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  1. Age of Inflation (1979)
  2. The American Economy Is NOT Depression-Proof
    The natural consequences of inflation and malinvestment are still painful, despite ever...
    The Freeman, November 1972, pp. 666-673
  3. Another Anti-Inflation Circus
    Government anti-inflation programs multiply the damages done by its original inflationa...
    The Freeman, March 1979, pp. 139-142
  4. Are We Marxians Now?
    How Marxian views affect American attitudes regarding class conflict, monopoly, and in...
    The Freeman, August 1972, pp. 451-460
  5. Argentina on the Brink
    An expert view of the history and the prospect for freedom in Argentina.
    The Freeman, December 1982, pp. 716-727
  6. A Balanced Budget Amendment
    It is unrealistic to believe that a balanced budget amendment can dampen the enthusiasm...
    The Freeman, August 1987, pp. 291-294
  7. Bankers and Regulators (1993)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  8. The Banking Crisis
    The crumbling of our overregulated national banking system.
    The Freeman, November 1988, pp. 436-440
  9. Benefit Mandates Cause Unemployment
    Some unseen ways in which workers eventually pay for alleged benefits.
    The Freeman, July 1983, pp. 423-439
  10. Berlin Helps the Dollar
    National Review, December 30, 1961, p. 449
  11. Beware 'Medicare'
    Human Events, March 3, 1961, pp. 137-138
  12. [+]
    The Business of Government (Review)
    America's Emerging Fascist Economy, by Charlotte Twight
    1. America's Emerging Fascist Economy by Charlotte Twight
    The Freeman, May 1976, pp. 315-316
  13. Business Taxes Concern Everyone
    The Freeman, March 1959, pp. 32-40
  14. Can ARA Reduce Unemployment in Pennsylvania?
    Human Events, January 19, 1963, pp. 13-14
  15. Capital Consumption
    In order to consume more, man must produce more unless he is prepared to eat into the c...
    The Freeman, May 1976, pp. 282-299
  16. The Causes of Inflation
    Welfare and redistribution programs inevitably lead to a government monopoly of money a...
    The Freeman, May 1972, pp. 284-292
  17. Classical Liberalism Reconsidered: A Symposium
    Liberalism and Capitalism
    The Freeman, November 1985, pp. 671-672
  18. Co-Determination in West Germany
    The power of decision amounts to ownership and control-and may destroy competitive ente...
    The Freeman, January 1982, pp. 15-22
  19. The Coming Gold Crisis
    Human Events, December 8, 1960, pp. 15-16
  20. Concessions and Givebacks
    Deregulation allows market pricing of labor.
    The Freeman, July 1984, pp. 400-410
  21. Conflict in Canada
    A neighbor faces economic and political problems related to our own.
    The Freeman, November 1981, pp. 671-680
  22. Controlling Pollution
    A search for ways to better define property rights and fix upon the owner the full adva...
    The Freeman, February 1973, pp. 67-77
  23. Cuba's Communism Allues and Destroys
    Human Events, January 26, 1963, pp. 10-11
  24. Currency Reform
    The Freeman, September 1965, pp. 17-22
  25. Cyclical Unemployment
    Why is the United States economy plagued by recessions, which disemploy millions of wor...
    The Freeman, April 1986, pp. 142-151
  26. The Davis-Bacon Act
    Tracing the beginning of minimum wages in 1931 in the construction industry.
    The Freeman, June 1984, pp. 345-351
  27. Death and Taxes (1982)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  28. Debts and Deficits (1987)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  29. Deficits Do Matter
    The dangers of believing that government debt is something we merely owe to ourselves.
    The Freeman, December 1986, pp. 456-459
  30. Deficits Do Matter
    The Freeman, March 2004, pp. 35-38
  31. The Demand for Labor
    Nonmarket forces interfere with wages and cause unemployment.
    The Freeman, February 1985, pp. 83-97
  32. Do Unions Cause Automation?
    The Freeman, December 1957, pp. 46-51
  33. "Don't You Want To Do Anything?"
