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  1. The American Corporation
    Ideology and Reality
    Dissent, Summer 1964, pp. 316-327
  2. American Notebook
    Ideology and Big Business
    Dissent, Autumn 1957, pp. 372-375
  3. Issues of the Presidential Election
    American Poverty: Rural and Urban
    Current History, October 1968, pp. 193-198
  4. [+]
    Architect's Dream (Review)
    Housing and Citizenship, by George Herbert Gray
    1. Housing and Citizenship by George Herbert Gray
    The New Republic, September 2, 1946, p. 269
  5. Automation and the State
    Commentary, June 1964, pp. 49-54
  6. Automation and the Unions
    Dissent, Winter 1965, pp. 33-53
  7. Books
    Berle and the Corporate Soul (Review)
    The Twentieth-Century Capitalist Revolution, by Adolf A. Berle, Jr.
    1. The Twentieth-Century Capitalist Revolution by Adolf A. Berle, Jr.
    Dissent, Winter 1955, pp. 92-93
  8. [+]
    Brief Comment (2 Reviews)
    The Story of Ernie Pyle, by Lee Graham Miller
    1. The Story of Ernie Pyle by Lee Graham Miller
    2. The New Federalist by Clarence K. Streit, Owen J. Roberts, and John F. Schmidt, ...
    The New Republic, September 25, 1950, p. 29
  9. [+]
    The Briefcase Man (Review)
    White Collar, by C. Wright Mills
    1. White Collar by C. Wright Mills
    The New Republic, September 17, 1951, p. 20
  10. The New Shape of Politics
    Can the U.S. Reconvert to Peace?
    Dissent, Winter 1960, pp. 12-15
  11. [+]
    Capitalism Today (2 Reviews)
    The Managed Economy, by Michael D. Reagan
    1. The Managed Economy by Michael D. Reagan
    2. The Economic Theory of "Managerial" Capitalism by Robin L. Marris
    Commentary, April 1965, pp. 88-89
  12. [+]
    Capitalism's Decline (Review)
    The Future of Economic Society, by Roy Glenday
    1. The Future of Economic Society by Roy Glenday
    The New Republic, March 5, 1945, p. 338
  13. [+]
    Cartels Defended (Review)
    International Cartels, by Ervin Hexner and Adelaide Walters
    1. International Cartels by Ervin Hexner and Adelaide Walters
    The New Republic, February 25, 1946, p. 292
  14. [+]
    Common Criers (Review)
    Justice in Transportation, by Arne C. Wiprud
    1. Justice in Transportation by Arne C. Wiprud
    The New Republic, July 9, 1945, p. 51
  15. Courage and Economics in Washington
    Dissent, Winter 1962, pp. 23-28
  16. [+]
    The CP and the American Labor Movement (2 Reviews)
    The Communist Party vs the CIO, by Max M. Kampelman
    1. The Communist Party vs the CIO by Max M. Kampelman
    2. Communism in American Unions. by David J. Saposs
    Problems of Communism, September 1959, pp. 50-52
  17. [+]
    Critiques of Marxism (2 Reviews)
    A Reappraisal of Marxian Economics, by Murray Wolfson
    1. A Reappraisal of Marxian Economics by Murray Wolfson
    2. Marx's Economic Predictions by Fred M. Gottheil
    Problems of Communism, May 1967, pp. 58-60
  18. Journal of the Quarter
    Current Trends in U.S. Economy
    Dissent, Summer 1958, pp. 212-216
  19. [+]
    The Devil Theory (Review)
    The Truth About Socialism, by Leo Huberman
    1. The Truth About Socialism by Leo Huberman
    The New Republic, July 3, 1950, p. 18
  20. Articles
    Disarmament & the Economy
    Commentary, May 1963, pp. 369-377
  21. [+]
    Economic Theory Among the Czechs (Review)
    Plan and Market Under Socialism, by Ota Sik
    1. Plan and Market Under Socialism by Ota Sik
    Dissent, May 1969, pp. 280-281
  22. The Economics of Joseph Schumpeter
    Dissent, Autumn 1954, pp. 370-384
  23. [+]
    The Facts of Life (2 Reviews)
    Towards World Prosperity, by Mordecai Ezekiel
    1. Towards World Prosperity by Mordecai Ezekiel
