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Sibel Edmonds Speaks, But No One Is Listening
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Those who are interested in issues like widespread corruption of our elected officals by foreigners have no doubt followed the ex-FBI traslator turned whistle blower Sibel Edmonds saga for the past few years. Sibel has finally testified in court under oath about some of the things that she learned while working for the bureau. The testimony was in a court in Ohio about two weeks ago. A full transcription and a useful summary appear at In short, she names a number of Congressmen including former Speaker Dennis Hastert who took money from Turkish lobbyists. She also identifies senior State Department and Pentagon officials who apparently did the same, including our friends Marc Grossman, Paul Wolfowitz, and Doug Feith. Interestingly, she claims that Grossman blew the cover of Valerie Plame’s company Brewster Jennings back in 2001, causing CIA to shut it down, so Robert Novak was not guilty of exposing the CIA cover mechanism. In another interview given a few weeks ago, Edmonds claims that CIA was working closely with al-Qaeda in the Balkans and continued to do so until 9/11.

As I have reported before, Edmonds is a credible witness who is ignored by the mainstream media and congress because her tales, if true, would be devastating to both political parties and to the Israel and Turkish lobbies. She is dismissed as a crackpot. She might in fact be blowing smoke, but now that she has testified under oath and in considerable detail making very specific accusations isn’t it time for someone in the administration to review the FBI files and stand up to say whether her accounts are true or not? Corruption in the US government is something that no one wants to talk about, particularly if powerful foreign interests are involved.

(Republished from The American Conservative by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Before reading this, I did not know there even WAS a Turkish lobby in Washington. Good blog, Mr. Giraldi!

  2. David says:

    Readers should know that while the mainstream media has been ignoring the Sibel Edmonds case, the Armenian American media have not.

    Do a Google “News” search for “Sibel Edmonds.” You’ll see several articles about the current case in Ohio for which Edmonds just gave a deposition. The Armenian American media was the first to report that particular case, long before certain blogs and allegedly non-mainstream websites, such as, did. The Ohio case came about only because a courageous Armenian American candidate, David Krikorian, blew the whistle on Congresswoman Jean Schmidt and her association with the Turkish lobby. Krikorian called in Sibel Edmonds to testify on his behalf. And Schmidt has just been deposed too and has been exposed.

    The Turkish lobby and pro-Israel/aka Jewish lobby work closely together. For example, they have colluded for many years to stop the passage of Armenian genocide resolutions in Congress. How many publications and websites that pride themselves on reporting the Sibel Edmonds case have bothered to ever mention that salient fact?

    There has even been a major and successful campaign for two years now that has specifically exposed the efforts of the Anti-Defamation League and some other Jewish groups, such as the American Jewish Committee, to hypocritically deny the Armenian genocide. See
    Click on Timeline and News Archive. And please also go to the “Q and A” section and navigate to the “History of Lobbying against Genocide Recognition” to see the massive collusion between the Turkish and Jewish lobbies. This significant body of evidence is something those who have been interested in Sibel’s case have largely ignored. Ask yourself why.

    Indeed, many publications, such as AmConMag, that have been critical of the pro-Israel lobby have also ignored this issue. I told these publications many times in the past, but they still ignored it. I also told certain writers – whom I won’t embarrass here by, ahem, naming them – but they ignored it too. I believe the reason they ignored it is that they don’t like ethnic lobbies, such as the Armenian lobby. That attitude, Sir, The American Conservative, and others, has directly led to your readers and the American people not knowing some highly important things about what the pro-Israel lobby is up to. Many of the things that Sibel is pointing out were known to Armenian Americans, and they wrote about it long ago.

    I respectfully suggest that certain publications and writers broaden their perspectives.

  3. Good reporting, as usual, Doc. Thanks.

  4. TM says:

    You didn’t know there was a Turkish lobby? Who do you think funds Armenian Genocide denial propaganda like poorly researched pamphlets and Chairs of Turkic Studies at major universities?

  5. David you make a good point. I must confess to having an aversion to ethnic lobbies because I am fully aware of just how damaging to the national interest one such Lobby in particular, ahem, has been. I will check out the website you recommended and if you can provide me with any additional information I would be more than happy to work on a story.

