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Tasered by Speed Camera
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Those who have been following my extended rant on speed cameras know that my objection to them is based on their role in the developing all-surveillance-state-all-the-time as well as their denial of any due process. I have also noted that their deployment is generally based on potential revenue generation rather than safety. Chevy Chase (not the actor) in Montgomery County Maryland has made so much money from the cameras that it is pondering what to do with the cash. It is considering spending \$30,000 of the loot on arming all of its police with tasers. Tasers are controversial to say the least and some consider them to be the closest thing that the police have to legalized torture. One presumes that the number of drivers complaining about tickets will decline sharply when confronted by a potential jolt of 60,000 volts if one objects too vociferously. Using money extorted from motorists in a possibly unconstitutional fashion to purchase weapons that could be used on those selfsame motorists and other citizens objecting to police conduct made me briefly consider moving to Canada (until I read an article about a Canadian truck driver being arrested and fined by police for smoking in the cab of his own truck because he had created an unsafe work environment).

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  1. Is anyone taking these sinister clowns to court? As you say there are constitutional issues here.

  2. We got them overturned in Iowa…temporarily. Iowa supreme court decided this form of revenue enhancement was perfectly in line with the constitution. Here in Davenport they’re making money hand over fist.

  3. I understand that the citizens of France took a more direct approach. But we don’t seem to have that kind of sand anymore.

  4. I hate this. I got one from a park ranger no less, for running a stop sign! It had a link where I could log on with my citation number and watch my car rolling through. I also heard that a lawsuit in San Diego county actually proved the yellow light timing was reduced by the mfgr to enhance revenue for the city.

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