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Washington’s Terrorist Friends: Prominent Americans Continue to Support a Murderous Cult
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MEK is a curious hybrid creature that pretends to be an alternative government option for Iran even though it is despised by nearly all Iranians.

One might ask if Washington’s obsession with terrorism includes supporting radical armed groups as long as they are politically useful in attacking countries that the US regards as enemies? It is widely known that the American CIA worked with Saudi Arabia to create al-Qaeda to attack the Russians in Afghanistan and the same my-enemy’s-enemy thinking appears to drive the current relationships with radical groups in Syria.

Given the fact that Iran continues to be the Biden Administration’s enemy du jour, it is perhaps not surprising to observe that the US also supports terror groups that are capable of attacking targets in the Islamic Republic. To that end, recently a number of former senior government officials and politicians were involved in cultivating their relationships with the Iranian terrorist group Mojahedin e Khalq (MEK), which held its most recent annual international summit in Paris for three days starting on July 10th. The event was online due to French COVID prevention guidelines and the featured speaker was Michele Flournoy, former US undersecretary of defense for policy under President Barack Obama. Flournoy was once considered a front runner to be President Joe Biden’s defense secretary and she currently heads a consulting firm WestExec Advisors that she co-founded with current Secretary of State Anthony Blinken which has had considerable influence over staffing and other issues in the White House. In her talk, she accused Iran of posing a danger to the security of the Middle East, the United States, and to its own people, elaborating how “Since 1979, every US administration has had to deal with the threat posed by Iran’s revolutionary regime and the Biden administration is no different. Iran is one of the most urgent foreign policy issues on the president’s desk.” She called for an “internal regime change” in the Islamic Republic.

A bipartisan group of US lawmakers also spoke before the online gathering. Speakers included House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senator Bob Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as well as Democratic Senators Cory Booker of New Jersey and Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire. Also participating were Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida and both Texas Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile also spoke as did former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said that the MEK should be “blessed and protected.”

The summit self-described as “the largest-ever online international event dedicated to liberating Iran” with the objective of “inciting uprisings against the government in the Islamic Republic.” Though it would be charitable to suggest that the congressmen and former officials were largely involved to pick up the generous fees paid to speakers, it must also be noted that knowledge of MEK and its history is readily available on the internet and elsewhere. Flournoy in particular should have known better but even she, after the fact, claimed implausibly that she did not know that she was speaking to a former terrorist group that had killed Americans.

It should also be observed that the participating Congressmen all have extremely close ties to Israel and its domestic lobby, which have been assiduous in their efforts to vilify Iran as America’s designated enemy. To be sure, no one at the summit even mentioned Israel’s use of MEK operatives to carry out assassinations of scientists and sabotage operations inside Iran.

MEK is a curious hybrid creature in any event in that it pretends to be an alternative government option for Iran even though it is despised by nearly all Iranians. It is considered to be both irrelevant and ineffective but Iran hatred is so prevalent that it is greatly loved by the Washington Establishment which would like to see the Mullahs deposed and replaced by something more amenable to US and Israeli worldviews.

MEK is run like a cult by its leader Maryam Rajavi, with a number of rules that restrict and control the behavior of its members. One commentary likens membership in MEK to a modern-day equivalent of slavery. A study prepared by the Rand corporation for the U.S. government conducted interviews of MEK members and concluded that there were present “many of the typical characteristics of a cult, such as authoritarian control, confiscation of assets, sexual control (including mandatory divorce and celibacy), emotional isolation, forced labor, sleep deprivation, physical abuse and limited exit options.”

The group currently operates out of a secretive, heavily guarded 84 acre compound in Albania that is covertly supported by the United States intelligence community, as well as through a “political wing” front office in Paris, where it refers to itself as the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). MEK is financially supported by Saudi Arabia, which enables it to stage events in the United States and in Europe where it generously pays politicians to make fifteen-minute speeches praising the organization and everything it does. It’s bribing of inside the Beltway power brokers and its support by Israel proved so successful that it was removed from the State Department terrorist list in 2012 by Hillary Clinton even though it had killed Americans in the 1970s.

As indicated above, MEK made the transition from terrorist group to “champions of Iranian democracy” by virtue of intensive lobbying of Iran haters. A Guardian article also describes how “A stupendously long list of American politicians from both parties were paid hefty fees to speak at events in favor of the MEK, including Rudy Giuliani, Joe Lieberman, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Elaine Chao and former Democratic party chairs Edward Rendell and Howard Dean – along with multiple former heads of the FBI and CIA. John Bolton, who has made multiple appearances at events supporting the MEK, is estimated to have received upwards of \$180,000. According to financial disclosure forms, Bolton was paid \$40,000 for a single appearance at the Free Iran rally in Paris in 2017.”

It apparently has never occurred to the congressmen and senior officials that the MEK group had a whole lot of history before it appeared on the scene in Washington and began buying American politicians. MEK, which consisted of a group of dissident students having Marxism inspired anti-capitalist and anti-colonialist roots, had a bloody falling out with the Iranian revolution leaders in 1979, forcing it to resettle at Camp Ashraf, near Baghdad. It was protected by Saddam Hussein and used to carry out terrorist attacks inside Iran. It was also fiercely anti-American beginning back in the 1970s when it was still in Iran, to include attacks on US businesses and denunciations of the United States presence in Iran under the Shah. In 1979 it supported executing the US Embassy hostages rather than negotiating their release. One of its songs went “Death to America by blood and bonfire on the lips of every Muslim is the cry of the Iranian people. May America be annihilated.”

Within the US government, MEK was notorious for its assassination of at least six US Air Force officers and civilian defense contractors. One particularly audacious ambush in which two air force officers were murdered by MEK while being driven in from the airport was reenacted for each incoming class at the Central Intelligence Agency training center in the late 1970s to illustrate just how a perfectly executed terrorist attack on a moving vehicle might take place.