  6. Chris Moore says: • Website

    @ David: “I believe the reason [AmCon] ignored it is that they don’t like ethnic lobbies”

    Armenian genocide recognition may be a just cause, but can American conservatives and patriots be blamed for not liking ethnic lobbies? Look at what the Israel lobby has done. Look what La Raza is trying to do. The entire country is being balkanized, and the ethnic lobbies are just the spearhead of larger ethnic identity movements.

    Had a policy of assimilation been held to, we wouldn’t be where we’re at today. But starting with the Jews, or perhaps because of their money, tenacity and political activism, and the weakness and corruption of the political class, it was abandoned.

    Big mistake. Perhaps fatal.

  7. Thanks for picking this up, Philip. I still stand amazed at how few in the corporate MSM (hell, even in the blogosphere, left, right and center) don’t seem to give a damn.

    A crackpot? Seems unlikely the Bush Administration would have invoked the “State Secrets Privilege” (twice!) in order to gag a “crackpot”, but if that’s the case, great. As you suggest, her extraordinary allegations need to be investigated and proven to have no merit if that’s the case. These are very serious charges, and from someone who has been found “credible” by folks such as the DoJ Inspector General as well as Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT). Clearly, a serious investigation is warranted. By someone…

  8. In regards to American shills for Turkey, one needs to look no further than former Rep. Bob Livingston, who actually coasted into a better gig after he resigned from congress in disgrace over extra-marital affairs in 1999. That’s because his firm is raking in multimillion contracts from the Turks in part to kill the perennial Armenian genocide bill:

    Livingston was part of a small army of American shills who helped squash the legislation, again, in 2007. The bill was actually headed for passage, but the spineless Democrats supporting it relented (no surprise) to the emerging and convenient argument (effectively launched by aforementioned lobbyists, flacks and their surrogates in the MSM) that the bill would be a “threat to national security.”

    Thanks for raising this on TAC, Phil; the fact that we have so many ex-members of congress shilling for foreign governments in order to advance foreign agendas is a shamefully unreported story.

  9. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Bribery is wrong. This is black and white. When there is a quid pro quo it is bribery and that is wrong and illegal.

    Unfortunately we have allowed the use of money in the political area to be defined as free speech. The supreme court said so.

    One implication has been that elections can be legally bought by spending so much money in media that the bigger spender gets their message out, truthful or not and generate the most votes. Mayor Blumberg bought himself the mayoralty of NYC this way.

    Another effect of money = free speech is the seen in the influence of what is called lobbying inside the hall of congress on both the national and state level. Lobbying is a legal activity.

    Lobbying is not inherently bad. It is a means to inform representative about the intricacies of issues they are legislating. Lobbying costs money. It’s a job. But lobbyist don’t simply sit down with congress members and convey facts or positions, or submit position papers. They give MONEY to congress members, for their re election campaigns, they offer them the use of corporate jets, ski lodges, meals, prostitutes… you name. These are “legal” and quasi legal and some are illegal (prostitutes). But lobbyists are buying not only access but effectively legally buying votes and even literally writing legislation.

    So it is actually quite easy to see how people who are driven by greed and power to begin with, ethically challenged would turn what could be a useful toll for congress to a nightmare for the public.

    We have legal bribery and this has been accepted and embraced. And paved the way for some really bad things. Organizations like well funded and now extremely powerful AIPAC which on the face seem benign are forming US policy in the mideast policy. Almost any politician, including the POTUS puts in an appearance at their annual DC convention.

    The long and short of this is that we have a shadow government whose “members” respond to not the voters, but their campaign contributors and their lobbyists.

    We’re now royally screwed. Money talks and it walked away with our government and our constitution.

  10. lester says:

    makes you wonder why they bother doing this stuff covertly

  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Last evening I was doing some fun reading, turning pages in Jim Garrison’s book about his JFK investigation, “On the Trail of the Assassins.”. It seemed that, after just having watched Sibel’s deposition earlier in the evening, I couldn’t have come to Jim Garrison’s frustrating confrontation with the media at a better time. Perfect juxtaposition, I think.

    In 1968, comedian Mort Sahl was a guest on the Johnny Carson show, and Garrison’s JFK investigation was brought up on air. Mort Sahl had been publicly supportive of Garrison’s investigation, and even flew down to New Orleans to help Garrison out. When Carson brought it up, Mort told Carson (and his television audience) that Garrison had made some new investigative breakthroughs. And then Sahl turns to the audience, and asks whether they think Johnny should bring Jim Garrison on the show, an opportunity to talk about what he had found.

