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"China" Rising: the Parade
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Chinese Military Parade. Credit: Cheong Wa Dae
Chinese Military Parade. Credit: Cheong Wa Dae

Think of the PRC September 3 military parade, officially “Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War”, as a tabula rasa, a blank screen upon which observers can project their PRC-related hopes, fears, anxieties, and fantasies. And, for Xi Jinping, to illustrate his “China Dream.”

While the PRC exhibited its military might, some Western outlets flexed their China bashing muscle.

Western coverage of the parade was perhaps not journalism’s finest hour. Condescension, cluelessness, and barely concealed agendas shared the rostrum with reportorial rigor and objectivity.

One China watcher analyzed the parade for the Western media before it even happened, and then announced on his Twitter feed that he wouldn’t deign to watch the festivities, perhaps to preserve the Platonic purity of the image he had devised.

Time: Tiny Pacific Nation of Vanuatu to Join Motley Crew at China’s WWII Anniversary Parade

VOA: Analysts: Beijing Military Parade a ‘Bazaar’ of Stolen Technology

Somewhat lower down the food chain, The Daily Beast: Hey, Look! Tanks in Tiananmen!

In my opinion, a central purpose of the parade was to elevate and celebrate Xi Jinping as a key figure in 21st century China. The parade recapitulated Deng Xiaoping’s parade on the 35th anniversary of the founding of the PRC in 1984. Xi, like Deng, rode down Chang An Avenue by himself with the gaze of the world upon him, so on and so forth. The CCP, by the way, had the same fear of snipers back then. I was there in ‘84, ventured out on a balcony for a better look, and was promptly and firmly instructed to get back inside.

As to what doctrine Xi was promoting, the parade was not an “anti-Japan” parade. Japanophiles may be distressed to read this, but I don’t think the PRC seriously regards Japan as an invasion threat to China anymore.

Actually, the parade was an “anti-United States” parade.

The ostensible reason for the display of the PRC’s military might was that the United States has turned its back on the Potsdam dispensation, abandoned the “honest broker” “Pacific peacekeeper” role it claimed after World War II, and has instead become an overtly destabilizing force in the region, encouraging Japan to expand its military role, egging on the Philippines & Vietnam, etc. The PRC, therefore, not only has to look out for itself; it’s got to look out for the whole East Asian region to keep US adventurism in check.

PRC perceptions of the US posture were confirmed by Washington’s disparagement of the commemoration. The US recapitulated its boycott of Putin’s V70 parade and sent no national leader—not even Joe Biden!—to Beijing and merely sent Ambassador Baucus. Japan and the Philippines sent nobody. Most other countries hedged their bets. India, for instance, only sent VK Sing, Minister of State for External Affairs. The US media framing that the parade was only attended by lickspittles, jerks, losers, Putin, and Vanuatu was perhaps not appreciated by the President of Vietnam, Truong Tan Sang, or the President of the Republic of Korea, Park Geun-hye, or for that matter UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon.

The United States flirted with the same overreach that tainted its opposition to the AIIB by leaning on South Korea’s President Park not to attend. Park attended, and so did Ban Ki-moon, despite criticism from Japan. Ban’s presence was a reminder that the stated purpose of the parade was to uphold the post-World War II order that created the UN and turned over the job of ordering the world UNSC superpower club, and also a hint that US geostrategic boffins infatuated with Abe and roping Japan into the US security regime in Asia are ignoring ROK resentment at Japan for its brutal decades-long colonial occupation (and current zero-sum economic competition) at their peril.

All in all, the US response probably strengthened the hardliners around Xi by reconfirming US hostility to “rising China”.

In an interesting sidebar, the US government dropped its September 2 Victory Day holiday in 1975 in the spirit of US-Japanese amity; Rhode Island is the only state that still gives its government workers a holiday, despite some resentful lobbying by Japanese interests.

The United States prefers to get its World War II rocks off at Normandy on D-Day, June 6, when world leaders converge to commemorate America’s astounding success in convincing the West that the US and not the USSR was responsible for the defeat of Nazi Germany. Don’t believe me? In 1945, 57% of French surveyed attributed the victory in Europe to the USSR, and only 20% to the US; now the numbers have flip-flopped completely: 54% credit the US, only 23% credit the Soviet Union.

Soft power, baby! Undoubtedly, Xi is chagrined at his relative lack of success in moving the historiographical needle in favor of Chinese contributions during the Second World War, at least in the West.

Much unfavorable attention was paid to the tsunami, excuse me, haixiao of hyperbolic Japan-devil-bashing, Japan-murdering Chinese superhero-fluffing, ahistorical movie, TV, and print campaign to exalt the Chinese role and CCP leadership in the anti-Japanese struggle, perhaps reaching its nadir with a movie poster apparently placing Mao Zedong (instead of Chiang Kai-shek) at the 1944 Cairo Conference. Of course, whose nadir is perhaps open to question. The Guardian mocked the PRC for putting Mao in the poster for the movie; but from what I can see of the trailer, Chiang is accurately shown at the conference, while Mao is depicted uttering some noble anti-fascist verbiage from inside China.

Ah…or aagh…soft power. The West is obviously extremely protective of its role in winning “World War II”, and laying claim to leadership/lawgiver status in the postwar order. Now that the PRC asserts that the West is abdicating that role in order to cozy up to Japan and contain the PRC as a peer competitor, the West is getting testy about PRC pretensions to stepping up to sustain and guarantee the post-war order in Asia in its stead.

History would not seem to be on Xi’s side. China, let alone the CCP, cannot claim a great deal of martial glory in the defeat of Imperial Japan, as this detailed rundown by Han Linchao of who did what in WWII illustrates. It was pretty much an American show, and a bloody one at that.

However, the CCP has adroitly “sliced the World War II salami”, to coin a phrase, by splitting the Asian conflict into two separate chunks. There’s the “Pacific” chunk, in which the United States overwhelmed Japanese military forces in the Pacific from 1942 to 1945; and there’s the ”China” chunk, in which Japan started to fight its way into China in 1931 via Manchuria and got caught in a quagmire that it departed only with the utter collapse of its military capabilities in 1945, and after inflicting gigantic human suffering on China.

