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  1. [+]
    The Age of International Innocence (7 Reviews)
    Thomas B. Reed: Parliamentarian, by William Alexander Robinson
    1. Thomas B. Reed: Parliamentarian by William Alexander Robinson
    2. A Roving Commission: My Early Life by Winston Churchill
    3. Retrospect: An Unfinished Autobiography, 1848-1886 by Arthur James Balfour
    4. Mr. Lloyd George: A Study by Charles Mallet
    5. Kaiser and Chancellor by Karl Friedrich Nowak
    6. The Growing Antagonism, 1898-1910 by E.T.S. Dugdale
    7. Europe, The World's Banker, 1870-1914 by Herbert Feis
    The Outlook, January 14, 1931, p. 69
  2. [+]
    The Aging Radical (Review)
    Souvenir, by Floyd Dell
    1. Souvenir by Floyd Dell
    The Saturday Review, March 23, 1929, p. 799
  3. [+]
    America and Russia (5 Reviews)
    The Two Frontiers, by John Gould Fletcher
    1. The Two Frontiers by John Gould Fletcher
    2. People vs. Wall Street by William Floyd
    3. Economic Democracy by Robert S. Brookings
    4. The Makers of the Unwritten Constitution by William Bennett Munro
    5. Town Government in Massachusetts, 1620-1930 by John Fairfield Sly
    The Outlook, February 26, 1930, p. 352
  4. America "X" Europe
    Commonweal, August 28, 1929, pp. 417-418
  5. [+]
    The American Malaise (5 Reviews)
    Our Business Civilization, by James Truslow Adams
    1. Our Business Civilization by James Truslow Adams
    2. America Set Free by Hermann Keyserling
    3. This Ugly Civilization by Ralph Borsodi
    4. The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge by Calvin Coolidge
    5. In the Evening of My Thought by Georges Clemenceau
    The Outlook, November 27, 1929, pp. 511-512
  6. [+]
    American Self-Appraisal (5 Reviews)
    America and England?, by Nicholas Roosevelt
    1. America and England? by Nicholas Roosevelt
    2. The War of Independence: American Phase by Claude H. Van Tyne
    3. Prosperity: Fact or Myth by Stuart Chase
    4. The Other Side of Government by David Lawrence
    5. Our Government by James M. Cain
    The Outlook, January 29, 1930, p. 190
  7. [+]
    Appetites vs. Treaties (3 Reviews)
    Pan American Peace Plans, by Charles Evans Hughes
    1. Pan American Peace Plans by Charles Evans Hughes
    2. The Nationalist Program for China by Chao-Chu Wu
    3. Danger Spots in World Population by Warren S. Thompson
    The Outlook, October 9, 1929, p. 231
  8. [+]
    As Others See Us (4 Reviews)
    Georges Clemenceau, by Jean Martet
    1. Georges Clemenceau by Jean Martet
    2. The American Heresy by Christopher Hollis
    3. America Conquers Britain by Ludwell Denny
    4. Survey of American Foreign Relations, 1929 by Charles P. Howland
    The Outlook, March 26, 1930, pp. 510-511
  9. [+]
    Aspects of the War (8 Reviews)
    The Origins of the World War, by Sidney Bradshaw Fay
    1. The Origins of the World War by Sidney Bradshaw Fay
    2. British Foreign Policy Under Sir Edward Grey by Maximilian M.K.D. Montgelas
    3. Heading for the Abyss by Prince Karl Max Lichnowsky
    4. Politicians and the War, 1914-1916 by Max A. Beaverbrook
    5. Statesmen of the War in Retrospect, 1918-1928 by William Martin
    6. A Short History of the World, 1918-1928 by Cecil Delisle Burns
    7. Europe: A History of Ten Years by Raymond Leslie Buell
    8. Heading for War by William Hayden Edwards
    The Bookman, January 1929, pp. 578-580
  10. Babbitt and the Boss
    Commonweal, August 6, 1930, pp. 356-357