    In short, Jim Garrison appeared. He tried to present photos before the public. Johnny Carson tried yanking them away. The camera was turned off. And Jim Garrison was flying back to New Orleans, thinking over this unusual episode, which, was not unusual media treatment for his case.

    Jim Garrison writes: “Why was it, I asked myself, that these people at the very heart of the New York media industry were so allergic to the very concept of conspiracy? What was it that was so inconceivable, that was so utterly unthinkable about the idea of a conspiracy?

    “…Why had I been debriefed in advance so that Carson could be apprised of my likely answers? Why had Carson pulled my arm away so that the photos [of potential assassins] were out of camera range? And why had the director and the control room switched off the cameras so that the photos could not be seen?

    “The only reasonable, realistic explanation, I found myself concluding, was control. It was not the kind where a small cabal in Washington or New York called all the shots about what could get into print and on the air. It was control of a looser sort: here a call from a high-ranking Federal intelligence official explaining to a newspaper publisher the overwhelming national security consequences…there a call from a Texas politician, a lifetime friend of Lyndon Johnson’s…”

    Garrison’s “control of a looser sort” explanation seems to fit just about anything along the spectrum of “fear” and “desire.” I am particularly appreciative of Ms. Edmonds refreshing my memory as to what a “hooking” exercise is all about. Cannot many in the media also be controlled in this fashion? At least at the administrative, although sub-executive levels? I certainly don’t think Mort Zuckerman or Philip Graham needs to be “convinced” of anything, but perhaps many still do? Perhaps one of you have discovered/read about/investigated a scenario of this nature–of a top media personality being “hooked” to provide certain favors to a certain idea, interest, or institution? Of course it happens, right? From the looks of things, it must happen a lot.

  12. I am surprised at two things about this report. (1) Lobbying goes on in one form or another on behalf of many foreign countries both in the legislative and the executive branches. It is no big deal in principle. I suppose taking bribes is, but what counts as a bribe? (2) That Grossman, Wolfowitz and Feith were (had to be?) paid to push preferrences in policy in behalf of Israel.

  13. Kelley Vlahos –

    You’re right. While “one needs to look no further than former Rep. Bob Livingston,” one might wish to anyway. So they can see folks like Dennis Hastert who, as Vanity Fair reporter David Rose covered in his startling 2005 expose on Sibel (ignored by most of the rest of the media, of course, but never disputed by Hastert as I recall) the then-Speaker of the House is alleged to have received some $300,000 from Turkish-related agents, including Turkish drug dealers, around the time that he quashed a vote on the Armenian Genocide on the House floor.

    (You can read the Vanity Fair expose here:

    Hastert, since retiring from Congress, now receives $35,000/month working as a lobbyist for Turkey. Not unlike the Livingston story you note, of course.

    Dennis Tuchler –

    “what counts as a bribe?”

    Um, a) see above and/or b) See Sibel’s deposition for *much* more, as linked by Philip (your choice of either video or text transcript). Then get back to us if you still have the same question after that point.

  14. The Armenian Genocide did get a fair about of publicity here and the Armenians and the Turks fought out their hundred year old grudge-match out in DC.

    Why are foreign governments allowed to set up fifth columns in our country? They use our constitutional right to petition our legislators as a cover for the corruption of our leaders. Foreign governments have diplomatic corps for making their case here. Americans who lobby for the interests of other states are disloyal and their activities should be illegal.

    At the very least, organizations like AIPAC should be made to register as foreign agents. This should also apply for the apologists for the IRA and for the Armenian Americans who want the American Government to take their side in their ancient feuds. And of course this must apply to the Turks and their Israeli/American friends.

  15. Dear Thomas

    The Armenian Americans are not asking the U.S government to take sides in an ancient feud. The U.S government is being asked to recognise a universal human rights issue. The extermination of one group of people by another. This is a crime against humanity. The event is well documented in the U.S archives. It is not documented as a racial feud but a one sided annihilation. Not dealing with this issue with truth and honesty will pose a danger to all humanity.

