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As it remains unclear who might have actually sponsored the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, if indeed anyone did, a great deal of speculation about motives and resources is perhaps inevitable. If one goes by the traditional “cui bono” standard, who benefits, there are perhaps two possible beneficiaries. One would be a terrorist sponsoring group which would be able to claim credit for a dramatic success against a major western government that is regarded as an enemy because it has been participating in wars against Islamic states. Terrorist organizations routinely make such claims after an attack because it establishes their bona fides and serves as a magnet for volunteers and donations from supporters. Very often the claims are suspect, particularly as many terrorist actions are now decentralized franchise operations that are carried out without direction or support by so-called “loners.”

The other possibility is Israel. Israel would benefit from an Islamist terrorist incident in France and would have powerful motives for allowing or encouraging such an attack to take place. First, it would reverse what it would see as a deplorable trend in France (and in Europe) to support Palestinian statehood, which Paris and other European governments endorsed at the United Nations on December 30th. Second, it would dramatically shift the narrative in the media away from the continued brutal treatment of the Palestinians. And third it would heighten anti-Islamic sentiments and get the Europeans back on board for the perpetual war on terror, which inextricably links Muslims to terrorism and effectively makes Israel’s enemies the enemies of both Europe and the United States.

To demonstrate what the actual Israeli government viewpoint might be, one has only to recall the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s satisfaction when he first heard about 9/11. He said “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq, swung American public opinion in our favor.” Netanyahu knew that the attack could be manipulated to inextricably tie the United States to the Israeli view of the nature of Islamic terrorism and what to do about it. In that he was correct and the U.S. has been paying the price for a disproportionate and misguided counter-terrorism policy ever since. Netanyahu’s bizarre performance at the Charlie Hebdo solidarity parade in Paris also suggests that he is prepared to milk the current situation for the maximum political advantage, both for himself and for Israel.

But in spite of the clear evidence that Tel Aviv would like to see more terrorist attacks in Europe, even hypothesizing that Israel might be directly involved or knowledgeable in some way regarding Charlie Hebdo produces the predictable response, i.e. that it is anti-Semites who are making such a suggestion and that Israel is not so cynical or evil as to engage in such activity. One pundit casually dismisses speculation that the attack might have been engineered by “specifically the mystical supermen of Israel’s Mossad. Such a theory is stupid and scurrilous, as well as on so many grounds self-evidently incorrect.” The author does not explain why it is “self-evidently incorrect.”

A false flag operation is one in which the sponsors adopt a false identity, most often pretending to be from a different country or adhering to a different organization than that which they actually represent. Because Israel is reviled in much of the world, Israeli agents do not regularly tell anyone about their true affiliation. And Israel has a long history of both black and false flag operations going back to the Lavon Affair in 1954 in which the Israelis sought to blow up the United States government offices in Alexandria and blame it on the Egyptians. It has also frequently used non-Israeli passports, many provided unknowingly by immigrants from the U.S., Canada, Europe and Oceania, to cover the agents involved in its more creative overseas operations. When operating against Iran, the Israelis have sometimes pretended to be Americans as they knew that few Iranian dissidents would want to cooperate with Israel.

A great advantage Israel has for carrying out black operations is its stable of diaspora Jews who come from Arab countries, speak Arabic fluently and understand both the culture and Islam. Using false passports and identities, they could easily pretend to have links with either al-Qaeda or the Islamic State and it would not be that difficult for them to infiltrate small radicalized groups or connect with disaffected individuals in target countries. In the past when terrorist organizations were tightly controlled from the top it would have been difficult to pass as an adherent of such groups lest one be checked out and exposed, but the decentralization of terrorism over the past ten years has greatly reduced that possibility.

At the heart of the argument against any Israeli involvement is the belief that a false-flag operation would be too complicated to execute. In reality, the greatest difficulty is to avoid getting caught by the local police authorities while one is pretending to be someone else, a risk referred to as blowback.

The targets that one is trying to motivate to undertake some terrorist act will generally be gullible and willing to cooperate once access to a group is attained and credibility is established. An analogy with how the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) operates inside the United States would not be inappropriate. The FBI works with the National Security Agency (NSA) to identify dissidents by monitoring email transmissions and telephone calls. It then insinuates an informant into the group who uses a false identity and pretends to share the views of those being targeted. At that point it all becomes somewhat murky, at least if the FBI account is to be believed.

For the FBI informant to motivate and possibly enable the would-be terrorists to actually commit a crime would be regarded as “entrapment” which is itself an impropriety by law enforcement that would render inadmissible any evidence developed for a possible prosecution. But recent anti-terrorist legislation provides maximum advantage to prosecutors who only have to demonstrate some kind of material or other assistance to terrorism. Consequently, the line drawn regarding encouraging an action and enabling it has since 9/11 become somewhat blurry, even when the informant provides the targets with weapons that do not work or bombs that cannot explode. In practice, most alleged terrorists arrested in the United States are incapable of carrying out a terrorist act but they are nevertheless successfully prosecuted. This is due to the involvement of the informant and it is widely believed that the informant more often than not actually enables the planning for the crime to take place.

In reality, the FBI informant plays the same role that an Israeli or other agent might play in infiltrating a group and motivating it to carry out a terrorist attack. The potential targets could be identified online using Israel’s highly sophisticated technical resources and an agent might wait for an opportunity to make nonthreatening contact. Once contact is made, the relationship would be developed to the point where the agent becomes an active collaborator and makes suggestions about what might be done. He then gradually withdraws from the activity and lets the targets execute their planned attack.

I am not suggesting that either Israel or any other government was behind the two terrorist attacks in Paris but it would be foolish to rule anything out. Knee jerk reactions against conspiracy theories are frequently as irrational as some of the theories themselves but anyone who is open minded should appreciate that some very strange things have happened over the past fourteen years. 9/11 critics are regularly derided as crazy “truthers” but anyone who has read the entirety of the 9/11 Commission Report might very well come to the conclusion that there is a lot missing, to include the redacted section about a possible Saudi Arabian connection. I have in the past noted that the possible leads involving Israel and Pakistan have also failed to be investigated adequately and included in the report. One might reasonably consider that the principal role of government currently is to spin a narrative that exonerates its own behavior, making truth a rarely encountered commodity.

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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    About a week after he said in an interview that the Charlie Hebdo attacks could have been the work of US or Israeli intelligence, Jean-Marie Le Pen was injured in a fire at his home:

    • Replies: @eisermann
  2. Karl says:

    I’m not suggesting that Philip Giraldi is too dense to develop & monetize the hates-Jews marketplace, but it would be foolish to rule anything out.

    Philip Giraldi is like the Filipinos, who sit on top of astoundingly fertile soil, and rainfall that California would kill to get – but only Chinese and a few Malaysians are making any serious money off of it.

    • Replies: @Bill
    , @KA
    , @VICB3
    , @KA
    , @KA
  3. eisermann says: • Website

    It is interesting that the Racial identity writers, often immigrants or former National Review or Murdoch employees, eg Rod Dreher, Derbyshire, Brimelow, jared taylor, will never cite a P. Giraldi or PC. Roberts article addressing the possibility of a false flag, especially from Isra el, despite this being mentioned in elite journals such as Foreign Policy magazine. Come to think of it, I hve not seen any evidence Steve Sailer has read any of Roberts or Giraldi, rather he seems to channel neo cons spencer-geller, albeit indirectly.

    Its almost as if philo-isr aeli ‘White Nationalism’ is itself a British-Isra eli false flag. as sunstein puts it:

    ‘A distinctive feature of conspiracy theories is their self-sealing quality. Conspiracy theorists are not likely to be persuaded by an attempt to dispel their theories; they may even characterize that very attempt as further proof of the conspiracy. Because those who hold conspiracy theories typically suffer from a crippled epistemology, in accordance with which it is rational to hold such theories, the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups’

  4. Rod Dreher is a racial identity writer? Since when?

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Taking the “cui bono” standard as well, I have another theory:

    Another person or persons who could benefit from such incidents could be reporters who build their careers on conspiracy theories, especially those who identify “the zionist entity” everywhere they look. Thus, Philip Gilardi may have been behind the Charlie Hebdo attack.

    I am not suggesting that Mr Gilardi was behind the two terrorist attacks in Paris but it would be foolish to rule anything out. Knee jerk reactions against conspiracy theories are frequently as irrational as some of the theories themselves.

    Now seriously:
    There is no shred of evidence that Israel has been involved in any such shenanigans. The single example is the Lavon affair, in which nobody was hurt and it is still unclear whether the PM or even Lavon (minister of defense) were aware of the plot. In any event, this happened in 1954, only 6 years after independence. Around these years Germany and Japan were exterminating populations and the US used nuclear weapons. I don’t think that this makes them immediate suspects in any future genocide.

    Want conspiracy theories? Have you considered Iran – a country which set to kill a writer who had insulted Islam and has already conducted terrorist attacks against non-involved civilians (Buenos Aires, 1994)?

    Israel can, and should be, criticized for many of its actions. But the mentality of making it the origin of all that is negative in the world – in this case, Islamic terror – is why I do not oppose them holding the bomb. The hatred this country receives is far greater than the (many!) atrocities it is responsible for.

    • Replies: @Neutral
    , @quercus
    , @KA
    , @Art
    , @KA
    , @Duglarri
  6. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    The religion of False Flagism=Defeatism….because it attributes almost superhuman intelligence to the “masterminds” of the False Flag operation.

    We can clearly see this in the cargo cult religion known as 9/11 Trutherism.

    0 Muslims in France=0 probability of Charlie Hedbo massacre….ever occuring.

    0 Muslims in US=o probability of 9/11 ever occurring….

    0 Muslims in the US=0 probability of the 1993 attack on the Twin Towers ever occuring…

    0 Muslims in US=0 probability of The Fort Hood Massacre ever occuring.

    There are no economic….cultural…..ecological….reasons for importing legal immigrant Muslims into the US.

    Muslims are being imported into the US for one reason:to enthusiastically vote Whitey very rapidly into a racial minority on Nov 3 2016…..this is the great “benefit” of importing Muslim immigrants in the US and France. Who ordered this?

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  7. Neutral says:

    I look at the evidence, the evidence shows that Gilardi as an individual cannot undertake such things. On the other hand the evidence clearly shows that Israel has assassinated Iranian scientists and sabotaged their equipment, they go to any land they wish and kill and abduct people they see as threats, they have billions of aid coming their way from compliant American politicians. None of this is really in dispute, you will obviously argue that they are the good guys so is ok if they do it, but this not the debate here, the debate is if Israel capable of doing these things, and clearly they are.

    • Replies: @GCMC
  8. @eisermann

    Rod Dreher is a “Racial Identity writer”? Since when? Dreher is a self hating white man who loves to put on airs of intellectualism. He lives to flagellate himself and other whites for their perceived racial sins against minorities.

    • Replies: @eisermann
  9. GCMC says:

    There is no argument that Israel is capable of doing it, just like most counties on earth.
    In fact, the whole thing was probably conducted by two somewhat-trained individuals with assault rifles – it doesn’t take a lot of sophistication and funds to organize. Only the will.

    Israel has an active intelligence service that is probably responsible for the deaths of several individuals. Yet there is no evidence that it was ever involved in staging terrorist attacks against citizens of friendly countries. There is, however, plenty of evidence for (1) Muslim rage over the Prophet’s caricatures; and (2) the willingness of radical Islamists to slaughter civilians to make sure that their rage is heard. The number of known deaths in the past month is in the thousands.

    Thus, saying that Israel can be responsible while in most likelihood it isn’t is pointless and clearly derives from unrelated underlying obsession with Israel.
    Switzerland, in theory, could have done it too. But nobody wastes their breath arguing about it, because there is a much more likely explanation.

    I did try to pay the ridiculous lip-service in my previous post: I have lots of criticism towards Israel and, in most cases, I definitely don’t see them as “the good guys”. Yet I do see a conspiratorial obsession with Israel that is beyond reasonable, and to some extent confirms the almost automatic “antisemitism” cries that the Israeli regime throws at its critics.

  10. yonni says:

    I was killed during a false flag on Entebee, Bibi knows it , I can”t leave this world until the perpetrators admit it. Though having passed away, Jacobo Timmerman knew what my country had become digesting the Lebanon War of 1982/Sabra(not the humus either)Shatilla- look his son is now dealing w/ false flags in the current Nisman “affair”. Our specialty is to have many plates spinning on pool cues to overwhelm the masses, take a deep breath- you may have been lied to! As for Cass Sustein, he has to work at the US crime known as Harvard which Putin Knows all about(HIID/Andrei Schleifer). Litveneko, see multi-level distraction. As an aside, IF the New England Patriots are such CHEATERS, Should we believe their owner that the EVILDOER Putin stole his Schuper Bowl ring? Keep reading Phil,Uri,Gilad,Thierry .

    • Replies: @KA
  11. Bill says:

    Philip Giraldi is like the Filipinos, who sit on top of astoundingly fertile soil, and rainfall that California would kill to get – but only Chinese and a few Malaysians are making any serious money off of it.

    Yes, I’ve often marveled at the total lack of accomplishment displayed by those goyisch Europeans. And they are so dumb! They don’t even understand that “making serious money” is one true measure of all things!! Thanks for stopping by to set them straight.

    • Replies: @Quercus
  12. quercus says:

    In the early 1950s there was a bombing at the Masouda Shem Tov Synagogue in Baghdad in which four Jews were killed and ten wounded. This was one in a series of bombings which happened beginning in March 1950 until June 1951, and two Iraqi Jews in the Zionist underground were found guilty and sentenced to death, and there were Iraqi Jews rejoiced at their demise. It was believed the bombings were carried to make Iraqi Jews fearful and hence encourage them to emigrate to the new state of Israel.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that there are Jews who would easily kill civilians (they do it in Gaza all the time) to further a Zionist political agenda.

    There are far too many questions about the Paris incident — the first glaring inconsistency is the perpetrators who from their actions were well trained (they seemed quite calm and unhurried) wore masks presumably to hide their identities and to be able to escape, but left an identity card in a getaway car. If you believe the story as it is being shoved down our throats you are dangerously naive. I don’t know what was really behind it, but I don’t believe what I’m being told.

  13. Quercus says:

    Love it Bill. Did you know that the claim has been made that it really wasn’t Shakespeare who wrote those plays but in fact it was a Jewish woman?!
    I actually saw that silliness on the ‘net somewhere a number of years ago now.

    After all how can the “unchosen” have anything going for them?

  14. The Grate Deign [AKA "Fake Name"] says:

    After paragraphs of suggesting Israel did the deed, Mr. Giraldi says he would never suggest such a thing. Nice try.

    And was a crime ever committed but what those dastardly J-word people weren’t behind it all?

  15. eisermann says: • Website
    @Chris Mallory

    Rod Dreher is a former film critic of Murdoch in New Yawk befre he straightened out and started palling around with Sullivan on the issue of gay marriage. His other pet issue is Islamaphobia of the Bill Maher type. , which as you point out is not really white identity, rather zionist identity, slavishly aping the hatred of your betters.

    It is the primary diversion as described by Jonathan Olavsson in Radix .



  16. KA says:

    War Party and the Israel lobby calling for an “Iran Pearl Harbor.”

    One leading advocate of this has been Patrick Clawson, deputy director of research at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), the research arm of AIPAC. Although his recent suggestion for provoking a war with Iran (see below) attracted wide attention, he has been virulently anti-Iran for at least a decade, and he has never shied away from promoting attacks or provocative acts against Iran. In a conference on Iran’s nuclear program in November 2004 at the Woodrow Wilson International Center in Washington, Clawson declared,

    “Look, if we could find a way in which we could introduce computer viruses which caused the complete shutdown of the Bushehr system before it became operational, that would be delightful.

    If we could find ways in which these very complicated centrifuges, which are spinning at such high speeds, could develop stability problems and fly apart, and the cascade [of the centrifuges] could be destroyed, I think that would be delightful.

    And, indeed, if we could find a way to create an industrial accident of the scale of the Three Mile Island which did not cause a single fatality, which would prevent Bushehr from becoming operational, I think that would also be very helpful.

    If we could find ways to bring about industrial accidents, that offer good prospects of not endangering human life, but may unfortunately cause some collateral damage, then that’s a plan that we have to consider.”

    Note the outrageous claim that the Three Mile Island nuclear accident did not cause any fatality, a claim that, as I pointed out then, had already been totally discredited. A recent study indicated that an attack on four of Iran’s nuclear sites would kill up to 85,000 Iranians. But Clawson is oblivious to such facts

    Several months ago in a debate on al-Jazeera TV regarding the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, Clawson supported targeted assassination — a “polite” name for state-sponsored terrorism — which both Israel and the U.S. have been using, calling it “a valid instrument of war” and declaring,

  17. KA says:

    Quoting yaridanjo · from same site

    “Why here is an expert in such a matter.
    Dov Zakheim
    The PNAC paper opines that in the absence of some “catastrophic” event akin to
    Pearl Harbor, such reforms would happen at a glacial pace. A year later, 9/11
    seemed to provide such a spark to the kind of rapid transformation envisioned.

    And he is in the employ of our next president.…
    Romney’s Top Adviser, Dov Zakheim, Connected to 9/11

  18. KA says:

    ” Military waste under fire / \$1 trillion missing ”

    “\$2.3 Trillion Announced Missing from DOD Day before 9/11/2001

    The Comptroller of the Pentagon at the time of the attack was Dov Zakheim, who was appointed in May of 2001. Before becoming the Pentagon’s money-manager, he was an executive at System Planning Corporation, (Radar Physics Group,, [cached]) (Flight Termination System,, [cached]) Zakheim is also a member of the Project for a New American Century and participated in the creation of its 2000 position paper Rebuilding America’s Defenses which called for “a New Pearl Harbor.” (Profile, Dov S. Zakheim,, 11/22/03 [cached]) So what happened to the Pentagon’s missing 2.3 trillion dollars (or 9.1 trillion dollars if you believe Susan Lindauer)?

  19. KA says:

    Aborted Mission
    Investigation: Did Mossad attempt to infiltrate Islamic radical outfits in south Asia?

    by Subir Bhaumik
    The Week
    February 6, 2000

    On January 12 Indian intelligence officials in Calcutta detained 11 foreign nationals for interrogation before they were to board a Dhaka-bound Bangladesh Biman flight. —. Later, seemingly under Israeli pressure, India allowed them to fly to Tel Aviv.

