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Voting Fraud Is Real: The Electoral System Is Vulnerable
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The United States national election is now only three months away and it should be expected that the out-and-out lies emanating from both parties will increase geometrically as the polling date nears. One of the more interesting claims regarding the election itself is the White House assertion that large scale voting by mail will permit fraud, so much so that the result of the voting will be unreliable or challenged. To be sure, it is not as if voter fraud is unknown in the United States. The victory of John F. Kennedy 1960 presidential election has often been credited to all the graveyards in Mayor Richard Daley’s Chicago voting to swing Illinois into the Democratic camp.

The Democrats are insisting that voting by mail is perfectly safe and reliable, witness the use of absentee ballots for many years. The assertions by Democratic Party-affiliated voting officials in several states and also from friends on the federal level have been played in the media to confirm that fraud in elections has been insignificant recently. That may be true, up until now.

The Democrats, of course, have an agenda. For reasons that are not altogether clear, they believe that voting by mail would benefit them primarily, so they are pushing hard for their supporters to register in their respective states and cast their ballots at the local mail box. Nevertheless, there should be some skepticism whenever a major American political party wants something. In this case, the Democrats are likely assuming that people at lower income levels who will most likely vote for them cannot be bothered to register and vote if it requires actually going somewhere to do it. They have spoken of “expansion of voting,” presumably to their benefit. The mail is a much easier option.

A Fox News host has rejected the impelling logic behind the mail option, saying “Can’t we just have this one moment to vote for one candidate every four years, and show up and put a ballot in without licking an envelope or pressing on a stamp? If you can shop for food, if you can buy liquor, you can vote once every four years.”

The fundamental problem with the arguments coming from both sides is that there is no national system in the United States for registering and voting. Elections are run at state level and the individual states have their own procedures. The actual ballots also differ from voting district to voting district. To determine what safeguards are actually built into the system is difficult as how electoral offices actually function is considered sensitive information by many, precisely because it might reveal vulnerabilities in the process.

To determine how one might actually vote illegally, I reviewed the process required for registering and voting by mail in my own state of Virginia. In Virginia one can both register and vote without any human contact at all. The registration process can be accomplished by filling out an online form, which is linked here. Note particularly the following: the form requires one to check the box indicating U.S. citizenship. It then asks for name and address as well as social security number, date of birth and whether one has a criminal record or is otherwise disqualified to vote. You then have to sign and date the document and mail it off. Within ten days, you should receive a voter’s registration card for Virginia which you can present if you vote in person, though even that is not required.

But also note the following: no documents have to presented to support the application, which means that all the information can be false. You can even opt out of providing a social security number by indicating that you have never been issued one, even though the form indicates that you must have one to be registered, and you can also submit a temporary address by claiming you are “homeless.” Even date of birth information is useless as the form does not ask where you were born, which is how birth records are filed by state and local governments. Ultimately, it is only the social security number that validates the document and that is what also appears on the Voter’s ID Card, but even that can be false or completely fabricated, as many illegal immigrant workers in the U.S. have discovered.

In a state like Virginia, the actual mail-in ballot requires your signature and that of a witness, who can be anyone. That is also true in six other states. Thirty-one states only require your own signature while only three states require that the document be notarized, a good safeguard since it requires the voter to actually produce some documentation. Seven states require your additional signature on the ballot envelope and two states require that a photocopy of the voter ID accompany the ballot. In other words, the safeguards in the system vary from state to state but in most cases, fraud would be relatively easy.

And then there is the issue of how the election commissions in the states will be overwhelmed by tens of thousands of mail-in ballots that they might be receiving in November. That overload would minimize whatever manual checking of names, addresses and social security numbers might otherwise take place. Jim Bovard has speculated how “The American political system may be on the eve of its worst legitimacy crisis since the Civil War. Early warning signals indicate that many states could suffer catastrophic failures in counting votes in November… Because of the pandemic, many states are switching primarily to mail-in voting even though experiences with recent primaries were a disaster. In New York City, officials are still struggling to count mail-in ballots from the June primary. Up to 20% of ballots ‘were declared invalid before even being opened, based on mistakes with their exterior envelopes,’ the Washington Post noted, thanks largely to missing postmarks or signatures. In Wisconsin, more than 20,000 ‘primary ballots were thrown out because voters missed at least one line on the form, rendering them invalid.’ Some states are mailing ballots to all the names on the voting lists, providing thousands of dead people the chance to vote from the grave.”

Add into the witch’s cauldron the continued use of easily hacked antiquated voting machines as well as confusing ballots in many districts, and the question of whether an election can even be run with expectations of a credible result becomes paramount. President Trump has several times claimed that the expected surge in mail-in voting could result in “the most corrupt vote in our nation’s history.” Trump is often wrong when he speaks or tweets spontaneously, but this time he just might be right.

