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What to Do About Israel?
Here are some suggestions
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Critics of U.S. policy with and about Israel like myself have been relatively successful in describing the considerable downside in the bilateral status quo. We have demonstrated that the lopsided relationship supports absolutely no U.S. interest and that, on the contrary, considerable damage is done to the American people, to include involvement in armed conflict in the Middle East which serves no purpose beyond “protecting Israel.”

Israel benefits from billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars annually in a \$3.8 billion lump sum for “military aid” plus hundreds of millions more in special procurements and projects that are together considered untouchable in Washington. Add to that the quasi legal “charitable” tax exempt contributions from wealthy American Jews and groups that fuel apartheid policies in Palestine and pay for the illegal settlements. Many of those same groups are themselves tax exempt and they exploit that status to actively lobby on behalf of the Jewish state, successfully shielding it from any consequences for its war crimes and human rights violations. They also avoid registration under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, even though many of them collude directly with the Israeli government through its embassy in Washington and are directed by the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu government. In fact, no Israel Lobby component among the six hundred or so Jewish groups that have protecting Israel as part of their agenda has ever been required to register as a foreign agent.

Under President Donald Trump, one Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson contributed as much as \$300 million to GOP coffers, money which had with it a quid pro quo, that Trump should do a series of favors for Israel, which he did. The Democrats have their own counterpart in Israeli film producer Haim Saban, who has said that he is a “one issue guy and his issue is Israel.” Neither major party can be counted upon to resist Israeli pressure on foreign policy or even on domestic issues that might limit the “aid” that the Jewish state receives.

The money coming from the Israel Lobby has corrupted American government all the way down to the local level and special preferences for Israeli businesses in states like Florida and Virginia have added even more to the cash flow that goes in only one direction. Ironically, Israel does not really need the money. It is a socialist state that has a European level standard of living, to include free health care and university education, benefits that Americans do not possess.

Add to that Israel’s deplorable human rights record, which Washington is required to defend in international fora, as well as Israel’s record of persistent and highly damaging spying against the United States. It all means that little more need to be said, apart from restating the fact that it is a very bad deal for the American people. And it has also brought with it collateral damage to include attacks on fundamental rights like Freedom of Speech and Assembly. As the politicians in both major parties are bribed or otherwise coerced into continuing to behave the way that they do, count on things getting even worse, with criminalizing of any criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism currently making the rounds of pending legislation.

All of that said, when I and others lay out the laundry list of Israel’s crimes against America, some sympathizers inevitably respond: “Okay, so what are you going to do about it?” So now I am going to address some of the things that can be done by ordinary Americans and by groups that are correctly appalled by Washington’s wag the dog relationship with the Jewish state.

First of all, demand from our elected officials that American law be enforced on Israel. There are several areas where that is relevant. First, as mentioned above, is the failure of the Justice and Treasury Departments to enforce registration of pro-Israel lobbying groups. Registration would force groups like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) and the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) to open their books regarding the money they receive and spend and could also require them to reveal details of their lobbying activity.

Another area where the law is not being enforced is regarding Israel’s nuclear arsenal, which was created by stealing both technology and enriched uranium from the U.S. The Symington Amendment on foreign relations forbids giving aid to any country that is either a nuclear proliferator or is in possession of undeclared nuclear weapons. Demand that it be enforced fully now and end all aid to Israel.

U.S. Israel-centric charities or foundations should also have their tax exemptions strictly enforced. Humanitarian aid is fine, but if they are funding the illegal West Bank settlements, which many of them are, they should have their exemptions revoked. And finally, Israelis caught spying or Americans who are assisting in the theft of U.S. classified or sensitive information should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, to include use of the Espionage Act. Currently, such individuals are almost always given a pass. If President Joe Biden can continue the persecution of legitimate journalist Julian Assange under the Espionage Act, he can certainly do the same vis-à-vis Israel’s spies.

Second, call for the end of Citizens United, which enables the Zionist oligarchs to dictate U.S. policy in the Middle East through their PACs and direct political donations. Beyond that, make your voice heard more generally. Sure, calling or writing to a congressional office is most often a waste of time but Capitol Hill staffers have told me many times that if a congressman gets multiple complaints about a certain policy or issue, he or she will begin to pay attention. That is not to say that they will give a damn about their actual constituents versus the powerful Israel Lobby but the background noise might make them just a bit more sensitive on the issue.

Likewise, with the mainstream media and the entertainment industry, which are Jewish/Israel dominated. When one reads an article or watches a documentary that is heavily slanted towards the Jewish state, make an online comment or write a letter to the editor or producer saying that the bias is evident. As in the case with congress, if newspaper or television editors begin to see a lot of commentary hostile to their spin they just might begin to be more cautious for fear of losing readers, viewers or advertising dollars. And just a little bit of loosening of the Israeli grip in the media will mean that the public will begin to appreciate that the “news stories” that have been promoted for so many years are nothing but a tissue of lies.

Third, support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement as well as organizations that are actively critical of Israel. BDS is non-violent and increasingly effective, particularly on college campuses. Always remember that Israel and its friends do not have a grip on Congress, the White House and the media because they are wonderful warm people that others find to be sympathetic. It is difficult even to imagine a scintillating conversation with a malignant toad like former casino magnate Sheldon Adelson or with congressional slime balls like Senators Chuck Schumer and Ben Cardin.

Israel’s ability to corrupt and misdirect is all based on Jewish money, a well-established process whereby Zionist oligarchs buy their way to power and access. So to restore the relationship to something more like the normal interaction between countries the solution is to hit back where it really hurts – boycott Israel and Israeli products or services and do the same for the companies that are the sources of income for those American Jews who are the principal supporters of the Zionist project. If you want to visit Las Vegas, by all means go, but don’t patronize the casinos and hotels now owned by Sheldon Adelson’s Israeli wife Miriam, which include The Venetian and Sands Resort.

Democratic party major donor Haim Saban, meanwhile, is a producer of Hollywood children’s entertainment, including the lucrative Power Rangers. You can stop your children from watching his violent programming and tell the network’s advertisers why you are doing so. And then there are businessmen including Bernard Marcus, who is a co-founder of Home Depot and a major supporter of Israel, and Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots. No one really has to spend \$1000 to go to a football game, particularly if the owner is a good friend of Benjamin Netanyahu, and if you need something for your home or are seeking entertainment, choose to spend your dollars somewhere else. Readers can do the homework for the businesses and services that they normally patronize. If outspoken advocates for Israel own the company, take your dollars elsewhere.

Also put direct pressure on the mostly high-tech U.S. companies that invest in Israel, which are particularly vulnerable because they are thereby sending American jobs overseas, particularly as they country they are sending them to will steal the technology as likely as not. Make Israel’s cash-rich supporters pay a price for promotion of an apartheid/racist regime that is contemptuous of Americans even as it robs us blind, in the process doing terrible damage to the United States.

I am confident that readers will come up with other ideas regarding what might be done to counter Israel and all its works right here in the United States. If we lapse into apathy and think that nothing can be done to oppose the Israeli juggernaut, we will all lose. And, to be sure, the Israelis and their friends in America and Europe have one huge weakness. It is their hubris. They think that they are invulnerable because of their money and political power, but they fail to understand that in history the rich and powerful have inevitably gone too far and have finally received their comeuppance. Perhaps the “gone too far” moment has finally arrived.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is [email protected]

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  1. anon[344] • Disclaimer says:

    Since Alan Greenspan became Fed Chief in 1992, the first Jew to do so since WWII, and succeeded by 2 other Jews – Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen, the Fed has embarked on a monetary expansion that saw the largest transfer of wealth from Main Street to Wall Street. Bill Clinton was nicknamed “The first black president”, but he was really the first Jewish president. He also abandoned the Glass-Steagall Act which led to huge expansion of Wall Street investment banks, and ditched the Buy America Act which encouraged many US firms to offshore their manufacturing to Asia.

    And since Jews own Wall Street, a lot of that money siphoned off Main Street has found its way to Israel. Visitors to Israel are often shocked by how expensive everything is in Israel, even though the country exports next to nothing. Where does all that money come from? Tel Aviv has a burgeoning startup industry, and much of it is thanks to technology transfer from SV, as well as lots of private equity funding from SV. Trump lashed out at China for stealing our technology, but the biggest and most blatant theft of our technology is by Israel, esp. from our universities, like that famous case at Caltech where a professor called them out and got in trouble.

    Of the 400 richest in the US on Forbes list in 2020, I counted 125 confirmed Jews plus another 15 most likely Jews based on last name and industry. That makes 140 out of 400 richest people in America Jews, including 5 of the top 10, that’s 35%, even though they claim to make up only 2% of the population. Geographically, they congregate in 4 states – NY, FL, CA and to a lesser extent, IL (the Chicago area). Industry wise, they concentrate in Real Estate, Finance, Casinos, Retail(esp. apparel) and Pharma. I don’t think the Forbes list is accurate either. For example the Sackler family, notorious Opiod pushers, took over \$12B out of Purdue Pharma before declaring it bankrupt so they don’t have to pay all the lawsuits.

    Jews are robbing this country blind, and siphoning off all our wealth to Israel. The wealth transfer from the US to Israel amounts to far more than \$3.8B per year. As we grow poorer, Jews and Israel keep getting richer, and they point to scapegoats like China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela for us to hate, including using their conservative mouthpieces like Breitbart and Zerohedge. These people are pure evil. The best that could happen is if we make them all move to Israel, and cut off all ties with that country, let their friendly Muslim neighbors have at them.

  2. Mephisto says:

    Nothing. First Jews destroy America because they can’t help themselves. Second, Jews get destroyed because America is no longer there to protect them.

    So, you should do nothing about Israel, just watch America burn. Enjoy the show.

  3. John Hagan says: • Website

    Like many when Venice was the capital of the financial world and many Jews flocked there as money lenders Shakespeare was no fan of the Jews. His most anti Jewish play surely was The Merchant of Venice
    Part 1 is A Satire on The Merchant of Venice with a completely new cast. The theory is that the US has not paid it’s debt to Israel and hence Biden is in the chair ready to loose his pound of flesh!

    The Merchant of Venice Part 2: Part 1 was all satire. Part 2 is a little differnt. I used some clips from the excellent Al Pachino as Shylock preformance. I could not make this otherwise. Make of it what you will yet the connection to the Palestianian boy in the mid and final frame I could not resist.

  4. @anon

    The best that could happen is if we make them all move to Israel, and cut off all ties with that country, let their friendly Muslim neighbors have at them.

    that is what I’ve always said, but alas, WASPS…

    the jew and the wasp, what an unholy alliance.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
    • Replies: @Publius 2
    , @obvious
  5. LarryS says:

    “He who pays the piper call the tune.”
    Americans will get their country back when they can outspend Israel.

    My fellow Christians are a problem as their fealty to “Israel” is but
    virtue signaling to God.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  6. Wally says:

    The action that will do the most to stop “that shitty little country” is to join the ever growing voices that speak up about the fraudulent “holocaust”.

    That impossible propaganda narrative is what truly prevents criticism of Jew supremacists.

    See the “holocaust” scam debunked here:

    No name calling, no dodging debate here:

    Truth is hate to those who hate the truth.

    classic video:
    Robert Faurisson “The Holocaust” as Religion:

  7. Anon[833] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Hagan

    Liberal academia wants Shakespeare, along with most of the classical Greek philosophers, cancelled from the curriculum for being white and politically incorrect. They must figure that Western society will collapse if deprived of its cultural heritage. I suspect they’ve not considered the question of who will continue to employ them with tenure, medical benefits and a pension plan when the barbarians take over our institutions.

  8. Thank you Dr. Giraldi for once again making a reasoned assessment of a clear and present danger to our hard earned (European origin) way of life and following it with a number of realistic actionables. You’ve done your part well along with many now with you and those before you. It would seem this should be enough for others (including myself) to act.

    Unfortunately it’s not, because we, those at risk of losing everything, don’t know where to start and really need further foundational work done so all we have to do is liken to pushing a button. I’m not joking.

    We need what many an unqualified politician (think Gretchen Whitmer) has used to win elections with; a simple hot button that is easily grasped, emotionally charged and the majority can truly understand and rally around and I offer the following:

    Any elected or appointed federal or state official (excepting ambassadors) that maintains dual citizenship while in office is demonstrating an egregious lack of national loyalty therefore is not suited to represent ANY American citizen and must make a very public choice as a condition of accepting or maintaining office.

    I find it astounding that this is legal and tolerated. As Americans, we need to pull our heads out of our asses, climb out of our fur lined ruts and bang pots until this is law, followed by throwing non compliant charlatans out of office immediately upon this being enacted.

    Could ANYTHING be simpler? Get it, got it, done!

    • Replies: @FlintWheel4
  9. Worldwide Final Solution is the only solution. Inagine a world without kikes.

    But muh “kike science”

    The whole world was doing well before any supposed kike “invention” (plagiarizing). It will continue to exist and with the yids taken care of, flourish.

    • Agree: druid55, Sulu
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  10. The problem is apathy. Most people understand what is happening but most people believe that their actions against Israel would amount to a trifling so they don’t bother.

  11. We have demonstrated that the lopsided relationship supports absolutely no U.S. interest and that, on the contrary, considerable damage is done to the American people, to include involvement in armed conflict in the Middle East which serves no purpose beyond “protecting Israel.”

    Those involved with the warmongering section of the Washington Swamp can readily be identified by their ungrammatical usage of “to include” in place of “including”. That may sound strange, but it’s definitely real and it’s a bizarre little “tell”.

    Since both sides are irreconcilable enemies to White Christians, the best thing to do about the Jew–Moslem conflict is to encourage them to remain at each other’s throats. Do we really want Moslems to be even more confident as they invade our homelands? Do we really want millions of Israeli “refugees” in our homelands?

  12. Considering that Americans are increasingly driven by emotion as opposed to guided by reason, if a grossly distorted tear streaked face is helpful (think the OTHER Gretchen) as a 63 year old, white blonde blue, American small MANUFACTURER, I’m not above that—pro bono.

  13. Israel must be de-nuclearised. It must return to its 1947 boundaries, allow the Right of Return of the ethnically cleansed Palestinians and the internationalisation of Jerusalem, holy to three religions, not just one. Jewish monetary bribery of Western politicians must end, along with their bribery by others.
    Of course the Zionazis will never agree to this, so the UN needs to forge an International Treaty where the Security Council Five guarantee the existence of Israel, and Palestine, and international peace-keepers are stationed to prevent any attack on either entity. Israel will need its own armed forces, but they will have to be pledged to non-aggression. Palestine, being protected by the UN, could probably make do with less, and spend the money saved on social development. Once the Jews and Palestinians have a generation or two absent Zionazi barbarity, I reckon they’ll enrich each other nicely.

  14. @anon

    Arthur Burns was Jewish, too, for what it’s worth. And it is NOT all the Jews who are blood-sucking parasites, just the elites, as is true, also, of the goyim.

    • Replies: @JM
  15. anonymous[416] • Disclaimer says:

    If there is no large US military then the empire can’t unilaterally wage war to remake the Middle East for the benefit of Israel. How then to reduce the size of the US military?

    1. Support Medicare for All. It will cost \$3 trillion per year, raising taxes and reducing spending on the military. Due to budget cuts the military will have to downsize.

    2. Universal Basic Income. This will also cost trillions per year and have the same effect as M4A.

    3. Rally whites to boycott becoming military officers. The average quality of military officers is already much lower than it was during the Cold War by 10 IQ points according to the Brookings Institute. Any boycott by whites further lowers the quality of new officers and will force the military to downsize for lack of qualified leaders. People with 110 IQs make for undesirable officers and the positions will be left vacant if people like that are the available candidates. The military’s reach will be cut back for lack of officers. Boycotting the military in general won’t work as well because of lower IQ requirements for enlisted personnel. In 2019, half of those who enlisted in the Army were people of color so the absence of whites is not as well noticed.

  16. neutral says:

    What to Do About Israel?

    Overthrow the middle eastern ZOG puppets such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Supply weapons of mass destruction to Hezbollah and Hamas. Declare Israel an illegal entity and act accordingly.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  17. anonymous[608] • Disclaimer says:

    Christians are a problem? Indeed, they are *the* problem, since they fanatically believe “they owe it to the Jews.”

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @Publius 2
    , @LarryS
  18. It’s worth mentioning – and the author probably cannot pronounce in the article – that BDS specifically targets those companies supporting / profiting from the Palestinian displacement, and that many of these companies are based in the USA or Europe.

    The average Joe will not knowingly purchase many “Made in Israel” products, so sanctions on these will barely be noticed, but abstaining from the likes of Caterpillar, Hewlett Packard, Black & Decker, Airbnb, Puma, will definitely be felt.

  19. It is good to see the author mention the link between Zionist/Jewish money power and propaganda etc – to “think big”, I would also suggest there is a mass campaign of public awareness of the fraud that is generally known as Usury/Fiat Currency/Fractional Reserve Banking etc – it is by this manner that the Zionists/Jews – and for that matter home grown money grubbing sociopathic neo-aristocrats gain their money/power and force the rest of humanity into debt-serfdom.
    Many people , even not very “well-read” normies were red-pilled as to bankster parasitism during the 2008 financial crisis, and more recently as a result of the GameStop saga – even though they may not understand the complex and dry nature of the entire financial system, they can see that it is a scam and that Banksters produce no goods of value.
    Such a campaign need not be seen as “anti-semitic” as it would be against the Usury system as a whole, whichever ethnic group the parasitic psychopaths come from.

  20. anonymous[608] • Disclaimer says:

    Shitty little country? But it’s a heavenly destination to the majority of Americans who openly celebrate this one weird foreign child-sacrifice holiday every Spring equinox, fanatically believing the Jews will save them.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  21. Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots

    The people who might know about that are not the same people who watch such games. In order to have any impact, people would have to talk and discuss more, to spread information, to organise more. There is a lot of information in the internet, but it doesn’t reach many people, and when it reaches someone, it doesn’t make any difference if people don’t organise themselves and do something like PG suggests.

    • Agree: Ugetit
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  22. Nisbe says:

    I use this to get the attention of most people, in order to incite their curiosity:

    News in 2016:
    “There Are Just 100,000 Holocaust Survivors Alive Today” – By Melissa Chan,July 3, 2016 4:43 PM EDT

    News in 2020:
    “There are 192,000 Holocaust survivors living in Israel” – By DONNA RACHEL EDMUNDS JANUARY 16, 2020 20:48
    “Archivists are racing to identify every Jewish Holocaust victim – On the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, just 400,000 Holocaust survivors are still alive” – The Economist, Jan 25th 2020 edition


  23. Anonymice says:

    …and the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA) to open their books…

    A rank misnomer. Should read the Jewish Institute for the Corruption of America and the National Security of Israel.

  24. unit472 says:

    Short of Iran getting its entire Army into Lebanon or Syria there is no credible military threat that Israel cannot handle on its own. I tend to believe they could handle Iran without our help too. Israel possesses a superb Air Force equipped with over 350 of the latest aircraft and munitions. Iran doesn’t even have an air force to speak of. The Israeli’s can mobilize an army of at least 270,000 men equipped with first rate armor and artillery. If Hezbollah wants to fire missiles from Lebanon into Israel then Israel can simply go into Lebanon and wipe them out. They did this to Yassir Arafat’s PLO. Yes Israel will suffer casualties breaking through Hezollah’s defenses but defending their territory is a national responsibility not an American one.

    Israel is no longer a tiny nation surrounded by much larger hostile powers. Egypt is not going to attack Israel in any foreseeable time frame and Syria is a broken fractured nation incapable of mounting any serious threat to Israel. Israel now even has Arab allies. It is all grown up now with defensible borders and the wherewithal to defend itself complete with its own nuclear arsenal which I assume includes thermonuclear warheads that are far more powerful and accurate than anything Iran has.

    Time to tell Israel to stand on their own sturdy feet.

  25. Darkwing says:

    Stop giving them our tax money and suppling them with weapons.

    • Replies: @Annony Mouse
  26. BuelahMan says:

    When Americans (and the world) grow the balls to counter EVERY jewish interest, especially in Israel, maybe (just maybe) things can get better. But something tells me that by and large, we are the jews’ cattle (just as they call us with regularity).

    • Agree: Irish Savant, Nisbe
  27. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Excellent article, Mr. Giraldi. I have been following many of those suggestions myself for years.

    I would add the need to lobby for a change in the law that allows Israeli citizens to serve in the US government. There should be NO dual citizens serving in US government positions, and no exception for Israel.

  28. Oracle says:

    There was no mention of the disregard for the Symington Amendment. What about a retrieval of that illegal funding to aid the actual American people in their hour of need?

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
    , @Bill Jones
  29. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Israel benefits from billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars annually in a \$3.8 billion lump sum for “military aid” plus hundreds of millions more in special procurements and projects that are together considered untouchable in Washington.”

    And there you have it.

    Of course, there’s nothing in the constitution authorizing direct or indirect welfare payments from the federal government to _any_individual, or _any_corporation, or to any state/nation, including Israel.

    So the obvious step to take is to eliminate _all_ welfare to _everyone_, including the parasite state called “Israel”.

    Sad to say, Mr Giraldi never even mentions this step but instead chooses to “dance around the fire” as always.

    No regards, onebornfree

    • Troll: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Ugetit
    , @annamaria
  30. Ugetit says:

    Thank you PG. You are one of the few who write anything of value here or anywhere these days.

    Other things that can be done are to learn to question everything, and I mean everything, especially if it comes from a heavily promoted source or some “authority,” learn to actively divest oneself of convenient, self aggrandizing and comforting mythology , learn to man up to the fact that the USA has never been a shining light unto the world and that the politicians and corporate goons have any answers for the rest of the world or even we the peasants, make it a point to remove the beams from our own eyes, learn to discern when you’re being hustled (which is pretty easy since it’s the rule rather than the exception), expect people to be held accountable for their crimes, and avoid fads and debt like the plague.

    I would also like to second your suggestion to boycott the sewer creatures and their garbage. That means not buying newspapers, news magazines, glossy “journals,” shutting off the boob and radio, staying out of movie theaters and turning one’s back on all “professional” “sports,” and other useless fads such as jewelry and fancy clothing, refuse to purchase the slop they peddle to numb one’s existence including alcohol, drugs, and “medicines. The list is endless.

    We can also learn to rely on ourselves as much as possible, actively support local people and enterprises, (screw Amazon and all big chain operations), and sneer at get rich schemes. These are just a few of the things we can and should do.

    Again, thanks for what you do.

  31. Ugetit says:

    Sad to say, Mr Giraldi never even mentions this step but instead chooses to “dance around the fire” as always.

    Oh, shuddup.

  32. Publius 2 says:

    This man has done his reading.

    • Agree: Ugetit
  33. The only way to be rid of Israel is to be rid of Washington.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  34. Publius 2 says:

    I’m an independent contractor who earns every penny I get through sweat. Can anyone explain why I should pay one dollar in federal income taxes this year, after what we’ve seen since 2016? Fuck you, (((deep state))).

    Every Jew is a millionaire (or billionaire) while I struggle to give my children certain luxuries that I won’t dox myself with here.

    I’m living a very comfortable life and I’ve never gone to bed hungry or on the street, but it is beyond frustrating to know that in every business arrangement, the gentile does 100% of the work while the Jew boss/landlord keeps 75% of the money.

    Then the Jew boss makes “charitable” contributions to Jewish organizations, pays no taxes, and then simply gets the money back, because the “charity” is owned by said Jew boss.

    I could go on.

    Jews are buying up Pennsylvania, north Florida, etc. They pay cash. (They already own New York and south Florida.)

    Your landlord is a Jew. Always. I’m talking about commercial property and residential.

    • Agree: Dr. X, mark green, druid55
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Nisbe
  35. Publius 2 says:
    @Fray Juan Crespi

    It’s the Catholics who act like Jews. It’s white Protestants who are under attack. Obviously the (((Vatican))) is part of the problem.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @JM
  36. Imagine thinking that letters to Congress from internet schizophrenics, who want to make their whole lives about hating Jews, will create a positive impression 🥴

    • Troll: Lurker
  37. moi says:
    @Ukraine Tiger

    Indeed, Americans just elected Jooz Biden, Aipac Harris and cast of supporting Jews to head up the government

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
    , @Lurker
  38. They think that they are invulnerable because of their money and political power, but they fail to understand that in history the rich and powerful have inevitably gone too far and have finally received their comeuppance. Perhaps the “gone too far” moment has finally arrived.

    Touché Dr. Giraldi, you just provided the solution. The solution is to destroy the Mammon. They have been kicked out from 109 countries, and then what do they do? The parasites finds a new host full of Mammon and move on the new host . The solution is not kicking them out from 110th country as the parasites will move to another rich host to wreck havoc.

    Covid-19, Covid-21, Covid-23….. whether fake or real is the solutions from gods. Any country which will NOT participate in it willing, the other countries will not allow their planes to land in their countries nor allow the ships to anchor in their countries.

    Reverse EMBARGO! Destroy MAMMON!


    Blessed be HaShem!

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  39. “BDS is non-violent and increasingly effective, particularly on college campuses.

    Right, the kids that have had smoke blown up their butts since kindergarten, who are busy trying to decide if they’re boys or girls and are high most days are going to ‘bother’ making sure their personal economics, such as they are, have nothing to do with Israel. LOL!!

    • Replies: @gay troll
  40. @Oracle

    “There was no mention of the disregard for the Symington Amendment. What about a retrieval of that illegal funding to aid the actual American people in their hour of need?”

    From Phil’s excellent article:

    “The Symington Amendment on foreign relations forbids giving aid to any country that is either a nuclear proliferator or is in possession of undeclared nuclear weapons. Demand that it be enforced fully now and end all aid to Israel.”

    Phil’s on it 100%. He’s not pulling punches. IMHO, he’s ‘The Man’ when it comes to regularly calling out Israel and jewish supremacism nonsense. We are lucky and honored to regularly have him speaking truth to power here on the Unz.

    • Agree: Ugetit, annamaria, FLgeezer, Rurik
    • Thanks: Orville H. Larson
  41. @moi

    Joe “I am a Zionist!” Bidet and Co were not so much ‘elected’, as ‘installed’.

    I have a lot of dems for friends and not a single one supported Bidet in the primaries. Not one. They wanted Bernie or Warren mostly, but NOT Bidet.

    Bidet was installed as president, much to the delight of the zionist elites and MSM……

  42. On another note – Col Richard Kemp, Commander of UK land forces in Iraq, who sits on UK Govt emergency Cobra committee, has just penned this article for the Neo-Con Gatestone Institute attacking the BDS movement ; – this Zionist shill has a place high in the government .

    • Replies: @annamaria
  43. @Ray Caruso

    Since both sides are irreconcilable enemies to White Christians, the best thing to do about the Jew–Moslem conflict is to encourage them to remain at each other’s throats. Do we really want Moslems to be even more confident as they invade our homelands? Do we really want millions of Israeli “refugees” in our homelands?

