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The United Arab Emirates and Israel Join Hands
Great for Trump but More Bad News for the Middle East
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The decision made this week by the United Arab Emirates and Israel to establish full diplomatic relations as part of a commitment to normalize the interaction between the two countries was characteristically announced by President Donald Trump because he is, undoubtedly, the main beneficiary. With less than three months to go until the U.S. national election, the timing of the announcement was not fortuitous as the president clearly needed some good news. There are reports that the agreement will be signed in a formal ceremonial meeting in the White House later this month.

The deal, reportedly set up by White House Special Assistant to the President and son-in-law Jared Kushner, will in fact have little impact on the UAE, whose Crown Prince and head of state of Abu Dhabi Mohamed bin Zayed was instrumental in coming to an agreement on behalf of all of the Emirates. He issued a statement on the understanding reached, stating that “During a call with President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, an agreement was reached to stop further Israeli annexation of Palestinian territories. The UAE and Israel also agreed to cooperation and setting a roadmap towards establishing a bilateral relationship.”

As usual, the big losers will be the Palestinians, who will now live in a non-country that they inhabit only under Israeli sufferance, an arrangement that is now de facto endorsed by some of its Arab neighbors and by the Europeans, leaving them with no friends or advocates. They immediately declared that the agreement is not binding on them. Indeed, little will actually change on the ground in Israel-Palestine. Israel has indeed agreed to further “temporarily postpone” its oft stated commitment to annex most of the Palestinian West Bank, a proposition that was already in trouble both domestically and due to almost universal international censure. Even some Democratic Party congressmen had developed a spine over the issue and were willing to cut military assistance to the Jewish state if the annexation program were to move forward. Now that the word annexation has been dropped, the fundamental apartheid policies pursued by Israel will continue to advance and the illegal settlements will presumably continue to expand.

The agreement will also benefit beleaguered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu politically to a certain extent, giving him some favorable press from liberal Israelis and Europeans, though he will also face a backlash from the powerful West Bank settlers. But at the same time, it must be recognized that he obtained something for nothing, for which he will be praised inside Israel. Annexation was on hold anyway and now the Israelis will be credited with taking a “step for peace,” a step that is in fact being endorsed by an Arab country. It will be exploited by Israeli propagandists to lighten the pervasive criticism of Israel as a “pariah” state and will allow the continued delegitimization of the Palestine pursuit of justice.

So, Trump will be the big winner, clearly by design, because it in a stroke transforms him from a loser foreign policy neophyte and international laughing stock into a man who can now claim a major success in making progress on one of the world’s most intractable conflicts. The news immediately drew rave reviews from America’s friends in Europe and Asia, most of whom have long been caught metaphorically between the Israeli rock and the Palestinian hard place and have been looking for a way out. It was a change from the usual brickbats that the president had become accustomed to receiving, and the U.S. media was also enthusiastic, though less for Trump and more for making Israel “safer” while also casting it in a positive light.

The New York Times is seeing a “broader realignment for the region” which “…could reorder the long stalemate…potentially leading other Arab nations to follow suit.” Such an outcome would mostly benefit Israel, though the Times article does not explicitly say so and Trump framed his announcement more broadly, asserting that “This deal is a significant step towards building a more peaceful, secure and prosperous Middle East. Now that the ice has been broken, I expect more Arab and Muslim countries will follow the United Arab Emirates’ lead.” He then quipped that the agreement should actually be called the “Donald J. Trump Accord” while his national security adviser Robert C. O’Brien later declared that the president “should win the Nobel Peace Prize.”

The overwhelmingly Sunni UAE was clearly motivated in part by its fear of Shi’a dominated Iran and was also undoubtedly subjected to considerable urging by the United States officials around Kushner to help Trump get re-elected. The Gulf countries for reasons of their own are very interested in maintaining Trump in power, so the approach was welcome. One can expect that Kushner and company will now exert maximum pressure to get the Oman and Bahrain to also line up and recognize Israel, and they might also hope to bring in Saudi Arabia. Israel and the anti-Iran coalition countries have had confidential relationships for years, based on mutual hatred of the Persians. Moving forward, any broadening of diplomatic and trade ties could be framed as a grand alliance consisting of the Sunni Arab states and Israel against the greatly feared Iranians. And Washington would undoubtedly supply everyone with the necessary weapons to do the job.

