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Anatomy of Wonder (1976)
A Critical Guide to Science Fiction
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Published Reviews
  1. Features
    Books (3 Reviews)
    Rissa Kerguelen, by F.M. Busby
    1. Rissa Kerguelen by F.M. Busby
    2. Shadrach in the Furnace by Robert Silverberg
    3. Anatomy of Wonder by Neil Barron
    The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, May 1977, pp. 45-51
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    The Reference Library (5 Reviews)
    Who's Who in Science Fiction, by Brian Ash
    1. Who's Who in Science Fiction by Brian Ash
    2. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy Through 1968 by Donald Henry Tuck
    3. Anatomy of Wonder by Neil Barron
    4. Alternate Worlds by James Gunn
    5. The Science Fiction Book by Franz Rottensteiner
    Analog/Astounding Science Fiction, October 1977, pp. 164-166
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    The Reference Library (7 Reviews)
    Brothers of Earth, by C.J. Cherryh
    1. Brothers of Earth by C.J. Cherryh
    2. A World Out of Time by Larry Niven
    3. A Jungle of Stars by Jack L. Chalker
    4. The Uses of Enchantment by Bruno Bettelheim
    5. Small Is Beautiful by E.F. Schumacher
    6. Anatomy of Wonder by Neil Barron
    7. The Space-Gods Revealed by Ronald Story
    Analog/Astounding Science Fiction, December 1976, pp. 164-169
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    Bookshelf (9 Reviews)
    Robert A. Heinlein: Stranger in His Own Land, by George Edgar Slusser
    1. Robert A. Heinlein: Stranger in His Own Land by George Edgar Slusser
    2. Experiment Perilous by Marion Zimmer Bradley
    3. Anatomy of Wonder by Neil Barron
    4. The Happening Worlds of John Brunner by Joseph W. DeBolt
    5. Double, Double by John Brunner
    6. Quicksand by John Brunner
    7. Under Pressure by Frank Herbert
    8. A Scanner Darkly by Philip K. Dick
    9. The Best of C. M. Kornbluth by Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth
    Galaxy Science Fiction, August 1977, pp. 133-144
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    The Reference Library (12 Reviews)
    Voyagers, by Ben Bova
    1. Voyagers by Ben Bova
    2. Tomorrow's Heritage by Juanita Coulson
    3. Starship and Haiku by Somtow Sucharitkul
    4. Sunwaifs by Sydney J. Van Scyoc
    5. Heirs of the Kingdom by Kennedy Hudner
    6. The Sword of the Lictor by Gene Wolfe
    7. The Terridae by E.C. Tubb
    8. Father to the Stars by Philip Jose Farmer
    9. The Berkley Showcase, Vol. IV by Victoria Schochet and John Silbersack
    10. Chrysalis 9 by Roy Torgeson
    11. Anatomy of Wonder by Neil Barron
    12. Life in Darwin's Universe by Gene Bylinsky
    Analog/Astounding Science Fiction, May 1982, pp. 164-170
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    The Reference Library (12 Reviews)
    Counting Heads, by David Marusek
    1. Counting Heads by David Marusek
    2. Voidfarer by Sean Mcmullen
    3. The Children of the Company by Kage Baker
    4. Dragon America by Mike Resnick
    5. All Eve's Hallows by Dean Wesley Smith
    6. Moon's Web by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp
    7. Orphan's Destiny by Robert Buettner
    8. Hal's Worlds by Shane Tourtellotte
    9. Cultural Breaks by Brian Aldiss
    10. Anatomy of Wonder by Neil Barron
    11. The E-Bomb by Doug Beason
    12. The Discoveries by Alan Lightman
    Analog/Astounding Science Fiction, March 2006, pp. 134-139
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    Book Reviews (13 Reviews)
    Weird Tales No. 3, by Lin Carter
    1. Weird Tales No. 3 by Lin Carter
