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  1. [+]
    America in Transition (Review)
    The United States in World Affairs, 1940, by Whitney H. Shepardson and William O. Scroggs
    1. The United States in World Affairs, 1940 by Whitney H. Shepardson and William O. Scroggs
    The Saturday Review, September 6, 1941, p. 6
  2. [+]
    Arms and the Reich (Review)
    Blood and Steel, by Bernhard Menne
    1. Blood and Steel by Bernhard Menne
    The Saturday Review, August 13, 1938, p. 12
  3. [+]
    The Asiatic Huns (Review)
    Japan Defies the World, by James A.B. Scherer
    1. Japan Defies the World by James A.B. Scherer
    The Saturday Review, February 5, 1938, p. 19
  4. Australia in the World Conflict
    Foreign Policy Report, March 1, 1941, pp. 301-312
  5. [+]
    Austrian Obituary (Review)
    My Austria, by Kurt Schuschnigg
    1. My Austria by Kurt Schuschnigg
    The Saturday Review, May 28, 1938, p. 5
  6. [+]
    Benc's Formula for Democracy (Review)
    Democracy---Today and Tomorrow, by Eduard Benes
    1. Democracy---Today and Tomorrow by Eduard Benes
    The Saturday Review, September 2, 1939, p. 13
  7. [+]
    Between Wars (Review)
    Problems of Modern Europe, by J. Hampden Jackson and Kerry Lee
    1. Problems of Modern Europe by J. Hampden Jackson and Kerry Lee
    The Saturday Review, June 28, 1941, pp. 13-14
  8. [+]
    Books in the News: Germany (20 Reviews)
    Inside Europe, by John Gunther
    1. Inside Europe by John Gunther
    2. Plot and Counter-Plot in Central Europe by Marcel W. Fodor
    3. Europe in Crisis by Vera Micheles Dean
    4. Background of War by The Editors of Fortune
    5. The House That Hitler Built by Stephen H. Roberts
    6. The Third Reich by Henri Lichtenberger and Koppel S. Pinson
    7. Government in the Third Reich by Fritz Morstein Marx
    8. Germany Since 1918 by Frederick L. Schuman
    9. The Spirit and Structure of German Fascism by Robert A. Brady
    10. I Knew Hitler by Kurt G.W. Ludecke
    11. Germany and World Peace by Sven A. Hedin
    12. I Know These Dictators by G. Ward Price
    13. Germany: The Last Four Years by Germanicus
    14. The German Universities and National Socialism by Edward Yarnall Hartshorne, Jr.
    15. From U-Boat to Pulpit by Martin Niemoller
    16. International Aspects of German Racial Policies by Oscar I. Janowsky and Melvin M. Fagen
    17. Gustav Stresemann: His Diaries, Letters and Papers by Eric Sutton and Gustav Stresemann
    18. Conquest of the Past by Hubertus zu Loewenstein
    19. The Death of an Empire by Imre Balassa
    20. Post-War German-Austrian Relations by M. Margaret Ball
    The Saturday Review, March 26, 1938, p. 4
  9. [+]
    Brave Statesman (Review)
    "I Built a Temple for Peace", by Edward B. Hitchcock
    1. "I Built a Temple for Peace" by Edward B. Hitchcock
    The Saturday Review, August 24, 1940, p. 6
  10. Britain's Foreign Trade Policy
    Foreign Policy Report, January 15, 1938, pp. 249-264
  11. [+]
    Britain's Labor Leaders (Review)
    Bevin and Company, by Patricia O'Flynn Strauss
    1. Bevin and Company by Patricia O'Flynn Strauss
    The Saturday Review, July 12, 1941, p. 7
  12. Britain's Wartime Economy, 1940-41
    Foreign Policy Report, August 1, 1941, pp. 125-136
  13. [+]
    British Dry-Rot (Review)
    Night Over England, by Eugene Lohrke and Arline Lohrke
