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The Spy Business
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I have been following the story regarding the arrest of the sub-source who reportedly provided much of the apparently fabricated “intelligence” that went into the Christopher Steele dossier that was commissioned by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to get the dirt on GOP candidate Donald Trump. The real story is, of course, that the Democrats used their incumbency in the presidency to illegally involve various national security agencies in the process of defaming Trump, but for the time being we have to be content with the detention of Russian born Virginia resident Igor Danchenko for the crime of lying to the FBI.

My problem is that apart from the lying, which might be categorized in a file labeled “Everyone Lies to the Police,” I can’t quite figure out what the poor sod did that was criminal. I have reconstructed the sequence of events as follows: A business intelligence research firm Fusion GPS originally began researching Trump’s possible ties with Russia during the primary elections on behalf of a conservative who wanted to damage Trump’s campaign. After Trump became the Republican nominee, the original funder discontinued the search, but Fusion GPS was hired to keep going by the Perkins Coie law firm, which was working for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Christopher Steele, former MI-6 officer with a good reputation and reported access to information coming from Russia among other places, was sub-contracted by Fusion to assist in the effort by compiling a dossier containing defamatory material on Trump. As he had limited access to the kind of sleaze that was being sought, Steele contacted a known intelligence researcher who appeared to have such access. That was Danchenko, an analyst who specialized in Russia, whom Steele subsequently described as his “primary sub-source.” Danchenko had worked for the Washington DC based and Democratic Party linked Brookings Institution from 2005 until 2010 and was considered reliable.

Steele tasked Danchenko with finding out details about Trump and the Russians, to include possible contacts with the Kremlin’s intelligence services during a trip to Moscow in 2013 where the Trump Organization was hosting the Miss Universe contest. Danchenko did just that to Steele’s satisfaction, which also pleased Steele’s clients. The information collected subsequently was incorporated into what became the notorious Steele Dossier and was used by the FBI among others to make a case against Donald Trump and his associates.Among other initiatives, the Bureau used the file, which it knew to be largely innuendo, as justification to obtain a secret surveillance court order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court (FISA) which authorized a wiretap targeting former Trump adviser Carter Page.

The only problem was that some of the information was fabricated, apparently by Danchenko, though that is by no means clear. The fake material included the notorious anecdote about Trump urinating on a prostitute in the bed that Barak Obama had slept in when he had visited the Russian capital. The assumption was that Trump would have been photographed in flagrante and the Kremlin would have been able to use the material to blackmail him. Other parts of the final dossier were also discovered to be false.

Making something up in a criminal investigation might be wrong, even criminal, but both Steele and Danchenko were private citizens with no legal status at the time. It was up to Steele to validate the information he was receiving. As for Danchenko, he was one of numerous former officials of various governments that have set themselves up profitably as intelligence peddlers. Some of them make a very nice living from it and many of them are quite willing to bend the facts to make a client happy. In my own experience in CIA I have run into many intelligence peddlers in Europe and the Middle East and they all use the same MO, namely mixing confirmable factual information with fabricated information so the former validates the latter. Since leaving government, I have also worked for three private security firms in the US and I would suggest that at least two of them would have been quite willing to slant what they were discovering to fit what the client was seeking to find. Such behavior is not at all unusual in the business since ex-intelligence officers and policemen tend to have a history of operating with little oversight and minimum accountability.

In this case, the charges cited in the indictment derived from statements made by Danchenko describing the sources he claimed to have used in providing sensitive information to a Steele’s United Kingdom investigative firm with which he had contracted to prepare what are identified in the indictment as “Company Reports.” The implication would of course be that he had no actual sources and instead used his creative writing skills to come up with some suitable narratives relating to Trump’s behavior. Danchenko, for his part, reportedly claimed to investigators that it was Steele who overstated the information that had been provided from confidential Russian sources which was in the nature of “raw intelligence,” not a finished product. Be that as it may, the final dossier was a concoction of verifiable facts mixed with gossip, rumors and sheer speculation. Danchenko also denied knowing who was paying for the investigation even though it appears that he had had contact with several Clinton associates, most notably one Charles H. Dolan, who may have actually suggested to the investigators what type of “information” was being sought.

The arrest came as part of the special counsel John Durham investigation into Russiagate and related matters, most specifically the claim that Russian intelligence agencies had interfered in the 2016 election. This latest activity comes after Durham’s recent charging of Hillary Clinton’s former campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann in an indictment that alleges that he lied to federal investigators in September 2016, when he gave them information that he falsely claimed showed a connection between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank in Russia.

So the takeaway from all of this is that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians to subvert the 2016 election. On the contrary, it was Hillary Clinton’s campaign that sought the dirt on Trump and used a largely fraudulent dossier to make its case. And, oh yes, President Barack Obama knew exactly what was going on, which led to the completely illegal involvement of the intelligence and law enforcement federal agencies. And you can bet that if Obama knew, so did his Vice President Joe Biden. And the former head of CIA John Brennan and FBI head James Comey, who corruptly engaged their agencies in the conspiracy, are still walking free instead of in jail where they should be. And as for Hillary….I will leave that up to the reader.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is [email protected].

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  1. The Trump Russia hoax is just as retarded as the Biden China hoax. Both of these administrations were run and controlled by Jews.

  2. Patriot says:

    If Obama, Biden, Brennan, and Comey really did know that the Steele dossier was fake, but still pushed the narrative for political reasons, then all should be imprisoned for a long, long time.

