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Russia-Baiting Is the Only Game in Town
Washington again becomes hysterical
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There is particular danger at the moment that powerful political alignments in the United States are pushing strongly to exacerbate the developing crisis with Russia. The New York Times, which broke the story that the Kremlin had been paying the Afghan Taliban bounties to kill American soldiers, has been particularly assiduous in promoting the tale of perfidious Moscow. Initial Times coverage, which claimed that the activity had been confirmed by both intelligence sources and money tracking, was supplemented by delusional nonsense from former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who asks “Why does Trump put Russia first?” before calling for a “swift and significant U.S. response.” Rice, who is being mentioned as a possible Biden choice for Vice President, certainly knows about swift and significant as she was one of the architects of the destruction of Libya and the escalation of U.S. military and intelligence operations directed against a non-threatening Syria.

The Times is also titillating with the tale of a low level drug smuggling Pashto businessman who seemed to have a lot of cash in dollars lying around, ignoring the fact that Afghanistan is awash with dollars and has been for years. Many of the dollars come from drug deals, as Afghanistan is now the world’s number one producer of opium and its byproducts.

The cash must be Russian sourced, per the NYT, because a couple of low level Taliban types, who were likely tortured by the Afghan police, have said that it is so. The Times also cites anonymous sources which allege that there were money transfers from an account managed by the Kremlin’s GRU military intelligence to an account opened by the Taliban. Note the “alleged” and consider for a minute that it would be stupid for any intelligence agency to make bank-to-bank transfers, which could be identified and tracked by the clever lads at the U.S. Treasury and NSA. Also try to recall how not so long ago we heard fabricated tales about threatening WMDs to justify war. Perhaps the story would be more convincing if a chain of custody could be established that included checks drawn on the Moscow-Narodny Bank and there just might be a crafty neocon hidden somewhere in the U.S. intelligence community who is right now faking up that sort of evidence.

Other reliably Democratic Party leaning news outlets, to include CNN, MSNBC and The Washington Post all jumped on the bounty story, adding details from their presumably inexhaustible supply of anonymous sources. As Scott Horton observed the media was reporting a “fact” that there was a rumor.

Inevitably the Democratic Party leadership abandoned its Ghanaian kente cloth scarves, got up off their knees, and hopped immediately on to their favorite horse, which is to claim loudly and in unison that when in doubt Russia did it. Joe Biden in particular is “disgusted” by a “betrayal” of American troops due to Trump’s insistence on maintaining “an embarrassing campaign of deferring and debasing himself before Putin.”

The Dems were joined in their outrage by some Republican lawmakers who were equally incensed but are advocating delaying punishing Russia until all the facts are known. Meanwhile, the “circumstantial details” are being invented to make the original tale more credible, including crediting the Afghan operation to a secret Russian GRU Army intelligence unit that allegedly was also behind the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury England in 2018.

Reportedly the Pentagon is looking into the circumstances around the deaths of three American soldiers by roadside bomb on April 8, 2019 to determine a possible connection to the NYT report. There are also concerns relating to several deaths in training where Afghan Army recruits turned on their instructors. As the Taliban would hardly need an incentive to kill Americans and as only seventeen U.S. soldiers died in Afghanistan in 2019 as a result of hostile action, the year that the intelligence allegedly relates to, one might well describe any joint Taliban-Russian initiative as a bit of a failure since nearly all of those deaths have been attributed to kinetic activity initiated by U.S. forces.

The actual game that is in play is, of course, all about Donald Trump and the November election. It is being claimed that the president was briefed on the intelligence but did nothing. Trump denied being verbally briefed due to the fact that the information had not been verified. For once America’s Chief Executive spoke the truth, confirmed by the “intelligence community,” but that did not stop the media from implying that the disconnect had been caused by Trump himself. He reportedly does not read the Presidential Daily Brief (PDB), where such a speculative piece might indeed appear on a back page, and is uninterested in intelligence assessments that contradict what he chooses to believe. The Democrats are suggesting that Trump is too stupid and even too disinterested to be president of the United States so they are seeking to replace him with a corrupt 78-year-old man who may be suffering from dementia.

The Democratic Party cannot let Russia go because they see it as their key to future success and also as an explanation for their dramatic failure in 2016 which in no way holds them responsible for their ineptness. One does not expect the House Intelligence Committee, currently headed by the wily Adam Schiff, to actually know anything about intelligence and how it is collected and analyzed, but the politicization of the product is certainly something that Schiff and his colleagues know full well how to manipulate. One only has to recall the Russiagate Mueller Commission investigation and Schiff’s later role in cooking the witnesses that were produced in the subsequent Trump impeachment hearings.

Schiff predictably opened up on Trump in the wake of the NYT report, saying “I find it inexplicable in light of these very public allegations that the president hasn’t come before the country and assured the American people that he will get to the bottom of whether Russia is putting bounties on American troops and that he will do everything in his power to make sure that we protect American troops.”

Schiff and company should know, but clearly do not, that at the ground floor level there is a lot of lying, cheating and stealing around intelligence collection. Most foreign agents do it for the money and quickly learn that embroidering the information that is being provided to their case officer might ultimately produce more cash. Every day the U.S. intelligence community produces thousands of intelligence reports from those presumed “sources with access,” which then have to be assessed by analysts. Much of the information reported is either completely false or cleverly fabricated to mix actual verified intelligence with speculation and out and out lies to make the package more attractive. The tale of the Russian payment of bribes to the Taliban for killing Americans is precisely the kind of information that stinks to high heaven because it doesn’t even make any political or tactical sense, except to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and the New York Times. For what it’s worth, a number of former genuine intelligence officers including Paul Pillar, John Kiriakou, Scott Ritter, and Ray McGovern have looked at the evidence so far presented and have walked away unimpressed. The National Security Agency (NSA) has also declined to confirm the story, meaning that there is no electronic trail to validate it.

Finally, there is more than a bit of the old hypocrisy at work in the damnation of the Russians even if they have actually been involved in an improbable operation with the Taliban. One recalls that in the 1970s and 1980s the United States supported the mujahideen rebels fighting against the Soviet presence in Afghanistan. The assistance consisted of weapons, training, political support and intelligence used to locate, target and kill Soviet soldiers. Stinger missiles were provided to bring down helicopters carrying the Russian troops. The support was pretty much provided openly and was even boasted about, unlike what is currently being alleged about the Russian assistance. The Soviets were fighting to maintain a secular regime that was closely allied to Moscow while the mujahideen later morphed into al-Qaeda and the Islamist militant Taliban subsequently took over the country, meaning that the U.S. effort was delusional from the start.

So, what is a leaked almost certainly faux story about the Russian bounties on American soldiers intended to accomplish? It is probably intended to keep a “defensive” U.S. presence in Afghanistan, much desired by the neocons, a majority in Congress and the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), and it will further be played and replayed to emphasize the demonstrated incompetence of Donald Trump. The end result could be to secure the election of a pliable Establishment flunky Joe Biden as president of the United States. How that will turn out is unpredictable, but America’s experience of its presidents since 9/11 has not been very encouraging.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is [email protected].

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  1. Also there are the poppy fields.

    • Replies: @Emily
    , @Richard B
  2. Milton says:

    The Deep State vermin who pulled-off the violent, proxy overthrow of Yanukovych in 2014, and who are also behind the Arab Spring, Syrian Rebels, ISIS, and the ongoing domestic unrest Stateside, are the descendants of the vermin who overthrew Christian Russia in 1917 using the same modus operandi of color revolution and “peaceful protests.”. Putin undid all their hard work in Russia and kicked them out and seized their ill gotten gains: this, coupled with their congenital hatred of Russia, is the reason for the non-stop, bipartisan refrain of “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

  3. anonymous[316] • Disclaimer says:

    It is probably intended to keep a “defensive” U.S. presence in Afghanistan, much desired by the neocons, a majority in Congress and the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), and it will further be played and replayed to emphasize the demonstrated incompetence of Donald Trump.

    There are other reasons for wishing to stay in Afghanistan. Generals don’t like losing wars. It is personally humiliating to retreat. The whole country is also worn down by lost wars and the psychological blow lasts for over 10 years like during the post-Vietnam era. Keeping 10,000 troops in Afghanistan permanently won’t win the war but it will prevent a defeat and potentially humiliating last minute evacuation when the Taliban retake Kabul.

    Also Al-Qaeda is still present in Afghanistan: “Al-Qaeda has 400 to 600 operatives active in 12 Afghan provinces and is running training camps in the east of the country, according to the report released Friday. U.N. experts, drawing their research from interviews with U.N. member states, including their intelligence and security services, plus think tanks and regional officials, say the Taliban has played a double game with the Trump Administration, consulting with al-Qaeda senior leaders throughout its 16 months of peace talks with U.S. officials and reassuring Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri, among others, that the Taliban would “honour their historical ties” to the terrorist group.”

