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The Disappearing America: Progressives Want a Revolution, Not Just Change
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In any given news cycle it is sometimes the lesser articles that are more illuminating in terms of where everything in a country as vast as the United States is heading. This is particularly true in terms of what the U.S. has been experiencing in 2020: a pandemic, civil unrest, wars and continued turmoil overseas plus an election that promises to result in one of two radically different visions of what America should be.

Ironically, Joe Biden is being depicted as the establishment candidate but the Democratic Party program is actually far more radical than that of the Republicans. The Democrats are locked into support of policies that are ostensibly meant to address racial disparities and gender related issue but will instead increasingly turn government into an intrusive mechanism for social engineering, abandoning America’s traditional meritocracy while also creating categories that some might describe as fostering reverse racism and sexism. There could be devastating impact on American education, on maintaining law and order, on controlling immigration, on setting hiring quotas and on First and Fourth Amendment rights relating to free speech and association. A glorious multicultural and gender bending future shaped by Democratic Party social justice hacks will be nothing but a disaster for most Americans, effectively disenfranchising many citizens based on the color of their skin or for other attributes yet to be determined.

And the widespread support for Biden by neoconservatives, who would return to power with his administration, would mean that the likes of Bill Kristol, Max Boot, and Jennifer Rubin will be driving a pro-Israel anti-Iran policy that might even outdo what Trump and Mike Pompeo have contrived, which now will include labeling international human rights agencies as anti-Semitic. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee would be headed by Robert Menendez, corrupt even by congressional standards, who is a totally owned shill for the Israel Lobby. Dan Shapiro, who has apparently become Biden’s leading adviser on the Middle East, is an American Jew now living in Israel and working for an Israeli think tank who should be registered as a Foreign Agent.

The neocons and their media allies are also architects of much of the anti-Russian sentiment in Congress, making the current bad relationship measurably worse. As the Democrats have been blaming practically everything on Russian President Vladimir Putin one cannot expect any serious effort to reset the relationship.

Trump for his part brings with him the negative baggage of his abrasive persona as well as his apparent inability to assimilate and apply simple facts relating to how the nation and the rest of the world work. He has been the aggressor directly against Syria and Iran as well as Venezuela and has been using NATO to threaten Russia. His attitudes towards the environment and climate change are also a disgrace but whatever you think of Trump’s actual performance, the fact is that throughout the campaign and since taking office most of the media and the entire “progressive” left has been labeling him a fascist and a racist. And hanging the racist tail on Trump has continued in the current campaign, to include the lines of questioning in the recent presidential debates and the town hall hosted by Savannah Guthrie.

Trump might make America worse in some ways, but he will not substantially change it as the Democrats almost certainly will do either willfully or by not paying attention to what is developing. Several stories circulating on social media demonstrate just how much “equal justice under law” has been eroded in the minds of some Democratic Party luminaries. Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich tweeted a demand to create a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” after the expected defeat of Donald Trump. The commission borrows the name and would be modeled on the organization set up in South Africa after the fall of the apartheid government and the establishment of majority black rule, an exercise in attempted democratization that has nevertheless failed to put an end to extremely high levels of corruption and communal violence in the country.

Reich’s objective is not limited to punishing the Trump White House’s top officials who may have promoted policies considered anathema by the incoming Democratic administration. Reich tweeted “When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.” The Reich proposal would potentially mean punishing thousands of otherwise innocent individuals who had little influence over what happened during the past four years. “Enabled” covers a lot of ground, and is prone to devolve into something like a witch hunt. “McCarthyism” only much worse comes immediately to mind.

Reich followed up on his proposal with a second tweet saying “I love the people responding to this tweet as if it’s a radical, undemocratic idea” and, to be sure, there are a lot of people out there who think like he does. One Reich supporter wrote in defense of the proposal “As long as unresolved historic injustices continue to fester in the world, there will be a demand for truth commissions” and there have been numerous comments on social media sites like Facebook insisting that “something be done” about the “deplorables” who voted for and supported Trump.

Other comments made on Twitter in response to the Reich demand include “It is the right idea and I fully support it. It is not right for people to do so much damage to people and get away Scott free. The GOP is Complicit in Genicide and Senicide. There need to be repercussions.” And “I agree 100%… my fear is Joe Biden is going to come into office and want to heal the nation and work with the GOP and ignore all this… if he does that, I will work to ensure he is a 1 term president too.” And also “But it doesn’t go far enough, clearly. Trump’s assets and those of his voters should be seized by the state through legislation and distributed to those he’s harmed as reparations. Surely that’s the only way to heal our nation. Land of the free!” And finally “Robert… you’re right. And after we win… we’ll come for you all… we’re pretty much over trying to share a country with you anyway. Four years ago I thought you were people with bad ideas. I was wrong: YOU’RE BAD PEOPLE.”

Another good Democrats-are-in-power story comes from Virginia where Governor Ralph Northam is preparing to sign a bill that will prevent policemen from stopping cars with expired registrations or inspection stickers, no headlights, brake lights, or other moving violations relating to safety. The reasoning behind the bill is that black drivers appear to be stopped for such offenses disproportionately. That may be true, but the assumption by Northam and his crew is that blacks are being targeted by police, whereas the actual cause just might be that a disproportionate number of blacks don’t maintain their cars very well. Some black public officials including Arlington’s so-called Public Defender Brad Haywood loves the idea, saying: “This might be the most significant reform of the state’s criminal justice system in decades. This is a big step forward for racial justice in Virginia.”

While some of the offenses might be regarded as relatively painless, allowing cars to drive without brake lights in a state like Virginia where drivers routinely proceed at over 70 miles an hour on highways could prove catastrophic if someone had to stop quickly with the cars behind not knowing it until too late. The safety of all citizens is clearly being sacrificed to render what is perceived as social justice for a minority, but when Democrats are in a full pander mode anything is possible.

And a third and final story, also from Virginia, is about the impending death of the once formidable American public education system. It concerns the destruction of what is regarded as the best high school in the United States because it is not diverse enough. The Fairfax County school board has ruled that the high admission standards at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, a prestigious magnet school, are now to be eliminated after approval of a proposal submitted by Superintendent Scott Brabrand. The decision by the board eliminates the test and the \$100 application fee, long requirements of the rigorous admissions process at Thomas Jefferson. Brabrand’s proposal also increases the size of the school, known as TJ. The changes have been implemented and this year’s eighth-graders — many of whom have prepared for the test — will not take the multi-part exam covering math, reading and science.

Details of how the new admissions policy will work have not been finalized, but a lottery is being considered. One mother protested that a lottery “trashes the meaning of hard work.” TJ’s student body is currently more than 70 percent Asian and about 20 percent white, with single-digit percentages of black and Hispanic students. The intention is to have the school more closely resemble the demographics of Fairfax County’s schools, which is 10 per cent black, 27 per cent Hispanic and 38 per cent white. It will be accomplished by fiat policies and quotas. Though whites are actually under-represented in the school nothing will be done to increase their presence.

Other select by-examination-only schools in New York City, Boston, Chicago and on the West Coast are similarly being stripped of their exclusivity and will instead be embracing diversity. The San Diego school district is completely eliminating testing grades so more minorities can graduate. And the students will no longer be downgraded for exhibiting behavior problems or truancy.

The Beatles once sang “You say you want a revolution!” It seems that many so-called progressives, minority spokespersons and assorted radicals want one here in America. Truth commissions, laws that only apply based on race and quotas in schools are only the beginning. Joe and Kamala, if they are elected, will no doubt encourage all that and more. As there are many “deplorable” Americans who want to preserve what the United States once was, the Democrats might well regret the path that they have chosen even if they do win the election.

Phillip Giraldi, Ph.D. is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Rich says:

    “Progressives” are communists. In every instance communists used violence to gain power, and when in power. Murder and torture are the preferred ways of these power mad animals, and the elites in the US better wake up to this. I understand their reasons for ‘divide and conquer’, for bringing in tens of millions of illegal aliens, it’s all about keeping wages down. But now they are playing a dangerous game that could very possibly bring violence to their own doorstep. Time to pull it back, before it’s too late.

  2. His attitudes towards the environment and climate change are also a disgrace…

    Somewhere, little Greta contorts her face in approval.

    • Agree: Rico, Getaclue
    • LOL: KenH, Mikael_, Rufus Clyde
  3. A Texan says:

    How did Trump ‘harm the environment’? As an environmental engineer, the vast majority of Obama’s regulations were little more than made up nonsense designed to add expenses to businesses and consumers. CAFE standards for cars are a disaster and never consider that more resources are wasted conforming to them than simply agreeing to some level to technology that balances between fuel efficiency and the consumers costs. I don’t subscribe to AGW and glad that Trump pulled America out of this one side deal that was destructive to the American economy.

    As for the Midget Commie, Reich, I say game on! I would be more than happy to become a director of open air concentration camps for people with leftist views. It’s amazing this sack of waste has never produced a thing of value in his life and is even listened to.

  4. Before things get bloody, let there be 50 new presidents after the Fed Gov is terminated. Let different opinions reign in different areas and let people vote with their feet to live in an area that suits them.

    What’s going on right now is stupid. Why must there be one jerk in DC known as the president over 300+ million people? Why is there one Congress with 500+ shitheads that dictate to 300+ million people? Why are there 9 judges that dictate to 300+ million people? Why can’t we get things more local so we can better influence what’s considered reasonable?

  5. Anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:

    You mean REGRESSIVE communists.

  6. My vocabulary is relatively extensive, and I had to look up “genicide” and “senicide.” Although in retrospect, I could have thought a little harder and hazarded a decent guess based on the roots. But I’d need a lot longer to think before I came up with even the most labored explanation for how Trump was responsible for mutilating female genitalia or slaughtering the elderly. Four more years and Trump will be responsible for dinosaur extinction and the sinking of the Titanic.

    • LOL: Curmudgeon
    • Replies: @Ugetit
  7. A123 says:

    Trump’s shift of the GOP to a non-Conservative Populist party has permanently shattered the Progressive/Socialist concept.

    The Populist GOP is now the Worker/Labour party:
    — Restricting immigration increases the # of jobs available for U.S. Workers.
    — Onshoring manufacturing increases wages (\$\$\$) for U.S.Workers.

    Everyone who cares about Workers is voting GOP this time around.

    The DNC is now the party of Woke International MegaCorporations and SJW Wall Street Banks. It now stands revealed that U.S. Progressives are the most aggressive Capitalists that the nation has to offer. Jamie Dimon and JPMC Bank define SJW Progressivism.

    It is hard to see how the paid Progressive employees of Woke Inc. (a subsidiary of Wall Street) is going to be effective at a revolution.

    PEACE 😇

    • Thanks: Rufus Clyde
    • Replies: @Stonehands
  8. Chris Moore says: • Website

    And the widespread support for Biden by neoconservatives, who would return to power with his administration, would mean that the likes of Bill Kristol, Max Boot, and Jennifer Rubin will be driving a pro-Israel anti-Iran policy that might even outdo what Trump and Mike Pompeo have contrived, which now will include labeling international human rights agencies as anti-Semitic. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee would be headed by Robert Menendez, corrupt even by congressional standards, who is a totally owned shill for the Israel Lobby. Dan Shapiro, who has apparently become Biden’s leading adviser on the Middle East, is an American Jew now living in Israel and working for an Israeli think tank who should be registered as a Foreign Agent.

    That paragraph should be the “tell” for any lefties still under the illusion that the Democrat Party is in any way for “progress.”

    The “jews” ((parasites)) and Zionists are all about war for Israel, war for Petrodollar, war for global totalitarianism… in sum, endless war for network control, Israeli blood and soil, and tribal profit.

    Yes, the right is filled with Zionists as well — but true American conservatism is inherently at odds with foreign entanglements and messianic adventurism and grifting. Neocon “conservatism,” however, is part of the internationalist ((parasite)) — which Jews in the vein of Jesus and Moses would utterly reject, btw, both very independent kind of guys not inclined to listen to ((parasites)).

    The ((parasites)) are unwanted, rejected and homeless, except by American dupes, suckers and fools of left and right and by the corrupt Congress and its satraps under the sway of the depraved and stunted network.

    • Agree: druid55, Ace
    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  9. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:

    If the Democrats win they will not be acceptable to me nor will the people who voted for them. The anti-liberal people need a war against the liberals that will destroy them. God grant us the might and the right to end this vast evil that has grown in the US.

    We who are opposed to the Democrats need to accept the same attitude as the left. The country is not big enough for both of us. We must choose are own morals, our own attitudes, and slap down any opposition to them as well. Just like the so-called Progressives. If Biden wins I welcome open war.

    Democracy has always been a very destructive idea when taken at face value for it allows in principle for slightly more than half the voting population to vote to kill the other half. It has no content and no limits. Permitting anything by majority vote forbids nothing, anything can happen and, in the fulness of time will. Current events demonstrate the truth of this proposition.

    The current election is about half the population voting to kill the other half. The day has come when the worst possibilities of democratic government are being realized. We have reached a time where one vast faction of the population is determined to do in the rest. This must end. Democracy as we know it is proving to be a catastrophic disaster. We must protect ourselves.

    The right should form a shadow government if Biden wins and call on all elements of the military to go over to them. We do not have an organized body such as the old Confederacy to organize resistance so one must be created as quickly as possible. The Democrats must not be allowed to rule.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Marty T
  10. Ragno says:

    “After we win… we’ll come for you all… we’re pretty much over trying to share a country with you anyway. Four years ago I thought you were people with bad ideas. I was wrong: YOU’RE BAD PEOPLE.”

    When our grandchildren ask us “why did you let it happen? Why didn’t you arrest them? Why didn’t you kill them? Why did you bow and curtsey every time a man in a dress walked into the room and demanded you turn us over to them? Why did you let us go with them? Why did you let them give us drugs and teach us to hate what we were?

    “You told us they tricked you. THEY NEVER TRICKED YOU!! They told you from the beginning what they were going to do and you LET THEM DO IT!”

    ….what in the world will you tell them?

    Thank God I’ll be dead by then, as I have no interest in the kind of spineless sophistry they’ll have to listen to instead of straight answers. The only thing I’ll genuinely miss is the gibbering terror of Jews upon discovering that, this time, the blood they splash on their doors simply beads up and rolls off, no matter how may times they re-apply it.

  11. “From the frying pan to the fire.”

  12. anon[437] • Disclaimer says:

    The problem here is the same as ever: party hacks hear world-standard governance concepts, fail to comprehend them, and twist them into mean things you can do to your factional enemy.