    What does Jesus do. He don’t speak Hebrew to his disciples as Hebrew was a dead language during his time. He speaks Aramaic to his disciples, and accuses both Scribes and Pharisees. Then what does he do, he hires the Greeks/Romans Scribes to write his New Testament in Koine Greek. And, then certifies that the Old Testament is the True word of God, thus empowering the Parasites both on Christians and the Whole Wide World.

    Though in Jesus’ lifetime and much, much later no WRITTEN Old Testament ever EXISTED. The first complete written Old Testament in Hebrew was in 10th Century, from Arabic Grammar. Hebrew which dead until 18th Century was revived from Arabic too.

    What did the Romans do, they empowered the Jews, by rearranging the Old Testament so that they can shows Jesus prophesies from it. In the Old Testament the last book (chapter) is “The Book of Isaiah”, but in the Jewish Books it is not. Lucifer, the Arch Enemy of God, his name “Lucifer” is not a Jewish name but a Greek name.

    So, Ray get your head out of where the Rays of SUN never shines and study the evolution of both Spoken and Written Language, such as Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and so forth. God knows you might learn something!


    Blessed Be HaShem!

    • Thanks: mark green
  44. Dr. X says:

    OT (sorta):

    Haaaa, black rapper canceled by CPAC for saying “Judaism is a Lie,” calling Jews “thieving fake Jews,” and offering \$50,000 to debate “the top rabbi”:

    • LOL: gay troll
  45. Jim Yost says:

    There are a number of verses of scripture that infer that in the last days the Lord is going to pull the rug out from under counterfeit Israel and is going to give their place of preeminence in the world to the Christians (i.e. the real ones, not those who are Christians in name only).

    Here’s a partial list of names the Lord gave to the counterfeit Jews (in the King James Version):

    Terrible ones. Isaiah 25:4
    Strangers. Isaiah 25:5
    Robbers. Ezekiel 7:22
    Worst of the heathen. Ezekiel 7:24
    Robbers of thy people. Daniel 11:24
    Gentiles. Luke 21:24
    Blasphemers. Revelation 2:9
    Synagogue of Satan. Revelation 2:9 and 3:9

  46. Lets hope that the ICC will soon start to investigate Israel’s war crimes and human rights against Palestinians. The US and Israel with some of the other colonial powers who are trying to discredit the court have no shame. You cannot claim to be for democracy and human rights if you support the rogue, racist, apartheid Israeli State.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
  47. Marckus says:

    What to do about Israel ? Here is my suggestion. Get on with your own personal life. The Jews are not going anywhere and all the articles on how to get rid of them are for nought.

    Its like having intestinal worms and waxing on all the ways to be rid of the parasites. If one is not committed to taking strong doses of medicine all else is hot air.

    These people have so corrupted and infiltrated the US political establishment that only a strong purgative is going to get them out. That is not going to happen so Phillip G is pissing into the Kosher wind.

    • Agree: anonomojoe
  48. “Under President Donald Trump, one Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson contributed as much as \$300 million to GOP coffers, money which had with it a quid pro quo, that Trump should do a series of favors for Israel, which he did.”

    If an alleged billionaire like Donald Trump needs to go on his knees with a begging bowl for a paltry \$300 million dollars, what chance does the average Joe have to stand up against the Jewish lobby, given that the majority of both parties in Congress are on the take… you need to rework your strategy to overcome the Leviathan!

  49. Ugetit says:

    Bill Clinton was … was really the first Jewish president.

    Nah, not even the first openly Jewish [Zio-Commie, actually] one. That would probably be LBJ. Or maybe “Ike.”

    To find the first obviously Zio-Commie ones we need to go back at least to Teddy Roosevelt, Woody Wilson and Frankie.

    To find the ones under the influence (knowingly or not) of the big rich money grubbing slave traders, slave owners, land speculators, usurers, drug traffickers and other grifting vermin I strongly suspect one would have to go back to Washington himself and if you doubt it, ask yourself why a “freedom fighter” would fight for the constitution which is one of the keys to the tyranny we’re all dealing with as we write. For those who think the claim is outlandish, it’s time to hit the books regarding the mislabeled anti Federalists. Their suspicions and predictions have borne the test of time, and we are living the proof thereof.

    • Agree: Alfred Muscaria
    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Ace
  50. anonymous[146] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks much for the reminder that there’s a lot we can do to curb Israeli state crime, corruption and subversion in the USA.


    US aid to Israel is also illegal under the Leahy Law, since the Human Rights Committee has adjured Israel to interpret its human rights commitments in good faith. Probative evidence tested to forensic standards shows systematic and widespread derogations of non-derogable rights by Israel:

    US citizens can go over the heads of their bribed and blackmailed VIPs by presenting evidence of joint US/Israeli responsibility for human rights derogations based on ultra vires actions by intelligence agencies: through to the Human Rights Committee, directly to the Human Rights Council or the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

    US citizens can also support ICC investigations and prosecutions of Israeli suspects and agents through

    • Thanks: Polemos
  51. Concerning BDS, anyone who has had to do a course in micro economics, aka the economics of the firm, knows that marginal revenue is incredibly important to enterprise profitability. Thus if folks took BDS seriously and avoided firms that enable the Zionist state, even a 5% drop in targeted company sales would have a huge impact.

    • Replies: @Noel Field
  52. Ugetit says:

    …“Lucifer” is … a Greek name.

    Nope. It’s Latin. I believe the Greek would be “phosphoros.” Both the Latin and Greek meaning “light bearer, ” “light bringer” or some such equivalent.

    Of course, even his name is a lie.

    • Thanks: Larchmonter420
  53. Realist says:

    First of all, demand from our elected officials that American law be enforced on Israel.

    Americans have no power to demand anything. The electoral process will not save America.

    They think that they are invulnerable because of their money and political power, but they fail to understand that in history the rich and powerful have inevitably gone too far and have finally received their comeuppance.

    But the comeuppance was never peaceful

  54. Realist says:

    Wally! Where the hell have you been haven’t heard from you in months?

    I thought you were on a bender since your hero took it in the shorts.

    • Replies: @Wally
  55. bayviking says:

    Excellent article. Soon to be followed by the charge of “anti-Semite”!

    But, are you an anti-Semite if you abhor the stealing of Palestinian farmland land and brutalization of poor Palestinians?

    Are you an anti-Semite if you abhor the bombing of Palestinian schools, hospitals, electric generating plants, water and sewage treatment plants and concrete plants?

    Are you an anti-Semite if you feel America should only provide for Israeli’s to the extent it first provides for its own citizens, beginning with free health care and college education.

    In my view Israel has a special responsibility to demonstrate that it is capable of treating its enemies better than Hitler treated the Jewish community. That is called civilized human development.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  56. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    the Security Council Five guarantee the existence of Israel

    Israel has no more “right to exist” than Yugoslavia does.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  57. @John Hagan

    Shakespeare did copy Virgilius. I do wander if Virgilius was concerned about Jews?

    • Replies: @John Hagan
  58. anon[850] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes thats what happened to Moorish Spain in 1400 AD and also to Persia after the captives came from Babylonia to Persia. It became the fate of Egypt when Greeks and Persia conquered and turned it into vassal with help of the existing Jewish population ( see Bnezion Netanhyu’s book on Inquisition ) .

    Captives of Babylonia coming to Persia recapitulates the emigration of the Jews from Russia ,central Europe and from Germany to USA.

  59. LarryS says:

    Paul was referring to the Jews who were converted Christians. Read the context.

    “26For Macedonia and Achaia were pleased to make a contribution for the poor among the saints in Jerusalem.”

    • Replies: @anonymous
  60. @JoaoAlfaiate

    “Concerning BDS, anyone who has had to do a course in micro economics…”

    For the 99.99% of Americans who have not, Israel, let alone BDS, of which they’ve never heard, is hardly on their minds right now.

    • Replies: @JoaoAlfaiate
  61. IronForge says:

    We should Disqualify Dual Citizens and the Naturalized+Children from the WH, Congress, SCOTUS, their Staff, MIC, SES, and High Security Clearances.
    Ditto for State+Local Govts. Limits on Military Flag Ranking Levels+Quotas

    Natural Born of Both Natural Born Parents should qualify. (This Disqualifies me since my Mother is Naturalized; but any Legitimate Child Born of myself and a Natural Born American Woman would Qualify. However, that’s not happening).

    I don’t care about the remote possibility of my working in the WH/Congress – I’m leaving for a better place.

    Also, impose Demographic Representation to SCOTUS. Ensure Catholics and Jewish don’t exceed their National Demographic Representation in the SCOTUS. Should be 0-2 Catholic and 0-1 Jewish.

  62. hillaire says:

    Here is a good one for my yankee friends..

    Top Rabbi – America is collapsing, Israel must step up as new world superpower.

    Rabbi Eliyahu “sees the developments unfolding as an opportunity for Israel to step and take America’s place as the world superpower. He supports his proposition by calling Israel a world leader in family values saying: ‘We’ve been called upon to fill this vacuum….

    don’t you find the adoption of pseudo ancient egyptian names amongst the goat faced caucasian turks a point of interest..

    to wit : benzion netanyahu is Benny Mileikowsky…. sounds like a proper murder inc kosher gangster don’t you think?

    • Replies: @Oldmanofthesea
  63. @anon

    Everyone needs to understand what the Talpiot Program is about.

  64. @Ukraine Tiger

    The problem is apathy. But who cares?

    • LOL: Curmudgeon
  65. Jiminy says:

    Whatever Americans do to try to depose the jewish junta, please for crying out loud be careful. The terrible thing for us would be for the insidious horde to find their way to our country and start all over again here. That would be the worst possible outcome.
    I also feel the US government is going to find it hard going to fill the ranks for it’s next invasion, wherever in the world it may be. Much of the US society just aren’t as naive as in the past because of internet awareness and of course, Biden’s coup only made things worse.
    In fact, if I were a betting man then I would say that this year, the twentieth anniversary of the twin towers demolition, could certainly see a major move by the military.

  66. @Nisbe

    Interesting math here if you think about it. Don’t happen to have pre WWII European Jewish population figures in front of me, but let’s start with the six million claim. Okay, so rather few of the very young (under school age) children would have survived the harsh rigors of the camps, what with food shortages later in the war and the constant problems with lice-borne typhus. The same would hold true for the frail elderly (most individuals over 80).

    Now—we consider that “just 400,000 survivors” left according to the Economist (the publication is owned by the Rottenchild Crime Clan so it’s hardly gonna be inflated). Thus if those very young children mostly didn’t make it, the YOUNGEST demographic of the “survivors” would now be at least 82 years of age. This means that a whole lot of the internees would have been between the ages of 6 and 16 to have lived this long.

    Germans are very industrious and efficient, amazingly even in their bureaucracy. Thus, if there are nearly half a million survivors in the 6-16 age group from that era, it becomes obvious that those in the next Quadra-quintile–the 17-37 year olds also have to have largely survived the war era because their labor in Fritz Theissen’s Stahl-Werke (steel works and the largest in Germany) and other enforced occupations, was essential to the war-effort. So what we are looking at here is that if the object of the Reich’s authorities was genocidal, then this potential breeding population would have been the first to have perished.

    Six million dead? Give me a break. Most working-age Jews plus the mass of the children from around the age of six on up, if there are currently nearly half a million survivors, obviously did NOT perish in the camps. Any other scenario is not demographically conceivable. If the aim had been genocidal,there would be almost NO survivors from the camps. Elementary statistical demography.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  67. Trinity says:

    I think White Americans should be more worried about Jewish power and influence in America and the rest of the West first and foremost. We all know why ISRAEL REALLY EXISTS. Perhaps we should ask Ghislane Maxwell to confirm our beliefs and suspicions. Remember Ghislane?

  68. nsa says:

    All Americans need to embrace their subservience to the altruistic Cock Cutter Cult. The brain dead chrissies have shown you the path. Mutilate the sex organs of your male offspring at birth to demonstrate total fealty and kneel before a mythical homo jew sky zombie. Have the whole family watch lots of JooTV so your sons go gay and your daughters copulate with negroids. Accept the idea that it is the ChiComs who have been cheating you all along at the local mattress store and that Trumpstein was a reincarnated Tom Jefferson. Above all, embed yourself in the jooie financial industries, cheat everyone you come across, and avoid doing anything real……like building, growing, or repairing something. JUSA….JUSA…..JUSA……..

  69. rgl says:

    All points raised by the author are good points. But for one, also entirely unattainable. About the only the average Jane/Joe can do is the boycott thing. For an individual consumer, it is a small gesture. Not much more that intellectually satisfying, however it is good enough for me. I do not buy Israeli goods nor American goods if at all possible.

    As for the rest, a political will must be a reality before any political succor can even be envisioned. That does not, and very likely will not exist until a sea change in American politics occurs. There are huge barriers to prevent any political remedies. In my opinion, the two biggies are: dual citizenship; and Citizen’s United.

    A possible scenario for real progress is the level of American anger. Not so much at Israel, Americans in the main are simply to slavish when it comes to Israel, but rather at the inadequacies of American citizenship. No healthcare, no pandemic relief, in Texas, no heat, where 4 inches of snow can shut down an entire State; no education system in real terms … these are but a few among a long list of valid grievances Americans have.

    Until Americans get pissed off enough to actually do something more than simply disrupt traffic, nothing will change.

  70. @unit472

    A few years back Israel attempted to “simply go into Lebanon and wipe them (Hezbollah) out.” That didn’t work out very well. Mountainous, hilly and partially forested, rife with natural and man=made caves and dugouts, Lebanon south of the Litani River valley was immaculately defended by Hezbollah. They wiped out most of the highly touted Merkabah tanks the Israelis sent in and bloodied the infantry so they ran home huddled together and crying their eyes out.

    Being a defensive force, Hezbollah poses no threat to invade Occupied Palestine, but when it comes to another Yiddischer land-grab for precious water resources, fuggidaboudit.

  71. The problem with BDS is that it is extremely difficult to pull off without a very organized effort. And even if we were to compile an extensive list of Israeli companies to boycott, there are other ways in which organized jewry extract wealth. Consider Kosher labeling. Virtually all brands of cereal and other food items are kosher labelled (COR/U/MK etc). You can be sure that this money is then funneled off to Israel through various means. If you boycott kosher labelled brands, you leave yourself with very little choice in shopping.

    One more factor to consider is that Israeli companies make most of their wealth through B2B (business to business) services and not B2C (business to consumer). Big Tech in the US collaborates extensively with Israeli ‘cyber-security’ companies and other IT based Israeli firms. How do we deal with that? The rot truly runs deep.

  72. Anonymice says:

    The holohaux industry gets dicier by the day. No wonder denying the improbable is criminalized by none other than Zio serfs on perpetual guilt trips.

  73. @Wally

    You’ve got the cart before the horse. There is a massive and absurd lie that underpins the whole phenomenon, and that is the role of the US in the world. Why shouldn’t the zionists wet their beaks in the phoney Good War story like everybody else?
    The US is an imperialist, expansionist and militarist entity, and Jewish supremacists have exploited the propaganda program that paints US policy as something other than that, just like the US and it’s satraps have done for over one hundred years.
    The Jewish supremacist state is awfully creepy, but no more creepy than adherents of US exceptionalism.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • LOL: Wally
  74. Sparkon says:

    Dr. Giraldi asks one of the big questions:

    What to do about Israel?

    As a good start, I suggest these moves:

    • Remove all dual citizens from all federal, state, and local positions.

    • Eliminate corporate personhood.

    • Quit believing in ancient fairy tales.

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  75. anon[378] • Disclaimer says:

    Jewish power comes from money. If you want to take away their power, take away their money. Most Jewish wealth comes from stocks, real estate, retail, casinos, pharma and big tech. Here are some major businesses founded/owned by Jews, avoid them at all cost:

    1. Sands, Venetian and Wynn Resorts in Vegas
    2. Home Depot
    3. Bloomberg TV, Comcast, FoxNews, WSJ, Breitbart
    4. The Gap, Columbia Sportswear, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Estee Lauder
    5. The Hyatt hotel chain, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue
    6. Starbucks, Panera Bread, Kraft Foods, Ben & Jerry’s, Grey Goose Vodka, Snapple
    7. Juul E-cigarette, marijuana
    8. Marvel Comics and practically all movies/tv shows/record labels out of Hollywood
    9. NE Patriots, Dallas Mavericks, Philadelphia Eagles
    10. Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, LinkedIn, Uber, Airbnb, Dell Computers, eBay

    A full list:

    I cancelled Netflix, switched to Firefox from Google Chrome and use DuckDuckGo as my default search over two years ago, and have not missed a thing. I also cancelled Comcast cable 7 years go, missed nothing.

    In addition, the richest Jews often went to just a handful of schools, all but one in the Ivy League — Harvard, UPenn, Columbia, Yale, Brown, NYU. Stop your kids from applying to those schools, at all. Let their prestige crumble to the ground.

    Jews excel in selling luxury, prestige, a materialistic/hedonistic life, entertainment, news media, selling of sin including gambling, alcohol, drugs/tobacco. Eschew them all and you will starve them of their funds.

    • Agree: Ugetit, Druid
  76. Phibbs says:

    One expects Jews living in America to put the interests of the enemy state of Israel before the interests of the United States. The real traitors are Born-Again Christians, They, based on shameless heresy/a total misinterpretation of the Bible, amen everything the Jews and Israel do. Sadly, these Gentile traitors comprise at least 25% of the population. That is a critical mass of Americans who cannot be defeated or reasoned with.

    • Agree: turtle
  77. annamaria says:

    The big Jews are not only “pure evil.” They have been consciously (habitually?) preparing a backlash against the Jews in the US and beyond. They need the antisemitic card to maintain tribal cohesiveness.

    The behavior of the 600 Jewish organizations in the US and their amoral stance towards the best in western civilization expose the lie of superior Jewish intelligence. The 600 Jewish organizations in the US put their tribal interests above American interests. The unquestionable support for Israel is, indeed, “a very bad deal for the American people.”

    The Gaza Ghetto and the Jewish crimes committed on the occupied territories have also left the holobiz activists naked. The holobiz activists have no moral ground to lecture humanity about the sorrows of Jews (and only Jews) during WWII when the Jewish State replicates the worst of the old European ghettos in Palestine. The Jewish State has been traumatizing (and murdering) Palestinian children for decades. This is the consequence of holobiz rabid fight against any legitimate critique of Israel.

    And don’t forget that the ongoing tragedies in the Middle East — millions were killed (including thousands and thousands of children), whole states became dysfunctional and lost their healthcare system and educational system. The horrific crimes were committed to please Israel-firsters and mega-war profiteers.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @turtle
    , @Joe Levantine
  78. ‘First, as mentioned above, is the failure of the Justice and Treasury Departments to enforce registration of pro-Israel lobbying groups.’

    This is a weak response.

    All foreign lobbying should be illegal.

    Basically these are foreigners trying to get their hands on more of your money.

    • Agree: annamaria
  79. @Larchmonter420

    “Jesus..hires the Greeks/Romans Scribes to write his New Testament in Koine Greek”. As a student of history, that is totally a new one on me. From what I have ascertained, Jesus never HIRED anyone to do anything. Scholars have determined that the earliest books in the N.T. were written somewhere around five GENERATIONS after the time of Jesus.

  80. @unit472

    Israel is not a nation and it has no borders. It’s a parasitic colony that has global tentacles and has grown through usury and in recent times through blackmail. (Epstein, Maxwell etc)
    The western goy understand this perfectly. And the top goys are deathly afraid and obedient.
    To name a few who openly profess fealty to the zionists are Biden, Boris and all the Western European leadership. Others are bribed openly or are threatened by the zionists controlled USA. These are the cowardly leaders of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi, UAE etc.
    Hedging their bets but keeping a low profile vis a vis the zionists are Russia, China.
    But I feel the destruction of Israel will make the zionists living in other countries even more virulent and this problem will just be kicked further down the road.
    The true solution lies in the hands of economists and to solve this, Jews should be excluded.

    • Agree: Anonymice
    • Thanks: antitermite
    • Replies: @obvious
  81. Trinity says:

    Did anyone catch (((Merrick Garland’s))) little speech. Garland was talking about going after “White Supremacists,” never mind that a “White Supremacist” in America is about as rare as snow man in Florida. Hell, most Whites in America are the polar opposite of a “White Supremacist,” they worship negroes, Jews and other nonwhites and demonize their own people.

    Is Garland a Jewish Supremacist? Why doesn’t someone ask him that question? Is Garland a racist? Why doesn’t someone ask him that question? Imagine a White politician saying that we need to go after Jewish Supremacists in America? Unlike the manufactured boogeyman, the nearly non-existent, “White Supremacist,” the Jewish Supremacist IS REAL AND THREATENS THE RIGHTS OF WHITE AMERICANS AT EVERY CORNER IN THIS NATION AND IN OTHER WHITE NATIONS. Any and all actions dedicated to hurting Whites in their own nations are largely led by JEWISH SUPREMACISTS who have been spewing hate filled vitriol against Whites in print, film and THEIR media 24/7/365 for decades. And no one ever questions or denounces Jewish Supremacism or Jewish power, Jewish racism, at least not anyone with a large platform say like a POTUS.

    And of course, Garland gave us yet another holocaust story where his grandparents escaped persecution and “auntie semitism.” zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Is there any Jew alive who isn’t or hasn’t been persecuted by “auntie semitism” and/or the holocaust? Those poor oppressed Jews, are over represented in the media, finance, academia, publishing, newspapers, (((historians,))) Hollywood, and way over represented in the billionaire club. Those poor oppressed Jews, blah, blah, blab, blab, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  82. Caterina says:

    This website is notoriously anti-Semitic/ anti-Israel.
    You’re just one step away from the 1930s-1940s sickness.

  83. There is nothing that can be done about Israel until the FED is abolished and nothing will be done about that until Americans wake up the fact that America is under zionist control and has been since 1913.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  84. turtle says:

    The Jewish State has been traumatizing (and murdering) Palestinian children for decades.

    Not surprising, from their point of view, since they do not consider Arabs to be human beings. Remember that, before the Jews showed up, Palestine was “a land without People,” according to the Jewish view of the world.

  85. anarchyst says:
    @Majority of One

    From an engineering and logistical standpoint, NONE of the claims made by holocaust™ “survivors” and promoters is factual or possible.
    –Killing jews with “bug spray” (Zyklon B) is not only impossible, but is laughable on its face.
    –Transporting jews to “camps”, utilizing scarce energy sources, transportation and logistical difficulties only to kill them is not only problematic but impossible as well.
    –Tattooing camp inmates only to kill them is also problematic.
    –If the “camps” were truly “death camps” why would medical facilities, recreational facilities, brothels, movie theaters, and other amenities be available?
    –“Gas chambers” with non-sealed wooden doors and the lack of ventilation systems for such facilities, once again, disproves the claims made by holocaust™ promoters. Doors that “swing the wrong way” would make retrieval of the bodies impossible. Ordinary light fixtures, rather than explosion proof lighting fixtures are claimed to have been the norm.
    –Claims by holocaust™ promoters that gassed bodies were blue or green (rather than bright red) from poisoning are totally false.
    –Claims that the inmates could tell when jews were being cremated by the color of smoke emitted from the crematoria chimneys are patently foolish and false.
    –Let’s not forget “lampshades, wallets, soap and shrunken heads” made from jews is also laughable,
    –Crematoria running 24 hours a day, without “downtime” for maintenance on the muffles and flames “visible out of the crematoria stacks” are also impossibilities. Crematoria are designed to burn “clean” with no visible smoke and definitely no flames outside the stacks would be possible. Not only that, the claims that thousands of bodies were cremated daily are a statistical impossibility as it takes approximately 1.5 hours to cremate a human body. If cremation were used on “6 million” jews, the cremation process would have been operating into the 1950s.
    –The lack of depositories for bodies and ashes is more proof that the “camps” were not “death camps” but rather “work camps” for the German war effort.
    –Anne Frank’s “diary” partially written with a ball-point pen which was not invented till the 1950s. Time travel, anyone? lol
    Germans were (and still are) excellent engineers and would not have engineered the grievous errors that are claimed by holocaust promoters.
    Let’s not forget that jewish hatred of Germany exists to this day because jews in the WW2 labor camps were forced to do manual labor for the first time in their lives.
    Follow the shekels…

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
  86. Dumbo says:

    Talking about Israel, the vaccine propaganda there is strong:

    98.9%? How did they calculate that? The method is not clear at all…

    Also isn’t strange that of all countries, the one that is most keen on pushing this vaccine to its citizens is Israel? What gives? Maybe they are taking a fake vaccine just to convince other countries to take it too? 😀 LOL. I have no idea. They also have “green passports” for vaccinated people that can only then move freely – another idea soon to be adopted in other countries, for sure.

    This global push for a vaccine (actually a mRNA cocktail) is really strange, I’ve never seen anything like that.

  87. annamaria says:

    Mr. Giraldi is a courageous man known by his name.

    You are only known by your pretentious pseudonym.

  88. Ugetit says:

    …it is capable of treating its enemies better than Hitler treated the Jewish community.

    Oh, Gawd, here we go again.

    Any reports on how “da Jewish Community,” especially the Zionist and Commie parts of it, treated the German community?

    Have you ever heard how the Commies and who ran that society of scum treated the Russians and Chinese ( to name only 2 of many) as part of their quest for world domination? If so, do you think the treatment they had in store for the Germans, or anyone else who resisted their subjugation, would be any kinder and gentler?

    Now, go read Douglas Reed’s “Controversy of Zion,” then get back to us.

    Free here if the link still works.:

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @bayviking
    , @obvious
  89. @anon

    DuckDuckGo, though somewhat better than the others, is also owned by a Jew.
    Founder & CEO is Gabriel Weinberg:

    A better choice is the Russian search engine Yandex, especially for “politically incorrect” subjects.

    As a test case, search for “david duke” in both Google and DuckDuckGo. You will get only information about (or rather against) David Duke, but nowhere will you find access to his website In Yandex that is the first result you get.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Paul C.
  90. annamaria says:

    Know your heritage:

    So good were the relations between the Zionist movement and the Nazis that after the Head of the Jewish Desk at the Gestapo, Baron von Mildenstein went to Palestine for 6 months in 1933, at the invitation of the Labour Zionist movement, they struck a medal in celebration of their good relations

    And your shameless present:

    human rights leaders to pressure Israel’s High Court of Justice to order the cessation of Israeli arms exports to Ukraine, as they argue militant neo-Nazi groups are among the recipients of those weapons.

  91. Dayglowd says:

    Their ‘friendly Moslem neighbours’ don’t want them, mate! Or hadn’t you noticed?
    One hundred years ago wandering Jew traders were all over the Moslem world, but today there is not one Jew in all of Moslem north Africa and less and less as each year goes by in most other Moslem countries with the exception of Iran.
    It does make one wonder what the Jews have done to make themselves so unpopular in Moslem nations that traditionally welcomed them with open arms.
    There is only on thing that Jews, like all bullies, understand, and that is being hit harder than they can hit you. BDS is the best non violent sanction, abandonment of their fiat currencies is another, but ultimately physical destruction is the best option. Destroy everything they value. And as the Romans did to Carthage, salt their land so nothing will grow on it. There are more effective things than salt available today, so use them.

