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The Latest Spy Story: Was It Involving Israel Yet Again?
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An intriguing though fragmentary espionage story made headlines eleven days ago and then disappeared abruptly, suggesting that some folks in high places in the government and media were fearing that the full tale would prove to be embarrassing to someone. I am referring to the report of the arrest made by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service of an American government employee who worked in nuclear engineering. Jonathan Toebbe and his wife Diana apparently had stolen highly sensitive information on nuclear propulsion systems and the stealth hull designs of the next generation U.S. Navy Virginia class attack submarine fleet and had been caught after several times seeking to sell their wares to what they thought to be a foreign power.

Two days after the arrest, the Toebbes appeared in court in Martinsburg West Virginia and were ordered to remain in jail as they were considered a flight risk. So far, so good but the interesting part of the story is that the intended purchaser was apparently not obvious adversaries like Russia and China, but rather an ostensibly friendly country, which was not identified. The Toebbes clearly thought they were offering their technology to a foreign country’s intelligence service, one presumes, but they were in fact in contact with the FBI, which allowed them to arrange dead drops in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia and paid them to continue providing new material on small digital computer cards before closing the trap and making the arrest.

And how the FBI learned about the Toebbes is another interesting part of the story. Apparently in April 2020 the couple had mailed a package containing manuals and other material relating to the propulsion systems to a foreign country, together with an offer to establish a covert relationship in return for payment in cryptocurrency. The package somehow wound up in someone’s hands in the foreign postal system or government and eventually made its way anonymously eight months later to the FBI legal attaché at the U.S. Embassy. It included a note that read “Please forward this letter to your military intelligence agency. I believe this information will be of great value to your nation. This is not a hoax.”

One has to suspect that the material actually had reached the foreign intelligence agency that it had been sent to where it was considered too hot to handle, so it was forwarded on to the U.S. officials anonymously to get rid of it.

The documents involved relating to the arrest and the alleged crimes committed by the Toebbes are heavily redacted, far beyond the identity of the foreign country involved, so it is somewhat difficult to reconstruct exactly what happened. Toebbe, a former naval officer, has held senior positions in the Navy bureaucracy, up to and including serving on the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations, which would have given him access to beyond top secret codeworded details of next level submarine technology. It is information that is only shared with Great Britain and, in a recent policy move, with Australia, both U.S. allies that will deploy nuclear powered submarines in the Pacific to deter China. The documents the Toebbes reportedly stole and tried to sell were produced by a little-known U.S. government facility the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory in West Mifflin Pennsylvania.

One of the most interesting aspects of the case is the question of who might have been the potential buyer of the stolen technology. Building nuclear submarines is not exactly high on the priority list of any but a small handful of countries that have global or regional pretensions that might be supported by having cruise missile nuclear weapons capable ships that can stay under water for months at a time. Germany could conceivably build such vessels but has no defensive needs that require such an expedient. So could France, presumably. Japan and South Korea are perhaps more plausible recipients, particularly as they have the industrial and scientific bases that could benefit from and use the technology if they chose to go that route, and both are threatened by China.

And, of course, there is always Israel, which frequently tends to come up when there are stories of espionage committed by a friendly country against the United States. In this case, of course, the Israelis, if targeted by the Toebbes, apparently did not seek the approach and that may be why the information sent in the package possibly to Mossad was sat on for over six months. Nevertheless, there is a definite resemblance to what the Toebbes set out to do with the Jonathan Pollard case of the 1980s. Pollard, a non-practicing Jew and Navy analyst, stole a whole roomful of top-secret defense materials. He was in it for the money and tried to sell the intelligence to several foreign governments before he “got religion” and found a buyer in Israel. He became the most damaging spy in the history of the United States. After being caught, tried, convicted and spending twenty-eight years in federal prison, he was released on parole but not allowed to travel. The Donald Trump administration did not renew the parole in 2020 and he moved to Israel, where he was met at the airport by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who presented him with his citizenship papers. He is regarded as a hero in Israel and he has a city square named after him. So, the question becomes, was history repeating itself with the Toebbes?

Against that speculation is the fact that Israel already has an established nuclear deterrent more than capable of eliminating its regional enemies if needs be. It has no use for an expensive submarine with abilities that are not required in the goldfish bowl of the Middle East, unless of course if the United States were to gift Jerusalem with such a new military bauble. It would also have no need to get involved in something that might ultimately have tremendous blowback if exposed, potentially severely damaging the relationship with Washington.

My own theory is that Israel was indeed the target of the Toebbes’ scheme. It is widely known that the Jewish state is the most aggressive and successful “friendly” nation spying on Washington and it is backed up by a host of wealthy and powerful co-religionists who work hard to both “help” it and cover-up for its crimes. I suspect that if Israeli intelligence were interested in collecting on the submarine technology they would eschew potential screwballs like the Toebbes and instead work their other sources in Washington to collect the information independently, accounting for the time lag between the mailing of the package and the forwarding of it to the FBI. When Pollard was active, his Israeli Embassy handler would sometimes ask him for specific files by number, indicating they had other high level agents at work, and it must be assumed that that is still the case. Far too many in Congress and the Pentagon are very happy to have a lunch with that nice young man or woman from the Israeli Embassy and maybe share a secret or two.

But, that speculation aside, perhaps the strongest indicator that Israel was the planned recipient of what the Toebbe’s stole is the silence over who the target might have been. When the media and the federal government are silent on a foreign policy or national security issue it often means that Israel is involved, directly or indirectly. Will we the American public ever learn “who was it?” Probably not. Just one more secret.

Philip Giraldi, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
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  1. As soon as I noticed that all these news stories were mentioning only a “foreign power” I figured “OK, it’s Israel.”

    • LOL: chris
    • Replies: @Sebastian Y.
    , @sally
    , @Ace
  2. As you say, the news about this is already being rabbit holed. so all we do is watch and wait and we will have our answer.
    As suspected, it will turn out to be Israel.

