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  1. Affirmative Action, French Style
    American Renaissance, November 1998, pp. 7-8
  2. Africa in Our Midst
    The media suppress Katrina's lessons
    American Renaissance, October 2005, p. 1
  3. America up for Grabs
    The SPLC view of the world
    American Renaissance, April 1999, p. 11
  4. Arguments for Our Side
    Some ideas on how to debate the race question.
    American Renaissance, June 2001, pp. 1-6
  5. Atlanta Conference is a Great Success
    AR readers meet for frank discussions about race.
    American Renaissance, July 1994, pp. 1-3
  6. Banned in Halifax
    No diversity of opinions about diversity
    American Renaissance, February 2007, p. 1
  7. Black Racial Consciousness, Part I
    Blacks celebrate what whites mus deny
    American Renaissance, September 2006, p. 1
  8. Black Racial Consciousness, Part II
    Hatred for whites is often part of black identity
    American Renaissance, October 2006, p. 1
  9. Black Racial Consciousness, Part III
    Many blacks do not feel they are part of America
    American Renaissance, November 2006, p. 1
  10. Blacks, Jews, Liberals, and Crime
    National Review, May 16, 1994, p. 44
  11. Brown v. Board: the Real Story
    We celebrate tragedy as if it were victory.
    American Renaissance, July 2004, pp. 1-8
  12. [+]
    Can America be Saved? (Review)
    A patriot's plea for his country
    1. State of Emergency by Patrick J. Buchanan
    American Renaissance, October 2006, pp. 8-9
  13. The Challenge of "Multiculturalism" In How Americans View the Past and the Future
    The Journal of Historical Review, June 1992, pp. 159-166
  14. The Color of Crime
    How much violent crime is there in America and who commits it?
    American Renaissance, June 1994, pp. 1-4
  15. The Color of Death
    What the double standards tell us.
    American Renaissance, September 2000, p. 10
  16. A Conversation With a Pioneer
    Prof. Raymond Cattell reflects on his career.
    American Renaissance, October 1995, p. 6
  17. Convincing the Conservatives
    Patrick Buchanan tackles immigration.
    American Renaissance, November 2002, pp. 6-9
  18. Crisis in the National Front
    A split into two warring factions is a jarring setback for French nationalism.
    American Renaissance, January 1999, pp. 6-7
  19. [+]
    The Cult of 'Transforming Whiteness' (Review)
    It doesn't get any worse than this
    1. Identifying Race and Transforming Whiteness in the Classroom by Virginia Lea and Judy Helfand
    American Renaissance, November 2005, pp. 9-12
  20. A Curious Madness
    'Gilded honour shamefully misplaced'
    American Renaissance, December 2005, pp. 8-9
  21. The Dangers of Diversity, Part I
    What actually happens when races mix
    American Renaissance, March 2009, p. 1
  22. The Dangers of Diversity, Part II
    The ugly reality behind the myth
    American Renaissance, April 2009, p. 1
  23. The Dangers of Diversity, Part III
    Prison violence spills into the streets
    American Renaissance, May 2009, p. 1
  24. [+]
    The Definitive Word on Intelligence (Review)
    An important milestone in the study of the mind.
    1. The g Factor by Arthur R. Jensen
    American Renaissance, September 1998, pp. 6-10
  25. Diversity Destroys Trust
    Harvard discovers homogeneity
    American Renaissance, September 2007, p. 1
  26. Do Americans Really Want Diversity?
    For many whites, it's a game of "let's pretend."
    American Renaissance, February 2000, pp. 1-4
  27. [+]
    To Each His Own (Review)
    The Disuniting of America, by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
    1. The Disuniting of America by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
    American Renaissance, April 1992, pp. 5-7
  28. Evolution and Differences in Human Behavorial Patterns
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall/Winter 1994, pp. 109-122
  29. Ezola Foster for Vice President?
    A disappointing choice by Patrick Buchanan.
    American Renaissance, October 2000, p. 10
  30. [+]
    Fairest Things Have Fleetest Endings (Review)
    A haunting novel about the end of the white race.
    1. The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail
    American Renaissance, June 1995, pp. 6-8
  31. [+]
    False Victims (Review)
    A valuable study of a problem that is often ignored.
    1. Crying Wolf by Laird Wilcox
    American Renaissance, March 1995, pp. 8-9
  32. A Festival for France
    The Front National's gigantic celebration of French Nationalism.