    • Replies: @Druid
  92. The suggestions are: make demands and call for things. But we are not in a position to make demands or call for anything. None of us have the slightest bit of influence over anything the government does. So, basically there is nothing at all you can do about it.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  93. @Majority of One

    “Jesus..hires the Greeks/Romans Scribes to write his New Testament in Koine Greek”. As a student of history, that is totally a new one on me. From what I have ascertained, Jesus never HIRED anyone to do anything. Scholars have determined that the earliest books in the N.T. were written somewhere around five GENERATIONS after the time of Jesus.

    Sarcasm, my friend Watson,


    • Replies: @gay troll
  94. annamaria says:
    @Gordon Bennett

    The Friends of Israel in the UK go strong.
    The UK has been protecting the rapists and child-molesters for decades but created a kangaroo court to keep Assange in a high-security prison. Julian Assange has exposed the crimes against humanity, committed on orders from major war profiteers and Israel-firsters.

    the phenomenal over-representation of Jews and non-Jewish Zionists in the UK parliament which, in terms of support for Israel, is magnified even further when viewed alongside the Conservative and Labour party leaders’ umbilical ties to the Israel lobby. …

    The Jewish Chronicle has published a list of Jewish MPs in Britain’s parliament. It names 24 – Conservatives 12, Labour 10 and Liberal Democrats two. I thought it was more. But let us for the sake of argument accept the Jewish Chronicle’s figures.

    The Jewish population in the UK is 280,000 or 0.46 per cent. There are 650 seats in the House of Commons so, as a proportion, Jewish entitlement is only three seats. …

    Too many pro-Israel MPs speak and act as if they would rather wave the Israeli flag than the Union Jack. These “Israel-firsters” refuse to condemn the illegal occupation, the racist policies and the war crimes. As Israel’s interest often clashes with Britain’s, their defence of the indefensible inevitably raises questions about loyalty, a deadly serious issue given the number of Zionists in public life.

  95. @Ukraine Tiger

    Although I thoroughly enjoy Mr. Giraldi’s articles and agree with his observations and commentary, he is coming across as an educated white man of a certain age group who still holds on to an idea of fair play and also the idea that if only the Constitution were put actually put into practice – it would be the panacea of all our ills. Yes it would, but for all practical purposes the Constitution has gone the way of the dodo bird and the last piece of Charmin TP that you used for your last loo visit. Our adversary is a beast, and a very very smart beast at that. The Zionist elite in Israel (mostly Ashkenaz), look upon goyim (of all races) as things to be used to further their goals -then disposed of. Even in Israel, they look at sephardic and oriental Jews as sort of less than – not to say anything about the Ethiopian Falashas. The best purpose they serve are as bodies to fill the ranks of the IDF.
    White people collectively have been the only thing preventing the total take-over and triumph of the Chosen against the Goyim. This is why this war of attrition by Fabian socialist means has gone on for so long for the last 200 or so years. Enough has been said of Jewish/Zionist means and motives. My comments are directed at whites primarily and non-whites secondarily. Although a small core of whites will stand up and fight with the pen as their weapon, most whites are either asleep, conned by a religion that sees Jews, Israel or whatever as vital to their salvation, fear of retribution by “authorities” – which unfortunately is the ever hardening reality, an wavering belief in a system (ours in the US) which has discarded all former principles to the dust bin, and the most annoying faux pas of white folks – an overarching need to be “NICE”. I hate saying it, but the means of ridding oneself of this problem at hand involves an equally totalitarian response. It’s not the road many of us want to go down. It’s more of a shock than seeing one’s clergyman coming out of the gay bathhouse (btw do those things still exist?) Non-white groups in the US are too involved dancing to the beat of their own psycho-social and metaphysical mambos. Luckily they are less constrained by the edicts of permissible social commentary/behavior that these elites are enforcing on society. If they wanted to join in this battle they could, but I do not believe that they (collectively) see it in their interest – therefore inertia.

  96. saggy says:

    The action that will do the most to stop “that shitty little country” is to join the ever growing voices that speak up about the fraudulent “holocaust”.

    There are essentially no voices exposing the holohoax beyond anonymous inrernet wankers. There is the problem.

    So – there needs to be an organization of non-anonymous persons devoted solely to exposing the hoax, and only that, not 9/11, climate change, covid, and various other true or false conspiracy theories. Who to lead it … perhaps Carlo’s Cutlass Supreme …. when he comes out of the closet … or .. ???

    Fuentes? Any other candidates? Rudolf?

    What should the group do? It has to be proactive, and do something off the internet. Run and support candidates. Leaflet holohoax museums. Leaflet campuses. Challenge university professors. But, nothing anonymous. There is a group … but it’s a little unhinged … that’s putting up banners …. I’ve forgotten the name.

    The holohoax is the Jews’ Achilles heel, and we are doing nothing to exploit it beyond whining on the internet.

    • Agree: profnasty
  97. Ugetit says:

    This website is notoriously anti-Semitic/ anti-Israel.

    What’s your definition of the term, “anti-Semite?” Try to answer that without attempting to BS anyone here.

    FYI, the gangster State of Israel appears to be “anti-Semitic” as well. Just look what they’ve been doing to the Palestinian Semites, for instance.

    PS: You got some problem with being anti-gangster? Explain.

    • Agree: Lucy Lipinska
  98. Dutch Boy says:

    Gosh, I’ll run right out and write a letter to my Congressperson. Whoops, she’s the daughter of a Jewish billionaire. In her defense, her opponent was a politically active, morbidly obese, Latinx lesbian, so the billionairess was likely the lesser evil.

  99. @Majority of One

    As a student of history, that is totally a new one on me.

    As a student of history, do you think that the evolution of both verbal and spoken languages such as Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek and so forth should be studied too? For example, such as history of paper, ink and printing presses are part of history too!


    Books, such as your history books and/or bibles are written in languages and printed by the printing presses on printed paper, now maybe in pdf format, but still in written languages.

    So first thing to learn in your life, is the history and evolution of languages, both verbal and written!


    • Replies: @Majority of One
  100. The poor Israelites had been wandering in painful Exile for close to 2000 years, subject to the vile and groundless and utterly undeserved hatred of the Goyim. But in 1948, thanks to those same bigoted and murderous Goyim, they got a homeland on the shores of western Asia! Oh, Baruch Ha Shem!

    Yet, yet….more than half of them are still prisoners in Europe and America. Forced to work in academia and media and law and finance and entertainment and government. Thank Ha-Shem that hardly any of them can be found in on-the-ground law enforcement, of the life-threatening Gentile militaries, or in construction or the trades.

    I propose that, as further reparations for so many centuries of imposed suffering, the nations of the First World create a fund to allow all the poor victims of Ha-Galut to return, to make Aliyah, back to the Most Holy Ground on Earth.

    All of them.

    Waddaya say, Goyim? Don’t we owe it to them?

  101. @John Hagan

    Shakespeare is only “Auntie Shem-itic” because he was not Phil O’Shem-itic

    “If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”. – (Act III, scene I).”

    In context, the play was written at least 60 years before “the Jews” were allowed back in England. Note that Shylock was the lender of last resort. Antonio, a Christian, had often denounced Shylock for lending at interest, making Shylock’s business more difficult, hence,”wronged” and “revenge”.
    All in all, not Auntie Shem-itic, just realistic.

    Good vids though!

    • Replies: @John Hagan
  102. @Trinity

    “Any and all actions dedicated to hurting Whites in their own nations are largely led by JEWISH SUPREMACISTS who have been spewing hate filled vitriol against Whites in print, film and THEIR media 24/7/365 for decades. And no one ever questions or denounces Jewish Supremacism or Jewish power, Jewish racism, at least not anyone with a large platform say like a POTUS.”

    It started with demonizing Germans and was extended to all whites in the 80’s and 90’s. Can you imagine Hogan’s Heroes being produced today? That was only 25 years after the war when memories were fresh. Our history is being twisted into some sick Jewish fantasy.

    • Agree: Trinity, Ugetit
    • Replies: @Sirius
  103. @UncommonGround

    I don’t know why he picked on Kraft, there are plenty more, just in the NFL.

  104. @Publius 2

    Every Jew is a millionaire (or billionaire)

    While I understand your frustration, the above is simply not true. In my lifetime I have been acquainted with dozens of Jews who work in everyday jobs from taxi drivers to tradesmen, from sales to many professions in the health care field, who are not physicians. They struggle the same as others in their situation. Some, politically, would have no problem with taxing the shit out of millionaires and billionaires to pay for universal health care, and closing loopholes for less-than-honest business practices. Some are critical of Israel. About the only thing the agree with the “Big Jews” about is the Holocaust(TM).

    • Replies: @profnasty
  105. Peg B says: • Website

    Thanks for the frank responses. I don’t agree with racist views, but it’s unrealistic to not be aware of the power fueling current events.

    • Replies: @Peg B
  106. @Caterina

    According to people like yourself, the Jewish elites are entitled to decide what we, White people, are allowed to express, and you will not stop harping about 1930-40 until the few impudent Whites that still refuse to embrace the Jewish cause, end up in jail for using their ability to think for themselves. If there actually would occur something like so many Jews are spouting about, it will be caused by the venom that you nurture/cherish.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  107. @Trinity

    Lynn Garland is well known for being the granddaughter of former Supreme Court justice, Samuel Irving Rosenman who, according to The Sun, “worked as special counsel to Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman.” Her father is attorney, Robert Ronsenman. I think, maybe wrong but that I read that Samuel Irving Rosenman advised Roosevelt TO NOT LET BOAT LOADS OF JEWISH PEOPLE INCLUDING LOTS OF JEWISH CHILDREN TO ENTER THE US prior to WW2. Again reference Albert Pike’s plan for 3 world wars and Douglas Reed book Controversy of Zion. If indeed there is a Synagog of Satan ( and this group is not exclusively “Jewish” there are a lot of Jesuits and Illuminati type “Protestants” and supposed Atheists )….. they needed WW2 to accomplish many Illuminati goals, like Why they needed to establish Zionist Israel… they needed a reason to establish Israel and people to populate it…… the poor Jews Died and the Rich Industrial Jews and Synagog of Satan lived and prospered. Also research what was Merrick Garlands role in the Oklahoma City FF

  108. Hrw-500 says:

    Speaking of Hollywood, no need to guess how Dan Schneider, an ex-Nickelodeon producer who did sitcoms for Nick like ICarly, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, Henry Danger, Victorious will react if he see that meme.

    In case if this meme dissapear, it’s now on the Wayback Machine and À

  109. Z-man says:

    Israel must be de-nuclearised. It must return to its 1947 boundaries, allow the Right of Return of the ethnically cleansed Palestinians and the internationalisation of Jerusalem, holy to three religions, not just one. Jewish monetary bribery of Western politicians must end, along with their bribery by others.

    At the point of a gun if necessary.
    Actually I’m a little more moderate. Yes an ‘open’ city in Jerusalem but the rest of ’67 borders are ok by me as long as their modified to have a corridor from the West Bank to Gaza (maybe with a highway and light rail link to and fro) and the ‘right of return’ might be negotiable.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  110. @anon

    Greenspan became FED Chairman in 1987 and not in 1992 replacing Paul Volcker who was also Jewish. Greenspan was referred to as the maestro for having boosted the stock market by cheerleading the rise of high tech stocks leading to the dot com bust in 2000. Greenspan’s response to the market crash was to lower interest rates to almost zero leading to the housing bubble and the 2008 Great Recession.

    For a comprehensive review of The Maestro, “Greenspan’s Fraud” by Ravi Batra is a highly recommended reading.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  111. @annamaria

    “… when the Jewish State replicates the worst of the old European ghettos in Palestine”

    The ghettos in Europe were by and large a Jewish choice devised and encouraged by the Jewish rabbinate to prevent Jews from intermingling or intermarrying with the gentiles. It is with secular currents that the Jews started moving out of the ghettos.

    • Thanks: annamaria
    • Replies: @Ugetit
  112. Great ideas but the US government wants to start a pogrom against its own citizens. It is pretty damn obvious who is going to be the target. People who engage in the peaceful activities mentioned in the article must be ready for martyrdom. They are circling the wagons to protect their untenable policies. The war on terror is coming home. The sanction happy American Regime is going to fall due to the weight of its own hubris. I think it would be a good idea for Americans to prepare for living in a failed state.

  113. ATBOTL says:

    We on the alt-right need to do more to support the BDS movement. I want to see more pro-BDS comments in our spaces. We also must do more to sympathize with the Palestinians. The kind of retarded “Jews and Palestinians are both bad” comments that a lot of new people in the alt-right like to make must be opposed every time. The best way to fight Jewish/Israeli control over America is to increase sympathy for the Palestinians. That is the Jewish power structure’s greatest vulnerability.

  114. @hillaire

    That’s what the true “Great Reset” is really about
    Notice the destruction/ falling apart of the US
    Hedgefunders moving to headquarters to FL Next they’ll be moving to their other country of citizenship
    Notice Trumps great ME peace plan that gave more land to Israel
    Recently Israeli bonds made headway into international markets & portfolios? (2/2020?)
    And more … much more
    This was in the planning for awhile

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  115. bayviking says:

    Thanks, but that document desperately needs an executive summary.

    Human history is the history of man’s enslavement of man. Communism, Capitalism, The US Empire, the Taliban… PolPot… Idi Amin…Mohammed bin Salman… Stalin… the Roman Empire… as far as we can see back into our history…We can all do better than that in this day and age.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  116. Peg B says: • Website
    @Peg B

    To clarify, I didn’t know anything about what is discussed here concerning Israel until last fall when I read “The Dancing Israelis.” Since then, it seems to me that Jewish/Israeli information is being freely broadcast, probably because, why not, especially now?
    I can recall back in the 1970s that Jews were barred from country clubs in Massachusetts, where I lived. Well, and so were women from business organizations.I didn’t approve of either.
    It seems to me from reading this site and realizing that all the sites I go to for independent news are edited by people of Jewish heritage. Never bothered me and doesn’t now.
    But there’s a message here.
    I feel that for any significant and possibly lasting positive change to reverse the current power situation enjoyed by the wildly wealthy will have to come from the Jewish community itself. The USA – or what we think of as the USA – is as leaderless as a fish without fins or tail. As for our country, We the People includes people of Jewish heritage, as well as the rest of us.

  117. Sirius says:
    @Alfred Muscaria

    Hogan’s Heroes was appalling anti-German propaganda. I wonder how it even got produced back then.

  118. Nisbe says:
    @Publius 2

    Jewish collective power needs to be terminated in the West (peacefully, off course). No more Western blood or money for the parasitical Jewish mafia and their pedo-haven Rothschild founded colony in Palestine.

    • Agree: Druid
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  119. @anon

    Unfortunately, zionist Christians love jews, because they are an integral ingredient in the Christian end-times/rapture recipe.

    “Israel will be established as the prime nation in the world (Isaiah 2:1-4 & Micah 4:1-7).

    “Christians should find the fulfillment of these prophecies very encouraging because God has also made a lot of promises through Bible prophecy to the Church. As we see the Lord fulfilling every promise He has made to the Jews, we can be assured that He will fulfill all the promises He has made to the Church through His Prophetic Word.

    He has promised that one day very soon, His Son will appear in the Heavens. There will be the shout of an archangel and the blowing of a shofar, and all the dead in Christ will be resurrected to meet Him in the sky. And those of us who are alive will be taken up also, not even experiencing death.”

    Zionist Christians in the U.S. are part of the problem.

  120. @Magic Dirt

    Jewish Daily Bulletin
    January 27, 1935

    Jabotinsky Arrives to Present ‘Point of View’ to Americans
    Revisionists’ Leader is Greeted Enthusiastically by Followers
    Revisionism Is Inevitable, Says Jabotinsky, Here for Wide Tour
    Jews Can Achieve True Homeland in Palestine by
    Demanding It, Visitor Tells Interviewer–
    Explains Attitude to Britain

    . . . Here he explained his attitude toward Great Britain as the mandatory power over Palestine.

    “Revisionism doesn’t take the ‘no’ of a British official seriously,” he said. “Government opinions change under pressure. But Revisionism does take Zionism terribly seriously. We don’t want Zionism to be a plaything.”

    Americans likewise must Demand that United States are the states of the American people, that we take it seriously, that we will not take No for an answer.

  121. If Israel can impose its will on what used to be Palestine, then so what. But White people should completely disavow them. It should be illegal to give aid to any foreign country, and that includes Israel, and while we’re at it the Black African savages and the Latin American AmerIndians. All parasites.
    Furthermore, Jews need to be utterly disenfranchised and deported to their beloved Israel. White people do not need any nonWhite parasites infesting their countries, and that includes the hostile, malignant Jews.

  122. @Trinity

    White people need to stop acting white?

    How about Jews stop acting Jewish.

    • Agree: Trinity
  123. profnasty says:

    Ask any of them: Is the Holocaust a lie?; Was the Pentagon behind the 911 attack?
    They have good native intelligence. If their answers are wrong- avoid them like the plague.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  124. Ugetit says:
    @Joe Levantine


    They self segregate and blame it on the enemy du jour. Typical.

  125. Ugetit says:

    We can all do better than that in this day and age.

    Agree, and we can all do better than continuing to use the nauseating, tiresome, dated, and erroneous meme of Hitler as an example of the sum of all evil too, especially since the opposite is so obviously true.


  126. “We have demonstrated that the lopsided relationship supports absolutely no U.S. interest…”

    To whom, Phil? Who have you demonstrated that to?

    Having Israel and Saudi Arabia firmly in the American tent serves a lot of our interests. Maybe not your interests but that is different and “we” need to be clear about that.

    • Agree: Sean
    • Replies: @anon
  127. geokat62 says:
    @Joe Levantine

    For a comprehensive review of The Maestro, “Greenspan’s Fraud” by Ravi Batra is a highly recommended reading.

    For the Readers Digest’s version, a few excerpts from, The Greenspan Blind Spot:

    At a Congressional hearing last week, a committee chairman did press Greenspan, and exposed the biggest gap in the former Fed chairman’s understanding—not of economics, but of human nature.

    Greenspan told a House committee that he had “made a mistake in presuming that the self-interests of organizations,” like banks, made them “best capable of protecting their own shareholders and their equity in the firms.”

    When chairman Henry Waxman said to him, “in other words, you found that your view of the world . . . was not right,” Greenspan replied, “Absolutely, precisely.” He then confessed to being “shocked” by this “flaw” in his thinking.

    Greenspan, it seems, was shocked by the existence of something called “human nature.” He was confounded by the idea that people, instead of being utility-maximizing machines that act in accordance with an ideological script or academic theory, might act like, well, people!

    It apparently didn’t occur to Greenspan, as Los Angeles Times columnist Tim Rutten writes, that “presented with a chance to make a killing,” people might put their own interests first, regardless of the consequences for others.

    Greenspan was a devotee of Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged, the bestselling book which is still very popular. Her worldview, called objectivism, promoted the idea that if you pursue your own self-interest, it will always be rational and help the most people. We’ve seen in recent weeks where that leads.

  128. As I read Dr. Giraldi’s column and many of the comments, I wonder why people who feel little or no sympathy for Israel or for Jews are expected to feel sympathy for the Palestinians or other Muslims. One should not necessarily imply the other.

    Christendom has consistently been treated with great hostility by the Islamic world since A.D. 732. The battle of Tours had nothing to do with Jews, nor have other such confrontations since that time at least through the Treaty of Passarowitz (1718). The hostility directed at the West by Muslims would continue even if Israel were to disappear from the face of the earth, and Jews were to be deprived of the political influence they have exercised in the West since the nineteenth century.

    In my opinion, the best thing the United States and other Western countries could do about the situation in the Middle East would be to cultivate our own complete energy independence. This means fracking, opening domestic land on which there are reserves of petroleum and natural gas to exploration and exploitation, and development of nuclear energy.

    The issue of dependence on Middle Eastern oil having been obviated, simply leave the countries there alone. Israel is well capable of taking care of itself; the U.S. taxpayer should not be expected to do so. Neither should we subsidize any Muslim country. All of these places are more likely to come to a stable regional peace without American meddling than with it.

    • Agree: Nisbe
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  129. anon[378] • Disclaimer says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Thanks. I’ll start using yandex from now on.

    Wikipedia is also founded by a Jew. My kids think Wikipedia is the most accurate source of everything and believe as Wiki said that Protocols of the Elders of Zion was “fake”. Wiki’s entire narrative on that is questioning the author’s background, they never once discussed the content of that document, because they know it’s indisputable. Everything discussed in Protocol has or is becoming true. Typical Jewish trickery.

    Also for selling sin, add Victoria’s Secret to the list. Les Wexner started that sex trafficking enterprise to entice beautiful young gentile women into “modeling” aka to be passed around among Jewish men as sex toys. Something tells me that’s a large part of why Jews got into the fashion and entertainment business, so they can get their hands on beautiful young gentile women…and men. Jewish men are a sick licentious bunch.

    I used to think that only elite Jews support Israel, that ordinary Jews couldn’t care less. None of my Jewish friends ever brought up Israel in our conversations. Then my kids told me that their Jewish friends in high school told them back in 2020 that Bernie Sanders was un-electable because he is a “self-hating Jew” who hates Israel. I guess what they tell their kids at home is a whole other story. They sure start the Israel love young.

  130. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @Majority of One

    Gospels were written after the destruction of the temple Paul’s letter was written before . Both are 30-40- yrs since the capture of Jesus Christ by the Jewish inspired Roman soldiers .

    Main synagogue until then were attended by Pharisee, Sadducee, Essene and Zealot .After Jesus was removed from the scene his disciples known as Jewish Christian also started attending .Often they would celebrate things like Passover together and would also offer sacrifice .Sacrificial ceremonies continued in Armenia until at least 1000 AD.

    Both – sacrifice and the center of the temple eventually lost importance to the Jewish Christian who in the times of Constantine became fully known as Christian .
    May be the Christian should demand it back and start animal sacrifice .

    NT it self has changed many times until printing made its way in to the monastery By then copying by hand and changing between languages resulted into many unwanted unintended significant changes.

  131. @unit472

    Last time Israel ‘..went into Lebanon’, Hezbollah’s reserve fighters whupped their arses. And in 2000, too. Before Hezbollah, in 1982, Israel rolled in, obliterated 40,000 Lebanese as mitzvot to their psychopathic God, and organised the massacre of 3000 Palestinians at Sabra and Shatilla. Surely a ‘ Light unto the Nations’.

  132. @Larchmonter420

    The Jewish elite escape, leaving the lumpen Jews behind to suffer, then that suffering becomes part of the group brainwashing for future generations of Jews. As at Passover when the goyim are reviled for ‘opposing’ the Jews. Not killing, oppressing or dispossessing, but opposing ie resisting. It’s a perfect formula for eternal enmity and hatred, but they are the existential fuel of Judaism.

  133. @Bill Jones

    I agree. As Chomsky noted, no country enjoys a ‘right to exist’, and certainly not on another people’s land, brutally stolen. But destroying Israel is impossible-they are too strong and vicious. So some enforced reform, justice for the Palestinians and the end of the nightmare of ‘Eretz Yisrael’, ‘..from the Nile to the Euphrates’ is the only way out. Otherwise the bomb will go off and millions, probably billions, will die. The infamous article by Professor Perlmutter in the LA Times in 2002, if memory serves, where he proposed Israel causing a nuclear winter, to punish a ‘..Jew-hating world’, tells you the depth of Zionazi hate.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  134. Art says:

    Here is the Abby Marten YouTube video about the SNL anti-Israel joke. It is worthy of a look.

    A most interesting part of the video is the comments on YouTube. They almost all express a contempt and disgust for the unjust vaccine treatment of the Palestinians by the Israeli Jews. These commenters are not dyed in the wool anti-Jew – they are average people expressing genuine honest human reactions. They have their back up against Israel.

    The intellectual Jew hegemony over the West is starting to fail.

    • Agree: bayviking
    • Replies: @chris
  135. anarchyst says:

    Your statement: /Christendom has consistently been treated with great hostility by the Islamic world since A.D. 732/…
    …is incorrect.

    Actually jews sided with Islam during the “crusades” which were in place merely to provide “safe passage” to the “holy land”, nothing more.

    Let’s compare the jewish treatment of Jesus Christ and his mother Mary with that if Islam:

    The jewish Talmud teaches that Jesus Christ is an apostate, “boiling in excrement for eternity” while Jesus’ mother Mary “conceived Jesus with a Roman centurion”

    The Islamic Qur’an teaches that Jesus Christ was a “great prophet”, not the Son of God, but a “great prophet”, nonetheless while Jesus’ mother Mary is given a position of high honor in the Qur’an.
    Now which belief system has respect for Christianity?

    Hint: It isn’t judaism.

    Now if we could get the misguided “Christian Evangelicals” who support israel to see that they are “useful idiots”, being used and abused by the jews, we might get somewhere.

    • Agree: AnonStarter
    • Replies: @Ray Caruso
  136. @Noel Field

    If we conclude, as you do, that 99.99% of the population of the USA don’t give a tinker’s damn about BDS, I think we must also recognize that the .01% of the inhabitants who do care either manage, work for or contribute to AIPAC, ZOA, ADL, the Israeli-American Council, StandWithUs and the scores more pro Israel outfits which make it their business to protect the Zionist enterprise from all criticism, no matter how justified.

    As AOC used to say before her trip to the woodshed with Nancy Pelosi for a one sided discussion on the Palestine Question, “It’s all about the Benjamins”. How else do you suppose anti BDS legislation got approved in 32 states and at the federal level? Especially because three quarters of our country oppose an attack on the First Amendment for Israel’s benefit?

    Clearly Israel’s friends here perceive BDS to be a threat. Having lost the intellectual arguments attempting to justify the existence of racist Israel, all that remains is employing their substantial wealth to suppress our Constitutionally protected right to boycott as well as any open discussion of Israel’s on going war against the Palestinians.

  137. @Fisk Ellington Rutledge IV

    Israel just became an official member of US Central Command, the Tampa-based sector of US military that oversees – wages war in Middle East.

    This means that Israel has more than eyes on everything US military does; Israel can call the shots on what US should do.


    • Replies: @annamaria
  138. anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    As long as the foreign aid continues, the Izzie fifth column will always have money to bribe your pols. So BDS is a diversion from What is to be done.

    “The impact of U.S. aid


    “The United States were the first country to recognize the State of Israel in 1948. But the U.S. did not start immediately with their well-known and generous financial support to Tel Aviv, in order to not facilitate rapprochement, in times of Cold War, of the Arab countries with the Soviet Union, and the first major transfers of military equipment to Israel dating 1963, under the Kennedy administration.

