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From The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction Archives
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  1. The Short Ones
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, March 1955, pp. 3-19 PDF Pagehits: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 15 16 17 19
  2. p. 3 ... Qike the time of the Short Ones in this story) curiously speeded ... vast tvorld above it. ^he Short Ones by RAYMOND E.' BANKS VALSEK ...

    p. 4 ... wife looked resigned. "Such as.?" Short Ones! Valsek felt contempt inside of ... goats and asking about signs. Short Ones! (And what god had fi ... for Spokesman to all the Short Ones we shall be rich." But ... to the gods for the Short Ones," said Telfus. "The chances ...

    p. 5 THE SHORT ONES the Spokesman once the year ... a tallow taper that the Short Ones used for light. One-two ...

    p. 6 ^ Short Ones rose to a climax beneath ... flickered in the dark room. Short circuit! Melton leaned over the ... failed badly and gotten the Short Ones all upset. On top of ...

    p. 7 ... -inch needle. "The Short Ones are artificial creatures of ... activate the Short Ones --- a quarter of a million Short Ones down there ... today's world the Short Ones protected the people from ... roiling, boiling generations of Short Ones before you could lead ...

    p. 8 ... and every mind of the Short Ones down there," she said. "You ... upon the world of the Short Ones, through your leaders. You can ... is needed to control the Short Ones. At many deaths this wild ... scurryings and scuttlings of the Short Ones burst in on his mind ...

    p. 9 THE SHORT ONES been a top student of ... years. . ; . The affairs of the Short Ones pressed impatiently on him, and ...

    p. 10 ... not fail me." In a short time Valsek had used up ... Palace itself, Telfus stopped. "Many Short Ones have died," he said, "because ...

    p. 11 THE SHORT ONES previous year. True, he no ... all illusion and that the Short Ones could run their own affairs ... this fanatic, but the other Short Ones were confused by King Giron ...

    p. 13 THE SHORT ONES True, there was the event ...

    p. 15 THE SHORT ONES many dead." Her white fingers ... the system energy as the Short Ones died' by the -hundreds. The ... letting his followers among the Short Ones be slaughtered like helpless ants ...

    p. 16 ... save you from the Short Ones and the Short Ones from you in case ... and the world of the Short Ones closed in on him. The ... was big enough to let Short Ones run -their own affairs. He ...

    p. 17 THE SHORT ONES 17 Captain of Telfus, this ...

    p. 19 r THE SHORT ONES prayer. A microsecond jab. At ... no more trouble with the Short Ones. Already off somewhere a clerk ...

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    Books To Look For (3 Reviews)
    Mars, by Ben Bova
    1. Mars by Ben Bova
    2. After the King by Martin H. Greenberg
    3. Flying in Place by Susan Palwick
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, March 1992, pp. 53-59 PDF Pagehits: 59
  4. p. 59 ... surface and elbows Palwick the short story writer aside. The result ... long forms as well as short ones --- may it be the first ... , each one better than the ones before.

  5. The Girls on Channel N
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, April 1957, pp. 50-56 PDF Pagehits: 56
  6. p. 56 ... were .still there. Tall ones, short ones. Chic ones. He lit a cigarette and ...

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    Books To Look For (6 Reviews)
    And the Angels Sing, by Kate Wilhelm
    1. And the Angels Sing by Kate Wilhelm
    2. Forward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov
    3. The Cat with the Tulip Face by A.R. Morlan
    4. The Dark Country by Dennis Etchison
    5. Journey to the Goat Star by Brian W. Aldiss
    6. I Remember, I Remember by Mary Caraker
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, June 1992, pp. 21-26 PDF Pagehits: 25
  8. p. 25 ... : They're publishing short stories as standalone books. Short ones --- 48 pages, about ... World-Fantasy-A ward-winning short story, along with a new ... the first time in its Short Story Paperback edition. The Cat ...

  9. The Splice
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, March 1981, pp. 140-157 PDF Pagehits: 152 156
  10. p. 152 ... acids to form tailored blocks, short ones at first, and then longer ... ones as he built confidence and ...

    p. 156 ... no problem with it. The Ones held back agreement or disagreement ... , with a body like a short section of tree trunk, said ...

  11. Job's Partner
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, June 1998, pp. 83-92 PDF Pagehits: 84 85 86
  12. p. 84 ... it reasonably." One of the Short Ones glided forward until it was ... physical laws." "Or ouir emotional ones." The Tall One's movements ...

    p. 85 ... you," said one of the Short Ones kindly. "Your race is significantly ...

    p. 86 ... openness," said one of the Short Ones. "To ideas, possibilities, flights of ... ." "Your vision," said the other Short One. "For a world where ...

  13. The Tweener
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, February 1955, pp. 75-89 PDF Pagehits: 89
  14. p. 89 ... striking science fiction novelet. The Short Ones, by' the rapidly rising young ... writer Raymond E. Banks, and short stories by such luminaries as ...

