities by Thomas Heberer
    4. Chinese Attitudes Toward Nuclear Weapons by Mark A. Ryan
    5. Christianity in China by Archie R. Crouch, Steven Agoratus, and Arthur Emerson, ...
    6. India Briefing, 1988 by Marshall M. Bouton and Philip Oldenburg
    7. Second Chance by Frederick Z. Brown
    8. Security in South Asia by Chitra K. Tiwari
    9. Sino-American Relations, 1945-1955 by Harry Harding and Yuan Ming
    Orbis, Spring 1990, pp. 306-310
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    Asia (7 Reviews)
    China, by Ray Huang
    1. China by Ray Huang
    2. Marxism and the Chinese Experience by Arif Dirlik and Maurice Meisner
    3. The Nationalists and Chinese Society, 1923-1937 by John Fitzgerald
    4. Power and Insecurity by Harvey W. Nelsen
    5. Red Revolution by Gregg R. Jones
    6. Roads and Rivals by Mahnaz Ispahani
    7. War News by Robert Sam Anson
    Orbis, Winter 1990, pp. 152-155
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    Asia and the East (Review)
    Science and Civilisation in China, Vol. V, by Joseph Needham and Ho Ping-Yu
    1. Science and Civilisation in China, Vol. V by Joseph Needham and Ho Ping-Yu
    The American Historical Review, April 1989, p. 501
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    Asia and the Pacific (9 Reviews)
    The Tiger and the Trojan Horse, by Dennis Bloodworth
    1. The Tiger and the Trojan Horse by Dennis Bloodworth
    2. The Cambridge History of China, Vol. XII by John K. Fairbank and Albert Feuerwerker
    3. Towards Capitalist Restoration? by Michel Chossudovsky
    4. Human Rights in East Asia by James C. Hsiung
    5. The Balance of Power in East Asia by Michael Leifer
    6. Human Rights in Contemporary China by R. Randle Edwards, Louis Henkin, and Andrew J. Nathan, ...
    7. Modern China and Its Revolutionary Process by Robert A. Scalapino and George T. Yu
    8. China Takes Off by E.E. Bauer
    9. China and the Third World by Lillian Craig Harris and Robert L. Worden
    Orbis, Spring 1987, pp. 166-171
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    Asia and the Pacific (4 Reviews)
    China: Asia's Next Economic Giant?, by Dwight H. Perkins
    1. China: Asia's Next Economic Giant? by Dwight H. Perkins
    2. The China Connection by A. James Gregor
    3. Korea and the West by Brian Bridges
    4. Understanding Communist China by Tai-Chun Kuo and Ramon H. Myers
    Orbis, Summer 1987, pp. 259-260
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    Asia and the Pacific (6 Reviews)
    China and Vietnam: The Roots of Conflict, by William J. Duiker
    1. China and Vietnam: The Roots of Conflict by William J. Duiker
    2. China's Special Economic Zones by Michael Oborne
    3. The Chinese Army After Mao by Ellis Joffe
    4. Japan Re-Armed by Malcolm McIntosh
    5. Pakistan by Shahid Javed Burki
    6. Sri Lanka by Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah
    Orbis, Fall 1987, pp. 399-401
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    Asia and the Pacific (8 Reviews)
