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The Memorials to Judah Benjamin
Jewish slave-owners exempt from attacks by BLM?
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The current wrath directed against anything or anyone having had anything to do with slavery or even racial discrimination includes destroying historical memorials and monuments as well as changing names that have stood for more than a century. Much of it has been focused on white nominally Christian males, mostly of Anglo-Saxon stock, understandable as the United States was a child of Great Britain and a majority of the country’s leaders for nearly two centuries came from families descended from the British Isles.

Slavery in the United States version is, of course, seen in black and white terms but slavery in a broader historical context is much more complicated. There have been slaves since ancient times through the eighteenth century in many countries and most of them have been white. Sometimes they were called something different. Indentured servants were de facto slaves, as were the serfs in Russia, who were tied to the land and were not liberated until 1861.

The very word slave comes from Slav, as many of the slaves in the Middle Ages were from the Slavic parts of the Balkans bordering on the Adriatic, where mostly Muslim seagoing raiders would attack coastal villages and carry off the inhabitants. Italy was likewise afflicted and the numerous small castles and improvised forts along the Italian and Croatian coastlines were intended to providing a refuge for villagers against the corsair slavers.

In the United States currently progressives of all types and colors are flocking to the revolutionary banner hoisted by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other associated groups. Not surprisingly, given the liberal leanings of American Jews as well as their historical connections, Jewish groups have been actively engaged in the ongoing movement for racial justice. American Jews have played major roles historically in the founding and financial support of some of the most important civil rights organizations, including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). In 1909, Henry Moscowitz was a co-founder the NAACP. Photos of the boards of directors of the various organizations well into the 1970s frequently reveal a majority of white Jews seated together with minority blacks. Kivie Kaplan was, for example, the national president of the NAACP between 1966 and 1975.

But this characterization of Jews as benefactors for the civil rights movement has also produced some curious omissions in the accepted historical narrative of who did what to whom in the slavery trade. It is well established, though never taught in schools, that Jews from Britain and Holland were involved in the African slave trade that prevailed after the European discovery of the Americas. In the United States, concentrations of Jews in the American south were in slave trading centers, notably in Charleston South Carolina, Savannah Georgia, Richmond Virginia and in New Orleans Louisiana. Many of the Jews themselves owned slaves.

The debate over Jewish involvement in both the business side of the slave trade as well as in actually possessing slaves comes down to “proportionality.” As the historical record makes clear that Jews in the south were engaged in both the importing and selling slaves as well as exploiting slave labor, the question becomes whether they were central to the process or just one of many identifiable groups that were peripherally involved in what was a major segment of the southern economy. The issue became extremely heated in the 1990s when mostly black academics argued that the Jewish role was pivotal while mostly Jewish professors responded that it was insignificant. In March 1995 the American Historical Association (AHA) got involved by issuing its first ever “policy resolution”, coming strongly down on the Jewish side of the argument, which should surprise no one. AHA argued that it was wrong to use historical analysis to vilify one group before citing a memo by two Jewish professors which asserted that the role of their co-religionists had been marginal.

For those who are interested in more on the discussion, the following article might be helpful, though it is on a Jewish website, cites only Jewish sources for it debunking of the idea that Jews might have been heavily engaged in the slave trade, and also brings in the most disreputable sources that say the contrary. It nevertheless concedes that Jews were involved in the slave trade and also possessed slaves, though it seeks to minimize the extent to which that was true. Much more interesting is a short book by a distinguished Wellesley History Professor Tony Martin “The Jewish Onslaught: Despatches from the Wellesley Battlefront.” Martin describes in some detail how he was subjected to a “hysterical campaign” by Jewish organizations and fellow academics to have him discredited and fired after he assigned to his class on African-American history a short reading on the Jewish role in antebellum slavery.

Be that as it may, everyone should be aware that delving around in the past can be a messy business with no easy answers and little in the way of lines drawn between right and wrong. But in this case, the current unrest brings one around to a chap named Judah Benjamin. Judah was born in the West Indies to a British-Jewish family before winding up in Charleston and eventually New Orleans, where he became a lawyer and made a fortune. He was elected to the U.S. Senate from Louisiana. Among other investments, he owned a sugar cane plantation that included 140 slaves.

In March of 1861, Benjamin was named Attorney General of the Confederacy by President Jefferson Davis, whom Benjamin knew from the Senate. Davis would sometimes say that Benjamin was “the brains of the Confederacy.” That same year, Benjamin was also named Confederate Secretary of War, a post that he later resigned to become Secretary of State, a position that he held for the remainder of the conflict. It was the second most powerful position in Richmond’s Confederate bureaucracy.

When the Confederacy fell, Benjamin fled to London and eventually to Paris, where he rebuilt his fortune by again practicing law. Benjamin died in Paris in 1884 at the age of 72. He was buried in the Paris Père Lachaise cemetery with a simple headstone inscribed “Phillipe Benjamin.” In 1936, the United Daughters of the Confederacy paid for a monument to be placed over his grave.

So, the question becomes, with BLM and other wreckers trying to destroy America’s historical monuments, to include those commemorating the Founding Fathers, Union Commander Ulysses S. Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, Catholic saint Junipero Serra and even abolitionist Hans Christian Heg, why is it that Judah Benjamin has somehow been missed? He was a slave owner and worked as a lawyer in New Orleans where there was a thriving slave market as well as an economy built around cotton exports, which were driven by slave labor. He eventually became the number two man in the southern Confederacy, which is being regularly denounced as fighting a war to maintain slavery.

Well, of course the answer is quite simple. No politician or journalist who wants to stay employed would dare to publicly link Jews and slavery. BLM is also extravagantly funded by various guilt ridden foundations and other folks who are no doubt sensitive to the fact that there are certain issues that cannot be raised, and the people with their hands out know perfectly well what they can and cannot do or say to keep the money flowing.

For what it’s worth, there are a few monuments to Judah Benjamin sitting around just waiting to be trashed. In 1948, Charlotte, North Carolina’s two Jewish congregations, Temple Israel and Temple Bethel, erected a marker on South Tyron Street at the site of the demolished house of merchant Abraham Weil where Judah Benjamin and Jefferson Davis found shelter in April 1865 as they fled the northern army. To their credit, the congregations are now seeking to have the memorial removed.

Also of note is the 5-foot-high pink marble column topped by a sundial located in Sarasota, Florida at the point where Benjamin escaped from the United States. The monument is inscribed “Near this spot on June 23, 1865, Judah P. Benjamin, Secretary of State of the United Confederacy, set sail for a foreign shore.”

Yet another stone marker is located at 9 West Main Street in Richmond, Virginia, identifying the location of Benjamin’s residence during the Civil War. Another stone marker can be found in Fayetteville, North Carolina. It recalls how Benjamin “attended Fayetteville Academy on this site.” There is still another stone monument in Bradenton Florida erected by the Judah P. Benjamin chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy and in North Carolina there is a Highway Historical Marker Program plaque that marks the site of Benjamin’s no longer existing boyhood home.

But the most impressive historic site commemorating Benjamin’s legacy is the Judah P. Benjamin Confederate Memorial at Gamble Plantation in the town of Ellenton, Florida, south of St. Petersburg. The historic site is maintained as a state park by the Florida Department of Natural Resources and also by the Judah P. Benjamin Chapter No. 1545 of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It is the only surviving antebellum plantation in central and south Florida and includes the mansion and gardens as well as a visitors’ center. A large bronze memorial plaque commemorates Benjamin. Nevertheless, the connection with Benjamin is admittedly tenuous as he only sought refuge there briefly in 1865 during his flight to England.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is [email protected].

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  1. Thirdtwin says:

    You’ll have to tell them about the memorials, and give them directions. They’re busy frying bigger fish right now, but maybe the mop-up crew can get to it later.

    Hopefully, there’s a big statue in an urban setting, easily accessible by bus or train. That little stone in the grass you pictured is hardly worth the effort. So much hate, so little time.

  2. Interesting Twitter video link:

    • Agree: Alternate History
    • Thanks: Richard B
    • LOL: BuelahMan
  3. R.C. says:

    Well done, save the question can the ‘art of speaking politely’ be overdone? E.g., :

    But this characterization of Jews as benefactors for the civil rights movement has also produced some curious omissions in the accepted historical narrative of who did what to whom in the slavery trade.

    Methinks it approaches such.

  4. termite says:

    I have wondered when the anti-slavery narrative would get round to mentioning the “Curse of Canaan”, which would be the justification of Black Slavery. Which group of people came up with this Curse?
    US people have forgotten the Irish and Chinese slaves but seem hung up on black slaves.

  5. Let’s be wise about this.

    Keep those monuments up. In fact, make a point of letting every other monument tumble except for those.

    That way we’ll have irrefutable, iron-clad evidence of who runs the show.

    • Agree: Biff, kerdasi amaq
    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Expose the Talmud
  6. History is so messy… is the job of the brainwashing squad to clean up the mess.

  7. Art says:

    “Near this spot on June 23, 1865, Judah P. Benjamin, Secretary of State of the United Confederacy, set sail for a foreign shore.”

    O dear’ — how typical – how true to character – the Jew deserts the ship of state.

    p.s. Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee stayed and faced the music.

    p.s. Undoubtedly, the Rothschilds where in the slave trade.

  8. …which were driven by slave labor.

    Oh, get real. The slaves never did any meaningful work. They lounged around, like they do today. Genes don’t change that fast in 200 years.

    But this characterization of Jews as benefactors for the civil rights movement has also produced some curious omissions in the accepted historical narrative

    They were benefactors in the movement to deprive legislatures of the right to choose what is taught in their states’ schools, losing in Scopes, but finally winning in Epperson, and sack-dancing with further victories. Bryan’s Anglo-Protestant science is now banned in schools, and just whisper the words “intelligent design”, and see how fast the New York Jews at the ACLU come knocking at your door.

    The “historical omission” is how few at are willing to defend Bryan, even those who share his politics.

    • Disagree: Qvax
  9. You don’t see Jews attacking Jewish monuments, but you see whites attacking white monuments(often under influence of Jews).

    No wonder Jews control whites.

    • Agree: Trinity, Czarlazar
    • Replies: @Moi
    , @Trinity
    , @Anon
  10. “There have been slaves since ancient times through the eighteenth century in many countries and most of them have been white. Sometimes they were called something different. Indentured servants were de facto slaves, as were the serfs in Russia, who were tied to the land and were not liberated until 1861.”

    Thanks for the Mr. Pat Buchanan take on dealing with issues. It’s always a refreshing look to have issues placed in context. And if not for the fact that this has been done ad nauseum on the subject, it would be interesting. One could also not that historically slavery was a reviled practiced and slaves across the world historically were known to escape and even engage in out right revolts, indentured or not.

    But what is unconscionable is the attempt by US citizens to embrace this tactic. To do so renders the country as barren of its declared purpose as the nation for which we engaged in war and distanced ourselves from Europe in general. Of course slavery is as old as humans so t seems. And absolutely it has existed as utter filth brutality against the backdrop of more benign systems. But that is not our measure. Our measure is written in pen on paper. And based on that writ of ideals others have followed suit.

    I think we should embrace our faults as we do our loftier selves. but retelling the broad scope of slavery – when we as a nation our founded in principles that reject the notion out right seems a strange response to the issues of what our symbols represent.

    “Well, of course the answer is quite simple. No politician or journalist who wants to stay employed would dare to publicly link Jews and slavery.”

    It is simple, most people have no idea who you are talking about. He is not of the stature of a Gen Jeb Stuart, Gen. Stonewall Jackson, Governor Sam Houston or even Nat Turner. We brokered our nation over the backs of black people. there were other issues of contention, but none so vital as that which caused us to contradict the very purpose of nationhood. As one who would rather embrace all things national good and ill, I am hard pressed to support ripping down symbols of that compromise – even the compromise was brokered by Jews.

  11. mcohen says:

    According to my sources he actually had a black mistress who was a freed slave who is somehow related to Oprah winfree

    • Replies: @Truth3
    , @Jane
  12. Instead of toppling statues and monuments, the racist and fascist elements of the “Black lives matter” movement should turn against the modern slaveholders and their paymasters. Not only do the big multinational companies exploit people of color in the Third World by paying them nearly nothing but also the big Tec giants or Amazon are hiding their liberal racism by supporting the vandalism. What would they say if the wrath will turn against them?

    Modern slave markets in Libya and elsewhere are mushrooming up thanks to the regime change of the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton regime. One can buy a black slave from 100 up to 500 US Dollars. The rioters in the US should move to Libya to sweep up the mess Obama and Clinton created. If they don’t watch out, they could end up on a slave market themselves.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  13. GeeBee says:

    It appears that a move is afoot to change ‘history’, in order to allow only ‘approved’ attacks on slave-owners and traders. As the author of this piece rightly points out, if such a person was Jewish, they are – but of course- guiltless (their very Jewishness appears always to ensure such an outcome). But I have just discovered, having read this piece, that this re-writing of history works both ways.

    Liverpool slave owner and trader James Penny would appear to be one such example, whereby an undoubtedly ‘guilty’ slave-trader has been absolved in order to prevent a most unfortunate conundrum. Penny was a prominent man in Liverpool’s history, and his association with slavery was incidental to his status (as is – or rather was – normal at a time when slavery was normal). Unsurprisingly, the city named a street after him. This street, Penny Lane, is of course a celebrated icon of modern culture, in that The Beatles used it as the title for one of their many hit songs. The street is now a tourist site, with many fans visiting it.

    When I last looked at the Wikipedia entry for the street, it pointed out, cle3arly and categorically, that it was named after James Penny. On reading this piece I looked again, in order to ask whether the BLM thugs might target it. Imagine my surprise (irony) when I discovereed that the Wiki entry had been hastily re-written. It now states that:

    There is a common misconception that Penny Lane may have been named after 18th-century Liverpool slave trader James Penny,[1] although the city’s International Slavery Museum stated in June 2020 that there is no historical evidence linking Penny Lane to James Penny

    All too believable, sadly. But one has to admit that these people are thorough, if nothing else.

    • Replies: @lloyd
    , @anon
  14. Pft says:

    Judah P. Benjamin, was supposedly the leader of the B’nai B’rith (they paid for the NC memorial)and the Order of Zion, along with Dr. Kuttner Baruch, grandfather of American nancier Bernard Baruch who helped Pike found the KKK

    Judah P. Benjamin was also allegedly the individual who gave the order for Lincoln’s assassination, but fled England after the assassination . England was a chief sponsor of the Civil War, thwarted by Russian support for the North by preventing a blockade.

    I bet Albert Pikes statue still stands in DC

    • Replies: @Poco
    , @Badger Down
    , @MrFoSquare
  15. Goyboy says:

    The blacks were useful to the Jews back then as they are proving to be just as useful today.

    • Replies: @Wally
  16. Muttmerica was created to serve kike interests. Figure.

    • Agree: Moi
    • Replies: @Neo-Socratic
  17. sarz says:

    David Duke had an informative video about Jewish dominance in the slave trade, in which the main authority he cited was a Jewish academic historian. I wanted to link to the video and tried to find it at his website but could not.

    Jews have done such a job on Duke that even Ron Unz cannot feature him.

    It’s like the huge Jewish investment in the Holocaust story, so that even Gilad Atzmon is so wary of the prospect of being called a Holocaust denier that he puts himself through all sorts of strange hoops.

    David Duke, to his credit, is almost as big a Jewish project as the Holocaust.

    • Agree: Katrinka
    • Replies: @David riskanalyst
  18. Malla says:

    Oy Vey!!! Wot dos dis remind me of????
    Oh yes!! I remember.
    Hitler’s conversation with Eckart
    Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin: A Dialogue Between Adolf Hitler and Me by Deitrich Eckart


    And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother and every one against his neighbor; city against city and kingdom against kingdom. And the spirit of Egypt shall fall in the midst thereof; and I will destroy the counsel thereof: and they shall seek to the idols, and to the charmers, and to them that have familiar spirits, and to the wizards (Isaiah 19:2-3).


    And in 1871, in Paris, the Jewish defense also ran according to plan. There the communists destroyed whatever they could, but the many places and houses of the Rothschilds remained completely intact. [4] All this enables us to understand the place in Exodus according to which ‘a mixed multitude’ also left Egypt with the Jews.”

    “In Egypt the scoundrels’ scheme succeed only about halfway,” he finished. “The Egyptians became masters of the situation at the last moment and sent the ‘mixed multitude’ to the devil, together with the Jews. There must have been a desperate struggle. The slaughter of the firstborn reveals that clearly enough. Just as they have done with us, the Jews had won the great lower stratum of the population for themselves — ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!’ — until one night they sent out the order, ‘Down with the bourgeois! Kill them, the dogs!’ but things didn’t turn out so well as they had expected. That portion of the Egyptian nation that had remained patriotic turned the tables and booted Moses, Cohn, and Levi out of the country, followed by the inhabitants whom they had incited. During this exodus they carried along as much stolen booty as they could manage, the Bible reports with satisfaction. It also reports, in no uncertain terms, that the Egyptians were glad to be rid of them (Exodus 12:35-36; Psalms 105:38). The best, though, was the reward the Jews gave their stupid accomplices. Suddenly they began calling them ‘rabble,’ [5] whereas formerly they had called them ‘comrade’ and pretended to love them. Imagine the faces these deluded ones must have made in the desert when they heard this.”

    “The murder of seventy-five thousand Persians, in the Book of Esther, no doubt had the same Bolshevist background,” I answered. “The Jews certainly didn’t accomplish that all by themselves.”

    “No more,” he confirmed, “than the dreadful bloodbath over half the Roman Empire, which took place during the reign of Emperor Trajan. Hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish nobles in Babylonia, in Cyrenaica, in Egypt, and on Cyprus butchered like cattle, most of them after the most abominable torture! [6] And today the Jews still rejoice over that. ‘


    “By now, the Egyptians had forgotten dear Joseph, who was dead and gone but there was no lack of others on whom to blame the state of affairs, namely the landowners, the industrialists, the bourgeois. According to the Jews, no one else was responsible. ‘Proletarians of all countries, unite!’ And the masses believed it and turned on their own flesh and blood for the sake of the ‘chosen people,’ who had brought on all their distress in the first place. But to us they touchingly read aloud in school the beautiful story of Joseph and his brothers. No doubt many teachers ‘wept a good while.’ It’s enough to drive one to despair.”


    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  19. The corporate sponsored BLM movement is just a distractionary psy-op for conveniently changing the narrative any time that the PICs ( psychopaths in control ) suffer narcisstic injury from exposure of their Corruption Virus.

    Presently, the majority of banks, technology, and paid speech media outlets happen to be dominated by Jews.

    Anyone who has even a limited understanding of American history knows that when Anglo-Saxon Christians dominated in those arenas, the outcome was precisely the same.


    The majority of Jews in America until after the second world war were typically middle class. That changed after world war two.

    This seems to be by all realistic analysis, an orchestrated deep-state led effort to incite a civil war which seeks to replace predatory white Jews, with predatory white Christians, while leaving the same predatory system in tact, without changing the system itself.

    The high-school drop-outs may fall for it. I doubt that anyone else will.

    It was the Biddles that Andrew Jackson had defeated when he nationalized the money supply providing America with its only debt free year in American history. It was the Morgans, the Mellons, and the Rockefellers that FDR should have defeated but chose to collude with instead. None of those Anglo-Saxon rober barons were honest people. They were all horrendously corrupt, abusive, predatory fraudsters, the same way that today’s PICs happen to be.

    If the goal is to defeat the corrupt PICs, it would be wise not to provide them with the ammo that they have mistakenly revealed to us that they are so desperately seeking, and just seek to replace them since they have abused their positions of power, and replace the system itself.

    Those calling for race wars that are not currently in positions of power, have also revealed that they would prefer to be the PIPs predators in power.

    That is equally unacceptable.

    The predation and corruption must end, regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion.

    • Agree: Moi
  20. Malla says:

    More from Hitler’s conversation with Eckart
    “From long years of experience,” I brought out, “Dostoevski depicted the hair-raising conceit of the Russian Jew. [58] For a long time he lived with all kinds of convicts, including several Jews, sleeping on the same wooden bunks with them. Everyone treated these Jews in a friendly manner, he reported, not even taking offense at their raving-mad manner of praying. Probably their own religion had once been like that, thought the Russians to themselves, and they quietly let the Jews do as they pleased. But, on the other hand, the Jews haughtily rejected the Russians, didn’t want to eat with them, and looked down on them. And where was this? In a Siberian prison! All over Russia Dostoevski found this antipathy and loathing of the Jews for the natives. Nowhere, however, did the Russian people resent their behavior, indulgently believing it to be a part of the Jewish religion.”


    “Yes, indeed, and what a religion!” he (Adolf Hitler) said scornfully. “It is the character of a people which determines the nature of their religion, not the other way around.”

    “Dostoevski,” I (Deitrich Eckart) continued, “was compassion itself but, like Christ, he took exception to the Jews. With foreboding, he asked what would happen in Russia if ever the Jews should get the upper hand there. Would they even approximately give the natives the same rights they themselves enjoyed? Would they likewise allow them to pray in the manner they wished or would they not simply make slaves of them? Still worse, ‘wouldn’t they skin and fleece them?’ Wouldn’t they even exterminate them, as they had so often done with other peoples in their history?”

    “Ah, could our workers but share his forebodings, particularly those who hope for salvation from the Soviets!” he cried. “Famine, mass graves, slavery, Jewish whips. Whoever goes on strike is hanged. ‘Come hither, all ye who are weary and heavy laden.’ How they whistle, the dogs! And how fine that sounds, in front of the curtain! Behind it, however, lurk the pampered ‘Pöbelvolk’ the Red Army, the dregs of non-Jewish humanity.”

    The toll of Russians sacrificed since the beginning of Bolshevik domination is estimated by the authorities at about thirty million,” I answered. “Those who weren’t summarily executed fell to famine and disease. Were they all bourgeois? Only an imbecile could believe that. Who among us then has the most to suffer? The thousands who every day stand for long hours at their various occupations. Capitalists are hardly a majority among them. But that hasn’t dawned on our workers. In their eagerness to be the masters, they let themselves be led about by the nose like children.

    “Ebert [59] has thundered against capitalism his whole life. Now he is president. And? At every street corner banks sprout from the ground like mushrooms. That is certainly a fact. Everyone sees it. Anyone can reach out and touch it. But does that lead anyone to smell a rat? Not on your life!

    “The first thing the Jew Eisner [60] did after the revolution was have the banks guarded by the army. Capitalists smuggled their enormous hordes of money out of the country for months, and he didn’t raise a finger to stop them. He felt it was more important to travel to the Socialist Congress in Switzerland and there place the entire guilt for the world war on Germany. Do penance, he said, and the French will forgivingly clasp you to their hearts. Quite likely! Experience has gloriously confirmed it.”

    • Thanks: Ilya G Poimandres
  21. Rev17 says: • Website

    Jewish Supremacy in Colonial America – many familiar names adopted by Sephardic Crypto Jews ..

    Jews and Muslims in British Colonial America. A Genealogical History

  22. @HeebHunter

    There are exactly zero Jewish Founding Fathers. No doubt a major source of their contempt for America.

  23. padre says:

    This article looks to me like, when a child, who gets punished for misbehaving,complains, what about him, he wasn’t punished,and he did almost the same thing!

  24. Jake says:

    This is a most important article. As important as any of Giraldi’s articles on foreign affairs. Send the link far and wide.

  25. Moi says:

    By comparison to G. Washington and T. Jefferson, Mr. Judah was small potatoes with his ownership to some 140 slaves.

