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The Neocon Lament
Nobody wants them in Trump's Washington
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There is no limit to the hubris driven hypocrisy of America’s stalwart neoconservatives. A recent Washington Post front page article entitled “‘Never Trump’ national-security Republicans fear they have been blacklisted” shares with the reader the heartbreak of those so-called GOP foreign policy experts who have apparently been ignored by the presidential transition team seeking to staff senior positions in the new administration. Author David Nakamura describes them as “some of the biggest names in the Republican national security firmament, veterans of past GOP administration who say, if called upon by President-elect Donald Trump, they stand ready to serve their country again.”

“But,” Nakamura adds, “their phones aren’t ringing.” And I wept openly as he went on to describe how they sit forlorn in a “state of indefinite limbo” in their law firms, think tanks and university faculty lounges just thinking about all the great things they can do for their country. Yes, “serve their country,” indeed. Nothing personal in it for them. Nothing personal when they denounced Trump and called him incompetent, unqualified, a threat to the nation and even joined Democrats in labeling him a racist, misogynist, homophobe, Islamophobe and bigot. And they really got off when they explained in some detail how The Donald was a Russian agent. Nothing personal. It’s was only business. So let’s let bygones be bygones and, by the way, where are the jobs? Top level Pentagon or National Security Council only, if you please!

And yes, they did make a mistake about some things in Iraq, but it was Obama who screwed it up by not staying the course. And then there was Libya, the war still going on in Afghanistan, getting rid of Bashar and that funny business in Ukraine. It all could have gone better but, hey, if they had been fully in charge for the past eight years to back up the greatly loved Vicki Nuland at the State Department everything would be hunky dory.

Oh yeah, some of the more introspective neocons are guessing that the new president just might be holding a grudge about those two “Never Trump” letters that more than 200 of them eventually signed. Many now believe that they are on a blacklist. How unfair! To be sure, some of the language in the letters was a bit intemperate, including assertions about Trump’s personality, character and intelligence. One letter claimed that the GOP candidate “lacks self-control and acts impetuously,” that he “exhibits erratic behavior,” and that he is “fundamentally dishonest.” Mitt Romney, who did not sign the letters but was nevertheless extremely outspoken, referred to Trump as a “phony” and a “fraud.”

One of the first anti-Trump letter’s organizers, Professor Eliot Cohen described presidential candidate Trump as “a man utterly unfit for the position by temperament, values and policy preferences.” After the election, Cohen even continued his scathing attacks on the new president, writing that “The president-elect is surrounding himself with mediocrities whose chief qualifications seem to be unquestioning loyalty.” He goes on to describe them as “second-raters.”

Cohen, who reminds one of fellow Harvard bombast artist Alan Dershowitz, might consider himself as “first rate” but that is a judgment that surely might be challenged. He was a prominent cheerleader for the Iraq War and has been an advocate of overthrowing the Iranian government by force. He opposed the nomination of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense because Hagel had “made it clear that he [did] not want to engage in a confrontation with Iran.” Cohen, a notable Israel Firster in common with many of his neocon brethren, has aggressively condemned even well-reasoned criticism of the Israel Lobby and of Israel itself as anti-Semitism. Glenn Greenwald has described him as “extremist a neoconservative and warmonger as it gets.”

One has to wonder at the often-professed intelligence and experience of Cohen and his neocon friends if they couldn’t figure out in advance that backing the wrong horse in an election might well have consequences. And there is a certain cynicism intrinsic in the neoconservative whine. Many of the dissidents like Cohen, Robert Kagan, Max Boot, Eric Edelman, Kori Schake, Reuel Gerecht, Kenneth Adelman and Michael Morell who came out most enthusiastically for Hillary Clinton were undoubtedly trimming their sails to float effortlessly into her anticipated hawkish administration. Gerecht, who has advocated war in Syria, said of the Democratic candidate that “She’s not a neoconservative, but Hillary Clinton isn’t uncomfortable with American power.”

That the defeat of Hillary was also a defeat of the neoconservatives and their alphabet soup of institutes and think tanks is sometimes overlooked but was a delicious dish served cold for those of us who have been praying for such a result. It was well worth the endless tedium when watching Fox News on election night to see Bill Kristol’s face when it became clear that Trump would be victorious. Back to the drawing board, Bill!

And there may be yet another shocker in store for the neocons thanks to Trump. The fact that the new administration is drawing on the business world for staffing senior positions means that he has been less interested in hiring think tank and revolving door academic products to fill the government bureaucracies. This has led Josh Rogin of the Washington Post to warn that the death of think tanks as we know them could be on the horizon. He quotes one think-tanker as opining that “the people around Trump view think tanks as for sale for the highest bidder. They have empowered other centers of gravity for staffing this administration.” Rogin adds “If the Trump team succeeds in diminishing the influence of Washington think tanks and keeping their scholars out of government, policymaking will suffer. Many of these scholars hold the institutional knowledge and deep subject matter expertise the incoming administration needs.”

Rogin, who is himself a neocon who has been an associated “expert” with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) affiliated Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), is peddling bullshit. The record of the geniuses who have been guiding U.S. foreign policy ever since the Reagan Administration has not been exactly reassuring and can be considered downright disastrous if one considers Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Think tanks have agendas that in most cases actually work against the public interest. Their designation of staff as “scholars” is a contrivance as their scholarship consists of advocacy for specific causes and ideologies. They should be seen for what they are and what they are is not very pretty as they are into endless self-promotion. Fear mongering Danielle Pletka, who is vice president for foreign policy at the American Enterprise Institute, has supported every war coming out of the past two Administrations and has called repeatedly for more of the same to close the deal on Syria and Iran. Like Cohen, Rogin, Kagan, Gerecht and many other neocons she is both Jewish and an Israel Firster. And her annual salary is reported to be \$275,000.

It is a pleasure to watch the think tanks begin thinking of their own demises. It is also intriguing to speculate that Trump with his populist message might just take it all one step farther and shut the door on the K Street lobbyists and other special interests, which have symbiotic relationships with the think tanks. The think tanks sit around and come up with formulations that benefit certain groups, individuals and corporate interests and then reap the rewards when the cash is handed out at the end of the year. How fantastic it would be to see lobbies and the parasites who work for them put out of business, particularly if our much beloved neoconservatives are simultaneously no longer calling the shots on national security policy and their think tanks are withering on the vine. What a wonderful world it would be.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Eliot Cohen, Neocons 
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  1. Even more wonderful if these psychopaths were held to account and subjected to some solitary space for lengthy contemplation. Manning is due to vacate some digs soon so there is space available.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  2. The Neocon Lament
    Nobody wants them in Trump’s Washington

    Even allowing that this is a bit of an exaggeration, it’s one of the happiest headlines I’ve read in a long, long time.

    Now maybe we can get to work on convincing the MSM that putting “America First” isn’t actually hideously racist and anti-semitic. Well I can dream, can’t I?

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @SPQR70AD
  3. Cato says:

    These losers think they are indispensable. In fact, the talent pool is deep, deep, deep. In my own social sciences department, in a tier-3 university, there are multiple people who speak multiple languages from West Asia, and keep current on what is happening RIGHT NOW. Plug them into the latest info from NSA, and they would be excellent filters–reducing the noise to policy-relevant information. If this is true in my shop, it must be true at the tier-1s and 2s. The President’s team can find the talent, if they just look for it.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
    , @woodNfish
  4. chris says:

    If I may dram a little further, a truly wonderful world will emerge, when their prosecutions for war crimes were to begin.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  5. What a delicious take on the demise of the neocons. Unfortunately, these vampires have a way of coming back from the near-dead. They’re not going anywhere right away. NY-Washington is their hood.

    True, it’s possible that the salaries of a few of these warstars might dip into the low triple-digits, but these rapacious insiders will never leave Washington voluntarily. Parasites tend not wander far from their host.

    Equally worrisome is the fact that Trump is surrounded by a fresh, new cabal of Israel-firsters. And the Prez has already indicated (according to MSM news reports) that he’s prepared to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal and ‘undivided’ capitol.

    Maybe this Jerusalem claim is exaggerated or fake, but even The Donald knows that by pleasing the Jews now he will likely encounter reduced political headwinds later. So like any politician, Trump’s doing a balancing act.

    This unspoken truism concerning Jewish power is why the Zions generally emerge victorious in Washington. Fighting them just doesn’t pay; even when you’re the President of the United States.

  6. Phil,

    if our much-beloved neoconservatives are simultaneously no longer calling the shots on national security policy and their think tanks are withering on the vine

    From your mouth to Trump’s ears! If the lobbies cease to exist, so will the bribes to Israel-firsters in Congress. Their demise would be particularly sweet as they, more than anyone, represent the vilest of 5th columnists in our government, a veritable den of vipers that personifies corruption.

    I can only scoff at the “wisdom” of these think-tank “scholars” to conceive that publicly opposing the election of a victorious president would have no negative consequences. Even the holiest of saints would refuse to turn the other cheek. The denouncements from these charlatans were remarkable. By what possible rationale would they perceive that Trump would welcome them into his government? It boggles the mind!

    I hope that Trump publicly chastises these rogues so that there remains no possibility of them darkening the doorsteps of the Whitehouse under some future sympathetic president. Ah, to see them pelted with rotten tomatoes and shamed for how they have harmed this nation! It would warm the cockles of my heart!