Given how currently nearly every news cycle includes stories about fake news on social media, it is surprising that MEK is never mentioned. Its current Albanian operational center uses banks of computers manned by followers, some of whom are fluent in English, who serve as bots unleashing scores of comments supporting regime change in Iran while also directing waves of criticism against any pro-Iranian pieces that appear elsewhere on social media, to include Facebook and Twitter. By one account, more than a thousand MEK supporters manage thousands of accounts on social media simultaneously. The objective of all the chatter is to convince the mostly English-speaking audience that there is a large body of Iranians who are hostile to the regime and supportive of MEK as a replacement.

It is an indisputable fact that over the past ten years, members of both major parties in Congress have either traveled to the group’s compound in Albania or spoken via video messages or live appearances in exchange for hefty speaking fees. The support provided by prominent officeholders and policymakers to include effusive praise of a terrorist group that is viscerally anti-American and has killed US officials is a disgrace. It is also a symptom of deeper problems in terms of how our foreign policy has been developed through the ascendancy of special interests. That America’s Iran policy should lead to praise of a radicalized extremist cult that is funded by authoritarian Saudi Arabia and politically supported by apartheid Israel ignores US actual interests at our peril.

Philip Giraldi, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Iran, Israel Lobby, MEK, Terrorism 
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  1. Jim H says:

    ‘America’s Iran policy [in] praise of a radicalized extremist cult that is funded by authoritarian Saudi Arabia and politically supported by apartheid Israel ignores US actual interests at our peril.’ — Philip Giraldi

    Subsuming our national interests to Israel means acquiring some strange bedfollows, whether MEK, or al-Qaeda, the Kurds, or whatnot. All for a good cause! /sarc

    But meanwhile, after some malarkey in middle eastern shipping lanes allegedly involving bad, bad Iranians (wearing Ayatollah Khamenei T-shirts to ensure positive ID), Israel’s peace-loving Defense Minister Benny Gantz confirms that “Israel is ready to attack Iran, yesssss.

    So what are they waiting for? Just to get old Corn Pop on board. Which shouldn’t be too difficult, with Sec State Tony Blinken and entire cadres of Israeli agents steering the Biden administration from within.

    Jaw-jaw is about to turn to boom-boom, it seems … with no adults in the room to stop a descent into general global mayhem.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  2. Chris Moore says: • Website

    It should also be observed that the participating Congressmen all have extremely close ties to Israel and its domestic lobby, which have been assiduous in their efforts to vilify Iran as America’s designated enemy. To be sure, no one at the summit even mentioned Israel’s use of MEK operatives to carry out assassinations of scientists and sabotage operations inside Iran.

    It’s the same old story: the ((Jewish)) fifth column is using corrupt, bought-off politicians from both sides of the establishment to do its bidding and push wars on the American people for Israel.

    This is a continuation of the wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. mostly for the Zionist agenda.

    At this point, its become a cliche, yet these corrupt politicos just keep delivering the same hasbara with a straight face. You’d think they would get exhausted with self-disgust, but this is a shameless, Sociopath or Satanically-animated breed that came up at the tail end of the ((Jewish)) Century which has gone from the Bolsheviks to the Beatniks to the Boomers, the entire rotten lot of them getting their strings pulled by Talmudists, most of them totally oblivious of the fact that they were working for what?… the Devil, Evil, the Dark Side, Organized Psychopaths…? whatever you want to call them.

    The Covid plague and the Big Pharma/Big Gov death jab is a fitting end to the ((Jewish)) Century.

    “This is the way the world ends/Not with a bang, but a whimper” wrote TS Eliot. Maybe Israel will allow that, or maybe it won’t. Fanatics that they are, they’ll likely prefer the Samson Option.

    • Agree: mark green, Pat Kittle
    • Replies: @anonymous
  3. Has zionism ever done anything that is good?

    • Replies: @Shue
    , @Orville H. Larson
  4. @Jim H

    Maybe I’m way off base, but here’s something to consider. The JCPOA was the crowning foreign policy achievement of the Obama Admin (indeed it was the only one). Netanyahu vociferously opposed it, but Obama forged ahead, with the other P5+1 countries, and made it happen.

    Then came Trump, who said that the JCPOA was the worst agreement the US had ever negotiated, though I have my doubts if he knew much of what was in it. The first chance he had, Trump blew it up, over the objections of all the other signatories, as he wanted to deprive Obama of his lone success, while doing Bibi’s bidding. Trump fortunately got wise to Bolton and fired him, thus, at the last minute, avoided a devastating shooting war with Iran, though he foolishly took out General Soleimani.

    Now, if Obama is calling the shots in the Biden-Harris Admin, as many think, wouldn’t it be logical for him to tell his old VP to reenter the deal in order to show what an idiot Trump was for leaving it? Perhaps senile Biden, however, is so weak that he has little power over those Israel-first, MEK-loving worms within his Admin. who want to scuttle those negotiations. If it is war that they want, they’d better think long and hard about forcing vaccines and purging all those highly trained “White Supremacist” soldiers from the military.

    • Agree: mark green
  5. Chris Moore says: • Website

    If it is war that they want, they’d better think long and hard about forcing vaccines and purging all those highly trained “White Supremacist” soldiers from the military.

    It is war they want, but these are the self-certain ((Jewish)) supremacist “chosen” were dealing with, so they think they can just write the scripts like a Hollywood movie and the “goyim” will fall right into line, because after all ((Jews)) are directly connected to History or God or Satan or whoever or whatever it is they think is pulling the strings on their supremacy.

    In other words, we’re dealing with mentally ill psychopaths, and after 50 years of boob tube brainwashing and propaganda by this same bunch, this Boomer generation of drugged out and mentally defective useful idiots has totally internalized the ((Jewish)) grift or psychosis or doctrine or whatever insanity is that drives the ((Jews)).

    Long story short, we’re living in an neocon idiocracy staffed by insular, delusional madmen who think they’re Masters of the Universe and Supermen, but reality (something totally alien to them, since they reject Western disciplines like science and logic and sociology and concepts like rationalism) is proving them to be more suited for the insane asylum.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  6. Terrorist? That’s Israel. Their false flag drone attack on a tanker that killed two is now reason for “Israel and the world to attack Iran”. Then of course are brand new claims that Iran is 10 weeks from nuclear weapons. I can’t believe the world is to sit idly by while we’re goaded into another disaster. Is there no peeling these jews off our hides, ever?