So the CCP calls September 3 “Commemoration of The 70th Anniversary of The Victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (a.k.a. China chunk) and The World Anti-Fascist War (Pacific chunk)”.

And it may gravel Western sensibilities, especially with its implication that the US was the decisive force in only one of the four global theaters, but this conceptual split captures what happened in Asia better than “World War II”, which is largely a US/UK construct.

Indeed, Japan uses a similar formulation to the PRC: the “China War” and the “Pacific War”. Probably the reason why Abe feels its proper to apologize to the US and backhand South Korea and the PRC is that Japan was unambiguously defeated by the US in the Pacific War, while the collapse on the Asian mainland had little to do with superior Korean and Chinese arms and valor, and a lot do to with catastrophic, serial defeats in the Pacific, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the opportunistic Soviet invasion of Manchuria and the Kuriles in the last moments of the war.

In his brief remarks kicking off the parade, Xi Jinping presented the situation reasonably accurately, especially if one defines “winning” as the first time since the Opium War a Chinese representative got to sit down on the victor’s side of the table and stick it to an imperial freebooter:

The Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War were a decisive battle between justice and evil, between light and darkness, and between progress and reaction. In that devastating war, the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression started the earliest and lasted the longest. In defiance of aggression, the unyielding Chinese people fought gallantly and finally won total victory against the Japanese militarist aggressors, thus preserving China’s 5,000-year-old civilization and upholding the cause of peace of mankind. This remarkable feat made by the Chinese nation was rare in the history of war.

The victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression is the first complete victory won by China in its resistance against foreign aggression in modern times. This great triumph crushed the plot of the Japanese militarists to colonize and enslave China and put an end to China’s national humiliation of suffering successive defeats at the hands of foreign aggressors in modern times. This great triumph re-established China as a major country in the world and won the Chinese people respect of all peace-loving people around the world. This great triumph opened up bright prospects for the great renewal of the Chinese nation and set our ancient country on a new journey after gaining rebirth.

During the war, with huge national sacrifice, the Chinese people held ground in the main theater in the East of the World Anti-Fascist War, thus making major contribution to its victory. In their war against Japanese aggression, the Chinese people received extensive support from the international community. The Chinese people will always remember what the people of other countries did for the victory of their War of Resistance.

The PRC posture is also something of a gift to the Kuomintang (albeit something of a poisoned chalice that the politically-vulnerable KMT on Taiwan cannot quite bring itself to accept at this time). The standard narrative of Chinese involvement in the continental war effort was that Chiang Kai-shek, by and large, was a maladroit and unenthusiastic ally, holding back from the anti-Japanese struggle and instead hoarding his forces and US weaponry in anticipation of a restart of the civil war, which he lost in a rather humiliating fashion.

Instead, the current CCP revisionism accommodates the KMT as flawed, indeed, doomed Chinese partners in the anti-Japanese effort. And, with the veterans, memories, and animosities of the Chinese civil war dying out, the CCP is determinedly and not entire inaccurately packaging the anti-Japanese struggle as a shared heritage of all the Chinese people.

So I think the “Xi Jinping is trying to pretend Commies won WWII” mockery is somewhat misplaced.

Instead, Xi was advancing a new formula for the PRC’s relationship with its people, its neighbors, and the Chinese diaspora: it was moving beyond the CCP as embodiment of the Chinese peasants and proletariat (Mao) and the Chinese nation (Deng) to claim a role for the party as the representative and shield of the Chinese people in the region and around the world, and a guarantor of East Asian stability.

The parade was meant to demonstrate that the PRC has a military heft commensurate with its ambitions…and that Xi Jinping is an effective steward of this mission.

And it did a pretty good job.

(Republished from China Matters by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Kiza says:

    “The US media framing that the parade was only attended by lickspittles, jerks, losers, Putin, and Vanuatu was perhaps not appreciated by the President of Vietnam, Truong Tan Sang, or the President of the Republic of Korea, Park Geun-hye, or for that matter UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon.” Very funny Peter, very funny. I like your understated humor. Also, my scanning of the Western MSM regarding reactions to China Parade agrees 100% with your words.

    Some fantastic observations here – China willing to share anti-Japanese resistance with KMT, very nice. China really needs to be friends with Taiwan, to save it from being used as a tool against China.

    Finally, regarding weapons (every parade is a little bit about weapons too), China showed an impressive array of new weaponry, but I say – the most important weapon was not on show. The key card the US could play against China is the oil-embargo, similar to the anti-Japanese embargo of WW2. China’s counter card is a “10,000 boat” merchant fleet, which could keep China fueled if/when blockaded by the US Navy. Thus, starving China will not be easy (no fuel – no food). This mighty “weapon” was not on display at the parade.

  2. China watchers generally tend to be navel gazers, especially those who flaunt about their “expertise” on the internet. There are notable exceptions, of course, and I’m merely commenting on the author’s comment about it, not including him in the gazer crowd, but the ones who analyze the PRC for a living aren’t typically very public. Just a thought.

  3. Actually, the parade was an “anti-United States” parade.

    Bingo! Demonstrate Chinese military prowess while flouting the Chinese/Russian alliance. Warning the Empire against overreach while inspiring and uniting the Chinese people. Well Done!

  4. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says:

    True, US is trying to use Japan, Philippines, and Vietnam against China, but it takes two to tango or gango.

    If China had been more accommodating in its relations with those three nations, they wouldn’t lean so much on the US.
    On issues pertaining to Japan, China should just accept the agreements that resulted from WWII. Every side was wronged somehow — like Japan lost the Kurile Islands — , but it’s too late to bitch about that stuff now. No sense causing new conflicts from disputes over tiny islands. Just accept the outcome of WWII as final. If Japan got some tiny island after WWII that China sees as its own, just let it go. More important is China-Japan relations in the long run. All these tantrums over some island isn’t worth it. Everyone got something extra and lost something extra in WWII. Look at Europe after WWII. If European nations decided to fight all over again over lost territories, it’d be WWIII and who needs that?

    As for Philippines and Vietnam, China should go for some kind of compromise where all sides can benefit from shared space and natural resources. China, as the big power, must play big than small. China has been so petty with Philippines and Vietnam, laying claim to everything. Naturally, Philippines and Vietnam leans on the US.
    If China is willing to share and cooperate, then those nations will do business with China in the disputed areas and share the profits.