    2. America's Needs and Resources by J. Frederic Dewhurst
    The New Republic, September 15, 1947, p. 32
  24. [+]
    For Full Employment (Review)
    Employment for All (#206),
    1. Employment for All (#206)
    The New Republic, July 5, 1943, p. 30
  25. [+]
    Genetics of Liberalism (Review)
    From Wealth to Welfare, by Harry K. Girvetz
    1. From Wealth to Welfare by Harry K. Girvetz
    The New Republic, March 12, 1951, p. 20
  26. [+]
    The Good Banker (Review)
    The Diplomacy of the Dollar, by Herbert Feis
    1. The Diplomacy of the Dollar by Herbert Feis
    The New Republic, February 12, 1951, p. 21
  27. [+]
    Grubstaking for Trace (3 Reviews)
    Tomorrow's Trade, by Stuart Chase
    1. Tomorrow's Trade by Stuart Chase
    2. International Investment and Domestic Welfare by Norman S. Buchanan
    3. National Power and the Structure of Foreign Trade by Albert O. Hirschman
    The New Republic, January 21, 1946, pp. 100-101
  28. The High Cost of Eating
    Commentary, July 1967, pp. 48-52
  29. [+]
    Homes for the Millions (Review)
    Breaking the Building Blockade, by Robert Lasch
    1. Breaking the Building Blockade by Robert Lasch
    The New Republic, May 13, 1946, p. 706
  30. [+]
    Hopeful Tinkerer (Review)
    John Maynard Keynes: Economist and Policy Maker, by Seymour E. Harris
    1. John Maynard Keynes: Economist and Policy Maker by Seymour E. Harris
    Commentary, December 1955, pp. 587-594
  31. [+]
    How to Win a Contest (Review)
    Winning Plans in the Pabst Postwar Employment Awards,
    1. Winning Plans in the Pabst Postwar Employment Awards
    The New Republic, July 17, 1944, p. 85
  32. [+]
    Instrumental Economics (Review)
    The Theory of Economic Progress, by C.E. Ayres
    1. The Theory of Economic Progress by C.E. Ayres
    The New Republic, June 12, 1944, p. 794
  33. [+]
    It's No Accident (Review)
    The Accidental Century, by Michael Harrington
    1. The Accidental Century by Michael Harrington
    The Partisan Review, Winter 1966, pp. 148-151
  34. Books
    Keynes and the Future of Capitalism (3 Reviews)
    The Myths of Automation, by Charles E. Silberman
    1. The Myths of Automation by Charles E. Silberman
    2. The Limits of American Capitalism by Robert L. Heilbroner
    3. The Age of Keynes by Robert Lekachman
    Dissent, January 1967, pp. 99-103
  35. [+]
    Keynes Reexamined (2 Reviews)
    The New Economics, by Seymour E. Harris
    1. The New Economics by Seymour E. Harris
    2. The Keynesian Revolution by Lawrence Robert Klein
    The New Republic, October 20, 1947, p. 32
  36. Keynesian Economics - A Critique
    Dissent, Winter 1956, pp. 51-67
  37. [+]
    A Labor Chronicle (Review)
    The A.F. of L. from the Death of Gompers to the Merger, by Philip Taft
    1. The A.F. of L. from the Death of Gompers to the Merger by Philip Taft
    Commentary, January 1960, pp. 88-89
  38. Books
    Labor, Lovestone, and the CIA (Review)
    American Labor and United States Foreign Policy, by Ronald Radosh
    1. American Labor and United States Foreign Policy by Ronald Radosh
    Dissent, May 1970, pp. 230-231
  39. Books
    Labor's Days of Travail and Triumph (4 Reviews)
    The Imperfect Union, by John Hutchinson
    1. The Imperfect Union by John Hutchinson
    2. Labor and the American Community by Derek C. Bok and John T. Dunlop
    3. A Union of Individuals by Daniel J. Leab
    4. Reuther by Frank Cormier and William J. Eaton
    The Saturday Review, September 5, 1970, pp. 19-21
  40. [+]
    Latin America's Needs (Review)
    Latin America in the Future World, by George Henry Soule, David Efron, and Norman T. Ne...