    American Renaissance, November 1998, pp. 1-3
  33. [+]
    For Whom the Bell Curves (Review)
    This book, and its reception, mark an important intellectual breakthrough.
    1. The Bell Curve by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray
    American Renaissance, February 1995, pp. 6-8
  34. France at the Crossroads
    What will the French learn from the riots?
    American Renaissance, January 2006, p. 1
  35. France Sets the Tone
    The National Front shakes up the political establishment---again.
    American Renaissance, June 2002, pp. 1-5
  36. Free Speech? Not in Canada
    Thugs in masks break up race lecture
    American Renaissance, March 2007, pp. 7-9
  37. Freedom Party Enters Austrian Government
    Europe panics as nationalists join coalition.
    American Renaissance, March 2000, pp. 11-13
  38. [+]
    The Future of the Species (Review)
    Heredity and Humanity, by Roger Pearson
    1. Heredity and Humanity by Roger Pearson
    American Renaissance, July/Aug. 1997, p. 16
  39. Genetics, Personality, and Race
    Personality appears to be greatly influenced by heredity. Do races differ in "average ...
    American Renaissance, August 1993, pp. 1-4
  40. The Great Hate Crimes Hoax
    Much ado about not much.
    American Renaissance, July 1999, pp. 9-10
  41. [+]
    Hard Time (Review)
    Cruel and unusual punishment in American prisons.
    1. No Escape by Joanne Mariner
    American Renaissance, April 2002, pp. 5-7
  42. The High One
    Short Story
    Argosy Weekly, July 10, 1937, pp. 94-101
  43. Hispanic Consciousness, Part I
    Hispanics are loyal to race and homeland, not America
    American Renaissance, April 2007, p. 1
  44. Hispanic Racial Consciousness, Part II
    They make no secret of wanting your country
    American Renaissance, May 2007, p. 1
  45. The Hollow Debate on Race Preferences
    The Supreme Court sidesteps the central question.
    American Renaissance, June 2003, pp. 1-7
  46. [+]
    How Judges Wreck Schools (Review)
    Raymond Wolters on the perils of integration
    1. Race and Education, 1954-2007 by Raymond Wolters
    American Renaissance, June 2009, pp. 10-13
  47. How New Americans are Made
    American Renaissance, June 1998, pp. 5-6
  48. [+]
    The Human Animal (Review)
    What evolution says about race
    1. Erectus Walks Amongst Us by Richard D. Fuerle
    American Renaissance, January 2009, pp. 7-12
  49. The Humiliation of Trent Lott
    The perfect tale of sordidness for our times.
    American Renaissance, February 2003, pp. 8-11
  50. [+]
    Humpty-Dumpty History (Review)
    Why facts no longer matter to 'historians."
    1. The Killing of History by Keith Windschuttle
    American Renaissance, February 1998, pp. 8-9
  51. The Hunt for "Test Bias"
    Years of detective work have failed to track down "cultural bias."
    American Renaissance, May 1992, p. 6
  52. If We Do Nothing
    The nation we are building is one in which we would not wish to life
    American Renaissance, June 1996, pp. 1-6
  53. [+]
    In Praise of Arthur Jensen (Review)
    A well-deserved tribute to a great scientist
    1. The Scientific Study of General Intelligence by Helmuth Nyborg
    American Renaissance, September 2004, pp. 8-11
  54. In Praise of Homogeneity
    The Japanese know how to run a country
    American Renaissance, August 2007, p. 1
  55. [+]
    In the Gulag of the Mind (Review)
    The evil roots of today's orthodoxy
    1. Marxism, Multiculturalism, and Free Speech by Frank Ellis
    American Renaissance, September 2006, pp. 12-13
  56. Integration Has Failed (Part I)
    Each new generation defies the liberals
    American Renaissance, February 2008, p. 1
  57. Integration Has Failed (Part II)
    Separation is everywhere---because all races want it
    American Renaissance, March 2008, p. 1
  58. Intellectual Contortions
    Mainstream analysis of social problems is crippled by orthodox thinking.
    American Renaissance, August 1991, p. 7
  59. Is a Multiracial Nation Possible?
    The Meaning of "Multicultural" Textbooks.
    American Renaissance, February 1992, pp. 1-3
  60. The "Jena 6" Fraud
    "Civil rights" in the 21st century
    American Renaissance, November 2007, pp. 11-12
  61. Jews and American Renaissance
    Time to clear the air
    American Renaissance, May 2006, p. 11
  62. Katrina and the US Media
    American Renaissance, December 2005, p. 7
  63. [+]
    Killing the Messenger (Review)
    When science contradicts liberal dogma, the scientists must be punished.
