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International Politics
Between Peace and War, by Richard Ned Lebow
Orbis, Fall 1981, pp. 829-831
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    Issues of the 1960s = 7 Years, 27 Issues, 712 Articles
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      Issues of 1963 = 4 Issues, 95 Articles
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        Issues of 1964 = 3 Issues, 70 Articles
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          Issues of 1965 = 4 Issues, 94 Articles
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              Issues of 1967 = 4 Issues, 125 Articles
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                  Issues of the 1970s = 10 Years, 40 Issues, 972 Articles
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                    Issues of 1970 = 4 Issues, 95 Articles
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                      Issues of 1971 = 4 Issues, 103 Articles
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                        Issues of 1972 = 4 Issues, 94 Articles
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                                  Issues of 1977 = 4 Issues, 76 Articles
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                                    Issues of 1978 = 4 Issues, 94 Articles
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                                      Issues of 1979 = 4 Issues, 90 Articles
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                                      Issues of the 1980s = 10 Years, 36 Issues, 660 Articles
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                                        Issues of 1980 = 4 Issues, 69 Articles
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                                          Issues of 1981 = 4 Issues, 89 Articles
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                                            Spring 1981 Issue = 23 Articles
                                            1. Reflections on "Salvadorians, Sandinistas, and Superpowers" by Adam M. Garfinkle, pp. 3-12
                                            2. The Most Dangerous Decade by Colin S. Gray, pp. 13-28
                                            3. Choice and Consequence in Sino-American Relations by Thomas W. Robinson, pp. 29-52
                                            4. The Soviet Union and Southeast Asia by Sheldon W. Simon, pp. 53-88
                                            5. Japan's Security, Defense Responsibilities, and Capabilities by Taketsugu Tsurutani, pp. 89-106
                                            6. What the Saudis Really Want by Bruce R. Kuniholm, pp. 107-122
                                            7. The European Community in 1981 by Paula Scalingi, pp. 123-144
                                            8. The United States and South Africa by John Chettle, pp. 145-164
                                            9. Lessons from Aerospace by Bernard Udis, pp. 165-196
                                            10. The United Nations Secretariat Revisited by Seymour Maxwell Finger and Nina Hanan, pp. 197-208
                                            11. Issues in Soviet-American Relations by Nils H. Wessell, pp. 209-224
                                            12. Reader Feedback, pp. 225-232
                                            13. [+]
                                              Review by F. Stephen Larrabee, pp. 233-246 - 3 Reviews
                                              1. August 1980: The Strikes in Poland by William F. Robinson
                                              2. Background to Crisis by Maurice D. Simon and Roger E. Kanet
                                              3. The Road to Gdansk by Daniel Singer
                                            14. [+]
                                              International Politics, p. 247 - 5 Reviews
                                              1. Between Peace and War by Richard Ned Lebow
                                              2. Conflict and Intervention in the Third World by Mohammed Ayoob
                                              3. Economic Sanctions and International Enforcement by Margaret P. Doxey
                                              4. The Political Economy of War and Peace by Richard K. Ashley
                                              5. Yearbook on International Communist Affairs by Richard F. Staar and Margit N. Grigory
                                            15. [+]
                                              International Economics and Technology, pp. 248-249 - 10 Reviews
                                              1. The Dependence Dilemma by Daniel Yergin
                                              2. Development Gap by J.P. Cole
                                              3. The International Economic Policy of the United States by C. Fred Bergsten
                                              4. The Lean Years by Richard J. Barnet
                                              5. Legal Aspects of the New International Economic Order by Kamal Hossain
                                              6. Money and Monetary Policy in Interdependent Nations by Ralph C. Bryant
                                              7. The Poverty of Nations by William W. Murdoch
                                              8. Sterling-Dollar Diplomacy in Current Perspective by Richard N. Gardner
                                              9. The Theory and Structures of International Political Economy by Todd Sandler
                                              10. Trading Blocs, U.S. Exports, and World Trade by Penelope Hartland-Thunberg
                                            16. [+]
