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Western Europe and the Atlantic Community
After Twenty Years, by Richard J. Barnet and Marcus G. Raskin
Orbis, Summer 1965, pp. 513-514
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    Issues of the 1960s = 7 Years, 27 Issues, 712 Articles
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      Issues of 1963 = 4 Issues, 95 Articles
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        Issues of 1964 = 3 Issues, 70 Articles
        1. [+]
          Issues of 1965 = 4 Issues, 94 Articles
          1. [+]
            Spring 1965 Issue = 22 Articles
            1. Reflections on the Quarter, pp. 3-22
            2. Strategic Asymmetries by William R. Kintner and Stefan T. Possony, pp. 23-48
            3. The Status of the Arms Negotiations by James E. Dougherty, pp. 49-97
            4. Strategy, Strategic Forces and Arms Control by J.I. Coffey, pp. 98-115
            5. Self-Restrictions in the American Military Use of Space by David Robison, pp. 116-139
            6. Political Barriers to Disarmament by Alvin Z. Rubinstein, pp. 140-154
            7. Nth Nation Challenges by Stanley L. Harrison, pp. 155-170
            8. Measuring International Alignment by Henry Teune and Sig Synnestvedt, pp. 171-189
            9. The Relevance of Mexican Experience to Latin American Development by Frank Brandenburg, pp. 190-213
            10. Mass Support and Communist Insurrection by Ralph Sanders, pp. 214-231
            11. [+]
              Contemporary Europe by Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr., pp. 232-237 - 1 Review
              1. A New Europe for the Old? by Stephen R. Graubard
            12. [+]
              Ethnic Groups and U.S. Foreign Policy by Vladimir Petrov, pp. 238-239 - 1 Review
              1. The Hyphenate in Recent American Politics and Diplomacy by Louis L. Gerson
            13. [+]
              Greece and the Formulation of the Truman Doctrine by Nicholas X. Rizopoulos, pp. 240-241 - 1 Review
              1. Greece and the Great Powers, 1944-1947 by Stephen G. Xydis
            14. [+]
              The Conduct of Counterinsurgency Warfare by Robert Mills#2, pp. 242-244 - 2 Reviews
              1. The Battle of Dienbienphu by Jules Roy
              2. Modern Guerrilla Warfare by Franklin Mark Osanka
            15. [+]
              Politics History Economics, pp. 245-246 - 14 Reviews
              1. The Challenge of Modernisation by I. Robert Sinai
              2. Data Processing by Kenneth Janda
              3. The Development of the Modern State by Heinz Lubasz
              4. Expectant Peoples by K.H. Silvert
              5. Guidelines for Cold War Victory by The American Security Council
              6. Imperialism and Colonialism by George H. Nadel and Perry Curtis
              7. The Making of Decisions by William J. Gore and James W. Dyson
              8. The Nineteenth Century, 1815-1914 by John C. Cairns
              9. The Perils of Peace by Donald W. Cox
              10. Politics of the Developing Nations by Fred R. von der Mehden
              11. The Prospects of Christianity Throughout the World by M. Searle Bates and Wilhelm Pauck
              12. A Strategy of Interdependence by Vincent P. Rock
              13. Suicide of the West by James Burnham
              14. Trends in World Politics by Bruce M. Russett
            16. [+]
              Military Affairs Arms Control Technology, pp. 247-248 - 6 Reviews
              1. A Concise History of World War I by Vincent J. Esposito
              2. A Concise History of World War II by Vincent J. Esposito
              3. Conventional Warfare in the Nuclear Age by Otto Heilbrunn
              4. Military Institutions and Power in the New States by William Frank Gutteridge
              5. Nuclear War: The Impending Strategic Deadlock by Neville Brown
              6. A Time to Build by Harry F. Walterhouse
            17. [+]
              United States, p. 249 - 8 Reviews
              1. American Aspects by D.W. Brogan
              2. American Democracy by Dexter Perkins and Glyndon G. Van Deusen
              3. American Foreign Policy in the Nuclear Age by Cecil Van Meter Crabb, jr
              4. In Congress Assembled by Daniel M. Berman
              5. Constitutional Decisions in American Government by Rocco J. Tresolini