    “Tel Aviv became the largest recipient of U.S. aid in 1976, and still enjoys this privilege today. In 2005 totalled some 154,000 million dollars in total direct support. Today, Israel receives an average of 3,000 million dollars in aid per year, the sixth largest part of U.S. foreign aid budget and 2% of GDP in Israel. In recent years, 75% of the received aid has been military. This aid represents \$ 500 per Israeli citizen per year (the second largest beneficiary of U.S. aid Egypt re-ceives \$ 20 per citizen per year). However, the above figures are probably underestimated (some sources increase the annual contribution, for example, to 4,300 million dollars).303

    “The reasons for the discrepancies are varied, and John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt suggest at least five:304 firstly, the aid is granted with very favourable conditions which allows to receive interests of the funds until they are used (in 2004 they earned 660 million extra); secondly, Israel receives surplus equipment of U.S. stockpiles, donated or heavily discounted; thirdly, private donations from the U.S. mean approximately 2,000 additional million dollars per year, and which enjoy favourable tax conditions under U.S. law; fourthly, around 3,000 million dollars extra are registered which have been awarded to develop joint military products (such as the Merkava tank and the Arrow missile), which seem not to be acquired by the U.S. ever, and therefore can be considered as a form of aid to Israel; and finally, in fifth place it is worth remembering that there is aid that can hardly be counted, for example intelligence cooperation, access in 1997 to the early warning system for U.S. satellite missiles, the important development connivance kept, regardless of international law, weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical and biological), and diplomacy in favour of Israel (according to Mearsheimer and Walt305, many of the reasons that Egypt and Jordan are second and third on the list of beneficiaries of U.S. aid is a result of the establishment of diplomatic relations between these countries and Israel).

    “The extensive U.S. aid is made under the pretext that Israel’s military superiority is vital for being able to make concessions in peace agreements, which would contribute to regional sta-bility.306 This has led to a progressive decline of Israeli budget funds for the purchase of Israeli military products to prioritize U.S. products, including also the produced in Israel, because they can be paid trough the U.S. Fund of Military Financing (26.3% of these funds may be used to buy weapons produced by Israeli companies).307 One outcome that has taken this practice is that Israel has not developed some products that, in the absence of U.S. assistance, have been manu-factured. A good example is the absence of an Israeli warplane, in favour of the U.S. F-16.308

    “Another effect of U.S. aid has been the control of some of Israel’s arms exports. The most obvious case was the cancellation (by U.S. pressure) of some transfers to China in July 2000. Beijing had already paid \$ 200 million and 350 million received as compensation. China accounted for 20% of Israeli military exports,309 and Beijing saw in Israel a gateway to Western military technology (in 1996 Israel re-exported even a system of early warning aircraft of the U.S).310 This cancellation signi-ficantly eroded Israel’s credibility as a supplier of arms and showed its dependence on the United States.311 In December 2002, Israel suspended all military contacts with China, at the request of the U.S., which has also expressed its right to veto Israeli exports to countries like India and Russia.312 However, these relationships continue with all these countries and are highly significant. In any case, the Israeli military industry is necessarily self-sufficient. Some reasons for this need are the possibility that other countries will refuse arms (questioning what is happening in the Occupied Territories), reducing costs or the option of producing tailored and optimized products to the particularity of its context.313 We have to remember that before 1967 France was the main supplier of military equipment to Israel, until the Six Day War caused a French arms embargo. This began a drift toward the U.S. and an incentive not to rely on exports from the outside and building a strong Israeli military industry.”

  139. @Larchmonter420

    What does any of that garbage have to do with anything I wrote?

    Jews are enemies to White Christians; Moslems are enemies to White Christians. Let them kill one another.

    • Replies: @MEexpert
  140. @anarchyst

    So Mohammed tried to co-opt Christian beliefs when he made up the Koran. Who cares? That irrelevant garbage doesn’t change the fact that his beastly followers have been invading Christian lands for 1,400 years and raping, enslaving, and murdering Christians during all that time. Moslems are certainly enemies to us. Are they worse enemies than Jews? That’s debatable.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Meena
  141. Polemos says:

    Given your very principled stand to not patronize Jewish businesses, do you find any conflict posting or reading comments here at Ron Unz’s establishment?

  142. Anonymous[233] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘Israel’ isn’t even a correct description of the obviously illegal ‘state’. ‘Khazarael’ is the far more accurate term.

    The important questions: What is ‘Khazarael’? Who are the Khazars? Khazars have violently occupied Palestine and are exterminating its native inhabitants. Khazars who have migrated around the world are actively occupying their host nations and are destroying them from within.

    When the shortlived, corrupt, duplicitious Khaganate of Khazaria was invaded and destroyed by its neighbors in Western Asia at around 950AD, the survivors vowed to ascend to world domination and take total revenge – they have maintained that promise to date.

  143. anarchyst says:
    @Ray Caruso

    I would trust a muslim over a jew any day…

    • Agree: neutral
    • Thanks: AnonStarter
    • LOL: James Speaks
  144. One very simple thing you can do every day -all you have to do is think it- you don’t even have to say it aloud:

    “I want the truth about Israel to be shown to all Americans”, or something to that effect.

    Every day, think it. If enough people did that, it will happen.

    This is the power that we all have.

    • Replies: @OnYourLeft
  145. Sorry, boys…this is the United States of Israel…nothing is going to change.

  146. Phoenix says:

    Push for immediate election reform: honest registration rolls, prevention of mail vote fraud and computer vote fraud. The vote fraud methods that put Joe Biden in the White House are also used to keep other politicians subservient to Israel in office.

    IronForge says:
    February 23, 2021 at 3:44 pm GMT

    We should Disqualify Dual Citizens and the Naturalized+Children from the WH, Congress, SCOTUS, their Staff, MIC, SES, and High Security Clearances.
    Ditto for State+Local Govts.

    Split up media ownership so that it is not dominated by Jewish owners

    Revoke Israel’s status as a U.S. ally

    Expedite the process of removing judges from office who make unconstitutional rulings or who shield Israel from accountability

    Relentless public education on the many anti-social projects of people who identify themselves as Jews:

    * Holocaust deceptions for extorting money

    * Parasitic western banking systems

    * Jewish promotion of homosexuality and childhood transgenderism (“With the profits of exploitation, they fund campaigns for homosexuality and mass migration, boost Zionist politics, invest millions in security for Jews, and promote wars for Israel.” Andrew Joyce, “Vulture Capitalism is Jewish Capitalism”)

    * The 2008 global financial crisis as a Jewish money-making project. (Wall Street mortgage securities exempted from government oversight as arranged by Larry Summers, Robert Rubin and Alan Greenspan)

    * Israeli participation in the 2001 NY tower bombings and coverup.

    • Thanks: mark green
  147. anon[298] • Disclaimer says:
    @Johnny Rico

    Saudi kills muslims in Yemen,Syria in Libya and uses muslims to further its dynastic stability and and uses muslims as foot soldiers for US imperialism . Israel protects Jewish ,furthers each and every Jewish interests ,and promotes its wellbeing at the cost of other and at the cost of USA. Saudi lobby is non- existent outside Bush family and Pentagon whoa allow them to kill Yemenis and Syrians .

    One journalist talks in Guardian newspaper against the power of the Israeli lobby- he is shown the door .
    So have been the fates of Sanchez, Olivette Nasser , Helen Thomas and few black TV anchors fro raising concerns about Palestine or for expressing respect to Shia religious leader.

    NYTimes and WaPo have been castigating Saudi for crimes at home abroad and for murdering a journalist . Thats the power of Saudi lobby .

    • Replies: @Johnny Rico
    , @Sean
  148. One day, hopefully in the near future, someone in Gambia, or in somewhere in west Africa, or in the middle east, or in central or south Asia, most likely a Muslim, possibly a Christian, will conceive an idea, write it down on a piece of paper, and hand it, not to a European, but to a white American. It wouldn’t matter whether that white American is a man or a woman, liberal or conservative, democrat or a republican. The white American will share the idea with the other whites, who would do something they have never thought was doable: they will take over America’s political and economic systems, and all levers of power in a record time, by undoing the rules put in place by those who now control everything.

    When they take over everything, whites will have one huge regret: If only they knew it was so easy to accomplish this, they would have done it sooner, and spared their people the misery they suffered for so long. In this new America, trans-gendering, gay prides, and homosexual agenda would be a thing of the past. Feticide will be restricted as much as possible. Political affiliations such as democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives will be abandoned, because the elite will be working together, for the good of the country, instead of being at the throat of one another. Other groups such as QAnon, proud boys, oath keepers, Antifa, BLM, race and cultural warriors will all go by the wayside, because they were all created as distractions, to keep America divided, bitter, and down. No one would talk about building a wall in this new America, because the wall was the defeated men’s solace, in the same way that empty debates about IQ are the defeated men’s therapy.

    In the new America, the priorities of the oppressor will be discarded. Hence, military spending will be slashed, and almost all the overseas military basis will be closed. America will stop invading or provoking other countries, and will have no enemies to worry about. Terrorism, as we know it, will disappear from all over the world. The department of homeland security will be disbanded. The trillions of dollars saved from the useless military spending, and useless security measures will be spent on education, on healthcare, on infrastructure, and on advancing and rebuilding America’s manufacturing and industrial sector. In this new America, it is not only the whites but all the people in the country will be winners. For instance, any white police officer who kills an innocent black person will be sent to prison and serve a harsh sentence. One such example is enough to make police officers prudent when dealing with blacks, just as they are when dealing with whites.


    Millionaires and billionaires and big corporations will be forced to pay their full share of taxes, and pay all of them. There will be no loop holes, evasions or tax havens. Day-trading, shorting, and other legal scams on the stock market will be banned. Big pharma will be forced to reduce drug prices, and everyone in the US will be given health coverage just like the all developed countries. The biggest lobbies in Washington such as the Israeli lobby, the gun lobby, and the big pharma lobby will all disappear because the elite of the new America will tighten the screws on those lobbies and the entities they represent.

    When judging issues, people will use their minds, not their emotions. For instance, Donald Trump will not be regarded as a heroic figure, a patriot, or a martyr for a good cause, but rather he will be despised for being a hypocrite, for saying he would drain the swamp on Wall Street, but couldn’t, because he himself was the epitome of the swamp: a billionaire who evaded taxes for decades, and spent his entire four years in office refusing to release his tax returns. However, Trump will be primarily reviled for promising to Make America Great Again, and then turning around and prostrating to Netanyahu! Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher would also be exposed for the frauds they were. They were both used as willing agents for the fake, trickledown economics, deregulation, and outsourcing that paved the way for the destruction of American and British manufacturing bases, and the elimination of millions upon millions of well paying jobs. With able elite, working together, on the same page with uplifted population, and with trillions of dollars properly utilized, America will rediscover the path to greatness in a short period of time.

    When Europeans see the miracle in America, they will all copy it and free themselves from the grip of the oppressors, Germany, most likely, becoming the first to free itself and the rest will follow. To be effective, this miraculous idea-riddle-process must begin in the United States. That is, no European country would ever or could ever free itself from oppressors before the Americans do so. The liberation of America, therefore, is the key to the liberation of Europe, and the liberation of all those countries currently oppressed by controlled America. When Americans take back their country, and get freedom, political and economic stability, the rest of humanity will also start enjoying one thousand years of peace and prosperity. Like electricity and the laws of physics, the idea that is the key to liberating America is already out there, and it just needs discovering.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @anon
  149. Smarby says:

    I sincerely doubt that writing or emailing journalists about their biased coverage of Israel will achieve anything. If they were wiling to listen to reasonable opinions or arguments instead of just printing propaganda, the entire BLM saga of last year wouldn’t have happened.

  150. @Larchmonter420

    What about that which is called “glossolalia”—speaking in tongues.

    There is a near total dichotomy between left and right brains. The left is the reasoner, the talker, the culturally engaged, normal, fully socialized side. The right brain tends towards universality and appears to be a differential transmission zone between soul (the ancestral DNA factor) and spirit, the eternal element which emanates from Creator.

    During my researches and perambulations its come to my attention that the right brain tends to work with languages which are not necessarily those of the conscious mind. There are situations where I express myself in words which are evidently appropriate to the situation, but which I cannot repeat later using my rational mind. Yet, they can arise on later occasions, usually in similar or related situations and are essentially identical in tonality and syllabic stressing,

    On one occasion, while in the company of a group of mostly Mexican and MexAmerican guys I happened to break into a few sentences in what to my conscious mind was an unfamiliar language. One of the Hispanics responded in kind and thenceforth we engaged in a dialog for a few minutes without interruption in the flow. His compadres looked at both of us with countenances agape and then started asking questions. Neither of us could explain to their satisfaction exactly what it was that happened. He went by the cognomen “Ocho”. We haven’t been in touch in 3 years.

    In a slightly more direct answer to your query, I’d say (or write) that language is far more of a mystery than most people even conceptualize, to say nothing of realize. Coincidentally, for the past nearly 45 years I have been channeling a symbol-based alphabet, which is universalist by intent, though its 25 letters happen to be based on the Latin alphabet we use on a daily basis. Simple and portable, our common alphabet does tend to be culturally specific rather than containing the universality of symbology. The primary weakness of the current edition is that it is totally abstract. Abstractions engender obstructions.

    Pictographic in essence, the new one I’m devising, is visually akin to the one used by the ancient Egyptians, but not so geographically or temporally specific. As a Muslim, you will not consider this alphabet in any sense Haram as it does not include specifically human representations and as an added bonus, transliterates the Latin “C” into a representation of the crescent moon.

    Release of this co-creation is due to be within the current calendar year. It will first appear as a small private printing and will be not only an adult coloring book in form, but will also feature as an art book and a puzzle book—the latter, in that an explanation of the letters will not be included in the foreword. Plan is to market it via Etsy.

  151. @Nkrumah T.28

    Clearly heartfelt and definitely fascinating. Keep writing, as your powers of environment are needed on this blog. And Kwame to you too.

  152. @Ray Caruso

    ‘…Do we really want Moslems to be even more confident as they invade our homelands? ‘

    What do you think led Syrians to emigrate? Palestinians?

  153. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    ‘I agree. As Chomsky noted, no country enjoys a ‘right to exist’, and certainly not on another people’s land, brutally stolen. But destroying Israel is impossible-they are too strong and vicious.’

    Destroying Israel is about as hard as turning off the light.

    You pull the plug.

  154. @anonymous

    Interesting. The way for white Yanks to have power is to ensure that somebody else controls the military. I don’t think Israeli Jews want an Arab army. Why, oh why, could that be? [email protected]

    • Replies: @anonymous
  155. @John Hagan

    An excellent piece of work!
    grateful of the opportunity to give due praise directly,

    • Replies: @John Hagan
  156. Ace says:

    Where in the text is the weak part of the Constitution? With the benefit of hindsight how should it have been written to stave off the problem of massive concentration of power in Washington?

    As Bork noted, the Supreme Court simply stopped enforcing the Interstate Commerce Clause thereby throwing wide the door to federal excess. That was as major departure from the original scheme but it did not proceed from a drafting error or conceptual failure. Moreover, I don’t see how Article III could have been drafted to avoid the betrayal of Roberts on Obongocare.

    Some people like to say that the Constitution favored a particular class of people or a particular industry but I cannot see which class or industry that is. At most, states are prohibited from impairing the obligations of contract which can be stretched to say that was something that favored banks.

  157. anonymous[608] • Disclaimer says:

    Aww, pity the “poor” Jew! What kind of moron but a Jew-worshiping christcuck swallows such a classical Merchant narrative, anyway?

    Saints? Wrong. Jews always behave like Jews, just like Blacks always behave like Blacks and Asians like Asians. The Magic Jew that you worship is no more effective at converting humans into behaving like the kin of your culture than is Magical Dirt.

    Context: you’ve been snookered by the Jewish-authored Holy Hook.

  158. Smith says:

    Israel is nothing without its golem, the USA.

    Golem turns against its master once the truth is revealed, thus it is important to reveal to the golem the truth. But once truth is revealed, the death of the golem is also near.

    It is always suspicious that in the Hebrew language, truth (emet) is one word more than death (met), for the jews, being close to truth is seeking death?

  159. anon[378] • Disclaimer says:
    @Nkrumah T.28

    All sounds good. I would start by turning the GOP into a real party for patriots, that means primary out all the RINOs i.e. 99% of them except Rand Paul and Devin Nunes, the only two honest people in DC.

    Tom Cotton is an opportunistic rat just like his fellow Harvard grads Pete Buttigieg and Ted Cruz. Josh Hawley had some promise unfortunately like the 3 Harvard sellouts, he too has sold his soul to the Jew devil and can’t be trusted.

    Kris Kobach is the real deal. If we want a real patriot for president, Kris Kobach is it. And Ann Coulter, and David Duke. But in order to get anything real accomplished the president needs a whole team of people behind him, which is why we need to reform the GOP, kick out the current bunch of no good philo-semites.

    Then we need to appoint a Fed chief who is willing to let the interest rates rise, which means stop printing money to buy up all the long term and short term debts to hold down interest rates. Once 30 year T-bonds go back to the market rate, which could be up to 7% or 8%, things will begin to correct itself. The asset bubbles esp. stock market and real estate will pop, taking away the power of Wall Street, Big Tech, Real Estate owners which are all Jews. We will also put in strong antitrust laws and enforce them, busting up all the tech, agriculture and other monopolies.

    The new GOP will also pass new laws that protect freedom of speech from Big Tech and in our universities. Conservatives will take back education, and end the indoctrination of our youth in K-PhD. These much better educated youth will eschew all the downward projecting pop culture, rap music and depravity coming out of Hollywood. We will also introduce term limits (two term max) for all elected officials, end all lobbying, overturn Citizens United, pass sweeping new campaign financing laws that appropriate election funds like they do in France, then restrict all election campaigns to spending only the allocated funds so would be politicians don’t have to spend all their time fundraising and be indebted to all their donors.

    • Replies: @obvious
  160. JimDandy says:

    I love the spirit of the article, but some of these suggestions are tragically out of date:

    When one reads an article or watches a documentary that is heavily slanted towards the Jewish state, make an online comment

    That’s exactly what many people were doing, which is why comments sections are an increasingly endangered species.

  161. JM says:
    @Publius 2

    Exhibit ‘A’ is the infamous Footwasher, Dirty Frank.

  162. JM says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Astonishing “Agree”ment from people like annamaria and Curmudgeon. The Jews are infinitely more cohesive than “the goyim” which is a category hardly recognized by same. The benefits, cohesion and activism on behalf of their elites extends deeply into the Tribe. In this context, “Israel” is more of a Shibboleth uniting the Tribe behind their elites in the West, where the critical destruction is occurring.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  163. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Israel will never give up their nuclear weapons. So the best option therefore would be to allow Iran to have the Bomb. This would bring about a much more stable balance of power in the Middle East. Israel would then have an incentive to engage in arms reduction, if Iran would follow suit. But if Israel has the monopoly on military power in the mid east they will use it to the hilt. They need to be kept in check by a regional equivalent.

  164. @ATBOTL

    We on the alt-right need to do more to support the BDS movement. I want to see more pro-BDS comments in our spaces. We also must do more to sympathize with the Palestinians. The kind of retarded “Jews and Palestinians are both bad” comments that a lot of new people in the alt-right like to make must be opposed every time. The best way to fight Jewish/Israeli control over America is to increase sympathy for the Palestinians. That is the Jewish power structure’s greatest vulnerability.

    Beautiful. A welcome antidote to the naive neutral position that only emboldens the Zionist.

    Imagine a school principal treating a bully and his victim equally. Naturally, the bully wouldn’t mind it at all. Now imagine the principal throwing his weight behind the bully. That’s reality in the Palestinian schoolyard.

    Americans might not like choosing a side, but there’s no way for them to ignore the conflict without adverse consequence to their nation. In the Muslim world, memories are long, spanning many generations. When we shrug off concern for how we deal with this, we’re sowing seeds of mistrust that will surely yield a bitter harvest for our posterity.

    Neutrality with respect to Palestine simply isn’t an option.

    • Agree: Nisbe
  165. @FlintWheel4

    Considering that Americans are increasingly driven by emotion as opposed to guided by reason, if a grossly distorted tear streaked face is helpful (think the OTHER Gretchen) as a 63 year old, white blonde blue, American small MANUFACTURER, I’m not above that—pro bono.

  166. Petermx says:

    It is the biggest and most outrageous conspiracy theory ever created. You would expect someone to say “Are you insane?” to the claims they make and insist upon.

  167. Paul C. says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    The owner of Yandex is a Russian Jew, so it’s uncertain how long until his site too starts censoring.,7340,L-3766195,00.html

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  168. Wally says:

    I’ve been here, you obviously haven’t been.
    Don’t drink, you obviously do.
    You mean the rigged election that Trump easily won.

    Trump 2024, more for you to obsess over.

    How the Presidential Election Was Stolen:
    Proof That the US November Election Was Stolen Exists in Abundance, by Paul Craig Roberts:
    Stolen Election, by Paul Craig Roberts:

    • Replies: @Realist
  169. John Hagan says: • Website
    @kokor hekkus

    Many thanks your comment makes my efforts worthwhile.

  170. John Hagan says: • Website

    Many things I did not know and such information is very important for context.
    My original aim was to comment on Palestine and I considered Shakespeare an excellent means.
    Great comment and thank you very much.

  171. John Hagan says: • Website

    From my research this consideration of the Jews goes many centuries. Most know the religious history yet the Roman is not widely known.
    Many thanks for your comment.

  172. @anarchyst

    You are delusion.
    The Jew wants to prostitute your sister, put your mother into the workhouse, rape your brother and tax you to death. He hates you but loves \$ more.
    The Muslim just wants to kill you because you are an infidel.
    Not a wise choice to trust either.

    Islam attempted to swallow up the West for 1000 years. Count the battles.
    Islam spent 500 years pushing to get into India. When it did, they would regularly massacre Hindus…….they still have weddings at night. It is a tradition but started to avoid rapes.

    Islam has no love. A religious that murders ‘outsiders’ is violent and immoral.

    Hinduism and Buddhism are both moral and loving religions that affirm life. Harming others is against its teachings but self-defense is allowed. Sounds rational.

  173. Also put direct pressure on the mostly high-tech U.S. companies that invest in Israel, which are particularly vulnerable because they are thereby sending American jobs overseas, particularly as they country they are sending them to will steal the technology as likely as not.

    There is another sinister aspect to Israel’s vaunted high-tech sector.

    Some firms in glossy skyscrapers are actually fronts for sophisticated boiler room operations. They specialize in scamming gullible people in the West out of billions each year through fake investment websites.

    Portuguese-born journalist Mariana van Zeller covered these “wolves of Tel Aviv” in a documentary titled How Investments Scams Work.

    • Thanks: Nisbe
  174. MEexpert says:
    @Ray Caruso

    Jews are enemies to White Christians; Moslems are enemies to White Christians. Let them kill one another.

    You are a moron. The Christians and Muslims lived in various countries together for centuries (Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Iraq to name a few). Don’t bring crusades. That was a different time. It is only when white christians brought European Jews to the Middle East and created Israel that the prblem started. Even during the 60s when the conservatives supported Arabs and Muslims in general, there was no problem. If you support Israel against Muslims in everything, do you still expect Muslims to stand with their heads down saying yessah, Master? The white christians because of their greed let the Jews control them while being fed a whopper that it is Muslims’ fault, you started blaming Islam for your weakness.

    You can’t even see the damage that the Jews have done to you; Starting from JFK to USS Liberty to 9-11 to Al-Qaeda to ISIS. Then they have ruined your economy by controlling your money. Your annual defense budget of more than \$700 billion dollars is there to protect the Jews and it will keep growing while your infrastructure crumbles. The Jews have stoled your secrets and sold to the Russians. They have stolen your nuclear technology and gave it to Israel. These criminals are heroes in Israel. They have wrecked your democracy by slowly attacking every democratic institution in the country including the most sacred of all; the constitution. Your bill of rights is in shambles. Netanyahu shouts jump and 435 puppets get up and scream “how high?”

    In Europe, the White Christian can deny the existance of God, but it is a crime to deny Holocaust.

    In the US, White christian can call all sorts of things to his President or the elected representatives, but it is a crime if he says anything against Israel.

    How many Jews are in the legislature, state or federal? Then count the number of Muslims?

    And you blame Muslims for all this?

  175. anonymous[230] • Disclaimer says:
    @Donald A Thomson

    It is not about ceding control of the military. It is about reducing its size. The military is controlled by political leaders who follow the Israel lobby. The idea is to cut the military down by 1/2 so that it is not capable to waging war in the Middle East (alone) even if the political leaders really want a war.

  176. The way to deal with neo-Nazi Israel and the BDS is to treat Israel with disdain and shun all those that support its crimes. Eventually this will force Israel to start obeying the law and return to its legally defined 1948 borders and stop killing Palestinians men women and children and thereby start acting less like a rogue criminal terrorist state that routinely commits war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and Apartheid in order to steal land and resources belonging to other countries.

  177. Milton says:

    Sanction them and bomb them back to the stone age: this would be a start.

  178. @Paul C.

    Damn, there seems to be no place on this planet where you can escape from these people! (Perhaps the Chinese search engine Baidu?)

    • Replies: @Malla
  179. Malla says:

    Visitors to Israel are often shocked by how expensive everything is in Israel, even though the country exports next to nothing.

    You are right. Israel is super expensive, more expensive than Japan.

  180. @Z-man

    No. This subject, what’s The Solution, has been thought about once or twice in the past. Check it out.

    The whole West Bank and the Gaza Strip have to be annexed, without genocide, without ethnic cleansing. Total annexation. The problem will then solve itself.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  181. @anon

    “Tar Gets in My Toes” ——-big dump at Port in Israel —??

  182. @Fisk Ellington Rutledge IV

    Utterly disenfranchised yes, deported no. On the contrary, end their travel rights. Keep them in the country. Otherwise it’s genocide, not of them, of the Palestinians.

  183. Malla says:

    Sendem Jews (as well a s cryptos) to India. Let India be a permanent bio-hazard container nation of the World’s Joos. Let this happen and let the goyims of the World rejoice. Rejoice.
    Let happiness and peace spread around this planet. Contain the Joos in (denuclearized) India.

  184. This ties into Secession. A new, smaller American nation would not bother with foreign parasites any more than Texas would send its revenue to Rhode Island in exchange for nothing.

  185. John Hagan says: • Website
    @John Hagan

    Thank you for your comment. That many institutions of education think Shakespeare is not relevant and only certain areas of society are worth exploring is sad. I do many ‘visual’ satires and some of the major social media platforms are nervous. When humor and satire dies so does that civilization.

  186. @Nisbe

    I’ve pointed out before the absurdity of that 400,000 number, mentioning that those people all would have to have been born 1942 or earlier to even remember it. But it didn’t occur to me that the survivability rate for those that age would have been incredibly low. Thanks for pointing that out.

  187. @Ukraine Tiger

    Not so much apathy, but a simple risk-reward analysis. In the Age of Cancellation, the risks of pointing them out far outweigh the rewards.

  188. Z-man says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    One State Solution, I’m all for that but not the Joooz, none of them, whether they live in Tel Aviv, Burbank or Minsk.

    • LOL: Ann Nonny Mouse
  189. Realist says:

    Trump 2024, more for you to obsess over.

    Trump has no chance in 2024…he is through forever. This country’s problems will not be solved through the electoral process.

    • Replies: @Smith
  190. gay troll says:
    @Noel Field

    I did all of that in college. Many years ago.

  191. Sirius says:

    Netanyahu shouts jump and 435 puppets get up and scream “how high?”

    In 2015, I believe, behind the back and in opposition to the US president at the time, Obama. Wasn’t that 535 puppets, the event being a joint session of Congress including the 100 members of the Senate? That spectacle alone should clue in any “moron”* as you say of the unique power of the Zionists.

