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The Runaway Slave’s Lament
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Perhaps one of the most remarkable elements of the United States’ two-hundred year participation in legalized slavery and its continual tango with racism is the minstrel show.

The minstrel show, a highly ritualized and formatted performance of songs, dance, acting, and doggerel delivered first by white actors in blackface, then black actors…in blackface…and white actors in blackface in separate troupes, was the most popular entertainment in urban America from the 1840s to the 1880s.

In other words, it bridged the antebellum period, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Gilded Age. It only surrendered its leading role in the 1880s, when industrialization and European immigration pushed the minstrel show’s fantasies of southern rural life to the sidelines.

Even so, blackface persisted into the vaudeville, movie, and radio and TV eras. The last US professional practitioner of blackface, a white performer, Cotton Watts, apparently packed in his act only in 1959.*

And, of course, blackface lives on at the amateur level, for racist frat parties, Halloween getups, & so on.

There’s still a lot of historical blackface/minstrelsy stuff on the Internet. I’m not going to post or link to it here, but it’s worth Googling in order to realize, man, this was completely acceptable mainstream American entertainment for well over a century. Does show that attitudes can change, thankfully.

I think there was more to blackface minstrelsy than a) making black people look foolish, subhuman, & not needing or missing basic human rights or dignity and b) thereby allowing white America to reconcile itself to its blithe disregard of the horrors of racism, birthed by slavery but perpetuated by de jure and de facto legal, economic, and social repression after the Civil War.

There was that. Well, there still is that, but a closer look at the minstrel show reveals that the flip side of southern black inferiority was northern white superiority which, in turn, unexpectedly fed back into ideas of southern white superiority.

Abolitionism was only one, minority strain of northern anti-slavery sentiment. The other, the “free labor” movement—which fueled the bitter struggles over the admission of territories to the Union as “slave” or “free”–embodied the belief that white laborers would face unfair competition in the new lands from the plantation system and its access to slave labor, that is labor supported at the bare subsistence level.

The North did not buy the South’s assertion that the plantation system was an inspired exercise in paternalistic socialism that had found a better way to, shall we say, skin the labor cat by offering cradle-to-grave welfare. But this did not translate into a mainstream abhorrence for the horrors of slavery.

Instead, slavery’s competition was considered to be unfair and, moreso, immoral because it encouraged a culture of dependency among the slaves who, assured of a lifetime of guaranteed food, clothing, and shelter thanks to their masters, had slipped into a state of childlike dependency…

…in complete contrast, of course, to the white laborer, who was captain of his soul, navigating the stormy waters of industrialization and the free market, forging his character in a neverending Darwinian struggle for economic survival and personal improvement (and, if he was extremely tough and lucky, able to secure his gains in wages and working conditions with union membership).

Sound familiar? Except maybe for the union thing?

This aspect was brought home to me by Robert Toll’s superb history of the American theater, On With the Show (Oxford University Press, New York, 1976). He has a full chapter on the minstrel craze and the somewhat inexplicable perennial demand of urban northern white audiences for depictions of contented slaves on southern plantations, which went to the extreme of creating a particular genre song, the repentant runaway’s lament:

To underscore the point that blacks were happy only on the plantation, minstrels created the repentant runaway, a character who had experienced both Southern and Northern life and invariably longed to return to the old folks at home…When Negroes did leave the plantation, they quickly regretted is. “Dis being free,” one typical repentant runaway lamented, “is worser than being a slave.” To avoid reformers’ charges that Negroes were severely discriminated against in the North…minstrels paid little attention to ex-slaves’ problems in the North. Instead the focused on the runaways’ glowing recollections of the joys of plantation life…

The “runaways’ lament” lives on in some modern places that, I think, may surprise readers as they surprised me.

Sing the first lines of “Dixie”:

Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton
Old times there are not forgotten

Yes, it’s a runaway’s lament. It entered the repertoire of the Virginia Minstrels in New York City in 1859 and was a smash hit in the North years before it was appropriated by the South, played at Jefferson Davis’ inauguration, and became the Rebs’ marching song.

Here’s one of Stephen Foster’s most beloved compositions:

Way down upon de Swanee Ribber,
Far, far away,
Dere’s wha my heart is turning ebber,
Dere’s wha de old folks stay.
All up and down de whole creation
Sadly I roam,
Still longing for de old plantation,
And for de old folks at home.

All de world am sad and dreary,
Eb-rywhere I roam;
Oh, darkeys, how my heart grows weary,
Far from de old folks at home!

Yep, “Old Folks at Home”, another runaway’s lament. It was a mainstay of the Christy Minstrels. It’s now the official song of the state of Florida.

How about that song we associate with mint juleps and fast horses:

The sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home
Tis summer, the darkies are gay

Weep no more my lady
Oh weep no more today
We will sing one song for the old Kentucky home
For the old Kentucky home far away

Anthem of the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky State Song…runaway slave’s lament.

One last example: “Carry Me Back to Ole Virginny”:

Carry me back to old Virginny.
There’s where the cotton and corn and taters grow.
There’s where the birds warble sweet in the spring-time.
There’s where this old darkey’s heart am long’d to go.
There’s where I labored so hard for old Massa,
Day after day in the field of yellow corn;
No place on earth do I love more sincerely
Than old Virginny, the state where I was born.

Carry me back to old Virginny.
There’s where the cotton and the corn and taters grow;
There’s where the birds warble sweet in the spring-time.
There’s where this old darkey’s heart am long’d to go.

Carry me back to old Virginny,
There let me live till I wither and decay.
Long by the old Dismal Swamp have I wandered,
There’s where this old darkey’s life will pass away.
Massa and Missis have long since gone before me,
Soon we will meet on that bright and golden shore.
There we’ll be happy and free from all sorrow,
There’s where we’ll meet and we’ll never part no more.

Official state song of Virginia 1940-1997, Now, thankfully, demoted to “state song emeritus”.

For bonus cringe points, Ole Virginny was written by an African-American, James Bland, the “black Stephen Foster” in 1875. Bland apparently wished to reassure white America that, 12 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, the ex-slaves’ hearts were still with “Old Massa and Missis”.

Somehow, all these beloved Southern anthems turn out to be defenses of the ante-bellum slave system. How ’bout that.

When I grew up and sang these songs, well some of them, well maybe just “Swanee” & “Dixie” as part of US folklore exercises in music class (in New Jersey; no state song; shut up! we were not in the business of recognizing Kentucky or Virginia for their musical endowments), the “runaway’s lament” angle was never explained and, I’ll say, never occurred to me.

So I guess it can be asserted that these old songs, stripped of their historical associations and cleaned up by switching out “darkies” in favor of “people” (as was done for “My Old Kentucky Home” by command of the state legislature) are harmless repositories for the sentiments of all Southerners missing their homeland: a Tallahassee trucker rumbling down a lonely Montana highway, a Richmond bond trader spending Christmas in Tokyo, a Lexington frat boy in Syracuse wishing he could be back home in Kentucky vomiting in a urinal at Churchill Downs on Derby Day…

…or a disgruntled son of the South airing out his states’ rights inclinations by flying the Stars & Bars & whistlin’ Dixie.

Well, maybe these songs aren’t really for “all” Southerners.

These songs are, as a matter of authentic Southern heritage, BS.

Stephen Foster was born in Lawrenceville, PA and died in a Bowery flophouse. James Bland was born in Flushing, Queens and died in Philadelphia.

The guy who wrote “Dixie”, Dan Emmett, was a founder of the Virginia Minstrels and the leading blackface empresario of his time. He lived and died in Mount Vernon…Ohio, not Virginia.

According to Wikipedia, Emmett, who subsequently composed the fife and drum manual for the Union Army, said of “Dixie”, “If I had known to what use they [Southerners] were going to put my song, I will be damned if I’d have written it.”