  11. Books
    Back to Monticello (Review)
    Drifting Sands of Party Politics, by Oscar W. Underwood
    1. Drifting Sands of Party Politics by Oscar W. Underwood
    Commonweal, July 11, 1928, p. 274
  12. [+]
    Bad Boy, Model 1929 (Review)
    Downfall, by Harold W. Brecht
    1. Downfall by Harold W. Brecht
    The Saturday Review, May 4, 1929, p. 973
  13. [+]
    Biography (Review)
    Wellington: A Character Study, by Oliver Brett
    1. Wellington: A Character Study by Oliver Brett
    The Bookman, April 1929, p. 203
  14. [+]
    Biography (Review)
    Henry White: Thirty Years of American Diplomacy, by Allan Nevins
    1. Henry White: Thirty Years of American Diplomacy by Allan Nevins
    The Bookman, December 1930, p. 425
  15. [+]
    Biography (Review)
    Master of Manhattan, by Lothrop Stoddard
    1. Master of Manhattan by Lothrop Stoddard
    The Bookman, April 1931, pp. 203-204
  16. [+]
    Biography (Review)
    Stresemann, by Antonina Vallentin
    1. Stresemann by Antonina Vallentin
    The Bookman, August 1931, p. 648
  17. [+]
    Biography (Review)
    Stalin, by Isaac Don Levine
    1. Stalin by Isaac Don Levine
    The Bookman, June 1931, p. 420
  18. [+]
    Biography (Review)
    Wilson, the Unknown, by Wells Wells
    1. Wilson, the Unknown by Wells Wells
    The Bookman, March 1931, pp. 89-90
  19. [+]
    A Book of Vignettes (Review)
    Night Club, by Katharine Brush
    1. Night Club by Katharine Brush
    The Saturday Review, August 17, 1929, p. 53
  20. Books and Book-Collectors (1956)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  21. Bookseller and Auctioneer
    The Atlantic Monthly, July 1948, pp. 96-99
  22. Reviews and Departments
    The Boom In Peace Books (5 Reviews)
    The Way of Peace, by Edgar A.R.G. Cecil
    1. The Way of Peace by Edgar A.R.G. Cecil
    2. America and Europe, and Other Essays by Alfred E. Zimmern
    3. War as an Instrument of National Policy by James T. Shotwell
    4. The Peace Pact of Paris by David Hunter Miller
    5. The Politics of Peace by Charles E. Martin
    The Bookman, August 1929, pp. 657-659
  23. [+]
    A Brave Story (Review)
    On the Bottom, by Edward Ellsberg
    1. On the Bottom by Edward Ellsberg
    The Saturday Review, May 18, 1929, p. 1016
  24. New Books Reviewed
    The British Umpire (Review)
    Palmerston, 1784-1865, by Philip Guedalla
    1. Palmerston, 1784-1865 by Philip Guedalla
    The North American Review, March 1927, pp. 163-165
  25. [+]
    A Broken Dream (Review)
    Liv, by Kathleen Coyle
    1. Liv by Kathleen Coyle
    The Saturday Review, May 18, 1929, pp. 1024-1025
  26. [+]
    Bullets vs. Bales and Bills (9 Reviews)
    Verdun, by Henri P. Petain
    1. Verdun by Henri P. Petain
    2. The Tiger: Georges Clemenceau, 1841-1929 by George Adam
    3. The Life and Work of Benito Mussolini by L. Kemechy
    4. Krupp: A Great Business Man Seen Through His Letters by Wilhelm Berdrow and Alfred Krupp
    5. Briand, Man of Peace by Valentine Thomson
    6. We Look at the World by H.V. Kaltenborn
    7. Wider Horizons: The New Map of the World by Herbert Adams Gibbons
    8. America Looks Abroad by Paul M. Mazur
    9. The Development of American Political Thought by William Seal Carpenter
    The Outlook, June 18, 1930, p. 271
  27. [+]
    Canada, Great Britain, and the United States in Recent Books (5 Reviews)
    Canada and the United States, by Hugh L. Keenleyside
    1. Canada and the United States by Hugh L. Keenleyside
