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The Politics of COVID Vaccinations: Who Will Get Them and When?
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The first thing to understand is that there will not be enough COVID-19 vaccine to go around for many months to come, so the process of who comes first will essentially be a political decision since governments at various levels will inevitably be managing the distribution process. And there will be considerable confusion when the vaccination process starts as there might be a lot of different versions to choose from. The World Health Organization is currently monitoring the development of no less than “163 candidate vaccines [that are] in preclinical evaluation.”

There are legitimate concerns that the vaccine development process has been accelerated due to political pressure coming from various governments as infection rates are soaring worldwide. In the past, the development and evaluation of a new vaccine has sometimes been a multi-year process and the testing on human volunteers has been extensive. In this case, one might suspect that some corners have been cut.

As of this writing, it seems that American pharmaceutical company Pfizer/BioNTech and the start-up company Moderna will be the first to release vaccines that have been evaluated and passed by governmental drug regulating authorities. Britain has approved the Pfizer vaccine for use while the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States are moving quickly to approve the vaccines from Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Moderna for “emergency purposes” followed by an authorization for general use.

The manufacturers of the vaccine are intent on getting their products into the marketplace later this month. Admittedly, getting a vaccine developed and approved has been politically speaking a high priority project both for the companies and for the governments that have invested in the process and are looking for a solution for the crashing economies in Europe and the United States. As the virus has entered into a devastating second surge, the urgency of being seen as “doing something” has approached crisis proportions.

Both Pfizer and Moderna have publicly claimed that their testing involving of thousands of volunteers indicates that their vaccines are both safe and worked well in all different groups, ethnicities, and genders, with a success rate in terms of blocking COVID infection exceeding 90%. Moderna received more than \$1 billion from the U.S. government’s Operation Warp Speed to speed up the development process on its mRNA vaccine though Pfizer instead turned down the seed money while signing on to an advance purchase order with Washington. Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel has claimed that the federal money was invested in staging the clinical trials, which greatly speeded up the development process.

Other companies that are about to introduce their own vaccines are U.K. pharma company AstraZeneca in partnership with the University of Oxford and the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Russia. As the pharmaceutical companies are businesses seeking to profit from the pandemic, many of the companies have tied their development process to advance purchase orders from governments which have by the same process funded the research and testing. Israel, for example, paid Moderna, whose chief medical officer is an Israeli, \$120 million in advance to secure rights to two million doses of the vaccine once it approved. Pfizer is also sending its vaccine to the Jewish state through a pre-arrangement, even though it is not yet approved for use by the FDA. Germany has reportedly also opted to include Israel in a group purchase of 400 million doses of vaccine to be obtained from AstraZeneca intended for use in Europe. The Palestinians, with the virus raging in Gaza and also on parts of the West Bank, were not included and one might well presume that the vaccines arriving in Israel itself will go to Jewish citizens first.

It is a symptom of the west’s “health care for profit,” that fully 80% of the first wave supply of COVID vaccines have been bought up by wealthy countries. Those advance purchases of the vaccine mean that not everyone will have free market access to the approved product when it is initially available but only in short supply. Many poorer countries might have no access at all, though WHO has reportedly set up a fund to help them out. Nevertheless, those countries with money and political access will surely get the lion’s share of the vaccines.

There has been strong resistance, particularly among conservatives in the United States, to the vaccines based on possible plans to make vaccination compulsory backed up by having to carry a “vaccination card” before being able to enter certain public spaces. Qantas Airlines has already announced that once a vaccine is introduced it will only carry passengers who have been inoculated. President-elect Joe Biden is also suggesting, and then denying, a nationwide 100 days total lockdown and mandatory mask wearing, which would destroy most of the small businesses remaining in the country. Using cell phone technology to track infected individuals has also frequently been mentioned. Plus there are the legitimate lingering concerns that the test period was insufficient to guarantee the safety of the product.