    1. Night Over England by Eugene Lohrke and Arline Lohrke
    The Saturday Review, June 3, 1939, p. 6
  14. [+]
    British Foreground (Review)
    Dare We Look Ahead?, by Bertrand Russell
    1. Dare We Look Ahead? by Bertrand Russell
    The Saturday Review, July 9, 1938, p. 16
  15. [+]
    Business as Usual (Review)
    In Search of Peace, by Neville Chamberlain
    1. In Search of Peace by Neville Chamberlain
    The Saturday Review, July 8, 1939, p. 18
  16. Canada at War
    Foreign Policy Report, September 1, 1940, pp. 149-156
  17. Canada in World Affairs
    Foreign Policy Report, July 1, 1938, pp. 85-96
  18. Canada's Political Problems
    Foreign Policy Report, September 15, 1938, pp. 145-156
  19. [+]
    The Case for an Effective League (Review)
    Theory and Practice in International Relations, by Salvador de Madariaga
    1. Theory and Practice in International Relations by Salvador de Madariaga
    The Saturday Review, January 8, 1938, p. 10
  20. [+]
    Cassandra of the House of Commons (Review)
    While England Slept, by Winston S. Churchill
    1. While England Slept by Winston S. Churchill
    The Saturday Review, October 29, 1938, p. 18
  21. [+]
    Corporative Country (Review)
    The Portugal of Salazar, by Michael Derrick
    1. The Portugal of Salazar by Michael Derrick
    The Saturday Review, May 6, 1939, p. 17
  22. [+]
    Death of a Nation (Review)
    The Last Five Hours of Austria, by Eugen Lennhoff
    1. The Last Five Hours of Austria by Eugen Lennhoff
    The Saturday Review, June 25, 1938, p. 7
  23. [+]
    Diplomacy or Economics (Review)
    Why Britain Is at War, by Harold G. Nicolson
    1. Why Britain Is at War by Harold G. Nicolson
    The Saturday Review, January 13, 1940, p. 7
  24. [+]
    A Diplomat of Destiny (Review)
    Diplomat of Destiny, by George Franckenstein
    1. Diplomat of Destiny by George Franckenstein
    The Saturday Review, September 21, 1940, p. 7
  25. [+]
    Diplomatics (Review)
    Mission to the North, by Florence Jaffray Harriman
    1. Mission to the North by Florence Jaffray Harriman
    The Saturday Review, June 7, 1941, p. 13
  26. [+]
    East of the Reich (Review)
    The New Poland and the Jews, by Simon Segal
    1. The New Poland and the Jews by Simon Segal
    The Saturday Review, June 4, 1938, p. 18
  27. [+]
    The End of Austria (Review)
    Showdown in Vienna: The Death of Austria, by Martin Fuchs
    1. Showdown in Vienna: The Death of Austria by Martin Fuchs
    The Saturday Review, April 8, 1939, p. 4
  28. [+]
    Expanding Germany (3 Reviews)
    The German Octopus, by Henry C. Wolfe
    1. The German Octopus by Henry C. Wolfe
    2. Watch Czechoslovakia! by Richard Freund
    3. Training in Democracy by Francis H. Stuerm
    The Saturday Review, April 16, 1938, p. 10
  29. [+]
    An Eyewitness of the Czech Surrender (Review)
    Betrayal in Central Europe, by George E.R. Gedye
    1. Betrayal in Central Europe by George E.R. Gedye
    The Saturday Review, February 25, 1939, p. 11
  30. [+]
    Fascists at Work (Review)
    Spurs on the Boot, by Thomas B. Morgan
    1. Spurs on the Boot by Thomas B. Morgan
    The Saturday Review, July 5, 1941, p. 5
  31. [+]
    A Federal System for the Democracies (Review)
    Union Now: With Great Britain, by Clarence K. Streit
    1. Union Now: With Great Britain by Clarence K. Streit
    The Saturday Review, March 25, 1939, p. 18