              6. Ideals and Self-Interest in America's Foreign Relations by Robert Endicott Osgood
              7. Overtime in Heaven by Peter Lisagor and Marguerite Higgins
              8. The Secretary of State and the Ambassador by Henry M. Jackson
            18. [+]
              Western Europe and the Atlantic Community, p. 250 - 6 Reviews
              1. European Social Class by Bernard Barber and Elinor G. Barber
              2. The Kaiser by Virginia Cowles
              3. Kurt Schumacher by Lewis J. Edinger
              4. The Role of Religion in Modern European History by Sidney A. Burrell
              5. The Transfer of the Sudeten Germans by Radomir Luza
              6. The Troubled Partnership by Henry A. Kissinger
            19. [+]
              Communist Bloc, p. 251 - 6 Reviews
              1. Communism in Rumania, 1944-1962 by Ghita Ionescu
              2. Rumania: Russia's Dissident Ally by David Floyd
              3. The Second Soviet Republic by Yaroslav Bilinsky
              4. The Socialist Commonwealth of Nations by Kazimierz Grzybowski
              5. The Soviet System of Government by John N. Hazard
              6. The State of Soviet Studies by Walter Laqueur
            20. [+]
              Middle East and Africa, p. 252 - 6 Reviews
              1. Africa: A Study in Tropical Development by L. Dudley Stamp
              2. The Arabs by Anthony Nutting
              3. The Contemporary Middle East by Benjamin Rivlin and Joseph S. Szyliowicz
              4. Islam and International Relations by J. Harris Proctor
              5. Israel and Africa by Mordechai E. Kreinin
              6. "Mau Mau" Detainee by Josiah Mwangi Kariuki
            21. [+]
              East Asia and the Pacific, pp. 253-256 - 10 Reviews
              1. China by Kenneth Scott Latourette
              2. The Chinese View of Their Place in the World by C.P. Fitzgerald
              3. The Communist Party of Indonesia, 1951-1963 by Donald Hindley
              4. Conflict in Laos by Arthur J. Dommen
              5. The Cradle of Colonialism by George Masselman
              6. For Every Tear a Victory by Hartzell Spence
              7. Indonesia by US Economic Survey Team
              8. Religion in South Asia by Edward B. Harper
              9. Thailand: An Introduction to Modern Siam by Noel F. Busch
              10. United States Diplomacy in China, 1844-60 by Te-kong Tong
            22. Contributors to this Issue, pp. 257-272
          2. [+]
            Summer 1965 Issue = 25 Articles
            1. Reflections on the Quarter, pp. 275-298
            2. No First Use of Nuclear Weapons by Mason Willrich, pp. 299-315
            3. Ballistic Missile Defense and Soviet Strategy by Walter F. Hahn and Alvin J. Cottrell, pp. 316-337
            4. U.S. Foreign Policy by Pierre M. Gallois, pp. 338-357
            5. Alternative Designs for the Atlantic Alliance by Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr., pp. 358-377
            6. Proposals for Integrating the Atlantic Community by Gerhard Mally, pp. 378-392
            7. French Canada's New Left by George A. Kelly, pp. 393-410
            8. Military Prospects in Vietnam by Bryce F. Denno, pp. 411-417
            9. The Strategy of Guerrilla Warfare in the Intracommunist Conflict by Franz Michael, pp. 418-425
            10. The Sino-Soviet Dispute and Vietnam by Tai Sung An, pp. 426-436
            11. The M.I.T. Political-Military Gaming Experience by Richard E. Barringer and Barton Whaley, pp. 437-458
            12. Nationalities, Nations and the Soviet World State by Elliot R. Goodman, pp. 459-471
            13. De-Stalinization and the Hero Cult of Mao Tse-tung by James T. Myers, pp. 472-493
            14. [+]
              Whither the Atlantic Alliance? by Theodore C. Achilles, pp. 494-496 - 1 Review
              1. The Troubled Partnership by Henry A. Kissinger
            15. [+]
              The Politics of Soviet Succession by Wolfgang Klaiber, pp. 497-500 - 2 Reviews
              1. Political Succession in the USSR by Myron Rush
              2. Russia After Khrushchev by Robert Conquest
            16. [+]
              Soviet Planning and Economic Rationality by Michael Roof, pp. 501-504 - 1 Review
              1. The Economics of Soviet Planning by Abram Bergson
            17. [+]