    This state has no reason to exist. It’s ripe for contemporary practices of reconstruction, rehabilitation, transitional justice and lustration. But party hacks want to limit the process to opposing party hacks. They cut the concepts down to fit their brainwashed habits of mind. All of them have got to go, together with the putrescent institutions of this state. They’re rotten to the core. We want manlet Robert Reich’s head on a stick next to Pompeo’s, festooned with comical hats or wigs by jubilant crowds.

    When the outside world reviews the US, as the law requires, they don’t want to hear about those darn republicans, those darn democrats, those darn red states, those darn sectarians. The state has made commitments to its peoples and the world. Shut up and do it or lose your sovereignty. Those are the actual rules of the real world order.

    Face it, the USA has forfeited its sovereignty (under the customary international law of the World Summit Outcome Document and Implementing the Responsibility to Protect, which is US state and federal common law.) The USG is six pounds of shit in a five pound bag. It’s a criminal enterprise. It’s got to go. That includes the Democrat party, the republican party, and the organs of state.

    Countries go off the rails all the time and the world knows what to do. I’ve pitched in and helped meself in a couple other shitholes. The USSR went through it – it did Russia a world of good. Now it’s the USA’s turn. Knock it over, rip it apart, wreck its defense industrial base. Break it into 20 Costa Ricas. Take a big wet ceremonial dump on your old constitution and replace it with this.

    Turn that gimlet-eyed DO sang-froid on your own home and you’ll see.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Wyatt
  13. Stick to pretending (what else could it be on this site) to bemoan and criticize Israel. And leave this type of thing to Sailer, Kersey, Unz and the rest of the usual suspects.

  14. KenH says:

    Aside from Giraldi’s climate change nuttery he’s saying all the right things about the radical left wing revolution that the nation is currently undergoing. Most of the people mentioned in this article behind it are Jews and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission sprang from the mind of the hate filled Jewish dwarf Robert Reich.

    There are blacks and self hating whites who are also guilty but it’s the Jews who’ve used their media platforms and political clout to push all of these radical and revolutionary changes to the American way while disparaging any whites who resist as “white supremacists” and domestic extremists.

    If we have a Truth And Reconciliation Commission it must be for Jews to admit all they have done to undermine white racial interests and turn us into a hated minority in the nation we founded and built. Then Jewish wealth should be confiscated and distributed among poor, working class and middle class whites.

    • Agree: druid55, Ace, Anonymousse
    • Replies: @Realist
  15. sonofman says:

    No, it is not that America is disappearing. The ever increasing support for President Trump indicates that the heart and mind common values that motivated the American Revolution against the omnipresent, centuries old, world order dominion, are still the inherent principals guiding most Americans. America is being overwhelmed by fictional propaganda narratives that reveal the devious mentality of a ruling elite that is committed to destroying all concepts of nationalism. The ideology that the revolutionaries offer is detestable, which therefore, makes the timing ineffective, if not detrimental. It is difficult to execute a successful revolution with just emotional, fabricated rhetoric. Military treason in America? Unforgivable. And without foreign allies, who anyway don’t have a chance against the one carrying the biggest stick on the block, not possible.

    All of the elements pushing for change and revolution seem to have not taken into account that they no longer have a monopoly on information, and so their identities are known and their indignity is obvious. When President Trump gets re-elected, it will be mostly because people are against the arrogance and impertinence of the alternative. How the President deals with these antagonists for the next four years remains to be seen. And their influence will lessen beyond as the peoples’ declination continues.

    • Replies: @AKINDLE
  16. @A Texan

    that more resources are wasted conforming to them than simply agreeing to some level to technology that balances between fuel efficiency and the consumers costs.

    This is the scam that Americans have been subject to for decades. In the 70s, I had been out of the country long enough to buy a car and bring it back duty free. I looked into a Mini which was getting about 45 mpg in actual not EPA mileage. I was told that that wasn’t what I could buy, because this Mini didn’t meet EPA emissions standards by about 5%. The Mini sent to North America met the standards, but in order to do that, they had to “de-tune” the engine, which meant a drop in mileage of about 10%. In reality, although the EPA rating was met, the car polluted more.
    On my last trip, I rented a Peugeot with a turbo-diesel and a manual transmission. I was getting over 50 mpg on the highway (driving over the speed limit) and over 40 in city driving. Peugeot’s don’t meet EPA standards.
    I suspect that is the basis of the Volkswagen “fraud” a few years back, the high mileage was reduced when EPA standards were met, and my guess is that they pollute more on a tank of gas. The EPA was set up for the oil companies to burn more fuel. The Japanese figured that out and have taken advantage of it.

    • Replies: @Mikael_
  17. @anon

    The problem with all of these declarations (and constitutions) is that governments ignore them. The UN itself won’t impose sanctions on Germany or dozens of other countries who forbid any questioning of specified imaginary events.
    If there is any solution to “governments” in general, it would be banning political parties of any kind, and requiring all those running for office use only state funds – equal for all who choose to run – for election campaigns. Make these people get out and knock on doors to answer questions, and force them to answer. Those elected to office would then decide who the Executive Branch would be – by election of those people.
    Breaking the cycle of party deciding over the representative deciding, based on the majority of constituents’ wishes is critical.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Liza
    , @RoatanBill
  18. anon[260] • Disclaimer says:

    Curmudgeon #17, interesting point. The US government ignores those instruments, its own authorities. That’s true. It is for that reason that the most fundamental of those documents grounds your rights in recourse to rebellion.

    You have a right of resistance and a right to solidarity. You have a right to self-determination. But you have to throw your own wrenches in the gears. You have to go over the head of your government to the world. You have to leak the secrets of their crimes, refuse their illegal commands, sabotage their shit. You’re not depending on the UN. You get multilateral capacity building while the USG is collapsing and after it’s collapsed. That’s what those instruments say. Some Americans know how to make the most of that assistance. They’ll handle it for you – but you could join them and be less helpless.

    You don’t have to ban parties, you can just push them aside with genuine civil society. Like UNHRN, BAP, or others.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  19. prevent policemen from stopping cars with expired registrations or inspection stickers, no headlights, brake lights, or other moving violations relating to safety.

    Sounds like a good start. Registrations and inspections have nothing to do with safety, but instead raise money for the state.

    A burned out light should not be a reason for a fine or any stop beyond “Sir, your tail light is burned out. Have a good day”. No need for a license or papers check. No need to check for warrants.

    If you are really concerned about safety, have the damn cop change the bulb.

    How many times do you do a complete walk around of your car lights before you drive? Bulbs burn out, it should not be an excuse for government thugs to make money off your misfortune.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
    , @RoatanBill
  20. @Rich

    I disagree that true progressives are communists, but the Democratic party has been taken over by communists. Progressives are antiwar but these goons are pro-war. Free speech is banned and those who object are punished. People are fired for the wrong on-line comment. Lefty Glenn Greenwald resigned from “The Intercept” today after editors censored his article about Biden’s e-mails.

    Today I sent my intention to resign from The Intercept, the news outlet I co-founded in 2013 with Jeremy Scahill and Laura Poitras, as well as from its parent company First Look Media.

    The final, precipitating cause is that The Intercept’s editors, in violation of my contractual right of editorial freedom, censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections critical of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently supported by all New-York-based Intercept editors involved in this effort at suppression.

    The censored article, based on recently revealed emails and witness testimony, raised critical questions about Biden’s conduct. Not content to simply prevent publication of this article at the media outlet I co-founded, these Intercept editors also demanded that I refrain from exercising a separate contractual right to publish this article with any other publication.

  21. No says:

    If you haven’t started planning and implementing parallel and independent social infrastructure at this point then you are behind. Of course, a whole lot of Americans are atomized away from their communities and are thus behind.

    The only way out of this is to build out replacement social infra and tell these satanic spawn they aren’t inside the fence.

    • Replies: @ConqueringFools
  22. anonymous[291] • Disclaimer says:

    If Biden is elected and then Harris in 20204, I think there will probably be peace with Iran over this entire decade. Just as Obama did a good job of throttling back the efforts to go to war with Iran. Something Giraldi doesn’t give him credit for.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  23. Giraldi overplays the radical in his view of a potential Biden Presidency. Biden is a front man for the Deep State and the oligopolists who dominate much of the American economy.No doubt there will be some measures of a radical nature undertaken by Biden, essentially as a sop to leftists and ethnic activists.
    But he will rule in the interests of those who control him. Their aim is to maintain their control forever. These radical measures would provoke social conflict and insurrection and so help undermine their control. So they won’t be followed through.
    I doubt that Biden will win. Trump has so far avoided American collapse by not getting involved in new wars . American hegemony will collapse soon, but not due to some humiliating military defeat. There will be no Manzikert or Waterloo. The defeat will be economic. Despite Trump’s best endeavours, it may happen in his tenure.

  24. Rich says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    All “Progressives” in the US are communists. No free thought, no freedom of action, total government control. One in which, in their minds, they all believe they’ll be Stalin or Mao, untouchable. Too bad none have read the history of the Soviet Union and how millions of “loyal” communists spent their lives in the Gulag.

  25. @Anon

    For more info on the topic, there is a great short book titled “The End of Democracy.” Throughout history all democracies have eventually degenerated and destroyed themselves from within, which is clearly happening today. I read somewhere that a democracy’s typical lifespan is around two hundred years. If that is true, then our dysfunctional one is clearly past its shelf life. As long as every lame brain is allowed to vote, and rule by force over their millions of hated enemies who were on the losing side, the difference between a democracy and a Republic is only cosmetic. As Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

    4′ 11″ Jew Robert Reich clearly suffers from Little Man’s Syndrome. Seems like, should his side win, he’s anxious to rule over his larger gentile enemies in the coming tribunals. I hope that our side is more organized that it appears at present. Because their side, full of destroyers who hate the culture and along with it white gentiles, clearly is.

    • Agree: ziggurat, Tom
  26. Reich seems to forget that the “Truth and Reconciliation Commision” will be chaired and staffed with the likes of The Squad. We’ll probably have to explain to him what went wrong when he joins us in the camps.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  27. Michelle says:

    The Black guys have priorities, weed and Hennessy, not car registration and broken tail lights. A Black guy gets on a bus I ride every morning and never has bus fare, I mean, not once, has he ever. He is always holding a blunt, though, and lights it up when he gets off at his stop.

    • Replies: @druid55
    , @brandybranch
  28. Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich tweeted a demand to create a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” after the expected defeat of Donald Trump.

    It is not advisable to use the Khmer Rouge ‘s playbook to set the record straight. if one does, one will end up with another ‘Drilling Fields‘ …

  29. @RoatanBill

    Hopefully after Civ 2 there’ll be two presidents to gripe over.

  30. Three. I came up with the plan that is doable.

    THREE countries:
    1 – Calif and Pac West
    2 – New England and Mid-Atlantic
    3 – The rest of the USA (we get to keep the name America). We would sell disastrous Illinois to Canada and inform Colorado that they need to return to their conservative roots.


  31. @anonymous


    First: Quid Pro Slo Joe WON’T be elected. What a joke.
    Second: If they cheated their way in, he would be out of the WH in under 6 months so that the real candidate would assume the throne. Half-black Hillary.
    (Actually, the best nickname I’ve heard is the Hindu Dindu. No, I’m not a racist — it’s funny.)

    Biden is a trainwreck. He’s a shadow of his former self. He’s constantly angry, negative, confused and seems defeated. He knows he’s going to pay the piper for what he’s done. No tears will be shed by me.

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Druid
  32. Ghali says:

    Are there progressives in America? You are kidding yourselves if you think so. The most progressives Americans turned out to be ardent ZioFascists.

    • Agree: libertyordeath, Druid, Alden
  33. ‘Trump might make America worse in some ways, but he will not substantially change it as the Democrats almost certainly will do…’

    That’s about it. Reelecting Trump isn’t the answer — but it gives us four more years to finally get our act together.

    It’s kinda like winning the Battle of Britain — doesn’t exactly win the war, but it staves off defeat long enough to give us a chance.

    • Replies: @Anonymousse
  34. @Curmudgeon

    I would add a ban on all politial advertising during an election. (town hall meetings etc excluded)

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  35. Icy Blast says:

    Just go ahead and say the “S” word.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  36. nsa says:

    If the hapless Corbyn didn’t loathe the jew before, bet he sure detests the cock cutter cultists now. Reminds of another unworldly pol, Chuck Hagel, whose America First views drew the ire of the warmongering Izzie First yids. Nothing changes. 100 years ago the peacenik, Henry Ford, attacked jew finance head on in a vain attempt to prevent WWI…..and failed.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  37. Anonymous[115] • Disclaimer says:

    Progressives like Hillary Clinton, want a revolution and change, ONLY because they want personal power. In other words, people like her are not “true believers”, They are instead, power players who do things merely for personal power. It’s often been asked, “What did the National Socialist leaders want. What policies were they “true believers” of? After many thousands of studies by many erudite and learned people on political histories, some have indeed concluded that Hitler and the top leaders really did not have solid immovable non-changing beliefs. Hitler and the men and women who followed him were merely people who wanted to be on top, giving the orders and enforcing their whims. This is what Hillary Clinton and her ilk want. The proof of this assertion is easy when one takes into account the things she has habitually done, not merely said. Rarely has she acted on the things she claims to support but instead changed her positions like a beautiful teenaged girl, or often a woman who is aware of her beauty and the power it gives them.

  38. Wally says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    – TDS Giraldi blows it again.
    Remember when Giraldi claimed that Trump said CV19 a “hoax”, which Trump never said?
    – See Giraldi taken to task on that here


    First it was “global cooling”, then “global warming”, & now “climate change”.
    What about the laughable ‘climate models’ which did not / do not predict the climate that actually occurred / is occurring?
    Why do taxpayer funded ‘environmentalists’ hide their data from public scrutiny?
    Why do ‘climate change’ Marxists alter data for their own agenda?
    Why do ‘environmentalists’ want those that criticize their ‘studies’ arrested and denied free speech?
    What about the ClimateGate emails which hosted the liars by their own petard?
    Dozens of Failed Climate Predictions Stretch 80 Years Back:
    NASA Data Proves Trump Right to Exit Paris Climate Accord:
    Hottest decade ever” debunked:

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  39. Wally says:

    – This is rich. The world’s most privileged group just can’t stop begging & whining.
    – And note that any criticism of Jews is forbidden while they do not hesitate to malign others, lie about the fake & impossible ‘holocaust’ … while collecting billions in cash for it every year.