  16. I don’t doubt for a moment that dreadful things happened to the Armenians a century ago. But as an American, my sentiments on this matter are simply not germain. Neither should congress interpose its sentiments about this matter. What the Armenians, Irish, Jews, Greeks and Turks must learn is that the proper business of our government is the promotion of American interests. Put another way, if the immigrants from these places want to bring their ancient feuds and grievances with them, to be played out here, they should never have come. It is simply disloyal to attempt to inject one’s tribal concerns in our country. We are either one people or we are nothing.

    The people of the Mediterranean basin have been murdering each other from time immemorial. I suspect that they will continue doing so. The Congress that represents me however, has no business weighing in on any of it.

    Spare me the breathless language about dangers to “all humanity” from no giving in to Armenian American pressure. Every little group wants it’s own holocaust to commemorate. All of it stems from the failure of immigrants to assimilate into the country that took them in.

  17. Henry Morgenthau, the jewish, American ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, made strenuous efforts to prevent the mass murders of the Armenian, Greek & other Christians, and to bring it to official US attention. He labeled it a state policy of extermination & though German, pointed out the huge German footprint there. He would be sickened, I am sure, were he alive and aware of the current nexus between Israel and Turkey, working to prevent the proper label of genocide being officially recognized here. In the reading I have done, the most appalling aspect to me was the degree to which ordinary citizens turned out, en masse, to participate in the attacks, even in the streets of the cities, where, after murdering their neighbors, including children, they stepped over their corpses & looted their properties. Much of the overall motivation, apparently, was envy and jealousy of the wealth the Christian communities had accumulated. No recognition was given to the hard work that got them there, or the ripple effect their efforts had on the economy as a whole. Sadly, it’s an evil being repeated today.

  18. Well, right now – I mean *this* *week* – being the whistleblower for “Lyme Disease” and with the HealthCare Wars raging against the Bigs (exclamation point: Teddy), I have no room in my headline area for this exposure. But now that I know it’s Wolfowitz and Feith, I will do something about it next week. Americans have very short attention spans, so what I can reliably grab from Short Attention Span America will be only in the headline area.

    So many crooks, so little webspace.

    Right now I am mourning Teddy, although, of course, I am more of a conservative Democrat- a species and a party that has not yet arisen. The Dems sold out to the abortionists and the queers and the druggies, unaware that this debauchery actually comes from the, um, Republicans- the Rockefellers and their warped, hater-friends, the very same people who- amazingly- claim to have “insider insight” or are “the intellectual elite,” inferring that *only* *they* are “capable of reading between the lines” into all philosophies and religious dogma, the Talmud and the Greek Philosophers- Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Strauss, etc.

    In other words, “The Rules Are For The Little People,” not the self-selected intellectuals. Here, in what Sibel exposes, is that Self – [Brilliant / Israeli / Above-the-Moral-Rules] – Manifesto in action.

    It’s a funny thing and needs to be investigated, but I can only feed America the truth in small doses. Americans don’t do multi-topics with concepts-convergence, even when they don’t have Lyme brain.


  19. lester says:

    “Why are foreign governments allowed to set up fifth columns in our country? They use our constitutional right to petition our legislators as a cover for the corruption of our leaders. ”

    I understand that the “general welfare” clause of the constitution to mean that the government is supposed to promote the general as opposed to specific welfares. Doesn’t lobbying come in to conflict with that? Is what the turkish, israeli, slobobian lobbies put forth really in the best interest of the united states as a whole? I would tend to doubt it highly

  20. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    To Thomas O.Meehan,

    In a way, I agree with you. Immigrants should be assimilated to the culture and people they chose to join. You also say that those immigrants should let go of their ancient feuds or grievances and that your congress and government should only work to promote your interests, period.

    With that principle comes logical consequences: For instance, only Israel should talk about the Holocaust.Also, the 9/11 attacks shouldn’t be a reason for other countries to go to war. Why should they bother with your feuds with extremist muslims? Please spare me the international origins of the WTC’s victims argument. The attacks were directed on the USA. The Pentagon, the financial center of the country and possibly the White House. Not the Eifel Tower, the Vatican, or the Wall of China.

    What I’m trying to say, is that, if you want to play this game, it should be played this way everywhere. If terrorists attack your country, then it’s your business. Don’t try to drag us in.

    Every country would then promote it’s interests, and would not tolerate citizens or politicians trying to push their country to take side in any conflict, feud or whatever you want to call it, that does not concern them.