    1. Race, Intelligence and Bias in Academe by Roger Pearson
    American Renaissance, June 1992, pp. 6-8
  64. [+]
    A King Among Men (Review)
    The mind of the great scientist.
    1. Intelligence, Race, and Genetics by Frank Miele and Arthur R. Jensen
    American Renaissance, April 2003, pp. 8-10
  65. [+]
    Kinshasa on the Potomac (Review)
    An African dictator might have run the city of Washington just as Marion Berry did, but...
    1. Marion Barry: The Politics of Race by Jonathan I.Z. Agronsky
    American Renaissance, January 1992, pp. 7-9
  66. Know Your Neighbors
    A computer program that puts the census on your desktop.
    American Renaissance, September 1999, p. 9
  67. La Raza Eyes the Supreme Court
    American Renaissance, July 2009, p. 11
  68. The Late Great City of Miami
    How an all-American city became a beachhead for the third world.
    American Renaissance, May 1994, pp. 1-7
  69. "Legacy" in the Making
    William Clinton's initiative on race and the AR response.
    American Renaissance, January 1998, pp. 1-3
  70. [+]
    A Libertarian for Our Side (Review)
    Government is the worst enemy of racial sanity.
    1. Democracy: The God that Failed by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
    American Renaissance, January 2002, pp. 7-9
  71. [+]
    Light on the Dark Continent (Review)
    Eye-opening observations of an American who has lived in Africa for nearly 20 years.
    1. Racism, Guilt, and Self-Deceit by Gedahlia Braun
    American Renaissance, Sept./Oct. 1993, pp. 11-13
  72. Loonies on the Loose
    American Renaissance, June 2009, pp. 5-6
  73. [+]
    The Man Who Invented White Guilt (Review)
    W.E.B. Du Bois taught us all what to think
    1. Du Bois and His Rivals by Raymond Wolters
    American Renaissance, July 2006, pp. 8-12
  74. The Many Deaths of Viola Liuzzo
    National Review, July 10, 1995, pp. 38-39
  75. A Matter of Perfect Indifference
    Each ticket is as bad as the other
    American Renaissance, November 2008, p. 8
  76. Men of the West, Stand and Fight!
    Flemish nationalists inspire American audience
    American Renaissance, April 2007, pp. 10-11
  77. Milking the Dream
    How the King family trades on the MLK myth
    American Renaissance, February 2002, pp. 1-4
  78. The Myth of Diversity
    Seldom have so many pretended to believe something so absurd.
    American Renaissance, July/Aug. 1997, pp. 1-7
  79. Nationalism on the March in France
    Jean-Marie Le Pen's movement is winning France back for the French.
    American Renaissance, April 1998, pp. 1-6
  80. Neo-Con Games
    What Beltway conservatives say about immigration.
    American Renaissance, March 2002, pp. 5-8
  81. [+]
    A New Theory of Racial Differences (Review)
    A comprehensive account of how the races differ, and a provocative theory as to why.
    1. Race, Evolution, and Behavior by J. Philippe Rushton
    American Renaissance, December 1994, pp. 1-7
  82. [+]
    No, We Owe Nothing (Review)
    Justice for the Past, by Stephen Kershnar
    1. Justice for the Past by Stephen Kershnar
    American Renaissance, November 2004, p. 9
  83. [+]
    Noble Savagery (Review)
    The Invented Indian, by James A. Clifton
    1. The Invented Indian by James A. Clifton
    American Renaissance, December 1991, pp. 5-6
  84. [+]
    Northwest Passage (Review)
    Why some races are smarter than others
    1. Race Differences in Intelligence by Richard Lynn
    American Renaissance, June 2006, pp. 7-11
  85. [+]
    An Old Friend Speaks (Review)
    A first-rate selection from the papers of Sam Francis
    1. Shots Fired by Samuel Francis and Peter Gemma
    American Renaissance, March 2007, pp. 10-12
  86. Paved With Good Intentions (1992)
    The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America
    9 Reviews, 4 Readable
  87. Preferences for the Majority
    Malaysi may have lessons for America
    American Renaissance, October 2008, p. 1
  88. The Price of Virtue---America Undone
    The Social Contract, Summer 1998, pp. 314-316
  89. Race and Intelligence: The Evidence
    Scientific data show that the races differ in intelligence---dogma holds otherwise.