Once the first flow of vaccines is manufactured and distributed to the health authorities in each country or state, that is when the horse trading will begin over who gets the treatment first. There is a strong consensus that the first recipients of the vaccine must be health care workers, a group that has suffered disproportionately from the disease and which constitutes the first line of defense against its spread. After that, however, there is little clarity. Suggestions that elderly people, particularly in nursing homes, should be inoculated, have been countered by those who believe that a limited supply of vaccine should go primarily to people who would be able to go back to work. And then there are the politicians in each jurisdiction, who oddly believe that their work is vital. They and their families will be lining up. In short, who gets vaccinated will likely depend on the deals and arrangements that have been worked out, often at the state and local level in the United States, and at national government level in most other places.

Logically, the vaccine should go first to those who are most at risk for contracting the disease and dying from it, but logic likely will not prevail. Generally speaking, it is expected that after health care workers and perhaps the vulnerable elderly, front line police and emergency services should be next in line due to their frequent contact with the possibly infected public, followed by workers in places like slaughterhouses where work conditions have created infection hot spots. Next in line would logically be workers in shops or businesses where there is regular contact with the public, but as such employees are generally low wage they will likely be pushed to the back of the bus. Inevitably, the claims that there is a racial angle to the disease will certainly surface in places like the New York Times, leading to demands to vaccinate minorities first. This will surely be resisted. Given the political realities of the pandemic and the socio-economic engineering that will no doubt take place, the real excitement will likely begin when the vaccine actually begins to become available, probably just before Christmas!

Philip Giraldi, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Coronavirus, Disease, Vaccines 
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  1. Dumbo says:

    Who cares? It’s probably poison anyway.
    Or, at best, pointless – who needs a vaccine for a disease that kills only 0.04%?

    If it is up to me, it should be given in this order: first Jews, then Blacks, then Muslims, then Indians, then if there are no side effects others can try it too.

    • LOL: Biff
    • Replies: @Baz
  2. For decades it has been known that vaccines, are not as effective as advertised. Vaccines for polio and measles were introduced when the real danger of the virus was waning. Salk himself admitted that polio vaccines likely causes more cases than it stopped. Measles was a common childhood disease, and measles caused pneumonia, the cause of deaths from the virus had a mortality rate of less than 1%, down from the approximate 30% in the 1920s. There is evidence that the MMR vaccines cause medical problems in children. Seasonal flu (corona virus) vaccines have an efficacy rate of around 20%, and people die from influenza caused pneumonia, even if they have had the vaccine.

    All this adds up to vaccines really don’t work. They are a cash cow for Big Pharma, who are absolved of any deaths caused by their negligence in creating a vaccine. Start working on getting an improved immune system, and you can’t do that by hiding in your basement, or being outside with a mask on.

    • Agree: Ultrafart the Brave
  3. anon[209] • Disclaimer says:

    The global south will be fine. They’ll just use HCL as prophylaxis. Anyplace that uses it, their death rate is much lower.

    They can use it because their countries are not controlled by pharma whores and the same CIA mad scientists who cashed in on the useless but harmful anthrax vaccine.

  4. Trinity says:

    I hereby give my (((covid vaccine))) to the next guy. I figure with a 99.5-99.8% of surviving this “deadly” virus, the least I can do is show my compassion for the human race and damn the torpedoes. Shout out to that excellent album, “Damn The Torpedoes” by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers released over 40 years ago. Wow, how time flies. Hey, give my vaccine to some “refugee” from Africa or the Middle East. Cue the music, maestro, “Refugee” by Tom Petty and take me back to 1979-80ish when times were simpler and people weren’t so easily duped by things like WMDs, that Joe Biden received 80 million votes, Assad gassed children, 5 dancing Shlomos were just tourists, etc. Oops, forgot, people believed the good guys won WWII back then. Oh well, people will be sheeple.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @follyofwar
  5. TGD says:

    Vaccines for polio and measles were introduced when the real danger of the virus was waning. Salk himself admitted that polio vaccines likely causes more cases than it stopped.