    Aren’t you proud about what your country did in WW2? Are you proud because you had revenge for Pearl Harbour, or because you did the right thing in Europe? I’m not sure the veterans proudly say “in WWII we defended our interests”.

    If I remember well, the reaction to France’s refusal to go to Irak was not exactly met with joy. But it was not in their interest to go there. I suppose at the time you were agreeing with them, since they were applying the same logic that you defend?


    Wow, Lotsa good information. How to go about blackmailing whatever out of anyone. Pretty excellent filthy, dirty low-life behavior.

    *Everyone* is a potential blackmail target, so the best info, here, is for everyone to know the *game.*


  22. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    First the “octo-mom”, now this weird “sibellydancer”…


    Give me a break!

    If you believe this shady woman, who is discredited and fired by FBI 7+ years ago and who is trying to get back to FBI payrolls since, then you can believe the world is flat.

    Nothing she said is new and all tall tales. The real question is why “sibellydancer” now? It is now because Krikorian, in a desperate attempt to disprove charges of libel he shamelessly leveled against an honorable Congresswoman Schmidt, is using anything that he thinks might help him and his sick cause of peddling a bogus genocide. But it is too little, too late. Krikorian made his bed, now he will have to lie in it. He will find out, the hard way, that the U.S. is a country of laws, not slanderous claims.

    Armenians poisoned for decades the columns and screens in this country with their brand of racist and dishonest history. Now they are trying to close the door on fair-minded readers from finding out the deception behind the Armenian claims by pressuring search engines to censor Turkish views.

    Thus, myth substitutes facts. Politics voids scholarship. Perception replaces precision. Votes beat knowledge. Ill-informed editors regurgitate propaganda for quick pats on the shoulder. And a bogus genocide is marketed as the whole truth.

    A sad day for freedom of speech when the truth cannot be spoken for fear of being branded a genocide denier by outspoken genocide falsifiers, Krikorian being one of them, helped by “sibelly dancers”…

  23. August 19, 2009 – Peter B Collins Radio Podcast

    Philip Giraldi, former CIA and DIA officer, on US/Israel relations, AIPAC, wiretapping and Rep. Jane Harman. This is the third installment of Boiling Frogs interviews co-hosted with Sibel Edmonds, and is quite explosive.

    Giraldi, a self-described conservative who was critical of the Bush administration on many issues, is equally critical of Obama and Democrats who are influenced by AIPAC. Giraldi gives background and details on the interception of Rep. Harman’s phone conversation with an Israeli: she agreed to intervene on behalf of two Israelis caught spying on the US, and in return hoped they would help her win the chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee.

    Giraldi is a member of the American Conservative Defense Alliance, and contributing editor at The American Conservative magazine. He has a regular column, Smoke & Mirrors, on

  24. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    An excellent documentary about Sibel Edmonds was made by two French filmmakers entitled “Kill the Messenger,” it can be found on the internet. I tried for years to get permission to show it in a theater, and finally succeeded! The film will be shown at the 5th Annual 9/11 Film Festival, September 10th at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California, followed by commentaries by Mickey Huff, former associate director of Project Censored, and Associate Director of the Media Freedom Foundation. We will also be premiering other films, including the Italian-made- The New American Century and Anthrax War with filmmaker Eric Nadler, and our keynote speaker, David Ray Griffin, will be speaking on the topic of his latest book “The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7 and Why the Final Official Report is Unscientific and False.”

  25. Marc Lajoie, I couldn’t agree more. If we are attacked “We shouldn’t try to drag” others in to our fight. If others see a connection and wish to join, that is up to their own national legislatures to decide, based on their national interest.

    Re: France. American Paleoconservatives saw no reason for either France or our country to invade Iraq. France was wise to stay out. I said that then and say it now.

    My country entered WWII because we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, not to crusade in Europe. We were involved in Europe because Hitler was stupid enough to declare war on us. Stop by any VFW post on your next trip to the USA. Ask the old Vets why they are proud. From my experience very few will say, to liberate Luxembourg.

    If you want to understand my point of view you have only to read Norman Israel’s post above. This vitriolic screed in broken English is what American ethnic politics is all about. My holocaust is real – yours isn’t.

  26. “Norman Israel” is a known Turkish Lobby shill who repeats the same nonsense, under different names, again and again and again, on every site where Sibel Edmonds comes up, and helps to illuminate how corrupt and shamless that lobby has truly become.

