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I have been reliably informed that the leaks of the content of the transcript of the Jane Harman phone conversation with an Israeli national are absolutely accurate. She did agree to “waddle” into the Rosen-Weissman trial in exchange for the Israel lobby’s influencing her promotion to committee chairmanship. The threat to withhold funds to the Democratic Party if it did not promote Harman was also verbalized, at least to Harman. I have also learned that the leak of the story originated with an official at the Department of Justice. Since the story that Harman was involved in a indiscrete phone discussion relating to the AIPAC trial has been floating around since 2006, the question becomes why now for an expanded and much more incriminating version? Who decided to let this story out and why?

My spook friends are speculating wildly but the theory that seems to make the most sense is that the White House is extremely angry about the Netanyahu government’s trashing of the peace process and also by his appointing of former Mossad spies Naor Gilon and Uzi Arad to senior positions, as both were involved in the Larry Franklin/AIPAC case. The Administration is apparently seeking to demonstrate that it will not be pushed around by Bibi and is showing that it has teeth by taking aim at a prominent Dem politician who stepped over the line in demonstrating her enthusiasm to play ball with AIPAC. This is pretty much speculation at this point, but I have heard from several independent sources that the White House is extremely vexed with Netanyahu and is going to tell him that his delaying tactics on substantive negotiations with the Palestinians will not be acceptable, so it might seem likely that a little pushback is taking place. Whether the Obamas will allow Harman to walk the plank remains to be seen.

(Republished from The American Conservative by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Israel, Jane Harman 
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The release of the Harman wiretap going all the way to the top of the Obama administration does indeed make sense.
    Bibi thinks he has enough to thoroughly embarrass us and he is correct. But the deep corruption between Israel and our political structure cuts both ways.
    And it brings to mind the story of the chicken and pig with regard to bacon and eggs: the chicken is involved and the pig is committed. The US will be embarrassed to the core if and when the corruption with Israel is revealed. But Israel will be devastated perhaps beyond recovery.
    Can you imagine what American taxpayers will think of the Zionist regime when they learn that the $billions we so generously gave was put into an Israel slush fund and then used by Israel to bribe our politicians?

  2. I commend those still in government (and those that are now on the outside) who help out the treasonous activities Harman and others engage in when they sell out the American interest (for whatever reason).

    Fulbright investigated how US money found its way back from Israel into the coffers of the Israeli lobby –
    paragraph 6.

  3. Wow, Doc. This is some pretty serious reporting. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    After the Monica Lewinsky set-up and Bibi’s attempted blackmail at Wye River don’t rule Clinton out. If it is Obama he is a bigger man that I expected. It is in the long term best interests of the US to protect and defend Israel but how do we protect and defend Israel from loose cannons like Netanyahu? Enemies of Peace are Enemies of Israel.
    Best wishes,
    Barry O’Connell

  5. RK says:

    It is a bit amusing to read the end of the first paragraph of the New York Times article today on this topic:

    [“an investigation into Israeli influence in Washington,” so the Orwellian term for “spying” is now “influence.”]

  6. KXB says:

    Obama may make concrete steps to try and re-balance our interests in the Middle East. But, so long as the Likud narrative dominates the airwaves in America, Obama may be limited in how effective he hopes to be.

  7. TomB says:

    Phil Giraldi wrote:

    “Who decided to let this story out and why?”

    Seems to me if there is any timing involved in this thing at all it’s more likely to be tied not to any Bibi/Obama spat but instead the Rosen/Weismann/AIPAC trial principally, and maybe the Chas. Freeman incident too a bit. And this would seem to be further suggested by your report that it was someone at Justice who was behind this leak originally. (Although if it was I wish you wouldn’t have revealed this. … Perhaps meaning that you *know* it wasn’t and are not only a good guy but a clever one too.)

    But, anyway, my point is that yes it might be Obama sending a message to Bibi, but what good’s a message if it’s so ambiguous? And using someone at Justice to send it? A bit odd, if still possible I guess.

    Or it might just be some patriot who knew about these Harman shenanigans and finally found the cohones and the journalist to effectuate their leak.

    But look at how it can seem that ever since we’ve entered the home stretch waiting for the Rosen/Weissman trial we get ever more frequent reports of the gov’t perhaps leaning towards taking a dive on same.

    So say you’re an insider at Justice and you see pressures coming to take that dive and know that there will be big push to do so the closer and closer the trial date comes (in June I think). So you see that push coming and you say “hey, what can I do?”

    Well, maybe one way to bring some pressure the other way is to get people worked up about all this AIPAC spying about which so little is known so maybe you go and find a good journo and let him know there’s lots more to this story than the public knows.

    And indeed this kind of jibes with these very very recent noises we’ve been hearing that indicate, sure enough, the push appears to be on somewhere for the gov’t to lie down on that Rosen/Weissman trial. I.e., just tends to support the idea that our leaker knew what was coming.

    Plus then there’s just the outrage of Rosen himself being the guy who deep-sixed Freeman’s appointment not long ago. Enough to incite the hell out of anyone, push them over a line or etc.

    Plus in a way who cares the motive? Seems to me the big big thing Phil’s found here is the added validation of the veracity of the Harman reporting. And the big ugly thing beyond that is understanding why some suspected Israeli agent was plumping for Harman to get that appointment. Because it sure wasn’t out of some cutesy desire to see more females in positions of power in the U.S. that’s for sure.

    Funny too how one can start to appreciate leakers, so celebrated by the Left for so long. Whoever it was though bravo is my feeling. And here’s to having a whole network of ’em form. Washington and Madison and Franklin and Adams and etc. were all rebels once too.

  8. Stephen says:

    History always repeats itself, and that scares the dickens out of me. All of history. There is so much evidence about Israel now that if it starts coming out it will be so incriminating and have such a huge effect on American public opinion…man, I shudder to think what the response will be.

  9. I’m going to a barbecue tomorrow, and I’m going to ask my fellow 20-30 something townie hipsters about this story. I’ll bet that not a damn one knows about it. Has this story blown up on Salon or Kos or CNN? If not, no one will have a clue.

    I promise at least one patient person will know before the pig is gone.

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