Where will it go from here? America’s upcoming elections will have little impact on the Middle East region as the Joe Biden “I am a Zionist” plus Kamala Harris ticket is, if anything, more closely tied to Israeli interests than is Trump. Israel meanwhile, aided by the U.S., has successfully disrupted Arab unity over Palestine by crafting relationships with states that have never been greatly committed to the Palestinian cause. Jordan and Egypt, heavily bribed by the United States to maintain diplomatic relations with Israel, are now joined by the UAE. If, as expected, more of the Gulf Arab states join in, the Palestinians will be in no position to make any demands on the Israeli government. That constitutes a significant victory for Netanyahu and his government and the Palestinians will now have work to do to make their cause relevant to anyone but themselves. And, of course, an emboldened Netanyahu backed by the United States and his new Arab friends might set his sights on a bigger target, taking care of the “Iran problem.”

(Republished from American Herald Tribune by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Donald Trump, Iran, Israel, Israel/Palestine, UAE 
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  1. Rich says:

    If any other American president had accomplished this, the entire world would be singing hosannas. It really is an amazing achievement, and if Giraldi is right, and other Arab nations follow suit, it turns Trump into a worthy Peace Prize candidate. The plight of the Palestinians is, as always, unfortunate, but they are a thoroughly defeated people and should try to get whatever they can. The Germans had to give up a massive amount of territory after its loss in WW2, look at the Serbs after their defeat in Clinton’s war. It’s unfortunate, but the Palestinians are running out of time. What happens when the rest of the Sunni Muslim world makes peace with the Israelis? The Kurds are still waiting for their country to emerge somewhere, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be happening soon.

  2. Agreed Phil, nothing to see here, just move along away from the crime scene.

    Palestine being first handed over by the British Bankster Colonialists and selling them out on 1st demand, followed by the US government turning full bitch—- now a virtual satellite to Zio-Neocon domination appeasing Israel at every turn. Then there is the EU with their double speak of peace and international law from one side other their mouth while they play out their true role as petty Zio-banking appendages. Then in the 90’s there emerged the naked opportunism of ex-Commie but Khazarian dominated oligarchial regimes of Eastern Europe, who saw more to gain from the new Zionist techno and their ability to redirect Western policies.

    Add to these the recently emergent producer oligarchial capitalist countries of China and fanatically Hinduist Modi India, which have also fully jumped on the Israeli band wagon in order to obtain unhindered access to advanced US high tech virtually for free via the Israel’s US smuggling operation.

    Is there any surprize that petty desert sheikdom without a drop of democratic lineage would now line up to kiss the hand of the Netanyahu expansionist Zionist state in order to curry favor with their US – Trumpist protector.

    What an ugly world we live in, hollowed out of any morality, ethics and human brotherhood. Hooray for Zion and its domination of the Goyim including the Islamic world, is now nearing completion. Countries that fail to play along and roll over and hand their land and resources over like Lebanon, are receiving a more clear picture of what awaits them.

    Oh what a wonderful world we live in!!! Our MSM can sing a nice song about peace in the ME, when these desert oil states were never in conflict with the Zio state in the first place, both mid-wived from the London banking elite.

    • Agree: ariadna
  3. A123 says:

    Following terrible leaders has price:

    — Mahmoud Abbas is in the 15th or 16th year of his FOUR year term of office as President of the PA.
    — The Iranian proxies of Hamas are even worse.

    There are so many other fixable problems in the Middle East, everyone has given up on this one that cannot advance due to unreasonable demands from leaders who have no credibility and likely cannot deliver.

    \$40/bbl oil is here to stay for the long term. Iran cannot afford to keep pouring huge amounts of money into al’Hamas and al’Hezbollah military units, so that threat will begin diminishing.

    It is hard to determine Erdogan’s priorities. He is currently offending more or less everybody in the region. However, Erdogan also faces a budget crisis as the Lira crashes: (1)

    Turkey’s currency tumbled further Friday, hitting another record low.

    The Turkish lira dropped to 7.3677 against the dollar before making a recovery. The lira is down about 19% versus the U.S. currency since the beginning of the year. It was trading around 7.17 on Friday afternoon.

    The drop is fueled by high inflation, a wide current account deficit and the Turkish government’s push for cheap credit to drive an economy that was already fragile before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

    Analysts have expressed concerns over the level of Turkey’s reserves and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s aversion to high interest rates.

    Erdogan seems to be committed to Med dominance as his top priority, which relies on heavily funding Libya. Unless Erdogan sharply changes trajectory, the amount of money for anti-Israel activity is likely to limited.