    Here is “Norman Israel”, on August 12, before the Edmonds deposition video/transcript was even released, copying and pasting the exact same text as the above at The BRAD BLOG:

    Clearly he didn’t bother to actually read what Edmonds had to say before dismising both her and her allegations, since that text was copied before any of the material was released. He smeared her as “discredited” (no existing evidence for that, but please offer it “Norman”) and her evidence as “Nothing she said is new and all tall tales.”

    Funny how he’d be able to post that she said “nothing…new and all tall tales” before he even bothered to read/see what she actually said.

    He is a fake. But a key player in the Turkish Lobby’s shameful corruption of the U.S. system, and he should be ashamed of himself. But he isn’t.

    Though we should thank him for showing us all just how corrupt these folks are. (Mind you, I didn’t particularly have a dog in the Turkey/Armenian hunt before working on these stories, but after seeing the unbelievably irresponsible approach of the Turkish Lobby since then, it’s difficult not to begin seeing who has a case here, and who is willing to say/do anything to protect atrocious behavior and policies and perhaps even incredibly serious crimes.)

  27. Brad Friedman, thanks. My point is that none of us should have dogs in these hunts. By allowing foreign powers to inject their propaganda through American mouths, we pollute our own public discourse. When either Jane Harmann or Darell Issa speak, are they representing American interests or others? And so in debate we come to suspect each other of agendas and ploys. When our representatives become puppets controlled by alien interests rational patriotic debate becomes impossible.

  28. Diane says:

    I am a progressive Democrat who comes from Republican roots. If U.S. citizens on the left and the right would stop falling for the corporate ploy to make us fight, each other we might discover we have quite a bit in common.

    Republican Paul Finley Dares to Speak Out Again..AIPAC Exposed!

  29. Mizgin says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Giraldi. You’ve managed to attract the attention of the august president-elect of the ATAA, Mr. Ergun Kirlikovali.

    Brad Friedman is correct to connect him to the posting name of “Norman Israel”. Usually he keeps his absurd comments for the very lucky browsers of the Turkish forum at or certain blogs of the Orange County Register, but you have drawn him out from his usual lairs.

    As president-elect of the ATAA. Kirlikovali is slated to assume the presidency of said organization at the end of Gunay Hakki Ovunc’s term. Ovunc himself has an interesting relationship with a certain Turkish mercenary firm based in the US. This firm has a big compound in Silopi, lots of military equipment, and employs lots of former Turkish contra-guerrillas. They’re running “security” operations in Iraq.

    All of that is another story, though.

    It’s too bad that the future president of the ATAA can’t learn to keep his big mouth shut or, more appropriately, refrain from clicking the “Submit Comment” button. It makes one wonder whose statements more accurately reflect the real attitude (and agenda) of the ATAA; those of Kirlikovali or of Ovunc? Upon taking office, Ovunc stated that the “ATAA is a proud interlocutor, as the voice of reason and credibility in Washington DC for nearly 500,000 Turkish and Turkic Americans nationwide.”

    So, which is it?

    Notice, too, that the ATAA claims to speak not only for Turkish Americans but Turkic Americans as well. And there is a difference between the two. But since you spent time in the region, Mr. Giraldi, I’m sure you’re aware of that difference and what it means.

  30. Dear Thomas

    It’s very easy for someone who is ignorant of the Armenian genocide to quarantine the event as a ‘feud’ imported to America by foreigners. However, it is quite the opposite. The American diplomats and missionaries resident in Turkey witnessed the event and participated in the relief effort to save the lives of those who survived. The American people helped raise over 110 million dollars at the time in what was America’s first major international humanitarian relief effort. Many prominent Americans (not Armenians) advocated for punishing the Turkish government for their crimes.

    What is in America’s interests is for a better world. If self interest was the golden rule for all policies, then American politicians accepting bribes from foreign governments at the expense of national interests would be justifiable.

  31. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Thanks to Philip Giraldi and AmConMag for covering this news- Edmonds has been called credible by the DOJ IG and Sens. Leahy and Grassley, has testified before Congress and been interviewed by 60 Minutes. Twice gagged with the State Secrets privilege, she has now testified under oath, with video and transcript released to the public- named members of Congress and DOS/DOD officials accepting bribes and being blackmailed to deny the Armenian genocide- and facilitate black market trading of nuclear secrets. Turkish and Israeli interests infiltrating and corrupting the US govt and our public servants. and the MSM, Congress and Obama Administration (the DOJ knows what her testimony is, and was made aware that she would be testifying 8/8/09) ignore these charges of treason, which are libelous if untrue- and they continue serving the big corrupt corporate interests that own them.