  4. vot tak says:

    While the melodrama about trump=pro Russia and dems=anti Russia makes good political theater to keep folks running in circles chasing their tails, this is not the main reason for the continuous attacks on Russia by organs of the zpc/nwo. The main reason is Russia is not owned by them. Not a colony. The main reason for the psywar is not about trump vs dems, it is about keeping the Russia=bad guys theme seeded in the propaganda. That was the main reason behind “Russiagate”, as well. And as with that scam, both “sides” knowingly played their part hyping the theater to keep that Russia=bad guy propaganda theme in the mind of americans.

  5. I can’t imagine that any intelligent person believes this bullshit about Russia. I completely tune it out the same way I tuned out any news about “CHAZ.”

    Some things are just too silly to bother with.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @tyrone
    , @BL
    , @Antiwar7
  6. “So, what is a leaked almost certainly faux story about the Russian bounties on American soldiers intended to accomplish? It is probably intended to keep a “defensive” U.S. presence in Afghanistan, much desired by the neocons, a majority in Congress and the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), and it will further be played and replayed to emphasize the demonstrated incompetence of Donald Trump.”

    Let’s say for the sake of argument that the story is true. So what? I don’t see how it can be used as justification to double down on a pointless war. (Reasonable people might see it as another reason to get out of Afghanistan sooner rather than later).

    Moreover, I don’t think they’d have to create such drama to get Trump the imperialist to keep the troops in Afghanistan (if he actually had any intention to withdraw them in the first place).

    This propaganda effort reminds me of the Skripal affair. Perhaps Trump’s handlers and enablers realize that he’ll lose the election (if we have one) so they’re trying to manipulate him into escalating tensions with Russia (just as they are with China, Iran and Venezuela).

    • Agree: Moi
    • Replies: @animalogic
  7. Alfred says:

    The Americans were always very proud and upfront about how they organized, trained, equipped and financed the Taliban to oust the Russians from Afghanistan. In view of this, why do they act so surprised should the Russians do something similar on a much smaller scale?

    Obviously, the whole story was concocted in Washington, but so what?

    Anyone with half a brain should know that the Americans are in Afghanistan because the Americans control the world trade in narcotics. Columbia is the cocaine end of the business.

    I do wish some smart chemists would synthesize heroin and cocaine in a laboratory and put the CIA out of business.

  8. “and it will further be played and replayed to emphasize the demonstrated incompetence of Donald Trump”

    The demonization of a democratically-elected President by the zionist-owned New York Times, Washington Post and CNN is somewaht reminiscent of the demonization of a certain Austrian in the Western media after the 1933 World Jewry’s declaration of war on Nazi Germany.

    “He who controls the narrative controls the consciousness”

    With Wolf Blitz’s, Bolton’s, and this week’s release of Trump’s relative’s book discrediting his mental health. How many books is that now???

    But, times have moved on. Trump can ride this wave by learning the dark art of playing the victim using the mantra ‘look how hard I’m trying’ and appealing to US voters as their ‘law and order’ president.

    Geopolitically speaking, if the US Zio-cons were smart, rather than suffering from ‘Groupthink’, they would be trying to entice Russia away from its partner, China, and draw Russia into playing a greater role in Europe. Recall that Putin had asked if Russia could join NATO.

    But, alas, they’re still making the same mistake they did in 1991 after the collapse of Central Industrialism in the former USSR.

    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
    , @Derer
  9. The Mujahudeen morphing into Al Qaeda is a new one on me that I have never heard before. I had read and heard countless times that it was Al Qaeda all along in Afghanistan that the U.S. assisted to fight against the USSR. It does not make sense either, since the MEK ( Mujahudeen ) is a twisted Shiite cult Iranian, and Al Qaeda is Arabic and twisted Sunni cult. So, the language and religious differences do not make any sense that one became the other.

    I guess that it makes perfect sense to say anything at all, regardless of the facts, to the Terrible Trio in the DNC, just to keep the focus on themselves, rather than on Biden.

  10. We in Russia read both the main and alternative press in the United States with great interest. Sites with those translations are quite popular.

  11. Mikhail says: • Website

    Initial Times coverage, which claimed that the activity had been confirmed by both intelligence sources and money tracking, was supplemented by delusional nonsense from former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who asks “Why does Trump put Russia first?” before calling for a “swift and significant U.S. response.” Rice, who is being mentioned as a possible Biden choice for Vice President, certainly knows about swift and significant as she was one of the architects of the destruction of Libya and the escalation of U.S. military and intelligence operations directed against a non-threatening Syria.

    The pathetic Rice has plenty of company. During a 7/5 CNN puff segment with Dana Bash, Tammy Duckworth (another potential Biden VP), out of the blue said that the Russians put out a bounty on US forces. Of course, Bash didn’t challenge Duckworth.

    Downplayed in all of this is the fact that Russia was one of the first, if not the first nation, to console the US on 9/11, followed by Russian assistance to the US military operation in Afghanistan.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  12. “…the kind of information that stinks to high heaven because it doesn’t even make any political or tactical sense, except to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and the New York Times.”

    Pelosi is the proud daughter of a shabbos goy father; Schumer is “shomer” or professed guardian of Israel; Schiff is the decendent of the Internationale Banker who supported Trotsky’s take down of the Czar; the NYT is what happens when Hebrews learn to write English. The Jews have been trying to rule Russia for almost 200 years as Solzhenitsyn would have told us if he could have gotten a publisher in the Jewish American publishing industry. If Stalin hadn’t thrown the Bolshevik Jews out, there might not have been a cold war. Watch out Gentiles. These people have taken us into 3 wars for their interests and they NEVER change.

  13. And, of course, the “conservative” maggots are going along with the obvious liberal lies once again. There has never been a group of more cowardly and worthless individuals than American “conservatives”.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Thanks: Art
    • Replies: @Moi
  14. Emily says:

    The hope of the world.
    Edgar Cayce
    Famous US psychic.

    As the USA continues its path into a political, moral and military cesspit of pure corruption, lies, violence, mass murder and sheer evil, it is increasingly difficult to argue with Cayce.
    He was certainly on to something, and that something was like, 80 years ago.
    One can even put more belief and trust in a psychic these days – than anything being claimed or reported by the USA alphabets, government or MSM
    Sickening and frightening really.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man, Robjil, Derer
    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  15. Emily says:

    Absolutely and full of the USA military.
    Take a look.
    Notice U tube has censored the Vid.
    Tells you all you need to know about the content – if you have half a brain …….

    • Replies: @tyrone
    , @Zarathustra
  16. Philip, I wish you hadn’t written, “a certainly forks story.”

    I’ve been seeing that too much, recently, that silly fashion of using “forks” for “false”.

    Please stop it. Use correct English.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Robjil
  17. Emily says:

    There are other reasons for wishing to stay in Afghanistan. Generals don’t like losing wars

    You would have thought by now the American Generals would have got used to ‘losing wars’.
    They haven’t won one other than Grenada in living memory.
    The Russians even had to win WW2 for them….
    Russia and China would eat them alive today.
    So we are now down to sheer bullying, bluster and illegal economic sabotage.
    Venezuela springs to mind.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy, Alfred
    • LOL: chris
    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
    , @Ace
  18. @Milton

    Yes, but they also hate Putin for liberating Russia from its rapacious oligarchs, nearly all of whom were Jews. The present artificially created hatred for Russia in the US is in reality the hatred of the frustrated Jewish Mafia.

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  19. @Alfred

    I agree. Except it would be fatal for the smart chemists. They’d all die for reasons smart chemists wouldn’t be able to work out.

    But isn’t this the Art of the Deal? Breaching the deal? Hadn’t the US just made a deal with the Taliban to pull out? Pull its troops out?

    So Russia was needed to help the U.S. pull out of the deal, right? Doesn’t Russia provide that help again and again and again?

  20. @Robert Dolan

    “I can’t imagine that any intelligent person believes this bullshit about Russia”

    Lenny is clapping his hands excitedly.
    “Oy believe it, George ! I do – I do – I do !”
    George grunts, clears his throat & spits with some force & accuracy at a scrunched up copy of the NYT.

  21. @Harold Smith

    “Let’s say for the sake of argument that the story is true.”
    For amusement’s sake, lets wonder what would happen should the Russians offer a bounty to US & allied troops to kill each other. A kind of cash incentive to bring back the final years of the Vietnam war.

  22. Anon[833] • Disclaimer says:

    It sure will be entertaining to watch Joe Biden try to cope with the duties of the presidency. He makes the fictional President Camacho from the movie “Idiocracy” look like a statesman with the intellectual skills of a Teddy Roosevelt by comparison. I can picture his inaugural address in my head, as he inevitably loses his place on the teleprompter and starts babbling about pony soldiers and you know, the thing. After a grope fest at his inaugural ball, instead of the Oval Office he will immediately be consigned to the White House basement for the duration of his term. If you thought an inarticulate President Donnie made for good reality TV, just wait till a totally incoherent President Joe has the whole world rollicking with laughter. Plus, Republicans get their turn to amuse with grid lock of the Congress and the discharge of mass quantities of bog sediment at the administration every single day for four solid years. It’s a win for comedy no matter which candidate is elected!