    (The author is BBC’s eastern India correspondent)

  20. KA says:

    Two Israelis arrested with bombs
    in the Mexican Congress

    Ernesto Cienfuegos
    La Voz de Aztlan

    Los Angeles, Alta California – October 15, 2001- (ACN) In a mind-blowing development, La Voz de Aztlan has learned that Mexican Army General Rafael Marcial Macedo de la Concha who heads the Procuraduría General de la República (Mexican Department of Justice) has released the retired Israeli Defense Forces colonel and presumed MOSSAD agent Salvador Guersson Smecke and Israeli illegal immigrant Saur Ben Zvi after both had penetrated the security of the Mexican Congress and where in possession of guns, hand grenades and explosives.

    This morning La Voz de Aztlan had a personal telephone interview with the Mexican Congressional Press Secretary, Lic. Adriana Lopez, and verified the arrest of the two Israelis after they had entered through the highly secured front entrance of the Palacio Legislativo de San Lázaro

  21. KA says:

    ” We will run you out of the town” Rabbi Silver from Cleavland to Truman before the presidential elction . He also brought million dolalr in cash to White House to bribe Truman
    Carrot and Stick !!

    Also letter bombs were sent to the White House Mail room addressed to Truman by the Zionst and the old guard was called out of retirement to keep the presidential mail room safe .

  22. KA says:

    Israeli couple suspected of being agents, to be deportedThe author has posted comments on this articleAjay Kanth, TN

    KOCHI: An Israeli couple who came to the city on March 3, 2010, will be deported for “suspicious activities”. Shneor Zalman and Yaffa Shenoi came on a multiple-entry visa and rented a house on Rose Street, Fort Kochi, for Rs 50,000 per month, far higher than the market rate.

    “Central intelligence got an alert about a covert operation being carried out by suspected Israeli agents after the 26/11 terror attacks in which south Mumbai’s Chabad House came under attack and six Jews, including a Rabbi and his pregnant wife, were killed. A communication was sent to all states and it was our wing in Kerala that traced this couple at Fort Kochi,” an intelligence officer here said.

    Indian agencies will question two suspected Israeli agents before they are deported. “We have traced the couple’s financial transactions. Preliminary investigations suggest similar Israelis are camping in various parts of the country,” an official said.

    Was it to stage an assault and then blame the muslim ?

  23. Giuseppe says:

    Well, good to see the hasbara trolls are awake and alert today.

  24. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Well I think the primary reason in the case of those writers is that their main concern is anti-immigration, and focusing on such possibilities, even if they did seriously entertain them, would detract from the anti-immigration politics they’re trying to promote. They don’t want to waste an opportunity.

  25. KA says:

    afrol News, 7 April – The British Public Record Office recently has declassified a series of documents concerning the military coup staged by brutal dictator Idi Amin in Uganda in 1971. Breaking with earlier speculation, Amin had not obtained help from the British but from the Israelis. The documents however unveil a rush of British support to the new Head of State and a very positive verdict of his personality.

    Sources: Based on ‘The Monitor’, British Public Record Office and afrol archives

  26. KA says:

    The Cartoons and the Neocon
    Daniel Pipes and the Danish Editor
    by JOHN SUGG

    The big news about blasphemy today is in the Muslim world. A Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, in September published 12 cartoons mocking the prophet Muhammad. It took four months for that fuse to reach the powder keg of religious sensibilities — the flame was relentlessly pushed along by the right-wing, neo-conservative press until it exploded——
    That the Muslim world reacted with violence to the cartoons is abhorrent. —-

    So, let’s look at the guy who started this whole cartoon escapade. He’s Flemming Rose, the cultural editor of the Danish newspaper. In all of the Lexis-Nexis database of stories from the American media on the Mohammed cartoons, there is absolutely no mention of the fact that Rose is a close confederate of arch-Islamophobe Daniel Pipes. Indeed, there is almost no context at all about Rose’s newspaper. On a brief mention in the Washington Post gave a hint at a fact desperately needed to understand the situation. The Post described the affair as “a calculated insult … by a right-wing newspaper in a country where bigotry toward the minority Muslim population is a major, if frequently unacknowledged, problem.”

    How bad is Pipes? He wants the utter military obliteration of the Palestinians; indeed, from the Muslim world, — Rose came to America to commune with Pipes in 2004, and it was after that meeting the cartoon gambit materialized.

    False flagging !! Yes that was the case

  27. VICB3 says:

    And you were paid how much exactly to say that?

    Just asking, and…

    Just a thought.


  28. @GCMC

    “Thus, saying that Israel can be responsible while in most likelihood it isn’t is pointless and clearly derives from unrelated underlying obsession with Israel.
    Switzerland, in theory, could have done it too. But nobody wastes their breath arguing about it, because there is a much more likely explanation.”

    Your point is invalid in that while the set of countries that could carry out a false flag attack of this kind is large (as you point out earlier in your post), the subset of countries which both have the capability and something to gain from doing so is much smaller – clearly, Israel falls within this subset while Switzerland doesn’t.

    “Yet I do see a conspiratorial obsession with Israel that is beyond reasonable, and to some extent confirms the almost automatic “antisemitism” cries that the Israeli regime throws at its critics.”

    Don’t worry, even if the Hebdo attacks were absolutely and beyond any shadow of doubt proved to be an Israeli false flag operation (which Mr. Giraldi is not asserting here, btw, and neither am I) the Israelis and their amen corner would still scream “anti-semite!” at anyone with the impudence to point that out.

  29. Art says:

    and the US used nuclear weapons

    Why do you disparage my country that has done so much for your country of Israel?

    You have some nerve!

    • Replies: @GCMC
  30. @eisermann

    Placing Rod Dreher in such company as John Derbyshire and Peter Brimelow is simply wrong. Derbyshire and Brimelow are men of talent purged by the neocons who run NR.

    Rod Dreher is a poltroon with a following of sexual deviates, self flagellating pseudo-conservatives and NPR listeners. He keeps them agitated by suggesting mildly conservative thoughts, to which they respond in righteous indignation. He gets to play conservative and they get to feel good hitting him with their little pink down pillows. It’s a ritual, and his next blog post starts the cycle all over again. It’s all about driving up the reader hits at TAC. He is TAC’s faux conservative click bait artist.

    Brimelow , Derbyshire and company exist in a journalistic universe they created themselves post National Review. They consistently produce better, more honest material than the pygmies who sold them out in New York.

    As far as Sailer not mentioning Phil Giraldi goes, I don’t see what this proves either way. Neither of these writers are fans of Israel or Jewish influence. That doesn’t mean that they are a mutual support network or a fan club. Perhaps thinking of them in that way would be a conspiracy theory in itself?

  31. “I don’t normally feel the need to write a review but felt that future customers should be warned. Asides from the literal stench in this pub, our bartenders attitude left little to be desired. When asked if he spoke English he responded rather rudely I AM English. When ordering the wine of the day he seemed uninterested. Overall the service… More

    Was this review helpful? Yes
    Problem with this review?
    TrudieKee, Manager at James Joyce Pub, responded to this review
    Hi there, thanks for your review. Over the last month the bar has changed owners, and so between December and January the pub has not been in its best state. The toilets have been an ongoing problem due to the age of the site, we are looking into this and have already started renovation works on the bar with major… More

    This pub reeked! I was there on two occasions and on each occasion the place smelt of urine because the toilets had overflowed. Quite disgusting overall. The beers were ok but their bartender didn’t seem to know what a martini was. Quite poor overall.”

    Like the US, the country is full of people with advanced degrees and it’s hard to find a plumber. It’s also hard to find a martini!

  32. “I mustn’t forget his letter for the press. And after? The Ship, half twelve. By the way go easy with that money like a good young imbecile. Yes, I must.

    His pace slackened. Here. Am I going to Aunt Sara’s or not? My consubstantial father’s voice. Did you see anything of your artist brother Stephen lately? No? Sure he’s not down in Strasburg terrace with his aunt Sally? Couldn’t he fly a bit higher than that, eh? And and and and tell us Stephen, how is uncle Si? O weeping God, the things I married into. De boys up in de hayloft. The drunken little costdrawer and his brother, the cornet player. Highly respectable gondoliers. And skeweyed Walter sirring his father, no less. Sir. Yes, sir. No, sir. Jesus wept: and no wonder, by Christ.”

    They got it right and the plumbing’s in order…Aptly named The James Joyce, after the celebrated Irish author, this Irish pub is located Downtown in the old Molson’s (TD) Bank building at 114 – 8th Avenue S.W.

    The pub was created with a focus on staying true to the tradition of authentic pubs in Ireland. The Curran’s collected hundreds of artifacts from Irelands history, from Anne’s childhood school books to her Grandad’s penny-farthing bicycle to vintage beer and whiskey ads, in order to make every wall in The James Joyce a wonder to behold.

    Old Hat
    “My Latin quarter hat. God, we simply must dress the character. I want puce gloves. You were a student, weren’t you? Of what in the other devil’s name? Paysayenn. P. C. N., you know: physiques, chimiques et naturelles. Aha. Eating your groatsworth of mou en civet, fleshpots of Egypt, elbowed by belching cabmen. Just say in the most natural tone: when I was in Paris, boul’ Mich’, I used to. Yes, used to carry punched tickets to prove an alibi if they arrested you for murder somewhere. Justice. On the night of the seventeenth of February 1904 the prisoner was seen by two witnesses. Other fellow did it: other me. Hat, tie, overcoat, nose. Lui, c’est moi. You seem to have enjoyed yourself.”

    Their whole story came with holes punched in it.

  33. I’m reluctant to start the hunt for false flag operations without some finger prints in evidence. That said I have two thoughts.

    Another Israeli motive besides that which Philip Geraldi mentions for he Paris terror incidents is that they will help drive further French Jewish immigration to Israel.

    I’m not a retired intelligence officer, just a lowly former investigator. From that perspective though, one thing puzzles me. The Paris shooters seem to have thought out their attack with some forethought. they carried out their attack with some precision. Yet, they seem not to have thought out how they would escape!

    My suspicion, that does help the false flag theory along is this. It seems possible that they had colleagues/contacts who were supposed to help in their escape, possibly in the general area they ended up. But these contacts just weren’t there. That might be why they resorted to driving around the countryside holding up convenience stores. That doesn’t seem like a good plan to me.

    If I were trying to fool someone into committing a terrorist act, I’d recruit knuckheads who wouldn’t be taken alive. I would duped them into thinking I was an emissary of a powerful external force like ISIS. I would then set them to their task believing that I would spirit them away to glory in Syria. Then before they show up at the Safe house, I’d blow town. They wouldn’t know my real identity even if they were caught alive.

    I’d like to see the question of how these disciplined killers found themselves driving around the countryside like Bonney and Clyde with nowhere to go.

    It just doesn’t add up.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  34. The “secret” burial of one of the alleged perpetrators of the Hebdo attacks; but even more the many curiosities surrounding the alleged attacks in the kosher deli and subsequent “burial in Israel” of the Jewish “victims” of that alleged after-thought attack bring to mind key themes and events in “A Tale of Two Cities.”

    Recall that Barsad and Cly, who offered perjured testimony in the case of young Mr Darnay were discovered to be spies; Cly had supposedly died and their funerals an event witnessed by all; that Jerry, Mr. Lorry’s aide, discovered that Cly had NOT been buried when, in his practice of grave-robbing, he discovered that Cly’s coffin was empty.

    Cui bono is, indeed, the salient question to ask regarding the attacks in Paris, most especially the highly suspicious after-thought attacks at the kosher deli.

    Another important question to ask is if the coffins of the Jewish persons taken to Israel for burial had air holes. And where they’re being hidden, and when we can expect their miraculous return to life, and whether Daniel Silva wrote the plot outline for their death and re-vivification, and whether Silva will publish the account of this event in the Gabriel Allon series or if he will attempt to reinvigorate his sagging popularity by inventing a new Jewish superhero.

  35. The chief cartoonist at CH had a bodyguard.

    Its offices had been under police protection for months.

    The gendarmerie stopped providing the car surveillance/protection some weeks before.

    The head of the police investigation shot himself dead in his office after the attacks.

    The brothers were known to US and French Intelligence – one had known contact with the underwear bomber in the Yemen.

    We live in an age of unparalleled surveillance.

    Conclusion? There was a high probability that such attacks would occur. Yet no pre-emptive actions were taken e – in the case of the car removal from surveillance duty, quite the reverse.

    Did the chief investigator give the order to cease police vigilance of the offices of CH?

    Was he instructed to?

    Was he fed disinfo – told an attack was unlikely, when the opposite was the case?

    Did he believe he had been deceived, yet still felt partial responsibility for the massacre?

    Europe’s largely despised leaders – particularly Hollande – made political hay from it. So did BiBi.

    Qui bono? Who didn’t?

    News this night from UKR TV: a claim that the Ukrainian Army – the fascist neo.Nazi rump, not the conscripts who have been defecting in their thousands, despite the shoot-to-kill punishment for desertion – has invaded Russia.

  36. KA says:

    False flag often takes a convoluted detour .It originates from Israel. It glides down on a parachute to Germany . The call for safety is issued by the Israeli fifth coulmnist in US.The 5 th columnists combine a few stuff- never again, freedom, lives of children,rape,and WMD-“guilt over Holocaust”, threat from Iran,sufferrings of poor Syrians,and safety of civilization that resides within the undisclosed boders of Israel. The combined dishes of Falafel is provided to Obama who receives unconditional support for any and all proper responses to Syria crossing the redlines inked by AIPAC and the media cheer leaders of AIPAC . Decks are cleared and all the crads are lined up .Israel intercepts the message from rebels that Assad is using chemicals and German intelligence supports it . What more does the world need!Obama is about to act . The creation of the false flag are managed and brewed by many cooks but the Chef is Israel ( JINSA,AIPAC,Netanhyu , bucnh of liberlas like Engels and Waxman and the zio -conservatives along with paid and bought gentiles bipartisan crooks ).
    AIPAC screams when redline is not honored . So it marshalls all the energies and the supports to prod US to atack Syria. AIPAC screams when Obama defers to US citizen and decides not to attacks Syria It now claims that it has been used and set up for failures in front of American citizen .
    They would have told Bush -Cheney same thing had the citizen risen up same way against the Iraq invasion despite the lies orchestrated by the Zionist controlled media, academy,Pentagon,and the twin siblings known as conservativsm and liberlaism in US. They couldnt.Their fear ,anger ,confusion and shcok were abused and misused by the Zionist.

  37. KA says:

    Who benefits from a”horrific as it may be from a humanitarian ” – a manufatcured events .

    “For Jerusalem, the status quo, horrific as it may be from a humanitarian perspective, seems preferable to either a victory by Mr. Assad’s government and his Iranian backers or a strengthening of rebel groups, increasingly dominated by Sunni jihadis.

    “This is a playoff situation in which you need both teams to lose, but at least you don’t want one to win — we’ll settle for a tie,” said Alon Pinkas, a former Israeli consul general in New York. “Let them both bleed, hemorrhage to death: that’s the strategic thinking here. As long as this lingers, there’s no real threat from Syria.”
    Now Israel bombs 6 times Syria as the tide turns against the Israeli frinedly jihadists.

    The book that read the false flag modus operandi was authored and printed in Israel–


  38. SFG says:

    Sorry, unconvinced. Radical Muslims place a huge value on martyrdom, and leaving an identity card in the car is exactly the sort of stupid thing an average person does under stress.

    I believe Israel manipulates American politics through AIPAC. I blame the neocons for the Iraq Attaq. But the Charlie Hebdo attacks a ‘false flag’ attack? Naah, not everything is an Israeli conspiracy. Sometimes radical Muslims really do like killing infidels who piss them off. Look at Salman Rushdie, or the Danish cartoons, or the World Trade Center.

  39. KA says:

    You can express yourself without insulting Malaysia or Phillipine.

  40. @War for Blair Mountain

    “0 Muslims in US=o probability of X ever occurring….”

    Right, but that’s because there then would be no Muslim patsies available to frame for the false flag in question.

  41. @Thomas O. Meehan

    “I’m not a retired intelligence officer, just a lowly former investigator. From that perspective though, one thing puzzles me. The Paris shooters seem to have thought out their attack with some forethought. they carried out their attack with some precision. Yet, they seem not to have thought out how they would escape!”

    If this was a false flag attack, it means that the people they claim did it were just patsies. The real perpetrators left their id in the getaway car to set them up. That, of course means that the real perps actually did have an escape plan, and furthermore, that this plan worked!

  42. GCMC says:

    1. I only mentioned the fact that the US used nuclear weapons. Do you dispute that?

    2. I did not use this fact to disparage your country. Quite the opposite, I said this, like Israeli actions from around that time, could not be used as a reasonable basis to hold the US guilty for anything today.

    3. Israel is not my country.

  43. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The ’06 bombing of the al-Askari Shia Mosque in Iraq set into motion an ever increasing sectarian conflict between the Shia and Sunni of the region. That may have been a US false flag operation to stir up warfare between the two groups. Perhaps the current Shia-Sunni conflict involving the various factions such as the now prominent ISIS taking place across the Muslim world has been deliberately stoked so as to isolate Iran and weaken the various states by creating chaos and conflict.

  44. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Ocam’s Razor….especially considering the substandard “scientific” sewage known as the unpublishable Truther nanothermite study.

    And as far as the JFK assassination goes…who cares?…JFK was prevented from bringing about the permanent extinction of the Human Species by The Conservative Orthodox Christian Russian Naval Commander Vassili Akhripov……60 seconds and blattaria(Billy and Hillary’s kind of creatures) would have ruled the Planet Earth…

  45. Karl says:

    >> You can express yourself without insulting Malaysia or Phillipine

    It’s not libel if it’s true…. didn’t the Zenger-trial jury establish that?

    Or are you now proposing that: we are not allowed to notice some things.

    I noticed what I noticed because: I have lived in, and done business in, the Philippines….. have you?

  46. Karl says:

    >> leaving an identity card in the car is exactly the sort of stupid thing an average person does under stress

    my understanding was: the ID card was of the perp’s young relative, who left it in the car much, much earlier. The cops arrested the young kid, who provided air-tight evidence that he was completely elsewhere when the attack happened, and that the two perps were the ones who had the car that day. The cops released the kid with no charges; but they now knew exactly who they were looking for. Especially since those two perps were known to the State Security Organ.

    PS: the only folks in Israel who gain from French-immigration influx are real-estate brokers who sell them their new condo. And perhaps the wineries in the Galil and Ramat ha-Golan, who now can sell wine to French families without shipping it to France.

    • Replies: @Thomas O. Meehan
  47. KA says:


    “Google Play offers ‘Bomb Gaza’ game that lets you kill Muslim women and children

    Tom Boggioni
    How surreal is it, Hate speech,sadistic satifaction at genocidal wars on an open prison ,and glorification of violence did not create one single ripple in the peace seeking ,freedom loving,speech protecting,European conscience!