  3. I heard at the time on the radio when they still reported facts…
    From as I recall no less than Ray McGovern but my memory may be off…

    He stressed… Leak not hack.

    Fiction not facts.

    But tis too easy to bash Russia plus we need a scape goat to escape our lies

    All my life I been hearing these lies about how dangerous Russia is , how they attacked us and all this stinky smelly rotten garbage
    When is trash night ? Time to empty that can…


    Great work here P G thanks

    Yup it was a great story that he pee’d on a prostitute… High class horror

    I heard it as she’d pee’d on him which I prefer to visualize if I must…

    Also I’d heard Putin was watching and holding Trump’s …trumpet..yuck

    So the tall tales thicken and stretch to China

    I ain’t no fan of trumpetty I should state though I was more escared of Hillary

    Well what comes next in the lies of the panopticCon. ?

    Also let’s remember that coke and Pepsi both rot

    Trump locked us down
    Joe Ukraine BidenHo led us out of the pandemic in to the frying pan where we are looking for the next war that requires more massive lies of propganda and dogshit

    I remember they impeached Trump over the Zelensky affair…

    Something like… Just get her to pee on me and you can hold it while she does that in the white house…great

    But bidenHo actually brought the man to the white house…to meet his stunt double Lloyd Austin from Boston

    Actually don’t know where he’s from but he he sure looks like he’s itching for a fight I don’t mean how he appears but his perspective how he looks at life

    All war is all we know

    All we know is war

    All is war

    I want to see every president impeached that is still alive last to first…

    Just for fun it will be great to get them all
    In the same room to yell at each other

    I can see these old white men struggling to stand up and yell at each other

    With potatoes in their ears and cauliflower hairdoooos

  4. I must assume Mr. Giraldi knows far more than most people about the details of the RussiaGate scam, and I appreciate his sharing his knowledge.

    That said, I must stoutly disagree about the motives of the Butcher of Libya and her people.

    In my opinion defaming Trump wasn’t of any importance at all. This was a hatchet-job attack on Russia! Hillary had no doubts at all about the outcome of the 2016 election. She was going to become President, and was making advance preparations for the conflicts she intended to ignite. Staring with a no-fly zone in Syria.

    Does anyone believe the RussiaGate con would have ever been investigated if the cackling bitch had become President? The FBI sure didn’t, or they’d have not cooperated so completely with the fraud. The baying at the moon by the Corporate/Zionist Media would have been something to behold. Russia. Tried. To. Elect. Donald. Trump!

    Bill Clinton and Obama (and Lord only knows who else) alternately stroked and taunted Trump in the direction he had always wanted to go – to make a run for the Presidency. The idea was that even somebody as unpleasant as Hillary could beat a low-life like Trump.

    Fortunately they were all wrong. Trump was indeed a disaster in every way, but he didn’t get us all killed in a nuclear war. When Trump finally goes to Hell, he’ll be responsible for hundreds of thousands of Pandemic lives, but not billions. Hopefully the Devil will keep that in mind when Hillary shows up there – what she had in mind when she finally got her mitts on Presidential Emergency Satchel – the nuclear football.

  5. This will be the equivalent of the French Ancien-Regime’s Necklace Affair in future history books. The downfall of the United States became open and transparent to even muggles only after this.

    • Agree: TitusAlone
  6. chris says:

    Ok, so these guys, Danchenko and Steele will claim that they were just doing regular campaign dirt and had no idea that someone was literally going to make a “federal case” out of it.

    Phil is right to point out that there’s something very inconsistent about Danchenko‘s arrest, as he might have been directly contracted to make stuff up. It’s actually Steele who was the primary seller of the final report which bears his name, and it may well be that he will be ‘interviewed’ next, but so far they seem to be stuck in the weeds.

    The obvious explanation here is that it was actually the “intelligence community” itself, knowing exactly how to game the legal system, who commissioned the writing of the report through these intermediaries. In the absence of the fortuitous dossier, are we really to believe they were just going to bide their time and hope for the best?

    Even Obama himself wasn’t experienced enough to conceive and to keep this ridiculous but elaborate scam going for so long.

    Like Colin Powell before him, Obama just let them use his (completely unearned) ‘good’ name for their dirty deeds. If that is not the ultimate act of selling your services out to the plantation owners, I don’t know what is. Unlike in the olden days, at least they can pride themselves for getting recompensed.

    • Replies: @Smashed Squash
  7. Ghali says:

    Very surprising to read that, “Christopher Steele with a good reputation and reported access to information coming from Russia among other places …” He is a chronic liar and complicit in many of the Anglo-Zionist regimes war crimes.

    • Agree: chris, acementhead
  8. geokat62 says:

    The Spy Business
    Just follow the money

    … or as I prefer to say:

    The Spy Business
    Just follow the shekels

    • LOL: chris
  9. IronForge says:

    Awesome Cartoon Reference!
    That was a Good One – remember LMAO and looking for more over the Web when that was First Released.

    Murica just needs to Shift to:
    A) CrowdFunding Hard Money from Individuals – Lowballed at 1000USD/Year;
    B) Fed/States to Match the CrowdFunding + Host a Platform+Stats for All Qualified Candidates;
    C) Actual Candidates Authorized to Contribute to their Own Campaign with Cash calculated from One’s Cash On Hand (Never a Loan from Real Estate/Stock Holdings – Actual Cash to be Spent). Limits based on Office – say 50 Million for POTUS;
    D) Nothing from PACs, Political Parties, or Corporations;

    These should make for Leaner Elections based on Candidates’ Positions.

