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  1. Books
    An Artful Amalgam of the Absurd (Review)
    Meeting at Potsdam, by Charles L. Mee, Jr.
    1. Meeting at Potsdam by Charles L. Mee, Jr.
    Commonweal, July 18, 1975, p. 281
  2. Ashes of Victory (1972)
    World War II and Its Aftermath
    2 Reviews
  3. [+]
    Backstairs in Europe (Review)
    Not to Be Repeated: The Merry-Go-Round of Europe, by Anonymous
    1. Not to Be Repeated: The Merry-Go-Round of Europe by Anonymous
    The New Republic, November 16, 1932, p. 23
  4. [+]
    Biography (Review)
    Bolivar the Liberator, by Michel Vaucaire
    1. Bolivar the Liberator by Michel Vaucaire
    The Bookman, October 1929, p. 213
  5. Blood is Cheaper Than Water (1939)
    The Prudent American's Guide to Peace and War
    4 Reviews, 2 Readable
  6. [+]
    The Brain's Integers (Review)
    Power of Words, by Stuart Chase and Marian Tyler Chase
    1. Power of Words by Stuart Chase and Marian Tyler Chase
    The Saturday Review, March 6, 1954, p. 13
  7. [+]
    Browder on Peace (Review)
    Fighting for Peace, by Earl Browder
    1. Fighting for Peace by Earl Browder
    The New Republic, September 6, 1939, p. 138
  8. [+]
    Chapters in an Unfinished War (6 Reviews)
    Law, Morality, and Vietnam, by John F. Bannan and Rosemary S. Bannan
    1. Law, Morality, and Vietnam by John F. Bannan and Rosemary S. Bannan
    2. Bringing the War Home by John Helmer
    3. The Wound Within by Alexander Kendrick
    4. True Americanism: Green Berets and War Resisters by David Mark Mantell
    5. Out of the Vietnam Vortex by James F. Mersmann
    6. The Long Dark Night of the Soul by Sandy Vogelgesang
    Commonweal, January 17, 1975, pp. 331-332
  9. [+]
    Complex Amalgam (Review)
    Adenauer and the New Germany, by Edgar Alexander
    1. Adenauer and the New Germany by Edgar Alexander
    The Saturday Review, February 15, 1958, pp. 38-39
  10. Books
    Conservatives in Profile (Review)
    Prophets on the Right, by Ronald Radosh
    1. Prophets on the Right by Ronald Radosh
    Commonweal, March 26, 1976, p. 212
  11. Books
    De Gaulle in Instant Biography (Review)
    De Gaulle, by Brian Crozier
    1. De Gaulle by Brian Crozier
    Commonweal, April 5, 1974, p. 113
  12. [+]
    Democracy in England (Review)
    Parliamentary Government in England: A Commentary, by Harold J. Laski
    1. Parliamentary Government in England: A Commentary by Harold J. Laski
    The New Republic, January 11, 1939, p. 294
  13. [+]
    Duce and Doomsday (Review)
    Prelude to World War II, by Gaetano Salvemini
    1. Prelude to World War II by Gaetano Salvemini
    The Saturday Review, February 6, 1954, p. 15
  14. England Expects Every American to Do His Duty (1937)
    7 Reviews, 4 Readable
  15. [+]
    Foreign Correspondent (Review)
    Covering the Far East, by Miles W. Vaughn
    1. Covering the Far East by Miles W. Vaughn
    The New Republic, December 16, 1936, p. 224
  16. [+]
    "Fortress of Freedom" (Review)
    Germany and Freedom: A Personal Appraisal, by James Bryant Conant
    1. Germany and Freedom: A Personal Appraisal by James Bryant Conant
    The Saturday Review, April 26, 1958, p. 16
  17. [+]
    France Seen from Germany (2 Reviews)
    The Civilization of France, by Ernst Robert Curtius
    1. The Civilization of France by Ernst Robert Curtius
    2. Who Are These French? by Friedrich Sieburg
    The New Republic, June 29, 1932, p. 186
  18. [+]
    The German Crisis (2 Reviews)
    The Germans, by George N. Shuster
    1. The Germans by George N. Shuster
    2. Is Germany Finished? by Pierre Vienot
    The New Republic, May 11, 1932, p. 358
  19. [+]
    Goosetep Gotterdammerung (2 Reviews)
    Hitler's Secret Conversations, 1941-1944, by H.R. Trevor-Roper and Adolf Hitler
    1. Hitler's Secret Conversations, 1941-1944 by H.R. Trevor-Roper and Adolf Hitler
    2. Memoirs by Franz von Papen
    The Saturday Review, September 5, 1953, pp. 12-13
  20. [+]
    Government by Ghouls (Review)
    Merchants of Death, by H.C. Engelbrecht and F.C. Hanighen
    1. Merchants of Death by H.C. Engelbrecht and F.C. Hanighen
    The New Republic, May 2, 1934, p. 342
  21. Guide to Politics 1954 (1954)
    2 Reviews
  22. [+]
    Guide to the Green Table (Review)
    How Communists Negotiate, by Adm. C. Turner Joy, USN Ret.