    The problem with the original Salk polio vaccine was that it was made from monkey kidneys. These kidneys were later found to be contaminated with a virus called “SV-40.” There is evidence that the virus causes some adult cancers. Believe me, I was happy to get vaccinated (I think that it was 1954) even though polio may have been on the decline. Seeing photos of children in “iron lungs” was the motivating factor.

    What I didn’t like was the actual injection in my scrawny childhood arm. Back then, syringes were reused and had thicker needles and sometimes they would come hot out of the sterilizer. Ouch! Syringe needles today are so thin that you can hardly feel them going in.

  6. Trinity says:

    With Covid 19 being so deadly and all, maybe this will mean that America can finally shut down our borders to invaders from the third world. I mean, Crooked Joe ” I Am A Zionist” Biden and Caramel Harris are so worried about Americans, why should they allow foreigners to enter our country at a time like this, I mean these people could be carrying the virus, right? I just can’t figure it out, they want to seal up Americans and diaper their faces, but yet, they want to let every Jose, Ahmed, and Ayube migrate over here and start receiving benefits. This is like during the AIDS epidemic ( anyone remember when AIDS was a daily story? Don’t hear about it that much lately) when America was so concerned with the virus yet they thought it was racist to not accept illegal Africans and Haitians, both places were plagued by the disease. Racism trumps deadly diseases, folks. haha.

    You can see the people pushing this coronavirus are full of shit by their actions. Imprison people in their own homes, shut down neighborhood taverns and small local gyms, but God knows keep Walmart open. Wouldn’t you want to encourage people to go to the gym and build up their bodies, maybe they would adopt a better diet and build their immune system, etc. THINK PEOPLE, these clowns are supposed to be concerned about your health and well being and yet during a so-called pandemic, they encourage every Tom, Dick and Juan to cross your borders from God knows where. Yep, that bar with 5 locals sipping a beer is more deadly than the crowded Walmart.

  7. Nov 30
    Percent of wages currently subsidized by governments due to COVID:

    Japan: 100% for small businesses; 80% for large firms

    Netherlands: Up to 90%

    Norway: Up to 90%

    Germany: Up to 87%

    France: Up to 84%

    Italy: 80%

    United Kingdom: Up to 80%

    Canada: Up to 75%

    United States: 0%

  8. one might well presume that the vaccines arriving in Israel itself will go to Jewish citizens first

    Jewish citizens only, more like. But the fact that Jews can catch the virus shows that at any rate Covid is not the plague that kills goyim exclusively which the Zios have been trying to develop for decades. Back to the drawing board, chaps!

  9. SteveK9 says:

    No one in their right mind would want to get a Covid vaccine. If you are young, you don’t need it. If you are old it will probably kill you. A virtually untested vaccine, with no proven efficacy, developed in months, with no animal studies, or long-term data … sounds great.

  10. ariadna says:

    The comments this time are much better than the articl,e which never happened before with an article by this author

  11. BuelahMan says:

    I insist that ALL of you take my place in line.

    I’m good.

  12. jsinton says:

    Call me crazy (I hope I am), but I’m convinced the bioluminecent properties are a sure sign it’s the Mark of the Beast to get the vaccine. They can vaccinate me when I’m dead.

  13. Rich says:

    Unless the vaccine is given to minorities first, you’re all “racist” and shouldn’t be allowed to live in civilized society. The virus is “racist” because a black died from it somewhere. The vaccine is like reparations, too. Minorities and 3rd worlders first, it’s only fair.

    • LOL: Trinity
  14. And then there are the politicians in each jurisdiction, who oddly believe that their work is vital. They and their families will be lining up.

    I’m all for them essentially being beta testers. Make sure they get the real deal and not saline, please. Invite the stars of the MSM and their mogul bosses to join them.

  15. Travis says:

    100 million Americans have already recovered from COVID, although less than half of them had any symptoms so may not realize they already had the illness. But tens of millions know they have defeated COVID so they are unlikely to want to get this new vaccine.

    we have 60 million Americans over the age of 60 who are most risk of dying from COVID. 80% of the deaths were over the age of 65. So they should vaccinate all those between 60 – 80 first to save the most lives next year. The vaccine probably does not work too well for those over 80, and they have far fewer years of life remaining so it is not worth vaccinating them until all those between 60 and 80 are vaccinated. Could vaccinate all the 55 – 80 year-olds who are willing to get vaccinated by April if the Moderna vaccine is approved in January.