    Much of Zionist power derives from the ability to divide people and get others to do their fighting for them, hence their focus in the West on attacking Muslims. Sometimes it’s on Russians too, so whether they’re predominantly Christian or not doesn’t matter.

    *This particular ignoramus you criticized can’t even get himself to spell Muslim correctly and spends a great deal of his time maligning Islam and Muslims from what I’ve seen.

    • Replies: @MEexpert
  192. gay troll says: • Website

    The earliest instance of Christianity was written in Greek by the Jew known as Paul. Paul’s writing clearly states that he is promoting a more liberal form of Judaism to a Greek audience. Furthermore, he is using the Greek Septuagint as his Old Testament. Remember that the Greek and Jewish worlds had been in intellectual synergy for centuries, as exemplified by 1st century Alexandria. Paul was likely a native Graecophone.

    The only problem is that Paul does not describe the human existence of Jesus Christ. He describes none of the events and characters made iconic by the Gospels. Analysis shows that the Gospels were adapted from the writings of Paul at least 50 years after Paul was composed. The Gospels are written in Greek to provide a superficial continuity with Paul, despite reworking Paul’s revelation (and his stated intentions) significantly. Then the eventual redactors of the New Testament placed the Gospels *before* Paul, to make it seem that they were the original eyewitness testimony, when in truth they were derived from Paul’s religious fantasy. It is important to note that the book of Acts, which serves as a transition between the Gospels and the epistles of Paul in the New Testament, was apparently written by the author of Luke, likely more than a century after Paul’s original composition.

    TL;DR, Jesus never spoke Aramaic or any other language. He is purely a literary device.

    • Replies: @Alfred Muscaria
  193. MEexpert says:

    Wasn’t that 535 puppets, the event being a joint session of Congress including the 100 members of the Senate?

    Stand corrected. Thanks. Meant to say 535. Typo.

  194. Jorrocks says:

    Caterina, I completely agree with you as far as the 1930s-40s period is concerned. Hitler’s greatest mistake was to reject the hand of friendship that was offered to him by Jewish leaders as early as 1933.

    Instead of resuming the great German-Jewish JudeoPolonia project which had been inaugurated at the beginning of WWI (and whose eventual success depended on Germany winning the war), Hitler callously deceived Polish Jews by initially raising their hopes (granting them a parody of the local autonomy — i.e. Jewish ghettos — which they had been unjustly refused by the Poles in 1920), only to subsequently proceed with their cruel extermination during the second half of WWII.

    Had Hitler shown some gratitude for international Jewry’s unflinching support for Germany during WWI, then post-war “Israel” would have come into existence not in Palestine, but in eastern Poland — and Jews would have stayed in Europe (where they had lived and prospered for centuries) instead of migrating en masse to the United States as refugees.

    Americans be warned: if you do not wish to share the fate of Adolf Hitler, do NOT reject the Jewish hand of friendship!

    • Troll: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Majority of One
  195. Corollary to Phil’s How to Guide

    – convert to Islam.

    The reason the Lobby will continue to hold sway is you can’t deplatform Israel without un-mooring NATO foreign policy, and with it, American Supremacy which secures our well-being (all of us).

    I’m not going to cavil with Phil’s stance. Just be careful whose bed you sleep in. Abraham accords can be abrogated, the GCC and Israel divorced, and the Caliphate will be turbo-charged, knocking on Europe’s borders, and isolating America. Chat to your local Koran-thumping inbreeds to get a feel for what’s coming.

    Phil should tell his readers how to follow his advice without becoming a useful Idiot for the Muslims and assorted spawn.

    • Replies: @Broomy
    , @Art
    , @MEexpert
    , @Iris
  196. @Sparkon

    “What to do about Israel?”

    Illegalize “circumcision” and prosecute.

  197. This is unbelievable, more than a thousand Yemeni and North African Jews’ babies were sold to foster parents by the Israeli Ashkenazis.
    If you don’t believe me click the link.

  198. @gay troll

    “Paul’s writing clearly states that he is promoting a more liberal form of Judaism to a Greek audience.”

    Jews really didn’t exist until the 7th century. It is part of Islam. Jews are the castrating dick cutting class of the muslim slave industry.

  199. annamaria says:

    The Liberal and Conservative Friends of Israel in the UK have given a tune to the UK government to jump and dance with it as ordered: “Secret documents from the FCDO reveal a Full-Spectrum’ Psyops to Destabilise Russia”

    They expose in ample and often shocking detail the extent to which Whitehall is determined to demonise, destabilise, and isolate Russia nationally and internationally.

    … it’s a clandestine, full-spectrum, multi-channel, on- and offline, assault on perceptions waged by the UK government globally, to further its ideological, financial, and geopolitical interests.

    In the process, untold numbers of people have been manipulated and elections interfered with, and the democratic spaces of many countries have been egregiously violated. … Via a constellation of shadowy contractors, most of which are staffed by individuals who previously served at the highest levels of government, the military and intelligence services, London is infiltrating and co-opting civil society throughout Europe and Central Asia at every level. …

    In September 2020, documents related to UK psyops in Syria were released … These operations were absolutely vast, spanning many years and costing millions, extending as far as creating cartoons and comic books to propagandise Syria’s youth. In the process, they put the UK government, and its contractors, in extremely close quarters with armed groups which murdered women and children, among other crimes against humanity – strikingly, many of the firms involved also feature prominently in Whitehall’s anti-Russian operations. …

    London is, or has been, engaged in cloak-and-dagger schemes in every corner of the former Soviet sphere. … They make an absolute mockery of all the hysterical alarmism about the threat of foreign-borne “fake news” and “disinformation”

    … one file contains a highly illuminating passage indeed:
    “[One] barrier to combating disinformation is the fact certain Kremlin-backed narratives are factually true,” it states. “Responding to inconvenient truths, as opposed to pure propaganda, is naturally more problematic.”

    In other words, the UK government simply wants to suppress and censor information it doesn’t want in the public domain, and perspectives it dislikes, which can often be found in alternative and independent media…

    Well, London, here are your deeds:
    Polluting the minds with hateful and fake propaganda against “Amalek”. – Check.
    Cooperating with murderers to promote a party line, “Assad is bad and Golan Heights belong to Israel.”- Check.
    Using the taxpayers’ resources (by millions of pounds) to please and satisfy warmongers and war profiteers. – Check.
    Massively harming the democratic institutions for the sake of tribal and profiteering interests. – Check.

    • Thanks: Iris
  200. @Malla

    Both pass the tests of “david duke”, and “jews did 9/11”, i.e. showing the addresses of the relevant websites. Swisscows does nor accept porn requests.

    But if you search in images of Swisscows “happy white american couples”, you get the same black-and-black, black-and-white, homo-and-homo pictures as on the “mainstream” search engines. Qwant offers this picture of a “happy white American couple”:

    • Replies: @Malla
  201. Broomy says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    But it’s the Jews themselves who say they are using the Muslims as their “broom”:

    Video Link

    • Disagree: Jeshurun Tsarfat
  202. @profnasty

    From my comment.

    About the only thing the agree with the “Big Jews” about is the Holocaust(TM).

    So, yes, virtually all believe the big lie. Some believe the 9/11 narrative is bullshit.

  203. druid55 says:

    dual citizenship with regard to the J’s means nothing. If they aren’t us citixens, they can ALWAYS be later when they want on a whim!

  204. @HeebHunter

    1. Although wealthy Jews are behind most of the west’s problems, Whites have been allowing and aiding them to destroy western civilization. Without the gullible foolishness of middle class whites and greed of the wealthy whites, Jews would not have gotten so far.

    2. As much as I despise Jewish power, The idea of a final solution where innocents are murdered is still evil. The ones which are evil and powerful should certainly be targeted, even killed. But there are many regular people amongst even the Jews. Encouraging Jews to leave your country is legitimate; but I am against murder and the harming of innocents.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @HeebHunter
  205. Arnieus says:

    Can anyone offer one good reason why “we the people” of the US should care about Israel any more than any other country, let alone give them billions we don’t have.

  206. anonymous[134] • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s another thing you could do: put Dan Gertler’s severed head in Dersh’s bed.

    Oops. oh wait… Well, knock me over with a feather! Another Jew State Jew bragging about being a CIA agent.

    Funny how 96% of all these Jews fucking the American peoples are CIA agents.

  207. Sulu says:
    @Ukraine Tiger

    Most people understand what is happening but most people believe that their actions against Israel would amount to a trifling so they don’t bother.

    I am afraid that my interactions with people doesn’t support your statement. Most people do not understand what is happening. Time and time again I approach Whites and tell them that the Jews own the media and control every word and image that is presented on tv. I would say about 95% of people are completely oblivious to the fact. And then when it is pointed out to them they completely fail to understand the ramifications of Jewish dominance of the media.

    A small percentage of them accuse me of anti-Semitism, no doubt because they have heard that message on tv. And when I try and point out the fact that they got that bit of fluff from tv and it should not be considered strange to find that the people that own the media are trying to indoctrinate people to not hate them they still do not understand.

    In my experience people are stupid and caught up in their own problems, addictions, work, family and don’t have the intellect or the inclination to do critical thought. I have had very few successes in my attempts at educating White people concerning the tremendous negative influence of Jews in America.

    As Twain observed, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”


  208. anarchyst says:

    I agree with you that the powerful jews should be identified and dealt with, BUT the “little jew” is also a part of the problem, and at least should be deported to israel.

    Outlawing the cruel unnecessary practice of “male genital mutilation” (male circumcision) should also be a part of the program. The prohibition on “male genital mutilation” would serve two purposes. This would cut down on the birth of male jews within the USA as they would have to travel to israel to have it done and would not enjoy USA citizenship, being born in israel, and would be prohibited from entry into the USA.

    • Thanks: stevennonemaker88
  209. Art says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Phil should tell his readers how to follow his advice without becoming a useful Idiot for the Muslims and assorted spawn.

    Oh dear’ — spawn from Hasbara Central spews Jew hate.

    Will it ever end – what are we to do?

    p.s. Another Little Jew luddite does Big Jew bidding.

    • Agree: MEexpert, Iris
  210. One Tribe says:

    Thank you Mr. Giraldi, for all of your well-meaning attempts to shed light on what may be the most dangerous situation of our times.

    The extremist supremacist transnational ideology of Rabbinical Talmudism, which labels itself as Judaism (which is in itself a shell-within-shell construct of various deceptions), is at it’s fundamental core, an ideology based of a false racial commonality and associated hereditary privilege myth, which requires discrimination again all non-affiliated peoples, and in some cases, requires overt acts of hatred against non-affiliated people(s) in order to maintain good-standing within this society.

    I note that the secret service of their world-wide base of operations, the so-called Isreal (also the product of various additive, compounding deceptions), uses the motto, “by way of deception“.

    About your article and recommendations:
    I note that many of the recommendations will either expose citizens to exceptional laws, which destroy an individual’s social mobility, likely permanently, and/or unofficial, secretive records and processes, which do the same, both with the end goal of marginalizing an individual’s voice and livelihood in society.

    An overt example is the many federal and state laws actually prioritizing anti-BDS (boycott divest and sanction) laws over the first amendment of freedom of expression.

    This is just one example, as you have annotated in more than one article (thank you) of the dismantling of the first amendment for the overt benefit of the aforementioned extremist supremacist transnational ideology.
    Indeed, we have entered a phase of rapid demolition of the first amendment, in many cases explicitly benefiting the further polarization of upward social mobility favouring accepted affiliates of this specific special interest group, and their activities, both domestically within the United States and externally, throughout the world, and in particular, the so-called western liberal democracies.

    Supplemental Recommendations:
    1. learn about this plague – please read The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, which can be downloaded at more and more locations on the internet.
    Please take all precautions you can to protect your identity; it is not beyond reason to suspect that these points are being surveyed with the very purpose to identify people acquiring this knowledge to disrupt the activities of those people – see
    2. Protect yourself from any perception-shaping modalities that you can
    This is a large topic, and I fully support the recommendation from Dr. Giraldi about especially protecting (and boycotting) agencies of this ideological collective, by sensibly reviewing sources for all materials you expose to your children.
    But there is more to this, much more…
    It is getting to the point that people are starting to realize the extreme perception management capability of addiction to personal information devices, i.e. smartphones particularly, but not exclusively, participation in social media platforms.
    I agree with Yuval Harari that the capability to hack the human mind now exists.
    By giving away the mountain of data, including response metrics, and content auto-uploaded by… you the user, you are giving away the key to hacking your own mind.
    We can see it in the irrational divisiveness emerging in the U.S.A., along partyaffiliations, and well-beyond (which is strange since both political parties work for the same people and are effectively two different marketing brands of the same product).

    so here is the biggie
    2.1 delete all your information (that you can) from all social media platforms, and stop using them!
    2.2 if you are strong enough, exchange your smartphone for a dumb phone (a flip phone without a data plan)!

    These actions will a. emancipate you, b. enable you to i. identify the many elements infecting our societies favoring the extremist supremacist ideology of Rabbinical Talmudism, and ii. take personal sovereignty of your decision making, c. make comprehensive changes to your consumer habits to limit your support for this, likely the greatest existential threat ever faced by humanity.

    good luck

    • Thanks: FLgeezer, Ann Nonny Mouse
  211. Art says:

    I have had very few successes in my attempts at educating White people concerning the tremendous negative influence of Jews in America.

    Don’t give up – the average American has seen a gazillion pro-Jew messages – down the line your efforts will eventually be fruitful. The next time they hear the same message – real doubt will manifest itself.

    Your single spoken message is powerful and will ultimately win, because it has truth in it.

    Truth has power — “the Truth Will Set You Free.”

    • Thanks: Sulu
  212. Art says:

    Since Alan Greenspan became Fed Chief in 1992, the first Jew to do so since WWII, and succeeded by 2 other Jews – Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen, the Fed has embarked on a monetary expansion that saw the largest transfer of wealth from Main Street to Wall Street.

    Every American needs to read that! The transfer of wealth from the middle class to the Jew oligarchs is staggering and undeniable.

    p.s. I think that was 1986.

    • Replies: @Iris
  213. annamaria says:

    People like Ron Unz, Max Blumenthal, and Aaron Mate deserve the highest respect.
    In comparison, Cheney, Clintons, Obama, Pelosi, and such are the scum of the earth, the destroyers of western civilization.

    If you want to convince the reader that the McCains family of traitors and the Cheney family of traitors are better than Mr. Unz and Mr. Blumenthal because Cheneys and MacCains are purebred whites, then you have a hard task on this forum.

    • Agree: UncommonGround, Sirius
    • Replies: @JM
    , @Ralph B. Seymour
  214. Writing letters to the (Jewish) editor and trying to boycott Jewish products won’t do anything. These people control the central banks. They can simply print themselves up more money. Don’t even think about voting your way out of this. They will steal the elections (like they did from Trump, a sitting President). The parasite is buried so deeply into the host, only drastic measures will work:

    End the sham of democracy
    Install a monarch or dictator
    Deport all Jews
    End Usury
    Retake control of the media

    Even if Israel got nuked today, it would not stop world Jewry from continuing to ruin the west. They tricked America into two world wars before Israel ever existed. Hitler actually showed the best way to expel the Jew and retake a nation. Too bad he miscalculated his foreign wars. Anything short of expelling the Jew will not work.

    • Replies: @MEexpert
  215. I contend that the key to breaking the spell… Is to expose the truth of 911 and the ensuing cover up in western collective consciousness.

  216. To have a broader view of the subject, here is what Ben Rhodes says in an interview, quoted in an article by Ph. Weiss (it’s worth reading the whole article, link below):

    “You meet more with outside, organized constituency groups on Israel than any other foreign policy issue. I’d actually go as far to say that… as a senior White House official working on national security… the number of people you meet from the organized pro Israel community equals all the other meetings that you might do with kind of diaspora or constituency groups on all the other issues. It’s that degree of dwarfing. I’m pretty confident that’s consistent across [presidential] administrations…

    “You just have this incredibly organized pro-Israel community that is very accustomed to having access in the White House, in Congress, at the State Department. It’s taken for granted, as given, that that’s the way things are going to be done. (…..)

    .(…) I remember looking around the situation room on a meeting on the Israel Palestine issue and every single one of us in the meeting was Jewish or of Jewish origin like me…

    • Replies: @annamaria
  217. MEexpert says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Chat to your local Koran-thumping inbreeds to get a feel for what’s coming.

    Phil should tell his readers how to follow his advice without becoming a useful Idiot for the Muslims and assorted spawn.

    My my, another Muslim-hater, Talmud-thumping jew spewing hate against Muslims. Phil, don’t you know that it is only OK to become a useful-idiot for igrate Jews because a gentile must serve his Jewish masters. Will these Jews ever get tired of this non-sense.

    • Disagree: Jeshurun Tsarfat
  218. How powerful are the Jews? If Hitler(the real one) became president in the US today, he would go to Israel, don a yarmulke, stand before the Wailing Wall and pray, and come back to the US to give a rousing pro-Zionist speech at the AIPAC rally.

  219. MEexpert says:
    @Titus Jerusalem Smasher

    Anything short of expelling the Jew will not work.

    Won’t work that either. America has armed Israel to the teeth. You expel them, they will nuke you.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  220. @Sulu

    Agreed. Most people are basically sheep who will follow whatever the prevailing powers that be tell them.

    • Agree: Sulu
  221. @Caterina

    Anti-Israel is NOT ‘antisemitic’. Many Jews oppose Zionazism and the Evil settler, racist, terrorist, apartheid state that it has built. Indeed, as Zionism is to the Jews as Nazism was to the Germans, and will bring devastation to the Jews as well as the goyim, opposition to Israel and Zionazism is utterly ‘philosemitic’.

  222. Iris says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    and with it, American Supremacy which secures our well-being (all of us).

    Awww, what a strike of “pilpulesque” genius, managing in such a short sentence to throw Walt & Mearsheimer into the intellectual gutter and at the same time elevate the inferior Goyim into the light, in a brief pronominal association with our superior Talmudic Master-race. We are in awe, absolutely star-struck to be part of the “us”.

    Phil should tell his readers how to follow his advice without becoming a useful Idiot for the Muslims and assorted spawn.

    I am sure Mr Giraldi and his readership will oblige. Which people in their right mind wouldn’t be ecstatic to have had 3000 of their compatriots sacrificed in a false flag nuclear Holocaust orchestrated by a foreign country to serve its own agenda?
    No doubt they are thrilled to double down and serve again the superior Talmudic tribe.

    • Replies: @Jeshurun Tsarfat
  223. Balkanization of The USofA, with consequent fracturing of all things Federal, will definitively solve The Israel Problem; and, in the smartest new White Freehold Affinity States & Confederations, solve The Jew Problem.
    One fractured Federal thing will be The Federal Reserve, the jew apple cart.
    New debt free currencies similar to the Reichsmark will be established; Da Fed then irrelevant.
    Military and Alphabet Agency resources and personnel will be fractured.
    New White Nationalist State governments will be jew, black and brown free…and free of Kriss-Chun dumbasses that erroneously believe in their programmed by lies and jive tiny minds, that the descendants of Khazar raider thieves and murderers are God’s Chosen People.
    There will be NOTHING given to Israel, except by those (((Rats & Snakes))) that live in D-I-E scum smeared Hellholes…if they can afford it after paying a fortune to keep themselves out of the cannibal’s pot.
    I hope that I live long enough to know that Tel-Aviv and Dimona have been glassed over in thermonuclear fashion…
    and that the jew Khazars are being cannibalized by their biological weapon pets in Noo Yawk, The Gold Coast of Florida, SoCal and Lakeside Drive Chicago.
    That huge lump of kosher suet, Pritzker, would make excellent BBQ for Juneteenth Oogah Boogah festivities.
    Gnome Sane, nyggahz ?

  224. Iris says:

    Israel destroys Palestinian villages, leaving residents without shelter in snowstorm

    The Israeli army destroyed , for nine days in a row, the village of Homsa al-Baqia in the Jordan Valley, preventing the village residents to take shelter in tents in freezing temperatures.

  225. Iris says:

    There are no limits to Talmudic greatness and humanity:

    On Friday, 19 February, and for the second day in a row, the Israeli authorities continued their activities to destroy the agricultural sector of the Gaza Strip.

    In addition to military incursions and attacks on farmers, the Israelis flooded hundreds of farms by opening the floodgates of dams that held rainwater.

    This happened east of Gaza City and in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit-Hanoun. According to farmers, the Israeli authorities opened rainwater ferries on farmland all day in order to damage the infrastructure and equipment of these agricultural areas, which represent the main source of fresh food for the Gaza Strip under blockade.

  226. annamaria says:

    “Iraq War – a war for Israel”:

    Jewish-Zionist plans for war against Iraq had been in place for years. In mid-1996, a policy paper “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” outlined a grand strategy for Israel in the Middle East. …

    The authors of “A Clean Break” included Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, and David Wurmser, three influential Jews who later held high-level positions in the Bush administration: Perle as chair of the Defense Policy Board, Feith as Undersecretary of Defense, and Wurmser as special assistant to the Undersecretary of State for Arms Control. …

    Three months before the US invasion, Israeli prime minister Sharon was telling American political leaders that “the greatest US assistance to Israel would be to overthrow Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi regime.” …

    A 2003 article in Ha’aretz reported bluntly:

    “The war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish, who are pushing President Bush to change the course of history.” It gave what it termed “a partial list” – US government officials Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, Eliot Abrams, journalists William Kristol, and Charles Krauthammer” – describing them as “mutual friends who cultivate one another.”

    Again, why is Julian Assange in UK prison while the major war criminals and warmongers enjoy freedom and comforts in the bankrupted US?
    How come that the thoroughly corrupt Clintons, Trump, and other Pompeos demand Assange’s flesh? The demonization of the honest journalist for the exposure of the crimes committed during the Wars for Israel has become a tip of a spear against freedom of speech and freedom of information.
    The project of Eretz Israel is a deadly weapon against western civilizatio

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Iris
  227. So much for Facebook being run by ‘leftists’.

    No, Zuck and Co. will favor Zionist-Jewish ‘conservatives’ over pro-Palestinians leftists.

  228. annamaria says:

    The zionized gangster state has ruined Iraq:

    The 21st century has been a tragedy for Iraq’s children. An entire generation of girls and boys have suffered violence, terror, poverty, and displacement.

    Iraq’s 17 year conflict began with the US-led invasion in 2003 and evolved into a sectarian civil war… the use of explosive violence has remained consistent. The impact of these weapons on children has had far-reaching and devastating consequences.

    There were other cannibalistic policies against Iraqi children:

    The results of the Obama/Clinton’s war of aggression in Libya:

    Tens of thousands of children and civilians in Libya continue to suffer “grievously” amid the violence and chaos of the country’s longstanding civil war… … In the first quarter of 2020, civilian casualties had increased by 45%, compared to the last quarter of 2019. Casualties have continued to mount throughout the year, with a 172% increase in civilian deaths and injuries between April and June compared to the first quarter of 2020

    Similar to Iraq, both Libya and Syria were on the list of countries destined for destruction. The list corresponds to the policies articulated in Oded Yinon Plan for Eretz Israel:

    The US/NATO/Israeli crimes in Syria:

    The [Wikileaks] cables prove that ‘regime change’ had been the goal of US policy in Syria since 2006 and that the US promoted sectarianism in support of its policy, which built the foundation for the sectarian conflict which resulted in massive bloodshed.

    • Thanks: Iris, Robjil
  229. @MEexpert

    Another solid post. What a thread!

    Something else to consider …

    We keep hearing that a) Islam mandates world conquest and b) Muslims are duty-bound to fight toward that end.

    Well, let’s see … Muslims constitute nearly 1/4 of the human race. If what the anti-Islam crew said were true, it’s safe to say we’d see a far different result on the ground. The closest thing to that we’ve witnessed thus far is a super-minority of Genghis Khan wannabes (ISIS) whose isolated attacks haven’t come anywhere close to advancing their vaunted “caliphate” (in spite of their short-lived, minimal “success”). It merits mention that in Syria, Iraq, and Libya, it was largely Muslims who successfully fought ISIS.

    Some here refer to Turkey’s Erdogan without considering the fact that Turkey has absorbed more than four times the amount of refugees as Germany has. They also fail to mention the matter of Kurdish separatists who are closely allied with Israel. Turkey’s interest in the conflict at its southern border concerns an existential threat to its sovereignty. Citing it as evidence of “expansionist” ambition betrays plain ignorance.

    It also beggars belief to see these folks caterwaul about Muslims emigrating to Europe with the intent to conquer it while America and company precipitated the refugee crisis through their invasion and occupation of Iraq, a mission spearheaded by Zionists.

    A lot of clueless golems out there lapping up the anti-Islam pabulum served by the usual suspects. By keeping the west embroiled in conflict with the Muslim world, it’s rather obvious who benefits.

  230. Iris says:

    In the words of Gary Vogler, a former US Army Officer, senior oil consultant for US Forces in Iraq, deputy senior oil advisor, CPA, for Baghdad, and senior oil advisor, ORHA, for the Pentagon in Kuwait and Baghdad, who spent 6 years in Iraq in the wake of the war:

    The oil agenda I discovered and experienced was to supply Iraq oil to Israel. The players were the neoconservatives in the Bush Administration, their favourite Iraqi – Dr Ahmed Chalabi and the Israeli government.

    • Thanks: annamaria, mark green
    • Replies: @anonomojoe
    , @Art
  231. @Sulu

    Keep up doing what you do.
    The most important component in this war, and it is a war between humanity and pure evil, is to win hearts and minds.
    I have had a very strange life. I at one point had a conversation with a fellow catholic and jewry came up. I stood up, excused myself and left. I had had whole paragraphs of propaganda embedded in my mind just through growing up with Western media from age 9 and could not accept what he had said. *
    Fortunately, I eventually saw beyond all ((( their))).
    If you have good delivery, the seeds of truth you plant will eventually grow. Please continue and if you are religious view it as giving them the blessing of truth.

    *Prior to 9, I lived in a ‘language island’ where I had little media other than a bit of radio and some sports on tv. When I moved I suddenly was exposed to things for the first time. A very strange experience.

    • Thanks: Sulu
  232. Malla says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    But if you search in images of Swisscows “happy white american couples”, you get the same black-and-black, black-and-white, homo-and-homo pictures as on the “mainstream” search engines.

    Wow, crazy!

  233. @stevennonemaker88

    Everyone has their little exception, heh. It is just another form of nepotism and favoritism.
    If you want to visit your exceptional special friends, you can apply for a tourist visa, vice versa for them.

    There is still no “innocent” kike. Their very genes are tainted. All empirical observations and statistics have point out that the most savage ghetto niggers have more chance at redemption than a kike.

    Religious kikes? We all know too well what they preach. The vilest venom. And people seemed eager to shelter them for milennias as their neighbors drove these yids out for doing the usual usurious crimes.

    Atheist kikes? The world was cursed the moment Europeans took turn harboring these subhumans as they graced the globe with trotsky, marx and lenin, etc.

