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The Desert Epic
Death Comes for the Archbishop, by Willa Cather
The American Mercury, December 1927, pp. 508-509
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    Issues of the 1920s = 6 Years, 72 Issues, 2,358 Articles
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      Issues of 1924 = 12 Issues, 321 Articles
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        Issues of 1925 = 12 Issues, 376 Articles
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          Issues of 1926 = 12 Issues, 373 Articles
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            Issues of 1927 = 12 Issues, 418 Articles
            1. [+]
              January 1927 Issue = 30 Articles
              1. Hypocrisy by Thomas Beer, pp. 1-9
              2. The Plague of Laws by William P. Helm, Jr., pp. 10-16
              3. China Boy by Idwal Jones, pp. 17-24
              4. Happy Days by Raymond Clapper, pp. 25-29
              5. Cyprian Hymn by Joseph Warren Beach, pp. 30-32
              6. Herman Melville by Fred Lewis Pattee, pp. 33-43
              7. Americana, pp. 44-48
              8. Black Child by Winifred Sanford, pp. 49-55
              9. Comstock the Less by Henry F. Pringle, pp. 56-63
              10. The Machine and Its Products by Lewis Mumford, pp. 64-66
              11. Man in America by Pliny E. Goddard, pp. 67-70
              12. Witchcraft in West Polk Street by Alice Hamilton, pp. 71-75
              13. A First-Class Fighting Man by George Sterling, pp. 76-80
              14. Theodore Parker by Charles Angoff, pp. 81-88
              15. Men of Vision by Stanley Walker, pp. 89-93
              16. The Landscape Priesthood by Elbert Peets, pp. 94-100
              17. Old Whitey by Nels Anderson, pp. 101-105
              18. Guantanamo by K.C. McIntosh, pp. 106-112
              19. Reunion by Carter Brooke Jones, pp. 113-117
              20. Clinical Notes by George Jean Nathan, pp. 118-121
              21. The Theatre by George Jean Nathan, pp. 122-127
              22. The American Mercury Authors, pp. 128-146
              23. [+]
                Check List of New Books - 5 Reviews
                1. Which Way Parnassus? by Percy Marks
                2. Homes of the Freed by Rossa B. Cooley
                3. The Law of Social Revolution by Scott Nearing
                4. The Great Secret of Free Masonry by Warner W. Williams
                5. Humanizing Education by Samuel D. Schmalhausen
              24. [+]
                History The People Next Door, by George Creel - 2 Reviews
                1. The People Next Door by George Creel
                2. New York in the Elegant Eighties by Henry Collins Brown
              25. [+]
                Biography Cortes, the Conqueror, by Henry Dwight Sedgwick - 2 Reviews
                1. Cortes, the Conqueror by Henry Dwight Sedgwick
                2. I am a Woman---and a Jew by Leah Morton
              26. [+]
                The Theatre The Admirable Crichton, by J.M. Barrie - 3 Reviews
                1. The Admirable Crichton by J.M. Barrie
                2. What Every Woman Knows, and Other Plays by J.M. Barrie
                3. The Best Plays of 1925-26 by Burns Mantle
              27. [+]
                Travel East of the Sun and West of the Moon, by Theod... - 2 Reviews
                1. East of the Sun and West of the Moon by Theodore Roosevelt and Kermit Roosevelt
                2. Islands of the Mediterranean by Paul Wilstach
              28. [+]
                Reprints The Reconstruction of Belief, by Charles Gore - 2 Reviews
                1. The Reconstruction of Belief by Charles Gore
                2. Golden Tales of Anatole France by Anatole France
              29. [+]
                Philosophy Philosophy of the Recent Past, by Ralph Barton... - 2 Reviews
                1. Philosophy of the Recent Past by Ralph Barton Perry
                2. Thinking About Thinking by Cassius J. Keyser
              30. Editorial Notes
            2. [+]
              February 1927 Issue = 31 Articles
              1. The Parsons and the War by Granville Hicks, pp. 129-142
              2. The Complete American by Benjamin DeCasseres, pp. 143-147
              3. Logic and the Stock Market by Fred C. Kelly, pp. 148-153
              4. Front Page Stuff by Henry F. Pringle, pp. 154-162
              5. Editorial, pp. 163-165
              6. The Ballad of the Ghost-Arrow by George Sterling, pp. 166-167
              7. The Changing East Side by Zelda F. Popkin, pp. 168-175
              8. Americana, pp. 176-182
              9. On Approaching Holy Men by D.L. Paul, pp. 183-192
              10. A Resolute Lady by L.M. Hussey, pp. 193-201
              11. Freedom of Speech and Its Limitations by Roger Sherman Hoar, pp. 202-204
              12. The Jewish Cuisine by Nettie Zimmerman, pp. 205-207
              13. Be It Resolved by William Seagle, pp. 208-215
              14. America Conquers Death by Milton Waldman, pp. 216-221
              15. Pitch Doctors by W.A.S. Douglas, pp. 222-226
              16. Rhodes Scholars by O.B. Andrews, Jr., pp. 227-233
              17. Sunburned Portraits by John L. Van Zant, pp. 234-240
              18. Clinical Notes by George Jean Nathan, pp. 241-244
              19. The Theatre by George Jean Nathan, pp. 245-250
              20. [+]
                The Science of Life by H.L. Mencken, p. 251 - 1 Review
                1. An Introduction to General Biology by S.J. Holmes
              21. [+]
                The Movies by H.L. Mencken, pp. 252-253 - 1 Review
                1. A Million and One Nights by Terry Ramsaye
              22. [+]
                Review by H.L. Mencken, pp. 254-255 - 1 Review
                1. Life and Letters of Henry William Thomas, Mixologist by Henry William Thomas
              23. The American Mercury Authors, pp. 256-280
              24. [+]
                Check List of New Books - 2 Reviews
                1. A Critical Medley by Eric Partridge
                2. Anatole France: The Degeneration of a Great Artist by Barry Cerf
              25. [+]
                Biography Turgenev: The Man, His Art, and His Age, by Av... - 5 Reviews
                1. Turgenev: The Man, His Art, and His Age by Avrahm Yarmolinsky
                2. Over My Left Shoulder by Robert H. Davis
                3. William Henry Harrison: A Political Biography by Dorothy Burne Goebel
                4. An Autobiography of Abraham Lincoln by Nathaniel Wright Stephenson and Abraham Lincoln, ...
                5. Mother Dear: The Empress Marie of Russia and Her Times by Vladimir Poliakoff
              26. [+]
                Public Affairs The Oil War, by Anton Mohr - 12 Reviews
                1. The Oil War by Anton Mohr
                2. Foundations of the Republic by Calvin Coolidge
                3. Imperialism and World Politics by Parker Thomas Moon
                4. The Meaning of Adult Education by Edward C. Lindeman
                5. The Geographic Background of Chicago by J. Paul Goode
                6. New Tactics in Social Conflict by Harry W. Laidler and Norman Thomas
                7. The World's Debt to the Irish by James J. Walsh
                8. The New Universe by Baker Brownell
                9. Everybody's Job by William W. Williams
                10. The Consumers' Co-Operative Movement in Illinois by Colston Estey Warne
                11. The Urban Community by Ernest Watson Burgess
                12. Asia in the Twentieth Century by A. Frederick Whyte
              27. [+]
                Anthologies American Criticism, 1926, by William A. Drake - 3 Reviews
                1. American Criticism, 1926 by William A. Drake
                2. Current Reviews by Lewis Worthington Smith
                3. The Mind of Rome by Cyril Bailey
              28. [+]
                History The American Civil War, by David Knowles - 3 Reviews
                1. The American Civil War by David Knowles
                2. A History of Minnesota by William Watts Folwell
                3. English Men and Manners in the Eighteenth Century by Arthur S. Turberville
              29. [+]
                The Fine Arts An Interpretation, a Credo, and Ten Drawings, ... - 2 Reviews
                1. An Interpretation, a Credo, and Ten Drawings by Alexander King
                2. So This Is Jazz! by Henry O. Osgood
              30. [+]
