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  1. Books, Arts & Manners
    The Adventures of Sidney Hook (Review)
    Out of Step, by Sidney Hook
    1. Out of Step by Sidney Hook
    National Review, August 14, 1987, pp. 43-44
  2. The Agrarianism of Richard Weaver
    Beginnings and Completions
    Modern Age, Summer 1970, pp. 249-256
  3. [+]
    All We Would Want to Know (Review)
    Without Consent or Contract, by Robert William Fogel
    1. Without Consent or Contract by Robert William Fogel
    National Review, December 31, 1989, p. 39
  4. [+]
    Almost "A Bare Hanging" (2 Reviews)
    Burden of Time, by John L. Stewart
    1. Burden of Time by John L. Stewart
    2. Tillers of a Myth by Alexander Karanikas
    Modern Age, Fall 1966, pp. 426-428
  5. [+]
    The Ambiguous Muse (Review)
    Proslavery, by Larry E. Tise
    1. Proslavery by Larry E. Tise
    National Review, February 24, 1989, p. 50
  6. Arator (1977)
    Being a Series of Agricultural Essays, Practical and Political In Sixty-Four ...
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  7. Artists at Home
    Frost and Faulkner
    Modern Age, Summer 1986, pp. 274-282
  8. A Better Guide Than Reason (1979)
    Studies in the American Revolution
    5 Reviews, 2 Readable
  9. A Better Guide than Reason
    The Politics of John Dickinson
    Modern Age, Winter 1977, pp. 39-49
  10. Bradford and Jaffa: Once More on Lincoln
    Two eminent Lincoln scholars disagree on the legacy of Father Abraham.
    The American Spectator, June 1985, pp. 22-27
  11. Brotherhood in "The Bear"
    An Exemplum for Critics
    Modern Age, Summer 1966, pp. 278-281
  12. [+]
    Buff and Blue (Review)
    Daniel Webster, by Irving H. Bartlett
    1. Daniel Webster by Irving H. Bartlett
    National Review, November 10, 1978, pp. 1426-1427
  13. The Burden of Bureaucracy
    Fighting the war against an entrenched government "army."
    The Freeman, July 1988, p. 276
  14. [+]
    The Case for Colonel Hamilton (Review)
    Alexander Hamilton: A Biography, by Forrest McDonald
    1. Alexander Hamilton: A Biography by Forrest McDonald
    National Review, February 20, 1981, p. 171
  15. Collaborators with the Left
    The Monstrosity of Big-Government Conservatism
    Policy Review, Summer 1991, pp. 78-82
  16. [+]
    The Critic and the Conservative Imagination (Review)
    Acts of Recovery, by Jeffrey Hart
    1. Acts of Recovery by Jeffrey Hart
    Chronicles, February 1990, p. 35
  17. [+]
    Debate: "Time on the Cross" (Review)
    Just As We Were Told
    1. Time on the Cross by Robert William Fogel and Stanley L. Engerman
    National Review, March 28, 1975, p. 340
  18. A Dike to Fence Out the Flood
    Chronicles, December 1987, pp. 16-22
  19. Dividing the House
    The Gnosticism of Lincoln's Political Rhetoric
    Modern Age, Winter 1979, pp. 10-24
    Donald Davidson and the Calculus of Memory
    Chronicles, May 1994, pp. 16-19
  21. [+]
    Else We Should Love It Too Well (Review)
    The Civil War: A Narrative, Vol. III, by Shelby Foote
    1. The Civil War: A Narrative, Vol. III by Shelby Foote
    National Review, February 14, 1975, p. 173
  22. Eminentoes/Against Lincoln
    My Dissenting Views
    The American Spectator, December 1984, pp. 37-39
  23. A Fire Bell in the Night
    The Southern Conservative View
    Modern Age, Winter 1973, pp. 9-15
  24. From Eden to Babylon (1989)
    The Social and Political Essays of Andrew Nelson Lytle
    2 Reviews
  25. [+]
    From the Family of the Lion (Review)
    Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution, by James M. McPherson
    1. Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution by James M. McPherson
    Chronicles, December 1991, pp. 30-31
  26. From the Family of the Lion
    Chronicles, July 2001, pp. 29-30
  27. III. Retro-/Prospectives
    A Generation of the Intellectual Right
    At the Head of the Column
    Modern Age, Summer 1982, pp. 292-296
  28. Generations of the Faithful Heart (1983)
    On the Literature of the South
    2 Reviews, 1 Readable
  29. George Wallace and American Conservatives: The Nexus
    National Review, April 25, 1975, pp. 442-444
  30. Vital Signs
    A Great Refusal
    The North Carolina Ratification Convention of 1788
    Chronicles, July 1992, pp. 47-52
  31. Heaven on Earth: Conservatives on Utopia
    Policy Review, Summer 1987, p. 88
  32. The Heresy of Equality
    Bradford Replies to Jaffa
    Modern Age, Winter 1976, pp. 62-77
  33. Opinions
    Imagining the West
    Chronicles, November 1991, pp. 32-33
  34. Books, Arts & Manners
    In the House of Our Fathers (Review)
    Novus Ordo Seclorum, by Forrest McDonald
    1. Novus Ordo Seclorum by Forrest McDonald
    National Review, April 11, 1986, pp. 46-47
  35. [+]
    The Inevitable President (Review)
    Jefferson Davis: A Biography, by Clement Eaton
    1. Jefferson Davis: A Biography by Clement Eaton
    National Review, March 3, 1978, p. 286
  36. [+]
    The Last Great Englishman (3 Reviews)
    The Great Duke, by Arthur Bryant
    1. The Great Duke by Arthur Bryant
    2. Wellington: The Years of the Sword by Elizabeth Longford
    3. Wellington: The Pillar of State by Elizabeth Longford
    Modern Age, Fall 1973, pp. 431-434
  37. [+]
    A Leaven in a Heavy Lump (Review)
    Grant Takes Command, by Bruce Catton
    1. Grant Takes Command by Bruce Catton
    National Review, April 22, 1969, p. 393
  38. Letters
    The New York Review of Books, June 30, 1983, pp. 44-48
  39. The Lincoln Legacy
    A Long View
    Modern Age, Fall 1980, pp. 355-363
  40. [+]
    Lo! and Behold! (Review)
    The Possibilities of Order, by Lewis P. Simpson
    1. The Possibilities of Order by Lewis P. Simpson
    National Review, April 1, 1977, p. 397
  41. [+]
    A Long Conversation (Review)
    The Literary Correspondence of Donald Davidson and Allen Tate, by John Tyree Fain, Thom...
    1. The Literary Correspondence of Donald Davidson and Allen Tate by John Tyree Fain, Thomas Daniel Young, and Donald Davidson, ...
    National Review, September 13, 1974, p. 1053
  42. Books Arts & Manners
    The Long Shadow of Thomas Jefferson (Review)
    The Sage of Monticello, by Dumas Malone
    1. The Sage of Monticello by Dumas Malone
    National Review, October 2, 1981, p. 1146
  43. [+]
    Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908-1973) (Review)
    The Path to Power, by Robert A. Caro
    1. The Path to Power by Robert A. Caro
    Modern Age, Spring 1988, pp. 186-189
  44. The Making and Meaning of Myth
    Modern Age, Spring 1980, pp. 179-187
  45. [+]
    Marching Toward Zion (Review)
    The Puritan Origins of the American Self, by Sacvan Bercovitch
    1. The Puritan Origins of the American Self by Sacvan Bercovitch
    National Review, July 23, 1976, pp. 794-795
  46. [+]
    Marxism With a Difference (Review)
    The World the Slaveholders Made, by Eugene D. Genovese
    1. The World the Slaveholders Made by Eugene D. Genovese
    National Review, May 5, 1970, p. 471
  47. [+]
    Midway in the Journey (Review)
    Desert Light, by Chilton Williamson, Jr.