    “….that all men are created equal….” yeah, give me some more bs. A reminder of the country’s greatest evil, the theft of land and genocide of the native people, is still hidden away in a few corners of the country. On the other hand, there is no satisfying the BLM folk (or their nutty white supporters) who are suffering from PTSD because of our history of slavery.

    Bros, we be in deep doo-doo.

    • Troll: Richard B
  26. So the practice of evil behavior to make a fortune first and then subsequent protection and even rehabilitation of reputation by the larger community is old as Judaism itself … wonder how long before Bernie Madoff is made into a respectable citizen again.

  27. Moi says:
    @Priss Factor

    That’s because whitey (specifically the American whitey) is dumb and ignorant. Just ask the Chinese and Indians who’ll say the same thing.

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  28. Ahoy says:

    Blacks really became slaves up north. They were working in jew sweat shops for peanuts and living in dilapidated housing owned by Jews.

    As to the slave trade, here are the Real Slave Traders.

    • Replies: @Sokrates
  29. Bob says:

    Didn’t read past the first paragraph. What about the Arab, Moors, Turks, Mongols etc, whom killed, enslaved, destroyed and plundered much of Europe. Where is our apology and reparations? Why was the US Marines formed to eliminate the threat to Europe in the Mediterranean?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  30. Ahoy says:

    The AfroAmericans became slaves in North, working in jew sweat shops and living in dilapidated housing owned by Jews.

    As to the Slave Trade here are the real ones.

  31. @Reg Cæsar

    Thanks an important comment worthy of some further research.

  32. Anon[127] • Disclaimer says:

    Simple way to fight back against this:

    Never watch the NBA or NFL again.
    Never watch an awards show for the movie industry again.
    Never watch any music awards show again.
    Dump netflix, prime,etc.
    Dont ever watch CNN, MSNBC, or ABC (disney)

    Support online education as kuch as possible (weaken the college professors making sure their classrooms have no normies, just wierdos)

    Do not contribute to non profits
    Do not watch garbage like “The View”

    Skip the Superbowl.
    Forget college football. Dont watch late night talk show hosts.

    Completely reject the MSM.

    Start our own hobbies (never to be televised, just for fun), and associations privately. Shun the weirdos and ignore their apologies and entreaties in the coming year. After the election, they will want to ‘make up’. Dont. Let them have each other. Being nutters, they will drive each othet to madness.

    • Agree: Katrinka
    • Replies: @Fuerchtegott
  33. Hibernian says:

    He is not of the stature of a Gen Jeb Stuart, Gen. Stonewall Jackson, Governor Sam Houston or even Nat Turner.

    That’s debatable. He was, successively, AG, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State, of the CSA.

  34. GW says:

    Ah yes. “Jews are the REAL racists!” should work.

  35. chuckywiz says:

    Glad to see some exposure, helpful to younger generation of all faiths. It is disturbing not see anything written or discussed (forbidden) collaboration between Zionists and the black caucuses. Every year the black caucus members are taken to Israel, wine and dine, are provided with white eastern European prostitutes and are filmed secretly for black mail if these members get out of line.

    Martin Luther King never said any word about Israel invasion of Arab Land in 1967. No mention of his lack of concern, anywhere.

    How the Zionist Mafia paid BLM to make sure the Diamond District in Midtown Manhattan remains off limits to violence.

  36. chuckywiz says:

    One can find tons of material on youtube about Zionists views about blacks. One of the Rabbi openly saying that blacks are monkeys (translation). How horribly the black jews are treated in Israel seem no concern of the black leaders in US or the so called while liberals.
    Ironically, there is life size statute of Gandhi in Martin Luther Library in Atlanta. Despite the knowledge of how Gandhi despised the blacks in South Africa. According to his writings, blacks were dirty, and they trade animals for wives……. on and on. His famous achievement was to force the British to install a 3rd door in a local post office. Initially there were two entrances in the post office, one for whites and the other for non whites. Gandhi argued that blacks were inferior to Indians so a third door was needed and installed.
    About a year or so ago, Ghana removed Gandhi’s statue from public display. Indian Government is eager to supply Gandhi’s statues at request.

  37. @Anon

    Avoid advertised content engaging with those you named too.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  38. What makes American slavery unique is that it was chattel slavery based on skin pigment, which denied the humanity of its victims. There was no such stigma attached to slavery in, say, the Roman empire, in which a freedman had full civil rights once released from bondage, save being able to hold public office. His sons could, however; in fact, the grandfather of Rome’s first emperor Augustus had been a slave.

    Southern slavery, at its most basic level, was a capitalist’s wet dream: not only did you get to legally steal your employees’ wages, but you also got to act out your sadistic or psychosexual personality disorders with impunity on a pool of helpless victims. Initially slaveholders did not attempt to justify their spectacularly profitable “peculiar institution” but as criticism grew sharper, they reacted by convincing themselves that slavery was no less than the white man’s noble responsibility and Christian duty.

    There was never strong popular sentiment in the US to abolish slavery. The movement began in the fervent 1830s, peaked in the activist 1840s, and faded in the reactionary 1850s. Originally, the loudest voices against the institution came from below the Mason-Dixon line, where 137 of the first 150 antislavery societies were founded. Their motivation was to get free of the continual, grinding terror of slave rebellion, the much-feared “alarum bell in the night”, in Jefferson’s words. In the wake of the Nat Turner murders, the Virginia legislature was inundated with petitions to end slavery, and nearly voted to do so in 1832.

    Most antislavery northerners descended from the first Puritan settlers. They had always considered themselves the nation’s moral conscience, but they had become irrelevant in the dynamic, new multiethnic America of the Industrial Age. Fighting the good fight against slavery was their way of reasserting their moral superiority. The most popular proposal was compensated emancipation and repatriation to Africa. Only the radical abolitionist faction proposed that whites and blacks could or should live together in political and social equality. Its isolated firebrands provided a convenient imaginary enemy, like today’s “terrorists”, to suppress dissent and command obedience in a white southern population that was growing increasingly restive under the aristocratic yoke of the planter elite. For all the noise they made, the radicals were never more than a politically impotent movement on what we would today call the lunatic fringe – until they rode the popular rage at the slaveholder insurgency into positions of power.

    • Thanks: Grahamsno(G64)
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @thotmonger
    , @anon
  39. Trinity says:
    @Priss Factor

    And you see those same STUPID WHITES physically attacking WHITE PEOPLE (often under the influence of Jews.)

    Speaking of attacking WHITE PEOPLE (under the influence of Jews) what is with the statue of Lenin near the nation of Chop/Chaz being left untouched. Most of these “white” retards could care less that Lenin ( who was at the very least 1/4 Jewish, some say he was 100% kosher approved) slaughtered MILLIONS of their fellow White people in a “worker’s paradise” that punished and enslaved the workers more than anyone else and gave the tiny Jewish population almost total power. I would say that the Soviet Union’s White population were SLAVES to the predominately Jewish leadership of the Bolsheviks. But I guess as long as the slaves are White, everything is okie-dokie with these POS.

    • Replies: @GMC
  40. Rev17 says:

    Jews and Muslims in British Colonial America: A Genealogical History
    by Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman (Author), Donald Yates (Author)

    Americans have learned in elementary school that their country was founded by a group of brave, white, largely British Christians. Modern reinterpretations recognize the contributions of African and indigenous Americans, but the basic premise has persisted. This groundbreaking study fundamentally challenges the traditional national storyline by postulating that many of the initial colonists were actually of Sephardic Jewish and Muslim Moorish ancestry. Supporting references include historical writings, ship manifests, wills, land grants, DNA test results, genealogies, and settler lists that provide for the first time the Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, and Jewish origins of more than 5,000 surnames, the majority widely assumed to be British. By documenting the widespread presence of Jews and Muslims in prominent economic, political, financial and social positions in all of the original colonies, this innovative work offers a fresh perspective on the early American experience. …

    We review now three books discussing the American colonists conventionally identified as Freemasons. The first, Ronald F. Heaton’s book on the founding fathers, 33 provides biographical information on prominent Colonial Freemasons. We place the initials SJ after those we propose to be of Sephardic Jewish descent (simply J for Jewish). Among those listed by Heaton are Benedict Arnold (SJ), Mordecai Gist (SJ), Rufus King (SJ), Benjamin Lincoln (an ancestor of President Abraham Lincoln — SJ) and George Washington. Hodapp’s more recent book, Solomon’s Builders, 34 lists Daniel Campbell (SJ), the grand master of Virginia, the Marquis de Lafayette and Andrew Jackson (SJ), Benjamin Franklin (Frankeln, SJ), 35 Paul Revere (Rivera, SJ), 36 John Hancock, Dr. Joseph Warren (SJ), James Otis, James Galloway, Peyton Randolph, Richard Henry Lea (SJ, ancestor of Robert E. Lee of the Confederacy), William Dawes (who rode with Revere, SJ), James Monroe, John Jay, Robert Livingston (SJ), John Marshall, William Paterson, John Blair (J), Jacob Broom, Daniel Carroll, John Dickinson, Nicholas Gilman (J), John Wise (J), David Stewart (J), Elisha Cullen Dick, John DufFey (J), Valentine Reintzel (J), Haym Salomon (SJ), Eliphas Levi (J), Benjamin Latrobe, Morgan Lewis (J), Arthur St. Clair (J), Elias Boudinot (J), Nathan Gorman (J) and John Sevier/Xavier (SJ). 37 In Colonial Freemasonry edited by Lewis Cook,38 various authors discuss the Masonic membership of famous figures throughout the original thirteen American Colonies. Connecticut Freemasons were led by Master Mason Jehosophat Starr (Arabic and Hebrew for “promissory note,” SJ). 39 Another Connecticut freemason is Benjamin Isaacs, who, although known to be Jewish, nonetheless attached himself to the local Episcopal Church to avoid anti-Jewish legislation then in force. He is remembered as the designer of the Great Seal of the United States. 40 Other Connecticut Masons include Joel Clarke, Joseph Perry, Daniel Moulton, Samuel Mott, John Barrett, Jonathan Hart, Bilious (Hebrew Bilhah) Ward, Israel Putnam, Seth Warner, Ezra Stiles and Dr. Sail (Saul) Pell — all of whom we propose to be of Jewish ancestry and orientation.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  41. Poco says:

    Nope. It went down.

  42. Trinity says:

    Where are the Russian and Ukrainians reparations from Jews worldwide for the Holodomor? Yes indeed, where are Europeans reparations from the groups you mentioned? Why don’t Blacks demand reparations from their African kin who enslaved them in the first place and then sold them to Arabs, Jews, as well as Whites? Answer: Because ONLY WHITEY is stupid enough to feel guilty for slavery, never mind that almost the every race has either engaged at enslaving others at one time in history or that almost every race has experienced being enslaved at one time in history. Could not a prisoner of war be no better off than a slave, hell, IMO, the treatment a lot of German civilians and POWs received from Americans, Soviets, Jews, Brits, and others were far worse than most Black slaves experienced in America. All Black Americans should get down on their knees and THANK GOD THAT THEIR ANCESTORS WERE LUCKY ENOUGH TO COME TO AMERICA, OTHERWISE, THEIR ANCESTORS WOULD HAVE ENDURED FAR MORE BRUTAL TREATMENT AT THE HANDS OF ARABS, AND THEIR FELLOW AFRICANS. And of course they wouldn’t be living in America today, getting their black asses kissed 24/7/365, instead they would be in Africa, shitting in the dirt, swatting flies and eating God knows what.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  43. Sokrates says:

    Today slave owners Jews, come as NGO.

    Look at israelis NGO “welcoming” illegal immigrants in the eastern Aegean Islands from the wars they instigated in the Middle East since 9/11/2001




    • Thanks: mark green
  44. Robjil says:

    Ford’s Dearborn International rings so true today. Nothing has changed at all in exactly a hundred years. It was published in 1920-22.
    Naming a criminal network is not anti-S. It is naming a criminal network. The jeopardy of our planet and humanity is pending for all of us with our gigantic fear of this small network of criminals.

    Dearborn International talked about the Divide-Conquer-
    Destroy tactic used by a Criminal Jewish network in the early 20th century through their control of the hard liquor business.

    Here are some quotes. Dearborn International Chapter 48, pages 28-29

    The ancient Jewish policy of Divide-Conquer-Destroy was in operation. Jewish policy favors division as a preparation to the kind of union the Jewish leaders want.

    Page 29

    The same policy of Divide-Conquer-Destroy tells the story of liquor trade. Jewish influence divided between distilling and compounding, drove out distilling, and in the end destroyed the traffic as a legalized entity.

    pages 29-30

    It may be fate. It may be Destiny’s way to survival of the fittest. That which succumbs to Judaization, as Jewish leaders conceive it, may deserve to fall. The justification of its destruction may appear in the possibilty of its Judaization. Anything that can be Judaized is to that extent sentenced to oblivion.

    In this chapter Ford, explains how a criminal Jewish network took over the hard liquor industry in the US. They distilled cheap, quickly made “blended” hard liquor. Many incidents of “racial” divisions were caused by sales of very “special” bad liquor in the black neighborhoods.

    The Jewish criminal network control of hard liquor had a bad effect on all drinkers. It was called rum rot. This led to prohibition.

    Don’t the Zion MSM Zombies see what is going on. Divide-Conquer-Destroy is exactly what is going on now in 2020. The same thing over and over again.

  45. Truth3 says:

    Compensated Emancipation and Return to Africa would have been the solution that spared 600,000 deaths from 1861-1865… as well as 155 years of burdening the USA in trying to assimilate these people into the dominant culture.

    But… No. That didn’t happen.

    So, let us do Reparations.

    Give every African American that wants it, $1 Million in payments sent to them in Africa. Over time. As long as they stay there, and never return.

    Those that want to forgo such generosity, may stay. I think LeBron will be staying.

    Meanwhile, make every Jew, as the Jews dominated slave trade and slave holding, take $1 Million of their assets, and head for Israel. Never to return.

    Let the US Government confiscate as a special Tax all Jewish assets abouve the $1M per person.

    6 Million Jews would be taking $6 Trillion to Israel.

    No Jews… Few Blacks.

    America would boom, and prosper forever.

  46. @EliteCommInc.

    “historically slavery was a reviled practice”

    Homer’s “Odyssey” depicts the slaves as effectively members of the owner’s family.

  47. This calls for giant yellow letters to be painted on the street proclaiming ‘BOYCOTT DIVEST SANCTIONS’.

    Black Frankenstein has a pea-sized brain, and will push the paint roller like a slave hoeing a cotton field.

  48. Malla says:

    Sorry I forgot this part

    “Remember how it was here in Munich during the communist takeover?” I (Deitrich Eckart) interjected. “The houses of the Jews certainly weren’t marked with blood, but there must have been a secret arrangement, because among all those who suffered the misfortune of a house search not one was a Jew. As a matter of fact, one of the stupid Red troopers who had me by the hair answered my sarcastic question by explaining that it was forbidden to search the Jewish houses.”

  49. Rev17 says:

    Jews and Muslims in British Colonial America. A Genealogical History


    One of the leaders of this new Quaker movement was a John Copland (from Hebrew Koppel, derived from Jacob), 32 who arrived in Salem from England in 1656. Two other prominent
    Quakers of the period were Nathaniel Sylvester and Eliakim Wardell, both bearing Sephardic
    given and last names. Still other heretics were Baptists. Pestana reports that one minister, Thomas Gould (German for “money” or “gold” as already discussed), liked to “read Chronicles 1:2 to his congregation: ‘Let him kiss me with kisses of his mouth, for your love is
    better than wine.’” This is an Old Testament passage central to the liturgy of the Kabbalat
    service ofJews which welcomes the Sabbath as the bride or delight of the bridegroom. Sung Friday at dusk to an ancient Moorish melody as part of the service is the hymn Lcha Dodi (“Come My Beloved”) composed in the 16th century by the rabbi Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz…..

    In agreement with crypto-Jewish practice, endogamy among the Massachusetts Quaker
    settlers was carried to extremes. In one case, Pestana reports, “six intermarried families
    accounted for fully two-thirds of the more than five hundred people known to have been members of the Salem Monthly meeting.” Among these congregants were Benjamin Bagnall, Sarah Flood33 Bassett and the Estes family. All bear Sephardic surnames. ….

    And when the condemned witch Sarah Good stood on the scaffold, she threatened Salem’s assistant minister Nicholas Noyes, ‘if you take away my life, God will give you blood to drink.’” We believe that many, perhaps most, of those accused of witchcraft were actually secret Judaizers. Whereas their practices may have been successfully hidden or winked at from others in their often remote home villages in England, acts of burning candles, kosher slaughtering, housecleaning rituals and the like were unfamiliar to the majority of their new neighbors. The Massachusetts collective branded their behavior as beyond the pale. Sarah Good s bloody curse, for example, makes the most sense when viewed from the Jewish proscription against consuming blood of any kind.


  50. @Pft

    Bernard Baruch was a nancier?
    Say it ain’t so!

  51. @Pft

    Judah P. Benjamin was also allegedly the individual who gave the order for Lincoln’s assassination, but fled [to] England after the assassination.

    I also remember reading this. It is curious that in 1865 at age 53 he flees to London, then Paris, and quickly ascends to great prosperity again. It makes you wonder whether he was being rewarded by his benefactors for the role he is said to have played in the assassination of Lincoln, who challenged the bankers monopoly of money creation by issuing directly into circulation debt-free Greenbacks. As I recall, not long afterwards Rothschild is bankrolling August Belmont in an effort to bribe politicians to get control of the nation’s money. To the best of my memory, some of this material is covered in Stephen Zarlenga’s The Lost Science of Money: The Mythology of Money, the Story of Power.

    • Replies: @anon
  52. Truth3 says:


    The ghost of JPB boinks Oprah daily.

    That’s the Devil’s reward to JPB.

    Oprah therefor has been protected by the Devil all these years.

    How do you think she got where she is?

  53. Anon[369] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Charles Dickens museum in Kent vandalised by ex-Green councillor decrying author ‘racist’

    A MUSEUM dedicated to the British literary genius Charles Dickens has been sprayed with graffiti denouncing the author as a racist.

    Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, a former Green Party councillor has daubed the Charles Dickens museum with the words “Dickens Racist, Dickens Racist”. that he will make “no apology” for what he has done because the author was a “notorious genocidal racist”. Ian Driver from Kent, said he will make “no apology” for what he has done because the author was a “notorious genocidal racist”.

    Mr Driver cited the famous character of Fagin in Oliver Twist as being an anti-Semitic stereotype…

    Dickens has been a target for many years, after making generations of Jewish kids feel bad…

    Charles Dickens has probably had more influence on the way that we celebrate Christmas today than any single individual in human history…except One.

    At the beginning of the Victorian period the celebration of Christmas was in decline. The medieval Christmas traditions, which combined the celebration of the birth of Christ with the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia (a pagan celebration for the Roman god of agriculture), and the Germanic winter festival of Yule, had come under intense scrutiny by the Puritans under Oliver Cromwell. The Industrial Revolution, in full swing in Dickens’ time, allowed workers little time for the celebration of Christmas.
    At the beginning of the Victorian period the celebration of Christmas was in decline. The medieval Christmas traditions, which combined the celebration of the birth of Christ with the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia (a pagan celebration for the Roman god of agriculture), and the Germanic winter festival of Yule, had come under intense scrutiny by the Puritans under Oliver Cromwell. The Industrial Revolution, in full swing in Dickens’ time, allowed workers little time for the celebration of Christmas.

    …it was the Christmas stories of Dickens, particularly his 1843 masterpiece A Christmas Carol, that rekindled the joy of Christmas in Britain and America.

  54. Wally says:

    Indeed, Giraldi comes out swingin’ again.

    I posted this a couple of days ago, but it sure is relevant here:

    – Statue of Jew Confederate and slave owner David Levy Yulee, who resigned his US senate seat to support the Confederacy, stands untouched in Florida:
    – David Levy Yule

    • Replies: @Z-man
  55. Tony Martin’s book is not available on Amazon but the site provides this description:

    “An essay on Black-Jewish relations, primarily in the United States, by a professor of African American History who became embroiled in controversy over his classroom use of a book detailing the well- documented Jewish role in the Atlantic slave trade.”

    • Replies: @Wally
  56. Z-man says:

    BLM knows who butters their bread

    • Replies: @Amerimutt Golems
  57. @Moi

    There are plenty of Chinese and Indians in New York city but I haven’t heard them call Christian Whites dumb and ignorant. If anything they are amazed how tolerant the majority is towards its minorities, especially, the blacks and even Jews.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Moi
  58. Zionists were heavily involved in the slave trade, but you never hear of this, because the zionists control the world governments via their central banks and control of the media, but it is a fact!

  59. TGD says:

    As to why Benjamin had no qualms about owning, selling, punishing or even killing slaves, we need only refer to the Torah a/k/a The Old Testament.

    Leviticus 25:44

    Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. 45 You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property. 46 You can bequeath them to your children as inherited property and can make them slaves for life, but you must not rule over your fellow Israelites ruthlessly.

    Note that everyone in the world except fellow Jews can be enslaved for life.

    Exodus 21:20

    Anyone who beats their male or female slave with a rod must be punished if the slave dies as a direct result…

    But wait, there’s more:

    Exodus 21:21

    But if the slave survives a day or two, he is not to be avenged, for the slave is his money.

    In other words, if you beat your slave or slave girl to death on a single day, you must be punished.

    But it’s OK to beat them to death over several days because the slave is your property and you can do what you want with them.

  60. @Hibernian

    I was educated at “the best schools” and consider myself widely read–and I never heard of Benjamin until this article was posted.

    Articles like this is why I come here.

    Brainwashing is not just what is taught–it is what is ignored or hidden.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @Wally
  61. Agent76 says:

    Feb 3, 2012 The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921

    Carol Anderson, discusses some of the lesser know instances of racial prejudice in a series of videos entitled – “THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF THE QUEST FOR CIVIL RIGHTS”.


    May 28, 2019 Stony the Road: Reconstruction, White Supremacy, and the Rise of Jim Crow

    In Stony the Road, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., offers a new rendering of the struggle by African Americans for equality after the Civil War and the violent counter-revolution that subjugated them.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
    , @chuckywiz
  62. What, no statute where Mr Benjamin had his last bowel movement?

    The vast majority of statues feature political / military figures. Do we really need to remember these useless eaters and waste money on their graves, statues, etc?

    Getting rid of all these statues would be a good start towards reducing state worship by the shallow thinkers that can’t envision a world without political ‘leadership’ that lives well while plundering the society that is stupid enough to vote for the continuation of the system that enslaves them.

    Destroying property that doesn’t belong to you is wrong. Having an awakening to realize that the symbols of state worship are extravagances we can no longer afford and melting down the statues for their scrap value is another matter entirely.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  63. Yukon Jack says: • Website

    Black Live Matter (BLM) is a subversive Jewish movement meant to radically alter the power structure in the United States. Here’s the problem, most people will not admit nor will they talk about Jews as an infiltrated enemy within the nation, thus most people do not understand that BLM is being run by the Jews for the Jews by pitting Blacks against the Whites who the Jews both hate.

    If you want to round up the Jewish extremists in Amerika then just get a list of all of the Jews involved in the BLM movement. They are all guilty as hell of subversion and treason, and most of them are probably dual Israeli citizens working under the orders of Netanyahu.

    Amerika is not a racist nation thus BLM is 100% fake non-organic revolution by the Zionists, and if you can’t see that then you are dumb as fuck and probably a leftist without a clue.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  64. Z-man says:

    Look how the hooked nose is straightened out on the statue. LOL!!!