It should also go without saying these catchy ditties did not represent the genuine aspirations of runaway slaves, whose descendants form sizable minorities in the Southern states that gave these songs official recognition.

The songs were explicitly racist compositions designed to feed the false plantation mythos demanded by the northern minstrel industry…and feed the fantasies of white audiences everywhere.

The only way that one can justify singing these songs, let alone making them state songs, is to say “I don’t know history…and history—at least your history– doesn’t matter. In fact, I prefer pleasing and polarizing myths to history…or to a song that truly represents my state and its history.”

Maybe somebody can write a song about that.

Call it “The Ex-Slaveholders’ Lament”.


*Minstrel shows were also a huge deal in England. In the 19th century, various iterations of the Christy Minstrels performed in Great Britain for decades and the vogue for American blackface minstrelsy persisted well into the 20thcentury. The Christys’ signature song, Ten Little… , well, you know what, became engrained in English popular culture and served as the title of one of Agatha Christie’s most famous mysteries—until it was renamed And Then There Were None. An embarrassments in the P.G.Wodehouse canon is Thank You, Jeeves, in which Bertie’s infatuation with a minstrel troupe leads to some blackface japes and ugly language. And, somewhat astoundingly, the BBC broadcast a hugely popular blackface variety show, The Black and White Minstrel Show, from 1960 through 1978. I guess there’s room for an interesting essay on the resonance between US and British imperial racism. More study needed!

(Republished from China Matters by permission of author or representative)
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  1. AshTon says:

    The British ‘Black & White Minstrel Show’ once tried a minstrel-free version – audience figures dropped by half. I believe I understand why.

    I challenge readers to think of any American TV show which would not be improved by having all the cast in blackface, with jazz-handing white gloves abounding. I’m thinking particularly of Mad Men and Silicon Valley.

  2. Drain52 says:

    Yes, whenever you write about race, racism, or racialism, always be sure to throw in a little “Thank God we’re past those days now” commentary to establish your bona fides as a pure, untainted soul. Otherwise a dispassionate discussion alone will leave us with the impression that you secretly like what you’re writing about.

  3. I couldn’t help but note the irony where in the present day wealth migration to the apex of the pyramid has left many of the White racists who comment at this site in similar lament 😀

    “Dis being free,” one typical repentant runaway lamented, “is worser than being a slave”

    And there’s always the other angle (proverbial other side of the coin) where some Blacks aspire not so much to equality with Whites as Black persons in and of themselves, but to curry favor (ingratiate themselves) with Whites so as to become White persons themselves, recalling Eric Holder implying Blacks don’t mix enough with Whites to dispel cultural misunderstandings (wouldn’t the opposite be more true?) .. pointing to the idea race is a cultural perception; not that Holder would understand a meta-level of reality determines he is actually White where Black and White (cultural) mentalities can become intermixed in different colors of skin:

    “There’s an old saying,”In the days of slavery, there were those slaves who lived on the plantation and there were those slaves that lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master … exactly the way the master intended to have you serve him.

    “It is my personal feeling that plantations exist all over America. If you walk into South Central Los Angeles, into Watts, or you walk into Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, you’ll find people who live lives that are as degrading as anything that slavery had ever produced. They live in economic oppression, they live in a disenfranchised way. In the hearts and minds of those people, and millions of others, you’re always looking for hope, and whenever somebody within our tribe, within our group, emerges that has the position of authority and power to make a difference in the way business is done, our expectations run high. Many times, those expectations are not fulfilled. But when such an individual is in the service of those who not only perpetuate the oppression, but sometimes design the way in which it is applied, it then becomes very, very, very, very critical that we raise our voices and be heard” -Harry Belafonte

    And the modern edition of identical phenomena:

    If Race can be construed to be a state of mind, White Eugenics certainly would not require a White skin. And so it is Allen West behaves like the White people that owned his family name, Condoleezza Rice became a White man to earn her place at CHEVRON tasting the raw power of White men who’d ‘throw the nigger under the bus’ in a heartbeat if necessary save their own skins, and a cute Asian-American LaRouche groupie in Berlin can literally have a White man’s mentality and would never suspect this is the case

    Read more

  4. David says:

    Fascinating information. I’ve always wondered what the line, “No refuge could save the hireling and slave/ From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave,” from the Star Spangled Banner refers to. I know some US blacks fled to Nova Scotia in the War of 1812, but I wonder if they fought too. Can we sing a song that vaunts over the defeat of slaves who fought for liberty?

    I think the last sentiment, that it’s wrong to keep singing some songs unless one’s an ignoramus is unfortunate. It’s enriching to know, but to reject every tradition touched by evil in some way, would leave us without traditions.

    Should we reject 3rd party liability because it has its roots in medieval and ancient ideas of blood-price? Should we relabel Christ an ethno-nationalist because he told his evangelists, “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans.” Was Jesus racist? Is it still okay to like him?

  5. fascinating insight…it is amazing how The Narrative has promoted some aspects of our history and hidden others…. take a gander at the movie The Kentuckian for some good insight into our past.

  6. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    So what you are basically saying Professor Lee is this:Racism=Whitey exclusively. And since Racism is the fundamental problem in the US…Whitey is the fundamental problem. And it follows from this that there needs to be a national policy discussion about what to do with Whitey. And that national policy discussion would include such things as full speed ahead with the importation of highly racialized Chinese legal immigrants from China who should get reparations because of the Chinese Exclusion Act.

    Well, for starters, I don’t accept your bs analysis. Moreover, the War Criminal Racist Kenyan Foriegner was installed as Dear Leader POTUS twice!!! by the highly racialized Asians in the US…Racist Kenyan Foriegner Dear Leader threatens Conservative Orthodox Christian Russia with thermonuclear annihilation on a daily basis.

    Question for you Professor Lee:What if The Historic Native Born White American Majority rejects your demographic agenda and revolts against it?

    The Chinese Exclusion Act was a wonderfull bit of pro-Native Born White American Legislation…don’t you think so?

    I really resent the fact that the highly racialized Chinese Nationals are colonizing The Native Born White American Living and Breeding space known as California…and now, Montanna and Idaho.

    Your commentary is an open declaration of a race war against The Historic Native Born White American Majority.

    • Replies: @WeiDeli14
  7. iffen says:

    home in Kentucky vomiting in a urinal at Churchill Downs on Derby Day

    I enjoy your writing but stuff like this is very questionable and does not fit into your essay in any coherent manner. It says a lot more about you than it does about someone from Kentucky.

  8. A fascinating article.

    This “minstrel show” culture had its counterpart in many of the lithographs of Currier & Ives, a New York firm flourishing at this same time. For an example of their work, see “The Darktown Hook and Ladder Corps” at:

  9. Mr. Lee, you are welcome to stay out of the South if you find it so distasteful. Honestly, we really don’t care how you did it where ever the hell you are from.

    • Replies: @J Yan
  10. J Yan says:
    @Chris Mallory

    The article bashes the North more than the South.

  11. Flower says:

    Yeah, I feel real sorry for all those ignorant cretins back then. I mean, Minstrel Shows, really! How disgusting. Why it is not even close to our modern, fashionably tolerant entertainment. I mean, who can argue with the dignity and splendor of having some black kid, who has tried to make himself look white, walking backwards while wearing only a single glove and singing, “Beat It”. Yeah, agustness at it’s finest!

  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The minstrel show lives on today.

    The black make-up is passé, but Blacks (and others) still shuck and jive and do a charicture of blackness for the amusement of others. And it’s not only whites who enjoy the spectacle Mr. Lee.

    It’s always great fun to look back a hundred years ago and wag out sanctimonious fingers in moral outrage. (Particularly if’s at some other that’s fun, and deeply satisfying!)

