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Canada and the United States in World Politics
Foreign Affairs, October 1961, pp. 105-117
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    Issues of the 1920s = 8 Years, 29 Issues, 694 Articles
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      Issues of 1922 = 2 Issues, 45 Articles
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        Issues of 1923 = 4 Issues, 89 Articles
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          Issues of 1924 = 4 Issues, 86 Articles
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            Issues of 1925 = 3 Issues, 70 Articles
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              Issues of 1926 = 4 Issues, 99 Articles
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                Issues of 1927 = 4 Issues, 99 Articles
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                  Issues of 1928 = 4 Issues, 102 Articles
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                    Issues of 1929 = 4 Issues, 104 Articles
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                    Issues of the 1930s = 10 Years, 40 Issues, 1,051 Articles
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                      Issues of 1930 = 4 Issues, 99 Articles
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                        Issues of 1931 = 4 Issues, 103 Articles
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                          Issues of 1932 = 4 Issues, 107 Articles
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                            Issues of 1933 = 4 Issues, 101 Articles
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                              Issues of 1934 = 4 Issues, 108 Articles
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                                Issues of 1935 = 4 Issues, 112 Articles
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                                  Issues of 1936 = 4 Issues, 107 Articles
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                                    Issues of 1937 = 4 Issues, 106 Articles
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                                      Issues of 1938 = 4 Issues, 106 Articles
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                                        Issues of 1939 = 4 Issues, 102 Articles
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                                        Issues of the 1940s = 10 Years, 38 Issues, 973 Articles
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                                          Issues of 1940 = 4 Issues, 107 Articles
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                                            Issues of 1941 = 4 Issues, 110 Articles
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                                              Issues of 1942 = 4 Issues, 101 Articles
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                                                Issues of 1943 = 4 Issues, 105 Articles
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                                                  Issues of 1944 = 4 Issues, 97 Articles
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                                                    Issues of 1945 = 4 Issues, 104 Articles
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                                                      Issues of 1946 = 4 Issues, 103 Articles
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                                                        Issues of 1947 = 4 Issues, 100 Articles
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                                                            Issues of 1949 = 3 Issues, 69 Articles
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                                                            Issues of the 1950s = 10 Years, 37 Issues, 925 Articles
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                                                              Issues of 1950 = 1 Issue, 23 Articles
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                                                                Issues of 1951 = 4 Issues, 100 Articles
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                                                                  Issues of 1952 = 4 Issues, 96 Articles
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                                                                    Issues of 1953 = 4 Issues, 100 Articles
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                                                                      Issues of 1954 = 4 Issues, 102 Articles
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                                                                        Issues of 1955 = 4 Issues, 100 Articles
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                                                                          Issues of 1956 = 4 Issues, 97 Articles
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                                                                            Issues of 1957 = 4 Issues, 104 Articles
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                                                                              Issues of 1958 = 4 Issues, 102 Articles
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                                                                                Issues of 1959 = 4 Issues, 101 Articles
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                                                                                Issues of the 1960s = 10 Years, 40 Issues, 993 Articles
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                                                                                  Issues of 1960 = 4 Issues, 99 Articles
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                                                                                    Issues of 1961 = 4 Issues, 103 Articles
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                                                                                      January 1961 Issue = 27 Articles
                                                                                      1. The Slender Margin of Safety by Sir Anthony Eden, pp. 165-173
                                                                                      2. Security Will Not Wait by Maxwell D. Taylor, pp. 174-184
                                                                                      3. The French Army in Politics by Jean-Marie Domenach, pp. 185-195
                                                                                      4. The Means Short of War by Willy Brandt, pp. 196-207
                                                                                      5. After Detection---What? by Fred Charles Ikle, pp. 208-220
                                                                                      6. Italy After One Hundred Years by Clare Boothe Luce, pp. 221-239
                                                                                      7. West Africa in Evolution by Leopold Sedar Senghor, pp. 240-246
                                                                                      8. New Economic Politics for the West by Alfred C. Neal, pp. 247-258
                                                                                      9. India on the Eve of Its Third Plan by Barbara Ward Jackson, pp. 259-270
                                                                                      10. Planning in Foreign Affairs by George Allen Morgan, pp. 271-278
                                                                                      11. The Missing Element by Franklin A. Lindsay, pp. 279-290
                                                                                      12. The Coming Showdown in Central Africa by N.M. Shamuyarira, pp. 291-298
                                                                                      13. The Orthodox Church in Soviet Russia by Paul B. Anderson, pp. 299-311
                                                                                      14. Strategic Development in Sinkiang by A.R. Field, pp. 312-318
                                                                                      15. [+]
                                                                                        Recent Books on International Relations by Henry L. Roberts, pp. 319-321 - 26 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Countdown for Decision by John B. Medaris and Arthur Gordon
                                                                                        2. Sea Power: A Naval History by E.B. Potter and Chester W. Nimitz
                                                                                        3. The Economics of Defense in the Nuclear Age by Charles J. Hitch and Roland N. McKean
                                                                                        4. Deterrent or Defense by B.H. Liddell Hart
                                                                                        5. American Strategy for the Nuclear Age by Walter F. Hahn and John C. Neff
                                                                                        6. Fights, Games, and Debates by Anatol Rapoport
                                                                                        7. American Might and Soviet Myth by Jameson G. Campaigne
                                                                                        8. On Alien Rule and Self-Government by John Plamenatz
                                                                                        9. The Diplomacy of Appeasement by Arthur H. Furnia
                                                                                        10. America and the Russo-Finnish War by Andrew J. Schwartz
                                                                                        11. Elections Abroad by David E. Butler
                                                                                        12. Elections in Developing Countries by T.E. Smith
                                                                                        13. The Rebels by Brian Crozier
                                                                                        14. A History of Socialist Thought, Vol. I by G.D.H. Cole
                                                                                        15. The Unfinished Revolution by Adam B. Ulam
                                                                                        16. Marxism: The View from America by Clinton Rossiter
                                                                                        17. How United Nations Decisions Are Made by John G. Hadwen and Johan Kaufmann
                                                                                        18. The Nuremberg Trials in International Law by Robert K. Woetzel
                                                                                        19. The East and West Must Meet
                                                                                        20. Common Sense About Russia by Robert Conquest
                                                                                        21. Common Sense About China by Guy Wint
                                                                                        22. Common Sense About Africa by Anthony Sampson
                                                                                        23. Common Sense About India by K.M. Panikkar
                                                                                        24. Common Sense About the Arab World by Erskine B. Childers
                                                                                        25. Survey of International Affairs, 1955-1956 by Geoffrey Barraclough and Rachel F. Wall
                                                                                        26. Documents on International Affairs, 1957 by Noble Frankland and Vera King
                                                                                      16. [+]
                                                                                        General: Economic, Social and Cultural The Economic World Balance, by Thorkil Kristensen, p. 322 - 7 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Economic World Balance by Thorkil Kristensen
                                                                                        2. Beyond the Welfare State by Gunnar Myrdal
                                                                                        3. The Rich and the Poor by Robert Theobald
                                                                                        4. Our Developing World by L. Dudley Stamp
                                                                                        5. Swiss-American Economic Relations by Paul Erdman
                                                                                        6. Co-Operative Organization in Tropical Countries by Sheila Gorst
                                                                                        7. The Two-Way Mirror by Richard T. Morris
                                                                                      17. [+]
                                                                                        The Second World War The Taste of Courage: The War, 1939-1945, by D..., p. 322 - 8 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Taste of Courage: The War, 1939-1945 by Desmond Flower and James Reeves
                                                                                        2. The War by Louis L. Snyder