  65. GMC says:

    I got a kick out of your comment – everytime I go to the main market , I look at this huge statue of Lenin in the Center of town. Not in Seattle. lol At first I thought like you did about it , but now I realise the the Russians accept their history and try to look at the good points that came out of Lenin’s writings. That is how Russians see it. He died a shitty death anyways so – wtf – even Hitler had some good ideas for his country – and Mussolini, Napoleon etc. But somewhere down the trail – they all disengage and the rest is history. Average Russians also look at jews differently than Americans, and since the Israeli air force hid behind the AWACs plane when the Syrians shot a s-300 missile at them, and the Russian plane got hit – you can bet the Russian military, hasn’t forgotten it. I noticed that the Zionist Bolsheviks couldn’t have their 100th class reunion in Moscow , so they are in Washington – instead. Poor America , can’t see the writing on the wall because they got programmed and propagandized by their own – just like the Rooskies in 1918. Spacibo Trinity.

  66. @Hibernian

    Given that c.v., it’s not even debatable. As I recall, Judah and Jeff Davis were best buds.

    • Agree: Dutch Boy
  67. Wally says:

    “Tony Martin’s book is not available on Amazon … ”


    Black scholar, Dr. Tony Martin, goes into the history of the primary sellers & owners of slaves, Jews.

    Professor Tony Martin – The Jewish Slave Trade of Africans

    also see recommended text:
    “Jews Selling Blacks” Book Stirs Reparations Movement:
    complete with various images, such as:

  68. schrub says:

    Years ago, the then tiny Wikipedia entry on Judah Benjamin mentioned that he had fled to Europe after the end of the Civil War because he was afraid of being implicated in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. He alone, out of all the Confederate leadership, seems to have had this fear.

    This rather revealing but “inconvenient” tidbit has since disappeared from his Wiki entry which, in the meanwhile, has now grown to such truly monumental and glorious proportions that an unknowing, first time reader of it would get the impression that Benjamin had led the Confederacy all by himself with Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis increasingly appearing to be his mere flunkies .

    Why had Benjamin actually fled? Maybe it was because he was afraid of being charged with subsidizing a certain failed and desperate actor.

    Whatever the reason for the fear, it was strong enough to keep Benjamin out of North America for the rest of his life.

  69. @Reg Cæsar

    just whisper the words “intelligent design”

    Years ago, when my high school age kids went on about the “Big Bang” theory being science, and the
    “Biblical” theory being non-science, I posed the following:
    The Big Bang theory is that an explosion, at an unknown time, in an unknown place, of an unknown mass, of an unknown origin, occurred. On this planet, a bolt of lightning, struck an unknown material, at an unknown place, at an unknown time, and created an unknown life form, from which every living thing in the history of the planet evolved, in an unknown way. I guess that could happen, but it is no more scientific than the Biblical theory.
    They stopped their criticism.

    • Replies: @Realist
  70. @Neo-Socratic

    Note though that Haym Solomon helped bankroll the Revolution (along with Robert Morris).

  71. anarchyst says:

    With advertisers, it is important to LET THEM KNOW WHY you will not buy their product. Of course, it is wise not to let them know of the racial or jewish component of your decision. However, I feel that it is safe to mention the “foreign” aspect without specifically mentioning jews or blacks. Let them know that you find the ad objectionable without being too specific as to the reason.
    As to entertainment, TURN OFF THE TALMUDVISION, especially if you have children. Do not allow this jewish poison into your home.

    • Agree: AnonStarter
    • Disagree: Fuerchtegott
    • Replies: @Fuerchtegott
  72. anarchyst says:

    Let’s not forget “whitesupremacistswhowanttokillsixmillionjews” as well. lol.
    There is an internally-destructive part of white humanity that manifests itself in always “looking out for the downtrodden” and a sense of “fair play” that is absent in every other race. Every other race looks inward, to itself and determines what is best for each other, within the race. Whites posses an externalized “altruism” that is internally destructive. No other race externalizes its altruism.
    Civil-rights (for some) laws, “affirmative action” statutes, preferences for jobs and scholarships based solely on race–not ability, and other non-competitive schemes have done NOTHING but drag us whites down and deny us whites our rightful place in OUR society.
    Us whites have every right to be proud of our contributions to the human race. We have done MORE to (attempt to) uplift other races than any other race in human history.
    Isn’t it curious to note that every other race wants to move to white-dominated countries, even those that practiced “apartheid”??
    Once most other races immigrate to white countries, they attempt to “tear down” the white society that they advocate living in.
    The other races are their (and our) own worst enemies…
    Asia for Asians…
    Africa for Africans…
    Middle east for semites…
    White countries for everyone…
    What’s wrong with this picture??
    Multiculturalism and diversity are code words for white genocide…
    …there is no “white liberation theology”.
    Despite being the greatest promoter of advancement for ALL races, us whites are denied the right to look after OUR own interests, because “people of color” (who constantly look for and find “racism” under every rock) demand that us whites subjugate ourselves and deny ourselves the solidarity among our own kind that every other race practices.
    As far as I am concerned, us whites have done enough self-flagellation, having given up our own birthright, sacrificing it on the (false) altars of “civil-rights (for some)” and “anti-discrimination” laws that benefit only minorities.
    Pushback is coming. It won’t be pretty, but is necessary.
    A number of years ago, a survey of college students was done, asking one question: “What would life be like if every white person disappeared?”
    After extensive soul-searching, one minority student spoke up…“we’d be screwed” was the answer.
    Message to minorities–if life is so oppressive under whites, why not emigrate to whatever country you originate from?

    • Replies: @Wally
  73. A123 says:

    Most of the violence appears to be devoid of any political message or understanding. It is both senseless and opportunistic. They have been pulling over statues with white faces, merely for the crime of having a white face. For example: (1)

    With vandals targeting ‘problematic’ statues across the US, a crowd in Madison, Wisconsin vented their fury on an unlikely target: A memorial to Hans Christian Heg, an immigrant who died fighting against the Confederacy.

    Born in Norway in 1829, Heg arrived in the US 11 years later. He later joined the Republican Party and became known as an anti-slavery activist, as well as the leader of an anti-slave catcher militia.

    It seems unlikely that that youths running amok are making a religious judgement to spare certain monuments.

    PEACE 😇


  74. Realist says:

    BLM isn’t about black lives matter…just like Antifa is not about anti fascism. It is about control of the US by the Deep State. BLM and Antifa are the shock troops for the Deep State.

  75. @Observator

    that it was chattel slavery based on skin pigment, which denied the humanity of its victims.

    You appear to have missed the bit about Whites being slaves in the US, and that Blacks also owned slaves. The man who started slavery for life, Antony Johnson, was Black and brought to the US as an indentured servant. Many people at the time, were brought as indentured servants, regardless of skin colour. Johnson owned one Black and two White slaves. After Johnson’s lawsuit, which successfully gained him the right to decide when the length of indenture of John Casor, who was Black, and had served the usual 7 years of indenture, slavery for life was born. That included Johnson’s two White slaves.
    It should be noted, that the native American Indians were also enslaved and kept slaves, regardless of skin colour.

    • Replies: @A Watchman
  76. Realist says:

    Your understanding of science is pitiful….non existent.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  77. @Z-man

    BLM knows who butters their bread

    Imported simpletons in the UK apparently didn’t get the memo. From Twitter.

    As Israel moves forward with the annexation of the West Bank, and mainstream British politics is gagged of the right to critique Zionism, and Israel’s settler colonial pursuits, we loudly and clearly stand beside our Palestinian comrades. FREE PALESTINE.

    – @ukblm #BlackLivesMatterUK

    Yesterday @UKBLM tweeted that “Zionism” has “gagged” politics in the UK. Questions for @TwitterSafety /@TwitterUK : • Why have you not deleted their bigoted tweet/account? • On what basis have you @verified this account as the UK representative of #BlackLivesMatter ? Who runs it?…

    – @ antisemitism Campaign Against Antisemitism

    Replying to @ukblm @gofundme @GoFundMeUK

    The bigots behind @UKBLM have raised £1m through @GoFundMe (see ). Questions for @GoFundMeUK : • Who does the money go to? • How do we know this funding, given in good faith, will not be used to spread hatred rather than to campaign against racism?

    – @ antisemitism Campaign Against Antisemitism

    To echo Sailer, the BLM Golem turning on its masters would be interesting to watch.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  78. Trinity says:

    These Jewish controlled apes (albino and colored) are so damn stupid that they tore down a statue of Ghandi. smdh. Since when did Ghandi become a white guy or when did Ghandi advocate “White Supremacy?”

    Truth be told, the negro doesn’t want equality, they never did, the negro won’t be satisfied until the White man is totally robbed of his wealth, killed off or enslaved. Nonwhites and self hating Whites are always putting out videos calling for actually killing Whites but no hate there, right? The negro has been having his ass kissed for the last 60 years and then some. Equality and racism? Hell, the negro and his Jew master are the most privileged groups in America and the most racist as well. KISS MY WHITE ASS, BLM/Antifa/ADL/$PLC and any anti-White Jewish led racist alphabet organization out there.

    • Replies: @A Watchman
    , @Hapax
    , @chuckywiz
  79. Geowhizz says:

    Statue of Liberty toppled yet?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  80. @Ludwig Watzal

    ‘… One can buy a black slave from 100 up to 500 US Dollars…’

    ? Why would one want to?

  81. @milosevic

    One would expect the Nation of Islam to research Jews selling slaves. The irony in this, is that all parties in this are not looked at. Darío Fernández-Morera “The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise: Muslims, Christians, and Jews Under Islamic Rule in Medieval Spain” is a look at Islam in Spain, but does make mention of this connection, but only a bad researcher would stop there. Dr. John Azumah’s book “The Legacy of Arab Islam in Africa” (you can find an interview on YouTube with Samuel Green with the author) takes another look a the slave trade. David Horowitz’ recent article “The Hate America Project” aka 1619 Project points out that the major slave traders were two nations, Ghana and Benin. The slaves were the spoils of war. Recently, the Democrats did there kneeling in memory of George Floyd? Those clothes they wore around their necks? Those were worn by the tribal leaders of the Ashanti tribe whose main product was slaves and gold.
    A few years ago one of Hollywood’s woke directors did a film “Ahmistad.” A passing mention is give to the fact that the English attacked and destroyed a slave castle of the slave traders, who were Africans. This would have occurred after the William Wilberforce led the fight to end the slave trade in the British Empire. The main characters of Ahmistad were Africans, who had been bought from that slave castle and were being shipped to Cuba. It was John Quincy Adams that defended them
    when the the ship they had taken from the Spanish crew wondered in to U.S. waters. The only nations that have ended slavery are nations that were founded by white people and British , who are Christian based. I include America in that. They irony of Jews being involved in slavery is that in the Old Testament they are expressly told not to engage in this practice. It was pointed out to me by an Egyptian Christian

    • Replies: @anon
  82. Dutch Boy says:

    Civil rights organizations and leaders always had Jewish handlers (including MLK, whose handler was Stanley Levison).

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  83. @Trinity

    William Federer has quoted the president of Harvard, who spoke at the 25th anniversary of Tuskegee Institute, in 1906, as saying “By 1905, Tuskegee had produced more self made millionaires that Harvard, Yale and Princeton combined.” He said this before political correctness was invented. So
    what changed? The Democrat Party worked to undermine the Black community, debauching the family and morality. The result is predictable.

    In Detroit, MI, the old Packard Plant is in what is now the murder capital of Detroit. At one time 80 skilled trades worked in that plant that also produced the Merlyn engine for the P-51 Mustang. I happened to be traveling through that are a few year ago and had to get off on the service drive.
    The most succinct way I can describe what was once a middle class community is “A third world country without the goats.” Compare Detroit to Nagasaki on August 9, 1945 and compare them later, say, August, 1967. Which city would you want to live in. One was hit by an atomic bomb while the other was hit by the Democrat Party, in 1962. When the riots took place in Detroit it was said that it was the lowest Black unemployment in Detroit.

  84. @Curmudgeon

    The actor Don Cheedles was told some of his ancestors were held as slaves AFTER slavery was ended in America. Who were the slave holders? American Indians. It was Henry Louis Gates, who was speaking.

    A Justus Angel was listed in the 1830 U.S. Census as owning 84 slaves in South Carolina. He was listed as “free colored.” Others like Mistress L. Horry had 84 slaves.
    It was a Haitian immigrant that pointed out something I had never heard. In Thomas Jefferson’s rough draft of the Declaration of Independence Jefferson called out the king for allowing slavery. I found the rough draft at the Library of Congress. It was pointed out that this list of grievances would not have been ratified by two colonies, South Carolina and Georgia, so was removed. Read David Horowitz’ article “The Hate America Project.”

    • Thanks: Curmudgeon
  85. Moe says:

    I’d like to remind Mr. Geraldi that it was the Arab invaders that took slaves and not the Muslim invaders. This has been an Arab tradition way before they became christians and Muslim. I also like to remind you that Muslims are not a nation or a people. Somehow you all bought in this narrative that is incorrect.

    • Replies: @Philip Giraldi
  86. BoweLMovement morons, ignorant of history, have just as readily torn down statues of abolitionists and Union heroes. They haven’t a clue who Judah P. was and just destroy whatever’s there.

    We’re up to 400 million in riot damage but don’t worry, Trump will tweet the words “Law and Order” again soon.

  87. Z-man says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    To echo Sailer, the BLM Golem turning on its masters would be interesting to watch.

    Yes it would be a joy to see.
    BTW, do you notice all the confiction (irony) in all your links. It must contort their minds into pretzels, but they are Satan’s children (Jews) and Satan’s tools (Blacks), so maybe not.

  88. @Moe

    I would like to inform Mr Moe that the Turks also took Christian slaves in the Balkans. The Turks, like the Arabs, were Muslims.

    • Replies: @Sokrates
    , @Czarlazar
  89. Trinity says:

    Nah, the Jews/Commies took over that one when they had the quote by (((Emma Lazarus))) added to it. The Jew leaders behind this “Canceled Culture” For Racial Justice Revolution have given orders that the Jew is God-like and to be revered and worshiped and will have no others before the Jew.

  90. Anon[156] • Disclaimer says:

    I find it interesting as well that statues, colleges, cities, islands, et al., named after Charles Darwin remain unmolested and not even challenged. Darwin believed blacks were an intermediary species between humans and apes and his theories have been used to promote scientific racism.

    But I think we all know the reason for this. Darwin and the atheistic materialism and determinism which grew out of his theory has been useful in developing propaganda to undermine Christianity (the Catholic Church). See E. Michael Jones’ Jewish Fables: Darwinism, Materialism, and other Jewish Fables (Fidelity Press, 2018).

  91. See Search Engine judah benjamin speeches Judah Benjamin’s Speech to the Senate – [ on the verge of the Civil War or was it another “All wars are Bankers Wars”, secretly financed ( on both sides ? Who would have been the proto Wall Street players in the north?) by international banking controlled by Rothschild interests,]

    The Civil War was organized by Vatican and Masonic interests to divide up the United States of
    America. British and many Europeans powers (who were connected to Confederate leaders like
    Caleb Cushing, Albert Pike, John Slidell, Mississippi Freemason John A. Quitman, August
    Belmont, and Judah Benjamin) wanted a divided America, because America’s financial strength
    was rapidly increasing. If America was divided, European countries could control North America more

    Keep in mind that Belmont was the business partner of the father of Jenny Churchill, Winston’s mother.

    Also asking the question When did the Vatican Bank come under the control of Rothschild forces?

    Also history is Dandy But what do we do NOW that the New World Order is fully revealing ITself?

    See works by Deanna Spingola

    Also who was Haym Salomon and who did he really work for?

  92. anarchyst says:
    @Dutch Boy

    I came of age during the “civil-rights (for some)” movement of the 1950s and 1960s and witnessed for myself the dishonesty and criminality both of blacks and their jewish “handlers”.
    The “civil-rights (for some)” demonstrations were not “peaceful protests”, but were violent in nature. Rapes, robberies, and destruction of property were rampant, committed by both the jewish handlers and their black “pets”.
    Us whites who protested against this destruction of civil society had a saying: “Behind every negro, there is a jew”.
    No truer words were ever spoken.

    • Agree: Trinity, Z-man, DaveE
  93. geokat62 says:

    US Police Training with Israelis

    • Agree: Katrinka
    • Thanks: Art
    • Replies: @Iva
  94. Sokrates says:
    @Philip Giraldi

    Dr Giraldi is correct.
    Christian Greeks (Ellines) were 400 years under the brutal occupation of Ottoman/Turks ’till 1821.
    That said, it must be noted the Turkey ALWAYS is governed NOT by any elected official like Tagip Erdogan, but by deep military state where most of the generals are Dönmeh (crypto-Jews).

  95. All this ranting about “the talk” that black parents supposedly suffer and anguish through ….. well ….
    “THE TALK” that WHITE Parents have to have with THEIR children about the thieving, raping, THUGS that claim to be oppressed as they live off the TAXES taken from the WHITE Parents. How Negroes get “special treatment” through Affirmative Action, never being prosecuted for Black Racist Hate Crimes. How Whites are supposed to walk on eggs around the poor-oppressed Black. How the little blackss disrupt and terrorize schools and make education impossible.
    …..THAT is “the TALK” that should be TALKED about on all the daytime bimbo “TALK” shows..
    “shoplifting is no big deal” Lavar Ball —- Black PRIVILEGE
    What Cha Gonna Do about BLACK privilege? Gonna ban “affirmative action”?
    Dress like a THUG, walk like a THUG, talk like a THUG …. then whine like little CRY-BABIES because you get treated like a THUG.
    “Black PRIVILEGE” “LaVar Ball scoffed at the notion that President Trump’s meeting with Chinese Premier Xi Jinping had played any role in his son’s release. Ball went on to say that “shoplifting is no big deal”” —- Black PRIVILEGE “Black PRIVILEGE” —- blacks thinks stealing is a right …….. THEN they WHINE because store clerks WATCH THEM all the time …….
    THUG culture, DRESSING in criminal clothes- hiding inside hoodies and running shoes dor escaping, RAP hate music, SCOWLING, AGGRESSIVE posturing and motions ……….

    • Agree: Z-man
  96. Wally says:

    The saying goes something like this:

    ‘Rather than telling people what to think, we prefer to tell people what to think about’.

    • LOL: DaveE
  97. Ahoy says:

    @Sokrates #46

    Spot on! Thank you.

  98. @EliteCommInc.

    “It is simple, most people have no idea who you are talking about.”

    Uh…. that’s exactly the point.

    Despite dominating the slave trade, Jews are nowhere to be found when discussions of slave traders come up.

    The DeWolfe family, David Levy, Judah Benjamin, etc etc. They utterly dominated the slave markets in places like Newport, Rhode Island, Charleston, etc.

    And yet, no one knows about it. Brains of the confederacy, yet not important enough to mention.

    It’s a clear example of Jewish power.

    • Agree: FLgeezer
  99. Wow. Will this be disputed? Will it be censored? Will it be ignored? Will it be denied?

    Like the Israeli law criminalizing photographing or video taking as they, “…carry out the performance of their duty…” as Israeli officials choose censor, or to gloss over the maiming, the killing, the imprisoning, on and on, as well as what their vigilante citizens’ brutality, if these crimes aren’t known, then they sort of don’t exist. Does the MSM ever publish pictures of Palestinians who have had one leg shot, thus amputated? No. Didn’t take place. Or are arrogantly dismissed as, “…inconsistent with Israeli policy.”

    Israel is not an ally. It is the opposite.

  100. Bob Dobbs says:

    Without the memorial we wouldn’t be talking about it now and no one would ever know who Judah Benjamin was. Now we can look it up and learn. If the memorial is taken, the opportunity to learn is lost.

  101. Anonymous[134] • Disclaimer says:

    YOU are too polite and too kind…jews Invented slavery they used the Torah, Talmud to justify it…and they have been running IT since ancient pre Roman times,and they used it to punish DEBTORS of usury… and what do you call the NFL, MLB, NBA, who controls trillions$$ in black sports, arts, MUSIC, etc…Ironically BLM is demolishing statues of men that NEVER owned any slaves…Christopher Columbus neverowned any slaves in fact he died in a homeless asylum lying on an old woodeb bed He died poor and destitute …fighting for the benefits promised to him by the Spanish crown….He died whispering that He had discovered Japan, India…He never realized that he had open the way to America…

  102. hobo says:

    “The very word slave comes from Slav, as many of the slaves in the Middle Ages were from the Slavic parts of the Balkans bordering on the Adriatic…”

    Lets not forget “the harvesting of the steppes”, the slave trade that plagued the Black Sea area during this and preceding periods. A bit of digging reveals this little gem:

    “The quantity of slaves reached a level where several shiploads per week reached Istanbul ( early 17th century ). At the same time, the slave merchants were even organized into a guild in Istanbul – of the about 2000 members, all were jews.”

    – Muscovy and the Black Sea Slave Trade – Alan W. Fisher – 1972

    It should be noted that jewish participation in this ‘harvesting’ dates back to the Radhanites who were major players in this trade as far back as the 9th and 10th centuries.

    (note: ‘ harvesting of the steppes’ sounds eerily similar to ‘mowing the lawn’ . Just coincidence I’m sure.)

    • Thanks: Robjil, Z-man, DaveE
  103. Paul says:

    General U.S. Grant kicked Jews out of territory his forces occupied because Jews would not quit trading with the Confederacy.

  104. Hapax says:

    When did Gandhi advocate White Supremacy? Well, how about here:

    “We believe also that the white race of South Africa should be the predominating race”; Indian Opinion, Sept 24, 1903.

    Gandhi also said:

    “The cry for the national home for the Jews does not make much appeal to me. The sanction for it is sought in the Bible and in the tenacity with which the Jews have hankered after their return to Palestine. Why should they not, like other peoples of the earth, make that country their home where they are born and where they earn their livelihood?” Harijan, 11 Nov 1938.

    “Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs… Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly as their national home.”

    • Thanks: Trinity
  105. Trinity says:

    Other posters have mentioned this during the latest (((attempt at erasing America’s history))), but let me say that I agree that “holocaust museums” and/or monuments might need to be removed since they have become such a part of “old American history.” While concentration camps were thousands of miles on another continent separated by an ocean, it didn’t stop (((them))) from placing museums and/or monuments in America. Go figure that one out. Anyhow, what’s done is done, HOWEVER, why should the “holocaust” share the spotlight with slavery? Since Jews are technically part of the White race, isn’t that a form of “White Supremacy” by maintaining that the “holocaust” is just as horrible or even more horrible than the African Slave Trade? We must put no tragedy before the African Slave Trade because in doing so we are institutionalizing “systemic racism” against our Black brethren.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  106. KA says:

    Joshua Leifer in Jewish Currents reports on a leaked memo from the ADL on its strategy to spin “apartheid” if annexation goes through.
    [The memo] warns that the group will need to find a way to defend Israel from criticism without alienating other civil rights organizations, elected officials of color, and Black Lives Matter activists and supporters. The memo suggests that the group hopes to avoid appearing openly hostile to public criticism of annexation while it works to block legislation that harshly censures Israel or leads to material consequences, such as conditioning United States military support…

    That statue is the hidden memo out of the redacted pages of the history just like the above one from the ADL .Somehow the morons will keep on toppling statues in St Louis and in California and even talk of Islamophobia and anti smetism in the same sentence !

    Another fact the slavery in Ottoman was regulated financed and owned initially by the Jews according to article in JSTOR .

  107. Moi says:
    @Really No Shit

    We are “tolerant” because unlike other countries our history and culture is relatively young. We are used to mix of people because anyone who is here legally has a right to be here. You could live in German or India for 50 years but you’d not be considered really German/Indian (except perhaps legally if you were granted citizenship).