    Perhaps this is the break the Peace Process needs… Both Fatah and Hamas going under. Credible, rational, and reasonable leaders without the baggage of prior failures could open the door to forward progress.

    PEACE 😇


    • Troll: ariadna, Chris Mallory
    • Replies: @Chuckywiz
  4. @Rich

    It’s hardly an amazing achievement because the UAE were peripheral to the Arab-Israeli conflict and are far more concerned about Iran than Israel.

    • Replies: @Rich
  5. Rich says:
    @Hugo Silva

    It’s absolutely nothing, that’s why it happened under Obama and he received a Nobel Peace Prize for it… Oh wait, it didn’t happen under Obama and he got his Peace Prize because his father was black. Must’ve happened under Carter, then, since it was no big deal and he was such an awesome peacemaker, right? You guys hate Trump so much, you can’t give the guy his due. It’s hilarious.

  6. Look at a map. Israel will one day start bombing Iran out of UAE, it sits on Hormuz, a scant 75 or 80 miles over the Gulf to the Iranian shore. UAE is going to regret this. All those pretty buildings getting leveled when Israel pulls some bullshit stunt against Iran.

  7. Kouroi says:

    I expected Mr. Giraldi to be a bit more insightful than this: “The overwhelmingly Sunni UAE was clearly motivated in part by its fear of Shi’a dominated Iran”. This has absolutely nothing to do with Sunni/Shi’a so called rift, but has all to do with ideology. KSA, UAE, etc. definitely abhor Republican ideas (including some semblance of democratic process) emanating from Iran. After all, the Iranians deposed twice their King (of Kings)…. They were rather civilized about it, which probably wouldn’t happen with any of the Arab monarchs…

    After all, it doesn’t stop Sunni Syrians to have good relations with the Shi’a Iran… Oh, sorry, forgot, they are both republics, national, ah, and semi-socialist…

    And of course Israel would make deal with the monarchs of the Gulf. After all, Arab Main Street, if it could vote, would kick Israel in the shin. No difference with the relation established between the Crusaders and Arab Emirs in the area around 1000 AD. Nothing new under the sun.

    • Agree: Majority of One, Iris, L.K
  8. anarchyst says:

    …money loves money…both israel and the UAE have loads of money and appear to be made for each other…follow the shekels and American taxpayer dollars.

  9. anon[330] • Disclaimer says:

    Glad you mentioned Israeli apartheid! A treaty in cooperation with this apartheid enterprise is illegal under VCLT Article 53, which prohibits treaties in breach of jus cogens. So the UAE’s pretend diplomacy changes nothing legally. Israel continues to exist solely by virtue of a regional balance of terror.

    We now see that UAE may forfeit relations with Turkey for this legally void gesture. So the so-called agreement also benefits Turkey as the NATO-legitimated, SCO coalisé leader of the Islamic world.

  10. Much ado about nada.

    The UAE — along with a number of other Arab countries — has had an unofficially cozy relationship with Israel for decades. Sure, formalizing the relationship is made to appear significant, but in reality, it just isn’t that big a deal, however much the potentates and their myrmidons would like us to imagine otherwise.

    The sentiment of the Arab street vis a vis Israel won’t change, even under the worst tin-pot dictator.

    • Replies: @showmethereal
  11. anon[410] • Disclaimer says:

    “ He issued a statement on the understanding reached, stating that “During a call with President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, an agreement was reached to stop further Israeli annexation of Palestinian territories. The UAE and Israel also agreed to cooperation and setting a roadmap towards establishing a bilateral relationship.”

    After 1 week or 1month or1 year , White House would call and Israel would stop further annexation in exchange for Bahrain agreeing to establish diplomatic relation with Israel .
    So many fucking countries have become Israeli bitches !

    US media will point to fear of Iran or Pakistan or the birds or the camels driving Arab insecurity in the face of evolving US “ disengagement “ ( AKA not starting new warrs)

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  12. Exile says:

    The Palestinians should be looking at stronger collaboration with Iran and Hezbollah to counter the Sunni co-option by Israel and the U.S.

    A stronger Israel is not in U.S. interests nor is a weaker Iran or weaker Palestinian pseudo-state. American and Israeli Jews increasingly assume they totally control the United States and NATO nations and they’re increasingly correct.

    “Greater Israel” is bad for the entire planet. Zionist supremacy threatens every nation that is entangled with Jews, fair or foul.

  13. DaveE says:

    “United Arab Emirates” (UAE) is about as “Arab” as Bank of America is American.