    I am beginning to feel the first twinges of optimism after a long time. I hope nothing happens to piss on this spark before it has had a chance to become a flame.

  7. Antiwar7 says:

    Maybe they could organize their own Million Warmonger March?

    • LOL: SolontoCroesus
  8. MEexpert says:

    Neocons out of the government. Oh only if it could last.

  9. Odysseus says: • Website

    Nooses for all the traitors.

  10. This would appear to make the Trump presidency worthwhile no matter how bad his domestic policy may end up being, though his elimination of the so-called “trade” pacts is already a positive development which renders many of later negative developments more reversible than the neoliberal trade pacts would have been under the harpy. The bottom line is that no nukes is good news, and that, hopefully, the arrogance and criminality of this crowd of war criminals has sealed their oblivion.

  11. @AmericaFirstNow

    CIA’s Mike Scheuer on Israel & Iraq war as terrorism motivation:

    • Replies: @AmericaFirstNow
    , @Agent76
  12. I don’t see what they’re whining about since most of them probably don’t really need the jobs and Trump will most likely implement their most cherished pro-Izzy policies in any case.

    Anyway, the more whining the better. It’s music to my ears.

  13. these Judeo-globalists aren’t just warmongers, they’re Class A War Criminals: the number of people massacred in the neo-cons’ wars of choice – Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine, Syria – in Syria alone nearly a half-million dead – continues to mount day after bloody day. What’s left of Syria – just look at some of the hundreds of youtube videos on that Zionist-induced butchery – is enough to make one weep; and it’s only thanks to Russia and Hezbollah that ISIS – Isramerica’s pet headchopping terrorists – aren’t setting up shop in Damascus right now and heading for Lebanon. I wish I could share Giraldi’s confidence that Trump will continue to exclude the Jew neo-cons and their Israel ueber alles machinations from his regime. But, given Trump’s own well-known rabid Zionism, I fear he may eventually blunder into a terminal war with Russia over yet another object of neo-con bloodlust: Iran.

  14. “How fantastic it would be to see lobbies and the parasites who work for them put out of business, particularly if our much beloved neoconservatives are simultaneously no longer calling the shots on national security policy and their think tanks are withering on the vine. What a wonderful world it would be.”

  15. @AmericaFirstNow

    Israel 1st AIPAC agent Jared Kushner (who is an orthodox Jew too) is senior White House advisor to Donald Trump and is bringing in AIPAC friends as well (Trump has put Kushner in charge of bringing about a ‘peace agreement’ between Israel and the Palestinians):

    Additional at following URL:

  16. For a moment or two there, I confused Josh Rogin with Seth Rogin.
    But maybe it amounts to the same thing, crudity that might seem funny, if it weren’t.

  17. @Cloak And Dagger

    “Bribes to Israel firsters in Congress” sounds like wishful thinking (about the end of lobbying for Israel) confusing your understanding of how things work.

    Isreal firsters aren’t the ones who need bribing and the effective bribing of Congressmen to vote the way any particular lobby wants is all about money given to or withheld from them or potential opponents so that their campaigns directly or indirectly have the superior funding.

    Lobbies and think tanks may trim their budgets and staff numbers under the Trump presidency. But can you explain how or why the flow of money in support of those who vote the “right way” is going to stop?

  18. Hibernian says:

    Do the 2nd and 3rd tier academics actually have a non-neocon viewpoint, or are they just undistinguished enough to be under the Administration’s radar and therefore avoid blacklisting? It appears that the President has avoided academia altogether, at least for the most senior National Security posts.

  19. Ram says:

    We should NOT be too hasty to judge what’s happening. Tel Aviv seems more than happy with Trump and Trump’s appointments from the very same swamp that he so ridiculed, must be cause for anxiety.

    I have been disappointed that the USA has been unable to liberate itself from the Tel Aviv yoke that has been in place for many decades now.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
    , @SPQR70AD
  20. Shame we can’t do a Constitutional amendment barring two generations of demon-spawn from people who have served in high office (elective and appointive) from holding any elective or appointive office in the same tier of government. That would take care of the likes of Al Gore (or Chelsea Clinton, for that matter) and also limit the effect of the likes of the Kristols.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  21. JADE says:

    what BS… prove the point that the detractors make by saying the great pretender has put them on a black list.

    didnt the pretender get his start on fox with his racist claim that obama had no birth cirtificate?

    should obama have black listed the pretender over that??

    lol..wait till you see how right the people are who claimed the pretender was mentally unfit…just observe the last few days!

    • Replies: @Jeff Davis
  22. Hibernian says:

    I’m shocked that Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel aren’t just like my Jewish dentist. I’m shocked that some of them are fanatics. I’m shocked that some of them are not entirely comfortable with a Polish or Polish-American basketball player named Nowitzki. I’m sure that the English translation of the subtitles was entirely accurate and unbiased. The beginning dialog between the rabbi and the kid was somewhat analogous to our lessons, in the Baltimore Chatechism, from the nuns, in a Catholic school, when I was very young.

    • Replies: @5371
  23. 5371 says:

    [I’m sure that the English translation of the subtitles was entirely accurate and unbiased.]

    You should be, if you are sure that all MEMRI translations from Arabic are entirely accurate and unbiased.

  24. @Ram

    I think the specific date that you refer to is 22 Nov 1963

  25. annamaria says:
    @Kyle McKenna

    “Think tanks have agendas that in most cases actually work against the public interest… They should be seen for what they are and what they are is not very pretty as they are into endless self-promotion. Fear mongering Danielle Pletka, who is vice president for foreign policy at the American Enterprise Institute, has supported every war coming out of the past two Administrations… Like Cohen, Rogin, Kagan, Gerecht and many other neocons she is both Jewish and an Israel Firster. And her annual salary is reported to be \$275,000.”
    They are covered in blood of the innocent people. The ziocons are modern-day cannibals.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  26. iffen says:

    Excellent article!

    I knew that if I kept reading Giraldi’s pieces I could pull him through.

  27. Tom Welsh says:

    “She’s not a neoconservative, but Hillary Clinton isn’t uncomfortable with American power.”

    War crimes. Hillary Clinton isn’t uncomfortable with American *war crimes*. Power is fine, as long as it is exercised justly and within the law. Clinton and her tribe have exulted in using power to trample on the law – and everyone else. Remember – “we came, we saw, he died… cackle, cackle, cackle”?

    • Replies: @annamaria
  28. Tom Welsh says:

    “If the Trump team succeeds in diminishing the influence of Washington think tanks and keeping their scholars out of government, policymaking will suffer. Many of these scholars hold the institutional knowledge and deep subject matter expertise the incoming administration needs.”

    That’s a laugh, coming from a colleague of the fellow who told us that:

    “…guys like me were ‘in what we call the reality-based community,’ which he defined as people who ‘believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.’ I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. ‘That’s not the way the world really works anymore,’ he continued. ‘We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality ­ judiciously, as you will ­ we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.’”

    “Scholars”? Pah!

  29. Andrei Martyanov [AKA "SmoothieX12"] says: • Website

    A very good piece. I would say–rather enjoyable;)

  30. KA says:

    These think tanks are overrated But they are overrated for a purpose – to have reliable ally in media administration defense and foreign policy They ensure a continuity. Think Tank is the one -stop shopping point . It provides ready mix of useful ideas for the imperial adventures and domestic control .
    Neocons have lost the job but doesn’t mean the same job wont get done or the jobs be removed from the goals and aims . Neocons are angry mad and fuming ,just like Democrats became when Bush Jr came to power and just like the antiwar ant corporate pro liberal agenda group are getting mad and furious at Trump after remaining brain dead for 8 yrs under Obama . Partisan fights for the spoils and nothing more going on here .

    It is still very good .

    There will be some nice new developments in the process of fight for lost ground,the Neocons will start tearing apart the system They are vicious just like the ISIS is .It’s them or none .

    The fight will expose more truth and realities to the American public than any truth commission will ever do . Trump in his few effective and pregnant moments of arrogance and disdain have exposed more about Iraq war, WMD , role of the neocons and issues surrounding 911 than any commission ever did or could have achieved .Those wouldn’t have surfaced had the neocons kept quiet and not fought Trump. Those truths were known to millions but Trump gave it the seal of approval and made those truths earn the rightful place in American narrative .

    Neocons may be warmongers Israeli firtsers but they are also self promoting bastards To promote themselves against the stiff resistance from the new elites ,they will harm the objectives of the Thinktank They will blame everybody They have a track record of doing so. They blamed Bush Cheney intelligence and military for each and every failure they they themselves brought upon America from pre 911 to -p0st 2007 . WaPo will not stay passive observer .We will be regaled by the groans and moans of the laments

    • Replies: @annamaria
  31. woodNfish says:

    How fantastic it would be to see lobbies and the parasites who work for them put out of business, particularly if our much beloved neoconservatives are simultaneously no longer calling the shots on national security policy and their think tanks are withering on the vine. What a wonderful world it would be.

    What a beautiful thing it would be! Pass the popcorn!

    • Replies: @SPQR70AD
  32. woodNfish says:

    Along with Obama, the Clintons, Bush and Cheney.

  33. woodNfish says:

    I can’t see why Trump would Trump should be interested in the Leftist-infested academia at all. What real world experience do they bring to the table that business leaders don’t have? Intelligence? Nope. Negotiating experience? Nada. Employing and managing thousands of people through different divisions spread across the country and the globe? Never. Creating effective strategies to succeed and grow through an ever changing regulatory and competitive environment? Observer status doesn’t create experience.