    The Freeman, May 1961, pp. 57-58
  34. The Economic Growth of Soviet Russia
    The Freeman, September 1960, pp. 22-26
  35. [+]
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    Human Action, by Ludwig Von Mises
    1. Human Action by Ludwig Von Mises
    The Freeman, July 1996, p. 535
  36. Employer of Last Resort
    Unemployment is caused, not cured, by coercive intervention.
    The Freeman, January 1985, pp. 49-55
  37. The Ethics of Entitlement
    The transfer society leads to conflict and strife.
    The Freeman, April 1987, pp. 134-139
  38. The European Economic Community
    The Freeman, January 1960, pp. 50-57
  39. Executive Salaries
    The Freeman, July 1958, pp. 3-7
  40. The Federal Reserve System
    A descriptive analysis of "The most important tool in the armory of economic interventi...
    The Freeman, April 1971, pp. 245-247
  41. The Federal Reserve System
    A descriptive analysis of "the most important tool in the armory of economic interventi...
    The Freeman, April 1972, pp. 245-253
  42. Forecasting
    The demand for economic forecasting arises from government tampering with money and cre...
    The Freeman, January 1970, pp. 11-15
  43. Foreign Aid Is Socializing the World
    Human Events, March 6, 1965, pp. 15-16
  44. The Formation and Function of Prices
    The Freeman, February 1965, pp. 3-8
  45. Free Markets in Chile
    Freedom imposed under material law is under constant threat of explosion.
    The Freeman, May 1982, pp. 291-301
  46. Free Money Is Sound Money
    The history of the gold standard heralds the principles and achievements of free and ho...
    The Freeman, June 1975, pp. 338-343
  47. Freedom Is Indivisible
    Consistent defense of freedom requires rejection of special privileges for ourselves.
    The Freeman, December 1977, pp. 741-743
  48. The Future Is Purchased Today
    Instant gratification through political means betokens a short and brutal life.
    The Freeman, July 1978, pp. 406-409
  49. Gold Is Honest Money
    Some helpful signs for traders seeking a return to sound money.
    The Freeman, February 1975, pp. 88-94
  50. Gold Is Money (1975)
    (Contributions in Economics and Economic History)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  51. Government Spending Must Be Cut
    Meaningful tax reform hinges on the moral strength to resist special privileges governm...
    The Freeman, December 1978, pp. 721-724
  52. The Great Banking Scandal
    Why is Congress skirting the real issue behind the S&L mess?
    The Freeman, November 1990, pp. 404-405
  53. The Great Depression
    A survey of four distinct phase of the "great depression," with reasons and understandi...
    The Freeman, October 1969, pp. 585-596
  54. The Great Depression
    A survey of four distinct phases of the "Great depression," with explanations that may ...
    The Freeman, April 1975, pp. 204-215
  55. The Great Depression
    The causes and consequences of the economic upheaval of the 1930s.
    The Freeman, March 1988, pp. 90-96
  56. How Can Europe Survive? (1955)
    1 Review
  57. How Safe Is Your Bank?
    Some of the major banks face serious problems of malinvestment as inflation rages.
    The Freeman, October 1978, pp. 589-592
  58. How to Create Jobs
    Human Events, June 1, 1963, p. 143
  59. Hyperinflation in Germany
    The German experience with runaway inflation after world war I should serve to warn tho...
    The Freeman, October 1970, pp. 598-607
  60. Ideological Roots of Unionism
    The political power of labor unions traces back to the misconceptions of early economists.
    The Freeman, February 1984, pp. 107-120
  61. Illegal Aliens
    Blaming illegal aliens for unemployment is to ignore the real causes.
    The Freeman, March 1983, pp. 131-134
  62. In Another Recession
    The Freeman, April 1958, pp. 5-10
  63. In Defense of Colonialism
    Human Events, March 17, 1962, pp. 193-196
  64. In Search of a New Monetary Order
    Monetary alchemists have yet to find an internationally acceptable substitute for gold.
    The Freeman, January 1972, pp. 3-11
  65. In Search of Monetary Stability
    How do we get government out of the money market and the labor market?
    The Freeman, February 1977, pp. 80-90
  66. Inflation Ahead
    The Freeman, January 1959, pp. 20-29
  67. Inflation and Liberty
    Liberty is the antidote for the deadly combination of inflation and controls.