  10. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    And as for Hillary….I will leave that up to the reader.

    Give her a Swirlie.

    We can make the Swirlie the modern equivalent of the French Guillotine.

    It will kill their pride, not their bodies.

  11. Personally, I suspect that Donald Trump is a closet Homosexual!

  12. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    What I am most curious to see regarding this whole affair–although I am not holding my breath–is whether Durham’s persistent investigation will eventually take down Hillary Clinton.

  13. Never understood how Trump, never shy about speaking his mind, said nothing noteworthy about this hoax, not even a bluff about starting that investigation into Hildawg.

    If given bad advice to ignore it by his (((trusted advisors))) he’s still to blame.

  14. Fr. John says:

    Is this real? Or was this the OTHER hoax about the Obamanation?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  15. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:

    What I am most curious to see regarding this whole affair–although I am not holding my breath–is whether Durham’s persistent investigation will eventually take down Hillary Clinton.

    Wow, I think back to the time when I thought that Durham— the guy who took down the corrupt FBI office in Boston and gave lectures at the Thomistic Institute on how his Catholic faith guided him— would be the guy to get to the bottom of the Russia hoax, a ludicrously obvious plot to subvert a presidency and by extension democracy itself. That was probably the last time I still had some belief— albeit a smidgen of belief— that my government and its institutions were not consummately and irredeemably corrupt.

    • Agree: chris
    • Replies: @chris
  16. Rich says:

    No one believed the “Russia hoax”, not the dems or the American people. It was just a scam to assault the repub candidate and president during his term. They’d have come up with the same thing, or something similar to go against Romney if he’d been nominated. Remember all the fake stories in 2012 of all the people Romney killed by cutting their health benefits and how he tied his dog to the top of his car? This is what dems do, firing up their negroes is another tactic they do just before elections.

  17. chris says:

    If? I suspect they knew it was fake the minute they contracted Steele to write it.

  18. chris says:

    Welcome to adulthood! (BTW, there’s no Santa Clause either, … unless you count Phil, Ron, Linh, and some of the others here at Unz)

  19. Anon62 says:

    Danchenko and Steele will claim that they were just doing regular campaign dirt and had no idea that someone was literally going to make a “federal case” out of it.

    Steele is reported to have actively worked to get his report into publication prior to the election. Reporting on these attempts asserts that all the MSM outlets hesitated to publish and did not publish until an online news site Buzzfeed (??) first broke the story. Once it was out and public the MSM covered the story by reporting on the Buzzfeed allegations. I don’t think any MSM perfromed an actual independent investigation to corroborate.

    This MSM coverage occured after the election. And it was not until the American people had elected Trump that the American elite, the media, the intelligence bureaucrats, the FBI, and all the rest, did their best to undermine and delegitimize the Trump presidency.

    Durham is still alive. Would not be suprised to hear he died in a Washington mugging similar to that which befell Seth Rich.

  20. Jiminy says:

    Poor old Donny can’t help it if he’s peeing in the bed. Heck he was almost seventy, cut him some slack. Sadly I’ve peed on my leg now and then, but honestly there’s never been a hooker involved. Just one of the pleasures of growing old. At least he never crapped his pants like you know who, or did he?
    As in the case of Trump’s dirt file, never let the truth spoil a good story.

  21. No matter how the game is played…. business is good.

  22. @Anonymous

    Only if the risk-reward is there for the deep state. She strikes me at this age and stage of the game to be expendable. However the government goons seem s more interested in going after the white, and . Hildog is in the pass and relatively quiet. Guess in the end it comes down to if Lord Obama wants to purge her from all things of the party that now is his. Then the wicked witch just might be coughed up for prosecution.

    Given the Arkancide phenomenon, Durham would be wise to play it save and finger a meaningless never Trump Republican.

  23. SafeNow says:

    It’s not just the corruption that jumps out at me, it’s the stupidity. The U.S. has 10,000 people with an IQ of 160 and above. China has 300,000. But aside from those numbers, a difference is that in the U.S. they become hedge-fund managers whereas in China they work at analyzing and planning intel and policy. So, my worry is that the same kind of donkeys who engineered this mess will miscalculate a confrontation/escalation and get the US into a war with China or Russia.

    • Replies: @profnasty
    , @anon
  24. My problem is that apart from the lying, which might be categorized in a file labeled “Everyone Lies to the Police,” I can’t quite figure out what the poor sod did that was criminal.

    Well said.

    So the whole Russiagate affair and its nonstop years of prime-time fake MSM news will be formally pinned on a couple of obscure spear carriers whose only offense was to fib to the FBI which eagerly wanted to be fibbed to. And Democrat Senator Schumer was spot on the mark in the very beginning when he obliquely cautioned the political outsider Trump about how many creative ways the alphabet Swamp agencies have to get even with perceived political foes.

    The two fallguys will get their slap-on-the-wrist sentences before being rwarded for their ordeal with lucrative contracts for their exculpatory book to come. And these world-shaking indictments for fibbing can serve as the legal squib that will keep the tail of Russiagate’s culpability from ever being pinned on the treasonous donkeys who presided like mafia dons over the alphabet agencies. What a system! Korrupt R Us.

    Good article, Phil Giraldi.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
  25. LP5 says:

    See The Conservative Treehouse for more deep dives into the legal matters and cast of characters. Also look at various Twitter accounts like @TechnoFog.