    Looks to me like academics have NOTHING to offer from the gilded towers.

    Tell me why I’m wrong.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  34. MLK says:

    These characters pushed themselves away from the table. They were as sure Hillary would win as they’ve ever been of anything. Thankfully, this spectacularly poor judgment will be borne by them, not the nation and the world.

    Isn’t it reasonable to judge them by the very parameters they did Mr. Trump? Impulsive? Incompetent? Forget about predicting Mr. Trump winning (as I did). They were certain he would not. If you can’t size up the politics of your own country to account for the possibility of one of the two major party candidates winning then without a doubt you’re unfit to do so with regard to other countries.

    That’s been the story of these characters. Never asking ‘What if I’m wrong?’ Never paying the career-ending price when they are. Well, now, finally, they’re getting a personal lesson in the consequences of riverboat gambling.

  35. woodNfish says:
    @Cloak And Dagger

    You forget that they also lobby Congress, and the congressional swamp dwellers aren’t shedding their lobbyist perks anytime soon.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  36. SteveM says:

    Re: Philip Girardi

    Fear mongering Danielle Pletka, who is vice president for foreign policy at the American Enterprise Institute, has supported every war coming out of the past two Administrations and has called repeatedly for more of the same to close the deal on Syria and Iran. Like Cohen, Rogin, Kagan, Gerecht and many other neocons she is both Jewish and an Israel Firster. And her annual salary is reported to be \$275,000.

    To support Phil’s contention that the Think Pimp Tanks are actually marketing arms for the Neocon supply chain, here’s an example of AEI “scholar” Danielle Pletka’s “objective” analysis:

    I.e., the Crony AEI backer feeds Pletka his specific theme requiring hyperbolic fear-mongering, and then Pletka has her AEI drones back rationalize a script with the desired existential necessity for the related War Toys.

    At \$275K a year, it’s good to be a well ensconced Neocon hack…

  37. DaveE says:

    Israel just announced 2,500 new west bank settlements, 500+ E. Jerusalem settlements and has been seeding the press with stories stating the WH would be going to work immediately to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    It’s an ultimatum from Zion to Trump. “You said you’d support us, we want it NOW, bitch.”

    “Pushy Jews” doesn’t even come close.

    I just hope Trump gets tired of being pushed around and starts to play hardball.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  38. yep says:

    one must arrest these criminials….like Nuland and her husband, and all these warmongers, they are no good for this country or any country…arrest them….period

  39. Jake says:

    Neocons are more evil than all but the worst professed Leftists, in part because their con game keeps tricking so many genuine conservatives into rusting them.

  40. nsa says:
    @Mark Green

    Der Trumpster has jousted with the jooies in NY RE for a long time, so is familiar with how to operate around them. He has opted for a policy of JOONOCULATION….take a small dose of a hideous virus and suffer some temporary discomfort, so as not to get a large fatal disease later. He has hired on just enough Goldman shysters and Zio generals to pacify the Tribe…at least for awhile. And the “moving the embassy” stuff was a master stroke… throwing 50 pounds of raw sirloin to a dangerous animal before the circus act begins.

  41. metamars says: • Website

    Trump’s problems go well beyond neocons. Another ex-CIA dude, Robert David Steele, suggests that Trump’s most dangerous enemies are, well, about “80% of the government including his own party and chief of staff”. He says “There are three centers of gravity for his survival and then his success: an electoral reform act; a Trump Channel backed up by an Open Source Agency; and a revitalized counterintelligence function. All three should have been in his Inauguration Day speech. That they were not is a reflection of the success of Chief of Staff Reince Priebus in gutting his own boss.” (

    Steele further says that Trump is not on what we programmer’s call “the happy path”, and is expecting the Republicans to lose control of the House, with a subsequent Democratic Party led impeachment, barring a course correction.

    Would love to hear what you think about his analysis and suggestions.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @utu
  42. james ha says:

    that’s all well and good but at the end of the day, jet fuel still can not melt giant steel beams.

    • Replies: @gcochran
  43. Agent76 says:

    Get the real truth minus the propaganda. Oct 8, 2016 Afghanistan: 15 Years of Invasion and Occupation

    15 years after NATO’s invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, the 9/11 and Al Qaeda lies that were used to justify the war have disappeared. Now the truth about oil and gas, mineral wealth, opium and naked imperial ambition are all that remain.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  44. Anonymous [AKA "NobodysaysBOOd"] says:

    Mother Israel is CALLING YOU HOME!

    You have supported the most disgusting causes on earth ,you have given our nations wealth ,prosperity to despots and ruthless traitors like bennie-the-rat so now you have been caught and called out, so what to do? Many see Canada as a bolt hole but you are always welcome home to Israel.

    so go!

  45. The Ranks of Traitors

    It is my observation that Israel-firsters in Congress fall into the following broad categories:

    1. Jews and dual nationals who support Israel Uber Alles
    2. Religious fanatics who believe they are accelerating the end times by supporting Israel
    3. Bribed politicians
    4. Blackmailed or coerced politicians

    #1 and #2 can certainly be categorized as traitors to the US. President Theodore Roosevelt said it best in a letter to the American Defense Society in 1919:

    There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile…We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language…and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

    –Theodore Roosevelt, 1919

    That last bit about loyalty to the American people trumps loyalty to any other nation.

    #3 in my list above (those taking bribes) are both traitors and also criminals. From my perspective, these are worse than #1 and #2 as they have no philosophical/religious fig leaf to hide behind (which is not justification, anyway). Their venality causes them to betray their fellow citizens for their own profit and they condemn this nation to doom for a foreign cause. These people should be lined against a wall and shot, and then have their fetid corpses and carrion fed to vultures.

    #4 is probably the most prevalent group (a guess based on human nature). This would explain how otherwise wealthy and non-zionist individuals would put the interests of a foreign nation before that of their own, even when their touted positions would appear to be in conflict with their personal beliefs. Threats to expose skeletons in their past or danger to their person and/or loved ones would be powerful motivators. While some concession for coercion is understandable as few might adhere to ideology in the face of such threats, one cannot ignore that they are still traitors to their fellow citizens.

    If the swamp is to be drained, then the government has to be rid of all of these groups with extreme prejudice. Additionally, lobbies and covert operators like the Mossad and the CIA who provide the bribes and the coercions to #3 and #4 have to be prevented from operating within our country.

    A tall order and a prescription for being assassinated…

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @SPQR70AD
  46. Agent76 says:

    Sep 5, 2016 9/11 Suspects: Rudy Giuliani

    Mayor Giuliani oversaw the illegal destruction of the 9/11 crime scene and is criminally liable for the deaths of hundreds of emergency workers for not passing on prior warnings about the collapses of the Twin Towers. It is no wonder, then, that the Fire Department of New York so passionately detest Giuliani for his actions in disgracing their fallen brothers and covering up the 9/11 crime.

  47. anon • Disclaimer says:

    If “deep subject matter expertise” always translates into “bomb everything,” my fourteen year old developmentally disabled cousin could run all the major neocon “think” tanks.

  48. joe webb says:

    nice piece. Hope you are right. However, T. has not yet revealed himself. Bombing Isis into oblivion, plus the dozens of other dragon’s teeth…probably won’t work. This then leads to more danger of fighting Israel’s enemies.

    Then there is T.’s promise to be an even-handed arbiter of Palestine/Israel issues. This is impossible, unless T. comes out for a West Bank state. Seems unlikely.

    Contradictions department.

    Joe Webb

  49. Ivy says:

    Those poor Neo-Cons, the disappointed Hillbots and countless others turned away from the DC trough represent an opportunity. There is a lot of real estate changing hands, as happens after elections, so is there a Trump-inspired DC opportunity fund to snap up and recycle those empty villas, townhouses and mansions? One would not want them to sit empty in this era of budget constraints, as occupants serve various purposes.

  50. annamaria says:

    “Neocons will start tearing apart the system They are vicious just like the ISIS is. It’s them or none.”
    Agree. They have already started tearing the system apart.

  51. Taras77 says:

    Excellent article, Mr Giraldi!
    All we can do is hope trump holds firm against these war mongering criminals. What is bothersome to me, however, is that trump’s admin thus far seems to be heavily tilted towards Israel, which could mean that the neo cons will find a way to infest into positions of power.

    In the meantime, the whine is beautiful music!It prob sends a message as to how completely devoid of any logic these people are that they would expect to be welcomed into trump’s admin to once again “serve their country.” It defies understanding by any rational citizen.

    An interesting article by Pat Buchanan, which raised the alarm in 2003 as to extreme perils of the neo cons seizing war making decision making:

  52. Title: “The Neo Con Lament, Nobody wants them in Trump’s D.C.”

    Dear Mr. Giraldi,

    U.S. Neo Cons have ancestral roots. They delight in having the advantage of “calling-the-shots” rather silently since (at least) The American Expedition to Russia in 1918-1919, an obscure campaign to overthrow Soviet power.