                                                                                        3. The Memoirs of General Lord Ismay by Hastings Lionel Ismay
                                                                                        4. The Framework of Hemisphere Defense by Stetson Conn and Byron Fairchild
                                                                                        5. Campaign in the Marianas by Philip A. Crowl
                                                                                        6. The Sky Suspended by Drew Middleton
                                                                                        7. Victory in the Pacific, 1945 by Samuel Eliot Morison
                                                                                        8. Post-War Occupation Forces: Japan and South-East Asia by Rajendra Singh
                                                                                      18. [+]
                                                                                        The United States The Politics of Upheaval, 1935-1936, by Arthur..., pp. 323-324 - 14 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Politics of Upheaval, 1935-1936 by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
                                                                                        2. The National Purpose: America in Crisis
                                                                                        3. American Foreign Policy Since World War II by John W. Spanier
                                                                                        4. Duel at the Brink by Roscoe Drummond and Gaston Coblentz
                                                                                        5. John Foster Dulles, Soldier for Peace by Deane Fons Heller and David Heller
                                                                                        6. The Policy Machine by Robert Ellsworth Elder
                                                                                        7. The Enlargement of the Presidency by Rexford G. Tugwell
                                                                                        8. The 1956 Presidential Campaign by Charles A.H. Thomson and Frances M. Shattuck
                                                                                        9. Great Presidential Decisions by Richard B. Morris
                                                                                        10. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue~~Sixteen Hundred Pennsylvania Avenue by Walter Johnson
                                                                                        11. Wilson: The Struggle for Neutrality, 1914-1915 by Arthur S. Link
                                                                                        12. Baruch: The Public Years by Bernard M. Baruch
                                                                                        13. Turmoil and Tradition by Elting E. Morison
                                                                                        14. Population Distribution and Economic Growth by Simon Kuznets
                                                                                      19. [+]
                                                                                        Western Europe De Gaulle's Republic, by Philip M. Williams an..., pp. 325-326 - 7 Reviews
                                                                                        1. De Gaulle's Republic by Philip M. Williams and Martin Harrison
                                                                                        2. France: Steadfast and Changing by Raymond Aron
                                                                                        3. The De Gaulle Republic: Quest for Unity by Roy C. Macridis and Bernard E. Brown
                                                                                        4. The Saar Conflict, 1945-1955 by Jacques Freymond
                                                                                        5. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer
                                                                                        6. Berlin: Pivot of German Destiny by Charles B. Robson
                                                                                        7. Germany Divided by Terence Prittie
                                                                                      20. [+]
                                                                                        Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union The Communist International, 1919-1943: Docume..., p. 327 - 14 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Communist International, 1919-1943: Documents by Jane Degras
                                                                                        2. The Conscience of the Revolution by Robert Vincent Daniels
                                                                                        3. The Soviet Cultural Offensive by Frederick C. Barghoorn
                                                                                        4. Khrushchev: The Making of a Dictator by Gyorgy Paloczi-Horvath
                                                                                        5. A Documentary History of Communism in Russia by Robert V. Daniels
                                                                                        6. The Foreign Policy of the Soviet Union by Alvin Z. Rubinstein
                                                                                        7. Settling Disputes in Soviet Society by John N. Hazard
                                                                                        8. The Conspirators by Geoffrey Bailey
                                                                                        9. The Changing Soviet School by George Z.F. Bereday, William W. Brickman, and Gerald H. Read, ...
                                                                                        10. Soviet Statistics of Physical Output of Industrial Commodities by Gregory Grossman
                                                                                        11. Russian and East European Publications in the Libraries of the United States by Melville J. Ruggles and Vaclav Mostecky
                                                                                        12. A Polish Factory by Jiri Kolaja
                                                                                        13. Political Prisoner by Paul Ignotus
                                                                                        14. Cyprus Guerrilla: Grivas, Makarios and the British by Doros Alastos
                                                                                      21. [+]
                                                                                        The British Commonwealth of Nations Imperialism and Social Reform, by Bernard Semmel, p. 328 - 6 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Imperialism and Social Reform by Bernard Semmel
                                                                                        2. The British General Election of 1959 by David E. Butler and Richard Rose
                                                                                        3. The British Economy, 1920-1957 by A.J. Youngson
                                                                                        4. Speaking of Canada by Vincent Massey
                                                                                        5. Canadians and Foreign Policy by Fred Alexander
                                                                                        6. A Decade of Indo-British Relations, 1937-47 by Kantilal P. Bhagat
                                                                                      22. [+]
                                                                                        The Middle East Challenge in the Middle East, by Harry B. Ellis, p. 329 - 8 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Challenge in the Middle East by Harry B. Ellis
                                                                                        2. The Struggle for Arab Independence by Zeine N. Zeine
                                                                                        3. Oxford Regional Economic Atlas
                                                                                        4. Crossroads: Land and Life in Southwest Asia by George B. Cressey
                                                                                        5. Middle East Diary, 1917-1956 by Richard Meinertzhagen
                                                                                        6. A Clash of Destinies by Jon Kimche and David Kimche
                                                                                        7. A Nation Reborn by R.H.S. Crossman
                                                                                        8. Syria: Development and Monetary Policy by Edmund Y. Asfour
                                                                                      23. [+]
                                                                                        South and Southeast Asia The Role of Indian Minorities in Burma and Mal..., p. 330 - 5 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Role of Indian Minorities in Burma and Malaya by Usha Mahajani
                                                                                        2. Principles of Gandhian Planning by Shriman Narayan
                                                                                        3. Gandhi on World Affairs by Paul F. Power
                                                                                        4. A Passage Through Pakistan by Orville F. Linck
                                                                                        5. The Emergence of the Modern Indonesian Elite by Robert Van Niel
                                                                                      24. [+]
                                                                                        The Far East and Pacific Ocean Ten Years of Storm, by Chow Ching-Wen, p. 330 - 6 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Ten Years of Storm by Chow Ching-Wen
                                                                                        2. Pre-Communist China's Rural School and Community by Jen-chi Chang
                                                                                        3. China Crosses the Yalu by Allen S. Whiting
                                                                                        4. Korea and the Fall of MacArthur by Trumbull Higgins
                                                                                        5. Korea's Syngman Rhee by Richard C. Allen
                                                                                        6. Leftwing Social Movements in Japan by Cecil H. Uyehara
                                                                                      25. [+]
                                                                                        Africa Tropical Africa, by George H.T. Kimble, pp. 331-332 - 15 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Tropical Africa by George H.T. Kimble
                                                                                        2. Symposium on Africa
                                                                                        3. The Twilight of European Colonialism by Stewart C. Easton
                                                                                        4. Year of Decision: Rhodesia and Nyasaland in 1960 by Philip Mason
                                                                                        5. The Two Nations by Richard Gray
                                                                                        6. Nyasaland: The Economics of Federation by Arthur Hazlewood and Patrick David Henderson
                                                                                        7. Central African Emergency by Clyde Sanger
                                                                                        8. East African Chiefs by Audrey I. Richards
                                                                                        9. Uganda: A Crisis of Nationhood by W. Harold Ingrams
                                                                                        10. A New Earth by Elspeth Huxley
                                                                                        11. Constitutional Developments in Nigeria by Kalu Ezera
                                                                                        12. Nigeria: Newest Nation by Lois Mitchison
                                                                                        13. Ghana and the New Africa by Douglas Warner
                                                                                        14. The Tragedy of Apartheid by Norman Charles Phillips
                                                                                        15. Apartheid and Discrimination by Karel L. Roskam
                                                                                      26. [+]
                                                                                        Latin America and the West Indies Social Change in Latin America Today, by Richa..., p. 333 - 5 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Social Change in Latin America Today by Richard Newbold Adams, John P. Gillin, and Allan R. Holmberg, ...