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
    , @frankie p
  7. Athena says:

    Afghanistan & Terror Financing: Washington’s mercenaries paid with money from NATO’s opium trade

    Drugs for Europe: Protected by Powerful Western Interests, Afghanistan Heroin Transits Through Kosovo

    ”Milovan Drecun says that, according to the Europol and Interpol, the largest amount of heroin is delivered to Europe from Afghanistan via Kosovo. According to some estimates, some 65% of all the world’s heroin is channeled through the former Serbian province; while 90% of all drugs that reach Europe are shipped via Kosovo.


    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
    • Replies: @omegabooks
  8. Athena says:

    Sibel Edmonds on US-NATO and Gulenist friends:

    The MEK Factor & Operation Target Iran in Molavi Assassination in Turkey

    From :

  9. Trinity says:

    Hey, troops, I know everyone is real concerned tonight about fat ass Pompeo’s missing 5800 dollar bottle of whiskey. I might have to take a couple shots of The Bird to calm my nerves where I can sleep.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I think I am living the high life when I splurge for a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red, but even IF I had PERVERT Bill Gates money, I wouldn’t pay more than a 100 dollars for a bottle of anything. Oh, so it was Japan who gave fat boy the bottle as a present instead of muh Israel. These are the types of douchebags who run the world at the moment, troops. Fart sniffers who are stupid enough to think that a bottle of whiskey is worth nearly 6 grand. I bet a batch of the late Popcorn’s Sutton’s home brew would put that overpriced Japanese rot gut to shame.

    And how about that douchebag Eric Swallowtail paying 130 bucks for a steak? I can get a great steak at Publix for 15-20 bucks give or take a dollar or two and depending what is on sale. Swallowtail, talk about a douchebag.

    These are the fairies, oops, I mean people who are busting their fat asses off trying to do the job most people are not smart enough nor good enough to do. LMAO. Douchebags, one and all.

    • Agree: Thim
  10. RobinG says:

    “THE CRADLE” [of civilization]

    Sharmine Narwani has launched a new platform for journalism on West Asian geopolitics, @TheCradleMedia. Here’s Elijah Magnier’s piece from Tuesday –

    The US is misreading Iran: Raisi believes no nuclear deal is near
    Joe Biden, beware. Iran’s new President Ebrahim Raisi plans to take the kid gloves off for nuclear talks.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  11. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    It may be a strange terrorist cult but it’s apparently useful. Infiltrating spies, saboteurs and assassins into Iran requires Iranian-looking and speaking agents who won’t stand out as European appearing types would. That the Iranian government would fall and be replaced with this MEK is really a fantasy worthy of a cult. It would be interesting to know how they recruit new members since it all seems so out of touch with reality but then again there’s been plenty of cults in the US also. They may be terrorists but come on, they’re at the retail level when it comes to that. It’s the US that’s the world’s leading terrorist, destroying entire countries, creating the greatest waves of war refugees, one after another, since ’45. Big terrorist has many little terrorist dogs on a leash, MEK simply being one of them. American politicians are like barnyard dogs sniffing around for money so they’ll show up wherever it’s available. Nothing is too sleazy for them. After all, they’re the ones who are all gung-ho about dropping bombs on people everywhere without any second thoughts so what can one expect from such types?

  12. When I saw ‘murderous’ cult I thought it must be Zionazism and Israel.

    • Agree: Orville H. Larson
    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  13. All you need to know about the Middle East is that America has no independent foreign policy. Its actions there are determined by Israel and its sayanim in America. Once you understand this everything going on there starts to make sense.

  14. @Jim Christian

    I believe Ivermectin works for Covid 19 as well as parasites.
    Jokes aside, I don’t think either Israel or the US is going to directly attack Iran. The Iranians know their strengths and weaknesses.
    With the control of the narrow Straits of Hormuz Iran knows they have the global goolies in their grip.
    The World will turn against Israel if it attacks Iran and the Persian Gulf is then blocked
    Israel has discredited itself internationally, and now it’s only the largely blackmailed Western political blackmailed elite that supports it. The political elite of France, UK and USA are totally compromised as are almost all politicians of every important nation.
    Think Pegasus, the newest spying software out of Israel. Before that we had Epstein collecting data and compromising any politician who could get it up.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  15. Trinity says:

    So what happens when the gubmint mandates that freeloaders do not have to pay rent due to the Jew Flu? Well how many people out there who rent out houses and/or apartments are still making payments on those rentals? Oops, landlord can’t make payments and guess who steps in to save the day? Why are creeps like Bill Gates buying up so much farmland between visits to Epstein Pedo Island? Is the gubmint playing 4D chess like Bobby Fischer or like Donald Trump? hehe.

  16. Trinity says:

    The (((gubmint))) was supposed to mo gibz 45-47 billion with a B dollars to help dem po’ folk pay daze rent, well can anyone account for that money or is anyone responsible for showing Americans where each red cent of that money wound up? That is a lot of cabbage, so why are people not able to pay their rent? Now Hiring signs are all over the place. Granted McDonald’s and Kroger are not dream jobs but you do what you have to do. And can someone explain to me the shortage of workers for the airlines. I know a captain for American Airlines who makes about 300 bucks an hour, and I am guessing American pays better than Amazon, so why the shortage of employees. Good lawd, can you imagine WHEN they start using Africans In America or Muzzie pilots?

    • Replies: @Robjil
  17. Trinity says:

    Off topic but certainly RELEVANT. TC aka Tucker Carlson is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION OR just plain stupid.

    Last night, Tucker while talking to the Prez of Hungary remarked how Honest Joe had called the Prez or whatever you call the leader of Hungary, “a tyrant” and “a thug.” TC went on to say that (((the left))) in America are even supporting (((communists))) and get this people, “anti-Semite” candidates to replace the current leader of Hungary.

    Tucker is like that old Bruce Dorksteen song from the Eighties where Brucie sings about taking one step up and two steps back. Every time TC makes a little headway or you say this guy might be real, he throws out some puke about MLK being a Christlike figure or how evil Hitler was or how the Jew has suffered, really suffered so much. What a sap this guy is turning out to be. I am sorry, but Tucker is nearly as much of a con as the Orange dude. Emanuel Goldstein, anyone.