  16. Anon[280] • Disclaimer says:

    Its the chattering class of well-heeled isolationists who are even interested in this vaccine at this point. I dont need it or want it – I already cleared the infection in days with no medicine or treatment beyond rest and some grapefruit juice.

    What is being ignored is – those who are still perpetuating this as a mainstream concern had the lifestyles and incomes that allowed them to hole up luxuriously in their McMansions,

    with full utilities and food delivery provided by expendable \$12 and hour workers (who long ago got Covid in many cases, and who recovered from it on their own without medical care –
    let alone a govt chopper touching down and taking them off to a luxury private suite where ‘special’ treatments reserved only for them).

    The preposterous factor is that so many people already have T cells and / or antibodies, and are perfectly capable of going on with a completely normal life / commerce at this point, yet this hysteria is still being propagandized, since letting those with demonstrable exposure and innate immunity go on with their normal lives would give up control over this massive segment of the population – and as a consequence – leave the comfortable isolationists with little remaining company to justify the easy work-from-home comfort they quite enjoy.

    In a well planned society / response, its at least as important to determine who shows immunity / exposure and normal function as it is to immunize anyone, except that the latter is not to the benefit of technocrats who want to assert control while their own govt salaries continue interupted.

    If you ran any society according to Fauci doctrine, no one would ever drive a car, or we would shut down all traffic every day at rush hour since collisions reliably spike during 1500-2000 hrs, for ‘safety’.

    Following dictat from Govt salaried gadflys is going to lead to either self-serving policy at best or nonsensical policy at worst since it originates in its own rarefied orbit not affected by reality.

  17. turtle says:

    If you ran any society according to Fauci doctrine, no one would ever drive a car, or we would shut down all traffic every day at rush hour since collisions reliably spike during 1500-2000 hrs, for ‘safety’.

    What else would you expect from a “male” who is incapable of throwing a baseball?

    Even Sister Mary Jo did better:

    • Replies: @Bert
  18. After reading Giraldi’s piece I get the definite impression that the real intention is to create an atmosphere of scarcity so that the covid cultists line up in droves to get injected with their mRNA timebombs.

    It reminds me of the forced scarcity of TP, meat, and other staples earlier in the year that caused morons to rush to the grocery stores to stock up on items perceived to be in short supply. This was heavily reported on by the media to produce the intended result.

    Now, we’re hearing and reading stories about how the vaccine will be in short supply and will have to be apportioned across the global population with certain groups given first jab. Oh my! What a predicament. I guess we’ll have to let the Techno-fascists make the decision as to whom gets first jab.

    I suspect that anyone that requests to get vaccinated will have no problem finding some medical-mengele willing to introduce the toxic poison into their bodies using a hypodermic needle without having to thrash about too hysterically.

    As a side note. While everyone was dashing to and fro earlier in the year trying to score TP, Lysol disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and other assorted food items I was surprisingly amazed at how long it took for the grocery stores to put out signs limiting purchases to one item. Instead they just stood by while a small number of customers bought out inventory. And, then once the shelves were bare and new inventory in limited amounts started showing up they put up signs limiting purchases to one item each. I always had a nagging feeling they, you know whom of which I speak, were setting us up for something bigger and were managing our expectations.

  19. @Travis

    Not wanting to impinge on your comment. But, viruses such as the flu and corona viruses never go away no matter the time of year.


    “An astonishing number of viruses are circulating around the Earth’s atmosphere — and falling from it.

    Feb 6, 2018 … Viruses — lots of them — are falling from the sky … “Every day, more than 800 million viruses are deposited per square metre … billions of viruses and tens of millions of bacteria are being deposited per square metre per day.”

    What changes and of most important to us are the seasons and our exposure to sunlight along with the production of Vitamin D.