    1. How Communists Negotiate by Adm. C. Turner Joy, USN Ret.
    The Saturday Review, December 10, 1955, p. 17
  23. Have We Bonds with the British?
    The North American Review, Summer 1938, pp. 240-255
  24. [+]
    An Heir to Caesar (Review)
    The Cult of Weakness, by Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
    1. The Cult of Weakness by Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
    The New Republic, December 14, 1932, p. 135
  25. [+]
    The House of Krupp (Review)
    Blood and Steel, by Bernhard Menne
    1. Blood and Steel by Bernhard Menne
    The New Republic, August 17, 1938, p. 54
  26. [+]
    The Idea of Liberty (Review)
    History of Europe in the Nineteenth Century, by Benedetto Croce
    1. History of Europe in the Nineteenth Century by Benedetto Croce
    The New Republic, April 25, 1934, p. 317
  27. [+]
    The Incredible Sir Basil (Review)
    Zaharoff: The Armaments King, by Robert Neumann
    1. Zaharoff: The Armaments King by Robert Neumann
    The New Republic, June 3, 1936, p. 110
  28. [+]
    Is Foreign Trade the Answer? (Review)
    The Crisis of Capitalism in America, by Moritz J. Bonn
    1. The Crisis of Capitalism in America by Moritz J. Bonn
    The New Republic, July 20, 1932, p. 267
  29. [+]
    The Issues for Decision (Review)
    Beyond Containment, by William Henry Chamberlin
    1. Beyond Containment by William Henry Chamberlin
    The Saturday Review, October 17, 1953, p. 17
  30. [+]
    It Happened There (Review)
    Sawdust Caesar, by George Seldes
    1. Sawdust Caesar by George Seldes
    The New Republic, December 11, 1935, p. 137
  31. [+]
    Journey to the Threshold (Review)
    Against This Torrent, by Edward Mead Earle
    1. Against This Torrent by Edward Mead Earle
    The New Republic, June 30, 1941, p. 897
  32. [+]
    The Latest Puritan (Review)
    The Late George Apley, by John P. Marquand
    1. The Late George Apley by John P. Marquand
    The New Republic, February 10, 1937, p. 25
  33. [+]
    Life and Literature (Review)
    The Way Out of War, by Cesar Saerchinger
    1. The Way Out of War by Cesar Saerchinger
    The Forum, April 1940, p. 204
  34. [+]
    Life and Literature (Review)
    The American Stakes, by John Chamberlain
    1. The American Stakes by John Chamberlain
    The Forum, May 1940, p. 264
  35. [+]
    Light on the Modern World (Review)
    The Political Collapse of Europe, by Hajo Holborn
    1. The Political Collapse of Europe by Hajo Holborn
    The Saturday Review, July 21, 1951, p. 8
  36. The Liquidation of the Liberal Tradition
    The North American Review, Autumn 1939, pp. 61-72
  37. [+]
    Mission to the White House (Review)
    The Tragedy of Lyndon Johnson, by Eric F. Goldman
    1. The Tragedy of Lyndon Johnson by Eric F. Goldman
    The Saturday Review, February 15, 1969, pp. 37-38
  38. The New Age of the Journalist-Historian
    The Saturday Review, May 20, 1967, pp. 25-27
  39. The News and How to Understand It (1940)
    In Spite of the Newspapers, in Spite of the Magazines, in Spite of the Radio
    7 Reviews, 3 Readable
  40. [+]
    No Short Cuts to Paradise (Review)
    From Vienna to Versailles, by L.C.B. Seaman
    1. From Vienna to Versailles by L.C.B. Seaman
    The Saturday Review, June 23, 1956, p. 21
  41. [+]
    Our Plutomeritocrats---Warts & All (Review)
    The Buckleys: A Family Examined, by Charles Lam Markmann
    1. The Buckleys: A Family Examined by Charles Lam Markmann
    The Nation, June 11, 1973, p. 762
  42. Our State Department in Search of a Slogan
    The North American Review, Winter 1938, pp. 277-284
  43. The Past Fifty Years...and the Next
    The Saturday Review, November 7, 1953, pp. 15-16
  44. Policing the Commentator: A News Analysis
    The Atlantic Monthly, November 1943, pp. 46-49
  45. [+]
    Quarrelsome Threesome (2 Reviews)
    American Foreign Policy and the Separation of Powers, by Daniel S. Cheever and H. Field...