              Politics History Economics, pp. 505-508 - 21 Reviews
              1. China, Russia, and the U.S.A. by Edgar Snow
              2. The Cold War by Evan Luard
              3. The Developing Nations by Eloise G. ReQua and Jane Stratham
              4. The Diplomacy of the Russo-Japanese War by John Albert White
              5. The Economics of the Developing Countries by Hla Myint
              6. The Elephants and the Grass by Cecil V. Crabb, Jr.
              7. Ethnic Stratification by Tamotsu Shibutani and Kian M. Kwan
              8. The Foundations of Morality by Henry Hazlitt
              9. How Nations Negotiate by Fred C. Ikle
              10. An Introduction to World Politics by Wolfgang G. Friedmann
              11. The New Meaning of Treason by Rebecca West
              12. The New Nations in International Law and Diplomacy by William V. O'Brien
              13. The Political Philosophy of Bakunin by G.P. Maximoff
              14. Politics and Opinion in the Nineteenth Century by John Bowle
              15. Power Transformed by Robert M. MacIver
              16. The Red Pawn by Flora Lewis
              17. The Rise and Fall of Western Colonialism by Stewart C. Easton
              18. Self-Government in Modernizing Nations by J. Roland Pennock
              19. Sociology and the Military Establishment by Morris Janowitz and Lt. Col. Roger W. Little
              20. The Strategy of Subversion by Paul W. Blackstock
              21. World Perspectives on International Politics by Walter C. Clemens, Jr.
            18. [+]
              Military Affairs Arms Control Technology, p. 509 - 5 Reviews
              1. Components of Defense Policy by Davis B. Bobrow
              2. The Dispersion of Nuclear Weapons by R.N. Rosecrance
              3. The Green Berets by Robin Moore
              4. A Study of War by Quincy Wright
              5. Tomorrow's Weapons by Brig. Gen. J.H. Rothschild, USA (Ret.)
            19. [+]
              United States, pp. 510-512 - 17 Reviews
              1. American Government and the Economy by Emmette S. Redford
              2. American National Security by Morton Berkowitz and P.G. Bock
              3. American Politics and the Party System by Hugh A. Bone
              4. Conduct of the New Diplomacy by James L. McCamy
              5. Decision-Making in the White House by Theodore C. Sorensen
              6. Foreign Aid and Foreign Policy by Herbert Feis
              7. Foreign Policy in American Government by Bernard C. Cohen
              8. The Fourth Dimension of Foreign Policy by Philip H. Coombs
              9. A History of United States Foreign Policy by Julius W. Pratt
              10. The Makers of Public Policy by R. Joseph Monsen, Jr. and Mark W. Cannon
              11. The Moon-Doggle by Amitai Etzioni
              12. Nuclear Secrecy and Foreign Policy by Harold L. Nieburg
              13. Our Depleted Society by Seymour Melman
              14. Pride and Power by Vernon Van Dyke
              15. Readings in the Making of American Foreign Policy by Andrew M. Scott and Raymond H. Dawson
              16. The Representation of the United States Abroad by Vincent M. Barnett, Jr.
              17. The Strategy of Persuasion by Arthur E. Meyerhoff
            20. [+]