    For more info on Sibel Edmonds, see this profile, based entirely on mainstream sources:

  32. When ethnic types like myself try to put the past behind us and become “real” Americans, we are always obstructed by the other-ness and lack of acceptance from mainstream white America. We can’t be just Americans because you won’t let us. “Oh what are you?” “Well, isn’t that interesting.” Besides, you paleo-cons do not believe anyone who is non-white or non- northern European can be a real American.

  33. David, everything you wrote about American sympathy and help for the Armenian Genocide is true. We did what we could. Now a hundred years later our congress is being asked to opine on these long past events. My point is that there is no nexus between current American interests and the legislation you want.

    You wrote, “What is in America’s interests is for a better world. If self interest was the golden rule for all policies, then American politicians accepting bribes from foreign governments at the expense of national interests would be justifiable.” How many times have we gullible Americans been led down the garden path by such sophistry? American congressmen are getting bribes and threats from both the Turks and you Armenians. And it all needs to stop.

    As for Vague ethnicity, If you are uncomfortable here, bugger off. The statute of limitations on white guilt ran out a few years ago.

  34. It’s not a question of white guilt Meehan. Your position is that ethnic types should forget about identity politics and petty tribalism and become “American.” The problem however is that your ideology of blood and soil precludes anyone who isn’t of a specific ethno-national extraction from being accepted as such. So what do people who are hyphenated Americans do when they will never be accepted as real Americans by people like you even when they try in earnest to be so?

  35. Vague, I don’t have an ideology of blood and soil. Where did you pick that up? Immigrant groups have always maintained at least some cultural affinities and traditions while becoming loyal Americans. But to say that you have no choice but to adhere to the allegiance of your pre-amercan group because some of your fellow citizens don’t like you is childish.

    There are historic examples of what I mean. No one in their right mind denies the patriotism of the Japanese Americans. This is because they studiously avoided all collaboration with the Japanese Empire, and have not organized themselves into a pro-japan racial lobby. I know some white people who still don’t like them. But the answer of the Japanese Americans is, who cares?

    Italian Americans have a similar history. They were not respected when they came but have prospered and are extremely loyal. Does everyone like them, no. do they care, no.

    Bobby Jindhal (sp?) from Louisiana is of Indian extraction. He sounds like a southerner, so he is accepted.

    I hope this helps.

  36. Jayson says:

    Wow…..just… Read the transcripts….WOW!! How is this stuff not being investigated?? I know why Congress wouldn’t do it. It could potentially wreck Dems as well and the Republicans. I can see why they would cover themselves and not touch this…but why hasn’t the media pitbulls taken a bite of two out of this yet??

    I thought the media was suppose to keep government honest, they were suppose to be the ones reporting the facts….good or bad to us the people so we can hold them accountable.

    Have I been blissfully ignorant to what really going on in my government?? So worried about my day to day life to really see what the hell is going on with my country?? Its time that us the people stood up and demanded our government be accountable, and prosecute all those dirty politicans and lobbyist who are are only out for themselves aren’t doing the people’s work, and are traitors to our country.

  37. Richard says:

    The partisan “game” of “gotcha” politics is really a strategy of divide and conquer. We have the biggest brothel the world has ever seen – Washington, DC. Our elected representatives and other government officials are selling national secrets (nuclear, military,?) and their votes for money or out of threat of blackmail.

    As long as we are willing to sell our democracy to the highest bidder, be it Wall Street, international corporations, or foreign interests, this will remain the status quo. In his Farewell Address to the nation, Eisenhower warned us of the unholy alliance of the military-industrial complex, but no one heeded his words of wisdom. Now we find ourselves in the midst of a national emergency that is undeclared, ignored, and in the process of being swept under the carpet by the corporate news media by their very failure to report on it.

    The American People have been played as “fools” by politicians from BOTH parties, and most are completely unaware that this process has been ongoing for decades. We have been convinced that we have a 2 party system, whereas we have but 2 wings of the same party – “The Party of Wall Street” or “The Corporation Party”. They finance our elections, subsidize our politicians, manufacture our voting machines and control who gets to go to the debates.