  3. craven says:

    The Israelis can spy and steal on America in plain sight, and the goyim love them for it. I dare say that the prime minister of Israel has a fuller understanding of what is happening within the bowels of the American deep state than any American president does. But can you imagine what would happen to the poor Christian soul if a Christian was found out to be operating within the Israeli government and funnelling information back to the United States? Of course, that would never happen, since Christians bump into a glass ceiling at every turn in the ethno-state. It is appalling how Israel doesn’t even have to make the pretense of being an ally. This shows you what craven whores the US political class is.

    • Agree: Alternate History, Ace
    • Replies: @FIREBUG
  4. dearieme says:

    “He became the most damaging spy in the history of the United States.”

    More important than the spies who gave the atom bomb to Stalin? Really?

    • Replies: @Philip Giraldi
    , @Jiminy
  5. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    How they happened to fall into an FBI setup is rather murky. Supposedly they made some clumsy outreach attempt to provide info in exchange for money to some unnamed country. If it was for the money one might guess the first ones a person would think of as potential customers would be China and Russia. But were that the case it could be expected that it would have been trumpeted through the media. Since it remains unnamed it’s reasonable to think there’s a reason for that. How important was this information anyway? With everything being a lie these days how do we know how accurate what we’re being fed is? These two seem rather a pair of amateurish dopes who fell into an FBI net. But FBI setups have a sordid history so who knows what’s really taken place?

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Bro43rd
  6. @dearieme

    Yes because he revealed the mechanisms used by the US to spy – sources and methods are more important than the information that is actually revealed as it permits access to intelligence all across the system!

    • Agree: Alternate History
    • Disagree: Muggles
    • Thanks: Jim Christian
  7. Japan and South Korea.. both are threatened by China?

    They are US military satrapies, but in what way are they threatened by China–now or ever?

    • Agree: Ukraine Tiger
    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Troll: Chris Mallory
  8. @Neuromancer

    As soon as I noticed that all these news stories were mentioning only a “foreign power” I figured “OK, it’s Israel.”

    Yeah, me too. It was confirmed when I read that this gentile shitlib couple was thrown under the bus by the “foreign power” and the “foreign power” allowed the FBI to use their embassy to fly a signaling flag.

    Over at Hasbara Central (a/k/a Free Republic) the official line was it was France, which let me know it wasn’t France.

    • Replies: @Reality Cheque
  9. So, so, so much power do Israel and “the Jews” have over America.. that Jonathan Pollard languished in jail.. for three decades.. a serious disincentive for anyone who might have considered throwing a bit of intel love Israel’s way.

    From the BBC article about the Toebbes affair:

    Some are driven by a desire to prove that, however average they may appear, they are in fact extraordinary individuals, with a big secret.

    I suspect this is what intelligence insiders, and retirees from their elite ranks, would say about Giraldi and his wild-assed speculations, assuming they think of him at all.

  10. Teddy I. says:

    Navy seals are recycled in the FBI.

    The FBI and Tel Aviv have direct communication channels.

  11. @Godfree Roberts

    Godfree, China threatens ALL Right thinking persons, just because it exists. They refuse to say ‘Uncle’ as Ronny Raygun may have put it. I just saw one US feminazi wailing that China’s supposed planetary hypersonic rocket means that the USA could be attacked from Antarctica! ‘We’ don’t have any defences down there she bemoaned. ‘Those who the Gods wish to destroy….’

    • Agree: Godfree Roberts
  12. After making digital copies and being such good neighbors, Mossad kindly returned the plans to show their honesty. Unfortunately, due to hard times, a copy was sold to China for a few million shekels to recoup advanced payments and operation costs, while another copy is waiting for another buyer should one become interested.
    Besides, who has billions laying around to build nuclear subs? Haven’t they killed enough fish in the sea already.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  13. How Jews play the game.

    1. Starve Syrians into Refugee Status.

    2. Make the West feed the Syrian Refugees.

    Never mind Syria is in the state it is because Anglo-Cucks or Anglucks do the bidding of Jews and blew up the Middle East. Anglucks are the lowest form of life in the universe.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @Weaver
  14. Yeah Phil, another ‘open secret’…

  15. RobinG says:
    @Priss Factor

    Thanks for centering US sanctions killing Syria.

    The Syrian Charity Scam

    By Paul Larudee – October 20, 2021

    Americans want to feel good about themselves by giving money to charities that claim to be helping the Syrian people.
    But they are being duped into supporting terrorist forces that have brought misery and violence to the country—while crippling U.S. sanctions accentuate the humanitarian crisis.

  16. FIREBUG says:

    i have no proof that more likely the above mention spies, are been taken care by our own military intelligence, they are the ones running our home land Republic at the moment ever since Jan. 20th 2021, president Donald Trump signed the INSURECTION ACT EXECUTIVE ORDER on Jan. 14th 2021, knowing that the election had been stolen, He made sure to leave the USA MILITARY ENCHARGED OF THE STOLEN ELECTION INVESTIGATION.

    The American people are in a state of COMA, unaware of what has been going on for more than 5 decades, a total WAR against our domestic enemies. which as we all know are the JEWS. who own and control every thing that has Communication networks by way of air waves, and printed as well as degital satelite communications, with out forgetting political control of largest %age of public servants, from city council, educational council, county, state and federal and even our military had been infiltrated for decades if not for two centuries at least.


    The only reason why our military is not yet enforcing MARTIAL LAW ACROSS THE REPUBLIC is because the are waiting for the green light by following the CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, making sure that non of the hard core criminals that were willing to play the game will go sky free any more, most of our congress and senate including supreme court criminals with exception I understand of judge thomas will be executed for treason they are either already at GITMO, CUBA or some othe place where they will be taken care of CONNING HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR SEVERAL DECADES TO THE POINT THAT THEY CAN CLONE SOME ONE IN A VERY SHORT TIME NOTICE WITH VERY LITTLE DEFECTS FROM THE ORIGINAL, that is what makes them invisible to the American public.