    As for South Korea, it has grown closer to China politically and economicaly, but China should see it as useless. South Korea is the leading whore agent of the US. In culture, fashion, and ideology, it is the running dog of the US. In the past, this wasn’t so bad as US used to be a great nation run by reasonably sane elites. And besides, the bad guys were the commies of Moscow during the Cold War. But all the commie stuff is now the dustbin of history, and US has turned into a whackjob nation of nasty Jews and insane homos running everything. There was a time when US sided with South Korea against North Korea, China, and Russia AND China and Russia sided with North Korea against South Korea and the US. Today, China and Russia have relations with both North Korea and South Korea, and South Korea has relations with both China and Russia. It is the US that refuses to deal with North Korea. Main reason? Jews who run the US hate on North Korea as ally of enemies of Israel. And Jews don’t want reunification of the Koreas cuz it might mean more independence of Korea that will then grow closer to China. That will undermine South Korea’s current role as whore of US.

    US seeks to use Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong(still somewhat independent from China), and Vietnam against China. US sees South Korea as the main prize in this. Why? Japan is a whore nation too, but it’s not without a sense of greatness and pride, however ‘former’ it may be. Though Japan lost, they have the memory of having been the Asian nation that challenged the West. Also, Japanese have retained much of their own culture and identity despite vast modernization and changes. Japanese didn’t become Christians or communists. And Japanese elites are largely educated in Japan. Also, Japan always felt different from rest of Asia because of its island nation status. It has the pride of isolation and independence. Also, Japanese people tend to be more insular and inhibited than most other Asians, so they are a tougher nut to crack.


    Philippines is a whore nation of the US but mostly useless. The economy is run mostly by Chinese who look down on the Filos, and these Filos are among the most ridiculous people on planet. Look on youtube for stupidass stuff, and Filos take the cake. Filo cultural accomplishment is a bunch of prison convicts dancing to Michael Jackson’s Beat It. Howard Stern is scum, but he was right in Private Parts that Filos are a moronic trashy bunch.
    Taiwanese are pretty advanced, but they don’t have global brand stuff like Japan and South Korea do. Japan has Toyota and Sony, South Korea as Samsung and Kia. And people around the world don’t much care for Chinese language. They think it sounds too funny or weird, though to be sure, Mandarin spoken by Taiwanese isn’t as ridiculous sounding as Cantonese spoken in all those Chow Yun Fat Hong Kong action movies. Also, Taiwanese have a divided consciousness. They feel Chinese and un-Chinese. They do feel attachment to the mainland but also loathe the mainland. A nation of 25 million, it’s not big enough to make much of mark in the world. Singapore is very neat but too neat and rather boring. It isn’t where anything exciting comes out of. Vietnam is on the rise certainly, but it still has a long way to go. And its people are too short and scrawny, even by Asian standards. And they talk funnier than even the Chinese, what with a language that has a lot of toi-toi’s and duck-yuck-muck. So, Vietnam culture can never really be cool though some Vietnamese women have the reputation of being real hoors.
    So, that leaves South Korea. Korean language, though harder on the ears than the wonderful Japanese language, sounds less ‘chinky’. So, it has more of a global reach. And though South Koreans are hardly a big people, they are relatively bigger than other Asians, and that also adds to their global image. Unlike Japan that developed in isolation and cultural pride, Korea developed as ‘little brother’ of big China, so its cultural mindset is always looking for ‘new big brother’. For South Korea, US is big brother, so South Korea is so willing to play whore. Also, so many Koreans studied in the US and so many Korean-Americans are so immersed in junky American culture that South Korea is probably the most Americanized part of East Asia. It is a total whore colony of the US.

    Peter Lee talks much about Soft Power, and this is where South Korea matters. K-pop has genuine impact at least in Asia. Korean stars are considered cool. As Korea has the ‘cool’ factor, other nations look to South Korea as model of fashion, trend, and values. South Korean culture is garbage, but morons into pop culture love garbage, and most people are morons who’d rather watch Hollywood blockbuster or Korean Soap opera than something really good like SLOW WEST. South Korea is the most willing whore of the US. It goes for tons of plastic surgery to look white. And even though all Asian nations imitate rap, Koreans do it with greater gusto than, say, Jappers and Taiwanese and Hindus. There is like a direct 24/7 connection between LA the trashville of global Korean idiocy and Seoul, which is a soulless hubbub of vapid trashy tomfoolery. Also, Koreans are also the biggest dogs when it comes to sucking up to the homo agenda, a proxy tool of the Jewish-homo-run US.
    South Korean pop culture has ‘perfected’ the formula of taking American Trash culture and making it palatably ‘transracial’ for rest of Asia. South Koreans and Korean-Americans do ‘white-face’ and ‘black soul’ and ‘homo-pretty’ stuff in ways that is more accessible for OTHER Asians. Korean Wave(or Sewage) isn’t so much Korean as American-reprocessed-by-Koreans-pretending-to-be-white-in-look-black-in-soul-and-gay-in-style. You’ve heard the term Cuckservatives. Koreans are Cuckoreans who serve a the agenda of a different nation.

    This is why US prizes South Korea as the soft power proxy of the US. As South Korea turns more trans-racial in worship of whites(in looks) and Negroes(in music and attitude) and more pro-homo, it can be used essentially as yellow version of Voice of America for rest of Asia. The message blares loud and clear, ‘hey all you yellow minions, don’t you wanna be cool like South Koreans with their plastic surgery, blonde hair dyeing, jivey rap act, and other bits of tomfoolery?’
    Chinese are crazy about K-pop and Korean soap opera filled with plastic-surgeried whores and wussy flower boys. Chinese tourists flock to South Korea to see stuff shown in these moronic soap operas that are propaganda for transracial plastic surgery, homo garbage, un-manning males, and narcissism and materialism. This is something China needs to worry about. China needs to reject the running dog antics of the shameless moronic South Koreans, the hooker-whores of East Asia. While South Koreans may have achieved something economically, they are simply the lowest of the low when it comes any meaningful national identity.