                Reprints Delineations of American Scenery and Character... - 2 Reviews
                1. Delineations of American Scenery and Character by John James Audubon and Francis Hobart Herrick, ...
                2. The Ballad of Agincourt and the Ode to the Virginian Voyage by Michael Drayton
              31. Editorial Notes
            3. [+]
              March 1927 Issue = 34 Articles
              1. Have Painters Minds? by Thomas Craven, pp. 257-262
              2. Think Stuff Unwanted by Horace J. Hubbell, pp. 263-267
              3. Santa Fe Sketches by Carl Sandburg, pp. 268-272
              4. Eminence by Ruth Suckow, pp. 273-280
              5. Editorial, pp. 281-283
              6. Memoirs of a Four-Minute Man by E.T. Saintsbury, pp. 284-291
              7. The First Day by Robert Joyce Tasker, pp. 292-299
              8. Americana, pp. 300-305
              9. Elusive America by John Cowper Powys, pp. 306-309
              10. At the Court of St. Calvin by Duff Gilfond, pp. 310-315
              11. Beethoven by O.G. Sonneck, pp. 316-319
              12. Keeping Up with the Infantry by Robert Ginsburgh, pp. 320-323
              13. Anarchist's Progress by Albert Jay Nock, pp. 324-334
              14. Slaves of Democracy by H.E. Buchholz, pp. 335-343
              15. The Yiddish Press by Philip Rubin, pp. 344-353
              16. The Laws We Escape by William Seagle, pp. 354-363
              17. Aesculapius in Manhattan by Henry F. Pringle, pp. 364-369
              18. Clinical Notes by George Jean Nathan, pp. 370-372
              19. The Theatre by George Jean Nathan, pp. 373-378
              20. [+]
                Portrait of a Lady by H.L. Mencken, p. 379 - 1 Review
                1. The Case of Mr. Crump by Ludwig Lewisohn
              21. [+]
                Die Polizei by H.L. Mencken, pp. 380-381 - 1 Review
                1. The Story of Scotland Yard by George Dilnot
              22. [+]
                Literary Confidences by H.L. Mencken, pp. 382-383 - 2 Reviews
                1. Tar: A Midwest Childhood by Sherwood Anderson
                2. More Miles by Harry Kemp
              23. The American Mercury Authors, pp. 384-418
              24. [+]
                Check List of New Books - 8 Reviews
                1. Ranching with Roosevelt by Lincoln A. Lang
                2. The Yankee Whaler by Clifford W. Ashley
                3. From Myth to Reason by Woodbridge Riley
                4. The Third British Empire by Alfred E. Zimmern
                5. Chaucer and the Mediaeval Sciences by Walter Clyde Curry
                6. Turkey by Arnold J. Toynbee and Kenneth P. Kirkwood
                7. The Adventure of Man by F. Crossfield Happold
                8. Old Towpaths by Alvin F. Harlow
              25. [+]
                The Sciences The Early Mental Traits of Three Hundred Geniu... - 3 Reviews
                1. The Early Mental Traits of Three Hundred Geniuses by Catherine Morris Cox
                2. The Prostate Gland by Chester Tilton Stone
                3. The Nature of the World and of Man by Horatio H. Newman
              26. [+]
                Public Affairs The Khaki Cabinet and Old Manila, by Walter J.... - 11 Reviews
                1. The Khaki Cabinet and Old Manila by Walter J. Robb
                2. Social Progress by Ulysses G. Weatherly
                3. Man Is War by John Franklin Carter
                4. The Pulse of Progress by Ellsworth Huntington
                5. Elements of Political Education by Aleksandr I. Berdnikov and F. Svetlov
                6. Political and Industrial Democracy, 1776-1926 by William Jett Lauck
                7. American Labor and American Democracy by William English Walling
                8. The Gang by Frederic M. Thrasher
                9. Aspects of Mexican Civilization by Jose Vasconcelos and Manuel Gamio
                10. Some Mexican Problems by Moises Saenz and Herbert I. Priestley
                11. The British General Strike by Scott Nearing
              27. [+]
                Biography Guy de Maupassant: A Biographical Study, by Er... - 4 Reviews
                1. Guy de Maupassant: A Biographical Study by Ernest A. Boyd
                2. The Great Woman Statesman by Nanette B. Paul
                3. Her Majesty by Elsie Thornton-Cook
                4. The Book Without a Name by Edwin A.R. Rumball-Petre
              28. [+]
                Text-Books The Individual and the Social Order, by Joseph... - 2 Reviews
                1. The Individual and the Social Order by Joseph Alexander Leighton
                2. The Book of Play Production for Little Theaters, Schools and Colleges by Milton M. Smith
              29. [+]
                Reprints Winds of Doctrine, and Platonism and the Spiri... - 3 Reviews
                1. Winds of Doctrine, and Platonism and the Spiritual Life by George Santayana
                2. Memoirs of Thomas Holcroft by Thomas Holcroft
                3. Thirty Years' Musical Recollections by Henry F. Chorley
              30. [+]
                The Theatre The Plays of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, by Ric... - 3 Reviews
                1. The Plays of Richard Brinsley Sheridan by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
                2. Little Theatre Organization and Management by Alexander Dean
                3. New Plays for Mummers by Glenn Hughes
              31. [+]
                The Fine Arts A History of Caricature, by Bohun Lynch - 2 Reviews
                1. A History of Caricature by Bohun Lynch
                2. Pieter Bruegel the Elder by Virgil Barker
              32. [+]
                Fiction The Mathematics of Guilt, by Isabel Ostrander - 14 Reviews
                1. The Mathematics of Guilt by Isabel Ostrander
                2. Blindness by Henry Green
                3. High Silver by Anthony Richardson
                4. The Pleasure Lover by E.H.W. Meyerstein
                5. Summer Storm by Frank Swinnerton
                6. The Magic Flight by Joseph Gaer
                7. The Goat Without Horns by Beale Davis
                8. Kasriel the Watchman, and Other Stories by Rufus Learsi
                9. The Yellow-Maned Lion by Ernest Glanville
                10. The Clio by L.H. Myers
                11. The Golden Key by Henry Van Dyke
                12. The Two Virginities by Herbert S. Gorman
                13. The Spite of Heaven by Oliver Onions
                14. Page Mr. Tutt by Arthur Train
              33. [+]
                Miscellaneous The Spell of the Turf, by Samuel C. Hildreth a... - 3 Reviews
                1. The Spell of the Turf by Samuel C. Hildreth and James R. Crowell
                2. Read 'Em and Weep by Sigmund Gottfried Spaeth
                3. Arguments and Addresses of Joseph Hodges Choate by Frederick C. Hicks and Joseph Hodges Choate
              34. Editorial Notes
            4. [+]
              April 1927 Issue = 36 Articles
              1. The Associated Press by Dewey M. Owens, pp. 385-393
              2. Go Down, Death! A Funeral Sermon by James Weldon Johnson, pp. 394-395
              3. The Youngest Generation by Chester T. Crowell, pp. 396-403
              4. Hemp by James M. Cain, pp. 404-409
              5. Boomer of the Skidroad by Kate Mullen, pp. 410-414
              6. Editorial, pp. 415-417
              7. The Socialists in the War by James Oneal, pp. 418-426
              8. Americana, pp. 427-433
              9. Vox Mazuma by Henry F. Pringle, pp. 434-441
              10. The Harpsichord by Grace Overmyer, pp. 442-444
              11. New Uses for Salt by James Wynn, pp. 445-448
              12. Harriet Beecher Stowe by G.D. Eaton, pp. 449-459
              13. Dwellers in Neurotica by Eleanor Rowland Wembridge, pp. 460-465
              14. The Education of a Journalist by W.A.S. Douglas, pp. 466-469
              15. A Short View of St.Louis by Arthur Strawn, pp. 470-477
              16. Funeral Orgies by Duff Gilfond, pp. 478-485
              17. Portrait of a Rolling-Mill by Malcolm B. Susser, pp. 486-494
              18. Three Poems by John McClure, p. 495
              19. Clinical Notes by George Jean Nathan, pp. 496-499
              20. The Theatre by George Jean Nathan, pp. 500-505
              21. [+]
                Man of God: American Style by H.L. Mencken, pp. 506-507 - 1 Review
                1. Elmer Gantry by Sinclair Lewis
              22. [+]
                The Origin of Species by H.L. Mencken, pp. 508-509 - 1 Review
                1. Symbiotism and the Origin of Species by Ivan E. Wallin
              23. [+]
                Man and His Instincts, p. 510 - 1 Review
                1. The Natural History of Our Conduct by William E. Ritter
              24. The American Mercury Authors, p. 511
              25. Index to Volume X, pp. 512-546
              26. [+]
                Check List of New Books - 5 Reviews
                1. Gilbert and Sullivan by Augustine H. Godwin
                2. Words and Music by Sigmund Gottfried Spaeth
                3. Pastiche by Yvonne Cloud
                4. Music and Music Makers by Constance Morse
                5. J. Francis Murphy by Eliot Candee Clark
              27. [+]
                Criticism Robinson Jeffers, by George Sterling - 5 Reviews
                1. Robinson Jeffers by George Sterling
                2. New Methods for the Study of Literature by Edith Rickert
                3. John Galsworthy as a Dramatic Artist by Robert Hay Coats
                4. The Patriot Novelist of Poland: Henryk Sienkiewicz by Monica M. Gardner
                5. Rabindranath Tagore by Edward J. Thompson
              28. [+]
                The Sciences Our Own and Our Cousins' Eyes, by Thomas Hall ... - 4 Reviews
                1. Our Own and Our Cousins' Eyes by Thomas Hall Shastid
                2. The New Science and the Old Religion by Thornwell Jacobs
                3. The Conquest of Disease by Thurman B. Rice
                4. Fogs and Clouds by W.J. Humphreys
              29. [+]
                History An Outline Introduction to the History of Reli... - 3 Reviews
                1. An Outline Introduction to the History of Religions by Theodore Henry Robinson
                2. A History of the Ancient World by Michael I. Rostovtzeff
                3. Main Currents in the History of American Journalism by Willard Grosvenor Bleyer
              30. [+]
                Education Federal and State School Administration, by Wi... - 3 Reviews
                1. Federal and State School Administration by William A. Cook
                2. Adult Education by Joseph K. Hart
                3. School Supervision: In Theory and Practice by Ellsworth Collings
              31. [+]
