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  1. Cable Reregulation
    Cato Journal, Spring-Summer 1994, pp. 87-108
  2. Capitalism: Who Are Its Friends and Who Are Its Foes?
    A casual empirical study.
    The Freeman, November 1991, pp. 424-426
  3. Competition and Cooperation
    In a peaceful, prosperous society, competition and cooperation are channeled into their...
    The Freeman, March 1996, pp. 152-154
  4. The Cost of Conscription
    Besides being Immoral, Forcing People into Military or National Service is not Cost-Eff...
    Reason, August 1979, pp. 38-40
  5. Book Reviews
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    Fair Play, by Steven Landsburg
    1. Fair Play by Steven Landsburg
    The Freeman, May 1998, p. 315
  6. [+]
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    In Praise of Commercial Culture, by Tyler Cowen
    1. In Praise of Commercial Culture by Tyler Cowen
    The Freeman, May 1999, p. 54
  7. Book Reviews
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    The Quest for Cosmic Justice, by Thomas Sowell
    1. The Quest for Cosmic Justice by Thomas Sowell
    The Freeman, July 2000, p. 54
  8. Book Reviews
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    Illusions of Prosperity, by Joel Blau
    1. Illusions of Prosperity by Joel Blau
    The Freeman, November 2000, p. 55
  9. Book Reviews
    Economics on Trial (Review)
    What Price Fame?, by Tyler Cowen
    1. What Price Fame? by Tyler Cowen
    The Freeman, May 2001, p. 55
  10. [+]
    Elbow Room for Ordinary Folks (Review)
    The Vermont Papers, by Frank Bryan and John McClaughry
    1. The Vermont Papers by Frank Bryan and John McClaughry
    Reason, November 1989, pp. 53-54
  11. [+]
    FEE Timely Classic (Review)
    Learning Economics, by Arnold Kling
    1. Learning Economics by Arnold Kling
    The Freeman, May 2006, pp. 45-46
  12. [+]
    FEE Timely Classic (Review)
    Laws of Fear, by Cass R. Sunstein
    1. Laws of Fear by Cass R. Sunstein
    The Freeman, October 2006, p. 43
  13. Germany: The Promise of Freedom
    Does a reunified Germany threaten world peace?
    The Freeman, May 1991, pp. 167-170
  14. [+]
    Give Me a Break! (Review)
    Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations, by David Warsh
    1. Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations by David Warsh
    The Freeman, March 2008, pp. 45-46
  15. Globalization (2007)
    1 Review, 1 Readable
  16. It Just Ain't So!
    The Freeman, August 1998, pp. 452-453
  17. It Just Ain't So!
    The Freeman, September 1998, pp. 516-517
  18. Letters
    The New York Review of Books, December 21, 2006, pp. 102-104
  19. [+]
    A License to Steal: The Forfeiture of Property (Review)
    A License to Steal, by Leonard Williams Levy
    1. A License to Steal by Leonard Williams Levy
    Cato Journal, Spring-Summer 1996, pp. 152-153
  20. A Life-Saving Lesson from Operation Desert Storm
    Voluntary military service reduces the incentive to Use humans' lives recklessly.
    The Freeman, October 1993, pp. 391-392
  21. Losing Touch
    Politicians, like long-distance bombers, seldom see their "victims."
    The Freeman, June 1994, pp. 297-298
  22. Manuel Ayau: Guatemala's Liberal Searcher
    The Freeman, December 2005, pp. 16-19
  23. Markets and Pseudo-Markets
    Arguments in favor of "The market" are not necessarily arguments in support of classica...
    The Freeman, November 1990, pp. 421-423
  24. [+]
    Merger Paranoia (Review)
    The Bigness Complex, by Walter Adams and James W. Brock
    1. The Bigness Complex by Walter Adams and James W. Brock
    Critical Review, Fall 1987, pp. 62-78
  25. The Minimum Wage: an Unfair Advantage for Employers
    The minimum wage creates a surplus of unskilled labor in the marketplace.