    With all the problems it has with Japan, China has reached out to South Korea. South Korea is a whore of the US but has lots of trade relations with China. Also, the big theme of South Korea is Japan is bad, Japan is bad, and Japan is bad.
    Japan-bashing is something both nations rely on for political reasons. For China, with the waning ideological fervor of communism, a new nationalism has been built on the memory/myth of victory over evil, wicked, and terrible Japan.
    And as South Korea is a whore of the US and cannot complain about Americans and a little dog that defers to big China, a powerful and sovereign nation, South Korea’s only outlet for acting big is bashing Japan. It’s only partly because Japan did some bad stuff in Korea long ago. It’s really because Japan is a defeated power, a geisha of the US. As Japan is politically powerless, South Korea can get away with badmouthing Japan all it wants.

    In the long run, China needs to dismiss South Korea as a whore dirtbag nation. It is useless. China needs to foster closer relations with Japan. That is the key. While China has the duty to remember the horrors of WWII, using that issue to drive a wedge between China and Japan forever is so wrong. And it only advantages the US.
    If Chinese just swallow the silly pride about those damn tiny islands and if the Chinese government stop inflaming Chinese nationalism based on a war that happened 80 yrs ago, a new dawn can arise between China and Japan, rightfully the two great powers of Asia…. along with India(if the dotters learn to use indoor toilets instead of shitting all over the place).
    It’s like if Europeans were sane, Germany and Russia should be the main allies. They make natural partners. Germans are hard workers and Russians have tons of natural resources. Together, they can do so much. Likewise, Japan and China can really be big together. China is wasting time with South Korea. While the president Park did attend the ceremony, just look at most of South Korea. It’s just a trashy loudspeaker of American decadence. South Korea will become a giant Asian version of rap industry and Masha Gessen telling rest of Asia to adopt ‘gay marriage’ and trans-racial identity. South Korean politics doesn’t amount to a plate of beans since South Korea is a US proxy. South Korea is useful to the US as a ‘cool’ global brand, a propaganda platform for rest of Asia.

    Of course, Japan too is a bitch of the US. But here’s the thing. Japan has the potential of tearing away from the US and becoming a truly sovereign nation. After all, the Cold War is over. There is no need for Japan to fear Russia.
    And in the 80s, Japanese didn’t fear China. Though Japanese can be pigheaded, the fact is they did sincerely try to do good by China. They were willing to invest, lend money, and help out. Japanese are not good at making big apologies, but action speaks louder than words. In action, Japan has shown a willingness to open a new chapter with China and do business and be an equal partner. And things were going well… until the Chinese decided to make the Jappers the New Evil Enemy in their new model of nationalism that de-emphasized communism in favor of Japan-bashing. Now, some degree of this would have been understandable, but Chinese went too far, making Japanese out to be scumsucking lowlife turds that ever crawled on the face of the earth. Initially, Japanese just ignored most of this as propaganda, but then, every time there was some disagreement between China and Japan, it led to hysterical mob violence and craziness in China as if Chinese wanna fight WWII all over again. This is so damn stupid. It’s something a dammy would do.

    We look at similar lunacy in Europe. In this case, the problem is with EU as proxy of crazy America. Russia has been willing to bury the hatchet. Even though Russia has big parades about WWII, Russians don’t encourage Russians to hate Germans and other Europeans who took part in WWII. Russians lost tons of lives but they are willing to deal with Germans, Italians, and etc. Also, even though Jews fleeced Russians big time in the 90s, Putin has been nice to Jews. But crazy Jews in the US and their proxies in EU have stirred up all this mess against Russia that makes no geopolitical sense from a European point of view. It is only good to Jews and homos who enjoy the sight of goy versus goy. Europeans need to drop this nonsense. I mean who really believes Putin is new Hitler/Stalin out to conquer lands and reconstitute the old USSR?

    In Asia, China has gone overboard with this Japan-bashing. If China had played its cards right, it could now have the most wonderful relations with Japan. The fact is most Japanese, though not as publicly apologetic as the idiot Germans are, tend to be very regretful about what happened in WWII. Japanese are not a showy people, but they remember WWII with shame. Japanese wanna get over the hurdle and do business with China and be good friends. And Japanese don’t mind Chinese remembering their suffering under Japanese as long as Chinese don’t use it as a political hammer like Black Lives Matter bullshit. Also, it is somewhat disingenuous for the Chinese Communist Party to bash Japan so ceaselessly. After all, Chinese commies killed more Chinese than Japanese did. And Mao’s minions did more damage to Chinese culture than the Japanese did.
    It must be said, just as Jews use Holocaust to hide their own history of mass killing as communists and Zionism, Chinese use Sinocaust under the Japanese as a cheap trick to hide their own bloody hands.
    I say it’s all history. We should acknowledge what happened, but it does no one any good to use the past to bash people forever and ever.
    Also, disputes between China and Japan in the present shouldn’t always be seen through the prism of WWII. Chinese will become insufferable like Jews who invoke Holocaust every time someone notices bad Jewish behavior. Ironically, Jews who never ever shut up about the Holocaust and silence any criticism of Jewish power get awful antsy when they see others do the same thing with their own history… with the exception of Negroes in the US bitching about slavery. Jews encourage that since Negroes are useful for sustaining ‘white guilt’ trips on white goyim. But when Chinese do what the Jews do — “we are victims forever no matter how strong and rich we become and our former enemies must grovel to us forever” — , Jews can’t stand it and belittle it.

    Russians have the best attitude about the past and present. Russians remember their tragic past and commemorate it, but they are also willing to deal with other Europeans with a new outlook. You don’t see Putin constantly nagging Germans to apologize, apologize, apologize, and pay reparations and blah blah blah. Russians just ask for respect and are willing to give respect to those who respect Russia.

    But China is awful petty about the past. I mean give it up about Japan and WWII. Let Japan commemorate its war dead. And besides, it’s not like Japan got off scot-free. It got smashed really bad and utterly destroyed. Maybe Russians feel less angry and vengeful since they were clear winners and they meted out the vengeance against Germans themselves. In contrast, even though Japan got smashed real bad, it was done by Americans who suffered least among the great powers in WWII.
    But anyway, Japan did get punished real bad.

    Now, suppose China had been more reasonable in the past 20 yrs in relation to Japan. Suppose Japanese and Chinese have grown close in every respect. Japan could now be contemplating exiting the US political orbit and being a genuine sovereign partner of China. Then China and Japan would dominate Asia together.