    So you see. The flu virus and the corona virus just don’t take a vacation during the summer months to return to infect us during the winter months. (In Florida we have the same phenomenon and we call them Snow Birds. But, instead of viruses migrating south every winter we get Blue Bellies from the North and Canucks from Canaduh.) There are other extenuating circumstances such as we’re not stuck indoors all day. We get out and get sunshine and fresh air. Two elements known for their disinfectant properties even as far back as 1918.

  20. No mention of aborted fetal cells in the vaccine. No mention of mRNA in the vaccine which changes DNA (God-given DNA) which will make the human a hybrid, no longer fully human. No mention of luciferase in the vaccine–it’s called “luciferase” for a reason. No mention of Dr. Michael Yeadon, former head of Pfizer research, claiming vaccine will make women infertile. No mention of possible chip or device in vaccine that will “trace” the vaccinated (in violation of HIPAA), or hydrogel and the tattoo quantum dots Gates talks about. No mention of vaccinated people already having severe side effects. Why, Giraldi, why? Your worst post ever…humanity trumps politics always.

  21. Bert says:

    There is nothing about Fauci which is not pathetic.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  22. Biff says:

    And then there are the politicians in each jurisdiction, who oddly believe that their work is vital.

    Ha ha. Bravo man, bravo…

  23. Trinity says:

    The only excuse I will use for the guy is that he is old and has probably not thrown a baseball in decades IF not half a century. I have seen grown reasonably young adult males throw out a first pitch nearly as pathetic, one was the Black rapper Fifty Cent aka Fitty Cent. I used to play baseball in high school many years ago and thought I had a half decent arm having played third base. I was walking down the road next to a baseball field, a kid hit a foul ball that traveled to the road and I picked it up and threw it back. Oh my god, the throw was pathetic, not as bad as Fauci but pretty damn bad. Muscle memory is everything, you don’t use it, you lose it. Come to think of it, Fitty Cent’s throw might have been just as bad as Fauci’s throw and Fitty isn’t old, at least not as old as Fauci.

    Pretty shameful when a woman in high heels and dress throws a baseball better than a “thug” rapper like Fitty Cent. LMAO.

    • Replies: @Bert
  24. @omegabooks

    Well, as they say once a spook always a spook.

    Or, as the mafia likes to say. The only way out of the organization is to take a dirt nap.

    I’m reminded of the movie 1984, never read the book, where the protagonist, Winston, is allowed by an IngSoc party member, played by Richard Burton, to see a book that allows him to read between the pages which explains the party’s modus operandi.

    I suspect Giraldi performs that function as well. Allowing us to peek behind the curtain all the while letting us believe that somehow we’re fortunate enough to be privy to secret information. When in fact they’re just feeding us what they want us to know and placating our political and otherwise biases.

    Just try to remember, Winston paid the ultimate price for his peek into the evil machinations of the party with a trip to Room 101.

  25. Baz says:

    Why not chinese? And china shoukd pay for it

  26. Lot says:

    Phil, next time you’re on Iranian state TV, will you mention the regime kidnapping, torturing, and executing a journalist?

  27. Bert says:

    Yeah, let’s get into the weeds and discuss throwing, but never get into the fact that Fauci did not initiate studies in March to find existing drugs, and even supplements, for prophylaxis against Covid. Frontline physicians worldwide have found such drugs and supplements, but Fauci as our leading public health figure has done nothing to apply that knowledge in the country that he is responsible for and which paid his salary for nearly 50 years. That is pathetic and a crime against humanity.

  28. @Trinity

    I also have distain for those Covid idiots who wait in line for hours to take a phony PCR test, with a 90% false positive rate. Most are not sick and have no symptoms, yet they demand assurance from the medical drug pushers on whether they have this greatly over-hyped “novel” virus. This huge “surge” in cases is dependent upon millions taking the test. Just as 2+2=4, fewer tests = fewer cases. I, for one, do not plan to ever take a PCR test, let alone have a deadly needle of unknown substance stuck into my arm.

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