  32. [+]
    The Forces that Wrecked the Peace (Review)
    The Storm Breaks, by Frederick T. Birchall
    1. The Storm Breaks by Frederick T. Birchall
    The Saturday Review, March 9, 1940, p. 13
  33. [+]
    Foreign Policy in A Democracy (Review)
    Your Foreign Policy, by Robert Aura Smith
    1. Your Foreign Policy by Robert Aura Smith
    The Saturday Review, September 27, 1941, p. 13
  34. [+]
    Fuehrer's Dilemma (Review)
    The House That Hitler Built, by Stephen H. Roberts
    1. The House That Hitler Built by Stephen H. Roberts
    The Saturday Review, February 12, 1938, p. 11
  35. [+]
    Fun with Foreign Affairs (Review)
    Laughing Diplomat, by Daniele Vare
    1. Laughing Diplomat by Daniele Vare
    The Saturday Review, November 5, 1938, p. 12
  36. [+]
    Government by Prime Minister (Review)
    Men in Our Time, by Audax
    1. Men in Our Time by Audax
    The Saturday Review, February 24, 1940, p. 18
  37. [+]
    Handle With Care (Review)
    Poison in the Air, by Heinz Liepmann
    1. Poison in the Air by Heinz Liepmann
    The Saturday Review, September 18, 1937, p. 18
  38. [+]
    Hitler without Scissors (Review)
    Mein Kampf, by Adolf Hitler
    1. Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler
    The Saturday Review, March 4, 1939, p. 11
  39. [+]
    How to Be a Dictator (Review)
    I Know These Dictators, by G. Ward Price
    1. I Know These Dictators by G. Ward Price
    The Saturday Review, March 5, 1938, p. 5
  40. [+]
    Imperialism in Action (Review)
    Germans in the Cameroons, 1884-1914, by Harry R. Rudin
    1. Germans in the Cameroons, 1884-1914 by Harry R. Rudin
    The Saturday Review, February 11, 1939, p. 17
  41. India's Struggle for Independence
    Foreign Policy Report, June 1, 1940, pp. 69-84
  42. [+]
    Issues of Neutrality (Review)
    America's Chance of Peace, by Duncan Aikman and Blair Bolles
    1. America's Chance of Peace by Duncan Aikman and Blair Bolles
    The Saturday Review, November 25, 1939, p. 19
  43. [+]
    Jouranlist Jeremiah (Review)
    Disgrace Abounding, by Douglas Reed
    1. Disgrace Abounding by Douglas Reed
    The Saturday Review, July 15, 1939, p. 18
  44. [+]
    A Land with Little History (Review)
    Australia: Her Heritage, Her Future, by Paul McGuire
    1. Australia: Her Heritage, Her Future by Paul McGuire
    The Saturday Review, August 12, 1939, p. 13
  45. [+]
    More Sleep than Rest (Review)
    Why England Slept, by John F. Kennedy
    1. Why England Slept by John F. Kennedy
    The Saturday Review, September 7, 1940, p. 20
  46. [+]
    Mowrer, Revised (Review)
    Germany Puts the Clock Back, by Edgar Ansel Mowrer
    1. Germany Puts the Clock Back by Edgar Ansel Mowrer
    The Saturday Review, December 9, 1939, pp. 16-17
  47. [+]
    Mr. Chamberlain's Current Dilemma (Review)
    Britain and the Dictators, by R.W. Seton-Watson
    1. Britain and the Dictators by R.W. Seton-Watson
    The Saturday Review, July 2, 1938, p. 5
  48. [+]
    New Weapons, New Defenses (Review)
    If War Comes, by R. Ernest Dupuy and George Fielding Eliot
    1. If War Comes by R. Ernest Dupuy and George Fielding Eliot
    The Saturday Review, October 9, 1937, p. 37
  49. [+]
    Nibbling at the Lion's Tail (Review)
    The Defence of the Empire, by Norman Angell
    1. The Defence of the Empire by Norman Angell