  26. And if Biden were to claim, “I can’t remember,” he’s probably telling the truth….

    • Replies: @Anon
  27. @Patriot

    My confidential sources in the CIA and MI6 tell me that Obama has been invited to be the head of the African Union (to be reformed loosely based on the US system, so he won’t be lost navigating it) and I also hear from my FBI sources (again, very reliable as usual) that Hillary is going to be the ambassador for life for us, so both clans are packing up just as we are speaking, with all other shady characters in that maladministration. Looks like your wish will be true enough but slightly different outcome. I say good riddance!

  28. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Danchenko is just an expendable fall guy. He fabricated what Steele wanted to have fabricated and everyone involved, Obama, Clinton, etc knew it. The lurid story of using the same bed as Obama was a weird twist, the product of a pervy porn-brain. That they all relished this kinky story indicates that that whole crew are probably deviants themselves. This story highlights how there’s such tremendous amounts of money washing around in American politics. Unlimited graft, contracts, salaries to hand out by the party in power, the average American being just a cow to be milked.

  29. anon[355] • Disclaimer says:

    “Democrats used their incumbency in the presidency to illegally involve various national security agencies”

    This is the same “CIA works for the president” bullshit that CIA stuffed into the Pike report under Don Gregg’s threat of martial law. No one here believes you’re stupid enough to fall for it. It’s clever to blame superannuated spooks for CIA’s centrally-directed Trump ratfuck (Extra marks for offhand reference to CIA impunity, not as the defining condition of contemporary history but as a vague bad influence on washouts! That’s true cheek.)

    You know perfectly well that CIA rides one party, runs it into the ground with crime and corruption, then jumps to the other party for mass catharsis. They did it after DCI Bush fucked a few too many orphans in DC, installing CIA Wunderkind Bill Clinton as president. They did it after Bush II committed the crime of aggression and the crime against humanity of systematic and widespread torture, installing spy brat Barack Obama. And when the wrong candidate got elected, CIA fixed the problem, stealing another election and installing bribed and blackmailed vegetable Joe Biden and his retinue of CIA ventriloquists.

    In this case the story is false public statements of CIA officials based on “analyst judgement” [whoppers] of 17 [3] agencies [handpicked weasels]. The story is CIA puke Nelly Ohr and her illegal domestic CIA agent operating under an implausible hubby legend. The story is CIA janitor Mueller mopping up the puke-and-sawdust pudding with contemptuous irrelevant minutiae.

    No, CIA got caught pulling the strings of their presidential puppet rulers. Face it, your employer is a criminal enterprise satisfying the first element of the crime of aggression. When they lose this war with the SCTO they’re going to get hanged. You better get busy ratting them out so they don’t hang you too.

    • Agree: profnasty
    • Replies: @Emerging Majority
  30. macilrae says:

    Good piece.

    I can’t quite figure out what the poor sod did that was criminal.

    Fair enough, but as a tactic to get to the bottom of this affair it appears to work – and has recent precedents.

    What astounds me is the damage caused to the USA by this entire operation – inclusive of the DNC “hacking” – can you imagine the waste in human resources; the effective subversion of a presidency and, most terrible of all, the wanton damage done to the relationship with a powerful international partner just to achieve a purely domestic political outcome?

    Treasonous, no?

    Until recently US foreign policy was largely driven by domestic politics and economics – ‘diplomats’ had to govern their actions by how they would play back home and didn’t need to care much of a damn how things worked out in the countries with which they were dealing.

    A recent shining, and little publicized, example would be Kamala Harris’ performance in Vietnam – where she arrived to the tastefully chosen slogan “America is Back!” … and proceeded to lecture them on the pitfalls of being too close to China – ending her visit by laying a wreath on the marker where the criminal bomber John McCain was shot down by the heroes of the Vietnamese resistance. Somehow she was under the delusion that Johnny was as revered in Vietnam as he is back in Washington.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  31. “My Country, tis of thee, a Land of Perfidy, from thee I cringe…”

  32. @Ghali


    Christopher Steele’s activity for Hillary Clinton was known and condoned by the upper echelon of MI6. In my view, there’s a tie between the Chinese and the British Zionists in terms of foreign threats.

  33. Agent76 says:

    12/29/2020 How your digital trails wind up in the hands of the police

    Phone calls. Web searches. Location tracks. Smart speaker requests.

    Aug 8, 2017 How NSA Tracks You

    William “Bill” Binney, former NSA technical director on how NSA track you. From the SHA2017 conference in Netherlands.

    • Replies: @Emerging Majority
  34. @anon

    Whew! You called it again and again. Some strange and fascinating events occurred in 1947, perhaps the most telling being the creation of the CIA during the maladministration of H.$. Truman, once upon a time the prime fixer and bagman for the Predergast mob in Kansas City.

    Harry was a good waiter. He would assiduously follow instructions, as was evidenced by his power-play in the nascent UN with prostate European nations, needful of American military and financial support and also with client states throughout the Americas. Objective was the achievement of statehood for the Zionist state in Palestine under the aegis of the “World Body”.

    The ruling financier elite, headed by the Rottenchild and Rottenfeller crime clans, felt need for an undercover but overbearing agency to foment coups and assassinations overseas (and sometimes here in the States) as well as to oversee the primary branches of the federal administration, as well as Congress via tactics of bribery, blackmail and occasional wet-work. Whispered suggestions to the heads of various departments in the Di$trict of Corruption, struck fear into presumably powerful office-holders.