    2. Parliament and the British Empire by Robert Livingston Schuyler
    3. Slings and Arrows by David Lloyd George and Philip Guedalla
    4. Chicago by Charles E. Merriam
    5. The World's Debt to the United States by Chesla C. Sherlock
    The Outlook, August 14, 1929, pp. 630-631
  28. The Case for Tariff Revision
    Commonweal, June 5, 1929, pp. 123-124
  29. Churchill: The All-Round Amateur
    Commonweal, May 18, 1927, p. 36
  30. Con Sordini
    The Century Magazine, April 1910, p. 933
  31. [+]
    A Diverting Novel (Review)
    Mockbeggar, by Laurence W. Meynell
    1. Mockbeggar by Laurence W. Meynell
    The Saturday Review, March 7, 1925, p. 574
  32. The Doll Squad (1973 Film)
  33. Books
    A Dominion as Buffer (Review)
    Canada and the United States, by Hugh L. Keenleyside
    1. Canada and the United States by Hugh L. Keenleyside
    Commonweal, September 18, 1929, p. 508
  34. The Economic Aftermath
    Commonweal, October 15, 1930, pp. 597-598
  35. Economic Disarmament
    Commonweal, October 23, 1929, pp. 634-635
  36. The Economic Side of Sea Power
    Commonweal, April 24, 1929, pp. 712-713
  37. Economics and Prohibition Don't Mix
    Scribners, November 1930, pp. 493-497
  38. Ending the Legend of Versailles
    Commonweal, April 10, 1929, pp. 646-647
  39. An Enquiry Into the Nature of Certain Nineteent... (1934)
    2 Reviews, 2 Readable
  40. An Enquiry into the Nature of Certain Nineteent... (1985)
    1 Review
  41. [+]
    Eternal Rome (Review)
    Up At the Villa, by Marie Cher
    1. Up At the Villa by Marie Cher
    The Saturday Review, September 28, 1929, p. 179
  42. Articles
    Exporting the Pay-Roll
    The Outlook, April 30, 1930, pp. 685-687
  43. Facts and Latin America
    Commonweal, February 19, 1930, pp. 440-441
  44. Fatwa (2006 Film)
  45. Fear, Foresight and Finance
    Commonweal, December 31, 1930, pp. 236-237
  46. [+]
    Fiction (Review)
    A Farewell to India, by Edward J. Thompson
    1. A Farewell to India by Edward J. Thompson
    The Bookman, September 1931, p. 82
  47. Foreign Policy on the Half-Shell
    The Outlook, November 28, 1928, pp. 1249-1250
  48. Franco-American Understanding
    Commonweal, January 22, 1930, pp. 328-329
  49. [+]
    From Wall Street to the Vatican (6 Reviews)
    Wall Street and Washington, by Joseph Stagg Lawrence
    1. Wall Street and Washington by Joseph Stagg Lawrence
    2. Recent Economic Changes in the United States Report of the Committee on Recent Economic Changes
    3. America and Europe, and Other Essays by Alfred E. Zimmern
    4. Democracy by Edward McChesney Sait
    5. The Seven Vices by Guglielmo Ferrero
    6. Pope or Mussolini? by John Hearley
    The Outlook, July 24, 1929, p. 514
  50. [+]
    Gauging the Forward March (3 Reviews)
    Recent Gains in American Civilization,
    1. Recent Gains in American Civilization
    2. Living in the Twentieth Century by Harry Elmer Barnes
    3. The American Omen by Garet Garrett
    Commonweal, November 21, 1928, p. 77
  51. A Glance at Soviet Russia
    Commonweal, July 2, 1930, pp. 261-262
  52. Hard Labor, and Other Poems (1911)
    2 Reviews, 1 Readable
  53. [+]
    Helping Germany Pay (Review)
    The End of Reparations, by Hjalmar H.G. Schacht
    1. The End of Reparations by Hjalmar H.G. Schacht
    The Outlook, July 15, 1931, p. 344
  54. High Tide at Saratoga
    Commonweal, July 25, 1928, pp. 307-308
  55. [+]
    A History of Fortune (Review)