    – On a related note,this war against Gaza was planned months before to achieve someolitical goal ( that is the definition of terrorism when torture of people undertaken to reach a particular political goal ) . The conspiracy was open . Making fun of the victims were crude and played out among a much bigger audiences across the globe . Hate was incited and attitude of preparedness to commit further violence against Muslim was nutprtured by the biggest Internet company using the secular scientific minded brains of 21 century!!
    We live in interesting times !

  48. KA says:

    Ray McGovern again…
    former CIA official Ray McGovern has
    confirmed this directly in private, and indirectly in public by way of
    his ringing endorsement of David Ray Griffin’s work on 9/11.

    Kevin Barrett: Ex-Bush Official Busts 9/11 Perps at U.W. Historical Society

    Excellent account given by Kevin Barrett of the speech that Morgan Reynolds, former Bush aide and Professor Emeritus at Texas A&M, gave in Wisconsin regarding 9/11.

    Reynolds states that getting to the truth of 9/11 will make it possible for the nation to avoid further wars. Reynolds claims the proof is indisputable that 9/11 is an inside job.

    “Come Out of the White House with Your Hands Up!”

    Ex-Bush Official Busts 9/11 Perps at U.W. Historical Society
    Madison, WI

    Saturday, May 6, 2006
    Kevin Barrett, 07.05.2006 13:06

    An enthusiastic standing-room-only crowd overfilled the 300-seat
    Wisconsin Historical Society auditorium Saturday to hear ex-Bush
    Administration insider Morgan Reynolds prosecute top administration and
    military officials for the 9/11 inside job.

    Reynolds to Cheney: “You’re BUSTED!”

    Reynolds indicted Richard Cheney, George W. Bush, former Joint
    Chiefs Chairman Richard Meyers, confessed WTC demolisher and
    insurance-fraudster Larry Silverstein, and others for mass murder,
    conspiracy, and other charges including high treason.

    The enthusiastic response from the overflow crowd was a de facto
    vote for conviction on all counts.

    The former Director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National
    Center for Policy Analysis, showed that the defendants conspired to
    create a false cover story of suicide hijackings in order to “blow the
    World Trade Center to kingdom come” with explosives—a shock-and-awe
    psy-op designed to coerce the American people into supporting a
    pre-planned “long war” in the Middle East, massive increases in military
    spending, and the rollback of Constitutional civil liberties.

    Reynolds stated that everyone in the worldwide intelligence
    community knew that 9/11 was an inside job as soon as it happened, with
    the obvious stand-down of US air defenses, controlled demolition of the
    World Trade Center, and non-protection of the President in Florida being
    the biggest tip-offs. The head of the Russian equivalent of the Joint
    Chiefs of Staff, the former head of the German intelligence service
    Andreas Von Bulow, former National Security Agency official Wayne
    Madsen, and former MI-6 agent David Schayler have all openly called 9/11
    an inside job, while former CIA official Ray McGovern has
    confirmed this directly in private, and indirectly in public by way of
    his ringing endorsement of David Ray Griffin’s work on 9/11.
    Reynolds, who served as George W. Bush’s Labor Department Chief
    Economist in 2001-2002, believes that a 9/11 truth victory is looming on
    the near-term horizon.

    He predicted that one or more of the 9/11 insiders will soon “give
    it up” and come forward with what they know, saying “Remember, you heard
    it here first.” He said that most of those complicit in the attacks did
    not realize how over-the-top the plot was, due to the need-to-know
    compartmentalization of such covert operations, and that some
    semi-complicit individuals will probably be coming forward. Reynolds
    said that most of his email acquaintances are now worried that the 9/11
    truth movement is going to win, triggering the greatest Constitutional
    crisis in U.S. history. For Reynolds, this is less a cause for worry
    than for rejoicing:
    “We need a Constitutional crisis!”

    Reynolds argued that 9/11 truth is a matter of extreme urgency, since
    the perpetrators seem to be preparing another 9/11-style terror hoax —

    Dr. Morgan Reynolds is Professor Emeritus at Texas A & M University. He
    served as Chief Economist in the Department of Labor under George W.
    Bush during the Cheney regime’s first illegitimate term. He is the
    former director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center
    for Policy Analysis, and appeared on innumerable political discussion
    shows in the mainstream media – back when we used to have a mainstream
    media rather than a Ministry of Propaganda. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say
    that – it’s the Ministry of Love. Wait a minute, that’s the one that
    runs Abu Ghraib and the sex torture gulag. Or is that der Ministry of
    Unheimlich Insecurity? I’m sorry, I grew up back when we had something
    vaguely resembling a democracy –I can’t keep all this stuff straight.
    In any case, Dr. Reynolds has a stellar resume, and the best part of it
    is that he is a Wisconsin Badger with three degrees from this great
    university – and he is living up to its motto, The Truth Will Set You
    Free! Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Morgan Reynolds.
    * * *
    (For Morgan Reynolds’ work, see his website )
    e-mail:: [email protected]

  49. @Karl

    “PS: the only folks in Israel who gain from French-immigration influx are real-estate brokers who sell them their new condo. And perhaps the wineries in the Galil and Ramat ha-Golan, who now can sell wine to French families without shipping it to France.”

    Of course! I forgot that the Israeli government is completely indifferent to Jewish immigration.

    Whatever your hasbara boss is paying you, it’s too much. Propaganda 101; assertions that affront the intelligence of even the least of your readers is harmful to your message.

  50. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The assassination of the police officer while he was sitting in the car and the hijacking of a stranger who survived to tell that the Boston bomber boys had bombs planted are very much in the balk park of the false flag but post event . It was to shape emotion,create fear,and use that weakness to forcec citizen the truths coming out of the lying faucet of the FBI.
    Subsequent shooting death of one of the associates of the Boston bomber later was also to hide the deep state activities.
    Ironically both were writing their confession. One was bleeding into the boat ,hiding and writing ( he must have been a fallen Catholoc writing the confession before the priest of the death )

    Another puzzling stuff- America brings the riminals,jihadist,pedophiles,and hackers and witnesses from all around the globe and gather them in US but in Boston case ,they decided to deport a few witnesses.

    Recent death of Argenitinian charlaton known as prosecutor is another one . It is done to start wars on Iran and sabotage Argentina.

  51. Sam J. says:

    After 9-11 where building #7, not hit by a plane, fell the same speed as a rock dropped in mid air for roughly 108 feet it’s up to the Israeli’s to prove conclusively they weren’t involved in any terrorist attacks. All terrorist attacks. They’re likely the ones responsible in most cases.

  52. Clyde says:

    Wherever I hear the words “false flag” I figure the person is an idiot, not sophisticated, a Ron Paul supporter. You all have over active imaginations to get yourselves to where Israel is behind the Charlie Hebdo killings. Just from a point of logic, Israel would fear of being exposed if they tried to pull off such a scam in Europe. The risk of a mistake and exposure is too high. Exposure would bring such a horrible backlash and it would be egged on by people like the anti-Semitic posters here. Have fun boys, dicking around with your false flags.

    Mr. Giraldi is an intelligent and accomplished man so I figure he decided to throw out some red meat to the Israel haters today. Just for some fun

    • Replies: @KA
  53. DocH says:

    “Just from a point of logic, Israel would fear of being exposed if they tried to pull off such a scam in Europe.”

    Just from a point of logic, fear of what? Israel has nuclear capability

    “Exposure would bring such a horrible backlash and it would be egged on by people like the anti-Semitic posters here”

    Europeans are gagged by legislation. But probably not neccessary, most Europeans don’t have a clue what’s going on in Europe beyond the zone of ‘light’ entertainment.

    Concrete wall round Gaza, steel fence across Sinai. Anti-everyone not Israeli. Who’s dicking who?

  54. KA says:

    Why did the question of the “suicide” of the investigtaive officer receive such meager covering in the press and none in the US press?

    • Replies: @International Jew
  55. @KA

    Idea for a Giraldi article: that prosecutor (Alberto Nisman) was assassinated by the Mossad. Better yet, by a joint Mossad-AIPAC hit squad!

  56. Hawkeye says:

    Agree with DocH.

    This piece is nothing more than an imaginary conspiracy theory for conspiracy buffs.

    Israel is always the bogeyman — it gets old. For a country the size of New Jersey, Israel gets far more attention that it warrants. There are countries around the world with horrible governments that are far worse than Israel, that pose a greater threat to regional peace than Israel, and yet get half the attention by Israel bashers.

    Nothing more than a bunch of claptrap.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Jim
  57. geokat62 says:

    You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have AIPAC push America to take out Israel’s enemies, pay it tribute to the tune of \$3.5B annually, provide it steadfast diplomatic support… and then accuse those few Americans who notice of being obsessesed with Israel.

    So spare us with the boilerplate Hasbara!

  58. Hawkeye says: • Website

    Geokat62, AIPAC has only as much power in the halls of Congress as our representatives allow it to have. But, why worry about a lobby for the only democracy in the Middle East, a country that has Moslems serving in the Military and how have achieved the rank of General, Moslems who have served as ambassadors to Finland, Greece, and elsewhere. A country in which one senior officer first served in the Syrian military and then in the Israeli Defense Force and where a Bedouin woman has recently become the first Bedouin to serve in a combat role. This is the same country in which multiple Israel Arab political parties came together to try to gain a maximum number of seats so they could share in the power of unseating Netanyahu from his power. They currently hold 12 seats in the senate — 10 percent of the seats.

    What do we get from Israel? Next time you chat with someone on a computer you may want to keep in mind that the initial chat software was developed in Israel as ICQ. Quasicrystals? Discovered by Dan Schectman of Israel’s Technion. The world’s smallest camera now in used in endoscopes that are swallowed — developed in Israel. Azilect, a drug fighting Parkinson’s Disease — developed in Israel. Interferon Proteins — developed by Michel Revel of the Weizmann Institute. In defense, Israel has developed the Iron Dome system, the Protector USV, an unmanned surface vehicle and the first of its kind to be used on combat. Drip irrigation that replaces wasteful standard irrigation around the world was also developed by Israel. The list goes on and on.

    Israel has been at the forefront of fighting terrorism for decades and consistently shares its techniques and intelligence with the United States. U.S. forces frequently conduct major exercises with the IDF, honing their skills and sharing tactics.

    AIPAC can push American to take out Israel’s enemies, but it’s never worked. Israel does not allow foreign forces to fight it’s battles. Israel has always fought Hezbollah, Hamas, and the old PLO without U.S. forces. Much of the billions in aid given to Israel comes back to the United States as Israel flies U.S. aircraft, including the F-15, F-16, the C-130, KC-707, and the Gulfstream G550. Helicopters purchased by Israel are the AH-1 Huey, AH-64 Apache, S-65 Sea Stallion, and the S-70 Blackhawk. Israel also purchases tanks, howitzers, multiple rocket launchers, missile systems (Stingers, Patriots, Hellfires, Walleyes, and Mavericks among them) and more.

    In return, the U.S. also uses superior Israeli hardware — the Gabriel sea-skimming missile, LITENING targeting pod, IAI KFIR was formerly used for training purposes, and the U.S. military uses the SIMON breach grenade.

    Not a bad trade given the billions being returned to U.S defense contractors.

    I’d say the U.S. isn’t exactly hurting from the weapons sales, the intelligence sharing, and technology exchanges.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  59. DocH says:

    “I’d say the U.S. isn’t exactly hurting”

    Isn’t that just proving the point that the US is a Satellite State of Israel now? And so is the EU. If that’s what people want, then, fine.

  60. Hawkeye says:

    C’mon, DocH, how does a country of 350 million people become a satellite of a nation of only 6.5 million and is the size of New Jersey? That makes no sense.

    What are we worried about? AIPAC? AIPAC is a lobbying group, one of probably a million lobbying efforts on the hill. I worry more about the NRA lobbying effort after all of the school shootings we have experienced; cops who walk into every situation scared to death because they almost always assume a gun will be present; and our inability to keep guns out of the hands of seriously ill people. Every country in the world that depends upon the U.S. or that has interests in the U.S. lobby’s Congress. Every trade association in the U.S. lobby’s Congress. Every national non-profit organization lobbies Congress.

    Israel has never allowed foreign military troops on its soil, except for exercises and as U.N. peacekeepers. While it depends upon and purchases U.S. weapon systems it has never requested that the U.S. send troops. Of course, there are all of the conspiracy theory jerks out there who blame Israel for everything — Desert Storm, the Bush invasion of Iraq, and now Giraldi has proposed that maybe, just maybe, Israel is responsible for Charlie Hebdo. It’s absolutely scary to think he was a U.S. Army officer and worked for the CIA. As a retired U.S. Naval Flight Officer and an intelligence officer with a different agency I have never encountered such idiocy.

    The United States doesn’t need Israel to help us blunder into our own disasters. We’re quite capable of getting ourselves into Vietnam, Iran-Contra, Latin America, Bay of Pigs, and other fiascos.

    If you’ve ever been to Israel and traveled the country you will find that it is the most introspective country in the world — a nation divided by politics as much as the United States. Israelis are forever asking themselves the hard questions about who they are as a nation, their place in the world, their relationship to the Palestinians, West Bank occupation. This is not a homogenous society by any imagination. Add to that the mix of Arabs — Muslim, Christian, and Druze — who share in the society, serve in the military (Bedouin and Druze often serve), serve in the Knesset, are represented in the arts and sciences, and so much more — I’d say that Israel does far better than most countries that are surrounded by countries that are not exactly friendly.

    This is changing. Jordan and Israel have had relations for almost 20 years and Jordan is now pounding the crap out of ISIS. Egypt and Israel have had peace for 30 years and Egypt’s President has recently listed Hamas as a terrorist organization and has shut off all but humanitarian aid flowing into Gaza and Egypt has started to pound ISIS in Libya.

    Is it really Israel — a country of such a small population that we are afraid of? How can this country be such a bogeyman in contrast to North Korea, a country that has deified its chubby leader and possesses nuclear weapons. The same country that had started to help Syria develop a nuclear program under Bashir al-Assad, a tyrant in his own right. How is anyone afraid of Israel in contrast to Pakistan, a country with an intelligence system penetrated by the Taliban and so corrupt that ISI has been accused of helping the Taliban — a country that also possesses nuclear weapons and has tested them.

  61. geokat62 says:

    why worry about a lobby for the only democracy in the Middle East

    Don’t worry, be happy!

    Israel does not allow foreign forces to fight it’s battles.

    Of course not, where would one get that idea? I guess you haven’t read M&W yet. It’s a good read, especially this part:
    Israel’s enthusiasm for war eventually led some of its allies in America to tell Israeli officials to damp down their hawkish rhetoric, lest the war look like it was being fought for Israel. In the fall of 2002, for example, a group of American political consultants known as the Israel Project circulated a six-page memorandum to key Israelis and pro-Israel leaders in the United States. The memo was titled “Talking about Iraq” and was intended as a guide for public statements about the war. “If your goal is regime change, you must be much more careful with your language because of the potential backlash. You do not want Americans to believe that the war on Iraq is being waged to protect Israel rather than to protect America.”

    Easy with the hasbara… the problem defenders of the Zionist project have is that the facts are now easily accessible on the Internet. The old canard of a “land without a people for a people without a land” no longer works. I hope they pay you well, because your job has become infinitely more difficult!

  62. DocH says:

    “your job has become infinitely more difficult!”

    In the UK/EU they intend to extend the measures taken to curb child porn on the internet in order to deal with views of a political nature that are deemed pathological.

  63. Hawkeye says:

    GeoKat, is the U.S. any less Hawkish with calls to put boots on the ground to fight ISIS ala John McCain? Or the calls to arm so called moderate rebels as they took up arms against Bahsir Al-Assad? Or perhaps you’ve forgotten that the U.S. invaded Iraq on BS intelligence, a country that posed no threat to the U.S. and that had not provoked us in any manner?

    Of course there is a hawkish element in Israel. Is that so surprising? There are hawkish elements in the U.S. as well — that’s what a democracy is all about — opposing views. And sometimes those hawks get into office as did George W. Bush and his Machiavellian sidekick VP Dick Cheney.

    Don’t forget that it was some of the most ardent Israeli hawks that changed the paradigm in the Middle East. It was Menachem Begin, a former member of the terrorist group “Irgun Zvi Leumi” who made peace with Egypt. It was Ariel Sharon, probably the most vocal hawks in Israel’s history and the man responsible for the 1982 invasion of Lebanon that led to 18 years of occupation, who unilaterally removed the Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip — by force. Had he not suffered a stroke he likely would have taken his role as Prime Minister further. The great hawk entered office with no plan and no vision for peace, but came to understand that there could never be any peace if he listened to the hawks on one side and the extreme left on the other side. Sharon walked away from it all and formed his centrist political party, Kadima, to pursue a new path that ended with his stroke.

    But, you probably didn’t bother to think about these things, right?

    Ehud Barak, Israel’s most decorated soldiers, came into the office of Prime Minister with the Labor Party — Israel’s liberal party and came within an inch of making a comprehensive peace with the Palestinians until it was rejected by Yasser Arafat – Read Ambassador Dennis Ross’ book, “The Missing Peace” for a detailed description of what occurred in the White House with Arafat when he turned down the peace offer after achieving 90% of all he wanted.

    Unfortunately, Barak’s gov’t was teetering on collapse as it did only a few months after that White House meeting so it is very possible the Israeli Knesset would not have ratified the treaty, a process much like that of the U.S.

    You knew all that as well, right?

    You accuse me of Hasbarah — these are facts that you overlook.

    Benjamin Netanyahu is an extreme hawk. He first came to power as Prime Minister after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, one of Israel’s great hawks who was leading Israel down an entirely new path toward peace before he was assassinated by a right-wing Jewish extremist who listened to the kind of rubbish being spouted by Israel’s Likud and Netanyahu. Rabin had been Israel’s Chief of Staff of the IDF in 1967 until he had to step down due to what was most likely a nervous breakdown, but for most of his life he led the fight against Arab extremism and there he was in the 90s insisting that he could make peace with the very man who had vowed to destroy Israel — Arafat.

    The Palestinian people had the worst kind of leadership in Arafat, a small-minded man who made promises to the Palestinians he knew damned well he could not keep — mostly the destruction of Israel. Same with Hamas, and the same for Haj Amin Al-Husseini, the one-time Mufti of Jerusalem.

    Israel exists for the very same reason that the U.S., China, Russia, and all of the other nations in the world exist – it has the power to do so. Plain and simple.

    Giraldi, you, and others seem to object to the Jewish people finally writing their own story, something the State of Israel allows them to do. Is this the root of your problem? That they do so at the expense of others is no different than the U.S., Russia, China, etc.

  64. geokat62 says:

    Giraldi, you, and others seem to object to the Jewish people finally writing their own story, something the State of Israel allows them to do. Is this the root of your problem?