    You will be a moral disgrace too, to those looking back from the safe distance of a hundred years. Count on it.

    There is real difficulty in accommodating Africans into what is (or was) a western society. It’s a challenge even today. Perhaps when the European nature of America has been completely eradicated things will be better, although I have very strong doubts about that.

    There is nothing in the history of Asia or Africa or South America that suggests to me these groups have any unique talent for high minded inter-ethnic tolerance.

    The fact that others are so thoroughly absorbed by the Black/white issues of America’s past and present is always interesting to me…it’s almost as if there has been no injustice, slavery, poverty, misery in other locals across the world that might require a smidgin of attention.

    It’s a curious phenomenon. It makes one wonder why this is issue is front of mind for people who aren’t even black, and have not a lot of history in America.

    It’s a question of balance I guess (?)… Like why has everyone heard about the Holocaust but virtually nobody even know what the Holodomer even is

    (My iPhone spellchecks ‘Holodomer’ as ‘holdover’ !…20 million dead within living memory and you can’t even get a spellcheck !)

    It a strange world out there Mr. Lee, and getting stranger by the day… Let’s all hope for the best…

    • Replies: @matt
  13. Somehow, somewhere, some way, Mr. Lee, I will manage to continue my personally-satisfying existence while not giving the tiniest rat’s ass about minstrel shows and their deep, dark, horrifyingly racist origins.

    Sheesh. Another 90 seconds I’ll never get back.

  14. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    The “Only Native Americans can be Native”…”White unearned privedge”…”…Native Americans came here first”……” Genocide against Native Americans” propaganda war is only meant to apply to Evil Whitey…not to Professor Lee’s People..and not to the Hindu and Sihk colonizers in America. Once the Asian Overlords colonize Native Born White American Living and Breeding Space for themselves, the racial guilt trip about the Amerindians will be quickly flushed down the toilet bowl never to be heard of again…And it will be hard-core Asian racial national politics 24 hours a day. The Asians in America will enjoy the full benefits of the European conquest and colonization of North America.

    Noam Chomsky does not support the right of return for Palestinians because of its demographic consequences for Jew-pure Israel…But Noam Chomsky does demand that The Historic Native Born White American Majority commit demographic suicide within the borders of the US to hasten the China colonization of Native Born White American Living and Breeding Space. I didn’t give my consent to any of this.

  15. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Interesting article. This lives on in modern day culture in regards to “enemies” of the Elite Northern Whites. Iranians are portrayed as subhuman in movies like 300 and other pop culture references. All because they won’t cooperate and give us all their oil.

    North Koreans are also portrayed the same way such as in Red Dawn. All because North Korea refuses to yield to globalism and won’t let us build bases right on the border with China. So they have to be degraded in our pop culture to justify invading them.

  16. Hacienda says:

    Informative, entertaining, even somewhat cathartic article Mr. Lee. I say this as an English speaker, not as an Asian, of course.

    White consumer obsessions, caricatures, exploitation of other races should be the stuff of free commentary. Shocking as it May be to whites that come across it.

    I can’t talk to a white person directly anymore, until I get by the computerized directions, and even then it’s usually an Indian or Mexican or some enigma of a white person who claims some sort of agency for the company he/she works.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  17. What a benighted age it was, when not everyone properly hated the South. For many, racial oppression is the unique heritage of the Southland.

    How oppression metastasized to the racially liberal cathari in New York City, Baltimore and Boston will remain forever a mystery, and one better left unmentioned.

    Peace, love, truth,

    The Grate Deign

  18. fnn says:

    Opera was very popular in 19th Century US:

    Cultural historian Lawrence Levine argues convincingly in his book, Highbrow/Lowbrow, that in 19th century America, opera—along with Shakespeare and other classical music—was popular entertainment enjoyed by the masses. It was only around the turn of the 20th century that opera became the purview of the elite, a status that it retains today.

  19. matt says:

    (My iPhone spellchecks ‘Holodomer’ as ‘holdover’ !…20 million dead within living memory and you can’t even get a spellcheck !)

    That’s because you spelled it wrong. It’s “Holodomor”. And nobody claims 20 million people died in the Holodomor.

    • Replies: @Stan D Mute
  20. Stogumber says:

    Interesting stuff. Being a German, I as a young boy discovered the Billy Ed Wheeler interpretation of “Uncle Ned” and I thought: well sung and very moving, but isn’t the text just a bit over the edge?? Now I see better why.

    Fairly, even if the average Black won’t have had such sentimental feelings about his Massa and Missus – Blacks were pragmatic enough to see the advantages of social security. We know that from the interviews which were made with old-age Blacks in the 1930s. And weren’t the “minstrel” songs such a success because many Whites, too, dreamt of a Golden Age of paternalistic simplicity and security which they had lost but which yet existed in a dream country? “Blackface” would help Whites to keep this dream alive, but to keep it at a distance at the same time.

  21. True–these songs weren’t written by southerners. Many popular Christmas songs were written by Jews. Life is complicated.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  22. Surprised there is no mention of “The Yellow Rose of Texas”. Another minstrel song written in Philadelphia about a “darkey” pining for a beautiful High Yellow girl he used to know:

    There’s a yellow girl in Texas
    That I’m going down to see;
    No other darkies know her
    No darkey, only me;
    She cried so when I left her
    That it like to broke my heart,
    And if I only find her,
    we never more will part.

    She’s the sweetest girl of colour
    That this darkey ever knew;
    Her eyes are bright as diamonds,
    And sparkle like the dew.
    You may talk about your Dearest Mae,
    And sing of Rosa Lee,
    But the yellow Rose of Texas
    Beats the belles of Tennessee .
    Where the Rio Grande is flowing,
    And the starry skies are bright,
    Oh, she walks along the river
    In the quiet summer night;
    And she thinks if I remember
    When we parted long ago,
    I promised to come back again,
    And not to leave her so.

    Oh, I’m going now to find her,
    For my heart is full of woe,
    And we’ll sing the songs together
    That we sang so long ago.
    We’ll play the banjo gaily,
    And we’ll sing our sorrows o’er,
    And the yellow Rose of Texas
    shall be mine forever more.

  23. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Roger Sweeny

    ‘Christmas’ songs written by Jews were ‘winter holiday songs’…Nothing to do with Christmas.

    Anything relating to the actual meaning and reason for ‘Christmas’ was omitted.

    Of course that’s perfectly fair and perfectly logical from a Jewish perspective, but from a Christian perspective it’s been a catastrophe.

    The problem is, the 2% of the population who are Jewish are now essentially in charge of creating and disseminating culture for the 98% percent who are not.

    It’s a big issue in many ways beyond holiday songs.

  24. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    You need to speak with a therapist Hacienda.

    Seriously, you are projecting a lot of internal personal pain onto white Americans generally.

    I’m not joking, and I’m not trying to be a smart ass. Ask yourself honestly, did I get along well with my parents?… Was there some internal pain or struggle on a smaller personal level that you are framing as a societal issue?

    I’ve been in periods of anger and depression myself, for different reasons than you of course, but there are some similarities.

    It’s quite common to frame the issues of a a society writ large as a cause for personal pain, To take on the history of racism in America as personal cross that needs to be carried is just not a healthy way to go through life.

    It *is* harder to be a minority, I’m certain this is true, but it’s something that is killing your spirit in a way even other minorities don’t seem to face.

    America and Americans by any objective measure are *less* racial/racist than virtually any other country… That it is so diverse is essentially proof of that fact.

    This is not to deny the pain that minorities experience . But ‘we don’t live in a perfect world’… That sounds trite, but it’s actually not trite at all. *We don’t live in a perfect world* nobody ever has or will.