    Cue: One Step Up by Bruce Springsteen

  18. @follyofwar

    The JCPOA was the crowning foreign policy achievement of the Obama Admin (indeed it was the only one).

    I suppose it’s all in the way you look at the situation. The JCPOA was Iran’s voluntary agreement to give up its rights under the Non Proliferation Treaty, in order to have the US drop it’s sanctions. The other players were there to suck up nuclear material that could still be used due to the low enrichment level. Iran has been clear that the US insistence that Iran should stop its missile programme, as was on the table at the start of the negotiations, wasn’t going to happen. I suppose limiting enrichment to prevent development of a non-existent weapons programme, banned by two fatwas, is an achievement compared to a war, but the bigger achievement was pissing off the tribe by pretending the US got a significant gain by “stopping” the Mad Mullahs.

  19. ‘…the same my-enemy’s-enemy thinking appears to drive the current relationships with radical groups in Syria…

    In the case of Syria, wouldn’t that be ‘Israel’s enemy is my enemy’?

  20. @Rev. Spooner

    And after that we had Pollard, the alleged America, freed from prison and allowed to “return” to Occupied Palestine. Like Robert Maxwell, but not dead yet: a hero’s welcome. They certainly shafted USUK.
    “israel” is the biggest enemy of the US anywhere in the world.

  21. MEK cult compared to slavery….that’s the way it is with all cults, even Christian ones (for instance, that Canadian cult the movie “Savage Messiah” is about). Many Christian churches and mega-churches are actually cults run by their pastors.

  22. @Athena

    Not surprised at all about drug (and other) trafficking through Kosovo…and, of course through Albania, thanks to their Mafia and their blood fued-riddled Code of Lek. I’m sure Linh Dinh has written about this…and, oh yeah, the movie “Taken.”

  23. frankie p says:

    Anyone who believes that Obama is still calling any shots is WAY off base. Obama performed his services to big finance and the corporatocracy and is currently focused on collecting his compensation, a long leisurely process that will cover a number of years and tens of millions of dollars in Netflix “content”, lame but lucrative “book deals” and corporate “speeches”. Obama sided with big finance during the financial crisis and its aftermath, and he oversaw ten million families losing their homes rather than asking banks to take a haircut. Biden will soon be doing the same, regardless of his recent reprieve given to soon-to-be evicted renters and their soon-to-be foreclosed brothers. Big finance is furiously working to silence pesky legislators that would dare to camp out on the steps of the Capitol to protest. Perhaps she will be lumped in with the 1/6 protesters and the FBI can deal with her. This is just to demonstrate to everyone who actually runs this country.

  24. frankie p says:
    @Jim Christian

    Wrong. Iran DID drone attack that tanker, and the second drone deliberately killed people. This was a message and a revision of the ROE (Rules of Engagement) in the region. The Iranian attack was a response to Israeli bombing of an airfield in Syria in which dormitories were targeted, resulting in the deaths of Resistance personnel, including, I believe, a member of Hezbollah. The message to Israel is that Iran can and will reach out and respond to Israeli attacks in any part of the region. The Israelis, completely dependent on ocean shipping for everything, are panicked about this new development.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  25. i thought this article was about the pentagon judging from the title, but i guess not.

  26. Ghali says:

    Sorry Dr Giraldi, but Isarel is the world’s biggest terrorist organisation. In addition to commiting daily global acts of terrorism, Israel is also arming and financing every major terrorist group, e.g., ISIS, al-Qaeda, MEK, etc. The “long list of American politicians from both parties” are pro-Israel Jews and pro-Israel Zionist. The donot care about Iran, they care about Israel. MEK is an Israeli proxy terrorist cult commiting acts of terrorism on behalf of Israel..

  27. Shue says:

    I have never seen a Terrorist Group that the US and the entire West didn’t love and support.

  28. Jiminy says:

    Clearly MEK simply wants to turn Iran into a modern day, middle eastern Shangri-La. I could imagine the talk fest between the paid stooges being just like a 60’s love in. Bit like when Rumfeld was chummy with the taliban. Actually it’s rather sad that Donald’s pushing up daisies and not around to see it all eventually come to fruition.
    It is strange as far as Israel is concerned though, because things could clearly become a lot hotter should the present government of Iran be overthrown. It could easily turn out to be a case of better the devil you know.

  29. @frankie p

    The message to Israel is that Iran can and will reach out and respond to Israeli attacks in any part of the region.

    That’s correct, and the moderation of their replies contrasts to the savagery of the Mad Dog, eg US murder of Gen Soleimani while on a peace mission. Not to mention the actions of the US’s ruling power in Palestine and on US soil.. JFK, 9/11 etc etc.
    This moderation is also a message, saying that Peace and goodwill/good relations are the desired state of affairs but aggression will be responded to.
    And Iran will not stand alone if push comes to shove.

    The idea that Jews and people like Mike Pompeo can impose a gaggle of crazies in a compound in Albania as the govt of Iran against the wishes of 80m Iranians is yet another episode in the now long running zionist nightmare.

    It is so insane that it indicates that said nightmare is now entering final phase.
    Cessation of cruelty/savagery in Palestine/nearby will destabilise USUK/5 Eyes.
    At least decapitate them until their citizens can establish sane governments.
    Hoping sooner rather than later.

    • Replies: @Jim H
  30. Goyboy says:

    MEK…Just another hasbara outfit doing what hasbara’s do.

    If they are able to do anything more serious than that these days I hope suspicion amongst themselves renders it’s self dangerous to each other.

  31. @RobinG

    Thanks for an interesting link, Robin.
    The writer also contributes on ME activity by Perfidious Albion —

    The UK has constructed dozens of sophisticated watchtowers on the Lebanese–Syrian border in recent years. Ostensibly, the initial pretext was that the reason for the construction of these satellite-linked, fortified towers is to monitor the crossing or movement of individuals and vehicles, and therefore deter terrorist Takfiri groups from entering Lebanon from Syria.