                                              Military and Arms Control, pp. 250-251 - 10 Reviews
                                              1. Apocalypse by Louis Rene Beres
                                              2. Arms, Men and Military Budgets by Francis P. Hoeber, David B. Kassing, and William Schneider, ...
                                              3. Defense Policy Formation by James M. Roherty
                                              4. Destruction of Nuclear Energy Facilities in War by Bennett Ramberg
                                              5. Diplomacy of Power by Stephen S. Kaplan
                                              6. Ethnic Soldiers by Cynthia H. Enloe
                                              7. The FY 1980-1984 Defense Program by Lawrence J. Korb
                                              8. Nonproliferation and U.S. Foreign Policy by Joseph A. Yager
                                              9. The Political Influence of the Military by Amos Perlmutter and Valerie Plave Bennett
                                              10. The Soviet Union and SALT by Samuel B. Payne, Jr.
                                            17. [+]
                                              The United States and Canada, p. 252 - 3 Reviews
                                              1. American Security Policy and Policy-Making by Robert Harkavy and Edward A. Kolodziej
                                              2. Intelligence Requirements for the 1980's by Roy Godson
                                              3. Ropes of Sand by Wilbur Crane Eveland
                                            18. [+]
                                              The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, pp. 253-255 - 13 Reviews
                                              1. The Conduct of Soviet Foreign Policy by Erik P. Hoffmann and Frederic J. Fleron, Jr.
                                              2. Cooperative Movements in Eastern Europe by Aloysius Balawyder
                                              3. The Domestic Context of Soviet Foreign Policy by Seweryn Bialer
                                              4. East European Integration and East-West Trade by Paul Marer and John Michael Montias
                                              5. The New Red Legions by Richard A. Gabriel
                                              6. On Soviet Dissent by Roy Medvedev and Piero Ostellino
                                              7. Soviet-American Relations in the 1980s by Lawrence T. Caldwell and William Diebold, Jr., ...
                                              8. Soviet Decision Making in Practice by Yaacov Ro'I
                                              9. Soviet Policy in the Post-Tito Balkans by Philip A. Petersen
                                              10. Soviet Politics in the Brezhnev Era by Donald R. Kelley
                                              11. The Soviet Union in World Politics by Kurt London
                                              12. The Terror Network by Claire Sterling
                                              13. The United States and Poland by Piotr S. Wandycz
                                            19. [+]
                                              Western Europe, pp. 256-258 - 7 Reviews
                                              1. Britain's Economic Performance by Richard E. Caves and Lawrence B. Krause
                                              2. Eurocommunism Between East and West by Vernon V. Aspaturian, Jiri Valenta, and David P. Burke, ...
                                              3. The European Community and the Third World by Adele Ellen Frey-Wouters
                                              4. The Foreign Policies of West Germany, France, and Britain by Wolfram F. Hanrieder and Graeme P. Auton
                                              5. The Other Western Europe by Earl H. Fry and Gregory A. Raymond
                                              6. Regional Policy in the European Community by Douglas Yuill, Kevin Allen, and Chris Hull
                                              7. West Germany: A European and Global Power by Wilfrid L. Kohl and Giorgio Basvi
                                            20. [+]
                                              Asia and the Pacific, p. 259 - 5 Reviews
                                              1. Asian Security in the 1980s by Richard H. Solomon
                                              2. China's Global Role by John F. Copper
                                              3. Economic Interaction in the Pacific Basin by Lawrence B. Krause and Sueo Sekiguchi
                                              4. Security of Korea by Franklin B. Weinstein and Fuji Kamiya
                                              5. Will She Be Right? by Herman Kahn and Thomas Pepper
                                            21. [+]
                                              Latin America and the Caribbean, p. 260 - 3 Reviews
                                              1. Latin America, the United States, and the Inter-American System by John D. Martz and Lars Schoultz
                                              2. Multinationals in Latin America by Paul E. Sigmund
                                              3. Political Power in Ecuador by Osvaldo Hurtado
                                            22. [+]
                                              The Middle East and North Africa, pp. 261-263 - 20 Reviews
                                              1. The Arabs and Zionism Before World War I by Neville J. Mandel
                                              2. Comparative Politics of North Africa by John Pierre Entelis
                                              3. Conflict and Violence in Lebanon by Walid Khalidi
                                              4. A Crisis of Identity: Israel and Zionism by Dan V. Segre
                                              5. Democracy and Development in Turkey by C.H. Dodd