    Drag, by William Dudley Pelley
    1. Drag by William Dudley Pelley
    The Saturday Review, February 21, 1925, p. 539
  56. Books
    History without the Headlines
    Commonweal, February 29, 1928, p. 1127
  57. How Shall Germany Pay?
    Commonweal, March 6, 1929, pp. 504-505
  58. [+]
    In the Best Tradition (Review)
    Sheila Both-Ways, by Joanna Cannan
    1. Sheila Both-Ways by Joanna Cannan
    The Saturday Review, April 6, 1929, p. 853
  59. Incorporating Uncle George
    Scribners, June 1931, pp. 633-635
  60. The International "Big Three"
    The Outlook, September 17, 1930, pp. 110-111
  61. [+]
    Internationalism (11 Reviews)
    Wilson, the Unknown, by Wells Wells
    1. Wilson, the Unknown by Wells Wells
    2. The Collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire by Edmund von Glaise-Horstenau
    3. World Minerals and World Politics by Charles K. Leith
    4. The Anglo-American Peace Movement in the Mid-Nineteenth Century by Christina Phelps
    5. The International City of Tangier by Graham H. Stuart
    6. The Fight for Peace by Devere Allen
    7. International Understanding by John Eugene Harley
    8. Americans by Salvador de Madariaga
    9. International Control of Aviation by Kenneth W. Colegrove
    10. The United States of Europe by Edouard Herriot
    11. That Next War? by Major Karl A. Bratt
    The Outlook, March 11, 1931, p. 377
  62. [+]
    Knowing Our Neighbors (Review)
    Mexican Maze, by Carleton Beals
    1. Mexican Maze by Carleton Beals
    The Outlook, June 3, 1931, p. 148
  63. The Language of Diplomacy
    The Bookman, May 1929, pp. 255-257
  64. The Lion's Mouth
    Nostalgia for the Nursery
    The Harpers Monthly, September 1934, pp. 502-504
  65. Love Can Be Murder (1992 Film)
  66. [+]
    Matters Heretical (Review)
    The Stammering Century, by Gilbert Seldes
    1. The Stammering Century by Gilbert Seldes
    Commonweal, December 12, 1928, pp. 171-172
  67. [+]
    Men of Genius (6 Reviews)
    Tamerlane: Conqueror of the Earth, by Harold Lamb
    1. Tamerlane: Conqueror of the Earth by Harold Lamb
    2. Zola and His Time by Matthew Josephson
    3. Jubilee Jim by Robert H. Fuller
    4. My Friend Robespierre by Henri Beraud
    5. Garibaldi and the New Italy by Ricarda Huch
    6. Fouche: The Man Napoleon Feared by Nils Forssell
    The Bookman, November 1928, pp. 339-341
  68. [+]
    The Millenium in Recent Books (4 Reviews)
    The Public International Conference, by Norman L. Hill
    1. The Public International Conference by Norman L. Hill
    2. International Arbitration from Athens to Locarno by Jackson H. Ralston
    3. Problems of Peace
    4. The Ordeal of This Generation by Gilbert Murray
    The Outlook, September 4, 1929, pp. 30-31
  69. The Missing Rooms
    The Atlantic Monthly, February 1927, pp. 251-257
  70. [+]
    Modern Utopias (8 Reviews)
    Contemporary Social Movements, by Jerome Davis
    1. Contemporary Social Movements by Jerome Davis
    2. The American Leviathan by Charles A. Beard and William Beard
    3. The Social and Economic Views of Mr. Justice Brandeis by Alfred Lief and Louis Brandeis
    4. The Farm Board by Ellis A. Stokdyk and Charles H. West
    5. The Menace of Overproduction by Scoville Hamlin
    6. The Economic Life of Soviet Russia by Calvin B. Hoover
    7. Russia's Productive System by Emile Burns
    8. The Russian Experiment by Arthur Feiler
    The Outlook, February 11, 1931, p. 232
  71. [+]
    Modern Youth (Review)
    Stacey, by Alexander Black
    1. Stacey by Alexander Black
    The Saturday Review, January 10, 1925, p. 443
  72. A Moral Crisis in Banking
    The American Mercury, August 1929, pp. 412-416
  73. The New Books
    More Light on Bolshevism (Review)
    Pan-Sovietism, by Bruce C. Hopper
    1. Pan-Sovietism by Bruce C. Hopper
    The Outlook, April 29, 1931, p. 598
  74. [+]
    Mother Knows Best (Review)
    The Little Candle's Beam, by Isa Glenn
    1. The Little Candle's Beam by Isa Glenn
    The Saturday Review, April 20, 1935, p. 638
  75. [+]
    Nationality and "Pet" Nations (6 Reviews)