                                                                                        2. Mexico by Erico Verissimo
                                                                                        3. Belize by William J. Bianchi
                                                                                        4. Puerto Rico: Island of Promise by Ruth Gruber
                                                                                        5. Caribbean Studies: A Symposium by Vera Rubin
                                                                                      27. Source Material by Donald Wasson, pp. 334-354
                                                                                    2. [+]
                                                                                      April 1961 Issue = 24 Articles
                                                                                      1. Soviet Myths and Realities by Philip E. Moseley, pp. 341-354
                                                                                      2. Nuclear Sharing by Albert Wohlstetter, pp. 355-387
                                                                                      3. U.N. on Trial by Hamilton Fish Armstrong, pp. 388-415
                                                                                      4. Goals and Means of the Western Alliance by Heinrich von Brentano, pp. 416-429
                                                                                      5. The Challenge of Change in the Soviet Bloc by Zbigniew Brzezinski, pp. 430-443
                                                                                      6. A Positive Approach to Economic Aid by John Kenneth Galbraith, pp. 444-457
                                                                                      7. A Trade Policy for the 1960s by Raymond Vernon, pp. 458-470
                                                                                      8. Financial Policy and American Purpose by Henry G. Aubrey, pp. 471-480
                                                                                      9. Portugal in Africa by James Duffy, pp. 481-493
                                                                                      10. New Politics in New States by Kenneth T. Young, Jr., pp. 494-503
                                                                                      11. The New Guinea Question by F.J. West, pp. 504-511
                                                                                      12. [+]
                                                                                        Recent Books on International Relations by Henry L. Roberts, pp. 512-514 - 28 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Goals for Americans by Henry M. Wriston
                                                                                        2. On Thermonuclear War by Herman Kahn
                                                                                        3. The Necessity for Choice by Henry A. Kissinger
                                                                                        4. A Forward Strategy for America by Robert Strausz-Hupe, William R. Kintner, and Stefan T. Possony, ...
                                                                                        5. Who Wants Disarmament? by Richard J. Barnet
                                                                                        6. In Place of Folly by Norman Cousins
                                                                                        7. A History of the Cold War by John Lukacs
                                                                                        8. Socialism and War by Edvard Kardelj
                                                                                        9. The United Nations and U.S. Foreign Policy by Lincoln P. Bloomfield
                                                                                        10. The Purpose of American Politics by Hans J. Morgenthau
                                                                                        11. Spain and Defense of the West: Ally and Liability by Arthur P. Whitaker
                                                                                        12. No Carte Blanche to Capricorn by Edouard Le Ghait
                                                                                        13. Russia, America, and the World by Louis Fischer
                                                                                        14. The Anglo-American Predicament by H.C. Allen
                                                                                        15. The Edge of War by James David Atkinson
                                                                                        16. The Just War by Robert W. Tucker
                                                                                        17. Strategic Psychological Operations and American Foreign Policy by Robert T. Holt and Robert W. van de Velde
                                                                                        18. Strategic Intelligence and the Shape of Tomorrow by William Montgomery McGovern
                                                                                        19. Nationalism: A Religion by Carlton J.H. Hayes
                                                                                        20. Nationalism by Elie Kedourie
                                                                                        21. Studies in the World Public Order by Myres S. McDougal
                                                                                        22. International Law and the United Nations by Quincy Wright
                                                                                        23. The General Assembly of the United Nations by Sydney D. Bailey
                                                                                        24. The Protection of Minorities by J.A. Laponce
                                                                                        25. The Law of International Transactions and Relations by Milton Katz and Kingman Brewster
                                                                                        26. Perspectives on Peace, 1910-1960
                                                                                        27. Political Handbook of the World, 1961 by Walter H. Mallory
                                                                                        28. The Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations
                                                                                      13. [+]
                                                                                        General: Economic, Social and Cultural The Diplomacy of Economic Development, by Euge..., p. 515 - 8 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Diplomacy of Economic Development by Eugene R. Black
                                                                                        2. The Crisis We Face by George Steele and Paul Kircher
                                                                                        3. The Export Economies by Jonathan V. Levin
                                                                                        4. The Attack on World Poverty by Andrew Shonfield
                                                                                        5. The Cost of Freedom by Henry C. Wallich
                                                                                        6. Demographic and Economic Change in Developed Countries
                                                                                        7. Labor Commitment and Social Change in Developing Areas by Wilbert E. Moore and Arnold S. Feldman
                                                                                        8. Managers for Small Industry by Joseph E. Stepanek
                                                                                      14. [+]
                                                                                        The Second World War Hitler Confronts England, by Walter Ansel, p. 516 - 2 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Hitler Confronts England by Walter Ansel