    If you take the long view and look across human history…you will see that you live in a golden age of freedom and prosperity…I see so many Asians arriving to happily take part in society…why are so many, so happy and so eager to take part, while someone like you remains bitter and angry?…to the outside world you appear the same, the difference is *inside*

    You can’t carry the pain of a million African slaves and a trillion oppressed coolies on your back… I’m not joking… It’s going to kill you.

    (And as a side note as a white person, it’s unfair and annoying)

    Best to you

    • Replies: @Hacienda
  25. So, let me get this straight.

    If a white person today were to put on blackface, expose his boxers by wearing his baggy pants halfway down to his knees, do his hair in braids like that of a little girl, have grotesque tattoos applied to his arms and shoulders and a gold grill to his teeth and then drone monotonous pornography into a microphone while grabbing his crotch, this white person, you’re saying, Peter Lee, would be guilty of perpetuating a vicious, unjustifiable racial stereotype???

    Did it ever occur to you, Mr. Lee, that the depiction of black people presented in black face comedy was literal? Maybe they really did dress and talk like that. And just as you lack the imagination to make the leap through history to see black people as they were eighty years ago, just so eighty years from today people like you will refuse to believe that blacks really made such a ridiculous spectacle of themselves as they do today. And they too shall condemn accurate portrayals of blacks as gangsta rappers as unjustified stereotypes.

    Many black people really are goofballs. And they should be made fun of. Too bad we’re too cowardly to do it today. Of course, black comedians (Eddie Murphy for example) can always get a good laugh by mimicking an uptight white person.

    • Replies: @Mark Caplan
  26. J1234 says:

    Not racism, Peter Lee, caricature. And embellishment. Early American entertainment and recorded media caricatured everything and everyone from every walk of life. Ever see a Hopalong Cassidy movie? Or any other old westerns with their countless western sidekicks from Walter Brennan to Ken Curtis?

    Ever hear Lonzo and Oscar sing one of their hillbilly songs?

    And before all of this was the increasing popularity of Hawaiian music in the American entertainment market. It was a craze, not unlike the folk music craze of the 1950’s and 60’s.

    None of these even began to approach the reality of life for – or the hopes and dreams of – the cowboy or the impoverished white in Appalachia or South Pacific islander, because Americans didn’t want reality in their entertainment back then; they had enough of it in real life.

    So why is it that blacks can’t be caricatured or embellished in song, like everyone else in early America was? I don’t know. I’ll leave that to you, Peter Lee. You’re the racism expert.

  27. pyrrhus says:

    This article fails to mention that the ability of black folks to sing and dance extremely well had long been noted, and that part of the rationale of blackface related to those abilities, which still persist. A recent movie, “20 feet from Stardom”, documents the rise of black female singers as backup singers for famous groups like Sting and the Rolling Stones, and their virtuosity is absolutely stunning….Great show, with some totally astounding vocals.

  28. Hacienda says:

    I’ll take the lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on the meatball sub. Hold the Sigmund Freud.
    I don’t talk to white people, not as matter of policy. It’s just where I live. Not many around. And the ones that are are moving out.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  29. Bob says:

    That would explain the negros constant striving to escape any white racist oppression and establish purely black advanced civilizations like Zamunda, Wakanda and Baltimore.

  30. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Talk to *somebody* …don’t need to be white…in fact probably much better if they aren’t.

  31. It’s always best to know what you’re talking about . . . and in the case of a text, to read it. Foster’s “My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night” is not the lament of a runaway slave, but of one “sold down-river” to the sugar-cane fields of Louisiana, as is apparent from reading the third verse:

    “The head must bow and the back will have to bend,
    Wherever the darkey may go:
    A few more days, and the trouble all will end
    In the field where the sugar-canes grow.
    A few more days for to tote the weary load,
    No matter ’twill never be light,
    A few more days till we totter on the road,
    Then my old Kentucky Home, good-night!”

    In 1853, when the song was published, many slaves from Kentucky and other Upper South states were sold to the plantation owners of Mississippi and Louisiana. With a sincerity of sentiment, the song portrays the sadness of the dislocation of the affected slaves’ lives.

  32. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    America is definitely not less racist than other places in the world. Why would you say this? Because we elected a black president?

    Americans just hide racism better than other peoples through political correctness.

    • Replies: @Stan D Mute
    , @Anonymous
  33. @matt

    That’s because you spelled it wrong. It’s “Holodomor”. And nobody claims 20 million people died in the Holodomor.

    No, it’s because the Holodomor isn’t in the iPhone dictionary. Mine autocorrects to “holo donor.”

    • Replies: @matt
    , @matt
  34. @Anonymous

    America is definitely not less racist than other places in the world. Why would you say this? Because we elected a black president?

    Americans just hide racism better than other peoples through political correctness.

    When I read nonsense of this sort, I have to wonder if the writer actually believes it or if it’s just intended to sway those too stupid to think for themselves.

    America is more racist than Israel? More racist than South Africa? Both have laws explicitly written to favor one racial group over any others. And in both cases, the favored group is the majority population. Compare to America which also has laws explicitly written to favor racial groups, but in America the laws disfavor the majority and give extra goodies to specific minority groups. What other nation has given minority groups extra rights/goodies not given the majority? Canada (Indians get favored treatment)? Mexico (again, Indians)? Australia (aborigines)? How about goodies for non-indigenous like America gives “Latinos” and negroes?

    The whining about slavery is old. It has lost its power. The fact is every population has been enslaved at one point or another. Whites were enslaved by Arabs. Jews were enslaved, Indians (both teepee and call center), Arabs, Chinese, etc, all have been enslaved. Yet only one group today whines that this historical practice, ended globally by white European moral edicts, is somehow responsible for their failures today.

    Likewise the whining about Jim Crow and segregation is old. So whitey wouldn’t let a negro eat in his restaurant – so what? Why are you obsessed with going where you are unwanted? Open your own damn restaurant and refuse to serve whitey if you care so deeply about it. Otherwise, just go elsewhere and mind your own business. What is the negro fanatic obsession with living in white neighborhoods, going to white schools, shopping in white stores, living in white countries?

    For all the whining about how bad and racist whites are, somehow there is NO line at the exits of white countries. Quite the opposite in fact with negroes risking their lives to illegally sneak into white countries! Again, the negro obsession with whites. Yet, oddly enough, one doesn’t find the reverse with whites suing and marching and rioting because they cannot join a negro fraternity or enroll in a negro college or immigrate to Liberia.

    I know I speak for a very large number of whites when I say that I have no particular hate for negroes, I just vastly prefer to be among my fellow white people. I don’t enjoy negro music, negro customs, negro food, or negro behavior. I certainly wish them well, but somewhere else. Stop following us around and forcing yourselves into our schools and neighborhoods and towns. I promise we will reciprocate! You’re like the mother in law who won’t take a hint when we move a thousand miles away. We don’t “hate” you, we just don’t like you.

  35. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The fact that America *IS*racially diverse is proof of the fact.

    Look into how slaves were dealt with in areas outside of the USA. It’s something that is not discussed much, for whatever reason, but slavery actually did exist WIDELY in places *other than* the south eastern United States.

    It existed on a larger scale and was *objectively* FAR MORE inhumane than anything in the US.

    Nobody is very interested is this history ….it’s odd.

    When slaves were no longer useful in South America or the Middle East, they were often castrated or just worked to death. Yet nobody there would even *think* of sitting around feeling bad about it…and you won’t ever see or read much about it all.