              Western Europe and the Atlantic Community, pp. 513-514 - 9 Reviews
              1. After Twenty Years by Richard J. Barnet and Marcus G. Raskin
              2. Community of Fate by Kurt Rosenbaum
              3. The European Past by Shepard B. Clough, Peter Gay, and Charles K. Warner, ...
              4. Germans Against Hitler by Terence Prittie
              5. Mussolini: A Study in Power by Ivone Kirkpatrick
              6. Republic in Suspense by Klaus Bolling
              7. The Underdeveloped Areas Within the Common Market by Sergio Barzanti
              8. United States Direct Investment in France by Allan W. Johnstone
              9. Western Europe Since the War by Jacques Freymond
            21. [+]
              Communist Bloc, pp. 515-516 - 10 Reviews
              1. Comintern and World Revolution, 1928-1943 by Kermit E. McKenzie
              2. Communist China: The Early Years, 1949-55 by A. Doak Barnett
              3. Communist Propaganda Techniques by John C. Clews
              4. Contemporary History in the Soviet Mirror by John Keep and Liliana Brisby
              5. The Great Purge Trial by Robert C. Tucker and Stephen F. Cohen
              6. Marxism in the Modern World by Milorad M. Drachkovitch
              7. The Origins of Bolshevism by Theodore Dan
              8. A Textbook on Communism by Anthony Trawick Bouscaren
              9. World Communism by Richard Lowenthal
              10. Youth and Communism by Richard Cornell
            22. [+]
              Middle East and Africa, pp. 517-518 - 10 Reviews
              1. Africa's Quest for Order by Fred G. Burke
              2. Between Niger and Nile by Arnold J. Toynbee
              3. Crossroads to Israel by Christopher Sykes
              4. The Foreign Policy of African States by Doudou Thiam
              5. French-Speaking Africa by William H. Lewis
              6. A Handbook of African Affairs by Helen Kitchen
              7. Independent Black Africa by William John Hanna
              8. Nationalism and Revolution in Egypt by Christina Phelps Harris
              9. Political Awakening in the Belgian Congo. by Rene Lemarchand
              10. Politics in the Congo by Crawford Young
            23. [+]
              East Asia and the Pacific, p. 519 - 10 Reviews
              1. Australia by Russel B. Ward
              2. Ceylon by S.A. Pakeman
              3. Formosa Today by Mark Mancall
              4. Governments and Politics of Southeast Asia by George McTurnan Kahin
              5. Hill Farms and Padi Fields by Robbins Burling
              6. Japan and the United States in World Trade by Warren S. Hunsberger
              7. The Lucky Country by Donald Horne
              8. Mao and the Chinese Revolution by Jerome Ch'en
              9. New Zealand by William J. Cameron
              10. Pakistan: Birth and Growth of a Muslim Nation by Richard V. Weekes
            24. [+]
              Latin America, pp. 520-522 - 3 Reviews
              1. The Financial Sector and Economic Development by Robert L. Bennett
              2. The Great Fear in Latin America by John Gerassi
