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Is Obama Behind the Hit on Trump? How the Deep State Game Is Played
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It’s now publicly accepted that the CIA, factions in the CIA, whatever, object to Trump and are making life difficult for him.

The interesting question is, is President Obama just a passenger on the runaway Deep State train, thoughtlessly rattling through his hollow valedictories, or is he the conductor? or the engineer?

I was struck by this possibility while reflecting on David Ignatius’ revelation on Thursday that intercepts showed that Trump’s security adviser, Michael Flynn, had been on the phone with the Russian ambassador several times on the day President Obama announced the expulsion of the Russian diplos.

Hmmm. I thought. With all due respect, David Ignatius doesn’t do reporting. He does top-drawer steno. He didn’t dig this factoid out. It was fed to him. Specifically, the fact that Flynn’s communications were being intercepted–normally, one would expect, the kind of tittle-tattle kept from the public eye under the rubric of “protecting sources and methods”–was being made part of the public discourse.

The next day, there was follow-up. Not just followup pundit regurgitation on the leak to Ignatius: followup confirmation by the Obama administration:

The Obama administration is aware of frequent contacts between President-elect Donald Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn and Russia’s ambassador to the United States, including on the day President Barack Obama hit Moscow with sanctions in retaliation for election-related hacking, a senior U.S. official said Friday.

Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador were first reported by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. The official who spoke to The Associated Press was not authorized to confirm the contacts publicly and insisted on anonymity.

So, the story, relying on covert surveillance, that Flynn is canoodling with the Russian ambo is being determinedly and repeatedly fed to the press.

Consider: for eight years the Obama administration has been resolute/overbearing/fanatical, choose your adjective, in plugging leaks. But now we get this concerted blabberai.

Is Obama just phoning it in while his aides run riot at the end of his administration.


Is Obama condoning and perhaps even directing the hit on Trump–Obama in the library with a candlestick–while making sure his fingerprints aren’t on the weapon?

Time to re-up one of my favorite pieces, on the 1954 campaign against Joe McCarthy. It’s a useful corrective for young journos craving their “Murrow moment”–when the press seemingly rises up in spontaneous democratic revulsion to mete justice out on a demagogue.

But it also provides an instructive primer on how the executive branch can use the deep state, dossiers, allies in Congress and–of course!–a cooperative press to do its dirty work.

Spoiler: taking down McCarthy was the result of a carefully planned campaign executed by bureaucrats, spooks, and pols at the order of President Eisenhower and bringing in the press at the last stage to administer the coup de grace.

I wrote this piece a year ago. But as you can see, it stands up pretty well today, in the last days of the Obama administration and, possibly, the last days of Donald Trump.

(Republished from China Matters by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Eagle Eye says:

    Interesting indication of deep state cooperation across the Atlantic.

    Katie Hopkins at the UK Daily Telegraph indicates that the bizarre “dodgy dossier” on Trump was put together by former MI6 (not M16) agent Christopher Steele who is duly scathed in her piece.

    Interestingly enough, Theresa May’s administration put out a “D notice” banning identification of the “former” spook in the UK media.

  2. HBM says:

    When Biden said that the “dossier” had been shown to Obama and Obama scoffed at it, to me that was pretty strong indicator that they had had something to do with it.

  3. Another example is the Office of Government Ethics. It was created a few years back to provide advice to federal employees about conflicts of interests. It has expanded that role into demands to vet federal nominees, and openly demanded more time to dig up dirt on Trump nominees. It is headed by an Obama nominee who boldly leaks confidential information to the press and sends public tweets attacking Trump and demanding that he does certain things.

    But Trump is not even a federal employee yet! Even when he becomes one, this obscure office should not act as a political machine and make public announcements and tweets! Their role is to offer advice, not to pass judgment. Who ordered these obvious political attacks?

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