    No more pussy footing. Repent and deliver. Or face extinction on this world and eternal punishment in hell for being complicit.

    Yes, Europeans and our mulatto spawns deserve to be punished and I think we are already being slapped by higher powers. But the Creator promised salvation through repentance. The only race I never saw repenting is the hook nosed. Nobody should care about them or than how to make sure they cannot harm any people of the world ever again.
    Some jungle villagers in South America expelled the kikes just a few years ago. We can still do it. If we dont, tschhhh… even God has his own allowance of patience.

  234. Iris says:

    Every American needs to read that! The transfer of wealth from the middle class to the Jew oligarchs is staggering and undeniable.

    Thanks, dear Art. A good economic talk show on the topic of how the fiat money system is rigged to transfer wealth to the financial system insiders:

    Money Printing Causes Racial Wealth Gap

    The US economy is a Monopoly Board where the fiat money pyramid scheme was started in 1971, only a few years after the Civil Rights Act.

    Those who held the assets in 1971 became fabulously wealthy compared to those without assets, as the Federal Reserve Bank began printing money furiously over the ensuing decades,

    • Replies: @Art
  235. Iris says:

    Another exemplary display of Talmudic civilisation:

    Israel destroys natural reserve in Occupied West Bank, uproots 10,000 trees

    On 28 January, using military vehicles, the Israeli army destroyed a natural reserve and uprooted at least 10,000 trees in the northern West Bank in a move that Palestinians termed a “crime“.

    The occupation army “chopped down and destroyed about 10,000 forest trees and about 300 olive trees,“. The trees were planted in the natural reserve eight years ago, as part of the “Greening Palestine” project supervised by the Palestinian Authority and funded by the Venezuelan consulate in Palestine.

  236. What do do? A lot.

    What can be done. Little to nothing.

    The degenerate Zionist state was created by Kabbalist Zionists and has been supported to date by Existential/Nihilist, Satanic homosexual pedophiles homosexuals in the US military, NATO, et al.

    Katherine Griggs depicts it in this nearly 8 hours long interview:

    • Agree: Druid
  237. JM says:

    “People like Ron Unz, Max Blumenthal, and Aaron Mate deserve the highest respect.
    In comparison, Cheney, Clintons, Obama, Pelosi, and such are the scum of the earth, the destroyers of western civilization.

    If you want to convince the reader that the McCains family of traitors and the Cheney family of traitors are better than Mr. Unz and Mr. Blumenthal because Cheneys and MacCains are purebred whites, then you have a hard task on this forum.”

    That’s not in dispute, in fact you use strawmen to “prove” your agreement with this statement made by this ‘Australian’ Globalist:

    “…it is NOT all the Jews who are blood-sucking parasites, just the elites, as is true, also, of the goyim.”

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond, annamaria, Curmudgeon, antitermite, lavoisier

    Nobody, including anyone who posts articles – say – at TOO – suggests that ALL Jews are the problem…a small number aren’t, in fact stand up against the mainstream output of their Tribe. But it’s not “JUST the Elites” of the tribe but the subversion, the activism, extends deeply into the Tribe…IN NO WAY COMPARABLE to the pathetically unorganised, uncoordinated “goyim” who anyway have NO support from ANY wing of their elites.

  238. Druid says:

    Plenty of the richest Jews in Morocco!

    • Replies: @Iris
  239. MEexpert says:

    Israel: Iran’s nuclear actions require immediate international response

    News headline.

    What moral right does Israel have to call for international response against Iran? If anything, international response is needed against Israel.

  240. A modest proposal: insist on calling Israel a colonial power, because that is exactly what it is. And insist on calling the “Jewish settlements” by their real name, because they are Israeli colonies.

    It may not sound like much, but the biggest leg-up the Israelis have is the way in which they have oh-so successfully sanitized the language of the discussion regarding their actions.

    So change that, because that leads to a profound change in the way in which Israel is viewed.

    As in: insist that Israel is not a modern-day marvel. It is nothing more – and no less – than a throwback to the 19th century and the era of colonial expansionism. The last colonial power in a post-colonial world.

    • Agree: Iris
  241. Malla says:

    How dangerous it was to oppose Zionism back in the 1920s!The tragic story of Lord Northcliffe who wanted to spread the truth about Palestine and the Zionists thus destroyed him.
    From Douglas Reed: The Controversy of Zion

    “Lord Northcliffe made himself the adversary of the conspiracy from Russia in two ways. In May 1920 he caused to be printed in The Times the article, previously mentioned, on the Protocols. It was headed, “The Jewish Peril, A Disturbing Pamphlet, Call for Enquiry”. It concluded, “An impartial investigation of these would-be documents and of their history is most desirable . . . are we to dismiss the whole matter without inquiry and to let the influence of such a book as this work unchecked?”

    Then in 1922 Lord Northcliffe visited Palestine, accompanied by a journalist, Mr. J.M.N. Jeffries
    (whose subsequent book, Palestine: The Reality, remains the classic work of reference for that period). This was a combination of a different sort from that formed by the editors of The Times and Manchester Guardian, who wrote their leading articles about Palestine in England and in consultation with the Zionist chieftain, Dr. Weizmann. Lord Northcliffe, on the spot, reached the same conclusion as all other impartial investigators, and wrote, “In my opinion we, without sufficient thought, guaranteed Palestine as a home for the Jews despite the fact that 700,000 Arab Moslems live there and own it . . . The Jews seemed to be under the impression that all England was devoted to the one cause of Zionism, enthusiastic for it in fact; and I told them that this was not so and to be careful that they do not tire out our people by secret importation of arms to fight 700,000 Arabs. . . There will be trouble in Palestine. . . people dare not tell the Jews the truth here.
    They have had some from me”.

    By stating this truth, Lord Northcliffe offended twice; he had already entered the forbidden room by demanding “inquiry” into the origins of the Protocols. Moreover, he was able to publish this truth in the mass-circulation newspapers owned by him, so that he became, to the conspirators, a dangerous man. He encountered one obstacle in the shape of Mr. Wickham Steed, who was editor of The Times and whose championship of Zionism Dr. Weizmann records.

    In this contest Lord Northcliffe had an Achilles heel. He particularly wanted to get the truth about
    Palestine into The Times, but he was not sole proprietor of that paper, only chief proprietor. Thus his own newspapers published his series of articles about Palestine but The Times, in fact, refused to do so.
    Mr. Wickham Steed” though he had made such large proposals about the future of Palestine, declined to go there, and denied publicity to the anti-Zionist case.

    These facts, and all that now follows, are related (again, with surprising candour) in the Official History of The Times (1952). It records that Mr. Wickham Steed “evaded” visiting Palestine when Lord Northcliffe requested him to go there; it also records Mr, Wickham Steed’s “inaction” following Lord Northcliffe’s telegraphed wish “for a leading article attacking Balfour’s attitude towards Zionism”.

    In what follows the reader’ s attention is particularly directed to dates.
    In May 1920 Lord Northcliffe had caused publication of the article about the Protocols in The Times.
    Early in 1922 he visited Palestine and produced the series of articles above mentioned. On February 26, 1922 he left Palestine, after his request, which was ignored, to the editor of The Times. He was incensed against the incompliant editor and had a message, strongly critical of his editorial policy, read to an editorial conference which met on March 2, 1922. Lord Northcliffe wished that Mr. Wickham Steed should resign and was astonished that he remained after this open rebuke. The editor, instead of resigning, decided “to secure a lawyer’s opinion on the degree of provocation necessary to constitute unlawful dismissal”. For this purpose he consulted Lord Northcliffe ‘s own special legal adviser (March 7, .1922), who informed Mr. Wickham Steed that Lord Northcliffe was “abnormal”, “incapable of business” and, judging from his appearance, “unlikely to live long” and advised the editor to continue in his post! The editor then went to Pau, in France, to see Lord
    Northcliffe, in his turn decided that Lord Northcliffe was “abnormal” (March 31, 1922), and informed a director of The Times that Lord Northcliffe was “going mad”.

    The suggestion of madness thus was put out by an editor whom Lord Northcliffe desired to remove
    and the impressions of others therefore are obviously relevant. On May 3, 1922 Lord Northcliffe attended a farewell luncheon in London for a retiring editor of one of his papers and “was in fine form” . On May 11, 1922 he made “an excellent and effective speech” to the Empire Press Union and “most people who had thought him ‘abnormal’ believed they were mistaken”. A few days later Lord Northcliffe telegraphed instruction s to the Managing Director of The Times to arrange for the editor’s resignation. This Managing Director saw nothing “abnormal” in such an instruction and was not “in the least anxious about Northcliffe’s health “. Another director, who then saw him, “considered him to have quite as good a life risk as his own”; he “noticed nothing unusual in Northcliffe’s manner or appearance” (May 24, 1922).

    On June 8,1922 Lord Northcliffe, from Boulogne, asked Mr. Wickham Steed to meet him in Paris; they met there on June 11, 1922, and Lord Northcliffe told his visitor that he, Lord Northcliffe, would assume the editorship of The Times. On June 12,1922 the whole party left for Evian-les-Bains, a doctor being secreted on the train, as far as the Swiss frontier, by Mr. Wickham Steed. Arrived in Switzerland “a brilliant French nerve specialist” (unnamed) was summoned and in the evening certified Lord Northcliffe insane. On the strength of this Mr. Wickham Steed cabled instructions to The Times to disregard and not to publish anything received from Lord Northcliffe, and on June 13, 1922 he left, never to see Lord Northcliffe again. On June 18, 1922 Lord Northcliffe returned to London and was in fact removed from all control of, and even communication with his undertakings (especially The Times; his telephone was cut). The manager had police posted at the door to prevent him entering the office of The Times if he were able to reach it. All this, according to the History, was on the strength of certification in a foreign country (Switzerland) by an unnamed (French) doctor. On August 14, 1922 Lord Northcliffe died; the cause of death stated was ulcerative endocarditis, and his age was fifty-seven. He was buried, after a service at Westminster Abbey, amid a great array of mourning editors. ”

  242. anonymous[443] • Disclaimer says:

    Appointed by Joseph Pulitzer as Paris correspondent for the New York World, Steed joined The Times in 1896 as a foreign correspondent, working briefly out of Berlin before transferring successively to Rome (1897-1902) and then Vienna (1902-1913). In 1914, he moved to London to take over as foreign editor of The Times. During his time in Vienna he acquired a deep contempt for Austria-Hungary.[1] An anti-Semite and a Germanophobe, in an editorial published in The Times on 31 July 1914, Steed labelled efforts to stop the impending war as “a dirty German-Jewish international financial attempt to bully us into advocating neutrality”.[2] From 22 July 1914, Steed, in close agreement with The Times’ proprietor, Lord Northcliffe, took a very bellicose line, and in editorials written on 29 and 31 July, Steed urged that the British Empire to enter the coming war.[3]

  243. Iris says:

    Plenty of the richest Jews in Morocco!

    They own and control the most affluent and sought-after places in that country, Marrakech in particular.

    Jews always were first-class citizens, serving the Kings of Morocco as Ministers, ambassadors and advisor.
    During WW2, Morocco’s King Mohamed V distinguished himself by opposing the collaborationist Vichy government’s segregation policies against Jews at great peril for himself.
    In his role as Commander of the Faithful, he refused to apply France’s segregation laws against his Jewish subjects.

    Such was the reality of the alleged “pogroms and discrimination against Jews” in Muslim countries.

  244. Lurker says:

    #1 Americans voted for Trump. ‘Americans’ voted for Biden.

    #2 The election was stolen.

  245. geokat62 says:

  246. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Israel sits on stolen land. The Brits gave them something the Brits didn’t own. Israel is in receipt of stolen property and that property should be returned to their rightful owners.

    If giving the Zionists a piece of property in an attempt to have their tribe concentrate their criminal activity in their own area, then that has turned out to be an idea that didn’t work. The Zionists used that land as a launch point for endless conflicts and defacto control of the US Fed Gov, US banking, US media and US higher education among other things.

    Israel is a cancer on the world. Their leadership has no scruples and the worldwide effect of their policies is net negative, as is the US’s due to Israeli infiltration. Israel should be sanctioned by the entire world to give up their nuclear weapons and return the land to the previous owners. The state of Israel needs to be dismantled to get rid of its toxic effects.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  247. @anonymous

    Cut military spending by 90%. Bring all the troops back to US soil and close all foreign bases repatriating everything possible. The US was never intended to have a standing military force. The Swiss model should be applied to convert the mercenaries into regular workers with a side skill set to run the military equipment they were trained on.

    The US military is comprised of murderers and malingerers. When they’re not killing people in foreign lands, they’re sitting around doing nothing useful sucking up resources the rest of us pay for. We just need to stop being stupid about how people with military training are to be dealt with.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  248. Phil Giraldi asked: “What can we do about Israel?”🤔

    A suggestion:

    Regularly remind Defense Minister, Benji Gantz, that Israel is a nuclear armed threat, and will not hesitate to do another 9/11 to justify an attack on Americans & Iran.

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @anon
  249. @Desert Fox

    Balkanization of the fractured USofA, and the establishment of new debt free currencies, will “take care of” The Fed…the jew apple cart.

  250. @Caterina

    jews, just like niggers, TAUGHT US TO HATE THEM.

  251. obvious says:
    @John Hagan

    You have completely misunderstood the Merchant of Venice, it is PRO Jewish

  252. obvious says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    Israel is the apple of God and his most favored nation. I am SOOOO looking forward to your final downfall, and of all nations in history the dirt trash American knowitall is the best one to disappear.

    What contribution to history have you made? Self worship? At least the nations of old world still exist for good reason, even the Arabs have a culture worth preserving. What are you? An opinion? A shopping mall? Good Riddance.

  253. obvious says:

    You have no idea how money works at all, or what “real estate” means. The market ALREADY discounts all assets to “real interest”, which has nothing to do with the FED. It’s just accounting maneuvers to keep the books in balance, there is no reality to “the stock market” or anything else.

    Look at rents of housing: the real rate of interest is implied in the monthly payment, and it doesn’t matter how “low” the bank rates are fixed. It’s like you’re saying the computer should be programmed with extra signals that add nothing to the function. Interest rates only exist in the paperwork of a contract, in real life water finds its own level and this doesn’t change by random decrees from on high.

  254. annamaria says:

    What a dramatic story! Why this story has reminded me of a political prisoner kept right now in a high-security Belmarsh prison?

    • Agree: Malla
  255. obvious says:

    No Jewish “community” ever “did” to any Germans. It’s not a community first of all, and the “Zionist” movement was somewhat allied with the Nazi party. The communist revolution is an urge that wells up from the evil of your own people, founded in the inhuman attitude towards the struggles and suffering of the working man. It never surprises anyone to see “white nationalists” take the side of Capital and the ruling class, in order to injure and destroy what should be your own kinsfolk, because you are all just parasites and bloodsuckers, hitmen for hire. Death to all fascists.

    You must raise up “over” the lower masses, and become attack dogs for the “aristocracy”… it pays well at times amirite? At least in the Nazi movement there was a strong support for social nationalism, until Hitler & co. murdered the leadership in 1934. Everything in the Douglas Reed book is wrong, and this is what happens when all you do is live in your own mind. All journalists, academics, lawyers, salesmen, clerks and intellectuals must go to the BACK OF THE LINE FOREVER

  256. @Iris

    9/11 was the work of the Saudis, not Israelis, who had as much to do with it as our own American government (or was the CIA and FBI that stupid!? )

    You confuse observation with execution.

    Plenty of our own citizens yelped and applauded the collapse of the Towers, including American Patriots and Evangelicals fed up with the country’s foreign policies. It happened more than is acknowledged.

    And don’t get all preachy on me for saying this, otherwise I’ll assume you’re a liberal sprog or Bush-voting Pentecostal hypocrite.

  257. Robjil says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Plenty of our own citizens yelped and applauded the collapse of the Towers, including American Patriots and Evangelicals fed up with the country’s foreign policies. It happened more than is acknowledged.

    I remember this time well. No one in the US applauded this event. It was a very sad day for most Americans. Meanwhile, there was a group of dancing Israelis celebrating this event as it happened.

    One of the Dancing Israelis said that we “will take over your Media” and destroy your nation in 20 years. The prediction was quite accurate. It is happening now and it is 20 years now.

    The FBI presence at the Urban Moving Systems search site drew the attention of the local media and was later reported on both television and in the local press. A former Urban Moving Systems employee later contacted the Newark Division with information indicating that he had quit his employment with Urban Moving Systems as a result of the high amount of anti-American sentiment present among Urban’s employees. The former employee stated that an Israeli employee of Urban had even once remarked, “Give us twenty years and we’ll take over your media and destroy your country” (page 37 of the FBI report).

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @Jeshurun Tsarfat
  258. @Malla

    If you wish to read the inside story of the Balfour Declaration and stare into the Anglo-Zionist beast, you can get an e-book or pdf of ‘Palestine:the Reality’ by J.N.M. Jefferies at archive dot org. Again, archive dot org is a great web site with many free books that are past copyright or on loan.

    • Thanks: Malla
  259. @obvious

    You are such an obvious troll and sack of [email protected]

    • Agree: Iris, Publius 2, Druid
    • Replies: @obvious
  260. Art says:

    Iris — thanks for the Max Keiser video on RT – of course he is right about the moneyed elite diverting America’s attention away from themselves and onto the unsolvable black victimization problem.

    Max doesn’t say Jews – but we know. They are the ones that control the media. Jew money is a curse on America. The Jews connived and coerced to get that money – maybe we should coerce them and take it back. Maybe we should confiscate their money and give it to black folks. How fitting!


  261. obvious says:

    I’m just being honest. Is that trolling or are you just bubbling with resentment? Everybody knows you can’t do shyte but slip in your own grease.

  262. obvious says:

    I think it’s time for another ‘Pourim’, and purify the world again of your kind. This time it will be 75 million, is probably the right number. There is no reason why several billion people have to be held back by your despicable shitty little minority

  263. Art says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    You confuse observation with execution.


    A clear admission that Jews knew that 9/11 was going to happen. That is just a start – the whole truth of 9/11 will be known.

    p.s. It is time that the US government demand the return of the 9/11 dancing Israelis.”

    • Replies: @Jeshurun Tsarfat
  264. anarchyst says:

    I know it will never happen, but…

    Demand that israel open up its nuclear facilities for inspection by international nuclear control organizations under pain of boycott and quarantine.

    Refusal to do so should result in an international “blockade”–not allowing any movement of goods or people in or out of israel. Acquisition of shekels is the only thing jews understand just like Star Trek’s Ferengi–the rules of acquisition which is equivalent to the jewish talmud.

    The Palestinians would not be affected as they presently live under military occupation and apartheid conditions.

    This is doable on an international basis utilizing the “non-aligned” countries, and yes, even Russia.

    israel is not be able to produce all of its nukes as they are already pre-positioned in major population centers around the world. The “trigger” is a military attack on israel.

    Positioning foreign troops on israel’s borders is the only way to persuade them to “cooperate”.

    Probable locations of israeli nukes:

    3–Los Angeles

    New York City is not on the list as it is a large jewish population center.

    • Replies: @Art
    , @Majority of One
  265. Art says:

    Probable locations of israeli nukes:

    The first nuke fired out of one of the German made subs given to Israel will be aimed at Berlin (stupid Germans).

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Iris
  266. Iris says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    9/11 was the work of the Saudis, not Israelis, who had as much to do with it as our own American government (or was the CIA and FBI that stupid!? )

    This is a most perplexing comment: is it idiotic because you really believe what you write, or is it idiotic because you think that you can fool people who read it?

    – The 2004 Michael Moore thesis that 9/11 was a Saudi job became obsolete and irrelevant as soon as it came out. By then, the public had already realised that it is not possible to bring down 3 towers with just 2 planes.

    – You are badly lagging in your knowledge of 9/11, a pivotal and foundational geopolitical event of the 21st century
    1) A civil engineering study has proven that WTC7 was brought down by controlled demolition.
    2) A thermal transfer study has proven that the energy involved in its destruction was of nuclear nature.

    No Saudi could have rigged the Twin Towers and the WTC7 , because nobody reported any Saudi-looking people lurking at the WTC in the lead up to the catastrophe. The “Israeli Art Students”, on the other hand, seem to have been guided by a crystal ball, and Larry Silverstein had the power to “pull” WTC7 , after it bore giveaway traces of explosion collateral damage.

    The role played by Israelis/Zionists in the nuclear demolition of the WTC is overwhelming; they simply executed 100% of the attack.

    So how can a false flag entirely executed by Israelis or Israel-firster Americans NOT be an Israeli job?

    • Agree: Katrinka
  267. obvious says:

    You mean like these Muslims?

    I would say the population of North America is 20% Jewish by extraction, and I look forward to the day coming soon when you find out how things work in the real world. One thing for sure, nobody “robbed” you of anything: an ignoranus has no value, and you people never produced a thing but complaints and bellyaching.

    • Replies: @Art
  268. obvious says:
    @Fray Juan Crespi

    Roman Catholics are the dregs of Europe, a slimy underclass of wannabes from the lower ‘tard bootlickers and hangers-on. You aren’t even a real nation, and have no idea where anything came from. Hint; it’s not misspelled Engrish on a tshirt.

    • Agree: anyone with a brain
    • Troll: Iris
  269. @Robjil

    I’m no psychiatrist, but I suggest Xylazine – horse tranquilizers.

    “The former employee stated that an Israeli employee of Urban had even once remarked” is your slamdunk proof?


    • Replies: @Robjil
  270. Iris says:

    The first nuke fired out of one of the German made subs given to Israel will be aimed at Berlin (stupid Germans).

    Spot on. Anarchyst is right that the Israelis will extend their nuclear “deterrence” to their allies in case they don’t walk the line. It is beyond supposition since they blew up the WTC with nuclear weapons.

    However, nuclear weapons require regular checks and maintenance; they cannot just be hidden in sensible places and left to wait for years. So yes, the way the Israelis plan to deliver them is through the Dolphin nuclear submarines offered by Germany.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  271. @Art

    Gotcha! Pants down, it’s a turd!

    man you guys are quick-witted. Homer Simpson is Einstein compared to you lot.

    If I follow you correctly the Mossad’s 3 billion annual budget buys it more power than the 60 billion we spend on our intelligence community?

    All the evidence points to 9/11 never having taken place. Like Sandy Hook in Alex Jone’s telling.

    FYI – “Hey, I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Birmingham, Alabama on Nov. 19.

    I had a megachurcher tell me it was the Wrath of their Deity. He was in rapture, since that’s what he was expecting…

    • Replies: @Art
  272. Robjil says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Well, it is a perfect prediction that is happening now.

    How is that possible to know something twenty years before it would happen, if it was not planned?

    Total Censorville is what we are living in the west these days.

    What is the most censored stuff by the “free west”?

    All things that Top Zionists do.

  273. Art says:

    I would say the population of North America is 20% Jewish by extraction, and I look forward to the day coming soon when you find out how things work in the real world.

    Oh my — how pathetic – Big Jew Hasbara Central (Israel’s main employer) has sent out their Little Jew trash talkers.

    p.s. Aren’t these little guys with their dreadlocks endearing?

    • Replies: @obvious
  274. Ron Unz says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    9/11 was the work of the Saudis, not Israelis, who had as much to do with it as our own American government (or was the CIA and FBI that stupid!? )

    Actually, there’s pretty strong evidence that Israel and its Mossad were behind the 9/11 Attacks. I discussed the whole issue in a very long article a couple of years ago:

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Sparkon
  275. @Anonymous

    ALL dual citizens should be deported to their other nation immediately. All of them

    • Agree: Katrinka
  276. geokat62 says:
    @Ron Unz

    Actually, there’s pretty strong evidence that Israel and its Mossad were behind the 9/11 Attacks.

    The best repository of the incriminating evidence linking the Israelis to 9/11 is the Shea Memorandum.

    Excerpt from, Israel And 9/11: New Report Connects The Dots:

    … the substance of [the Shea Memorandum] is contained in a short book, The Terror Enigma: 9/11 and the Israeli Connection:

    that the Israelis were engaged in spying on U.S. soil in the months leading up to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, that these agents were concentrated in the two areas where the 9/11 hijackers lived and planned their atrocities – Hollywood, Fla., and two counties in New Jersey, Bergen and Hudson – and that they did not share all they knew about preparations for the attack with U.S. authorities.

    Here is a link to the complete Shea Memorandum…

    • Thanks: Robjil
  277. obvious says:

    what’s it like to be a mental patient on the internet?

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Art
    , @Druid
  278. Art says:
    @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Gotcha! Pants down, it’s a turd!

    Folks – when you see a pack of Little Jew lemmings running by – Jeshurun – is the one in the back with a diaper on.

  279. geokat62 says:

    • Replies: @Robjil
  280. Iris says:

    Why are you asking for tips? Are you planning to run away from the psychiatric ward?

    • Replies: @obvious
  281. Art says:

    what’s it like to be a mental patient on the internet?

    They released me last week and gave me clean bill of mental health. After I started making honest comments about Israel’s mendacity – my mental difficulties just when away. I recommend it to everyone – get honest about Israel and life will prosper and blossom. You should try it.

    Just think – no more paranoia – you will free yourself to love your neighbors for the first time in your life. You will not have to check with Hasbara Central to get what you must think. You will be able to think for yourself.

    God speed young man!

  282. What to do about Israel?

    1. Stop believing in the Holy Bible as the “word of God”. It was written by Jews who made Jews special, it is a particularly racist book as anyone living near or around Jews soon finds out. Evangelical Christians empower Zionist Jews with their belief system, so Christians should stop being Zionists and without that support Israel would fail.

    2. Cut off all funds to Israel and take back all the military hardware we gave them, by doing so Jews will no longer be able to be aggressors. Arming Israel is suicide, as Jews will use whatever you give them and stab you in the back. A good example is how Israel blackmails the west with the stolen/given W-54 Davy Crockett nukes.

    2. Jews should quit thinking of themselves as superior or as Jews. Jews should grow up and realize that their god is a fiction, aliens created humans and dumped us on a prison planet, no one is special, all of us are in galactic lockdown. All of us are captive souls on a prison planet, we should stop screwing each other while treading water in hell.

    3. Quit being a Zionist asshole. Stop treating Palestinians as sub-human, by doing so you become the sub-human and inhumane, a beast of political ideology. God did not give Palestine to Jews, that is laughable nonsense, and many Jews know it. The promise was for Jews to live a certain way as spiritual people, since they are not they have no claim to any land.

    4. Nuke Israel. Since Israel did 911 and USS Liberty, Pollard, Lavon affair, etc. then Bibi Netanyahu’s threat should be taken seriously, see quote. Israel is an existential threat to the United States, so it behoves patriots to take out Israel first.

    • Agree: Druid
  283. obvious says:

    I was genuinely curious about your obviously well practiced experience

  284. Publius 2 says:

    Jew admits what Purim celebrates. Lol.

  285. anonymous[420] • Disclaimer says:

    This is an impractical suggestion. There is no way military spending will be directly cut by 90%. However, if something with a lot of public support like m4a (2/3 of Americans support it) is passed and the cost comes out to \$3 trillion per year (most quoted estimate for Bernie Sanders plan) then it will have the indirect effect of significantly lowering military spending and raising taxes. Something that makes the Unz Review so ineffective is the lack of focus on practical suggestions.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Realist
  286. Anon[322] • Disclaimer says:

    Expose the Holocaust Myth. It is the live blood of Israel and the moral power base of the Jews.