              3. Politics of Change in Latin America by Joseph Maier and Richard W. Weatherhead
            25. Contributors to this Issue, pp. 523-537
          3. [+]
            Fall 1965 Issue = 23 Articles
            1. Reflections on the Quarter, pp. 539-564
            2. The Prospects for Western Science and Technology by William R. Kintner and Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr., ..., pp. 565-586
            3. U.S. Intelligence at the Crossroads by Stefan T. Possony and Thomas W. Wolfe, pp. 587-612
            4. The United States and Pakistan by Frank N. Trager, pp. 613-629
            5. The American Military Presence Abroad by David W. Tarr, pp. 630-654
            6. A European Coordinated Force by David Robison, pp. 655-676
            7. Problems in Political Gaming by David C. Schwartz, pp. 677-693
            8. National Security Policy by Wesley W. Posvar, pp. 694-713
            9. Regional Stability and Weapons Transfer by John H. Hoagland, Jr. and John B. Teeple, pp. 714-728
            10. Politics and Leadership in North Africa by Lorna Hahn, pp. 729-742
            11. The Feasibility of Arms Control and Disarmament in Latin America by Edward Bernard Glick, pp. 743-759
            12. Significance of the Frei Administration in Latin America by George W. Grayson, Jr., pp. 760-779
            13. [+]
              The United States and the Partition of Europe by Brutus Coste, pp. 780-789 - 1 Review
              1. Alternative to Partition by Zbigniew K. Brzezinski
            14. [+]
              Europe and the American Mind by Hans Kohn, pp. 790-791 - 1 Review
              1. The American Image of the Old World by Cushing Strout
            15. [+]
              Toward Atlantic Unity by Gerhard Mally, pp. 792-793 - 1 Review
              1. Atlantic Challenge by Livingston Hartley
            16. [+]
              Politics History Economics, pp. 794-796 - 17 Reviews
              1. Development: For What? by John H. Hallowell
              2. The Penguin Dictionary of Modern History, 1789-1945 by A.W. Palmer
              3. Driving Forces in History by Halvdan Koht
              4. Equality and Liberty by Harry V. Jaffa
              5. Europe's Steppe Frontier, 1500-1800 by William H. McNeill
              6. Ideology and Discontent by David E. Apter
              7. International Aspects of Civil Strife by James N. Rosenau
              8. Law Among Nations by Gerhard von Glahn
              9. The Law of International Waterways by Richard R. Baxter and Jan F. Triska
              10. Living in a World Revolution by Hans Kohn
              11. Mathematics and Politics by Hayward R. Alker
              12. Monetary Policy by Paul Einzig
              13. Overseas Management by Ted R. Brannen and Frank X. Hodgson
              14. The Role of Theory in International Relations by Horace V. Harrison
              15. The UN in Action by Joan Comay
              16. World Perspectives on International Politics by Walter C. Clemens, Jr.
              17. The Year That Changed the World by Brian Gardner
            17. [+]