    I don’t think anyone is objecting to Jews writing their own story. What they object to is the trillions spent and the millions killed in the process of their writing their story!

    But you already knew that, right?

  65. Hawkeye says:

    Oh, and the U.S. Hasn’t spent trillions upon trillions of dollars around the world with foreign aid? In 2012, the U.S. spent \$48 billion on military and economic aid. The largest recipient was Afghanistan receiving almost \$13 billion in aid. Israel received \$3.1 billion. That means another 31+ billion was provided to other countries! including \$4 million to Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, and Jordan. Hell, we even gave Russia almost 1/2 billion and they’re not exactly on our list of buddies.

    Millions killed? I don’t know where you got that figure from, but clearly it is made up or pulled out of your butt. In the 1948 war, approximately 4,oo0 Arab fighters were killed and Israel lost about 6,000 soldiers. From 1949 to 1967 there were around 2,500 – 5,000 PLO fighter deaths. In 1970, somewhere between 3,500 – 20,000 PLO fighters died during Black September, but this was a case of the PLO attacking and trying to overthrow the Hashemite monarchy of Jordan and had nothing to do with Israel. The PLO had set up a state within a state in Jordan and was thrown out and exiled to Lebanon.

    In the Six Day War, Israel lost about 1,000 soldiers. Egypt lost somewhere between 6,000 – 15,000, Jordan about 6,000, and Syria lost between 1,000 – 2,500.

    I could go on, but you get the picture. As horrible as the deaths are on both sides, it doesn’t come close to the millions of which you spoke. You really need to learn how to get your facts straight rather than resort to made up ideas.

  66. geokat62 says:

    In response to Lilienthal’s question What Price Israel?, I did a little accounting of the price the Zionist state (and mostly others) has paid so far to ensure the security of “the villa in the jungle.”

    My starting point is the June ’67 war, in which Israel conquered, among other lands, the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip and, in violation of international law, immediately started placing “facts on the ground.”

    Although Israel formally “disengaged” from Gaza in 2005, the de facto occupation of OPT has now lasted almost half a century. Rather than pursuing a policy of “land for peace,” Israel decided to take a Clean Break (a policy paper presented to Bibi Netanyahu in 1996 by a study group led by Richard Perle that was later adopted by GWB as the basis of US foreign policy in the ME following 9/11) and has instead been pursuing a policy of “peace for peace” (don’t you recall how Condi Rice infamously described this policy when Israel attacked Lebanon in 2006… these are “the birth pangs of a new ME”

    1. 1982 Lebanon War (1982-1985)

    • Israelis killed: IDF 657, civilians 10
    • Lebanese, Palestinian, and Syrian killed: 17,285 (overwhelming majority civilians)

    2. First Intifada (1987-1993)

    • Israelis killed: IDF 60, civilians 100
    • Palestinians killed: 2,162 (overwhelming majority civilians)

    3. UN Sanctions against Iraq (1990-2003)

    Cui Bono? In 1991, Paul H. Lewis wrote in the New York Times:
    “Ever since the trade embargo was imposed on Aug. 6, after the invasion of Kuwait, the United States has argued against any premature relaxation in the belief that by making life uncomfortable for the Iraqi people it will eventually encourage them to remove President Saddam Hussein from power.”
    It should also be noted that Saddam was underwriting the family members of Palestinian suicide bombers to the tune of \$25,000. He also dropped 27 Scud missiles on Israel during the first Gulf War in 1990-91.

    “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price — we think the price is worth it.” Madeleine Albright (whose real name is Marie Jana Korbel), U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, in reply to Lesley Stahl’s question “We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?”

    • 500,000 Iraqi children killed

    4. Operation Defensive Shield (2002)

    • Israelis killed: IDF 30
    • Palestinians killed: 497 (overwhelming majority civilians)

    5. Iraq War (2003-2012)
    Cui Bono? Mearsheimer and Walt in Ch 8 of their book The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy provide the incriminating evidence that the Iraq war was pushed by the Lobby to enhance Israel’s security:

    Israel’s enthusiasm for war eventually led some of its allies in America to tell Israeli officials to damp down their hawkish rhetoric, lest the war look like it was being fought for Israel. In the fall of 2002, for example, a group of American political consultants known as the Israel Project circulated a six-page memorandum to key Israelis and pro-Israel leaders in the United States. The memo was titled “Talking about Iraq” and was intended as a guide for public statements about the war. “If your goal is regime change, you must be much more careful with your language because of the potential backlash. You do not want Americans to believe that the war on Iraq is being waged to protect Israel rather than to protect America.”

    It’s important to remember that the removal of Saddam was the prerequisite to Israel’s “mowing the lawn” campaigns and the invasion of Lebanon, which commenced soon after Saddam was deposed.

    • Iraqi deaths: 500,000 (overwhelming majority civilians)
    • American soldiers killed: 4,500

    6. Second Lebanon War (2006)

    • Israelis killed: IDF 121, civilians 43
    • Lebanese citizens: ~1,200

    7. Operation Summer Rains (2006)

    • Israelis killed: IDF 7
    • Palestinians killed: 402 (just under half civilians)

    8. Operation Cast Lead (2008-2009)

    • Israelis killed: IDF 10, civilians 3
    • Palestinians killed: militants ~700, civilians ~700

    9. Operation Pillar of Defense (2012)

    • Israelis killed: IDF 2, civilians 4
    • Palestinians killed: militants ~100, civilians ~100

    10. Operation Protective Edge (2014)

    • Israelis killed: IDF 65, civilians 6
    • Palestinians killed: ~2,100 (overwhelming majority civilians)

    11. Libyan Civil War (2011)
    Cui Bono?
    “Senior Israeli government officials were quoted as saying that ‘there is no reason for Israel to be sorry over the loss of Gaddafi’ as Muammar Gaddafi ‘supported terror and advocated terror against Israelis all over the world.’”
    “Gaddafi was a major financier of the “Black September Movement” which perpetrated the Munich massacre at the 1972 Summer Olympics, …”
    “Gaddafi also became a strong supporter of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which ultimately harmed Libya’s relations with Egypt when in 1979 Egypt pursued a peace agreement with Israel.”
    • death toll: 2,500-25,000 (overwhelming majority civilians)

    12. Syrian Civil War (2011-?)

    Cui Bono?
    “New York Times correspondent Jodi Rudoren reports: ‘More quietly, Israelis have increasingly argued that the best outcome for Syria’s two-and-a-half-year-old civil war, at least for the moment, is no outcome. ‘Whereas Alon Pinkas, Israel’s former consul general in New York, told Rudoren: ‘Let them both bleed, hemorrhage to death: that’s the strategic thinking here. As long as this lingers, there’s no real threat from Syria.’”
    • death toll: 191,000 (overwhelming majority civilians)

    Tally to date:

    • Israelis killed 1,108
    • Arabs killed ~1,200,000

    That’s a ratio of over 1,200 : 1!

  67. Hawkeye says:

    GeoKat, I admittedly did not add up your numbers, but if you’re including Arab deaths from the Libyan and Syrian civil wars and America’s invasion of Iraq than your numbers are blatantly incorrectly skewed to make a point that holds no water.

    If your 1.2 million includes 500,000 because of the U.S. invasion of Iraq than you’re playing the conspiracy theory game and trying to blame Israel for American’s own screw up. Yes, it is true that Saddam Hussein sent Scuds into Israel, but as unguided rockets they were little more than terror weapons and did little damage to Israel. Moreover, that was in 1991. Israel didn’t have to wait for 13 years and have the U.S. fight a proxy war on its behalf when we had imposed a no-fly zone over Iraq for the Iraq Air Force and his military had largely been decimated.

    Saddam Hussein wasn’t the only one who was supporting the PLO and giving funds to Arafat to distribute to the families of fallen PLO members. The PLO had any number of benefactors during the time of its existence. The PLO was actually an umbrella organization that consisted of any number of terrorist groups including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, Abu Nidal, and more. As an umbrella organization, the PLO was routinely supported with around \$100 million annually from any number of Arab States. Moreover, the PLO was engaged in any number of legal enterprises such as interests in airlines and even duty-free shops at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi and the Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos, Nigeria. But, the PLO was also heavily involved in illegal activities including drugs, which brought in about \$300 million annually. Saddam Hussein was far from the only benefactor of the PLO.

    Much of Arab support for the PLO disappeared after Arafat very publicly supported Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. Arafat bit the hand that fed his people. Kuwait had a large Palestinian foreign worker population, but after Iraq was removed from Kuwait, the Kuwaitis kicked the Palestinians out of the country, ending a major revenue source for many Palestinian families.

    Let’s not blame Israel for all of the ills of the world. It’s not that big a country, the population is not that big, and 7 million Jews, Arabs, and Christians aren’t in a position to take over the world.

    As for the civil wars in Syria and Libya. Syria was a matter of time — old man Ahvaz Al-Assad had already attacked and destroyed his own city of Homs because of an insurgency that was growing — this was back in the 80s. He killed thousands of his own people. Bashir Al-Assad, with a western education, was thought to possibly bring in greater reforms, but he hasn’t been much better.

    Ghaddafi? Geez, you’re blaming the Israelis for that too? While you’re at it why not blame the Israelis for putting fluoride in our water, the Pacific Ocean tsunami of a few years ago, and Hurricane Sandy? Yes, Ghaddafi did sponsor the Black September terrorist group that killed the Israeli Athletes at the Munich Olympic games — that was in 1972. Do you seriously believe that the Israelis waited 40 years to instigate the civil war in Libya? For real? You forget that the Israelis assassinated Khalil Ibrahim al-Wazir, also known as Abu Jihad, in Tunis. If the Israelis seriously wanted Ghaddafi dead they certainly would not have waited 40 years and gone to the extent of instigating a civil war to rid themselves and the world of one of the great madmen in a position of power.

    It should come as no surprise that the Israelis may be content to watch the civil war in Syria — it keeps the Syrians busy and the short-sightedness of some Israelis may be content to see Syrian society deteriorate while also succumbing to ISIS. Israeli strategic thinkers are certainly asking the hard questions — if the enemy they know, Al-Assad, falls who will come to power — the political unknown.

    Look, I’ve said it before — don’t judge any country by how it screws up. Every country screws up. If you can find a perfect country you have found a utopia. If you’re an intelligence person, which I have to believe you are, then you know there is no such thing as a utopia. So, how should we judge a country — any country? Judge the country by the people and the government as to how it responds to screw ups. Once again, Israel is not a homogenous country. It is a small nation of only 7 million people — give or take a bit. The majority of the population is Jewish — secular who do not worship and all levels of religious observance up to the ultra-orthodox. The country does have a large Palestinian population of 1.5 million and while they have long been second class citizens, a huge segment of the Israeli population is not content to continue with the status quo. There are all kinds of organizations to bridge the gap between Jewish and Palestinian children. Israeli actress Haim Abass is Palestinian and one of Israel’s great actresses. One Miss Israel has been Palestinian. Palestinian Arabs hold 10 percent of the seats in the Knesset, but they could hold even more if the Palestinian population could unite behind a single party. Muslims in Israeli society have served as Ambassadors to Finland, Greece, and other countries. Two Palestinians have served on Israel’s Supreme Court, including one appointee who was appointed as a lifetime member of the court.

    Things are changing in Israel for the better. Most Israeli Palestinians are not happy with the Israeli government, but when push comes to shove I know from personal interactions that they are not prepared to move to any other Arab nation because they know that they sill maintain a certain level of freedom they often cannot get in other countries. That, of course, is changing as well with Jordan and, despite a military coup and a military leader in Egypt — change is afoot there as well.

    The Israelis are always asking the hard questions about their own country. Liberal Israelis who vote for the Liberal Labor Party are often strongly opposed to the West Bank settlements. Personally, I see those settlements as the greatest mistake in Israeli history. They have long been an impediment to the peace process and should never have been built. If I were king I would declare that the settlements would remain, the Jewish residents can maintain their homes, but they would become Palestinian citizens. If they don’t want to be Palestinians they could sell their homes to Palestinian Arabs or other Jews and move back to Israel.

    Israelis have their own peace movement — “Peace Now.” Israelis support and Amnesty International in order to bring about peace. But, as in any democracy there are also conservatives — the Likud Party — who support settlement construction, who oppose any concessions to the Palestinians, etc. We have the same issues in the U.S. — liberal vs conservative, hawks and doves.

    How strong is this introspection in Israeli society? How many countries do you know of where 10 percent of the population turns out to protest the actions of their nation in another country? This is exactly what happened when 400,000 Israelis protested in Tel Aviv against Israel’s invasion of Lebanon. The outcry against Minister of Defense Ariel Sharon’s plan was so strong that he was forced to resign from the ministry.

    Yitzhak Rabin gave his life for the cause of peace — trying to reach a settlement with Yasser Arafat.

    Watch the documentary, “The Gatekeepers,” in which several Directors of Israel’s Shin Bet (Internal Security Service and one of three intelligence organizations in Israel) discuss their roles in the Palestinian – Israeli conflict. One comments that no Israeli leader ever went to the Palestinians to speak to them — not Ben Gurion, not Golda Meir, none, until Yitzhak Rabin did so. The implication is that for all they work they did as the leaders of Shin Bet, nothing was resolved. They all recognize that for their to be change there must be a change in policy.

    Israeli routinely initiates investigations of inappropriate actions by their own defense force and perpetrators are dealt with. Military commanders are relieved of command and dismissed from the IDF when their actions warrant such treatment.

    If you’re going to condemn a nation — why not look at North Korea, a nation that is practically one giant concentration camp in which people starve while the leadership lives comfortably? Why not condemn Saudi Arabia, which has been exporting its ultra conservative brand of Islam in the form of Wahabiism, including exporting it to American Mosques. The Wahabi movement of Islam is the foundation of Islamic extremism. I could go on and on with nations that have been for more horrible than Israel. Since you wish to go back in time — why not condemn Russia where Stalin killed 20 million of his own people?

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  68. @Hawkeye

    Hawkeye, the short version

    The case for Israel is made of four propositions that should always be presented in the correct escalating order —-

    We rock
    They suck
    You suck
    Everything sucks

    That’s it. Now you know everything that it took me a lifetime to learn. The rest is details; filling in the dotted lines.

    You begin by saying how great Israel is. Israel want peace; Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East; the desert blooms; kibutz; Israelis invented antibiotics, the wheel, the E minor scale; thanks to the occupation Palestinians no longer live in caves; Israel liberates Arab women; Israel has the most moral army in the world, etc.

    This will win over 50% of your listeners immediately. Don’t worry about the factual content. This is about brand identity, not writing a PhD. Do you really think BP is ‘beyond petroleum’?

    Then you go into the second point: They suck. Here you talk about the legal system of Saudi Arabia, gay rights in Iran, slave trade in the Sudan, Mohammad Atta, the burqa, Palestinians dancing after 9/11, Arafat’s facial hair, etc.

    There is only one additional principle you need to understand here. It will separate you from the amateurs. You need to know your audience. If you’ve got a crowd already disposed to racist logic, go for it with everything you have. But if you get a liberal crowd, you need to sugar coat the racism a bit. Focus on women rights, human rights, religious tolerance, “clash of civilizations”, terrorism, they teach their children to hate, etc. Deep down your audience WANTS to enjoy racism and feel superior. They just need the proper encouragement so they can keep their sophisticated self-image. Give them what they crave and they’ll adore you! But be careful not to ‘mix n match,’ because it will cost you credibility.

    When you’re done, there will always be dead-enders insisting that abuse of gays in Iran does not justify ethnic cleansing in Palestine. Take a deep breath, and pull the doomsday weapon: You suck!

    You’re a Jew-hater, Arab-lover, anti-Semite, you’re a pinko, a commie, a dreamer, a naive, a self-hater, you have issues, your mother worked for the Nazis, Prince Bandar buys you cookies, you forgot you were responsible for the holocaust, etc. The more the merrier. By the time you end this barrage, only a handful would be left standing. For mopping them up, you use the ultimate postmodern wisdom: Everything sucks.

    War, genocide, racism, oppression are everywhere. From the Roma in Italy to the Native-Americans in the U.S., the weak are victimized. Why pick on Israel? It’s the way of the world. Look! Right is only in question between equals in power; the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must. Ethics, schmethics. Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Eat, drink! Carpe diem! The Palestinians would throw us into the sea if they could. Ha ha!

    Trust me, that’s as far as words can go. If you followed this method faithfully, you’ve done your work. You should leave the few who are still unconvinced to the forces of order. END of QUOTE

    — but not, by any means, end of the seemingly inexhaustible circle-jerk of hasbara and hasbarats; see Hawkeye, above; lather, rinse, repeat.

    What’s most disconcerting, destructive, and prone to bring out the auntie semite in your average everyday semi-aware person is that while the Hawkeyes of the world maintain, for nigh on 100 years now, their obsessive, narcissistic focus on “rockin’ Israel, the only democracy in the etc etc etc,” Russia and China are eating American lunch.

    The Israel as Superstate for Superjews schtick is like, so 20th century.

    The world has moved on.

    Israel & Superjews are still avenging the ass-kicking they took from Romans in 70AD — check it out:

    THE Zionist movement dates from A.D. 70, the year of the destruction of the Temple and the Jewish State.

    It’s pathetic.
    Hasbarats are pathetic.
    They’re backward. They’re stuck. Narcissus got so full of himself he fell face-first in the pond and propelled himself deeper and deeper with his flapping and flailing trying to convince — who exactly? — that he is gorgeous and uber smart.

    Get a new gig, guys.
    You’re pathetic.

    But, if that’s the way Jews and Israel want to spend the short years they have on this earth, well, your choice, I suppose, but don’t suck USA into your 2000 year old grudge sludge.

    USA! USA! USA!


  69. Hawkeye says:

    SolontoCroesus, you pretty much summed it best — know your audience and if it is a crowd disposed toward racist logic — go for it.

    You don’t think I know the audience here? Of course, I do!! And, that’s why so many respond to me with their pissed off comments, their BS conspiracy theories, and all the rest of the crud that spews forth from such idiots.

    I actually can be highly critical of Israel and I know for a fact that many Israelis are highly critical of their own country. But, why are you and all the other jerks that respond to me so critical of this one tiny nation — a nation that does far better to integrate its minorities into its society than much larger, older, and greater nations? A nation that continues to contribute so much to science, technology, and more? You don’t like the country, but you are damned well happy to take advantage of the technology and the science that comes out of the country. You can’t be a bigger hypocrite when you take advantage of what a country has to offer the world, but you’re constantly putting it down and arguing against it.

    is there an ulterior motive? I think so.