                                                                                        2. The Great Sea War by E.B. Potter and Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, ...
                                                                                      15. [+]
                                                                                        The United States The Secretary of State, by Don K. Price, p. 517 - 11 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Secretary of State by Don K. Price
                                                                                        2. Presidential Power: The Politics of Leadership by Richard Elliott Neustadt
                                                                                        3. Presidential Transitions by Laurin L. Henry
                                                                                        4. The Ultimate Decision: The President as Commander in Chief by Ernest R. May
                                                                                        5. The Moulding of Communists by Frank S. Meyer
                                                                                        6. Communism and the Churches by Ralph Lord Roy
                                                                                        7. Energy in the American Economy, 1850-1975 by Sam H. Schurr and Bruce C. Netschert
                                                                                        8. A President's Odyssey by A. Merriman Smith
                                                                                        9. An American Epic, Volume II by Herbert Hoover
                                                                                        10. Henry A. Wallace: Quixotic Crusade 1948 by Karl M. Schmidt
                                                                                        11. United States Commercial Treaties and International Law by Robert Renbert Wilson
                                                                                      16. [+]
                                                                                        Western Europe Food, Land, and Manpower in Western Europe, by..., pp. 518-520 - 8 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Food, Land, and Manpower in Western Europe by P. Lamartine Yates
                                                                                        2. France, Europe, and the Two World Wars by Rene Albrecht-Carrie
                                                                                        3. Economic Policy in Practice by C. Weststrate
                                                                                        4. Adenauer and the CDU by Arnold J. Heidenheimer
                                                                                        5. The Shaping of Postwar Germany by Edgar McInnis
                                                                                        6. The Structure of the East German Economy by Wolfgang F. Stolper and Karl W. Roskamp
                                                                                        7. Cross and the Fasces by Richard A. Webster
                                                                                        8. Italy: School for Awakening Countries by Maurice F. Neufeld
                                                                                      17. [+]
                                                                                        Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union The Transformation of Russian Society, by Cyri..., pp. 521-522 - 13 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Transformation of Russian Society by Cyril E. Black
                                                                                        2. Soviet Foreign Policy after Stalin by David J. Dallin
                                                                                        3. The Soviet Industrialization Debate, 1924-1928 by Alexander Erlich
                                                                                        4. The Khrushchev Pattern by Frank Gibney
                                                                                        5. Value and Plan by Gregory Grossman
                                                                                        6. Economic Atlas of the Soviet Union by George Kish
                                                                                        7. Russia's Rockets and Missiles by Albert Parry
                                                                                        8. Russian Science in the Twenty-First Century by Sergei Gouschev and Mikhail Vassiliev
                                                                                        9. Documents on Polish-Soviet Relations, 1939-1945
                                                                                        10. Russia and China by J.V. Davidson-Houston
                                                                                        11. Pan-Turkism and Islam in Russia by Serge A. Zenkovsky
                                                                                        12. The Undefeated Nation by Adolfs Blodnieks
                                                                                        13. Central Planning in Czechoslovakia by Jan M. Michal
                                                                                      18. [+]
                                                                                        The British Commonwealth of Nations Defence by Committee, by Franklyn Arthur Johnson, p. 523 - 9 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Defence by Committee by Franklyn Arthur Johnson
                                                                                        2. The Constitutional Structure of the Commonwealth by Kenneth C. Wheare
                                                                                        3. British Monetary Policy and the Balance of Payments, 1951-1957 by Peter B. Kenen
                                                                                        4. The British Left Wing and Foreign Policy by Eugene J. Meehan
                                                                                        5. Coloured Immigrants in Britain by J.A.G. Griffith
                                                                                        6. The Private Papers of Hore-Belisha by R.J. Minney and Leslie Hore-Belisha
                                                                                        7. The Growth of Canadian Policies in External Affairs by Hugh L. Keenleyside
                                                                                        8. Canadian Dualism: Studies of French-English Relations by Mason Wade
                                                                                        9. New Zealand Becomes a Pacific Power by Bernard K. Gordon
                                                                                      19. [+]
                                                                                        The Middle East The Idea of the Jewish State, by Ben Halpern, p. 524 - 6 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Idea of the Jewish State by Ben Halpern
                                                                                        2. Israel Resurgent by Norman Bentwich
                                                                                        3. A Short Political Guide to the Arab World by Peter Partner
                                                                                        4. Women and the New East by Ruth Frances Woodsmall
                                                                                        5. Cyprus and Makarios by Stanley Mayes
                                                                                        6. War in the Desert by John Bagot Glubb
                                                                                      20. [+]
                                                                                        South and Southeast Asia India Meets China in Nepal, by Girilal Jain, p. 524 - 6 Reviews
                                                                                        1. India Meets China in Nepal by Girilal Jain
                                                                                        2. Problems of Indian Defence by K.M. Panikkar
                                                                                        3. Double Identity: The Chinese in Modern Thailand by Richard J. Coughlin
                                                                                        4. Overseas Chinese Nationalism by Lea E. Williams
                                                                                        5. North Borneo by K.G. Tregonning
                                                                                        6. Indonesian Independence and the United Nations by Alastair MacDonald Taylor
                                                                                      21. [+]
                                                                                        The Far East and Pacific Ocean Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism,..., p. 525 - 6 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism by Robert Jay Lifton
                                                                                        2. Thought Reform of the Chinese Intellectuals by Theodore H.E. Chen
                                                                                        3. The Anthill by Suzanne Labin
                                                                                        4. Chinese Journey by Leslie Haylen
                                                                                        5. Kishi and Japan by Dan Kurzman
                                                                                        6. India's Role in the Korean Question by Shiv Dayal
                                                                                      22. [+]
                                                                                        Africa The Reluctant African, by Louis E. Lomax, pp. 525-526 - 15 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Reluctant African by Louis E. Lomax
                                                                                        2. The New Nigerian Elite by Hugh H. Smythe and Mabel M. Smythe
                                                                                        3. Nigeria: The Political and Economic Background
                                                                                        4. Kwame Nkrumah and the Future of Africa by John Frederick Vicars Phillips
                                                                                        5. Ghana: The Road to Independence, 1919-1957 by F.M. Bourret
                                                                                        6. The Emerging States of French Equatorial Africa by Virginia M. Thompson and Richard Adloff
                                                                                        7. A New Deal in Central Africa by Colin Leys and Cranford Pratt
                                                                                        8. Race and Politics by Edward Marshall Clegg
                                                                                        9. The Asians of East Africa by Lawrence William Hollingsworth
                                                                                        10. The Economics of Trusteeship in Somalia by Mark Karp
                                                                                        11. Eritrea: A Colony in Transition, 1941-52 by Gerald K.N. Trevaskis
                                                                                        12. The Sudan in Anglo-Egyptian Relations by L.A. Fabunmi
                                                                                        13. North Africa: Nationalism to Nationhood by Lorna Hahn
                                                                                        14. Ordeal in Algeria by Richard M. Brace and Joan Brace
                                                                                        15. The Intellectual Origins of Egyptian Nationalism by Jamal Mohammed Ahmed
                                                                                      23. [+]
                                                                                        Latin America and the West Indies The British West Indies: The Search for Self-G..., p. 527 - 5 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The British West Indies: The Search for Self-Government by Morley Ayearst