    Much more here:

    UK’s Jeremy Corbyn rejects overall findings of EHRC report on “antisemitism” in Labour:

    • Replies: @Sean
  40. @Carlton Meyer

    Have to give Greenwald a tick here for having the gumption to resign. (many wouldn’t)
    The anti-Trumpers — as we know – simply have no shame when it comes to censoring even indirect statements which could possibly have a positive affect for Trump.
    The pathologically anti-trumpers have some gall — but let’s recall, “sow the wind: reap the whirlwind ”

    • Replies: @animalogic
  41. @A123

    Trump and your buddies at Goldman Sachs and their henchman Mnuchin represents the Donor class.
    Trump presided over the biggest transfer of wealth from the middle class to a handful of giant tech firms and billionaires via permanent tax cuts. Rather than boost wages and create jobs, most of the savings was used to repurchase stock shares and boost earnings; inflating the big, beautiful, stock market bubble to all time too- big-to-fail-highs. Didn’t Trump campaign against corporate socialism?
    Yet, when the REPO markets seized-up, and stocks were dropping 3-5- 7 per cent a day, once again, Trump and friends at the Fed rode in to the rescue with trillion dollar bailouts and QE infinity.

    The heist continued with the Paycheck Protection Program which went first to the politically well-connected and the wealthy.

    “It’s pretty clear that the [loan] process was run in a way that pushed needy small businesses to the back of the line while prioritizing the influential,” said Matthew Gardner, a senior fellow at the nonprofit, non-partisan Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
    • Thanks: Rufus Clyde
  42. @The Alarmist

    “Truth and Reconciliation Commision” Reminds me of…..? Oh, yer —
    Say, who looks good to play Robespierre in these future festivities?

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  43. @animalogic

    “”…for having the gumption to resign. (many wouldn’t [have resigned])”

  44. Liza says:

    The problem with all of these declarations (and constitutions) is that governments ignore them.

    It is pathetic that most people don’t even realize this.

    • Replies: @Abbybwood
  45. berger’s ability to kick a good man when he is down is stupefying.the labour party has become
    unrecognisable and has forgotten its origins and is a lapdog of the powerful and wealthy.starmer
    himself took orders and started the torture of julian assange.

  46. Ugetit says:

    Why must there be one jerk in DC known as the president over 300+ million people?

    Because of the old song, “Ya say ya wanna constitooshun…”

  47. Ugetit says:

    Four more years and Trump will be responsible for dinosaur extinction and the sinking of the Titanic.

    That, and worldwide intestinal incontinence. He is, after all, the new Hitler ya know!

  48. @Johnny Smoggins

    Tss, making fun of poor little Greta! Of all the 16-year olds who ever addressed the UN on a hot topic, she was by far the best.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
    • Replies: @36 ulster
  49. Mikael_ says:

    Progressives Want a Revolution

    They don’t want a revolution, they want perpetual revolution so they can always ignore as irrelevant what they themselves did yesterday.

    The central idea of progressivism is ‘history doesn’t matter, because nothing can be learned from history, as everything is different this time.’

  50. The future of the U. S. will be much gloomier than Phil Giraldi describes. For the first time in American history, the American people will elect a CEO of a highly corrupt and criminal family. The whole family is a bunch of thugs. Just take the Tony Bobolinski interview with Tucker Carlson in which Bobolinski presented tons of evidence of the criminality of the CEO Biden. The whole media and tech class suppress any negative information on the Biden family. The so-called freedom of the press went down the toilet. If Donald Trump loses, he and his supporters will be severely punished. The Democrats should establish reeducation camps like in China and North Corea to bring the “deplorable” in line with the new totalitarian “democratic” ideology. The picture shows the reality: Everybody knows that Joe Biden is demented and senile. Joe Biden is only a stooge of the Queen of Darkness and her gang pulling strings.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  51. @Icy Blast


    There – I said it. I’ve often said it. It’s the only rational thing to do to avoid bloodshed and to regain control of a completely out of control gov’t imposed top down by the lunatics and criminals in DC. Just get rid of one layer of gov’t that is as useless as teats on a bull.

  52. TTSSYF says:

    I’ve been saying it on this website for years; i.e., that we need to self-sort, gradually making the red states redder and the blue states bluer.

  53. Mikael_ says:

    You have very little clue what you’re talking about, technically.
    In the late 70s my family exported a two months old VW Rabbit (Golf) to Germany. At arrival the garage had to rip out the catalytic converter because you couldn’t buy/get unleaded fuel in Germany at the time. (And that only finally changed in 1984.)
    So in other words all countries outside the US had no emissions standards worth speaking of, in the 70s.

    In the early 2010s you could even in effing California still buy a new VW Jetta TDI (turbo-diesel) that got you about 48mpg highway.
    After continuous tightening of the allowed NOx emissions for diesel engines (those are not a problem for gasoline engines with catalytic converter), some years ago the effort and cost became close to prohibitive for diesel light cars. VW and most other cars makers tried to use all regulatory loopholes, and then some, to let their diesel cars still pass emission testing. VW may have stepped over the line the most (others did too), but in the end the ongoing public condemnation is just a dog&pony show, as just a few years earlier those ‘excessive’ emissions would have been absolutely legal – and still no pedestrians had dropped dead on street corners.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  54. Mikael_ says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Progressives are antiwar

    Sounds attractive,
    until you realize that all progressives are utopian thinkers, and therefore will remove anybody standing in their perceived path to Utopia by all means necessary.
    In other words maybe no external war with progressives, but unlimited internal suppression instead.

    • LOL: Zarathustra
  55. gotmituns says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    does little greta put out???

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  56. gotmituns says:

    President Jefferson said we should have a revolution every 20 years or so. If it was good enough for Jefferson, it’s good enough for me.

  57. Z-man says:

    If Harris/Biden gets in it will be the end of America as we know it. A revolution will occur but it will be an American Nationalist one.

  58. That midget, Bob Reich, should be made aware that without the White Christian majority, the likes of him would be in trouble with feral black teenagers … please tell him to get out of the ivory tower once in a while to get the feel of the land… it isn’t exactly the Pale of Settlement, you know!

    • Replies: @Sin City Milla
  59. Z-man says:

    Also, American police departments are being prevented from using proven crowd control measures like water cannons or even horse mounted cops. Rioters are allowed to loot at will. So one of the main ‘reason for being’ of police, to protect property is being eliminated.
    On a side note, the NYPD has just appointed the first black woman as Chief of Patrol. It’s over.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  60. What is so sick about these people is that they tyrannically want to impose it on everyone, which makes even sicker that we just accept it, and the worst thing is how parasitic they are, in that they always want to “improve things that others already built and created. Never do these people say “let’s all move to the wilderness and build our utopia from nothing; no, they are all part of a parasitic tribe of people who feed off the work and creation of others.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  61. The Jews are driving the Train.

    Just because Blacks and Fags and Commies are on board… it’s still a Tribal project.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  62. @A Texan

    I am objective about the right policies on CO2 emissions for my country to pursue because it is only what the US, China, India and the EU do which will make any difference for Australia but I question your logic and/or expertise. It is apparent that global temperatures have been rising at a an accelerating rate since the end of the last Little Ice Age and it is also undeniable that greenhouse gases have been causing an increasing amount of incoming solar radiation to be retained as heat within the atmosphere, ocean, and, to some extent terrestrial heat sinks. This is apparently resulting already in undesirable changes such as Arctic and Antarctic ice melting and increasingly damaging fires. Can you think of anything else to do about it for future generations except reduce the existence and/or effect of greenhouse gases?

  63. Realist says:

    For those that have not heard about the plight of Glenn Greenwald, here is some information.

    Greenwald is a liberal journalist, who was a strong advocate of truth in journalism and a co-founder of The Intercept in 2013. He appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program numerous times. While Greenwald and Carlson were diametrically opposed on their political views…Carlson held Greenwald in high regard due to his strong support of honesty in journalism.

    During Greenwald’s appearance on Carlson’s show last night he was obviously very upset at the treatment he received, by his own creation, to an article he tried to publish. Here is his letter of resignation.

    Perhaps he has been red pilled.

  64. AndrewR says:
    @Chris Mallory

    If you’re fine living in a society where people are driving around without tail lights, you’re insane. I like to know when the person ahead of me is breaking ASAP. A burned out bulb gets you a “fix it ticket” which is thrown out if you can demonstrate you have fixed the problem. You have to have some way to track and enforce these things or else many drivers will ignore it, to everyone’s detriment.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Montefrío
  65. geokat62 says:

    I understand their reasons for ‘divide and conquer’, for bringing in tens of millions of illegal aliens, it’s all about keeping wages down.

    You need to revisit your understanding.

    I’d recommend a quick perusal of Prof. MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique.

  66. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission or TRC was just an anti-white project.

    It was designed to vilify pre-1994 South African governments for countering a sabotage and bombing campaign that was conducted by the Jewish-dominated Communist Party and black proxies.

    Meanwhile CNN and the BBC won’t be talking endlessly about Gerrit Stander. He was reportedly shot three times after intruders broke into his home.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  67. @Curmudgeon

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
    John F. Kennedy

  68. @Chris Mallory


    However, some people will drive with broken tail lights till all are burned out and then that is a problem for someone behind them at night.

    Where I live, half the cars have no brake lights. I’m not exaggerating; no brake lights at all on the rear of the vehicle. I’ve not tried asking around, but I suspect the lights are purposely disabled as I can’t believe so many lights burn out. We drive with a forward facing camera to record the vehicle in front and any oncoming traffic.

    What should happen during an accident is that the driver of a defective vehicle be required to not only make restitution to the injured party (not a fine to gov’t), but do so at triple the damages, using a recording of the incident to provide proof.

    • Replies: @wrd9
  69. @The Real World

    What happens to the Fed Gov in DC? I doubt they will go along.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  70. These “vermin” are not progressives, they are useful idiot neo-bolshevik Marxist terrorist financed and supported by the same Deep State financial/media VAMPIRES that were responsible for the overthrow and genocide of Christian Russia in 1917, the implementation of Communism and the Holocaust of over 80 million East European Christians by Jewish Supremacist Fascist Terrorist and their Marxist puppets.

    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
    , @Alden
  71. The Left aimed at Trump but killed the USA.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  72. AKINDLE says:

    Talk about a disappearing America! Trump pulls out rappers in stupid publicity stunts in a last desperate attempt to win. He is pathetic. I guess all the white people that showed up to his rallies should feel like fools. Has he ever acknowledged black on white crime, what blacks have done to cities and schools, what theses rapper lyrics say? His ego needs to lose or his head will be the size of a hot air balloon. Biden is no better I must say..

  73. Trinity says:

    This has been the plan since the days of Lev Bronstein aka Leon Trotsky. The slimy, greasy Jew known more by his fake Russian name of Trotsky was thinking of the big picture. We must remember people, that the good guys who fought against Hitler stopped Hitler and Germany from conquering the world. ROTFLMMFWAO at that one. The Jewish Revolution in the Soviet Union saw that the Russkies and others weren’t adapting to the idea of (((classical Marxism))) so I guess Bronstein aka Trotsky decided to implement some of Jewish Supremacist Moses Hess ideas of race into the equation. Yes, these Jews who conquered the Soviet Union wanted to rule the world, and to do so, Bronstein/Trotsky knew that low IQ nonwhites would accept his horseshit more readily than the Russians or other Slavic people if he emphasized race over class. After all, there were more nonwhites than Whites on the planet, and many were even more easily duped, were more controlled by their emotions, less analytical, etc.

    Bronstein/Trotsky knew that since most nonwhites had either been defeated militarily, economically, or had experienced colonization by Whites, he could use those negative experiences and stir up hatred against Whitey by easily duping low IQ nonwhites into believing that the White man was the source of all their problems. Of course, the original SJW, Jew-boy Trotsky, wasn’t about to inform these nonwhites that Whites had endured slavery themselves in the Barbary Slave Trade, Muslim Turks had ruled Greece and brown skinned Muslims ruled Spain for centuries, etc. And of course, Trotsky wasn’t about to tell these Black, Yellow and Brown skinned converts that Jews were destined to rule over them just as much as they ruled over the lowly Russian or Ukrainian working class in the land of a “workers paradise” known as Jewish Ruled Soviet Union. And like today, good ole Trotsky wasn’t about to mention the Jewish role in the African Slave Trade or how the Jews were at the top of the food chain in the Soviet Union, many ran the gulags and Jews like Genrikh Yagoda and Lazar Kaganovich were the chief architects of starving MILLIONS of Ukrainians and others in the Ukrainian Genocide. No mention of how the Russian people were brutalized and tortured in gulags, etc.

    Revolution? Hmm, you mean like the French Revolution, the so-called Russian Revolution, the so-called Spanish Revolution? Name the common denominator, people? I call this latest Jew coup in America, The Revenge Of The Nerds Revolution.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  74. @Realist

    I have already circulated widely the article The Intercept refused to publish. It should be deadly for Biden in a democracy but even if the MSM and much of the alternative media were honest it is too late if the shy Trump supporters don’t surprise.

  75. Biff says:
    @The Real World

    inform Colorado that they need to return to their conservative roots.

    It’s 80% transplants; the original 20% don’t have a fuckin’ prayer…

  76. @AndrewR

    Can’t they be caught with cameras?

  77. theMann says:

    “Progressives” are Communists.

    I suppose some people are going to argue the point, but let me put it in terms everyone can understand:

    Just because one turd stinks much worse than another turd, doesnt mean it isn’t a turd. All creatures of the Left share common characteristics, quibbling over degree is simply arguing over which turd stinks the worst.

  78. Realist says:

    His attitudes towards the environment and climate change are also a disgrace…

    Giraldi sorry to see you are an advocate of AGW…a bullshit theory with no proof.

  79. @Wizard of Oz

    CO2 is a trace gas at .04%. That’s 1 part in 2500. Methane is even less abundant. The chief contributor to any greenhouse effect is water vapor (clouds) and clouds are a cosmic ray phenomenon primarily.


    Svensmark “The Cloud Mystery”:

    The entire Greenhouse theory is for the most part wrong because its effect has a natural stopping point. Increasing GHG concentration past a certain point adds no further warming. CO2 was singled out for the cause because blaming the sun and clouds wasn’t going to be believed and they couldn’t connect mans activity with cloud formation.

    I always wondered what would happen if Hydrogen became a fuel of choice with its water exhaust forming clouds in concentrated places like larger cities and increasing relative humidity and possibly even causing wet streets without rain.

    Consider watching the following.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  80. PG, I think you are too pessimistic. Even counting all the 13.5 per cennt of Americans who are African-American it is still stuck with three critical characteristics.
    1. It is barely more than 8 per cent of the population;
    2. Most stand out as egregiously different from everyone else
    3. It doesn’t even have the brains and organising capacity of Ultra Orthodox Jews who stand out just about as much but are a problem for Israel more than the US.

