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  1. Alaska's Other Oil Spill
    Wasteful expenditure of revenues from petroleum wealth.
    The Freeman, January 1990, pp. 8-11
  2. Blue Whales and Growth in Government
    Another example of the failure of socialism.
    The Freeman, October 1981, pp. 606-608
  3. Common Sense Economics (2005)
    What Everyone Should Know About Wealth and Prosperity
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  4. Confession of a Compliant Taxpayer
    To curtail fiscal folly, reduce the money pouring into federal coffers.
    The Freeman, March 1997, pp. 144-145
  5. Other Articles
    Constitutional Reform
    A Prerequisite for Supply-Side Economics
    Cato Journal, Winter 1983, pp. 793-810
  6. Controlling Inflation By Controlling Government
    The need to limit the federal government's ability to create and spend money.
    The Freeman, June 1981, pp. 357-360
  7. Distrust and Verify
    The Freeman, February 1999, pp. 27-28
  8. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Specialization and Wealth
    The Freeman, August 1998, pp. 483-484
  9. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Price Floors, Surpluses, and the Minimum Wage
    The Freeman, December 1998, pp. 734-735
  10. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Social Cooperation and the Marketplace
    The Freeman, July 1998, pp. 432-433
  11. Columns
    Economic Notions
    The power of Incentives
    The Freeman, June 1998, pp. 360-361
  12. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Social Cooperation, Good Intentions, and Incentives
    The Freeman, May 1998, pp. 304-306
  13. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Price Ceilings Cause Shortages and Higher Costs
    The Freeman, November 1998, pp. 687-688
  14. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Demand and Supply
    The Freeman, October 1998, pp. 619-620
  15. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Markets and Freedom
    The Freeman, September 1998, pp. 564-566
  16. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Opportunity Cost and Hidden Inventions
    The Freeman, April 1999, pp. 50-51
  17. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Conservation and Speculation
    The Freeman, August 1999, pp. 46-47
  18. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Politics and Foreign Trade
    The Freeman, December 1999, pp. 37-38
  19. Columns
    Economic Notions
    The Market for Honesty
    The Freeman, February 1999, pp. 45-46
  20. Columns
    Economic Notions
    In the Absence of Private Property Rights
    The Freeman, July 1999, pp. 46-47
  21. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Private Property and Opportunity Costs
    The Freeman, June 1999, pp. 46-47
  22. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Opportunities and Costs
    The Freeman, March 1999, pp. 52-53
  23. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Costs Should Be Revealed, Not Concealed
    The Freeman, May 1999, pp. 42-43
  24. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Comparative Advantage Continued
    The Freeman, November 1999, pp. 43-44
  25. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Comparative Advantage
    The Freeman, October 1999, pp. 41-42
  26. Columns
    Economic Notions
    The Economic Advantages of a Commitment to Liberty
    The Freeman, April 2000, pp. 43-44
  27. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Marriages, Mistresses, and Marginalism
    The Freeman, August 2000, pp. 37-38
  28. Columns
    Economic Notions
    How Government Prevents Us from Buying Safety
    The Freeman, December 2000, pp. 32-33
  29. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Spreading the Work to Create More Jobs
    The Freeman, February 2000, pp. 36-37
  30. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Creating Jobs vs. Creating Wealth
    The Freeman, January 2000, pp. 42-43
  31. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Running Out of Agricultural Land
    The Freeman, July 2000, pp. 44-45
  32. Columns
    Economic Notions
    It's the Margin that Counts
    The Freeman, June 2000, pp. 44-45
  33. Columns
    Economic Notions
    The Hidden Cost of Taxation
    The Freeman, March 2000, pp. 43-44
  34. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Freedom of the Price
    The Freeman, May 2000, pp. 46-47
  35. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Sacrificing Lives for Profits
    The Freeman, November 2000, pp. 39-40
  36. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Marginalism and the Morality of Pricing Human Lives
    The Freeman, October 2000, pp. 43-44
  37. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Take This Job and Shove It, at the Margin
    The Freeman, September 2000, pp. 49-50
  38. Columns
    Economic Notions
    The Problem of Environmental Protection
    The Freeman, April 2001, pp. 44-45
  39. Columns
    Economic Notions
    The High Cost of Command and Control
    The Freeman, August 2001, pp. 41-42
  40. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Energy Production Versus Conservation
    The Freeman, December 2001, pp. 35-36
  41. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Markets and Marginalism
    The Freeman, February 2001, pp. 42-43
  42. Columns
    Economic Notions
    More on Marginalism
    The Freeman, January 2001, pp. 45-46
  43. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Reducing the Cost of Reducing Pollution
    The Freeman, July 2001, pp. 42-43
  44. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Are People Pleased with the Efficient Amount of Pollution?