    When slavery was outlawed whites could have simply forced blacks out. It probably would be the most logical thing to do for white people who had an overwhelming power advantage. (And STILL have an overwhelming power advantage)

    Why do whites even *allow* all of these other peoples to come into the societies they dominate? (They don’t have to)… Why on earth should a European society even *allow* Asians to even attend the universities that they built and funded over centuries?… Seriously? Why on earth should Europeans step aside and let people from China *dominate* an engineering program at UCLA? How on earth is that ‘racist’ behaviour? It’s actually almost pathologically unracist.

    How is this in white peoples interest ? Bringing millions of racially different people into their homeland is racist? Who else allows their own demographic power to slip away so quickly…. It only happens because whites are not thinking in terms of race at all.

    Do you *honestly* believe China will ever allow this to happen in their society?… It simply WON’T happen, bank on that….because Asian Nations are racially conscious ie ‘racist’.

  36. Peter Lee says:

    Thanks to Uncle Remus for pointing out that Old Kentucky Home is the lament of a slave sold to the deep south, not a runaway. I’ve corrected my post at China Matters accordingly.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  37. WeiDeli14 says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Dude, “Prof. Peter Lee” who you googled is not the author but a white guy who is likely someone sharing descent from Robert E. Lee. (If it is any less embarrassing I assumed he was Chinese at first too.) Why are you so hostile to Chinese anyway? If not for Chinese funding (through bonds) the US gov would have already defaulted and the actual majority in the US today who are not white in many areas would have seized political and social control of your country in the aftermath of that debacle. Chinese by investing and playing along with your status quo and with much hierarchical colour-based racism themselves actually do much to support your dominant position. Certainly you would lose any pending race war. Is that the bee in your bonnet and why you are so worried? Blacks all ready to avenge decades of oppression? (from an ethnic “Chinese” who certainly does not want to be a countryman of yours) Feel free to rant your @$$ off at me. Admittedly it is so amusing.

  38. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Peter Lee

    Good to see ‘Uncle Remus’ is getting his long overdue thanks!

  39. matt says:
    @Stan D Mute

    However, Microsoft Word does recognize “Ukrainian Famine”. It doesn’t recognize “Shoah”, though. It must be anti-Semitic.

  40. matt says:
    @Stan D Mute

    In all seriousness, the word “Holodomor” was coined by Ukrainian advocacy groups in the late 1970s, as a portmanteau of the Ukrainian words holod (hunger) and mor (plague). It was almost certainly chosen for its similarity to the word “holocaust” (nothing wrong with that, by the way). Not many English-language word processors recognize Ukrainian neologisms.

    “Holocaust”, on the other hand, has an etymology dating back to the 17th century, at least. The word that Jews typically use for the Nazi Holocaust is “Shoah,” which is a Hebrew word that isn’t typically recognized by English-language word processors (and it has a much older etymology than “Holodomor”, incidentally).

    Also, the guy I was responding to is an idiot who thinks that 20 million people died in the “Holodomer”.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  41. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Well Matt I’m not a full blown idiot…probably in the 95-105 IQ rage, not a proper 115 like yourself.

    I will concede that I’m not a genius…But I’m one of those average types who used to read a quality broadsheet every morning to keep myself ‘informed’ (I stopped that practice over last few years though)

    That’s kind of the point though isn’t it, why is an ‘average’ guy like myself, who reads the paper every morning (even the NY times on Sunday, Matt!!!)…WHY AM I SO FUCKING IGNORANT ON THIS ISSUE….MATT?

    That’s the 24 zillion dollar question… once you look closely at THAT question, a lot of other things start to fall in place.

    We know NOW that 20 mill. is inacurate, so the ‘great famine’ wasn’t all that ‘great’ I suppose…

    Seriously, what is the agreed upon official body count among those in the know, give or take a 100 ?

    You are obviously better versed on Central/Eastern European history than I am… I don’t think I’ve been paying *nearly* as close attention as I should have been all these years.

    So what is the death toll, shitfuck… give us all number? enlighten the ‘idiots’ out here

    …ahhh who gives a shit those Ukie fuckers were dumb peasants anyway right Mattt… idiots just like me…. who cares…

    Fuck you… you’re whole head is just WRONG …piss off

    (**apologies for any spelling/grammatical errors**)

    • Replies: @matt
  42. joe webb says:

    I am surprised that anybody takes this guy seriously. Blacks are not only a joke, looking at it from an evolutionary standpoint, with their stupidity so ridiculous that any man from mars would die laughing…like look at S. Africa, going quickly down the same tubes as Zimbabwe, but also so far from genuine tragedy, that blackface and farce does not come close. Never had a chance really.

    Look at their crime rates at about 8 times the white rate, their just released Baltimore murder rate since Freddy, that jumped about 70 %, just look…look at everything, not a hope anywhere. Look at the 15 trillion dollars we have spent on them over the last 50 years, just confirmed by jewyorktimes. Nothing works. Murray and Herstein reported that back in the Bell Curve oof 1994 as I recall.

    WE need a new minstrel show about White Liberals and Jews, trumpeting their Porgy and Besses and We Shall Overcomes as the Darkies run after them with clubs….see them scamper…three blind mice. Cartoon of Revolutionary Whites and their black pets snarling at them., or their Holy Negroes sharpening their knives and grinning, in darkness, with the whites of their eyes dancing.

    Call it White Liberal Face, with a smiley face mask on every one of them, badges of Pee-Cee hanging from their chests, lined up at the cannibal pot waiting to be dismembered and cooked.

    Gawd, is Pee-Cee so ridiculous, so cowardly, so cloying, so comic. This guy is an embarassment. But fit to be a Stalinist executioner too. Totalitarian Liberalism with white milquetoasts quaking before darkies and clucking about White Racism….total traitors, and sell-outs as well to Liberal Internationalism/brave new world order. Beyond contempt and only the battle-field waits wherein they will run like jackrabbits, but caught-up by buckshot.
    Joe Webb

  43. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Can’t talk to a white person!

    Ha! poor you, that’s a tragedy. (Really)

    There was a time not so very long ago, when it would be virtually impossible to get through a day in America without ‘talking to a white person’

    What the hell happened?!

    For god ‘s sake, pull your head out of your ass.

  44. joe webb says:

    a minstrel show for Mr. Lee. Who and what race leads the race to the bottom and what IQ ranges are engaged primarily?

    the photos did not make it onto this page
    New York Times : FGM: A Modern-Day Scourge in the United States ( give us your tired , your poor, your genitally mutilated…) (Female Genital Mutilation)
    joe webb Today at 1:19 PM
    I saw another article in jewtimes on this stuff a few days ago in which it claimed that over 90 per cent of Egyptian women were “cut.” Thus , look at this article critically. Still:


    Kim K., J-Lo, Beyoncé Undress for Success With the Naked Look
    MAY 22, 2015

    On the red carpet in camera-courting little nothings are, from left, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian West.CreditPhotographs by Josh Haner/The New York Times; Jason Merritt/Getty Images (center)
    Critic’s Notebook
    Continue reading the main storyShare This Page


    Darkie Delights, Black Face. Karadishian is an Armenian name. Richard Lynn gives Armenia a 94 average IQ.

    Not that plenty of white girls are not making real cunts of themselves, but the Darkies lead the pack.
    One might wonder about the the ladies in this regard. Not that men don’t have their problematics in the southern region of their torsos.

    I have stated that black men probably should have one testacle removed at birth. That might save them from dying in the streets, doing so much rape, and leaving so many of their kids fatherless, whether from getting themselves shot, or just wilding generally and ending up in the slammer.

    This could also be considered for some white men, like those who have already wound up in jail for felonies. The gonads seem to be responsible for a large part for our aggression, given the facts of how eunuchs behave…pretty tame. For those who know animals, like horses….ahem, there is a reason stallions become geldings pdq. Unmanageable vs. relatively tame.