    Eventually there isn’t going to be a constituency for BLM or other indulgence of black criminals. Maybe Kamala Harris will lead the charge but present chaos can’t last. Probably as Democrats law-and-order and discipline favouring blacks will take charge and BLM will sink like an antique curiosity.

  81. Biff says:

    If interested you should click on over to the Intercept and read their statement on Glenn’s resignation. They accused him of being a Trump operative which is expected of the dishonest media source trying to deflect the truth, and ‘of course’ the mainstream/Bidenstream media Picked up on that ‘Trump supporter’ angle and they are going with that too. Pathetic is an understatement.

    TDS = tens times worse than COVID to the tenth power..

    Four days before the election and the meltdown begins.

    • Thanks: Realist
    • Replies: @Druid
  82. Realist says:

    Aside from Giraldi’s climate change nuttery he’s saying all the right things about the radical left wing revolution that the nation is currently undergoing.

    Agreed. Where the hell did he get the idea, AGW quackery was a real thing?

  83. Miro23 says:
    @The Real World

    Three. I came up with the plan that is doable.

    THREE countries:
    1 – Calif and Pac West
    2 – New England and Mid-Atlantic
    3 – The rest of the USA (we get to keep the name America). We would sell disastrous Illinois to Canada and inform Colorado that they need to return to their conservative roots.

    Far too large units. To work properly, true local democracy has to be a the lowest level possible. Taxation money needs to stay local and citizens have a direct say in how it is spent and know who is spending it.

    Healthcare, schools, justice etc. could even work down to county level. After all, the old Western frontier towns got by OK with little more than a sheriff, deputy, judge, doctor, schoolteacher and a schoolhouse and a jail.

    States would need their own independent state media and banks (no FED) and use a new Confederation dollar under strict issuance control.

    • Agree: Montefrío, Ugetit
    • Replies: @The Real World
  84. Sean says:

    Starmer, the Labour leader who succeeded Corbyn is a former DPP, the British equivalent of an Attorney General. Biden can expect no favours from Kamala Harris, unless he goes quietly.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  85. Miro23 says:
    @Frank frank

    … no, they are all part of a parasitic tribe of people who feed off the work and creation of others.

    Every niche is occupied in the natural world, and parasitism is one particular survival strategy. However it does initially require a weakened target.

    Healthy herds of animals in the wild, and united and well organized human societies don’t have much to worry about.

  86. Wyatt says:

    Get that UN garbage out of here.


    This is the shit that ruined America in the first place. Stop giving rights to every goddamn thing. There are plenty of people who will abuse those rights or behave like some asshole kid with a tiny bit of power. Women shifted America left and blacks infused the parties they supported with gibs demands.

  87. Folks are saying that if Biden is elected we will no longer be America.

    I was born in 1948 and in 1960 America was 90% and Christian but the WASPs let the Jews seize control of America and the America I knew in 1960 ceased to exist.


    One hundred years after the French Revolution, the editors of Civiltà Cattolica, the official voice of the Vatican on political affairs, came to a startling conclusion: any country which turns away from laws based on the teaching of the Catholic Church and God’s eternal law will end up being ruled by Jews. These three articles, originally published over the fall of 1890, explain in detail why this is so, for both France in 1890 and America today.
    E. Michael Jones
    South Bend, Indiana
    February 2012”

    Excerpt From: E. Michael Jones. “La Civiltà Cattolica: The Jewish Question In Europe.” iBooks.

  88. Sparkon says:

    “Enabled” covers a lot of ground, and is prone to devolve into something like a witch hunt. “McCarthyism” only much worse comes immediately to mind.

    I can’t believe Dr. Giraldi really wrote these words.

    At the same time Pres. Dwight D. Eisenhower was refusing to participate in the Geneva Convention in 1954, to settle the conflict in Vietnam, he was orchestrating from behind the scenes the Army – McCarthy Hearings, where Tail Gunner Joe was set up to fail.

    And so, on the one hand, Pres. Eishenhower committed the U.S. to supporting its puppet Diem and fighting Communism in the jungles of Vietnam, while on the other hand, Ike orchestrated a smear campaign against Joe McCarthy, who had identified Communists and fellow travelers in the U.S. Army and State Department, which was borne out later by the Venona intercepts.

    I suppose to some it made sense to fight the Reds in a distant jungle, but let them run loose at home in your establishment.

    All of today’s problems stem from that idiocy.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  89. Fred777 says:

    “What would things been like if during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there, paling with terror at every bang on the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people?“

  90. Hibernian says:

    Ford made a pile of money off of WW1 and WW2 saved the company for his descendants.

  91. @RoatanBill

    Thanks for reminding me about Svensmark whom I read quite a lot from years ago, but haven’t heard of recently. Indeed water vapour is the big greenhouse gas and I learned long ago that radiative forcing was an inverse exponential function of CO2 in the atmosphere so I wished I was equipped to check the data and modelling for myself . It remains true I believe that huge changes in the past still haven’t been modelled convincingly as functions of natural forces which had to be the causes. The drying out of the Sahara comes to mind, as to the collapse of the Egyptian Old Kingdom and of the first Indus civilisation, inter alia. Nonetheless we are responsible for increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and, if we can, technically and economically, switch to renewable before we would have to anyway in a couple of hundred years time, it seems prudent.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  92. @Sean

    Not the equivalent of Attorney-General which is, or maybe a Cabinet post. DPP standa for Director of Public Prosecutions and is therefore the chief prosecutor. In the UK not elected like a lot of US legal functionaries.

    • Replies: @Sean
  93. @Rich

    The most pathetic progressives of all are the white males. They need to read up how in the ’30’s young Stalinist apparatchiki were sanguine about sending Old Bolsheviks off to the gulags, just to meet their monthly quotas. When the time comes, some pc bipoc party functionary is going to see them only as privileged white males, instead of loyal members of anti-fa, who fought in the revolution.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Alden
  94. Hegar says:

    His attitudes towards the environment and climate change are also a disgrace

    Philip Giraldi actually believes in this. Did the polar ice melt in 2010 like Algore said it would? Did we “only have a few more years” in the 1980s like a UN official said? Or in the 1990s like socialist politicians all over the West said?

    Another good Democrats-are-in-power story comes from Virginia where Governor Ralph Northam is preparing to sign a bill that will prevent policemen from stopping cars with expired registrations or inspection stickers, no headlights, brake lights, or other moving violations relating to safety. The reasoning behind the bill is that black drivers appear to be stopped for such offenses disproportionately. That may be true, but the assumption by Northam and his crew is that blacks are being targeted by police, whereas the actual cause just might be that a disproportionate number of blacks don’t maintain their cars very well.

    This is a good example of socialist ideology, though Giraldi will not say so. Still, good that he includes this story. Socialism emerged as a method for exploiting elections by bribing voter groups. To justify this the marks must be demonized. “The history of a nation is the struggle between classes.” The socialist worldview, which Karl Marx built on, is this: All individuals and groups are equal, so any difference in success can only be because of oppression.

    So, if Blacks are stopped more often that can’t be because they are worse at taking care of their cars. Since all are equal. It can only be because of oppression. Them going to prison in enormous numbers can’t be because of higher crime rates, but must be because of oppression.

    Marx’ nephew Lafarge, a prominent socialist leader in France, bragged about having “the blood of three oppressed peoples,” the Indians, Jews and Blacks. “Of the three I am most proud of my Negro blood,” as it was the most oppressed. Simply because they were the least successful in the world – that could only be because of oppression, not because of any innate flaws. Since all are equal.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  95. @The Real World

    You are hallucinating! Jews gave more money to Democrats. Biden will win!

  96. @Wizard of Oz

    [Too much off-topic Global Warming material. Such comments may not be published.]

    The map is not the territory. – Alfred Korzybski

    The entire greenhouse concept is based on controlled experiments that don’t translate into real world phenomena. The scales and variables are too diverse and numerous.


    Every graph of CO2 vs temperature I’ve see has CO2 rising hundreds of years after the rise in temperature. I take that as a lagging indicator. Because CO2 is a trace gas and the molecule is heavier than the main air components of Oxygen and Nitrogen, it’s natural tendency via gravity is to remain lower in the air column but Brownian motion will provide for a good overall mixing.

    If CO2 could produce a cap at the upper atmosphere, then the trapping of heat might have a leg to stand on. As it is, any heat captured by a CO2 molecule will rapidly be transferred to Oxygen or Nitrogen in its neighborhood. At a concentration of 1 part in 2500, I don’t see any possibility of it acting as the climate alarmists would have us believe.

    The warming that occurred is now history. The earth is set for a cooling trend and even the folks at NASA (Never A Straight Answer) are now warning about a Grand Solar Minimum. Couple the recent decades worth of climate data with the obvious long term overlapping climate cycles and one should conclude that the planet itself can generate these cycles long before the industrial age and those cycles are the predominant indicators for what’s to happen next.

    The sun is the main driver of climate. A heating of the environment is required to create an abundance of humid air that falls as snow near the poles. The heating melts the existing ice to disrupt the ocean circulation that is the heat transfer mechanism we should be worrying about. Once the Atlantic Conveyor stops or is seriously choked off, the start of a decades long cold trend is the historic result.
    and a linked to article:

    A physicists take:

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  97. With the Trumpet’s own effort to play the game of terrorist Ziocorporate globalism, and polirise the US taxcattle to the best of his ability, it’s a clear fact that his Republican camp is also invested in the possibility of “revolution”, takes two to tango and “conservative” leadership are dancing quite skillfully to the tune of extreme partisanship in the theater of fake democracy that is the fake republic that is the US corporation. Should’ve been quite evident for anyone who noticed how he doubled-down on his arch-rival predecessor Obomber’s policy of declaring Venezuela a “national security threat” and sanctions, but as expected, that realisation didn’t befall the collective stupid mind of the American taxcattle despite that and all other evidence, and more extreme partisan idiocy is only a natural consequence. Now, what to do with so much radicalised rabble?

    • Agree: Stonehands
  98. The most obnoxious fact of American Life is Jewish Moral Authority as the source of Jewish arrogance, Jewish control, and Jewish manipulation of white cuck minds.

    Jews are seen as neo-yahweh, and white cucks think/act according to Jewish dictates.

    So, Jewish Power has to be morally forced against the ropes. The Achilles Heel of Jewish Evil has to be identified, and Jewish Power must be pummeled.

    Now, some do just that but in the margins. And it’s difficult for those voices to be heard because the elites are either Jewish or controlled by Jews. Also, Jewish monopoly of internet has led to mass censorship of alternative voices that might be heard.

    For sure, Trump and Tucker aren’t going to do anything about it. Even Ann Coulter will not so go so far as to name the Jews.

    Anyway, unless Jewish Power is exposed and broken, nothing else is necessary.

    True, so many ‘woke’ people are whites. But they lack agency. They just think, feel, and say as Jews mold them and order them to.

    One thing for sure, to go against Jewish Power, be anti-supremacist. Don’t knock Jewish supremacism to prop up white supremacism. Alt Right had a chance to do this but under idiot Spencer went for David Duke 202.

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Miro23
  99. @Z-man

    Absolutely not first!
    First one was on Law and order.

    • LOL: Z-man
  100. @Truth Hurts the Liars

    Absolutely no! They are not on board.
    They are shoveling the coal.

  101. Rurik says:

    The commission borrows the name and would be modeled on the organization set up in South Africa

    that’s where we’re headed boys and girls

    and for America’s White liberals, I can’t f’n wait!

    I’ll call it the Joe Crowley syndrome

    as White / male as you can get, and spent his career doing all he could to fuck over American White males in favor of anyone and everyone else, until the day that AOC tossed him out on his White arse, in the upset of the century.

    Well I hope all the Joe Crowleys of this nation get a nice good dose of wokeness from their HR departments, and universities and all manner of social justice that’s been waaayyyy overdue.

    When that odious little sack of bile ((Robert Reich)) was in power, he demanded that no stimulus money went to “white male construction workers”. IOW the White, working class poor, who’re expected to pay taxes, but get nothing back.

    And did Joe Crowley or any other White liberal complain?

    Give them all enough wokeness so that they’re standing in the lines next to White construction workers and illegal Mexicans trying to get a construction job \$9.00 an hr. to put food on the table.

    I’d pay good money to see Eric Swallowswell vying for a construction laborer’s job, only to be told to take his privileged arse someone else.

    Bring it on! I say. They them taste wokeness up close and personal.

    If it was good enough for White construction workers, then it’s good enough for Hollywood celebrities and university professors and all across the tony suburbs and posh neighborhoods of well-to-do White liberals on the coasts and everywhere else they smug.

    As Michael Moore once said; ‘it will feel good’

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Replies: @Ragno
    , @Kolya Krassotkin
    , @Poco
  102. Sparkon says:

    Philip Giraldi’s headline title for his article, meanwhile, is right on the money. Some of the wannabe revolutionaries have been heard to snarl: “Tear It Down! Tear It All Down!” These ignorant malcontents are out to destroy anything they can, including our way of life.

    Now Joe Biden has a campaign slogan “Build Back Better,” which fits in nicely with the “Tear It Down!” mantra.

    Note that the closely related BBB (Building Back Better) slogan actually originated in 2015 with the UN disaster risk reduction program in the aftermath of the disaster at Fukushima in 2011.

    During the negotiation period for the Sendai Framework, the concept of “Build Back Better” was proposed by the Japanese delegation as a holistic concept which states: “The principle of ‘Build Back Better’ is generally understood to use the disaster as a trigger to create more resilient nations and societies than before.

    [my bold]

    The need to rebuild Japan was predicated by the powerful earthquake and towering tsunamis that ravaged the NE coast of the country in 2011, destroying the Fukushima nuclear power plants in the process, while the need to “Build Back Better” in the United States is being created artificially by mobs of looters, arsonists, various criminals, random malcontents, and general ne’er do wells out to smash and grab anything they can.

    Based on the concepts of the Green New Deal, Biden’s real slogan should be “Build Back Worse,” in view of the fact that a modern civilization needs baseload power 24/7/365, something the so-called green renewables cannot provide, and which in any case are not green to begin with, as both wind turbines and solar arrays rely on dirty manufacturing processes that produce abundant toxic waste.

    Reverting to 19th century technology cannot be called building back better, and promoting hysteria about entirely natural climate change only adds to the collective ignorance and resultant stupidity.