    If you’re going to hide behind a level of anti-Semitism by cloaking it with a hatred for Israel, Zionism, or both — stop pretending. That’s what most of the crap here is about and I love that people show their true colors with their vitriol, their conspiracy theories, and such. Hell, I had one responder refer to the American military as a parasite, yet he reads Philip Giraldi’s crap, a guy who apparently was a U.S. Army Officer and worked for the CIA. Why read the work of a person who helped support that parasitic organization for an entire career?

    If Russia and China are eating America’s lunch — whose fault is that? Are you going to blame that on Israel as well? On the American Jewish community? C’mon SolontoCroesus, show some intelligence. That has nothing to do with Israel and it has nothing to do with the American Jewish community.

    But, if you enjoy soaking up all of the conspiracy theories that are out there, if you’re going to hide your real feelings behind whatever dislike you have for Israel or Zionism, why not stand up and be counted for what you really are?

    • Replies: @solontoCroesus
  70. @Hawkeye

    dearie me, Hawkeye, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed now didn’t they. tut tut.
    Did they teach you in hasbara school that on the first escalation the dootiful hasbarat will respond with name calling — “idiot,” “jerk,” “conspiracy theorist;” increase the serving of “Israel’s technology” by as many basis points as you think you can get away with; throw elbows and knees like a good krav maga ?
    Jeebus but you’re predictable.
    And boring.

    You also fail to acknowledge that 99 44/100 % of Israel’s vaunted technology came to Israel courtesy of the People of Russia, who educated you sorry lot then were arm-twisted into allowing you to migrate to Israel — Uncle Sam picked up the tab — where your miracle “start up” kleptocracy collected the dividends of centuries of Russian (and German, Italian, French, & American, I might add, whose universities Jews flocked to, sometimes displacing the children of the taxpayers who built those institutions) educational development and prowess. Your mother and your rabbi might heap praise on you but we knew you When, and you were not that pretty. As recently as ~1980, Israel’s economy was in the same sludge as lines the bottom of Narcissus’ pond. It could happen again.

    Other than that, your most recent screed offers not that much to respond to.
    But I gotta say this — I was thinking about that image of Narcissus with his face stuck in the sludge at the bottom of the pond, and considering how an observer would complete that picture. I couldn’t help but recall the butt-crack of the paunchy, hirsute plumber who just defrosted a frozen pipeline.
    So pleased & disgusted was I with that nasty image that I clicked back onto this article thinking I’d add it to the “pissed off comments” that your hasbara seems to inspire (why do you think that happens so often, Hawkeye?)

    That, and something you wrote in the original post didn’t quite ring true.

    You wrote,

    If you’re going to condemn a nation — why not look at [insert flavor of the month] . . . I could go on and on with nations that have been for more horrible than Israel. Since you wish to go back in time — why not condemn Russia where Stalin killed 20 million of his own people?

    Now that’s straight out of the hasbara playbook, just like the article from Jews Sans Frontiers that I quoted, extensively, above — “they suck, everybody sucks.” Next you’ll be hitting us with another version of “Leave Israel alone! sniff sniff boo hoo hoo hoo hoo leave her alone (insert appropriate emoticon cons).

    sorry — I got distracted.
    all verklept.

    Here’s the part in your comment that was intriguing:

    why not condemn Russia where Stalin killed 20 million of his own people?

    Why indeed?

    Stephen Kotkin has written extensively on Stalin. I’ve not read his work, but I did listen very closely as he discussed his book recently —

    In addressing the question “When was it known that Stalin was a sociopath, who knew it, and what did they do about it,” Kotkin discusses an incident involving Grigor Zinoviev and Lev Kamanev, both Polish Jews who were fiercely ambitious to replace or at least serve as second-in-command in Stalin’s Bolshevik Communist hierarchy.

    According to Klotkin,

    If Kamanev thought that Stalin was a sociopath, if Kamanev thought in the summer of 1923 that Stalin’s rule could murder tens of millions of people, including Kamanev himself . . . Kamanev, . . . the person who is closest to Stalin on a day-to-day basis . . . who knows Stalin as well as anybody — he has met Stalin 20 years earlier, he has given Stalin a copy of Machiavelli in Russian translation: the copy of Machiavelli in Stalin’s library is from this guy, Lev Kamanev . . . So he is not exactly a naif. . . .He tells one of Stalin’s close associates . . . that Stalin is working really hard and doing a good job. . . .Evidently Stalin’s closest comrade did not perceive the sociopathic behavior that we’ll see later as of Summer 1923.

    I think Klotkin’s analysis is misguided and that Machiavelli is the key; we can discuss that later if you think you’re man enough. The point remains that Klotkin establishes that by Summer 1923 Stalin is exhibiting “sociopathic behavior,” involving the “murder of tens of millions of people.”

    According to Wikipedia,

    Zinoviev is best remembered as the longtime head of the Communist International and the architect of several failed attempts to transform Germany into a communist country during the early 1920s. He was in competition against Joseph Stalin who eliminated him from the Soviet political leadership. . . . Sometime in 1918, while Ukraine was under German occupation, the rabbis of Odessa ceremonially anathematized (pronounced here [i.e. a fatwa against) Trotsky, Zinoviev, and other Jewish Bolshevik leaders in the synagogue

    That might provide some background for Herbert Hoover’s assessment, in 1938, that “Hitler’s three idees fixes included eradicating Bolshevik Communism, which he inexplicably, of course, associated with Jewish persons — like the Polish Jewish Communist infiltrator Zinoviev, and the Jewish rabble-rouser Rosa Luxumburg. It’s not clear if German government officials were aware of the activities of Elizabeth Zarubina aka Lisa Rozensweig aka Elizabeth Zubilin aka Lisa Gorskaya, a Bessarabian Jewess who spied for the Communists and the Soviets from World War I on through penetration of the Manhattan project where “she supposedly set up a ring of young communist physicists around Robert Oppenheimer at Los Alamos to transmit nuclear weapon plans to Moscow.” Zarubina-Rozensweig-Zubilin-Gorskaya’s treacheries seem more directed against the USA than against Germany. But her activities contribute to the notion that the USA bore a deep antipathy to Communism and took steps to eliminate it.

    In fact, Woodrow Wilson sent troop to eradicate Bolshevism in 1918-1919, but the project backfired — see When the United States Invaded Russia: Woodrow Wilson’s Siberian Disaster, by Professor Carl Richard.

    What do we have so far:

    –Woodrow Wilson sent an expedition to Siberia to try to eradicate Bolshevic Communism 1917-1919 — the US was not unaware of its threat and sought to do something about it.

    –The world knows at least as early as 1923 that Josef Stalin is “sociopath” who has or soon will murder “tens of millions” following the ideology of Bolshevic Communism.

    –Soviet Communists did, indeed, attempt to subvert Germany to Bolshevic Communism in the Weimar era, 1919-1933.

    — Adolf Hitler was vehemently opposed to Bolshevic Communism, a position he shared with the rabbis of Odessa (Vladimir Jabotinsky’s home town, incidentally).

    — Our own dear Hawkeye appears to be opposed to the murderous activities of Stalinist Bolshevic Communism.

    So why is it that when Adolf Hitler assumed the chancellorship in March, 1933, while Stalin was in full and murderous sway, International Jewry Declared War on GERMANY!

    Had anybody or any group in Germany in the years when Stalin was displaying “sociopathic behavior” and “killing tens of millions” exhibited behavior that was equal to that of Bolshevic Communists?

    Breitman and Lichtman write,

    Upon gaining power in 1933, Adolf Hitler and other leading Nazis targeted for persecution alleged blood enemies of the German race. Yet before the war Nazi oppression of German Jews followed a jagged trajectory. Some Nazi activists physically assaulted Jews in the early exuberant days of Hitler’s semi legal revolution. Once secure in their authority, Nazi officials curbed personal violence, but enacted a series of discriminatory laws and decrees, what contemporary observers called Hitler’s “cold pogrom” against Jews. Only in late 1938 did central authorities instigate the violence known as Kristallnacht — the Night of Broken Glass — wiping out synagogues across the country in a matter of days. For the first time, the Gestapo imprisoned tens of thousands of German Jews in concentration camps that also held other alleged enemies of Hitler’s new Reich. p. 1, FDR and the Jews.

    Breitman & Lichtmann’s rhetoric is a tad florid.
    The facts that can be separated from the hyperventilating are these:

    “Before the war” — The war is reckoned to have started Sept. 1, 1939, when German invaded Poland. So, between 1933 and Sept 1, 1939, Jews were not only NOT subject to physical violence in Germany, the NSDAP government quelled violence against Jews.

    The “series of discriminatory laws and decrees” are considered, by American Jews though generally not by German Jews, “persecution.”

    Rabbi Stephen Wise notes in his autobiography that he disdained to open the many, many letters he received from German Jews that pleaded with him NOT to harangue the German authorities since they, German Jews, were not uncomfortable with the situation. ( The Challenging Years: The Autobiography of Stephen Wise.

    In mid-1933 Leonard Stein published two slim volumes cataloguing the “persecutions” endured by German Jews. German Jews, or more precisely, Jews who had migrated to Germany from Russia and Poland in the years immediately after the Russian Revolution and the end of WWI, were, indeed, required to submit to proportional quotas in universities and professional schools, and Jews were dismissed from administrative positions where their Communist sentiments were antithetical to the German value set. Anyone who has listened to middle-class Americans complain about “illegal immigrants” can get a sense of what Germans experienced in the Weimar years, and how the NSDAP attempted to deal with the incursions through “semi legal” — actually, the legally created means designed by a sovereign state to protect its interests.

    Re Kristallnacht, a thorough discussion can be had, but not here and not now. All of the circumstances taken in context strongly indicate that the situation was, at least, provoked by zionists agents who were active in Germany at the time. That is, I hold a “conspiracy theory” regarding Kristallnacht, it being the only one that makes sense.

    Only in November 1938 were German Jews “for the first time … imprisoned in concentration camps.” Additional information reveals that the majority of those imprisoned were released within 30 to 60 days. Between one-thousand and two-thousand Jewish persons were held in concentration camps because they were deemed to be Communist Bolshevics — persons who were attempting to subvert the German state.

    No Stalinesque mass murders, no sociopathology. Rather, a sovereign state reimposing order on its political system against a backdrop of known attempts by Bolshevic Communists to subvert the state, and in the face of an economic war declared by “international Jewry” whose intent was to destroy the economic activity upon which Germany depended for its existence — an “existential threat” to the German state.

    Given these two states and the comparative “psychopathology” and demonstrated homicidal activity or lack of same of each state and its leaders, how did it come to pass that, by mid-1941, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., The Jew Who Defeated Hitler, ( by Peter Moreira) had successfully pushed for and implemented loans and US aid to the Soviet Union, the first of many forms of ‘outreach’ to the Stalinist regime that Morgenthau facilitated.

    What is even more confusing is the diplomatic and military efforts that cost thousands of American lives and subverted the will of the Italian people to the type of government they desired, in order that FDR might assure himself that Communists would not gain a perch in Italy in the end-days or post-war period? So determined was FDR to keep Communists out of Italy that, in a colloquy conducted at the North Carolina estate of Bernard Baruch, FDR instructed Gen. Mark Clark to allow the German army to break out of a trap that British and US forces had set, in order that only the US forces under Clark would liberate Rome and thereby gain the upper hand in controlling Italy’s post-war destiny?

    Let’s drive this point home: FDR gave the nod to Hitler’s Germany rather than Stalin’s Communists in the liberation of Italy (to the deep dismay of Churchill, to be sure).

    Wilson didn’t like Bolshevic Communists.
    Ukrainian rabbis didn’t like Bolshevic Communists.
    Hitler and NSDAP didn’t like Bolshevic Communists.
    FDR didn’t like Bolshevic Communists
    Baruch didn’t seem to mind the vanquishing of Bolshevic Communists

    But “International Jewry” centered in New York City and London, and in the persons of Rabbi Stephen Wise, Stephen Untermyer, and a handful of similarly rabid and mendacious characters thrived on hate and lies like a porn addict craves a fast internet connection. Peter Moreira writes that

    “A turning point in Henry Morgenthau, Jr.’s relationship with the Jewish community came in November 1942, when Rabbi Stephen Wise came to [Morgenthau’s] office to tell [him] what was happening in Europe. Morgenthau knew of the millions of deaths and the lampshades made from victims’ skin, and he asked Wise not to go into excessive details. But Wise went on to tell of the barbarity of the Nazis, how they were making soap out of Jewish flesh. Morgenthau, turning pale, implored him, “Please, Stephen, don’t give me the gory details.” . . . Morgenthau later said that meeting changed his life.” p. 197

    Henry Morgenthau, Jr., “the only Jew in FDR’s administration,” seemed to favor Stalin’s Communist regime.

    Where do you stand, Hawkeye, sociopaths or soap stories?

  71. Hawkeye says:

    solontoCroesus, solontoCroesus, solontoCroesus, your response was so disjointed and tangential that it borders on juvenile.

    First of all, you’ve made assumptions about me that are incorrect. I am not Jewish. In fact, I had never heard of “hasbara” and had to look it up to try to figure out if you were insulting me or just trying to show off some kind of rudimentary knowledge of Hebrew, or what? I have no idea. I also had to look up “verklept,” another word you used. I would have suspected you to be a self-hating Jewish person given your knowledge of such words until I learned that the word is actually “verklempt,” a Yiddish word meaning overcome with emotion. Hardly. If I have any emotion about any of this at all it is my joy in needling you, possibly angering you, and whatever other emotions I might arouse in you. It’s very good fun. And, since I am in a wonderful position of not having to waste my time at the daily grind of a 40-hour work week none of this has any real impact on me.

    I’m guessing you’re not so fortunate so you’re spending a great deal of your time on earth doing research and cutting and pasting just to respond. Perhaps, you’re unemployed or underemployed and blaming Israel, the Jews, and the rest of the world for your own shortcomings. Either way, I come out ahead since I’m in that wonderful position of not having to earn a living as I have sufficient investments to live well.

    So, let’s take a look at your arguments.

    First of all, to pull a number such as 99 44/100s out of your butt that all of Israel’s discoveries or inventions are by Russian Jews who immigrated after the old USSR fell apart is patently false. If you know anything about Israel as a nation it prizes education above all else and it has always maintained outstanding universities and research facilities, to include Hebrew University, The University of Tel Aviv, the Weizmann Institute, The Technion, and the Hadassah Hospital at Ein Kerem and on Mount Scopus. Those are just a small listing of such facilities in a relatively small country. Want more? In the area of biomedical research there are the Dead Sea Research Center, Early Phase Clinical Research Center, Institute for Medical Biomathematics, Israel Institute for Biological Resarch and more. In computer science there is the Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Computational Intelligence and the Microsoft Israel R&D Center. Even though I’ve already mentioned the Technion, that facility also maintains the Technion Computer Engineering Center. The list of Agricultural research centers is a long list and includes The Central and Northern Arava Research and Development Center, the Gilat Research Center, Institute of Animal Science, Migal – Galilee Research Center, Kimron Veterinary Institute, and a whole lot more.

    To think that Israel’s ability to conduct research and development began only 25 years ago when the Russian Jews began to arrive is not only silly — it’s pathetic.

    But, if you need some more convincing — just as some examples — Azilect, a pharmaceutical for Parkinson’s disease was developed by Moussa Youdim and John Finberg. Hardly Russian names. Youdim is an Iranian-Israel scientist. Finberg was born in London.

    Development of the Copaxone Immunomodulator drug for treating multiple sclerosis was a combined effort by Micheal Sela, Ruth Aron, and Deborah Teitelbaum. Sela is of Polish origin born in 1924. Ruth Arnon was born in Tel Aviv in 1933. Teitelbaum is probably a name of German origin.

    The development of Interferon proteins is credited to Michel Revel of the Weizmann Institute. Revel was born in France in 1938. Clearly, he has been engaged in research long before the 1990s.

    Need more? Yeah, I thought so.

    Nanowire, a conductive wire made of a string of particles of silver, a thousand times thinner than a human hair, was developed by Uri Sivan, Erez Braun, and Yoav Eichen at the Technion. Care to look up the origins of their names? Not a Russian among them.

    The world’s smallest DNA computing system was developed by Ehud Shapiro and a team at the Weizmann Institute.

    The Uzi was developed by Maj Uziel Gal in the 1950s. The Iron Dome system, which the U.S. also now uses, was developed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aircraft Industries.

    The first PC microprocessor — the intell 8088 (remember then from way back??) — it was designed at Intel’s Haifa Laboratory. Differential cryptanalysis was coinvented by Adi Shamir.

    Better stop chatting with friends on your computer. You don’t want to be using technology that has its foundation in Israel, do you?? The first global chat system, ICQ, was developed by the Israeli company Mirabilis.

    The most peculiar element of your response is that you deride Elizabeth Zurabina for being Jewish and working as a Soviet spy, but then you deride Israel for your imaginary statistic that most of Israel’s discoveries are by Russians. That’s a hell of a contradiction on your part and not very intelligent. Even if your imaginary statistic was true — what would it matter? They could only have been successful if they had the laboratories and other research facilities to foster that success.

    Truth is, Israel had a very difficult time integrating the Russians into Israeli society because the influx was so great — but it managed to do so.

    So, from there what do you do? You go into an analysis of Stalin — he was a sociopath. So what? That doesn’t excuse the fact that his advisors, cabinet, and other leaders of the USSR didn’t do a thing to remove him. In the end, 20 million Russians died in his bloody purges. It doesn’t matter what kind of psychological analysis you might conduct of the guy — 20 million died because of him.

    You put words in my mouth when you say I am opposed to the Stalinist purges and then you make an even dumber comment when you ask why the Jews of Germany didn’t support Hitler due to his opposition to communism. C’mon, solontoCroesus you don’t help your case by demonstrating such ignorance so I won’t bother to respond to such a stupid comment.

    I have absolutely no idea why you raise the issue of Elizabeth Zarubina. She died almost 30 years ago — what does she have to do with the price of crap in Argentina. She was a Soviet spy and if you know anything about the Soviet Union it opposed religion and it certainly opposed any overt practice of Judaism. She was a Russian spy who happened to be Jewish and her spying activities were 50 years back. You blame her for whatever ills of the world you can drum up, but you further suggest a level of anti-Semitism by blaming an entire population because of isolated incidents. Isolated in the sense that while you can find other spies who are Jewish they are outside of the norm.

    Why not look at more recent spies. Ana Montes worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency and is serving 25 years for espionage. She was recruited by Cuba while in college to spy against the United States. Aldrich Ames worked for the CIA and provided the USSR with Russian nationals spying for the United States. Those who he revealed were either imprisoned or executed, setting back American intelligence for years. But, Russian spies continued to disappear after Ames was caught. It turned out that FBI agent, Robert Hannsen was also revealing Russians spying for America — and they, too, were imprisoned or executed by Moscow.