  32. Robjil says:

    In the long run, the rental “money” is going to the criminals who created the situation that is the owners of the rental properties.

    The longer answer is rather more complicated. Major investment firms such as Vanguard and Blackrock, along with rental companies such as American Homes 4 Rent, are buying up single-family homes in record numbers – sometimes entire neighbourhoods at a time.

    They pay well over market value, pricing families who want to own those homes out of the market, which forces the housing market up whilst the Lockdown-created recession is lowering wages and creating millions of newly unemployed. It always comes down to control.

    “Renting for all” is the goal by our “new Improved Controlled” gov. Home owners have a “free thinking” bug that might be too catchy.

    It’s an oft-used cliche, but no less true for that, that homeowning “gives people a stake in society”. A family-owned house is a source of security for the future and something to leave your children. It is also sovereignty and privacy. Your own space that no one else can control or take away.
    In short: A homeowner is independent. A renter is not. A renter can be controlled. A homeowner can not.
    It’s the same reasoning behind the way working people were encouraged to take out loans and become debt slaves. If you limit people’s options, if you make them rely on you for a roof over their heads, you have control over them.

  33. Z-man says:

    The terrorist of my enemy is my friend. (Grin)
    If we can be friends with the murderous cult of Zionism we can be friends with minor players like MEK.

  34. BL says:

    The JCPOA was the crowning foreign policy achievement of the Obama Admin . . .

    Then came Trump, who said that the JCPOA was the worst agreement the US had ever negotiated, though I have my doubts if he knew much of what was in it.

    What could be a more ominous warning sign than that ab initio until present no one knows what JCPOA was or even cares any longer. This was a feature of Obama’s presidency, with varied progress in evolving the US beyond all the good stuff it painstakingly built over close to 250 years. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were no longer fit for purpose (“Just a piece of parchment”) and were being replaced by “our democracy.”

    What’s “our democracy,” you might wonder? Get in line because they wouldn’t even answer what Obamacare or JCPOA were so stop asking.

    My point is the USG didn’t begin making foreign policy sausage the day that Obama and Big Mike entered the White House. Whether Nixon’s opening to China, Schoolhouse Rock Rapprochement if there ever was such a thing; or the US/Vietnam post-Vietnam War relationship, any idiot could see what was being pursued in the separate and mutual national interests.

    Those peddling and cheerleading JCPOA didn’t even try to craft JCPOA, much less sell it, as in any manner or form in the American national interest. Indeed, they simply declared that the built-in national humiliation component for Americans was a feature not a bug.

    Trump told Iran what time it was. Iran would have to negotiate a rapprochement with him that the American people would embrace. After all, among the most despicable lies of Obama et. al. (and the Neocon filth) is that the American people aren’t generous and wise. In Obama’s telling they’re racists swine who need to apologize, atone, and kneel before foreign powers and peoples. To hear the Neocon filth tell it the American people are mindlessly bellicose and psychopathic like they are.

    Yet until they completely memory-hole it, you should remember that we’re the country that put a period on WWII with Germans and Japanese, rather than a Carthaginian peace.

    Like with pretty much everything else he did, everyone conspires to deny that, especially under the totality of the circumstances he inherited, Trump got Iran (and cancellation of JCPOA) spot on right.

  35. anon[418] • Disclaimer says:

    It would be easy to bomb 84 acres with precision. If I were Iran, I’d swat this fly, and Albania would be better off for it.

  36. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    ‘When I saw ‘murderous’ cult I thought it must be Zionazism and Israel.’

    Well, in a word association test, most people with any semblance of normality would respond as you did.

    Coming in a strong second place would be the ‘Cult of Covid’.
    Adherents are easily distinguished by the obsessive wearing of face muzzles, submissiveness and reliance on authority to tell them what to do in their lives (as they’re too stupid to assume personal responsibility for any decision beyond waking up in the morning).

    Added to that is their propensity to social distance in their basements and refrain from social activity with others – not that anyone would want them in their vicinity at the best of times, seeing as they’re dreadful bores.

    They can be readily singled out by their characteristic debilitating illnesses (like partial paralysis from Guillain-Barre syndrome), and reproductive infertility (many a dried-up spinster or lonesome loser among this wretched rabble), courtesy of being double-jabbed with untested toxins.

  37. anonymous[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Chris Moore

    In his Utopia of Usurers Chesterton said our politicians have no shame because they have no honor. For over a century in the US and GB, every policy they enact is subsumed by “Is it good for the Jews” or, for the past seventy years, “Is is good for Israel.” Jewish rule has no future before it, making them frantic and as dangerous as their forebears who massacred tens of millions for being white and Christian. The reason they need to be omnipotent is because they’re so incompetent; totalitarian because they’re so damned evil.

    In fact, given that Jews were unarguably the vanguard of the communists who massacred tens of millions during the last century in Russia, the Ukraine, and Turkey, not to mention being the conspicuous handlers of puppets like Mao and Mandela, that makes Jewish Bolsheviks the worst mass murderers in human history. Maybe Congress will wake up tomorrow seeking a joint resolution acknowledging that fact. Or, maybe they’ll make it a hate crime for merely pointing out that the greatest hate crimes in human history were committed by Jews.

  38. What does MEK, CIA. FBI, and American Generals have in common? They are all dangerous and murderous cults. So it is a bird’s of a feather kind of thing.

    • Agree: Agent76
  39. As long as America remains under zionist control, as it has since 1913 when the zionist privately owned FED and IRS were saddled on the American people, these terrorist groups will be supported as zionism is a terrorist kabal and spawns terrorists, there is nothing new under the sun.

    See the book The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed, it can be had on amazon and read The Protocols of Zion.

  40. Rich says:

    Obama isn’t running anything. He was an empty shirt owned outright by the cia and did their bidding. They had him in their pocket since his bathhouse days in Chicago. He was affirmative actioned through college, then given his senate seat when his opponent’s private divorce records were revealed by a corrupt judge and he was forced to withdraw from the election. Ever see Barry try to speak without a teleprompter or list of cliches? He’s clever, knows who to kneel in front of, but like the scarecrow, he ain’t got a brain.