    Nothing but a sewer, the Deep $tate, with the deepest sump located in Langley; a mechanism which on its face is allegedly accountable to the president, but in all reality is accountable only to that tiny handful of financiers who just happen to be the primary owners of planet Earth.

    It is not unlikely that Giraldi knows all this, but just happens to be a bit shy about sharing. Funny things have happened to some of those who know too much and happen to be a tad indiscrete.

    • Replies: @St-Germain
    , @Rev. Spooner
  35. Anon[256] • Disclaimer says:

    Your disrespect for President Biden is deplorable and unpatriotic. He’s doing a great job, all things considered, particularly the damage done to the US under Trump. Your irresponsible rhetoric only serves to enable the QAnon loons and Trumptards whose anti-democratic Jan. 6 coup was a wake up call to rational citizens everywhere. If you’re not going to be a team player and support Biden, please just renounce your citizenship. Are you even an American? Shame

    • LOL: Mikhail
  36. @Agent76

    With no fewer than 17 (at latest count) spy agencies watching over essentially every individual who has the stones to emerge above the heads of the herd and actually exercise their 1st Amendment rights under a Constitution which was effectually castrated by the egregious Act of 1871 and fully eroded by the Constitutionally unlawful establishment of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank on 12-23-1913; the Owners are well served.

    Fear is the message broadcast and simulcast to the herd. Keep em herded up in their sub-urbanite wage-slave, rat-race lives and make it known by those who actually pay a smidgeon of attention to what’s really going on, that they are being observed as under a microscope by alleged public servants and you got em by the short-hairs. The N$A has ears and eyes everywhere.

    Sometimes one simply needs to let it all hang out…Or as David Farragut commanded during the Battle of Mobile Bay, back in ’64: “Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead!”

    The fearful slaves are ambulatory zombies. In this lifetime anyway, they can kill you only once.
    They do love torture, proven at places like Abu Ghraib and Gauntanamo. But all that smoke arising from autos da Fe does have a way of awakening some of those zombies, particularly in rural America and among those in congested areas who work with their hands and in the process, keep this ruptured republic running.

    My suspicion is that many of the paid parasites doing dirty deeds for their Ma$ters are getting a bit nervous. It ultimately comes down to the question of “whose side are you on?”

  37. profnasty says:

    Who said Trump colluded with the Russians?
    Nobody on this website.

    • Replies: @TheMoon
  38. profnasty says:

    Lay off the sauce home-boy.

  39. TheMoon says:

    90% of our “ruling class” likely deserves to be executed. No one with a moral compass has any power to make that happen. The GOP could sweep Congress in 2022, but you still won’t even see Biden impeached, or Kamalala if the current shadow government decides Joey has outlived his usefulness as a puppet. FFS, they’ll probably keep passing his civilization destroying nonsense.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  40. profnasty says:

    If 600k is correct, then you left off a 0 from US side. We probably have 10k Jews at 160+.
    If your source is true, Katy bar the door.

  41. TheMoon says:

    Your disrespect for President Biden is deplorable and unpatriotic. He’s doing a great job, all things considered, particularly the damage done to the US under Trump.

    Found the fed.

    If you’re not going to be a team player and support Biden, please just renounce your citizenship.

    Honestly, with the way things are going, I might not have any problems or hesitation doing that at some point. The US is being turned into a third world shithole, a fallen land ruled by demonic psychopaths. Who the hell feels any allegiance to that?

  42. TheMoon says:

    Too bad he didn’t. Maybe a good number of the deep state filthbags would be hanging from nooses by now.

  43. @Zachary Smith

    Agree, except that the Plandemic was used to get him out of office. It was the perfect set up for uncontrolled vote counting via mail and centralized counting.

  44. @Zachary Smith

    Many serious military analysts at the time were very concerned that Clinton would get us into a shooting war with Russia.

    Like you, I had no use for Trump (and I am getting disgusted with Biden) but at least he did not start any new conflicts…

  45. @Emerging Majority

    It is not unlikely that Giraldi knows all this, but just happens to be a bit shy about sharing. Funny things have happened to some of those who know too much and happen to be a tad indiscrete.

    Great reason to read very carefully whatever this high-class author — and also Ray McGovern on — see fit to presents to us. Obviously they must speak for an experienced faction that is not just knowledgeable but powerful enough to protect them if they play by the descreet rules of the game. And that would be a well connected faction waiting to bounce back to power when the wind shifts, right?

    • Replies: @Emerging Majority
  46. @Patriot

    Anyone young and resourceful should leave the USA and forget it even exists. Begin building a new world without it. It’s a terrorist state.

  47. Anon[587] • Disclaimer says:

    “Coincidence and convenience are red flags in espionage.”
    ~ex CIA Douglas London

    House of Trump, House of Putin

    Viral ‘Crime Infested’ Trump Tower Thread Details Convicted Criminals, Russian Mobster Tenants Over The Years

    Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel


    When I call dotard a “mobster,” I’m not being cute. Or provocative.

    Wendy Siegelman

    Trump and Russia

  48. @chris

    There’s nothing good about Black Obama. He got so used to placing everyone on the edge of being vaporized, he thinks it’s safe there. Besides, they reason, that no one will remain alive to notice his being humiliated.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  49. Anon[197] • Disclaimer says:

    “Coincidence and convenience are red flags in espionage.”
    ~ex CIA Douglas London

    Trump owes $300 million to bank involved in global money laundering scheme led by Russian criminals

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  50. I only hope that, somehow, Durham finds dirt on our very own Alexander Downer, instrumental in setting up Papadopoulos, and that hideous, hatchet-faced Harpie, Fiona Hill. She was pretty close to Danchenko, apparently.