    “United Amoco Empire” is more like it. So, Trump made a “deal” with the Rothschilds to keep up the facade of “standing up to Shlomo” until November.

    Gee, I’m impressed. Way to go, Trumpowitz.

    • Agree: Iris
  14. This pact is between established members of the Imperial coalition which takes its orders from the Rothschild-dominated central bankster cabal which includes not only the U\$ Federal Re\$erve (owner of the U\$ of America Corporation government, the mass media, most major corporations ) and an economy which is tottering and running on fumes.

    Meanwhile the Arc of Resistance grows stronger daily, most particularly after the I\$raeli destruction of a quarter of Beirut. Hezbollah possesses tens of thousands of pre-targeted missiles, carefully protected in underground shelters. As more people throughout the world–particularly the Arab sector and most of the Islamic world in general–become enlightened as to the true causes of the Beirut bloodbath,there will be repercussions.

    These three alleged “leaders” are little more than waterbugs jittering across the surface of a scummy pond.

  15. Malla says:

    Zionist money might have created Dubai in the first place.

    Beirut was destroyed in the past once to create the Zionist entity of Dubai. Beirut was a rival to Dubai, it has a lot of Arab Christians and is close to Europe. Beirut had to be destroyed by Israel to create Dubai.

    Orya Maqbool Jan, a top Pakistani Civil Servant on the Beirutshima. It is in Urdu but please click the subtitles button as the video is subtitled in English.
    Check from 2:24 minutes to 5:05 minutes.

    • Replies: @Malla
  16. Malla says:

    Also from 12:55 to 14:35 minutes of that video.

    He claims Hezbollah helped Israelis destroy Beirut so that the Zionist money fueled city of Dubai could be created and made prosperous. Beirut as a rival city was purposely destroyed.

    • Troll: L.K
  17. Trinity says:

    Other losers include White Americans along with the Palestinians, after all, White Americans and White Europeans are enslaved by the Jews as well. WHEN is this sucking up to Israel and kissing Jew and OTHER NONWHITE ASS going to stop? How does it benefit White Americans? What does America gain out of this ONE WAY relationship with Israel?

    I love it when Christian Zionists bring up that verse in the Bible about he who blesses Israel will be blessed. I then ask them how has America, PARTICULARLY WHITE AMERICA, been blessed by kissing Israeli ass? Of course, when they can’t give me ONE SINGLE SOLITARY BLESSING WE HAVE RECEIVED BY KISSING ZIONIST ASS, I will then bring up the countless times we have been cursed by kissing Israeli or Zionist ass.

    World War I and World War II
    Federal Reserve
    Lavon Affair
    The Rosenbergs
    Jonathan Pollard
    USS Liberty
    Endless Wars For Israel
    Domestic Terrorism From The Middle East being imported to our shores
    Mass Nonwhite Immigration From The Third World
    Whites being subjected to constant 24/7/365 bashing from the Jewish run media and Hollywood
    Christianity under attack
    Our history being rewritten
    Our public school system ruined
    Our First and Second Amendments being challenged

    I could go on and on.

    • Replies: @Malla
  18. Trinity says:

    Just about “trew up” my lunch looking at the picture of Trumpstein, Baby Nut&Yahoo & Company.

    My gawd, those “tree” goons ruined my initial run at a Shaq-A-Roni pizza by Papa Johns. Seriously, the pie taint that bad but not near as many pepperoni slices as advertised. For around 13 bucks though and in today’s world it will be acceptable. The Shaq-A-Roni receives 2 stars, Trumpstein & Company receive a Golden Raspberry Award.

  19. Serving “Greater Israel” is the only way Trump gets (brief) positive coverage in the (((media))).

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Derer
  20. Israel has been aerial bombing densely populated Gaza City for the past 4 days and of course neither a peep from our free US MSM press, which we must be constantly reminded is de facto better than China’s controlled media. Also never mind the shooting a number of Palestinian children in Gaza this weekend, because they dare to protest their miserable and ethnically cleansed condition, as this is just target practice for the IDF, remember the highest moral standing army in the world.

    No surprize here, business as usual, so just move along and dont look up or down.

    Leave your tears for the Chosenites, as at any time some Zio-Israeli person might claim hurt feelings from some ‘anti-semitic’ mini-event like chants of Down with Israel by BDS demonstrators or some grave stones over turned by the local Hasbara gang that needs to prove our rising anti-semitism.