    Our military is trying every thing as much as they can to AVOID A CIVIL WAR, DUE TO ALL THE LIES THAT THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA HAS USED TO INDOCTRINATE THEM WITH. ans still continue doing but all those so called fake news pundits will be executed as traitors.


    • Troll: Chris Mallory
  17. Patriot says:

    We know that the intended country for the stolen information was not Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, N Korea, or Cuba, because if so, the media and USA government would have screamed about it non-stop 24/7.

    I suspect the intended receipent was a certain “best friend evaaaar” country, which we are never allowed to criticize.

  18. Rebel Roy says:

    Mr.Giraldi you provide us with the best and most truthful information I’ve read.I certainly don’t trust our filthy Jew run government/media/schools and it gets very disheartening to know we live in such an evil existence.Thank you for being that ray of light to give us facts that we otherwise would never know.God bless you and your family and may he keep you safe.I trust you and value what you do.And thanks to Ron Unz for making possible information that we can’t get otherwise in our despotic Western matrix.

    • Replies: @Zorton the Cruel
  19. @Godfree Roberts

    And Australia, of all places, needs nuclear subs “to deter China”!
    The writer should exclude these completely irrelevant anti-China gaffes: they belong in another story.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  20. RVBlake says:

    “It would also have no need to get involved in something that might ultimately have tremendous blowback if exposed, potentially severely damaging the relationship with Washington.” After a review of the U. S. government’s response to the attack on the USS LIBERTY, it’s hard to imagine what could possibly damage this “relationship.”

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  21. Interestingly Israel already possesses a fleet of German-built Dolphin class attack submarines. They are said to be “approaching obsolescence” by 2025 (see )

    • Replies: @Z-man
  22. Trinity says:

    Israel attacked USS Liberty and America DID NOTHING.

    Israel caught red handed in the Lavon Affair and America and British DID NOTHING.

    5 Dancing Israelis apprehended on 9-11, Lucky Larry, “Good For Israel”. Everyone and their brother now knows who is responsible for 9-11 and STILL, America DOES NOTHING but have a memorial every year for nearly 3,000 Americans killed. Lucky Larry is free as a bird while James Fields sits in prison for life.

    (((Covid-19))) America BLAMES China, bats, cats, rats, anyone but the REAL CULPRIT = #Israel/Jews DID IT AGAIN. America DOES NOTHING BUT BLAME CHINA.


    Donald J for Jew ass kisser Trump moves embassy to Jerusalem and Trumptards give standing ovation. USA-USA-USA. Muh Is-ra-el, muh Is-ra-el, muh Is-ra-el.

    • Agree: Ace
    • Replies: @George Held
  23. And, of course, there is always Israel, which frequently tends to come up when there are stories of espionage committed by a friendly country against the United States. In this case, of course, the Israelis, if targeted by the Toebbes, apparently did not seek the approach and that may be why the information sent in the package possibly to Mossad was sat on for over six months.

    Oh! It’s simple Mr Giraldi. Maybe the package was opened using sophisticated methods and the information was already known to the Israelis.
    Or they must have also looked at the sender’ level of security clearance in the US Navy and found him wanting. It could also be that they considered him sloppy and not a good source.

  24. Trinity says:

    Muh Israel is our bestest best friends in the whole wide world of sports. Muh Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. oh, PUKE.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  25. Jim H says:

    ‘if Israeli intelligence were interested in collecting on the submarine technology they would eschew potential screwballs like the Toebbes and instead work their other sources in Washington to collect the information independently.’ — Philip Giraldi

    Over 400 House members can be recruited on 24 hours notice to vote for any pro-Israel resolution, no matter how extreme or absurd.

    Paul Findley in They Dare to Speak Out wrote about how Israel lobbyists would show up in his office, demanding Israeli access to classified weapons systems.

    It’s a big spy net, and we ain’t in it. But thousands are.

  26. Anonymous[638] • Disclaimer says:

    Which reminds me, why has no one reached out and killed Pollard?

  27. Hibernian says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Mr. Roberts, you have shown yourself on this page to be an extreme apologist for Beijing.

  28. @Hibernian

    Do you consider it important that Americans receive accurate information about China?

    Did I say something false or misleading?

    Or is what I wrote new to you?

    • Replies: @RobinG
  29. RobinG says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    …..accurate information about China?

    Americans don’t have eyes for that (anymore than they have eyes for Russian or any other reality) so it’s precious little use to show it to them. And they’re increasingly imploding with their own “radical, nihilistic individualism at the heart of modern American liberalism,” as recognized by Wang Huning decades ago. (H/T to Ron Unz.)

    The Triumph and Terror of Wang Huning

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  30. @Hibernian

    Godfree presents a view of China not contaminated by the vicious race hatred preferred by xenophobes like you. As ever, such truths invoke a reaction in racists akin to a vampire upon being doused in Holy Water.

    • Agree: Anon62
    • Troll: Chris Mallory
  31. For being ‘America’s Greatest Ally’ they sure don’t act like it. Imagine reading off all the credible accusations of espionage and spying to members of Congress but you replace Israel with Russia, China, North Korea, Iran etc. Half of them would be demanding to start a war with that country within 24 hours.

  32. Weaver says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    In the same way Libya or Costa Rica weren’t threatened by the US. Then, Libya was threatened.

    North Korea might or might not be threatened, but it has a defence strategy just in case. NK talks of the US being a threat, but it might well be more concerned about China.

    If Japan chooses to build a strong defence, that’s a choice. It comes with certain results. It might be wise; it might be foolish. Even the Japanese don’t know. In an extreme fit of paranoia, a state leader might conclude he’s safest without any foreign states existing; then, his paranoia might turn inward.

  33. Weaver says:
    @Priss Factor

    She’s living in an Anglo state. It raised her and tolerates her typing that. Or I assume it raised her; I don’t actually know when she moved to Australia.

    Everyone wants to condemn the powerful. Everyone wants a chance to be in charge, to do something stupid. “Why should Anglos have all the fun doing stupid, evil things?”