    • LOL: Grahamsno(G64)
    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
  23. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Ann, you’ve got the quote wrong. Here is what he actually wrote:

    “So, what is a leaked almost certainly faux story about the Russian bounties”

    I’m going to assume you didn’t mean “forks” but actually “faux”.
    Using “faux” is here is not incorrect. Giraldi could have meant the NYT article was “not real, but made to look or seem real” — which goes considerably further than “false”.
    However, that does not necessarily mean that other users of “faux” are not indulging themselves in a “silly fashion”.

  24. mcohen says:

    Meena talk to me

    • Replies: @Larchmonter420
  25. Robjil says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Forked tongue.

    In that sense it makes sense.

    The US/Israel and its Zion MSM always talks in Forked tongue.

    • LOL: Ann Nonny Mouse
  26. @Emily

    And not only Cayce, Emily.

    The Lady of Fatima’s private revelation i.e., divine inspiration, for the RC Pope to consecrate Russia to the heart of Mother Mary – which still hasn’t fully been fulfilled, btw – is another indication of Russia’s leadership in a community of a shared future for humanity, aka Community of Common Destiny (CCD), as advocated by the Russian President’s ‘double-helix’ partner, China’s President Xi Jinping.

    Compare and contrast that with, then President, Obama’s words to Putin: “The United States has exclusive rights to anywhere in the world.”

    What an incredibly exciting time to be alive!


  27. @anonymous

    Just a headsup!

    Newsweek, TIME, The Readers Digest, & CNN are US propaganda outlets. It would be unwise to cite any of these sources.


    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
  28. Franz says:

    Anyone with half a brain should know that the Americans are in Afghanistan because the Americans control the world trade in narcotics. Columbia is the cocaine end of the business.

    Making America Great Again — the biggest narco-terrorist state in history.

    Great Britain and her Opium Wars? Pah! All of it put together probably made less than the CIA rakes in every day.

    I do wish some smart chemists would synthesize heroin and cocaine in a laboratory and put the CIA out of business.

    Actually the “opioid” analgesics (actually narcotics) were partly that. Hence the puppet theater with the Sackler family bankruptcy when every pharmacist knows they re-branded and off-shored their loot several years ago. Their fine was pocket lint to them.

    But that fake allowed the corporate-government axis to make ALL serious painkillers effectively illegal, including the ones being used safely before Purdue Pharma came along.

    Narcotics are safe when used properly, but where’s the CIA’s take there? So they killed their competitors and made your family doctor an agent. And sell lots of dope. Because the nation the CIA protects is in terminal debt, agencies need hard cash from somewhere.

    • Agree: Alfred
  29. tyrone says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Yeah, but you don’t want to accidentally drive into some “CHAZ” ……planet of the apes scenario.

  30. tyrone says:

    That’s why the democrats and the left fight to keep the southern border open ,the hordes of third world peasants are just a “bonus”……look at who the drugs are destroying i.e. the target

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
    , @Emily
  31. Erzberger says:

    The Democrats have predictably been outdone by the anti-Trump Republicans in this matter. You can’t sink any lower in Russia-baiting than the Lincoln project’s recent release, “Fellow Traveler”. Beyond stupid and revolting. Gives you a clue of their very low opinion of the American voter

    • Agree: Derer
  32. There is a dangerous illusion – characterized in part by demonizing rivals – and that is the developing crisis is merely a re-run of the Cold War. After the Napoleonic wars the Congress system was established to maintain peace in Europe. It worked reasonably well, interrupted significantly by the Crimean war, but finally buried with the outbreak of WWI in 1914; it did not prevent that cataclysmic conflict. Then came the League of Nations for a short time; it did not stop WWII. The United Nations and other post-war institutions were established in the 1940s. Now we are in the approaches to WWIII. But very few see. The apocalyptic conflict feared during the Cold War is nearing.

  33. Russia Hoax 2 is supposed to keep our minds off the Uniparty’s anarcho-tyranny, but it’s awfully hard to fear Putin with orcs and shitlibs running amok wrecking statues of racist elks.

  34. BL says:
    @Robert Dolan

    If you’ve been at all paying attention since 2016, when it comes to intelligence and counter-intelligence you should have been cured of a failure of imagination.

    We still have no explanation whatsoever for the former Director of Central Intelligence Brennan making a secret trip to Moscow right at the criminal conspiracy against candidate Trump was about ready to execute.

    I wish Giraldi would take a stab at explaining the protocols surrounding a CIA Director visiting Moscow. To use a favorite word of late, this seems unprecedented.

    And, while it’s a fool’s errand to think you can know what the primary play is here, it’s worth noting that it came shortly after the appearance of ObamaGate. What did Obama and his national security staff know and when did they know it when it came to the operations against candidate and president-elect Trump.

    I don’t think it’s coincidental that Rice took to the TV to explain that she would have “marched” into the Oval Office and told President Obama about this “unverified report” seconds after learning of it.

    I suggest you consider that whatever you’re now hearing regarding this “Russian Bounties” story — whether from Schiff, Pelosi, Rice, Brennan . . . — they’re giving themselves a RussiaGate defense.

    Exercise some now well-informed common sense. Sign level elements within the USG were pulling out the stops in 2016 to install Hillary and destroy Trump. Make no mistake, had they succeeded in throwing the election to The Old Colostomy Bag, or were able to steal it on election night, Trump would be spending the rest of his life in prison right now.

    And Russia would have acquiesced to, though more likely quietly assisted, the frame-up. What we don’t know at this point is what generational geopolitical payoff Russia was promised by Brennan in March 2016, for its participation. My suspicion is that Nord Stream II was merely a down payment.

    I don’t envy Barr or Durham. How do they resolve this greatest political scandal in American history when at the center of it you have a former CIA Director who is a Russian mole.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  35. If you review the New York Times editorial page and its oped pieces you will see more half of the content each day is anti Trump. The Times has also played up the civil rights aspect of the BLM movement while playing down the hooliganism of Antifa and the looting by Blacks which has accompanied it. Many neighborhoods in Manhattan were trashed and looted far beyond what The Times reported. So promoting the “Russian Bounty” lie doesn’t surprise me at all. Remember also Times employees went absolutely crazy when the paper printed an oped by Sen. Tom Cotton. What a bunch of lying flakes and chicken shits.

  36. @Franklin Ryckaert

    “The Deep State vermin…” that @Milton is talking about is about the Jews. You’re merely reinforcing his salient points.

    • Replies: @Jake
  37. Tom Welsh says:

    “… the intellectual skills of a Teddy Roosevelt…”


  38. @tyrone

    Democrats see prospective voters. OTOH, the Repubs’ big corporate donors see an ever increasing pool of unskilled labor which helps drive down the real (i.e., adjusted for inflation) average weekly wage – which has barely increased since the 1980s.

    That means, the \$value of more and more of the total of products and services produced in the US economy every year (GDP) goes to capital, i.e., the holders of wealth, rather than workers, which in turn creates a drag on further GDP – so eventually it becomes self defeating.

    Think: Vicious Cycle of Poverty, as opposed to Virtuous Cycle of Prosperity.

    But that explains why neither the Dems / Repubs are determined to do anything about the 1,000,000+ illegal immigrants crossing the US-Mexican border every year.

    As said many times by many others: ‘The US has one political party – the business party, with 2 wings.’

    • Agree: DaveE
    • Replies: @DaveE
  39. Tom Welsh says:

    “The Russians even had to win WW2 for them….”

    The Soviets actually had to stop the Wehrmacht cold (very cold, indeed) and be ready to start rolling it back before the USA even dared to join the war.

    • Replies: @mike99588
  40. @Patagonia Man

    US Ziocons movement is a family affair. They’re into the second and third generation, who are still following their daddy’s’ or grandpa’s playbook. Original ideas are hard to come by with this lot.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  41. Z-man says:

    The Democrats are suggesting that Trump is too stupid and even too disinterested to be president of the United States so they are seeking to replace him with a corrupt 78-year-old man who may be suffering from dementia.

    Good one but what do you mean may be suffering? (Grin)
    Not only replace Trump with Biden but with all the radicals now infesting theDemo’krat party and manipulating demented, sleepy Joe.