                                                                                        2. The Rise of the Latin American Labor Movement by Moises Poblete Troncoso and Ben G. Burnett
                                                                                        3. Listen, Yankee! by C. Wright Mills
                                                                                        4. Red Star Over Cuba by Nathaniel Weyl
                                                                                        5. United States University Cooperation in Latin America by Richard Newbold Adams and Charles C. Cumberland, ...
                                                                                      24. Source Material by Donald Wasson, pp. 528-534
                                                                                    3. [+]
                                                                                      July 1961 Issue = 26 Articles
                                                                                      1. The Age of Revolution by Henry M. Wriston, pp. 533-548
                                                                                      2. Law, Force and Survival by Julius Stone, pp. 549-559
                                                                                      3. Economic Foreign Policy on the New Frontier by Jacob Viner, pp. 560-577
                                                                                      4. The Unreal America by Julian Marias, pp. 578-590
                                                                                      5. Settler Politics in Algeria by Joseph Kraft, pp. 591-600
                                                                                      6. The Neutrality of Finland by Ralf Torngren, pp. 601-609
                                                                                      7. Communism and Nationalism in Tropical Africa by Walter Z. Laqueur, pp. 610-621
                                                                                      8. Joint Responsibilities for Latin American Progress by Raul Prebisch, pp. 622-633
                                                                                      9. Succession and Division in India by Frank Moraes, pp. 634-641
                                                                                      10. Peaceful Engagement in Eastern Europe by Zbigniew Brzezinski and William E. Griffith, pp. 642-654
                                                                                      11. The Next-to-Last Act in Africa by Elspeth Huxley, pp. 655-669
                                                                                      12. South African Prospect by Sir de Villiers Graaff, pp. 670-682
                                                                                      13. Population Pressure and Political Indecision by Jack Zlotnick, pp. 683-694
                                                                                      14. [+]
                                                                                        Recent Books on International Relations by Henry L. Roberts, pp. 695-697 - 22 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Future of Mankind by Karl Jaspers
                                                                                        2. The New Politics by Edmund O. Stillman and William Pfaff
                                                                                        3. Einstein on Peace by Otto Nathan, Heinz Norden, and Albert Einstein
                                                                                        4. Strategy and Arms Control by Thomas C. Schelling and Morton H. Halperin
                                                                                        5. The United States in World Affairs, 1960 by Richard P. Stebbins
                                                                                        6. Sketches from Life of Men I Have Known by Dean Acheson
                                                                                        7. Builders of Emerging Nations by Vera Micheles Dean
                                                                                        8. Dragon in the Kremlin by Marvin L. Kalb
                                                                                        9. The Path to Leadership by Bernard Montgomery
                                                                                        10. National Security in the Nuclear Age by Gordon B. Turner and Richard D. Challener
                                                                                        11. Disarmament: The Challenge of the Nineteen Sixties by James P. Warburg
                                                                                        12. The War Called Peace by Harry A. Overstreet and Bonaro Overstreet
                                                                                        13. American Opinion About Russia, 1917-1920 by Leonid I. Strakhovsky
                                                                                        14. Science and Government by C.P. Snow
                                                                                        15. Seapower in the Nuclear Age by Anthony E. Sokol
                                                                                        16. The Fight for the Sea by David D. Lewis
                                                                                        17. The Forbidden Voyage by Earle L. Reynolds
                                                                                        18. Internationalised Territories by Meir Ydit
                                                                                        19. Transfer of Power by Charles Joseph Jeffries
                                                                                        20. Resistance, Rebellion, and Death by Albert Camus
                                                                                        21. The Promise of World Tensions by Harlan Cleveland
                                                                                        22. Politics and Culture in International History by Adda B. Bozeman
                                                                                      15. [+]
                                                                                        General: Economic, Social and Cultural People! Challenge to Survival, by William Vogt, p. 698 - 4 Reviews
                                                                                        1. People! Challenge to Survival by William Vogt
                                                                                        2. Tradition, Values, and Socio-Economic Development by Ralph Braibanti and Joseph J. Spengler
                                                                                        3. H. G. Wells and the World State by W. Warren Wagar
                                                                                        4. Assault on the Unknown by Walter Sullivan
                                                                                      16. [+]
                                                                                        The Second World War Japan Subdued, by Herbert Feis, pp. 698-699 - 13 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Japan Subdued by Herbert Feis
                                                                                        2. The Watery Maze: The Story of Combined Operations by Bernard Fergusson
                                                                                        3. The Price of Victory by Reginald William Thompson
                                                                                        4. The Diplomacy of the Winter War by Max Jakobson
                                                                                        5. The Great Wall of France by Vivian Rowe
                                                                                        6. The Gods Were Neutral by Robert Crisp
                                                                                        7. The Foxes of the Desert by Paul Carell
                                                                                        8. The Desert Generals by Correlli Barnett
                                                                                        9. Official History of the Second World War: The War at Sea, 1939-45, Vol. III Part I by S.W. Roskill
                                                                                        10. Climax at Midway by Thaddeus Tuleja
                                                                                        11. The Chemical Warfare Service: Organized for War by Leo P. Brophy and George J.B. Fisher
                                                                                        12. Unity, 1942-1944 by Charles de Gaulle
                                                                                        13. Civil Affairs and Military Government by F.S.V. Donnison
                                                                                      17. [+]
                                                                                        The United States Organizing for Defense, by Paul Y. Hammond, p. 700 - 10 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Organizing for Defense by Paul Y. Hammond
                                                                                        2. A Nation of Sheep by William J. Lederer
                                                                                        3. Peace with Justice by Dwight D. Eisenhower
                                                                                        4. Freedom and Equality by Harry S. Truman
                                                                                        5. Powers of the President During Crises by J. Malcolm Smith and Cornelius P. Cotter
                                                                                        6. Regions, Resources, and Economic Growth by Harvey S. Perloff