                Public Affairs The New Korea, by Alleyne Ireland - 11 Reviews
                1. The New Korea by Alleyne Ireland
                2. Farmers of Forty Centuries by F.H. King
                3. Southern Albania or Northern Epirus in European International Affairs, 1912-1923 by Edith Pierpont Stickney
                4. The American Race Problem by Edward Byron Reuter
                5. China and Her Political Entity by Shuhsi Hsu
                6. German After-War Problems by Kuno Francke
                7. Present Day Japan by Yusuke Tsurumi
                8. The Babbitt Warren by C.E.M. Joad
                9. The Meaning of a Liberal Education by Everett Dean Martin
                10. Birth Control Laws by Mary Ware Dennett
                11. Sex Freedom and Social Control by Charles W. Margold
              32. [+]
                Biography John Wyclif: A Study of the English Medieval C... - 5 Reviews
                1. John Wyclif: A Study of the English Medieval Church by Herbert B. Workman
                2. The Life and Works of Francis Hopkinson by George Everett Hastings
                3. Who's Who in American Jewry, 1926 by Julius Schwartz and Solomon Aaron Kaye
                4. Whitman: An Interpretation in Narrative by Emory Holloway
                5. Luther Burbank by Frederick W. Clampett
              33. [+]
                Reprints Imperialism, by Vladimir I. Lenin - 7 Reviews
                1. Imperialism by Vladimir I. Lenin
                2. Individual Liberty by Benjamin R. Tucker
                3. The Essentials of Marx by Karl Marx and Algernon Lee
                4. George Washington's Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation by Charles Moore and George Washington
                5. The Mistress by Abraham Cowley
                6. The Evolution of Modern Capitalism by John A. Hobson
                7. Saint's Progress by John Galsworthy
              34. [+]
                Reference Books The Winston Implified Dictionary, by William D... - 2 Reviews
                1. The Winston Implified Dictionary by William Dodge Lewis and Edgar A. Singer
                2. Pierre Key's Music Year-Book by P.V.R. Key
              35. [+]
                Fiction The Painted City, by Mary Badger Wilson - 5 Reviews
                1. The Painted City by Mary Badger Wilson
                2. Shoot! by Luigi Pirandello
                3. The Pacer by Viola Paradise
                4. The Delectable Mountains by M. Struthers Burt
                5. The Young Anarchy by Philip Gibbs
              36. Editorial Notes
            5. [+]
              May 1927 Issue = 37 Articles
              1. Masters of Pedagogy by T.N. Gillespie, pp. 1-12
              2. Are Explorers to Join the Dodo? by Vilhjalmur Stefansson, pp. 13-18
              3. The Citadel of Thrift by Dane Yorke, pp. 19-25
              4. Five Poems by Sherwood Anderson, pp. 26-27
              5. Editorial, pp. 28-30
              6. The Mortician by Elmer Davis, pp. 31-40
              7. Americana, pp. 41-47
              8. Couzens of Michigan by Frank R. Kent, pp. 48-55
              9. The Old Ladies' Man by Ferner Nuhn, pp. 56-64
              10. George Sterling at Carmel by Mary Austin, pp. 65-72
              11. The Southern Accent by Burton Rascoe, pp. 73-74
              12. Toothache by Howard R. Raper, pp. 75-77
              13. Gilbert and Sullivan in America by Isaac Goldberg, pp. 78-83
              14. Evolution While You Watch by Emmett Reid Dunn, pp. 84-90
              15. The Amusement Octopus by Don Carle Gillette, pp. 91-99
              16. Pearls by Henry Tetlow, pp. 100-103
              17. The Great Medicine Road by Bernard De Voto, pp. 104-112
              18. Clinical Notes by George Jean Nathan, pp. 113-115
              19. The Theatre by George Jean Nathan, pp. 116-122
              20. [+]
                The Powers of the Air by H.L. Mencken, pp. 123-124 - 1 Review
                1. The History of Witchcraft and Demonology by Montague Summers
              21. [+]
                American Speech by H.L. Mencken, p. 125 - 1 Review
                1. A Dictionary of English Pronunciation with American Variants by Harold E. Palmer, J. Victor Martin, and F.G. Blandford, ...
              22. [+]
                The Art of Barabbas by H.L. Mencken, pp. 126-127 - 1 Review
                1. The Truth About Publishing by Stanley Unwin
              23. The American Mercury Authors, pp. 128-162
              24. [+]
                Check List of New Books - 13 Reviews
                1. The Undefeated by Gerald W. Johnson
                2. Adventures in Habit-Craft by Henry Park Schauffler
                3. Diminishing Returns in Agriculture by E. Lester Patton
                4. Five Weeks by Jonathan French Scott
                5. France by Sisley Huddleston
                6. The Negro in American Life by Jerome Dowd
                7. Social Differentiation by Cecil Clare North
                8. American Soundings by John St. Loe Strachey
                9. What Is News? by Gerald W. Johnson
                10. Sex and the Love-Life by William J. Fielding
                11. Family Disorganization by Ernest R. Mowrer
                12. The Inequality of Human Races by Arthur de Gobineau
                13. Social Adjustment by Robert C. Dexter
              25. [+]
                Biography Victor Hugo: The Man and the Poet, by William ... - 9 Reviews
                1. Victor Hugo: The Man and the Poet by William F. Giese
                2. Napoleon: The Man of Destiny by Emil Ludwig
                3. The Early Life and Letters of John Morley by Francis W. Hirst and John Morley
                4. The Autobiography and Memoirs of Benjamin Robert Haydon, 1786-1846 by Benjamin Robert Haydon
                5. Wild Bill Hickock by Frank J. Wilstach
                6. Samuel Butler and His Family Relations by Martha R. Garnett
                7. George the Fourth by Shane Leslie
                8. Crashing Thunder by Paul Radin
                9. Personal Reminiscences of Auguste Rodin by Anthony M. Ludovici
              26. [+]
                History The Legacy of the Middle Ages, by Charles Geor... - 6 Reviews
                1. The Legacy of the Middle Ages by Charles George Crump and Ernest Fraser Jacob
                2. Hawkers and Walkers in Early America by Richardson Wright
                3. Spanish Alta California by Alberta Johnston Denis
                4. Mississippi Steamboatin' by Herbert Quick and Edward Quick
                5. History of Prostitution by Paul LaCroix
                6. A History of Hebrew Civilization by Alfred Bertholet
              27. [+]
                Anthologies The Copeland Reader, by Charles Townsend Copeland - 2 Reviews
                1. The Copeland Reader by Charles Townsend Copeland
                2. The Best Short Stories of 1926 by Edward J. O'Brien
              28. [+]
                Education Procrustes, by M. Alderton Link - 2 Reviews
                1. Procrustes by M. Alderton Link
                2. Correspondence Schools, Lyceums, Chautauquas by John S. Noffsinger
              29. [+]
                The Sciences Myth in Primitive Psychology, by Bronislaw Mal... - 3 Reviews
                1. Myth in Primitive Psychology by Bronislaw Malinowski
                2. Science and Poetry by I.A. Richards
                3. Maori Symbolism by Ettie A. Rout
              30. [+]
                The Fine Arts The Spanish House for America, by Rexford Newcomb - 3 Reviews
                1. The Spanish House for America by Rexford Newcomb
                2. Terpander, or Music and the Future by Edward J. Dent
                3. Orpheus, or The Music of the Future by W.J. Turner
              31. [+]
                Criticism William Blake, by Osbert Burdett - 7 Reviews
                1. William Blake by Osbert Burdett
                2. Edwin Arlington Robinson by Ben Ray Redman
                3. The Frontier in American Literature by Lucy Lockwood Hazard
                4. Amy Lowell: A Critical Study by Clement Wood
                5. The Prairie and the Making of Middle America by Dorothy Anne Dondore
                6. Gautier and the Romantics by John Garber Palache
                7. Milton's Semitic Studies, and Some Manifestations of Them in His Poetry by Harris Francis Fletcher
              32. [+]
                Reference Books Style-Book for Writers and Editors, by C.O. Sy... - 2 Reviews
                1. Style-Book for Writers and Editors by C.O. Sylvester Mawson
                2. The South American Handbook, 1927 by J.A. Hunter
              33. [+]
                Reprints The Invisible Collection, by Stefan Zweig - 5 Reviews
                1. The Invisible Collection by Stefan Zweig
                2. The Autobiography of William Butler Yeats by William Butler Yeats
                3. Variety by Paul Valery
                4. Figures of the Past by Josiah Quincy
                5. A Sentimental Journey, Letters to Elieza, and Other Pieces by Laurence Sterne and Wilbur L. Cross
              34. [+]
                Travel The Gentle Art of Tramping, by Stephen Graham - 2 Reviews
                1. The Gentle Art of Tramping by Stephen Graham
                2. Tramping Through Palestine by Milton J. Goell
              35. [+]
                Fiction Rhapsody: A Dream Novel, by Arthur Schnitzler - 4 Reviews
                1. Rhapsody: A Dream Novel by Arthur Schnitzler
                2. The Gypsy by William B. Trites
                3. The City Without Jews by Hugo Bettauer
                4. The Minister's Daughter by Hildur Dixelius
              36. [+]
                Miscellaneous The Greek Idyls, by Marion Mills Miller - 5 Reviews
                1. The Greek Idyls by Marion Mills Miller
                2. The Friendly Year by George Sidney Webster and Henry Van Dyke
                3. Shen of the Sea by Arthur Bowie Chrisman
                4. Little Benny's Book by Lee Pape
                5. Achievement: How It Is Won by Edward W. Bok
              37. Editorial Notes
            6. [+]
              June 1927 Issue = 36 Articles
              1. J. P. the Younger by W.M. Walker, pp. 129-136
              2. The Problem of Medical Service by Wm. Allen Pusey, pp. 137-142
              3. The Big Shops of the Law by John Walker Harrington, pp. 143-149
              4. Dance of Masks by Ruth Lechlitner, pp. 150-151
              5. LaGuardia of Harlem by Duff Gilfond, pp. 152-158
              6. Editorial, pp. 159-161
              7. A Man Is Hanged by Robert Joyce Tasker, pp. 162-170
              8. Americana, pp. 171-176
              9. The Higher Learning Goes to War by Charles Angoff, pp. 177-191
              10. Eremites of the Brush by Sadakichi Hartmann, pp. 192-195
