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April 1933 to October 1937 /
  1. April 1933
    The American Review, April 1933 Issue, 12 Articles, 128pp
    The Restoration of Property by Hilaire Belloc
  2. May 1933
    The American Review, May 1933 Issue, 9 Articles, 128pp
    The Problem of the Unemployed by Allen Tate
  3. June 1933
    The American Review, June 1933 Issue, 12 Articles, 128pp
    Scottsboro, the Third Crusade by Frank L. Owsley
  4. September 1933
    The American Review, September 1933 Issue, 10 Articles, 128pp
    Education Leads the Way by Norman Foerster
  5. October 1933
    The American Review, October 1933 Issue, 9 Articles, 124pp
    Happy Farmers by John Crowe Ransom
  6. November 1933
    The American Review, November 1933 Issue, 12 Articles, 128pp
    President Hyde and the American College by G.R. Elliott
  7. December 1933
    The American Review, December 1933 Issue, 11 Articles, 128pp
    A Capital for the New Deal by John Crowe Ransom
  8. January 1934
    The American Review, January 1934 Issue, 14 Articles, 128pp
    Will War Destroy Civilization? by Hoffman Nickerson
  9. February 1934
    The American Review, February 1934 Issue, 12 Articles, 128pp
    Irving Babbitt by Hoffman Nickerson
  10. March 1934
    The American Review, March 1934 Issue, 12 Articles, 124pp
    The Agrarians Deny a Leader by Aubrey Starke
  11. April 1934
    The American Review, April 1934 Issue, 12 Articles, 128pp
    The Task for Conservatism by Herbert Agar
  12. May 1934
    The American Review, May 1934 Issue, 23 Articles, 160pp
    Science and Theology by M.C. D'Arcy
  13. June 1934
    The American Review, June 1934 Issue, 13 Articles, 129pp
    The Dumb ox by Wyndham Lewis
  14. September 1934
    The American Review, September 1934 Issue, 12 Articles, 128pp
    Church and Politics by Paul Elmer More
  15. October 1934
    The American Review, October 1934 Issue, 11 Articles, 124pp
    Lands That Were Golden by Donald Davidson
  16. November 1934
    The American Review, November 1934 Issue, 12 Articles, 128pp
    Shall We Have an Aristocracy? by Arthur Styron
  17. December 1934
    The American Review, December 1934 Issue, 11 Articles, 128pp
    The College, the Individual, and Society by Norman Foerster
  18. January 1935
    The American Review, January 1935 Issue, 10 Articles, 128pp
    Corporations and Human Liberty: A Study in Exploitation by John C. Rawe
  19. February 1935
    The American Review, February 1935 Issue, 10 Articles, 128pp
    Authority and Tyranny by Ross J.S. Hoffman
  20. March 1935
    The American Review, March 1935 Issue, 10 Articles, 124pp
    Fulfillment by Ralph Adams Cram
  21. April 1935
    The American Review, April 1935 Issue, 10 Articles, 128pp
    Dean Inge and Modern Christianity by Robert Shafer
  22. May 1935
    The American Review, May 1935 Issue, 10 Articles, 128pp
    James Joyce by Paul Elmer More
  23. Summer 1935
    The American Review, Summer 1935 Issue, 10 Articles, 128pp
    Sculpture in the Machine Age by Eric Gill
  24. September 1935
    The American Review, September 1935 Issue, 10 Articles, 128pp
    New American Frontiers by Richard B. Ransom
  25. October 1935
    The American Review, October 1935 Issue, 13 Articles, 124pp
    The Way of Youth by Ralph Adams Cram
  26. November 1935
    The American Review, November 1935 Issue, 10 Articles, 128pp
    The Centrality of Money and Machinery by A.J. Penty
  27. December 1935
    The American Review, December 1935 Issue, 9 Articles, 128pp
    Lawrence and Future Generalship by Hoffman Nickerson
  28. January 1936
    The American Review, January 1936 Issue, 11 Articles, 128pp
    Education and the Attack on History by Ross J.S. Hoffman
  29. February 1936
    The American Review, February 1936 Issue, 12 Articles, 128pp
    The Private and Corporate Economies by Richard B. Ransom
  30. March 1936
    The American Review, March 1936 Issue, 9 Articles, 124pp
    Buddha and the Occident by Irving Babbitt
  31. April 1936
    The American Review, April 1936 Issue, 9 Articles, 128pp
    The Will to Freedom by Hoffman Nickerson
  32. May 1936
    The American Review, May 1936 Issue, 10 Articles, 96pp
    On Straightening the Dog's Tail by A.J. Penty
  33. Summer 1936
    The American Review, Summer 1936 Issue, 10 Articles, 128pp
    The Shape of Things and Men by Donald Davidson
  34. September 1936
    The American Review, September 1936 Issue, 10 Articles, 128pp
    Communism and Fascism, Part I by A.J. Penty
  35. October 1936
    The American Review, October 1936 Issue, 10 Articles, 124pp
    Communism and Fascism, Part II by A.J. Penty
  36. November 1936
    The American Review, November 1936 Issue, 9 Articles, 128pp
    Marginalia, I by Paul Elmer More
  37. December 1936
    The American Review, December 1936 Issue, 11 Articles, 128pp
    The Nemesis of Democracy by Ralph Adams Cram
  38. January 1937
    The American Review, January 1937 Issue, 11 Articles, 128pp
    Othello as a Love-Tragedy by G.R. Elliott
  39. February 1937
    The American Review, February 1937 Issue, 12 Articles, 128pp
    Howard Odum and the Sociological Process by Donald Davidson
  40. March 1937
    The American Review, March 1937 Issue, 10 Articles, 124pp
    Science, Criticism, and Poetry by Alan Reynolds Thompson
  41. April 1937
    The American Review, April 1937 Issue, 9 Articles, 128pp
    The Issues in Spain by Douglas Jerrold
  42. Summer 1937
    The American Review, Summer 1937 Issue, 12 Articles, 192pp
    Red Propaganda from Spain by Douglas Jerrold
  43. September 1937
    The American Review, September 1937 Issue, 8 Articles, 112pp
    The Totalitarian Regimes by Ross J.S. Hoffman
  44. October 1937
    The American Review, October 1937 Issue, 7 Articles, 112pp
    China and the Geneva System by Douglas Herrold
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