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  1. The Art of the Leak: From Judas Iscariot to Greg Schneiders
    Everyone in Washington hates leakers. Thank goodness everyone in Washington is a leaker.
    The Washington Monthly, July 1979, pp. 17-25
  2. Ban the Designated Hitter
    "Like a lot of government programs, the designated hitter was born of good intentions t...
    The Washington Monthly, January 1994, pp. 50-52
  3. Barry in Africa: How Washington's Mayor Got a Free Ride
    Time was when taking junkets could get a politician pilloried in the pages of The Washi...
    The Washington Monthly, November 1979, pp. 12-23
  4. Cover Story
    Betting It All on the Market
    Why America is wrong to wager its future on Wall Street.
    The Washington Monthly, January 1997, pp. 11-16
  5. The Big Book-Banning Brawl
    The New Republic, September 13, 1982, pp. 20-25
  6. [+]
    Brief Reviews (Review)
    The Killing of Karen Silkwood, by Richard L. Rashke
    1. The Killing of Karen Silkwood by Richard L. Rashke
    The New Republic, May 16, 1981, p. 39
  7. Business Watch
    Ding Dong
    The New Republic, January 27, 1986, p. 12
  8. The Case Against Joe Nocera
    How people like me helped ruin the public schools.
    The Washington Monthly, February 1989, pp. 22-26
  9. The Case for Teddy White
    Journalists imitated him when he chronicled the breakfasts of candidates. They missed h...
    The Washington Monthly, March 1983, pp. 50-55
  10. Challenge to the Church: Make Capitalism Moral
    Rather than blaming "the system," the bishops should help us choose between good busine...
    The Washington Monthly, September 1985, pp. 39-42
  11. The Doctor Is Out
    How Hunter Thompson killed New Journalism.
    The Washington Monthly, April 1981, pp. 44-50
  12. Europe on $223 Million a Day
    We spend so much on Europe because the generals and the diplomats have such a great tim...
    The Washington Monthly, February 1981, pp. 10-18
  13. Europe on $233 Million a Day
    The Washington Monthly, February 1989, p. 49
  14. [+]
    The Failure of Barbara Jordan's Success (Review)
    What Barbara Jordan reveals most in her autobiography is how little she accomplished.
    1. Barbara Jordan by Barbara Jordan and Shelby Hearon
    The Washington Monthly, March 1979, pp. 36-43
  15. The Fantasies of Senators' Wives
    Even the powerful come to Washington with child-like expectations, few friends, and a l...
    The Washington Monthly, September 1979, pp. 44-49
  16. The First Physician
    The New Republic, January 17, 1981, pp. 10-12
  17. Florida Diarist: Strike Three
    Baseball, buses, and George Will
    The New Republic, April 16, 1990, pp. 43-44
  18. France Picks the Left
    The New Republic, May 23, 1981, pp. 11-12
  19. Gee, I Kind of Like Fiction
    What Halberstam could learn from Dostoevski.
    The Washington Monthly, March 1989, p. 28
  20. [+]
    Greeley's Grail (Review)
    How to Save the Catholic Church, by Andrew M. Greeley and Mary Greeley Durkin
    1. How to Save the Catholic Church by Andrew M. Greeley and Mary Greeley Durkin
    The New Republic, December 17, 1984, pp. 35-37
  21. The Hottest Issue in Washington
    It's not energy. It's not inflation. It's parking.
    The Washington Monthly, June 1979, pp. 52-58
  22. How to Make the Front Page: A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Congressmen
    13 easy steps to better press.
    The Washington Monthly, October 1978, pp. 12-23
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    Iacocca-Heads (4 Reviews)
    Lessons: An Autobiography, by An Wang and Eugene Linden
    1. Lessons: An Autobiography by An Wang and Eugene Linden
    2. Made in Japan by Akio Morita, Edwin M. Reingold, and Mitsuko Shimomura, ...
    3. Takeover: The New Wall Street Warriors by Moira Johnston
    4. The Leading Edge by Mark Potts and Peter Behr
    The New Republic, March 2, 1987, pp. 32-35
  24. In Journalism: Getting 'The Right Stuff' Right
    What's wrong with it is as important as what's right.
    The Washington Monthly, March 1980, pp. 20-27
  25. Inspectors General: The Fraud in Fighting Fraud
    Catching crooks saves millions, but we could be saving billions.
    The Washington Monthly, February 1979, pp. 31-41
  26. [+]
    Internet Crisis? (Review)
    Money, Greed, and Risk, by Charles R. Morris
    1. Money, Greed, and Risk by Charles R. Morris
    The Washington Monthly, September 1999, p. 52
  27. John Paul's Disciple
    The New Republic, March 18, 1985, pp. 12-13
  28. Just the Facts: Special 39th Anniversary Section
    The Washington Monthly, January 1999, p. 27
  29. Le Couvert Blown: William Colby en Francois
    Finally, proof that Frank Snepp was framed.