    “War to End All War” President Woodrow Wilson let down the aspirations of a segment of British leadership, and refused to continue the American intervention in Northern Russia and crush Jewish Bolshevik communism in its infancy. (One can Google search Detroit’s “White Chapel Memorial Park” where there are plots for eighty-six grave markers for the “Polar Bear” dead, casualties of the obscure 1918-1919 U.S. North Russia Campaign)

    I suppose you have weighed the opinion that there were higher commanders (based in Israel) who turned the wheels of power and installed Neo Conservative luminaries inside G.W. Bush administration? The list is very long & depressing and for the sake of stimulating reader nostalgia, I will name just two of my stinkiest favorites, Douglass Feith and Scooter Libby.

    I believe top Israel Command exercised influence over Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidency, and spoke to the president with Elvis-era Neo Con skill. For example, during Nasser’s intelligent attempt to unite Arabs under a secular confederation, a rather obscure U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon managed to influence Ike and started to shape the course of future American military operations in the Middle East.

    One might say, “Oh how quaint — my, my, how little American diplomats (around the time of Israel’s birth as a nation) actually understood their proper diplomatic functions.”

    Recall the U.S. Marine landing (July 1958) in Lebanon where a civil war between Maronite Christians and Muslims was breaking out? Who benefited most from the U.S. Ambassador’s recommendation to President Eisenhower for military intervention?

    In 1982, I had passport ready and “bags packed,” and was preparing to participate as a laborer on an archaeological dig in Lebanon. By then, it was sad that my country was knee-deep with further intervention in Lebanon and my job got cancelled. Refer below?

    Mr. Giraldi, I do believe a few Neo Cons, for example Newt Gingrich, John Bolton, & Rudy Giuliani, might be lamenting about their not getting a summons to serve the Trump Team. However, they still have a profitable “public influence” roles to play. High commanders based in Israel successfully turn the larger wheels of US foreign policy, and like the Mounties, “they always get their man” where it matters most.

    So why should they require installation of annoying Neo Con underlings like Gingrich & Bolton when they have extreme Zionists like (Protestant) President Trump and (Catholic) V.P. Mike Pence? Indeed, the White House door will be open to anyone who likes the idea of ridding the Islamic Republic of Iran’s “existential” threat to Israel.

    P.S.: Under present threat from President Trump, as Xi Xinping’s government caves in, and allows The Goldman Sachs Group full and untethered access to Chinese business investment, the world will witness a “tremendous” T.P.P. resurrection.
    Thank you.

    • Replies: @schmenz
  53. Now I have one citizenship, how about dually+ amongst us? Most people invest their energies into establishing and maintaining some semblance of continuity- career,home,community:but if there’s always a safer lily pad to escape to, then how are you BOUGHT IN? If the designator .ORG was to be abolished, what is the dollar amount which would be liberated?

  54. Trade pacts benefiting global corporations at the expense of the American people being dismantled, the Clinton Foundation shutting its doors, the Israel-firsters left out in the cold by Trump, and rumors of think tanks about to be scuttled. The chosen ones not being chosen, telephones of the first raters not ringing, while those of the back benchers are. Oh the horror of making America great again. Seldom do you see it, but that’s what I call living up to your campaign rhetoric.

  55. why won’t anyone say they’re Jewish Zionists aiming for Greater Israel’s lebensraum to be paid for in blood and gold by the United States?

  56. RobinG says:

    Trump frames things very simply, so it seems a bit much to expect such specifics in the inaugural speech, but a nascent ‘Trump Channel’ is already functioning via his tweets and YouTubes. He can always expand this to circumvent the press filters. As for Priebus and Spicer being saboteurs, does Steele give evidence for that in his article?

    Steele has been working for electoral reform for years, and for Open Source Intelligence even longer. I’m glad he’s getting more exposure, but as he says, not yet in Big Media.

    He was on RT yesterday, 11 minutes, very packed –

    Can Trump Overcome w/Robert David Steele

  57. MBlanc46 says:

    The second clause of the first law of Chicago politics is “Don’t back no losers”. These smart guys shoulda kept that in mind.

  58. Seraphim says:

    The Kagans would be offered Ukrainian citizenship and invited to sit in the government. Bob as foreign policy advisor, Vicki as Foreign Minister (precedents exist – Natalie Jaresko). They could bring in Fred and Kimberly as military advisors. In time they could be proclaimed ‘Kagans’ of the neo-Khazarian Khaganate and take on Putin with renewed vigor.

    • Replies: @DaveE
  59. @The Alarmist

    Good idea. Don’t forget the Bushes and Obamas.

  60. Alden says:
    @Cloak And Dagger

    There is a bit more to #3&#4. If they dare to step out of line they are wiped out in the next election. Even if they live in remote regions of the northwest where there are no Jewish voters they still get wiped out.

    The Jewish lobby just finds an opposition candidate and pours money and and expertise into the opposition. The Libby might even insert itself into the local economy perhaps by using its power in the Pentagon to close a local military base which is a major source of jobs, tenants and consumers and blame it on the incumbent the lobby wants to get rid of.
    Then the lobby’s candidate saves the day

    By now the lobby has nursed along candidates it spotted in college. If the lobby wants to elect a congress critter they have plenty of candidates in reserve.

    But the main power of the lobby is their ability to destroy any congress critter or Senator.
    Good examples are what they did to Senators Charles Percy and Adlai Stevenson 111 of Illinois. They were wiped out because they dared to vote to sell some military planes to Saudi Arabia.

    Stevenson was a member of one of the oldest and riches Illinois families Ancestors arrived around 1840 and bought hundreds of acres of that ultra productive farmland Fatger was governor, presidential candidate and ambassador to the UN. Mother came from another powerful family, one of the biggest national dairy product companies

    Charles Percy was creator CEO and inventer of many products of Bell&Howell, one of the first major tech companies. His daughter is married to Jay Rockefeller.

    One would think these two WASP aristocrats would be safe from the Jewish lobby.
    But all it took was one vote and they were wiped out. It has happened to many congress critters who don’t have all that money, power and status behind them.

    The bribes help. But most important is that if they go against the lobby they will be destroyed in the next election.

    • Replies: @Cloak And Dagger
  61. @annamaria

    Thanks for the info. So the warmonger is earning more than twice what most households make that have two college-educated people working full-time, trying to support a family.

    About FIVE TIMES what the average American household brings in each year, often with two people working crap jobs that pay less than the jobs they USED to have.

    All for “professionally” egging the US into unnecessary non-defensive wars that get those same regular families’ children killed, maimed, and traumatized for no damn good reason.


  62. @RobinG

    That was a mind-bending ride Steele conducted.
    Gotta catch my breath and do it again, with pen and paper at the ready.

    Thanks, RobinG.

  63. @woodNfish

    Generally sympathize with your point of view about the uselessness and ivory-tower quality of advisors who hail from academia., for sure.

    But if people who are fluent in relevant needed languages happen to be in academia, we need to be hiring them despite their academic background. I’m talking Farsi, Urdu, Pashto, Arabic, etc., languages from terrorist-heavy Muslim countries, as well as Russian, Mandarin, and other languages of current and up-and-coming world powers/rivals of ours.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  64. @woodNfish

    Trump should drastically curtail lobbyists’ permissible communication and interaction with members of Congress and the federal agencies. As with many other fronts, let the crooked bastards spend their time and money and effort litigating to challenge the restrictions for years to come.

    Most important, are lobbyists still allowed to take members of congress or the agencies out for dinner, drinks, concerts, games, flights? Trump and some few decent congressmen should put forward legislation to end EVERY FREEKING LAST DOLLAR OF IT, NOW. No exceptions, no maximum amount allowed, zero.

    I like his proposals for restrictions on lobbying, especially for foreign entities, but they need to be all LIFETIME bans, not five years or such nonsense.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  65. @DaveE

    Perhaps he can stall them, making no decision on the Jerusalem-embassy issue until after the midterm elections.

    Let THEM (and their allies in the media and donor classes) prove their strong support of him first, on spending cuts and judicial nominations and border security for instance, rather than the other way around.

    Then screw them. They’re going to abandon and badmouth him when 2020 rolls around anyway.

  66. Anonymous [AKA "Kevin Herbert"] says:

    agree 100%…how sweet it is.

  67. woodNfish says:

    RC, the US is full of international businesses that have thousands of experienced people who are fluent in those languages. Trump really doesn’t need academia, and academia has shown it is nothing but an enemy that runs publicly financed indoctrination centers.

  68. woodNfish says:

    I’m with you on that RC, but I am not sure the president has any say in congressional lobbying. We are a government of 3 separate, but equal parts. What he can do is sponsor legislation in the congress that does just that. I want corporate money out of politics. Corporations are not people, they cannot vote and they should not be able to influence politics. I don’t know that they can legally take any members to dinner, but they do throw lavish parties for groups and that is legal. I am certain they are paying big bribes as well. That is why I want HRC prosecuted and sentenced to prison.

    I’d like to see the lying LSM reigned in as well. There needs to be changes to make it easier to sue them into the ground for their lies.

    The next big one is academia and the hold the Left has on it. That swamp needs to be drained as well. Tuition vouchers would be a start and making public sector unions illegal.

  69. @woodNfish

    You’re right, mostly Trump will need to have sympathetic congressmen sponsor legislation and then use the bully pulpit to push it daily until the crooks are afraid to be seen voting against it, and it passes.

    As for campaign finance reform, yes: how about a statute prohibiting BOTH corporations and unions from donating to candidates, political parties, and PACs?

    How about barring non-citizens, including legal permanent residents, from donating to candidates, political parties, and PACs as well?