    Surely Fox, CNN and the other alphabeted evening news networks must keep their powder clean for such anti -Semitic events, not the colorful and wanton bombing of some Aaarab cities in the ME. Of course Gaza, is not filled with President Trump’s Chosenites, at least yet. So our US Zio-vangelicals cannot sing any bible hymns for those being slaughtered by God’s Chosen State and by connection, God’s Chosen F-16’s. Let’s keep sharing our bread (tax dollars) with the Chosenites so we can be ready for any surprize rapture or for the rest of us watching the world play out in the 21st century, our coming total lunacy, whichever you might think will come first.

    Special thanks today goes out to the rulers of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayid for further emboldening Netanyahu and Gantz especially after the Beirut mega-bomb event, that Israel should be rest assured that all are on board for whatever bloody acts they may decide are needed to keep the Goyem indigenies in line.

    Mind you, no reports of Gazans firing back, except may be for maybe a few sling shot rounds. Aha, that is proof enough that Israel is only retaliating, as they are never at fault, always the righteous, and as supported by the praise hymning US Christian right, which reads and interprets their Scofield scriptures in a manner acceptable to their Zio-money changer masters. No quarter was shown to the Red Indians, when “God” ordained this land be cleansed from the heathens, so why give any comfort to the Muslim Palestinians, as they are neither in line for the rapture nor are they any longer from God’s Chosen nor are they even chosen and ordained with vast wealth for our sympathy.

    Yes, VT has had the usual courage to display some illuminating (yes illuminating fire balls over Gaza) images of the Gaza bombings, a decidedly non-news event by our Israeli PR and mind control managers at the major news networks:

    As said earlier, nothing to see here, so please get back to your position in the growing bread line.

  21. @anon

    h/t SicSemperTyrannis

    Bibi admits that the UAE/Israel deal is based on a lie. AMN

    citing AlmasdarNews (AMN)

    “”Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that he has not agreed to remove the issue of the extension of Israeli sovereignty over lands in the West Bank and will not relinquish it.

    Netanyahu said during a speech on Thursday evening, “The American president asked me to wait on the extension of Israeli sovereignty over more lands.”” AMN

    “There is no change in our policies in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank),” he said.” AMN

  22. @AnonStarter

    That is true… And that is part of the reason the Sunni Arab jihadist groups have wanted to overthrow their governments…. They see them as cozy-ing up to the US and Israel. That’s why Trump made the statement about the Saudi monarchs not being able to last without US support. (Well the Shia in Saudi Arabia also want to break off)

  23. @Rich

    ‘…The plight of the Palestinians is, as always, unfortunate, but they are a thoroughly defeated people and should try to get whatever they can…’

    So what are you thinking here?

    Half of Palestine? Maybe a fifth?

    Still too much? What did you have in mind?

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Hugo Silva
  24. Malla says:

    Since WW2 and thus the great US support for the Chosen People, God has actually only cursed the United States. Destruction of traditional values, Whites becoming a smaller part of the population, more racial conflicts, drug addiction, more inequality, more poverty…etc…. How has helping the so called “chosen people” helped America and brought GOD’s blessings? More like America has been cursed by God.

    • Agree: Trinity
  25. Chuckywiz says:

    UAE and other trucial states, according to Israeli prime minister Sharon, a bunch of Hyenas. In Islamic world they are called Donkeys (a very derogatory word). They suffer from extreme inferiority complex as a society. All kind of toys and show of. Tallest building and other self feeling good stuff. A while back in one of Amir’s building there was an elevator (lift) in a two story building. Highly paid blond secretaries who were to wear short skirts inside their palaces or whatever (women were supposed to fully cover their bodies elsewhere). You got the picture.
    These guys pay extortion money to Iran. Just a small missile would ruin their economy (investors would flee and tourism will disappear). Threats from US is more leveraging to have peace with Israel. They have seen what happened to Kadafi of Libya, Sadam of Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and several countries in Africa. That is a reminder and keeps them in line and jumping up and down. These guys can not shit without the permission from US.

    it is a politics my dear 123 or who ever you are.
    You want to talk about peace? Talk about human rights first. And you know exactly what I am referring?
    I am sure you are following Great hedge fund manager Epstein stories. How the hell he got a Saudi passport back in 80s. An Israeli Jew with a Saudi passport. I had to ask the Israeli immigration not stamp my passport because I was going to visit Saudi Arabia. The Israelis issued a stamped slip as entry document (which a normal for them to do). On the surface Israelis and Saudis were at odds with each other. But Epstein became Saudi citizen. Blackmail is also their motivator.