    Anglos created magnificent, wonderful states, full of wonderful rights, prosperity. Jews conquered these lands. If your kind were raised as Anglos are raised, you might sound the same.

    Anglo Lives Matter! 🙂

    • Replies: @anonymous
  34. anon[156] • Disclaimer says:

    Oi Goyim: Give it up dipshitz.

    Rememeber when you assholes went roaming around the world murdering, raping, looting and genociding your way to happiness and wealth? Same thing applies here.

    We took over your country by outsmarting you bozos fair an square. Now we get to do what we want. We wanna bang your women or rape your kids, we’ll do it – unless our guys are dumb enough to do over one of our girls – then they’ll get it in the neck. Ask Weinstein or Epstien. We send you over to fight and die and kill our enemies, you goddamn do it. Worked for the Roman legions, works for us bitches.

    And doing over you whiteys, well that’s allowed coz you’re conquered now. Yeah, I know you think you ain’t Palestinians, but . . . . hahahahahh. . . .

    Be greatful we allow you to whine on jewish owned sites like this one. (Course, one way or another we own just bout everything, internet included, so sooner or later you’ll end up on a Jewsih owned site. )

    So be thankful we like – as Arnie said in Conan – to hear the lamentations of our enemies. Otherwise you wouldn’t even have the ability to do that!!

    • LOL: GMC
    • Replies: @Mevashir
    , @DaveE
  35. PG: why do you say of Pollard

    He became the most damaging spy in the history of the United States.


    Unless he was providing stuff which was onsold to China or the Soviet Union how damaging could it be?

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
    , @Mevashir
  36. chris says:

    When the media and the federal government are silent on a foreign policy or national security issue it often means that Israel is involved, …

    Yeah, of course, it’s the dead giveaway, the only county or people who receive anathema protection from the ruling class. They have become Yahweh, the name that cannot be spoken (in reference to their participation in criminal matters).

    The other major clue will come at the sentencing. The sentence cannot be so harsh as to discourage present or future aspirants to treason, and the “justice” department will do absolutely everything in its power to accommodate this.

    My guess is that whatever the pronounced sentence, they’ll be out before the end of the decade.

  37. joe2.5 says:

    It makes sense. Let me add a remark re the fact that, unlike in the Pollard years, Zionistan does not need US spies. It now owns the whole store, period. Why pay when you can just snap your fingers and say “gimme”?

    • Agree: chris
  38. anonymous[254] • Disclaimer says:
    @Philip Giraldi

    mechanisms used by the US to spy

    A former spy from the most evil organisation on earth, seems to imply that it wrong for a spy owing allegiance to another entity, to spy on his nation, and a most evil entity too.

    So, only American spies, and their traitorous double-agents, are the good spies?

    I am not a native English speaker, but do you think this is a good example of, Irony?

    Anyway, I certainly wish Israevil will sabotage the “Great” Satan from the inside, much much more. Enjoy being reamed from behind by your strongest ally, guys. 😀

    • Replies: @chris
  39. gotmituns says:

    The jews are not a “friendly country” to anyone. They’re just a bunch of malignant parasites.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  40. chris says:

    You’re just a fool, aren’t you?

    There was absolutely no implied judgement of the good or evil of US spies in Phil’s comment. Only a simple explanation of why he thought one crime was greater than the other.

    You’re desperately trying to insert yourself in this conversation in the most ridiculously transparent way. Most of us have the decency to actually make some kind of realistic arguments in order to elicit a response.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  41. “I suspect that if Israeli intelligence were interested in collecting on the submarine technology they would eschew potential screwballs like the Toebbes and instead work their other sources in Washington to collect the information independently, accounting for the time lag between the mailing of the package and the forwarding of it to the FBI.”

    Given Mossad’s exceedingly deep penetration into all areas of the US government, Israel probably had possession of that ‘secret’ US nuclear submarine technology info before the US Navy did………. 😉

    • LOL: chris
  42. @RVBlake

    “It would also have no need to get involved in something that might ultimately have tremendous blowback if exposed, potentially severely damaging the relationship with Washington.” After a review of the U. S. government’s response to the attack on the USS LIBERTY, it’s hard to imagine what could possibly damage this “relationship.”

    Add 9/11 to that and your point becomes utterly irrefutable, indeed!

  43. Bro43rd says:

    Has all the markings of reverse false flag. So Isreal can parade around saying look what good allies we are. Hope the dupes got something for it but probably won’t.

  44. Z-man says:

    Yes, they can then lobby Uncle Sam for the same boats that Australia is getting, but of course with cruise missile capability.

    Israel already possesses a fleet of German-built Dolphin class attack submarines.*

    *Paid for by Germany

  45. geokat62 says:

    Telegram comment posted by Nick Griffin:

    It always happens when people believe Tory election pledges on #immigration

    • Thanks: Trinity
  46. The posters of Pollard say “29 years is enough”… Would those same protesters have done the same for Vanunu? Methinks not. Hypocritical outrage appears to flow in only one direction.

  47. @Philip Giraldi

    The Senkaku Islands (Japan) vs the bogus Chinese pretensions of sovereignty over it but the most of all, the chinaman’s chinaman, the roly-poly Kim, who is being manipulated to threaten his own kind, the South Koreans.

    Sinis dēlenda est!

  48. Trinity says:

    I heard that one of the precious Afghan refugees has already raped some female in a state like Montana or Wyoming, one of those very White out of the way places.

    Had enuff yet, America?

    Should you blame the Afghan caveman or the people responsible for these Wars For Israel and flooding our White nations with muh dik cavemen?

  49. Jiminy says:

    I say thank god some spy decades ago handed Russia the plans for the atomic bomb. Can you imagine what life would be like if the US had been the only country in the world with that type of power.
    As for Israel accepting the stolen information, without doubt they already new what was in the files. They knew that giving back the dossier to the US would have scored them brownie points. Who said they can’t be trusted.

  50. Trinity says:

    5 Dancing Shlomos and America DID NOTHING.

    Lucky Larry and America DID NOTHING.