    1. American Foreign Policy and the Separation of Powers by Daniel S. Cheever and H. Field Haviland, Jr.
    2. Peace, War and You by Jerome Davis
    The Saturday Review, August 30, 1952, p. 15
  46. [+]
    A Radio Commentator Reviews History (Review)
    Preview of History, by Raymond Gram Swing
    1. Preview of History by Raymond Gram Swing
    Free World, October 1943, p. 381
  47. Report of the National Health Assembly
    The Survey, June 1, 1948, pp. 185-196
  48. [+]
    Demythologizing Frontier Mythology (Review)
    Not in Vain, by Ken Bell and C.P. Stacey
    1. Not in Vain by Ken Bell and C.P. Stacey
    Commonweal, December 28, 1973, p. 348
  49. Books
    Toward a Theology of Work (Review)
    FDR: The Beckoning of Destiny, 1882-1928, by Kenneth S. Davis
    1. FDR: The Beckoning of Destiny, 1882-1928 by Kenneth S. Davis
    Commonweal, February 2, 1973, p. 402
  50. Books
    Verse (Review)
    The Best and the Brightest, by David Halberstam
    1. The Best and the Brightest by David Halberstam
    Commonweal, January 12, 1973, p. 331
  51. [+]
    The Screen: Perishable Peckinpah (Review)
    Eyewitness to History, by Isaac Don Levine
    1. Eyewitness to History by Isaac Don Levine
    Commonweal, July 13, 1973, pp. 389-390
  52. [+]
    Reviews (Review)
    The Twentieth Century, by Hans Kohn
    1. The Twentieth Century by Hans Kohn
    Political Science Quarterly, September 1950, pp. 457-458
  53. The Rise and Fall of the Radio Commentator
    The Saturday Review, October 26, 1957, pp. 13-15
  54. [+]
    Royal Dutchman (Review)
    The Most Powerful Man in the World, by Glyn Roberts
    1. The Most Powerful Man in the World by Glyn Roberts
    The New Republic, June 8, 1938, p. 139
  55. [+]
    The Scorptions of Power (Review)
    Midcentury Journey, by William L. Shirer
    1. Midcentury Journey by William L. Shirer
    The Saturday Review, September 13, 1952, pp. 29-31
  56. [+]
    The Secret International (Review)
    Iron, Blood and Profits, by George Seldes
    1. Iron, Blood and Profits by George Seldes
    The New Republic, May 16, 1934, p. 24
  57. [+]
    A Selected Shelf (Review)
    Hindoo Holiday, by J.R. Ackerley
    1. Hindoo Holiday by J.R. Ackerley
    The Bookman, August 1932, p. 397
  58. [+]
    A Selected Shelf (Review)
    John Quincy Adams: "Old Man Eloquent", by Bennett Champ Clark
    1. John Quincy Adams: "Old Man Eloquent" by Bennett Champ Clark
    The Bookman, October 1932, p. 632
  59. [+]
    A Selected Shelf (Review)
    Bloody Years, by Francis Yeats-Brown
    1. Bloody Years by Francis Yeats-Brown
    The Bookman, October 1932, p. 632
  60. Shall We Have "Union Now"? A Debate
    II---Union Now Means War Tomorrow
    The Forum, July 1939, pp. 31-32
  61. [+]
    SR's Book of the Week (Review)
    A Watcher on the Rhine, by Brian Connell
    1. A Watcher on the Rhine by Brian Connell
    The Saturday Review, March 9, 1957, p. 12
  62. [+]
    Ten Hurtling Years (Review)
    The Crucial Decade: America, 1945-1955, by Eric F. Goldman
    1. The Crucial Decade: America, 1945-1955 by Eric F. Goldman
    The Saturday Review, August 18, 1956, p. 16
  63. [+]
    Ten Years of Tension (Review)
    The World in the Postwar Decade, 1945-1955, by J. Hampden Jackson
    1. The World in the Postwar Decade, 1945-1955 by J. Hampden Jackson
    The Saturday Review, November 17, 1956, p. 20
  64. [+]
    Terror Is a Weapon (Review)
    The Politics of Murder, by Joseph Bornstein
    1. The Politics of Murder by Joseph Bornstein
    The Saturday Review, February 3, 1951, p. 13
  65. Things the War Will Do to America
    The Harpers Monthly, November 1942, pp. 575-580
  66. [+]
    Three Novels (Review)
    Forever Ulysses, by C.P. Rodocanachi
    1. Forever Ulysses by C.P. Rodocanachi
    The New Republic, January 12, 1938, p. 291
  67. [+]
    Tranquil Look at Turbulent Times (Review)
    Decade in Europe, by Barrett McGurn
    1. Decade in Europe by Barrett McGurn
    The Saturday Review, May 23, 1959, p. 40
  68. [+]
    The War Annihilates the Left Intellectual (Review)
    The Future of Industrial Man, by Peter F. Drucker
    1. The Future of Industrial Man by Peter F. Drucker
    The Saturday Review, September 26, 1942, p. 5
  69. The World Between the Wars: From the 1918 Armistice to the Munich Agreement (1953)
    A World History of Our Own Times, Vol. II
    6 Reviews, 1 Readable
  70. World Diary, 1929-1934 (1934)
    5 Reviews, 3 Readable
  71. A World History of Our Own Times, Vol. I (1949)
    From the Turn of the Century to the 1918 Armistice
    5 Reviews, 3 Readable
  72. [+]
    World Notes (Review)
    Stalin's Satellites in Europe, by Ygael Gluckstein
    1. Stalin's Satellites in Europe by Ygael Gluckstein
    The Saturday Review, August 23, 1952, p. 40
  73. Years of Wrath: A Cartoon History: 1931-1945 (1946)
    4 Reviews, 1 Readable
  74. No Items Found