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  108. Derer says:

    “Slavic parts of the Balkans bordering on the Adriatic, where mostly Muslim seagoing raiders would attack coastal villages and carry off (to slavery) the inhabitants.”

    I digress, however further to this Ottoman savagery…after Ottoman was kicked out from the Balkans he left the remnants of Albanian and Bosnian Muslims there (actually the present Albanians and Bosnian forefathers were all Christians converted under torture to Islam).

    That is is why the despicable actions of “cigar” Clinton and UK moron Blair, of taking Ottoman side in a recent Balkan civil war, are so outrages. Bombing Serbia and pushing infeasible Kosovo independence are actions of a history illiterate people in power.

    • Replies: @Anon
  109. Anon[221] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes the conversion and reconversion are the old games

    50 percent of the Portugal population was Muslim in 11 the century . Where did they go ?

    Phillipine was Muslim and pagan mostly . No Christian until Spain cane and converted them by force . Same history out of Kenya and Tanzania.

    • Replies: @Derer
  110. R.C. says:

    “To their credit, the congregations are now seeking to have the memorial removed.”

    WTF? So, the author’s OK with the cancel culture?

    • Agree: Katrinka
  111. Both Generals were successful and beloved by their men on the battlefield in some of the most fearsome bloody engagements of the civil war

    Nat Turner shocked the country and scared the bebutterscotch out of whites North and south.

    Sam Houston General of the rag tag rebels that defeated Mexican General Santa Ana. establishing the republic of Texas son to become the state of Texas of the US.

    The current bent of those wanting to destroy symbols is fr the moment o go after the most popular well known names. All of the men i reference above were known loved, hated, feared, and or despised north and south, East and West.

  112. “Homer’s “Odyssey” depicts the slaves as effectively members of the owner’s family.’

    As I noted in my comments. Some civilizations engaged in the practice very differently one from another. it was not an uncommon practice on the Continent of Africa, in Grecian and Roman societies, even among the Egyptians that slaves were artisans, teachers, accountants, and held various posts with the structure of the societies in which they were saves — but they were slaves nonetheless and that meant they existed for the benefit of whoever ‘owned’ them or to whom they were indebted.

    And among some African societies the slaves could become adopted members of the same as equal members a thought they ad always been. But slavery in general was something that invited universal disdain and more.

    I agree with your observation with this caveat, slaves were considered part of the family among slave owners in the southerns as well and extension of the families will, without regard for the same benefit(s).

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  113. anon[776] • Disclaimer says:
    @A Watchman

    Arbs did not bring massive population from N Africa . They occupied it with Jewish help and they ruled . They couldn’t have ruled without the help of the local population . Spain was never muslim majority country even in 10th century . Portugal was also never . They couldn’t have ruled and fended themselves off attacks by France the only other known Christian region . German heartland and Nordic countries were not Christian then . Those regions became Christian through the same process- forceful conversion, prospect of more opportunities and voluntary conversion mediated by the groundwork of Catholics . Slavery was never a feature of moorish Spanish rule .

    • Replies: @Robjil
  114. @Moi

    So your basis for saying in the original post that the Indians and Chinese think we are “dumb and ignorant” is really in reality them saying we’re too generous rather than we’re out of our wits… I can buy it if that’s the argument you’re asserting.

    • Replies: @Malla
  115. Robjil says:

    Islamic Spain had slaves just like anywhere else in the Islamic world at that time.
    Slav slaves were very popular in Islamic Spain. Here is some info about it.

    The Slavic slaves sold to Muslim Spain included female concubines for the harems of the rich Arabs who were especially valued for their light complexion and blonde hair, and males, often brought in as young boys, who either became civil servants, palace servants, eunuchs at the above-mentioned harems, or, in the case of the physically strongest specimen, troops of the elite Slavic Guards, which served as “preatorian guards,” and whose soldiers enjoyed special privileges from the Arabic rulers of Spain. It must be also added that part of the Slavic slaves who arrived in Spain were later transferred to other locations in the Muslim world, like North Africa and even the Middle East; in the former, the existence of the Slavic Guards has also been confirmed (see below about the Slavic Guard at Nukur). According to Ibn Hauqal, the Slavic slaves were brought to Muslim Spain via Galicia, Frankia, the Lombard Kingdom, and Calabria in Southern Italy.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Anon
  116. “The DeWolfe family, David Levy, Judah Benjamin, etc etc. They utterly dominated the slave markets in places like Newport, Rhode Island, Charleston, etc.
    And yet, no one knows about it. Brains of the confederacy, yet not important enough to mention.
    It’s a clear example of Jewish power.’

    That can only be tested, if at all, once they become known. There not known because they simply have no standing as icons. well, there are going to be a myriad of names that will be missed.

    Dr. Giraldi’s position presses that the jews are getting ass because they are Jews and any resulting criticism might have dire consequences. But in light of the fact that simply don’t occupy a current thinking, because they are eclipsed by others and for good reason — they imply have yet to get the “treatment.

    I am going to sidestep the debate about WS ‘s role in building the slave trade. Though I have to admit, I am surprised its iconic symbols remain in place. I take it that 9/11 security remains in place. Antifa and company have only been at this for a brief time. — should the knowledge of how deep we are in slavery against our very principles — I have no doubt they will become suspects if they weren’t already it’s just that their numbers haven’t come up yet.

    More like the power of anonymity for the time being.

  117. lloyd says: • Website

    The fire eater David Levy is missing in the wikipedia article on “the fire eaters”. In case you don;t know, “the fire eaters” were Senators in slave owning States who supported slavery as a single cause not as merely an economic issue. However in the list at the bottom of the article of the fire eaters ,he is listed last. I wonder how long that will remain?

  118. lloyd says: • Website

    This is very revealing. Why are abolitionists even Abe Lincoln being literally torn off their pedestals and these Jewish Confedeate slave owners being left alone? The answer is glaring. BLM are being led by the nose. They are not attacking these statues because they have never heard of them. BLM represent dumb, non educated America. But the blacks and I suspect most goy whites too in BLM movement don’t make distinction between Jews and whites. These statues will most likely be next as words spread via social media. In UK, BLM have absolutely rejected overtures from Zionist organisations. Their identification with the Palestinians is total. The golem is out of control.

  119. Rurik says:

    Slavery was never a feature of moorish Spanish rule


  120. Robjil says:

    Here is more detail about slavery of Slavs in the Islamic world during the 9th and 11th centuries. Perhaps, this is a big reason that Eastern Europe can not be duped into this Zion MSM BLM movement.

    The Saqaliba—a term that in medieval Arabic literature denoted the Slavic populations of central and eastern Europe (and possibly some of their neighbors)—offer a particularly insightful case study of the mechanisms of the early Islamic slave trade and the nature of the Muslim demand for slaves. What makes them such an ideal case study is their high visibility in texts produced in the Islamic world between the early 9th and early 11th centuries. Arab geographers and diplomats investigated their origins, while archaeological material, primarily hundreds of thousands of dirhams found in Scandinavia and the Slavic lands, contains traces of the trade in them. By combining these strands of evidence, we can build an exceptionally detailed image of slave trade systems that supplied Saqaliba to the Islamic markets, which, in turn, can be used to illustrate more general mechanisms governing the trade in and demand for slaves in the medieval Islamic world.

    There was a diversity of slaves in the Islamic world in the 11th century. Ibn Butlan listed twenty places of origin. Blacks (Zanj) and Saqaliba (Slavs) came from the most long distance places within the Islamic slave trade at that time. Thus, it implied a long term voyage for both of these type of slaves to arrive at their destinations compared to other slaves that were at the borders of the Islamic world.

    We can perhaps see long-distance slave trade systems, with their complex logistics and immanent incertitude, as a special case rather than a pattern for the Islamic slave trade. Frontier trade and warfare all along the borders of the Islamic world appear to have been sufficient to satisfy the urban demand for domestic and sexual slaves. The diversity of these slaves’ geographical origins is illustrated by the mid-11th-century guidebook to purchasing slaves composed by Ibn Butlan, which listed more than twenty places of origin. With the exception of Zanj and Saqaliba supplied by long-distance trade systems, almost all of the slaves had been situated within or just outside the borders of the Islamic world. 14

  121. Anon[221] • Disclaimer says:

    Doesn’t sound like the deal or the fate meted out to the transatlantic slaves years later . They were uprooted from family and they experienced horrendous psychological trauma ,there is no doubt of that .
    Also in the same vein , did they materially do better than the counterparts left in Europe ? They didn’t do worse .

    Compared to the conditions of the serfs in India ,these slaves did way better .

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Robjil
  122. @EliteCommInc.

    By artisans, I do not simply singers and dancers — but skilled laborers and professionals.

  123. Hossein says:

    The stupid Congressional black caucus is owned by the Zionists and as minister farakan has called them repeatedly , rightly and correctly so, are a bunch of house Negros and uncle Toms. Disgraceful bunch. They do not even live among their constituents and prefer the posh homes and villas provided by their masters. The dead Elijah Cummings was one of them and so is John Lewis.
    The Zionists have always been the worst enemies of coloured people and their rubbish spewed from the filthy mouth of the miserable and racist ADL in so called defense of minorities is nothing but an empty slogan and a ruse to enslave the coloured further.
    The coloured people should look no further than occupied Palestine that has become a ghetto for the true owners of the land and witness the racism and the brutal occupation and in particular the Apartheid system .yet these coloured ones are drinking the kool aid of “Liberal ” Jews who call them Kushis and other disgusting names. terribly misguided .
    Instead of destroying American history and monuments these coloured people should direct their non violent rage towards the true tormentors of Americans, Black, White and Latinos and destroy the political stranglehold of Zionism by electing patriots who do not accept the bloody Zionist money and who would serve the interest of American nation .

    • Thanks: FLgeezer
  124. Wally says:

    Let’s not forget “whitesupremacistswhowanttokillsixmillionjews” as well. lol.”

    – The fact is that The Usual Enemies of Free Speech have been promoting their lie of ‘6,000,000 dead Jews’ since at least 1823. *

    – Hey, we’re just the messengers.

    * Click on this & scroll down to see newspaper records.

    6 MILLION?

  125. Czarlazar says:
    @Philip Giraldi

    That’s absolutely true. Ask the Serbs, who were occupied by the Turks for 500 years…

  126. Valka says:

    With southern states wanting so badly to have their slaves represented (3/5th compromise) are there records for slaves claimed and who owned them for any given year? One would think there would be fairly complete records given the value of counting them

  127. Wally says:

    Basic questions for the fraud of so called ‘Black Live Matter’ below:
    To Understand BLM.:


    Why is BLM not transparent financially? Why do they conceal their financial statements?

    Why is the BLM aim to defund police, and not to defund the War on Drugs? The latter is what fills the prisons with black lives.

    Why is BLM willing to defund police without having a viable alternative system?

    Why does BLM aim to tear down the policing of black communities, including that which is directed at violent crimes?

    Why does BLM want to release violent criminals from prisons?

    Why is BLM so dead set against people who have built up wealth?

    Why does BLM want reparations from whites, whoever they may be, when they cannot possibly identify past perpetrators and link them to victims in the present?

    Why does BLM blame everything relating to black people on racism, when this case cannot be rationally sustained?

    Why does BLM disregard rational argument and replace it with rhetoric, slogans and demands?

    Why is it BLM’s aim to disrupt ordinary families, and not to promote families with fathers?

    Why does BLM focus on black women and largely ignore black men?

    Why is BLM’s leadership Marxist and trained to be Marxist?

    Why does BLM paint today’s society as systemically racist when it is not?

    Why does BLM promote the fiction that faulty theories of race that used to be prevalent generations ago are at work discriminating against black people today?

    Why does BLM attack capitalism, free enterprise and free markets?

    Why does BLM violently attack speech that opposes their views?

    Why doesn’t BLM dissociate itself from antifa and its violence?

    Why doesn’t BLM condemn rioting and looting, especially that which destroys black businesses and communities?

    Why is BLM willing to burn down the system?

    Why is BLM willing to attack images of Jesus and religious places of worship?

    Why does a BLM leader speak of forming a military arm?

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Malla
  128. Robjil says:

    The largest African slave rebellion in history happened in of all places in what is now Iraq.
    It was plantation slavery under very harsh conditions. Here info on that.

    It was in early Iraq where the largest African slave rebellions occurred. Here were gathered tens of thousands of East African slave laborers called Zanj. These Blacks worked in the humid salt marshes in conditions of extreme misery. Conscious of their large numbers and oppressive working conditions the Zanj rebelled on at least three occasions between the seventh and ninth centuries. The largest of these rebellions lasted for fifteen years, from 868 to 883, during which time our people inflicted defeat after defeat upon the Arab armies sent to suppress the revolt.

    It grew into something quite big.

    This rebellion is known historically as the “Revolt of the Zanj” or the “Revolt of the Blacks.” It is significant to point out that the Zanj forces were rapidly augmented by large-scale defections of Black soldiers under the employ of the Abbassid Caliphate at Baghdad. The rebels themselves, hardened by years of brutal treatment, repaid their former masters in kind, and are said to have been responsible for great slaughters in the areas that came under their sway


    It is even spread into what is Iran now.

    At its height the Zanj rebellion spread to Iran and advanced to within seventy miles of Baghdad itself. The Zanj even built their own capital, called Moktara (the Elect City), which covered a large area and flourished for several years. The Zanj rebellion was ultimately only suppressed with the intervention of large Arab armies and the lucrative offer of amnesty and rewards to any rebels who might choose to surrender.

    • Thanks: Ivan
    • Replies: @KA
    , @anon
    , @Hossein
  129. anarchyst says:

    Jews use the “holohoax” (oops, I mean “holocaust”) to deflect criticism from themselves, being worldwide major slave traders for millennium. They use the “poor jews” excuse to keep others from bringing up their major role in the slave trade. From financiers and insurers, to ship owners and auctioneers, jews have been neck-deep in the slave trade.

  130. From the viewpoint of economics what was practiced in America was “slave plantation agriculture”. This practice was invented in the 4th century BC in Carthage, adopted by Rome in the 2nd century BC and exported thence to southern France, Spain and Portugal. Most agricultural slaves in antiquity were either captured in war or by pirates or debtors from the Near East, most were from “Syria” (i.e. the Near East), the Balkans, south Russia, Gaul, Britain, Germania — plus war and pirate victims from all over. Nearly all were ‘white.’ The Spanish and Portuguese pioneered slave plantation agriculture’s exportation South and Central America, with the British, Dutch and French following suit in the Caribbean. London finance was a key player in its implantation in the American South (see Jefferson’s comment quoted below).

    The primary beneficiaries of the slave economy of the American south were investors in mercantile commerce, import-export trade, and finance. By 1800 they were headquartered on Wall Street (see below).



    By 1811 New York City’s import-export entrepôt economy had considerably
    diversified — notably into the interconnected “triangle trade” in sugar,
    rum distilling, and slaves. “In 1655, the [Dutch West Indies] Company slave
    ship Witte Paert arrived in New Amsterdam from West Africa with 300 slaves
    who were sold at public auction, increasing the city’s population by 10
    percent.”[52] The city quickly evolved into a major North American center
    of the trade; a new “slave market opened at the eastern end of Wall Street
    in 1700.”[53] By 1810 the South’s export and domestic trade and credit were
    in the hands of Manhattan’s mercantile and investor elite.[54] Over their
    strenuous opposition New York State — heeding the dictates of its New
    England conscience — outlawed slavery and Manhattan’s slave markets were
    closed on July 4, 1827. But until 1861 Wall Street banks continued writing
    mortgages with slaves as collateral and dealing in them as financial
    instruments, a service as vital to the South’s slave economy as Manhattan’s
    coastal and export trade in Southern cotton, wholesale wares, domestic
    staples and mercantile credit. “In the sale of a Southern planter’s
    property, a New York creditor took over the slaves … by no means an
    infrequent practice … many merchants at one time or another owned
    ‘slave-work plantations.’ One partner in ‘a Broadway firm’ was said to
    possess twelve hundred slaves, and another three hundred.’ … The cotton
    factors [brokers] in the South were either themselves New Yorkers or agents of New
    York firms. The shipping vessels which carried the cotton either directly
    to Europe or coastwise to New York or New England were frequently owned by
    New Yorkers. New York companies took charge of the insurance of the cotton
    cargoes. The advances necessary for the planting of the new cotton crop
    came from New York firms and banks. Finally, the domestic and imported
    merchandise used in the cotton kingdom came mainly from New York.” Colin
    Woodard summarizes: “The city’s merchants and bankers had extensive ties
    with Deep Southern and Tidewater slave lords … As the local Evening Post
    reported in 1860, ‘The City of New York belongs almost as much to the South
    as to the North.”[55]

    On Wall Street during (and before and after) the Civil War “Gold trading was
    done at the Gold Room, a trading room located around the corner from the New
    York Stock Exchange. Trading in the metal took precedence there above
    anything else. When the Union was victorious on the battlefield, the
    traders sang ‘John Brown’s Body’ in unison; when the South scored a victory,
    they switched to ‘Dixie.’ The lack of conscience displayed by the
    speculators infuriated many, including Abraham Lincoln, who asked a
    colleague, ‘What do you think of those fellows on Wall Street who are
    gambling in gold at such a time as this? For my part I wish every one of
    them had his devilish head shot off.’”[64]

    Colonial New England discountenanced slavery on grounds of religion and
    political philosophy. “Free Negroes” participated in its communities before
    the Revolution and after. Crispus Attucks was one of the demonstrators
    killed in the Boston Massacre. When John and Abigail Adams went to reside
    in Philadelphia while he represented Massachusetts in the Continental
    Congress they left their Braintree farm in the care of a local black family.
    Free blacks fought in George Washington’s Continental army and sailed in New
    England merchant marine and whaling fleets from before the Revolution until
    the Civil War and after.[85] In the South also, as early as 1778 Thomas
    Jefferson “endeavored unsuccessfully to bring about the gradual extinction
    of slavery by bringing in a bill in the Assembly of Virginia decreeing that
    all slaves born after its passage should be free…. In 1784 he proposed
    the prohibition of slavery in the [“Old”] Northwest, and, though defeated
    that year, his proposal was successful in 1787, when, by a unanimous vote,
    the Continental Congress prohibited slavery throughout the territory north
    and west of the Ohio.”[86]

    In the South, as in Manhattan, slavery was predominantly a feature of upper
    class livelihoods, its profits concentrated “at the very top of the southern
    economic pyramid.”[87] At the Constitutional Convention later in 1787 these
    economic interests blocked prohibition of slavery in the Constitution —
    Jefferson was on a diplomatic mission in France.[88] Two years earlier, in
    his Notes On The State of Virginia (1785) he described Southern slave
    plantations as “a species of property annexed to certain mercantile houses
    in London.”[89] Twentieth-century historian Fernand Braudel concurs about
    the preponderant influence of absentee middlemen: “The commercial interests
    of large banks and investment corporations of England exercised a close
    control over the early plantations of both the Caribbean and the North
    American mainland.”[90] Already “by the beginning of the eighteenth century
    the engrossing of the lands of lowland Virginia had progressed so far, that
    the practice of holding large tracts of wasteland for reserves in the great
    plantations had become so common, that the authorities of Virginia reported
    to the home government that the best lands were all taken up.”[91]

    The huge expansion of slavery in the South that commenced in the 1790s was
    driven by the extension of cotton plantation acreage to profit from the
    enhanced potential production enabled by Eli Whitney’s invention of the
    cotton gin, patented in 1793, but the fundamental economic incitement was
    the sky-rocketing demand for cotton from the textile mills of newly
    industrialized Lancashire, England, whose mechanical looms induced a rise in
    imports from the South “from 130,000 lb. to 18,000,000 lbs yearly between
    1792 and 1800” and dozens of times that in succeeding decades — a burst of
    industrial progress whose finances beggared and doomed to proletarian
    degradation tens of thousands of traditional English home hand-loom weavers:
    capital in international action. By 1820 cotton represented 32% of
    America’s exports, reaching 51% in 1840 and 57% in 1860. Far and away
    America’s largest export business, its finances and trade were managed
    predominantly by Manhattan middlemen.[93]


    52. Colin Woodard, American Nations: A History of th Eleven Rival Regional
    Cultures of North America (Viking, New York, 2011) p. 71-72.

    53. Nathan Miller, The Roosevelt Chronicles (Garden City, Doubleday, 1979)
    p. 41.

    54. B.B. Kendrick, “The Colonial Status of the South,” Journal of Southern
    History vol. 8 no. 1 (February 1942) p. 3-22. Kendrick, then president of
    the Southern Historical Association, shows that the South’s status vis-a-vis
    New England and New York City was, from before the Revolution up until the
    present day, colonial, subject, exploited: “At present finance capitalism
    and imperialism hold the region in so firm a grip that no escape from the
    colonial status appears possible short of some catastrophic collapse of the
    whole imperialistic system.” (p. 4).

    55. Philip S. Foner, Business & Slavery: The New York Merchants & the
    Irrepressible Conflict (Univesity of North Carolina Press, 1941) p. 3-6.
    Woodard op. cit. n. 52 supra p. 230 ff. adds: “In 1790 the region’s farming
    counties — Kings, Queens, and Richmond — had a higher proportion of white
    slaveholding families than South Carolina…. While the state as a whole
    was abolitionist, its biggest metropolis was not. [Up until the Civil War]
    runaway slaves and free blacks were constantly being kidnapped by New York
    City’s many ‘Blackbirders,’ slave-catching bounty hunters who deported their
    captures to the plantations.” See also Brother Basil Leo Lee, F.S.C.,
    Discontent in New York City 1861-1865 (Washington, D.C., Catholic University
    Press of America, 1943); and William C. Wright, The Succession Movement in
    the Middle Atlantic States (Rutherford, Farleigh Dickinson University Press,
    1973) p. 164-205.

    64. George Wheeler, Pierpont Morgan and Friends: The Anatomy of a Myth
    (Englewood Cliffs, Prentice-Hall, 1973) p. 78; Wheeler cites Robert Sobel,
    The Curbstone Brokers (New York, Macmillan, 1970) p. 33 and Panic On Wall
    Street (New York, Macmillan, 1968).

    85. Page Smith, John Adams (New York, Doubleday, 1962, 2 vols passim; see
    p. 322 on Washington’s army.

    86. Bertrand Russell, Freedom versus Organization 1814-1914 (New York,
    Norton, 1934) p. 230, 269.

    87. Robert William Fogel & Stanley L. Engerman, Time On The Cross: The
    Economics of American Negro Slavery (Boston, Little, Brown, 1974) p.

    88. Charles Beard, An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the
    United States (New York, Macmillan, 1913).

    89. Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia.

    90. Fernand Braudel, Civilization and Capitalism 15th-18th Century, trans.
    Siân Reynolds, (New York, Harper & Row, 1982-1985, 3 volumes), The
    Perspective of the World (vol. 3) p. 401.

    91. Frederick Jackson Turner, The Frontier in American History (New York,
    Henry Holt, 1920; 1947; 1958): “The Old West” [1908, Proc. of the State
    Historical Society of Wisconsin] p. 67-125; p. 87 quoted.

    93. William Clarke, “Industrial,” p. 94-134 in Fabian Essays, George
    Bernard Shaw et al. (London, Fabian Society, 1889; rpr. Allen& Unwin, 1962)
    p. 104 quoted.

    • Thanks: Ivan
  131. Robjil says:

    Slavery is slavery.

    This article is comparison of two slave systems – the Transatlantic and the Arab.

    “While many children were born to slaves in the Americas, and millions of their descendants are citizens in Brazil and the USA to this day, very few descendants of the slaves that ended up in the Middle East survive.
    While most slaves who went to the Americas could marry and have families, most of the male slaves destined for the Middle East were castrated, and most of the children born to the women were killed at birth.”