    But at least so-called green energy is a lot more expensive than its fossil fuel counterparts, meaning we all pay more, so somebody somewhere must be very happy about that.

  103. @Wizard of Oz

    Here’s a thought: set the example by giving up using motorized transport, purchasing anything that depends upon motorized transport, eliminate the use of electrical appliances and central heating, thus show the world the way to go! Live like the folks on Lost! Show some noblesse oblige and we will follow!

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  104. Abbybwood says:

    Governments do ignore constitutions.

    In the case of the United States wasn’t the U.S. Constitution “suspended”
    days after 9/11?

    And Congress has rubber stamped our “state of emergency” every year by extending “The Patriot Act” which Joe Biden claims to have written after the federal building was bombed in Oklahoma.

    Now, on his third attempt at being “the REALLY Big Guy” it looks like the DNC and the Deep State are making a lame attempt to finally give him his reward for having been a good lifeguard (with Korn Pop) over The Swamp for 50 years!

    The CIA and other Intel have obviously given their orders to the MSM and Big Tech to give Joe a great big slobbery pass on all things critical until Election Day has passed and the coast is clear. (Mockingbird Lives!).

    And unless the American people prove me wrong by thoroughly rejecting the Deep State Swamp Creature this Tuesday, I will have to say that they are just too fucking stupid to hold on to what might be left of The Constitution.

    Last night Tucker Carlson noted that a new poll shows that 51% believe the MSM/Big Tech B.S. that the Joe and Hunter Biden laptop revelations are “Russian disinformation”. I can see so many millions of suckers hypnotized in front of MSDNC as the swamp Rep. Schiff says, “You are getting sleepy….very sleepy…The Kremlin…The Kremlin….The Kremlin did it….”.

    Remember back in the day as some of us oldsters were glued to the Iran-Contra hearings and Sen. Inouye asked Lt. Col. Oliver North about plans to suspend the Constitution?? North got antsy in his chair and looked to his lawyers for a lifeline. They jumped up and whispered in his ear then someone whispered in Sen. Inouye’s ear and Sen. Inouye said, “I have been advised that we will have to conduct this line of questioning in a closed-door session.”

    It’s on YouTube!

    This would probably be the most fun question to ask every member of Congress right after they have taken their oaths to The Constitution: “Has The Constitution been suspended?” And watch them all squirm.

    I really wonder what it will take to finally get the American people to wake up?

    • Replies: @Miro23
  105. @AndrewR

    Well, when the person driving ahead of you is “breaking” (psychologically or physically or both?), I’d certainly want to know! As for braking, yes, the lights are useful indicators, but rarely do I see a four-wheeled vehicle with both lights out, this in the 3rd world country in which I live. Let’s try and guess which population segments might be guilty of such. Remember, the driver of that vehicle has a good chance of being rear-ended and may suffer whiplash at best. Having both brake lights out is simply stupid, but remember: “you can’t fix stupid”; neither can policing that is best focused on more serious crimes. Oh yes: don’t drive at night if you’re frightened of scofflaw drivers; during the day, you can almost certainly tell. Be safe!

  106. geokat62 says:
    @Priss Factor

    The Achilles Heel of Jewish Evil has to be identified, and Jewish Power must be pummeled.

    Now, some do just that but in the margins. And it’s difficult for those voices to be heard because the elites are either Jewish or controlled by Jews. Also, Jewish monopoly of internet has led to mass censorship of alternative voices that might be heard.

    For sure, Trump and Tucker aren’t going to do anything about it. Even Ann Coulter will not so go so far as to name the Jews.

    Anyway, unless Jewish Power is exposed and broken, nothing else is necessary.

    I agree. Breaking the “naming-the-Jew” taboo is key.

    To that end, the biggest “Jew namer” was Patrick Little. Since he’s gone into retirement, Handsome Truth of the GDL has picked up the baton. And, to get around the censorship, they’ve developed their own website,

    While these guys are definitely rough around the edges, they’ve been desperately trying to wake up their fellow Americans… by handing out flyers and hanging banners across the country.

    Show them some support… while you still can.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  107. Sean says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    ‘Elected like a lot of US legal functionaries’, with the notable exception of William Barr. Anyway, Trump is different to Andrew Boris Johnson, but there are certain parallels and Starmer, who knocked down a cyclist a few days ago, has an interesting Twitter feed of late: it’s full of stuff about a strike to end the racial segregation of bus services (in Britain), Black History (white racism) and Jews fighting coronavirus, I see Starmer–once a convinced Marxist– as along the lines of Harris, he has racial rather that economic radicalism as his main concern, and he is not afraid to use authority he has to silence dissent. Strongly pro-EU membership, Starmer is now articulating the big business standpoint, complete with pro immigration. I think we are going to see Harris in the White House very soon, and she will be activist-authoritarian on Woke issues, but not traditional economic leftism like taxes. She will suit the elite.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  108. @Trinity

    I honestly believe the “Revenge Of The Nerds Revolution” is far more on point than most are willing to concede; runty Reich is a splendid example. Remember guys like him in high school? Narcissitic shaming in the first degree! They just don’t get over it, ever.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  109. @animalogic

    Say, who looks good to play Robespierre in these future festivities?

    My head says AOC, but my heart hopes it is Ilhan Omar.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  110. Agent76 says:

    Oct 30, 2020 After the Virus: The World of 2025 – #PropagandaWatch

    What will the world look like in 2025? Don’t worry, you don’t have to think about the world you want and then work to bring it about. That’s silly! Just listen to the good Bilderbergers at Cognizant, who are more than happy to tell you about the new police state on steroids that is about to be erected to fight the invisible enemy of coronavirus . . . and how you can cash in on the opportunity!!!

    Oct 24, 2020 Serbia & Iraq: Joe Biden’s history of regime change wars

    The Bidens “Did” Ukraine, There Was Iraq… And Serbia.

  111. The zionists who control the ZUS government including all 17 intel agencies ie the zionist chain dogs are the ones behind the bolshevik revolution that is going on in America, just like the bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917, and the results will be the same, with millions being killed, this is what they have planned.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity, this is what they do, it is in their DNA.

    • Thanks: FLgeezer
  112. @RoatanBill

    Good questions to ask to Abe Lincoln.

    Another question to address is why should 300+ million Americans get the price of money from the Federal Reserve Board in a supposedly free market economy?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  113. @Hegar

    All individuals and groups are equal, so any difference in success can only be because of oppression.

    Same for Covid-19. Blacks are more often victims, so it must be oppression. Couldn’t possibly be because they tend to be more obese and more often obese, and more often diabetic. No those co-morbidities are only for the oppressor class. Similarly it couldn’t possibly be because their dark skin makes it harder for them to convert sunlight into Vitamin D or because they may not get outside enough. It wouldn’t do to give them all a supplement when you can just encourage them to think victimization.

    Getting outside in the sun? Going for a walk? Well you can hardly justify 24/7 lock-downs with that kind of thinking, can you?

    Beg pardon. Oh, so racist of me to even mention health and nutrition when the good doctors Gates and Fauci have so much invested in vaccines and \$3000 therapeutics.

  114. @Joe Levantine

    There is no legitimate money in the US system. The US runs on a bullshit currency created as debt by the banksters and their enablers in the Federal Reserve and Fed Gov.


    We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our election between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude. If we run into such debt, as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our calling and our creeds… we [will] have no time to think, no means of calling our miss-managers to account but be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks of our fellow-sufferers. And this is the tendency of all human governments. A departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for another till the bulk of society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery. And the fore-horse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follows that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression.
    Thomas Jefferson

    I think if you were to go back and try to find and review the ratification of the 16th amendment, which was the internal revenue, the income tax, I think if you went back and examined that carefully, you would find that a sufficent number of states never ratified that amendement.
    US District Court Judge James C. Fox in Sulivan vs United States, 2003

    I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our Constitution. I would be willing to depend on that alone for the reduction of the administration of our government to the genuine principles of its Constitution; I mean an additional article, taking from the federal government the power of borrowing.
    Thomas Jefferson

    When through the process of law the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well known among our principal men who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voter through the political party system we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.
    1924 US Banker’s Association Magazine

    If, as it appears, the experiment that was called ‘America’ is at an end … then perhaps a fitting epitaph would be … ‘here lies America the greatest nation that might have been had it not been for the Edomite bankers who first stole their money, used their stolen money to buy their politicians and press and lastly deprived them of their constitutional freedom by the most evil device yet created — The Federal Reserve Banking System.
    G. D. McDaniel

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  115. Ragno says:

    Every word needed to be said, written in fire across the sky. Thanks for articulating these suppressed truths.

    • Thanks: Rurik
  116. Ace says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    I’m anti-war. Along with everyone else with half a brain. I’m sure as shootin’ not a “progressive.”

  117. Ace says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    A bizarre aside for someone so astute as Mr. Giraldi.

  118. Notsofast says:

    corbyn has been smeared, as anyone who speaks out for the palestinians will be, as an anti-semite. in talking to my sister once about about isreals abuse of the palestinians, she remarked i didn’t know you were an anti semite. i told her i’m not anti-semitic because the palestinians are semitic. the word semite has been appropriated and conflated to mean jew.
    i hope corbyn and those who supported him in the labour party leave and start a new party. keith starmer and his boot licking neo-conmen are worse than the bojo the clown show they oppose. somehow however i don’t think old corbyn has the fight in him.

  119. I like how it says “progressives” next to a picture of Biden and Clinton.

    See, this is what’s wrong with conservatives. You think that “Democrat” and, say, “progressive,” or “radical,” or “socialist,” are the same thing. That is how stupid you are. Until you get over that, nobody gonna take you serious.

    • Replies: @Poco
  120. @Sean

    I agree that Harris will have no trouble accommodating Wall Street, probably cheap labour and that she won’t tolerate BLM nonsense.

    • Replies: @Sean
  121. @geokat62

    I’m almost certain Patrick Little is a deep state agent.

    Paul Nehlen is a dimwit, and I can understand why he got stupid real fast.

    But Little is too bright to become so unhinged so fast.
    He’s like the guy at Charlottesville carrying the Nazi flag.

    Little’s trajectory is a familiar one. First, he names the Jew and calls for sensible debate. Then, he associates criticism of Jewish Power with denial of Holocaust and making Nazi-like comments. Thereby, he does the bidding of Jewish Power by suggesting that any criticism of Jews leads straight to Nazism.

    Don’t fall for the trick.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  122. geokat62 says:
    @Priss Factor

    I’m almost certain Patrick Little is a deep state agent.

    Any concrete evidence to back that up… or is it more like a gut feel?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  123. @The Real World

    Four countries, please:

    Large parts of New Mexico, southern Arizona (and, eventually, northern Chihuahua and a little bit of Sonora) should return to Apache Indians, whose direct democracy based on merit–not connections and wealth–has always been an impossible American dream.

    • Replies: @Poco
  124. Ugetit says:

    When through the process of law the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well known among our principal men who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world.

    Thanks for the reminder and the specific reference can apparently be found here,

    Montagu Norman, Governor of The Bank of England prior to the crash of 1929, addressing the United States Bankers’ Association, New York, Idaho Leader, 26 August 1924.

  125. wrd9 says:


    What’s going to happen is that it depends on Steve Sailer’s who and whom.

    The person at fault will depend on the intersectionality hierarchy. The white person will always be at fault and will be sued for pain and suffering.

    Lights purposely disabled… of course, lifestyle choice to get insurance money from getting rear ended.

  126. Agent76 says:

    Oct 29, 2020 Famous Journalist RESIGNS After Outlet Censors Biden Scandal, SLAMS The Leftist Censorship In News

    The publication is very progressive and anti Trump. Glenn Greenwald is a world renowned and famous journalist know for publishing the NSA leaks.

  127. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich tweeted a demand to create a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” after the expected defeat of Donald Trump.

    I agree. This truth commission is long overdue.

    For starters the DOJ, the Pentagon & the WH would be required to release ALL the docs about the savage assassination of President Kennedy. There’s still a few thousand pages left.
    And ALL docs would NOT be blacked out to hide the guilty party’s.

    Then all docs or files or recordings of Israel’s cruel, unjust, brutal and inhumane attack on the USS Liberty would be released.

    Also they’d be required to release ALL docs, files land or recordings of anudda savage and barbaric attack on Americans, the Israeli masterminded 9/11 false flag.

    A court designed to handle the traitors would also be set up, with any Congress critter that has been bribed or made a sweet deal for a relative or got caught with their pants/slacks down & recorded would be hauled into that court.
    A 10 minimum sentence or life in prison or execution would be the punishments, no exceptions.

    Silicon Valley thugs, like FAKEBOOK, Google & Twaddle would be forced to open their files on who they’ve been banning and what for.
    At the same time, those monstrous contraptions would be broken into smaller pieces, owned by people not related by blood, marriage or religion.

    I could go on, but I know this is only a fantasy, since the ones who own over 90% of the MSM, ALL three of the biggest social media outlets and all of Hollywood is our true owners, making both Dems and Repubs dance to their tune by keeping those TBTF Wall Street casinos operating while we bail the bastards out and spending hundreds of billions each year protecting Apartheid Israel from her neighbors who don’t like having their land stole or their citizens murdered in cold blood.

    The only way to get our freedoms back will require the use of lead and shedding of blood, as in anudda 1776.

    The window we have to take back our nation from the Zionist Jew and Israelis and their Commie brethren is closing so we have to act soon.
    Forget about Trump, he’ll do as he’s told or he’ll join JFK in Arlington.

  128. @Carlton Meyer

    Glenn Greenwald is a man of true integrity and honour and a role model for gay men around the world. He both threw a massive wrench into the global elite’s evil plans AND has a super hot husband. He’s like a real life superhero who defeats the villain and gets the girl (guy).

    • Replies: @Greg Bacon
  129. @Rurik

    I anticipate that if Joe Biden should become President, when his supporters drag their feet to slow the efforts of VP Kamala Harris to replace him, there will be a widespread whispering campaign to blackguard Biden, (and his white supporters), as racists, who benefitted from their white privilege.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  130. @The Alarmist

    Hill-dog or SanFranNan should play Robespierre. (If either were to fall, Michelle and Barry O would have front row seats at the execution, alongside Bubba Clinton, who’d be sure to bring a date.)

  131. Sean says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Assuming the demos continue, I think as VP she will subtly support proposals for super tough anti-demo action to Biden, who will surely catch the virus once he is having to attend crisis meetings as President. Him getting blamed for use of force when protests are swept off of the streets by police and army would leave Harris ideally positioned to conspire to get the by-then-debilitated Biden removed as medically unfit, then take up residence in the White House herself in about a year.

