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  1. The All-News Radio Station
    What's Necessary on the Air?
    The Saturday Review, May 13, 1961, p. 65
  2. ALRB: capstone to millstone
    Fallout from Brown's ebullient political ambitions could keep the ag board broke.
    California Journal, June 1976, pp. 182-183
  3. Analysis of Reagan's budget
    For what it's worth ($9.8 billion), the Governor submitted the required document, which...
    California Journal, February 1974, pp. 52-54
  4. Applying the determinate-sentence law
    Is the act "the great California prison break?" It's up to ex-Senator Howard Way to kee...
    California Journal, February 1977, pp. 49-50
  5. Assembly
    Will Democrats find happiness?
    California Journal, December 1974, pp. 411-415
  6. Attempted comeback of the GOP progressives
    While Ed Reinecke's forthcoming perjury trial commands headlines, a shift in the power ...
    California Journal, May 1974, pp. 156-159
  7. Battle between the Blacks
    A "separatist" movement has surfaced through the campaign to fill a Senate seat; Black ...
    California Journal, March 1975, pp. 72-75
  8. Brown and the liberals
    Frustrated Democrats have no choice but the Governor in 1978 - and he knows it.
    California Journal, February 1978, pp. 45-47
  9. The Brown Presidency
    Here's an oracle-like look at the philosopher/politician should fate catapult him into ...
    California Journal, May 1976, pp. 148-152
  10. The State-Budget Blues
    Brown's austerity plan
    The governor's budget guarantees at least one surplus - in Capitol battles over who get...
    California Journal, February 1981, pp. 46-48
  11. Brown's budget magic
    A record-breaking budget with money to solve Serrano and property tax relief - all with...
    California Journal, February 1977, pp. 47-48
  12. Brown's last budget
    The would-be U.S. senator is seeking fiscal stopgap measures, leaving the tough decisio...
    California Journal, February 1982, pp. 61-63
  13. Brown's legislative record
    Where little is ventured, little is lost, and many of Year One's accomplishments were s...
    California Journal, October 1975, pp. 359-361
  14. Brown's political future
    Back from his dismal presidential campaign, Jerry Brown must shed his "moonbeam" image ...
    California Journal, June 1980, pp. 216-217
  15. Brown's record
    California Journal, June 1978, p. 173
  16. Brown's Republican budget
    Who dares to argue as the Governor launches his Reagan-like policies of cut, freeze and...
    California Journal, February 1979, pp. 50-64
  17. Brown's 'second spirit'
    With Mike Curb playing stand-in and Proposition 13 providing the script. Jerry Brown pr...
    California Journal, December 1978, pp. 384-385
  18. Budget plus bailout
    Later than ever and loaded with controversy, the state budget finally emerged from its ...
    California Journal, August 1979, pp. 289-291
  19. The budget waltz
    This year's marathon budget fight was much ado about nothing - except the gubernatorial...
    California Journal, August 1980, pp. 326-327
  20. Budgeting for Jarvis II
    With no surplus cushion and Howard Jarvis back on the June ballot, state budget-buildin...
    California Journal, February 1980, pp. 59-76
  21. Californelot
    A previously untold fable about the wilywizards who found (and forgot) the answer to th...
    California Journal, March 1981, pp. 116-117
  22. The California 'mafia'
    President Ronald Reagan would rely heavily on trusted friends, Sacramento alumni and co...
    California Journal, May 1980, pp. 176-179
  23. California's automotive future
    When energy push comes to environmental shove, how will the state's transportation pict...
    California Journal, September 1979, p. 309
  24. Campaign '78 preliminaries
    Many call, but few are chosen. A look at the potential candidates for next year's elect...
    California Journal, March 1977, pp. 82-84
  25. Campaign '74: the state's new stepping-stones
    The offices of Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of State are emerging as hothouses for...
    California Journal, December 1973, pp. 415-416
  26. Campaign '78: boos and cheers
    Voter enthusiasm is underwhelming as November nears - that's what pollsters are telling...
    California Journal, October 1978, pp. 321-323
  27. Campaign '82
    The pack is already off and running for all the statewide offices that are open next year.
    California Journal, May 1981, pp. 163-165
  28. Can Jerry unseat Jimmy?
    From out of the West come the thundering hoofbeats of the Great Budget-Balancer. Jerry ...
    California Journal, March 1979, pp. 84-85
  29. Carter's discovery of California
    Desperate for electoral votes, President Carter has decided that he must challenge Rona...
    California Journal, September 1980, pp. 340-342
  30. Congress
    Modest Republican losses
    California Journal, December 1974, pp. 408-409
  31. Congressional-race preview
    Even with a huge war chest, the Republicans are on the defensive in the battle for Cali...