                                              6. Elites in the Middle East by I. William Zartman
                                              7. Europe and the Middle East by Albert Hourani
                                              8. Historical Dictionary of Morocco by William Spencer
                                              9. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Law of the Sea by Charles G. MacDonald
                                              10. The Last Crusade by William R. Brown
                                              11. The Lebanese Civil War by Marius Deeb
                                              12. The March to Zion by Kenneth Ray Bain
                                              13. The Middle East: A Political and Economic Survey by Peter Mansfield
                                              14. A Palestinian Agenda for the West Bank and Gaza by Emile A. Nakhleh
                                              15. Rational Decision-Making: Israel's Security Choices, 1967 by Janice Gross Stein and Raymond Tanter
                                              16. Science and Science Policy in the Arab World by A.B. Zahlan
                                              17. Search for Security by Aaron David Miller
                                              18. Self Rule/Shared Rule by Daniel Elazar
                                              19. Syria and the Lebanese Crisis by A.I. Dawisha
                                              20. Tribe and State in Bahrain by Fuad Ishaq Khuri
                                            23. [+]
                                              Africa, pp. 264-278 - 13 Reviews
                                              1. The African Condition by Ali Mazrui
                                              2. African International Relations by Mark W. DeLancey
                                              3. Analyzing Political Change in Africa by James R. Scarritt
                                              4. The Angolan War by Arthur Jay Klinghoffer
                                              5. Capital and Labour in South Africa by D'Arcy Du Toit
                                              6. Easing Transition in Southern Africa by Charles C. Slater, Dorothy G. Jenkins, and Laszlo A. Pook, ...
                                              7. Eritrea by Richard Sherman
                                              8. Fantastic Invasion by Patrick Marnham
                                              9. Harmonization of African Foreign Policies, 1955-1975 by A. Aforka Nweke
                                              10. A History of the Sudan by P.M. Holt and M.W. Daly
                                              11. Multinationals and Development in Black Africa by Jean Masini, M. Ikonicoff, C. Jedlicki, and M. Lanzarotti, ...
                                              12. Nigerian Government and Politics Under Military Rule, 1966-79 by Oyeleye Oyediran
                                              13. U.S. Business in South Africa by Desaix B. Myers III, Kenneth Propp, and David Hauck, ...
                                          2. [+]
                                            Summer 1981 Issue = 23 Articles
                                            1. Toward a New Strategy of Independence by William R. Kintner, pp. 279-280
                                            2. Mitterand's France by Lord Saint Brides, pp. 281-285
                                            3. Yugoslavia's Mounting Difficulties by Alvin Z. Rubinstein, pp. 286-292
                                            4. America in NATO by Alan Ned Sabrosky, pp. 293-306
                                            5. U.S. and Soviet Approaches to Military Strategy by Roman Kolkowicz, pp. 307-330
                                            6. Soviet Theater-Nuclear Forces by Robert Kennedy, pp. 331-350
                                            7. American Seapower at Risk by Gordon H. McCormick and Mark E. Miller, pp. 351-368
                                            8. Problems of Albanian Nationalism in Yugoslavia by Pedro Ramet, pp. 369-388
                                            9. The Fragmentation of Arab Politics by Bruce Maddy-Weitzman, pp. 389-408
                                            10. Nigeria by Robert D'A Henderson, pp. 409-424
                                            11. Reader Feedback, pp. 425-428
                                            12. Overseas Research in Review by William T. Salisbury, pp. 429-432
                                            13. [+]
                                              Review by Richard K. Betts, pp. 433-446 - 2 Reviews
                                              1. National Security in the 1980s by W. Scott Thompson
                                              2. The United States in the 1980s by Peter Duignan and Alvin Rabushka
                                            14. [+]
                                              International Politics, pp. 447-448 - 10 Reviews
                                              1. International Politics by Robert L. Wendzel
                                              2. Introduction to World Politics by Donald Snow
                                              3. Leaders of Revolution by Mostafa Rejai and Kay Phillips
                                              4. The Literature of Terrorism by Edward F. Mickolus
                                              5. Marxism in the Contemporary West by Carl A. Linden and Charles F. Elliott
                                              6. Paradigms and Revolutions by Gary Gutting
                                              7. Terrorism: Threat, Reality, Response by Robert H. Kupperman and Darrell M. Trent
                                              8. Theories of Comparative Politics by Ronald H. Chilcote
                                              9. Transnational Terrorism by Edward F. Mickolus
                                              10. The War Ledger by A.F.K. Organski and Jacek Kugler
                                            15. [+]