              United States, pp. 797-800 - 19 Reviews
              1. Affairs at State by Henry Serrano Villard
              2. American Aspects by D.W. Brogan
              3. America's Road to Empire by H. Wayne Morgan
              4. The Awakening of American Nationalism, 1815-1828 by George Dangerfield
              5. Experience of War by Kenneth S. Davis
              6. Farewell to Foggy Bottom by Ellis O. Briggs
              7. Franklin D. Roosevelt and The New Deal, 1932-1940 by William E. Leuchtenburg
              8. The Great Departure by Daniel Malloy Smith
              9. Kennedy by Theodore C. Sorensen
              10. Morning and Noon by Dean Acheson
              11. Number 7 by Julian P. Boyd
              12. Our Free Enterprise Economy by Morris A. Copeland
              13. Sources and Documents Illustrating the American Revolution, 1764-1788 by Samuel Eliot Morison
              14. The Uncertain South by Charles O. Lerche, Jr.
              15. The United States in World History by John B. Rae and Thomas H.D. Mahoney
              16. United States Monetary Policy by Neil H. Jacoby
              17. Woodrow Wilson and the Lost Peace by Thomas A. Bailey
              18. Woodrow Wilson and the Great Betrayal by Thomas A. Bailey
              19. World Pressures on American Foreign Policy by Marian D. Irish
            18. [+]
              Western Europe and the Atlantic Community, pp. 801-802 - 12 Reviews
              1. The British General Election of 1964 by David E. Butler and Anthony King
              2. British Politics in the Collectivist Age by Samuel H. Beer
              3. Colour and the British Electorate, 1964 by Nicholas Deakin
              4. The Corfu Incident of 1923 by James Barros
              5. Europe Ascendant by George Liska
              6. The First Hundred Days of Harold Wilson by Anthony Shrimsley
              7. The Great Ambassador by Leo Gerald Byrne
              8. Hindenburg and the Weimar Republic by Andreas Dorpalen
              9. Modern Italy by Margaret Carlyle
              10. Munich: "Peace for Our Time" by Henri Nogueres
              11. Reforming the World's Money by Sir Roy F. Harrod
              12. Revolution and Defeat by D. George Kousoulas
            19. [+]
              Communist Bloc, pp. 803-804 - 9 Reviews
              1. The Center of the World by Robert S. Elegant
              2. China and the Bomb by Morton H. Halperin
              3. First Blood: The Russian Revolution of 1905 by Sidney Harcave
              4. International Communism After Khruschev by Leopold Labedz
              5. Marxism: One Hundred Years in the Life of a Doctrine by Bertram D. Wolfe
              6. Russia: The Roots of Confrontation by Robert V. Daniels
              7. Russia's Eastward Expansion by George Alexander Lensen
              8. The Third World in Soviet Perspective by Thomas Perry Thornton
              9. Tsars, Mandarins, and Commissars by Harry Schwartz
            20. [+]
              Middle East and Africa, pp. 805-806 - 14 Reviews
              1. Algerian Voices by Richard M. Brace and Joan Brace
              2. Crisis in the Congo by Ernest W. Lefever
              3. The Desert King by David Howarth
              4. East Wind Over Africa by John K. Cooley
              5. Education in Nigeria by Okechukwu Ikejiani
              6. Ethiopia: A New Political History by Richard Greenfield
              7. The Geography of African Affairs by Paul Fordham
              8. Lebanon: Improbable Nation by Leila M.T. Meo
              9. The Modern History of Somaliland by I.M. Lewis
              10. No Easy Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela and Ruth First
              11. The Political Awakening of Africa by Rupert Emerson and Martin Kilson
              12. The United States and Africa by Walter Goldschmidt
              13. United States and the Italo-Ethiopian Crisis by Brice Harris, Jr.
              14. Zanzibar by John Middleton and Jane Campbell
            21. [+]
              East Asia and the Pacific, pp. 807-808 - 9 Reviews
              1. Britain and India: Requiem for Empire by Maurice Zinkin and Taya Zinkin
              2. Changing Japanese Attitudes Toward Modernization by Marius B. Jansen
              3. China Assignment by Karl Lott Rankin
              4. The China-India Border by Alastair Lamb