  42. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    These are all made up stories. By the time one fake story is laboriously dismantled another one is made up. It’s always a game of playing catch-up. Russia makes a good boogyman and has served well in that role for three generations now so it’s a tested formula. It’s a dangerous game since all these idiots could sleepwalk us into an armed clash with Russia somewhere. Then of course there’ll plenty of problems but perhaps there’s a calculation that something like that could benefit this band of war inciters.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
    , @Erzberger
  43. @BL

    Do you not realize that so-called Russiagate was a cover story for Clinton’s treason, accepting \$\$\$ from Saudi Arabia & Qatar – both of whom were funding & supporting declared terror organization, ISIL, in Syria and Iraq?

    Are you not aware that cover stories are used to control explanations – to prevent any critical thinking by American voters of any incident/event?

    This excellent,, short article explains what you need to know to defend yourself against cover stories in the future: Cover Stories Are Used To Control Explanations – UR columnist & insider Paul Craig Roberts.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  44. I know old liberals have ate up all things Russia, Russia, Russia. Have the POBs (people of brown)? Have all those post ’67 immigrants? They all vote democrats, and are now the future demographic of America. Its their kids that have to wanna die for the war machine now. Has the Yiddish propaganda sheet worked its magic on them? The 1619 Project sure did. My humble guess is no, despite their voting. Most just want money.

    Folks, it is time to get your love ones to stop enlisting and re-enlisting in the US military. It is the only boycott we can do that will actually hurt.

  45. @anonymous


    “but perhaps there’s a calculation that something like that could benefit this band of war inciters.”

    What better way for a tiny ethno-religious (~22 million) of getting majority-Christian nations to wipe each other out?

    Same was true of WWI.

    Except for Japan, the same was true of WWII.

    Its not referred to as the oldest hatred for nuttin’!

  46. anonymous[144] • Disclaimer says:

    For what it’s worth, Pillar got shitcanned and rusticated by Cofer Black, Kiriakou got locked up, Ritter got framed as a pedo, and McGovern got the shit beat out of him by my DoS goons. So shut the fuck up a little, OK?


    Mistress Gina

  47. Truth3 says:

    Explainable in one simple sentence…


    • Replies: @Jake
  48. Z-man says:

    So, what is a leaked almost certainly faux story about the Russian bounties on American soldiers intended to accomplish?

    To sound like a broken record again, the CABAL hates Russia and specifically Putin because he re-established Christian Orthodoxy as the de facto state religion of Mother Russia. They would get The USA into a hot war with Russia if it meant hurting Putin, never mind what it would do to us. Their hatred is so strong that they could care less what it would do to America, the snakes that they are.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  49. All Russians would have to do to exploit the current unrest in America would be to knock out a social media platform or two, or perhaps to leak dirt on the people ginning up war. Those targets are absolutely hated by the American people outside the Imperial City.

  50. Richard B says:

    Also there are the poppy fields.

    1. The soldiers protect the poppy fields.

    2. The herion goes to China to be processed into opiods for Ziopharma.

    3. Then to Mexico where it’s taken across the border by families we can’t separate (until the package has been delivered).

    Then its sold to US soldiers, their families, friends, and neighbors and other Whites who have all lost their jobs to China, Mexico and Affirmative Action.

    All under the direction of Judeocracy Inc.

    The New York Times, which broke the story that the Kremlin had been paying the Afghan Taliban bounties to kill American soldiers

    The same US Soldiers The NY Times would like to use to kill Americans (that is, when they’re not happy seeing those soldiers dying at home from opiods to kill the pain of their PTSD they got muling for a Judeocracy that hates their guts).

    But since they can’t use US soldiers, yet, they’re happy to have a Black armed militia do it instead.

    Where’d you think all of that corporate money was going?

    To organize a Juneteenth Barbeque?

    Has anyone seen the videos of the armed Black militias stopping Whites in their cars, doing formation drills in the parking lots of fast-food joints (of course) and actually going into White neighborhoods to call “the White militia” out in what is so obviously an ADL/SPLC/FBI/DOJ set up?

    Judeocracy Inc. is so completely out of its mind it actually wants us to believe it cares about The US, or it’s soldiers while peddling hate-filled and historically illiterate pseudo-intellectual BS about 1619 and Evil America that, because its evil, should change the names of the military bases where those soldiers trained under the impression they were going to defend their country!

    The Hostile Elite is a rabid dog so totally out of control it needs to be put down immediately.

    Whatever happens, no one should ever take the moral condemnation of psychopaths seriously.

    Battered Wife Syndrome?

    I give you Battered Nation Syndrome.

    Time to prove to the world it’s possible to recover from it and move into a larger freedom.

  51. dimples says:
    @No Friend Of The Devil

    From what I gather, Al-Qaeda can be thought of as Osama bin-Laden’s personal rent-a-crowd of Islamic mercenaries/jihadis financed by him and his network of Saudi financiers. (And trained by the CIA of course). During the Soviet Afghani war, the Saudis wanted some sort of Saudi prince to represent the Saudi faction of muslims in the war, but since no actual prince was interested, the choice fell to bin-Laden, the son of a rich family and a muslim fanatic, so a good enough substitute.

    So Osama went off to the Afghan war with a group of mercenaries/jihadis to represent Saudi Arabia’s contribution to this muslim revolution/jihad. They were not called al-
    Qaeda at this stage but some other name. Apparently the name al-Qaeda was first used by the FBI to reference this group due to some sort of misunderstanding, but it eventually became the name they adopted for themselves since that was what everybody was calling them anyway when they became famous after further adventures.

    The above should be taken with a grain of salt since this is only what I have been able to glean from reading various articles. Presumably what is called al-Qaeda today are the descendants or associates of personnel from this particular group as opposed to other groups, but I don’t know.

  52. Jake says:

    When Russia was controlled by Marxists, Leftists and Liberals loved Russia, defended Russia, excused Russia, promoted Russia. Now that Russia has survived Marxist totalitarianism and begun rediscovering Russian cultural heritage, which features Christianity, Leftists and Liberals HATE Russia.

    Who coulda thunk it possible?

    More important is that our Neocons and our old guard Yank ‘conservatives’ – who control foreign policy for both Republicans and Democrats – in the military and the spy game see Russia today exactly as the Leftists and Liberals see Russia.

    Both the Neocons and the Yank WASP Country Club types in the so-called ‘conservative’ arena agree with Leftists and Liberals about Russia.

    There’s plenty of meaning there for those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

    Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  53. The Dem’s election strategists are grasping at straws again.

    The deplorables they despise the most are flyover Americans who go to church or who serve in the military. These are the people they think are stupid and easily manipulated by wild tales and false flags.

    The “bounty on American soldiers” is hogwash to gin up what they perceive to be a voting bloc of gullible whites.

    The Dems weakness with working class whites is one they will try to shore up by crassly fake, flag-waving appeals to bedrock patriotism.

    • Replies: @mike99588
    , @dimples
  54. Erzberger says:

    “ Russia makes a good boogyman and has served well in that role for three generations now ”

    I’d say more than 3 generations. Russia bashing was already alive and well during the Civil War.

    From Lincoln’s letters:

    “As a nation, we began by declaring that ‘all men are created equal.’ We now practically read it ‘all men are created equal, except negroes.’ When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read ‘all men are created equal, except negroes, and foreigners, and Catholics.’ When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretense of loving liberty – to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocrisy.”

    With Russia abolishing serfdom and slavery at the time – and much later than Western Europe – something had to be done to not be outdone by the Russians, of course. The hypocrisy would indeed have been unbearable. It still is.

  55. Jake says:
    @Really No Shit

    If you think the US did not have the same type Deep State that despised the mass of whites before the post-WW2 era, then you are ignorant. If you think the current Deep State is entirely Jewish, or even majority Jewish, you are ignorant.

    Without any doubt, Jews now, and for decades, have per capita dominated the American Deep State. But they did not create it, nor did they create its evil. The Mossad did NOT create MI6 and the CIA. British Secret Service created the CIA and the Mossad.

    America has a Deep State that flowed naturally from the British Deep State. The Brit Empire was the Anglo-Zionist Empire Part 1. America is the Anglo-Zionist Empire Part 2.

  56. mike99588 says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Best to let someone else do the dying for you…

    US strategy at the end of WWII included letting Germans and Soviets wear each other down and kill as many of each other as possible, without US forces involvement. Obviously “we”, various US investors and the US taxpayer still gave the Soviets too much stuff, that propelled USSR economic success claims for the next 20 years.

    • Replies: @Emily
    , @Alfred
  57. mike99588 says:

    Just more Liberal/Dim/Zio/CCP sponsored horsesh*t, to drive US and Russia apart, to drive Russia toward China, when US would be better off trying to treat Russia neutrally (hang our CCP paid dems).

    • Agree: Z-man
  58. Richard B says:

    The Deep State vermin who pulled-off the violent, proxy overthrow of Yanukovych in 2014, and who are also behind the Arab Spring, Syrian Rebels, ISIS, and the ongoing domestic unrest Stateside, are the descendants of the vermin who overthrew Christian Russia in 1917 using the same modus operandi of color revolution and “peaceful protests.”.