    She’d declare a new era and promise to be a healer. China will prefer Harris to Biden because she is so domestic-issue focused. Everything stemming from COVID-19 is redounding to China’s unalloyed benefit. Xi cannot believe his luck I am sure.

  132. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Glenn Greenwald is a man of true integrity and honour

    Say what?

    If Glennie was all that, he’d release those files on Israel that he promised to release years ago, but for some reason, hasn’t.

    • Agree: Druid
  133. geokat62 says:

    Telegram comment by Nick Griffin:

    Great cartoon in the Guardian, with Starmer as the Jewish princess Salome with the head of Corbyn/John the Baptist.

    The usual Zio-liberal-left reactionary crowd are up in arms about it, which puts their support for Charlie Hebdo into perspective.

    • Replies: @Greg Bacon
    , @geokat62
  134. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    The Deep State psychos are getting antsy that all their Covid hysteria hasn’t made the sheeple beg for THANOS Gates mystery vaccine, which comes as two shots, a week apart then yearly boosters.

    The question that I’d like to see answered is how is it that out of 2 TRILLION viruses on the planet, how did Israel get so lucky to be working on a Covid vaccines BEFORE it hit the fan?

    Trillions of viruses in the world, and Israel just happened to be working on a COVID vaccine?
    Such luck! Almost as lucky as those Mossad assets who were caught in New Jersey filming the WTC attacks and celebrating while doing so.

    Israeli Scientists Claim It’s ‘Pure Luck’ They Were Already Working On A COVID-19 Vaccine Prior To The Outbreak

    Be careful posting these truths on the usual suspects like Twitter or FAKEBOOK, you’ll get banned & censored.

    1st they came 4 the Historians & I didn’t speak out B/C I’m not a Historian Then they came 4 the 9/11 Truthers & I didn’t speak out B/C I’m not a 9/11 Truther. They came 4 the reporters & I didn’t speak out, B/C I’m not a reporter. They came 4 me & no one was left to speak for me.

  135. RoatanBill: “Why can’t we get things more local so we can better influence what’s considered reasonable?”

    Although I can agree with you in principle, I think the nature of technological society prevents any such development. For example, consider defense of the country now known as America. Would you have what is now handled by a single power handled by 50 independent powers? And would each of these 50 have its own nuclear weapons? Or, more mundanely, consider something like dealing with pollution. Certain techniques — catalytic converters on cars for instance — only work if everyone is compelled to apply them by force of law. Would you have 50 separate EPAs, each making up its own rules? The problem would be addressed only if they all agreed to do the same thing, in which case their “independence” would be a mockery. Similarly with the 50 “independent” defense forces. Also, what about allocation of resources? Suppose states upstream that can control a river decide to cut off the flow to states downstream? Who would arbitrate?

    It’s for precisely these sorts of reasons that large states have come into existence in the first place. Economies of scale force centralization of power and control. Size has a quality all its own. Just as the big fish eat the little fish, large countries with many resources defeat small ones with few.

    The only way to solve this problem is to force a return to a primitive level of technology and prevent any further “Progress”. But that is something that people would never voluntarily do.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  136. Trinity says:

    Didn’t the Nerds have help from an all Black football team as well? haha. This is indeed a Revenge Of The Nerds Revolution, of course I don’t think the Nerds from REEL life were funded by a bunch of pedophiles, sociopaths, criminally insane psychotic racist Zionist Supremacists like we see in REAL life. And of course, the Nerds were the good guys in that (((Hollywood))) fairy tale, while of course the bad guys were White snobs, White jocks, White frat boys, etc. Hmm, we know that REEL life manufactured by the Jew is always the inverse of REAL life, and it is here as well because Antifa is loaded with a bunch of rich, snooty, self righteous, pompous, pieces of white traitor trash who in reality think they are better than anyone else, even their pet Blacks who they defend. You see, they must show the Black man how he needs to be led by caring Whites who have nearly no experience dealing with your everyday Black person unless it involves kissing Black feet and ass 24/7. And of course, the minute one of these shameless “White” cucks object to worshiping Black feet and ass, then they will suffer the consequences, sounds fair, huh?

    I saw a comment on the internet one time submitted by a Black Hebrew Israelite telling Blacks that they didn’t have to join these riots, just sit back and watch Whites fight each other over Black civil rights, injustices, etc. Hate to say it, but that BHI had a damn point. Whites are the only race stupid enough to go to war with each other and fight for people who hate their guts. WWII, the American Civil War, the endless Middle Eastern Wars where neither Jew nor Arab gives two shits about Whites, especially Christian White Southerners who make up the bulk of the people over there fighting for a Greater Israel. Hundreds of thousands of Whites killing each other over freeing the Black man, ( yes, I know there were other issues but lets play along with the narrative) the Black man didn’t even have to fight for his freedom. Whites will literally slaughter each other to protect nonwhites but a great deal of the White race won’t do shit when it comes to standing up for their own people. YOU NEVER SEE ANY OF THESE PIECES OF “ANTI-RACIST” WHITE TRAITOR TRASH SJWS STANDING UP FOR THE WHITE KID THAT WAS THROWN OFF A BALCONY IN A MALL IN MINNESOTA, OR CONDEMNING THE CHRISTIAN-NEWSOM BLACK ON WHITE RAPE TORTURE MURDERS, ETC. But let some White person slip a N-bomb out of their mouth and white traitor trash will take to the streets demanding “no jusus, no peace,” yo.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin, Rurik
    • Thanks: Currahee
    • Replies: @Stonehands
  137. Rurik says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    once Trump is removed, the hodgepodge assortment of White liberals and Black supremacists and LGBTQs and Muslims and Zionists and feminists and grievance pimps of every stripe, won’t have anything they can agree on, except perhaps bombing Idaho or Norway, (they’d bomb Russia but Russia would bomb them back). But they will end up bombing Iran.

    And you’re right, every White male in the Democrat party is going to have a target on their (racist, privileged) backs.

    Something I consider rather hilarious.

    Erik Swallowswell thinks he can play it safe by hating White men more than anyone else. But he’s wrong. For all his frothing against ‘White supremacism’, at the end of the day, he’s just another White supremacist, privileged racist, as far as they’re concerned.

    • Replies: @Druid
  138. geokat62 says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Although I can agree with you in principle, I think the nature of technological society prevents any such development.

    A different perspective on the optimal size of political formations…

  139. Anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    No one mentions pensions, or social security and medicare. Would police, military, IRS tax enforcers, the FBI, and others forfeit these benefits to move to Redstatetopia, or allow the secession? They got Capone on tax evasion, and they could haul-off MontanaTopia residents just the same. A Roger-Stone- type FBI dawn raid, and off you go to prison, bye kids. Or, simply arrest the secession leaders for treason. The secession would be retracted within a week.

    • Replies: @Houston 1992
  140. Art says:

    The biggest voting block of anti-traditional Americans – is the AOC wanabe feminists. They want power – and they are mad – and they vote their anger. They are mostly college educated, or young or both. They have no real world understanding of the use of political power and its limitations.

    Anger leads their actions. Pelosi is a prime example – her personal anger with Trump dictates her politics – not what is best for the country. Trump’s impeachment was payback for something he said to her. The whole country lost three months’ time (early CV19 went unaddressed).

    You must win over people one at a time, through reasoned speech. Changing society by using government force generates unintended consequences.

    • Agree: justanothernick
  141. @RoatanBill

    I’m glad Ron allowed your reply because now we have the faint hope of his applying what he learned as a theoretical physicist to sorting out the valid from the BS on global warming/climate change

  142. @RoatanBill

    They get no choice. They will absorb into VA and MD and, perhaps, country #2 on my list, NE and Mid-Atlantic will keep some of the DC buildings for their Fed Gov.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  143. Miro23 says:
    @Priss Factor

    The Achilles Heel of Jewish Evil has to be identified, and Jewish Power must be pummeled.

    Not so complicated that one. Their Achilles Heel is that they’re 2% of the US population – but save the good Constitutionalist America First Jews.

  144. The Indo-European Expansion vs The Rising Tide of Color

  145. @Montefrío

    Indeed some Australians have the silly idea that if we set such examples others will follow – enough to justify inflicting costs on ourselves which will reduce our ability to afford decent aged care, protection of coastal suburbs from rising seas etc

    • Replies: @Montefrío
  146. @Miro23

    I’m realistic. The break-up of the USA would be protracted and traumatic enough. But, people could probably get their heads around the division I came up with.

    Creating a free-for-all with no clear or reasonable focus (at least based on relative moral values, political leanings, etc.) would confuse the hell out of people, make them angry and fearful.

    The problem I can envision with my idea is that unless country #3 – America — had strong immigration laws and enforcement, it would only be a matter of time before the Marxists would infiltrate.

    • Replies: @mark green
  147. @The Real World

    I can’t discount the natural inclination of a political animal to try to shape events to their advantage. Should some sort of break up occur, I think the governors will each want to become the HMFIC in their state, now a country. That would produce the competition and nationalism of people and politicians in, say, Nebraska to want to remain Nebraskans. Those in Texas would want to remain Texans.

    I see 50 countries emerging because the political system per state won’t voluntarily give up their authority and perks to be subsumed by a neighboring entity. If anything, Northern California will become its own country as will up state New York. I see more, not fewer geopolitical entities emerging than the 50 we currently have.

    • Replies: @dirtyharriet
  148. @Trinity

    Don’t forget this caveat:

    The highly technological society you’ve created- and protect at all costs-(see- law & order ) selects for conformism; results in progress such as the Pill and it’s resultant matriarchy. You’ve been deracinated and vanquished in short order and are now a mere notch above brutes-domesticated taxcattle.

    Advanced technology and freedom are mutually exclusive.

  149. @Rich

    Progressives are communists? By all means, blow our minds with your evidence for this statement. Are you familiar with any group that gains power over others without violence? Again, lay down that mind-blowing evidence when you have a free moment.

    • Troll: Richard B
  150. There are millions of armed Patriots in America who are willing to defend the Republic and our Bill of Rights (by any means necessary) if no one in the government has the balls to do so. We the People don’t need a savior. We can save ourselves, our families, our nation and our freedom. We just need balls. That’s all we need is the balls to do what needs to be done to get the country back and set things right.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  151. Miro23 says:

    And unless the American people prove me wrong by thoroughly rejecting the Deep State Swamp Creature this Tuesday, I will have to say that they are just too fucking stupid to hold on to what might be left of The Constitution.

    Agreed that this is a critical juncture. It’s difficult to see through the deep state media blitz and avoid Biden/Harris, but even if they do, it’s probably going down to anarchy. And given the fact is that the elite 0,01% can’t survive in anarchy, they’ll need to exit the US fast.

  152. @Realist

    Greenwald’s one of the few people I can recall who has been on both Carlson’s show and Joe Rogan’s podcast – on several occasions for each.

    Those aren’t diametric opposites, but the latter has vanishingly few listeners who ever thought it was cool and grown-up to wear a bow tie. For that alone it is superior to anything on Fox News, let alone other MSM outlets.

    Rogan also likes Carlson’s post-bowtie personality overhaul: he’s said so frequently. (He hasn’t explicitly mentioned the “post-bowtie” bit: Rogan’s probably not aware of Carlson’s life before he was crushed in real-time by Jon Stewart).

  153. @Anon

    great point.
    But if the dollar becomes worthless then the incentive to remain loyal to DC disappears. But those voted in the Federal pension system will be horrified to learn that the successor states won’t be honoring a dept/pension that they never signed up for

  154. geokat62 says:

    We just need balls. That’s all we need is the balls to do what needs to be done to get the country back and set things right.

    What is needed is a clearer understanding of the cost-benefit analysis involved. Most Americans think they have too much to lose if they fight back. If they could fast-forward this movie, however, and see what the future of their children and grandchildren will look like if they did nothing, they’d conclude that the benefits of taking action now significantly outweigh the costs of doing nothing. That would give them the motivation to do something.

  155. I object to the use of the word “progressives” in this context. The scum calls itself “progressives”, but there is nothing progressive in supporting Antifa and BLM bandits. It fact, it’s regressive, throwing us back from human society to the jungle.

  156. @Chris Moore

    If what you say about American conservatism is true, then it has never actually existed. I do love your references to two imaginary characters as if they were real. What would Scooby Doo?

  157. geokat62 says:

    More drama from across the pond…

    Labour & Anti-Semitism: Will Corbyn’s Suspension Bring Civil War?

    Talk about the tail wagging the dog. British Jewry represents less than one half of one percent of the overall British population and they rule Britannia with an invisible fist. Fortunately, this undeniable truth is becoming more visible by the day.

    • Agree: Z-man, ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Art
  158. @geokat62

    Any concrete evidence to back that up… or is it more like a gut feel?

    Just a feeling of course. I’m not surprised Paul Nehlen went over the deep end because he struck me as pretty dim.

    Little, in contrast, seemed rather bright and articulate. That he went crazy THAT FAST is suspect.

    The notion that he quit his job and cried out in the wilderness because he read THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE.


    Video Link

  159. Anon[252] • Disclaimer says:

    If Trump is cheated out of a victory, I hope no young whites join the military until Biden/Harris are no longer in office. Call it a 4-year no-new-white recruits strike. No reason to serve if we rig elections. Let them recruit antifa and BLM.

  160. Z-man says:

    Britain is totally lost.
    Have you watched the BBC? It’s worship of anything Black and non European with the power of the CABAL silently running it all. Puke!

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Art
  161. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "Anonymous"] says:

    ABSOLUTELY!!! It’s mindboggling how some whites will still vote for a political party that has politicians who openly denigrate the average white American, both male and female, as literally a default way of doing leftist politics!!! Many democrats have actually made statements that have probably led to the death of some whites, simply because mentally weak people believed these vile anti white memes.. It’s incredible also the part that the main stream media has had in spreading these anti white memes. What’s next for whites? Will they have to some kind of symbol on their clothes, marking them as good or bad???.,

  162. Getaclue says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Maurice Strong, Oil “Progressive” and Rockefeller UN shill, was responsible for the whole “Global Warming” Hoax — do some research. He fixed it so that nothing but “man made” sources could be considered — no Volcanoes — nothing else — it was and is a fraud at every level from day one.


    Strong then got caught taking \$1 Million that he shouldn’t have and absconded to China — as his Mother had been tied with the ChiComs and he was a Red Diaper — it is amazing most people have no clue about any of this when in fact it the true history of the “Man Made Climate Change” FRAUD.