    California Journal, September 1982, pp. 317-319
  32. The constant quest for the Speakership
    This race is run behind the scenes, with no issues involved and no speeches to make, bu...
    California Journal, March 1974, pp. 95-96
  33. The coronation of King Ronald
    Will California's Ronald Reagan, starting with a long lead in the polls, snatch defeat ...
    California Journal, August 1980, pp. 305-307
  34. Crusading against crime
    This year Democrats are competing with Republicans to see who can write the toughest la...
    California Journal, April 1981, pp. 125-130
  35. Campaign '82
    Curbinq Mike Curb
    While the lieutenant governor watches the polls, senator Hayakawa welcomes more opponents.
    California Journal, December 1981, pp. 416-418
  36. Decline (and fall?) of the freeway empire: Should the Highway Commission be abolished?
    Combination of several factors, including legislative assumption of previously delegate...
    California Journal, September 1973, pp. 305-306
  37. Democratic convention aftermath
    What Jimmy Carter has to fear from Reagan in 1976 - and Brown in 1980.
    California Journal, August 1976, pp. 255-257
  38. The disappearing surplus
    Ken Meade's dying swan act produced a pool of money for the state's schools.
    California Journal, August 1976, pp. 275-276
  39. Disintegration of the GOP
    With five candidates for governor and no party organization, the state Republicans are ...
    California Journal, October 1977, pp. 333-334
  40. Double trouble for Republicans
    The Governor's theory that by vetoing reapportionment legislation his party would fare ...
    California Journal, June 1974, pp. 195-196
  41. Dymally as governor
    Overlooked in speculation about Jerry Brown's entree into national politics is the elev...
    California Journal, March 1976, pp. 77-78
  42. The dynamic duo: Brown and Roberti
    Speaker Brown's balancing act may attract the attention in 1981 - while the balance of ...
    California Journal, January 1981, pp. 5-9
  43. Election '76 post mortem
    Democracy is alive and well in the year of the bicentennial - and California's election...
    California Journal, December 1976, pp. 407-416
  44. An embarrassment of riches: 1972's tax reform is 1973's fiscal fiasco
    The $1.1 billion Reagan-Moretti tax reform package enacted last December has spawned a ...
    California Journal, August 1973, pp. 261-264
  45. Era of the cornucopia
    The income-tax Santa Claus has provided a surplus that will bless the Governor's electi...
    California Journal, February 1978, pp. 57-58
  46. Examining California's mental health
    "Warehousing" the mentally ill has largely been done away with in this state, but decen...
    California Journal, July 1975, pp. 231-233
  47. Facts of life after Prop. 13
    One year after the Jarvis-Gann explosion, the major fiscal fallout is still up in the air.
    California Journal, May 1979, pp. 169-170
  48. Fall election analysis: Presidency plus
    November's election may find California the key to the Presidency, and it may be sayona...
    California Journal, October 1976, pp. 337-341
  49. The first installment
    The state budget has been signed, but the two biggest fiscal problems still remain to b...
    California Journal, August 1977, pp. 280-281
  50. For whom the polls toll
    California Journal, May 1978, pp. 141-142
  51. 'General General' Younger
    Their dull but competent nominee may be exactly what Republicans need to defeat Jerry B...
    California Journal, July 1978, pp. 209-211
  52. Getting lucky and staying lucky
    California Journal, August 1974, pp. 259-260
  53. Good for guns
    After every assassination attempt comes demands for controls, but instead the gun lobby...
    California Journal, June 1981, pp. 196-198
  54. GOP after Watergate
    The change in the White House has lessened the likelihood of a Republican disaster in N...
    California Journal, September 1974, pp. 308-309
  55. The GOP hunt for candidates
    California Journal, July 1977, p. 246
  56. The GOP kingmakers
    A handful of wealthy businessmen may make machine politics the real issue in the Republ...
    California Journal, October 1981, pp. 344-348
  57. GOP land of opportunity
    For once the action is in the congressional races, and Republicans have more to gain th...
    California Journal, March 1978, pp. 85-86
  58. Governor Edna G. Brown
    California Journal, January 1975, pp. 6-8
  59. The great exception
    Unlike most political contests, the 1982 governor's race may provide a forum for discus...
    California Journal, February 1982, pp. 42-43
  60. The great prison debate
    There's little doubt that the state's system for dealing with crime and punishment need...
    California Journal, July 1974, pp. 216-221
  61. The greening of Jerry Brown
    An inner circle has formed within the new administration, and its case-study approach s...
    California Journal, May 1975, pp. 149-152
  62. Grey skies for the GOP
    Nationally the climate is improving for Republicans, but in California their prospects ...