    Nearly 3,000 innocent lives lost and “our leaders” hid the real culprit and blamed it on some caveman patsy. And then they proceeded to kill innocent Iraqui civilians for our bestest buddies like the 5 Dancing Shlomos. Nice, huh?

    Spies? Pies. Israel is our friend, our best friend for “our” pedophile, homersexual, whore mongering, crooked leaders to hide behind. America is corrupt to the core. Welcome to Jew World.

  51. Currently, there are 5 Dolphin submarines of the first and second generation in the Israeli Navy. Who made the submarines? Made in Germany.
    In 2011, Israel ordered a sixth Dolphin-class submarine, for which it was reported to pay the unsubsidized cost of US \$1 billion. Who pays? Apparently, taxpayers from the USA…

  52. @Wizard of Oz

    Maybe he was. It is widely accepted that Israel has passed on US military technology to Russis and, particularly, China. Here’s a case in point.

    Of course, that was technology the Israelis had legitimately obtained. Stuff that they obtained by espionage or just plain stole, we know much less about, but it would be reasonable to expect that some of that would be passed on too.
    I accept that the full extent of Pollard’s treachery is not publicly known, but, reasonably, some, or even most, of it was passed on.

  53. Canute says:

    The fact that the FBI was actually involved in this arrest tells us that there are still segments of the Federal intelligence community that Israel does not fully control yet. You can be sure that Merrick Garland has already moved quickly to reverse this situation and punish those who did not understand the message.

    • Replies: @chris
  54. geokat62 says:

    Looks like Americans may need to take a page from the Hungarians and organize an uprising against their Jewish Supremacist oppressors, which – according to this stunning revelation made by historian David Irving in this 6 min video – the courageous Hungarians did 65 years ago.

    David Irving The 1956 Hungarian Uprising was an anti jewish revolt against the c

    Hopefully, they’ll get a different result this time around.

    • Thanks: chris
  55. anon[227] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s very interesting the whole Pollard affair..
    “The Soviet Union had voted to create a Jewish state by endorsing the 1947 partition plan, and was one of the first countries to recognize Israel in May 1948. Russia believed that quickly ending British presence in Palestine would enable Moscow a faster route to spreading Communism in eastern Mediterranean countries which included Greece, Turkey, and other places in the Middle East. Gradually in the 1950s, relations between the two countries deteriorated as the Soviet Union sided with Israel’s Arab foes, particularly Egypt, Syria, and Palestinian organizations. Some historians also believe that the Soviet Union severed diplomatic ties with Jerusalem in 1967 because it wanted to reduce Israel’s impact on and potential interference with the Soviet Jewish community, who were not allowed to leave the country.

    Relations between Israel and the USSR began to improve under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev. In 1987, the two countries established consular ties which coincided with the Soviet Union’s easing of restrictions on Jewish life and eventually opening the gates of immigration to Israel.”

    But these relationships don’t exist today the same as they did then and Israel already owns the US according to everyone who writes here so maybe the Toebbes (Tobys?) were giving information to someone else and Israel doesn’t like their spying. Israel and others own the FBI too along with Congress. So why do they have to spy on their own country?

    • Replies: @Height_776
    , @TitusAlone
  56. geokat62 says:

    Telegram comment posted by Gab:

    Focusing on county over country is how we will preserve our way of life to protect our freedoms, families, and communities.

    Localism is the new nationalism.

    Localism is decentralized nationalism.

    Localism is working to capture political power where it matters most: in your own backyard.

    Christ-centered, Kingdom-minded, God-glorifying localism.

    This is the best path forward for God’s people.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  57. Notsofast says:

    agree totally and add to this naftali bennett meeting putin in sochi and tweeting that putin is a “true friend of the jewish people” with a picture of him shaking hands with vlad. when i first saw this i was quite nauseated, thinking “et tu vlad” but putin had this smile like the cat who ate the canary. this could be jonathan pollard 2, but in this case they don’t have to pay the goy and can let them rot in prison.

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  58. Mevashir says:

    Taub or Toeb is a very common Jewish surname. It means dove in Yiddish. Ditto Toby as a first name.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  59. @anon

    Saudi Arabia, Taiwan…?

  60. I’ve had a few theories since the story broke. I started with a favorite four of Russia,China (adversaries) France, Israel (allies?) as contact countries for the Toebbes.

    After quickly eliminating Rus,China I thought France, Israel highly likely. Both countries have a high profile as espionage players who will steal anything they can get their hands on.

    Naturally I figured Israel #1 but the part about them turning in Toebbe, had me a bit unsure. But what if the Israelis knew that FBI/others had the nuke engineer dead to rights and decided to play along like they are willing to give him up in some fashion? Israel knows the US lets them rip us off but sensitive military/national security items are supposed to be completely out of bounds.

    So are the Toebbes Jewish? No idea they may be German/other. But they seemed to rather easily tell their contact they may need to come to them in a pinch, via a third country.

    The couple have advanced degrees but seemed to laid back about the enormous risk.

    I also agree that lack of speculation on what the receiving country might be is a big tell. So while I’m not ruling out Paris I’m going with Tel Aviv.

  61. Mevashir says:
    According to this report Russia has given Israel carte blanche in the skies over Syria. So don’t imagine that Putin will put any checks on the Israelis. Few people know that Israel and Russia are so closely allied that they don’t have visa requirements to visit each other’s countries. Commercial ties are very strong.

    • Replies: @Height_776
  62. Mevashir says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    According to Casper Weinberger, Pollard’s treachery was extraordinarily grave. Others have written that the Israelis provided his intelligence to the Russians in exchange for allowing Soviet Jews to emigrate. Also many American intelligence Networks in the Soviet Union were ruined and agents killed.

    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
  63. Lysias says:

    The Washington Post’s reporting on the Toebbes has been strangely silent on their ethnicity and religion. If they were Christians, I believe the reporters would have at least reported this tangentially, by saying something about a family member. I suspect they are Jews. Jonathan’s first name may be a tell.

