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We Must Act Today to Keep the White House in the Hands of Republicans! Anyone for McCain
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For those of our readers who might have thought even for a moment that John McCain?s reaching out to black Democrats with teeth-gnashing for not having supported the compulsory MLK sacral holiday was a fluke, please note the following advertisement put out by the GOP and then distributed by the onetime conservative Human Events. Although not every word of this mailing may be clear, owing to my technical ineptitude, enough of the wording should be visible to indicate whom the GOP and the editors of Human Events wish to celebrate. If the GOP and the ‘conservative movement’ have decided to move leftward, I would suggest that it celebrate someone who was less radical and more cerebral than its present idol, perhaps that fine Victorian gentleman and European chauvinist albeit one with whacky economic theories, Karl Marx. At least Marx never called for paying reparations to blacks or for giving out government-controlled employment to blacks as a hereditary victim class.

We must act today to keep the White House in the hands of Republicans!
To win the 2008 election, Republicans must accomplish this one very important goal – win just 25% of the black vote.
But how do we win 25% of the black vote? Most black voters favor conservative policies – not liberal ones. They do not support higher taxes, surrendering in Iraq, partial birth abortion and same-sex marriage. For middle class blacks, voting their values NOW means voting Republican.
That’s why we must act immediately to get the ball rolling on our proven 2008 VICTORY PLAN to educate and bring these black voters back to the Party of Lincoln.
Our 4-step 2008 Victory Plan:
* Recruit and train black church and community leaders to spread our conservative Republican message
* Script, produce and air our hard-hitting radio and TV ads for black radio and TV outlets
* Put up MLK billboards across America
* Publish and distribute our very effective magazine, The Black Republican
I think you see how our 2008 VICTORY PLAN will stop the Democrats, from HILLARY CLINTON and BARACK OBAMA at the top all the way down to the bottom of the ticket.
Can I count on you to help with your most generous gift in the amount of \$25, \$50, \$75, \$250, \$500, \$1,000 or more to fund our 2008 VICTORY PLAN? Click here to donate.

Whatever you can send – \$25, \$50, \$75 – is needed immediately.
If we can convince just 25% of black voters that the Republican Party already represents the values they most care about, we can take back Congress and stop the Democrats from capturing the White House.
That’s why I’m asking for your very best gift – at least \$25 – and that you rush it to me immediately. Thank you!
Click here to donate
Frances Rice, Chairman
National Black Republican Association

(Republished from Takimag by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2008 Election, Republicans 
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