    California Journal, January 1978, pp. 13-14
  63. A hit list for judges?
    Senator Richardson's ballot attack on "outrageous" incumbents raises serious questions ...
    California Journal, December 1979, pp. 424-426
  64. How good a Governor?
    California Journal, November 1976, pp. 363-366
  65. Is government too big or too bad?
    There's no doubt about the public's disenchantment with political institutions but some...
    California Journal, February 1976, pp. 45-47
  66. It looks like Brian vs. Cranston for senator in '74
    The scramble for Governor has so far drawn attention from the challenge to California's...
    California Journal, November 1973, pp. 370-372
  67. Jerry Brown and the presidency
    So a first-term governor can't covet the White House? Reagan wouldn't believe it in '68...
    California Journal, December 1975, pp. 417-419
  68. Jerry's political headaches
    California Journal, September 1981, pp. 305-307
  69. Judging Jerry
    How will Californians remember Governor Broum - for his ambitions, his lifestyle or his...
    California Journal, June 1982, pp. 189-194
  70. Lambs to slaughter
    Five Republicans are fighting for the chance to lose to Governor Brown - and a sixth is...
    California Journal, August 1977, pp. 257-259
  71. LA's political winners
    Statewide candidates know that political happiness is easier to find if your home base ...
    California Journal, November 1979, pp. 387-388
  72. The latest Jerry Brown
    His father's son after all, the pre-election Governor is out to woo some of his politic...
    California Journal, June 1977, pp. 187-189
  73. Leadership's meager remains
    California Journal, January 1980, pp. 23-26
  74. Life after Jarvis
    That old Brown magic worked again in the budget-cutting, wage-freezing performance foll...
    California Journal, August 1978, pp. 264-268
  75. Looking toward November
    The gubernatorial hopefuls are distinguishing themselves more by differences in style t...
    California Journal, October 1974, pp. 329-335
  76. Masters' redistricting outlook
    Assembly - Democratic control, minor GOP gain. Senate - Chance for key Democratic picku...
    California Journal, October 1973, pp. 333-338
  77. McCarthy, Berman or neither?
    California Journal, August 1980, p. 315
  78. The meaning of 'Jaws 11'
    The law of the political jungle will prevail in Sacramento if voters give themselves th...
    California Journal, March 1980, pp. 96-98
  79. Metropolitan newspapers
    California Journal, April 1977, pp. 123-124
  80. The new Gann plan
    Controller Ken Cory could become a real power if the spending-limit initiative wins in ...
    California Journal, January 1979, pp. 17-19
  81. The new political map of California
    With few one-party strongholds left, color California's political map in shades of gray.
    California Journal, January 1977, pp. 5-7
  82. The New Spirit (alias Jerry Brown)
    California Journal, December 1974, pp. 400-402
  83. The next attorney general
    Someone must succeed Evelle Younger - but all of the early candidates seem ready to run...
    California Journal, December 1977, pp. 408-409
  84. Outlook For November
    The June primary held few surprises, but the ingredients are there for an interesting g...
    California Journal, July 1976, pp. 222-234
  85. The pendulum of power
    Across the state, city governments are looking and acting differently these days.
    California Journal, July 1977, p. 235
  86. A personal perspective
    California Journal, January 1974, pp. 39-40
  87. A Personal Perspective
    California Journal, July 1974, pp. 214-215
  88. Pete Wilsons's mealticket
    Next year's big issue will be an expensive, emotional initiative fight over public empl...
    California Journal, November 1977, pp. 367-369
  89. Political free-for-all
    If the 1980 campaigns left you yawning, then look ahead to the partisan scrambles and w...
    California Journal, November 1980, pp. 412-414
  90. Politics of the '80s
    Picking leaders by TV, making laws by initiative - will California continue its wacky w...
    California Journal, January 1979, pp. 4-5
  91. Pollution bonds - $200 million embarrassment
    Aid to affluent polluters was not exactly what many voters had in mind in authorizing u...
    California Journal, April 1974, pp. 134-135
  92. Populist chief justice
    It may be in a second-hand robe, but Rose Bird brings a new people-approach to the stat...
    California Journal, May 1977, pp. 157-158
  93. The pre-primary outlook
    GOP voters will settle a wild Senate race and decide if Mike Curb's comeback is for real.
    California Journal, May 1982, pp. 149-152
  94. The predictable Jerry
    Governor Brown is out to prove he's trustworthy; Ronald Reagan must show he's neither t...
    California Journal, October 1979, pp. 340-342
  95. Primary election preview
    Who is running where, how the presidential system works, and what the outlook is for th...
    California Journal, April 1976, pp. 132-139
  96. Reagan vs. Brown for President?
    Sure it sounds far out at first hearing, but not so many months ago so did Congressman ...