    The Washington Monthly, November 1980, pp. 11-19
  30. Getting Religion
    Learning from Lourdes
    If the government worked this well, they'd call it a miracle.
    The Washington Monthly, February 1982, pp. 32-35
  31. Making It at the Post
    Success in the Bradlee regime requires good writing, not good thinking.
    The Washington Monthly, January 1979, pp. 10-22
  32. Making It in the Church
    Jockeying for promotion is part of any white-collar job.
    The Washington Monthly, January 1980, pp. 8-19
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    Man of the Mansion (2 Reviews)
    Bunny: The Real Story of Playboy, by Russell Miller
    1. Bunny: The Real Story of Playboy by Russell Miller
    2. The Killing of the Unicorn by Peter Bogdanovich
    The New Republic, October 14, 1985, pp. 36-39
  34. [+]
    Master of the Game (Review)
    $10.7 billion and counting: The life and times of the greatest investor in history
    1. Buffett by Roger Lowenstein
    The Washington Monthly, October 1995, pp. 55-56
  35. McDonald's War
    The New Republic, October 3, 1983, p. 12
  36. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Liar's Poker, by Michael Lewis
    1. Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis
    The Washington Monthly, November 1989, pp. 58-59
  37. On the Brink
    The Merger Mongers
    CEOs grab all the headlines, but it's the facilitators and agent provocateurs who push ...
    The Washington Monthly, December 1982, pp. 12-21
  38. My Life as a Texan
    The New Republic, April 13, 1987, pp. 19-23
  39. Northampton Diarist: Chain Gang
    Media superstitions, etc.
    The New Republic, November 12, 1990, pp. 46-48
  40. [+]
    On Political Books (Review)
    How the Pope Became Infallible, by August Bernhard Hasler
    1. How the Pope Became Infallible by August Bernhard Hasler
    The Washington Monthly, March 1981, p. 57
  41. [+]
    On Political Books (2 Reviews)
    Inside a U.S. embassy.
    1. Showing the Flag by Marguerite Michaels
    2. Labyrinth by Taylor Branch and Eugene M. Propper
    The Washington Monthly, May 1982, pp. 54-56
  42. [+]
    On Political Books (Review)
    The Vatican's bureaucrats aren't much different from those at the Pentagon.
    1. O Vatican! by Paul Hofmann
    The Washington Monthly, April 1984, pp. 56-58
  43. On the Hill
    The Final Daze of the 95th Congress
    The New Republic, October 28, 1978, pp. 14-18
  44. On the Hill: Insecurity
    The New Republic, April 7, 1979, p. 9
  45. A Piece of the Action (1994)
    How the Middle Class Joined the Money Class
    2 Reviews, 1 Readable
  46. Pierre and the Swan
    The New Republic, November 29, 1980, pp. 19-21
  47. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Can Government Go Bankrupt?, by Richard Rose and B. Guy Peters
    1. Can Government Go Bankrupt? by Richard Rose and B. Guy Peters
    The Washington Monthly, December 1978, p. 62
  48. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    The Great American Newspaper, by Kevin Michael McAuliffe
    1. The Great American Newspaper by Kevin Michael McAuliffe
    The Washington Monthly, December 1978, p. 63
  49. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Spying on Americans, by Athan G. Theoharis
    1. Spying on Americans by Athan G. Theoharis
    The Washington Monthly, December 1978, pp. 65-66
  50. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Criminal Violence, Criminal Justice, by Charles E. Silberman
    1. Criminal Violence, Criminal Justice by Charles E. Silberman
    The Washington Monthly, November 1978, p. 59
  51. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Good News, Bad News, by Edwin Diamond
    1. Good News, Bad News by Edwin Diamond
    The Washington Monthly, October 1978, pp. 60-61
  52. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    The New Interdependence, by Gordon K. Douglass and Steven Koblik
    1. The New Interdependence by Gordon K. Douglass and Steven Koblik
    The Washington Monthly, December 1979, p. 61
  53. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Space Stations, by Delbert D. Smith
    1. Space Stations by Delbert D. Smith
    The Washington Monthly, December 1979, p. 62
  54. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    The Search for the 'Manchurian Candidate', by John Marks
    1. The Search for the 'Manchurian Candidate' by John Marks
    The Washington Monthly, February 1979, p. 79
  55. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    The Making of the Popes 1978, by Andrew M. Greeley
    1. The Making of the Popes 1978 by Andrew M. Greeley
    The Washington Monthly, June 1979, p. 62
  56. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    The Merchants of Grain, by Dan Morgan
    1. The Merchants of Grain by Dan Morgan
    The Washington Monthly, June 1979, p. 64
  57. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    A Time to Heal, by Gerald R. Ford
    1. A Time to Heal by Gerald R. Ford
    The Washington Monthly, June 1979, pp. 64-66
  58. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    The Mirage, by Zay N. Smith, Pamela Zekman, Gene Pesek, and Jim Frost, ...