    China Watch, by John King Fairbank
    1. China Watch by John King Fairbank
    2. The Chinese Debate About Soviet Socialism, 1978-1985 by Gilbert Rozman
    3. The Future of Hong Kong by Hungdah Chiu, Y.C. Jao, and Yuan-li Wu
    4. Indian Security Policy by Raju G.C. Thomas
    5. The Invisible Resource by Ben J. Wallace
    6. The New China by Alvin Rabushka
    7. Readings on Islam in Southeast Asia by Ahmad Ibrahim, Sharon Siddique, and Yasmin Hussain, ...
    8. Security and Nationalism in the Indian Ocean by Philip M. Allen
    Orbis, Spring 1988, pp. 323-326
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    Asia and the Pacific (5 Reviews)
    Arming the Dragon, by A. James Gregor
    1. Arming the Dragon by A. James Gregor
    2. China's Continuous Revolution by Lowell Dittmer
    3. The Dragon and the Wild Goose by Jay Taylor
    4. The Political Economy of the New Asian Industrialism by Frederic C. Deyo
    5. Who's Who in the People's Republic of China by Wolfgang Bartke
    Orbis, Summer 1988, pp. 473-475
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    Asia and the Pacific (11 Reviews)
    Anvil of Victory, by Steven I. Levine
    1. Anvil of Victory by Steven I. Levine
    2. Crisis in the Philippines by John Bresnan
    3. Ideological Conflicts in Modern China by Wen-Shun Chi
    4. Indian Security Policy by Raju G.C. Thomas
    5. Managing Ethnic Tensions in Multi-Ethnic Societies by Kingsley M. De Silva
    6. The Origins of War in South Asia by Sumit Ganguly
    7. The Political Dynamics of Japan by Jun-ichi Kyogoku
    8. Sikh Separatism by Rajiv A. Kapur
    9. Soviet-American Relations With Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan by Hafeez Malik
    10. Vietnam and the Soviet Union by Douglas Pike
    11. What's Happening to India? by Robin Jeffrey
    Orbis, Winter 1988, pp. 147-152
  16. Articles
    Bowing to Beijing
    Commentary, September 1998, pp. 15-20
  17. Bullish on Beijing
    The romantic view of Chinese communism used to be found mostly among leftist intellectu...
    The New Republic, April 9, 1990, pp. 20-21
  18. The Chinese Military Threat
    The Game China Is Playing with Her Neighbors Is Like the One Played by Austria and Germ...
    The American Enterprise, July 1998, pp. 40-43
  19. Books
    Chinese Puzzles (3 Reviews)
    The Claws of the Dragon, by John Byron and Robert Pack
    1. The Claws of the Dragon by John Byron and Robert Pack
    2. The New Emperors by Harrison E. Salisbury
    3. China in Our Time by Ross Terrill
    The National Interest, Summer 1992, pp. 94-101
  20. The Chinese Sickness
    Commentary, July-August 2003, pp. 36-42
  21. Chinese Tremors
    Why Beijing is nervous
    National Review, January 25, 1999, p. 29
  22. The "Chineseness" of Taiwan
    Chen Shuibian's Impressive Start
    Policy Review, August 2000, pp. 27-40
  23. [+]
    Contemporary Affairs (Review)
    The Bamboo Network, by Murray L. Weidenbaum and Samuel Hughes
    1. The Bamboo Network by Murray L. Weidenbaum and Samuel Hughes
    The Wilson Quarterly, Spring 1996, p. 86
  24. Defense and Technology Supplement
    Dragon Growling
    National Review, July 31, 1995, pp. 44-46
  25. Articles
    Deterring China
    Commentary, October 1995, pp. 17-21
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    East Asia (5 Reviews)
    China, Taiwan, and the Offshore Islands, by Thomas E. Stolper
    1. China, Taiwan, and the Offshore Islands by Thomas E. Stolper
    2. The Communist Party of China and Marxism, 1921-1985 by Laszlo Ladany
    3. Human Rights in the People's Republic of China by Yuan-Li Wu, Franz Michael, John F. Copper, and Ta-ling Lee, ...
    4. The Japanese Way of Politics by Gerald L. Curtis
    5. The Languages of China by S. Robert Ramsey
    Orbis, Fall 1988, pp. 639-641
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    East Asia (7 Reviews)
    The China Consuls, by P.D. Coates
    1. The China Consuls by P.D. Coates
    2. Edgar Snow: A Biography by John Maxwell Hamilton
    3. If Everybody Bought One Shoe by Graeme Browning
    4. Last Chance in Manchuria by Donald G. Gillin, Ramon H. Myers, and Chang Kia-Ngau, ...
    5. Marcos Dynasty by Sterling Seagrave
    6. The Myth of Japanese Uniqueness by Peter N. Dale
    7. Policy Making in China by Kenneth Lieberthal and Michel Oksenberg
    Orbis, Summer 1989, pp. 472-476
  28. [+]
    East Asia (5 Reviews)
    Embattled Korea, by Ralph N. Clough
    1. Embattled Korea by Ralph N. Clough
    2. The Evolution of Policy Behind Taiwan's Development Success by Kuo-ting Li
    3. Fire Across the Sea by Thomas R.H. Havens
    4. In Search of an East Asian Development Model by Peter L. Berger and Michael H.-H. Hsiao
    5. Maryknoll in China by Jean-Paul Wiest
    Orbis, Winter 1989, pp. 148-150
  29. [+]
    East Asia (6 Reviews)