              5. The Communist Revolution in Asia by Robert A. Scalapino
              6. East Asia: Tradition and Transformation by John K. Fairbank, Edwin O. Reischauer, and Albert M. Craig, ...
              7. The Economic Development of the Territory of Papua and New Guinea
              8. Japan: Past and Present by Edwin O. Reischauer
              9. Japanese People and Politics by Chitoshi Yanaga
            22. [+]
              Latin America, pp. 809-810 - 3 Reviews
              1. The Dynamics of Change in Latin American Politics by John D. Martz
              2. Latin American Mission by DeLesseps S. Morrison
              3. Problems of Administration in an Emergent Nation by B.L.St. John Hamilton
            23. Contributors to this Issue, pp. 811-823
          4. [+]
            Winter 1965 Issue = 24 Articles
            1. Reflections on the Quarter, pp. 729-744
            2. The Post-Khrushchev Soviet Leadership by Mose L. Harvey, pp. 745-760
            3. The Challenge of Russian Totalitarianism by Stefan T. Possony, pp. 761-789
            4. The Sino-Soviet Schism by Donald S. Carlisle, pp. 790-815
            5. The Berlin Crisis of 1961 and U.S. Military Strategy by Jack M. Schick, pp. 816-831
            6. Arms Control Concepts and the Military Balance in Europe by Carl H. Amme, Jr., pp. 832-853
            7. The Political-Military Exercise by Lincoln P. Bloomfield and Barton Whaley, pp. 854-870
            8. The Political Effects of Military Programs by Charles Wolf, Jr., pp. 871-893
            9. The Communist Monolith versus the Chinese Tradition by Franklin W. Houn, pp. 894-921
            10. Nuclear Deterrence by Frederick H. Gareau, pp. 922-936
            11. The Korean War by Blema S. Steinberg, pp. 937-954
            12. Lenin's Cardinal Rules of Poverty and Recall by K.P. Mangold, pp. 955-971
            13. [+]
              Revolution by Consortium by Arthur P. Whitaker, pp. 972-976 - 1 Review
              1. Latin America: Myth and Reality by Peter R. Nehemkis
            14. [+]
              Traditionalists, Utopians and the Strategy of Deterrence by Harland B. Moulton, pp. 977-982 - 1 Review
              1. The Age of Deterrence by George E. Lowe
            15. [+]
              World War II by William F. Scott, pp. 983-986 - 1 Review
              1. Russia at War, 1941-1945 by Alexander Werth
            16. [+]
              Politics History Economics, pp. 987-991 - 26 Reviews
              1. Balanced Distribution by Gustav Erickson
              2. Class, Citizenship, and Social Development by Thomas H. Marshall
              3. Dynamics of Development by Gove Hambidge
              4. Dynamics of International Relations by Fred Greene
              5. The Eagle and the Bear by Pennington Haile
              6. The Economics of Competitive Coexistence by Cyril A. Zebot
              7. History of Political Philosophy by Leo Strauss and Joseph Cropsey
              8. Industrialization and Democracy by Karl de Schweinitz
              9. International Development by Hans W. Singer
              10. International Military Forces by Lincoln P. Bloomfield
              11. International Politics in a Revolutionary Age by Wladyslaw W. Kulski
              12. Local Government in Developing Countries by Harold F. Alderfer
              13. Man's Struggle for Shelter in an Urbanizing World by Charles Abrams
              14. The Morning After by Brian Crozier
              15. New Nations in a Divided World by Kurt London
              16. Of Human Sovereignty by Arthur Freud
              17. Peace: The Control of National Power by Philip Van Slyck
              18. POLEC by Harry Beck, Horst Cirullies, and Gunter Marquand, ...
              19. Power and the Pursuit of Peace by F.H. Hinsley
              20. Propaganda by John B. Whitton and Arthur Larson
              21. Remnants of Empire by David W. Wainhouse
              22. Strategy for Mobility by Wilfred Owen
              23. Studying Politics Abroad by Robert E. Ward, Frank Bonilla, and James S. Coleman, ...
              24. The Theory of Trade and Protection by William Penfield Travis
              25. West and Non-West by Vera Micheles Dean and Harry D. Harootunian
              26. World Economic Problems and Policies by Herbert V. Prochnow
            17. [+]