  15. Novelets
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, June 1973, pp. 114-133 PDF Pagehits: 116 132
  16. p. 116 ... public had always been very short ones and unannounced, so that by ... could see that I had short-changed the photographers. He did ...

    p. 132 ... my kind among the Deep Ones. There is one I know ... yet to come!" On the short trip back to Kletnos, numb ...

  17. Index
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, June 1955, pp. 127-130 PDF Pagehits: 127
  18. p. 127 ... . 97 BANKS, RAYMOND E. : The Short Ones Mar. 3 BEAUMONT, CHARLES: Free ...

  19. The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction,
    March 1955 Issue, 14 Articles, 132pp
    The Short Ones by Raymond E. Banks
    PDF Pagehits: 1
  20. p. 1 ... 8, No. 3 MARCH The Short Ones I Do Not Love Thee ...

  21. The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction,
    May 1997 Issue, 15 Articles, 164pp
    The Last Beast Out of the Box by Ian Watson
    PDF Pagehits: 5
  22. p. 5 ... I was putting my creative short story energy into the ... I want to write novels, short stories, and articles in ... writers, and discovering the new ones. But most of all, ... six years have been the ones that have made me ... laugh and cry, the ones that made me get up ...

  23. Departments
    Books (3 Reviews)
    Free Live Free, by Gene Wolfe
    1. Free Live Free by Gene Wolfe
    2. The Book of Sorrows by Walter Wangerin, Jr.
    3. Skeleton Crew by Stephen King
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, November 1985, pp. 12-19 PDF Pagehits: 17
  24. p. 17 ... to Stephen King's new short-story collection, Skeleton Crew, ... suppressed. In his short stories --- particularly the ones written in offhand ... moments as distinct from commissioned ones --- King is often ... very early actual King short stories, which are presented ...

  25. Grabow and Collicker and I
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, May 1992, pp. 132-136 PDF Pagehits: 132
  26. p. 132 ... , WHO! and MICHAELMAS. His short stories, which appeared all over ... and has written several new short stories. "Grabow and CoUicker ... in the night, seeing which ones still retained essential function, ... sending the ones who were too shot up ...

  27. Features
    Books (5 Reviews)
    The Way the Future Was, by Frederik Pohl
    1. The Way the Future Was by Frederik Pohl
    2. The Redward Edward Papers by Avram Davidson
    3. Born to Exile by Phyllis Eisenstein
    4. The Best of Lester Del Rey by Lester del Rey
    5. Blood and Burning by Algis Budrys
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, March 1979, pp. 22-30 PDF Pagehits: 27
  28. p. 27 ... If there is a finer short story pendent possibilities; when he ... absolutely expunges more widely admired ones, or the any possibility that ... author at work. ideologically accepted ones of the moment. Never ... mind the ones who The scorn and contempt ...

  29. Like the Gentle Rain
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, October 1997, pp. 167-180 PDF Pagehits: 179
  30. p. 179 ... really fat. He had short white hair and an expression ... might have been the same ones who kidnapped Burt. They ... You're one of the ones Burt was talking about, aren ... 't you? The ones who really run things." He ... right. We're the ones. We let the Scientists ...

  31. Project Nursemaid
    (short novel)
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, October 1955, pp. 3-74 PDF Pagehits: 34
  32. p. 34 ... on refreshing themselves for a short time. "Just the same," Edgerly ... we could get more young ones like that. ... I guess it ... of the other. The young ones wouldn't want to stay ...

  33. Rogue Moon
    (short novel)
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, December 1960, pp. 5-38 PDF Pagehits: 22 37
  34. p. 22 ... deal of liquor over a short period of time. "Gonna do ... -second decisions. Always the same ones." The secret was out. The ...

    p. 37 ... MOON 37 as of fatal ones. It is, for example, fatal ... dimensions vary greatly from the ones we are using now. It ... a decisive edge in very short period of time. "And so ...

  35. The Oath
    (short novelet)
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, October 1960, pp. 5-22 PDF Pagehits: 15
  36. p. 15 ... preserving any of the old ones. If I ever hit a ... lever on the world." "In short, you have set yourself up ... , two survivors and three new ones. While Gottlieb doled out aspirin ...

  37. Daughter of Eve
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, June 1962, pp. 20-27 PDF Pagehits: 25 26
  38. p. 25 ... hear, especially if the old ones come here again or if ... Daddy. I wish the old ones would go away. I wish ... went quiet. All the old ones wore a shield of course ... his head and the old ones kept waving their arms. Finally ... shield when the old _ ones and Tookie and I ...

    p. 26 ... only for a litde ways---"short, jump jobs," he said. But ... what was only a short jump for fifty men could ... that he and the old ones, and mother, were sort of ... . Finally one of the old ones said, "It's all wrong ...

  39. Short Novel
    The Stalking Trees
    Short Novel
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, January 1973, pp. 4-39 PDF Pagehits: 22
  40. p. 22 ... said. "Unless they're the ones who killed your parents, why ... . "Well, you must know the ones who are. Everybody seems to ... not like to conquer. In short he was discreet but honest ...