    The Freeman, November 1977, pp. 649-655
  68. Inflation and Unemployment
    Monetary expansion creates an artificial stimulus which misleads producers, and can onl...
    The Freeman, June 1986, pp. 226-233
  69. Interest Rates Are Rising
    The Freeman, December 1966, pp. 13-22
  70. The Irrational Foundation of Statism
    The Freeman, August 1957, pp. 14-18
  71. Keynesian Budgets Threaten Recovery
    We can't spend our way to prosperity.
    The Freeman, July 1991, pp. 254-256
  72. Law and Justice
    Comparing an earlier view of rights to the modern idea of the welfare state.
    The Freeman, January 1983, pp. 8-11
  73. Laws Against Plant Closings
    Labor unions and government combine to thwart business adjustments.
    The Freeman, April 1985, pp. 219-229
  74. Levels of Discussion
    All ideas must be submitted to the test of free discussion which is a reliable friend o...
    The Freeman, April 1978, pp. 215-219
  75. A Line-Item Veto
    The line-Item veto power is no cure-All for the ills of deficit spending.
    The Freeman, September 1987, pp. 329-332
  76. Ludwig von Mises: Dean of Rational Economics
    Economist Ludwig von Mises, 88, has battled the shopworn ideas of liberal economics for...
    The Freeman, July 1970, pp. 439-444
  77. The Lustre of Gold (1995)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  78. Minimum Wages
    How political attempts to boost wages tend to harm those most apt to be unemployed.
    The Freeman, May 1983, pp. 270-281
  79. Monetary Crossroads
    The Freeman, December 1960, pp. 3-11
  80. Money and Freedom (1985)
    2 Reviews, 2 Readable
  81. [+]
    Movies (Review)
    The Inflation Crisis, and How to Resolve It, by Henry Hazlitt
    1. The Inflation Crisis, and How to Resolve It by Henry Hazlitt
    Reason, June 1979, pp. 57-68
  82. The Myth of Capitalist Colonialism
    The Freeman, November 1956, pp. 7-14
  83. The "Natural" Rate of Unemployment
    It is unnatural to be unemployed.
    The Freeman, November 1984, pp. 644-650
  84. No Shortage of Gold
    When money is politically managed instead of market-determined, the result is inflation...
    The Freeman, September 1973, pp. 515-522
  85. Columns
    Note from Fee
    Counting Our Blessings
    The Freeman, November 1995
  86. Notes and Recollections (1978)
    3 Reviews, 3 Readable
  87. Columns
    Notes Form Fee
    Woeful Bankers
    The Freeman, May 1995
  88. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Budget deficits
    The Freeman, April 1995
  89. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Protectionism Old and New
    The Freeman, August 1995
  90. Features
    Notes from Fee
    Love and Envy
    The Freeman, December 1995
  91. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Degenerate Democracy
    The Freeman, July 1995
  92. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Affirmative Action
    The Freeman, June 1995
  93. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Misplaced Hope
    The Freeman, October 1995
  94. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    A $55 Trillion National Debt
    The Freeman, September 1995
  95. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Against the Stream
    The Freeman, April 1996
  96. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Is Inflation Dead?
    The Freeman, August 1996
  97. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Two Yardsticks of Morality
    The Freeman, December 1996
  98. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Machiavellian Politics
    The Freeman, February 1996
  99. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Ruinous Litigation
    The Freeman, January 1996, p. 35
  100. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Jobs and Trade
    The Freeman, July 1996
  101. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Inscrutable Freedom
    The Freeman, June 1996
  102. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    The Meaning of Freedom
    The Freeman, March 1996
  103. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Sweatshops for the New World Order
    The Freeman, November 1996
  104. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Economic Ends and Means
    The Freeman, October 1996
  105. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Growing Income Disparity
    The Freeman, September 1996
  106. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    Faith in the Fed
    The Freeman, April 1997
  107. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    European Malaise
    The Freeman, February 1997
  108. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    Welfare Reform
    The Freeman, January 1997
  109. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    Balancing the Budget
    The Freeman, March 1997
  110. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    A Farewell
    The Freeman, May 1997
  111. Columns
    Notes from Fee-Minimum Wages
    Few economic laws, if any, are more malicious than minimum wage laws.
