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North Korea, Newsbud, and China Watch
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Readers of China Matters may have noticed there hasn’t been too much to read lately. That’s because since the beginning of the year I’ve been doing a weekly video reports for Newsbud, an online indy media outfit run by Sibel Edmonds.

It started with China Watch, a weekly newsprogram that covers key China-related international affairs. It’s quite good, if I do say so myself, thanks in large part to the skilled and enthusiastic efforts of the Newsbud production team.

China Watch can be viewed on the Newsbud website, and also on Youtube. For free.

Here’s my two most recent episodes of China Watch.

This one is, in my biased opinion, the best objective take on the US strategy for North Korea currently available. FP practitioners—who were largely blackballed from the Trump administration for signing those “Trump is unfit to be president” public letters—and their media friends appear unwilling to take an objective and informed look at Trump’s Korea play. It’s not a Trump in his bathrobe yelling at clouds; there’s a legitimate effort with a good amount of institutional buy-in, albeit none from Obama era pivoteers, who are embarrassingly avid to see the initiative fail.

If Trump gets a win, he not only gets to vaunt over the Obama administration and its failed “strategic patience” policy; the idea that genuine US interests cannot be promoted through “transactional diplomacy” also takes a knock.

So I’ve got the NK policy corner pretty much to myself. And you can join the fun by watching my vid!

My current video follows up on developments in North Korea, Admiral Harry Harris, and the current international man of mystery, Miles Kwok. All good stuff, as I think you’ll see when you watch the video.

In addition, for Newsbud community members, i.e. people behind the paywall, I’m now doing a second weekly feature covering backstory and context on Asian stories. It’s called Asia Brief, and it focuses on formative events and key history in Asian affairs, like my reporting on the notorious failure of the George W. Bush administration to execute a financial sanctions strategy on North Korea in 2006-7.

Between China Watch and Asia Brief, I’ve basically tripled my workload so I haven’t had that much time and fresh material to put on China Matters or write up for outlets like Asia Times. Sorry!

However, I’m keeping China Matters active because I try to write for it as much as I can and, who knows, maybe text will become king again.

Newsbud needs subscribers and supporters for its current kickstarter campaign. So, if you appreciate my work and you’ve always said to yourself, gosh, China Hand has never asked for support & I’ve always felt guilty reading his stuff for free for ten years, now’s your chance to make amends!

Here’s a link to the Newsbud subscriber page. By joining Newsbud, you get not just me but access to an entire stable of knowledgable and personable analysts like Filip Kovacevich, Kurt Nimmo, and John Whitehead dishing out indy news in professional-quality video.

Also, the kickstarter, which is to support expansion of news operations to build the subscriber base. Newsbud doesn’t run ads or solicit institutional support or investment and is making a go of it as a community-based subscriber-supported outfit.

(Republished from China Matters by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: China, North Korea 
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  1. Little more analysis and commentary, little less sales pitch, please!

  2. Why White man make so ugry face? Asia man not have ugry face! Asia man who make brog may be, comment dirais-je, biased?

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  3. nebulafox says:

    China’s relationship with South Korea is a lot better than their relationship with North Korea these days. I honestly don’t think Beijing would object to the idea of a united peninsula under Seoul’s leadership evolving eventually, provided that US troops leave and the “who gets the nukes” question is solved. In fact, given Korea’s naturally anti-Tokyo bent and the somewhat hostile feelings toward the US common in younger Koreans, it would probably benefit them geopolitically.

    The only things that keep them supporting Pyongyang are the possibility of US troops at the Yalu, and the inevitable flow of refugees that would come in were anarchy to ever arise in North Korea. Unlike Merkel, Xi is under no illusions about the largely physically malnourished, PTSD-addled North Koreans “enriching” the Chinese economy, to say nothing of the criminal activities of the North Korean government and intelligence services that could spill over.

    Anyway, my guess is that if KJU were ever to have some “accident”, the military would take over and quickly spill into infighting, meaning that Beijing and Washington will have to quickly take steps to make sure nobody lobs a nuke at Seoul. Given that it is North Korea, one can’t be sure that it would work, but even the mere chance of that should preclude any delay.

    (And if you look at the world’s treatment of North Korea-and Pakistan-as opposed to Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, etc, it should be absolutely no wonder, none whatsoever, that the Iranians are interested in pursuing nuclear weapons. And that, if they should ever reach nuclear ambiguity status, Saudi Arabia will immediately follow via a hotline in Rawalpindi.)

  4. KL says:

    So that’s where you’ve been! Miss the analysis, going to watch all your new content now.

  5. EricCh says:

    Lot of people going to be disappointed when they find out that Peter Lee is a lily white middle age wasp guy, part of his credibility came from the public misconception that he is Asian. Kind of similar to Gordon Chang, his last name lent him some unearned credibility.

  6. @EricCh

    haha it is the opposite. if he was chinese, they would call him 5cent 🙂 some of the retarded comments already do even though he is white.

    that gordon chang guy is the the same guy predicting china’s collapse for the last 15 years? keke

  7. @Eustace Tilley (not)

    “Why White man make so ugry face? Asia man not have ugry face!”

    Yeah, pretty fair take. It sticks with you through the entire piece. Bias and virtue throughout. I’m also not into following Youtube links and commercials out of a written article. People post those pics when they write and it colors everything. Especially here in the U.S., I already know I’m the White Devil. I need NewsBud to tell me THAT?

    As for war with N. Korea? Unthinkable at this stage of the game. Bribe him out of his nukie-stuff. Cheaper than rebuilding Seoul and you can’t pay the butcher’s bill in human life, either. As for us, our surface targets, errr, Navy, can’t withstand modern cruise missile swarms, either. For any number of reasons, we can’t go to war with North Korea. Again, I need Lee to tell me that?

  8. spandrell says: • Website

    It boggles the mind that the Chinese government isn’t funding you.

  9. @EricCh

    Gordan Chang is a fine humor writer.

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