    Nationality: Its Nature and Problems, by Bernard Joseph
    1. Nationality: Its Nature and Problems by Bernard Joseph
    2. The Letters and Friendships of Sir Cecil Spring-Rice by Stephen Gwynn and Cecil Spring-Rice
    3. This World of Nations by Pitman B. Potter
    4. July '14 by Emil Ludwig
    5. Where the East Begins by Hamilton Fish Armstrong
    6. Why We Fought by C. Hartley Grattan
    The Outlook, January 8, 1930, p. 72
  76. Naval Policy or Naval Program?
    Commonweal, January 25, 1928, pp. 974-975
  77. Nineteenth-Century English Books (1952)
    Some Problems in Bibliography
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  78. [+]
    Old Men in Politics (7 Reviews)
    Makers of Modern Europe, by Carlo Sforza
    1. Makers of Modern Europe by Carlo Sforza
    2. Grandeur and Misery of Victory by Georges Clemenceau
    3. The Biography of the Late Marshal Foch by George Aston
    4. Pilsudski and Poland by Rom Landau
    5. The Pope Is King by Civis Romanus
    6. The Great Crusade by Jennings C. Wise
    7. Africa and Some World Problems by Jan Christiaan Smuts
    The Outlook, April 23, 1930, p. 669
  79. [+]
    Our Most Recent Revolution (9 Reviews)
    Our Times, Vol. III: Pre-War America, by Mark Sullivan
    1. Our Times, Vol. III: Pre-War America by Mark Sullivan
    2. Roosevelt: His Mind in Action by Lewis Einstein
    3. Nelson W. Aldrich: A Leader in American Politics by Nathaniel Wright Stephenson
    4. America Moves West by Robert E. Riegel
    5. An American Epoch by Howard W. Odum
    6. The Growth of the American Republic by Samuel Eliot Morison and Henry Steele Commager, ...
    7. The Great Crusade and After, 1914-1928 by Preston William Slosson
    8. The Giant of the Western World by Francis Pickens Miller and Helen Hill
    9. Survey of American Foreign Relations, 1930 by Charles P. Howland
    The Outlook, December 17, 1930, p. 628
  80. Our Orphaned Investments
    Commonweal, July 10, 1929, pp. 273-274
  81. Our Stammering State Department
    The Outlook, August 29, 1928, p. 688
  82. [+]
    The Outlawed Republic (2 Reviews)
    Present-Day Russia, by Ivy Lee
    1. Present-Day Russia by Ivy Lee
    2. Russian Economic Development Since the Revolution by Maurice H. Dobb and Henry Charles Stevens
    Commonweal, June 13, 1928, p. 164
  83. The Passing of the Panic
    Commonweal, May 13, 1931, pp. 39-40
  84. [+]
    Peace and Imperialism (6 Reviews)