    The Freeman, March 1995
  112. Old and New Intervention
    The Freeman, March 1968, pp. 166-169
  113. Old Banking Myths
    Refuting the fictions and fallacies that have created widely accepted myths about banking.
    The Freeman, May 1989, pp. 175-179
  114. On Private Property and Economic Power
    The Freeman, January 1961, pp. 11-14
  115. The Past As Prologue
    Onward Still
    The Freeman, May 1996, pp. 332-336
  116. Pains of the German Unification
    Government-Imposed costs and regulations have prolonged eastern Germany's deep depression.
    The Freeman, October 1991, pp. 377-379
  117. The Peace Corps: Youth for Socialism
    Human Events, November 3, 1962, pp. 841-843
  118. The Phantom Called "Monopoly"
    The Freeman, March 1960, pp. 39-52
  119. Planning for Peace
    The economic consequences of peace are far less to be feared than are governmental plan...
    The Freeman, February 1970, pp. 106-107
  120. Political Medicine Breeds Social Conflict
    A society that transfers property by political force is a society at war.
    The Freeman, March 1978, pp. 175-178
  121. The Politics of Deficit Spending
    Unbalanced budgets sanction wasteful expenditures, political "pork barreling," and ever...
    The Freeman, February 1987, pp. 72-77
  122. The Politics of Unemployment (1986)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  123. Privatizing Federal Programs
    Untangling the many meanings of privatization.
    The Freeman, June 1987, pp. 223-228
  124. Profits
    The Freeman, August 1965, pp. 15-22
  125. Progress or Regress?
    The Freeman, April 1966, pp. 33-37
  126. [+]
    Property (Review)
    The Theory of Money and Credit, by Ludwig von Mises
    1. The Theory of Money and Credit by Ludwig von Mises
    The Freeman, April 1971, pp. 253-256
  127. Protectionism and Unemployment
    Foreigners are not the cause of domestic unemployment.
    The Freeman, March 1985, pp. 159-171
  128. Radical Economics, Old and New
    How the "new economics" is related to pollution as cause and consequence.
    The Freeman, March 1971, pp. 147-153
  129. To Rebuild the Ethical Foundation
    The Freeman, April 1962, pp. 32-33
  130. Regulatory Taxation
    The Freeman, November 1958, pp. 3-9
  131. [+]
    A Reviewer's Notebook (Review)
    An International Economy, by Gunnar Myrdal
    1. An International Economy by Gunnar Myrdal
    The Freeman, August 1956, p. 60
  132. [+]
    A Reviewer's Notebook (Review)
    The Fastest Game in Town, by Anthony M. Reinach
    1. The Fastest Game in Town by Anthony M. Reinach
    The Freeman, March 1974, pp. 190-192
  133. Rising Taxes Weaken the Dollar
    Federal deficits, however financed, are a drag upon the economy and a burden upon all c...
    The Freeman, November 1970, pp. 662-666
  134. Satan in Politics
    The Freeman, March 1957, pp. 39-40
  135. Slums and Mansions
    The Freeman, August 1958, pp. 22-28
  136. Socialists Argue About Labor Unions
    Socialists use the exploitation theory to gain union support.
    The Freeman, May 1984, pp. 279-289
  137. Some Evils of Inflation
    How fiat money inflation hurts domestically and internationally.
    The Freeman, May 1985, pp. 283-292
  138. Sowing the Wind (2004)
    Essays and Articles on Popular Economic Policies That Make Matters Worse
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  139. Standards of Living Are Falling
    How government interventions have handicapped u. s. productivity and progress.
    The Freeman, February 1981, pp. 79-84
  140. The Sudden Importance of Silver
    Human Events, December 8, 1962, pp. 943-944
  141. The Supply of Labor
    Factors that affect entrance to or withdrawal from the labor force.