  41. BorisMay says:

    How is it that anyone thinks they have a right to promote regime change in another sovereign country that in actuality poses no threat to anyone anywhere else in the world apart from the illegal fascist apartheid regime known as Israel?

  42. Agent76 says:

    Apr 28, 2021 After 20 years, the USA retreats from its failed Afghan war

    From Press TV, Chicago, 27 April 2021.

    September 12, 2019 Al Qaeda: The Data Base By Pierre-Henri Bunel

    British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook told the House of Commons that “Al Qaeda” is not really a terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin and arms smugglers used by the CIA.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  43. Malla says:

    MEK’s (People’s Mujahedin of Iran) ideology had been to combine Shia Islam with revolutionary Marxist-Leninism. They wanted the creation of a classless society that would combat world imperialism, international Zionism, colonialism, exploitation, racism, and multinational corporations.
    A combination of Muslim themes; Shii notions of martyrdom; classical Marxist theories of class struggle and historical determinism; and neo-Marxist concepts of armed struggle, guerrilla warfare and revolutionary heroism. Eventually they became more Islamic than Marxist but the group seems like a psycho group who will bring more trouble if it comes to power. People who believe in bullshit like this are either psychopaths who want to grab power by any means or deluded crackpots or a combination of the two. It will make Iran worse.
    But these are the kind of psychos, the USA likes to support. Seems counter-intuitive that the USA supports organisations who “oppose imperialism, colonialism, racism and multinational companies” but that is how it is.
    Basically Ayatollah Khomeini used MEK to consolidate his power and then threw them under the bus. After any so called “revolution”, you have naked brutal power struggles. Later the power struggle becomes more “behind the scenes”. The MEK, accused Khomeini of “monopolizing power”, “hijacking the revolution”, “trampling over democratic right”, and “plotting to set up a fascistic one-party dictatorship”. MEK members that were arrested by the Islamic Republic were made to repent and were sent to rehabilitation camps, while about eight to ten thousand were kept in prison for minor charges. In February 1980 concentrated attacks by hezbollahi pro-Khomeini militia began on the meeting places, bookstores and newsstands of Mujahideen and other leftists. During the Iran-Iraq war, where MEK idiotically supported the Iraqis to overthrow Khomeini a large number of prisoners from the MEK were mass executed along with many other individuals from other leftist opposition groups by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Khomeini issued a fatwa against them. According to Amnesty International, “thousands of political dissidents were systematically subjected to enforced disappearance in Iranian detention facilities across the country and extrajudicially executed pursuant to an order issued by the Supreme Leader of Iran and implemented across prisons in the country. Many of those killed during this time were subjected to torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment in the process.” So MEK are basically leftist crackpots who after helping Khomeini against the Shah were put under the bus by the shrewd Khomeini and they are even more psycho. The brutality committed against them by the Islamic regime may seem harsh but mark my words, if these psychopaths come to power, there would be even more widespread executions and killings. So the Islamic Regime tortured and killed a large number, manybe many several thousands of Marxo-pychos? Bah!! Who cares. Good riddance.

    • Replies: @SaneClownPosse
  44. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Washington’s Terrorist Friends: Prominent Americans Continue to Support a Murderous Cult”

    Well kerr-ryst! Whodathunkit? One murderous cult supports another murderous cult? Whatever next?😭

    “Regards” onebornfree

    • LOL: Agent76
  45. Tony says:

    I shocked, shocked I tell you, that giraldi is going after some muslims.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  46. @Insouciant

    “Has zionism ever done anything that is good?”

    Well, I’ve got a long answer, and I’ve got a short answer. I’ll give you the short one: NO!

  47. The summit self-described as “the largest-ever online international event dedicated to liberating Iran” with the objective of “inciting uprisings against the government in the Islamic Republic.”

    Now, why is it, that whenever you need Lee Harvey Oswald to pull the trigger once more, he’s off-line…?

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  48. Its current Albanian operational center uses banks of computers manned by followers, some of whom are fluent in English, who serve as bots unleashing scores of comments supporting regime change in Iran while also directing waves of criticism against any pro-Iranian pieces that appear elsewhere on social media, to include Facebook and Twitter. ”

    This M.O. sounds eerily like another country’s M.O., that I’ve be/come accustomed with over the years.

    Did 6 million Eyranians die already this time around…?

    That female, Occupied Palestine, [2020/2021] marathon runner, looked… well, [dare I say ?]… very African…, and not pure, Ashkenazi [Caucasian] white at all…

    Oh, good riddance!

  49. geokat62 says:

    I shocked, shocked I tell you, that giraldi is going after some muslims.

    Giraldi is America first. He’s not going after some muslims, he’s going after non-interventionism.

    See the difference?

    • Replies: @Cloak And Dagger
    , @Tony
  50. I actually thought this was going to be about Israel and there’d be the *pic not related disclaimer.

  51. RobinG says:

    Thanks for the link. Hands Off Syria!

  52. Back to the 1950s and the CIA’s Shah.
    How regressive.

  53. @Malla

    The cognitive dissonance, or ignorance or payola, required to be a devout Shia Muslim and a Marxist is large.

    Karl Marx was a Jew from a wealthy family, and was married to a Rothschild. No Marxist revolutions occurred while Marx was alive. He repeatedly argued that it was never the right time. All talk and no walk.

    To put it simply, Marxism was a project to divert growing revolutionary fervor in the mid 1800s.

    Interesting bit about the leaders of Iran, is that their surnames, Khomeini and Khameini, come from the same area north of Iran’s current border, as does the surname Komen, as in Susan G. Komen.

    The Khazars converted to Judaism, to which other religions might they have also converted.

    • Thanks: Malla
  54. Jim H says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    ‘The idea that Jews and people like Mike Pompeo can impose a gaggle of crazies in a compound in Albania as the govt of Iran against the wishes of 80m Iranians is yet another episode in the now long running zionist nightmare.’ — Arthur MacBride

    Jews and people [sic] like Mike Pompeo (actually a pig-man hybrid) learned nothing from the overthrow of the American puppet, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, in 1979.