    The Freeman, October 1989, pp. 396-397
  26. A Modest Proposal to Deregulate Infant Adoptions
    Cato Journal, Spring-Summer 1995, pp. 117-136
  27. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Coercivists and Voluntarists
    The Freeman, August 1997
  28. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    Benefits of Immigration
    The Freeman, December 1997
  29. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    The market: The only Trustworthy Pollster
    The Freeman, July 1997
  30. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    The Unique Role of Fee
    The Freeman, June 1997
  31. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    Juvenile Delinquency
    The Freeman, November 1997
  32. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    A Free-Market Case Against Open Immigration?
    The Freeman, October 1997
  33. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    The Nanny State
    The Freeman, September 1997
  34. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    Julian Simon, Lifesaver
    The Freeman, April 1998
  35. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    Arrogant Antitrusters
    The Freeman, August 1998
  36. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    The Constitution's New Defenders
    The Freeman, December 1998
  37. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    Much More Than Meets the Eye
    The Freeman, February 1998
  38. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    Bill Gates, Philanthropist
    The Freeman, January 1998
  39. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    What Is the American Constitution?
    The Freeman, July 1998
  40. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    Foolish Inconsistencies
    The Freeman, June 1998
  41. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    Judges versus Majorities versus Peaceful People
    The Freeman, March 1998
  42. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    Cursed by Economic Knowledge and Ignorance
    The Freeman, May 1998
  43. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    The Danger of Deifying the State
    The Freeman, November 1998
  44. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    Why Honorable People Avoid Politics
    The Freeman, October 1998
  45. Columns
    Notes From Fee
    Lessons from Homeschooling
    The Freeman, September 1998
  46. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    Countless Wonders
    The Freeman, February 1999
  47. Columns
    Notes from Fee
    The Grateful Pedestrian
    The Freeman, January 1999
  48. Columns
    Notes from FEE
    Brutes in Suits
    The Freeman, March 1999
  49. Politics as the Art of Confined Compromise
    Cato Journal, Winter 1997, pp. 365-382
  50. "Predatory Pricing" Laws: Hazardous to Consumers' Health
    Antitrust statutes stifle competition and injure consumers.
    The Freeman, December 1994, pp. 664-667
  51. The Protectionist Roots of Antitrust
    The Review of Austrian Economics, Summer 1993, pp. 81-98
  52. Columns
    The Pursuit of Happiness
    What Protects Consumers and Workers?
    The Freeman, July 2002, pp. 63-66
  53. [+]
    Capital Letters (Review)
    Myths of Rich and Poor, by W. Michael Cox and Richard Alm
    1. Myths of Rich and Poor by W. Michael Cox and Richard Alm
    The Freeman, January 2000, pp. 56-57
  54. [+]
    Infatuated with Politics (Review)
    Exporting America, by Lou Dobbs
    1. Exporting America by Lou Dobbs
    The Freeman, July 2005, p. 43
  55. Russell D. Shannon: In Memoriam
    A tribute to a gifted writer and teacher.
    The Freeman, March 1997, pp. 173-174
  56. Salvation Through the Internet?
    A communications network even more amazing than the internet: the price system.
    The Freeman, November 1996, pp. 719-720
  57. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Who's Progressive?
    The Freeman, April 1999, pp. 4-5
  58. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    True False Consciousness
    The Freeman, August 1999, pp. 4-5
  59. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Unfettered Powerful Extremes
    The Freeman, December 1999, pp. 4-5
  60. War In The Balkans
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Outside the Limits
    The Freeman, July 1999, pp. 6-7
  61. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Government Is No God
    The Freeman, June 1999, pp. 4-5
  62. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Hayek Turns 100
    The Freeman, May 1999, pp. 4-5
  63. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Stop Stopping Price Cutting
    The Freeman, November 1999, pp. 4-5
  64. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Who's "Locked In" to What?