  64. anon[329] • Disclaimer says:

    Good job on the sand nazis. You will find the Izzies sold it to Russia and China, got caught, then the Izzie Fifth Column in DO played the intelligence liaison card and classified the Izzie espionage. Cause Israel is, functionally, a line organization of DO with obfuscated control for impunity. Here’s what the primitive Izzies get up to with CIA protection,

    • Thanks: Iris
  65. Mevashir says:

    Facetious or not, this is about the most honest comment I’ve ever seen on Unz: full bore Jewish contempt for white people.

    Personally I don’t think it is racial but simply they have targeted the world’s wealthiest tmost powerful civilization. Had that been Chinese Indian or african, they would have done the same to them.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @anon
  66. @Mevashir

    According to this report Russia has given Israel carte blanche in the skies but also Russia has given Syrian forces with advanced S-300 air defense batteries. Israel has a partially visa-free regime with Russia.

    • Thanks: Mevashir
  67. chris says:

    The fact that the FBI was actually involved in this arrest tells us that there are still segments of the Federal intelligence community that Israel does not fully control yet.

    Unfortunately, it really doesn’t.

    This would be the same organization which was so deferential to Epstein et comp., arrested the head of FIFA (football association) the day before they were due to vote on weather to ban Israel because of their discrimination of Palestinian players (see Phil’s article on the topic), the list is probably endless.

    Furthermore, any organization so thoroughly corrupt as came to light especially over the last 5 years can in no way be considered positive for any reason.

    • Replies: @Canute
  68. Notsofast says:

    did not know that… maybe they can have a park named after them as well, in trump heights.

  69. Iris says:

    full bore Jewish contempt for white people.

    To continue on our later discussion about South-Africans and Malians have much more guts and courage in confronting Zionist imperialist power, I came across these news today.

    An Algerian delegation, participating in a large Council of Europe-organised conference of Heads of Parliaments, involving 47 countries and held in Athens on 21-22 Oct, has required the Israeli delegation to be moved away from them.

    The Algerian parliamentary delegation demanded the Israeli delegation to be moved away, and not to to be sat neither next to them, nor behind them. To which the conference organisers obtempered without further ado.

    Compare this stance to the US congress making standing ovations to child murderer, war criminal and 9/11 perpetrator Netanyahu. Or to my own government walking behind Netanyahu in repentance after the Charlie Hebdo Zionist false flag.

    It is amazing how brave and manly these Africans have remained , isn’t it? It must be their “low-IQ’s” playing game on their decisions.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  70. DaveE says:

    The “Holocaust” is real – it just hasn’t happened, yet. Thanks for doing your part.

    • Replies: @anon
  71. It is time to name the Jewish Power.

    Failing to do so is downright criminal at this point.

    • Agree: Iris, Trinity
  72. Mark Boyd says:

    I only support Israel because I hope the Jews convert to Christianity someday and accept Christ as their savior. We can then prepare for the second coming of Christ. That’s probably the reason why many other Christians support Israel

    • LOL: Trinity, Iris
  73. Z-man says:

    Speaking of Algeria, more than a few years ago the Algerians ordered the latest in Russian fighter jets at the time, the Su 27 model. Well they found out that some of the key electronics on the bird were made in Izzyland. They had the Russians replace all those parts. Good for them.

  74. @Badger Down

    There will NEVER be nuke subs built in Austfailia. If any nuke subs are ‘loaned’ to Austfailia, they will be manned in large part by US and UK operatives, and Austfailians selected for Sinophobic hatred. Much more likely, certain I believe, is that US nuke subs will be permanently based in northern Austfailia, along with strategic bombers, nuclear armed intermediate range missiles and masses of Marines (already raping the locals in traditional manner).

    • Agree: Badger Down
  75. sally says:

    Will we the American public ever learn “who was it?”
    As soon as I noticed that all these news stories were mentioning only a “foreign power”
    I figured “OK, it’s Israel.”

    Maybe the buyer was an Israeli hosted private company. A private company intending to use the technology to build a secret weapon for some government (even for the Isreali government) or privately owned private company able to get a design build contract with the USA, UK or Israeli governments ?

    Always media protects private corporate illegal activities, by reporting the nation state that host the private thief; when most often it is not the nation state or any of its political thugs who run the nation state but some private party (corporation) that actually committed the offense. When the offender is a private party seeking to make a profit news reports that the company that host the offender did it..

    for example, The news media cover private corrupt actors, from disclosure, by saying the nation state of the country that host the private company (in this case maybe Israel) did it.. Suggest to list all of privately owned companies big enough and powerful enough to be able to use this technology.. and look at their contracts.. with nations that can benefit from the technology.

    It might even be that an Israeli company will use the secrets to learn the technology IOT be in a highly advantaged position to outbid everyone else on military contract. Any contracts let recently that employ this technology or any coming up.. .

  76. @RobinG

    Wang has the benefit of a great intelligence and five thousand years of civilization. ‘Individualism’ is Newspeak for hatred of the other. Living briefly with other island universes of consciousness is the great human dilemma. Do you accept, love and live with, for any by them, as creatures like yourself, or do you see them as enemies and prey. ‘Western moral values’ are the ‘values’ of the leech, the wolf pack (Homo homini lupus), the feudal overlord, the vulture capitalist etc. The West was always going to tend to omnicidal hatred and destruction, because capitalism, the true epitome of ‘Western values’, unnaturally selects for the worst among humanity.

  77. geokat62 says:

    After the fall of the Berlin Wall and especially since the attacks on 9/11, the world transitioned from Pax Americana to Bellum Judaica.

    • Replies: @Canute
  78. Canute says:

    What do you mean “Unfortunately?” I assume you are upset that there are segments of the I/C that Israel does not control.
    When I left – admittedly 22 year ago, it was obvious that Israel (Mossad) had moved on every aspect of the network – there was almost nothing left that had not been infected or entirely corrupted. ODNI was an encapsulated departmental move from its creation. What exactly are you saying?