    Returning to our ladies, the darkies, muzzies,and arabs may have a point. The ladies seem to be more sex-obsessed than men. I mean, men do porn, masturbate, and then get back to work, stop day-dreaming, and make something. They do not read romance novels, which are soft-core porn, and consume a lot of time. Wham, bam, thank you m’am is the norm. Get on down the road. The ladies read Cosmo, Vanity Fair, you know, the ladies’ magazines. Men have no equivalent. There are a few magazines out there like GQ (is it still there?) but 90 per cent of men don’t bother.

    The ladies complain about men’s attitudes, and they are partly right. However Genetics trumps all the Shoulds of the liberal dream world. Our ladies want quality sex time, foreplay, afterplay, and romance. Men could care less. Of course, to be fair, when people are actually in love, then things are more interesting for both partners, and arguably, sex becomes more civilized and high functioning psychology enters. I leave that for you to ponder, those of you with smarts.

    Meanwhile, back to our ladies. Of course, Arabs, blacks and the muzzles who try to contain them, focus on the female, which is Unfair. Burkas, genital mutilation (nice word..from the critics of course, not euphemized) or ‘cutting’ from the lexicon of the Cutters…somewhat honest at least, controls the wild women maybe but the wild men are not controlled. Unfair. These darkie men should have one testacle removed to level the playing field.

    Let me digress. HIgh IQ helps to overcome wild sexual urges. Why? Because high intelligence is attracted by other stimuli, like books, nature, science and all that. Low IQ is overwhelmed by low stimuli…sex mostly. If you cannot think about stuff in general, you just think about sex, maybe fast cars, and other markers like money, and street reputation, which basically is in the service of……sex.

    Not that high intelligence is a guarantee of sexual normalcy, or good mental health in general, but it helps. Take Power. It is always money, sex, and power that tempt toward big mistakes. But, another story there.

    Should we cut our ladies, our white ladies? Of course not, we are smarter than that, and most of our ladies are smart enough not to dress like whores. Nevertheless, our girls read this stuff, and given nature’s urges, are more vulnerable to Sexual Revolution, and other liberal dream world fantasies, like racial equality, and World Peace. At what age has the white lady grown up? Probably about 15 years after the white male has grown up. Thus, we have a problem.

    (Maybe all of us should be partially cut. In cave-man days and up until just recently, between physical exhaustion, dirt, and other unsavory aspects of the human body, large gonads were required to squeeze past these impediments. Today, we got showers.)

    Muzzies have figured out a solution to their problem, and we have not. They are clearly discriminatory, perhaps unfairly discriminatory since their strategy does not deal with their wild men. Maybe the muzzles could forbid rap music which arabs like, just like their IQ similars of low functioning American blacks….about the same IQ. That would help. But that would be a limitation on Free Speech. So what?

    I have a pet peeve about things like Free Speech: Any race, which is all the races except whites, which has not invented Free Speech and other Civil Liberties, does not get to enjoy them in white countries. They do not understand them. They only abuse them, like the feral blacks today in the US calling for “killing cops.”

    Any normal society would remove these abuses of Free Speech by simply leveling shotguns at those abusers. Also, their survivors could be sent back to the societies that produced them and let them Evolve over say, a few more thousand years, into higher functioning hominids that conceivably might understand Free Speech. This goes also for lots of commie whites today, who call for killing of White Racists! (I have been the recipient of such urgings from local anti-fas, communists, and jews.)

    Sorry, back to our ladies again. In smarter communities like where I live, and observe the girls of Menlo Park and Palo Alto, they pretty much dress conservatively, etc. It is a pleasure to watch the boys and girls here interacting in normal ways. Chatting, running about, giggling girls, and some horse-play by the boys. Never seen a fight.

    But the vast majority of our young ladies, say below IQ of 105, are subjected to nonstop sexual bids from the media and are set upon by not only their hormones, but messages of go-girl and just do it, and the like, and lack the intellectual and familial resources to deal with the devil. White illegitimate births are up to about 25% which is about where blacks were 60 years ago, (and now up to about 73%).

    And parents…just let it go on. What should be ‘cut’ for our kids, is JewTV and the rest of it. But we live in a Democratic Age and falling. The only segment of white society that is doing ok is the top 25 %, (per Murray of the Bell Curve). That is largely a matter of high IQ. The problem is that our Culture is alien and imposed by jews,niggers, and crazy white liberals who say all is everything and whatever, and love the one you’re with, and we are all equal. No culture , no society can survive a blizzard of lies. Smart phones…

    Down we go. The gun statistics are that about one-third of us are armed. The liberals will not be protected by the thin blue line cuz it is way too thin. The conservatives have the guns, thank god and it appears that that is going to be the only way out of a society addicted to magical and wishful thinking, never mind consumerism, etc. And, the religious who are mostly conservative, luv the jews, are Gnosticly narcissistic, and
    would impose the American model of New Jerusalem on the whole world. Rationality does not apply. Jehovah mostly rules.

    This is a scenario that cannot end happily.
    Joe Webb

  45. Mark Caplan says: • Website

    Let me chime in with my own huzzahs for this fascinating article.

    Two recent books delve into the romantic fling American popular culture once had with the Old South:

    1) Dreaming of Dixie: How the South Was Created in American Popular Culture (2013) by Karen L Cox.

    2) Reinventing Dixie: Tin Pan Alley’s Songs and the Creation of the Mythic South (2015) by John Bush Jones.

    Both books go well with George Gershwin’s “Swanee” playing in the background.

  46. joe webb says:

    George Gershwin wrote lousy music and my local classical station plays enough of it to let the auditor, put it up against real classical music, a comparison that puts Gershwin far into the shadows of nothingness.

    Of course the jews sing huzzahs for any Jew. There was a Mendolsohn concert recently in Menlo Park; nothing but jews managing the thing, and Mendolsohn was only remotely a jew.

    Tin Pan alley I assume was part of the first jewish assault wave on American pop culture.

    Which brings up an important point about Blackface. Who was its audience, and what did the White folks who got it up think they were doing? The blacks were recognized for their song and dance capabilities…I assume…so it is facile just to dismiss Blackface as racist!. There were probably some features to it that granted blacks something in the way of talent, etc.

    The topic of romance possibly is here. Northern whites fascinated by the creatures they liberated only a few decades back. Just as Europe , after especially the early 19th century became fascinated by the Orient. Strangeness is interesting up to a point, that point being when the strangers start invading.

    Was Blackface mostly a southern or a northern artifact? etc.

    Joe Webb

  47. matt says:

    Having your intelligence insulted doesn’t feel good, does it?

    Timothy Snyder estimates 3.3 million deaths from famine in 1930s Soviet Ukraine, of which 3 million were ethnic Ukrainians.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  48. Mark Caplan says: • Website

    Truth is no defense against the charge of racism. A statement that is empirically, verifiably true can still be racist as long as one liberal or person of color finds it offensive. So, although Threecranes made an astute comment, he didn’t really refute Peter Lee’s contention that the portrayals of blacks in minstrel shows was racist.

  49. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Tim’s estimate seems reasonable…I won’t pretend to be an expert…I did a quick lookie at Wikipedia and they have a wide range of estimates ranging from 2 to 12 million…We’ll probably never know because record keeping was so poor in those days – and that region was obviously very chaotic at the time. (And as we know, Ukies have been know to exaggerate about these sorts of things!)

    To be perfectly honest, I don’t even care all that much about the issue…it’s one of those countless incidents in the past that were unimaginably horrible for the victims…but I can only live my life in the present. There is a limited amount of liquid in my body that I can squirt out as tears.

    A guy like you, that throws out words like ‘portmanteau’ and ‘neologism’ and knows the ‘etymology’ of both Holocaust and Holodomor right off the top of his head, has got to be reasonably bright…so I’m pretty sure you understand this is not about the past…*nobody* gives a shit…it’s all about the present and the future.