              United States, pp. 992-993 - 14 Reviews
              1. The American Economic Republic by Adolf A. Berle
              2. American Education in International Development by R. Freeman Butts
              3. Diplomat Among Warriors by Robert Daniel Murphy
              4. Freedom and Emergency Powers in the Cold War by Robert S. Rankin and Winfried R. Dallmayr
              5. Freedom or Secrecy by James Russell Wiggins
              6. From Wilson to Roosevelt by Jean-Baptiste Duroselle
              7. The Futile Crusade by Sidney Lens
              8. Herbert Hoover by Eugene Lyons
              9. Non-Western Studies in the Liberal Arts College
              10. Point of the Lance by Sargent Shriver
              11. Power, Freedom, and Democracy by Paul Seabury
              12. Presidential Leadership of Public Opinion by Elmer E. Cornwell, Jr.
              13. The United States and the Common Market by Don D. Humphrey
              14. The United States in World Affairs, 1961 by Richard P. Stebbins
            18. [+]
              Western Europe, p. 994 - 8 Reviews
              1. Conflict and Compromise by Wilfrid Harrison
              2. Democracy in a Changing Society by Henry W. Ehrmann
              3. The Education of an Army by Jay Luvaas
              4. Hitler: A Study in Tyranny by Alan Bullock
              5. Hostile Allies: FDR and Charles de Gaulle by Milton Viorst
              6. The Memoirs of General Grivas by Georgios Grivas and Charles Foley
              7. Seeds of Discord by Dorothy Shipley White
              8. The Times Guide to the House of Commons by Tim Austin
            19. [+]
              Communist Bloc, pp. 995-998 - 19 Reviews
              1. The Communism of Mao Tse-Tung by Arthur A. Cohen
              2. Communist Eastern Europe by Joseph Rothschild
              3. A Curtain of Ignorance by Felix Greene
              4. Economic Relations Between Peking and Moscow, 1949-1963 by Chu-Yuan Cheng
              5. From Purge to Coexistence by David J. Dallin
              6. Karl Marx, Early Writings by Karl Marx and T.B. Bottomore
              7. Karl Marx by T.B. Bottomore, Maximilien Rubel, and Karl Marx
              8. The Legacy of China by Raymond Dawson
              9. Major Doctrines of Communist China by John Wilson Lewis
              10. Russia, My Native Land by Gregory P. Tschebotarioff
              11. Russian Frontiers by William G. Bray
              12. Russian Political Thought by S.V. Utechin
              13. Soviet Education by Nigel Grant
              14. The Soviet Political Mind by Robert C. Tucker
              15. Soviet Russian Literature by Marc Slonim
              16. Soviet Scientist in Red China by Mikhail A. Klochko
              17. Svetozar Markovic and the Origins of Balkan Socialism by Woodford D. McClellan
              18. The U.S.S.R. and Africa, 1945-1963 by David Morison
              19. A View of All the Russias by Laurens van der Post
            20. [+]
              Middle East and Africa, pp. 999-1000 - 15 Reviews
              1. The Abdication of the White Man by T.E.W. Schumann
              2. Africa Before the White Man by Henri Labouret
              3. Africans on the Land by Montague Yudelman
              4. The Case for African Freedom, and Other Writings on Africa by Joyce Cary
              5. A History of the Gambia by Harry A. Gailey
              6. Imperial Outpost---Aden by Gillian King
              7. The Importance of Being Black by Frank R. Moraes
              8. Islam in East Africa by J. Spencer Trimingham
              9. The Kurds and Kurdistan by Derk Kinnane
              10. Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia by Richard M. Brace
              11. The New States of West Africa by Kenneth W.J. Post
              12. Red Star Over Africa by Anthony H. Harrigan
              13. South Africa by Govan Mbeki
              14. Tunisia: The Politics of Modernization by Charles A. Micaud, Leon Carl Brown, and Clement Henry Moore, ...
              15. The Yemen: Imams, Rulers and Revolutions by Harold Ingrams
            21. [+]
              East Asia, pp. 1001-1002 - 14 Reviews
              1. Agricultural Involution by Clifford Geertz
              2. Asia: Awakening of a World by Francois d'Harcourt
              3. Asia in the Modern World by Helen G. Matthews
              4. The Essential Gandhi by Louis Fischer and Mohandas Gandhi
              5. Henry L. Stimson and Japan, 1931-1933 by Armin Rappaport
              6. A History of Asia by Rene Grousset
              7. India, Pakistan, and the Rise of China by Wayne A. Wilcox
              8. Indian Nationalism and Hindu Social Reform by Charles H. Heimsath
              9. The New States of Asia by Michael Brecher
              10. A Short History of Japan by Malcolm D. Kennedy
              11. Southeast Asia by Lennox A. Mills
              12. A Study of Admiral Sun Sin Lee's War Against a Japanese Invasion by Bok In Cho
              13. Traditional India by O.L. Chavarria-Aguilar
              14. Vietnam Diary by Richard Tregaskis
            22. [+]
              Latin America, pp. 1003-1005 - 4 Reviews
              1. Argentina: A City and a Nation by James R. Scobie
              2. Patterns of Race in the Americas by Marvin Harris
              3. Revolution in Brazil by Irving Louis Horowitz
              4. Venezuela and Colombia by Harry Bernstein
            23. Contributors to this Issue, pp. 1006-1021
            24. Index to Volume VIII, pp. 1022-1026
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