Philip Giraldi, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2020 Election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Voter fraud 
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  1. A123 says:

    Motor Voter created millions of “accidental” non-citizen registrations. The problem is so bad that some counties have more than 100% registered voters vs. eligible voters. (1)

    In 378 U.S. counties, voter registration rates exceed 100% of the adult population, meaning there are more voter registrations on file than the total voting-age population, according to a new analysis by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

    Based on data the federal Electoral Assistance Commission released last year, the new analysis indicates that a minimum of 2.5 million voter registrations are wrongly listed as valid. It suggests widespread lack of compliance with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA),

    And, 2.5 million is a minimum. The actual number of invalid registrations is probably 3.5-4.0 million.

    The potential for fraud is everywhere, and “vote by mail” is a proven vulnerability (2).

    Database Swells to 1,285 Proven Cases of Voter Fraud in America

    Voting by mail makes it easier to commit fraud, intimidate voters, and destroy the protections of the secret ballot. It puts elections into the hands of the Postal Service. Without the oversight of election and polling officials, ballots can be lost, disqualified, and even stolen.

    An example from our newest batch of cases illustrates a common type of fraud. John and Grace Fleming both were found guilty of duplicate voting, once by absentee ballot in New Hampshire and then in person in Massachusetts.

    Both campaigns already have hundreds of lawyers in retainer. The 2020 election is highly likely to go to the courts. Think “Bush-Gore” except multiple states and more radicalized.

    Will Biden’s campaign concede defeat? Or, attempt a coup? This could be the end of the DNC if they attempt to overthrow the Constitution.

    PEACE 😇



  2. Well said, Mr. Giraldi. Per the old nursery rhyme, You Can’t Put Humpty-Dumpty Back Together Again! With both sides in blind hatred of each other, neither will trust the vote if their man loses. Add Corona and Universal Mail-In Voting to the mix, and the country is ready to implode.

    It becomes more evident as each day passes that the solution is Voluntary Separation. I wish, unlike under Tyrant Lincoln, it could be done peacefully this time. But, with both dinosaur parties run by Statists, and with thousands of unaccountable Deep State bureaucrats imposing their will, that appears to be quite unlikely. I think Pat Buchanan was right in “Suicide of a Superpower.” America won’t Survive to 2025.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  3. Why are there voting machines?

    How did it work before there were computers?

  4. Another complicating factor of Corona, often ignored, will be inability to find sufficient workers to man the polls. I worked the polls for a few years after retirement, but gave it up, as you were required to be there all day without leaving. The shift lasted from 6am (1 hour before opening), to at least 9pm (after the 8pm close). During the 2012 presidential election, where we didn’t have enough people, and in which the lines were an hour long or more all day, I just about dropped from exhaustion, as did many others. And a high percentage of workers, like myself, are seniors, who are most at risk for Covid.

    With fewer volunteers, many polling stations have been forced to combine. And, with fewer sites, the lines are even longer. My state does not have early in-person voting (which sounds like a pretty good alternative). Although I do not trust it, I plan on voting by mail this time.

  5. “The victory of John F. Kennedy 1960 presidential election has often been credited to all the graveyards in Mayor Richard Daley’s Chicago voting to swing Illinois into the Democratic camp.”

    I frequently see references to this. However if memory serves me correctly, Illinois by itself would not have changed the outcome, another state (Texas is the one generally cited) would have been required.

  6. anon[316] • Disclaimer says:

    After one (1) guy got to vote in 2000 (a Kennedy, but not that kind of Kennedy,) and he picked the old DCI’s kid; after six Ohio apparatchiks reelected CIA’s guy in 04; after CIA’s Dem moles installed 3rd-generation spy cadet Barack Obama in 08; you are worried that elections don’t work right? Nobody gets near the white house without doing lots of errands for CIA, including busting prepubescent hymens for Epstein’s cameras so they’re under firm control. What kind of idiot would rubber-stamp one of two groomed-and-vetted CIA puppet rulers?

    Fuck CIA’s fake democracy. Your vote means shit until you do to Langley what the Securitate did to the Ceaușescu palace.

  7. Vote fraud is a forbidden topic in our media that I mention in my blog:

    Jan 17, 2015 – Rampant Vote Fraud

    I estimate the number of people voting illegally in the USA to be over one million, maybe millions, mostly legal green card holders. This must be widely known by the powers that be, hence their relentless effort to ban voter ID. I can’t buy a beer without an ID or withdraw money from my bank, so why is it such a burden to produce one to prevent vote fraud? Surveys show that many foreigners with legal resident status think they have the right to vote and most think they should. So how many vote because no one checks? The billionaires prefer these “voters” because they are less educated and easily fooled by the media BS they produce.