    1. Desert Light by Chilton Williamson, Jr.
    National Review, October 9, 1987, p. 61
  48. [+]
    A Mirror of the Times (Review)
    The Columbia Literary History of the United States, by Emory Elliott
    1. The Columbia Literary History of the United States by Emory Elliott
    National Review, May 5, 1989, p. 51
  49. [+]
    Newman's Ambiguity (Review)
    Cardinal Newman in His Age, by Harold L. Weatherby
    1. Cardinal Newman in His Age by Harold L. Weatherby
    Modern Age, Summer 1973, pp. 308-309
  50. [+]
    The Nightmare of Oscar Handlin (Review)
    The Distortion of America, by Oscar Handlin
    1. The Distortion of America by Oscar Handlin
    National Review, May 14, 1982, p. 569
  51. [+]
    No to Leviathan (Review)
    The Complete Anti-Federalist, by Herbert J. Storing and Murray Dry
    1. The Complete Anti-Federalist by Herbert J. Storing and Murray Dry
    National Review, September 17, 1982, pp. 1156-1157
  52. Books, Arts & Manners
    The Non-Interpretive Arrangement (2 Reviews)
    A Machine That Would Go of Itself, by Michael Kammen
    1. A Machine That Would Go of Itself by Michael Kammen
    2. The Founders' Constitution by Philip B. Kurland and Ralph Lerner
    National Review, March 18, 1988, pp. 47-49
  53. Not So Democratic: The Caution of the Framers
    Timely reservations about democratic principles and practices.
    The Freeman, June 1981, pp. 323-330
  54. On Remembering Who We Are
    A Political Credo
    Modern Age, Spring 1982, pp. 144-152
  55. [+]
    Once We Have Had Enough (Review)
    Panic Among the Philistines, by Bryan F. Griffin
    1. Panic Among the Philistines by Bryan F. Griffin
    National Review, December 23, 1983, pp. 1622-1623
  56. Original Intentions (1993)
    On the Making and Ratification of the United States Constitution
    4 Reviews, 2 Readable
  57. [+]
    Penman of the Revolution (Review)
    John Dickinson: Conservative Revolutionary, by Milton E. Flower
    1. John Dickinson: Conservative Revolutionary by Milton E. Flower
    National Review, June 10, 1983, p. 698
  58. [+]
    Poisoned at the Source (Review)
    Means of Ascent, by Robert A. Caro
    1. Means of Ascent by Robert A. Caro
    Chronicles, July 1990, pp. 31-34
  59. Books, Arts & Manners
    The Politics of Immigration (2 Reviews)
    The Immigration Time Bomb, by Richard D. Lamm and Gary Imhoff
    1. The Immigration Time Bomb by Richard D. Lamm and Gary Imhoff
    2. Clamor at the Gates by Nathan Glazer
    National Review, May 23, 1986, pp. 38-39
  60. The Process of Ratification
    A study in political dynamics
    Chronicles, February 1991, pp. 18-20
  61. [+]
    The Prophetic Voice of Donald Davidson (Review)
    The Attack on Leviathan, by Donald Davidson
    1. The Attack on Leviathan by Donald Davidson
    Chronicles, May 1992, pp. 29-31
  62. [+]
    Quest for a Hero (Review)
    The Glory of Hera, by Caroline Gordon
    1. The Glory of Hera by Caroline Gordon
    National Review, August 18, 1972, p. 906
  63. Books, Arts & Manners
    A Question of Taste (Review)
    The Democratic Muse, by Edward C. Banfield
    1. The Democratic Muse by Edward C. Banfield
    National Review, August 10, 1984, pp. 42-43
  64. The Reactionary Imperative (1990)
    Essays Literary and Political
    2 Reviews, 1 Readable
  65. Remembering Who We Are (1985)
    Observations of a Southern Conservative
    3 Reviews, 2 Readable
  66. [+]
    The Rest of Faulkner (Review)
    The Uncollected Stories of William Faulkner, by Joseph Blotner and William Faulkner
    1. The Uncollected Stories of William Faulkner by Joseph Blotner and William Faulkner
    National Review, March 21, 1980, p. 361
  67. [+]
    Books in Brief (Review)
    The South: Old and New Frontiers, by Frank Owsley Lawrence and Harriet Chappell Owsley,...