    Spot on!

    But, a more accurate name than The Deep State is Judeocracy Inc.

    • Replies: @Moi
  59. Alfred says:

    followed by Russian assistance to the US military operation in Afghanistan.

    Few people seem to understand the logistics of the war in Afghanistan. The US and their allies were hugely dependent on the Russian railway system. It is just so ridiculous to listen to these monkeys who pretend to be statesmen and women.

    Susan Rice clearly uses skin whitener and hair straightener to look as much as possible like those she hates so much.

    • Replies: @Steve from Detroit
  60. Unfortunately, the matter with Russia is settled. And while I did not think there was evidence to support the matter. The current executive sign an intel report that accused the Russians and Pres. Putin specifically with sabotaging US election and murder and attempted murder. Unless our executive can reconcile that matter by extracting some manner of penance for hat behavior — reconciling with Russia is just a flat water tide.

    Their actions constituted acts of war and while I may disagree with the assessment —

    that is the US disposition on which nothing Russia says can be taken further than a pipe.

    That intel report which this executive signed locks our posture in place regarding Russia. We kill people in this country for being suspects.

    I don’t think the US citizen would look to kindly on shaking hands with a saboteur and murderer.

    Whether the signing was a matter of political expediency is irrelevant,. The executive openly cited Russia as an enemy of the US. For me it was one of the most painful memories of the executives tenure, because

    1. destroyed a large portion of our foreign policy agenda of toning down our presence anywhere

    2. demonstrated the executive was not as string as I believed he needed to be.

    If they were willing to interfere in our election and engage in political murder in allied states —there’s no reason to doubt that they would support the murder of our troops in a conflict one.


    It was a devastating moment when the executive agreed to that intel report.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Bill Jones
    , @anonymous
  61. Emily says:

    The CIA are the biggest drug traffickers on the planet.
    Just a few links from hudreds.
    CIA trafficking not just in Afghanistan, but the contra scandal and Pakistan etc.
    And of course a link to the attack on Yugoslavia.
    Kosovo is the half way house – CIA from Afghanistan – the processing point and distribution on to Europe.
    Milosevic was an old fashioned moral socialist who didn’t sufficiently play ball.
    He met the same fate as Saddam, Gaddaffi, probably Chavez and others…..
    Latest on the final arrest of Kosovo vile war criminal Thaci a couple of weeks ago

    • Thanks: Alfred
  62. Tom Welsh says:
    @No Friend Of The Devil

    “A little learning is a dangerous thing;
    Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring”.

    – Alexander Pope (“Essay on Criticism”)

    The MEK is one of many organisations that use the word “mujahidin” in their names. That word is quite generic.

    mujahedin (also mujahidin, mujaheddin, or mujahideen)
    n plural noun Islamic guerrilla fighters.

    from Persian and Arabic mujahidin, colloquial plural of mujahid, denoting a person who fights a jihad.

    – Concise Oxford English Dictionary

  63. Z-man says:

    Agree. See post #49 above.

  64. Emily says:

    Yep they left us Brits to die too.
    Not so clever or funny to many of us here.
    Whilst the USA decided which side to support, us or Germany.
    And vastly profiting from both sides – shamelessly.
    Britain and the Commonwealth faced Germany alone through dark days indeed until Russia became our ally – before the USA incidently – conveniently overlooked..
    The Americans finally came in Dec 1941 after Russia was already standing with us.
    It has not been forgotten in Britain to this day.
    The USA bled this country for decades, paying for what was so much crap amongst all else..
    Lend lease – what a scam that was!!!!!
    Whilst you traded and supported the nazi war machine against us.

  65. Jake says:

    When you work that into the British Empire acting to prevent Russia from forcing the Turks out of Europe and thereby liberating Constantinople, and acting to harm Russia deeply in order to win ‘The Great Game,’ you perhaps will then see that back to Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans that WASP Empire is Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Derer
  66. Well, unlike the JewSA, Russia isn’t enthralled with the Jews. Putin and company kicked out Soros and his Open Society as well as the Rothschild bankers. Lastly the four billionaire Jew oligarchs who were running the Yeltsin economic shitshow were also shown the door. Perhaps the “Assad must go” flop played into Jewish ire as well.

    • Replies: @ImaBotKnot
  67. Amusing to see Democrats so deeply concerned over the “Russian threat”. I was in the Agency during the Cold War. When the Soviets REALLY were a threat, most of those same Democrats urged retreat, compromise, submission. It makes my guts churn to see these “patriots” making hysterical claims against Russia. It is almost as if they resent the fact that Putin has rejected their entire Globalist plan, re-Christianized Russia, and locked up at least a few of the so-called “oligarchs” who were looting the Russian people of their patrimony. The case of Bill Browder deserves some attention. This Red Diaper baby (his grandfather was Earl Browder, chief of the CPUSA) has been one of the cheerleaders in the campaign to demonize Russia. Following the family tradition of a lack of loyalty (he holds British and U.S. passports, just in case!) this weasel used his granddad’s old Soviet contacts to make hundreds of millions carting off anything of any value left in the old Soviet Union. Of course, he worked with an equally greasy gang of former Soviets to do this, including one Sergei Magnitsky, a “tax advisor” working with Browder who assumed room temperature in a Russian jail after he was nabbed by the tax police. I really wonder if some of these Democrats and others who so denounce Putin had visions of sugar plums and hundreds of millions of dollars dancing in their heads, dreams rudely brought to earth by Putin?

    • Replies: @Alden
  68. Agent76 says:

    Follow the CIA drug money!

    Oct 20, 2009 Taliban Is Getting American Troops Hooked On Heroin

    It diminishes the effectiveness of our troops as well as raises money for the Taliban, who are the ones growing the poppy. How can the US combat this new strategy?

    December 3, 1993 Opioid problem America?

    The CIA Drug ConnectionIs as Old as the Agency

    LONDON— Recent news item: The Justice Department is investigating allegations that officers of a special Venezuelan anti-drug unit funded by the CIA smuggled more than 2,000 pounds of cocaine into the United States with the knowledge of CIA officials.

    June 10, 2014 Drug War? American Troops Are Protecting Afghan Opium

    U.S. Occupation Leads to All-Time High Heroin Production

  69. @Emily

    Very noble endeavor. US Government should be really proud of it.

  70. Agent76 says:

    Jul 4, 2020 78% of Russians VOTE to break away from western neoliberal dogma

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated on Thursday that the result was a clear sign of the Russian people’s trust in president Putin.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  71. Alfred says:

    If they were willing to interfere in our election and engage in political murder in allied states

    If you believe any of the Skripals nonsense and the MH-17 false flag, you are either gullible or a troll.

    Russian and international lawyers believe the defence lawyers should walk out. “In the conditions which the Dutch court has set,” comments Canadian Christopher Black, a veteran litigator in international war crimes trials, “this is now nothing more than the Ukrainian civil war fought by the Kiev regime with lawyers instead of soldiers. It’s a show trial. Nothing more than propaganda. No legal right for the accused is served by having his lawyers present. Since the defendants have refused to appear in person – three of them disputing the Dutch jurisdiction — the defence lawyers should withdraw.”


  72. Erzberger says:

    “ Britain and the Commonwealth faced Germany alone through dark days “

    Yawn. Britain declared war on Germany, and started bombing civilians, not the other way round. Wholly unnecessary. It was only done to get into a position to share the spoils. Britain was no more than a vassal state of the US after WW I, and in no position to defeat Germany. Only Russia could, and they did, and would have done so with or without the Anglo-Americans. Stop whining about suffering you brought onto yourself. Besides, Britain suffered very little compared to the continent, including Germany, and European Jewry, and all of them would have suffered less without the British arrogance that they had to defend their national honour. Hope they stay out of European affairs now but it doesn’t look good at this fake Brexit moment

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  73. Wisely, Agent76 said, “The CIA Drug Connection is as Old as the Agency.”

    Re; above, I suggest Grandfathered by Operation Gladio and it’s Vatican Bank money laundering component???

    Am aware how an England bank, USBC, was caught laundering the Afghanistan drug trade billions and got a “slap on wrist.”

    Linked below is an obscure article on President Putin’s special (on scene) Afghanistan envoy, Zamir Kabulov, who accused US intelligence in Afghanistan of drug trafficking.

    Also, my special thanks to commenters,⭐Harold Smith, ⭐Franz, and ⭐Alfred.

    • Thanks: Agent76
  74. Alfred says:
    @No Friend Of The Devil

    MEK was always protected by the USA and Europe. Once, 30 years ago in Germany, I was accosted by a member of MEK who was collecting donations. I spoke to him in Persian and called him a terrorist. He was livid. He almost lost control. But he knew that if he hurt me in any way I would make sure he would be imprisoned. I was not to be trifled with. He was showing photos of tortured people to promote his cause. Possibly they were victims of the MEK.