              11. Remains of Early Man in the United States by Cornelia H. Dam, pp. 196-199
              12. On Public Service by Idwal Jones, pp. 200-207
              13. Jungle Dusk by Emily Clark, pp. 208-211
              14. Syndicate Stuff by Dewey M. Owens, pp. 212-219
              15. The Fellowship of the Fiddle by Chloe Arnold, pp. 220-226
              16. Sandwiches and Sex Appeal by W.A.S. Douglas, pp. 227-231
              17. Hands by Mary J. Elmendorf, pp. 232-233
              18. Lowell by Karl Schriftgiesser, pp. 234-240
              19. Clinical Notes by George Jean Nathan, pp. 241-244
              20. The Theatre by George Jean Nathan, pp. 245-250
              21. [+]
                Old Ludwig and His Ways by H.L. Mencken, pp. 251-252 - 1 Review
                1. The Unconscious Beethoven by Ernest Newman
              22. [+]
                The Decline of Man by H.L. Mencken, p. 253 - 1 Review
                1. Man: An Indictment by Anthony M. Ludovici
              23. [+]
                The Hound of Hell, pp. 254-255 - 1 Review
                1. Colonel Bob Ingersoll by Cameron Rogers
              24. The American Mercury Authors, pp. 256-290
              25. [+]
                Check List of New Books - 11 Reviews
                1. Annals of the New York Stage by George C.D. Odell
                2. French Society in the Eighteenth Century by Louis Ducros
                3. A History of the Cuban Republic by Charles E. Chapman
                4. China: Yesterday and Today by Edward Thomas Williams
                5. A History of the Jewish People by Max L. Margolis and Alexander Marx
                6. Bessarabia by Charles Upson Clark
                7. The War Myth in United States History by Charles H. Hamlin
                8. Canada: The Great River, the Lands and the Men by Marion I. Newbigin
                9. The World Crisis, 1911-1918 by Winston Churchill
                10. The Land of Magellan by William S. Barclay
                11. The Narrative of Samuel Hancock, 1845-1860 by Samuel Hancock
              26. [+]
                Public Affairs Main Street and Wall Street, by William Z. Ripley - 9 Reviews
                1. Main Street and Wall Street by William Z. Ripley
                2. In China: 1920-1921 by Abel Bonnard
                3. Artifex, Or, the Future of Craftsmanship by John Gloag
                4. Fascism by Giuseppe Prezzolini
                5. The Case of Sacco and Vanzetti by Felix Frankfurter
                6. Italy and Fascismo by Luigi Sturzo
                7. Getting Out the Vote by Harold F. Gosnell
                8. America Comes of Age by Andre Siegfried
                9. Les Etats-Unis d'Aujourd'Hui by Andre Siegfried
              27. [+]
                Criticism The Later Realism, by Walter L. Myers - 6 Reviews
                1. The Later Realism by Walter L. Myers
                2. Essays on Literature and Life by Arthur Clutton-Brock
                3. Twelve Great Modernists by Lawrence F. Abbott
                4. Moderna Amerikaner by Ruben G. Berg
                5. Emerson and Others by Van Wyck Brooks
                6. Ralph Waldo Emerson's Geisteswelt by Paul Sakmann
              28. [+]
                Religion The Life of Prayer in a World of Science, by W... - 4 Reviews
                1. The Life of Prayer in a World of Science by William Adams Brown
                2. Was Jesus an Historical Person? by Elwood Worcester
                3. The Kingdom of Happiness by Jeddu Krishnamurti
                4. The Trial of Jesus by George W. Thompson
              29. [+]
                Essays The Golden Complex: A Defence of Inferiority, ... - 6 Reviews
                1. The Golden Complex: A Defence of Inferiority by Lee Wilson Dodd
                2. A Call to Order by Jean Cocteau
                3. Sibylla, or the Revival of Prophecy by C.A. Mace
                4. The Future of Futurism by John Rodker
                5. Ironical Tales by Laurence Housman
                6. Essays in Memory of Barrett Wendell by William R. Castle
              30. [+]
                Travel A Voyage to the South Seas, by John Bulkeley a... - 4 Reviews
                1. A Voyage to the South Seas by John Bulkeley and John Cummins
                2. Brimstone and Chili by Carleton Beals
                3. In Boreo Jungles: Among the Dyak Headhunters by William O. Krohn
                4. Mallorca the Magnificent by Nina Larrey Duryea
              31. [+]
                The Theatre Field God, and In Abraham's Bosom, by Paul Green - 3 Reviews
                1. Field God, and In Abraham's Bosom by Paul Green
                2. Let's Go To the Movies by Iris Barry
                3. Three Plays for a Children's Theatre by Florence Kiper Frank
              32. [+]
                Literature To Begin with, by Raymond Pearl - 2 Reviews
                1. To Begin with by Raymond Pearl
                2. A History of Russian Literature by D.S. Mirsky
              33. [+]
                The Fine Arts Charles Demuth, by A.E. Gallatin - 2 Reviews
                1. Charles Demuth by A.E. Gallatin
                2. Art Epochs and Their Leaders by Oskar Hagen
              34. [+]
                Biography Memoirs of a Revolutionist, by Vera Figner - 6 Reviews
                1. Memoirs of a Revolutionist by Vera Figner
                2. Prosper Merimee: A Mask and a Face by George H. Johnstone
                3. The Riddle of the Immortal Beloved by O.G. Sonneck
                4. The Diary of Elbridge Gerry, Jr. by Claude G. Bowers and Elbridge Gerry, Jr.
                5. Fire Under the Andes by Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant
                6. The True Story of My Life by Hans Christian Andersen
              35. Editorial Notes
              36. [+]
                Fiction Andy Brandt's Ark, by Edna Bryner - 5 Reviews
                1. Andy Brandt's Ark by Edna Bryner
                2. The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Hanns Heinz Ewers
                3. The Longest Shadow by Jeffery E. Jeffery
                4. The Admiral and Others by Peggy Temple
                5. The Band Plays Dixie by Morris Markey
            7. [+]
              July 1927 Issue = 37 Articles
              1. Forests and Floods by Willis Luther Moore, pp. 257-263
              2. Saloon Days by James Stevens, pp. 264-275
              3. Food Fads and Nutrition Nonsense by Arthur J. Cramp, pp. 276-281
              4. And Guinevere... by Joan Dareth Prosper, p. 282
              5. A Bankruptcy Fire-Sale by Charles A. Beard, pp. 283-287
              6. Editorial, pp. 288-290
              7. Elijah the Third by James L. Dwyer, pp. 291-299
              8. Pittsburgh Peeps at the Stars by George Seibel, pp. 300-306
              9. Americana, pp. 307-312
              10. Prisoner of War No.3598 by Erich Posselt, pp. 313-323
              11. Historical Science and the War Guilt by Clarence Walworth Alvord, pp. 324-326
              12. The Wolf-Pack by Vilhjalmur Stefansson, pp. 327-330
              13. Wind Machine by Duff Gilfond, pp. 331-340
              14. Pink by Leonard Hess, pp. 341-348
              15. The Wowsers Tackle the Movies by James R. Quirk, pp. 349-356
              16. A Town Is Built by Idwal Jones, pp. 357-364
              17. A Cure for Authors by Louis Sherwin, pp. 365-368
              18. Clinical Notes by George Jean Nathan, pp. 369-371
              19. The Theatre by George Jean Nathan, pp. 372-378
              20. [+]
                The Philosophy of Rotary by H.L. Mencken, pp. 379-380 - 1 Review
                1. Rotary by Frank H. Lamb
              21. [+]
                A Book for Bibbers by H.L. Mencken, p. 381 - 1 Review
                1. Wine and the Wine Lands of the World by Frank Hedges Butler
              22. [+]
                Psychology by H.L. Mencken, pp. 382-383 - 1 Review
                1. Psychology: A Simplification by Loyd Ring Coleman and Saxe Comrains
              23. The American Mercury Authors, pp. 384-410
              24. [+]
                Check List of New Books - 5 Reviews
                1. Shakespeare Studies by Elmer Edgar Stoll
                2. Marcel Proust: His Life and Work by Leon Pierre-Quint
                3. Romanticism by Lascelles Abercrombie
                4. Dante by John Jay Chapman
                5. Main Currents in American Thought by Vernon Louis Parrington
              25. [+]
                Biography Jean Paul Marat: A Study in Radicalism, by Lou... - 11 Reviews
                1. Jean Paul Marat: A Study in Radicalism by Louis R. Gottschalk
                2. Greater Than Napoleon: Scipio Africanus by B.H. Liddell Hart
                3. Young in the "Nineties" by Una Hunt
                4. American Masters of Social Science by Howard W. Odum
                5. Trumpets of Jubilee by Constance Mayfield Rourke
                6. The Prodigious Lover by Louis Barthou
                7. Liszt, Wagner, and the Princess by William Wallace
                8. The Memoirs of Baron N. Wrangel, 1847-1920 by Petr N. Wrangel
                9. Polonaise: The Life of Chopin by Guy de Pourtales
                10. Riata and Spurs by Charles A. Siringo
                11. The Ingenious Hidalgo: Miguel Cervantes by Han Ryner
              26. [+]
                History The Borderland in the Civil War, by Edward Con... - 3 Reviews
                1. The Borderland in the Civil War by Edward Conrad Smith
                2. Our House Divided by John Bach McMaster
                3. The Negro in the Reconstruction of Virginia by Alrutheus Ambush Taylor
              27. [+]
                Public Affairs Poorhouse Sweeney, by Ed Sweeney - 12 Reviews
                1. Poorhouse Sweeney by Ed Sweeney
                2. An Outline of Careers by Edward L. Bernays
                3. Should We Be Vaccinated? by Bernhard J. Stern
                4. Negro Labor in the United States, 1850-1925 by Charles H. Wesley
                5. Whither Democracy? by N.J. Lennes
                6. Where Is Civilization Going? by Scott Nearing
                7. Capital for Labor by W. Francis Lloyd and Bertram Austin
                8. That's New York! by Morris Markey and Johan Bull
                9. I, the Jew by Maurice Samuel
                10. Our Generation by Christine Este Gibbons
                11. How Red Is America? by Will Irwin
                12. The Youth Movement in China by Tsi C. Wang
              28. [+]
                Reference Books The Pocket Oxford Dictionary, - 3 Reviews
                1. The Pocket Oxford Dictionary
                2. Pierre Key's Music Year-Book by P.V.R. Key
                3. France on Ten Words a Day by H. McCarty-Lee
              29. [+]