    But then, of course, China, even as it resents US presence in the Pacific, has seen its advantages as well, especially against a ‘resurgent Japan’. Though China is now considerably stronger than Japan, Japan still had decisive technological edge. And if US were to leave Japan militarily and if Japan were to develop and run its own military, it would be technologically the most advanced and deadly in the Pacific. And for that reason, China has grudgingly appreciated US presence in the Pacific. As long as US dominates Japan, Japan won’t be a threat to China.

    But really, whatever military Japan develops on its own, there should be no reason for China and Japan to go to war as long as both nations act adult and mature. But then, based on recent tensions over some dinky little island, maybe it makes sense for the US to dominate the region militarily. If not for US presence, maybe stupid China and Japan would have come to blows over nonsense.

    The thing is China needs to grow up. And it has to see the big picture. The big picture is China needs good relations with the two other major Asian powers. India and Japan. South Korea simply doesn’t count and it’s a waste of time for China to court it too much. South Korea will always be a whore nation, and a great power like China needs good relations with other great powers in the region. They are India(once people learn to stop shitting all over) and Japan that still has the potential to rise to prominence. But for that to happen, Japan needs to regain confidence as nation, and for that to be realized, it has to break out of US orbit as its geisha Tokyo shoeshine boy. A proud China and a proud Japan and a proud India(once it shits properly) is the best path for Asia.
    Maybe China prefers that Japanese remain the shoeshine boy of America since a truly independent Japan will grow in nationalism, and Japanese nationalism might go head to head with Chinese nationalism. There is some legit concern in this. As of now, the only Asian nations with true nationalisms are India and China. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, most SE Asia nations, Philippines, and even Vietnam have no real nationalism. They are either dependents, satellites, or whores of US. One would think Vietnam would be nationalist since it defeated the US, but of late, Vietnamese have turned into whores who even put on massive homo parades to woo American dollars. They are reverting to Saigon whores again, just like Cubans will once again come under the sway of American casinos and travel industry.

    China may be rather pleased by this. While these nations may rely on the US for protection, their lack of a truly sovereign nationalism means they have no pride left with which to challenge/counter China of their own. When Vietnamese had independent nationalism, they were willing to take on any nation. When China invaded Vietnam in the late 70s, Vietnamese battled alone and drove the Chinese back. But if Vietnam comes to rely on America, it will become just like South Korea, Taiwan, and Philippines. A dependent bitch of American neo-imperialism pleading for help as it cowers before China.

    Now, it can be dangerous when a bunch of nations in close proximity have independent nationalisms. Consider what happened in Europe when France, Germany, Italy, UK, Austria, and etc all had independent nationalisms. They tore each other apart.
    Finally, when their nationalisms all got snuffed out under American occupation after WWII, they didn’t fight one another. They were all whores, and whores don’t have any pride to fight for. EU was the coming together of whores.
    Similarly, Japan was most dangerous when it was independently nationalist. Whatever nationalism exists in Japan today, it is in the shadow of American power. So, it’s not true nationalism. So, it poses no threat to China. But if Japan were to become a truly independent nation, it could be more assertive in what it wants instead of looking over its shoulder at US all the time.

    So, US presence has had a muffling effect on nationalism in East Asia, and that was good for China as it was the only truly nationalist nation that was challenged by none other. As US had to maintain control over various Asian nations, it worked more in the mode of management than aggressive strategizing. This was especially after US learned that China meant business in the Korean War.

    But it could be that this advantage accrued from American domination of Asia is fading for China. US may no longer be in simple management mode but in subversion mode. US always used propaganda on other nations, but in the past, the American message was mostly healthy: freedom, basic human rights, individual liberty. Today, it’s about decadent values of narcissism, homomania, trans-racialism, mindless worship of Jews, and radical feminism. In the past, Voice of America was about More Freedom and some entertainment. Today, it’s about Masha Gessen preaching to Russians that they need to bow down to Pussy Riot and eradicate family in favor of sexual perversity. US ambassador in Vietnam is some white fruitkin married to some bleek(black geek) fruiter who sticks his penis up his ‘hubby’s’ poophole.

    As Jews/homos run the US, the rise of China and Russia is a bad omen for them. As China and Russia represent Power of national identity, normal values(no ‘gay marriage’ that favors the new normal of ‘minority elite’), majority ethnic power, Jews and homos see the rise of China and Russia as alarming.
    In some ways, Jews and homos see the Russian-China union as threatening. But in other ways, they see it as good for Jewish and homo power. With China and Russia merging, Jews and homos can spread the propaganda that Russia and China represent the same kind of evil: ‘racist’ nationalism and ‘homophobia’. This is where a nation like South Korea is useful. US has helped South Korea rise as a ‘soft power’ in pop culture. US looks for yellow agents, and South Koreans and Korean-Americans are the most useful, not least because Koreans, relative to Asians, are low impulse control and eager to play jigro-ish punkass whore and shamelessly adopt ‘white’ looks. US wants to show and tell to all of Asia, “looky here, these are the ‘good Asians’, these South Koreans and Korean-Americans(who even star in TV shows and such).” As US grows more anti-China, it will grow more pro-Korea because Koreans will grovel to the biggest power that shows it some ‘respect’. US has never been totally anti-Asian. It was always selectively anti-Asian, favoring some Asians as good Asians to use against other Asians as bad Asians. When Japan was rising, US flattered Japan as the good Asian nation so eager to learn from the West. Back then, US was very supportive of Japan’s invasion of Taiwan, Korea, and Manchuria. But when Japanese got too cocky, US was suddenly making Chinese out to be good noble Asian and Japanese as slanty eyed bucktooted shitters during WWII. But then Japan lost the war and US was at war with Commie China. So, Japan again became the good Asian nation. But then in the 80s, Japanese economy was rising high and Japanese were getting cocky again, so US said China is the good nation of economic reforms while Japanese were like the sushi eating world conspirators of RISING SUN. Then Japanese economy tanked and Japan was no longer an economic threat to US while China grew bigger. So US decided Japan is again the good guy and China sucks.
    But then, surprisingly, South Korea managed to squeeze out some global brands. Also, South Koreans also got tons of plastic surgery to look more ‘global'(white) and acted super-sluttish by imitating US skank culture. And South Korea also hired tons of homos to prettify its men into a bunch of flowery pussyboys, and this made the Korean Wave ‘cool’. And Americans began to think… “hmmm, we can use South Korea as proxy of globalist propaganda all over Asia.” This is why is especially pushing the ‘gay’ agenda hard on South Korea. It wants to turn SK irreversibly into the first and foremost Americanized nation along Jewish-homo wishes, and then, it can serve as cultural template for rest of Asia. K-pop, artistically worthless as it is, is having a major impact all of Asia by inspiring Asian women to act like white wanna-be whores and Asian boys to dress like fruity-tooters. Because US prizes South Korea as its main whore and dog, it was very upset with Park attending the Chinese parade. She hasn’t been a very good whore. But then, politics is not really where the real value of Korea is at. It is the image of ‘cool Korea’ that follows US trends and makes them palatable to other Asians–including 100s of millions of Chinese hooked to dumbass pop culture–that is the real asset. If Chinese had any sense, they would ridicule South Koreans as suckass wanna-be running dogs of garbage American pop culture. It is South Korea’s cultural influence that China must really fear.