                                              International Economics and Technology, pp. 449-451 - 19 Reviews
                                              1. Aramco, the United States, and Saudi Arabia by Irvine H. Anderson
                                              2. Circle of Poison by David Weir and Mark Schapiro
                                              3. Commodities, Finance and Trade by Arjun Sengupta
                                              4. Crisis: In the World Economy by Andre Gunder Frank
                                              5. Energy and Environmental Balance by Earl Finbar Murphy
                                              6. Energy in a Finite World by International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, ...
                                              7. Energy Policy in Perspective by Craufurd D. Goodwin, William J. Barber, and James L. Cochrane, ...
                                              8. Exchange Risk and Exposure by Richard M. Levich and Clas G. Wihlborg
                                              9. Food or Fuel by Lester Russell Brown
                                              10. Foreign-exchange Management in U.S. Multinationals by Rita M. Rodriguez
                                              11. International Energy Futures by Nazli Choucri, David Scott Ross, and Brian Pollins, ...
                                              12. Maritime Transport by Edgar Gold
                                              13. Market Structure, Bargaining Power, and Resource Price Information by Walter C. Labys
                                              14. Policymaking in a Nuclear Program by Otto Keck
                                              15. Resource Mobilization in Poor Countries by Alex Radian
                                              16. Toward a Theory of Trade Union Internationalism by John Logue
                                              17. War, Economy and Society, 1939-1945 by Alan S. Milward
                                              18. World Inflation and the Developing Countries by William R. Cline
                                              19. World Mineral Trends and U.S. Supply Problems by Leonard L. Fischman
                                            16. [+]
                                              Military and Arms Control, pp. 452-453 - 15 Reviews
                                              1. America's Military Past by Jack C. Lane
                                              2. The Armed Forces of the USSR by Harriet Fast Scott and William F. Scott
                                              3. Arms Control II by John H. Barton and Ryukichi Imai
                                              4. Arms Transfers in the Modern World by Stephanie G. Neuman and Robert E. Harkavy
                                              5. The Defense Industry by Jacques S. Gansler
                                              6. Energy/War by Amory B. Lovins
                                              7. The Evolution of Weapons and Warfare by Trevor Nevitt Dupuy
                                              8. International Cooperation in Nuclear Energy by Joseph Yager and Ralph T. Mabry, Jr.
                                              9. Internationalization to Prevent the Spread of Nuclear Weapons
                                              10. National Defense by James Fallows
                                              11. The Nuclear Revolution by Michael Mandelbaum
                                              12. Problems of Contemporary Militarism by Asbjorn Eide and Marek Thee
                                              13. U.S.-Soviet Military Balance by John M. Collins
                                              14. War of Ideas by Robert W. Chandler
                                              15. Weapons by Russell Warren Howe
                                            17. [+]
                                              The United States and Canada, p. 454 - 7 Reviews
                                              1. The Atom Bomb Spies by H. Montgomery Hyde
                                              2. Dictionary of American Diplomatic History by John E. Findling
                                              3. The Growing Power of Congress by David M. Abshire and Ralph D. Nurnberger
                                              4. The Secretary of Defense by Douglas Kinnard
                                              5. Setting National Priorities: The 1984 Budget by Joseph A. Pechman
                                              6. U.S. Foreign Policy and the Law of the Sea by Ann L. Hollick
                                              7. The Vietnam Trauma in American Foreign Policy, 1945-75 by Paul M. Kattenburg
                                            18. [+]
                                              The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, pp. 455-460 - 27 Reviews
                                              1. The Bureaucracy of Truth by Paul Lendvai
                                              2. Czechoslovakia by David W. Paul
                                              3. Detente in the Napoleonic Era by Hugh Ragsdale