    Fools like Jon Stewart mock those who advocate voter ID by stating the number of voter fraud convictions is tiny. Of course, if no one checks IDs it is nearly impossible to catch someone! Then our media establishment scours the nation to find some elder person who for some reason has no ID and therefore could not vote as an example of how voter ID is unjust. Every true democracy has a voter ID method, except the USA, even though the vast majority of voters think its a good idea, even if to prevent multiple voting by citizens. There is no better example of this nation’s corrupt “democracy” than the fact those in charge refuse to establish a verifiable voting system. Even former President Jimmy Carter declared that our voting system fails international standards for fair verifiable elections.

    And this:

    • Replies: @Biff
  8. My European neighbours vote on Sunday, using paper ballots counted by hand. It seems to work OK even with 5 or 6 parties in the fray. By contrast, when I cast my vote in the USA, as the trusty Diebold Machine swallows my scan form, I always wonder who I really voted for. I think we might follow our European friends and include dipping fingers in purple ink for good measure.

    • Replies: @A123
  9. @follyofwar

    It becomes more evident as each day passes that the solution is Voluntary Separation. I wish, unlike under Tyrant Lincoln, it could be done peacefully this time.

    The (98%-) white states should have left in 1854, after the Tyrant Pierce invaded Boston.

    Instead, they allowed themselves to be Findlandized. Thus, they are much less white today.

    • Replies: @Observator
  10. A123 says:
    @The Alarmist

    My European neighbours vote on Sunday, using paper ballots counted by hand. It seems to work OK even with 5 or 6 parties in the fray. By contrast, when I cast my vote in the USA, as the trusty Diebold Machine swallows my scan form, I always wonder who I really voted for.

    How many selections on independent offices/issues occur in a single EU election ballot? The count is faster because there are fewer items. Party slates allow a single party choice to cover multiple offices.

    Part of the U.S. conundrum is the number of things on one ballot. A single election could contain *ALL* of the below, and I am probably missing offices.

    PEACE 😇

    U.S. House
    33% U.S. Senate

    State House
    State Senate
    State Agriculture Commissioner — Vital in Florida because CCW permits are Ag Dept.
    State Attorney General
    State Judicial Retention
    State Soil &Water Commissioners

    County Sheriff
    County Tax Collector
    City Mayor
    City Councillors
    School Board

    State Constitution Amendments — This is potentially overwhelming in California
    State Referendum / Debt Approvals
    County Referendum
    City Referendum

  11. @Reg Cæsar

    Well said. The Fugitive Slave Act that Bostonian resisted shows a truth that has been excised from popular historical memory: that the slaveholder lobby, with its northern allies, controlled the federal government, and had right from the start. In this odious law, the so-called states’ rights crowd granted unprecedented policing power to the national government, dramatically expanding the considerable privileges they successfully demanded in the 1787 Constitution and the 1793 Fugitive Slave Act. The new law laid the foundation for the modern proto-police state – another gift from the barons of the Old South, whose utter contempt for democracy also endures to this day. Just read slaveholder Madison’s Federalist articles if you doubt this.

    Most of the free states quickly passed “personal liberty laws” against the slaveholder assault on their freedom. These laws were emphatically not “nullification” as anti-government radicals in the south used that term. They did not forbid the execution of federal law within the state, as southern extremists falsely claimed was their inherent right under the Constitution. They were legislation that guaranteed only that state funds and state law enforcement personnel could not be commandeered by the federal government to enforce the vile new law. The slaveholders’ furious reaction to laws asserting northern states’ civil rights is a classic example of the political hypocrisy that is now so commonplace in our time. Yet today many imagine that the guileless slave masters wanted only to be left in peace by those nosy self-righteous Yankee meddlers.

    We have a tendency to view our history in a vacuum, as though the rest of the world were not closely observing. Inspired by America’s successful self-governing republic, huge popular uprisings swept Europe in the spring of 1848, demanding an end to all monarchy. The powers behind the thrones, the great mercantile and banking houses of Europe and England, had close economic ties to the southern aristocrats, whose cotton formed the US’ most valuable export commodity. It would be greatly in their interest to encourage and enable the southern treason against the national government. When word came in 1860-61 of the collapse of the American republic, tyrants in the Old World greeted the news with relief and joy – and immediately began scheming to take back the rich lands they had lost to liberty in the western hemisphere while the United States was at war with itself, their fondest dream come true.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Curmudgeon
  12. A123 says:

    Yet another Vote-by-Mail FAIL: (1)

    The state of Nevada sent over 200,000 mail-in ballots – over one-sixth of total ballots sent out – to wrong or outdated addresses ahead of the 2020 primary, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

    Perhaps this vote-by-mail scheme is actually being pushed by lawyers who want decades of guaranteed employment.