    • Agree: Derer
    • Replies: @AnonStarter
    , @Colin Wright
  132. KA says:

    Rebellion doesn’t usually come from the utterly defeated , It always comes from those who enjoys cohesion , time to organize , and offers an alternative and shares same hopes and aspirations because of socio economic structural similarites. Rebels often as a group are economically, socially , and politically disadvantaged compared to those against which rebellion is mounted . But the barriers to the access to opportunities and the the hopes for changes are not maintained either by persistent differences of race color or religion .When these differences are impenetrable ,chances of reconciliation through rebellion is nil . It had to be total separation . The socio economic commonality makes it psychologically possible to change the status , This describes the slave rebellion in Iraq .

    Organized Rebellion is not a feature of a broken splintered atomized persons grouped into one single identity that would have described the indentured labor forces or the transatlantic slaves
    That would have to wait for internal implosion of the ruling superior class . .

  133. There have been slaves since ancient times through the eighteenth century in many countries and most of them have been white. Sometimes they were called something different. Indentured servants were de facto slaves, as were the serfs in Russia, who were tied to the land and were not liberated until 1861.

    What we call “chattel slavery” existed primary as a means of production that became obviated in the west largely as a consequence of the Industrial Revolution and, to a lesser extent, post-Enlightenment age concepts concerning human liberty.

    In Race and Slavery in the Middle East, Bernard Lewis, a renowned historian who is certainly no friend of Islam, wrote

    In later times, for which we have more detailed evidence, it would seem that while the slaves often suffered appalling privations from the moment of their capture until their arrival at their final destination, once they were placed with a family they were reasonably well treated and accepted in some degree as members of the household. In commerce, slaves were often apprenticed to their masters, sometimes as assistants, sometimes advancing to become agents or even business partners.

    … and …

    In what might be called civil matters, the slave was a chattel with no legal powers or rights whatsoever. He could not enter into a contract, hold property, or inherit. If he incurred a fine, his owner was responsible. He was, however, distinctly better off, in the matter of rights, than a Greek or Roman slave, since Islamic jurists, and not only philosophers and moralists, took account of humanitarian considerations. They laid down, for example, that a master must give his slave medical attention when required, must give him adequate upkeep, and must support him in his old age. If a master defaulted on these and other obligations to his slave, the qadi could compel him to fulfill them or else either to sell or to emancipate the slave. The master was forbidden to overwork his slave, and if he did so to the point of cruelty, he was liable to a penalty which was, however, discretionary and not prescribed by law. A slave could enter into a contract to earn his freedom, in which case his master had no obligation to pay for his upkeep. While in theory the slave could not own property, he could be granted certain rights of ownership for which he paid a fixed sum to his master. [emphasis added]

    Fact is, while the phenomenon of chattel slavery has been largely eliminated, liberty remains ever elusive even in the contemporary west. Most of us are compelled to wage and debt slavery, and the latitude of choice we enjoy is highly circumscribed in a society where the degree of one’s freedom is directly correlated to economic mobility and political correctness.

    The more things change, …

  134. Big Tech Censorship is like Ed Sullivan


    Big Tech Censorship is like Harry Tatelman

  135. @Robjil

    While many children were born to slaves in the Americas, and millions of their descendants are citizens in Brazil and the USA to this day, very few descendants of the slaves that ended up in the Middle East survive.

    While most slaves who went to the Americas could marry and have families, most of the male slaves destined for the Middle East were castrated, and most of the children born to the women were killed at birth.

    Pure, unsubstantiated rubbish.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  136. @Rev17

    I have no doubt that Benjamin Franklin was a Puritan, i.e. a Christian, and his ancestors for at least two generations were.

    We need to be very skeptical of what looks like Jewish revision of history. Remember, they are liars intrinsically.

    There are also those non-Jews who defame Christians by calling them Jews though they once were but are no more. Or their remote ancestors were.

    We want Jews to abandon Judaism except we won’t let them, keep calling them Jews when they did.

  137. anon[776] • Disclaimer says:

    So these rebellious soldiers or organized fighters were initially caught as captives ,were castrated and then drafted into military ! Rebellion by the eunuch! That would have been miracle . They also built own capital and controlled large areas! Who lived under the suzerainty of these eunuchs ?

    Killing fetus or infant is one of the despicable acts that Koran forbids . It still is observed by Muslim across the boards .

    I don’t believe it though I have no citation or proof . But I know I wont believe either that t Einstein did not know how to add 4+ 4 to make it 8 .

    • Replies: @Robjil
  138. @Agent76

    The Malcolm X “You’re a Political Chump” excerpt was partly reprised in “The Ballot or the Bullet“, which is a pretty remarkable speech.

    The guy was a much greater threat to the status quo than the tame negro MLKJr (who was massively compromised, and hence easier to keep in line).

    I’m not the kinda person who comes here to say what you like. I’m gonna tell you the truth, whether you like it or not.

  139. @Robjil

    ‘This article is comparison of two slave systems – the Transatlantic and the Arab.’

    The article appears to be from some Black Nationalist site; other offerings include ‘black Greeks.’

    I see no reason to give it credence.

    • Agree: AnonStarter
    • Replies: @Robjil
  140. Andrew Nikifaruk makes the case that the abolition of slavery movement only really gained traction after the rise of fossil fuels promised to be our new “energy slaves”.

  141. Destroyer, thy name is Judah.

  142. Robjil says:

    I did mean to bring a big deal about this. It is what it is. Humans are very complex. In Zion MSM days of today, the complexity of the world and its history is hidden from us.

    While in the European “New W o r ld ”, the measure of a man’s stature was mapped out and calibrated on the physical dimensions of empire built upon the sinews of forced masculine labour, in the Islamic Orient wealth was a reflection of prestige, young girls the vessel of male h u b r is , th e mats of male pleasure ground, the malleable material to be shaped to the master’s will.

    Thus, women slaves in the Arab world were often turned into concubines living in harems, and rarely as wives, their children becoming free. A large number of male slaves and young boys were castrated and turned into eunuchs who kept watch over the harems. Castration was a particularly brutal operation with a survival rate of only 10%.

    “The combined effect of all these factors,” says Duncan Clarke, “was a steady demand for slaves throughout the Islamic world, which had cover story to be met from wars, raids or purchases along the borders with non-Islamic regions. Although some of these slaves came from Russia, the Balkans and central Asia, the continuing expansion of Islamic regimes in sub-Saharan Africa made black Africans, the major source.”

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @AnonStarter
  143. Robjil says:
    @Colin Wright

    Here is more about this Arab slave traders in Africa.

    Historians estimate that between 10 and 18 million Africans were enslaved by Arab slave traders and taken across the Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and Sahara desert between 650 and 1900. [Slavery remained legal in the islamic world until 1970. NINETEEN-seventy.]…Many male African slaves were castrated [by muslims] under the belief that the blacks had an uncontrollable sexual drive…

    In Senegambia, between 1300 and 1900, close to one-third of the population was enslaved. In early Islamic states of the western Sudan, including Ghana (750–1076), Mali (1235–1645), Segou (1712–1861), and Songhai (1275–1591), about a third of the population were slaves. In Sierra Leone in the 19th century about half of the population consisted of slaves. In the 19th century at least half the population was enslaved among the Duala of the Cameroon, the Igbo and other peoples of the lower Niger, the Kongo, and the Kasanje kingdom and Chokwe of Angola. Among the Ashanti and Yoruba a third of the population consisted of slaves. The population of the Kanem was about a third slave. It was perhaps 40% in Bornu (1396–1893). Between 1750 and 1900 from one- to two-thirds of the entire population of the Fulani jihad states consisted of slaves. The population of the Sokoto caliphate formed by Hausas in the northern Nigeria and Cameroon was half slave in the 19th century. It is estimated that up to 90% of the population of Arab-Swahili Zanzibar was enslaved. Roughly half the population of Madagascar was enslaved…

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  144. Robjil says:

    The rebellion did happen. They probably were not castrated. Perhaps this rebellion was the motivation for the castration of slaves on a mass scale in the Islamic world. It was so huge that is must of spooked the Muslim world.

    The Zanj Slaves’ Rebellion (869-883 A.D.)

    What distinguishes the Zanj from numerous other slave rebellions cannot be measured in terms of numbers or the length of their struggle alone because one needs to bear in mind the aptitude displayed time and again in outmanoeuvring the ruling class. Instinctively they knew what needs to be done. That is not to belittle their numbers for this is one instance when quantitative comparisons are not misleading. The Spartacus Rebellion lasted for 3 years (73-71 BCE) and involved around 120,000 slaves. By contrast, the Zanj were 500,000 strong and maintained a marooned state for 15 years. Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise that their history has not been subjected to the gaze of Hollywood for the latter has an inbuilt tendency for de-memorizing and reifying proletarian resistance to class society. It is, therefore, left to us 21st century proles to re-create the world and times of kindred spirits separated from us by more than a millennium.

    Abortion was allowed. That is probably what author was talking about.

  145. Hossein says:

    Very interesting information in regard to that important rebellion against Persian racism .
    This racism against Blacks and in particular Brown skinned Arabs in Alahwaz, called with fake name of Kuzistan, is still ongoing.
    In order to destroy any traces of the Black culture and for that matter Arab one in bandar Abbas and Bushhohor,they call it bushehr, they have changed the names of cities ,towns and villages and the Persian regime is currently implementing a settler policy, similar to the zionist project in Palestine, to replace the indigenous population with Persian settlers.

    Exposing Persian racism and “Aryan” colonialism .

  146. Robjil says:


    I did not want to make a big deal about this. In college, I was a history major. We were taught to look at events from all sides. The world is much more complex than our Zion MSM agenda promotes.

  147. chuckywiz says:

    Thank your for this tape. It helped me to find the name of the person who wrote MLK’s I have a dream speech. Stanley David Levison. A long time ago it used to be on Google search but later disappeared for whatever reasons? May be the Zionist were using MLK or conversely MLK was not that of a good writer as portrayed by the establishment. Screw the history writers. According the the tape Levison was MLK’s financial advisor.
    Wikipedia (a Jewish establishment) mentions that Levison “Assisted” MLK in speech writings I dont see anything wrong with having a speech writer. But why hide it?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  148. chuckywiz says:

    Gandhi’s famous letter to Hitler (My dear Adolf), google. Hitler refused to meet Gandhi during Gandhi’s goodwill tour of Europe. So did Mussolini, and Gandhi ended up meeting the Pope in Rome (if I recall correctly reading it).
    Last year, country of Ghana, tore down Gandhi’s statue because of his racist feelings about blacks. However, Gandhi is still enjoying his residency in MLK library in Atlanta (life size statue, provided by the Indian Govt). A little known fact that Gandhi was successful in forcing the British in South Africa to install a 3rd (new) entrance door in a local post office for Indians because the Indians (Gandhi) were superior to blacks and needed a separate door.. This is history, free of spins.

    • Replies: @Malla
  149. A word about Malcom Little (Malcom X) and R.D. King,

    Mr. Malcom Little was a astute rhetorician and deeply committed in his convictions and one those convictions was that he changed his mind regarding militancy. And when he changed his mind he changed it completely. Not the reason for his militancy but his approach of how to navigate the country he thorough believed was “antagonistic in every way to blacks.” Many heavily lean on his militancy and ignore his shift, that shift is crucial to understanding the man. And that shift opened a door to risk killing him.

    While someone commented that Dr./Rev king was controlled, i think the evidence is otherwise. While he referred the use of the system to advocate for change. He was very confrontational. It would be a mistake to that the campaign to undermine him by the justice dept and others did much more than slow him down a tad. And just as with Mr. Little Dr. King also made a shift. He became increasingly more confrontational of the system as a whole. He allowed himself to be hoodwinked by college students into the Vietnam issue and it was he that gave that movement legitimate force, thereby inviting the most destructive elements to the gains made and yet to be acted on. That speech that referenced Vietnam opened the door to his death. So controlled, — uhhh maybe the establishment thought so, but they had apoplectic fits regarding the his views on Vietnam.

    And liberal and conservative whites raced to destroy whatever gains made by either men as civil rights became the home issues that had nothing to with employment, equal, housing, education or anything of vast concern to blacks in general.

    • Agree: AnonStarter
  150. TGD says:

    Jewish slavery in modern times: It’s called the “Motion Picture Contract.” From the beginning of Hollywood to the 1970s, actors had to sign a contract with a studio in order to work. They literally owned the actor, who couldn’t even tie his shoelaces without specific permission.

    Tab Hunter, the half Jewish teenage girl heartthrob of the 1950s and ’60s, tells this story.

    Hunter: Actually you know I did my [first] recording for [the record label] Dot. The main recording was “Young Love,” which knocked Elvis out of the number one slot. We used his backup group the Jordanaires. I cut an album there and after that, Jack Warner called me into his office and said “Waaait a minute we own you for everything,” And I said but “Mr. Warner you don’t have a recording company” and he said “Well we do now” and he started Warner Brothers Records. So I remember that very well!

  151. Sokrates says:

    Any info where someone can buy these books?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  152. @Robjil

    … young girls the vessel of male h u b r is , th e mats of male pleasure ground, the malleable material to be shaped to the master’s will.

    Your major was history. Surely you understand that this passage is clearly polemical nonsense, no?

    See my post above, which includes a general comparison between the conditions of slavery in dar al-Islam with those of the American milieu. The fact that those excerpts were penned by an individual antagonistic toward Islam is important: in spite of his antagonism, he nevertheless concedes that

    … once they (slaves) were placed with a family they were reasonably well treated and accepted in some degree as members of the household. In commerce, slaves were often apprenticed to their masters, sometimes as assistants, sometimes advancing to become agents or even business partners.

    The notion that the Muslim role in slavery is “hidden” from us occurs only to those who receive their information about history primarily through television and other mainstream media outlets (a.k.a. lazy folk). Anyone willing to visit a library can procure scores of texts that detail that role, whether from the library itself or via an International Library Loan. If your university offered courses in Islamic history and you enrolled, you’re certain to have heard about it.

    The evidence that militates against the notion that “very few descendants of slaves (in dar al-Islam) survived” is too voluminous to cite in its entirety here, but we’ll provide a few poignant facts that belie that absurdity. Concerning the Ottoman Imperial Harem:

    The imperial harem also served as a parallel institution to the sultan’s household of male servants. The women were provided with an education roughly on par with that provided to male pages, and at the end of their respective educations they would be married off to one another, as the latter graduated from the palace to occupy administrative posts in the empire’s provinces.[4] Consequently, only a small fraction of the women in the harem actually engaged in sexual relations with the sultan, as most were destined to marry members of the Ottoman political elite, or else to continue service to the valide sultan.[5]

    So here we learn that female slaves of the Ottoman Imperial Harem were not only not coerced into sexual relations, they were educated, married off to male counterparts, and then occupied positions of leadership. How in the world would the children of these slaves not survive?

    No historian denies the cruelty of the devşirme, which was completely anathema to Islamic principles; nor do historians deny the castration of African slaves, though to claim that most male slaves were castrated demands evidence that is lacking. If we want to speak of the “complexity” of humans and more “hidden (in plain sight) history,” let’s discuss the fact that it was the Coptic Church who was primarily responsible for the castration of African slaves destined for the Muslim world:

    An excerpt from 1919 American Journal of Urology and Sexology reads

    In the Turkish Empire most of the eunuchs are furnished by the monastery Abou-Gerbe in Upper Egypt where the Coptic priests castrate Nubian and Abyssinian boys at about eight years of age and afterward sell them to the Turkish market. The Coptic priests perform the ‘complete’ operation, that is, they cut away the whole scrotum, testes and penis.

    Complex, isn’t it?

    Not really. All the evidence is readily available. We just have to be willing to look for it.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  153. Robjil says:

    I know about that, non-Muslims had to do the castration. Coptic Christians are in Africa so it would make sense that they would be one of the ones chosen to do it. Other non-Muslims like Jews or African animists were probably involved too.

    I don’t know the percentage of males who were castrated.

    Zion MSM hides the complexity of world history.

    I knew most of this stuff before the internet, since I like reading about history.

    It is good for this info to be out there. Why? The US and the world is going crazy with BLM mania. This would make people realize that slavery has been part of world history for a very long time.

    Yes, I know that not all concubines were not treated badly. A few concubines had a huge influence in Ottoman politics.

    The Crimean Tartar slave trade on Slavs was quite brutal. The women who made it to good homes were the lucky ones.

    Author Michael Khodarkovsky claims in his book Russia’s Steppe Frontier that 150,000 to 200,000 ethnic Russians were taken into slavery in the first half of the 17th century alone. Correspondence from the time, including the accounts of an Armenian living in Crimea, detail how Tatar raids and Cossack retribution decimated entire villages in the area, killing or selling off most of the male population as a result.

    Crimean Muslim author Haci Mehmed Senai wrote that the bad blood between Christians and Muslims generated a culture of rampant violence. Therefore, during the Khmelnytsky Uprising of 1648, Senai wrote that Tatar soldiers took joy in killing 10–15 captives per person.

    • Replies: @barr
    , @AnonStarter
  154. barr says:

    Blond, tall, with honey-colored eyes: Jewish ownership
    of slaves in the Ottoman Empire
    Yaron Ben-Naeh
    Jew History
    DOI 10.1007/s10835-006-9018-z


    Both Jewish and Muslim sources make it clear that slave owning was a status symbol for
    the middle and upper classes. It was also a precondition for managing a respectable
    household properly.56

    Ottoman Jews engaged in slave owning for the same reasons that contemporary Muslims
    did: prestige, sexual fulfillment, and obedient domestic help.
    He mentions the acquisition of slaves in the cities of Syria, Palestine, and Egypt after the Ottoman conquest of Cyprus in 1570,41 noting, in particular the purchase of adults, and juveniles, from among the Cypriots. The local Muslim population, he adds, appealed to the Sultan to have this practice stopped.Their efforts clearly failed. What is to be more wondered at is why neighbors, relatives, and others maintained silence before the authorities, even though they
    likely knew of the illegal presence of these Muslim slaves in Jewish homes?

    Sexual relations with a female slave was a particularly acute problem. Distinct from Islam, which gives slave owners the right to sexual intercourse with female slaves, whose offspring also belong to him and are considered legitimate heirs, Judaism tends to prohibit this practice, at least “before the fact”.

    Even while a slave, a woman who bore a child to her master – and he admitted being the
    father – upgraded her status and ensured living under his patronage. In the future, her
    children would look after her and legally inherit their father.58 Indeed, the children of female slaves who converted to Judaism were legal heirs and proper Jews, just as was the case for Muslims, under Muslim religious law, which decreed that the children of female slaves were free persons and did not differentiate between the offspring of the legally wedded wife and those of slaves.59

    • Thanks: Robjil
  155. @Robjil

    It is good for this info to be out there.

    No problem with politically incorrect information, provided it’s accurate. That description of enslaved women you quoted didn’t meet that requirement.

    It’s well known that the wide variety of physicalities and skin tones seen throughout today’s Turkey is evidence of slave blood somewhere in the family tree.

    However we might assess the morality of it, concubinage had motives other than sexual satisfaction — namely, to bring as many captives as possible into the fold of Islam and increase the Muslim population. This is exactly what happened, and it wouldn’t have been possible if the infants of slave women had been killed.

    But here’s something to consider …

    BLM is heavily subsidized by the usual suspects, who have a vested interest in fomenting racial and religious conflict, provided it doesn’t involve their own. The clash-of-civilizations paradigm pitting the west against Islam is their baby.

    So get it out of your system and vent about the occasional cruelty of the Ottomans if you must, but bear in mind that if this is your primary focus, you’re being played.

    The Ottomans — as well as the Golden Horde that preceded them — have been relegated to the annals of history. Anybody who imagines that today’s Turks, including the fundamentalist Muslims among them, are one and the same people knows nothing about Turkey. Same goes for the greater Muslim world.

    Ever hear of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi?

    He’s the author of the Risale-i Nur, the second most widely read text in Turkey after The Qur’an. Said Nursi, a veteran commander of troops on the Eastern Front who survived captivity in Siberia, was later given an opportunity to take up arms against Ataturk, and upon refusing to do so, was rewarded with house arrest. For most of his remaining years, he endured imprisonment and legal persecution simply for not acquiescing to the secularizing “revolutions” of the new regime. He explicitly advocated “jihad of the pen,” focusing entirely upon personal responsibility and the presence of God.

    His work established a massive following as well as numerous educational and charitable foundations without which Turkey would be that much poorer.

    Probably don’t know him, right?

    You see, where we focus our attention usually reveals a great deal more about us than it does about the focal point. The MSM won’t touch Said Nursi because

    a) he’s no good for the clash-of-civilizations agenda and
    b) he’s not secular enough for liberal sensibilities.

    The west is weak because its best and brightest minds have been compromised by a zionist worldview or they haven’t learned that diplomacy is a source of strength, preferring to it vain contentions about bygone offenses that sap their energy and resolve to do anything more meaningful than bitch about the “other” all the livelong day.

    I detest homosexuality and abhor the company of any who insist on making it a defining characteristic of themselves. Yet how often have you witnessed me speaking about the topic here? I know better than to pick that battle. It’s simply not a hill to die on.

    Serious Christians don’t become pawns in a zionist game. They see it for what it’s worth and move on.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  156. Robjil says:

    The BLM is a Divide-Conquer-Destroy mechanism for Zionism. Nothing more than that.

    The Zion MSM Zombies fall for it over and over again.

    The past is the past. We have to deal with the present.

    The big 6 is a past event. It is defining game piece for our Zion rulers.

    BLM is trying to use the past for a game piece too.

    Little do the BLMers know, that the big 6 always is always at the top. The Zionists are not going to give it up for BLM ever.

    BLM is just a game for Zionists. It pits two little peoples against each other. Both little peoples have no power in the world today. So it is a very silly game. The two peoples should unite and protest against the present people who are at the top of the heap – the Zionists.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @AnonStarter
    , @anon
  157. Derer says:

    What is your point? Those historical conflicts were resolved by wars centuries ago; Balkan civil war is present and still unresolved, because of interference by the outside criminals Clinton and Blair.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  158. Wally says:

    Facts Matter.

    ‘Black Lives Matter is a joke, they are the racists’ says black African woman

  159. @Robjil

    The past is the past. We have to deal with the present.

    That’s what I like to hear.

    Hey, I’m all for learning about history, particularly the politically incorrect variety, but polemics are strictly for the choir to whom they’re addressed. There’s no diplomacy in them.

    The two peoples should unite and protest against the present people who are at the top of the heap – the Zionists.

    Now you’re talking.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  160. anarchyst says:

    Look up “Final Call” and the “Nation of Islam” in Chicago, Illinois. They have a wide selection of banned books, very reasonably priced and offer quick shipping.

    P. S. Their Qur’an offered is very reasonably priced and is beautifully bound on archival paper.

  161. Iva says:

    Very disturbing video. Poor Palestinians, poor American who encounter policemen trained by Israeli police. This has to end. Police should serve us not occupy us and terrorize us. 