    The Imperial Dollar, by Hiram Motherwell
    1. The Imperial Dollar by Hiram Motherwell
    2. Commerce Yearbook, 1929
    3. Economic Resources and Industries of the World by Isaac Lippincott
    4. Foch: My Conversations with the Marshal by Raymond Recouly
    5. The New German Republic by Elmer Luehr
    6. The Recovery of Germany by James W. Angell
    The Outlook, October 30, 1929, p. 351
  85. Peace or War in the East?
    Commonweal, May 28, 1930, pp. 100-101
  86. The Pendulum of Taste
    The Atlantic Monthly, October 1956, pp. 67-69
  87. [+]
    Perfumed Pages (Review)
    The Bridge of Dreams, by Arthur Waley and Lady Murasaki
    1. The Bridge of Dreams by Arthur Waley and Lady Murasaki
    The Saturday Review, June 24, 1933, p. 661
  88. Playing the Rare Book Market
    The Harpers Monthly, April 1960, pp. 74-81
  89. Books
    The Plight of Trotzky (Review)
    The Real Situation in Russia, by Leon Trotsky
    1. The Real Situation in Russia by Leon Trotsky
    Commonweal, November 14, 1928, p. 48
  90. Books
    Poems (Review)
    Professional Patriots, by Norman Hapgood, Sidney Howard, and John Hearley
    1. Professional Patriots by Norman Hapgood, Sidney Howard, and John Hearley
    Commonweal, September 14, 1927, p. 445
  91. [+]
    A Poet Gone Wodehouse (Review)
    The Sun Cure, by Alfred Noyes
    1. The Sun Cure by Alfred Noyes
    The Saturday Review, September 21, 1929, p. 155
  92. [+]
    Political Panaceas (10 Reviews)
    The Challenge of Russia, by Sherwood Eddy
    1. The Challenge of Russia by Sherwood Eddy
    2. The Red Trade Menace by H.R. Knickerbocker
    3. The Case for India by William J. Durant
    4. India and the Simon Report by C.F. Andrews
    5. The Little Entente by John O. Crane
    6. The Case for the Jews by Louis J. Gribetz
    7. On the Rim of the Wilderness by Maurice Samuel
    8. Dictatorship On Trial by Otto Forst de Battaglia
    9. America's Way Out by Norman Thomas
    10. Hard Times---The Way In and the Way Out by Richard T. Ely
    The Outlook, April 8, 1931, p. 505
  93. [+]
    Political Perspective (2 Reviews)
    Portrait of a Diplomatist, by Harold G. Nicolson
    1. Portrait of a Diplomatist by Harold G. Nicolson
    2. The Coming of the War, 1914 by Bernadotte E. Schmitt
    The Outlook, October 15, 1930, p. 270
  94. [+]
    Political Remembrances (Review)
    Presidents I've Known and Two Near Presidents, by Charles Willis Thompson
    1. Presidents I've Known and Two Near Presidents by Charles Willis Thompson
    Commonweal, May 1, 1929, p. 751
  95. [+]
    Politics vs. Economics in Recent Books (4 Reviews)
    The St. Lawrence Navigation and Power Project, by Harold G. Moulton, Charles S. Morgan,...
    1. The St. Lawrence Navigation and Power Project by Harold G. Moulton, Charles S. Morgan, and Adah L. Lee, ...
    2. Raw Materials of Industrialism by Hugh B. Killough and Lucy W. Killough
    3. The Memoirs of Raymond Poincare (1913-1914) by Raymond Poincare and George Arthur
    4. The Western Way by Frederic Jesup Stimson
    The Outlook, September 18, 1929, pp. 112-113
  96. [+]
    Population Problems (8 Reviews)
    Books: Their Place in a Democracy, by R.L. Duffus
    1. Books: Their Place in a Democracy by R.L. Duffus
    2. Must England Lose India? by Arthur Carr Osburn
    3. The World's Population Problems and a White Australia by Harold Launcelot Wilkinson
    4. Population by Corrado Gini, Shiroshi Nasu, and Robert Kuczynski, ...
    5. Peter's City by Thomas Ewing Moore
    6. Spain: A Modern History by Salvador de Madariaga
    7. Hindenburg: The Man and the Legend by Margaret L. Goldsmith and Frederick M. Voigt
    8. A History of the Flemish Movement in Belgium by Shepard B. Clough
    The Outlook, August 20, 1930, p. 631
  97. [+]
    Propaganda (7 Reviews)
    Spreading Germs of Hate, by George Sylvester Viereck
    1. Spreading Germs of Hate by George Sylvester Viereck
    2. The Future of the German Empire by Hans von Seeckt
    3. Stresemann by Rudolf Olden
    4. The Close of Woodrow Wilson's Administration and the Final Years by Bainbridge Colby
    5. About Russia by Ernest J.P. Benn
    6. The Federal Reserve System: Its Origin and Growth by Paul M. Warburg
    7. The St. Lawrence Waterway Project by George Washington Stephens
    The Outlook, July 23, 1930, p. 471
  98. Publisher's Cloth (1935)
    An Outline History of Publisher's Binding in England, 1829-1900
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  99. [+]
    A Varied Shelf (Review)
    The Mirrors of 1932, by Anonymous
    1. The Mirrors of 1932 by Anonymous
    The Bookman, September 1931, p. 103
  100. [+]
    The Week's Reading (Review)
    Underworld and Soviet, by Vladimir G. Orlov
    1. Underworld and Soviet by Vladimir G. Orlov
    The Outlook, August 12, 1931, p. 473
  101. [+]
    The New Movies (Review)
    Russia and the Soviet Union in the Far East, by Victor A. Yakhontoff
    1. Russia and the Soviet Union in the Far East by Victor A. Yakhontoff
    The Outlook, December 2, 1931, p. 440
  102. [+]
    The Week's Reading (Review)
    The Red Fog Lifts, by Albert Muldavin
    1. The Red Fog Lifts by Albert Muldavin
    The Outlook, July 1, 1931, p. 282
  103. [+]
    The Week's Reading (Review)
    Seeing Red: Behind the Scenes in Russia Today, by Eve Garrette Grady
    1. Seeing Red: Behind the Scenes in Russia Today by Eve Garrette Grady
    The Outlook, July 22, 1931, p. 377
  104. [+]
    The Week's Reading (Review)
    Hidden Springs of the Russian Revolution, by Lincoln Hutchinson and Katerina Breshkovsk...