    PEACE 😇


  13. It’s a feature, not a bug.
    The FX markets clear about $4 trillion worth of trades a day. Multiple countries, multiple currencies, multiple time zones.
    The number that get kicked back (DK’d – Don’t Know) is tiny.

    Voting systems are fucked up for a reason.

  14. @Observator

    Just read slaveholder Madison’s Federalist articles if you doubt this.

    It’s said you can distinguish Madison’s and Hamilton’s simply by counting the ons and upons. Amateur attributionists make the mistake of analyzing the most important things; the pros concentrate on the trivial.

    It would be greatly in their interest to encourage and enable the southern treason against the national government.

    To paraphrase William Raspberry’s take on the OJ trial verdict and its defenders, I wouldn’t call it treason, but can certainly understand why others might. 620,000 men died because both sides were arguably right– and that is the fault of James Madison.

    Brexit is a mess, but I know of no shots being fired, yet. On this point, the EU is better than the Constitution.

    demanding an end to all monarchy. The powers behind the thrones…

    tyrants in the Old World…

    Hoppe, Kuehnelt-Leddihn, and, long ago, Filmer have made the case that monarchies, even absolute ones, are not necessarily more tyrannical than is democracy. Kuehnelt-Leddihn pointed out that the “absolute” ones rarely resorted to income taxation or military conscription, two hallmarks of the “progressive” twentieth century.

  15. Anon[425] • Disclaimer says:

    In California you have to list a residence address on your voter registration card, but you can request to have the actual ballot mailed to a different address, including a P.O. Box or even an address in another country. The ballot can be mailed back from anywhere in the world, or just dumped through the slot at a vote center.

    Once received, the only requirement to count the mail-in ballot is that the signature on the envelope generally matches the one on file from the voter registration card. That’s it.

    Thus, if someone were so inclined, they could turn in thousands of registration cards for non-existent people using fake social security numbers and computer generated fake signatures. After receiving these ballots at a P.O. box, the election meddler would only have to match up the right fake signatures with the right envelopes and mail them back, with the votes filled out however they wanted.

    Cheating government-designed systems is rarely rocket science.

  16. Biff says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Jimmy Dore did another episode with Tim Canova covering the same topic and they are epic in their revelations in exposing the sham of American democracy. Thanks for posting that one – every American should have a look see.

  17. polistra says:

    If elections were real, fraud would matter. Elections never change anything, so it doesn’t matter which puppet “wins”.

  18. Realist says:

    Voting Fraud Is Real: the Electoral System Is Vulnerable

    The Electoral System has been useless for decades. In the US federal elections, the real overlords of our country are not chosen. The two parties are two sides of the Deep State coin. Anyone who has spent a significant time of their adult life in the US should know that…approaches to issues of importance never change…no matter which party is elected.

  19. lavoisier says: • Website

    As bad and as treacherous as the Republican politicians are, I find it telling that illegal voters, dead voters, and criminal felon voters overwhelmingly support the Democratic party.

    This makes it clear that while the Republicans are truly terrible, the Democrats are even worse.

    While I despise the Republican party and its leadership, I see the Democrats as pure evil.

  20. @Observator

    The powers behind the thrones, the great mercantile and banking houses of Europe and England,

    It was the great mercantile and banking houses that backed Cromwell killing Britain’s monarch and that were behind the French Revolution. The great mercantile and banking houses of Europe had their fingers all over every revolution to depose monarchies. The fact that their branch plants in the US took over that function in the 20th century seems to escape you.

    As for the “personal freedom acts” the effect was that they refused to implement the law. It is not their decision to decide how odious a law is. It would be no different if a state government refused to assist and allocate funds to prosecute transportation of minors across state lines for prostitution, mail fraud, or for that matter, refuse to assist another state in capturing an escaped murderer. Either you have a law or you don’t. Your mental gymnastics actually support the argument for seceding. If one group of states can make decisions affecting “other” states, why can’t “other” states make decisions for their own affairs? The “treason” argument has always been specious. There was no attempt to overthrow the Federal Government. If the leaders of the American revolution, and all those fighting for it were not committing treason, how could the Confederacy who sought to withdraw peacefully be committing treason? Is that just another manifestation of American exceptionalism? The right of self determination exists for all, except when the USG says it doesn’t.

  21. TGD says:

    A recent example of voter fraud on a massive scale was the abrupt resignation of a one Pedro Cortes, the Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of PA in 2017. He resigned without explanation and was immediately replaced by another Hispanic, Robert Torres.

    The fraud involved the renewal of drivers’ licenses where non citizen residents were asked if they cared to register to vote. Many thousands took up the offer.

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