                                              4. The Diplomacy of Silence by Hugh De Santis
                                              5. Eastern Europe and the Third World by Michael Radu
                                              6. Eastern Europe in the 1980s by Stephen Fischer-Galati
                                              7. The End of the Tito Era by Slobodan Stankovic
                                              8. Forecasting In Military Affairs by Y.V. Chuyev and Y.B. Mikhaylov
                                              9. The KGB by Harry A. Rositzke
                                              10. The Limits of Reform by Daniel T. Orlovsky
                                              11. The Mezhdunarodniki by Oded Eran
                                              12. The Military-Naval Encyclopedia of Russia and the Soviet Union by David R. Jones
                                              13. The Peasantry of Eastern Europe by Ivan Volgyes
                                              14. The Politburo's Management of its America Problem, Executive Summary by Harry Gelman
                                              15. Romania in the 1980s by Daniel N. Nelson
                                              16. The Socialist Offensive by R.W. Davies
                                              17. Soviet Aviation and Air Power by Robin Higham and Jacob W. Kipp
                                              18. The Soviet Collective Farm, 1929-1930 by R.W. Davies
                                              19. Soviet-East European Dilemmas by Karen Dawisha and Philip Hanson
                                              20. Soviet Foreign Policy Since World War II by Joseph L. Nogee and Robert H. Donaldson
                                              21. Soviet Leadership in Transition by Jerry F. Hough
                                              22. Soviet Political and Military Conduct in the Middle East by Amnon Sella
                                              23. The Soviet Union and the Palestine Liberation Organization by Galia Golan
                                              24. Stalin's Successors by Seweryn Bialer
                                              25. Struve: Liberal on the Right, 1905-1944 by Richard Pipes
                                              26. The Time of Stalin by Anton Antonov-Ovseyenko
                                              27. Will the Soviet Union Survive Until 1984? by Andrei Amalrik
                                            19. [+]
                                              Western Europe, p. 461 - 3 Reviews
                                              1. France by John N. Truppen
                                              2. NATO: The Next Thirty Years by Kenneth A. Myers
                                              3. West Germany: Politics and Society by David Childs and Jeffrey Johnson
                                            20. [+]
                                              Asia and the Pacific, pp. 462-464 - 20 Reviews
                                              1. Afghanistan: Key to a Continent by John C. Griffiths
                                              2. In Afghanistan's Shadow by Selig S. Harrison
                                              3. America's Response to China by Warren I. Cohen
                                              4. China in the Global Community by James C. Hsiung and Samuel S. Kim
                                              5. China's Economy in Global Perspective by A. Doak Barnett
                                              6. China's Four Modernizations by Richard Baum
                                              7. China Since the "Gang of Four" by Bill Brugger
                                              8. China Under Threat by Melvin Gurtov and Byong-Moo Hwang
                                              9. Chinese Foreign Policy by Joseph A. Camilleri
                                              10. The Indian Ocean in Global Politics by Larry W. Bowman and Ian Clark
                                              11. International Energy Relations of China by Kim Woodard
                                              12. Mao Tse-Tung by Fedor M. Burlatsky
                                              13. New Foundations for Asian and Pacific Security by Joyce E. Larson
                                              14. Political Opposition and Local Politics in Japan by Kurt Steiner, Ellis S. Krauss, and Scott C. Flanagan, ...
                                              15. Political Participation in Korea by Chong Lim Kim
                                              16. Science, Technology, and China's Drive for Modernization by Richard P. Suttmeier
                                              17. Sino-Soviet Relations Since Mao by C.G. Jacobsen
                                              18. Structural Changes in the Organization and Operation of China's Criminal Justice System by Hungdah Chiu
                                              19. Uncertain Years by Dorothy Borg and Waldo Heinrichs
                                              20. Village at War by James W. Trullinger
                                            21. [+]