    1. The South: Old and New Frontiers by Frank Owsley Lawrence and Harriet Chappell Owsley, ...
    National Review, June 2, 1970, p. 580
  68. Rhetoric and Respectability
    Modern Age, Summer 1989, pp. 238-244
  69. Right Reason Does Not Pay
    Modern Age, Summer 1982, pp. 242-244
  70. Books, Arts & Manners
    The Road to Cemetary Ridge (Review)
    Carolina Cavalier, by Clyde N. Wilson
    1. Carolina Cavalier by Clyde N. Wilson
    National Review, October 1, 1990, p. 41
  71. Sacrilege and Cupidity
    A Plea for Perspective
    The Freeman, February 1966, pp. 38-40
  72. Sentiment and U.S. Immigration Policy
    The case against amnesty
    The American Spectator, April 1984, pp. 19-22
  73. Sentiment or Survival (1985)
    Crisis in the Immigration Policy of the United States
    1 Review
  74. [+]
    Six Artful Derivations (Review)
    Tatlin!, by Guy Davenport
    1. Tatlin! by Guy Davenport
    National Review, May 9, 1975, p. 519
  75. The Southern Tradition at Bay (1968)
    A History of Postbellum Thought
    6 Reviews, 2 Readable
  76. The State of the Humanities: A Symposium
    Strategies of Reduction
    Modern Age, Winter 1992, pp. 98-101
  77. That Other Patriarchy
    Observations on Faulkner's "A Justice"
    Modern Age, Summer 1974, pp. 266-271
  78. [+]
    Traditional Revolutionaries (Review)
    Faces of Revolution, by Bernard Bailyn
    1. Faces of Revolution by Bernard Bailyn
    National Review, April 29, 1991, pp. 48-49
  79. [+]
    A Triumph of Pre-Criticism (Review)
    William Faulkner: Toward Yoknapatawpha and Beyond, by Cleanth Brooks
    1. William Faulkner: Toward Yoknapatawpha and Beyond by Cleanth Brooks
    National Review, September 15, 1978, p. 1156
  80. [+]
    Two Types of 'Populist' (2 Reviews)
    Alfalfa Bill Murray, by Keith L. Bryant, Jr.
    1. Alfalfa Bill Murray by Keith L. Bryant, Jr.
    2. Huey Long by T. Harry Williams
    National Review, January 27, 1970, p. 94
  81. Vital Signs
    A View from the Top of the Ridge
    On the Literature of the American West
    Chronicles, February 1989, pp. 43-46
  82. [+]
    Visible Saints (Review)
    Men I Have Chosen for Fathers, by Marion Montgomery
    1. Men I Have Chosen for Fathers by Marion Montgomery
    Chronicles, May 1991, p. 32
  83. [+]
    Weaver and the Web of Words (Review)
    Language Is Sermonic, by Richard M. Weaver, Richard L. Johannesen, and Rennard Strickla...
    1. Language Is Sermonic by Richard M. Weaver, Richard L. Johannesen, and Rennard Strickland, ...
    National Review, November 17, 1970, pp. 1223-1224
  84. With the Laurel: For Andrew Lytle
    Chronicles, June 1987, pp. 14-15
  85. Books Arts & Manners
    The Wizard of Mecosta
    Russell Kirk
    National Review, December 12, 1980, pp. 1513-1515
  86. A Worthy Company (1982)
    Brief Lives of the Framers of the United States Constitution
    3 Reviews, 1 Readable
  87. [+]
    The Yoknapatawpha Letters (Review)
    Selected Letters of William Faulkner, by Joseph Blotner and William Faulkner
    1. Selected Letters of William Faulkner by Joseph Blotner and William Faulkner
    National Review, November 25, 1977, p. 1373
  88. No Items Found