                                                                                        7. Professional Diplomacy in the United States, 1779-1939 by Warren Frederick Ilchman
                                                                                        8. The Futilitarian Society by William J. Newman
                                                                                        9. Ambassadors Ordinary and Extraordinary by E. Wilder Spaulding
                                                                                        10. Newton D. Baker: A Biography by C.H. Cramer
                                                                                      18. [+]
                                                                                        Western Europe The European Common Market, by Isaiah Frank, pp. 701-702 - 16 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The European Common Market by Isaiah Frank
                                                                                        2. Britain and the Netherlands by J.S. Bromley and E.H. Kossmann
                                                                                        3. The De Gaulle Revolution by Alexander Werth
                                                                                        4. The New France by Edward R. Tannenbaum
                                                                                        5. The Government of the Fifth Republic by J.A. Laponce
                                                                                        6. Paul Cambon: Master Diplomatist by Keith Eubank
                                                                                        7. The French Radical Party: From Herriot to Mendes-France by Francis de Tarr
                                                                                        8. Modern Swedish Government by Nils Andren
                                                                                        9. Germany Between Two Worlds by Gerald Freund
                                                                                        10. Restoring Democracy in Germany by Raymond Ebsworth
                                                                                        11. A German Community Under American Occupation by John Gimbel
                                                                                        12. Germany: A Modern History by Marshall Dill
                                                                                        13. Report from Berlin by Jorn Donner
                                                                                        14. Eastern Germany: A Handbook, Vol. Iii: Economy
                                                                                        15. God and Caesar in East Germany by Richard W. Solberg
                                                                                        16. American Commissar by Sandor Voros
                                                                                      19. [+]
                                                                                        Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union Russians as People, by Wright W. Miller, pp. 703-704 - 12 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Russians as People by Wright W. Miller
                                                                                        2. Only in Russia by Howard Norton
                                                                                        3. East Minus West = Zero by Werner Keller
                                                                                        4. Soviet Marxism and Natural Science, 1917-1932 by David Joravsky
                                                                                        5. Physical Geography of Asiatic Russia by S.P. Suslov
                                                                                        6. Soviet State Law by Andrei I. Denisov and M. Kirichenko
                                                                                        7. Stalinist Rule in the Ukraine by Hryhory Kostiuk
                                                                                        8. The Hug of the Bear by Mischa Jac Feld and Ivan H. Peterman
                                                                                        9. The Dynamics of Communism in Eastern Europe by Richard V. Burks
                                                                                        10. Poland and Her National Minorities, 1919-39 by Stephan M. Horak
                                                                                        11. Communist Propaganda Methods by Vladimir Reisky-Dubnic
                                                                                        12. Czecho-Slovakia: A Critical History by Kurt Glaser
                                                                                      20. [+]
                                                                                        The British Commonwealth of Nations British Foreign Policy Since the Second World ..., p. 705 - 12 Reviews
                                                                                        1. British Foreign Policy Since the Second World War by C.M. Woodhouse
                                                                                        2. Britain in World Affairs by William Strang
                                                                                        3. Herbert Morrison: An Autobiography by Herbert Morrison
                                                                                        4. Party Politics, Vol. II: The Growth of Parties by Ivor Jennings
                                                                                        5. Trade Unions and the Labour Party Since 1945 by Martin Harrison
                                                                                        6. London's Newcomers by Ruth L. Glass and Harold Pollins
                                                                                        7. The Commonwealth and Europe by The Economist Intelligence Unit
                                                                                        8. Development from Below by Ursula K. Hicks
                                                                                        9. Empire Into Commonwealth by C.R. Attlee
                                                                                        10. Immigrants in Australia by Jerzy Zubrzycki and Nancy Kuskie
                                                                                        11. The Story of New Zealand by W.H. Oliver
                                                                                        12. The Mackenzie King Record: Vol. I, 1939-1944 by J.W. Pickersgill
                                                                                      21. [+]
                                                                                        The Middle East Contemporary Arab Politics, by George E. Kirk, p. 706 - 7 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Contemporary Arab Politics by George E. Kirk
                                                                                        2. The Boss by Robert St. John
                                                                                        3. The Economy of Israel by Alex Rubner
                                                                                        4. Industrialization of Iraq by Kathleen M. Langley
                                                                                        5. A Diplomatic History of Modern Iraq by Abid A. Al-Marayati
                                                                                        6. The Modernization of Iran, 1921-1941 by Amin Banani
                                                                                        7. Mission for My Country by Reza Shah Pahlavi
                                                                                      22. [+]
                                                                                        South and Southeast Asia India and the West, by Barbara Ward, p. 707 - 11 Reviews
                                                                                        1. India and the West by Barbara Ward
                                                                                        2. India's Constitution in the Making by B.N. Rau
                                                                                        3. Constitutional Government in India by M.V. Pylee
                                                                                        4. Pakistan: The Formative Phase, 1857-1948 by Khalid Bin Sayeed
                                                                                        5. Social Structure in Southeast Asia by George Peter Murdock
                                                                                        6. The Emancipation of French Indochina by Donald Lancaster
                                                                                        7. Street Without Joy by Bernard B. Fall
                                                                                        8. The United States and the Southwest Pacific by C. Hartley Grattan
                                                                                        9. Financing Economic Development by Douglas S. Paauw
                                                                                        10. I Walked with Heroes by Romulo P. Carlos
                                                                                        11. The Philippines by Frank H. Golay
                                                                                      23. [+]
                                                                                        The Far East and Pacific Ocean The Lotus and the Robot, by Arthur Koestler, p. 708 - 9 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Lotus and the Robot by Arthur Koestler