    MEK was hosted by Saddam Hussein. They fought on the side of Iraq when Iraq invaded Iran. They were traitors to their own country. Later, when the USA took over Iraq, the MEK were protected and kept in camps near the Iranian border. Obviously, the Americans financed them.

    The CIA has used the MEK repeatedly to attack Iran. They are totally despised by ordinary Iranians. They are a cult with something in common with the Cambodian Pol Pot way of life. Very dangerous people. They have absolutely nothing in common with the Taliban who are trying to liberate their country from the Americans.

    MEK: Who is this Iranian ‘cult’ backed by the US?

  75. @Alfred

    I’m not joking, I initially thought that was Michael Jackson.

  76. @Gidoutahere “Kryuchkov had an extraordinary proposal. He wanted Maxwell to help orchestrate the overthrow of Mikhail Gorbachev, the reformist Soviet leader. That would bring to an end a fledgling democracy and a return to the Cold War days.

    “In return, Maxwell’s massive debts would be wiped out by a grateful Kryuchkov, [Vladimir Kryuchkov, head of the KGB] who planned to replace Gorbachev. The KGB chief wanted Maxwell to use the Lady Ghislaine, named after Maxwell’s daughter, as a meeting place between the Russian plotters, Mossad chiefs and Israel’s top politicians. ? Apparently the Rothschilds/Israel Deep State wanted Gorbachev or Yeltsin.

    Events are so tangled and interconnected, as Ghislaine is still a Israel Deep State operative.

  77. annamaria says:

    The proper name for Al-Qaeda should be Al-Qaeda-US.
    The United States are the mom and dad of Al-Qaeda. The US nurtured, armed, and educated Al-Qaeda. You are welcome.

    As for the bloody Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice, a mass murderer guilty of deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people (including thousands and thousands of children) in Libya and Syria, why does not she send her children, John David Rice-Cameron and daughter Maris Rice-Cameron, to “fight for freedom and democracy” in faraway lands? Susan Rice has been very good at generating mass slaughters to please the MIC and the Lobby. It is not for nothing that Rice was called “the Typhoid Mary of the Obama-era foreign policy.”
    “Her religion is Christianity.” Oh my. What church has been allowing the war criminal Susan Rice to attend religious service next to decent people? This church of anti-Christians: Grace Church Cathedral, 98 Wentworth St., downtown Charleston.

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
    • Replies: @anonymous
  78. Trinity says:

    Funny, I don’t see White Russians hating themselves or other Whites for being proud of their heritage.

    Funny, I don’t see White Russians tearing down monuments and statues or desecrating their flag.

    Funny, I don’t see White Russians wanting their country to be invaded by hordes of hostile nonwhite WMD.

    Funny, I don’t see White Russians apologizing or backing down from identifying themselves as a Christian nation.

    Oh, I get it. This is why the so-called, “Deep State” and “Neo-Cons aka Neo-Commies” hate Russia so much. I get it now. It burns (((their))) collective asses that there are actually some largely homogeneous and traditional White nations still around who aren’t willingly accepting their own genocide or apologizing for being evil White racists. My gawd, this is my epiphany, this is MY AWAKENING ( shout out to Dr. Duke’s EXCELLENT BOOK), now I know why Russia is so vilified by (((our media.))) (((Our media))) is racist against Whites, and (((they))) hate the idea that a traditional White Christian nation still exists, especially a powerful nation like Russia. Oh dear, how could I be so gullible not to see this one. I’m Irish American and I am told I must hate the Russkies to be patriotic by other patriotic Israel Firsters.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  79. neutral says:

    It has to do with two things, and only those two things, all other rubbish about “human rights”, “international law”, blah blah blah, is propaganda meant for the common man.

    1) Russia is white, that means it can easily be demonized and is demonized.
    2) The jews that fled Russia are an especially virulent strain of the jew, their hatred for Russia has few equal.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @annamaria
  80. Mefobills says:

    WASP Empire is Anglo-Zionist Empire.

    Before American revolution, England was impressing whites into slavery. The idea was to steal life energy of people, to then monetize them.

    To put into other words, it is to credit yourself and indebt others. Kidnapping was the grabbing of small children and then shipping them elsewhere. It is a power relation, where a more powerful adult grabs a helpless child, and then some group extracts kidnapped child’s labor energy. Often the kid would be yoked to a machine, or sent to the colonies as a new debtor.

    Usury is a sin, which is a power relation. A creditor, or a class of creditors, will create situations where they can take advantage of new debtors.

    At this very moment, my wife who is a public school teacher and off for the summer, is doing work for the school system. Why? Because her boss is forced to work, and so everybody else under the boss is now working for free. This is a sin… a power relation is being abused to indebt people for their time. The impressed workers will grumble, knowing something is wrong, but they have no religious mental framework to fall back on.

    When corporations go abroad to steal another people’s resources, that is a sin. When the military is brought in to be used as enforcement arm for thefts, then military people have become unwitting malefactors enforcing sin.

    The word sin also means debt.

    “They (Pharisee class) said ‘we’ve got to get rid of this guy (Jesus) and rewrite Judaism and make it about sex instead of a class war’, which is really what the whole Old Testament is about,” Professor Hudson said.

    ”That was that was where Christianity got perverted. Christianity turned so anti-Jesus, it was the equivalent of the American Tea Party, applauding wealth and even greed, Ayn-Rand style.”

    Cromwell was funded by a Jewish “creditor” class out of Amsterdam. Jewish creditor class are direct descendants of Hillel. Talmud is nothing more than a cover story to enshrine a predatory creditor class of pharisees as a permanent fixture. According to Hillel, debts can never be erased, thus overturning jubilee injunctions coded in Isaiah.

    Grabbing anglo-zionists in early America were the “planter class.” These were the new aristocrats who use their landed wealth to control serfs worldwide. The planter class grabbed formerly free land that was a gift of the earth from God. Free labor in early America was at war with the new feudal class of people who wanted to own all of the land. Once all land was enclosed then free labor could be impressed.

    Because Biblical word “sin” is not understood, it gives cover and sanction for creditors to run wild.

    Ehret traces the origins of the deep state in America here:

    Note that the bad actors were anglo-zionists of their day, grabbing with usury. Their understanding of sin was already perverted in that era.

    The sin nature of the Jew has spread and become a sect within Christianity, hence Judeo-Christianity and Zionist-Christianity

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @anonymous
  81. barr says:

    Russia is killing US soldiers. Trump’s response is a shameful dereliction of duty
    Michael H Fuchs
    seems that BBC CNN NYT and Guardian -all are taking their cues from the coteries of Hillary Biden Cotton Rubio.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  82. Agent76 says:

    Jul 7, 2020 IMF PONZI scheme in Ukraine continues BLM Ponzi scheme boomerang

  83. endthefed says:

    Maybe someone has already stated the obvious. Regardless of the validity (or lack of) a bounty program; it’d be real hard to affect US troops if there were no US troops in Afghanistan.

  84. @anonymous

    Intel community horseshit.

  85. @Erzberger

    Only Russia could, and they did, and would have done so with or without the Anglo-Americans.

    First, the Soviets were planning to invade not just Germany, but Europe. Operation Barbarosa delayed that.
    Second, had the US, not re-supplied the Soviets, first indirectly through the lend/lease with Britain then directly after they entered the war, the Soviets would never have recovered.
    Third, the bombing of German cities diverted resources away from the Eastern Front. The same can be said for Allied provocations in Africa and the Balkans.
    Fourth, had the Admiral Canaris led traitors not been hiding munitions or sending them to the wrong place, the Soviets may not have recovered even with the US re-supply.

    If there is something to yawn about, it is the WWII narrative is tiresome. Stalin wasn’t a “good guy”, and neither were Churchill or Roosevelt. The reality is that it took the “world” to defeat Germany. The Italians were of no help, and the Japanese were as much a drain as a resource to Germany. Germany was destroyed to allow the advancement of Marxism, which had already embedded itself in the UK and US.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Erzberger
  86. DaveE says:
    @Patagonia Man

    ‘The US has one political party – the business party, with 2 wings.’

    Those two ‘wings’ are the Globalists and the Zionists. The Democrats and Republicans are just interns looking for a summer job.

    • LOL: Patagonia Man
  87. @EliteCommInc.

    “If they were willing to interfere in our election and engage in political murder in allied states”

    No you fool, we’re talking about Russia, not Israel.

  88. The zionists are pissed that Russia has saved Syria from the zionist mercenaries aka AL CIADA aka ISIS, which are creations the CIA and the MOSSAD and MI6 and NATO and so the anti Russian propaganda, pouring out of the zionist owned MSM.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  89. Alfred says:

    Obviously “we”, various US investors and the US taxpayer still gave the Soviets too much stuff, that propelled USSR economic success claims for the next 20 years

    The Russians paid for all the “giving” with gold. Kindly stop repeating lies. Even the British went almost bankrupt repaying the Americans for their “generosity”.