                                              Latin America and the Caribbean, p. 465 - 7 Reviews
                                              1. Democracy and Clientelism in Jamaica by Carl Stone
                                              2. Mexico and the Spanish Civil War by T.G. Powell
                                              3. Mexico and the United States by Robert E. McBride
                                              4. Mexico-United States Relations by Susan Kaufman Purcell
                                              5. The Politics of Mexican Oil by George W. Grayson
                                              6. University and Government in Mexico by Daniel C. Levy
                                              7. U.S.-Mexican Energy Relationships by Jerry R. Ladman, Deborah J. Baldwin, and Elihu Bergman, ...
                                            22. [+]
                                              The Middle East and North Africa, pp. 466-468 - 18 Reviews
                                              1. Arabia, the Gulf, and the West by J.B. Kelly
                                              2. The Arabs by Maxime Rodinson
                                              3. Arabs in the Jewish State by Ian Lustick
                                              4. Beyond Camp David by Paul A. Jureidini and R.D. McLaurin
                                              5. Britain's Moment in the Middle East, 1914-1956 by Elizabeth Monroe
                                              6. Capitalism and Revolution in Iran by Bizhan Jazani
                                              7. Challenges in the Middle East by Nimrod Novik and Joyce Starr
                                              8. Cyprus: Conflict and Negotiation, 1960-1980 by Polyvios G. Polyviou
                                              9. Dynamics of Third Party Intervention by Jeffrey Z. Rubin
                                              10. Israel and Palestine by Julius Stone
                                              11. The Middle East in World Politics by Mohammed Ayoob
                                              12. The Modernization of Turkey by Walter F. Weiker
                                              13. Not by War Alone by Paul Jabber
                                              14. The Oil Economy of Kuwait by Y.S.F. Al-Sabah
                                              15. The Origins of the Cold War in the Near East by Bruce R. Kuniholm
                                              16. Palestinian Refugees in Jordan, 1948-1957 by Avi Plascov
                                              17. PLO Strategy and Tactics by Aryeh Y. Yodfat and Yuval Arnon-Ohanna
                                              18. Security in the Persian Gulf IV by Shahram Chubin
                                            23. [+]
                                              Africa, pp. 469-482 - 6 Reviews
                                              1. Coffee and the Ivory Coast by Theophilos Priovolos
                                              2. Fear Thy Neighbor As Thyself by Paul Parin, Fritz Morgenthaler, and Goldy Parin-Matxhey, ...
                                              3. Let Us Die Fighting by Horst Drechsler
                                              4. The Riddle of Violence by Kenneth D. Kaunda and Colin M. Morris
                                              5. Southern Africa Since the Portuguese Coup by John Seiler
                                              6. USSR and Countries of Africa by E.A. Tarabrin
                                          3. [+]
                                            Fall 1981 Issue = 32 Articles
                                            1. Changes in ORBIS and at the Foreign Policy Research Institute by William R. Kintner and Alan Ned Sabrosky, pp. 485-486
                                            2. Off to a Fairly Good Start by Charles Burton Marshall, pp. 487-490
                                            3. Toward a Reagan Middle East Policy? by Robert G. Neumann, pp. 491-495
                                            4. Cold War II? by Alan Ned Sabrosky, pp. 496-500
                                            5. Theater-Nuclear Forces and NATO Security by Paul C. Warnke, pp. 501-504
                                            6. The Reagan Strategic Program and Foreign Policy by Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr., pp. 505-510
                                            7. Crisis, Pretentious Ideologies, and Superpower Behavior by E. Raymond Platig, pp. 511-524
                                            8. Oil, War, and Grand Strategy by David A. Deese, pp. 525-556
                                            9. U.S. Foreign Policy and the Soviet Energy Predicament by Arthur Jay Klinghoffer, pp. 557-578
                                            10. Nuclear Shadowboxing by Francis Fukuyama, pp. 579-606
                                            11. Constraints on the USSR in Southwest Asia by Keith A. Dunn, pp. 607-630
                                            12. America and Europe in the Middle East by Adam M. Garfinkle, pp. 631-648
                                            13. The Soviet Global Threat and the West by Pierre M. Gallois, pp. 649-662
                                            14. Polish Reformer by Pawel Spiewak, pp. 663-678
                                            15. The Strategy of Conflict and the Politics of Counterproductivity by Donald E. Schulz, pp. 679-714
                                            16. The USSR, Cuba, and the Crisis in Central America by Jiri Valenta, pp. 715-746
                                            17. Deterrence, Arms Control, and U.S. Strategic Doctrine by Keith B. Payne, pp. 747-770
                                            18. Will Technology Make Shelters Obsolete? by Carsten M. Haaland and Conrad V. Chester, pp. 771-796
                                            19. Reader Feedback, pp. 797-800
                                            20. Strategic and International Affairs Research in France by David S. Yost, pp. 801-815
                                            21. A Note on ORBIS Reviews by Charles B. Purrenhage, p. 816
                                            22. [+]
                                              The Politics of Armed Demonstration by Gordon H. McCormick, pp. 817-828 - 2 Reviews
                                              1. Force Without War by Barry M. Blechman and Stephen S. Kaplan
                                              2. Diplomacy of Power by Stephen S. Kaplan
                                            23. [+]