    Strong is now dead and gone to his Commie “reward” he was working for the NWO types — Rockefeller/Gates/Ford et al — the whole “Green Agenda” is nothing but an “Elite” scam to impoverish the Peons and put them on permanent lockdown by Medical Martial Law and then inject them with Nano Technology finally to cull them out and make them “Trans Human” — these NWO Creeps are not hiding any of this — Klaus Schwaub of the World Economic Forum is the current point man with Gates and calls the NWO Agenda now the “Great Reset” — what he lays out as our future by these “Elite” Oligarchs is a dystopian nightmare.

    Do some research and get educated or are you a paid propagandist and part of “them”? Gates has bought off many with the \$45 Billion he’s spent out of his Foundation while doubling his wealth “giving” — half his Foundation is owned by his family trust and the other half seeds investments and does PR for him, he’s bought off the BBC, NBC, NPR etc. and most all the Mainslime Media with over \$220 Million in pay offs documented — quite the scam when he was nailed for Anti-Trust violations he was “re-born” ala John D. Rockefeller giving “dimes” to children bs — people can’t be this stupid….

    • Troll: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  163. @No

    Yeah? And how do you suggest people do that? Move to the country and live among like minded people? Yeah right!!! I drive through rural WI all the time and Ive never seen so much rural small town division in my life. Biden and Trump almost every other farm, property, or house! This country is so divided there is only balkanization/civil war.

  164. @Anon

    Yeah right!!! Stupid white males, even so called alpha Trump conservative ones can’t even stop watching sports or football. They are so far gone when it comes to the “Support the Troops” patriot psychosis at all costs propaganda. Look at NASCAR!!! It should have died overnight but it’s still raking in money!

    • Agree: brandybranch
  165. @God's Fool

    The Pale of Settlement wasn’t exactly the Pale of Settlement either. It was more like a sieve ignored by all. In other words largely a myth used to justify calling oneself refugee instead of migrant.

  166. 36 ulster says:
    @Hans Vogel

    Not exactly a crowded, highly-competitive field.

  167. @Sean

    This kind of BS will turn more normies into actual antisemites.

  168. geokat62 says:

    Britain is totally lost.

    According to Laurent Guyenot, so is France.

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Z-man
  169. sally says:

    I think the anti thesis to the claim that “progressives are communist” is the claim that the “conservatives are genocidal fascists” Both groups would kill their grandmothers for a buck.

    the point is if there are 9 people in a society, and the society elects one of its members to be a leader, the leader
    will develop a binary black vs white, communist vs fascist, women vs men, guns/no guns, abortion/no abortion
    and it they do it correctly the result is 4 of the remaining 8 will vote for everything the leader wants and the other 4 of the remaining 8 will vote against everything the leader wants or against all narratives the leader wants.
    meaning the result of every election is 4 people for X and 4 people against X.. the leader then votes for what he wants .and as a result of the divided the leader has conquered .. on every issue.

  170. Druid says:
    @The Real World

    She’s actually only about an eighth black! Hindu-Dindu is apt!

  171. @Rich

    Which history is that? Also, where were all those millions in the gulags in ‘91? I can’t find the pictures and films of their liberation. Do you have any idea how a guy could get a look at that stuff? Asking for a friend.

  172. Druid says:

    I cancelled the Intercept a year ago!

  173. Art says:

    Labour & Anti-Semitism: Will Corbyn’s Suspension Bring Civil War?

    Geokat62 — Thanks for the Corbyn heads up!

    It is time to take party money out of elections.

    A candidate must make a pledge to take election campaign money – only from those who can vote for him.

    Corbyn should make a new political party that makes that pledge.


  174. Druid says:

    You added Muslims as the only people of a religion in your tirade. You’re a fuck, you scum! With that kind of hate, why do you expect to be treated any better! FU!

    • Replies: @Rurik
  175. Art says:

    Britain is totally lost.

    The Brit people got it – they voted for Brexit (home rule).

    It is the political parties that rule GB (and the US) – the parties sell out to big money – period.

    Lobbies rule democracy through the political parties. This must end.

    Elected representatives should only that money from people who can vote for them.

  176. @libertyordeath

    80 million, you say? Are you sure it wasn’t a trillion? I thought some of those Antifa people looked familiar. They killed the Czar. And his ministers. Anastasia screamed in vain. At least that’s how I remember it from when Mr. Peabody and I travelled to Yekaterinburg
    in 1918.

  177. Poco says:

    These Crowleys must, when found, be killed in horrible ways. We have been remiss. We’ve let it go because we’re supposed to be nice. Crowleys MUST be TORTURED to death in a White country. For their own good and ours.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Rurik
  178. Poco says:

    All of the above should be summarily executed.

  179. Poco says:
    @Robert Konrad

    The Apache are mostly White. So that’s a good idea. I live near the current Apache tribe.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Robert Konrad
  180. @RoatanBill

    If anything, Northern California will become its own country as will up state New York.

    I’m hoping for an upstate free of the likes of Cuomo and the downstate liberals. I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment.


    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  181. @dirtyharriet

    NYC, LA and San Francisco could become city states much like Singapore. Mayors become presidents. I’m sure they like the sound of that. They’ve got the population density and enough of an economy to make that happen. The democrats are making noise about breaking California up into 5 states for the Senate seats. All sides see some benefit in carving up the rotting US carcass.

    I would love to see Cuomo declare himself president of New York, and 10 minutes later have De Blasio declares himself president of New York City State cutting Cuomo off from all the loot on Wall St. Let the battle between the NYPD and the NY national guard begin.

  182. Z-man says:

    LOL and agreed!
    I have a list! (Running clerk clutching a paper)

  183. Z-man says:

    They’re trying to kill off Italy, to some success, but I think the Italians will have a better chance to defeat globohomo.
    I pray that more eastern Europeans move there. When I’ve been there I’ve noticed a few eastern Europeans. The Slavs are a bit more blunt than the Latins and they wont stand for 3rd Worlders in their midst’s.

  184. Z-man says:

    Mostly Italians played Indians in the old movies. But a German played chief ‘Scar’ in the classic ‘The Searchers’.
    ‘The Duke forever!’

  185. @Wizard of Oz

    Thanks for the reply. I have the silly idea that as a elder myself (74), I can set an example by relying first and foremost on myself and then on my family (60 yards away on the same property in a house that was my wedding present to my son and his wife) for any “elder care” I may need in an extreme situation, just as I did with my own father (r.i.p.). Rather than rely on institutions and chronically constipated and intrusive social workers, I also have many friends in my small village who feel the same and we have an informal mutual assistance association outside the purview of the “professional caregivers” and their enablers. I prefer this example and highly recommend it. I prefer a holistic community that deals with individuals rather than with an abstraction with a “human face” (i.e. “humankind” or “coastal suburbs”). Charity begins at home.

  186. Rurik says:

    Muslims and Zionists

    You added Muslims as the only people of a religion in your tirade. You’re a fuck, you scum! With that kind of hate, why do you expect to be treated any better! FU!

    I didn’t add Muslims to disparage them in any way. In spite of Omar and that other Muslim (bitch, sorry, but both the Muslims in the ‘Squad’ are unapologetically anti-White, as are, sadly, all the Muslims in the Democrat party).

    But not all Muslims are anti-White and not all Muslims consider it their right to colonize the West (all tho many do), and not all Muslims feel it’s their right to hack the heads off of French teachers for explaining free speech. (Although tragically, some do. I just read one here on Unz)

    So no, I wasn’t tying to include Muslims in the gaggle of losers and iniquitous ‘wokeness’, but only to point out that it will be Muslims who will be making common cause with homosexuals and Zionists and atheists and feminists and the assorted moral sludge of the new and ‘woke’ Democrat party.

    I’m not talking about Muslims for whom I have (or had) great respect for. Like Gadhafi, for instance, whom I considered one of the greatest Muslim (if not greatest) leaders of our time.

    Muslims like Keith Ellison are members of the Democrat party in good standing, all while knowing it was the very same Democrat party that tortured and lynched Gadafi and plunged Libya into a hell on earth. Exactly like they did to Syria.

    And yet Muslims (and this was and is my point) will be back slapping and chumming it up with the likes of Biden, who was Vice President when Obama destroyed Libya and Syria, and who also voted for the heinous atrocity that was the war on Iraq.

    So that is my point, Druid. Muslims in the new Democrat party will be in bed with a very unsavory assortment of moral putrescence, and I’m not sure how they intend to stay devout when they’re cozying up to the men and party that has slaughtered and maimed and displaced millions of Muslims since 9/11, when they tried to also blame that atrocity on Muslims.

    For all the Muslims out there who practice their religion in good faith, and respect all people’s right of self-determination, and who harbor no ill-will towards those whose world view deviates from their own, I have no problem whatsoever.

    I say God bless all Muslims of good will. And God forgive my nation’s people for all the evil we’ve been compelled to perpetrate upon so many innocent Muslims in the feculent name of Zionism.

    We have a stain on our nation, and I can only hope that somehow, Muslims will one day forgive us our terrible sins, because they see all too well ((whom)) is behind it all.


    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @Druid
  187. Rurik says:

    These Crowleys must, when found, be killed in horrible ways.

    that’s too good for them

    a punishment far worse than death is for them to be removed from power.

    To languish there as a regular citizen, despised by the POC they’ve spent their life pandering to.

    And despised by their own, even more.

    • Replies: @Poco
  188. @Poco

    “I live near the current Apache tribe.”

    Do you?

    Well, maybe like Eve Ball, who also lived near Apache people in southern New Mexico, and, as a result, wrote the magnificent books In the Days of Victorio and Indeh, you should also write a book, or at least an article. I once had a chance to interview one of the last remaining full-blooded Chiricahua Apaches, but the opportunity came and went.

    The Founding Fathers (with perhaps one exception) could have learned a lot about democracy and freedom from Native Americans, particularly from the Iroquois and the Apache. But, being committed racists, the Founding Fathers did not learn enough.

    • Replies: @Poco
    , @Genrick Yagoda
  189. “Progressives want a revolution.” And after Tuesday’s election, the ZUS will get one. BELOW, listen to Tom Waits prophesie & cackle, hell broke loose.😟
    He’s in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

  190. Poco says:
    @Robert Konrad

    Democracy is idiotic. Freedumb doesn’t exist. The Apache are committed racists as well. Otherwise they would have embraced diversity instead of resisting it.

    • LOL: Genrick Yagoda
  191. Poco says:

    I wasn’t thinking about what’s good or bad for them. They merit no consideration. But what’s good for the rest of us and setting a good example to others of the consequences for being like Crowley.

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Replies: @Ragno
  192. aandrews says:

    There’s really nothing that can be done about the inevitable Leftist revolution. Traditional Americans are fat pussies and brainless sheep.


  193. I am a progressive. We do want a revolution. The GOP and the Dems are two sides of the same coin. The coin belongs to the corporations and the elites. They buy Congress like they were common whores. The bomb other countries and kill millions to fuel the economy. They ship companies overseas and use third world slave labor for profits.
    They pollute the earth, the water and the skies for profit.
    They care little for the middle class or for the under-class. Their big pharma rips off the American people every day in ways other countries find unconscionable. They allow parents of a sick child to go bankrupt or face foreclosure due to medical bills.
    They pay little or no taxes due to the legal loopholes they utilize.
    A few billionaires control huge amounts of wealth. Big tech is controlled by a handful of people who set the narrative. The CIA is an evil entity beyond our imagination.
    There are no mere bandaids that will fix this country.

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Art
  194. Z-man says:
    @Nancy O'Brien Simpson

    Progressive? Where do you stand on the chosen ones who disproportionately populate all those that you describe.

  195. Alden says:
    @The Real World

    Your America would include the south east which has more blacks than the rest of America combined. You’d have to do something about them.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  196. Alden says:

    So he’s a liberal, therefore anti White and his fellow liberals turned on him. So sad, too bad, I’m glad.

  197. Art says:
    @Nancy O'Brien Simpson

    I am a progressive. We do want a revolution. The GOP and the Dems are two sides of the same coin. The coin belongs to the corporations and the elites.

    Nancy —- all those GOPers, Dems, and corporate elites are PROGRESSIVES!

    You are begging for more of the same.

    What we need is a return to community government – not more bigger national government and global government. We want local communities to make the important decisions. Small is beautiful. Big is bad!


    • Replies: @Nancy O'Brien Simpson
  198. Alden says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    Already happened in the latest Killadelphia riots. My only criticism of the article is the fact that Giraldi seems totally unaware that affirmative action discrimination against Whites has been the ferociously enforced for 52 years at every level.

    I don’t like Townhall NRO online type paragraphs of shock and surprise at what governments at every level and the private sector does to discriminate against Whites and ignore black/Hispanic on White crime

  199. Art says:

    How true!

    Calling this “our democracy” is like slaves referring to “our plantation”

    By Frank Scott

    October 31, 2020 “Information Clearing House” – While Americans are re-programmed every four years for the most important desperately crucial national emergency election since the last one, which will assure that Wall Street, the Pentagon, Israel and billionaires maintain power and control over everything that matters, most eligible voters will choose neither of the ruling power’s candidates and in a sense exercise democratic values by refusing to act as majority puppets.

  200. @Alden

    Having spent over 25 years living in the Bible Belt, I can assure you, I’d worry far more about bringing along the Bible-thumping but fake as hell Southern Baptists into the New America (#3 country) as I would about the blacks.

    Some of that crowd is also black get a slew of them out of that region (better job offers elsewhere) and they can probably shake some of that fake thumpery off when they aren’t surrounded by it.

  201. @Robert Konrad

    You are a lunatic. I don’t mean that in the insulting way, I mean you are batshit crazy.

    The Siberians, almost 100% of them were complete and total savages. In the Declaration of Independence the Founding Father referred to them as “the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”

    They referred to them in this manner because that is exactly what they were. Stone Age Savages who would spring out of the ground in surprise attacks and murder, scalp and eat their helpless victims. The fantasy the the Founding Fathers learned anything from those primitives is just plain nuts.

    Far be it from me to attempt to disabuse you of your nutty fantasies. You clearly are in the thrall of the myths about The Noble Savage. But for others who might be reading I will leave them with a link to Mark Twain’s great essay about The Noble Red Man. It’s worth reading the entire piece.