    The atrocities/indignities of the past are really just sticks we beat each other with….I suppose I’m just irritated that you’ve got such a huge ‘stick’ and you’ve been using it to bludgeon me. I don’t give a rats ass about the Holodomor (or the Holocaust) – that’s probably pretty shocking to you…..I just *DON’T CARE*…I do feel bad if some innocent person or people got snuffed out 80 years ago, but I’m just very busy in the land of the living.

    Was Stalin or Hiltler worse?… to you Hitler was doubleplus, supercrazy bad…that’s fine. I don’t blame you for feeling that way…and he probaby was..

    One could make a case that the leftism that the Jewish community supported so feverishly was actually more damaging in terms of human life. (But again I’m not an expert, and I don’t want to devote my short time on earth to becoming one)

    But some Human life is more valuable than others…we have a scenario in America, and the entire Western Civilization where a tiny, highly ethnocentric Jewish elite wields enormous power over the media and educational landscape…(and please don’t call me an idiot/crack pot/hater for mentioning this Matt)

    What drives you is much different than what drives me – I don’t know ANYBODY in my day to day personal life who would know the **’etymology’ of both Holocaust and Holodomor right of the top of his head** I don’t know ANYBODY who would care enough about this stuff to even bother looking into it…(outside of perhaps a few people who have a hobbyish interest in WW2)

    This is your R-E-L-IG-I-O-N it drives *everything* you do…It was totally irrelevant to me, but it’s morphed into something that is actively and aggressively destructive to me and my society…so, yes I do resent it.

    *Nobody* has heard of ‘HOLODOMER’ *everybody* has heard of ‘HOLOCAUST’… I did read that chunk of Timoth Snyders book you attached and looked into some of his other writings…he paints a very screwy scenario…killings reprisals, atrocities of all sorts (not a nice time and place to be)…but it seems in a strange way that the Holodomer and the Holocaust are almost connected *two parts of one big mess*

    Why do we hear of Holocaust memorials dotting the capitols of the world but ‘Great Famine Memorials’ seem to be in very short supply?…There ARE other historical events that were pretty horrid…but they are just viewed as ugly things that happened in the past…nothing more nothing less.

    It’s not so much that the Jewish community wants to highlight their communal tragedy…That’s really only human nature…the real issue is that they *CAN* highlight it…this shows very clearly the power and influence that they hold. They have essentially reshaped Western Civilization to suit their own communal needs…I wouldn’t even care about it all if it wasn’t so goddamn destructive to my society.

    Anyway, to answer your question about having my ‘intelligence insulted’ you are correct… I’ve been played like a fucking fiddle for years, by people who are certainly far more sophisticated than I’ll ever be…I’m not kidding…it is pretty humbling and shocking. And yes, it makes you a bit angry too.

    I’ve been made aware of my own limitations – and I accept them – but i’ll tell you something, there are legions of people out there who are even DUMBER than me (!!!)….and many of them are not as mild mannered as I am either…Things are getting a bit TOO in your face now…the culture is degenerating in a way that touches people *personally* right in their homes. It’s not something that can be easily ignored.

    Even the sub 100 types are going to be asking ‘what’s up’ soon. When the ‘quality’ newpaper in your hometown starts looking more and more like ‘’, you start wondering what’s going on.

    I’ve seen a bit of our future leadership class – the incoming elites who will be taking the reigns of our society soon. They have been indoctrinated since childhood – to create ‘CHANGE’ this is their reason for being. The schools no longer exist to pass on hard earned knowledge – they exist to create radicals who are intent on revolution. The idea that such rapid and aggressive ‘CHANGE’ might not be wise, has never even crossed their minds.

    They’ve been taught since Childhood that Western Societies are living hells of racism (ie Anti-semitism)… We’ve got Asians like Hacienda and Peter Lee…. finding stories about American Minsterel shows in 1830 infinitely more shocking than 2-12 million emaciated 50lb. corpses in Ukraine 1n 1930 (or China c1970 for that matter!)

    It’s so absurd it’s almost laughable, if it weren’t so dangerous. I honestly think it’s going to go POP in my lifetime…it CAN’T go on as is.

    The Jewish community had a large role in creating this Frankenstein, and it’s going to bite them in the ass HARD…It’s sad because it didn’t have to be this way. They were so safe and properous in the US…any Anti-semitism was of the mild/non-violent sort – even many of the lower caste Chritian’s were friendly – it’s literally *in their religion* to be well disposed to them!… How fucking lucky is THAT!…Thats ‘win the lotto type’ luck…it a mystery why they felt the need to so radically alter such a good thing…I’ll never understand it

    Like I said in my original post…. let’s hope for the best!

    • Replies: @matt
  50. joe webb says:

    the fact that somebody calls another person, “X” does not actually mean anything if unsupported with accompanying qualifiers or evidence or information that tends to support their claim.

    Take myself for example. I am a racist and proud of it, or better, proud that I overcame my bigoted upbringing by parents, teachers, and peers….that we were all equal, etc.

    That aside, anyone who thinks they can close a case by declaring X, Y, or Z without proofs, arguments, etc, is, to use the word again, a bigot.

    The best argument I have against Jews these days, is a hearty fuck you, I’m a racist but you are a fascist jew, not that there is anything wrong with being a fascist, just that you stole a country and all we White semi-fascists want is to get our country back, etc.

    Fascism is the closest thing, not an abstraction, to the natural human condition of living as a social animal in a small group of genetic similars, providing for family life, neighborhood/community life
    and a national life as a larger group of genetic similars. This is the absolute normal of human life on earth. Every departure from it leads to conflict.

    Is this going to provide for peace and love even within the genetically similar group? Not necessarily, but whatever conflict arises has a better chance of being solved peaceably than in any other Order, or ordering of collective life.

    One can go on then to characterize this natural group (natural as in nature of course, where natural law came from historically). The natural group is not democratic. It is aristocratic, or governed by a system similar to aristocratic government, especially like the Catholic Church’s governance, which in turn was largely determined by Roman practice.

    Some kind of ordering with a strong religious connection to the state is the best, because almost all people want some kind of myth or religion to instruct them. Mine personally is Evolution, which provides for natural laws of social life, if not political life. However, most folks are in need of more than that, so be it. Let a national church, preferably a Christian Church purged of OT insanity and New Jerusalems, be the model. This church would also have to abandon The Beginning and The End of Time, which is the Jewish model, and adopt a timeless position, a synchronous time, not a rectilinear or diachronic time which ends with a big bang.

    This Big Bang is what has us in a lot of trouble. Eastern religions have no such model. Theirs is synchronous…or cyclical, with no End which can only be , psychologically speaking, some kind of world-hating and perverse hatred of life, an overflowing life with its ups and downs, and no favortism for big egos. Just get in line folks, and enjoy it, and take the slings and arrows like a man. Including death. Anyway Christ said somewhere that the kingdom of god is within you.

    All liberal attempts at Equality, racial and otherwise, is doomed. More doomed than even the communist dreams. Communism did not have a biological notion of equality; besides the ‘from each per their ability, to each per their need’ despite the Lysenkoism that was around to some degree, they recognized biological reality.

    Liberals do not recognize biological inequality, certainly amongst the races, and to some degree even within a race. Hence the continuing perseveration of parents to get their kids into the best programs, tutoring, etc. They think that environment will raise their kids’ IQ. It does not.

    Lots of money and lots of anxiety lost on all of this ‘enrichment” that drives their kids crazy.

    So, we are being driven into a rigid class structure, based on intelligence. In The Bell Curve, Murray and Bernstein noted something like this from various data sources: In 1950 probably half of the smarties were left behind in their towns and neighborhoods and not recruited for the money game. This kept home towns and neighborhoods more interesting. Now I think they figure that the unrecruited smarties are down under 10 %. What does this mean? Frantic meritocracy.