    • Replies: @chris
  79. Canute says:

    You are essentially correct, but only a handle of the cognizanti, much less the US citizenry – recognize this truth. Most retired I/C people, bite the bullet and drink the Kool Aide.

  80. @Rebel Roy

    You are living in such a Godless, evil existence because millions of self-styled “patriots” such as yourself collectively tithe a \$billion dollars a day to Jewish cartels for “entertainment ” and shiny things. Most of you heroic heroes of freedom would let your children go hungry before you’d cancel Netflix.

  81. @Trinity

    Hahaha. don’t you just detest the idiot politicians that babble on this way endlessly? Why do they even mention democracy, when we have practically lost it here BECAUSE of them? The idiocy of the average swamp politician, is breath taking.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  82. @anon

    Israel already owns the US according to everyone who writes here so maybe the Toebbes (Tobys?) were giving information to someone else and Israel doesn’t like their spying. Israel and others own the FBI too along with Congress. So why do they have to spy on their own country?

    Very good point.

    I am wondering if the unnamed friendly country is Australia. There are plans for Aust to have a nuclear submarine fleet – it is very controversial and has been mismanaged by the Aust government, with hole and corner deals, then dramatic public announcements.

    The Israelis might have twigged about this inept attempt to sell intelligence, from the US to Aust, and so tipped off their servants, the US security agencies. America is so totally dominated by Israel, that any move against them is now impossible.

  83. Did U.S. Navy sailor Ariel Weinmann spy for Israel?

  84. unnamed friendly country is Australia

    Look the couple is putting their life on the line. If caught they aren’t getting out of jail for a long, long time (if ever). They aren’t going to take a chance with a “Five Eyes” country.

    It either has to be an adversary or a country so connected to the Toebbes (through religion perhaps) that they feel the risk is worth it for not a whole lot of money. As bad as Israel record has been they aren’t so stupid, they are going to let a nutcase inadvertently set them up. He may have been watched for a long time. I’m still thinking Israel/France. Hey maybe she speaks the (Fr) language.

  85. R.C. says:

    Of course it was IsRaHell. They’re the standard country that does this. There’s no other country whose it could be given the striking of the identity data. (I don’t know but Toebbes sounds Jewish.) Also, they probably played a role getting everything that was ‘leaked’ to the FBI which WAS real data. Thus, after they’d been bled, IsRaHell reneged on the contract. How is that a surprise?
    The points above about Australia do also have merit though, and given the lakest FAUKUS, might also be behind the identity hide. Nonetheless, we know they got copies of all that supposedly ‘classified’ information – as usual.

  86. @04398436986

    04398436986 is quite a Hasbara number.

  87. chris says:

    Canute, you said “The fact … tells us that there are still segments of the Federal intelligence community that Israel does not fully control yet.”
    All I was saying is that this solitary fact isn’t enough to prove such a general assertion.

    Under the control of corrupt organization you can’t really speak of some pockets of incorruptibility, as they still remain under orders from the top and as such are serving some function of that organization; whatever that may be, if only to feign objectivity.

    It’s like speaking of the purest girls in a whore house.

    And, no I don’t really get “upset” by any of this, I just note it.

  88. Ace says:

    It’s a lot like seeing the words “debt ceiling.” Instantly you know there will be a massive increase in the debt ceiling preceded by Mitch and Chuck and Nancy and Kevin showcasing their Cha Cha talents.

  89. Ace says:
    @Philip Giraldi

    I thought Pollard passed on the SIOP which was the play book for the whole possible shooting match.

    How would sources and methods have been known to any consumer of intelligence?

  90. Ace says:

    Even the American political class couldn’t stomach the betrayal by our BFF ever. Even whores have a vestigial self respect.

  91. Trinity says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    We had an OBVIOUS STOLEN ELECTION, of course it wasn’t the first stolen election but it certainly was the MOST OBVIOUS and they have the gall to talk about “democracy.” POS are in control and that includes a good deal of those hapless bums known as the republiCANTS. Perverts, pedophiles, rapists, criminals and probably even murderers if the truth were known.

    And lest we forget about convenient assassinations of Huey Long and the assassination ATTEMPT on George Wallace. I guess you could very well suspect or list them as possible stolen elections.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  92. @Sebastian Y.

    It was confirmed

    Is being a maestro at confirmation bias, motivated reasoning, and pretzel logic a boon when it comes to jockeying for an intel gig sinecure? Asking for a friend.

  93. @geokat62

    Yo George!

    As you know, Get ready .. A major war is imminent . The Zionist Jews always get their war.

    The current economic situation, border crisis, the internal strife, and coupled with the runaway inflation is the perfect storm to divert American’s attention.

    The Zionist who rule the US and the phony Western Democracies will give Israel a Green light to attack Iran.

    Please refer to PressTV, below? The entire Middle East will explode.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @RobinG
  94. geokat62 says:

    A major war is imminent . The Zionist Jews always get their war.

    Hey, Chuck!

    Yes, when General Wesley Clark warned the Jewish Supremacists were hellbent on taking out the Zionist Project’s enemies, he didn’t say six countries, he said seven.

    Six down, one to go.

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  95. RobinG says:

    Are the buses running again? You’re in demand now, but have you quit to protest some mandate?

    • Replies: @ChuckOrloski
  96. @RobinG

    Dear Robyn! So far, Scranton School buses are running. But, fyi, a teacher strike and another COVID lockdown are very simultaneously possible.

    Yes, I did retire from posting comments, but am back. and am thrilled you offered a comment. Thanks.❤️

  97. @geokat62

    Dear George!

    Of course, a bigger Zionist war is “imminent.” As you know, Biden’s Jews are OPENLY targeting China.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  98. Should it “ever become necessary, I will be forever grateful for your help extracting me and my family,” the document quoted him as writing. “I surmise the first step would be unannounced travel to a safe third country with plans to meet your colleagues. We have passports and cash set aside for this purpose.”J.Toebbe

    The news blackout may be on. But some informed speculation may eventually be correct.