    It will be interesting to see how the Russians will treat the Americans when the USA experiences feudalism. I suspect the Russians will be far more generous than the Americans deserve.

  90. annamaria says:

    The US has produced a number of females — C. Rice, H. Clinton, M. Albright, S. Rice, Nuland-Kagan — that have been talking non-stop about “human rights” and “fighting poverty” while implementing the most murderous, cannibalistic policies against women and children in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine.

    Hilary Clinton and Susan Rice have managed to reestablish slavery in Libya — in Libya! that used to be a prosperous secular state with the superb health care and educational system, a wonderful social safety net, and protection and support for young families.

    Here are the greatest achievements of American females in the 21st century:
    Condi Rice and M. Albright were the most successful murderers of Iraqi kids.
    Hilary Clinton has been a very effective butcher of Libyan and Syrian population at large; young children and pregnant women were the greatest victims of Clinton’s subhuman policies.
    Susan Rice was good at promoting mass slaughter in Syria, and, along with H. Clinton, S. Rice should be credited with the slave markets in Libya.
    Nuland-Kagan helped to make Ukraine into the poorest country in Europe, where zionists and neo-nazis found a complete mutual understanding. So much for holobiz squealing.

    What’s wrong with the US? How come that the US society produced these monstrosities?

    • Agree: Michael888
    • Thanks: Larchmonter420, Robjil
  91. @barr

    Being that America kills other countries’ soldiers (and civilians) all the time, why can’t Russia (or any other country) do the same thing? What goes around comes around, right?

  92. DaveE says:

    Some things (Russiagate) are just too silly to bother with.

    I agree – except that I’m getting quite a chuckle these days at the sheer, utter desperation of the “Russia did it”, “Saddam did it”, “Bin Laden did it”, “Assad did it”, etc. etc. etc. noise from the crowd who DID do it.

    Shlomo is cornered and exposed – and that IS worth the subscription fee to watch, FINALLY.

  93. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Please at least proofread your gibberish. Some of it might even make sense.

  94. Wally says:

    “Anyone with half a brain should know that the Americans are in Afghanistan because the Americans control the world trade in narcotics.”

    – Yawn. I’ve heard that before, but have seen no proof.

    – So use your “half a brain” and give us the proof.

    Sorry, Hollywood movies are not proof.

    No doubt you’re one of those ‘No Blood For Oil’ types that Zionists love so much.

    • Replies: @Emily
  95. Trinity says:

    “There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states.” General (((Wesley Clark)))

    Obviously a patriotic “American” General like Mr. Clark has no problem with the racist state of Israel.

    Just another COHENcidence? Nah, after finding about “6 million” COHENcidences you start thinking for yourself, stop dropping the idea that “conspiracy theories” are “conspiracies” and start realizing you have been fed a load of horseshit for a century and counting. We don’t have a Russia problem but Houston, we do have a problem. Wonder what that problem is?

    • Agree: annamaria, Sick of Orcs
  96. @Curmudgeon

    And we have to believe you? {You are a real jerk.)

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
    , @Curmudgeon
  97. @Tom Welsh

    Roosevelt did graduate Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard, at a time when that meant something. He also wrote (presumably without the assistance a ghost writer) some 40-odd books, as Tucker Carlson pointed out in a recent monologue.

    I think by any standard, these achievements indicate a fairly high level of intellectual skills.

    Whether or not he was a nutcase is another matter, and not mutually exclusive of his having considerable intellectual skills. A good place to start on this question is to read what H.L. Mencken wrote about him.

    And it is said that Roosevelt is included in the Mt. Rushmore tableau because he was friends with Borglum the sculptor.

  98. @Jake

    You retort:

    “The Brit Empire was the Anglo-Zionist Empire Part 1. America is the Anglo-Zionist Empire Part 2.”

    I rest my case!

  99. Alfred says:

    Russia has a large number of different nations. But they live in harmony. Their common language is Russian. When Putin goes to visit the Dagestan, he tells them that their men are brave and their women beautiful. They love it. And they love Putin for it. Sadly, Google and Youtube seem to have cleaned up this stuff.

    Here is some compensatory eye-candy:

    Iceland’s Miss Universe has her Siberian roots revealed

    • Thanks: Z-man
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Neoconned
  100. @Jake

    The current news that the Brutish govt has approved new arms sales to Saudia because Saudi mass killings of Yemeni civilians are all “isolated incidents” so it’s quite proper to sell them the means seems to prove your point.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  101. @Zarathustra

    “(You are a real jerk)”. Also sprach Zarathustra.

    And this is your idea of a sound argument? Nietzsche would hide his face in shame.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  102. @Zarathustra

    No, you don’t have to believe anyone, including me. You can continue to ignore the truth.

    No. 6 (page 15) from November 4, 1941:

    “Your decision, Mr President, to grant the Soviet Union an interest-free loan to the value of \$1,000,000,000 to meet deliveries of munitions and raw materials to the Soviet Union is accepted by the Soviet Government with heartfelt gratitude as vital aid to the Soviet Union in its tremendous and onerous struggle against our common enemy — bloody Hitlerism.” (here)

  103. Trinity says:

    Iceland is looking better each and every day especially from behind enemy lines in Negro occupied JawJah.

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  104. Anon[127] • Disclaimer says:

    The US is in central Asia for much more than that, it’s about blocking China and Russia, as well as partially cutting off Iran on it’s eastern flank. Iran is almost surrounded by US bases. The US wants to have more control point/choke point control over continental transport routes in Asia. (One such prize would be the Dzungarian Gate, but that’s a little too ambitious for the moment. ) Afghanistan does have resources, but it would be a target without them, as it is so valuable as a (potential) transit corridor.

    • Replies: @Ace
  105. Antiwar7 says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Totally agree. So that gives an estimate of how many people are intelligent.

  106. @mcohen

    Meena talk to me

    The most intelligent person ever walked on earth. A walking taking genius like Einstein on earth!

  107. Ace says:

    Yawn. Vietnam was a U.S. military victory thrown away by Democrat leftist scum. See Frank Snepp’s Decent Interval.

    Korea was an unnecessary stalemate because MacArthur was prevented from bombing the bridge(s) over the Yalu River and attacking the Chinese rear area. This was on top of Marshall’s doing all in his power to ensure the victory of Mao over Nationalist forces in 1949.

    U.S. civilian leaders seem to swoon over enemy sanctuaries for some strange reason. Kill U.S. troops in theater. No problemo but pinky swear we won’t go after you if you go back across the border.

    God bless Richard Nixon and his destruction of NVA base areas in Cambodia. Thereafter, enemy activity ceased around my camp and all through MR IV.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Derer
  108. @ThreeCranes

    He claims to read the minds of dead people.
    That was kind of too much for me.

  109. Moi says:
    @Richard B

    The US is a Judeocracy 🙂

  110. Moi says:

    Anybody who believes what “our” government or the MSM tells us an idiot (and/or a regular American).

  111. Truth3 says:

    Thank you again to Phil Giraldi, for your tireless work to expose the evil with healthy doses of TRUTH.

    • Agree: geokat62, annamaria
  112. Moi says:
    @Ray Caruso

    There was no need to qualify Americans by saying American conservatives. Ignorance, stupidity and violence are like apple pie for us.

  113. Emily says:

    Reading your comment, Wally, I find your name extremely apt.
    None so blind as those who refuse to even read.
    You can take a horse to water but cannot make him drink.
    You can put all the proof necessary but if you refuse to check it out – well – stay a ‘ Wally’.
    I guess you subscribe to the philosophy of ‘Ignorance is bliss’.

  114. @Agent76

    I found this interview on Putin and what, how and why he’s setting up a post Putin power structure interesting

    Would that there was his like in the West.

  115. Erzberger says:

    “ First, the Soviets were planning to invade not just Germany, but Europe. Operation Barbarosa delayed that.”

    So what? Am I supposed to freeze in horror at the possibility that all, rather than a part of Germany should have been conquered by the Soviets rather than the Americans? I think the conquest and occupation of Germany by Americans (still going on) was/is the worst possible option for Germany and Europe, and probably for the US as well

    “ Second, had the US, not re-supplied the Soviets, first indirectly through the lend/lease with Britain then directly after they entered the war, the Soviets would never have recovered.”

    There is no such thing as “never recovered” for the Soviets/Russians. Had Hitler won it would have been temporary (same applies to the separate peace at Brest-Litovsk in WW I)

    “ Third, the bombing of German cities diverted resources away from the Eastern Front. The same can be said for Allied provocations in Africa and the Balkans.”