                                              International Politics, pp. 829-831 - 18 Reviews
                                              1. Between Peace and War by Richard Ned Lebow
                                              2. The Chinese Mafia by Fenton S. Bresler
                                              3. Deadly Quarrels by David O. Wilkinson
                                              4. The East-West Strategic Balance by T.B. Millar
                                              5. Expert-generated Data by Gerald W. Hopple and James A. Kuhlman
                                              6. History and Memory by Charles W. Yost
                                              7. Insurgency in the Modern World by Bard O'Neill, William R. Heaton, and Donald J. Alberts, ...
                                              8. Managing the Risks of International Agreement by Richard B. Bilder
                                              9. On the Endings of Wars by Stuart Albert and Edward C. Luck
                                              10. The Politics of Human Rights by Paula R. Newberg
                                              11. The Secret Wars by Myron J. Smith
                                              12. Theories and Approaches to International Politics by Patrick M. Morgan
                                              13. Understanding Conflict and War by Rudolph J. Rummel
                                              14. United Nations Decision Making by Johan Kaufmann
                                              15. The War Ledger by A.F.K. Organski and Jacek Kugler
                                              16. The War Trap by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita
                                              17. World Labour Rights and Their Protection by James Avery Joyce
                                              18. The World of States by J.D.B. Miller
                                            24. [+]
                                              International Eocnomics and Technology, pp. 832-834 - 12 Reviews
                                              1. Dialogue for a New Order by Khadija Haq
                                              2. Distortion or Development? by Thomas J. Biersteker
                                              3. Political Handbook of the World: 1979 by Arthur S. Banks
                                              4. Economic Stabilization in Developing Countries by William R. Cline and Sidney Weintraub
                                              5. Energy and the National Defense by Howard Bucknell III
                                              6. The International Politics of Surplus Capacity by Susan Strange and Roger Tooze
                                              7. International Technology Licensing by Farok J. Contractor
                                              8. The Multinational Corporation by Sanjaya Lall
                                              9. Multinationals From Developing Countries by Krishna Kumar and Maxwell G. McLeod
                                              10. The Third World Calamity by Brian May
                                              11. The Ultimate Resource by Julian L. Simon
                                              12. World Development Report, 1980
                                            25. [+]
                                              Military and Arms Control, p. 835 - 6 Reviews
                                              1. Beyond the SALT II Failure by John F. Lehman and Seymour Weiss
                                              2. Camouflage by Guy Hartcup
                                              3. The Defense Industry by Jacques S. Gansler
                                              4. The Evolution of Weapons and Warfare by Trevor Nevitt Dupuy
                                              5. Karari by Ismat Hasan Zilfu
                                              6. The Politics of Peace by John H. Barton
                                            26. [+]