    ‘The extent of public opposition to the Shah, and his sudden departure, came as a considerable surprise to the US intelligence community and national leadership. As late as 28 September 1978 the US Defense Intelligence Agency reported that the Shah “is expected to remain actively in power over the next ten years.” — Wikipedia

    American puppets don’t last long anywhere in the region. But ‘this time is different,’ our own ideology-blinded crazies tell themselves.

  55. @geokat62

    Giraldi is America first.

    And I love that about him. Can’t say the same for a lot of other posers.

  56. @Daniel Rich

    That’s because he was murdered by Jacob Rubenstein. Not many people know that.

  57. mahdan says:

    [To that end, recently a number of former senior government officials and politicians were involved in cultivating their relationships with the Iranian terrorist group Mojahedin e khalq…..}

    We have to know who is promoting MEK the terrorist group.

    The MEK is hated in Iran and among Iranian people abroad, but those Iranians who are working for
    CIA and Jewish mafia know that the main goal is to topple Iranian government using ‘maximum pressure’ to bring chaos through economic hardship, because the end game for Israel and US is to partition Iran where they take this into their graves.

    To achieve this goal, the PLAN is to use MEK and other terror groups that they support to make chaos then bring the illiterate son of the former Shah as head of the state in Iran where has no support but he goes along with whoever gives him MONEY.

    The ignorant Reza is receiving millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia to cooperate with the Jewish mafia plan and its servants. But, everyone knows that CIA and Jewish mafia are using MEK, terror group, to topple the government, and then discart them by labeling them TERRORIST to be easier to kill them like many times happened in the past. Groups like Al Qaeda, Taliban or ISIS who were used and then discarded.Many believe that Massoud Rajavi, leader of MEK, was killed by Americans after the invasion of Iraq, because he was not useful anymore and his negatives was too high to be saved.
    This scenario has been repeated in many countries including Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

    As you know the MEK was on European and American terrorist list for many years. After false flag operation of 9/11, The Mafia and the West decided to add another terror group to their collection and they decided to use ERIC DAVID’s ‘expertise’ who was a lecturer at the faculty of law of the University of Brussels teaches the law of international organizations, international penal law, the law of armed conflicts to make MEK innocent of his guilt and use it against Iran.
    Eric David came with the following:

    [The question is to know if the armed actions perpetrated by PMOI against the Iranian regime since
    the 1980’s can be qualified as ʺterroristʺ and thus justify their inclusion by the European Union in the
    list of terrorist organizations. This examination will be made in view of the international legal
    instruments which apply to terrorism. This analysis intends to remain purely legal and will not come
    to a conclusion about the political legitimacy of the armed actions of the PMOI.
    Considered separately, and apart from the Iranian context, the armed actions of the PMOI can
    seemingly fall under certain definitions of terrorism, but placed within the framework of the Iranian
    situation, they seem to be acts of war and not acts of terrorism …”]

    So, Eric David told the Europeans that PMOI/another name for MEK/ terrorist activity was not really terrorist act in order to make MEK available for NATO, Mossad and CIA to carry out assassination of the Iranian scientists, killing of Iranian people. The MEK’s name was removed from the EU Terrorist List in 2008 and from US and Canada terror list in 2012.
    Irwin Cotler in Canada and Alan Dershowitz in the US were the most active to remove MEK name from the terrorist list.

    The zionists from Israel Lobby like Irwin Cotler and its servant Payam Akhavan, Kaveh Shahrooz, Mark Dubowitzh, from FDD, active in ‘Human rights Industries” were promoting MEK in the Canadian parliament pushing for more sanctions, closure of Iranian embassy where they did, and many campaigns of hatred including FAKE “Iran Tribunal’ to brainwash Canadian public.

    In 2016, The former president of Iran Hasan Rouhani said the following while in Italy :

    “The Zionist lobby AIPAC is very active and influential in the US, He added that it was in Washington’s interest to no longer isolate Iran given the geopolitical reality of the region, saying it shouldn’t be pressured by what he called the Israeli and Jewish lobby.]

    This statement was made to warn Trump, who implemented “maximum pressure’ not to obey the mafia, but Trump was too ignorant and too attached to the lobby to pay attention, thus he was toppled by the people.

    Now, the self proclaimed zionist fifth column, Biden, sit at the WH is following Trump foreign policy regarding Iran. He like Trump protecting Israel interest NOT American interest which is TREASON.
    Therefore, there is going to be NO change if Biden continues to copy Trump’s policy which is Jewish Mafia policy under Blinken leadership.

  58. mcohen says:

    well Phil giraldi.never know you were so pro Iran.a real steadfast ally


  59. mahdan says:

    Finally, one of the Israeli officials exposed Israel’s intention that wants to OVERTHROW the Iranian government.

    [Israel’s Ambassador to the US and UN Gilad Erdan said that Jerusalem would ultimately like to see Iran’s ayatollahs overthrown, in one of the most far-reaching comments by an Israeli official in favor of regime change in Tehran.

    In the end, we would ultimately like to see [the government] overthrown and [for there to be] regime change and Iran,” Erdan told Army Radio on Thursday, when asked about Israel’s strategy vis-à-vis the Islamic Republic.]

    Until now, Israel has avoided publicly calling for regime change in Iran, instead mobilizing its lobby in the different western capitals using many Jewish mafia members and its terror groups like MEK, Kurds and ISIS to achieve its goal.

    The Israelis are so desperate and frustrated that may act foolishly to speed up their own demise making the peace possible on earth, the sooner the better.

  60. Our master class are making out like banditos. Nothing’s as profitable as ginning up wars and foreign coups, except the making and selling of the weapons that get used up quickly. And the main export to the world is war. How any of this is other than clearly to the detriment of 99% of our domestic population is obviously not of their interest. Our purported democracy without any accountability to the voters has become lip service and window dressing.

  61. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Should Jews (and their useful idiots) be exterminated?



    – Less Zionism
    – Less Marxism
    – Less Socialism
    – Less Corporatism
    – Less Globalism
    – Less Monopolism
    – Less Totalitarianism
    – Less Hypocrisy
    – Less Slander
    – Less Hate
    – Less War
    – Less Torture
    – Less Poverty
    – Less Slavery
    – Less Crime
    – Less Extremism
    – Less Terrorism
    – Less Ignorance
    – Less Deception
    – Less Arrogance
    – Less Pollution


    – Less Bagels
    – Less Pornography
    – Less Modern Art
    – Less Drugs
    – Less TV
    – Less News

    Less is more?