    American Renaissance, November 1992, pp. 1-5
  90. Race, Crime, and Violence
    What is the color of crime in America?
    American Renaissance, July 1999, pp. 1-8
  91. The Race-IQ Non-controversy
    The press closes its eyes to the evidence
    American Renaissance, July 2005, pp. 5-8
  92. Book Reviews
    Racial Differences in Intelligence (Review)
    The Blank Slate, by Steven Pinker
    1. The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker
    The Occidental Quarterly, Spring 2003, pp. 73-82
  93. The Racial Ideology of Empire
    The roots of our crisis go deep into our past
    American Renaissance, February 2005, p. 1
  94. Racial Preferences Go to College
    The recent flap over scholarships for blacks was only skimming the surface.
    American Renaissance, February 1991, pp. 1-5
  95. Debate on Racial Profiling
    Racial Profiling
    Is There an Empirical Basis?
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 2002, pp. 285-312
  96. The Racial Revolution
    No people can long survive when common sense becomes a crime.
    American Renaissance, May 1999, pp. 1-6
  97. Racism at Stanford?
    The Beethoven Poster Case
    Chronicles, January 1990, pp. 51-52
  98. The Real American Dilemma (1998)
    Race, Immigration, and the Future of America
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  99. A Reply to Prof. Weissberg
    A grand crusade is exactly what we need.
    American Renaissance, March 1999, pp. 4-5
  100. Reply to Professor Lynch
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 2002, pp. 331-342
  101. A Reply
    American Renaissance, December 1993, pp. 3-4
  102. Return to Halifax
    Enemies of free speech are defeated
    American Renaissance, April 2007, pp. 12-14
  103. Return to the Dark Ages
    Censorship is on the rise. It is coming to America?
    American Renaissance, March 2001, pp. 1-10
    The Revolution in Civil Rights Law
    Chronicles, October 1993, pp. 14-16
  105. The Right of Self Defense
    Why white racial consciousness is necessary and moral.
    American Renaissance, January 1994, pp. 1-5
  106. The Rise of Campus "Racism" (Part II)
    American Renaissance, May 1991, pp. 5-7
  107. The Rise of College "Racism"
    The reported revival of racism on college campuses is largely a distortion of the facts...
    American Renaissance, April 1991, pp. 1-3
  108. The Rush for the Lifeboats
    Is egalitarian orthodoxy beginning to crumble?
    American Renaissance, January 2008, p. 10
  109. Sam Francis, R.I.P.
    Sam was an inspiring colleague and a close friend
    American Renaissance, April 2005, p. 1
  110. [+]
    Scribbling While Rome Burns (Review)
    Los Angeles: Capital of the Third World, by David Rieff
    1. Los Angeles: Capital of the Third World by David Rieff
    American Renaissance, November 1991, pp. 7-8
  111. The Seeds of Conflict
    Genetic Similarity Theory explains the conflicts that baffle statesmen.
    American Renaissance, June 1999, pp. 1-4
  112. Shadows of the Rising Sun (1983)
    A Critical View of the Japanese Miracle
    2 Reviews, 1 Readable
  113. Some Thoughts are Worse Than Murder
    American Renaissance, August 2000, p. 7
  114. [+]
    Sowing the Seeds of Destruction (Review)
    Gunnar Myrdal's Assault on America
    1. An American Dilemma by Gunnar Myrdal, Richard Sterner, and Arnold Rose
    American Renaissance, April 1996, pp. 1-5
  115. [+]
    Studying the Racialists (Review)
    An academic tries to understand us.
    1. The New White Nationalism in America by Carol M. Swain
    American Renaissance, September 2002, pp. 9-10
  116. Subjective Reasons are Sufficient
    Comments on Mr. Rienzi's article.
    American Renaissance, February 2003, p. 7
  117. Supreme Court Throws Whites a Bone
    Obama appointees will grab it back
    American Renaissance, August 2009, pp. 5-7
  118. [+]
    Survival of the Fittest? (Review)
    Why are there both rich and poor?
    1. IQ and Global Inequality by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen
    American Renaissance, June 2007, pp. 9-12
  119. [+]
    The "Tainted" Sources of The End of Racism (Review)
    A contemptible streak of dishonesty runs through this book.