  51. @Anon

    I despise Trump, but despise the Demo-crazies more. What bank is NOT involved in money-laundering?

  52. @Smashed Squash

    What else did you expect from something about which, Abner Mikva, a stalwart of the Chicago Jewish community, a former Congressman, judge and Bill Clinton apparatchik, said that he was ‘..the first Jewish president’, so thoroughly was he immersed in Jewish ways and means. Read all about in ‘Obama and the Jews’ by Paula Yearwood Dubkin, the Chicago Jewish News, October 24, 2008.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  53. Cuffy says:

    Dr Giraldi is always superlative. Prolific as he is, one cannot single out an idea of his that is flawed.

    His style is unique in laying out the FACTS and never getting drowned in academic semantics like others do.

    The man is a treasure and a marvel. Hats off to you sir.

  54. anon[292] • Disclaimer says:

    The arrest came as part of the special counsel John Durham investigation into Russiagate and related matters, most specifically the claim that Russian intelligence agencies had interfered in the 2016 election.

    I have read that all “Special Counsel” investigations in the DOJ are pretty much bullshit, that the investigators usually do nothing to jeopardize their good relationship with department senior leaders and only come up with irrelevant findings to assuage the public without really disrupting the status quo.

    This POS investigation has been going for 5 years and still not a single significant arrest. Instead, totally unimportant bit players are being arrested who will get a bullshit trial resulting in minor jail terms or slap on the wrist and release when the public have long ceased to care.

    In other words, John Durham is doing exactly what he’s supposed to do, to conduct a bullshit drawn out investigation, implicate unimportant bit players without giving voters anything resembling the truth. Meanwhile he gets to keep his job for as long as possible, maybe bill lots of overtime and make a nice living off the fake investigation. Meanwhile, the fake conservative media like Breitbart and Zerohedge continue to report breathlessly of every move he makes as if the next big arrest leading to Hillary is imminent, to make it seem like he’s actually doing something and keep stringing the public along, while (((they))) snigger and toast to yet another fast one being pulled over the stupid American public.

  55. Wyakin says:

    We have to create dossiers on BLM and Antifa terrorists. Their travel plans and communications should be monitored and documented. Employ lip readers if necessary.

    Trying to counter the regime’s foot soldiers is impossible when a critical lack of intelligence is displayed by an alarming ratio of my fellow White men. We need to know the who, what, where, why and how. WHO being the most important in this age of masked insanity.

    Unfortunately, the deep state has an iron grip monopoly on information. Wear masks! Not because Covid, but for the reasons the black terrorists do, to hide identity. Film everything!

  56. Two Leprechaun assholes named John Brennan and Jim Comey should be deported as soon as possible. The American Empire Deep State is crawling with treasonous rat globalizers such as Comey and Brennan.

    Comey and Brennan shouldn’t have been allowed to be security guards at Fordham University, let alone be prominent American Empire Deep State rats screwing around with America’s electronic spy apparatus.

    Barack Obama and Jim Comey and John Brennan and that mulatto bastard Susan Rice and many others were able to use the power of the United States government to advance the partisan interests of the Democrat Party and the political fortunes of Hillary Clinton.

    The Russia–Russia–Russia bullshit is for two reasons:

    1) Use pseudo-nationalist claptrap to cover the fact that the Democrat Party has gone post-national by screaming about Russia–Russia–Russia and 2) Lay down a smoke screen to hide and cover up the election year use of the power of the US government to spy on the Trump campaign.

  57. anon[292] • Disclaimer says:

    The 10,000 in the US may be busy working in tech to control and monitor every aspect of our lives or as hedge fund managers to loot the country/world blind, the 300,000 in China are busy trying to figure out how to get the hell out of China so they could join the 10,000 in the US. The average Chinese is every bit as selfish and greedy as the average Jew.

    The supposed high IQ Chindians we are importing by the millions are the best dogs to our (((owners))). It’s why (((they))) are trying to give away green cards like it’s candy, so we can bring in more of their faithful servants. Did you see the new infrastructure bill passed by the House? Dems want to give away green cards to 7 million currently in the US, on any visa, or no visa at all, so they could become citizens in 5 years and bring in all their relatives. Why is such an massive immigration giveaway embedded in an infrastructure bill? No matter, 13 House Republicans voted for it. And msm does all they can to bury that part of the bill so no one notices. Look for the spineless Republicans in the Senate to quietly pass the bill without striking down that provision, but instead make unimportant cosmetic changes then hail it a victory.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  58. Z-man says:

    I would go with the top twenty Demok’rats and top twenty Republi’tards in Congress. Now add most of the members of this administration including the First Lady and most of her staff. Then get a list of the top 100 bureaucrats in the Deep State i.e., CIA, FBI, Pentagon, State, Homeland Security etc. Finally and most difficult to execute, the top 100 contributors to both political parties. Oh almost forgot, the top NEOCONS (could be ten, could be 100 if you include immediate family) and other assorted Bolsheviks and then the job would be done. Oh one more, the heads of the top media and entertainment conglomerates, Fox included.

  59. BL says:

    Let me ask you something, Monkey Man. Precisely when did you come to believe Biden won the election and why? Was it Cooper Anderson calling it on Election Night?

  60. HVM says:

    Do you think the passage of the Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act in December 2016 helped stir up Russiagate using U.S. intelligence?