    Or more is less?

    Judaism Studies:

    Thirty-One Resources for Understanding the Modern World

    1 – Robert Carroll – Fools’ Gold

    2 – Dwight Eisenhower – The Military-Industrial Complex

    3 – William Engdahl – A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics & The New World Order

    4 – Henry Ford – The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem

    5 – Benjamin Freedman – The Third World War

    6 – Henry George – Progress & Poverty

    7 – Anthony Hitchcock – The Synagogue of Satan

    8 – Norman Jewison – Fiddler on the Roof

    9 – John F. Kennedy – National Security & Secret Societies

    10 – Arthur Kestler – The Thirteenth Tribe

    11 – Leopold Kohr – The Breakdown of Nations

    12 – Martin Luther – On the Jews and Their Lies

    13 – Pauline Maier – Ratification

    14 – George Orwell – Animal Farm & 1984

    15 – Thomas Paine – Common Sense

    16 – Don Peretz – Oil & The Foundation of Imperial Interests in the Middle East

    17 – Michael Collins Piper – Final Judgement

    18 – Monty Python – The Life of Brian

    19 – Carroll Quigley – Tragedy & Hope

    20 – Alfred Rosenberg – Track of the Jew Through the Ages

    21 – Shlomo Sand – How I Stopped Being a Jew

    22 – Israel Shahak – Jewish History, Jewish Religion

    23 – Aleksandre Solzhenitsyn – Two Hundred Years Together

    24 – Albert Speer – Inside the Third Reich

    25 – Bill Still – The Money Masters

    26 – Mark Twain – Letters from the Earth

    27 – Mikki Willis – Plandemic 2

    28 – Dennis Wise – The Greatest Story Never Told

    29 – Tim Wu – The Master Switch

    30 – Oden Yinon – The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

    31 – Stephen Zarlenga – The Lost Science of Money






    • Replies: @Malla
  62. Salvatore says:

    Giraldi is clearly not an American Firster. He sounds like a paid agent of the Iranian regime, the biggest terrorists on Earth. N

    • Replies: @geokat62
  63. geokat62 says:

    Giraldi is clearly not an American Firster.

    LOL! Israel-Firsters badmouthing a legitimate American-Firster.

  64. Tony says:

    Nope. He’ll lower himself to muslim idolization when it suits his interests.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  65. geokat62 says:

    Nope. He’ll lower himself…

    Even if he were to lower himself, you still couldn’t touch the souls of his feet.

    • Replies: @Tony
  66. RobinG says:

    Given how currently nearly every news cycle includes stories about fake news on social media, it is surprising that MEK is never mentioned. Its current Albanian operational center uses banks of computers manned by followers, some of whom are fluent in English, who serve as bots unleashing scores of comments supporting regime change in Iran while also directing waves of criticism against any pro-Iranian pieces that appear elsewhere on social media, to include Facebook and Twitter.

    Isn’t there a parallel in the deluge of [Uyghur genocide] histrionics being used to demonize China? The MSM and most ‘alternate’ outlets are severely weaponized.

  67. Malla says:
    @Jon Chance

    That is extreme. Just dump them in India and ban all or any influence of theirs on the West or Japan. That is it. Joos and Hinjoos will live happily ever after, scamming each other as well as hatin on Whitey and Mooslims till the end of time. Paradise for them, paradise for the West.

    • Replies: @Jon Chance
  68. Jon Chance says: • Website

    What’s so bad about Hindus?

    History illustrates that most institutional problems arise from the Old Testament (Jews, Muslims, and Fake Christians).

    Please examine Common Sense by Thomas Paine and The Jefferson Bible.


  69. anon[184] • Disclaimer says:

    Novichok: Porton Down and Chief Nursing Officers who Worked in Kosovo-Albania:

    ”Colonel Alison McCourt was appointed Chief Nursing Officer of the British Army on 1st February 2018. This followed a CBE for her work in charge of the field hospital set up in Kerry Town in Sierra Leone in October 2014 to fight the Ebola outbreak. She would have been acutely aware of the dangers of infection and contamination, and necessity for great care in approaching people displaying unusual symptoms and incapacitation. While the symptoms and treatment for Ebola and other “biological agents” may be different from those of nerve agents and related chemicals, the similarity in the precautions necessary is similar.

    Reflecting this relationship it is no surprise to discover that Porton Down was closely involved in dealing with the Ebola outbreak and in “Operation GRITROCK” as the UK’s campaign in Sierra Leone was called. As commanding officer of this deployment and operation of the “22 Field Hospital”, Lieutenant Colonel McCourt would certainly have worked in close coordination with Porton Down, whose experience in dealing with Ebola dates back more than 40 years, at which time its function was research into Chemical and Biological Weapons, their development and countermeasures.

    Nowadays Porton Down is rebadged as the DSTL – Defence Science and Technology Laboratories – and described in benign terms in a Government hand-out – “the truth about Porton Down”. Apparently focused on countering certain rumours and conspiracy theories about its activities, it says (and I must include this!)””

    Excerpts from : SKRIPAL: The Nurse’s Tale Makes a Mockery of UK State-Media “Poisoning” Narrative

  70. anon[184] • Disclaimer says:

    Russian-Israeli mob and NATO against Russia


    ”More than 10,000 extra people died in the first few weeks of 2018 than is usual for the time of year.

    Experts say the additional deaths in England and Wales are not the result of flu or bad weather.

    Health officials have acknowledged the 12 per cent rise but have so far given no indication of any possible causes.

    Sergei Skripal was struck down near to the UK government’s Porton Down labs.

    The UK government has a history of using nerve gases to kill British and other people.

    At the UK government’s Porton Down labs, over many years, unsuspecting ‘volunteers’ were exposed to nerve gases and other killer poisons.

    Many people died hideous deaths.”


  71. Tony says:

    Damn right, because I’m so far above him. And you too for that matter.

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