    LCDR John Walker spent 18 years providing crypto codes to the old USSR. He has been serving a life sentence since 1986. A defecting Russian KGB officer later told the U.S. that had the old USSR and the U.S. gone to war, we would have lost because Walker was providing all of the codes used by American submarines.

    None of these idiots were Jewish. Presumably, you hate Americans as much as you hate Israel given that these were all American spies.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, now you’re going to bring up Jonathan Pollard. Don’t bother. I know all about Pollard. Aside from the fact that he was an idiot and a flake who has a few loose screws, he tried getting employment with the CIA. The CIA considered him dishonest and turned him down. He applied to U.S. Naval Intelligence and spied for about 18 months, providing secrets to Israel. Israel didn’t approach Pollard and the country didn’t try enlisting him as a spy. Pollard met Aviem Sella, an Israeli fighter pilot who flew the mission to destroy the Osirik nuclear plant in Iraq through a friend. It was a chance meeting. Pollard offered to provide secrets to Israel and Sella was told to run Pollard as a spy. Sella was not prepared to do so as he was an aviator, not an intelligence officer, but he did as he was told.

    But, again, I’m sure you hate Americans as much as you hate Israel given that the U.S. has run spies in Israel. Yossi Amit was an IDF officer who worked for the U.S. So was Angie Kielcznski. Yossi Amit was sentenced to 12 years in an Israeli prison for spying for the United States.

    Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the U.S. doesn’t use whatever satellite systems it has collecting information against Israel. I hardly think we shut off our satellites when they fly over Israel.

    Your reference to Elizabeth Zarubina holds no water. I’m pretty familiar with the espionage game.

    Quoting Rabbi Stephen Wise is admirable. I’m impressed that you are familiar with him. But, let’s dispel a myth that Germany’s Jews arrived only after the Russian Revolution. I’m not sure if your intent was to suggest that most of Germany’s Jews were recent arrivals or if you were trying to make some other point. Germany’s Jewish population dates back to between the 5th and 10th centuries. Germany’s Jewish community did very well during some periods and suffered during other periods, most notably — the Crusades and during the Black Death in which the Jews were accused of poisoning wells. In the 17th century Polish and Lithuanian Jews also migrated to Germany when Cossacks drove many out.

    In the end, it matters not where Germany’s Jews came from. Suffice it to say that by 1933, Germany’s Jewish population numbered approximately 522,000 and by the eve of WW II that number had dropped to around 230,000. They weren’t leaving Germany because they were getting multi-million dollar contracts to live elsewhere or some crazy idea. They left because of the treatment of Jews by the Nazi government. You misinterpret the efforts of Jews in Germany to have Rabbi Wise lay off the Hitler regime. At the outset, there was the old belief that “this too shall pass,” and there were some who believed it was best to not antagonize the Nazi regime anymore than necessary. Many had businesses, many were scholars, and there was hope that in time Nazi actions against the Jews would dissipate. After all, Germany was among the most industrialized and modern nations in the world. It was the go-to country to study science, architecture, medicine and engineering in Europe. As has been said before — the pessimists left; the optimists remained.

    Your fiction that Germany’s Jews were content under Hitler is either crazy, inane, or simply ridiculous.

    Your comment about Krystallnacht being some kind of Jewish plot is ludicrous. C’mon, I thought you were an educated person. You write well, although your arguments are horrible disjointed. Yeah, I’m sure there are some conspiracy buffs out there writing their crap about this and that and I’m sure someone has suggested Krystallnacht was the product of something other than Nazi aggression. C’mon, do you believe that there is a Jewish plot to take over the world as well? That 18 million people total will one day rule over a world of more than 7 billion?

    If you really believe that kind of crap please send me a check — I have a bridge in Brooklyn I am happy to sell you.

    You play a very dangerous game of semantics when you suggest that the Third Reich’s Nuremberg Laws didn’t constitute persecution. Persecution is defined as exterminating, driving away, or subjugating people based upon religious, ethnic, or social associations. The Nuremberg Laws were not enacted to keep the Jews in Germany, but to hopefully drive them away; to keep them down; to put them into a class that was lower than the rest of society. In fact, one of the psychologists who observed and interviewed the defendants at the first Nuremberg trials later assessed that the resulting Holocaust could only be possible if a segment of society was reduced to being sub-human. The Nuremberg Laws, as they were actually known, contributed to this lower than human status.

    Marriages between Jews and non-Jews was prohibited, extramarital relations between Jews and non-Jews was prohibited. Jews could not employ females below age 45, they could not display the Reich or national flags. Over time, Jews could not be admitted to the bar, there were strict quotas for Jewish attendance at school, they were stripped of their German citizenship, and more. Not persecution? How would you define it? Hmm, a birthday party? A picnic?

    Once again you’re trying to paint a pretty portrait of something that was quite ugly.

    WW II did indeed begin in September 1939, but the violence began before WW II. In 1933, for example, the SA attacked Jewish shops and Jews were forced out of their jobs? Presumably, you’re thinking that attacking Jewish businesses is not a violent act. If that is true, would you agree that an attack on your car would also not be violent? That is a question and not a threat so please don’t read into it — it is nothing more than an analogy. Violence is violence, be it against a business or a person. Ironically, Hitler discouraged disorder and acts of violence, but in practice street violence against Jews was tolerated. Nazi leaders believed that the street violence would prepare the German population for the anti-Semitic legal and administrative measures that would be implemented to supposedly restore order. Street violence against Jews was observed in the first few months of Nazi power and there was frequent violence against Jews in various German cities in 1935 when the Nuremberg Race Laws were announced.

    To say that Jews were not abused is a fiction, but it is true that the greatest violence was Krsytallnacht and certainly the concentration camp system and the overall Holocaust.

    Krystallnacht, which occurred almost one year before Germany invaded Poland and started WW II, was the response by the Nazis to the assassination of the German diplomate Ernst vom Rath by Herschel Grynszpan, a German-born Polish Jew who was living in Paris. Grynszpan is said to have been a bit slow in thought and when his parents were among the Jews of Polish descent who were suddenly forced out of Germany and driven across the border, young Herschel decided to retaliate. If you know anything about Krystallnacht, which I’m guessing you don’t, the young boy targeted the wrong person. Ernst vom Rath would likely have been more sympathetic to the plight of Germany’s Jews of Polish descent than others serving in the German embassy in France.

    30,000 Jews were arrested and incarcerated in concentration camps, 100 Jews were killed, 1,000 synagogues were burned, 7,000 Jewish businesses were destroyed or damaged, and the amount of storefront glass that was broken is said to have equaled almost a quarter of the yearly production of all Belgian glass . Again, I have no idea what your point was that many of those 30,000 Jews were released within months. They were hardly treated with kindness in the camps and what they experienced was only a harbinger of what was to come.

    Clearly, you’re ignoring facts or making up your own facts. I’m not sure which.

    Your comment that Morgenthau was the only Jewish person in the FDR administration is incorrect as well. The Labor Bureau chief of statistics was Isidor Lubin, who FDR referred to as his favorite economist. FDR nominated Felix Frankfurter to the U.S. Supreme Court and relied upon his as one of his most trusted advisors.

    Your comments overall don’t explain your dislike or hatred for Israel, the Jewish people, or both. That’s a question you have not sufficiently answered. Mostly, what you write is pure nonsense and often not very factual — 99 44/100 percent of Israel’s discoveries are not by Russian Jews as you stated at your beginning.

  72. geokat62 says:

    Tell you what, Mr. Blindeye. Let’s make this real simple for you. Why don’t you give us your synopsis of PNAC’s Clean Break and Oded Yinon’s A Foreign Policy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties.? And tell us if it is not Israeli policy to remake the entire ME to be carried out by the U.S., all in an effort to make the jungle a little safer for the villa!

    btw – for someone who isn’t Jewish and lives in the U.S., you sure do stay abreast of events in Israel… very impressive for a goy!

  73. Hawkeye says:

    Geokat, if Israel wanted to redraw the Middle East don’t you think it would have done so a long time ago? That’s such a BS kind of answer that it isn’t worthy of addressing. Look up your history and how the West drew up the cockamamie borders of the countries that now exist — the British and the French, courtesy of the Sykes-Picot Agreement. The British and their promises to Sherif Hussein, the Emir of Mecca in a series of back-and-forth letters known as the McMahon-Hussein Correspondence. Go ahead — you can look all of it up. While the Ottoman Turks weren’t any friend of the Arabs, they at least had it somewhat right by using vilyets and sanjaks to divide up their part of the Levant by keeping the various groups somewhat separate. Lousy taskmasters that they were, the Ottoman Empire was already crumbling by the time WW I began and the Ottoman Turks were dumb enough to side with Germany in the war. But, in their time they did actually keep many of the religious, language, and ethnic groups from killing each other.

    The U.S. has its own interests in the ME — oil being a big one. Even though we have reduced our dependency on ME oil we still import it. And, the ME also represents huge markets for our technology, export goods, and more. We don’t need Israel to tell us how to redraw the ME — George W. Bush already tried doing that on his own and so far it hasn’t worked. The Russians tried in Afghanistan before we were there — and it didn’t work for them either. The British tried for almost 50 years with the Mandate and where are they now? Only a fool would believe we would try to redraw the ME on behalf of Israel — are you that fool? We are quite capable of screwing ourselves up.

    As for your comment about a being a goy — I keep abreast of the issues there and elsewhere, but if you knew anything about your Department of State and DoD, most of the analysts that follow these issues, those who know the history, and those who study all of the disparate groups in the region — very few are probably Jewish. I have an academic background in this area and continue to remain abreast of what is going on.

    By the way, if Israel did redraw the map of the Middle East — I’m not so sure that would be such a bad thing unless you supported the insanity of the likes of Saddam Hussein, or current groups such as ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the nuttiness of Bashir Al-Assad all of whom are killing innocents throughout the area. But, no, I would not actually support Israel doing so. Among other things, there is no way that 7 – 8 million people (some of whom are Muslims) could ever keep the lid on such a large region. Such a suggestion is little more than another conspiracy theory — nothing more than a joke. Thanks for the belly laugh at your expense.

    I also wish Netanyahu would stay away from Congress. Boehner should never have invited him – – Israel has no business inserting itself into our political process and that’s all Netanyahu is doing. For my taste, I hope he loses the upcoming election big time, but I’m afraid I don’t see anyone in the wings with the name recognition power he has among the electorate. The years of Netanyahu are going to require many more yeas to recover from.

  74. Hawkeye says:

    GeoKat, the PNAC Clean Break document is an example of why I strongly believe that Netanyahu must go. The document is a neoconservative document developed to provide Netanyahu a means to establish a new paradigm in the Middle East. The document suggests a break from the standard policies that lead to Israeli exhaustion and move toward preemption. Among those who have helped advise Netanyahu are Douglas Feith and Richard Perle. I know that Feith was a member of George W. Bush’s administration and helped get us into Iraq — not sure about Richard Perle, but I believe he, too, had a role.

    This fact that the likes of Feith and Perle were involved doesn’t mean that the U.S. should respond to Netanyahu and take the document at face value by following it. The U.S. develops all kinds of products like that through the Department of Defense, Dept of State, and countless think tanks. We war game scores of scenarios every year, but that doesn’t mean we are going to declare war on a country.

    Israel has its own interests in the Middle East and I certainly would not advocate that we allow ourselves to be sucked into a venture that is Israel’s own doing. Providing support for defense is one thing, but getting dragged into a redrawing of the Middle East is another.

    The current situation of the U.S. in Afghanistan and Iraq is the result of a combination of events — beginning with 9-11, but also the result of efforts by neoconservatives and the likes of VP Dick Cheney and SecDef Donald Rumsfeld who believed we could invade Iraq without ever asking the hard questions of who or what would fill the power vacuum after we toppled the Baathist Government. We had no idea how to contain a nation ready to explode the moment the Baathists were removed and we’re paying for that stupidity 12 years later. And, in paying for that stupidity we’ve stretched out own bounds in the ME with Pakistan, Afghanistan (a country that has rarely, if ever, been successfully invaded, and our own uncertainty of who or what to support in the Arab Spring.

    As for the Clean Break concept of forcing the Arabs to accept Israel’s territorial conquests — sure, we could support such a stupid concept, but only if we wish to start a conflagration in the ME that would never be resolved.

    The document is clearly a pathetic attempt at trying a new direction that was developed by Israeli and U.S. conservatives — a dangerous concept that should be put to rest.

    But, it is this kind of crap that leads me to support the removal of Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel. But, the democratic process must work in that country and I’m afraid he’s not leaving office anytime soon Many, many Israelis would prefer to see him kicked out of office, but most unfortunately it is the conservatives who appear to have the vote these days — just as the Republicans now hold the power in Congress in the U.S.

  75. geokat62 says:

    That’s quite a synopsis… not one word about either document.

    Look, you can pretend all you want that you can’t see the 800 lb gorilla in the room, but thanks to the tremendous efforts of Mearsheimer & Walt, Justin Raimondo, Phil Giradli, Paul Findley, Ray McGovern, and Alison Weir, more and more Americans are realizing the Israel Firsters are putting the interests of a foreign country ahead of their own.

    I seem to recall both Dershowitz and Hoenlein who, attending a Herzilya conference, suggested that the days of Israel’s dependence on the U.S. were numbered because the American public were “poisoned” by such works as M&W’s book.

    With Nut n’ Yahoo’s upcoming speech to Congress aimed at sabotaging the President’s nuclear negotiations with Iran, more Americans will come to understand that their representatives are beholden to AIPAC and the Israel Lobby. As a result, the days of the special relationship are numbered. The night flower will soon die regardless of the efforts of you and other Hasbarats, who are paid (by the word judging by the length of your posts) to prevent that from happening by pumping out lies!

  76. Hawkeye says:

    GeoKat, look above your comment where I followed up with a response to your question about the Clear Break” document.

    As for Israeli dependence on the U.S. being numbered — that’s not likely to occur anytime real soon so you can continue to dream. I’m familiar with Mearsheimer and Walt’s work and others. But, you clearly overlook or neglect to consider the impact of American evangelists who greatly influence their politicians in support of Israel for religious purposes. Moreover, despite Mearsheimer and Walt’s claims and those of others such as Giraldi and others, the relationship between Israel and the U.S. is partially a co-dependency, although admittedly Israel comes out on top of that relationship.

    For all the money Israel receives, much of those dollars come back to the U.S. with respect to arms purchases, a huge U.S. industry that keeps thousands and thousands of Americans employed. You can call it welfare or whatever, but it’s a simple fact that cannot be ignored.

    And, there are many scientific and technical achievements that come out of Israel that are adopted by the U.S., the most common being instant chat, developed by Israelis as ICQ and which is the foundation for most instant chats used today. There are also medical advances, software, and engineering efforts that are used by the U.S.

    Dershowitz could be right, but probably not anytime soon. I think some will depend upon the upcoming March election. If Netanyahu is returned to the PM’s residence it could have a serious impact upon the U.S. – Israel relationship, no matter who wins the White House in 2016. If Isaac Herzog (Labor Party) with Tsipi Livni (Kadmia Party) as his running mate wins the election he has stated that his highest priority will be to repair the relationship with the White House. And, Herzog believes that negotiations with Iran can result in a reasonable deal with which Israel can live whereas we all know Netanyahu’s feelings about negotiating with Iran.

    I suspect that your references to M&W, Raimondo, Giraldi and the rest are wishful thinking on your part — a wishful thinking that is certainly supported by your own unreasonable, uninformed (if those are all you use for your own thoughts — they are quite limiting), and silly positions.

  77. geokat62 says:

    Time will tell whose positions are “unreasonable, uninformed…, and silly.”

    For your sake, I hope you’re right!

  78. A point-by-point explication of the errors of your ways is too tedious to contemplate on this glorious, sunny Sunday, Hawkeye.

    You missed the main point, a question I posed to you pivoting off your own statement: Why not criticize Russia and Stalin?

    I set it apart, in bold letters, to catch your hawk eye.

    I pointed to some of Stalin’s characteristics: he was a sociopath who had killed millions, by 1923.

    (He carried out another round of genocidal activities, the Holodomor, in 1932-33; I didn’t mention that. Many of Stalin’s key assistants and his ideological inspiration were Jewish. I did mention that.)

    Yet, in 1933, when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany and, according to two Jewish authors who were anything but sympathetic to Germany and NSDAP, quelled violence toward Jews, “International Jewry” responded by declaring war on Germany with the intent, pursued for seven years, of destroying the economy that was vital to Germany’s existence; the Jewish led economic war was an existential threat to Germany.

    Henry Morgenthau, Jr. wangled himself into an influential spot in FDR’s administration and from that spot waged all-out war on the German people. Morgenthau said that his “life was changed” by Rabbi Stephen Wise’s reports that “Germans were making lampshades and soap out of Jews.”

    pssst. the charge was false. It was false when it was made, it’s even more false now; it’s laughably false, or would be if thousands of Jews did not still rely on it to evoke pity, and money, and political cover for their vast crimes against humanity. Stephen Wise was also responsible for the first reports of killing Jews in ovens in Auschwitz, and his recitations of “6 million Jews exterminated” began in 1900. Documentation of Wise’s psychopathology are readily available. He’s a compulsive liar whose lies cost the lives of perhaps 5.5 million Germans. He’s also in cahoots with those Jews in FDR’s administration who ensured that Japan got pulled into the war. Thus, the blood of 500,000 Japanese citizens is on his hands.

    Stalin was a monster.

    Jews embraced Stalin.

    Hitler was a nationalist leader who sought to rid his state of a pernicious enemy and to do so nonviolently. NSDAP’s goals coincided with the agenda of zionism’s leaders: to remove all Jews from Germany and move all Jews from throughout the world to Palestine.

    Jews demonized him and caused his nation and his people to be destroyed by firebombing.

    The demonization campaign and the physical destruction of Germany and its people was led by a very influential man who based his extraordinary hatred on the most egregious of lies.

    Yet Stalin, who was a homicidal maniac, was embraced by these lying sacks of shit.

    You raised the question, Hawkeye.

    How do you explain the contradiction?

  79. Hawkeye says:

    Geokat, as I mentioned I’m well familiar with Mearsheimer and Walt’s work. When their book was published it got a lot of press, but in the end their key theme — the U.S.-Israel relationship — wasn’t really anything new. Clearly, it is a very strong relationship. But, the two authors conveniently omitted certain elements that weaken their case.

    As you appear to recognize, AIPAC can be a very strong lobby in Congress and it often can work with arrogance in the halls of Congress. But, Mearsheimer and Walt neglect that there are lobbying efforts that equal or may even be larger than AIPAC — NRA, Big Pharma, fossil fuel industry, and more. Apart from AIPAC, the United Arab Emirates spend about \$14 million lobbying Congress. Saudi Arabia blows \$11.1 million, Morocco – \$4 million. Germany – \$12 million and Canada — \$11 million.