    Nobody but flesh-and-blood human beings who are U.S. Citizens should be allowed to donate to any of those.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  70. @Alden

    Yes, I agree. I could have elaborated more on #4 (coercion) – which is not only a threat on life, loved ones, and social reputation, but also on career. This includes, as you correctly observe, the ability to fund opposition candidates to displace one in elections. I am also aware of how the ‘antisemite’ card is played with impunity to destroy one’s livelihood and bar one from social and professional opportunities (this is not limited to politicians). The roads to success, whether in hallowed institutions of learning the entry to the inner circle) or in the elite professions, are well guarded by those that exploit them. With the financial resources well clasped in their hands, the paths to overthrow them are not obvious. It is a gift that keeps on giving as the funds at their disposal generate more funds in a never-ending tower of absolute power.

    The audacity and impunity of Israel-firsters, both here and in the UK is astounding. Despite such a wide swath of the general populace having become aware of their insidious sabotage of our way of life, thanks to the Internet, they continue to exist and thrive – although Phil’s article suggests that their reign may be coming to an end. Hope burns eternal, and I am no cynic.

    When despondent with the sate of affairs, I remind myself that at the end of the day, they are neither invincible nor immortal. Their ashes will be interred into the soil, and while others will spring up to replace them, time is not on their side. All empires of men do eventually fall. The quest is on to hasten that day.

    P.S. To all who continue to use the terms “the Left” and “the Right”, it amazes me how people still don’t realize that they are viewing the manifestations of puppet play by the deep state, providing easy targets for our passions, geared to deflect from the true centers of sinister power.

    • Agree: utu
    • Replies: @dfordoom
  71. @woodNfish

    SWAMP CLEANING/Things-To-Do List: “The next big one is academia and the hold the Left has on it.”

    Hard to disagree (above), woodNfish! Thank you.

    But President Trump’s making public sector unions illegal and advancing Tuition vouchers would continue to empower the crooked “Left” academia and disable young American minds.

    Here’s a reason why: Remaining behind the “No Child Left Behind” lines would be the central public education handicap of Frankfurt School ideological teaching certification requirements, and subsequent Zionist control over American history.

    Throughout U.S. high schools and even more so universities, it’s either teach the Zionist way about the Holocaust, or a teacher can take the next pot-holed highway elsewhere.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  72. woodNfish says:

    We’re on the same page, RC. And yeah, absolutely no foreign donations at all. I’d apply that to media ownership as well. It used to be that no foreign entity could own any domestic media. We need that again.

  73. woodNfish says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    Well, my idea of tuition vouchers is to allow parents to send their children to any school they want to. That is none of the State’s business. Could public schools still survive in that environment? I doubt it with their record of continuous failure, and the teachers unions would die a quick and timely death. (The sooner, the better.)

  74. annamaria says:
    @Tom Welsh

    She is a neoconservative; there is no other category that H. Clinton can fit
    “Bottom line – deep pocket money from both the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties have been funding both Hillary and Trump:”
    Madonna: “I thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House” … Being a celebrity, she must have figured she could get away with threatening to kill the president of the United States. The Secret Service has taken her violent threat seriously and Madonna now finds herself under investigation”

  75. iffen says:

    500+ E. Jerusalem settlements

    New digs for Gabe.

  76. Svigor says:

    So, the Neokahns who blacklisted Trump, are now in fear that Trump has blacklisted them.

    *A single tear falls*

  77. Gg Mo says:

    This makes me SO Happy and hopeful : )

  78. Art says:

    Who is more dangerous to humanity, the neocon Jew Vicki Nuland or the convert Jew Ivanka Trump? Here is a biblical like story that says it is the convert.

    Country A had a ruler who loved his daughter more than anything else. The daughter married a prince of country I. She converted to countries I’s religion. Country I was in a bitter battle to control country P. The only thing that country P could claim is a historical city named J. Daughter said “daddy daddy, if you love me – you will give J to I.” So the loving ruler of A gave J to I. Many people of P were mass murdered by I. The neighbors of P (indeed the world) understandably began to blame daughter for the massacres. They began to make cartoons of daughter bathing in P’s blood. This made the ruler of A very mad. One thing led to another and a major world war came about. This war turned the whole of humanity against country A.

    Peace — Art

  79. Limps. The Think tank Whorehouses are full of pimps The should be addressed as such.

  80. jc says:

    You know as well as I do Phil it is all wishful thinking they will find a way to get their war on Iran…they control Media and money in the USA and the US congress… No one in the US congress opposes a thing they say or do…they are untouchable in the USA…

    • Replies: @Ivy
    , @AmericaFirstNow
  81. Miro23 says:

    Thanks for a good video interview with Steele. He’s making the important point that Trump has to quickly get back to a transparent voting system.

    According to the video, Trump mostly won by accident despite Democratic voting fraud (they had to tone things down after their fight with Sanders).

  82. DaveE says:

    That was the plan all along. Ukraine was meant to be alt-Israel for those homesick Jews of Khazaria.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  83. schmenz says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    “…and (Catholic) V.P. Mike Pence? ”

    Pence is not Catholic. He renounced his faith and joined some typical Protestant religion, the kind that worships Israel.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  84. Anonymous [AKA "RogerDodger"] says:

    Gee, so being wrong a hundred times in a row does actually hurts one career.

    I’d suggest that they should consider TV weatherperson as a new career move. Nobody seems to care how often they are wrong. And on most days, nobody dies from the mistakes of a TV weatherperson.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  85. metamars says: • Website

    I believe Steele has spoken to the impossibility of scaling up twitter usage such that it would fill the need he points to. I’m not that familiar with Steel’s thoughts, having only discovered him, recently, and so can’t answer your question much beyond that.

    As for smoking gun evidence that Priebus and Spicer are saboteurs, I’m not familiar with any. However, in, “Robert Steele: Trump’s Unforced Errors – Is Preibus Our Judas?”,, Steele writes,

    “Reince Priebus is best understood as the prat boy (the guy that wipes the king’s ass) for the Republican Party Establishment. He is a Wisconsin “bubba” (the junior of the three bubbas) along with Paul Ryan and Scott Walker both of whom hold Donald Trump in high disdain. Not only am I certain that the Republican Party is going to implode as the Democratic Party imploded (from losing touch with real people) but I am equally certain that Julian Assange has a special place in hell reserved for Republicans generally and Republican pedophiles specifically. Priebus is at the very least a major player in enabling and covering up pedophilia among Republican elites. Whether he has himself been compromised remains to be seen.One thing I am certain of: Priebus, Ryan, and Walker are going to ambush Donald Trump and not protect Donald Trump from the lies and litigation already underway that will lead up to impeachment….and if the first impeachment attempt fails, there will be others.”

    This is a very serious charge against Priebus, and IF it were true, being a saboteur seems a) more plausible and b) a smaller sin. Steele describes himself as “certain”, but presents no evidence (not in this article, anyway; again, I’m hardly knowledgeable about most of Steele’s work).

    As for Spicer, Steele may have lumped him in due do his bad facts, combined with a bad attitude, during his first press conference. I think he’s course-corrected, since then. The source of bad facts, BTW, is Tom Barrack, who STARTS to explain the chain of events, in an interview by Chuck Todd (

    NOTICE, however, that Todd cuts him off from further explanation at 3:56, rather than ask obvious questions to nail down the chain of events that led to Spicer’s faild press conference. Todd would rather the narrative of Spicer lying, and being put up to same by Trump, remain for a news cycle or two, than delve into exonerating information – from a source who is RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM.

    (The same Todd who can find lots of time to ask a loaded question, over and over to the point of ugliness:

    Now, THIS is the sort of filtering (ala Chomsky) that Trump, or better yet surrogates, should point out, repeatedly, until Americans who are less astute about media biases get a clue. Frankly, if I were Spicer, I wouldn’t take any questions from NBC until I got a full explanation from NBC about Todd’s ‘lack of curiosity’. Similarly, I have argued that the Trump Administration should freeze out CNN until their anti-Trump conspirators are fired.

    Even absent a “Trump Channel”, there are things the Trump Administration could do to de-legitimize the media, or (less likely) whip it into shape.

    (Of course, Trump should also be more careful about only making factual statements.)

  86. Bill Rice says:

    Excellent essay. However, I would be more optimistic about the end of the neocons’ global “interventions” if Trump actually signed “Audit the Fed.” I am confident he won’t. The neocons depend on the perpetual printing press and secret “money” distributions around the world to fund their mischief.

  87. SPQR70AD says:
    @Kyle McKenna

    that is because jews fired up non whites as allies to destroy white Christian america

  88. “The Neocon Lament
    Nobody wants them in Trump’s Washington”

    I know.

    Isn’t it great?

  89. SPQR70AD says:

    yes and notice satanyahu just gave the OK for 2600 more houses as soon as trump was sworn in. but this is good being the more power the inbred settlers get the more ultra radical they will be where Europe might sanction them

    • Replies: @Richard Wicks
  90. SPQR70AD says:

    keep dreaming jews have stolen and are stealing enough money to keep the stink tanks going till the end of time

  91. SPQR70AD says:
    @Cloak And Dagger

    Theodore Roosevelt the first neo con

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  92. @schmenz

    Thanks for the correction, including interesting NYT link, schmenz!