    The Saturday Review, January 15, 1938, p. 6
  50. [+]
    The Olive Branch in the Mailed Fist (Review)
    Britain Faces Germany, by A.L. Kennedy
    1. Britain Faces Germany by A.L. Kennedy
    The Saturday Review, November 13, 1937, p. 18
  51. [+]
    On the Spot (Review)
    We Were There, by Wilfred Hindle
    1. We Were There by Wilfred Hindle
    The Saturday Review, September 9, 1939, p. 14
  52. [+]
    Our Foreign Policy in European Crises (Review)
    America and the Strife of Europe, by J. Fred Rippy
    1. America and the Strife of Europe by J. Fred Rippy
    The Saturday Review, October 1, 1938, p. 18
  53. [+]
    Preface to Exile (Review)
    Conquest of the Past, by Hubertus zu Loewenstein
    1. Conquest of the Past by Hubertus zu Loewenstein
    The Saturday Review, March 19, 1938, p. 7
  54. [+]
    A Program for Non-Resistance (Review)
    Must We Go to War?, by Kirby Page
    1. Must We Go to War? by Kirby Page
    The Saturday Review, January 1, 1938, p. 19
  55. [+]
    A Quick One (Review)
    The Next War, by Lionel E.O. Charlton
    1. The Next War by Lionel E.O. Charlton
    The Saturday Review, December 25, 1937, pp. 14-15
  56. [+]
    A Slight Case of Anglophobia (Review)
    The Decline and Fall of the British Empire, by Robert Briffault
    1. The Decline and Fall of the British Empire by Robert Briffault
    The Saturday Review, November 26, 1938, p. 16
  57. [+]
    A Small Great Country (Review)
    Belgium, by Hugh Gibson
    1. Belgium by Hugh Gibson
    The Saturday Review, August 26, 1939, p. 7
  58. Social and Political Changes in Wartime Britain
    Foreign Policy Report, August 15, 1941, pp. 137-148
  59. [+]
    South of Hitler, in a Fold-Boat (Review)
    The Danube Flows Through Fascism, by William Van Til
    1. The Danube Flows Through Fascism by William Van Til
    The Saturday Review, August 6, 1938, p. 6
  60. [+]
    Tories at Work (Review)
    Under the British Umbrella, by Helen Paull Kirkpatrick
    1. Under the British Umbrella by Helen Paull Kirkpatrick
    The Saturday Review, February 3, 1940, p. 16
  61. [+]
    Two Decades of Lost Opportunities (Review)
    Twenty Years' Armistice, 1918-1938, by William A. Orton
    1. Twenty Years' Armistice, 1918-1938 by William A. Orton
    The Saturday Review, November 12, 1938, p. 11
  62. U.S. Aid to Britain
    Foreign Policy Report, January 1, 1941, pp. 241-256
  63. The United Nations and Human Rights (1956)
    2 Reviews
  64. The United Nations and Promotion of the General... (1957)
    2 Reviews
  65. [+]
    Variegated Neighbor (Review)
    Canada: America's Problem, by John MacCormac
    1. Canada: America's Problem by John MacCormac
    The Saturday Review, June 15, 1940, p. 7
  66. [+]
    Viscount Cecil, of Chelwood (Review)
    A Great Experiment, by Lord Robert Cecil
    1. A Great Experiment by Lord Robert Cecil
    The Saturday Review, May 10, 1941, p. 17
  67. [+]
    The Weimar Republic (Review)
    Gustav Stresemann: His Diaries, Letters and Papers, by Eric Sutton and Gustav Stresemann
    1. Gustav Stresemann: His Diaries, Letters and Papers by Eric Sutton and Gustav Stresemann
    The Saturday Review, February 19, 1938, p. 6
  68. [+]
    Wizard of Currency (Review)
    Schacht: Hitler's Magician, by Norbert Muhlen
    1. Schacht: Hitler's Magician by Norbert Muhlen
    The Saturday Review, March 18, 1939, p. 11
  69. No Items Found