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  1. The Astronaut Libertarian?
    The Freeman, July 2007, pp. 31-32
  2. The Butter Monopoly?
    The Freeman, August 2000, pp. 19-20
  3. [+]
    Can Private Schools Survive "Privatization"? (Review)
    Capital for Profit, by Paul Fabra
    1. Capital for Profit by Paul Fabra
    The Freeman, October 1992, p. 403
  4. Book Reviews
    Correction, Please! (2 Reviews)
    Recapturing the Spirit of Enterprise, by George Gilder
    1. Recapturing the Spirit of Enterprise by George Gilder
    2. Wealth and Poverty by George Gilder
    The Freeman, March 1994, pp. 148-149
  5. [+]
    Correction, Please!-The Perversity of Wall Street (Review)
    Telecompetition, by Lawrence D. Gasman
    1. Telecompetition by Lawrence D. Gasman
    The Freeman, November 1994, pp. 644-650
  6. Book Reviews
    Do Seat Belt Laws Work? (Review)
    The Fair Trade Fraud, by James Bovard
    1. The Fair Trade Fraud by James Bovard
    The Freeman, July 1992, p. 282
  7. The Economic Woes of Pro Sports: Greed of Government?
    Why meddling politicians and bureaucrats should be taken out of the lineup.
    The Freeman, January 1997, p. 27
  8. [+]
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    What Went Right in the 1980s, by Richard B. McKenzie
    1. What Went Right in the 1980s by Richard B. McKenzie
    The Freeman, April 1995, pp. 268-269
  9. [+]
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    Out of Focus, by Burton Yale Pines and Timothy W. Lamer
    1. Out of Focus by Burton Yale Pines and Timothy W. Lamer
    The Freeman, August 1995, p. 532
  10. [+]
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    The Bell Curve, by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray
    1. The Bell Curve by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray
    The Freeman, November 1995, p. 741
  11. Book Reviews
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    The Vandal's Crown, by Gregory J. Millman
    1. The Vandal's Crown by Gregory J. Millman
    The Freeman, April 1996, p. 241
  12. [+]
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    From Here to Economy, by Todd G. Buchholz
    1. From Here to Economy by Todd G. Buchholz
    The Freeman, February 1996, p. 125
  13. [+]
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    Tax Racket, by Martin L. Gross
    1. Tax Racket by Martin L. Gross
    The Freeman, January 1996, p. 61
  14. [+]
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    The Road Ahead, by Bill Gates, Nathan Myhrvold, and Peter M. Rinearson, ...
    1. The Road Ahead by Bill Gates, Nathan Myhrvold, and Peter M. Rinearson, ...
    The Freeman, November 1996, p. 770
  15. [+]
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    The Anatomy of an International Monetary Regime, by Giulio M. Gallarotti
    1. The Anatomy of an International Monetary Regime by Giulio M. Gallarotti
    The Freeman, September 1996, pp. 645-646
  16. Book Review
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    Business as a Calling, by Michael Novak
    1. Business as a Calling by Michael Novak
    The Freeman, April 1997, p. 243
  17. [+]
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    The Life of Adam Smith, by Ian Simpson Ross
    1. The Life of Adam Smith by Ian Simpson Ross
    The Freeman, March 1997, p. 182
  18. [+]
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    Everything for Sale, by Robert Kuttner
    1. Everything for Sale by Robert Kuttner
    The Freeman, November 1997, p. 709
  19. Book Reviews
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    Halfway to Anywhere, by G. Harry Stine, Wolfgang Demisch, and Pete Conrad, ...
    1. Halfway to Anywhere by G. Harry Stine, Wolfgang Demisch, and Pete Conrad, ...
    The Freeman, March 1998, p. 183
  20. [+]
    Economics on Trial (2 Reviews)
    Major League Losers, by Mark S. Rosentraub
    1. Major League Losers by Mark S. Rosentraub
    2. Home Team by Michael N. Danielson
    The Freeman, November 1998, pp. 696-697
  21. [+]
    Economics on Trial (2 Reviews)
    Coolidge: An American Enigma, by Robert Sobel
    1. Coolidge: An American Enigma by Robert Sobel
    2. The Presidency of Calvin Coolidge by Robert H. Ferrell
    The Freeman, July 1999, p. 57
  22. Fore: Watch Out for Government Golf!
    What's wrong with amateur golf-And what could go wrong with pro golf.
    The Freeman, August 1997, pp. 469-471
  23. [+]
    Free Trade and the Irish Famine (Review)
    The National Review College Guide, by Charles J. Sykes and Brad Miner
    1. The National Review College Guide by Charles J. Sykes and Brad Miner
    The Freeman, December 1991, p. 479
  24. The Government's Assault on Golf
    The Freeman, November 2000, pp. 20-23
  25. Government's Hostile Takeover
    How confiscatory estate taxes destroy wealth.
    The Freeman, October 1996, pp. 678-679
  26. Greens Against Greens
    The Freeman, August 1999, pp. 39-42
  27. [+]
    H.L. Mencken, America's Wittiest Defender of Liberty (Review)
    Life After Television, by George Gilder
    1. Life After Television by George Gilder
    The Freeman, September 1995, p. 606
  28. Has a New Era of Space Venture Arrived?
    The Freeman, October 2004, pp. 15-18
  29. Hollywood's View of Capitalism
    Movies by Frank Capra, Oliver stone, and Francis Ford Coppola.