  162. @Robjil

    ‘… In Senegambia, between 1300 and 1900, close to one-third of the population was enslaved. In early Islamic states of the western Sudan, including Ghana (750–1076), Mali (1235–1645), Segou (1712–1861), and Songhai (1275–1591), about a third of the population were slaves. In Sierra Leone in the 19th century about half of the population consisted of slaves. In the 19th century at least half the population was enslaved among the Duala of the Cameroon, the Igbo and other peoples of the lower Niger, the Kongo, and the Kasanje kingdom and Chokwe of Angola. Among the Ashanti and Yoruba a third of the population consisted of slaves. The population of the Kanem was about a third slave. It was perhaps 40% in Bornu (1396–1893). Between 1750 and 1900 from one- to two-thirds of the entire population of the Fulani jihad states consisted of slaves. The population of the Sokoto caliphate formed by Hausas in the northern Nigeria and Cameroon was half slave in the 19th century. It is estimated that up to 90% of the population of Arab-Swahili Zanzibar was enslaved. Roughly half the population of Madagascar was enslaved…’

    Are you trying to convince me slavery was widespread in subsaharan Africa? Because many of those societies you just mentioned didn’t practice Islam.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  163. @Realist

    Ok, enlighten me.
    What exploded?
    What was its origin?
    When did it explode, specifically?
    Where exactly did life begin on this planet?
    How did it begin?
    How did all life forms that have existed on this planet come into being, specifically?

    • Replies: @Realist
  164. Robjil says:
    @Colin Wright

    I guess it was popular in a lot of places in Africa according to those figures.

    I haven’t studied this so much.

  165. anon[541] • Disclaimer says:

    This was cited to refute the claims of any mass castrations and any infanticide . I understand that is a huge hunger for the transAtlantic descendants of the slave owners to get into “whatboutism” . What about Ottoman or Moorish Spain.? Ottoman had slaves who rose in ranks ( there was a dynasty in India out of same ethnic muslim community known as Slave Dynasty who rose in ranks in muslim India and came to occupy the thrones for centuries after displacing existing slave owning noble . It was not an “Obama Moment “ It was not hated by “racist muslim nobles . It ddi not bring out the worst of the worst by any stretch of imagination as Obam’s election has done to the non Black racist )

    When one castrates an adult ,one runs the risk of causing death and not necessarily causing decreased libido .

    Very presence of rebellion shows the presence of a different kind of tension not built around social dislocation merciless torture and hopelessness that characterized the Transatlantic trade slavery .

    Post pagan Arab did not invent slavery They moderated it way beyond any imagination at a time when prisoners of raids and wars were simply killed and sold into permanent slavery with no escape route .

    Tartar slavery showed that Turks were also sold as slaves to Europeans .

    • Replies: @Robjil
  166. geokat62 says:

    Andrew Joyce is doing a podcast series, Talmud and Taboo.


  167. Robjil says:

    Turks weren’t sold by Tartars.

    Tartars sold Slavs to the Turks.

    The Tartars were part of the Ottoman empire. There was no selling of Turks by the Tartars. The Tartars would be in big trouble if they did from the Turks.

    Here is an observation in Kaffa, the big slave market port city in Crimea.

    Mikhalon Litvin (Michael the Lithuanian), who left a vivid picture of the Crimean Tatar based on first-hand observation in the mid-16th century, demonstrates that Kaffa was a big slave-market port city, from where a large number of Slavic slaves were exported to the major slave-mart of Asia Minor, and that the slaves were used to carry out the most burdensome tasks also for the Crimean Tatars themselves. Mikhalon Litvin wrote: “The Crimean Tatars have much more slaves than livestock. Therefore they supply them also to other lands. Many ships loaded with arms, clothes and horses came to them one after another from beyond the Pontus and from Asia, and left always from them with slaves. ……. So these plunderers always are in possession not only of slaves for trade with other people but also have slaves for their own estates and to satisfy at home their cruelty and waywardness. In fact we often find among these unfortunate people very strong men, who, if not castrated, are branded on the forehead or on the cheek, and are tormented by day at work and by night in dungeons.”30The fate of Slavic captive-slaves was not bright either in Turkey or in the Crimea.

    • Replies: @KA
  168. Malla says:
    @Really No Shit

    You are both correct. Many Indians and other browns consider Whites dumb (because of the good nature of YT). And yes some Indians are amazed by Whitey tolerance for foreign populations in their countries and societies.

  169. Malla says:

    And most importantly, why does BLM do nothing about the brutal treatment of blacks in Libya, Iraq or Israel? Or of black slavery still common in Yemen?

  170. KA says:

    You really need to go through the primary sources available in jstor.

    • Thanks: Robjil
    • Replies: @KA
  171. @Observator

    James Garfield, the polymath who would later become president of USA, volunteered in the Cival War on the side of the Union expressly because he believed in the cause of the abolition of slavery.

    Martin Luther King Junior High School in Berkeley in the early 1970’s, where some of my lunch money was stolen along with much of my education had occasional riots,regular chases and fights, Black girls holding cake cutters and razor blades to my neck “give me your money Whitey! I cut you!!, or sweet hoodies whispers in math class “We gonna git you! After class!!” etc. really pulled the rug on my ability to concentrate. Perhaps now we can rename it back to its original title Garfield Junior High, and there promote the kind of excellent education he got and would want his fellow American to also get. If only students would not spoil it for one another. Put up a nice statue of him as well. We need to restore some of these old lovely statues. Vandals can make their own in prison first perhaps, but then later out of prison. Destroying sculptures is the work of losers.

  172. Realist says:

    There is plenty of evidence for evolution…and none for creationism.

    It is up to you to enlighten yourself…intelligent people do that.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  173. … he owned a sugar cane plantation that included 140 slaves.

    Not just a slave owner, but a “down the river” slave owner, one of the worst kind.

  174. @AnonStarter

    Robjil wrote: “The past is the past. We have to deal with the present.”

    To which ⭐AnonStarter responded: “That’s what I like to hear.”

    Presently, I would support & donate to the erection of statues dedicated to Philip Giraldi.

    Just one (1) well placed & impressive Giraldi statue would create enough controversy that’s needed to awaken a large percentage Americans to the hidden history of my “Homeland’s” occupation.

    Selah, from Trump/Biden 2020 stumps, you will hear, “Tear that statue down!”

    • Agree: geokat62, Robjil
  175. @chuckywiz

    Levison was MLK’s financial advisor.
    Wikipedia (a Jewish establishment) mentions that Levison “Assisted” MLK in speech writings I dont see anything wrong with having a speech writer. But why hide it?

    This is why:

  176. anon[339] • Disclaimer says:

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik –

  177. geokat62 says:

    More and more people are beginning to understand what the future holds for European and European-derived people…

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski
  178. Malla says:

    Hitler refused to meet Gandhi during Gandhi’s goodwill tour of Europe.

    However Hitler met the firebrand Indian freedom fighter (and a very intelligent guy who topped the administrative exams in the British Raj, his intelligence was commented upon even in the British parliament), Subhash Chandra Bose. Hitler advised him to seek help from Japan to fight the British in India and even furnished a U boat for Subhash Chandra boat to go to Japan. He swam from a German U boat to a Japanese submarine in the Indian ocean and was taken to Tokyo where Tojo promised to help him. He and the Japanese authorities created the INA (Indian National Army) out of POWs of the Royal (British) Indian Army. Ironically Indians of the INA (supported by Japanese forces) fought Indians of the British Indian army (supported by British and other allied forces). Bose had also helped create a SS division of Indian soldiers from Indian POWs who fought for the Third Reich.
    Subhash Chandra Bose was so impressed by National Socialism that it is likely he would have imposed that in India had he come to power. He remains the most popular leader among the Indian youth far far far more than Gandhi.

    Indian firebrand Nationalist & freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose meets German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler
    They speak about Gandhi in their conversation.

    • Replies: @chuckywiz
  179. geokat62 says:

    British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell arrested on charges related to Epstein investigation

    • Replies: @FLgeezer
    , @ChuckOrloski
  180. FLgeezer says:

    Am wondering how long it will take for Mossad to silence her permanently. Any bets as to how and when?

  181. @geokat62

    Hey George!

    Reckon Supremacist Jews are prepped to dump Trump 2020.
    War on Iran & Venezuela might be postponed until Biden/Duckworth occupy the Blue & White House.

    Meanwhile, many well heeled & esteemed AIPAC Republicans are helping to drop Trumpstein’s popularity/approval numbers.

    Given “socialite” Ghislaine Maxwell drops the Epstein Bomb upon Donald J., even Scranton homey Biden might be allowed to attack Trump’s real and sodid character.

    Selah, a pre-planned Pleasure Island eruption & “landslide” upon The Chosen One? 🤔

    • Thanks: geokat62
    • Replies: @A123
  182. A123 says:

    War on Iran & Venezuela might be postponed until Biden/Duckworth

    Duckworth hates the NeoConDemocrats and Biden won’t make it to inaguration.

    The Elite 1% DNC will pick someone more pliable to foreign interventionism, like Harris.

    Given “socialite” Ghislaine Maxwell drops the Epstein Bomb upon Donald J.

    Given Epstein’s ties to the Clintons and Bidens there are dangerous days ahead for Pedo Joe the child groper. This has to be the outcome the SJW Globalists feared the most.

    How much would you like to bet Maxwell inexplicably vanishes? Or, is found dead of Hillar-icide under mysteriously obvious circumstances?

    PEACE 😇

  183. @Thirdtwin

    Yep. The Left is stupid and lazy. Maybe an app to find these?

  184. KA says:

    “During early medieval times the Black Sea slave trade was in the hands of the Vikings and Byzantine , but from 14 th century onwards the Italians were the most important traders 7
    They transported slaves in huge convoys from the Tatar market on the north coast of the Black Sea to Constantinople and on to Cyprus ,Chios,and Crete . The final destination were Antioch ,Alexandria, towns in northern Italy and places in Western Mediterranean 8
    Slaves from Saracen markets were replaced by ones from Black Sea markets in Genoa by the end of the century , Slaves formed 4-10 % of the urban population of Venice , Florence,Genoa and Naples , and according to Charles Verlinden the percentage in Genoa and Palermo were even higher.9

    Although Islam and Orthodox Christianity prohibited the mutilation of humans , their societies needed eunuchs which meant that castration had to take place outside the area of Islam and Orthodox Church
    It was done in the realm of the Franks and in Bohemia . Later spread to Upper Egypt and Central Asia “

    The Baltic Finnic People in the Medieval and Pre-Modern European Slave Trade,

    By Jukka Korpela

    Russian History .Vol 41,No 1 Russia Beyond the Traditional Boundaries.

    • Replies: @KA
  185. KA says:

    IvanIV ordered all Swedish craftsmen to be sent as prisoners to Moscow in account of their skills, but the troops seem to have sold them to Lithuanian slave traders 50

    Italians also classified slaves according to color , those in Venice being deemed “white “,”Brown”, “Olive Brown “ or “Black”

    In Genoa they were divided into “white “,”Black”
    Indigo”,Mulato(Lauro) and “Olive”

    Ngvgorodian raiders reached the shores of the Volga and Vyatka fairly often from 14 th century
    Raids were endemic in eastern Finland

    The Ngvgorodian warlord Prokofiev conquered the town of Kosytoma in1375,imprisoned many local men and girls and continued his raid along the Kama and Volga to the town of Bolghar ,where the party sold all their Christian prisoners to Moslem traders.

    Grand Prince of Muscovy attacked “ Zavolche”, the northern Dvina, the River Emcha,the Kholmogor region and River Vaga in 1401,1417,and1452 collecting booties and prisoners . Raids into western Finland continued until 14 th century
    From mid 14 th to early 16 th century raids into Finland by mostly Prince Petr Ushatyl and his brothers continued almost once in every 10 yrs for taking prisoners and booties .Sweden and Lapland were also targets for raid by both the princely troops and by private warlords Muscovy prince didn’t endorse the activities of gangs outside their control .

    Slave trade in both directions from Crimea to northern Russia was active and managed by Jews, Armenian , Russian and Tartar .

    • Replies: @Robjil
  186. Robjil says:

    Slave Hunting and Slave redemption as a business enterprise: The northern Black region in the sixteenth and the seventeeth centuries. by Darius Kolodziejczyk

    After the Turkish conquest of Constantinople in 1453, it was solely a Turkish and Tartar slave trade in Crimea. The Italians were kicked out. Then it became a huge business with no barriers to the numbers taken from the Slav steppes.

    pgs. 151-2

    Halil Inalcak has calculated that the slave population imported into Ottoman lands from Poland-Lithuania, Moscovy and Circassia, amounted to over 10000 a year in the periosd 1500-1650. If we consider that a number of slaves died while being transported throught the steppes, while many others remained in Crimea, it can be safely stated that the demographic losses of Moscovy, Poland-Lithuania, alone ( leaving the Caucasus aside) approached 10000 per year, that is two million in two centuries between 1500-1700.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @KA
  187. KA says:

    Sorry . I am not seeing any pause in slave trading by Moscow even in 17 th century
    For Orthodox Christian , other varieties of Christians were not ‘ protected subjects or prisoners’ Raids were common
    Western European to them had a name even
    – Nemtsy, and they were traded to Tartas
    Tartars were also captured and sold in Novigrad market .

    Eastern Mediterranean was another huge source for slave mainly carried out by Maltese Knights of Stephens , even as late as 17
    the century

    • Replies: @Robjil
  188. KA says:

    The religious angle will continue well into late 17 the century in the Virginia colony of New World

    “ in 1682, Virginia colony went a step further ,ordering that all “” Negroes ,Moors ,mulattoes or Indians who and whose parentage and native countries are not Christian “” automatically be deemed slaves “

    Andrew Lawler

    One wonders where the “ Moors” came from .

  189. Jane says:

    Actually, the story has been that Judah P Benjamin was homosexual, that his daughter was not his because his marriage was window dressing.

  190. Robjil says:

    Crimea became a huge slave trade center after the fall of Constantinople. Slavery was not big business for Russians or Knights. It was small fries compared to the Tartar Crimean slave trade centered in Crimea.

    The slave trade in the Black Sea region existed long before the predations of the khanate, all the way back to Byzantium.30 The fading influence of the Byzantines, especially after the Battle of Manzikert (1071), allowed groups like the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum to build their wealth on the region’s well-established slave trade.31 As mentioned previously, this trade was expanded from Anatolia to the Baltic by the Genoese trading colonies of the Crimea. Under the leadership of the Giray dynasty, however, the khanate continued this tradition with a new fervor that would leave a lasting social and economic trauma on the region. The devastation their raids wrought on Poland and Ruthenia emptied the countryside and created a great amount of unrest among local Christian populations, resulting in a series of Cossack uprisings in the mid-seventeenth century.32

    • Replies: @Robjil
  191. Robjil says:

    This is more detail why this slave trade in Crimea was important to the Ottomans.

    Domination of the Black Sea slave trade had many benefits for those powerful enough to do so. From the mid-fifteenth century until the nineteenth century, the Ottoman Empire reaped the extensive financial benefits of the slave trade, albeit at the cost of fomenting war with its neighbors. This trade expanded greatly within the centuries during which it was under Ottoman “management,” a trend which is evidenced by historical data. The Ottoman slave trade existed to fill a necessity within the empire but also existed as an enterprise growing for its own sake. The more slaves that passed through the empire’s port cities, the more money was made off of their trade, whether the slaves’ final destinations were in the empire or not. This need to increase both actual slave populations in Anatolia (initially), combined with the need to collect increasing revenue from their trafficking, explains the immense demand created, a demand which could only be readily supplied en masse by the Crimean Khanate.

    • Replies: @KA
  192. KA says:

    Listen Robji ‘ I have exposed to you the following misinformation’s
    1 infanticide
    2 pre ottoman and post ottoman ( as major power ) existence of slave trade within Europe and outside Europe conducted by Italy , Novograd Russia ,and selling the slaves to Muslim ,Jews,and to Christians of Ottoman, S Europe,and Russia .
    3 Castration was done y Southern Europe
    4 Orthidox Christian didn’t consider Catholic and other emerging branches of Christianity didn’t consider them to be Christian and enslaved them. They enslaved brother European also.
    5 Slavery in Islamic world of Ottoman was primarily for maid service,sex,prestige and for use in military and in sea trade for piloting the galley or the ship.
    6 Slave rose to become vazir,high officials , rose in India to become dynastic emperor ( not one fluke incident )
    7 sons and daughters of the concubines out of slaves,had same right as legal son and daughter

    Now go and figure out .

    Now there are more that I didn’t add.
    May be this will give you a pause and encourage you to diversify your Original sources and gather data not to fit your preconceived impression.

    Slavery is our collective shame. Ottoman was continuation of past with vast improvement.

    But nowhere the horrors and shame of Atlantic slave trade even come close to any normal human behavior . Later the behaviors of eugenic, Nazism, denial of basic right,and shades of occupation known as colonization – all tstrmmed from nto the fountain that already had given rise to Atlantic slave trade . That slavery explained even the post WW2 behaviors of Europeans and Americans to 3 rd world.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Malla
  193. @AnonStarter

    That was my thinking too. The most important statues to preserve are those of the Jewish Slavers. Erasing history is idiotic, especially history that shows the crimes of the Talmudic tribe.

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
  194. Robjil says:

    The impact on the steppes was quite severe. Ukraine of today is the way it is because of these slave raids. It was most effected by this trade since it was the closest area to the Crimean slave traders.

    A folk song about this trade.

    Several Russian, Ukrainian, and Polish folk songs from this period illustrate the impact of the raids on common people in these regions.

    The fires are burning behind the river— The Tatars are dividing their captives

    Our village is burnt and our property plundered.
    Old mother is sabred.
    And my dear is taken into

    (a Ukrainian folk-song)

    Tales and folk songs about it were popular as late as 1948.

    Folk songs and tales such as these were common. Dariusz Kołodziejczyk points out that as late as 1948, a series of local village history projects produced an overwhelming number of tales about the Tatar horror.34

    Most the captives were used as help for agriculture.

    Once the new captives were taken from their homeland, differing fates awaited them. In general slaves were destined to become the “plough and scythe”35 of their masters in agricultural endeavors. Many became galley slaves who were purchased in great numbers by the Porte.36

    A separate fund was created in Muscovy ( now Russia) to pay the ransoms of slaves captured by Tartars.

    The economic impacts of Tatar slave raiding were just as scarring as its social effects but were equally as profitable for the khanate. The raids were so severe in Muscovy by the mid-seventeenth century that a separate fund39 was created by the Ulozhenie (law code) of 1649 to pay the ransoms of slaves captured by the Tatars.40

    I did not mention infanticide. That was a Black website that mentioned that. I know that Islam disallows infanticide. It does allow abortion before four months. I think this is what the website was implying. I never researched that so I do not know if that is truth or not.

    The main difference between African slavery in the US and Slavic Slavery with Ottomans, is that the Slavic slaves blended in with the population. Many Latin Americans had the similar type of blending in with African slaves. Thus, there is less a racial issue there too.

  195. Malla says:

    Later the behaviors of eugenic, Nazism, denial of basic right,and shades of occupation known as colonization – all tstrmmed from nto the fountain that already had given rise to Atlantic slave trade . That slavery explained even the post WW2 behaviors of Europeans and Americans to 3 rd world.

    This is idiotic. Colonization would actually play a big part in the ending of slavery throughout the world. The Islamic world has a lot of blood in its hands too, lets not forget India. That history is one major reason in the rise of Hindu nationalism. But injustice cannot be solved with more injustice.

    • Replies: @KA
  196. anon[185] • Disclaimer says:

    we need our own wikipedia where we control the editors so this stuff doesnt disappear.

    i see a site called Metapedia but it needs a lot of work

  197. anon[185] • Disclaimer says:

    What makes American slavery unique is that it was chattel slavery based on skin pigment, which denied the humanity of its victims.


    now tell us about slavery in the Caribbean and South America since 90% of slaves brought to the New World went there. How were the slaves treated under the Spaniards, Portuguese and jews in South America? were they used up in 5-6 years because it was cheaper for their owners to just buy more?
    is that why they went through so many slaves?

  198. KA says:

    Don’t espouse your pet stupid theory on the rise of Hindu fanaticism . Internecine fights, provincials wars , temple destructions, looting of temples and bonded labors were part and parcel of historical lay of land of India before the Muslim power captured India,

    Colonization “ perfected “ slavery in the new world until another unrelated reasons emerged to get rid of it as a side but pivotal issue to further completely different set of interests .

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  199. Babs says:

    The Rothschilds were afraid that the United States would become the world’s banker and that they would be safer if we were divided. Perhaps that was the actual role of Benjamin since he got so much credit for creating the Confederacy.

  200. Anonymous[231] • Disclaimer says:

    Top Jewish American organizations have also helped Turkey deny its genocide of Christian Armenians:

    Excerpt from the Jewish press:

    Every year on April 24, the day that Armenians commemorate the killings, a resolution calling for the use of the controversial term is proposed in Congress and then beaten back. Some Jewish groups claim credit for ensuring that such a resolution never passes.

    Jewish advocacy groups, including the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, B’nai Brith and American Jewish Committee “have been working with the Turks on this issue” for more than 15 years, said Yola Habif Johnston, director for foundations and community outreach at Jinsa. “The Jewish lobby has quite actively supported Turkey in their efforts to prevent the so-called Armenian genocide resolution from passing,” she said.

    Showdown Set in ‘Genocide’ Debate
    Rebecca Spence, The Jewish Daily Forward
    Sep 02, 2006

  201. anon[185] • Disclaimer says:

    i’ve read claims on the internet that Judah P. Benjamin made off to England with all of the South’s gold reserves. Some stories say he took it to invest it in the British stock market to pay for the education of southern children, lol. Sounds like a story made up by jews.

  202. @Neo-Socratic

    There’s evidence that Alexander Hamilton was Jewish

    Andrew Porwancher says the founding father was born and raised a Jew because Hamilton’s mother was not buried in a Christian cemetery, and Hamilton attended a Jewish day school.

    By TOBY TABACHNICK April 19, 2018, 1:57 pm 2646 shares


    In his hit musical “Hamilton,” Lin-Manuel Miranda paints Founding Father Alexander Hamilton as the ultimate outsider, the “bastard, orphan, son of a whore,” who by sheer grit and smarts achieves political greatness, leaving a permanent mark on the American landscape as the architect of its financial system.

    But according to at least one Hamilton scholar, the first Secretary of the Treasury and chief author of “The Federalist Papers” was even more of an outsider than previous biographers have noted — he was also a Jew.

    Andrew Porwancher, who earned his doctorate at Cambridge University and is an associate professor at the University of Oklahoma, began researching the religious roots of Hamilton years before Miranda’s celebrated musical hit Broadway’s Richard Rodgers Theater. The evidence he has found that Hamilton was born and raised as a Jew — at least until the age of 13, when his mother died — is pretty convincing.

    Porwancher shared his findings with Pittsburghers on April 9 at the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning, his appearance sponsored by Pitt’s Department of Jewish Studies and History. His upcoming book, “The Jewish Founding Founder: Alexander Hamilton’s Hidden Life,” is expected to be published by Harvard University Press in 2019.

    The support Porwancher has for his thesis is not definitive — he has, for example, no records of Hamilton’s bris or bar mitzvah, assuming they occurred — but it is compelling.

    The story begins on the Danish colony of St. Croix, where before Hamilton was born, his mother, Rachel Faucette, married a man named Johann Michael Levine, who sometimes went by the name of Lavien, a Sephardic version of the name Levine. Porwancher is convinced that Levine was Jewish and that Rachel must have converted in order to marry him, as that was the law of Denmark at the time.

    “Levine is the quintessential Jewish name,” Porwancher said, and although he is not registered in official Danish records as Jewish, neither are other known prominent Jews who were living on St. Croix at the time. Moreover, Levine was a merchant, which was a “typical profession for Jews.”

    Decades later, Hamilton’s own grandson described Levine as “a rich Danish Jew.”

