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Thanks are due to Greg Hood for an outstanding, comprehensive review of my book on antifascism. Mr. Hood wrote an admirably thorough review, which I could not improve on even if I tried. I agree with his implied criticism that I do not fully explain the bizarre relationship between wokeness and corporate capitalism. That troubling connection continues to puzzle me, and I’m not quite sure which is the stronger force in driving it: the fear among the corporate class of irritating BLM, the LGBT lobby, and other woke activists, or the sympathy felt by this class for what I call the “post-Marxist leftist ideology.” Given the firm hold this ideology exercises on the urban and affluent, it seems that both motives may be at work here.

The most compelling aspect for me of Greg’s review is his recognition of the radical nature of my critique of the antifascist scam. I do not view those who scream “fascism” whenever some public figure resists the latest form of thought control to be simply pests or nervous nellies. Nor am I doing something as academic as trying to demonstrate the current inflated use of the F label. I regard the current obsession with a no longer even minimally recognizable fascism to be pathological, and those who incite anxiety about a return to Nazism or even to a more generic fascism to be dangerous totalitarians. Equally frightening has been the spread of this madness outside the US and the introduction of speech codes and steady indoctrination throughout the Western world to contain a phantom danger. A far graver danger is coming from an increasingly repressive Left, which in the name of resisting fascism seeks to destroy all traditional human relations and to abolish our civilization.

Most disturbing is the inability of Western countries to mount any kind of credible resistance to this antifascist hysteria. Attacks on a church, college, or any other traditional institution as fascist, for not doing something as ridiculously irrelevant as providing unisex restrooms, will put the antifascist mobs into a frenzy. This in turn will typically elicit paroxysms of regret from their target. No significant pushback has come from the other side, which is terrified of the antifascists and may even half-believe what the antifascist mob and media present as reality. Since those who push the antifascist narrative are already in power, those they intimidate or influence may no longer see them as a revolutionary force. Actually, the antifascists are engaged in a continuing upheaval, while pretending to oppose a threat that is of their own making.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Political Correctness 
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  1. Good to see Professor Gottfried contributing to the Unz Review.
    He’s someone that I’ve heard many times as a regular listener to the Tom Woods show where he’s a regular guest.
    Here’s an audio interview he conducted late last year with Tom Woods on Antifascism:

    Professor Gottfried may have an academic background as a philosopher/historian, but as an associated scholar at the Libertarian Mises Institute, he knows a thing or two about REAL economics – which is more than we can say for pretend-economists like Michael Hudson.

    Ron Unz, why don’t you arrange for an article that involves Paul Gottfried challenging Hudson on his crackpot ideas.

    Better still, get a hold of the Austro-Libertarian and anarcho-capitalist Emeritus Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe, and let’s see him wipe the floor with Hudson.

  2. Chris Moore says: • Website

    I agree with his implied criticism that I do not fully explain the bizarre relationship between wokeness and corporate capitalism.

    What explains the close neocon/neolib relationship to wokeness and corporate capitalism?Judeofascism explains it.

    What do ((Jews)) do when confronted with what they are? Project their own worst characteristics onto their opponents. They know they’re Judeofascists, so they call themselves anti-fascists to both disarm their critics (You oppose anti‐fascism, therefore you’re a fascist!) and claim they can’t possibly have any positive relationship to fascism because they’re Jewish (that’s the narrative, for example, whenever ((Zelensky)) is accused of being in bed with Right Sector neo-fascists).

    You hace to remember how psychotic and schizo ((Jews)) and their stooges really are to have any hope of accuratelyy comprehending American politics and geopolitics and wars. If you’re unwilling to confront the reality of Judefascism (which predates traditional fascism and Nazism, and goes back to the British ((Cousinhood)) and today is epitomized by the neocons and left-wing billionaires like ((Soros)) et al), then you’re totally lost.

    Actually, the antifascists are engaged in a continuing upheaval, while pretending to oppose a threat that is of their own making.

    Change antifascists to Judeofascists and their affection for controlled and staged “permanent revolution” (which serves the Anglo-Zionist Empire) and the picture becomes clear.

    ((Gottfried)), your feigned clulessness becomes tiresome, probably even to you. You ((Jews)) really are boring old saws and psychotics.

    • Troll: Realist
  3. Corporations and financial institutions implementing ESG requirements to conduct business is indeed revolutionary and heralds the death of liberty and individualism in the withering on the vine West. This civilizational suicide is why the BRICS bloc will eventually dominate the world.

  4. saggy says: • Website

    Reading this Jew on the subject of ‘fascism’ and ‘antifascism’ is the height of both irony and idiocy, and the damndest waste of time imaginable.

    Just in general, with the war between the US/NATO and Russia showing no sign of ending, without even an imaginable end other that WW III, it seems to me that Unz should be devoting a hell of a lot more space to that subject.

  5. Mr. Gottfried you sound quite like Jordan B. Peterson lately. Two voices of reason. I hope your distinct and clear voices will be heard.
    I want to thank Greg Hudson too for his insightful review of Paul Gottfried’s book Antifascism -The Course of a Crusade.

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