    The Freeman, March 1993, pp. 92-95
  30. Jeffersonians in Space
    The Freeman, April 2006, pp. 13-14
  31. Mr. Republican
    National Review, April 7, 1997, pp. 36-38
  32. The Neglected Factor in the Housing "Bubble"
    The Freeman, March 2006, pp. 8-10
  33. New York By the Numbers (1997)
    State and City in Perpetual Crisis
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  34. Features
    The New York City Guide to Destroying an Economy
    How an enormous welfare state and burdensome taxes brought about the economic demise of...
    The Freeman, August 1996, pp. 540-544
  35. Features
    The NFL Oilers: A Case Study in Corporate Welfare
    Legalized larceny continues its winning streak.
    The Freeman, April 1998, pp. 209-212
  36. Features
    An Optimist's View of the Entrepreneurship Explosion
    Greater economic freedom is on the horizon.
    The Freeman, March 1997, pp. 124-127
  37. Original Intent and the Income Tax
    Today's heavy progressive levies barely resemble the 1913 rates.
    The Freeman, February 1996, pp. 70-71
  38. Pitching Socialism
    National Review, April 22, 1996, pp. 38-39
  39. Pro Sports on the Dole
    Government subsidies at taxpayer's expense.
    The Freeman, February 1995, pp. 114-118
  40. [+]
    China Misperceived (Review)
    The Capitalist Spirit, by Peter L. Berger
    1. The Capitalist Spirit by Peter L. Berger
    The Freeman, November 1991, pp. 435-436
  41. [+]
    Edmund Burke (Review)
    The Birth of the Modern, by Paul Johnson
    1. The Birth of the Modern by Paul Johnson
    The Freeman, April 1992, pp. 167-168
  42. [+]
    Out of Work (Review)
    Capital Ideas, by Peter L. Bernstein
    1. Capital Ideas by Peter L. Bernstein
    The Freeman, March 1993, pp. 118-120
  43. [+]
    Correction, Please! Baseball Strikes Out (Review)
    Money Meltdown, by Judy Shelton
    1. Money Meltdown by Judy Shelton
    The Freeman, December 1994, p. 711
  44. [+]
    The Politics of Power (Review)
    The Creators, by Daniel J. Boorstin
    1. The Creators by Daniel J. Boorstin
    The Freeman, January 1994, pp. 46-48
  45. [+]
    Correction, Please! (Review)
    The Fortune Encyclopedia of Economics, by David R. Henderson
    1. The Fortune Encyclopedia of Economics by David R. Henderson
    The Freeman, May 1994, pp. 270-271
  46. [+]
    Free Markets, Free Men (2 Reviews)
    The Downing Street Years, by Margaret Thatcher
    1. The Downing Street Years by Margaret Thatcher
    2. The View from No 11 by Nigel Lawson
    The Freeman, October 1994, pp. 579-580
  47. [+]
    Correction, Please! the Free Market Works Fine, Except... (Review)
    Man and Nature,
    1. Man and Nature
    The Freeman, September 1994, pp. 535-538
  48. [+]
    Letters to the Editor: the Flat Tax (Review)
    Hands Off, by Susan Lee
    1. Hands Off by Susan Lee
    The Freeman, December 1996, p. 842
  49. [+]
    Bastiat, Liberty, and The Law (Review)
    Wealth and Poverty, by George Gilder
    1. Wealth and Poverty by George Gilder
    The Freeman, May 1996, p. 408
  50. [+]
    Capital Letters (Review)
    On the Wealth of Nations, by P.J. O'Rourke
    1. On the Wealth of Nations by P.J. O'Rourke
    The Freeman, January 2008, pp. 45-46
  51. [+]
    Capital Letters (Review)
    The War Between the State and the Family, by Patricia M. Morgan
    1. The War Between the State and the Family by Patricia M. Morgan
    The Freeman, January 2009, pp. 45-46
  52. Features
    Superheroes and the Fight for Liberty
    The Freeman, May 2001, pp. 27-29
  53. Features
    Tiger-Nomics: Glorious Competition
    The Freeman, February 2001, pp. 34-35
  54. Trust No One
    Including the X-Files?
    The Freeman, June 2002, pp. 31-32
  55. Features
    TV Taxes
    Stay tuned as Big Brother continues to meddle.
    The Freeman, November 1997, pp. 671-672
  56. U.S. by the Numbers (2000)
    Figuring What's Left, Right, and Wrong with America State by State
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  57. Features
    A Walk on the Supply Side
    An in-depth examination of supply-side economics.
    The Freeman, June 1995, pp. 373-378
  58. Warning: OSHA Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
    The dangers of unbridled workplace regulation.
    The Freeman, March 1996, pp. 163-165
  59. We Wuz Robbed!
    The Subsidized Stadium Scam
    Policy Review, March 1997, pp. 54-57
  60. [+]
    A Year at the Movies (4 Reviews)
    Gladiator; The Patriot; X-Men; The Perfect Storm
    1. Gladiator (2000 Film) by Ridley Scott
    2. The Patriot (2000 Film) by Roland Emmerich
    3. X-Men (2000 Film) by Bryan Singer
    4. The Perfect Storm (2000 Film) by Wolfgang Petersen
    The Freeman, December 2000, pp. 19-20
  61. Yo, Brooklyn! Get Real About Politics and Sports
    The Freeman, January 2005, pp. 27-28
  62. "49 and Holding"
    Burdensome regulation keeps businesses small.
    The Freeman, November 1998, pp. 685-686
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