                                              The United States and Canada, pp. 836-837 - 9 Reviews
                                              1. American National Security: Policy and Process by Amos A. Jordan, William J. Taylor, Jr., and Lawrence J. Korb, ...
                                              2. The American Threat by James L. Payne
                                              3. The Crisis in American Diplomacy by Smith Simpson
                                              4. Empire as a Way of Life by William Appleman Williams
                                              5. Facing Reality by Cord Meyer
                                              6. Five-Branch Government by Henry J. Merry
                                              7. The Future of North America by Elliot J. Feldman and Neil Nevitte
                                              8. Intergovernmental Perspectives on the Canada-U.S. Relationship by Roger Frank Swanson
                                              9. Washington Dispatches, 1941-45 by H.G. Nicholas
                                            27. [+]
                                              The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, p. 838 - 2 Reviews
                                              1. The Time of Stalin by Anton Antonov-Ovseyenko
                                              2. U.S.-Soviet Relations by UN Association of the USA
                                            28. [+]
                                              Western Europe, p. 839 - 5 Reviews
                                              1. Anthony Eden: A Biography by David Carlton
                                              2. Defense Politics of the Atlantic Alliance by Edwin H. Fedder
                                              3. The Foreign Policy of Hitler's Germany by Gerhard L. Weinberg
                                              4. NATO After Thirty Years by Lawrence S. Kaplan and Robert W. Clawson
                                              5. Western Europe's Global Reach by Werner J. Feld
                                            29. [+]
                                              Asia and the Pacific, p. 840 - 5 Reviews
                                              1. Building China by John F. Jones
                                              2. China-South Asian Relations, 1947-1980 by R.K. Jain
                                              3. The Origins of the Korean War, Vol. I by Bruce Cumings
                                              4. Pakistan: The Enigma of Political Development by Lawrence Ziring
                                              5. The Regional Imperative by Lloyd I. Rudolph and Susanne Rudolph
                                            30. [+]
                                              Latin America and the Caribbean, p. 841 - 5 Reviews
                                              1. Arms and Politics in the Dominican Republic by G. Pope Atkins
                                              2. The Copper Industry in the Chilean Economy by Manuel Lasaga
                                              3. Corporatism and National Development in Latin America by Howard J. Wiarda
                                              4. The Dominican Republic by Ian Bell
                                              5. Military Government and the Movement Toward Democracy in South America by Howard Handelman and Thomas G. Sanders
                                            31. [+]
                                              The Middle East and North Africa, pp. 842-843 - 8 Reviews
                                              1. The Absorptive Capacity of Kuwait by Ragaei El Mallakh and Jacob K. Atta
                                              2. Conflict in the Persian Gulf by Murray Gordon
                                              3. International and Legal Problems of the Gulf by Sayed Hassan Amin
                                              4. Modern Iran by Michael E. Bonine and Nikki R. Keddie
                                              5. Political Roles and Military Rulers by Amos Perlmutter
                                              6. The Raid on Osiraq by Shai Feldman
                                              7. The United States and the Palestinians by Mohammed K. Shadid
                                              8. Weapons to Riyadh by Nimrod Novik
                                            32. [+]
                                              Africa, pp. 844-850 - 4 Reviews
                                              1. Development in Zambia by Ben Turok
                                              2. The Last Days of White Rhodesia by Denis C. Hills
                                              3. Path to Nigerian Development by Okwudiba Nnoli
                                              4. South Africa: the Prospects of Peaceful Change by Theodor Hanf, Heribert Weiland, and Gerda Vierdag, ...
                                          4. [+]
                                            Winter 1981 Issue = 11 Articles
                                            1. Reflections on "Iraq and Iran at War" by Harvey Sicherman, pp. 711-718
                                            2. 1914 Revisited by Christopher Layne, pp. 719-750
                                            3. Soviet Nuclear Proliferation Policy by Joseph L. Nogee, pp. 751-770
                                            4. Soviet Intelligence and Security Services in the Eighties by John J. Dziak, pp. 771-786
                                            5. Sino-Soviet Relations in Naval Perspective by Donald C. Daniel, pp. 787-804
                                            6. U.S. Policy Toward Egypt by Robert Springborg, pp. 805-818
                                            7. The Foreign Policy of Libya by Nathan Alexander, pp. 819-846
                                            8. Negotiating by Proxy by Adam M. Garfinkle, pp. 847-880
                                            9. Liberia's Flag of Convenience by Rodney Carlisle, pp. 881-892
                                            10. [+]
                                              Review by Ross B. Talbot, pp. 893-914 - 7 Reviews
                                              1. The Growth Of Hunger by Rene Dumont and Nicholas Cohen
                                              2. India's Rural Development by Marcus F. Franda
                                              3. Global Food Interdependence by Raymond F. Hopkins and Donald J. Puchala
                                              4. Political Investments in Food Production by Barbara Huddleston and Jon B. McLin
                                              5. U.S. Food by David W. McClintock
                                              6. Food Trends And Prospects In India by Fred H. Sanderson and Shyamal Roy
                                              7. Food For War/Food For Peace by Mitchel B. Wallerstein
                                            11. Index to Volume 24, pp. 915-922
                                        2. [+]
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                                            Issues of 1983 = 4 Issues, 74 Articles
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                                              Issues of 1984 = 4 Issues, 70 Articles
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                                                Issues of 1985 = 4 Issues, 56 Articles
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                                                  Issues of 1986 = 1 Issue, 13 Articles
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                                                    Issues of 1987 = 3 Issues, 47 Articles
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