    Annual lobbying by AIPAC? About \$3 million. Israel’s actual lobbying budget in the U.S. I haver read is almost non-existent.

    What makes AIPAC so strong is that it is an American PAC and it gets support from American evangelicals who support Israel for religious reasons — the coming of the messiah when there is the in-gathering of Jews in the Holy Land.

    Even Joseph Massad, a professor of modern Arab politics at Columbia University once commented about their book — despite a powerful Israel lobby that has attempted to have him fired — that U.S. policy is highly imperialistic (not sure I would go quite that far, but we do seem to blunder into situations we would best remain out of) and and when asked if he believes the Israel lobby is responsible for U.S. policies towards the Palestinians and the Arab world as argued by Mearsheimer and Walt — His answer was resounding no because of U.S. policies around the world.

    Yes, Israel is responsible for the deaths of many Palestinians and Arabs, but Measheimer and Walt in their scathing criticism never once mention Fatah, Black September, Munich, or Entebbe, or a host of other events that have led to Israel’s harsh responses. This is a glaring omission in their criticism. In fact, the absence of a complete and clear understanding of Palestinian violence is a huge failing in their work. In short, there is an emphasis of Israel’s offenses while largely overlooking those of its adversaries.

    I try to look for more balanced approaches as an academic.

    This is why I raised the issue of Netanyahu vs his opponents — Isaac Herzog and Tsipi Livini, something to which you failed to respond or acknowledge.

    The fact that I oppose the crap that Giraldi writes — and that pretty much sums up his work — I am not a blind supporter of Israel. As I’ve mentioned earlier Netanyahu must go. He is very strong on Israeli security, but in all of his years as prime minister he never once has articulated a vision or a path toward peace with the Palestinians. Peace would be Israel’s strongest security measure. Netanyahu’s failure to do so should be enough for the Israeli electorate to vote him out of office, but I fear he will be given the opportunity by Israel’s president to form a new government after the March election. If you know anything about Israeli politics than you know that after the election, the president appoints the leader of the winning party to assemble a coalition government as no political party ever wins a majority of more than 60 of the 120 Knesset seats. My hope is that Herzog and Livni will win the largest number of seats and be directed to form a government.

    If you don’t know anything about Tsipi Livni, she is the leader of Kadima, the party formed by Ariel Sharon when he was prime minister. Sharon, like Netanyahu, entered office without much vision and was ruthless as one of Israel’s greatest hawks. But, he clearly changed in office and abandoned Likud when he realized he could not make peace with the right-wing conservatives of his old party. Rather than shift to Labor, where he would have to deal with ultra-liberals he formed his centrist party — Kadima. He unilaterally removed Israel from Gaza and I believe he would have taken further steps toward peace had he not had his stroke.

    The settlements are probably Israel’s single-greatest mistake in its history. The settlements are a major obstacle to peace and should never have been permitted. They are illegal, a travesty of international law, and absolutely wrong.

    But, I won’t condemn an entire country because its government is screwed up. If I were to do that I’d have to condemn most of the countries in the world. Hell, look at the U.S. government and the rift between Republicans and Democrats and their inability to compromise. Look at our stupid effort in Iraq — a complete mess. You’d think we learned nothing from Vietnam. Hmm, maybe we didn’t. What did we think we were going to do in Somalia in the early 90s? After almost two decades we continue to maintain a presence in the Balkans. Nation building or whatever you want to call U.S. efforts around the world is not our strong point.

    Israel isn’t a bogeyman — it is comprised of people of all kinds. A good element of the population also opposes the settlements and would no sooner purchase land on the West Bank than they would live in Saudi Arabia. But, there are also elements who are religious zealots or right-wing conservatives and it is that element of Israeli society that must be brought under control — starting with the ouster of King Bibi.

    But, for all its faults, I also see a lot of good in Israel, just as I can find good in most countries. All too often, an entire country is painted by its leaders or the government, but in my travels to more than 20 different countries the one thing I’ve learned is that people are people wherever I go.

    By the way, if you ever decide to visit Israel and find yourself into the home of a local you will find a common thread of hospitality across Palestinian Muslims, Druze, Bedouin, and Israeli Jews — they’re all the same in their hospitality. If you are invited into a home you will always be asked if you would like some coffee or tea. To say no is to disappoint your host as it is almost an insult to turn down the offer. With the coffee or tea will usually come some cookies, candied pumpkin, hummus, cheeses, or whatever is in the home. Some years ago, I had the pleasure to be invited into a Druze home on the Golan Heights, but had eaten lunch only one hour earlier and wasn’t particularly hungry. I still owe a return visit to Hussein’s home as he was honored to have an American guest in his home, but a bit insulted that I had very little appetite. Sure, I drank his coffee — the thick Arab/Turkish coffee so common across the region — but I wasn’t able to eat very much.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  80. geokat62 says:

    Wow, the last paragraph was quite poetic… what with the “cookies, candied pumpkin, hummus, cheeses…” I could almost hear the violins playing in the background! But I was awoken from my slumber by recalling the sounds of the hellfire missiles falling on Gaza and the screams of the half million Iraq children killed by sanctions.

    If you truly desired peace in the ME, you’d be supportive of the efforts of Giraldi and others who want to see an end to the “special relationship,” so peace could come to the Holy Land
    … rather than describing them as “idiotic.”

    That’s why your poetic paragraph doesn’t ring true!

  81. Hawkeye says:

    Geokat, peace will be made with a responsible Palestinian leadership and not with a terrorist group such as Hamas. The Palestinians would do well to reject Hamas and stand up to them in Gaza. Hamas has done absolutely nothing for the people of Gaza, except to create a state of misery for them by using construction materials provided by Israel and other countries to build terror tunnels and to store their weapons in any number of public places. The Palestinians have been sold a bill of goods for decades, beginning with the Mufti of Jerusalem, Yasser Arafat and his PLO, and now Hamas. They just don’t get it.

    During the period in which the Palestine Authority — under Arafat — controlled Gaza, an airport was constructed in Gaza and a port was to be built as well. All of this fell apart after Rabin was assassinated and Netanyahu came to power, another reason he needs to go.

    Your problem is that you only see the bad in Israel. Is that all you see in the United States for all of our brutal invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, the more than 1,000 Somalis we killed, the civilians we’ve killed with drone attacks? Where is your blind hatred for the United States for our actions?

    Do you hate Saudi Arabia for its treatment of women, those who are accused of apostasy (converting from Islam), gays, and other minorities? How about when Egypt’s Morsi was doing nothing as Moslems were killing Coptic Christians? Where was your protest then?

    Were you as vocal when the Ayatollahs were persecuting Ba’hais after the revolution, killing thousands? Same with the Balkans crisis and the number of Moslems massacred by the thousands there?

    Do you hate Russia for it’s invasion of Afghanistan in the 80s? For it’s actions against Chechnya and Georgia, and now the Ukraine? Do you hate Russia for it’s decades-long subjugation of eastern Europe?

    As much as I desire peace in the Middle East, the absence of an Israel will not stop the Sunni on Shi’ite violence. It won’t stop Islamic terrorism of Copts and other groups, and it won’t do anything to bring ISIS under control.

    You seem to be a one-issue hater — is it that you’re an anti-Semite and too cowardly to admit it? Just asking.

    Oh, and you blame Israel for sanctions on Iraq? Why don’t you blame Israel for all of the world’s woes? You’re being ridiculous again.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  82. geokat62 says:

    Oh, and you blame Israel for sanctions on Iraq? Why don’t you blame Israel for all of the world’s woes? You’re being ridiculous again.

    Have you read this story reported by Mondoweiss?

    Back in 2000, AIPAC specifically worked to ramp up sanctions on Iraq because of its “weapons of mass destruction.” Remember them? In March 2000, AIPAC circulated an Action Alert to Congress, urging its members to put pressure on Congress to pressure the Clinton administration.

    If sanctions were lifted, Saddam could spend the oil revenue to accelerate Iraq’s military programs rather than on the humanitarian needs of Iraqi citizens.

    It is essential that you contact your representative today and urge them to sign the letter to President Clinton.

    Then in April 2003, according to JWeekly, AIPAC rose up against a congressional effort led by California Republican Tom Campbell, then taking on Dianne Feinstein in a Senate race, to weaken those sanctions:

    The military threat from Iraq is a major concern of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which favors retaining economic sanctions.

    “Lifting sanctions wouldn’t benefit the Iraqi people,” said Amy Friedkin, an AIPAC national vice president who lives in San Francisco. Rather, it would enable Saddam to obtain more oil money, and use it to amass more weapons. That would constitute a danger to the rest of the Middle East and the world, she added…

    Campbell and his allies are now rallying behind H.R. 3825, legislation by Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.) that would allow U.S. companies to export food and medicine to Iraq outside of the U.N. oil-for-food program. Campbell and Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose) are among the bill’s co-sponsors.

    Friedkin said AIPAC opposes the bill, although the organization recognizes the sponsors’ “very compassionate reasons” for proposing it.

    Elliot Brandt, AIPAC’s Pacific Northwest regional director, said: “AIPAC has no desire to hurt the people of Iraq, but we have a vested interest in hurting Saddam Hussein’s ability to build weapons of mass destruction. Rather than blaming the sanctions for hurting the people of Iraq, we should be putting the blame on Saddam Hussein, who is cynically and cruelly using his people as a political card to generate sympathy and support.”

    Now, tell me again, who is being ridiculous?

  83. geokat62 says:

    You seem to be a one-issue hater — is it that you’re an anti-Semite and too cowardly to admit it? Just asking

    The distinction between an anti-Semite and anti-Zionist is an important one and it was made quite well by a commenter at the PJ Media blog

    , however, note that when members of the Neturei Karta returned to upstate New York after cozying up with Ahmedinejad in Iran, a number of them were beaten up by religious Jews no less anti-Zionist than the Neturei Karta—not because they disagreed with NK’s anti-Zionist views, but because NK had cozied up to an antisemite.

    Looks like someone is being ridiculous, again!

  84. Hawkeye says:

    I find that when folks claim to be anti-Zionist, constantly critical of Israel, and refuse to answer a simple question they’re usually hiding behind their own embarrassment.

    You are all over the board in your criticism of Israel and now you’re anti-Zionist. Why should you ever ben anti anything that allows self-determination by any group of people? Or are you only against self-determination for the Jews? That seems to be your point, isn’t it?

    You’ve argued against Israeli lobbying of Congress, AIPAC, American support to Israel (even though Afghanistan received four times the amount of support in 2012 and that didn’t include the cost of the war for the U.S. or the cost in American lives). You hate Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians, but you’re silent on the Taliban activities in Pakistan, Al Qeada in Yemen, and now ISIS in Iraq and Syria. You’ve blamed Israel for the U.S. invasion of Israel. But, now you’re anti Zionism?

    Geokat, your arguments are all over the board and the best you can do is cry about the sounds of violins. I don’t think you really know why your anti anything — other than the possibility that you need to blame someone for your own miserable existence. You need to do better than that.

    Yeah, I figured you’d bring up the Neturei Karta eventually. You also forgot the Satmar, a group that lives in Israel, but refuses to recognize the existence of the State and avoids paying taxes because there is no Jewish State without a messiah. And, so what? So some Jews beat up on some other Jews? What do you care? Or are you an Iran sympathizer as well?

  85. geokat62 says:

    … other than the possibility that you need to blame someone for your own miserable existence.

    That’s quite a personal attack there, pinkeye. While I openly admit to being an anti-Zionist, my sense is that you’re a closet anti-goy, but too cowardly to admit it! Why else would you spend all your time policing the goy for thought crimes?

  86. Anonymous [AKA "Hilary for Romney"] says:

    Who comes to the annual meeting of Qatari lobbyist? Who attends the annual meeting of Saudi lobbyists? Who writes in the mainstream media that he would force the democrat to attend the meeting?
    Who has claimed that Saudi lobbyist is not foreign lobby and doesn’t have to be registered?
    When did US defend Russia’s invasion or Chinese invasion of Kabul or Tibet? When did US support the oppression of Chechenya ?
    When did US give billions to these countries free?
    When did Saudi Toyal get 49 ovations?
    Did Qatar lobby or Arsb lobby manage to get the port authority deal? When did any Arab become a cabinet member or even was allowed to work for Clinton( Huma Abedin – something happened to her ,didn’t? ) or was allowed to donate to campaign ( Dint Boxer had to return the money for some AIPAC goon started accusing the Arab group of contact with Palestininian? ) or was allowed to be present in any campaign activities ( both for Democrat and Republican ) or town hall meeting?
    M and W didn’t go deep enough .

    Every war in ME other than 1973 war and Iran and Iraq war have the Israeli foot prints . Even today’s ongoing war would not have happened without the war in Iraq . ( remember the plan and prediction of Yoded Yionon, Ariel Sharon,PNAC,Michael Ledeen, Wolfowitz – go and read . So that we don’t have to rehash it again and again )

    Hamas has been claimimg that it has right to react to the blockade and to the exploitation of its coastal water and oil resources .Hizbullah has asserted that it has every right to defend its territory from unwarranted invasion ,killings,and then occupying S Lebanon . Israel still does occupy Sheba . Israel also has been periodically assassinating or imprisoning the leaders even after prison swap or other mutually agreed deals.

    Hamas has offered truce of 20 yrs . Hamas has agreed to accept Israel. Saudi Arab has offered full normalization of all Arab cluntries’s relation with Israel in 2000,2002, and 2006 if Israel returned to 1967 border .
    Hamas won an election and Israel forced US to declare it a terrorist entity .
    Munich massacre or Entebbe. Massacre did not happen out of blue . History didn’t start that day . For Zionist history may start tomorrow to explain a past piece of history . But we gentile dont buy that history paper .

  87. geokat62 says:

    Just wanted to leave you with this quote by Peter Beinart, who describes how dim Zionism’s future is:

    For several decades, the Jewish establishment has asked American Jews to check their liberalism at Zionism’s door, and now, to their horror, they are finding that many young Jews have checked their Zionism instead.

    It seems I’m not alone, oneeye!

  88. Hawkeye says:

    There was no blockade of Gaza until Hamas took control of the strip following the elections of what I believe were 2006. Israel helped Arafat’s Palestine Authority build an international airport in the Gaza Strip and there was movement to establish a major port as well, until the Rabin was assassinated and the peace process fell apart. Hamas is a terrorist organization on the Terrorist Watch List, and the U.S. would no more tolerate having a terrorist organization in control of a section of Canada than we should expect Israel to tolerate the same. In fact, the U.S. does not tolerate the terrorism of the drug cartels to the south and we work closely with Mexico to break the cartels.

    Egypt, under Al-Sisi also recognizes Hamas as a terrorist organization and has shut down the tunnels leading from the Sinai into Gaza and now heavily regulates what is allowed in or out of the Gaza Strip. Moreover, Egypt is fighting terrorists in it’s own territory of Sinai and has imprisoned most of the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood following the military coup that removed Al-Morsi. It was the Muslim Brotherhood that contributed to the killings of innocent tourists at Luxor.

    Hilary for Romney — you should learn your history if you think all ME wars has an Israeli footprint. While Israel is culpable for some, it is not culpable for all. But, one can say the same about the United States where we have engaged our military forces. Do you hate the U.S. as much? Why did we care about Cubans in Grenada? For a few medical students? C’mon, let’s not kid ourselves. Why did we give a damn about the Contra government in Nicaragua? Or the drug deals of Noriega in Panama? Kuwaiti oil to the extent that we had to push Iraq out? Why not let the Arabs push Iraq out — the threat was much closer to them than it was to us?

    You mention Ariel Sharon. WOW!! Do you miss the boat on him. You completely neglect that despite his ruthlessness, his hawkish views, and his reputation, he turned out to be what may have been one of Israel’s best Prime Ministers, if only a stroke had not put him down. He forcibly and unilaterally removed the settlements of Gaza — gaining nothing in return for Israel. What’s Hamas’ gripe since the Israeli settlements were removed? The blockade? Were it not for Hamas there would be no blockade. Hamas was terrorizing Israel long before there was ever a blockade of Gaza. Sharon then formed a centrist party — Kadima — so that he could begin some kind of effort towards peace and reconciliation. Sharon came to understand late in his life that he could not resolve the issue with mlitary force and sought to isolate his right-wing conservative and left-wing radical types in Israel by creating his own political party. Clearly, he was moving toward a path that was the complete opposite of Netanyahu.

    But, in the end, it all boils down to Israel and what no one can explain is this incredible antipathy for such a small nation of only 7 – 8 million people, of which 1.5 million or Arabs.

    Sure, you can claim to be anti-Zionist, but let’s be real honest and stop the crap — you’re anti-Semites hiding behind the cloak of being anti-Zionist. You don’t seem worried about the nationalistic efforts behind Putin’s invasion of Ukraine or the deaths of innocents by his government. You don’t seem overly worried about the nationalist efforts of China to rule Mongolia and Tibet with its iron fist and you don’t seem to be too concerned with China’s latest move against Hong Kong freedoms. There is no mention of the horrible actions by ISIS/ISIL in its fantasy of establishing a caliphate that condones rape, murder, torture, crucifixion, and more. The list is endless, but you lose sleep over Israel.

    French philosopher and academic Bernard Henry-Levy probably said it best when describing what Geokat described as his anit-Zionism:

    Today’s anti-Semitism says three things, at bottom.

    It can operate on a large scale, convince, inflame hearts and minds, only by offering three shameful new propositions.

    1. The Jews are detestable because they are assumed to support an evil, illegitimate, murderous state. This is the anti-Zionist delirium of the merciless adversaries of the re-establishment of the Jews in their historical homeland.

    2. The Jews are all the more detestable because they are believed to base their beloved Israel on imaginary suffering, or suffering that at the very least has been outrageously exaggerated.

    3. In so doing, the Jews would commit a third and final crime that could make them still more guilty, which is to impose on us the memory of their dead, to completely stifle other peoples’ memories, and to overshadow other martyrs whose deaths have plunged parts of today’s world, most emblematically that of the Palestinians, into mourning. And here we come face to face with the modern-day scourge, the stupidity, that is competitive victimhood.

    I think that pretty much sums up what Geokat is trying to say and Hilary for Romney, I suspect you’re also thinking the same — you’re not anti-Semitic, you’re anti-Zionist or anti-Israel. What a load of manure.