    1. The End of Racism by Dinesh D'Souza
    American Renaissance, November 1995, pp. 6-7
  120. Short Stories
    The Tale of the Two Queens
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, August 1991, pp. 33-44
  121. Thunder on the Right
    France is in an uproar as the Front National exercises its power.
    American Renaissance, May 1998, pp. 8-9
  122. Tragedy or Farce? The Return of Marion Barry
    Blacks vote an ex-con back into office as mayor of Washington.
    American Renaissance, November 1994, pp. 1-4
  123. The Truth About Tuskegee
    Another fake story of white infamy.
    American Renaissance, March 2004, p. 10
  124. [+]
    Turpentine in Old Wineskins (Review)
    How retreat and betrayal left the Right in tatters
    1. Conservatism in America by Paul Gottfried
    American Renaissance, February 2008, pp. 10-11
  125. Twelve Years of American Renaissance
    An editor's reflections
    American Renaissance, November 2002, pp. 1-5
  126. U.S. Racial Profiling in the Prevention of Crime
    Is There an Empirical Basis?
    The Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies, Winter 1999, pp. 485-510
  127. The Verdict and its Consequences
    O.J. Simpson is free and blacks are jubilant. Whites are sadder...and wiser.
    American Renaissance, November 1995, pp. 1-2
  128. Violating the IQ Taboo
    A Report from the Field
    American Renaissance, July 1995, p. 6
  129. The Ways of Our People (Part I)
    What are we fighting to preserve. And why is it threatened?
    American Renaissance, September 1996, pp. 1-6
  130. The Ways of Our People (Part II)
    It is our own unique characteristics that threaten our survival.
    American Renaissance, October 1996, pp. 1-5
  131. Welfare: Who is on it and How it Works
    Welfare encourages reckless procreation and is a massive transfer of wealth from whites...
    American Renaissance, May 1993, pp. 1-4
  132. What Science Says About Diversity (Part I)
    People seem to have an instinct for homogeneity
    American Renaissance, November 2007, p. 1
  133. What Science Says About Diversity (Part II)
    Results are in: Diversity brings conflict
    American Renaissance, December 2007, p. 1
  134. What the Gonzalez Nonsense Really Means
    When the chips are down, Cuban-Americans are Cuban, not American.
    American Renaissance, June 2000, p. 6
  135. What the Non-Racial Right Thinks
    Patrick Buchanan's American Cause conference.
    American Renaissance, April 2004, pp. 6-8
  136. What the Supreme Court Did
    More bad law on racial preferences.
    American Renaissance, August 2003, pp. 1-5
  137. What We Are Supposed to Know
    Do some people prefer to keep us ignornant?
    American Renaissance, September 1999, pp. 1-4
  138. [+]
    What We Owe Our People (Review)
    A scientist explains the genetic basis of nationalism
    1. On Genetic Interests by Frank Salter
    American Renaissance, January 2005, p. 1
  139. [+]
    The White Man's Disease (Review)
    A good diagnosis but no cure.
    1. Multiculturalism and the Politics of Guilt by Paul Edward Gottfried
    American Renaissance, January 2003, pp. 8-10
  140. Who Reads American Renaissance?
    Responses to the AR Reader Survey.
    American Renaissance, July/Aug. 1997, pp. 8-10
  141. Who Still Believes in Integration?
    The results of our 30-year experiment are clear for all to see.
    American Renaissance, Sept./Oct. 1993, pp. 1-9
  142. [+]
    Why is There Inequality? (Review)
    Richard Lynn offers the most convincing answer
    1. The Global Bell Curve by Richard Lynn
    American Renaissance, September 2008, pp. 7-11
  143. Why Obama Will Win
    Whites jump at any chance to feel virtuous
    American Renaissance, August 2008, pp. 11-12
  144. [+]
    Why Race Matters (Review)
    A philosopher's elegant and compelling dissection of the race problem.
    1. Why Race Matters by Michael Levin
    American Renaissance, October 1997, pp. 1-5
  145. Will America Learn its Lessons?
    Paying the price for foolish policies.
    American Renaissance, November 2001, pp. 1-8
  146. [+]
    Will Whites Ever Learn (Review)
    For Africans, self-rule means misrule
    1. The Fate of Africa by Martin Meredith
    American Renaissance, February 2006, pp. 6-11
  147. You Are Not Alone
    The Mass Media are Fooling Fewer and Fewer People
    American Renaissance, July 1992, pp. 1-2
  148. No Items Found