    I was under the impression that Pence was chosen to be Trump’s V.P. so that he could assist in trumping Hillary’s (Catholic) running mate, Tim Kaine, and attract more Catholic votes. Shudder you tell me now that Kaine has switched to a Megachurch?

    It’s embarrassing that I made a leap of judgment (like the one above) because I actually have near zero (0) confidence in the validity of US/Zionist democracy and of course POTUS election endowments.

    Presidential elections have boiled down to being an ingenious process of candidate elimination, where those who refuse to be “all in” and pay homage to The Lobby are barred from even participating in America’s highly controlled “debate” charade.

    I recall how Rand Paul took the mandatory pledge, signaled obedience to Israel’s Will, and the Zionist-approved debate moderators still gave him flagrant “downsized” time needed to compete with The pre-Chosen Candidates’ UN-American ideas.

    Thanks again, schmenz!

    • Replies: @SPQR70AD
  93. annamaria says:

    It is amazing how the Russian Fifth Column, dominated by “intellectual” Jews, who “always know better” (and who are nostalgic for Yeltsin times), is similar to the US Fifth column, which went on display with the Women’s March. Suddenly, the obscenity is OK (pink pussies), the “ours” are sanctified (even if the war crimes of Obama and Clinton are well documented – they are, actually, on display), and the opportunistic profiteering “opposition” of Madonna (who made her fortune on soft porn and who was never-ever interested in betterment of society – but she does love publicity!) becomes a virtue. There also was the senescent Gloria Steinem, who has an amnesia re hundreds of thousands of human beings killed in the ongoing 7 wars and who also has forgotten that when Obama came to POWER in the US he had almost 80% approval rating and yet this fraud, Obama, has casually dismissed the US citizenry’ desire to have a single payer system. Does Gloria Steinem have any idea what would universal healthcare mean for the women and children in the US? Surely, this is an inconvenient theme for Steinem.
    Obama had been a loyal servant to the MIC, Wall Street, and Pharma/Insurance corp. He has delivered, literally, a good kill for them. The American progressives are pathetic; they are afraid to face truth. The progressives prefer the illusion of eternal mental childhood to responsible maturity.

  94. Ivy says:

    Interview Iranian Jews and find out that they like living there and do not want to emigrate. Much disinformation may be disarmed by fact-checking. Much media relies on credulous consumers unaccustomed to critical thought or historical context.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  95. utu says:

    I was not aware of this Robert David Steele. Thanks for introducing him here. I think he makes several good points. I certainly agree with him that Trump must tackle Republicans like Paul Ryan to have any long term chance. Neutering Paul Ryan should be Trump’s highest priority.

    I also found interesting his suggestion that the reason Hillary lost was preventing electronic voting machines form being hacked. This is consistent with my reading of the events. When FBI’s Comey on Friday, October 28, 2016 announce reopening investigation into Hillary, he was, in my opinion, announcing to every body and media in particular that Hillary would not steal the election.

  96. Re: “…But,” Nakamura adds, “their phones aren’t ringing.” And I wept openly as he went on to describe how they sit forlorn in a “state of indefinite limbo” in their law firms, think tanks and university faculty lounges just thinking about all the great things they can do for their country….”

    …Poor ‘Family_Values’ charlatans!

    Two thoughts, here:
    1.) During the recent election, there was MUCH hand wringing / anxiety by Republicans, concerning what the U.S. voter-response to Trump, post, (projected), loss to Clinton would’ve done to the party’s ‘brand’…
    Do these Republicans have the remotest, clue concerning people’s opinions, re Republicans, 4 years from now…after Trump spends his entire presidency acting like ‘Eric Cartman’, a character from ‘SouthPark’???
    It will be everything they worried about during the campaign, magnified by order(s), of magnitude!
    2.) I’ve been voting for / against politicians, ‘N, political parties since the mid 1970’s.
    I’m caucasian, U.S. (born’N, bred), etc. and it has NEVER occurred to me to give ANY Republican a ‘2nd look’! That could (theoretically), change, but…NOT as long as Republicans continue their, (LONG, LOST…), culture war-fantasy!!!
    A.) I WAS a (born’N, bred), Xian…too; …decades, ago! I AM Neo_Pagan…
    I DON’T like seeing my former faith used by, (so, called…), Pro_Life_Xian_Jihadists to oppress women, gays, poor folks, other minorities, etc.! I DON’T like Non_Xian faiths harassed, as if my country were the Saudi / Iranian theocracies!

    B.) I view hominid-aggravated climate change as a hominid-extinction threat! Thus…I DON’T vote for climate change denialists!
    {…I HOPE ‘HOMINID’ isn’t too scary a, (scientific), term, for Republicans to cope, with!}

    C.) As an accidental survivor of the, (…late, great), 1 World Trade Center, I’m appalled that Geo. W. ‘Plausible, Deniability’ Bush and Tony ‘Collaterals, Damaged’ Blair were able to use the mass homicide of 359 coworkers, (a little over 1/10th the total), as excuse to proxy – search foreign countries for IMAGINARY National_Security threats! Such deceit…IS doubly, appalling, given Republican’s ‘abortion is murder’ garbage!
    ‘M.Y.O.B.!!’ is the (morally…), appropriate P.O.V., in my opinion!

    4 years from now…’Alfred E. Newman’, (of ‘MAD Magazine), could run against the Republicans and win by a landslide!

  97. @SPQR70AD

    To SPQR70AD,

    I am very interested in exploring the origin of the species of the American Neo Con. T.R. seems to be a candidate but the first evidence of the species might go further back into history?

    At any rate, I enjoy reading the essays of H.L. Mencken who resisted U.S. orthodoxy at the time, & roughed up T.R., and below you will see what a Washington Post writer thought of Mencken.

    I am thinking the original human that could be connected to a modern Neo Con might have been around during the U.S. Grant administration. For example, shortly after emancipation and end of the Civil War, President Grant commissioned W.T. Sherman to go out West and give the Plains Indians emancipation from their traditional homelands.

    Any ideas, SPQR7AD? I will appreciate your input. (Previously on the article thread, I brought this matter up with Philip Giraldi but he has yet to make a reply) Thank you.

    • Replies: @SPQR70AD
  98. gcochran says:
    @james ha

    But it can get them hot enough to lose most of their structural strength and fail under load. Back in my day, every kid knew basic metallurgy, spent their spare time talking about martensitic transitions. Where did we go wrong?

    • Replies: @SPQR70AD
  99. SPQR70AD says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    neo cons as a species lol and they are demons from hell. I consider a modern neo con as one who wants others to fight a 1000 year war for Israel. sherman stayed in the US did not go overseas like the fat pompous windbag TR who was a manufactured cartoon hero whose most “exploits” were BS. so to me being TR went overseas to be in a war and was all for WWI until his son got killed he was the first neo-con that I can think of

    • Replies: @utu
  100. SPQR70AD says:

    not with a kerosene fire and the buildings were over built 100’s of times over with the massive concrete core in the middle holding it together. so according to what happened to the WTC structures there will be no need to take down building using charges. just have to put a few thousand gallons of diesel at the top and light it. BTW 80% of the jets fuel blew up OUTSIDE the buildings and can plainly be seen as such

    • Replies: @gcochran
  101. SPQR70AD says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    I think pence was chosen to get the Evan-genital vote for trump

    • Replies: @iffen
  102. I can’t express my absolute joy that these absolute scum have been sidelined. I guess it’s too much to hope they are eventually prosecuted for war crimes, bribery, influence peddling, general traitorous behavior, etc.

    I never thought somebody running on the Republican ticket for the executive office could end this 16 year nightmare. I didn’t bother to vote in this last election having long given up when I saw Ron Paul eviscerated, twice, by these garbage Neocons. I guarantee though, I’ll be voting 2 years from now, and 2 years from then.

  103. @SPQR70AD

    The United States hasn’t made any attempt to curb Israel in expanding since Bush Sr. THREATENED to.

    Today, there is absolutely no possibility, of a two state solution. Israel has never been interested in a two state solution. If Israel was ever interested in a two state solution, they have had the power to declare their borders since at least 1975 to create a defacto Palestinian state.

    They already have an apartheid state, it’s just US policy to pretend they don’t. They’ve had one for about 40 years.

    So, given this reality, what is to be done? Here’s my suggestion, accept that there already is a single state, and point out that the indigenous population, what is known as the “Palestinians”, have no representation in their own land. Just stop lying about the actual situation.

    That’s the actual situation you have today. That’s been the situation for decades. Stop pretending there will ever be a two state solution, there never, ever will be, that was never the plan, and the United States has turned a blind eye and pretended to do negotiations for decades. None of the negotiations have been in good faith. I’m tired of the farce, the lies, the pretense.

  104. Josh Rogin is quoted:

    “Many of these scholars hold the institutional knowledge and deep subject matter expertise the incoming administration needs.”

    Allow me to fix that:

    “Many of these scholars hold the institutional mythology and deep disinformation expertise the incoming administration wants nothing to do with.”

  105. alexander says:

    It is a good question ,Chuck.

    What is the origin of the species “Americanus Neoconus”. ?

    Although I cannot give the exact dates of its origin…I can hazard a guess.

    I believe US Operation Desert Storm, of 1991, may have started the first “actualized” Neocon impulse percolating through the minds of so many in Washington and Tel Aviv.

    And I will tell you why.