    Anyway, just because two nations have independent nationalisms doesn’t mean they need to hate one another and fight one another. After all, UK and France finally came around to respecting and tolerating one another. It was the rise of Germany that upset the whole balance in Europe. China and India have proven two nations can get along, and despite unresolved disputes over territory. And the recent rapprochement between China and Russia is also proof that two independently nationalist countries can get along and find mutual interests. China needs to allow this for Japan so that Japan will gradually come out of US orbit and become a genuine Asian nation again. And for this to happen, China needs to drop Japan-bashing as the main passion for holding China together. If China gradually wrests Japan away from US orbit to Asian orbit, US power will essentially be over in the Asian sphere. US may continue to have bases in Philippines and Korea, but with Japan no longer playing whore to US, the essential components of Asia can forge their own destiny.

    China cannot trust the US because it is run by paranoid Jews and homos. As Jews hate Russia above all—even more than Iran—, they hate to see Russia growing closer to China. They want to isolate Russia as much as possible. That would suggest that Jews should court China to be a closer partner to the US. But Jews can’t do this because Jews need a bogeyman for all the economic anxieties in the US. Jews need to play the yellow peril card in relation to China. There have been a bunch of economic crises in the US, and Jews have been at the center of much of this, especially in Wall Street. Also, the globalist economic system is essentially the creation of Jews. That means the possibility of people waking up as economic woes get worse and blaming… the Joos!
    So, Jews need to build up the image of China as the evil bogeyman that is responsible for all that is wrong. Such vilification of China necessarily drives China closer to Russia, a nation that Jews hate, hate, and hate(as long as it isn’t full-whore to globalist Jewish power).
    But Jews can’t have it all. Jews want us to see Asia in terms of evil Chinese and evil North Koreans vs good Americans, good Japanese, and good South Koreans. But it’s not so simple. China has now grown closer to South Korea than to North Korea, and South Korea has politically reciprocated by attending the parade in China. Also, when South Korea and Japan were bitching at each other over the tiresome controversy about wartime ‘comfort women’ — I mean enough already — , China came to the side of South Korea, and that South Korean government was very grateful. Meanwhile, the US, eager to court Japan, told South Korea to tone it own a bit. South Koreans got upset because suffering-under-Japan is to them what the Holocaust is to Jews. Given the Korean War killed many more lives than Japanese occupation, you’d think Koreans would see it as the main tragedy of the 20th century, but it’s not possible since the culprits of the Korean War were US, Russia, and China. As all three nations are independent and powerful, South Korea dares not mess with them. So, the outlet for South Korea’s fury is always Japan, Japan, and Japan, fellow whore nation of US domination.

    Anyway, given America’s posturing as the moral crusader around the world, the South Korean government was miffed that Americans told it to calm down and make good with Japan so that they can all gang up on China. China cleverly stepped in to woo the Koreans by posturing as the fellow-victim-sufferers of Japanese evil and wickedness while making US out to be enabler of Japanese amnesia of all the bad shit it did in WWII.
    But if Chinese had any sense, they’d realize they caught the little shit fish and lost the big prize fish. China really needs to look to Japan as a hopeful ally, and it is within the realm of possibility.
    And China has the advantage that Russia doesn’t have. Russia is a big country but not very big in population considering its land mass. And Russians are blessed with lots of natural resources but poor in work ethic. So, Russians can never truly win the respect of fellow European nations. In contrast, if China plays its cards right, it can truly become the commanding power in Asia. But for this to happen, China must overcome it petty victim mentality. Hopefully, this parade will bring forth a shift in China from a victim to victor mentality. Not that China won WWII — it certainly did not —, but China won something big in the 20th century as it finally reunified and embarked on genuine modernization beginning with Deng’s reforms. Not everything is won in wars. They are won in economics and morality and culture. It’s like US lost the Vietnam War but then clobbered the USSR in innovation.

    To some extent, China should feel some degree of pity for Japan and even India. China was threatened by imperialism but it was never defeated or colonized like Japan and India. Japan really lost everything in WWII. It was allowed to keep its economy, but it lost its soul, pride, dignity, and etc. And Japanese still haven’t recovered what they’ve lost as they continue to be the geisha of the US. And India was totally under British rule for two centuries. And Indians are awful confused about their national identity cuz the idea of India was created by Brits. Indians communicate through English, an imperialist legacy that continues. Indian facility with English gives them up a huge leg up in global competition, but there’s no pride in a nation relying so much on the language of its former colonizer. In contrast, Chinese understand one another through Mandarin. China was almost colonized and almost defeated(by Japan), but it was not. Imperialists managed to hold only port cities, and Japanese failed to defeat China.
    So, Chinese recovered their nationalism quicker than Indians and Japanese who still haven’t recovered it.
    What China has to be is magisterial and sensible and patient. But Chinese foreign policy is still immature. China has learned many lessons but still fly off the handle over stupid shit. It’s like during the Mao era. Mao could have gradually developed China but he got impatient and came up with idiot ideas like Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution.
    Since Mao’s death, China has wisely decided to move slow and patiently in many areas. But then, its foreign policy got dumber and dumber. Paradoxically, as China grew more powerful, it grew more paranoid. It’s like what Germany felt in the late 19th century. Of course, Germans weren’t entirely wrong as the French and UK were watching the rise of Germany with nervousness and even hostility. But Germans themselves over-reacted and made things worse. It goes without saying that the US is eyeing China with nervousness. But it is something China can weather if it plays patiently and wise like Don Vito Corleone.
    China now needs to ask itself what its greatest threat is. It is the US, or rather, the Jewish-homo or Jomo Power Complex.