                The Fine Arts Ludwig Van Beethoven's Pianoforte Sonatas, by ... - 4 Reviews
                1. Ludwig Van Beethoven's Pianoforte Sonatas by William Behrend
                2. Modern Painting by Frank Jewett Mather, Jr.
                3. The Story of Music by Paul Bekker
                4. Euterpe by Lionel R. McColvin
              30. [+]
                Essays Mole Philosophy and Other Essays, by Cassius J... - 2 Reviews
                1. Mole Philosophy and Other Essays by Cassius J. Keyser
                2. Adventures and Confessions by William Lyon Phelps
              31. [+]
                Textbooks Comparative Education, by Peter Sandiford - 2 Reviews
                1. Comparative Education by Peter Sandiford
                2. Public Welfare Administration by Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge
              32. [+]
                Religion The Rise, Decline and Fall of the Roman Religi... - 4 Reviews
                1. The Rise, Decline and Fall of the Roman Religion by James Ballantyne Hannay
                2. The Teaching of the Early Church of the Use of Wine and Strong Drink by Irving Woodworth Raymond
                3. Christianity in the Making by S.H. Hooke
                4. What Is Christian Science? by Thomas W. Wilby
              33. Editorial Notes
              34. [+]
                The Sciences Is Nature Cruel?, by J. Crowther Hirst - 4 Reviews
                1. Is Nature Cruel? by J. Crowther Hirst
                2. Four Thousand Years of Pharmacy by Charles H. LaWall
                3. Social Factors in Medical Progress by Bernhard J. Stern
                4. Nursery Guide by Louis W. Sauer
              35. [+]
                Reprints The Purple Land, by W.H. Hudson - 3 Reviews
                1. The Purple Land by W.H. Hudson
                2. The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini by Benvenuto Cellini
                3. Surnames by Ernest Weekley
              36. [+]
                Fiction Doomsday, by Warwick Deeping - 6 Reviews
                1. Doomsday by Warwick Deeping
                2. High Winds by Arthur Train
                3. Midsummer Music by Stephen Graham
                4. Shadows Waiting by Eleanor Carroll Chilton
                5. Green Forest by Nathalie Sedgwick Colby
                6. Red Pants, and Other Stories by John W. Thomason, Jr.
              37. [+]
                Miscellaneous A Naturalist at the Zoo, by E.G. Boulenger - 4 Reviews
                1. A Naturalist at the Zoo by E.G. Boulenger
                2. The Beginner's Garden by Louisa Y. King
                3. Arabic Literature by H.A.R. Gibb
                4. Murder at Smutty Nose, and Other Murders by Edmund Pearson
            8. [+]
              August 1927 Issue = 34 Articles
              1. In Praise of War by Arlington B. Conway, pp. 385-392
              2. The Caucasian Storms Harlem by Rudolph Fisher, pp. 393-398
              3. Skyscrapers for Art Museums by Lee Simonson, pp. 399-404
              4. College Elms and Chorus-Girls by Lillian Barrett, pp. 405-410
              5. Editorial, pp. 411-413
              6. The Historians Cut Loose by C. Hartley Grattan, pp. 414-430
              7. Americana, pp. 431-437
              8. Religion and "Who's Who" by Ellsworth Huntington and Leon F. Whitney, pp. 438-443
              9. New Hampshire by Oliver Jenkins, p. 444
              10. The Criticism of Painting in America by Thomas Craven, pp. 445-447
              11. Ain't by Wallace Rice, pp. 448-450
              12. Mr.Speaker by Duff Gilfond, pp. 451-458
              13. On the Mountain-Side by Elizabeth Madox Roberts, pp. 459-465
              14. A Prophetess of Doom by Elsie McCormick, pp. 466-473
              15. The Great Road by Walter Prichard Eaton, pp. 474-477
              16. The Old-Time Gangs of New York by Herbert Asbury, pp. 478-486
              17. Sam Houston by Sam Acheson, pp. 487-495
              18. Clinical Notes by George Jean Nathan, pp. 496-498
              19. The Theatre by George Jean Nathan, pp. 499-506
              20. [+]
                What Constitutes a State? by H.L. Mencken, pp. 507-510 - 1 Review
                1. The Modern State by R.M. MacIver
              21. The American Mercury Authors, p. 511
              22. Index to Volume XI, pp. 512-534
              23. [+]
                Check List of New Books - 4 Reviews
                1. From Bismarck to the World War by Erich Brandenburg
                2. American Opinion of France by Elizabeth Brett White
                3. The Peacemakers of 1864 by Edward Chase Kirkland
                4. A History of the Pharoahs, Vol. II by Arthur Weigall
              24. [+]
                The Sciences Introduction to the History of Science, Vol. I... - 7 Reviews
                1. Introduction to the History of Science, Vol. I by George Sarton
                2. The Tired Child by Max Seham and Grete Seham
                3. Creation: A History of Non-Evolutionary Theories by Edwin Tenney Brewster
                4. Saving Eyesight After Middle Age by J. Herbert Waite
                5. The Medicine Man by E.C. Dudley
                6. Your Nervous Child by Erwin Wexberg
                7. Mental Growth and Decline by H.L. Hollingworth
              25. [+]
                Travel Trader Horn, by Ethelreda Lewis and Alfred Alo... - 2 Reviews
                1. Trader Horn by Ethelreda Lewis and Alfred Aloysius Horn
                2. Jungle Paths and Inca Ruins by William Montgomery McGovern
              26. [+]
                Biography The Life of Buddha as Legend and History, by E... - 5 Reviews
                1. The Life of Buddha as Legend and History by Edward J. Thomas
                2. James Bryce by Herbert A.L. Fisher
                3. The Harvest of the Years by Luther Burbank and Wilbur Hall
                4. Thomas Paine: Prophet and Martyr of Democracy by Mary Agnes Best
                5. Disraeli by D.L. Murray
              27. [+]
                Religion Spiritual Values and Eternal Life, by Harry Em... - 2 Reviews
                1. Spiritual Values and Eternal Life by Harry Emerson Fosdick
                2. Judaism in the First Centuries of the Christian Era by George Foot Moore
              28. [+]
                Public Affairs Covering Washington, by J. Frederick Essary - 8 Reviews
                1. Covering Washington by J. Frederick Essary
                2. Sacrificed by Henry H. Klein
                3. The South Africans by Sarah Gertrude Millin
                4. The Great Delusion by Marion Whiteford Acworth
                5. Eight O'Clock Chapel by Cornelius Howard Patton and Walter Taylor Field, ...
                6. What and Why in China by Paul Hutchinson
                7. John the Common Weal by Henry Noble MacCracken
                8. Harmony Between Labor and Capital by Oscar Newfang
              29. [+]
                Reprints What's So and What Isn't, by John McClelland Work - 6 Reviews
                1. What's So and What Isn't by John McClelland Work
                2. Out of the Past by Raymond W. Postgate
                3. The House with the Green Shutters by George Douglas Brown
                4. Some Chinese Ghosts by Lafcadio Hearn
                5. The Half-Breed, and Other Stories by Walt Whitman
                6. Iridion by Count Zygmunt Krasinski and George Rapall Noyes, ...
              30. [+]
                Criticism One Word More On Browning, by Frances Theresa ... - 1 Review
                1. One Word More On Browning by Frances Theresa Russell
              31. [+]
                The Fine Arts John Sargent, by Evan Charteris - 2 Reviews
                1. John Sargent by Evan Charteris
                2. Portraits of Jews by Gilbert Stuart and Other Early American Artists by Hannah Ruth London
              32. [+]
                Fiction Sardonic Tales, by Auguste Villiers de L'Isle-... - 2 Reviews
                1. Sardonic Tales by Auguste Villiers de L'Isle-Adam
                2. Bernard Quesnay by Andre Maurois
              33. [+]
                Miscellaneous India's Past, by Arthur Anthony Macdonell - 8 Reviews
                1. India's Past by Arthur Anthony Macdonell
                2. The Opinions and Reflections of Napoleon by Lewis Claflin Breed and Napoleon
                3. Ask Me Another! by Justin Spafford and Lucien Esty
                4. Ask Me Too! by Jonathan N. Leonard
                5. The Foolish Question Book by H.I. Phillips
                6. Readings by Walter de la Mare and Thomas Quayle
                7. Letters to My Daughter by Leslie J. Swabacker
                8. The Story of a Wonder Man by Ring W. Lardner
              34. Editorial Notes
            9. [+]
              September 1927 Issue = 35 Articles
              1. We Rob a Bank by Ernest Booth, pp. 1-11
              2. Pittsburgh Plus by W.M. Walker, pp. 12-19
              3. To Youngsters of Easy Means by Albert Jay Nock, pp. 20-26
              4. Mad Movie Money by Welford Beaton, pp. 27-33
              5. Editorial, pp. 34-36
              6. Life, Death and the Negro by Louis I. Dublin, pp. 37-45
              7. Americana, pp. 46-50
              8. Licked by Sara Haardt, pp. 51-62
              9. Aaron Copland and His Jazz by Isaac Goldberg, pp. 63-64
              10. Asthma by Mark J. Gottlieb, pp. 65-67
              11. Advocatus Diaboli by Adolph E. Meyer, pp. 68-74
              12. The Sacred Poesy of the South by Clay Fulks, pp. 75-80
              13. I Am Thinking of Hurricanes by Willis Luther Moore, pp. 81-86
              14. The Grandma of the Muckrakers by Heber Blankenhorn, pp. 87-93
              15. Our Medieval Typography by Douglas C. McMurtrie, pp. 94-97
              16. Laundress by Meridel Le Sueur, pp. 98-101
              17. Montana Poets, pp. 102-105
              18. The Italian Theatre in New York by Giuseppe Cautela, pp. 106-112
              19. Clinical Notes by George Jean Nathan, pp. 113-116
              20. The Theatre by George Jean Nathan, pp. 117-122
              21. [+]
                Autopsy by H.L. Mencken, pp. 123-125 - 4 Reviews
                1. The Story of Civil Liberty in the United States by Leon Whipple
                2. Professional Patriots by Norman Hapgood, Sidney Howard, and John Hearley
                3. Re-Forging America by Lothrop Stoddard
                4. Understanding America by Langdon Mitchell
              22. [+]
                Caveat Against Science by H.L. Mencken, pp. 126-127 - 1 Review
                1. Science: The False Messiah by Clarence E. Ayres
              23. The American Mercury Authors, pp. 128-162
              24. [+]