    The current hue & cry about Obama socializing the country is more a ‘political smokescreen’ to hide the real issues, since, after all, the process began when Bush bailed out Wall Street last September and NOT when Obama was sworn in this past January. Instead of reporting on the story of Sibel Edmonds finally breaking her silence, the corporate news media was reporting to us on the death of Michael Jackson being ruled a homicide. I rest my case!

    Regardless of what the Supreme Court may “think”, money is NOT free speech (and a corporation is not an individual endowed with inalienable rights by their creator). Money buys things, and speech is meant to convey ideas – and never the twain shall meet. Most (not all) of our elected representatives are bought-and-paid for by industry lobbyists and their corporate sponsors, or foreign interests, or both.

    Each election cycle, our newly elected Congress quickly learns that fund raising is the most important activity to engage in as a freshman Congressman / Congresswoman. There is NO reason to believe that the details testified to by Sibel Edmonds are restricted to the Turkish Lobby in America, and that therefore, it must be assumed this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Unless and until we are willing to take-back our democracy from the financiers of our political process (both domestic and from abroad) by instituting serious campaign finance reforms and holding our corrupt leaders accountable, do not expect anything to change in your lifetime, or that of your children or grandchildren.

  38. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The poster who ridicules Edmons as “sibellydancer” is a flat-out bigot.

    Big props to The American Conservative, Philip Giraldi, Brad Friedman and Sibel Edmonds herself for striving to make this story heard.

    Edmonds’ allegations are just that — allegations. But they are credible, deserving of investigation, and newsworthy.

    If no one in the “lamestream” media will report on them, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that Zionists indeed DO control substantially all U.S. media and that selling nuclear and other secrets is OK if you’re Jewish (or Turkish).

    Let’s get real, also, that if Wolfie, Perle, and Doug Feith were chatting up a split of Iraq in the summer of 2001, that’s circumstantial proof that they knew of, if indeed they were not involved with, the impending event, the “galvanizing and cataclysmic” event, that would give the Bush Administration a free hand to launch wars against both Afghanistan and Iraq.

    If the Obama Administration does not do a “balls-out” investigation of these charges, this Mayflower descendant is taking his family and getting the hell out. We’re a puppet state, we’re a Potemkin republic, we’re toast.

    God bless Sibel, her supporters, and The American Conservative.

  39. Wilson says:

    I stumbled upon this article. Upon reading the article and most of the comments, I felt like I inturded into the rednecks’ convention. Especially the nicks Mizgin and Brad Friedman read like Ku Klux Klan material. Children, can you say “racist”?

  40. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    politics is already dirty and if you are an active follower on politics there is nothing wrong with that. you are just speaking for your rights to participate and it is not a crime..

  41. The fact is ANCA, an Armenian-American lobby is promoting Armenia first, USA last agenda: Make USA a puppet of Armenian interests, which is to one: ethnically cleanse Muslims out of Anatolia, demonize the Turkish race as a whole, plan a land grab which failed in WW1, create schemes to extort money out of insurance companies that did business with the Ottoman Empire. There is also an organization called the AYF, which stands for the Armenian Youth Federation, which is in reality the Armenian Hitler Youth Movement. The AYF teaches little kids Anti-Turkish racism, bias, bigotry, racial extremeism and supremacism, as well as fanaticism. Capitol Hill needs to also monitor the big 150 million dollar Armenian Medicare Fraud scheme which costed our taxpayers a great amount of money, as well as how American cities like Glendale, Burbank, Fresno, and Watertown are bases of Medicare Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Insurance Fraud, and Fraud of the Welfare System. I even heard a former Armenian Consul General donated money to congressional candidates via fraud money, look up Ergun Kirlikovali’s writings and you will see what I mean. The Turkish lobbies and ATAA are only doing work through self defense from Greek and Armenian racist faschist lobbies that demonize everything Turkish, so much to the point that even Hitler or Satan wouldn’t do things as evil as what the racist bigoted Greek and Armenian lobbies are doing. Also, Wikileaks documents showed how Armenia gave guns to Iran, which gave the weapons to Iraq to kill USA soldiers. Armenians are putting Armenia first and Greeks are putting Greece first.

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