    While even non-Jewish Americans have a tendency to see China as new Yellow Peril, it is the Jews who really play that card since they too are very nervous about their own power and position. During the Holocaust, Jews were terrified of being found in their weak helpless state. When Nazis found them hiding under beds or in closets, they were dragged off to the camps.
    Today, Jews are terrified of being found in all their power and wealth. They are afraid that the 99% will finally come after the 1% of Jews. So, Jews have cooked up all the hysteria about the MOOOOOOSLIMS, the RUSSIANS ARE COMING RUSSIANS ARE COMING, and the NEW FU MANCHU!!!!
    And of course, Jews endlessly roll out the bogeyman of WHITE PRIVILEGE. The hysteria over WP prods non-whites to side with Jews against those ‘racist whites’ and also divides the white community into ‘bad whites'(genuine conservatives) and Liberals and cuckservatives.

    Anyway, if China recognizes that its biggest enemy is the JOMO POWER COMPLEX, it should realize that the stupidest thing it could keep doing is to further alienate Japan over past history. China needs Japan as the other great partner and ally in Asia. A China allied with Russia and resurgent Japan independent of Jomo-ruled US would be strong indeed. Knowing Indian character, they will play all sides and remain aloof, but China can have good relations with India. Indians are crafty(despite having the bad manners to shit all over) and will eschew any strong alliance with any power, so any nation that hopes for a true alliance with India is fooling itself. There is something about the Indian character that cannot abide the idea of permanent anything(except in worshiping cows and shitting all over).

  5. Rifleman says:
    @Priss Factor

    Prissy, not only are you a self hating homosexual you clearly have Aspergers!!

    That post was ridiculous. Take a breath, sissy.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  6. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says:

    “Prissy, not only are you a self hating homosexual”

    You know Rifey…. your obsessive paranoia about my alleged homosexuality and your stalking behavior betray projection on your part of your own closeted tooti-frootiness.

    So, bend over.

  7. @Priss Factor

    if you know anything about those islands(the tiny island chains between taiwan and japan) you would not be saying what you just said.

    you are basically asking china to open it’s ass for another rape for the world to see, in 2015 no less.

    that is pretty retarded.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  8. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website
    @Astuteobservor II

    If you see the big fish, you would let go of the tiny minnow.

    Besides, China learned to live with loss of Mongolia that Stalin insisted should be independent.

    Japan lost the Kurile islands.

    And India lost a little territory to China.

    All those tiny issues should be overlooked for the biggie picture.

  9. @Priss Factor

    I love how in your reply where you just assumed that china is the bad buy 🙂

    mongolia happened because chinese warlords was way too busy killing each other(around 1911), way before stalin.

    japan lost kurile islands because of ww2 and their refusal to surrendered earlier to usa. from what I have read, japan refused any talks with russia. if you can point me to any reliable info to the contrary I would love to read about it.

    from what I have read. those borders were drawn by the british, with no one the wiser. it is fair game. and india started the hostilities.

    those tiny islands + taiwan can be used to box china in. please learn about those islands, their owner ship for the last 100 years, what happened after ww2 etc. Hell, just the adiz alone is worth it for china.

    I have zero problem with people, govt being selfish, nationalist etc, just don’t sugar coat it.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  10. DB Cooper says:
    @Priss Factor

    “On issues pertaining to Japan, China should just accept the agreements that resulted from WWII.”

    It is Japan that doesn’t accept the agreements of WWII. Specially pertaining to China/Taiwan the Diaoyutai islands. Hence China keep stressing the importance of ‘maintaining the post WWII order’, code word for Japan revisionism on the Potsdam Declaration and the Cairo agreement.

  11. DB Cooper says:
    @Priss Factor

    “And India lost a little territory to China”

    Oh my. Talk about cluelessness.

    Did the British Raj loss some territories to China? Probably not right? The British was the certified bad boys in those days, am I not correct? Here is the thing, when the British Raj bequeath its territories to the natives there and created the country called India, the new country inherited the expansionism of its mentor. It is China that lost territories to India.

    Specially, in 1951, four years after India’s creation, India invaded and annexed Tawang, hence completing the land grabbing of South Tibet, which the British has started but not yet completed. Tawang is the birthplace of the Sixth Dalai Lama and home to one of the holiest Tibetan monasteries.

    By the way South Tibet is not the only land India grabbed from its neighbors. Here is a selected list, in chronological order:

    947 Annexation of Kashmir

    1949 Annexation of Manipur

    1949 Annexation of Tripura

    1951 Annexation of South Tibet:

    1961 Annexation of Goa:

    1962 Annexation of Kalapani, Nepal:

    1962 Aggression against China:

    1971 Annexation of Turtuk, Pakistan:

    1972 Annexation of Tin Bigha, Bangladesh

    1975 Annexation of Sikkim (the whole country):

    1983 (Aborted) Attempted invasion of Mauritius

    1990 (Failed) Attempted annexation of Bhutan:

    2013 Annexation of Moreh, Myanmar

  12. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website
    @Astuteobservor II

    Eat some chop suey and calm down.

    ‘Box in China’ with that dinky island?

    Gimme a break.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  13. @Priss Factor

    it is like talking to a retard 🙂

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  14. Biff says:

    Interesting at what times China decides to use the Roman Calendar, instead of it’s own. A guess it depends on the audience.

  15. joe webb says:

    Chinks R Us. Anything for World Capitalism/Communism. from NYT today:

    “WASHINGTON — With Chinese spies rummaging through White House emails, President Obama has decided not to risk making their spying any easier: He will break with tradition and abandon the Waldorf Astoria, which was bought last year by Chinese investors with deep ties to Beijing’s ruling elite, when he attends the United Nations General Assembly next week.”