    Expose the Jew’s absolute orchestration of the Bolshevik Revolution and Communism.

    Without the Holocaust Myth – Israel cannot exist. She cannot recruit. She cannot grow. All of her funding will dry up.

    You see the vast majority of Jews whole heartedly believe in the Holocaust Myth. They too have been tremendously misled and LIED to. They will become disgusted with a country founded on a horrendous lie and they will seek to leave that country.

    • Thanks: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  287. @obvious

    Yup, time to get rid all kikes.
    Isnt my nickname here on Unz kinda nice? Just by mentioning it even the dumb, low IQs will get in on the plan, and the kikes have no way of not shooting themselves in the foot.

  288. @obvious

    Oh, you mean you want to hang all Euros like your shitskinned Emperor did Haman.

    Stupid fucking kike. It isnt just us who rightfully despise you insects. All of the orient hate you. Even South America is only somewhat harboring you because of pressure from Muttmerica.

    I cant wait for the real “Purim” indeed.

  289. @Jeshurun Tsarfat

    Giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming that you are simply ignorant and not consciously lying, here is some information about who really did 9/11:

    1) Israel did 9/11 – ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD Forum>smf/index,php…

    2) Chris Bollyn: Israel behind 9-11 attacks and Iraq wars:

    That is “our best friend and ally” for you!

    • Thanks: Robjil, ChuckOrloski
  290. @anonymous

    The US is a soft military dictatorship and has been so since JFK was whacked. Of course there’s no way to reduce military spending when the military and their intel agencies are the actual deep state and run the country. I realize that my suggestion isn’t possible in the current environment, but it is what needs to be done to get rid of the parasites destroying the country.

    The last thing we need is for gov’t to take over all of medicine. The problem with health care is the cost and making the gov’t the source of its funding will do nothing to curtail costs. The real solution is to ban all medical insurance except for catastrophic coverage. When there is no third party supplying funds, the economic relationship is between provider and patient. The patient’s ability to pay limits what the provider can charge. That’s what lowers the cost. It is the availability of a 3rd party to pay the bills that causes the costs to incessantly rise as no one has any incentive to reduce costs.

    Catastrophic illness costs might be an area where gov’t intervention could cap costs to something reasonable. I fail to see how an afternoon’s work should yield the surgical staff and hospital a half million dollars for some procedure. The billing rates are outrageous for the effort expended.

    • Agree: Ralph B. Seymour
  291. Robjil says:

    Every year there is always “a gift” on Purim from Zion USA.

    It makes sense that Biden that he would do his first overseas adventure for Israel on Purim.

    We live in very strange and very sad times.

    A world wide nuclear power empire is bound and gagged by a ruling Elite and its Media to engage in endless primitive,destructive and violent tribal fantasies from thousands of years ago on all the peoples of this planet.

  292. Sparkon says:
    @Ron Unz

    Ron Unz wrote:

    The whole scenario of top American leaders being the masterminds behind 9/11 is beyond ridiculous, and those 9/11 Truthers who make or imply such claims—doing so without a single shred of solid evidence—have unfortunately played a major role in discrediting their entire movement. In fact, the common meaning of the “inside job” scenario is so patently absurd and self-defeating that one might even suspect that the claim was encouraged by those seeking to discredit the entire 9/11 Truth movement as a consequence.

    The focus on Cheney and Rumsfeld seems particularly ill-directed.

    Well, I think you’re waaay off base here Ron Unz. Not “a single shred of solid evidence,” you say. I guess my comments here at UR about 9/11 have been totally lost on you.

    I don’t need to go long to make my point. Let me focus for just a minute on Dick Cheney. You must by now be familiar with Norman Mineta’s testimony to the 9/11 Commission, which by the way was not included in the final report. Here it is again:

    MR. MINETA:…I was made aware of it during the time that the airplane coming into the Pentagon. There was a young man who had come in and said to the vice president, “The plane is 50 miles out. The plane is 30 miles out.” And when it got down to, “The plane is 10 miles out,” the young man also said to the vice president, “Do the orders still stand?” And the vice president turned and whipped his neck around and said, “Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?”

    What were those orders? We know that no airplane was shot down at the Pentagon on 9/11, so those orders must have been “hold your fire,” which would explain the young man’s confusion and desire to have the orders verified.

    Several witnesses at the Pentagon have stated they saw a plane fly over the Pentagon, which would explain Cheney’s order because he didn’t want to shoot down his own airplane.

    In my book, that qualifies as a very strong shred of evidence that Cheney was in on the plot, and of course on 9/11, Pres. Bush himself defended only his chair after being informed, supposedly, that the nation was “under attack.”

    Rather than springing into action as Commander in Chief, Pres. Bush just sat there.

    • Agree: Yukon Jack
    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Yukon Jack
    , @Ron Unz
  293. Iris says:

    On 9/11, why did Larry “Pull it” Silverstein decide to bring down WTC7?

    The proof that WTC7 came down by controlled demolition has been established by a civil engineering study carried out at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.
    The researchers utilised state-of-the-art calculations and design software to simulate all possible scenarios of WTC7 collapse. The only scenario that matched the actual collapse sequence filmed on 9/11 was that of controlled demolition. Denying such factual engineering result would be pointless; no governmental body has even tried to.

    Demolishing WTC7 posed a great risk to the perpetrators, since it is obvious even to laymen that it is impossible to bring down 3 Towers with just 2 planes. So why did they do it?

    Some people have made the hypothesis that WTC7 contained sensitive information and data the perpetrators wanted destroyed.

    Another explanation can be logically deduced considering the impact of the Twin Towers’s collapse on WTC7.

    Eyewitness Barry Jennings, who alongside Michael Hess entered an intact WTC7 just after the “plane attacks”, was astonished to discover after mere minutes that its internal staircase had collapsed and its lobby been turned into “total ruins“. He also mentioned that the heat had become unbearable, without mentioning any flames.

    Jennings and Hess were saved after being extracted by the firemen through an 8th floor window.

    Barry Jennings testimony was never released by NIST. He disappeared in 2008, reportedly dead of natural causes, but his family also disappeared at the same time. Here is his early interview to ABC7:

    And his only later video interview with Dylan Avery:

    This is the state WTC7 was in just after the collapse of the South Tower, and before the collapse of the North Tower . Notice the SS man stating that the building became all of a sudden filled with “a bunch of smoke and glass”> From 2:40.

    WTC7 incurred major and instantaneous internal damage that was not due to fire, as people were filmed walking through it.

    The damage was instantaneous.; it resulted in the collapse of the internal staircase and in the facade’s glass cladding being blown out outwards. This features are the undisputable signs of damage by explosion internal to the building.

    The fact that people were let inside and at least two TV crews managed to film hints that this damage was involuntary.

    WTC7 was linked to the Twin Towers by some of the many underground tunnels that existed at the WTC.
    When the first nuclear charge was detonated under the South Tower, the respective tunnel acted as a path of less resistance and carried the instantaneous pressure shockwave that blew up the WTC7 glass cladding and caused the damage visible on the video.
    The second detonation under the North Tower would have had the same effect, but much stronger, as the North Tower was closer. This is probably what finally collapsed the staircase.

    The other, delayed effect of nuclear explosions, is heat. Heat travels much slower than a pressure wave, but was felt and reported by Barry Jennings. It was heat from a nuclear detonations, hence the absence of flames.

    WTC7 was destroyed because it bore the unmissable traces of explosion collateral damage. Its destruction was not planned, but had to be improvised on the go because the building had become a giant smoking gun.

    That such a major decision could be improvised by Silverstein only highlights his fundamental role in the false flag; Israel did 9/11, and Israel is 100% responsible for the nuclear demolition of the WTC in particular.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  294. @Sparkon

    Bush just sat there holding the The Pet Goat book upside down.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  295. Realist says:

    Something that makes the Unz Review so ineffective is Something that makes the Unz Review so ineffective is the lack of focus on practical suggestions.

    Your suggestion is a perfect example of the lack of focus on practical suggestions.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  296. anarchyst says:

    One must not forget the amount of heat radiating from the debris for months after the demolition.
    A noted military officer once remarked that “if the TRUTH were ever to get out, israel would cease to exist, and no one would give a damn.”

    • Replies: @Iris
  297. @Yukon Jack

    Bush did nothing because his Jewish press secretary Ari Fleischer held up a sign, that read: “don’t do anything yet”. It is clear that Fleischer was Bush’ handler for the occasion. His motive:

    “…As press secretary in the Bush administration, Fleischer was a prominent advocate for the Invasion of Iraq.[6] He made numerous exaggerated and misleading claims about Iraq in the lead-up to the Iraq War, in particular about Iraq’s purported WMD program (it did not have one) and the Saddam Hussein regime’s purported relationship with al-Qaeda (they did not have an operational relationship)…”

    Wikipedia, Ari Fleischer.

    Fleischer is also a member of Chabad-Lubavitch (just like Jared Kushner).Small world!

  298. Ron Unz says:

    In my book, that qualifies as a very strong shred of evidence that Cheney was in on the plot, and of course on 9/11, Pres. Bush himself defended only his chair after being informed, supposedly, that the nation was “under attack.”

    No. This represents quite suspicious alleged statements by Cheney, as later reported by the elderly Norman Mineta, so although I’d agree it certainly raises “suspicions”, that’s very different from any solid proof. As I pointed out, Cheney had serious health problems and his top aide Irving “Scooter” Libby, was a zealous Jewish Neocon, with enormous influence over him, and later convicted in connection with that Valerie Plame case. It seems quite possible that Cheney’s actions were at the direction of his key aide—we just don’t know. One reason my late friend Alex Cockburn had such a low opinion of 9/11 Truthers is that they tended to jump to wild conclusions based upon minimal evidence.

    As far as I can tell, except for that one somewhat ambiguous though admittedly suspicious alleged statement by Cheney, there’s ZERO evidence implicating him in any sort of plot.

    Meanwhile, the FBI caught 200 Mossad agents, many of them in the vicinity of the 9/11 attacks and the previous residences of the alleged hijackers, with some of them publicly celebrating and videotaping their successful operation. That’s what I call pretty “hard evidence.”

    It’s very obvious that the leading 9/11 Truthers were *terrified* of implicating Israel in the attacks, so they desperately sought to deflect the guilt towards the only non-Jewish figures available, such as Rumsfeld and Cheney, all of whose top aides were Jewish Neocons zealously committed to Israel.

    • Agree: Iris, Half Back
  299. @ChuckOrloski

    This is just the Jews testing to make sure their trigger finger controlling the US military is still working. They did this early in the Zion Don regime as well.

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski
  300. @Ron Unz

    It seems that someone in charge of the investigation had been invested in a cover-up, particularly given the unusual celerity with which disposal of forensic evidence at the largest crime scene in American history was ordered:

  301. Doesn’t it seem like we’re entering the Peak Ridicule Moment finally. They don’t like ridicule and it would really piss ’em off to see gentiles having a bunch of fun with slogans. They keep cratering the economy and we’ll see bumper-stickers making a comeback. How about printing slogans on 3×5 cards and leaving them everywhere you go? Mass networking but anonymous and at your leisure too, with zero organizational structure. Professional banners on freeway overpasses would be a nice touch for the adventurous. How about peel-off window decals for all occasions requiring subtlety. And then there’s T-shirts for the intrepid among us. Maybe a neat logo like the old ‘Kilroy Was Here’ for jackets, hats and sweatshirts. Brainstorming new slogans on a regular basis might create one that really makes a difference and takes the discussion to a higher-level that mere politics. Millions are thinking these thoughts. Will we be seeing graffiti on Mt. Rushmore?


    Israel Has Free Speech – We Should Too
    Zionism – The Last Refuge of Hypocrisy
    American Palestine – Love It or Leave It ???
    Christian or Zionist – Pick One – They’re Mutually Exclusive.
    Since When Does Israel Own Washington, DC?
    I’ll Stop Acting White When You Stop Acting Jewish.
    Win Back America – Outspend Israel ASAP
    Make America America Again – Dump Israel
    Israel Knows America’s Been Annexed – So Should You
    Who Needs Spies when Israelis Masquerade as Jewish-Americans
    Go Home Israel – And Take Your Dual-Citizens with You
    Hey Israel – Don’t Let the Door Hit You on Your Way Out
    White Privilege is a Jewish Conspiracy Theory
    Charges of White Supremacy are Declarations of Jewish Tribal Ambition
    Peak Zionism is Almost in the Rear-View Mirror
    Zionism is like syphilis, it will make you crazy
    What’s the Difference Between a Two-Year Old and a Zionist
    How many Zionists Can You Fit in the Oval Office
    How many Zionists Does It Take to Screw-In a Nation
    Zionists Will Be Cleaning Chinese Bed-Pans Before This Is Over
    Save the World – Audit Israel’s Nuclear Bombs
    Stalin Controlled the Death Camps – Take It Up with Him
    Stock-up on Detergent for when Israel Comes Clean
    We Managed a Fifty-State Solution – WTF Is Israel’s Problem
    Ursula Haverbeck Is One Righteous German – Zionists Have No Shame
    When China’s Done Reprogramming Uigher’s, Zionist’s Are Next in Line
    What’s It Cost to Fly One-Way from Israel to Xinjiang
    Zionism requires financial gimmickry to sustain a simulacrum of growth
    Democracy in Israel is like Lip-Stick on a Pig
    America’s Out of Golden Eggs – Beware Zionists with BBQ Grilles
    What Do Zionist’s and Bullies Have in Common
    How Many Zionist’s Does It Take to Bust-Out Chicago
    Trusting a Zionist with the US Treasury is like Playing Russian Roulette with Six Cartridges

  302. @anarchyst

    LA And Chi-town–particularly suburban Skokie also have large Jewish populations.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  303. @Ron Unz

    Hey Ron – back in the 90’s Alexander gave a talk at Shaman’s Drum bookstore in Ann Arbor, just down the street from the original Borders. He cracked me up because he really rattled his ivory tower audience by disclosing that he’d just spent the weekend in Macomb County at a gun show and found that the sentiment there was the about the same as that in the room in which he was standing, given one substituted the word Government for Corporation. One lady was shaking-mad and could barely articulate her opposition. He was very patient and hadn’t been drinking that I could tell, so it was a delightful evening all things considered. I found his and Susanna Hecht’s 2011 book Fate of the Forest very informative. Gifted many copies of that one. Thanks for your observations.

  304. anarchyst says:
    @Majority of One

    Yes, Chicago has “little jews”, not “big jews”, and thus are expendable…

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  305. @WorkingClass

    Da Feds need to be rendered NULL AND VOID…YESTERDAY !
    Secession, Guerilla Warfare, Balkanization and the fracturing of all things Federal, not the least of which is The Military…and The Alphabet Agencies…,
    and the demise of The Federal Reserve Bank…jew apple cart, and Wall Street…jew casino.
    will “take care of” that.

  306. @MEexpert

    Nuke Israel first…Bright As The Sun, Glowing Domes AND Neutrons
    Dimona first…
    30 seconds later, Tel Aviv…concurrent with…
    Anywhere else where Samson Options are known to be.
    Tactical Nukes for Wall Street, Fed HQ, City of London, same time.

    Glass Israel Over, make it glow for decades

    Expulsion #110…NOW !
    So that many more of the Khazar Rats & Snakes are nested in Izzyland…
    for The Reckoning.

    Khazar scum banned from North America…
    violators subject to summary execution.

    • Agree: HeebHunter, anarchyst
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @danman
  307. anonymous[200] • Disclaimer says:

    Did you know 2/3 of America supports m4a making a politically practical to pass? What do you think will happen to military spending if m4a is passed?

    • Replies: @Realist
  308. Iris says:

    One must not forget the amount of heat radiating from the debris for months after the demolition.
    A noted military officer once remarked that “if the TRUTH were ever to get out, Israel would cease to exist, and no one would give a damn.”

    Thanks for your reply. I was trying to show the overwhelmingly important decision-making role played by Silverstein, which in turn supports my contention/opinion that Israel is 100 % responsible for the practicalities of the nuclear demolition of WTC.

    There is a difference between facts and opinions. Facts are established on the basis of a universal knowledge of some form, such as science or proven applied science proceedings (engineering).

    Two things we know about 9/11 are facts:
    – The collapse sequence of WTC7 proves that it came down as the result of controlled demolition
    – The energy involved in the demolition of the WTC was of nuclear nature.

    The two points above have been demonstrated by respectively civil and thermal science principles, successfully utilised in the real life for over 3 centuries. Only a lunatic would challenge such methodologies, so that makes it really easy to dismiss their objections.

    Opinions are conclusions reached after analysing and comparing selected pieces of information; they do not allow to exclude other, different or contradicting, opinions.

    My opinion is that Israel was entirely responsible for the WTC element of 9/11:
    – The main “plane” attack on WTC1&2 was staged by the “Israeli Art Students”. Months ahead in preparation, they rigged the Twin Towers with explosives, likely military-grade nanothermite, under a pattern simulating the cross-section of a commercial aircrafts.
    – The other attack, the controlled demolition of WTC7, was hastily decided by Silverstein for the reasons explained above in 303: to hide the unmissable traces of collateral explosion damage that were a giveaway for what had really happened.

    The WTC nuclear demolition was executed solely by these two groups of people:
    -1- the “Israeli Art Students” took charge of the visible explosions at the top of the Twin Towers.
    – 2- A small team under Silverstein’s supervision remotely detonated, from a control room under WTC7 and with the security of a time delay, the two nuclear charges under each of the Twin Towers.
    When Silverstein realised that WTC7 had unexpectedly incurred explosion damage and had become a smoking gun, he ordered its demolition too.

    US air traffic control and US Air Force were NOT complicit, because there were NO planes involved in the attacks that they could have stopped or shot down.
    The MSM showed the public doctored videos of Physics-defying “planes”, while fluid dynamics proves that no commercial aircraft can fly at 500+mph at sea level without breaking in-flight.
    It is a case of Andersen’s Naked Emperor situation that people find hard to acknowledge because they can’t admit to having been fooled so badly.

    The nuclear demolition of the WTC was executed at 100% by Israelis or Israel-firsters Americans; it is logical to consider that it Israel is responsible for it.

    • Thanks: Robjil, Druid
    • Replies: @danman
  309. @John Hagan

    I think you’ve misunderstood Shakespeare’s intent in The Merchant of Venice. It was essentially a condemnation of “antisemitism” on the part of Christians. One line from the play illustrates this— “Hath not a Jew eyes?” But beyond that.. Pacino has played several roles sympathetic to jews. In addition to Shylock, he also played a Nazi hunter in the Amazon production “Hunters” and also played somewhat sympathetically the despicable Roy Cohn in HBO’s “Angels In America”.

    • Replies: @JamesinNM
  310. Anonymous[111] • Disclaimer says:

    Congress is filled with cowards who won’t take on the Jewish lobby.

    Except for The Squad who are leftist radicals who hate America.

  311. @Iris

    thanks Iris – read that link and just bought his book.

    • Thanks: Iris
  312. @anarchyst

    I wouldn’t expect that the Pritzkers (Hyatt Hotel fortune) to appreciate being called “Little Jews”. One of the boys is now goobernator of Ill-Noise and Peggy has been running Rahm Emanuel, who ran Obaminable. Would they receive advance notice and spread the word among their circle as happened in the WTC on 9-11-01?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  313. @Cauchemar du Singe

    The filthy kikes want to do a “pourim” against all uppity goyim like us.
    I say we strike first.
    Fuck them filthy kikes.

    • Replies: @Ralph B. Seymour
  314. JamesinNM says:

    First, read and compare Romans 2:28-29 with Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. Then consider after Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection that born again Christians, regardless of ethnic background, became the true Jews and God’s chosen people. So, the current state of Israel was created by the NWO to conquer the Middle East for its wealth. America should therefore disarm Israel like John F Kennedy attempted to do.

  315. danman says:

    whatever you are smoking or injecting has provided you with a unreal story.

    you are either completely intoxicated or an enemy of the state. I imagine both.
    You should swing in silence from a large tree with a white pillow case over your head!

  316. JamesinNM says:
    @Reality Check

    Read Romans 2:28-29 and compare to Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. Merely claiming to be a Jew does not make a person a Jew anymore than a lot of other things in this perverse world.

  317. JamesinNM says:

    Israel is not Israel. Researcher the reader survey Defense of True Israel at the WWW dot MISSIONTOISRAEL dot ORG web page.

    • Replies: @Druid
  318. danman says:
    @Cauchemar du Singe

    If I was ur neighbour you would disappear quietly into the night to spend it with your virgins in hell!
    Just saw on Zillow a house in ur hood for sale. Will be moving in to see u disappear into the ever after!
    C u next tuesday!

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  319. danman says:

    Keep drinking that Kool-Aid.
    Hey I have a Joes town special for you-where can we meet for a drink-it will be ur last, forever after!

  320. anarchyst says:
    @Majority of One

    Good points.
    You can bet that ((they)) are hooked up with Odigo, the jew-owned and run messenger service and would not notify their “little jew” brethren of any attack.

  321. anon[177] • Disclaimer says:

    “A freshman Democratic congresswoman who sits on the key House Foreign Affairs Committee has come out against the Biden administration’s plans to return to the existing Iran nuclear agreement.
    Rep. Kathy Manning (NC-7) said in a Wednesday interview with The Times of Israel that too much has changed since former president Donald Trump left the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in 2018 and that the accord is now “outdated.” Despite entering Congress less than two months ago, Manning has already been named vice-chair of the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East, North Africa and International Terrorism.
    She said she hopes to use her position on the committee to strengthen US-Israel ties and noted that her nine years on the board of JFNA gave her the exposure — through regular trips to Israel — to better understand the relationship.

    Don’t allow a freshman get into House Foreign Affairs Committee

    Don’t allow someone sitting on JFNA for 9 years and taking trips to Israel assume a seat onForeign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East, North Africa and International Terrorism.

    Don’t allow the lies that” too much has changed since” whoopla from someone who seems to supports that whoopla and which was created by USA unilaterally against the international voices .
    Don t allow the reservation against her be labeled as anti semitism .

  322. @annamaria

    The good Jews you cite are statistical outliers, just like the cited goyim.

    Only the weak minded fail to realize that Jews, in collusion with the British Crown, are responsible for the destruction of the US and the enslavement of its population.

    Think about it: Klaus Schwab is a German Jew.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  323. Neil says:

    With a preponderance of evidence still indicating that 9-11 was a Zionist job, the long-overdue and still-imperative INDEPENDENT 9-11 INVESTIGATION would answer the question of what to do about Israel.
    Confirmation of Israeli crimes would result in Israel’s forced deconstruction with the heaving of Zionism atop the ash heap of history forevermore.

  324. @danman

    Example of “purim” or “pourim” whatever here, folks.

    Remember what the kikes say they want to do to goyim whenever you deal with them.

  325. Smith says:

    Realist, I remember you always asking for a solution to the US’s problem.

    I think the idea of a general strike (everyone stops working!) could work, but the problem is partisanship between the “left” and “right”, the complete control of media and general distrust among American population.

    If even 40% americans are united in striking, they can seriously put the harm in the establishment.

    • Replies: @Realist
  326. geokat62 says:
    @Ralph B. Seymour

    Think about it: Klaus Schwab is a German Jew.

    Do you have a reliable source for this assertion?

    • Replies: @Ralph B. Seymour
  327. anon[326] • Disclaimer says:

    HOW CAN PEACE BE ACHIEVED ? Israel has a solution.

    Here it is :”Israel-Syria peace is not such a farfetched idea 
    Opinion: A shift in Damascus policy towards Jerusalem could provide Assad with much needed funds to rebuild his country and repatriate half of his population that is scattered around the world since the 10-year long civil war
    No one is suggesting that the demand for the return of the Golan Heights to Syrian hands is an option, but there is no urgency to promote that conversation with so many more pressing problems to address, …
    Iran has provided Syria with nothing but promises, while Russia – Assad’s only real ally – is also a friend to Israel and recognizes that Syrian-Israeli peace could be its way out of the international sanctions imposed on it–

    We have been told -accept Israeli attack on Syria , Israeli support for jihadis rebels and forget Golan to escape sanctions . Peace also will flow from allowing attacks occupation and incitement

    Yes what to do with Israel!
    America has just found that out . It has sanctioned ICC. And USA has destroyed bombed gone back and bombed again any new developments in Syria .

  328. Realist says:

    Did you know 2/3 of America supports m4a making a politically practical to pass?

    When 2/3 of Americans support something…I run the other way.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  329. @geokat62

    Sorry, my mistake. He’s a Baptist.

  330. Realist says:

    I think the idea of a general strike (everyone stops working!) could work, but the problem is partisanship between the “left” and “right”, the complete control of media and general distrust among American population.

    I agree…that is a very workable solution. I have suggested as much a number of times on this blog.
    See my latest here at comment 160 at

  331. Sparkon says:
    @Ron Unz

    I see no valid reason at all to doubt Secretary Norman Mineta’s testimony to 9/11 Commission Vice Chair Lee Hamilton on May 23, 2003, nor do I see any justification to mischaracterize Mineta’s testimony as “alleged,” which is properly applied to words or events for which there is no proof, but the former transportation Secretary’s words are part of the official record, and there is video of Mr. Norman Mineta saying them.

    The fact that VP Dick Cheney may have had “serious health problems” does not exonerate him from being part of the 9/11 conspiracy. That’s just special pleading.

    Turning to the President of the United States at the time, what do you say about Pres. Bush’s claim to have watched a plane crash into the WTC on TV while waiting to visit with some schoolkids in Florida?

    “And I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower — the TV was obviously on…”

    What do you say about Pres. Bush’s failure to take any action after allegedly being informed that the nation was “under attack”?

    If the Dancing Israelis are “hard evidence,” as you seem to claim, what are Bush’s failure to act and subsequent fibs about his first knowledge of the WTC attacks? Are we back to “shreds of evidence” yet?

    I haven’t talked about Donald Rumsfeld, but just briefly, the Secretary of Defense claimed to have been in his office when the Pentagon was hit, just as Gen. Richard Myers claimed to have been meeting with Max Clelland after hearing about WTC 1, but both men were observed taking part in a video teleconference during that time by National Counter-terrorism Coordinator Richard A. Clarke.

    It’s very obvious that the leading 9/11 Truthers were *terrified* of implicating Israel in the attacks

    That’s inaccurate hyperbole. And bad typography too.

    Far from being terrified, most sincere 9/11 skeptics have embraced reports about the so-called Dancing Israelis when that story finally emerged because it does indicate foreknowledge of the WTC’s destruction and possible Israeli/Mossad involvement.

    I think it is commonly accepted that Zionists and Neocons are joined at the hip, if not elsewhere, but you’d like to blame 9/11 — and JFK’s assassination — entirely on the Zionists and Israelis while giving a pass to all their American co-conspirators, like Rudy Giuliani, who supervised destruction of WTC evidence at the scene of the crime, and later led a gold recovery operation from the Bank of Nova Scotia’s underground vaults beneath the WTC on the very same day Queen Elizabeth II announced that the Mayor of NYC was being knighted.