    He is ignoble–base and treacherous, and hateful in every way. Not even imminent death can startle him into a spasm of virtue. The ruling trait of all savages is a greedy and consuming selfishness, and in our Noble Red Man it is found in its amplest development. His heart is a cesspool of falsehood, of treachery, and of low and devilish instincts. With him, gratitude is an unknown emotion; and when one does him a kindness, it is safest to keep the face toward him, lest the reward be an arrow in the back. To accept of a favor from him is to assume a debt which you can never repay to his satisfaction, though you bankrupt yourself trying. To give him a dinner when he is starving, is to precipitate the whole hungry tribe upon your hospitality, for he will go straight and fetch them, men, women, children, and dogs, and these they will huddle patiently around your door, or flatten their noses against your window, day aft er day, gazing beseechingly upon every mouthful you take, and unconsciously swallowing when you swallow! The scum of the earth!

    And the Noble Son of the Plains becomes a mighty hunter in the due and proper season. That season is the summer, and the prey that a number of the tribes hunt is crickets and grasshoppers! The warriors, old men, women, and children, spread themselves abroad in the plain and drive the hopping creatures before them into a ring of fire. I could describe the feast that then follows, without missing a detail, if I thought the reader would stand it.

    All history and honest observation will show that the Red Man is a skulking coward and a windy braggart, who strikes without warning–usually from an ambush or under cover of night, and nearly always bringing a force of about five or six to one against his enemy; kills helpless women and little children, and massacres th e men in their beds; and then brags about it as long as he lives, and his son and his grandson and great-grandson after him glorify it among the “heroic deeds of their ancestors.” A regiment of Fenians will fill the whole world with the noise of it when they are getting ready invade Canada; but when the Red Man declares war, the first intimation his friend the white man whom he supped with at twilight has of it, is when the war-whoop rings in his ears and tomahawk sinks into his brain. . ..

  202. Right off the bat, the references to climate scientology and “McCarthyism” from a writer that claims to be against the overthrow of this country by communist domestic terrorists (redundant) are a little strange.
    Also, if/when we get to the point where things have become so dire where the chances of a violent overthrow of the Republic are imminent or highly likely, one simply takes the constitution and put in a safe temporarily.
    And then one does what Francisco Franco did to the Jewish communists in Spain.
    And then we’ll worry about where we go from there then.
    Think tank solutions don’t work outside think tanks. They don’t even work inside them.

    • Replies: @vot tak
  203. Moi says:

    No matter who wins, the Apex of Evil (aka USA) is screwed. Praise the Lord!

  204. @Rich

    its already to late my friend.

  205. @Michelle

    what we allow- will continue.

    • Agree: Hibernian
    • Replies: @Michelle
  206. vot tak says:

    “Another good Democrats-are-in-power story comes from Virginia where Governor Ralph Northam is preparing to sign a bill that will prevent policemen from stopping cars with expired registrations or inspection stickers, no headlights, brake lights, or other moving violations relating to safety.”

    What this bill addresses is that people get stopped/harassed and fined for having only one headlight or brakelight and that sort of bullshit. Not none. That is overwhelming what is going on here. And that the cops overwhelmingly harass poor people with this bullshit. I doubt Giraldi has ever been harassed by pindoland cops, I have extensive experience of it.

    What happens when gets one of these bureaucratic tax scams thrown at them by the local gestapo? If yuppy, rare actually, the 2-3 digit economic setback is a minor inconvenience, more about time involved to take care of it, rather than the costs themselves.

    But with poor people, who are already behind in trying to keep up with the costs of living in this sacred pindoland oligarchy, these extra fines are debilitating. The usa requires people use a vehicle in most regions to simply get by, yet the operating costs are placed well beyond those the working poor can maintain. Or anyone not earning 3-4 grand a month or much more.

    Relief from this fascist horseshit is very much welcomed by those of the “great unwashed”, as opposed to the ungreat unwashed who think themselves, and their existence special because they pull down a substantial income and live in an exclusive neighbourhood.

    • Replies: @Art
    , @justanothernick
  207. Concerned says:

    My worry is neocon Harris becoming president. Remember the switch when LBJ took over from JFK?
    She turned on her own boss in SF to run against him for DA. She raised a fortune from inner SF types. Trump has not started a new war. President Harris? Probably: “Hey, Bibi who do you want next?”

    • Agree: Art
  208. Michelle says:

    Totally! And some of the bus drivers who refuse to let him board, sans fare, are African American men. We have been riding for free for months now, we just started paying fares again in October. Many people claim to have not been notified that the bus system is again charging fares. Elderly Chinese immigrants are holding up the bus by paying their fare with pennies. Not to mention all the crazies who refuse to wear masks, or wear them wrong, wiping sweat from their mouths and touching the bus poles and straps.

  209. Art says:
    @vot tak

    What this bill addresses is that people get stopped/harassed and fined for having only one headlight or brakelight and that sort of bullshit.

    Heae Hear – agree 100%!

    New rules – no one can be arrested as the result of a traffic stop. No traffic fine can result in jail.

    p.s. People dying as the result of a traffic stop is prosecutable as state murder.

  210. Druid says:

    Ok, point taken, but I know Muslims who dislike what’s been going on! I also know of Muslims who should never have been admitted to this country! Real 3rd worlders!

  211. @The Real World

    The most practical way to transform the US would be to dissolve most of the Federal government. Keep all 50 states intact. Give each state more autonomy. This transformation could be done without a violent revolution, immense destruction, and widespread killing.

    Each state should be semi-autonomous, but the essential, historic role of the Federal government would be preserved–but on a far smaller (Jeffersonian) scale. Present-day American lawlessness and intervention would be aggressively trimmed and contained.

    Reinvigorating states rights and states autonomy would be the most practical way for us to move forward. We should focus on retaining our dynamic, European-derived civilization. Keep the good. Preserve and enlarge personal choice and freedom. Target and remove the suffocating laws and institutions which now undermine self-determination (not to mention world peace.) Criminalize warmongering.

    We must turn back the hands of political time. This includes reversing/rejecting many modern ((liberal)) decisions handed down by the SCOTUS. Let the people of each state decide for themselves.

    What’s happened over the past 125 years is that the US has morphed into a roving, predatory superstate/empire controlled by Zio-globalists. These vampires must be purged.

  212. @vot tak

    Nonsense. Replacing a burnt out light in a car is not a big expense, if you are driving an old beater. It’s dirt cheap and you can do it yourself. Come to Europe, here a vehicle needs to be taken to an official roadworthiness inspection every 2-3 years and motor vehicle liability insurance is compulsory. And outside urban areas it is a necessity too, except if you are willing to commute more than a hour in each direction with more than one or two transfers (i.e. rural bus > train > city bus etc.)
    Maybe try Germany or Austria, where authorities are really anal about vehicle regulations and safety standards, they stop you and confiscate your car for a dent or a chip on the windshield.

    • Replies: @vot tak
  213. @Getaclue

    Well I hadn’t heard of Maurice Strong so I did my research and find that you seem to have made up most of your rant and that he has virtually no relevance to what is now being published and theorised about the causes of current climate change and what might or ought to be done about it.

    See, e.g.

  214. Marty T says:

    I agree. We are in a war for our land regardless of the election results. And the time is coming, very soon, when we will need to stop talking about the second amendment and start acting on it.

  215. vot tak says:

    Nonsense yourself, guardianista. You don’t live in the usa and are simply being a guardianista troll. The euro restrictions are also present in the usa in some states. Such as virginia, where Giraldi lives. The restrictions around owning and driving a vehicle are excessive in some states, such as virginia, but vary quite a bit by pindo state. In some, such california (when last I lived there) or idaho, the regulations are much milder. Claiming that because they are also excessive in some other countries to justify these excessive rules is gay.

    The point I was making to Giraldi about headlights and brake lights was about safety, not cost, as your strawman trolling stated. But cost can also be a factor, as I discovered after buying a mini van several years ago. Only one brake light worked, of the 3, and changing bulbs made no difference. It was an electrical problem that took a mechanic and several hundred \$ to fix and get those other 2 required, but not necessary, bulbs operating.

    “Fix it tickets” also work differently in different states. In california one got the item fixed, flagged down a cop, to sign off the ticket and you then mailed it in to the traffic court. Some other states can require you to go to court and show a judge proof it’s been fixed. Losing half a days pay and maybe paying a fee, besides. All for one light that isn’t a safety issue.

  216. Greetings and Salam Dr. Phillip Giraldi,

    Any news on Ghislaine Maxwell? She seems to be fallen off the radar!

    Best regards,


  217. Dear Dr. Phillip Giraldi,

    Do you think Trump will lose the election?

    In my opinion he is too valuable to Netanyahu, and with hook and crook Mr. Nutyahoo will make sure that Trump wins the election. I am waiting for “Bad Moon Rising” and hopefully it will be soon.

    If you are betting man Phillip, I will bet you the finest malt to be delivered to your door.

    Best regards,


  218. Ragno says:

    Take out all antifa and BLM with extreme prejudice. Trust me: once the Evil Party’s Praetorian Guard is rendered null and void, you can sit back and enjoy the sight of the very worst Americans to have ever been born squirm until they’re blue in the face with the effort to shapeshift out of accountability. Just like in the days of antiquity, the only honest ones will kill themselves to protect their families from suffering on their behalf for their depredations.

    Eric Swallwell will voluntarily add a syllable to his name, while Adam Schiff’s first call will be to Mossad hq, followed by increasingly-desperate collect calls to the Israeli consulate. (So? Why should he pay?) Take out the Democratic SA and a million stories like that will write themselves.

    • Agree: Poco
  219. @Art

    Yes, small would be beautiful. We might be too big to be small communities where people help one another. Maybe the Amish or Hutterites would be a model.
    I think communism in its purest form was small communities where you did not even need money. People just worked and helped each other. There was no state or no money, just people.

  220. anonymous[108] • Disclaimer says:

    No wonder America is such a mess. You are the definition of STUPID.
    How can you associate anything Democratic as Communist?
    We the people are Democrats, we vote, we choose.
    We have ideas for progress.
    How did your brain become so corroded? You must be a Trumpian, believing in a con man who rapes your family and your future. Stop listening to your fear.
    This site won’t let me put my user name
    Econ Rules.

    • Troll: Rurik
    • Replies: @Montefide
  221. Montefide says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    TRUMP gets us out of these climate accords and he’s the bad guy, sure.

  222. Montefide says:

    So, because they call themselves democratic or democrat that exonerates them from behaving like commies? Like ANTIFA is anti fascist. Sure thing, honey. It’s because of a-holes like you, those who don’t think they should be accountable, those who don’t like the “sound” of things, who doesn’t “feel” right that we should change the definition. Oh, and another thing, Joe Biden is THE most corrupt type there is, not TRUMP. And as usual, you, like your cohort and henchmen, like to project your very obvious flaws in character on everyone else. So GFY, LOSER!!!

  223. Regarding Dr. Giraldi’s article, ” The Disappearing of America: Progressives Want a Revolution, Not just Change,” I have to say that this appears to be the case. However, social change takes a long time as is evidenced with the evolution of civil rights for black people. Diluting rules and regulations, such as waiving the \$100 admission fee to Thomas Jefferson H.S. in Northern VA, as well as a required examination for potential students, is an example of excessive catering to blacks. Another example of this type of pandering is making it illegal, for law enforcement to stop and question black people because there is reasonable doubt or something as concretely obvious as a brake light, a head light or driving with a suspended license. Another example of pandering is to suspend racial profiling of black people. Has anyone heard law enforcement describe a potential suspect with an important descriptor as race? If the officer (s) responding to such a call realized they have made a mistake, then all they have to do is apologize and move on. No one should be given a pass because of their race. Reversed racism anyone?

  224. @animalogic

    In my mind, requiring only public financing would cut Citizens United off at the knees. To be more concise, a revised “citizenship” definition would easily eliminate corporations as “citizens” if they are not eligible to appear on voter’s lists.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  225. @Mikael_

    I didn’t say that the rest of the world had emission standards or unleaded gas. I said the Mini I wanted to bring back from the UK didn’t pass US emissions standards. They had an export model that met the emissions standards, just as my 1966 Jag met California emissions standards – as was labelled on the engine – got lower gas mileage than Jags in the UK. The point was, that the fuel consumption difference polluted more with the export model.
    Diesels always get better gas mileage, no news there. Additionally, because diesels were designed to run on vegetable oil, there was a guy locally, that collected used deep fryer oil, refined it and used it in his ancient Rabbit. Presumably, there were no emissions.

  226. @Curmudgeon

    I think both your suggestions have merit – however, the the public funding idea seems the more easy to implement. Make the public funding option so attractive that going down the current private “pay-to-play” will simply fail to reward.
    Anyway, it’s a nice idea — like “world peace”, the irradication of hunger & having autobahn like roads with no speed limits……

  227. Anyway, it’s a nice idea — like “world peace”, the irradication of hunger & having autobahn like roads with no speed limits……

    You forgot love, trust and pixie dust.

  228. AReply says:

    The structure of this article follows a recipe which is followed reflexively

    There is a question which is to be begged:

    In any given news cycle it is sometimes the lesser articles that are more illuminating in terms of where everything in a country as vast as the United States is heading. This is particularly true in terms of what the U.S. has been experiencing in 2020: a pandemic, civil unrest, wars and continued turmoil overseas plus an election that promises to result in one of two radically different visions of what America should be.

    Followed by much begging and a laments about how nothing works the way it should and why is everyone else so awful and what about standards, and concluding with emotionally vested axe grinding.

    Cue comments about how insightful, amplifying laments, denying laments, vociferously justifying laments with plumage that how sexy and attractive thinking can be, then culminating with expressions of xenophobic hatred and vilification of some pet other who keeps crapping on the rug in order to get the attention of a slap.

    I wouldn’t have thought this could work as the template for a source of alternative opinion, when it is so strikingly not alternative to anything.

    Seeing how reflexively the template I have described is applied and how discourse unfolds with a near robotic process, this site’s function is to push-poll and nothing more.

    I get the same vibe from RT which spends all its bandwidth pushing how messed up America is and conspicuously skipping news about Russia as it is Today, in any sense other than a colony of culturally dispossessed oligarchs who copied Murdoch’s playbook.

    Here is RT talking about matters of prime internal importance:

    A very good boy: Turkmenistan unveils six-meter-tall golden statue of president’s favorite dog breed

    Russian company building replica concentration camp for kids near Finnish border; plans for ‘patriotic weekend’ school trips

    Kazakh bodybuilder’s ‘marriage’ to sex doll girlfriend on hold because of coronavirus

    If everyone here at Unz can band together, maybe they can help MAGA and Fox can help MRGA and together we can take on the opinion shapers and agenda setters of the fat cats running NYT CNN and NBC

  229. troof says:

    It’s already that way, the rest is just an illusion in your mind. Nobody is ruling me and I never met anyone from the federal government, besides the post office. All of this is a MASSIVE delusional fantasy, and none of you is capable of government either way.

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