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Via Rebecca McKinnon, someone in Canada is offering on eBay a “Tiananmen Massacre Medal Watch” provided by “an ex-PLA officer” to benefit an organization called the Tiananmen Mothers’ Campaign .

Bidding starts at $8964.18 (as in the eighteenth anniversary of the June 4 massacre of 1989).

The auction description states hopefully:

No local collection specialist has seen it before, it might be the only one existing outside China.

‘Fraid not.

I’ve got one of these babies. A friend in Beijing gave it to me shortly after the massacre, so I’m quite sure of its authenticity.

Courtesy of the eBay listing, here’s a picture of the watchface in all its doofy glory, with the hands cleverly positioned to look like a TV antenna sprouting out of the bewildered grunt’s helmet.

My version has a fancy metal wristband (not leather, like the one on offer) and came in a red and white plastic case reading: Presented to the Capital Martial Law Force ( 赠首都戒严部队).

Think I’ll hold on to mine for a bit.

You can bid on the eBay auction here .

(Republished from China Matters by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Tiananmen massacre 
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  1. Bill says: • Website

    I have one too, just like yours, not the one on ebay

  2. hallo84 says: • Website

    Well if it wasn’t for Tiananmen we we would’ve had another war with India. I remeber in early 1989 there were much troop mobilization going on. Especially even reserve units in Su Zhou were sent to the Indian boarder. The last warnings have been given to Indian ambassador. What a silver bullet they dodged.

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