    1. Latin America in the Future World by George Henry Soule, David Efron, and Norman T. Ness, ...
    The New Republic, March 26, 1945, p. 427
  41. Main Currents in Modern Economics (1963)
    Economic Thought Since 1870
    2 Reviews
  42. Man, Work & the Automated Feast
    Commentary, July 1962, pp. 9-19
  43. Marxian Economics Revisited
    Dissent, Autumn 1958, pp. 342-352
  44. [+]
    Marxian Economics Today (Review)
    The Theory of Capitalist Development, by Paul M. Sweezy
    1. The Theory of Capitalist Development by Paul M. Sweezy
    The New Republic, January 18, 1943, pp. 90-91
  45. Merger and Monopoly in the U.S.
    Dissent, Spring 1955, pp. 144-151
  46. [+]
    Moscow and American Radicalism (Review)
    The Roots of American Communism, by Theodore Draper
    1. The Roots of American Communism by Theodore Draper
    Problems of Communism, May 1957, pp. 50-52
  47. Most Notorious Victory (1966)
    Man in an Age of Automation
    3 Reviews
  48. [+]
    The OEO (Review)
    The Great Society's Poor Law, by Sar A. Levitan
    1. The Great Society's Poor Law by Sar A. Levitan
    Commentary, October 1969, pp. 99-103
  49. On Theories of Automation
    Dissent, May 1966, pp. 243-264
  50. [+]
    The Organizers (Review)
    American Labor Leaders, by Charles A. Madison
    1. American Labor Leaders by Charles A. Madison
    The New Republic, August 14, 1950, p. 21
  51. Permanent Poverty: An American Syndrome (1968)
    4 Reviews
  52. [+]
    Pointing toward "Utopia" (Review)
    Beyond the Welfare State, by Gunnar Myrdal
    1. Beyond the Welfare State by Gunnar Myrdal
    Dissent, Autumn 1960, pp. 404-407
  53. [+]
    Police-State Economics (Review)
    Russia's Soviet Economy, by Harry Schwartz
    1. Russia's Soviet Economy by Harry Schwartz
    The New Republic, November 5, 1951, p. 20
  54. The Potentates (1971)
    Business and Businessmen in American History
    4 Reviews, 1 Readable
  55. Poverty as a Public Issue (1964)
    2 Reviews
  56. The Poverty of Aging
    Dissent, March 1968, pp. 138-146
  57. Books in Review
    Pressure Politics (3 Reviews)
    Demobilization of Wartime Economic Controls, by John Maurice Clark
    1. Demobilization of Wartime Economic Controls by John Maurice Clark
    2. Tomorrow's Business by Beardsley Ruml
    3. Democracy Under Pressure by Stuart Chase
    The New Republic, February 19, 1945, p. 266
  58. Propaganda by the NAM
    The New Republic, September 10, 1945, pp. 309-311
  59. [+]
    Prophet in the Wilderness (Review)
    London, Washington, Moscow: Partners in Peace?, by Harold J. Laski
    1. London, Washington, Moscow: Partners in Peace? by Harold J. Laski
    The New Republic, January 3, 1944, p. 28
  60. Notebook
    Real News and Automated Villains
    Dissent, Spring 1965, pp. 226-232
  61. A Reply
    Dissent, July 1966, pp. 429-432
  62. The Satellite Squeeze
    The American Mercury, January 1953, pp. 72-79
  63. [+]
    The Scourge of Unemployment (Review)
    The Unemployed, by Eli Ginzberg
    1. The Unemployed by Eli Ginzberg
    The New Republic, November 29, 1943, pp. 751-752
  64. [+]
    Skeletons in the Affluent Closet (2 Reviews)
    The Other America, by Michael Harrington
    1. The Other America by Michael Harrington
    2. Wealth and Power in America by Gabriel Kolko
    Dissent, Summer 1962, pp. 296-297
  65. Socialism without Marx
    Dissent, Summer 1959, pp. 258-274
  66. [+]
    The Soviet Elite (Review)
    Management in Russian Industry and Agriculture, by Gregory Bienstock, Solomon M. Schwar...