    The Freeman, October 1999, pp. 4-5
  65. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Break This Vile Addiction
    The Freeman, September 1999, pp. 4-5
  66. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    American Culture
    The Freeman, April 2000, pp. 4-5
  67. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Freedom of Association
    The Freeman, August 2000, pp. 4-5
  68. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Universal Values
    The Freeman, December 2000, pp. 4-5
  69. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Cleaned by Capitalism
    The Freeman, February 2000, pp. 4-5
  70. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Two Indispensable Lessons
    The Freeman, January 2000, pp. 4-5
  71. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Markets, Politics, and Civility
    The Freeman, July 2000, pp. 4-5
  72. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    The Selfishness of the Unselfish
    The Freeman, June 2000, pp. 4-5
  73. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Moderation in All Things
    The Freeman, March 2000, pp. 4-5
  74. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Mutual Accommodation
    The Freeman, May 2000, pp. 4-5
  75. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Two Radicalisms
    The Freeman, November 2000, pp. 4-5
  76. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Thomas Babington Macaulay
    The Freeman, October 2000, pp. 4-5
  77. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    The Freeman, September 2000, pp. 4-5
  78. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    The Will of the Market?
    The Freeman, April 2001, pp. 4-5
  79. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    On Reading History
    The Freeman, August 2001, pp. 4-5
  80. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    The Ultimate Externality
    The Freeman, December 2001, pp. 43-44
  81. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Courage Overlooked
    The Freeman, February 2001, pp. 4-5
  82. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Why All the Con Artistry?
    The Freeman, January 2001, pp. 4-5
  83. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    The "A" Word
    The Freeman, July 2001, pp. 4-5
  84. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Wonders in Perspective
    The Freeman, June 2001, pp. 4-5
  85. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Human Creativity
    The Freeman, March 2001, pp. 4-5
  86. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Don't Be Framed
    The Freeman, May 2001, pp. 4-5
  87. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Compensate Workers Harmed by Trade?
    The Freeman, November 2001, pp. 53-54
  88. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Simplistic Answers
    The Freeman, October 2001, pp. 54-55
  89. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    An Open Letter to Senators Clinton and Schumer
    The Freeman, September 2001, pp. 4-5
  90. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    An Economist Reflects on Law
    The Freeman, April 2002, pp. 53-54
  91. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Escaping Modernity
    The Freeman, August 2002, pp. 53-54
  92. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Sensible Assumptions
    The Freeman, December 2002, pp. 42-43
  93. [+]
    Thoughts on Freedom (Review)
    Frontiers of Legal Theory, by Richard A. Posner
    1. Frontiers of Legal Theory by Richard A. Posner
    The Freeman, December 2002, pp. 50-51
  94. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Sound Bites and Unsound Decisions
    The Freeman, February 2002, pp. 52-53
  95. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Some Questions
    The Freeman, January 2002, pp. 52-53
  96. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Absorbing Immigrants
    The Freeman, June 2002, pp. 53-54
  97. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Politics and Prohibition
    The Freeman, March 2002, pp. 52-53
  98. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    I Recycle!
    The Freeman, May 2002, pp. 54-55
  99. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    The Wrecking Ball and the Prosperity Tower
    The Freeman, November 2002, pp. 52-53
  100. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Muting Messages
    The Freeman, October 2002, pp. 53-54
  101. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Equality and Capitalism
    The Freeman, September 2002, pp. 52-53
  102. Thoughts on Freedom
    Possibilities vs. Reality
    The Freeman, April 2003, pp. 51-52
  103. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Self-Interest, Part I
    The Freeman, February 2003, pp. 53-54
  104. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Technology in Perspective
    The Freeman, January 2003, pp. 49-50
  105. Thoughts on Freedom
    Of Human Hypocrisy
    The Freeman, June 2003, pp. 51-52
  106. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Self-Interest, Part 2
    The Freeman, March 2003, pp. 53-54
  107. [+]
    Thoughts on Freedom (Review)
    In Defense of Global Capitalism, by Johan Norberg
    1. In Defense of Global Capitalism by Johan Norberg
    The Freeman, March 2003, pp. 61-62
  108. Thoughts on Freedom
    Individualism and Intelligence
    The Freeman, May 2003, pp. 53-54
  109. Thoughts on Freedom
    Oblivious to the Obvious
    The Freeman, November 2003, pp. 17-18
  110. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    The Freeman, September 2003, pp. 15-16
  111. Columns
    Thoughts On Freedom
    A Deficit of Understanding
    The Freeman, April 2004, pp. 16-17
  112. Columns
    Thoughts on Freedom
    Can You Spot the Billionaire?