    2. The Wonderful Lips of Thibong Linh by Theodore Roscoe
    3. Lord of the Dead by Robert E. Howard
    4. H.P. Lovecraft: Four Decades of Criticism by S.T. Joshi
    5. Science Fiction Voices, No. 3 by Jeffrey M. Elliot
    6. Anatomy of Wonder by Neil Barron
    7. Horror Literature by Marshall B. Tymn
    8. Last Communion by Nicholas Yermakov
    9. The Psychotechnic League by Poul Anderson
    10. The City of the Singing Flame by Clark Ashton Smith
    11. Distant Stars by Samuel R. Delany
    12. How to Write Best Selling Science Fiction by Dean R. Koontz
    13. Creating Short Fiction by Damon Knight
    Amazing Science Fiction Stories, March 1982, p. 18
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    On Books (22 Reviews)
    Young Gods and Friends, by Barry Windsor-Smith
    1. Young Gods and Friends by Barry Windsor-Smith
    2. The Freebooters by Barry Windsor-Smith
    3. Dungeon, Vol. I: Duck Heart by Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar
    4. Dungeon, Vol. II: The Barbarian Princess by Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar
    5. Fuck Off and Die by David Britton and Kris Guido
    6. The Science Fiction Poetry Handbook by Suzette Haden Elgin, Mike Allen, and Bud Webster, ...
    7. Storyteller by Kate Wilhelm
    8. Etiquette with Your Robot Wife and Thirty More SF/Fantasy/Horror Lists by Bruce Boston
    9. Encyclopedia of Science Fiction by Don D'Ammassa
    10. Anatomy of Wonder by Neil Barron
    11. Alan Moore Spells It Out by Bill Baker
    12. The Living House of Oz by Edward Einhorn
    13. 10:01~~Ten-O-One by Lance Olsen
    14. Approaching Omega by Eric Brown
    15. The Cosmology of the Wider World by Jeffrey Ford
    16. The Bridge of Light by A. Hyatt Verrill
    17. Polyphony 5 by Deborah Layne and Jay Lake
    18. Future Washington by Ernest Lilley
    19. Daikaiju! Giant Monster Tales by Robert Hood and Robin Pen
    20. A Child Again by Robert Coover
    21. The Engine of Recall by Karl Schroeder
    22. Little Machines by Paul McAuley
    Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, September 2006, pp. 132-141
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    On Books (27 Reviews)
    Alyx, by Joanna Russ
    1. Alyx by Joanna Russ
    2. Venus Plus X by Theodore Sturgeon
    3. Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delany
    4. Solar Lottery by Philip K. Dick
    5. War of the Winged Men by Poul Anderson
    6. The Steel Crocodile by D.G. Compton
    7. The Battle of the Monsters, and Other Stories by David G. Hartwell
    8. Curious Fragments: Jack London's Tales of Fantasy Fiction by Dale L. Walker and Jack London
    9. Strange Horizons by Sam Moskowitz
    10. Rebirth by Thomas Calvert McClary
    11. The Ghost Pirates by William Hope Hodgson
    12. The World Below by S. Fowler Wright
    13. Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell, Jr.
    14. Cloak of Aesir by John W. Campbell, Jr.
    15. Bring the Jubilee by Ward Moore
    16. Needle by Hal Clement
    17. The Crystal World by J.G. Ballard
    18. Behold the Man by Michael Moorcock
    19. The Judgment of Eve by Edgar Pangborn
    20. Aniara by Harry Martinson, Hugh Macdiarmid, and Elspeth Huxley Schubert, ...
    21. First on Mars by Rex Gordon
    22. Anatomy of Wonder by Neil Barron
    23. Elric of Melnibone by Michael Moorcock
    24. The Sailor of the Seas of Fate by Michael Moorcock
    25. The Best Science Fiction of the Year #5 by Terry Carr
    26. The 1976 Annual World's Best SF by Donald A. Wollheim
    27. Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year, Fifth Annual Collection by Lester del Rey
    Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, June 1977, pp. 142-147