    China and the Challenge of the Future, by Carol Lee Hamrin
    1. China and the Challenge of the Future by Carol Lee Hamrin
    2. Friends and Enemies by Gordon H. Chang
    3. The Ili Rebellion by Linda Benson
    4. Japan's Unequal Trade by Edward J. Lincoln
    5. Legacies: A Chinese Mosaic by Bette Bao Lord
    6. Taiwan's Development by Cal Clark
    Orbis, Summer 1990, pp. 470-472
  30. Eight Steps toward a New China Policy
    Orbis, Winter 1997, pp. 77-82
  31. Europe's Crisis
    Commentary, February 2005, pp. 48-53
  32. A Free and Democratic China?
    Commentary, November 2000, pp. 27-32
  33. [+]
    From ancient grudge (Review)
    The Landmark Thucydides, by Robert B. Strassler and Thucydides
    1. The Landmark Thucydides by Robert B. Strassler and Thucydides
    The New Criterion, June 1997, pp. 83-85
  34. The Great Wall of China (1990)
    From History to Myth
    1 Review
  35. Handwriting on the Wall
    The people stir, Beijing gets nervous
    National Review, May 31, 1999, p. 25
  36. Articles
    Hong Kong and the Future of Freedom
    Commentary, September 2003, pp. 21-25
  37. How Not to Deal With China
    Commentary, March 1997, pp. 44-49
  38. Observations
    A Korean Solution?
    Commentary, June 2005, pp. 62-65
  39. [+]
    Leighton Stuart and China-U.S. Relations (Review)
    An American Missionary in China, by Shaw Yu-Ming
    1. An American Missionary in China by Shaw Yu-Ming
    Orbis, Spring 1994, pp. 301-304
  40. Review Essays
    The Life of Mao Zedong (3 Reviews)
    Mao: A Life, by Philip Short
    1. Mao: A Life by Philip Short
    2. Mao Zedong by Jonathan Spence
    3. Mao: A Biography by Ross Terrill
    Orbis, Fall 2000, pp. 637-646
  41. [+]
    The Longer March (Review)
    China's Crisis, by Andrew J. Nathan
    1. China's Crisis by Andrew J. Nathan
    The New Republic, February 25, 1991, pp. 39-41
  42. Mao Lives
    Commentary, October 2005, pp. 31-38
  43. Books
    The Measure of Greatness (Review)
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom, by Conrad Black
    1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom by Conrad Black
    Commentary, March 2004, pp. 57-60
  44. Our Game with North Korea
    Commentary, February 2004, pp. 27-32
  45. Our Stake in Taiwan
    Commentary, October 2004, pp. 60-65
  46. The People in Arms (2003)
    Military Myth and National Mobilization Since the French Revolution
    1 Review
  47. A Regime in Crisis
    The Weekly Standard, May 24, 1999, pp. 27-30
  48. [+]
    "Educational Reform" in Britain & France (Review)
    Japan's Reshaping of American Labor Law, by William B. Gould
    1. Japan's Reshaping of American Labor Law by William B. Gould
    The Public Interest, Summer 1985, pp. 115-120
  49. [+]
    Theories of Nationalism and Historical Explanation (3 Reviews)
    Nations Before Nationalism, by John A. Armstrong
    1. Nations Before Nationalism by John A. Armstrong
    2. Nations and Nationalism by Ernest Gellner
    3. The Quest for Self-Determination by Dov Ronen
    World Politics, April 1985, p. 416
  50. The Twisted Academy
    Blinded by Ideology, Scholars Failed Utterly to Understand Chinese and Islamic Civiliza...
    The American Enterprise, September 2002, pp. 38-41
  51. [+]
    Unspecial Relations (Review)
    About Face, by James Mann
    1. About Face by James Mann
    The New Republic, May 17, 1999, pp. 40-44
  52. Article
    The Warlord
    Twentieth-Century Chinese Understandings of Violence, Militarism, and Imperialism
    The American Historical Review, October 1991, pp. 1073-1100
  53. Controversy
    Watching China
    Commentary, October 2003, pp. 10-24
  54. Books
    When peacekeepers fail (Review)
    On the Origins of War and the Preservation of Peace, by Donald Kagan
    1. On the Origins of War and the Preservation of Peace by Donald Kagan
    The New Criterion, March 1995, pp. 56-59
  55. Wishful Thinking on China
    The Weekly Standard, June 29, 1998, pp. 25-30
  56. No Items Found