                Check List of New Books - 10 Reviews
                1. Case for and Against Psychical Belief by Carl Murchison
                2. The Care of the Face by Oscar L. Levin
                3. Recent Developments in the Social Sciences by Edward Cary Hayes
                4. The New Medical Follies by Morris Fishbein
                5. The Seven Seals of Science by Joseph Mayer
                6. A Manual of Individual Mental Tests and Testing by Augusta F. Bronner, William Healy, and Gladys M. Lowe, ...
                7. Studies in Optics by A.A. Michelson
                8. Plant Hunting by Ernest H. Wilson
                9. The Human Body in Pictures by Jacob Sarnoff
                10. Evolution of Preventive Medicine by Arthur Newsholme
              25. [+]
                Public Affairs American Communism, by James Oneal - 9 Reviews
                1. American Communism by James Oneal
                2. Where Freedom Falters by Laurance Lyon
                3. Mother India by Katherine Mayo
                4. The Russian Imperial Conspiracy, 1892-1914 by Robert L. Owen
                5. War Against War by Ernst Friedrich
                6. Statesmanship or War? by John McAuley Palmer
                7. The Evil Religion Does by Morrison I. Swift
                8. Mirrors of the Year by Grant Overton
                9. A Frenchman Looks at the Peace by Alcide Ebray
              26. [+]
                History Struggle for the Falkland Islands, by Julius G... - 5 Reviews
                1. Struggle for the Falkland Islands by Julius Goebel, Jr.
                2. Pioneer Medicine in Western Pennsylvania by Theodore Diller
                3. The Spirit of '76, and Other Essays by Carl L. Becker, John Maurice Clark, and William E. Dodd, ...
                4. Roosevelt and the Caribbean by Howard C. Hill
                5. Rome by Michael I. Rostovtzeff
              27. [+]
                The Fine Arts The Second Book of Negro Spirituals, by James ... - 3 Reviews
                1. The Second Book of Negro Spirituals by James Weldon Johnson and J. Rosamond Johnson
                2. New Backgrounds for a New Age by Edwin Avery Park
                3. Studies in Recent Aesthetic by Katherine E. Gilbert
              28. [+]
                Criticism Selections from Robert Landor, by Eric Partrid... - 3 Reviews
                1. Selections from Robert Landor by Eric Partridge and Robert Landor
                2. Robert Eyres Landor by Eric Partridge
                3. The Modernity of Milton by Martin A. Larson
              29. [+]
                Biography Balzac, by Rene Benjamin - 9 Reviews
                1. Balzac by Rene Benjamin
                2. Carlyle at His Zenith, 1848-1853 by David Alec Wilson
                3. The Gentleman from the 22nd by Benjamin Antin
                4. Darwin by Gamaliel Bradford
                5. Struggles and Triumphs by P.T. Barnum and George S. Bryan
                6. Barnum's Own Story by P.T. Barnum and Waldo R. Browne
                7. An American Saga by Carl Christian Jensen
                8. Flaubert's Youth, 1821-1845 by Lewis Piaget Shanks
                9. The Rebellious Puritan by Lloyd R. Morris
              30. [+]
                Religion Why Religion?, by Horace M. Kallen - 2 Reviews
                1. Why Religion? by Horace M. Kallen
                2. Demoniality, or Incubi and Succubi by Ludovico Maria Sinistrari
              31. [+]
                Travel Along the Rivieras of France and Italy, by Gor... - 2 Reviews
                1. Along the Rivieras of France and Italy by Gordon Home
                2. Through Europe on Two Dollars a Day by Frank Schoonmaker
              32. Editorial Notes
              33. [+]
                Reprints Cooperative Democracy, by James Peter Warbasse - 12 Reviews
                1. Cooperative Democracy by James Peter Warbasse
                2. The Novels of Jane Austen by R.W. Chapman and Jane Austen
                3. The Poems of Charles Kingsley by Ernest Rhys and Charles Kingsley
                4. The Life of Charles Dickens by John Forster
                5. Avowals by George Moore
                6. Distributive Justice by John A. Ryan
                7. The Dialogues of Plato by William Chase Greene and Plato
                8. The Complete Works of Francois Villon by J.U. Nicolson and Francois Villon
                9. Il Pentamerone by Giovanni B. Basile
                10. Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by Laurence Sterne
                11. The Physiology of Taste by Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
                12. Down Stream by J.K. Huysmans
              34. [+]
                Fiction Max Havelaar, by Eduard Dekker - 13 Reviews
                1. Max Havelaar by Eduard Dekker
                2. The Spanish Farm Trilogy, 1914 to 1918 by R.H. Mottram
                3. Kit O'Brien by Edgar Lee Masters
                4. Migrations by Evelyn Scott
                5. Intimate Acrobatics by Donald Stites Fairchild
                6. Angel by DuBose Heyward
                7. The Fiddler in Barly by Robert Nathan
                8. The Allinghams by May Sinclair
                9. Lord Raingo by Arnold Bennett
                10. Mattock by James Stevens
                11. Mother Knows Best by Edna Ferber
                12. Pretty Creatures by William A. Gerhardie
                13. The Dark Dawn by Martha Ostenso
              35. [+]
                Miscellaneous Selected Works of Louis Lipsky, by Louis Lipsky - 2 Reviews
                1. Selected Works of Louis Lipsky by Louis Lipsky
                2. The Land's End by William H. Hudson
            10. [+]
              October 1927 Issue = 37 Articles
              1. Red, White and Blue by James M. Cain, pp. 129-134
              2. A Man of Heart by Arthur Strawn, pp. 135-143
              3. Bull Horrors by Jim Tully, pp. 144-150
              4. Evviva San Francisco by Idwal Jones, pp. 151-158
              5. Editorial, pp. 159-161
              6. Notes for a Comic History by George Seibel, pp. 162-170
              7. Princes of the Press by Raymond S. Tompkins, pp. 171-177
              8. The Broadway Mind by Benjamin DeCasseres, pp. 178-181
              9. Americana, pp. 182-187
              10. The Passing of Vaudeville by W.A.S. Douglas, pp. 188-194
              11. Under Which Flag? by Frederick Bausman, pp. 195-203
              12. The Decline of Illustration by Thomas Craven, pp. 204-206
              13. Quarter Tones---And Less by Grace Overmyer, pp. 207-210
              14. Good Pals by Ruth Suckow, pp. 211-221
              15. Lady Back-Slappers by Margaret Cobb, pp. 222-229
              16. Footnote to the War of 1812 by Julius W. Pratt, pp. 230-235
              17. Two-Head Doctors by M.S. Lea, pp. 236-240
              18. Clinical Notes by George Jean Nathan, pp. 241-243
              19. The Theatre by George Jean Nathan, pp. 244-249
              20. [+]
                Kultur in the Republic by H.L. Mencken, pp. 250-252 - 1 Review
                1. The Rise of American Civilization by Charles A. Beard and Mary R. Beard
              21. [+]
                Nonsense Out of the East by H.L. Mencken, p. 253 - 1 Review
                1. Hindu Mysticism by S.N. Dasgupta
              22. [+]