    1. The Mirage by Zay N. Smith, Pamela Zekman, Gene Pesek, and Jim Frost, ...
    The Washington Monthly, November 1979, p. 63
  59. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Endgame, by Strobe Talbott
    1. Endgame by Strobe Talbott
    The Washington Monthly, October 1979, p. 63
  60. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    The Bureau, by William C. Sullivan and Bill Brown
    1. The Bureau by William C. Sullivan and Bill Brown
    The Washington Monthly, September 1979, p. 63
  61. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    An Ambassador's Wife in Iran, by Cynthia Helms
    1. An Ambassador's Wife in Iran by Cynthia Helms
    The Washington Monthly, January 1981, p. 57
  62. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    America Held Hostage, by Pierre Salinger
    1. America Held Hostage by Pierre Salinger
    The Washington Monthly, November 1981, p. 58
  63. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Short Circuit, by Michael Mewshaw
    1. Short Circuit by Michael Mewshaw
    The Washington Monthly, September 1983, p. 58
  64. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Wired, by Bob Woodward
    1. Wired by Bob Woodward
    The Washington Monthly, July 1984, p. 56
  65. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Splash of Colors, by John Nance
    1. Splash of Colors by John Nance
    The Washington Monthly, October 1984, p. 58
  66. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Real Coke, by Thomas Oliver
    1. Real Coke by Thomas Oliver
    The Washington Monthly, December 1986, p. 55
  67. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Trading Secrets, by R. Foster Winans
    1. Trading Secrets by R. Foster Winans
    The Washington Monthly, November 1986, p. 55
  68. Postcard Northampton
    Amy's Day
    The New Republic, May 11, 1987, pp. 11-12
  69. The Press: Spy's Demise
    For a moment, Spy was the toast of New York. Now hardly anyone wants it. Could it be th...
    The New Republic, December 24, 1990, pp. 19-22
  70. [+]
    "Glass Music" (Review)
    Confessions of a Muckraker, by Jack Anderson and James Boyd
    1. Confessions of a Muckraker by Jack Anderson and James Boyd
    The New Republic, June 30, 1979, p. 35
  71. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Levine and Company, by Douglas Frantz
    1. Levine and Company by Douglas Frantz
    The Washington Monthly, December 1987, p. 59
  72. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Big Hoops, by Bill Reynolds
    1. Big Hoops by Bill Reynolds
    The Washington Monthly, January 1990, pp. 59-62
  73. [+]
    Political Booknotes (Review)
    Eagle on the Street, by David A. Vise and Steve Coll
    1. Eagle on the Street by David A. Vise and Steve Coll
    The Washington Monthly, November 1991, pp. 59-62
  74. Sam Brown and the Peace Corps: All Talk, No Action
    Sam Brown said he would rebuild the Peace Corps, but he has spent his time keeping his ...
    The Washington Monthly, September 1978, pp. 28-40
  75. Saving the Schools From the Teachers' Unions
    For years, Washington schools have been run for the benefit of the teachers, while the ...
    The Washington Monthly, May 1979, pp. 12-23
  76. The Screwing of the Average Fan: Edward Bennett Williams and the Washington Redskins
    How the Redskins' fans have been buying the team for Edward Bennett Williams and Jack K...
    The Washington Monthly, June 1978, pp. 34-41
  77. Surprise: The Property Tax Could Be Good for You
    Property taxes are the most hated taxes in America, but they shouldn't be. Here's why.
    The Washington Monthly, May 1978, pp. 10-17
  78. Tales of the Vienna Airport
    The difference between a refugee from oppression and an illegal alien is...well, it's a...
    The Harpers Monthly, May 1982, pp. 58-65
  79. Unholy Mass
    The state's economic miracle has gone the way of Michael Dukakis's popularity. What wen...
    The New Republic, January 29, 1990, pp. 12-14
  80. Unslick Willy
    William Shawn's soporific New Yorker
    The New Republic, January 25, 1993, pp. 10-11
  81. [+]
    Vertigo (Review)
    Fear of Falling, by Barbara Ehrenreich
    1. Fear of Falling by Barbara Ehrenreich
    The New Republic, January 1, 1990, pp. 40-42
  82. What the Presidential Candidates Should Talk About (But Probably Won't). A Round-up by ...
    Bust the Teacher's Unions
    The Washington Monthly, January 1996, pp. 28-29
  83. Who's Calling the Shots at Fidelity?
    What worries mutual fund managers should worry you. A look inside the high-pressure cul...
    The Washington Monthly, October 1994, pp. 29-34
  84. [+]
    Young MBAs in Love (2 Reviews)
    Powerplay, by Mary Cunningham and Fran Schumer
    1. Powerplay by Mary Cunningham and Fran Schumer
    2. Three Plus One Equals Billions by Allan Sloan
    The New Republic, July 2, 1984, pp. 34-35
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