    The Freeman, January 2004, pp. 13-14
  113. Columns
    Thoughts On Freedom
    A Deficit of Understanding II
    The Freeman, June 2004, pp. 16-17
  114. Columns
    Thoughts On Freedom
    Novel Economics
    The Freeman, November 2004, pp. 13-14
  115. Columns
    Thoughts On Freedom
    Playing by the Rules
    The Freeman, September 2004, pp. 16-17
  116. [+]
    Thoughts on Freedom (8 Reviews)
    So Much to Read!
    1. Law, Legislation and Liberty, Vol. I by Friedrich A. Hayek
    2. The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins
    3. The Structures of Everyday Life by Fernand Braudel
    4. In Praise of Commercial Culture by Tyler Cowen
    5. Law and Revolution by Harold J. Berman
    6. The Machinery of Freedom by David D. Friedman
    7. The Calculus of Consent by James M. Buchanan and Gordon Tullock
    8. Democracy and Decision by H. Geoffrey Brennan and Loren E. Lomasky
    The Freeman, April 2006, pp. 15-16
  117. Thoughts on Freedom
    Mencken's Wisdom
    The Freeman, June 2006, pp. 10-11
  118. Thoughts on Freedom
    On Bad Arguments
    The Freeman, November 2006, pp. 16-17
  119. Thoughts on Freedom
    Libertarian Paternalism?
    The Freeman, September 2006, pp. 12-13
  120. Thoughts on Freedom
    The Fed's Potent Power
    The Freeman, January 2007, pp. 13-14
  121. Thoughts on Freedom
    Hayek, Coase, and Buchanan on the Market Process
    The Freeman, June 2007, pp. 11-12
  122. Thoughts on Freedom
    So You Want Government-Supplied Health Care?
    The Freeman, November 2007, pp. 16-17
  123. Thoughts on Freedom
    The Nation Is Not a House
    The Freeman, September 2007, pp. 19-20
  124. Thoughts on Freedom
    I Won't Vote!
    The Freeman, April 2008, pp. 15-16
  125. Thoughts on Freedom
    Alcohol, Prohibition, and the Revenuers
    The Freeman, January 2008, pp. 16-17
  126. Thoughts on Freedom
    Interpreting the State of the World
    The Freeman, June 2008, pp. 17-18
  127. Thoughts on Freedom
    The Ideas of Liberty and FEE
    The Freeman, November 2008, pp. 13-14
  128. Thoughts on Freedom
    Sad Democracy
    The Freeman, September 2008, pp. 16-17
  129. Thoughts on Freedom
    On the Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle, Part II
    The Freeman, April 2009, pp. 15-16
  130. Thoughts on Freedom
    On the Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle, Part I
    The Freeman, January 2009, pp. 16-17
  131. Thoughts on Freedom - Are Private Decisions Trustworthy?
    The Freeman, June 2005, pp. 13-14
  132. Thoughts on Freedom - Capitalism and Natural Disasters
    The Freeman, January 2006, pp. 12-13
  133. Thoughts on Freedom - Drops and Splashes
    The Freeman, January 2005, pp. 16-17
  134. Thoughts on Freedom - Looking in the Mirror
    The Freeman, October 2009, pp. 15-16
  135. Thoughts on Freedom - On Price Gouging
    The Freeman, April 2005, pp. 14-15
  136. Thoughts on Freedom - Research Needed!
    The Freeman, September 2005, pp. 14-15
  137. Thoughts on Freedom - The Dangers of Eminent Domain
    The Freeman, November 2005, pp. 17-18
  138. Thoughts on Freedom - The Return of Keynesianism
    The Freeman, June 2009, pp. 16-17
  139. The Trade Deficit Is Debt? It Just Ain't So!
    The Freeman, December 2006, pp. 6-7
  140. Turning Back the Antitrust Clock
    Nonprice Predation in Theory and Practice
    Regulation, September 1990, pp. 45-52
  141. Review Essay
    Was Your High School Civics Teacher Right After All?
    The Independent Review, Spring 1996, pp. 111-128
  142. Withholding the Taxpayer Hostage
    The Freeman, April 1999, pp. 48-49
  143. Departments
    Workers Exploited? It Just Ain't So!
    The Freeman, June 1999, pp. 6-7
  144. No Items Found