                Review by H.L. Mencken, pp. 254-255 - 1 Review
                1. The Cambridge Ancient History by I.E.S. Edwards, C.J. Gadd, N.G.L. Hammond, and E. Sollberger, ...
              23. The American Mercury Authors, pp. 256-290
              24. [+]
                Check List of New Books - 13 Reviews
                1. Circus Parade by Jim Tully
                2. Upton Sinclair: A Study in Social Protest by Floyd Dell
                3. Cannibal Nights by H.E. Raabe
                4. Virginians of Distinguished Service in the World War by Arthur Kyle Davis
                5. Virginia War History in Newspaper Clippings by Arthur Kyle Davis
                6. Virginia War Letters, Diaries and Editorials by Arthur Kyle Davis
                7. Virginia War Agencies by Arthur Kyle Davis
                8. Virginia Military Organizations in the World War by Arthur Kyle Davis
                9. Virginia Communities in War Time by Arthur Kyle Davis
                10. The Foundations of Modern Civilization by Harrison C. Thomas and William A. Hamm
                11. Five Years in Turkey by Liman von Sanders
                12. A History of American Foreign Relations by Louis Martin Sears
                13. China and Foreign Powers by Frederick Whyte
              25. [+]
                Public Affairs States' Rights and National Prohibition, by Ar... - 8 Reviews
                1. States' Rights and National Prohibition by Archibald E. Stevenson
                2. Industrial Relations in the Chicago Building Trades by Royal E. Montgomery
                3. On the Trail of the Russian Famine by Frank Alfred Golder and Lincoln Hutchinson
                4. The Main Stem by William Edge
                5. The Hobo by Nels Anderson
                6. The North Carolina Chain Gang by Jesse F. Steiner and Roy M. Brown
                7. Modern Palestine by A.S. Waldstein
                8. The Public and Its Problems by John Dewey
              26. [+]
                The Sciences The Normal Child, by Bernard Sachs - 2 Reviews
                1. The Normal Child by Bernard Sachs
                2. Heart and Athletics by Felix Deutsch and Emil Kauf
              27. [+]
                The Fine Arts Religious Folk-Songs of the Negro, by R. Natha... - 3 Reviews
                1. Religious Folk-Songs of the Negro by R. Nathaniel Dett
                2. Early American Trade Cards by Adele Jenny
                3. The Architect in History by Martin S. Briggs
              28. [+]
                Travel The Balearics and Their Peoples, by Frederick ... - 3 Reviews
                1. The Balearics and Their Peoples by Frederick C. Chamberlin
                2. The Harvest of a Quiet Eye by Odell Shepard
                3. Fifty Miles Around Paris by Cecilia Hill
              29. [+]
                Criticism An Introduction to the Study of Blake, by Max ... - 5 Reviews
                1. An Introduction to the Study of Blake by Max Plowman
                2. Messages by Ramon Fernandez
                3. D. H. Lawrence: Portrait of a Genius, But... by Richard Aldington
                4. Thomas Love Peacock by J.B. Priestley
                5. More Contemporary Americans by Percy H. Boynton
              30. [+]
                Religion Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Atheist,... - 3 Reviews
                1. Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Atheist by Marquis de Sade
                2. Jesus: A New Biography by Shirley Jackson Case
                3. Humanist Sermons by Curtis W. Reese
              31. [+]
                Literature The Poems of Richard Crashaw, by Leonard C. Ma... - 3 Reviews
                1. The Poems of Richard Crashaw by Leonard C. Martin and Richard Crashaw
                2. Book Reviewing by Wayne Gard
                3. Krylov's Fables by Ivan A. Krylov
              32. [+]
                Bibliography The First Printers of Chicago, by Douglas C. M... - 2 Reviews
                1. The First Printers of Chicago by Douglas C. McMurtrie
                2. A Bibliography of the Writings of Norman Douglas by Edward D. McDonald
              33. Editorial Notes
              34. [+]
                Essays The Colby Essays, by Frank Moore Colby and Cla... - 2 Reviews
                1. The Colby Essays by Frank Moore Colby and Clarence Day, Jr.
                2. Essays: On Literature History, Politics, Etc. by Leonard Woolf
              35. [+]
                Reprints Samuel Sewall's Diary, by Mark Van Doren and S... - 7 Reviews
                1. Samuel Sewall's Diary by Mark Van Doren and Samuel Sewall
                2. London's Essays of Revolt by Leonard D. Abbott
                3. Ruskin's Views of Social Justice by James Fuchs and John Ruskin
                4. The Socialism of Shaw by James Fuchs and Bernard Shaw
                5. Wells' Social Anticipations by Harry W. Laidler and H.G. Wells
                6. The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man by James Weldon Johnson
                7. Horace Walpole: A Memoir by Austin Dobson
              36. [+]
                Fiction The Bird of Fire, by Maria Moravsky - 10 Reviews
                1. The Bird of Fire by Maria Moravsky
                2. The Apple of the Eye by Glenway Wescott
                3. Tides by Ada Hilt Street and Julian Street
                4. The Brethren of the Axe by John Somers
                5. Typhon's Beard by John Vasseur
                6. The Drums of Panic by Martin Feinstein
                7. God Got One Vote by Frederick Hazlitt Brennan
                8. Tall Men by James Stuart Montgomery
                9. The Love-Child by Edith Olivier
                10. Dusty Answer by Rosamond Lehmann
              37. [+]
                Miscellaneous Epitaphs, Graveyard Humour and Eulogy, by Will... - 7 Reviews
                1. Epitaphs, Graveyard Humour and Eulogy by William H. Beable
                2. Letters of Lady Augusta Stanley by Albert Baillie, Hector Bolitho, and Augusta F.E.B. Stanley, ...
                3. Ship Model Making, Vol. II by E. Armitage McCann
                4. Runaway Days by Samuel Scoville, Jr.
                5. Bronx Ballads by Robert A. Simon
                6. Memoires for My Grandson by John Evelyn
                7. Norse Mythology by Peter Andreas Munch
            11. [+]
              November 1927 Issue = 36 Articles
              1. The Biology of Superiority by Raymond Pearl, pp. 257-266
              2. Egypt by W.A.S. Douglas, pp. 267-271
              3. Tom Heflin by John W. Owens, pp. 272-279
              4. A German Grandfather by Ruth Suckow, pp. 280-284
              5. Editorial, pp. 285-287
              6. Elegy in a Malty Mood by Benjamin DeCasseres, pp. 288-292
              7. Officers of the Court by Horace A. Davis, pp. 293-300
              8. Americana, pp. 301-305
              9. A Texas Chain-Gang by Ernest Booth, pp. 306-315
              10. Heat or Heredity? by Emmett Reid Dunn, pp. 316-318
              11. The Yugoslav Speech in America by Louis Adamic, pp. 319-321
              12. Body's Breviary by Joseph Warren Beach, pp. 322-326
              13. The Gods Confused by Oliver H.P. Garrett, pp. 327-334
              14. Deadwood the Dreadful by Duncan Aikman, pp. 335-343
              15. Churches in the Moronic Mode by F.R. Webber, pp. 344-351
              16. Flat Tires on the Farm by W.G. Clugston, pp. 352-358
              17. Days of Wickedness by Herbert Asbury, pp. 359-369
              18. Clinical Notes by George Jean Nathan, pp. 370-372
              19. The Theatre by George Jean Nathan, pp. 373-378
              20. [+]
                Revolutions by H.L. Mencken, pp. 379-381 - 1 Review
                1. The Natural History of Revolution by Lyford P. Edwards
              21. [+]
                Literary Shock Troops by H.L. Mencken, p. 382 - 1 Review
                1. The American Caravan by Alfred Kreymborg, Lewis Mumford, and Paul Rosenfeld, ...
              22. [+]
                What Constitutes a State?, p. 383 - 1 Review
                1. The Origin of the State by Robert H. Lowie
              23. The American Mercury Authors, pp. 384-426
              24. [+]
                Check List of New Books - 12 Reviews
                1. The Journal of William Maclay by Edgar S. Maclay and William Maclay
                2. Why Rome Fell by Edward Lucas White
                3. California: An Intimate History by Gertrude Atherton
                4. Lincoln and the Railroads by John W. Starr, Jr.
                5. In the Golden Nineties by Henry Collins Brown
                6. The Indians of North America by Edna Kenton
                7. Egypt by George Young
                8. Napoleon in Captivity by Julian Park and Count Aliksandr Balmain
                9. Mr. Belloc Still Objects to Mr. Wells's "Outline of History" by Hilaire Belloc
                10. Mr. Belloc Objects to "The Outline of History" by H.G. Wells
                11. A Companion to Mr. Wells's "Outline of History" by Hilaire Belloc
                12. The Greville Diary by Philip Whitwell Wilson and Charles Greville
              25. [+]
                Biography An Autobiography, by Benedetto Croce - 20 Reviews
                1. An Autobiography by Benedetto Croce
                2. The Three Sitwells by R.L. Megroz
                3. Navigator: The Story of Nathaniel Bowditch of Salem by Alfred Stanford
                4. The Private Diary of Leo Tolstoy, 1853-1857 by Aylmer Maude and Leo Tolstoy
                5. O Rare Ben Jonson! by Byron Steel
                6. Chopin by Henry Bidou
                7. James Lane Allen by John Wilson Townsend
                8. Genghiz Khan: The Emperor of All Men by Harold Lamb
                9. Joseph Conrad: Life and Letters by Gerard Jean-Aubry and Joseph Conrad
                10. Autobiography of Joseph Scaliger by George W. Robinson and Joseph J. Scaliger
                11. The Romance of Villon by Francis Carco
                12. Jacques Coeur: Merchant Prince of the Middle Ages by Albert Boardman Kerr
                13. Epoch: The Life of Steele MacKaye by Percy MacKaye
                14. The Journal of Katherine Mansfield by J. Middleton Murry and Katherine Mansfield
                15. Patriots Off Their Pedestals by Paul Wilstach
                16. Sir Charles Sedley, 1639-1701 by Vivian de Sola Pinto
                17. John Paul Jones: Man of Action by Phillips Russell
                18. Henry Ward Beecher: An American Portrait by Paxton Hibben
                19. Certain Rich Men by Meade Minnigerode
                20. The Life of Tim Healy by Liam O'Flaherty
              26. [+]
                Public Affairs Men of Destiny, by Walter Lippmann - 11 Reviews
                1. Men of Destiny by Walter Lippmann
                2. Juvenile Courts in the United States by Herbert H. Lou
                3. The Americanization of Labor by Robert W. Dunn
                4. Enemies of Youth by Deets Pickett
