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Please note this commentary was written before the new horror stories broke out about Sarah’s daughter and about her out-of-wedlock pregnancy. It also came before CNN announced on Monday evening that the Alaska governor would be trounced and humiliated by Joe Biden in any debate because ‘the Delaware senator has an encyclopedic knowledge of facts’ but is so ‘eloquent and cutting that he might overplay his hand.’ Thus we behold the instantaneous transformation of a cognitively challenged blowhard who graduated at the very bottom of his law class at Syracuse and who has never, to my knowledge, uttered a coherent English sentence. That may be the effect of having been picked by the media savior Barack for the second spot on the Democratic ticket.

I am persuaded that those who vetted Sarah Palin were not aware of her onetime sympathy for Pat Buchanan, which Pat links to his 1996 and not to his 2000 campaign, or perhaps they thought no one would notice this fleeting connection. Quite predictably the liberal media and the odious Robert Wexler have jumped on the story in order to associate poor Sarah with the Holocaust and even more unmentionable things. What this series of events should teach paleoconservatives, paleolibertarians, or anyone else situated to the right of Martin Luther King and Hubert Humphrey is that you’ve no friends on the left save for a few disoriented hippies living in a time warp. In fact the neocons may be the closest thing to our pals in the media establishment, and they too hate our guts. The Left is teeming with Robert Wexlers, who will turn even on their fellow-AIPAC fans for getting too close to our side. It is therefore profoundly stupid to think that our dye-in-the-wool enemies are going to be our buds simply because some of us (I exclude myself from this company) attack W’s ill-conceived war in Iraq as a human rights violation.

It is we, and not the neocons, which the liberal Left is seeking to drive off the planet, and trying to get them to notice that we’re ‘antiwar’ is a useless conciliatory gesture. Our task is simple but also dauntingly expensive. It is to create our own counter-media and counter-establishment, a task aiming at giving our side at least a seat in the public political discussion. In this work we can expect not help but torrents of hostility from the left. And if we go anywhere, the Robert Wexlers of this world would proclaim us to be the reincarnations of Hitler and Hamas.


Our work of consolidation must therefore be carried on alone, and we must never allow the words to fall from our lips or even to appear on our computer compositions starting with the indescribably stupid phrase ‘nice people right and left would agree.’ Such a betise would be the equivalent of Jews in Germany in 1933 engaging in the illusion that ‘All of us, Hitler and Jews, can agree that the Treaty of Versailles was unjust.’ Our enemies would be happy to put all of us, and not just Pat Buchanan or Taki or Sarah Palin, into a reeducation Gulag. That is their idea of entering into constructive engagement with our side.

(Republished from Takimag by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Sarah Palin 
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