    • Agree: Iris
  99. anon[298] • Disclaimer says:

    Contempt? Dude if you don’t know the difference between 2000+ years of stored vengence, and contempt . . .

    • Replies: @Mevashir
  100. anon[230] • Disclaimer says:


    Dude, I strongly recommend Ron Unz’s “American Pravda” series. You may realise who the truly greatest mass killers of this era are..

    And given the level of control we have – insignificant runts like you really don’t want to piss us off.

  101. anonymous[365] • Disclaimer says:

    Anglos created magnificent, wonderful states, full of wonderful rights, prosperity.

    But then, the Albinos got mired in the cesspool of pagan godlessness, whence they will find it nigh impossible to extricate themselves, except for a blessed few.

    3 persons in 1… father/son/mother of god… god is 100%god, 100%man… father is god, son is also god, god reincarnated, distinct but the same (oxymorons galore), and thus we are monotheists…

    Rofl!! Pagan garbage, and the art of squaring the circle! You pagan godless vermin should have worked on applying logic in your spiritual realm. Perhaps then your kind would have been absolute winners (which would have been unfair). Now you are all hopelessly lost. The fact that the supremacist whitevils are worldly winners, but absolute spiritual losers, is one example of the Almighty One’s fairness to all mankind. Not everybody gets everything.

    So, such exultation should always be tempered-down by keeping in mind the spiritual paupers that you all are. It will thus be short lived. Enjoy while you can.

  102. geokat62 says:

    Telegram comment posted by Gab:

    Break the spell cast by the moneychangers and make them big mad with this one simple trick:

    Read your Bible, buy bitcoin, lift weights, make babies, homeschool your children, cut the cable, cancel Netflix, delete Facebook, and speak God’s Truth boldly and often.

    • Agree: Mevashir
  103. geokat62 says:

    Telegram comment posted by Eric Striker:

    The FBI is driving through the violent African city of Milwaukee, which suffered a 93% jump in homicides from 2019 to 2020, in a ridiculous double decker bus asking blacks to report white people engaging in “HATE” 🤣🤣🤣

  104. geokat62 says:

    Gab comment posted by Dr. Ricardo Duchesne:

    The ADL is warning whites that it will not tolerate “Halloween costumes that are culturally insensitive and perpetuate gender norms” — otherwise it will call for the complete cancellation of Halloween in the Western world.

    In a tweet it strongly advices white parents to “Check out” ADL “for reminders about how and why to avoid cultural appropriation, cultural stereotypes”.

    Boys should not be wearing costumes that “stereotyped” them as males and girls should not be wearing costumes that “stereotyped” them as females” because these costumes “perpetuate gender norms”.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  105. Mevashir says:

    Dude consider this:

    Many years ago I heard a lecture at Aish HaTorah Yeshiva in Jerusalem. It was on the topic of confronting Christian missionaries. The speaker began by stating the following:

    Contrary to popular belief, Judaism flourished when the Catholic Church was strong in Europe and faltered when Secular Enlightenment took over. Incidents of anti-Jewish violence during the reign of the Church were sporadic and exaggerated in the minds of the Jewish community. The Church allowed Talmudic scholarship to flourish and granted rabbis almost total autonomy to run their communities according to halacha. We miss those days…

    Your desire for vengeance will end up destroying you. Vengeance and unforgiveness are a poison that kills those who nurture it in their angry hearts. I hope you can move beyond this immature mindset. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

    Also consider that whatever you do to unrighteously injure humans throughout the world will be counted against you as destroying God’s Creation and the system of rules and religions He established to govern humanity peacefully.

    I do not envy you dude.

  106. RobinG says:

    Read “The Cradle.”

    Why didn’t the Lebanese General stick his boot up the Israeli’s ass?

    Three sets of Lebanese laws expressly forbid Lebanese citizens from interacting with Israeli ones. Yet, on 20 October, and in broad daylight, the US Department of State’s Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, Amos Hochstein – an Israeli national – waltzed into Beirut to meet Lebanon’s top brass.

    Hochstein may have entered Lebanon on a US passport, but this was no “American.” The former diplomat and lobbyist, born and raised in Israel, served in the Israeli army from 1992–1995, during its occupation of Lebanon.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  107. RobinG says:

    “The Hill” op-ed says,
    The Senate is setting a dangerous precedent with Iron Dome funding

    Au contraire. Dangerous for Israel perhaps, but healthy for us to isolate and scrutinize support of the Zionist regime.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  108. @Trinity

    Again, I couldn’t agree more, including the part about Republicant’s. If a party claiming to be for law and order, as the Republicant’s do, can’t stop the insane burning down of Federal Buildings, the maiming of cops, the killing of some innocent people, mere bystanders. than they as are worthless as the democrats..

  109. @RobinG

    Are there ANY goyim in the Bidet regime?

  110. @geokat62

    So you see pretty plainly who is behind the gender wars. The point, surely, is that boys and girls can choose, themselves, what they want to wear. In any case, the whole thing is too ‘antighoulite’ for my tastes, and regretably Christian, however bowdlerised for economic gain.

  111. @RobinG

    The sheer chutzpah of these Zionazis, outraged that their bought and paid for servants in the Congress are not expediting more missiles, so that Israel can slaughter Gazan children without danger of retaliation by the concentration camp inmates, is gobsmacking. And the villainous hypocrisy of a Zionazi thug calling Hamas, the last freely elected Government of the Palestinians, ‘terrorwists’, given Israel’s world-beating record in REAL terrorism, is simply sickening.

  112. Off topic, but if there are any Trump supporters around, you must watch this VT video to the bitter end.

    • Thanks: geokat62
  113. Anything going on with country-X speculation? I check Google every other day or so and see nothing new. This is a complete media blackout. I was down to France or Israel with a lean to Tel Aviv.
    Just by the dead silence you have to figure something is up. And it isn’t just due to weapons secrecy alone.

  114. Trial date set for May 17,2022:
    I’m switching to France even though there are still signs it could be Israel that is the X-country. Such as: how did things go so dark? Who has the power to cover things up like this.

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