    What was the chink spy case a few years ago, Wen Ho Lee? he was guilty as only a chink can be but the chink lobby, soon to put AIPAC to shame, got him off all the while yammering about White Racism!

    War of the Newts, a novel about the invasion by a kind of newt…by a east European writer I think, and this is it with the “celestials” as the HBO show, Deadwood, calls them. O yes , White Racism!

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Rdm
  16. Dave37 says:

    I’m of the opinion that we should get out of Korea, Japan and support for Viet-Nam (they were the enemy not long ago) so as not to become entangled in the mess they will create and we can’t or won’t be allowed to try and fix without damage to ourselves. The most effective coercion we can do to China (besides a free internet) is to allow them to continue to copy us. Seems to have worked on the Soviets, only we have so far survived our own crazy creation.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  17. @Dave37

    not possible because our elites would not allow it. the asian market will be way too big for us not to try to be dominate it. judging from the current events and how usa have acted so far, we are even willing to use the military option, at least the posturing part.

  18. Sean says:

    “The United States prefers to get its World War II rocks off at Normandy on D-Day”. That was their last sucessful military operation according to Gabor Steingart, The defeats have included Korea and Vietnam.

  19. Anon7 says:

    So, moving all those jobs to China, and then buying all that junk at Walmart, and then allowing them to steal all that IP, has resulted in China having a very large, very uniform, very shiny military?

    Who would have guessed that would happen?

    If you thought that China’s opening Olympic ceremony was impressive, check this out:

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  20. Rdm says:
    @joe webb

    I’m guessing next time UN Assembly will hold their meeting in Ferguson because all high ends hotels are bought by Chinese.

  21. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “So, moving all those jobs to China, and then buying all that junk at Walmart, and then allowing them to steal all that IP, has resulted in China having a very large, very uniform, very shiny military?”

    US might come out of the deal with a better hand.

    China developed manufacturing, but those jobs will soon all vanish through 3-D printing on a massive scale. So, while US invested in high-tech, China invested in low-tech manufacturing. Future will be high-tech and favor the US. Future economy of all advanced nations will be high-tech, finance, and service industry. As robots and machines will do all the manufacturing, low-tech manufacturing jobs will be irrelevant. As Chinese economy is all about low-tech manufacturing, its future is bleak… unless China learns to lead in high-tech. But US has skimmed off the most intelligent scientists from China and India.

    In yrs to come, all those factory jobs in China will be obsolete, but US high-tech will still lead and dominate.
    And for so many yrs, US got tons of stuff from China in products whereas China got lots of paper wealth. US got real products whereas China essentially got promissory notes.
    As Chinese manufacturing takes a nosedive, China will have to spend that money to buy high-tech from US.
    Also, if US really doesn’t want to pay back the debt, it can cook up some ‘humans rights’ excuse, provoke a crisis, and renege on everything. Look what US and EU did to Libya.

    I think Chinese are beginning to wake up to this possibility, which is why they are drawing closer to Russia.


    “If you thought that China’s opening Olympic ceremony was impressive, check this out.”

    Those military marches look impressive, but they don’t mean anything. Russia puts on grand military parades whereas US doesn’t, but US is many times richer and more powerful than Russia.

    Even dinky North Korea puts on massive military parades — much bigger than any in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and etc. — , but N. Korea has 1/20th the economy of the South.

  22. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website
    @Astuteobservor II

    ‘it is like talking to a retard’

    You Chinee smart but not use brain

    • Replies: @Rdm
  23. Rdm says:
    @Priss Factor

    I would argue that if the prize similar to Nobel Prize has been dedicated ever since paper has been invented, East Asians would top the list, especially Chinese.

    What China should have done is take a loyalty fee for using “Paper” for their invention, “Gun powder”, “Printing” and focus more on next discoveries. Instead, Europeans tops the list after they gain supreme advantage over the colonialism, and then patent charge for their inventions later.

    • Replies: @Sam Haysom
  24. @Rdm

    Right and if preseason games counted then the Raiders would go to the playoffs. What China (and Russia for that matter) should do is high step less before they get to the end zone. But that’s not how those cultures were built. Crowing before you win is second nature to both. Meanwhile in the West great powers rise with little fanfare and little cheat beating. You look up and suddenly little old stolid England is the world’s greatest power and then lo and behold provincial backwater USA is now the world’s great power. Meanwhile let China or Russia get within striking range and they puff themselves up like bull frogs and talk unending trash. It’s never worked out for them yet.

    • Replies: @Rdm
  25. Rdm says:
    @Sam Haysom

    Right and if preseason games counted then the Raiders would go to the playoffs. What China (and Russia for that matter) should do is high step less before they get to the end zone. But that’s not how those cultures were built. Crowing before you win is second nature to both. Meanwhile in the West great powers rise with little fanfare and little cheat beating.

    That must be one of your wishful thinking. Trash talking is nature to everyone, not only confined to Russia and China. At the peak of British and French colonialism, these two countries were basically rummaging throughout the entire world. In some territories, they had to compromise; in some, they fought. Out of these two colonialists, British became the master. I’m not defining here which conditions catapulted the British into world power. I’d ask you a question “Did British show the magnanimity towards her rivaling French?” throwing out all the stereotypes of “French eating frogs, horses” in a derogatory tones from their crooked teeth.

    Crowing before you win is second nature to both.

    Really? Uncle Broke blocking her staunch ally UK not to join AIIB? Crowing? tell me another joke as if the US farts smell good, Russia and China farts smell horrid. When it comes to grasping the global power, nasty politic play is at play. No farts smell good.

    Meanwhile in the West great powers rise with little fanfare and little cheat beating.

    You almost got me right there. Then why those pompous display of Royal dinner? Little cheat beating? I’d ask you a simple question, where do you stand your argument? Are you standing on the giant shoulders of the west or are you arguing from the US perspective? It won’t matter, you’re talking from the point of “The Great White Power”, I get that.

    Ok, if China had patented their inventions and charge loyalty fee for using their inventions, Europeans will go broke. Well, they won’t because they will “Copy and Steal” Chinese inventions. If they can’t, they will destroy and pillage like rabid dogs “Old Summer Palace”. Europeans will be wiping their asses using communal brush, let alone toilet paper invented by China.

    Little cheating? I’d laugh at that together with “Samuel the Slater”.

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