  61. Hmmmm . . .,

    my perspectives of the democratic executive at the time are pretty clear. But there are a few issues that don’t work when aligning him with the campaign to smear the previous executive.

    1. his agenda was to remove the US from further entanglements in the Mideast and those attempts were met with more than stiff opposition. from democrats and republicans and the press (whose primary concern that he did not display any anger) laugh.

    2. his red line was not his idea, but that of the establishment hawks left and right

    3. Iran — nothing more needs be said

    4. Israeli leadership did not like him or want him – that used as leverage to get more aide

    5. when he was told about the russian conspiracy – he laughed initially, it was only later that he boarded the train — and I agree, he probably did not buy it.

    As i recall it was the VP Biden who literally undermined his attempt untagle the US from the Ukrainian mess. and Sec State Clinton, who exceeded her mandate by advancing the use of heavy weapons in the region . . .


    and given the assumed status of Sec clinton’s win — and the cadre of departments who were all in

    CIA, FBI, State Dept., DIA, NSA, DOD (at least in good measure), etc. their involvement was a given regardless of the then executive.

    No. the democrats were all in regardless and in spite of the then executive

  62. arami says:

    People of the world must be UNITED against the Jewish mafia’s control not only on US middle east policy but the Olympics and in general the SPORT as well.

    The Zionist FIFA President Gianni Infantino, is working closely with a mass murderer Naphtalen PM poshing the Israel policy of ‘normalization’ on Muslims to buy legitimacy for an APARTHEID regime where no one bans him, since this activity is 100% politically motivated. But when an Arab or Muslim refuses to be engaged with a zionist Israeli in Olympics, then they ban these athletes.

    The FIFA president, Infantino, along with zionist political figures including the former US secretary of the treasury Steve Mnuchin, and former US ambassador to Israel David Friedman attended the launch of the “Friedman Center for Peace through Strength” at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem on October 11, 2021 to receive the zionist instruction to promote the interest of these baby killers, but the International Judo Federation bans Fethi Nourine, an Algerian judoka from Olympics for 10 years because he refused to face an Israeli from the apartheid regime in support of Palestinian cause.


    Nourine supports Palestinians and is against NORMALIZATION, while the FIFA president, a Jewish mafia servant, works for the interest of Israel and pushing for ‘normalization’ using sports to force Muslims to capitulate. This zionist call it “PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH.” And no one kick him in the ass and fires him.

    Algerian judoka, Fethi Nourine, has been banned from competition for 10 years by the International Judo Federation after his withdrawal from the Tokyo Olympics to avoid a potential bout against an Israeli opponent.
    Nourine’s coach, IJF Hall of Famer Amar Benikhlef, also received a 10-year ban Monday.
    Nourine withdrew from the Tokyo Games on the opening day after learning he could potentially face Olympic bronze medalist Tohar Butbul in the second round of men’s lightweight competition at the Budokan. Nourine and Benikhlef told Algerian media they quit to express support for Palestinians.

    • Replies: @..D..
  63. @macilrae

    McInsane is revered in Vietnam, as the ‘Hanoi Songbird’.

  64. @anon

    An Alpha moron. Only a racist cretin would imagine that the Chinese intellectual elite would want to leave their Homeland at one of the highest points in its 5000 years of civilization, to a crumbling, racist, dystopia, wash with the urine, faeces and vomit of its innumerable homeless.

    • LOL: Cuffy
    • Replies: @anon
  65. Hillary Clinton’s very body is a squalid prison.

  66. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    How does that fit in with the UN Security Council vote or abstention from using the veto in the last days of his presidency?

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  67. @Ghali

    Anglo-Zionist regimes war crimes

    Now if we could just do something about the Zionist Slavs who have run the US government since the early 1970’s.

  68. anon[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Two Israeli companies: spying on the world « Jon Rappoport …

    Lawrence Franklin;

    Accused Israel spy hints at FBI anti-Semitism in AIPAC …

    MossadGate: ‘NSA Prism’ Mossad Spying Cousins Out of the …
    Nov 18, 2013 ·

    The Guardian Outlines “Project Pegasus” an Expose’ into ……
    Jul 19, 2021 · Israeli Spying in the United States –
    Mar 12, 2009

    Israeli espionage from 1980 targeting US ,Australia and other nations:

    The Shadow Factory: The NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America- James Bovard

  69. @St-Germain

    No doubt there are factions, even within the beast. The most beastly are heavily represented in Ops and control mechanisms. Analysts may even include human beings.

  70. @Anon

    I’ll show you my DD 214 and you can show me yours and then we can talk about who is patriotic and who is not.

  71. anon[112] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    LOL have you been to any major city in the US lately? From CA to WA, NYC, Boston, Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Miami…new Chinatowns are popping up everywhere, full of restaurants featuring Chinese regional cuisine and mostly Chinese speaking patrons. NYC alone has at least 3 Chinatowns. Toronto has 5, and all of Vancouver B.C. is a giant Chinatown. A friend who visited San Francisco a couple of years back said she thought she landed in Beijing, China. Here in the Seattle area, everywhere you go you hear Mandarin — in every Suburban neighborhood on the East Side, schools, restaurants, stores, library, gym…we’re practically drowning in recent mainland Chinese transplants.

    • Replies: @Cuffy
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  72. Cuffy says:

    yeah, but that’s only a minute fraction of the vast Chinese population….now I wonder how the 100s of billions of dollars of western capital(we will call it that for now) reached China. Certainly, the Chinese did not come with gunboats to enforce the transfer.