                5. The A-B-C of Prohibition by Fabian Franklin
                6. Industrial Prosperity and the Farmer by Russell C. Engberg
                7. The Press and Social Currents in Japan by Harry Emerson Wildes
                8. An Introduction to American Politics by Penfield Roberts
                9. On the Steppes by James N. Rosenberg
                10. Bolshevism, Fascism and Democracy by Francesco S. Nitti
                11. The Revolt of Modern Youth by Ben B. Lindsey and Wainwright Evans
              27. Editorial Notes
              28. [+]
                Criticism Montaigne, by Irene Cooper Willis - 2 Reviews
                1. Montaigne by Irene Cooper Willis
                2. Thomas Hardy by Lascelles Abercrombie
              29. [+]
                The Threatre The Development of the Theater, by Allardyce N... - 2 Reviews
                1. The Development of the Theater by Allardyce Nicoll
                2. But--Is It Art? by Percy Hammond
              30. [+]
                Religion The Life of Buddha, by A. Ferdinand Herold - 3 Reviews
                1. The Life of Buddha by A. Ferdinand Herold
                2. A Short Psychology of Religion by G.J. Jordan
                3. The Teaching of the Old Boy by Tom MacInnes
              31. [+]
                Literature French Poetry and Modern Industry, 1830-1870, ... - 2 Reviews
                1. French Poetry and Modern Industry, 1830-1870 by Elliott M. Grant
                2. A Chaucer Handbook by Robert Dudley French
              32. [+]
                The Sciences The Human Body, by Logan Clendening - 2 Reviews
                1. The Human Body by Logan Clendening
                2. The Romance of the Atom by Benjamin Harrow
              33. [+]
                Reprints Tolerance, by Hendrik Willem Van Loon - 4 Reviews
                1. Tolerance by Hendrik Willem Van Loon
                2. Travellers' Tales by Henry C. Adams
                3. Kropotkin's Revolutionary Pamphlets by Roger N. Baldwin and Peter Kropotkin
                4. Daughter of the Revolution, and Other Stories by John Reed
              34. [+]
                Reference Books A Comprehensive Guide to Good English, by Geor... - 2 Reviews
                1. A Comprehensive Guide to Good English by George Philip Krapp
                2. English Synonyms Explained in Alphabetical Order by George Crabb
              35. [+]
                Fiction Stuffed Peacocks, by Emily Clark - 7 Reviews
                1. Stuffed Peacocks by Emily Clark
                2. Count Ten by Mildred Evans Gilman
                3. Purse Strings by Edith M. Stern
                4. Coaster Captain by James B. Connolly
                5. Bed and Breakfast by Coralie von Werner Hobson
                6. Gallion's Reach by H.M. Tomlinson
                7. The Undercurrent by Edith Holland
              36. [+]
                Miscellaneous Solitaria, by V.V. Rozanov - 6 Reviews
                1. Solitaria by V.V. Rozanov
                2. Some Rogues and Vagabonds of Dickens by Walter Dexter
                3. My Beliefs by Luther Burbank
                4. What I Believe by William J. Robinson
                5. Wholesome Marriage by Ernest R. Groves and Gladys Hoagland Groves
                6. The Early Worm by Robert Benchley
            12. [+]
              December 1927 Issue = 35 Articles
              1. Our White Folks by George S. Schuyler, pp. 385-392
              2. Philosophers as Kings by Louis LeFevre, pp. 393-397
              3. Night-Thoughts by Virginia Moore, p. 398
              4. Ladies of the Mob by Ernest Booth, pp. 399-407
              5. Hearts and Flowers--And Cash by Henry F. Pringle, pp. 408-415
              6. Americana, pp. 416-420
              7. Professor Jerry Thomas by Herbert Asbury, pp. 421-430
              8. A Jury Case by Sherwood Anderson, pp. 431-434
              9. The Pacing White Mustang by J. Frank Dobie, pp. 435-442
              10. Piano Technique in the Light of Experiment by Otto Ortmann, pp. 443-445
              11. Prestige Among Indians by Robert H. Lowie, pp. 446-448
              12. The Grandson of the Liberator by R.L. Duffus, pp. 449-457
              13. Evolution, or What Have You? by Knight Dunlap, pp. 458-463
              14. The Vulgate in American Fiction by Wallace Rice, pp. 464-466
              15. Ten by Ferner Nuhn, pp. 467-475
              16. The Roll of Honor by T.J. Bartlett, pp. 476-484
              17. Now We Got Probeesh by Chester T. Crowell, pp. 485-489
              18. An American Master by Thomas Craven, pp. 490-497
              19. Clinical Notes by George Jean Nathan, pp. 498-500
              20. The Theatre by George Jean Nathan, pp. 501-506
              21. [+]
                The Races of Man by H.L. Mencken, p. 507 - 1 Review
                1. Environment and Race by Thomas Griffith Taylor
              22. [+]
                The Desert Epic by H.L. Mencken, pp. 508-509 - 2 Reviews
                1. Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather
                2. Wolf Song by Harvey Fergusson
              23. [+]
                A Comedy of Fig-Leaves by H.L. Mencken, p. 510 - 1 Review
                1. Something About Eve by James Branch Cabell
              24. The American Mercury Authors, p. 511
              25. Index to Volume XII, pp. 512-546
              26. [+]
                Check List of New Books - 9 Reviews
                1. Sex and Repression in Savage Society by Bronislaw Malinowski
                2. Science: Leading and Misleading by Arthur Lynch
                3. Dreams by Percy G. Stiles
                4. Further Contributions to the Theory and Technique of Psychoanalysis by Sandor Ferenczi
                5. Heredity and Human Affairs by Edward M. East
                6. The ABC of Psychology by Vance Randolph
                7. The Human Habitat by Ellsworth Huntington
                8. The Problem of Lay-Analyses by Sigmund Freud
                9. The Standardization of Error by Vilhjalmur Stefansson
              27. [+]
                History Wah-To-Yah and the Taos Trail, by Lewis H. Gar... - 6 Reviews
                1. Wah-To-Yah and the Taos Trail by Lewis H. Garrard
                2. The Freedmen's Savings Bank by Walter L. Fleming
                3. The Plague in Shakespeare's London by F.P. Wilson
                4. The Legacy of Israel by Edwyn Bevan and Charles Singer
                5. Turnpikes and Dirt Roads by Leighton Parks
                6. Our Times: America Finding Herself by Mark Sullivan
              28. [+]
                Religion The New Reformation, by Michael Pupin - 4 Reviews
                1. The New Reformation by Michael Pupin
                2. God and Pain by George Stewart
                3. The Radiant Story of Jesus by Alphonse Seche
                4. The Forgotten Books of Eden by Rutherford H. Platt, Jr.
              29. [+]
                Biography Portraits in Color, by Mary White Ovington - 10 Reviews
                1. Portraits in Color by Mary White Ovington
                2. Alfred E. Smith: A Critical Study by Henry F. Pringle
                3. "Boss" Tweed by Denis Tilden Lynch
                4. Transition by Will Durant
                5. Reminiscences of Adventure and Service by Major-General A.W. Greely
                6. Letters of Richard Wagner by Wilhelm Altmann and Richard Wagner
                7. Napoleon and His Women Friends by Gertrude Kuntze-Dolton Aretz
                8. Lord Northcliffe: A Study by R. McNair Wilson
                9. The Letters of Baudelaire by Charles Baudelaire
                10. Commodore Vanderbilt by Arthur D. Howden Smith
              30. [+]
                Public Affairs Homemaking: A Profession for Men and Women, by... - 17 Reviews
                1. Homemaking: A Profession for Men and Women by Elizabeth Macdonald and Forrester Macdonald
                2. The New Governments of Eastern Europe by Malbone W. Graham, Jr.
                3. The Prohibition Mania by Clarence Darrow and Victor S. Yarros
                4. British War Finance, 1914-1919 by Henry F. Grady
                5. The Life and Death of Sacco and Vanzetti by Eugene Lyons
                6. Materialism and Empirio-Criticism by V.I. Lenin
                7. Ballyhoo: The Voice of the Press by Silas Bent
                8. American Loans to Germany by Robert R. Kuczynski
                9. American Company Unions by Robert W. Dunn
                10. Old Sox on Trumpeting by E.T. Gundlach
                11. Political Myths and Economic Realities by Francis Delaisi
                12. Lars Porsena by Robert Graves
                13. Declining Liberty, and Other Papers by John A. Ryan
                14. The War on Modern Science by Maynard Shipley
                15. Do Americans Really Value Education? by Abraham Flexner
                16. The City Manager by Leonard D. White
                17. What the Employer Thinks by J. David Houser
              31. [+]
                The Fine Arts Modern Russian Composers, by Leonid Sabaneev - 6 Reviews
                1. Modern Russian Composers by Leonid Sabaneev
                2. The Art of Japan by Louis V. Ledoux
                3. Trees at Night by Art Young
                4. Chinese Art by R.L. Hobson
                5. The Rembrandt Drawings and Etchings by John C. Van Dyke
                6. The Schumanns and Johannes Brahms by Eugenie Schumann
              32. Editorial Notes
              33. [+]
                Literature The Life and Works of Edward Moore, by John Ho... - 3 Reviews
                1. The Life and Works of Edward Moore by John Homer Caskey
                2. Biography: The Literature of Personality by James Chapman Johnston
                3. Three Women Poets of Modern Japan by Glenn Hughes and Yozan T. Iswasaki
              34. [+]
                Reprints In the Midst of Life, by Ambrose Bierce - 9 Reviews
                1. In the Midst of Life by Ambrose Bierce
                2. Selected Papers of Bertrand Russell by Bertrand Russell
                3. Creative Education in School, College, University, and Museum by Henry Fairfield Osborn
                4. The Good Gray Poet by William Douglas O'Connor
                5. Jean-Christophe by Romain Rolland
                6. Castles in Spain, and Other Screeds by John Galsworthy
                7. The Story of a Country Town by E.W. Howe
                8. The Prose and Poetry of William Blake by Geoffrey Keynes and William Blake
                9. Proudhon's Solution of the Social Problem by Henry Cohen and P.-J. Proudhon
              35. [+]
                The Theatre The Art of Theatre-Going, by John Drinkwater - 4 Reviews
                1. The Art of Theatre-Going by John Drinkwater
                2. The Theatre by Stark Young
                3. The Best Plays of 1926-1927 by Burns Mantle
                4. Eight European Plays by Winifred Katzin
          2. [+]
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