    1. Management in Russian Industry and Agriculture by Gregory Bienstock, Solomon M. Schwarz, and Aaron Yugow, ...
    The New Republic, September 18, 1944, pp. 348-349
  67. The State of American Economy
    Dissent, Spring 1956, pp. 179-187
  68. The State of Social Science
    Commentary, October 1968, pp. 76-80
  69. Articles
    Tariffs, the Kennedy Administration, and American Politics
    Commentary, March 1962, pp. 185-196
  70. [+]
    "Theoretic Blight" (Review)
    From Economic Theory to Policy, by E. Ronald Walker
    1. From Economic Theory to Policy by E. Ronald Walker
    The New Republic, December 13, 1943, p. 856
  71. [+]
    Tomorrow's America (Review)
    The Rest of Your Life, by Leo M. Cherne
    1. The Rest of Your Life by Leo M. Cherne
    The New Republic, July 10, 1944, p. 53
  72. [+]
    The TVA (Review)
    The Tennessee Valley Authority, by C. Herman Pritchett
    1. The Tennessee Valley Authority by C. Herman Pritchett
    The New Republic, October 18, 1943, pp. 526-527
  73. [+]
    The Underclass (Review)
    Challenge to Affluence, by Gunnar Myrdal
    1. Challenge to Affluence by Gunnar Myrdal
    Commentary, February 1964, p. 91
  74. [+]
    The Unmoved Mover (Review)
    Labor and the Law, by Charles Oscar Gregory
    1. Labor and the Law by Charles Oscar Gregory
    The Nation, December 28, 1946, p. 762
  75. Book Reviews
    Utopias and Realities (2 Reviews)
    Marx and the Marxists, by Sidney Hook
    1. Marx and the Marxists by Sidney Hook
    2. Marx and Soviet Reality by Daniel Norman
    Problems of Communism, July 1956, pp. 42-43
  76. [+]
    The Voice of Enterprise (4 Reviews)
    The Spirit of Enterprise, by Edgar M. Queeny
    1. The Spirit of Enterprise by Edgar M. Queeny
    2. Government, Business and Values by Beardsley Ruml
    3. Liberty, Employment and No More Wars by Theodore K. Quinn
    4. Government and Business Tomorrow by Donald R. Richberg
    The New Republic, September 20, 1943, pp. 401-402
  77. [+]
    Wanted: Politics to Match (Review)
    Economic Policy and Full Employment, by Alvin H. Hansen
    1. Economic Policy and Full Employment by Alvin H. Hansen
    The Nation, April 19, 1947, p. 458
  78. [+]
    The Way of the Future (2 Reviews)
    The Valley and Its People, by R.L. Duffus and Charles Krutch
    1. The Valley and Its People by R.L. Duffus and Charles Krutch
    2. The TVA: Lessons for International Application by Herman Finer
    The New Republic, December 25, 1944, p. 876
  79. [+]
    When the War Ends (3 Reviews)
    Production, Jobs and Taxes, by Harold M. Groves
    1. Production, Jobs and Taxes by Harold M. Groves
    2. The Liquidation of War Production by A.D.H. Kaplan
    3. The Economics of Demobilization by E. Jay Howenstine, Jr.
    The New Republic, September 25, 1944, pp. 379-380
  80. Books
    Where Do We Go From Here? (Review)
    The Affluent Society, by John Kenneth Galbraith
    1. The Affluent Society by John Kenneth Galbraith
    Dissent, Winter 1959, pp. 84-87
  81. Journal of the Quarter
    Whose Taxes, Whose Economy?
    Dissent, Spring 1963, pp. 107-109
  82. Books
    With a Bang and a Whimper (Review)
    The Great Crash, 1929, by John Kenneth Galbraith
    1. The Great Crash, 1929 by John Kenneth Galbraith
    Dissent, Summer 1955, pp. 280-281
  83. [+]
    Within Our Means (Review)
    The Pursuit of Plenty, by A.G. Mezerik
    1. The Pursuit of Plenty by A.G. Mezerik
    The New Republic, February 19, 1951, p. 21
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