    Maybe Communism is the way to go after all. Compare India and China , both gained their freedom about the same time. Compare them today.

    There are some jackasses( which) call the democrats communists, socialists etc. Look at their foreign policy or their votes to enrich the 1% and show me the Marxism.

    Indeed, you can holler about wokeism, blmism, genderism, defund-the-police etc as hallmarks of socialism. Gosh, you are pathetic

  73. ..D.. says:

    Why would they ?

    Everyone directly or indirectly benefit from the jewish ultraliberal worldview except whites thenselfs

    It doent matter how many muslims childrens usa kill , in the end they know they can prospere in the west like never could dream of doing in a chinese dominated future indians , africans , south americans…. all of them will end up siding with the west no matter what they publicly say . Even china benefit indirectly from a divided westerm world and will hipocritally defend it until only chaos remain in the west

    We are the sacrificial lamb of the new world order

    • Replies: @arami
  74. arami says:

    [Everyone directly or indirectly benefit from the jewish ultraliberal worldview except whites thenselfs]

    This is BS. Are you OK? Did you watch the video?

    The evil empire has killed millions of Muslims since the 9/11 terror alone. Who supports Israel and push for ‘normalization’? What did that Zionist servant, trump, offered to jews, white as trump, to protect an apartheid regime so they can wipe off his debt? Who designed the 9/11 terror and then framed Muslims for the interest of zionists?

    The 9/11 terror was designed and implemented by the white US Necons including zionist Bush family and ISREAL, then Bush framed ‘bin Ladan’ and Afghanistan to invade that country where US was kicked out of that country, but Biden is still trying to control the outcome through other criminal means. And how many more countries have you invaded and how many more have you killed since your terror of 9/11?
    All these wars waged for a ‘new world order’ to control the world and erect ‘greater Israel’, which ended opposite of whatever you wished. The ‘new middle east’ is coming soon, but without the Evil empire.
    You wanted full control and you get nothing but the garbage bin. Israel has no legitimacy.

    Even your colonies, UAE and Saudis, are seeking CHINESE protection from your terror. In fact this is happening NOW. No one will shed a drop of tear for your demise.

    [Even china benefit indirectly from a divided western world and will hipocritally defend it until only chaos remain in the west]

    This is the west TRADEMARK, which is based on DIVIDE and RULE. Everyone with more than two brain cell knows it. And this trademark has caused millions of deaths in many countries and communities. You are a hypocrite.

    It is good for you to taste a little bit of your own design.

    • Thanks: beavertales
    • Replies: @Anon
  75. @Z-man

    Comrade Джугашвили could not have said it better.

    And guess what: he gave the accursed Soviet Union another 50 years of life that way.

  76. Anon[359] • Disclaimer says:

    I really hope you are right but i think that your average moroocan ,argelian , saudi …. is much more symphatetic to the west than you think specially among the growing liberal middle and upper middle classes , at least they view as the lesser of two evils . only the criminal behaviour in the middle east have pushed them to a pseudo alliance with china , with a little left hand it shouldnt be hard to reconstruct the relation like russia did with chechenia after bombing it to the ground transforming them in loyal allies of the cremlim .

    • Replies: @arami
  77. arami says:

    To some extent you are right because for the past 300 hundred years, at least, the West exert influence in these countries on their economy, politics, education, culture and even their fashion. So, they are familiar with American or French culture more than Chinese. But, this ‘comfort zone’ can be changed slowly.
    This is not a choice, rather survival. The ‘leaders’ of these countries must make a decision according to the facts on the ground to serve the interest of their communities, and the facts shows that China is rising faster than you expected. And the leaders of these countries want to have a place in the ‘new world order’ not to be left behind. When the influence of the New Comers on the economy, politics and education establishes itself, then your taste changes and you adapt accordingly, and get more comfortable as times passes. All these changes depend on the New comer’s behavior. That’s why there is so much propaganda against China.
    We have not seen China to invade so many countries and kill millions of people for the interest of 1% corrupt elite, if they do then people will go against them.

  78. @Emerging Majority

    Truman was really a piece of work. The SoB killed half a million Japanese just to scare off the Russians.
    Most American Presidents have been mass murderers and also treasoneous to the USA, including LBJ, Obama, Trump (yes dear Trumpards), he raised high his rump and waved the Israeli flag stuck there.
    The senario has now changed. The president is no longer in charge, even the village idiot can see this. The nation has been captured by big pharma, the MIC, Zionists and numerous others. America has become a “Pay for Play”country and the only control is weilded by the out of control alphabet intelligence agencies.
    Good luck Americans, all the best Europeans, bye bye Australia.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  79. @Anonymous

    …………………….will eventually take down Hillary Clinton. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. She and Billy boy have a list, or know about the criminal activity of dozens of highly important people and others that they would blackmail in a New York minute, if they open their pie holes on anything criminally significant that those two did. The Clintons may look like buffoons but they are anything but. The Clintons are creatures of the political swamp. That is all they have been involved with their whole foul and sticky lives. Their survival instincts are razor sharp.

  80. @Rev. Spooner

    Australia, Imperial running-dog Number One, has long had it coming. And the country’s ‘elites’, as scabrous a collection of the dregs of the genus Homo, as you could imagine, are slavering with race and ideological hatred, to finish the job, by attacking China.

  81. @anon

    Lots of money to be made from the Liquidation Sale.

  82. @Wizard of Oz

    ONE instance-you are a hoot, Wiz. Did you read the article?

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