    The Freeman, October 1984, pp. 594-612
  142. A Symbol of Chaos: The Gas Pump
    Regulation and control of production and pricing create intolerable shortages and disaster
    The Freeman, August 1979, pp. 458-465
  143. Tax Policy
    A search for policies of taxation consistent with the ideal of a limited government and...
    The Freeman, September 1969, pp. 556-563
  144. Taxation and Confiscation (1993)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  145. Taxes and Unemployment
    Taxation reduces the amount of capital invested per worker, lowers the productivity of ...
    The Freeman, July 1986, pp. 249-255
  146. Tensions in Poland
    Of what significance to us is the revolt of polish workers against communist domination?
    The Freeman, May 1981, pp. 259-271
  147. There Is Mo Escape
    The transfer society is deadly; the only antidote is a firm stand for freedom and moral...
    The Freeman, November 1979, pp. 643-646
  148. The Three Faces of Unionism
    Myths underlie the politically powerful movement.
    The Freeman, September 1985, pp. 564-573
  149. Thrift - Prerequisite of Economic Progress
    The Freeman, March 1964, pp. 26-30
  150. Transforming the Command Economies
    Five steps for reforming Communist economies.
    The Freeman, May 1991, pp. 164-166
  151. [+]
    Transport Deregulation: An Economic Necessity (Review)
    We Hold These Truths, by Lawrence P. McDonald
    1. We Hold These Truths by Lawrence P. McDonald
    The Freeman, June 1977, pp. 383-384
  152. TVA Reports
    The Freeman, May 1965, pp. 56-59
  153. Two-Digit Inflation
    An analysis of the disastrous consequences of a monetary policy based solely on politic...
    The Freeman, January 1975, pp. 23-34
  154. Underground Government
    How "Off-Budget" spending circumvents the mandates of taxpayers and consumers.
    The Freeman, November 1986, pp. 404-411
  155. Unemployment Compensation
    Paying people not to work hinders labor mobility and harms the very people it is suppos...
    The Freeman, May 1986, pp. 186-192
  156. Unemployment in Puerto Rico
    A classic instance of the harmful consequences of good but misguided intentions.
    The Freeman, June 1983, pp. 358-368
  157. Unemployment Is Rising
    The Keynesian formula of spending for full employment is teaching a costly lesson-if we...
    The Freeman, July 1977, pp. 387-396
  158. Unemployment-A Page on Freedom, No.4
    The cure is to restore freedom in the labor market.
    The Freeman, March 1984, p. 131
  159. Up from Poverty (1997)
    Reflections on the Ills of Public Assistance
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  160. US Socializes South America
    Human Events, April 28, 1962, pp. 309-312
  161. The Value of Money
    Goods-induced and money-induced factors that affect the value of money.
    The Freeman, November 1969, pp. 670-678
  162. Volunteers for the Peace Corps
    The Freeman, September 1961, pp. 38-43
  163. 'War on Pvoerty': Marxism or Political Football?
    Human Events, June 13, 1964, p. 11
  164. Welfare States at War
    The Freeman, February 1957, pp. 2-8
  165. Welfare States at War
    The greater the government intervention in domestic affairs the more likely the prospec...
    The Freeman, April 1981, pp. 217-222
  166. Welfare States at War
    How interventionist policies lead to economic nationalism.
    The Freeman, March 1987, pp. 103-104
  167. Who Fixes Wages?
    The Freeman, November 1965, pp. 30-36
  168. Who Is the Fascist?
    Human Events, December 25, 1965, p. 14
  169. The Wisdom of Henry Hazlitt (1994)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  170. Women, Work and Wages
    Why women are better served, paywise and otherwise, in a free economy than under social...
    The Freeman, April 1984, pp. 225-238
  171. Workers and Robots
    The impact of new technology on the job market and on workers.
    The Freeman, April 1983, pp. 236-247
  172. The World Debt Crisis
    Global inflation creates international enmity and chaos.
    The Freeman, February 1983, pp. 76-83
  173. You Cannot Get Even
    That I have been taxed does mot entitle me to restoration by taxing others.
    The Freeman, June 1978, pp. 335-338
  174. The 35-Hour Work Week
    Human Events, September 15, 1962, pp. 701-702
  175. No Items Found