    The Freeman, June 2001, pp. 43-44
  45. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Economic Efficiency
    The Freeman, March 2001, pp. 45-46
  46. Columns
    Economic Notions
    The Efficient Amount of Pollution
    The Freeman, May 2001, pp. 43-44
  47. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Maximum Cooperation Means Minimum Cost
    The Freeman, November 2001, pp. 45-46
  48. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Getting the Most Out of Pollution
    The Freeman, October 2001, pp. 41-42
  49. Columns
    Economic Notions
    The Perverse Popularity of Command and Control
    The Freeman, September 2001, pp. 40-41
  50. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Government Creates Prisoners' Dilemmas
    The Freeman, April 2002, pp. 42-43
  51. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Prisoners' Dilemmas and Cooperation
    The Freeman, February 2002, pp. 39-40
  52. Columns
    Economic Notions
    The Market Makes Diversity Worth Celebrating
    The Freeman, January 2002, pp. 41-42
  53. Columns
    Economic Notions
    The Bias Favoring Governments Over Markets
    The Freeman, June 2002, pp. 44-45
  54. Columns
    Economic Notions
    The Cure Can Be Worse Than the Disease
    The Freeman, March 2002, pp. 40-41
  55. Columns
    Economic Notions
    Public Interest or Private Interest?
    The Freeman, May 2002, pp. 42-43
  56. Economics in Our Time: Concepts and Issues (1975)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  57. Economics in Our Time: Macro Issues (1976)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  58. Columns
    Economics Notions
    Censoring Pleas for Help
    The Freeman, January 1999, pp. 49-50
  59. Columns
    Economics Notions
    Speculation and Risk
    The Freeman, September 1999, pp. 50-51
  60. Features
    The Entrepreneur on the Heroic Journey
    Daunting deeds seen in a new light.
    The Freeman, April 1997, pp. 188-191
  61. Failure and Progress (1993)
    The Bright Side of the Dismal Science
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  62. [+]
    Federalism and Free Trade (Review)
    Federalism and Free Trade, by Jean-Luc Migue
    1. Federalism and Free Trade by Jean-Luc Migue
    Cato Journal, Winter 1995, pp. 529-530
  63. Features
    Free Trade To Benefit the Many-Not Fair Trade To Benefit the Few
    Better choices for consumers and improved economic productivity.
    The Freeman, October 1997, pp. 588-589
  64. Freedom and the Prospect for Soviet Economic Reform
    The connection between market institutions and tolerance for economic freedom.
    The Freeman, February 1992, pp. 68-72
  65. Freedom, and Failure
    The freedom to attempt success requires an accompanying freedom to fail.
    The Freeman, October 1986, pp. 392-395
  66. The Gender Gap
    Is there a growing solidarity of women voters?
    The Freeman, March 1992, pp. 100-103
  67. Getting Rich In America (1999)
    Eight Simple Rules for Building a Fortune--And a Satisfying Life
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  68. Features
    A Good Conversation and the Marketplace
    Market prices speak louder than words.
    The Freeman, October 1996, pp. 663-666
  69. Government Redistribution Impoverishes the Poor
    Transfer programs reduce economic growth by discouraging productivity and encouraging d...
    The Freeman, March 1994, pp. 129-130
  70. Government v. Coase
    The Case of Smoking
    Cato Journal, Spring-Summer 1991, pp. 151-164
  71. Greed and Gravity
    Self-interest as a natural force.
    The Freeman, October 1995, pp. 616-617
  72. The High Cost of the Draft
    The question here concerns who should pay the bill.
    The Freeman, October 1974, pp. 627-631
  73. In Defense of Markets and Misers
    The value of small benefits spread over large numbers of people.
    The Freeman, April 1998, pp. 213-216
  74. In Defense of the U.S. Economy
    The Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies, December 1977, pp. 307-312
  75. Is the Flat Tax a Radical Idea?
    Cato Journal, Fall 1985, pp. 433-436
  76. Labor Unions Aggravate Inflation by Lowering Wages
    Curbing productivity contributes to the impact of inflation.
    The Freeman, April 1981, pp. 244-246
  77. Libertarian Paternalism: A Test
    The Freeman, July 2007, pp. 35-39
  78. Liberty and Individual Responsibility
    The inextricable link between responsibility and individual liberty.