    On top of that, we got not just a handful of jews who corrupted the admissions processes at the Ivys per the Ron Unz study of a couple years ago, we got the 100% cheating and conniving and ethnic networking Chinese…all billion plus of them. This is going to be not the straw, but the chinkload that destroys the US. Mexicans and blacks…we can handle, even if we need to build more jails, etc. The chinks are pure existential threat, right now. And I hear this all the time from people who work with them. NOBODY has a good word for them

    Liberalism again. We are all equal. The chinks have a collective psychology of greed, gangs, bullying, and ingratitude. Arguably Mexicans demonstrate some gratitude. About half of blacks I would guess, know how lucky they are to have Whites around, despite the other half of savages.
    There will NEVER be a western kind of democracy in China, or anywhere else in the Orient. To the extent that some Asian countries are “better”….that is merely a measure of their dependence on the US.

    Oriental Despotism is the biological norm of Asia , Arabia and Africa is beyond even despotism. It is juts gangs and chaos. Liberals are blinkered. They cannot see that S. Africa is headed over a cliff, like Zimbabwe, and like the rest of the continent . And, Doctors Without Brains go over their to Save the Chillun.

    Liberals are more totalitarian than the communists…at the psychic level. Communists had an intellectual system that made some sense in the first place. Some , but not enough. As one wag put it. Well it works all right in practice, but what about the Theory?.

    The psychic level of Liberals whites is that of a 12 year old. There is an infantile love the teddy bear psychodynamic. Seeing a real bear out there is impossible for them, the Panda, so cute and cuddly, till it tears off some of their flesh. Of course, we got the negroes taking their many pounds of flesh, but that is cuz of the White devil, the White Man.

    We are crazy, us whites, for the most part. We are children: we will elect a female resenter/hater/revolutionary who started out as a communist working for Bob Truhaft in Oakland California. She is a tyrant, just like most ladies given the opportunity. Women are emtionally out of control most of the time. It is that simple.

    Oh yeah, Liberals are womanized, even the men, smiley faces and all. Not a firm and quiet NO to be seen. O they can scream like the ladies, and howl for a killing of a Racist, but they cannot deliver a coherent argument which takes into consideration the Other Shore. There is no Other Shore, because they refuse to read it. Communists at least would read it, which is why they finally threw in the towel. Liberals will never throw in the towel, the only rag they got is bloody, or soon to be bloody.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Mark Caplan
  51. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    That’s the sort of response I was expecting from you Matt.

    I’m not looking for a penpal either, so this is the last you’ll hear from me….that last post was my magnum opus, and I’m pretty much tapped out.

    But do at least read it – do it in two or three sittings if need be, but read it and take from it what you will… (Maybe you’ll at least get a chuckle out of it all)

  52. Mark Caplan says: • Website
    @joe webb

    What do you (Joe Webb) make of the Abolitionists of the mid 1800s, people such as Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S Grant, Harriet Beecher Stowe, John Brown, the Englishman William Wilberforce and, for that matter, the entire Republican Party? They were virtually all Protestants. None that I know of was Jewish. In fact, the Jewish center of mass in the US at that time was in Charleston, South Carolina. Nearly all those Jews were loyal to the Confederacy. Granted not all Abolitionists supported complete racial equality, but many did.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  53. joe webb says:
    @Mark Caplan

    Mark, one little footnote on Southern history is the murder trial of Leo Frank, a jew, in Atlanta, about 1913-14. He was convicted and sentenced to death for murdering a factory girl, Mary Phagan, who worked for him. New York Times & Company of eastern jews jumped in and got the Governor to commute the sentence. Atlantans of all classes went berserk and lynched Leo Frank.

    Best book on all this is by Steve Oney, And the Dead Shall Rise…a very stupid title given the general tenor of the book. His conclusion is that anti-semitism was introduced to the South by this affair. The owner of NYT, Ochs, said in effect that they were to blame for getting Frank lynched.

    Which gets me to the point that Protestant America has a profound religious and fanatic attachment to the Jews. When Israel is once again restored, then Christ will return, is the zaniest of the various attitudes that some Protestants believe, of course, the wackiest being the several groups identified as fundamentalist and Dispensationalist and hoping for the End Times.

    More mainstream is that the OT is still considered part of the Christian canon, as un-Chirstlike as it is. Books are written about this.

    Abolitionists , as I understand it, mainly came out of the inheritors of Puritanism in New England, the Unitarian Universalists. The indirect influence of the Puritans and the Old Testament resulted in a triumphalism of Liberal Christianity, as strange as that sounds. The Triumph was to be universal salvation for all if they just lined up with God per the New England based liberals…Heaven on Earth was possible, and that expressed itself in Transcendentalism, especially in Emerson, and of course the crusade to free the slaves. Abolitionism was totally a religious, Christian Protestant operation. And it started in England with the outlawing of the slave trade first and then of slavery in the colonies.

    White Nationalists generally subscribe to the speculation that Whites carry more genetically based altruism than any other race. I share in that view. We abolished slavery first, we missionize/evangelize the world-wide natives, we save the whales, we never enslaved our women and were the first to free them completely (which may have been a mistake), and we invented liberalism , socialism, and Free Speech, and all the good government practices that exist today.

    Arguably therefore, Liberalism came out of liberal Christianity. So, Jews were not part of abolitionism , and virtually all whites in the South who had experience of blacks, and therefore knew them well, had had a good vaccination against crazy ideas of racial equality, and the southern elites were smart enough not to be liberals in anything.

    However, that does not mean that lots of southerners were not anti-slavery. Another story.

    Christianity is chained to Israel in text and tradition. That does not prevent some anti-semitism, inasmuch as the NT has a lot of anti-semitism in it. The influence of the OT is dangerous, for many reasons, not least because of its End Times millennialism, which the GOP today finds supportive of its war for the Jews.

    Jehovah is a war god. And Christ is a peace god. One could argue that both are way off the mark of some kind of middle ground, of moderation in dealing with possible enemies. Meanwhile both political parties are more or less tied to the Jews, and both are more or less liberal, but things never remain the same. Liberalism is failing everywhere and of course, that provokes desperate clinging to old ideology by libs and increasing reaction by conservatives who lack authorizing texts and authority to Stand Their Ground. So they shuffle, but in the right direction.

    Joe Webb

  54. joe webb says:

    by the way, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s,The Scarlet Letter, has a Boston judge (theocratic Boston ca. 1670 say) whose home is decorated with cabbalistic signs. Hawthorne was Melville’s mentor. Neither of them went in for the goofiness of their transcendentalist acquaintances, assuming they had some.

    Emerson and Walt Whitman are the Knights Gnostic Errant sallying forth with their hippie liberalism of the time . Brook Farm and other utopian outfits beat the hippies to free love. of course, some of the early Reformationist groups beat the Brook Farmers as well, to the thrust.

    Freedom!!! We are able to read scripture for ourselves….sola scriptorum…what a joke!

    Democracy is another joke.

    Joe Webb

  55. This is the kind of thing I can read anywhere. Slate, the Huff-puff, The Atlantic Online, etc.

    Whole lot of racism going on in pre-1965 Amerika.


  56. Which gets me to the point that Protestant America has a profound religious and fanatic attachment to the Jews.

    Yep, they had – and some still do – a very dumb view of the Jews. It took them a while to understand that Bernie Goldstein from Minsk wasn’t Moses incarnate or a 20th century Ben-Hur. And the fact that some Jews supported socialism, communism, and a whole bunch of anti-american activities was a shock to them. It caused some of them go berserk and become virulent antisemities. From one dumb view to another.

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