    • Replies: @A123
  26. Derer says:
    @Pat Kittle

    Serving “Greater Israel” is the only way Trump gets (brief) positive coverage in the (((media))).

    More importantly that “serving” causes further shrinkage of his base that elected him. It will be too late for his daughter to divorce Trump’s son in law after lost election, even now is too late.

  27. Chuckywiz says:

    I just finished reading the so called Lausanne Treaty signed between the Britain, France, Italy and lots of shit hole countries in Europe (occupied by Turkey) and a strange one, Japan. What the hell the Japanese were doing with Turkey in World War I. The treaty was singed in 1923.
    It was looting of the land by the victors (Middle East, Europe, and Africa were carved for victors).
    The treaty is to expire in 2023 and it would be interesting what Turkey would be doing to recover it territory, Just like the Israelis now recovering their “land”

    Taxes on shipping in Bosphorus after 2023?

    There has been a lot of discussion on European Jews infiltrating the countries, blending in (chanaging names etc) and occupying key powerful positions. Same in Turkey a Muslim country. Kamal Atatuk’s mother was a jew. Mustufa Kamal became the leader of modern Turkey after WWI. Turkey despite being a Muslim country recognized Israel after its creation with full diplomatic relations.

  28. A123 says:

    Indeed. The Human Rights of Palestinian Jews and Palestinian Christians are being trampled by non-Palestinian Muslims.

    Colonial Jihadism created this problem when they stole Christian and Jewish land ~600 AD. The descendants of these colonizers are the non-Palestinian Muslim Occupiers of today. They profit from thefts commuted by their ancestors.

    The obvious solution for PEACE and HUMAN RIGHTS is helping non-Palestinian Muslims Occupiers depart Jewish Palestine by exercising their Right to Return to their ancestral homelands.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @Trinity
  29. Trinity says:

    Have you no shame?

    • Replies: @A123
  30. A123 says:

    For what? Telling the Truth?

    Islamic terrorists butcher innocent Jewish and Christian children. Why do non-Palestinian Muslims celebrate infanticide? Where is your shame?

    PEACE 😇

  31. the UAE is an oilfield controlled by Sunni state terrorist Saudi Arabia.

    Israhell and SA have been co-terrorist allies against the Shi’a Crescent – Hezbollah/Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran – for some years now.

    so, the usual gushing in the Zion-Jew MSM aside, this is a non-event.

    • Agree: Badger Down
  32. anon[179] • Disclaimer says:

    What and how Palestinian has lost over the years
    has never been framed as “anti – something “you know that’s “anti semitism “ : thingi , people use to describe displacement of the Jews from Germany or Poland ,
    Blaming the victims in 1940 was now seen as Jew hatred .Is there a word to describe the Palestinian hatred that escapes every time Trump , Kushner, US ambassador to Israel , right wing radio host ,Fox news , Kristol, Muravosky, or Rubin open their fish shaped mouth ?

    Defeated Jews have to bribe , use boycott, insert themselves like parasite in the administration of foreign powers , suck the benefactors from inside to become ‘ not defeated ‘ to enjoy ‘ eternal Jewish homeland . Palestinian won’t do that and won’t

    Revenge will be moral legal and sweet and all done by Palestinian .

  33. Rich says:
    @Colin Wright

    If they could get half they’d be doing better than they are now, right now they are lucky to get the crumbs off the table. Is anyone with any power on their side? I don’t know what happens to them, I can’t see any way out. They can’t even go the way of the American Indians and intermarry with their conqueror. It’s a terrible situation that zealots on either side aren’t going to solve. I’d say they take whatever’s offered to them, try to build some kind of society and wait for the day they can get the rest of their country back. I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future, however. They aren’t going to win militarily. Not a chance.

    • Replies: @anon
  34. anon[183] • Disclaimer says:

    Israel’s bitches will not come to rescue Israel once USA becomes reduced to a big land occupied by rampaging black , white thrash singing ‘ hallelujah “ and by big Latino caravan .
    Trump will accelerate if elected but Biden will postpone at a cost of worse outcome down the line .

    Israel is kaput . It will be North Korea selling its spy wares and military technology.
    But war will become less frequent .
    Israeli fractious society will tear self apart

    Shia Sunni fight is a cockfight compared to the Israel’s potential of tearing itself apart .