    Operation Desert Storm displayed such overwhelming US military superiority vis-a vis the Iraqi army occupying Kuwait at the time….it was quite shocking to everyone.

    Nobody thought it would be quite “so” easy…or go quite “so” fast…..but it was…. and it did.

    What happens to people when they witness such a rout ?

    What happens is the clouds start to part in the minds of our strategists and there becomes a very clear realization……crystal clear………that “we can win”.

    If we fight …..”We can win”…and win….. decisively.

    This realization, above all else , provided the soil of an”understanding” in which the Neocon seeds of preemptive war, or aggressive war, could be planted.

    The other ingredient, “the seed” itself, was born out of Israels utter exhaustion with the peace process .

    So this seed of “exhaustion” was planted in the fertile soil of overwhelming military advantage, and all that was needed to usher in a new paradigm…was a rain shower.

    And sure enough, on 9-11, they got a monsoon.

    The argument for preemptive war, post 9-11, could finally be made.

    And the full fledged tree of a potent Neocon movement was born.

    Does this make sense to you, Chuck ?


    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  106. utu says:

    TR did to Taft what Perot did to Bush. He ran 3rd party and the incumbent Taft lost. Willson got elected and Federal Reserve, Income Tax and WWI followed.

  107. @Mark Green

    “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

  108. @JADE

    We won, you lost. Keep complaining. You’re irrelevant.

    Being a phony-ass platitude spouter and empty promise-making liar are no longer the defining characteristics of what is presidential. Telling it like it is, being authentic, calling out the liars and propagandists, and being a forthright and effective leader and man-of-action — someone who gets things done — rather than an empty suit with entrancing, manipulative phony rhetoric, is the new definition of what it is to be presidential. Substance over style is the new standard.

    In short, think and feel and believe and speak any damn nonsense you like. It’s meaningless, you’re meaningless, you have no power. No one cares. Trump is in charge. You are noise.

  109. RobinG says:

    Tonight in Toronto…….


    Debunking Lies and Fake News…. ….Finding a Path to Peace

    Critical Examination and Discussion
    with EVA BARTLETT, independent Canadian journalist, providing first hand,
    eyewitness accounts from Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria.

    Also featuring anti-war activist Ken Stone

    Wednesday, January 25, 7:00pm
    Steelworkers Hall, 25 Cecil St.,

    • Replies: @AmericaFirstNow
  110. iffen says:

    Trump got 80-85% of the Evangelical vote in the general election. I don’t know the % in the primaries, except that I know they put him over the top against candidates who claimed to be “Evangelicals.” He would have gained the overwhelming support of Evangelicals even if he had chosen a mentally handicapped person such as yourself for VP running mate.

    • Replies: @SPQR70AD
  111. Ragno says:

    I voted for Trump and plan to repeat the exercise in four years’ time, but let’s get real.

    Who needs neocons when you’ve got that Zioviper Kushner calling you “Dad”……(brrrr…)

  112. @Cloak And Dagger

    Cloak and Dagger, I couldn’t agree with you more. Indeed, these neocons really believe they’re indispensable .. yet, they’re currently sitting in limbo – in academia, in their law firms, etc. Trump has done the right thing to keep them out of his Administration, as this was part of his “draining the swamp” theme. They’re a filthy 5th column that’s been doing everything to destroy the USA .. but, with Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office, these neocons’ shenanigans have definitely come to an end. They can no longer undermine the new Administration as they had done with previous ones, since they’re on the outside looking in.
    Trump chose retired Gen. Michael Flynn as his National Security Advisor and retired Gen. John Mattis as Secretary of Defense, and the Senate confirmed them. These two men will come in handy when Trump joins Putin and Erdogan in fighting ISIS and other like-minded Jihadists.

  113. @jc

    Even though Wayne Madsen can be conspiratorial he was spot on with following one:

    • Replies: @AmericaFirstNow
  114. @AmericaFirstNow

    Must watch Dutch VPRO Israel Lobby (AIPAC) documentary which Israel 1st US media refused to broadcast:

    More on Jewish media domination at following link:

    • Replies: @AmericaFirstNow
  115. @Anonymous

    It makes good media branding sense to feature pleasant, attractive people as weather presenters not ones that scare the children, or the adults.

  116. @Ivy

    Iran has the largest jewish population in the ME outside of Israel and most jews in Iran consider Israel to be a pretender to the kingdom of that name supposedly promised to the jews.

    • Agree: Cloak And Dagger
  117. dfordoom says: • Website
    @Cloak And Dagger

    To all who continue to use the terms “the Left” and “the Right”, it amazes me how people still don’t realize that they are viewing the manifestations of puppet play by the deep state, providing easy targets for our passions, geared to deflect from the true centers of sinister power.

    Absolutely correct.

  118. Taras77 says:

    This report is beyond belief if this is accurate and not just testing the waters: link below reports that trump is considering appointing the odious Elliott Abrams as Deputy Secretary of State. Abrams, a convicted felon, is the prime example of the criminal neo con warmongers. Pres Trump, do not do this. Neo cons are like termites, once one is in, an army of them descends-we just saw the backside of war criminal nuland, for gad’s sake.

    I think I am going to be a little sick!

    correction: not a convicted felon but pled guilty to lying to congress, two misdomeanors.

  119. Anonymous [AKA "Russia without Kudrin"] says:

    Good news! Victoria “Cookie Lady” Nuland of Maidan infamy is out of a job.

    “Several senior diplomats resign as Trump admin takes shape”

  120. Z-man says:

    If only we could get that Zionist monkey off Trump’s back!!

  121. @alexander

    “Does this make sense to you, Chuck?”

    First of, I want to compliment your excellent (paleontologist-style) naming of the specie “Americanus Neoconus” which is much better than my flatass “Neo Con” branding.

    Before I start a reply on the very important Zionist “Desert Storm attack,” please look at the “History” web site link (below) which offers a view into President Grant’s initial distaste for Jewish involvement in his war zone, and then later on, he began to oppose referring to the US as a “Christian nation” and he became the 1st U.S. President to dedicate a synagogue. (I suggest rather ancient evidence of the Americanus Neoconus & its alliance with US business and military power can be found here)

    Now on to Iraq, 1991! An important question to ask is, Who got hurt most from Saddam Hussein’s long misrule over Iraq and who benefited most his demise?

    First of all, one must never forget Saddam Hussein was CIA, and in fact, I recall (Unz Review) top notch author Linh Dinh having mentioned that Saddam served the CIA in Vietnam. (It’s quite possible, author P. Giraldi knows more about Hussein’s CIA career but he’s probably busy working on another article and he’s intelligently keeping close eye on modern Americanus Neoconus activities in the Trump administration)

    Second, under Saddam’s Baathist Party rule, & with vital support from the U.S. (CIA/Mossad) Iraq fought a bloody nine (9) year war with the Islamic Republic of Iran. During this time, US/Zionists were extremely appreciative while Sunni and Shiite forces slew one another on the battlefield. Who most benefited from this slaughter?

    Third…, Saddam Hussein contacted US Ambassador Glaspie and gave her a heads-up on his plan to invade Kuwait. At the time, I don’t know if Glaspie was enjoying a Happy Hour, but she reportedly indicated that she did not mind. Consequently, and as the US had to have state-of-art satellite aerial surveillance, Saddam’s military moved upon Kuwait. “60 Minutes” ran a program depicting Kuwaiti elite dancing at a disco, while General Schwarzkopf executed a victorious campaign which Pat Buchanan intelligently called it a “Turkey Shoot” of retreating Iraqi soldiers. Mass burial by bulldozers.

    Fourth, and this is very important, Saddam Hussein was strategically left in power by President G.W.H. Bush, and Saddam’s long term service in the CIA mutated, and for the sake of US/Zionist future Greater Israel goals, he suddenly began to be “demonized” for giving cash to families of Palestinian martyrs, and his flabbergasted Iraqi nation spent a horrific decade under US sanctions, policed by Coalition “No Fly Zones.” Who benefited most by having an evil dictator (Madman) still at the helm in Iraq during this time?

    Fifth, after Israel’s False Flag 9-11 attacks, the Americanus Neoconus further evolved into a most UNACCOUNTABLE specie whose survival was guaranteed & backed by US/Zionist military might. President G.W. Bush & Supreme Americanus Neconus D. Cheney’s (April 2003) lying “War Against Evil” (Shock & Awe) went virtually unchallenged by Congress, and the general population became merely slighted when it became apparent that hydrofracked Natural Gas Lands had more WMDs in groundwater than Saddam Hussein had in his palace rifle case.

    Lastly, not one Iraqi is more responsible for destroying Iraq and did more to assist the ongoing US/Zionist Middle East map redrawing PROCESS than the Americanus Neoconus President, Saddam Hussein. Also, I perceive that the American soldiers’ remarkable capture, hometown kangaroo court trial, and hanging of Saddam was among the greatest American public deceptions ever. The Corporate Media’s “Fake News” coverage of this bullshit was nothing less than brilliant, and as Saddam was supposed to have < 20 doubles in his employ, it would not surprise me at all to learn he's still on CIA/Mossad payroll.

    Now, Alexander, attention must turn to the new breed of Americanus Neoconus covertly assembling in the Trump administration, and of course the next steps. Watch the following drama move forward? In yesterday's Wall Street Journal, Liz Hoffmam, wrote a brief article and described how Goldman Sachs Group 's Gary Cohn will receive < \$100 million of stock and cash as he (Cohn) departs to become President Trump's Director of the National Economic Council.