    California Journal, August 1975, pp. 264-266
  97. Reagan's greening of the GOP
    Money will be no problem for state Republicans benefiting from White House clout next y...
    California Journal, July 1981, pp. 235-237
  98. Reagan's Kansas City blues
    Was Reagan denied the VP slot so he wouldn't nudge Ford out of the spotlight? The price...
    California Journal, September 1976, pp. 290-292
  99. Reagan's presidential act
    Events made a pragmatist of a conservative-talking Governor, and Easterners might consi...
    California Journal, January 1976, pp. 5-6
  100. The Real Bay City Jazz
    The Saturday Review, July 12, 1958, p. 39
  101. Reapportioning for the '80s
    Can the GOP grab enough seats next year to prevent Democrats from redrawing the state's...
    California Journal, July 1979, pp. 235-236
  102. The reapportionment parlay
    Will voters assign the job of drawing political boundaries to a "non-partisan" commission?
    California Journal, August 1982, pp. 281-286
  103. Redistricting: blessing or boomerang?
    For Democrats, the Supreme Court's reapportionment ruling may bring election victories ...
    California Journal, March 1982, p. 97
  104. Redistricting's winners and losers
    Computers will second-guess the politicians this year as they carve 165 new legislative...
    California Journal, March 1981, pp. 93-95
  105. Rose Bird's record
    Will the Chief Justice's critics know by November what she has said and done on the bench?
    California Journal, August 1978, pp. 252-254
  106. Running the court show
    The "early Bird," as chief justice, is insisting that judges, not administrators, lead ...
    California Journal, September 1977, p. 299
  107. The shape of Brown's first budget
    The new Governor surprised many by writing the spending program himself. And while it i...
    California Journal, February 1975, pp. 55-57
  108. A 'share-the-pain' budget
    Out of the state's fiscal crunch came Medi-Cal reforms which may alter national health ...
    California Journal, August 1982, pp. 290-292
  109. Shedding the 'flake' image
    Will next year's Democratic voters perceive Jerry Brown as a western prophet or a Calif...
    California Journal, June 1979, pp. 192-193
  110. The speakership struggle
    Political fratricide, as practiced by Howard Berman and Leo McCarthy, may produce some ...
    California Journal, February 1980, pp. 48-50
  111. Special section
    Election roundup
    California Journal, October 1980, pp. 389-392
  112. State Senate
    A GOP disaster averted
    California Journal, December 1974, p. 410
  113. The state's open border
    California Journal, February 1979, p. 44
  114. Statewide
    Odd voting patterns
    California Journal, December 1974, pp. 403-407
  115. Surprise conclusions on local government structure
    Governor Reagan formed a task force a year ago to see if duplication and waste couldn't...
    California Journal, January 1974, pp. 28-31
  116. A tale of two wives
    Midge Flournoy and Jane Fonda are running for no office but affecting the race for U.S....
    California Journal, September 1975, pp. 303-304
  117. The tarnished Golders State?
    The Eastern press' rendition of "California, Here I Come" is being played with more tha...
    California Journal, May 1977, pp. 148-151
  118. That 'austere' state budget
    The golden Goose era has ended, but next year's budget hardly matches the gloom-and-doo...
    California Journal, August 1981, pp. 275-276
  119. That Prop. 13 decision
    How political was the state Supreme Court's ruling on the constitutionality of Jarvis-G...
    California Journal, November 1978, pp. 363-364
  120. There's Money in Jazz 78s (Some)
    The Saturday Review, December 27, 1958, p. 48
  121. Those June ballot measures
    The state's fiscal crisis may worsen if primary voters approve major tax cuts.
    California Journal, January 1982, pp. 8-9
  122. Two targets for the GOP
    Mervyn Dymally and Ken Cory are the most vulnerable Democratic candidates as the 1978 s...
    California Journal, September 1977, pp. 306-307
  123. 'Typhoid Jerry'
    Many liberal Democrats may have to sound more like their budget-balancing governor if t...
    California Journal, April 1979, pp. 131-132
  124. Was the two-year session that bad?
    California Journal, November 1974, p. 372
  125. Campaign '78
    What happened to the rules?
    California Journal, September 1978, pp. 283-285
  126. Women and the '76 ejections
    It's not too soon to start picking the targets of opportunity where the right female of...
    California Journal, November 1975, pp. 381-383
  127. 100 legislative previews
    The Journal presents a district-by-district analysis of the 80 Assembly and 20 state Se...
    California Journal, October 1982, pp. 365-369
  128. 1976 election preview
    Vote time may be a year away but the early warnings are flying: Tunney is the top Repub...
    California Journal, June 1975, pp. 193-195
  129. No Items Found