    Jews will leave for other countries in search of crumbs like they have historically

  35. Hossein says:

    You are dead wrong to say that the Palestinians are defeated. Had they been so the name Palestine and Palestinians would not even be mentioned nor the conflict would be considered the centerpiece issue of the middle east.
    The Palestinians are not going away as Jew boys like you or that feminine lurch, Kushner, want to. They have been fighting for the last 70 years and with the crack in Jewish support for the colonial entity and support worldwide they still have the opportunity to bring down Jewish apartheid and racism and pave the way for a bi national state where all live equally under the rule of law. Mind you that the law I am suggesting is not the porn laws of the Talmud and rather democratic ones.
    The same nonsense uttered by you Jews many years ago when you dismissed the ANC ,the Blacks , yes the ones you call Kushi, and now they are ruling their country ,South Africa.
    When it comes to history 70 years is nothing but a drop in the ocean and if takes another 700 years to dismantle the virus of Jewish supremacism , the Palestinians and other Arabs are ready for that as well. The sheiks and Emirs and Persian Mullas are not the ones who will dismantle and eradicate the Zionist virus but the Arab masses who are the backbone of anti colonial struggle.

    • Replies: @Rich
  36. @Colin Wright

    Whatever they’re allowed to get. Do you have a better proposal, do you want to fight a War on their behalf.

  37. anon[331] • Disclaimer says:

    Who did the Zionst seek the support from

    Kings,Czar,Sultan,proime minister ,president and they used the inserts to mollify bribe and force them
    Then they distorted the charter and the ideas of the League of Nations

    Then they started securing support from dictators and democrats around the world – Soviet, communist, socialist ,democrats -republicans but stayed away from religion and racist rightwing dregs of the nation .

    Now those kings Czar democrats, left wing seculars and the socialist trade unions have seen the soul of this beast . This beast has the potential of destroying the humanity .

    So where does the beast go to?
    To the corrupt despot of Arab, to the barbed corrupt frightened bastards of the Congress senators and the evangelical uncouth. What these simpletons dont know that the beast will destroy whatever is left of the Islam and the Christianity .

  38. A123 says:

    When it comes to history 70 years is nothing but a drop in the ocean and if takes another 700 years to dismantle the virus of Jewish supremacism , the Palestinians and other Arabs are ready for that as well. The sheiks and Emirs and Persian Mullas are not the ones who will dismantle and eradicate the Zionist virus but the Arab masses who are the backbone of anti colonial struggle.

    Ever notice how the claims of the non-Palestinian Jihadi colonials keep extending into the future? 700 years? Really?

    It took 1,400+ years for Palestinian Jews to get their land back from non-Palestinian Muslims. Non-Palestinian Islam is never going to steal land from Palestinians now that they have recovered it.

    What have the incendiary balloons launched by Iranian al’Hamas achieved? Iranian funded War Crimes, collectively punishing Palestinian Jews, harden positions and makes things worse.

    When will the non-Palestinian Islamic movement become rational and reach for achievable goals? Those who have sold unachievable false hope are true monsters who have victimized the non-Palestinians. For example:

    — No part of the unified capital of Jewish Palestine will be stolen to serve as HQ of a non-Palestinian entity.
    — There will be no demographic changing flood of Muslims into Jewish Palestine. A Right to (Ancestral Homeland) Return could work as that would allow non-Palestinian Muslims to exit Jewish Palestine and return home.

    As long as non-Palestinian Muslims leaders are intransigent and demand immoral theft and colonial occupation of Palestinian Jewish land, there is little hope of progress. And, the primary victims of Islamic leaders selling false hope are their fellow Muslims.

    PEACE 😇

  39. The New York Times:

    ‘The Israel-U.A.E. Deal and the Beirut Blast Both Box in Iran
    With Arab neighbors more worried about Iran than Israel, is Tehran losing the battle for influence in the region?’

    I think that subtly misstates the concern.

    The worry is not what is Iran going to do so much as what is Iran going to do if Israel and her giant puppet keep backing her into a corner.

    Her most feasible option for striking back is to wreck Gulf oil production and incite the Shi’a populations of those states to revolt.

    The US and Israel could rather easily make Iran a tolerable neighbor — if not a good one. All they need to do is quit deliberately trying to make her lash out. Absent our provocations, there really wouldn’t be a critical problem.

  40. Rich says:

    Is your goal to have the poor, already suffering Palestinians live like the misery in present day South Africa? Do you hate the Palestinians so much you want to give them that poverty and crime ridden existence? It’s interesting that you believe the “Arab masses” will join together to inflict misery on each other, but I don’t think so. In 70 years the Israelis have built a formidable defense structure and fairly prosperous nation. But anything can happen, I guess.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  41. @Rich

    ‘… In 70 years the Israelis have built a formidable defense structure and fairly prosperous nation. But anything can happen, I guess.’