    The Freeman, April 1987, pp. 126-133
  79. Making Social Security More Harmful
    The Freeman, October 2008, pp. 19-20
  80. The Market Didn't Do It
    Don't blame the messenger for bad news.
    The Freeman, December 1996, pp. 787-789
  81. The Market Economy (1991)
    A Reader
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  82. The Ongoing Struggle for Liberty: Reasons for Optimism
    Has the threat of government reached its zenith?
    The Freeman, July 1990, pp. 262-267
  83. The Only Failure We Have to Fear Is the Fear of Failure
    General economic failure stems from the fear of small failures.
    The Freeman, May 1991, pp. 186-188
  84. Patience and Property: Corporate vs. Union Management
    Private property ownership is critical to efficient, future-oriented business decisions.
    The Freeman, August 1990, pp. 300-302
  85. Patience is a Market Virtue
    Why the free market can provide for the long term, while the government can barely plan...
    Reason, January 1985, pp. 42-46
  86. Features
    The Perversity of Doing Good at Other's Expense
    The destructive effect of government transfers.
    The Freeman, September 1997, pp. 525-528
  87. The Political Economy of Educational Vouchers
    If educational vouchers become politically viable, it will be because they can be used ...
    The Freeman, July 1986, pp. 244-248
  88. The Political Economy of the U.S. Constitution
    Reflections on the political and economic wisdom of our Founding Fathers.
    The Freeman, February 1987, pp. 59-69
  89. Politics as the Art of Confined Compromise
    Cato Journal, Winter 1997, pp. 365-382
  90. Politics, Economics, and the Destructiveness of Deficits
    Do deficits matter?
    The Freeman, January 1991, pp. 9-12
  91. The Problems of Halting Economic Growth
    It's not all that easy to do without the market.
    The Freeman, April 1976, pp. 234-241
  92. Public Choice: The Rest of the Story
    Some additional insights into public choice theory.
    The Freeman, January 1988, pp. 29-30
  93. Public Interest Is Usually Special Interest
    "Needs" proliferate when someone else is picking up the tab.
    The Freeman, August 1991, p. 314
  94. Quicksilver Capital (1991)
    How the Rapid Movement of Wealth Has Changed the World
    4 Reviews, 4 Readable
  95. Regulating Government (1986)
    A Preface to Constitutional Economics
    2 Reviews, 1 Readable
  96. Reverse Revenue Sharing
    A Return to Fiscal Federalism
    Cato Journal, Spring-Summer 1994, pp. 75-86
  97. [+]
    Bastiat, Liberty, and The Law (Review)
    Individualism and Economic Order, by Friedrich A. Hayek
    1. Individualism and Economic Order by Friedrich A. Hayek
    The Freeman, May 1996, p. 408
  98. [+]
    Capital Letters (Review)
    Predictably Irrational, by Dan Ariely
    1. Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely
    The Freeman, June 2009, p. 43
  99. The Search for a Souvenir Spoon
    Long lines, surly service, and pitiful products abound when there is no competition for...
    The Freeman, April 1992, pp. 137-138
  100. Should Profits Be Shared with Workers?
    The empty promises of profit-Sharing.
    The Freeman, June 1997, pp. 333-336
  101. Features
    Social security Can Be Good for Your Health
    Advice for young people.
    The Freeman, March 1998, pp. 132-134
  102. Social Security Can Be Good for Your Health
    The Freeman, September 2005, pp. 25-26
  103. Soviet Military Strength Based on Economic Weakness
    How poor economic performance encourages military spending.
    The Freeman, August 1988, pp. 296-297
  104. Supply-Side Economics and the Political Order
    Modern Age, Spring 1984, pp. 134-142
  105. Book Reviews
    The Supply-Side Solution (Review)
    The Supply-Side Solution, by Bruce Bartlett and Timothy P. Roth
    1. The Supply-Side Solution by Bruce Bartlett and Timothy P. Roth
    Cato Journal, Winter 1983, pp. 879-881
  106. [+]
    Unfair Competition: The Profits of Nonprofits (Review)
    Unfair Competition, by James T. Bennett and Thomas J. DiLorenzo
    1. Unfair Competition by James T. Bennett and Thomas J. DiLorenzo
    Cato Journal, Fall 1989, pp. 493-501
  107. Union Myopia and the Taxation of Capital
    The Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies, Fall 1995, pp. 299-316
  108. Viewpoint
    The Price Blackout
    Reason, October 1985, p. 44
  109. No Items Found