    Dina Porat, head of the Institute for the Study of Anti-Semitism and Racism at Tel Aviv University had this to say about anti-Zionism:

    …antisemitism is involved when the belief is articulated that of all the peoples on the globe (including the Palestinians), only the Jews should not have the right to self-determination in a land of their own. Or, to quote noted human rights lawyer David Matas: One form of antisemitism denies access of Jews to goods and services because they are Jewish. Another form of antisemitism denies the right of the Jewish people to exist as a people because they are Jewish. Antizionists distinguish between the two, claiming the first is antisemitism, but the second is not. To the antizionist, the Jew can exist as an individual as long as Jews do not exist as a people.

    Given that neither of you can articulate any kind of anti-anything for any other country, including the U.S., which historically used the same power as every other country, including Israel, to exercise it’s determination to expand and establish a nation at the expense of Native Americans, it becomes increasingly clear that you both, as well as other, hide behind this false cloak of anti-Zionism to hide what really is anti-Semitism.

    It’s not politically correct to be a bigot and hate Blacks. It’s not politically correct to be an anti-Semite. But, when your own miserable lives depend upon finding scapegoats for all of the ills of your small worlds — be it your lack of good jobs, lack of a solid income, or just a general unhappiness for everything you see around you, you can always turn to being anti-Zionist and argue that it’s always the fault of Israel.

    There is nothing wrong with criticizing a government in a democratic nation. There is nothing wrong with blaming someone such as Netanyahu for destroying the peace process, but there is something overtly wrong when you condemn an entire nation of people.

    • Replies: @therapy
    , @therapy
    , @Anonymous
  89. geokat62 says:

    I think you’ve demonstrated once again you’re a Zionist troll that is paid by the word. As I remarked before, Giraldi and others don’t have an issue with Jews writing their own story, they take issue with the billions spent and the millions killed in the process of writing their story. My sense is that you’ll be very secure in your job because there will be many more cycles of “mowing the lawn” that you’ll be busy justifying. Have fun!

    That’s it for me, I’ve got nothing more to add … over and out!

  90. therapy says:

    After the poll results came in January 2006, Washington did not warmly congratulate the Palestinian people on their first successful election. Rather, officials plotted how to topple them, as the Nixon administration had once helped topple Allende. Immediately, Deputy National Security Advisor, neocon and extreme Zionist Elliott Abrams advocated a “hard coup” by Fatah (once vilified as “terrorist” when headed by Yassir Araft but now viewed as a U.S. ally under the leadership of the compliant Mahmoud Abbas) against Hamas.

    And indeed, in June 2007 Fatah, heading the Palestinian Authority in Gaza, attempted such a coup, but was outmaneuvered by its rivals in the Sunni organization. David Wurmser, former advisor to Dick Cheney on the Middle East, himself a neocon who left the administration in July 2007, admits, “[W]hat happened wasn’t so much a coup by Hamas but an attempted coup by Fatah that was pre-empted before it could happen.”
    GARY LEUPP is Professor of History at Tufts University, and Adjunct Professor of Religion

  91. therapy says:

    1 he( Bernard the philosopher ) was one of few people who defended IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, when the latter was accused of raping a chambermaid in New York City. It was a ‘conspiracy’ he said, in which the maid was taking part.

    2 “Bernard Henri Levy: I have never seen an army as democratic as the IDF” was the title of an article on May 30, 2010, reporting on the “Democracy and Its Challenges” Conference in Tel Aviv. “I have never seen such a democratic army, which asks itself so many moral questions. There is something unusually vital about Israeli democracy.”
    3 In March 2011, Levy took it upon himself to fly to Benghazi to ‘engage’ Libya’s insurgents

    In his New York Magazine interview, Levy was quoted as saying “sometimes you are inhabited by intuitions that are not clear to you.” The statement was sourced in reference to the supposed epiphany the ‘philosopher’ had on Feb 23, 2011, watching TV images of Qaddafi’s forces threatening to drown Benghazi with ‘rivers of blood.’

    Far from unclear intuitions, Levy’s agenda is that of the calculated politician-ideologue, more like a French version of the US’s neoconservatives who packaged their country’s devastating war on Iraq with all sorts of moral, philosophical and other fraudulent reasoning.


    Bernard-Henry Levy: What Was Done in Libya Can Be Done in Syria-

    2 Bernard-Henri rang him from Benghazi to tell him that French flags were everywhere. He told him that if he allowed a bloodbath there the blood would stain the French flag. That really affected him.”
    How Bernard-Henri Lévy Started the Libyan War–an unofficial Sarkozy advisor-


    Libyan rebels will recognise Israel, Bernard-Henri Lévy tells Netanyahu


    The influx of Israeli businessmen into Libya also reinforces earlier comments made by the French philosopher and journalist Bernard-Henri Levy, who claims that weeks ago he had passed a message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a 90-minute meeting that the NTC was prepared to recognize Israel diplomatically.

    Netanyahu’s office confirms that the prime minister met with Levy but wouldn’t comment on their discussi


  92. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This explains why Sisi was actively ushered in the office by the machinations of Israel. That effort and attitude comport with the frequent cuddling and hugging of the traitor unelected Abbas by Israel and US.

  93. Hawkeye says:

    Geokat, I’m far from a Zionist troll, but rather a Zionist anything than a sad, miserable, lout who must find someone to blame for your own miserable existence. Clearly, you live a crappy life that you buy into the crap that you spout. You’ve yet to defend why the Jewish people have no right, in your piddling little brain, to the same right of self determination as any other people. You’re totally lost to find a reason other than your own blind hatred.

    You have never once responded to why you don’t also hate China, North Korea, the oppression of Saudi Arabia of half of its population, or the imperialism of the United States with equal fervor. And, it is that failure to do so that leads me to believe that you’re nothing more than an anti-Semite hiding behind the cloak of anti-Zionism.

    So, Geokat, before you go calling other people names, you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror and understand that your worthless life has no meaning to anyone, least of all me. You’re a sorry little person living a sorry little life.

    Therapy, quoting other remarks by Bernard-Henry Levy does not make his comments that I posted any less true. The same for Dina Porat. Levy is a philosopher and an academic. I am well aware of his various activities and comments and I don’t often agree with him. But, with respect to the comments of his that I posted, I do agree. I don’t always agree with self-proclaimed anarchist Noam Chomsky, but his recent comments on standardized testing were 100% right on.

    In short, you really haven’t negated what I’ve said — only tried to direct the discussion elsewhere. Good shot, however.

    • Replies: @Poki
  94. Poki says:

    Israel soon will be done with US. Its planning to reach out to China and Japan and India. It can’t trust and rely on West . That is according to Mondoweiss. net
    But then China has a memory as well preserved as its civilization is -

  95. Poki says:

    Levy is a psychopath . Command on a language doesn’t make somebody a philosopher . He is a voodoo man wearing the white coat .He is criminal liar with blood of the Libyans on his hand. He is as good a philosopher as is any person out of Isis outfit . His remark on any country on ME has to be weighed against his visceral devotion to the Zionism.

  96. Hawkeye says:

    That’s right Pokit, Israel engineered Egypt’s military coup that put Morsi out of office, neglecting the fact that it was through a military coup that put Nasser into office. Egypt isn’t unfamiliar with military coups.

    But, chalk another one up for Israel – responsible for the U.S. going into Iraq, Al-Sisi’s rise to power, ISIS, and what else can we come up with. Damn, for a country of only 8 million people they sure as busy folks in Israel.

    C’mon guys, is that all you have to do with your lives is come up with conspiracy theories or read that crap and believe it? Do you not have jobs to go to? Families to support? Of are all of you blaming Israel for all of your woes.

    You guys crack me up!! Thanks for the laughs. Oh, just as a reminder — just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that people aren’t really out to get ya!! Better check under your bed — you might find a Mossad agent waiting for you!! BWHAAAAAAA!!!

  97. Hawkeye says:

    Poki, your arguments about Levy make no sense. I won’t even dignify your stupidity with an answer other than to say that calling him names doesn’t prove anything so your comments are worthless.

    Clearly, you are afraid that what he has said about anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism may actually be true and that would make you an anti-Semite. Presumably, you’re too cowardly to admit what you are if Israel is the one bogeyman in your life.

    Hey, Poki? BOO!!! Don’t forget to look under your bed for that Mossad agent. They’re out to getcha!!

    • Replies: @KA
  98. Duglarri says:

    Two examples, if you want to talk about false flag. The Israelis intended to blame the sinking of the Liberty on the Egyptians.

  99. KA says:

    1 On August 27, the Foreign Policy Initiative, a reincarnation of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) that dictated the Bush 2 administration’s disastrous foreign policy, issued its marching orders to Obama. In an open letter to the President, the FPI urged “a decisive response to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s recent large-scale use of chemical weapons”.
    The FPI told Obama that the United States should consider “direct military strikes against the pillars of the Assad regime

    The most familiar names among the 78 signatories included Elliott Abrams, Max Boot, Douglas J. Feith, Robert Kagan, Lawrence F. Kaplan, Joseph I. Lieberman, Martin Peretz, and Karl Rove. No surprises there.

    The novelty on the list was the signature of Bernard-Henri Levy.”

    Diana Johnstone in

    2 The Impostor: BHL in Wonderland
    by Jade Lindgaard and Xavier de la Porte

    A careful investigation comparing Bernard-Henri Lévy’s words with his deeds. -

    3 “Zealous French intellectual Bernard-Henri Levi visited the Maidan in Kiev on February 9 to deliver another fiery harangue. The next day the article Bernard-Henri Levi: We’re all Ukrainians (Bernard-Henri Lévy: «Nous sommes tous des Ukrainiens») was published by Le Monde.—.
    In 1999 he ardently called for bombing Yugoslavia. During the Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia in 2008 he interviewed the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili. In 2011 he was a fierce supporter of Libya’s destruction.–Speaking at the 2012 Foreign Policy Initiative forum, the super vibrant «new philosopher» demanded that the Russian veto of Western draft resolution on Syria submitted to the United Nations Security Council be ignored. While telling Americans about their «moral obligation» to occupy Syria, –Once Bernard Henry-Levy admitted he took part in the Libyan political adventure because he was a Jew, he would not have done it if he were not. Today claiming to be a Ukrainian while delivering a speech in Kiev”

    4 French Fraud Behind Libya War Drive

    Fake ‘intellectual’ with delusions of grandeur: Bernard Henri-Lévy

    by Justin Raimondo, April 06, 2011

  100. KA says:

    It is not a false flag anymore . This is the only flag left spluttering over humanity .

  101. KA says:

    Charles Schumer knows how to hide his 5 th columnist’s credentials .

    He goes around and does a Netanyhu speech for the rest of those who sitting this ( speech ) out
    Jesse Byrnes 03/01/15

  102. Hawkeye says:

    Poki, I have no idea what point you’re trying to make.

    Marching orders to Obama? Douglas Fieth, an Under Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush gave marching orders to the President? Max Boot, an author, provided marching orders to Obama? Joe Lieberman, a retired Senator told Obama what to do? And, I’m sure Obama just listened to em all, as if he didn’t have his own people to advise him. I’m sure Bush listened to em all. They’re not adult enough to make decisions — and that goes for the great decider, right?

    Again, there’s a Mossad agent under your bed — better check under there before you go to sleep tonight. Clearly, you’re a bit paranoid.

    I have not argued anything about Levy’s actions or other interests — just what he had to say about anti-Semitism, something you have not been able to negate. And, I included a comment by Dina Porat, which you also have not bothered to address.

    So, he’s called for bombings or whatever. My point was your exclusive criticism of Israel, which I’ve suggested is a level of potential anti-Semitism that you don’t seem to want to admit. You still haven’t argued otherwise.

    In short, your arguments go nowhere. You need to do better. Try again.

  103. Semitic languages
    In studies of linguistics and ethnology , the
    term Semitic (from the Biblical “Shem”,
    Hebrew : )שם was first used to refer to a
    family of languages native to West Asia (the
    Middle East). The languages evolved and
    spread to Asia Minor , North Africa , the Horn
    of Africa and Malta, and are now referred to
    cumulatively as the Semitic languages. The
    languages include the ancient and modern
    forms of Ahlamu; Akkadian (including
    Assyrian and Babylonian dialects); Amharic ;
    Amalekite ; Ammonite ; Amorite; Arabic ;
    Aramaic /Syriac ; the Canaanite languages
    ( Phoenician, Punic or Carthaginian and
    Hebrew ); Assyrian ; Chaldean; Eblaite ;
    Edomite; Ge’ez ; Old South Arabian ; Modern
    South Arabian languages; Maltese ; Mandaic ;
    Moabite ; Proto-Sinaitic ; Sutean ; Syriac ; Tigre
    and Tigrinya ; and Ugaritic , among others.
    As language studies are interwoven with
    cultural studies , the term also came to
    describe the extended cultures and
    ethnicities , as well as the history of these
    varied peoples as associated by close
    geographic and linguistic distribution. [1]
    Today, the word “Semite” may be used to
    refer to any member of any of a number of
    peoples of ancient Middle East including the
    Akkadians, Assyrians, Arameans, Phoenicians,
    Hebrews (Jews), Arabs, and their
    descendants. [2]

    Making ‘anti-semitism’ an exclusively Jewish problem complete nonsense.

    One could much more plausibly argue that the invasion of Palestine post WW11 and the subsequent incursions – still ongoing, coupled with the colonising of the land by people of overwhelmingly EUROPEAN descent was the greatest act of historical anti-semitism ever.

    It’s as if the Scots invaded Ireland – both descended from ancient Celts – then accused them and anyone else who objected to the invasion of ‘anti-celticism.’

    For the record, I support the two-nation state solution, as history cannot be undone.

    But Zionism is a persistent and deadly cult – just ask the people of Donbass. Zionists operate as if the history of OTHER people doesn’t matter.

    Your persistent conflations of anti-Zionism with anti-semitism is a standard Zionist troll tactic: one can never reason with such.

    I post merely to point out that such tactics are better employed at the British Guardian – you’ll find a warm welcome there.

  104. Pshr says:

    hawkeye, you are defending the indefensible. You are a vile, evil scum, who has obviously sold his soul to the devil, and you are liking it much.

    Your comeuppance is going to be… unpleasant:)

  105. Jim says:

    Too bad that the US didn’t follow the advice of people like George Marshall and George Kennan and stay out of the Arab-Israeli conflict which never involved any significant US interest. It would have saved us an enormous amount of blood and treasure.

    The fact that a country the size of New Jersey has a huge influence on the foreign policy of a continent straddling superpower on the other side of the globe is one of the weirdest things that has ever occurred in world history.

  106. It may be a bit late to post anything in this deluge of comments and realistically hope for a reasoned reply or two but I wish to pose a general objection to the kind of conspiracy theory which promotes unproven “false flag” stories.

    1. For it to be a false flag operation decided on high up in Mossad, the CIA or their political masters it would have to be one where the risk of it backfiring was almost non-existent and that would be known by experienced security people to be just about impossible. The danger would be that one of those who could prove the truth or just knew it might spill the beans under more than one set of conceivable circumstances. For the CIA to get caught out would be bad enough but for Israel it would make the stealing of foreigners’ (though not Americans’) passports and using them to facilitate a murder in Dubai a mere peccadillo.

    2. It could happen as a result of some rogue individualists getting off the leash but that os probably as likely, even for a limited operation like the Charlie Hebdo murders as Mossad, say, or the CIA discovering the plot and not telling the French about it. Besides, sponsoring or just using a plot which is almost a suicide mission must score very high for degree of difficulty.

    So I am not inclined to believe it likely that rational actors would see a positive cost-benefit or risk-reward outcome in many imaginable false flag possibilities. A Zimmerman telegram is quite another thing. Huge benefit for little risk in time of or close to war.

  107. KA says:

    “Please explain to us ,legal or not,you should accept a free junket apparently engineered by foreign government that is interested in influencing your exercise of power ? In fact why should accept a free junket sponsored by anyone seeking to influence you? ”
    The State Journal Register
    Friday Aug 2,2013
    Their View ( Daily Herald)

    Poor Rep Peter Roskam chose a wrong country – Taiwan in 2011 and waving wrong flag!

  108. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    Unfortunately, for 1400 years, this is what Mohammedans have been doing!

  109. Winston says:

    By the way are you aware that Israel is treating jihadis in its hospitals? It is also good buddies with Wahhabi financiers/sponsors of jihadis. Turkey is getting warm again, Turkey the supporter of all jihadis in syria!

  110. Winston says:

    I think Israel is going to be left with increasingly inept misfits in the end because the government is so bad country is in permanent state of austerity;and middle class is shrinking. This is not the Jewish homeland Jews imagined. I read a very moving presentation by Miko Peled. He said the extremists took over Israel.

  111. gustafus [AKA "nmwenn"] says:

    What do Zuck,Bezos, Soros, Gates, Musk, — Fed Families, Fed Banks… Chase, Simon, Sommers… have in common? You know the club… and the list actually requires more cutting and pasting than I have time for…

    what is the common thread?

    ALL ASHKENAZI Jews…. to a one. What is the significance? All leftist globalists. but not aligned with their much maligned, crazy old Sephardic “relatives” in Israel…

    So Israel is up against the wall…Economy is tanking from all the anti apartheid stigma and sanctions. So.. they stuck their fingers in the political pie… Europe and America needed a good dose of Sharia insanity to bring the reality home to otherwise critical Christians. 9.11 was an early TASTE of the Islam Sephardics are dealing with every day.

    So now European leftists are being taught a very very tough lesson. Remember who is dying in all these attacks… not stuffy old Austrians. – but Belgian academics. Parisian college students and flaming haired leftists … tattoos spattered on walls.

    Promenade walkers… more leftists… needing another DOSE of reality/ Not Christian churches.. .Mormon bake offs… LIBERALS being murdered in every attack.

    Now this doesn’t bode well for the Zuck, Bezos, Musk, Simon, Ted Turner cabal… Israel is instigating a world wide race war against what is becoming a COMMON ENEMY – It will l disrupt supply chains.. hurt profits… while these crazies fight it out…


    SO … crazy old Uncle wants to put 1.7 Muslims in ovens. The Ashkenazi Club wants a cull. .. but will be just as happy putting Ebola in the water in Amarillo for all those pasty white Wal Mart rednecks as Bangladeshis.

    So what do we have? A manufactured WWIII for globalists who want 6 billion fewer people…. and they really don’t want the survivors to be Icelanders… or Aryans of ANY KIND.

    wake up readers….. there is much much more to this drama… MUCH MUCH MORE

  112. A little silly. Here is how you do it on MTV:

    First Israel likes the terror because it strengthens their hand.

    Second, covert operation only requires giving the means to people who want to do it anyway. You can use cutouts or merely fail to share intelligence with the targets.

  113. Anonymous [AKA "Judi Dadu Lewat Hp Android"] says: • Website

    Genuinely no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of afterward its up to
    other people that they will assist, so here it happens.

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