    1. Hidden Springs of the Russian Revolution by Lincoln Hutchinson and Katerina Breshkovskaia, ...
    The Outlook, September 9, 1931, p. 58
  105. [+]
    Revolution: As Seen in Recent Books (5 Reviews)
    The Soviets in World Affairs, by Louis Fischer
    1. The Soviets in World Affairs by Louis Fischer
    2. The Russian Paradox by Bernard Edelhertz
    3. The Inner History of the Chinese Revolution by Leang-Li T'ang
    4. Reconstructing India by Edward J. Thompson
    5. India and the Simon Report by John A. Simon
    The Outlook, November 5, 1930, pp. 390-391
  106. Round about the Congo
    Commonweal, April 2, 1930, pp. 610-612
  107. [+]
    Russia Again! (9 Reviews)
    The Impending Storm, by Somerset de Chaire
    1. The Impending Storm by Somerset de Chaire
    2. My Life by Leon Trotsky
    3. Soviet Russia: A Living Record and a History by William Henry Chamberlin
    4. The Twilight of Empire by Scott Nearing
    5. Soviet Economic Development and American Business by Saul G. Bron
    6. The Two Frontiers by John Gould Fletcher
    7. A New Economic Order by Kirby Page
    8. Real Wages in the United States, 1890-1926 by Paul H. Douglas
    9. A Study of the Principles of Politics by George E.G. Catlin
    The Outlook, May 21, 1930, p. 108
  108. Russia's Challenge to American Business
    Scribners, October 1930, pp. 395-398
  109. Selected Prose (1961)
    1 Review
  110. [+]
    A Shelf of Recent Books (Review)
    Irritating Autobiography
    1. The Great American Ass by Charles Leroy Edson
    The Bookman, December 1926, pp. 505-506
  111. [+]
    Sidney Howard's Tales (Review)
    Three Flights Up, by Sidney Howard
    1. Three Flights Up by Sidney Howard
    The Saturday Review, February 14, 1925, p. 523
  112. [+]
    Spirited Foolery (Review)
    Poet's Pub, by Eric Linklater
    1. Poet's Pub by Eric Linklater
    The Saturday Review, September 6, 1930, p. 106
  113. The New Books
    Storm Warning (Review)
    Thunder Over Europe, by E. Alexander Powell
    1. Thunder Over Europe by E. Alexander Powell
    The Outlook, May 27, 1931, p. 118
  114. [+]
    Submarine Adventures (Review)
    Raiders of the Deep, by Lowell Thomas
    1. Raiders of the Deep by Lowell Thomas
    The Saturday Review, January 5, 1929, p. 568
  115. [+]
    Tepoztlan and Middleton (Review)
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    A Varied Shelf (3 Reviews)
    Prophets of the New India, by Romain Rolland
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    A Varied Shelf (Review)
    Can These Things Be!, by George Seldes
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    Wages of Fashion (Review)
    The Economics of Taste, by Gerald Reitlinger
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  140. No Items Found