    And we have sensational and provocative remarks about those gold vaults made by reputed mobster and Lucky Luciano’s grandson Tony Gambino during his guest appearance on Greg Szymanski’s radio show in 2007:

    “I know for a fact Bush, the Pope and other top Vatican and U.S. government leaders had prior knowledge and help organize 9/11. They did it for many obvious reason, one being instigating the war in Iraq. But they also did it to get their hands on all the gold that was hidden below in the Twin Towers.

    “My grandfather’s construction company built the Twin Towers and after it was completed, I know they went in and put in big underground vaults to house an enormous amount of gold which is now in Bush’s and Vatican hands in order to fund the war.”

    Besides implicating the Vatican and Bush in 9/11, Gambino set the record straight about the JFK assassination, saying he was in Dallas when Kennedy was shot and the fatal bullet came from a shooter located in an underground storm drain.

    “I was there when he was shot and I know for a fact Rosselli was in the storm drain doing the shooting and Frank Sturgiss was also part of the hit team,” said Gambino. “The same group of guys we have talked about in the Vatican and U.S. government gave the orders and asked the Mafia families for help in taking down Kennedy.”

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @Iris
  332. Ron Unz says:

    What do you say about Pres. Bush’s failure to take any action after allegedly being informed that the nation was “under attack”?

    If the Dancing Israelis are “hard evidence,” as you seem to claim, what are Bush’s failure to act and subsequent fibs about his first knowledge of the WTC attacks? Are we back to “shreds of evidence” yet?

    “W” was an idiot, everyone knows that, and until his “advisors” told him what to do, he didn’t have a clue how to respond. So an idiot acted idiotically. Since everyone knows that “W” was an idiot, very few of the “inside job” Truthers even claim that he himself was in on the plot.

    In my long article linked, I devoted more than 1,000 words explaining why it was so *extraordinarily* implausible that Cheney or Rumsfeld were involved in the plot. And the only “evidence” you have on the other side is that elderly Norman Mineta reported that Cheney had said a few ambiguously suspicious things during the attack, while Rumsfeld said he was in his office, when you think he probably wasn’t.

    Then you quote some totally obscure guy who’s the grandson of a famous gangster claiming on a fringe-radio show that the Pope and the Vatican helped organize the 9/11 attacks, along with Bush.

    This is *exactly* why Truthers have developed such a nutty reputation and no one takes them seriously.

    Meanwhile, the FBI caught 200 Mossad agents, many of them in the immediate vicinity of the attacks and some of them celebrating. Other Mossad agents were allegedly caught driving around NYC in vans containing explosives or their traces, and the Israeli owner of the van company immediately fled back to Israel after the attack.

    Isn’t it pretty obvious why certain people would be working so hard to promote totally ridiculous “9/11 conspiracy theories” in order to discredit the entire movement and ensure that no one paid attention to all those Mossad agents who were pretty much caught red-handed?

    • Replies: @geokat62
  333. @Neil

    How long before machine-learning algorithms and AI-powered physics simulations are able to disprove the official story of Building 7 and both towers? Or how about the Holohoax? The Jews have a death grip over western AI, but they fear that Chinese AI could soon expose many of their hoaxes. They want to start a war between the US and China before the truth about their lies is exposed by machine intelligence.

  334. geokat62 says:
    @Ron Unz

    … the Israeli owner of the van company immediately fled back to Israel after the attack.

    Dominic Suter has reportedly returned to the States, roaming free… while Julian Assange rots in Belmarsh and Edward Snowden lives in exile.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  335. anon[971] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ron Unz

    LIke 911 truthers, the antiwar activists have shied away from blaming the 100 % role of Israel in making USA this blunder and has blamed the oil interest.(Then morons go on spinning the story about why oil is no longer important or is still very important for USA) Now even the Syrian war, the anti war activists stay away from putting he blame where it belongs – Israel.

    Suddenly MbS is under scrutiny Bioth WaPo and NYTimes are excoriating the crown prince .But they for get that his power came from one source and one source only- protection from Israel.
    He paid Israel with money and later collusion in gettingAbrahamic deal reached .He also paid Israel 13 billion for getting “good review” for himself and for his country . With that protection he embarked on killing contenders at home ,spreading terror to Syria and Yemen .

    But his rap sheet as long as is the receipt from CVS or Walgreen doesn’t refer to the long collusion with Israel never as an equal but as a subservient partner.

    • Replies: @Art
  336. Art says:

    In the words of Gary Vogler: The oil agenda I discovered and experienced was to supply Iraq oil to Israel. The players were the neoconservatives in the Bush Administration, their favourite Iraqi – Dr Ahmed Chalabi and the Israeli government.

    Thanks Iris — the evidence of Jew coercion keeps building – more and more people are finding their hind legs — Art

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @anon
  337. Art says:

    But they for get that his power came from one source and one source only- protection from Israel.

    MBS’s power in the US came directly from his friendship with the oligarch Jew – Jarrad Kushner – Trumps son in law. We must demand to know all about the diplomacy and money that passed between them.

    Do not let Kushner – hide!

    Expose him – do it for America and for peace.

    • Replies: @anon
  338. anon[971] • Disclaimer says:

    “Chalabi met with Zell and other neoconservatives many times from the mid-1990s on in London, Turkey, and the U.S. Zell outlines what Chalabi was promising the neocons before the Iraq war: “He said he would end Iraq’s boycott of trade with Israel, and would allow Israeli companies to do business there. He said [the new Iraqi government] would agree to rebuild the pipeline from Mosul [in the northern Iraqi oil fields] to Haifa [the Israeli port, and the location of a major refinery].”

    L. Marc Zell, a former law partner of Douglas Feith, now the undersecretary of defense for policy,

    By 1995 CIA has kicked Chalaibi out of their book But he was kept alive by the Ziocons and he was presented to American people by them .

    “The CIA’s relationship with Chalabi came to an end after a failed offensive in March 1995 against Saddam…Chalabi left .CIA cut off its funding .. It was at this time that Chalabi turned his attention to the American neoconservatives. The neocons were deeply disturbed by the Israeli government’s “land for peace” negotiations with the Palestinians.”

    With Chalabi’s encouragement, the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructure, which is responsible for oil pipelines, dusted off and updated plans for a new pipeline from Iraq. “The pipeline would be a dream,” says Joseph Paritzky, the minister of national infrastructures. “We’d have an additional source of supply, and could even export some of the crude through Haifa. If we could build it, a pipeline would give us stable transport prices. Compare that to tankers; this year their price has almost tripled. We could also avoid problems such as strikes in our ports, which I’ve had to deal with. But we’d need a treaty with Iraq, and a treaty with Jordan to build the pipeline.”

    • Thanks: Art
    • Replies: @anon
  339. Iris says:

    but you’d like to blame 9/11 — and JFK’s assassination — entirely on the Zionists and Israelis while giving a pass to all their American co-conspirators,

    All the factual information that has transpired so far proves that 9/11 was executed at 100% by Israelis, so it is not surprising that people logically pin the blame entirely on Israel.

    1- The nuclear demolition of the WTC was executed entirely by Israelis:
    – the “Israeli Art Students” rigged the Twin Towers with nanothermite to simulate the “plane” crashes.
    – a couple of weapon engineers executed Silverstein’s orders, by activating triggers in a control room underneath WTC7, detonated underground nuclear charges and blew up the Twin Towers, then WTC7, into steel and concrete dust particles.

    2- We know less facts about the Pentagon attack, except that it was a disastrous cover-up and was the first event to be called out as a false flag by Thierry Meyssan’s Feb 2002 book “L’effroyable Imposture“.

    In 2007, the FBI went to Thailand to interrogate Russian “former military” Dimitri Khalezov. He told them how long-term Mossad head Mike Harari had invited him to a breakfast party on the immediate wake of 9/11, where he celebrated, watching the WTC ashes on TV, the “success” of the 9/11 attacks.

    Here is the criminal Harari, who provided most of the logistics for 9/11:
    Harari confided in Khalezov that the Pentagon was hit with a Russian Granit cruise missile extracted from the sunk “Kursk” Russian submarine, which sinking remains obscure and suspicious.
    He also recounted how Russian arm trafficker Victor Bout had been lured into Bangkok so the supply of the “Granit” missile could be pinned upon him.

    Shortly after Khalezov’s meeting with the FBI, Victor Bout was arrested in Bangkok and extradited to the USA on the basis of a secret indictment, believed to be accusing him of having supplied the missile that hit the Pentagon.

    This information was made public by Dimitri Khalezov, but he isn’t anybody: he is the man who “solved” the 9/11 crime of the century.
    Although not a scientist, Khalezov was the first to affirm that the WTC was demolished with the obsolete, forgotten underground nuclear detonation method. He aroused disbelief and curiosity among physicists, who first tried to prove him wrong, and ended up establishing the scientific evidence of the WTC nuclear demolition.

    Every significant action of the 9/11 nuclear false flag was executed by Israelis.; all the perpetrators of 9/11 were Israelis or Israel-Firsters.

    If not for Israel, who were these people working for?

  340. @obvious

    You are the one ‘bubbling with resentment’.
    I told you what I thought. I had a line up of people agreeing too.
    Keep spewing. You are free to do so and I am free to say how repulsive you are.

  341. @Dirtyharriet

    “I want the truth about Palestine to be shown to all Americans”

    • Replies: @Dirtyharriet
  342. anon[149] • Disclaimer says:

    Worst part of this history is that again — American intelligence is blamed for using recruiting and presenting Chalabi when it was the zionist who did all of these . Accepting and admitting blame is not in its DNA . This is why they try to pass off Iraq war as war fro oil and Iran sanctions as American capitulation to Saudi demand and Syrian fiasco as Arab spring gone haywire .

  343. anarchyst says:

    …give ((them)) the (poison) vaccine first…jews-not Palestinians.
    …turn ((it)) into a glass parking lot using neutron bombs, but only after warning the Palestinians to (temporarily) leave–take a vacation and go somewhere else for a short period of time. Palestinians can return because the buildings and infrastructure will be intact.
    …prohibit any jew from emigrating.
    Problem solved…

  344. anon[184] • Disclaimer says:

    Over the past few weeks, David Miller, a professor of political sociology at Bristol University in the United Kingdom, has been the subject of a vicious smear campaign, alleging he has made anti-Semitic comments. Individuals and groups such as the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BoD), the Community Security Trust (CST) and the Union of Jewish Students (UJS), are queueing up to tarnish his reputation and demand his sacking.

    For over a decade, Miller has done research on the increasing public attacks on the Palestine solidarity movement, as well as the surveillance and securitisation of Muslim communities as a result of the so-called “war on terror”. It is notable that the accusations of “anti-Semitism” levelled at him arise from a lecture he gave on the Zionist movement’s involvement in promoting Islamophobia, a well-known fact among scholars who study the Palestinian question.

    Miller observed that Starmer’s leadership campaign had been “in receipt of money from the Zionist movement” and specifically from Trevor Chinn, a right-wing Labour donor.

    Chinn was close both to the New Labour project and to Prime Minister Boris Johnson while he was mayor of London. Since 1973, Chinn has been chairman and then president of the United Jewish Israel Appeal, described by the Jewish Leadership Council as “the major fund-raising organisation for Israel”.

    The attacks against Miller are part of a chilling wave of intimidation sweeping across British universities, targeting critics of Israel

    Both Tory and Labor get their legitimacies from Isarel.

    • Thanks: geokat62
    • Replies: @Art
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  345. Tonypoo says:

    The Cancer Must and will be removed.

  346. crig says:

    China Russia Iran Germany

  347. anonymous[368] • Disclaimer says:

    When 2/3 of Americans support something…I run the other way.

    OK, but what does that have to do with the issue being discussed about significantly cutting down the size of the military so that the US military no longer has the capability to wage wars in the Middle East for Israel? A practical idea needs to have lots of existing momentum. There is no momentum for directly slashing the military budget. But there is huge momentum for Medicare for All, which is so expensive that a significant cut to the military budget is inevitable.

    • Replies: @Realist
  348. Realist says:

    The US government is not beholden to the electorate…it doesn’t matter what the population wants.

    • Agree: FLgeezer
  349. Druid says:

    Hey obvious m everybody has your number, so why don’t you and you gay flame, tsefarat or whatever, just F off back to zio-yehudistan!

  350. Druid says:

    Gets life, or a brain-cell! At least one brain cell!

  351. @Anon

    This. You pull the foundational myth from them and they are powerless. Hell, most people worth a damn here reject the holohoax. That is how you drop their mental chain.

    I really suggest people go a bit further and research what “Purim” truly is. Now this rabbit hole is a deep one.

    There is only one terminal solution for them.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @mark green
  352. Yuck says:

    You will bend the knee to Jesus Christ. You are accursed and an enemy of God and will suffer for it.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  353. anarchyst says:

    You are correct. The “holohoax” is easily debunked utilizing basic scientific and engineering principles. In fact, if “six-million” jews were “holocausted (ha ha)” the dispatchings would have continued into the 1950s.
    Another aspect of judaism that most people are unaware of is that every single one of their “holidays” is based on the subjugation and genocide of non-jewish cultures and civilizations. These celebrations of “death and destruction” are not only macabre and sick, but show the depravity of the whole jewish psyche.
    From inbreeding and male genital mutilation to indoctrination (brainwashing) and enforcing “separation”, insisting that rules for decent societal behavior are not for ((them)) and are unenforceable on (them)) are recipes for mental illness which is prevalent in jewish societies.
    One must not forget the large amount of mental illnesses prevalent in jewish males, being transmitted by the dirty jewish “mohel” after fellating the newly deformed male jew infant. Since most STD-transmitted mental illnesses do not show up until well into adulthood, it is easy to see how some jews can be so depraved.
    It is interesting to see the jew-run “hedge fund” people run like rats, having been bested by “goyim” in the Game Stop stock situation. Seeing jews get “Madoffed” is a real pleasure…

    • Thanks: HeebHunter
  354. He blames Israel and mentions “Illegal Settlement” and “Apartheid”, yet it occurs to me that these are exactly the same arguments used against the United States by groups such as BLM and Antifa.

    How Ironic.

    It is charged by these groups that the United States is indeed guilty of “Illegal Settlement” and “Apartheid”. In fact it is their accusation that all “White Settlement” anywhere in the world is “Illegal” and that the White treatment of “minorities” or “People of Color” as they are always euphamistically called, constitutes “Apartheid” and “Genocide” wich are always characterized as the ultimate evils.

    Perhaps Israel is the only nation on Earth that realizes that you can’t worry too much about what people think of you. That you simply must do what you have to do to survive. No matter how ruthless or unpopular those actions might be.

    Our American ancestors realized this, yet now we seem enthralled by the idea of satisfying public opinion rather than the interests of the survival of our culture and our people.

    Israel, you can hate them if you want, but they seemed determined to survive at all cost.

    • Disagree: Titus Jerusalem Smasher
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  355. @HeebHunter

    [G]go a bit further and research what “Purim” truly is. Now this rabbit hole is a deep one.

    You are quite right. The Jewish ‘religion’ is all about genocidal wars that the Jews miraculously won with the aid and blessing of G-d. The unrecognized meaning of Purim (see below, by Gilad Atzmon) is both brilliant and devastating.

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski, HeebHunter
  356. Art says:

    The attacks against Miller are part of a chilling wave of intimidation sweeping across British universities, targeting critics of Israel

    These endless Jewish attacks are beginning to sound more and more like “WOLF WOLF.”

    Right now the “six million” lie – is a big joke.

    The Jew’s whole house of lying cards – is starting to fall.

    • Replies: @Uncle Adolf
  357. @notoneofthem

    So how many more billions must die before you feel ‘safe’?

  358. @anon

    There is NOTHING the Zionazis hate more than the Truth about themselves and their Evil, villainous, defamatory and outrageous tactics in repressing that Truth coming out. The campaign against Livingstone, who cack-handedly told the Truth about the Haavara Agreement between the Nazis and German Zionists, and against Williamson who stood up to the thugs, and Corbyn, and others, was wicked indeed. Bit by bit these actions feed real Judeophobia, but that is precisely what the Zionazis want. They live for and by and through hatred-it is their true religion. Hatred of the other, of goyim and other Jews who do not follow their cult of rage and hate, like the ‘self-hating Jews’ who stood by Corbyn or the Palestinians. The Zionazis are the very focus of Evil in the world today.

  359. Iris says:

    The first nuke fired out of one of the German made subs given to Israel will be aimed at Berlin (stupid Germans)

    The Israeli Dolphin submarines might be linked to the 9/11 false flag.

    The first “9/11 Truther” to publicly affirm the nuclear nature of the WTC controlled demolition was a Dmitri Khalezov, a Russian introducing himself as a former Soviet military who spent all his career as officer in a Nuclear Weapons Directorate.


    His confession came after he was interrogated by the FBI in 2007, spent a year in prison, and saw his fellow Russian and arm trafficker Viktor Bout imprisoned on the basis of a mysterious, 9/11-related indictment. His confession feels both like a revenge and a life assurance.

    Khalezov claims to have been a close acquaintance of Mossad’s long-term Chief of Operations Mike Harari. Based in Bangkok, Harari played a key role in the logistics of 9/11, organising in particular the existence of phony “Islamist” terrorist networks for vraisemblance.

    Khalezov provides a very insightful view of what happened on 9/11, possibly enhanced by his contacts within the FBI.
    His story starts is August 2000, when Russian submarine “Kursk” sank in the Barents Sea, apparently after a collision with an American submarine provoked an explosion onboard:

    The collision being accidental is largely disputed.
    It also seems that Russia deployed her best efforts to hide the presence on board of Chinese and Arab militaries, as well as new generation torpedoes. The rescue efforts were too timid, a mutiny ensued and everybody onboard died.

    According to Khalezov, the 22 Granit cruise missiles mounted on the “Kursk”, all fitted with thermonuclear warheads, were promptly stolen by a rival power’s submarine while the Russian wreck lied on the seabed. It is possible that the grave disappearance of 22 cruise missiles and nuclear warheads wasn’t revealed to President Putin. At the time, Russia was a mess, still in the throes of the Chechenia war.

    On 9/11, a vessel, likely a submarine of a “best friend and ally” of the USA, positioned at the limits of US territorial waters, fired one of those Granit missiles towards Washington.
    The Missile had been by default programmed to lock its trajectory onto key US targets, the Pentagon or the White House. The only thing that was done to it was to disable the trigger of the nuclear warhead.

    Fired from so close, and although it was immediately detected by NORAD and air traffic control, the US air defences stood no chance to shoot it down. The Granit cruise missile made the complex trajectory wrongly attributed to a “plane”, changing directions several time for safety, and finally succeeding in piercing 6 of the Pentagon re-enforced walls.

    Granit missiles are exclusively anti-ship, and solely fitted with nuclear heads. On realising that the missile was of Granit type, those present at the Pentagon would have wrongly believed to be under nuclear attack.

    Meanwhile, the Twin Towers had been damaged by massive explosions.

    The Twin Towers, like the Sears tower in Chicago, were fitted with a Cold War-era, obsolete, built-in demolition scheme, consisting of a borehole in which a large nuclear charge could be lowered for underground explosion.
    This demolition scheme was in itself a terrible inherent hazard: when the news of the WTC “plane” attack came out, US security authorities quickly gave the order to evacuate the Sears tower in Chicago, but not the high-rise Empire State Building in NYC.

    In the confusion that ensued the WTC attack, alarming reports were made that the Towers were witnessing secondary explosions.
    In particular, a “friend and ally” of the USA, through its SS the Mossad, informed the American Security authorities of the “likely” presence of unexploded nuclear charges atop the Twin Towers, either pre-planted, or brought aboard the plane.

    Unfortunately, and not accidentally, the entire, knowledgeable, specialist Nuclear Emergency Support Team NEST had been sent to Europe in preparation for 9/11. If these professionals had been present to deal with the situation, they might have made more rational decisions and avoided the tragedy.

    The 1993 WTC attack had made officials re-assess the Security risks, and conclude that, should a hostile power rig the Twin Towers with aerial nuclear explosives, it would be actually safer to trigger the underground nuclear demolition scheme: an underground nuclear explosion, contained by the soil, causes incomparably less harm than an airborne nuclear explosion. They translated this conclusion into a mandatory procedure.

    In view of the Pentagon’s Granit nuclear warhead, the US Security officials were easily tricked and believed Mossad’s claims. They had no choice but to follow the mandatory procedures in place, and authorise to toggle the nuclear trigger and initiate the nuclear demolition of the WTC. They unwillingly became the accomplices of Israel in executing the 9/11.

    Israel knew all along there was no nuclear terror attack on the WTC:
    – It is the Israeli “Art Students” who planted the Twin Towers with nanothermite.
    – the nanothermite exploded when detonated by Israeli agents, there was no “planes” involved.
    – Israel fired the Granit cruise missile on Washington, probably from one of their Dolphin subs.

    This is Khalezov’s version of 9/11.
    It introduces yet a deeper level of evil and manipulation, one where the US and Russian governments were fooled into making wrong decisions without having the wrong intentions, and had their hand ties because of their mistakes.

    It eerily resembles the Kennedy assassination, where honest Americans faithful to President Kennedy were also tricked into participating in an abort mission that ended up by his murder.

    Meanwhile, our Masters the Superior Race still have 21 Soviet nuclear Granit missiles on their hands to spare on us. Is this what they intend to fire onto those who don’t walk the line?

  360. Athena says:

    Also put direct pressure on the mostly high-tech U.S. companies that invest in Israel, which are particularly vulnerable because they are thereby sending American jobs overseas, particularly as they country they are sending them to will steal the technology as likely as not.

    The lobby should repair your grid instead of spending billions on orthless F-35 fighters or dropping bombs to free countries or buying weapons of mass destruction.

    The \$7 TRILLION cost of upgrading the US power grid

    ”…modernizing the US’s existing electricity plant (whose average age is 35 years) could cost \$7-8 trillion. Electricity suppliers might need 20 years to complete the job, meaning \$350-400 billion per year to get into shape. Currently, they spend about \$150 billion per year which means a lot of catching up to do.”

  361. geokat62 says:

    Dominic Suter has reportedly returned to the States, roaming free… while Julian Assange rots in Belmarsh and Edward Snowden lives in exile.

    Impressed specifics re this Mossad operative’s employment record.

    Excerpt from Christopher Bollyn’s article, The Mossadniks of 9-11: Sivan and Paul Kurzberg:

    Surprisingly, since at least 2016, Suter has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he works for a contractor for major tech companies like Google and Microsoft. According to the public records database Intelius, in 2006 and 2007 Suter also worked for a telecommunications company — Granite Telecommunications — that works for the U.S. military and several other U.S. government agencies.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  362. Derer says:

    but the biggest and most blatant theft of our technology is by Israel,

    Israel is ex officio state of the USA and therefore is entitled to receive the technology. The American “herd of sheep” are sporadically complain but basically accepting the status. Any opposition to this situation is like peeing in your pants, it gives you warm feeling but nobody notices. That includes your post, regardless of the appropriate points it raises.

  363. Jews are the most evil and most hated group in the history of the world. Jews deserve complete destruction anywhere they infest. Uncle Adolf was 100% correct about the demons, kill them all!

  364. @Art

    I thought the holy words of “six million” were owned by the filthy kikes and no one else was allowed to say it!

  365. @anon

    Whatever, dude. I wrote that comment on February 23rd and Phil has yet to respond. I’ve been making that point for 30 years.

    Nothing has changed. Giraldi should know better. He was in the CIA for fuck’s sake.

    The comment threads on his articles are the biggest useless anti-semitic sewers on the planet.

    His comment threads are what serve Zero American interests.

    He knows this. What does that tell you?

  366. Sean says:

    Arab-Persian wars were raging while America was tribal territories. Saudi Arabia is an Arab Sunni country, Iran is not and can best save Muslim lives in Arab countries by not interfering–leaving Arabs to sort out their own affairs. All Iran does is provoke antiIran outside powers to take a side.

  367. Meena says:
    @Ray Caruso

    What part , hey genius , Islam co-opted Christian religious belief?


    To have woman property ?
    To have woman as witness
    To have woman run business?
    To have woman the right to seek divorce?
    To have the womb right to raise the kids until the kid is at least 14?
    To fight your enemy ?
    To have people marry
    To discourage divorce
    To discourage polygamy ( yes polygamy )
    Not to fight until the other starts fighting ?
    To always have the provisions of forgiving someone who has violated the rights of other including the provision of forgiving the thief , murderer, rapist or treasonous traitor as long as they seek forgiveness and never repeat ?
    To have the provision of women leading prayer and war ?
    To have the possibility of the Jews and Christians and Sabatean enter heaven as long as they do right things ?
    To enjoy in life that God has provided in abundance ?
    To enjoy sex and marriage ?
    Not to extract usury but engage in business ?
    To fight those who expel you or sanction you for no reason other than your views and your way of life?
    To honor contract ?
    To honor property rights?
    To allow people have privacy in their bed room ?
    To judge people with evidence and jury ?
    Not to accept hearsay or trial by fire or other stupid superstitious exercise ?

    To accept plurality of religious and cultural views ?
    To not and never put person behind bar without evidence or trial ?
    Not to bother about end time when it’s coming because it will come at the choosing of God and not by human activity or prayers ?
    No torture . Torture is worse than killing .
    Make yourself a
    a better person what what Modi Bible Institute or Liberty University teaches you to be .Did I include the snake handling Jerusalem thumping evangelical ???

  368. @OnYourLeft


    I want all truth about Israel shown And known to all Americans.

  369. Jazman says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Believe me Israel have no nukes . It is bluff.
    So,to have nukes one needs to have a)extreme financial and manpower resources,b)enormous installed electricity capacity and c)be able to hide all that.That’s for starters.
    We are told that Israel,which till 90s was barely populated desert,and since 90s being slightly more populated desert,was able to pull the whole frikkin industry out of it’s rear end.Sorry,this does not work that way.
    We are told so because Israel purchased a whole reactor from France.
    Yes,this is true.Indeed it did.Said reactor,if used really stupidly,can indeed be used to produce plutonium.About a hundred grams per year,under most optimistic estimates.Which means that in a few decades Israel will have enough for the first test.
    Next-things get really interesting.Nuclear weapon ideas are not hard.Nuclear weapons TECHNOLOGY is.Proper miniaturization of nuclear weapons was achieved by three countries on the planet.USA,Soviet Union and France.France,in fact,was perfectly OK with comprehensive ban treaty,but stalled till it had enough data from it’s tests.Over two hundred total.
    Without enormous(!)wealth of test data you’ll be stuck with 2nd gen warheads,which are large and not especially practical.Like China,which can’t miniaturize nukes to save it’s life,and China made dozens of tests.
    With all that being said,it’s clear that Israel didn’t make a single solitary nuclear test in history.
    Which means that it possesses no technology,and is limited to Littleboy/Fatman devices even if it somehow managed to obtain fissile materials,which it didn’t,because ALL the fissile materials is tracked,and Israel possesses no industry of note by itself.

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