                                                                                        2. Sun Yat-Sen and Communism by Shao Chuan Leng and Norman D. Palmer
                                                                                        3. Agrarian Policy of the Chinese Communist Party, 1921-1959 by Guojun Zhao
                                                                                        4. Secret Diary from Red China by Earnest Liu
                                                                                        5. Coercive Persuasion by Edgar H. Schein, Inge Schneier, and Curtis H. Barker, ...
                                                                                        6. The Endless Hours by Wallace L. Brown
                                                                                        7. Tibet Is My Country by Thubten Jigme Norbu and Heinrich Harrer
                                                                                        8. Military Policy and Economic Aid by Gene M. Lyons
                                                                                        9. Antarctica: The Story of a Continent by Frank Debenham
                                                                                      24. [+]
                                                                                        Africa The Edge of Freedom, by John B. Oakes, p. 709 - 10 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Edge of Freedom by John B. Oakes
                                                                                        2. African Affairs by Kenneth Kirkwood
                                                                                        3. Africa Speaks by James Duffy and Robert A. Manners
                                                                                        4. Lugard: The Years of Authority, 1898-1945 by Margery Perham
                                                                                        5. Plantation and Village in the Cameroons by Edwin Ardener
                                                                                        6. Congo: Background of Conflict by Alan P. Merriam
                                                                                        7. Shooting at Sharpeville by R. Ambrose Reeves, Bishop of Johannesburg
                                                                                        8. Economic Development in a Plural Society by D. Hobart Houghton
                                                                                        9. Tanganyika and International Trusteeship by Bernard T.G. Chidzero
                                                                                        10. Political Change in Morocco by Douglas E. Ashford
                                                                                      25. [+]
                                                                                        Latin America and the West Indies The Struggle for Democracy in Latin America, b..., p. 710 - 5 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Struggle for Democracy in Latin America by Charles O. Porter and Robert J. Alexander
                                                                                        2. United States and Cuba by Robert F. Smith
                                                                                        3. Yesterday in Mexico by John W.F. Dulles
                                                                                        4. Social Class and Social Change in Puerto Rico by Melvin M. Tumin and Arnold S. Feldman
                                                                                        5. Puerto Rican Politics and the New Deal by Thomas G. Mathews
                                                                                      26. Source Material by Donald Wasson, pp. 711-718
                                                                                    4. [+]
                                                                                      October 1961 Issue = 26 Articles
                                                                                      1. For a Concert of Free Nations by J.W. Fulbright, pp. 1-18
                                                                                      2. Brazil's New Foreign Policy by Janio Quadros, pp. 19-27
                                                                                      3. The Road Around Stalemate by Harlan Cleveland, pp. 28-38
                                                                                      4. Diplomacy Then and Now by Harold Nicolson, pp. 39-49
                                                                                      5. African Problems and the Cold War by Sylvanus E. Olympio, pp. 50-57
                                                                                      6. Faith in the Summit by O. Harries, pp. 58-70
                                                                                      7. The New Left in France by Victor A. Velen, pp. 71-85
                                                                                      8. The French Army in Trouble by Walter Kerr, pp. 86-94
                                                                                      9. Turkey: Problems, Policies, Parties by Nuri Eren, pp. 95-104
                                                                                      10. Canada and the United States in World Politics by John W. Holmes, pp. 105-117
                                                                                      11. How Deep the Split in West Africa? by David Williams, pp. 118-127
                                                                                      12. Failure in Korea by Edward W. Wagner, pp. 128-135
                                                                                      13. Tibetans Plan for Tomorrow by Ernest A. Gross, pp. 136-142
                                                                                      14. [+]
                                                                                        Recent Books on International Relations by Henry L. Roberts, pp. 143-145 - 30 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Russia and the West Under Lenin and Stalin by George F. Kennan
                                                                                        2. Freedom's Frontier by Clarence K. Streit
                                                                                        3. America: Too Young to Die! by Alexander P. De Seversky
                                                                                        4. War and the Christian Conscience by Paul Ramsey
                                                                                        5. Morality and Modern Warfare by William J. Nagle
                                                                                        6. Postwar Negotiations for Arms Control by Bernhard G. Bechhoefer
                                                                                        7. Arms Control, Disarmament, and National Security by Donald G. Brennan
                                                                                        8. The Nation's Safety and Arms Control by Arthur T. Hadley
                                                                                        9. Arms Control: Issues for the Public by Louis Henkin
                                                                                        10. Strategy for the 60's by Jay H. Cerf and Walter Pozen
                                                                                        11. International Communism and World Revolution by Gunther Nollau
                                                                                        12. Marxism: An Historical and Critical Study by George Lichtheim
                                                                                        13. Communism and the General Strike by Wilfrid H. Crook
                                                                                        14. Cold War and Liberation by John F. O'Conor
                                                                                        15. The United Nations and How It Works by David Cushman Coyle
                                                                                        16. Field Administration in the United Nations System by Walter R. Sharp
                                                                                        17. Betrayal at the U.N. by DeWitt S. Copp and Marshall Peck
                                                                                        18. Shaping Our Times by Harold Courlander
                                                                                        19. The Political Foundations of International Law by Morton A. Kaplan and Nicholas de B. Katzenbach, ...
                                                                                        20. International Law in an Expanded World by B.V.A. Roling
                                                                                        21. On Military Conventions by Vladimir Dedijer
                                                                                        22. The Diplomacy of the Great Powers by William Hayter
                                                                                        23. The Ruling Servants by Erich Strauss
                                                                                        24. The Origins of Interventionism by Robert Sobel
                                                                                        25. A Career Diplomat, the Third Chapter: The Third Reich by Hugh R. Wilson, Jr.
                                                                                        26. Reconsiderations by Arnold J. Toynbee
                                                                                        27. The Strategy of Truth by Wilson P. Dizard
                                                                                        28. Documents on American Foreign Relations, 1960 by Richard P. Stebbins and Elaine P. Adam
                                                                                        29. Citizenship Today: England, France, the United States by D.W. Brogan
                                                                                        30. Space Research by Rocket and Satellite by R.L.F. Boyd
                                                                                      15. [+]
                                                                                        General: Economic, Social and Cultural Import Liberalization and Employment, by Walte..., pp. 146-147 - 15 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Import Liberalization and Employment by Walter S. Salant and Beatrice D. Vaccara
                                                                                        2. Equilibrium and Growth in the World Economy by Ragnar Nurkse, Gottfried Haberler, and Robert M. Stern, ...
                                                                                        3. Coexistence: Economic Challenge and Response by Henry G. Aubrey
                                                                                        4. The New Statecraft by George Liska
                                                                                        5. Trade with Communist Countries by Alec Nove and Desmond Donnelly
                                                                                        6. Economic Surveys in Under-Developed Countries by P.K. Mukherjee
                                                                                        7. The Emerging Nations by Max F. Millikan and Donald L.M. Blackmer
                                                                                        8. Industrial Development by Murray D. Bryce
                                                                                        9. The Challenge of Abundance by Robert Theobald
                                                                                        10. The Future of Underdeveloped Countries by Eugene Staley
                                                                                        11. Joint International Business Ventures by Wolfgang G. Friedmann and George Kalmanoff
                                                                                        12. High Level Manpower Resources in Overseas Subsidiaries by John C. Shearer
                                                                                        13. Theories of Economic Growth by Bert F. Hoselitz
                                                                                        14. Excellence: Can We Be Equal and Excellent Too? by John W. Gardner
                                                                                        15. Human Rights and International Labour Standards by C. Wilfred Jenks
                                                                                      16. [+]
                                                                                        The Second World War Malta Convoy, by Peter Shankland and Anthony H..., p. 148 - 1 Review
                                                                                        1. Malta Convoy by Peter Shankland and Anthony Hunter
                                                                                      17. [+]
                                                                                        The United States The Making of the President, 1960, by Theodore..., p. 148 - 10 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The Making of the President, 1960 by Theodore H. White