    Rachel and Levine had a child, who was not baptized as an infant. They had a troubled marriage, however, with Levine having Rachel imprisoned for “whoredom,” said Porwancher. When she was released, she fled St. Croix for the island of Nevis, a British colony about 150 miles south. It was there — and while she was still married to Levine — that she met the Scotsman James Hamilton, who fathered the future Founding Father out of wedlock.

    If Rachel did convert, Porwancher said, then “according to the Talmud, her children are still Jewish.”

    He forges relationships with American Jewry that we don’t see with any other Founding Father.

    Porwancher has found support for his theory that not only was Hamilton Jewish according to Jewish law, but that he was raised as a Jew. For example, he is not listed in the baptismal records of the island, and — believe it or not — he attended a Jewish day school.

    “These are facts known by Hamilton scholars,” Porwancher said, adding that “for external political reasons, it is unlikely that a Jewish school would take in a Christian child.”

    When Rachel died in 1768 back in St. Croix, she was not buried in a Christian cemetery, but instead on the grounds of her sister’s home; there was no Jewish cemetery in St. Croix at the time. She kept the last name Levine until her death.

    Hamilton maintained a “lifetime of silence on his childhood,” Porwancher said, postulating that he “needed a nominal pretense of a Christian background” in order to advance socially and professionally.

    At some point, Hamilton began identifying as a Christian, at least by the age of 17, when he arrived in New York. Still, Hamilton’s connections to the Jewish community continued throughout his life.

    “He forges relationships with American Jewry that we don’t see with any other Founding Father,” explained Porwancher, noting that he defended Jewish rights in the courts, and that he put a Jew on the board of Columbia University — the first Jew on the board of any American college.

    Moreover, Porwancher noted, Hamilton had “an abiding apathy to Christianity. He never mentioned church and never took communion. He was only nominally Christian.”

    But perhaps most notably, Hamilton spoke out against anti-Semitism.

    “That Hamilton was willing to speak out against anti-Semitism even though he did not identify as Jewish in adulthood is arguably just as important as any finding about his Jewish identity in childhood,” Porwancher said. “His story is a reminder that the fight against anti-Semitism in America, which continues in our own day, is not solely a Jewish responsibility but the obligation of all Americans committed to the principle of religious liberty.” PJC

    • Replies: @Derer
  203. @Reg Cæsar

    European visitors to the antebellum South reported that Negro slave labor was notoriously inefficient. To the point that, in their estimation, it required 3 Negroes to do the same amount of work as one White Yankee.

  204. @EliteCommInc.

    (((You))) surely don’t need to be told why big-shot Jews in the transatlantic slave trade are almost entirely unknown.

    (((You))) already know big-shot Hollywood Jews crank out blatant anti-White slavery agitprop by the poopload.

    Those big-shot Hollywood Jews have yet to crank out their very first anti-Jew slavery agitprop.

    Imagine “Amistad” set on a Jew slave ship.

    Imagine “12 Years a Slave” set on a Jew plantation.

  205. Malla says:

    Don’t espouse your pet stupid theory on the rise of Hindu fanaticism

    Are you out of your mind. Read Hindu fundamentalist literature before farting nonsense on this site.
    Enslavement by Muslims in India During the Mughal Period

    Hindu Jagriti Smaithi

    Internecine fights, provincials wars , temple destructions, looting of temples and bonded labors were part and parcel of historical lay of land of India before the Muslim power captured India,

    That gives no right for the barbarity of the muslims in India. The barbarity and savagery of Islamic brutality in India was in magnitude far higher than anything that happened before.

    Colonization “ perfected “ slavery in the new world

    Colonialism stopped Slavery throughout the world later. Had colonialism had not happened, slavery might have still existed.

  206. Malla says:

    Andre Wink summarizes the slavery in 8th and 9th century India as follows,

    (During the invasion of Muhammad al-Qasim), invariably numerous women and children were enslaved. The sources insist that now, in dutiful conformity to religious law, ‘the one-fifth of the slaves and spoils’ were set apart for the caliph’s treasury and despatched to Iraq and Syria. The remainder was scattered among the army of Islam. At Rūr, a random 60,000 captives reduced to slavery. At Brahamanabad 30,000 slaves were allegedly taken. At Multan 6,000. Slave raids continued to be made throughout the late Umayyad period in Sindh, but also much further into Hind, as far as Ujjain and Malwa. The Abbasid governors raided Punjab, where many prisoners and slaves were taken.


    — Al Hind, André Wink
    Levi notes that these figures cannot be entirely dismissed as exaggerations since they appear to be supported by the reports of contemporary observers. In the early 11th century Tarikh al-Yamini, the Arab historian Al-Utbi recorded that in 1001 the armies of Mahmud of Ghazni conquered Peshawar and Waihand (capital of Gandhara) after Battle of Peshawar (1001), “in the midst of the land of Hindustan”, and enslaved thousands. Later, following his twelfth expedition into India in 1018–19, Mahmud is reported to have returned to with such a large number of slaves that their value was reduced to only two to ten dirhams each. This unusually low price made, according to Al-Utbi, “merchants came from distant cities to purchase them, so that the countries of Central Asia, Iraq and Khurasan were swelled with them, and the fair and the dark, the rich and the poor, mingled in one common slavery”.

    Delhi Sultanate (12th to 16th century AD)
    During the Delhi Sultanate period (1206–1555), references to the abundant availability of low-priced Indian slaves abound. Many of these Indian slaves were used by Muslim nobility in the subcontinent, but others were exported to satisfy the demand in international markets. Some slaves converted to Islam to receive protection. Children fathered by Muslim masters on non-Muslim slaves would be raised Muslim. Non-Muslim women, who Muslim soldiers and elites had slept with, would convert to Islam to avoid rejection by their own communities. Scott Levi states that “Movement of considerable numbers of Hindus to the Central Asian slave markets was largely a product of the state building efforts of the Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire in South Asia”.
    The revenue system of the Delhi Sultanate produced a considerable proportion of the Indian slave population as these rulers, and their subordinate shiqadars, ordered their armies to abduct large numbers of locals as a means of extracting revenue. While those communities that were loyal to the Sultan and regularly paid their taxes were often excused from this practice, taxes were commonly extracted from other, less loyal groups in the form of slaves. Thus, according to Barani, the Shamsi Balban (r. 1266–87) ordered his shiqadars in Awadh to enslave those peoples resistant to his authority, implying those who refused to supply him with tax revenue. Sultan Alauddin Khalji (r. 1296–1316) is similarly reported to have legalised the enslavement of those who defaulted on their revenue payments. This policy continued during the Mughal era.

    An even greater number of people were enslaved as a part of the efforts of the Delhi Sultans to finance their expansion into new territories. Qutb-ud-din Aybak invaded Gujarat in 1197 and placed some 20,000 people in bondage. Roughly six years later, he enslaved an additional 50,000 people during his conquest of Kalinjar. Later in the 13th century, Balban’s campaign in Ranthambore, reportedly defeated the Indian army and yielded “captives beyond computation”.

    Levi states that the forcible enslavement of non-Muslims during Delhi Sultanate was motivated by the desire for war booty and military expansion. This gained momentum under the Khalji and Tughluq dynasties, as being supported by available figures. Zia uddin Barani suggested that Sultan Alauddin Khalji owned 50,000 slave-boys, in addition to 70,000 construction slaves. Sultan Firuz Shah Tughluq is said to have owned 180,000 slaves, roughly 12,000 of whom were skilled artisans. China, Turkistan, Persia, and Khurusan were sources of male and female slaves sold to Tughluq India. The Yuan Dynasty Emperor in China sent 100 slaves of both sexes to the Tughluq Sultan, and he replied by also sending the same number of slaves of both sex to China.

    • Replies: @Malla
  207. Malla says:

    Followed by Indian Slavery Act, 1843,_1843
    The Indian Slavery Act, 1843, also Act V of 1843, was an act passed in British India under East India Company rule, which outlawed many economic transactions associated with slavery. The sale of any person as a slave was banned, and anyone buying or selling slaves would be booked under the Indian Penal Code, with offence carrying strict punishment

  208. Malla says:

    There is a reason why V.S. Naipaul concluded that India (one of the great centers of civilizations on planet earth) was a “wounded civilization”, wounded spiritually by the ravages of foreign Islamic invasions.
    Qutbuddin Aibak entered upon a series of conquests in India. He dispatched Ikhtiyaruddin Bakhtiyar Khalji to the East and himself concentrated in Hindustan proper. He captured Kol (modern Aligarh) in 1194. There some were converted to Islam, but those who stood by their ancient faith were slain with the sword. T.P. Hughes gives the legal position: If a captive embraced Islam on the field of battle he was a free man; but if he were made captive, and afterwards embraced Islam, the change of creed did not emancipate him. Women captives were invariably taken prisoner.


    In 1195 when Indian Raja (King) Bhim was attacked by the Muslim foreign invader Aibak 20,000 native Indian slaves were captured, and 50,000 at Kalinjar in 1202. The temples were converted into mosques, writes Hasan Nizami, and the voices of the summoners to prayer ascended to the highest heavens, and the very name of idolatry was annihilated. Minhaj Siraj assigns twenty (lunar) years to Muslim foreign invader Qutbuddin’s career in India from the first taking of Delhi up to his death, both as a commander of Sultan Muizzuddin and as an independent ruler. During this period Aibak captured the Indian regions/cities of Hansi, Meerut, Delhi, Ranthambhor and Kol. When foreign Muslim Sultan Muizzuddin personally mounted another campaign against India, Aibak proceeded as far as Peshawar to meet him, and the two together attacked the Khokhar stronghold in the Koh-i-Jud or the Salt Range. The defeated native Indian Hindus (Khokhars) fled to the highest in the mountains. They were pursued. Those that escaped the sword fled to the dense depth of the jungle; others were massacred or taken captive. Great plunder was obtained and many Indian slaves.(Minhaj 483-84.) According to Farishtah three to four hundred thousand Khokhars were converted to Islam by Muizzuddin;(Farishtah, I, 59-60) but this figure is inflated. More than a hundred years later, Amir Khusrau refers to Khokhars as a non-Muslim tribe, and the way they were constantly attacked and killed by Sultans Iltutmish and Balban confirms Khusrau’s contention.(Amir Khusrau, Tughlaq Nama, Aurangabad text, 128.) Minhaj also says that the native Khokhars were not annihilated in this affair (Muizzuddin-Aibak attack) by any means, and always rebelled and gave great trouble in after years.(Minhaj, 484n.)

    Under Aibak most of India from Delhi to Gujarat, and Lakhnauti to Lahore, was brought under the sway of the foreign Muslim Turks. In his time a large number of places were attacked and many more prisoners were captured than for which actual figures are available. Figures of slaves made during campaigns of Kanauj, Banaras (where the Muslims occupied “a thousand” temples),(Farishtah, I, 58.) Ajmer (attacked thrice), Gujarat, Bayana and Gwalior are not available. Similar is the case with regard to Bihar and Bengal. About the end of the twelfth or the beginning of the thirteenth century, Ikhtiyaruddin Bakhtiyar Khalji marched into Bihar and attacked the University centres at Nalanda, Vikramshila and Uddandpur.( Opinions differ on the date of this raid. Ishwari Prasad, Medieval India, 138, places it probably in 1197; Wolseley Haig, C.H.1, III, 45-46, a little earlier than this, and Habibullah, 70 and 84, in 1202-03.) The native common people became an easy prey to capture and enslavement. But no figures of such captives are known. Ibn Asir only says that Qutbuddin Aibak made “war against the provinces of Hind (India)” He killed many, and returned with prisoners and booty.(Ibn Asir, Kamil-ut-Tawarikh, E.D., II, 250). In Banaras, according to the same author, “the slaughter of the Hindus was immense, none was spared except women and children,” who would have been enslaved as per practice. Habibullah writes that Muslim sway extended from Banaras through the strip of Shahabad, Patna, Monghyr and Bhagalpur districts,(Habibullah, op.cit., 147) and repeated references to the presence of Muslims in this tract from the early times indicates that taking of slaves and conversion was common in the region. Fakhr-i-Mudabbir informs us that as a result of the Turkish achievements under Muizzuddin and Aibak, Eleven poor (Muslim) householder became owner of numerous slaves.(Tarikh-i-Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah, 20).

    The narratives of contemporary and later chroniclers should not lead us to the conclusion that taking of Hindus as slaves was a child’s play. There was stiff resistance to these foreign Muslim conquests and Muslim rule. Besides, the Sultans of Delhi had always to deal with a number of problems simultaneously. Most of the time of Sultan Iltutmish (1210-1236) was spent in suppressing his Turkish opponents, Qutbi and Muizzi Amirs in Delhi and rivals Yaldoz and Qubacha in Punjab and Sindh. He also faced the threat of invasion from the Mongol conqueror Chingiz (Ghenghis) Khan and the Khwarizmi Prince Jalaluddin Mangbarni fleeing before Chingiz. Therefore it was only sixteen years after his accession that he could march against the native Hindu kingdom of Ranthambhor in 1226. During this period many native Hindu kingdoms subdued by Aibak were becoming independent. Mandor near Jodhpur was attacked a little later. Here “much booty fell into the hands” of the victors, which obviously included slaves also.(Minhaj, 611) The year 1231 witnessed his invasion of the native kingdom of Gwalior where he captured a large number of Indian slaves. In 1234-35 he attacked the native kingdom of Ujjain, broke its temple of Mahakal, and as usual made captives of native women and children of the recalcitrant.(Farishtah, I, 66)

    • Replies: @Malla
  209. Malla says:

    Slave-taking of natives a matter of policy of foreign Muslim invaders of India

    Some Ulama therefore approached the “pious” Sultan Iltutmish to rule according to the Shariat and confront the native Hindus with choice between Islam and death. Muslims had set up their rule and so that India had become Dar-ul-Islam. Any opposition to it was an act of rebellion. The native Hindus who naturally resisted this foreign Muslim occupation were considered to be rebels. Besides they were idolaters (mushrik) and could not be accorded the status of Kafirs, of the People of the Book – Christians and Jews. For them the law provided only Islam or death. Islamic jurisprudence had crystallized over the last five centuries. Besides the involvement of the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence, Shaikh Burhauddin Ali’s Hidayah (530-596 H./1135-1199 C.E.), the Compendium of Sunni Law, based on the Quran and the Hadis, was also readily available in the time of Iltutmish. Muslim scriptures and treatises advocated jihad against idolaters for whom the law advocated only Islam or death.


    In such a situation the answer of the Sultan to the Ulama was: “But at the moment in India the Muslims are so few that they are like salt (in a large dish) However, after a few years when in the capital and the regions and all the small towns, when the Muslims are well established and the troops are larger it would be possible to give Hindus, the choice of death or Islam.”(Ziyauddin Barani, Sana-i-Muhammadi, trs. in Medieval India Quarterly, (Aligarh), I, Part III, 100-105.) Such an apologetic plea was not necessary to put forward. The fact was that the this foreign Muslim regime was giving a choice to native Indian Hindus between Islam and death only. Those who were killed in battle were dead and gone; but their dependents were made slaves. They ceased to be Hindus; they were made Musalmans in course of time if not immediately after captivity.

    There was thus no let up in the policy of slave-taking. Minhaj Siraj writes that Ulugh Khan Balban�s “taking of captives, and his capture of the dependents of the great Ranas (native Hindu Rajput Lords) cannot be recounted”. Talking of his war in Avadh against native king Trailokyavarman of the Chandela dynasty (Dalaki va Malaki of Minhaj), the chronicler says that “All the infidels wives, sons and dependents and children fell into the hands of the victors.” In 1253, in his campaign against the native Hindu kingdom of Ranthambhor also, Balban enslaved many people. In 1259, in an attack on Haryana region of India, many women and children were enslaved.(Minhaj 680, 683, 391, 828; E.D., II, 348, 367, 371, 380-81, Farishtah, I, 73.) Twice Balban led expeditions against the native Indian regions of Kampil, Patiali, and Bhojpur, and in the process enslaved a large number of women and children. In Katehar he ordered a general massacre of the male population of over eight years of age and carried away women and children. In 658 H. (1260 C.E.) Ulugh Khan Balban marched with a large force on a campaign in the region of Ranthambhor, Mewat and Siwalik. He made a proclamation that a soldier who brought a live captive would be rewarded with two silver tankahs and one who brought the head of a dead one would get one silver tankah. Soon three to four hundred living and dead were brought to his presence.(Farishtah, I. 73.) Like Balban other slave commanders of Iltutmish, or the “Shamsia Maliks of Hind” were marching up and down the Hindustan, raiding towns and villages and enslaving native Indian people. This was the situation prevailing from Lakhnauti to Lahore and from Ajmer to Ujjain. The native Hindus used to reclaim their lands after the Muslim invaders had passed through them with fire and sword, and Turkish armies used to repeat their attacks to regain control of the cities so lost. But the captives once taken became slaves and then Musalmans for ever. The exact figures of such slaves have not been mentioned and therefore cannot be computed. All that is known is that they were captured in droves. Even in the reign of a weak Sultan like Nasiruddin, son of Iltutmish, the ingress of captives was very large.

    Enslavement under the Khaljis

    The process of enslavement during war gained momentum under the Khaljis and the Tughlaqs. In two or three generations after Iltutmish the Islamic foreign invaders were digging their heels firmly into India. Their territories were expanding and their armies were becoming larger. All the time, the desire to convert or liquidate the native Indian idolaters remained ever restless. Achievements in this regard of course depended on the strength, resources and determination of individual Muslim rulers. For example, although Jalaluddin Khalji was an old and vacillating king, even he did not just remain content with expressing rage at the fact of not being able to deal with the native Hindus according to the law.(Barani, 216-17.) During six years of his reign (June 1290 -July 1296), he mounted expeditions and captured prisoners. While suppressing the revolt of Malik Chhajju, a scion of the dynasty he had ousted, he marched towards Bhojpur in Farrukhabad district and ruthlessly attacked native Hindus in the region of Katehar (later Rohilkhand). During his campaign in Ranthambhor he broke temples, sacked the neighbouring Jhain and took booty and captives, making “a hell of paradise”.(Khusrau, Miftah-ul-Fatuh, Aligarh text, 1954, 35-36; Barani, 213.) Later on Malwa was attacked and large quantity of loot, naturally including slaves, was brought to Delhi.(Khusrau, Miftah-ul-Fatuh, 38-39; Farishtah, I, 94.) His last expedition was directed against the native Indian kingdom of Gwalior.(Barani, 222-23; Farishtah, I, 95-97.)

    Jalaluddin’s nephew and successor Alauddin Khalji (1296-1316) turned out to be a very strong king. He marched against the native Indian kigdom of Devagiri in 1296. On his way through Gondwana and Khandesh he took prisoners a large number of Mahajans (chiefs, Jana in Sanskrit = people. Mahajan = great People, men of importance) and cultivators, and ransomed them for wealth.(Farishtah, I, 95-96.) At Devagiri he enslaved a number of the Raja’s (King’s) relatives, and Brahmans and Mahajans. He put them in shackles and chains and paraded them in front of the fort to pressure the besieged king. After victory, he released many of the captives because of compulsions of the situation. He was only a prince who had marched to the Deccan without the Sultan’s permission. But his taking of native slaves in large numbers was in consonance with the policy of Muslim sultans and gave a foretaste of what was to follow during the course of his reign.

    After ascending the throne, Alauddin Khalji embarked upon a series of conquests. He turned out to be the greatest king of the Sultanate period (cir. 1200-1500), and his success as regards capture of Indian slaves was stupendous. He started by seizing the families and slaves of his brothers and brother-in-law.(Barani, 249; Farishtah, I, 102: Badaoni, Ranking, I, 248.) In 1299 he dispatched a large army for the invasion of the Western Indian region of Gujarat. There all the major towns and cities like Naharwala, Asaval, Vanmanthali, Surat, Cambay, Somnath etc. were sacked. There the temples were broken, wealth looted and large numbers of captives of both sexes captured, including the famous Malik Kafur(Isami, 243; Barani, 251-52.) and the Vaghela king’s consort Kamala Devi (For detailed references see Lal, Khaljis, 69-71.). In the words of Wassaf, the Muslim army in the sack of Somnath “took captive a great number of handsome and elegant maidens, amounting to 20,000, and children of both sexes the Muhammadan army brought the country to utter ruin, and destroyed the lives of native inhabitants, and plundered the cities and captured their offspring” (Wassaf, Bk. IV, 448. Also trs. in E.D. III, 43.). In 1301 Ranthambhor was attacked and in 1303 Chittor. In the invasion of the Hindu kingdom of Chittor, 30,000 people were massacred in cold blood and obviously females and minors of their families were captured.(Khazain, Habib trs., 49) Slaves were also taken in large numbers in the expeditions to native kingdoms of Malwa, Sevana and Jalor (1305-1311). Maybe the number of captives obtained from Rajasthan was not that large knowing the bravery and chivalry of the fierce Rajputs and their prevailing customs of Jauhar and Saka. Jauhar = At the time of impending defeat against muslim invaders, Hindu Rajput women & children would collectively jump in fire to protect their honour while Saka = the Hindu men would then go and fight to the death against the foreign Muslim invader army as their wives and children were already dead. But the highly successful Deccan campaigns of Malik Kafur must have supplied a large corps of native captives.

    The walls of the towers popularly known as Chor Minar in modern Hauz Khas Enclave are pierced with 225 holes. In medieval India apertures on the walls of towers were used by Muslims not only as windows but also to display heads of captured and executed prisoners. The custom was to cut off their heads and stick them into those holes, to be seen by everybody. During wars, only the heads of chiefs were displayed; those of common soldiers were simply piled into pyramids.

    Sultan Alauddin’s collection of slaves was a matter of successful routine. Under him the Sultanate had grown so strong that, according to Shams Siraj Afif, in his days “no one dared to make an outcry.” Similar is the testimony of the Alim and Sufi Amir Khusrau. In Nuh Sipehr he writes that “the Turks, whenever they please, can seize, buy or sell any native Hindu.” No wonder, under him the process of enslavement went on with great vigour. As an example, he had 50,000 slave boys in his personal service (Afif, 272) and 70,000 slaves worked continuously on his buildings.(Barani, 341.) It is Barani alone who writes about the number of slaves working on buildings and Afif alone who speaks about the personal “boys” of Sultan Alauddin who looked after his pigeons. Ziyauddin Barani’s detailed description of the Slave Markets in Delhi and elsewhere during the reign of Alauddin Khalji, shows that fresh batches of captives were constantly arriving there.(Barani, 318; Lal, Khaljis, 214-15)

    • Replies: @Malla
  210. Malla says:

    Enslavement of native Indians under the foreign Islamic Tughlaqs


    All sultans were keen on making slaves, but Muhammad Tughlaq became notorious for enslaving people. He appears to have outstripped even Alauddin Khalji and his reputation in this regard spread far and wide. Shihabuddin Ahmad Abbas writes about him thus: “The Sultan never ceases to show the greatest zeal in making war upon native infidels. Everyday thousands of slaves are sold at a very low price, so great is the number of prisoners”.(Ishwari Prasad, Qaraunh Turks, 39-40 citing Battutah, Def. and Sang., II, 212-14.) Muhammad Tughlaq did not only enslave people during campaigns, he was also very fond of purchasing and collecting foreign and Indian slaves. According to Ibn Battuta one of the reasons of estrangement between Muhammad Tughlaq and his father Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq, when Muhammad was still a prince, was his extravagance in purchasing slaves. Even as Sultan, he made extensive conquests. He subjugated the country as far as Dwarsamudra, Malabar, Kampil, Warangal, Lakhnauti, Satgaon, Sonargaon, Nagarkot and Sambhal to give only few prominent place-names.(Qaraunah Turks, 96, 126, 129-30, 173.) There were sixteen major rebellions in his reign which were ruthlessly suppressed.(Mahdi Husain Tughlaq Dynasty, 195-257.) In all these conquests and rebellions, slaves were taken with great gusto. For example, in the year 1342 Halajun rose in rebellion against these foreign Muslim rulers in Lahore. He was aided by the native Khokhar chief Kulchand. They were defeated. “About three hundred women of the rebels were taken captive, and sent to the fort of Gwalior where they were seen by Ibn Battutah.” (Qaraunah Turks, 148 citing Battutah, Def. and Sang, III, 332.) Such was their influx that Ibn Battutah writes: “At (one) time there arrived in Delhi some female infidel captives, ten of whom the Vazir sent to me. I gave one of them to the man who had brought them to me, but he was not satisfied. My companion took three young girls, and I do not know what happened to the rest.”(Battutah, 123.) Iltutmish, Muhammad Tughlaq and Firoz Tughlaq sent gifts of slaves to Khalifas outside India. To the Chinese emperor Muhammad Tughlaq sent, besides other presents, “100 Hindu slaves, 100 slave girls, accomplished in song and dance” and another 15 young slaves.(Qaraunah Turks, 138-39.)