    And at the end of 1941, the Japanese had perhaps the best navy in the world.

    But if your fundamental position sucks…

    • Replies: @Rich
  42. Rich says:
    @Colin Wright

    The Japs were able to defeat militarily backwards nations at the beginning of WW2, as soon as they took on the US, they suffered defeat after defeat. If your point is that the US would easily defeat Israel, I agree. The problem with overthrowing Israel is their possession of nukes and willingness to use them if threatened with a successful territorial invasion. I don’t know what the solution is for the displaced Palestinians, but the military defeat and expulsion of the Israeli people is not a realistic goal.

  43. ‘ …I don’t know what the solution is for the displaced Palestinians, but the military defeat and expulsion of the Israeli people is not a realistic goal.’

    Happily, a military defeat won’t be necessary. Witness, for example, the fate of apartheid South Africa.

    If the rest of the world decides Israel should go, Israel will have to go.

    • Replies: @Rich
  44. Rich says:
    @Colin Wright

    The example of South Africa is what will prevent the Israelis from ever surrendering. The plight of Whites in SA is not anything anyone anywhere will ever willingly submit to.

  45. ‘The example of South Africa is what will prevent the Israelis from ever surrendering. The plight of Whites in SA is not anything anyone anywhere will ever willingly submit to.’

    Few will submit. As the situation develops, Jews will steadily leave. Forty percent already say they would if they could. The fewer remain, the less viable the state becomes.

    All we really need to do is pull the plug, and facilitate their departure.

  46. Dec 15 2019 The Israel Air Force chief who might need to order a mission against Iran Jan 2020 UAE ? Would work as a good staging ground for an Israeli Nuclear Air Assault????? Have to ask the question…. just like Saudi Arabia all countries are controlled by who determines what money is… and where large amounts are digitally stored and the UAE sovereign wealth accounts are kept where???? In Rothschild controlled accounts???? also think about this…. BRICS Brazil/ Russia/ India /China /South Africa for example the Head of the Central Bank of Brazil was for a long time a Zionist asset??? Basically the Banking of all these BRICS is still underwritten by the same City of London controllers….. these evil bankers are just setting up another dialectic dividing the world on a larger scale to the take down of the USA. In ohter words when you really look at it the City of London is underwriting the BRICS????

  47. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is viral respiratory illness that is new to humans. It was first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and has since spread to several other countries, including the United States. Most people infected with MERS-CoV developed severe respiratory illness, including fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Also in the bag of tricks??? Is this a real bio-weapon targeted to people of Middle eastern genetic makeup. Also in the US now…. We don’t want no vaccinations against what is basically a not that dangerous bio- disease. Fight forced vaccinations.

  48. Book Suggestion Spider’s Web by Alan Friedman – The secret history of how the White House illegally armed Iraq…. [ Poster’s Note — meanwhile conducting Iran-Contra to arm Iran ] but always remember the top Democrats are in on the war machine also….. think Obama/Biden/Killery in Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Yemen, on with Afghanistan, Iraq…… and now we have I’ll-Kill-Ya Harris who is married to a Jewish person and Low Biden who has 2 children married to Jewish persons…. not that all Jewish people are bad…… wake up Jewish people of America the Rothschilds and such control all of us for evil purposes…… in line with Henry Kissinger’s alleged quip about the Iran-Iraq War – that it’s a pity they both can’t lose – he said simply, to laughter from the audience, “might be…. always the chess game pitting one group of people against another worldwide all the time.
    “They asked Him, saying, ‘Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?’” Evidently, the disciples still thought that Jesus would make Himself an earthly King, and rule over an earthly kingdom. Since He had demonstrated the power to heal people and perform miracles – even to rise from the dead – He obviously had the power to kick the Romans out of Israel and restore the nation to it’s former glory. What He was waiting for?

    The disciples’ words revealed their ignorance. Jesus had spent countless hours instructing them, teaching them that the Kingdom of God is not a place. It’s His ruling in the hearts of believers by faith. He told them countless parables, trying to teach them about His kingdom in words they’d understand. Over and over He’d said it: “My kingdom is not of this world.” And again, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.” — Lk 17:20-21. Wherever there is a person whose heart is filled with faith in Him, Jesus said, that’s where the kingdom of God is. But still the disciples didn’t get it. Right up to Ascension day they kept hoping for an earthly kingdom!

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