    • Replies: @Anonymous
  122. Anonymous [AKA "Howard Mettee"] says:

    Just curious why your “Lament for the Neocons” didn’t also include disciples of the Wolfowitz and Bush Doctrines? These might be translated as “we’ll shove democracy down their throats whether they like it or not, because we know it works for us and we’re so damned exceptional.” Others that might also be characterized as “dark government” could include the liberal war hawks and the military-industrial-intelligence-security complex(LWHMIISC). They consistently align the interests of their lobbying group with that of the nation, carefully putting the interests of their lobby above the rest of us – and guess what, its “win-win” for everybody! [Please don’t look at Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine, where we’ve created more casualties and enemies than friends, and managed to piss off the rest of the world to boot!]

    The hubris and hypocrisy are appalling. Oh, and how many sacred elections have we interfered with/hacked in the last 50 years?

    • Replies: @Philip Giraldi
  123. @Anonymous

    Thanks Howard. They were included though I didn’t have space to name more of them. Of course, Obama also was an adherent to the Bush doctrine even though he labeled it differently!

  124. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    @the 1st U.S. President to dedicate a synagogue

    Maybe that was the reason he was named “Useless” Grant.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  125. Anonymous [AKA "Jacob Freeze"] says:

    The think-tanks that lied us into Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan shut down and so what? Most of these people will find another job or retire in relative comfort, but what they deserve is a speedy trial and HANGING.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  126. @Anonymous

    Based upon today’s Neoconservative perspective, I suggest the repentant President U.S. Grant’s nickname would be Useful Grant.

    Thank you!

  127. Anonymous [AKA "Michael Morrissey"] says:

    Excellent! I too am cwying a weal big wiver for those low-life chickenhawk war-mongering hypocrites. I hope their heads roll fast and long.

    By the way, the link to the WaPo article didn’t work because I have used up my free access for the month and they want me to subscribe. Fat chance!

  128. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Well, Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and now an official White House advisor, is surely a Neo-con type. He is an orthodox Jew and favors Israeli settlements.

    So does Trump’s selection for ambassador to Israel – I forget his name.

    Here is what I am wondering: How does America break the grip that Israel and Jewish Americans have on it?

    I don’t say that Israel and Jewish Americans do not have the right to their views and to lobby, but are we so meek that we let them virtually control us?

    • Replies: @Z-man
  129. Z-man says:

    What do you mean virtually?? At the least they control our foreign policy and even our domestic policies. The Cabal is almost omnipotent! This vice must be broken!

  130. Tomster says:

    Alas, they have kinship with not only K Street, but with what old Ike termed the military-industrial complex, and thereby with MIC’s very best customer – that other theocracy in ‘the region’, whom our former POTUS put in charge of our international human rights.

    All very cozy, but not very comfy for our new POTUS, as he restricts access to our welfare system by the caliphate’s diaspora – against which it has paid German companies many \$billions to build a dandy 600 mile, hi-tech border wall.

    Good luck to the new boy in town with that Gordeon Knot, which has been entwining itself ever since FDR landed in Great Bitter Lake.

  131. gcochran says:

    The load-bearing element was steel. When steel fails, things fall.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  132. Taras77 says:

    In other news:

    “Former national security adviser Susan Rice said she is appalled at what President Donald Trump is doing to the National Security Council,”

    This is a woman who had no military experience, no notable experience in national security affairs, assisted in driving us foreign policy into unprecedented levels of incoherence and incompetence, but, but.

    ok, whatever-my head hurts at the level of hypocrisy that continues to exist without anyone calling them out about it.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  133. @gcochran

    Yes but the fuel fired temperatures couldn’t possibly become hot enough to cause the heavy steel structure to fail so stop pretending otherwise, it makes you look silly.

  134. @Taras77

    Dittos to your brilliant observation : She is such a damn fool and idiot, that even thinking about her gives me a fricking headache.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @Eagle Eye
  135. Eagle Eye says:

    Biology often offers the best concepts for understanding bizarre political phenomena.

    Some fish species in the Amazon are said to swim up the urethra of larger animals and then lodge in the bladder, safe from predators and most competition for nutrients.

    Susan Rice went on Sunday shows to lie for Barry’s Vaudeville Show. For a while, the Leftard ecosystem will keep her safe from predators and competitors. Also, of course, she is currently inviolate under the one-drop-of-black-blood rule

    Or would it make more sense to explain the bladder-lodger’s life cycle in terms of the Susan Rice phenomenon.

  136. SPQR70AD says:

    are you sitting around waiting for the rupture? evan-genitals are demons who want the world destroyed so they can be ruptured into heaven. they are rabid supporters of israel

  137. annamaria says:

    A repost from comment section of
    “Hindsight is always 20/20. Everyone thought that Putin was smart for being so cautious in dealing with Ukraine starting in 2014 when the Ukronazis overthrew the legitimate government and started to wage war against dissidents in the Donbass who wanted no truck with the putsch government that America immediately supported. All the Russian expat analysts like the Saker and Dmitry Orlov praised Putin for being slow to react and cautious and deliberate in his actions, most notably not agreeing to repatriate the Donbass into Russia as its people requested and not throwing the Russian military or major hardware into the civil conflict.

    But three years later, the problem keeps festering and Russia’s woes because of it (blamed for the whole mess not of its making by the actual perpetrators–the US, NATO, and the EU) continue to escalate. Virtually all trade between Russia and the West has been stopped through American-imposed sanctions. Russia’s borders are crawling with NATO soldiers and heavy ordnance which is being fired “as practice” in the direction of Russia (this very day in Lithuania accompanied by much hoopla). Russia’s president is demonized as the second coming of Hitler. The Russians are accused without any evidence of war crimes (not only in the downing of the Malaysian jet flight but also in the liberation of Aleppo from the mercenary headchoppers recruited, employed and armed by America). Ukraine reneges on its legal debts to Russia with impunity. Ukraine impedes the flow of gas and oil from Russian into the European Union, stealing what it cannot afford to buy in the bargain, and attempting to sabotage any new pipelines to the West via other countries most of which could badly use the business. Most notably, Ukraine signs peace accords with foreign powers to settle the matter in the Donbass by federalising its constitution and give the citizens of that region some degree of home rule (and less repression by the Ukrainian ultranationalists in Kiev and Lwow) but has never lifted a finger to implement one paragraph in the agreements.

    Yet Russia is speciously blamed for these failures by America non-stop rather than the guilty Ukrainians. This is simply madness. Any objective person can see that there is no “Russian aggression” attached to any of these events. They are all the making of American aggression towards Russia, with its vassal states in NATO and the EU being recruited to gang up and bully Russia without stop. I really don’t know what they think the end point of this persecution is supposed to be? (And all the while the American public are fed a “fake news” narrative by its “mainstream” corporate media which functions to serve only its oligarchs rather than the truth or the public interst.)


    These anonymous power-brokers are out of their minds if they truly believe that the Russian people will rise up against their own government, overthrow Putin and install an American puppet to rule their country so the vile oligarchs of Wall Street can continue pillaging Russia’s economy and its natural resources as they did so openly under the weak and addled Yeltsin. If that is the only option allowed to Putin and Russia, no matter how far they bend over backwards to accommodate the imperialist Americans, I’d say that Putin erred three years ago in not simply recognising the independence of the Donbass oblasts (and probably all of Novorusiya), signing a military alliance with them, and defending them against the genocidal maniacs from Kiev.

    Sure, America would have gone nuts and demanded sanctions against Russia around the entire universe to the end of time. So what? Russia is getting that treatment anyway. In retrospect, perhaps it should have taken care of business just as it did with Georgia. Fuck the EU. Cut off their gas, oil and other trade. Strand the Americans on the international space station. Strand the American troops in Afghanistan. And, go all out to pursue trade exclusively with non-Western countries. It’s not like they didn’t have any other cards to play. And, it’s not like they were treated fairly and respectfully in any way by the American government or its aparatchiks in the EU, NATO or even the UN.

    If America thinks it can up the ante by threatening nuclear war, well, the Russians can play that wild card too. So, either don’t believe their bullshit or just face reality and accept that human beings are suicidal and totally insane. This is how it may well end: a small clique of over-privileged Americans want it ALL and are willing to destroy it ALL if they can’t have it, like a peevish little kid who breaks his toys when told its time to go to bed.

    If Trump bows to the oligarchs, cowtows to Poroshenko and refuses to back Putin, it’s time for Putin to accept reality and write off America as a fair negotiator that can be trusted, in fact to see the truth that America is actively trying to destroy his government and his country and pursue policies exclusively in Russia’s own national interests. If America’s president chooses to use the “nuclear option” in relations with Russia while his congress applies it own “nuclear option” to supreme court appointments, so be it. You can’t control the actions of madmen, Vladimir. If the “exceptional” country is determined to destroy the earth, you really can’t stop it.

    What is really distressing in Mr. Marshall’s report is that the US State Department is already blaming and warning Russia despite the feel-good phone call of Saturday. Perhaps not a damned thing has changed even though Obomber is gone from the scene. Perhaps the state department is still filled with Obomber hold-overs who think they can force the issue, embarass Trump, and either vanquish Russia or get Trump impeached. It’s a dirty and dangerous game they play, and they deserve no respect or support for what they do from the American people.”


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