    Ibn Battutah’s eye-witness account of the Sultan’s gifting captured native Indian slave girls to foreign Muslim nobles or arranging their marriages with Muslims on a large scale on the occasion of the two Ids, corroborates the statement of Abbas. Ibn Battutah writes that during the celebrations in connection with the two Ids in the court of Muhammad bin Tughlaq, daughters of Indian Hindu Rajas (Kings) and those of commoners, captured during the course of the year were distributed among nobles, officers and important foreign slaves. On the fourth day men slaves are married and on the fifth slave-girls. On the sixth day men and women slaves are married off.(Battutah, 63; Hindi trs. by S.A.A. Rizvi in Tughlaq Kalin Bharat, part I, Aligarh 1956, 189.) This was all in accordance with the Islamic law. According to it, slaves cannot marry on their own without the consent of their proprietors.(Hamilton, Hedaya. I, 161). The marriage of an infidel couple is not dissolved by their jointly embracing the faith. In the present case the slaves were probably already converted and their marriages performed with the initiative and permission the Sultan himself were valid. Thousands of non-Muslim women (Afif, 265. also 119-120.) were captured by the Muslims in the yearly campaigns of Firoz Tughlaq, and under him the id celebrations were held on lines similar to those of his predecessor. In short, under the Tughlaqs the inflow of women captives never ceased.

    Similar was the case with males, especially of tender and young age. Firoz Tughlaq acquired them by all kinds of methods and means, so that he collected 180,000 of them. Shams Siraj Afif, the contemporary historian, writes that under Firoz, “slaves became too numerous” and adds that “the institution took root in every centre of the land”. So that even after the Sultanate broke up into a number of kingdoms, slave-hunting continued in every Muslim centre of India.

    • Replies: @Malla
  211. @sarz

    David Duke had an informative video about Jewish dominance in the slave trade, in which the main authority he cited was a Jewish academic historian. I wanted to link to the video and tried to find it at his website but could not.

    If you saw the video somewhere and now you can’t find it on his website that means nothing, really. Before he had the capability of hosting videos at he was posting them at Jewtube where they’re of course gone now. Until August 2017 I think it was of the Charlottesville events you could buy all of Duke’s books through Amazon. The two of his books which I have and which might possibly make mention of jews involved in the slave trade would be My Awakening and Jewish Supremacism but there’s no such entry in their indexes which doesn’t mean they don’t mention it.

    For about a year until very recently I was listening to Don Black and then David Duke every weekday. He doesn’t take things down because of Jewish complaints. I got tired of listening to him because he’s losing his edge, maybe because of getting older. He repeats himself incessantly saying the exact same things over and over and over again for weeks. He has guests on his radio show but almost all of them have to be quiet while he keeps repeating himself.

    He’s stuck on the racial identity claim that jews make as part of the zionism claim to Palestine. Ignoring their well-known skill in lies and deception, he falls for that big lie hook and sinker because he cites the jews themselves as the authority for the jews claiming to have some kind of moral ownership of Palestine because they’re supposedly descendents of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob which has been disproven by historians for over 50 years and when Arthur Koestler wrote the nonfiction bestseller The Thirteenth Tribe in 1976 it wasn’t his idea; it was the mainstream consensus of historians that the Ashkenazi Yiddish speaking jews of Eastern Europe were descendents of a Turkic people who were converts around 900 AD who became the Khazars with their king referred to with the title of Kagan, which is the last name of a Supreme Court justice.

    David Duke scrupulously either ignores or dismisses the Khazar origins of Ashkenazi jews. I’ve heard him taking with Nathanael Kapner, a convert to Orthodox Catholicism, a man who dresses up in a home-made monk costume and flies from Idaho to DC and NYC to walk around the streets and talk to jews about how he became a Catholic. Kapner too ignores the Khazar origins of Ashkenazi jews. I think it’s because both Duke and Kapner identify as WNs and they subscribe to the view of jews being a race.

    David Duke to the best of my knowledge ignores the work of Shlomo Sand and his 2009 English translation of the book The Invention of the Jewish People where Sand shows very convincingly, and with much more information than was available to Koestler, that Ashkenazi jews are not “racial jews.” In my mind that’s Duke’s greatest intellectual weakness for perpetuating the lie of jewish zionists that they have some kind of racial kinship shared among jews in general.

    Duke is, as you suggest, very careful to avoid saying things that could lead to him being charged with the thoughtcrime of holocaust denial, which is like the punishments exacted on Galileo Galilei for saying that the earth goes around the sun and not vice-versa.

  212. Malla says:

    Sufferings of the enslaved native Indians


    This is the version of the slave-capturing victors. The humiliation and suffering of the victims finds no mention in Muslim chronicles. Sustained experience of grief and pain and loss of dignity and self-respect used to turn them into dumb driven animals. The practice and pattern of breaking the spirit of the captives under Aibak, Iltutmish and Balban, indeed throughout the medieval period, was the same as during the days of the Khaljis and the Tughlaqs. Only one case may be cited as an instance. Balban, when he was Ulugh Khan Khan-i-Azam, once brought to Delhi (in about 1260) two hundred fifty ‘Hindu leading men and men of position from Mewar and Siwalik, bound and shackled and chained. During the expedition he had proclaimed that a royal soldier would be rewarded with two silver tankahs if he captured a person alive and one tankah if he brought the head of a dead one. They brought to his presence 300 to 400 living and dead everyday. The reigning Sultan Nasiruddin ordered the death of all leading men. The others accompanying them were shaken to the bones and completely tamed. Depiction of their suffering is found in an Indian work – Kanhadade Prabandha. Written in old Rajasthani or old Gujarati, it was composed in mid-fifteenth century and records the exploits of native Indian Hindu King Kanhardeva of Jalor against the foreigner Alauddin’s General Ulugh Khan who had attacked Gujarat in 1299 and taken a number of prisoners. In the Sorath (Saurashtra) region they made people captive – Brahmanas and children, and women, in fact, people of all (description) huddled them and tied them by straps of raw hide. The number of prisoners made by them was beyond counting. The prisoners quarters (bandikhana) were entrusted to the care of the foreign Turks who were often extremely ruthless to native Indians. The prisoners suffered greatly and wept aloud. During the day they bore the heat of the scorching sun, without shade or shelter as they were [in the sandy desert region of Rajasthan], and the shivering cold during the night under the open sky. Children, torn away from their mother’s breasts and homes, were crying. Each one of the captives seemed as miserable as the other. Already writhing in agony due to thirst, the pangs of hunger added to their distress. Some of the captives were sick, some unable to sit up. Some had no shoes to put on and no clothes to wear. Some had iron shackles on their feet. Separated from each other, they were huddled together and tied with straps of hide. Children were separated from their parents, the wives from their husbands, thrown apart by this cruel raid. Young and old were seen writhing in agony, as loud wailing arose from that part of the camp where they were all huddled up Weeping and wailing, they were hoping that some miracle might save them even now.(Padmanabh, Kanhadade Prabandh, trs. Bhatnagar, 11, 16, 18) The miracle did happen and native Indian King Kanhardeva was successful in rescuing them from these ruthless foreign Islamic slavers after a tough fight.

    But the description provides the scenario in which the brave and the strong, the elite and the plebeian, were made captives and their spirit broken. That is how Timur was enabled to massacre in one day about 100,000 of captives he had taken prisoner on his march to Delhi. They had been distributed among his officers and kept tied and shackled. That is how Maulana Nasiruddin Umar, a man of learning in Timur’s camp, slew with his own sword fifteen idolatrous Hindus, who were his captives. If the prisoners could break their bonds, such a carnage could not have been possible. Prisoners were often brought to Timur’s presence with hands bound to their necks.(azdi, Zafar Nama, II, 92-95; Mulfuzat-i-Timuri, trs. E.D., III, 436, 451.) Jahangir (1605-27) also writes that “prisoners were conducted to my presence yoked together.”(Tarikh-i-Salim Shahi, 165. This was the fate of the captives throughout the medieval period and therefore there is no need to cite any more instances.)Most of them were kept yoked together even when they were sent out to be sold in foreign lands or markets in India.

    The captives, on their part, clung together and did not separate from one another even in their darkest hour. Nor were they permitted an opportunity to do so under Islamic law which the victors always observed with typical Muslim zeal. The Hidayah lays down that “if the Mussulmans subdue an infidel territory before any capitation tax be established, the inhabitants, together with their wives and children, are all plunder, and the property of the state, as it is lawful to reduce to slavery all infidels, whether they be Kitabees, Majoosees or idotters.”(Hedaya, Hamilton, II, 213.) The Hidayah also lays down that “whoever slays an infidel is entitled to his private property,” (Hedaya, Hamilton, II, 181) which invariably included his women and children. That is how a large number of people were involved, whether it was a matter of taking captives, making converts, or ordering massacres. About women and children of a single family of a slain infidel, or of droves of slaves captured in an attack on a region or territory Fakhre Mudabbir furnishes information on, both counts during the campaigns of Muhammad Ghauri and Qutbuddin Aibak. He informs us “that during their expeditions ghulams (slaves) of all descriptions (har jins) were captured in groups and droves (jauq jauq) so that even a poor householder (or soldier) who did not possess a single slave (earlier) became the owner of numerous slaves” (Tarikh-i-Fakkruddin Mubarak Shah, ed. Denison Ross, 20.)

    In short, the captives swam or sank together so that if they were captured they were taken in large numbers. A manifest example of this phenomenon is that during a rebellion-suppressing expedition of Muhammad bin Tughlaq in the Deccan (1327), all the eleven sons of the Raja (King) of Kampil (situated on the River Tungbhadra, Bellary District, Karnataka, South India), were captured together, and made Muslims.(Battutah, 95. Ishwari Prasad, Qarunab Turks, 65-66; Mahdi Husain, Tughlaq Dynasty, 207-208.) Generally, able bodied men and soldiers were massacred, and their helpless women and children were made prisoners in large numbers or groups.(Barani, 56; Afif, 119-120; Lal, Growth of Muslim Population, 106, 113-16, 211-217 for copious references from Muslim chronicles.) Similarly, from the time of entering India, up to the time of reaching the environs of Delhi, Amir Timur had “taken more than 100,000 Indian infidels and Hindu prisoners”(Mulfuzat-i-Timuri, E.D., III, 435-36; Z.N. Yazdi II, 192, Rauzat-us-safa, VI, 109.) Timur massacred them all, but the fact that people could be made slaves in such unbelievably large numbers was due to their keeping together through thick and thin, howsoever desperate the situation. Nobody knew the reality better than Ibn Battuta who travelled in India extensively. During his sojourn he found villages after villages deserted.(Battuta, 10, 20, 155-56.) Nature’s ravages or man’s atrocities might have made them flee, or more probably they would have been enslaved and converted, or just carried away. But the fact of habitations being completely deserted shows that large groups of native Indians suffered together at the hands of ruthless barbaric foreign Islamic invaders and did not forsake one another in times of trial and tribulation. This factor swelled the number of slaves.

    • Replies: @KA
  213. @anarchyst

    No. Don’t help them to find the perfect temperature to boil the frog.

  214. Qvax says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    You seriously think creationism should be taught in schools? And you seriously like the communist creationist buffoon William Jennings Bryan?

    Good lord, I thought this was supposed to be an intellectual conservative website. WJ Bryan was the first person to gradually bring the Democrats into being a communist party. Wilson and FDR only continued the damage to the Democratic Party that Bryan had begun.

    And what the hell is with you saying evolution is a Jewish theory? Darwin was a white dude. The people who came up with the Adam and Eve and 7 days stories, on the other hand, were a bunch of Stone Age Jews.

    Evolution is real, and it’s why non-whites, especially Negroes and Australian Aborigines, are inferior to whites.

  215. Qvax says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    My proposed new rule for Unz: anybody who rejects evolution in favor of a mythical story written by Stone Age Jews automatically gets banned.

    I was going to like your post when I read the first half about blacks being lazy non-contributors to America, even as slaves. Then, I read the second half of your post, where you went on your insane creationist rant praising the communist William Jennings Bryan, and accusing evolution of being a Jewish theory. After I read the second half of your post, I changed my like to a dislike.

    • Replies: @J. Alfred Powell
  216. KA says:

    Islam is different from Hinduism . You cant be Hindu unless your are born into it . How does Hinduism solve the problem of the secular world defined by wars, conquest displacement and victories over the vanquished ? The consequences of the wars that defined its existence for millennia ? By turning the vanquished indigenous into untouchable or 5th class ( then the RSS says Dalit was invention of Islamic kings . Those bastards don’t have the guts to own their own history that is part and parcel of Manu something -a religious book of Hinduism ) . These uncouth then goes on talking of conversion by force by muslim rulers .

    Now these liars have been trying to alter history of Kashmir even by saying that Kashmir was Hindu until Afghanistan occupied it in 18 the century . That country seeing rapid conversion to Islam from 13 th century before any muslim conquered it . Know the history of Kashmir by leafing through the book KASHMIR In The Crossfire by Victoria Schofield . History of pre Islamic Kashmir is the history of pre Islamic India.

    VS Naipul carried same psychological inferiority complex that RSS ideologues still carry . This blinded him to appreciate the darkest secrets of temple prostitution , slavery ,widow burning of of Hindu kingdoms of Orissa which remained independent more or less for most of the time and came under nominal rule of Muslim periodically . This also applies to pre Islamic Kashmir .

    Slavery improved under Muslim rules . It was worse under Hindu kings. Carrying slaves for many purposes after winning wars were regular features of the Hindu wars .

    Slavery was not only institutionalized but was given religious supports obligations ,and was provided with legal codification by Hinduism without any escape route for the slaves ,serfs and untouchables for millennia It still exists today only modified by language of description and not changed beyond language really.

    Did Nail ever try to understand how and why Hinduism was thrown out peacefully from Malay Indonesia Maldives and from Cambodia and Laos. ?

    That realization would have forced the man to change his name .

    The wounded civilization like VS Naipul was a wounded caricature with no historical understanding of the flawed narrative selectively promoted by Indian RSS BJP Brahmanical condominium.

    Islamic conquerers and invaders and slave holders were minority nobles who used the upper caste Hindu to run the country wage wras and even destroy temples hoarding wealths and running prostitution . Those same dynastic nepotistic Hindu noble carries the same tradition by allying with the neoliberal agenda of USA .Their descendants exploit the poor at home save the plait and enforce rules protecting their positions and powers . In recent recent past they abused the country ’s people ,stole wealth and mismanaged the richness by carrying the dirty water for the British . RSS BJP and altered history come from them .

    • Replies: @Malla
  217. Erzberger says:

    Sadly, the Germans joined Clinton and Blair. First time Germany went to war after WW II. This was a clear violation of the German constitution which allows only for war in self-defense, and Yugoslavia posed no threat to Germany or any other belligerent bombing Belgrade, including the Chinese embassy (a CIA action). The sordid affair had to be pushed through the German parliament against major opposition with the argument that Germany had the duty to prevent another Holocaust. On the same grounds of interethnic strife and ethnic cleansing they could have gone to war against Turkey (to liberate the Kurds and give them a state), or Israel (to liberate the Palestinians and give them a state). But the economic motive and the desire to weaken Russia and draw their allies into the EU only applied to Yugoslavia, so the Serbs had to be thrown against the wall. Putin retaliated by reclaiming parts of Ukraine along the same lines, albeit much more peacefully, and there has been nothing but hypocritical complaints and threats against Russia ever since. Meanwhile, Israel is allowed to annex whatever they want without consultation of the population

    • Agree: Robjil, Derer
  218. Derer says:
    @David riskanalyst

    Interesting. However there is a difference between being raised as a Jew when very young and being of a Jewish bloodline. His father was not a Jew and mother only converted. This gossip was created for a financial reward and perhaps self-importance of the author.

  219. @Qvax

    Even sooner let’s ban spouters of stuff like “the communist William Jennings Bryan”. Ignorant doctrinaire stupidity is ignorant doctrinaire stupidity no what what flavor of dogma the drooler drools.

  220. Malla says:

    Woaow woaw woaw, I myself have been one of the biggest critics of Brahmanism and Hinduism in general and have also accepted that Islam brought some good things into South Asia like it was comparatively more egalitarian. Nowhere did I claim that pre Islamic Hindu India was a perffect place unlike those idiotic Hinduvadis. All I am saying is the brutality of those Islamic invasions into India cannot be denied. The slavery of untold numbers of native Indians cannot be denied. It is this arrogance of Muslims who try to deny their past wrongs but who blame everybody else creates serious enemies and blows the fans of anger and revenge in organisations like the Hindutva RSS.

    VS Naipul carried same psychological inferiority complex that RSS ideologues still carry . The wounded civilization like VS Naipul was a wounded caricature with no historical understanding of the flawed narrative selectively promoted by Indian RSS BJP Brahmanical condominium.

    Again very idiotic and ignorant of you. Mr. Naipaul has written books on India like “India: Area of Darkness” where he has been critical of Hindu culture and the caste system. He is the one who wrote “India is a land of rich temples, poor devotees and cunning priests”.So your accusations are idiotic and baseless. And he still stands correct is saying that the brutal Islamic invasions of India wounded the civilization of India.

    Slavery improved under Muslim rules .

    Only a buffoon will make a claim like that after all the evidence I have posted. But if you mean Islam allowed people of lower castes more equality and the ability to be religious heads (like an Imam or qadi) which Hinduism denied to them, yes you are right. In that way Islam was a moral improvement over Brahmanical Hinduism, I agree. But the truth is, if there is any power which did the most for the rights of lower castes, it were the British.

    • Replies: @KA
  221. Realist says:

    Are you telling me these people are not intelligent?

    Yes, if they truly believe in creation…they are not very intelligent.

  222. KA says:

    VS Naipul could never resolve his schizophrenic split of minds He could never accept the facts that Islam did not wound the minds of the debased In dian body politic ,of the affluent elite .It was wounded beyond the pale .

    Only a blowhard with low IQ unable to read the history will say”Islam did not improve the slavery” . Your evidences have been repeatedly attacked by later writers as embellishment as self serving by the the hangers -on of the royal courts and later by the authors like Romilla Thapar who exposed the lies behind the partisan writings of the British .

    Islamic invasions ” like current Christian invasions or past Christian invasions or there Buddhist invasions-wars in Tibet-Monglia-China or internecine intra-Hindu invasions were all brutal and were based on the expansion of the empire or chances of the gathering of more loot .

    • Replies: @Malla
  223. Malla says:

    VS Naipul could never resolve his schizophrenic split of minds He could never accept the facts that Islam did not wound the minds of the debased In dian body politic ,of the affluent elite .It was wounded beyond the pale .

    Idiotic statement. Many poor Hindus suffered because of the Islamic invasions, lootings, pillaging and and brutal slavery that followed. So not only the elites. What Mr Naipaul said is common sense believed by majority of Hindus. Mr Naipaul also praised Islam as it allowed a lower caste Hindu converts to Islam to become a religious scholar/Imam which was closed to them in Hinduism.

    Romilla Thapar who exposed the lies behind the partisan writings of the British .

    Read the posts again. It were not British scholars but Islamic scholars who wrote about the mass slavery of native Indians by foreign Muslim invaders. I respect Romila Thapar. What she wrote was that, the first people to research the pre-Islamic history of India were the British. Muslims were the first to write history but did no research on pre-Islamic Indian history. And the British divided Indian history into pre Islamic Hindu India and later Islamic India which is normal common sense. Islam did not exist in India before the invasion of Sindh, it was a foreign import on Indian soil so how is that theory wrong? However Romila Thapar continues that Hindu India is wrong as the early British scholars ignored the Buddhist-Jain side of pre-Islamic Indian history as the early officers of the British East India Company were highly influenced by Brahmins pundits who pushed their version of pre-Islamic Indian history on the British scholars. But excavations carried out by Europeans archaeologists were showing more Buddhist sites than Hindus sites and only later did they start showing interest in Buddhist India. Also they came across writings of Chinese scholar monks who came to India.
    However Rolima Thapar goes wrong in typical Marxist manner in claiming that the British tried to show themselves as protectors of the Hindus from Muslims. This is idiotic. The truth is when British power was rising, the most powerful force in India were the Hindu Maratha Empire, not the Islamic Mughal. Tipu Sultan was a local power, Maratha Empire was spread far and wide in India. After Emperor Aurangzeb, the Mughal empire was in tatters and the Maratha Empire grew. So powerful were the Marathas that the Mughal throne was itself protected by the Hindu Maratha Holkars. So this theory that British had to position themselves as protectors of Hindus is wrong. However Romila Thappar is right in saying that Hindu and Islamic cultures were mixing with each other to create a mixed culture. BTW Indian nationalists consider Romila Thappar as an anti-national and traitor to nation.
    The British were neutral in this Hindu Muslim fiasco. Some British officers were pro Hindu some were pro Muslim, most were neutral. The pro Muslim British officers considered pagan Hinduism as a weird unorganised religion while they saw Islam as a fellow Abrahamic faith more organised and more easy to relate to as the British in those days were devout Christians. Pagan pre-Christian Britons may have related to Hindustan at least ancient Vedic Hindusim as it has a lot of similarities with Persian Zoroastrianism as well as all the pre-Christian religions of Europe including Anglo-Saxon religion.

    Islamic invasions ” like current Christian invasions or past Christian invasions or there Buddhist invasions-wars in Tibet-Monglia-China or internecine intra-Hindu invasions were all brutal and were based on the expansion of the empire or chances of the gathering of more loot .

    That is true to a large extent. Money was a major driving force in these expansions.

  224. KA says:

    another moronic explanation from a dunce

    “It were not British scholars but Islamic scholars who wrote about the mass slavery of native Indians by foreign Muslim invaders.” This has come under severe criticism for alert 30 years . Read JSTOR articles.

    Many poor Hindus suffered because of the Islamic invasions, lootings, pillaging and and brutal slavery that follows ”
    Poor Hindus did not suffer . Rich elite lost the privilege . Wealthy temples full of tax revenue and jewelry got robbed and temple for prostitution disappeared .

    “What Mr Naipaul said is common sense believed by majority of Hindus”- Mr Naipul got exposed after 911 by his warm ready embrace of the 911 anti muslim hysteria.

    Muslim did not practice slavery in India the way it was in Tibet or in New World or in pre Islamic India .It was an improvement where the slaves could rise to the top and be part of the civilized community as equal.

    Forcing population to live in certain area and moving them to certain area for tax purpose which we can label as slavery was practiced even by Buddhist Burmese elite in the 17 th century.

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