                                                                                        2. Firsthand Report by Sherman Adams
                                                                                        3. Present Trends in American National Government by Alfred J. Junz
                                                                                        4. American Diplomacy in a New Era by Stephen D. Kertesz
                                                                                        5. Politics and Trade Policy by Joe R. Wilkinson
                                                                                        6. Referendum for Isolation by John Chalmers Vinson
                                                                                        7. As We Are by Henry Brandon
                                                                                        8. Growth and Stability of the Postwar Economy by Bert G. Hickman
                                                                                        9. Economic Issues of the 1960s by Alvin H. Hansen
                                                                                        10. No Transfer: An American Security Principle by John A. Logan, Jr.
                                                                                      18. [+]
                                                                                        Western Europe Inside Europe Today, by John Gunther, p. 149 - 5 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Inside Europe Today by John Gunther
                                                                                        2. Europe at Sixes and Sevens by Emile Benoit
                                                                                        3. Schizophrenic Germany by John Dornberg
                                                                                        4. The Spanish Civil War by Hugh Thomas
                                                                                        5. The Grand Camouflage by Burnett Bolloten
                                                                                      19. [+]
                                                                                        Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union Khrushchev: A Political Portrait, by Konrad Ke..., p. 150 - 9 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Khrushchev: A Political Portrait by Konrad Kellen
                                                                                        2. Power and Policy in the USSR by Robert Conquest
                                                                                        3. The Challenge of Coexistence by Milton Kovner
                                                                                        4. The Coming Tests with Russia by Walter Lippmann
                                                                                        5. The Grand Tactician: Khrushchev's Rise to Power by Lazar Pistrak
                                                                                        6. The Red Phoenix by Harry Schwartz
                                                                                        7. Soviet Leaders and Mastery Over Man by Hadley Cantril
                                                                                        8. You Can Trust the Communists by Dr. Fred Schwarz
                                                                                        9. Yugoslavia by Muriel Heppell and Frank B. Singleton
                                                                                      20. [+]
                                                                                        The British Commonwealth of Nations A Prime Minister Remembers, by Francis Williams, p. 151 - 7 Reviews
                                                                                        1. A Prime Minister Remembers by Francis Williams
                                                                                        2. British Labor and Public Ownership by Herbert E. Weiner
                                                                                        3. The Structure of Property Ownership in Great Britain by E. Victor Morgan
                                                                                        4. British Broadcasting in Transition by Burton Paulu
                                                                                        5. The Supreme Command, 1914-1918 by Maurice P.A. Hankey
                                                                                        6. Social Purpose for Canada by Michael Oliver
                                                                                        7. Trade Protection in Australia by A.J. Reitsma
                                                                                      21. [+]
                                                                                        The Middle East Arab Nationalism and British Imperialism, by J..., p. 152 - 9 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Arab Nationalism and British Imperialism by John Marlowe
                                                                                        2. The Legal Framework for Oil Concessions in the Arab World by Simon G. Siksek
                                                                                        3. The Arab Middle East and Muslim Africa by Tibor Kerekes
                                                                                        4. The Power Struggle in Iraq by Benjamin Shwadran
                                                                                        5. Turkey and the United Nations
                                                                                        6. The Edge of the Sword by Lt. Colonel Netanel Lorch
                                                                                        7. The Balfour Declaration by Leonard Stein
                                                                                        8. No Alternative: Israel Observed by D.R. Elston
                                                                                        9. North from Kabul by Andrew Wilson
                                                                                      22. [+]
                                                                                        South and Southeast Asia India and the United States, by Selig S. Harrison, pp. 153-154 - 14 Reviews
                                                                                        1. India and the United States by Selig S. Harrison
                                                                                        2. Where the Lion Trod by Gordon Shepherd
                                                                                        3. Mr. Gandhi by Ranjee Shahani
                                                                                        4. Indian Economic Policy and Development by P.T. Bauer
                                                                                        5. Resources for the Third Five Year Plan
                                                                                        6. Problems of Administration in Two Indian Villages by K.S. Desai
                                                                                        7. The Constitution of India by Shreeram C. Dash
                                                                                        8. My Chief by Mohammad Ahmad
                                                                                        9. Pakistan Seeks Security by Aslam Siddiqi
                                                                                        10. Pakistan and the United Nations by K. Sarwar Hasan
                                                                                        11. Goa's Freedom Struggle by T.B. Cunha
                                                                                        12. Laos: Its People, Its Society, Its Culture by Frank Lebar and Adrienne Suddard
                                                                                        13. Bung Karno's Indonesia by Willard A. Hanna
                                                                                        14. The Land and People of Indonesia by Datus C. Smith, Jr.
                                                                                      23. [+]
                                                                                        The Far East and Pacific Ocean South to the Naktong, North to the Yalu, by Ro..., p. 155 - 3 Reviews
                                                                                        1. South to the Naktong, North to the Yalu by Roy E. Appleman
                                                                                        2. Red China: An Asian View by Sripati Chandra-Sekhar
                                                                                        3. Tojo and the Coming of the War by Robert J.C. Butow
                                                                                      24. [+]
                                                                                        Africa Profiles of African Leaders, by Thomas Patrick..., pp. 155-156 - 17 Reviews
                                                                                        1. Profiles of African Leaders by Thomas Patrick Melady
                                                                                        2. Investment and Development Possibilities in Tropical Africa by Edward Marcus and Mildred Rendl Marcus
                                                                                        3. Muntu by Janheinz Jahn
                                                                                        4. The African Revolution by James Cameron
                                                                                        5. The War in Algeria by Jules Roy
                                                                                        6. Government and Economy in British West Africa by David E. Carney
                                                                                        7. A West African Trade Union by W.A. Warmington
                                                                                        8. Zik by Nnamdi Azikiwe
                                                                                        9. Awo: The Autobiography of Chief Obafemi Awolowo by Obafemi Awolowo
                                                                                        10. Agony of the Congo by Ritchie Calder
                                                                                        11. Congo Disaster by Colin Legum
                                                                                        12. The Political Kingdom in Uganda by David E. Apter
                                                                                        13. The Premise of Inequality in Ruanda by Jacques J. Maquet
                                                                                        14. The Vision Splendid by C.E. Lucas Phillips
                                                                                        15. The Story of the Rhodesias and Nyasaland by A.J. Hanna
                                                                                        16. The Foundations of Freedom by Denis V. Cowen
                                                                                        17. Road to Ghana by Alfred Hutchinson
                                                                                      25. [+]
                                                                                        Latin America and the West Indies The United States and Latin America, by Dexter..., pp. 157-158 - 8 Reviews
                                                                                        1. The United States and Latin America by Dexter Perkins
                                                                                        2. Economic Development for Latin America by Howard S. Ellis and Henry C. Wallich
                                                                                        3. Latin America by S.A. Bayitch
                                                                                        4. Handbook of Latin American Studies, No. 22 by Nathan A. Haverstock
                                                                                        5. The Failure of Union: Central America, 1824-1960 by Thomas L. Karnes
                                                                                        6. The West Indies Federation by David Lowenthal
                                                                                        7. 90 Miles from Home~~Ninety Miles from Home by Warren Miller
                                                                                        8. The Conduct of the Chaco War by David H. Zook, Jr.
                                                                                      26. Source Material by Donald Wasson, pp. 159-190
                                                                                  2. [+]
                                                                                    Issues of 1962 = 4 Issues, 107 Articles
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                                                                                      Issues of 1963 = 4 Issues, 101 Articles
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                                                                                        Issues of 1964 = 4 Issues, 98 Articles
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                                                                                          Issues of 1965 = 4 Issues, 95 Articles
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                                                                                            Issues of 1966 = 4 Issues, 97 Articles
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                                                                                              Issues of 1967 = 4 Issues, 98 Articles
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                                                                                                  Issues of the 1970s = 10 Years, 38 Issues, 878 Articles
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                                                                                                                                                                  Issues of 2001 = 5 Issues, 108 Articles