    The blockade and bombing also led to the erection of large labour and concentration camps in occupied Poland or the purpose of continuing industrial production, including ammunition, with forced and slave labour, at such facilities like Auschwitz where “useless eaters” were eliminated. The widening of the war into Africa and the Balkans was in the interest of the Allies at the expense of the local populations and their Jewish minorities. The two main goals of the Allies was to minimize their military casualties (not counting colonial soldiers) and maximize the number of civilian victims to be blamed on German villainy.

    “Fourth, had the Admiral Canaris led traitors not been hiding munitions or sending them to the wrong place, the Soviets may not have recovered even with the US re-supply.“

    Canaris etc were deliberately mislead with false hopes for a negotiated peace. Had the British not been “mistakenly” dropping ammunitions into the hands of the Wehrmacht, the Warsaw Rising they so strongly encouraged would not have happened, and not have led to the disaster it was for the city and its inhabitants

    “Stalin wasn’t a “good guy”, and neither were Churchill or Roosevelt. “ no objections

    “The reality is that it took the “world” to defeat Germany. “ Much of Europe fought on the side of Germany because they realized that Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt weren’t good guys, and they had nothing to look forward to but a horrible peace in case of their victory. Why do you think the EC got together so quickly after the war?

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  116. Erzberger says:

    Also: the sheer idiocy of claiming that poor little “Britain and the Commonwealth” stood alone against the German monster state! Do you ever look at a map? at human and natural resources? This should have been a turkey shoot if your side had not been as lacking in courage as it was, and as incompetent. And if the rest of Europe wasn’t to a very large extent in the German camp, as it is today

    • Agree: Neoconned
  117. Scott Ritter has a separate article at consortiumnews noting that the Russians have been giving money to the Taliban (AID) to fight Americans, the CIA and their ISIS proxies since 2014. Surely Obama and/or Biden would have stopped these Russian “bounties” if they were important.

  118. “Please at least proofread your gibberish. Some of it might even make sense.”

    The executive in the WH has agreed that Russia sabotaged the US election process and engaged murder and attempted in states of our allies.

    There is no turning the clock bank unless Russia makes some gesture of amelioration — there behavior constitutes an attack on the US. As such they are active enemies of the US.

    Unfortunately anyone seeking some manner of Russian love fest — should probably forget it. Whether the executive signed for politically expedient reasons simply doesn’t matter.


    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @annamaria
    , @Derer
  119. “If you believe any of the Skripals nonsense and the MH-17 false flag, you are either gullible or a troll.”

    Uhhhh, wholly irrelevant. My position in opposition to the contend that Russia sabotaged the US election was vehemently dubious. My comments at the time make my position abundantly clear. The evidence for the case against Russia in the US simply no there. But at the end of the day, the executive choose to go the other direction. That is unfortunate. But it was also a sign of things to come concerning the executives ability to stand.

    And my comments today make that very clear. Your knee-jerk response that I believe what the executive signed onto is incorrect. I knew that his choice destroyed a good deal of his foreign poliy admonition to reduce tensions.

    But that was his choice mistake or not he made that choice and as I expressed at the time — we would have to live by it.


    In fact, if I were on the opposition, I would like nothing better for the executive to start behaving as though the intel report doesn’t exist. Because I would pull out that report with his signature and commence calling him a weakling, indecisive, and a danger to the US — who is to toothless to hold Russia accountable for her acts of terror in the US and Europe.

    I would then commence a campaign explaining why the executive wants to decrease troops ion Europe — he wants to cede our allies over to Russian domination —

    But then I am not on the opposition. It was a mistake on the facts for the executive to sign that report for which there was little to no evidence supporting it.

    Now if you have a response that gives the president some manner of face saving as he makes nice with a country that overthrew a US election in the US, and engaged in murder and attempted murder — have at it.

    Minus some kind of amelioration by the Russians or an about face by the current executive (and tat would really be interesting) no peace and love and understanding can move forward. I can say with certainty

    Russia, Pres. Putin has no intention of apologizing for something they most likely did not do regarding US elections.

    Though I am sure he will once again have reason to chuckle.

    Those of you angry, frustrated, irritated . . . and yada I suggest you take that up with the WH They made that choice.

    But by all means name call as opposed to deal with the obvious reality.

    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @annamaria
    , @Derer
  120. Hibernian says:

    You do understand that the US and the UK have been separate sovereigns since 1776, don’t you?

  121. Art says:

    Trump should put on his big boy pants, tell the “Russia Russia Russia” types to go to hell – and schedule a meeting with Putin.

    Let the “conservatives” and Jew media poop on themselves.

    The voters will love it.

    • Replies: @Buck Ransom
  122. Neoconned says:

    I find it ironic given that during the Soviet era it was those on the left who laughed at Republicans for being Sovietphobes.

    But later now its the neolib media pushing the identity politics narrative that has dusted off the tired old Cold War Russia chicken little stuff.

  123. “Or not.’

    The US can not make nice with Russia until Russia makes amends for sabotaging the US election and engage in acts of murder or attempted in murder in the sovereign states of our allies. So says the executive in the WH. In fact he says that Pres. Putin ordered the sabotage and murder.

    I think you understand.

    There is no way for the current executive to move forward with better relations with Russia without extracting some admission and compensation for sad acts without reaping serious political damage — I would say a loss of credibility, but that is already in question – sadly.

  124. Interestingly, whoever invented this lie about Russia and Taliban not only did not know the realities of Afghanistan, but was stupid enough not to consult someone who knows. There is no such thing as a bank transfer in Afghanistan. It exists in the Middle Ages (democracy, my foot!), so the only form of money that functions there is cash, in hand, in a case, or in a bag, depending on the amount.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Thanks: annamaria
  125. Art says:

    Serious questions – does the CIA run the State Department and US foreign policy?

    Did Pompeo just move the CIA’s agenda to the State Department, when he became Secretary of State?

    Who sets US foreign policy – the CIA and the Pentagon? Why are a spy agency and generals running world policy – what good can come of that?

    Is Trump the tail on the US foreign policy dog? It seems as though, those two do what they want – not what Trump and his voters desire.

  126. joun says:

    The USA is quickly going to find itself in a corner. There is no realistic path away from a total confrontation with Russia. No politician will dare dissent. I hope Russia is prepared for this.

  127. dimples says:

    “The deplorables they despise the most are flyover Americans who go to church or who serve in the military. These are the people they think are stupid and easily manipulated by wild tales and false flags.”

    Well let’s face it, they usually are. These are the milch cows the MIC relies on to keep its funding secure.

  128. Bob Gwen says:

    Everyone knows that Americans are the most dumbfuck stupid people on the planet. It is more shocking to think that propaganda would NOT affect most of the population.

  129. gsjackson says:

    Anecdotally, when my family lived in England in a village near London in 1957-58 we were treated like royalty. I’ve always assumed it’s because we were the beloved Yanks who saved Britain’s behind in the war. That doesn’t undercut what you say about the underlying resentment, but my clear impression and that of my parents was that the post-war Brits loved them some Yanks.

    Another anecdote, this one not so feel-good. In 1956 we lived on Lakenheath AFB in the UK. During the Suez crisis the base was on full stand-by alert in case we had to go to war with Britain. Seriously.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  130. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    In these tough times of toilet paper,
    the NYT and WaPo are most useful.

    The ink is sustenance for roaches;
    the paper is bedding, blanket, headrest,
    and ass wipe for the homeless.

    Both are well known virus carriers.

  131. Derer says:
    @Patagonia Man

    The political culture in Washington is beyond repair. The despicable sinister schemes, backstabbing, lies, fake facts in a quest for power has nothing to do with democracy but criminality.

    It is time to galvanize support for direct voting…enabled by evolving technology. That process would eliminate:
    @ need for electing deceiving proxies that always betray their promises to represent the public interest.
    @ Washington proxies making decisions…should be reduced to debating issues.
    @ the special interest groups, lobbies self-serving agenda.
    @ sending our young people dying on far away places in unnecessary wars.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man, Alfred
  132. @Patagonia Man

    When was Paul Craig Roberts last an insider? Do you think him capable of picking cover stories generically, that is without relevant particular knowledge of inside stuff?

    And you seem to claim to have that ability to pick a cover story. So…. how? What are the generic indicia?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  133. anonymous[157] • Disclaimer says:

    “Her religion is Christianity.” Oh my. What church has been allowing the war criminal Susan Rice to attend religious service next to decent people? This church of anti-Christians: Grace Church Cathedral, 98 Wentworth St., downtown Charleston.

    Oh gee, your point would make one think that no other pagan Christian Church has produced such mass murderers, or in fact, even greater ones… which would be ludicrous as per history, yeah?

    The real source of such satanic evil should be traced to Whitevil (including their Judevil cousins of course) supremacy and their in-house “niggas,” such as the witch you mention.

  134. Neoconned says:

    Looks like a lot of the blonds here except the ones here date thugs and run around til they’re 24ish from dude to dude til they discover the joys of pills & meth and take the full bath into the toilet….

  135. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    And this is the Brutish government that’s holding political prisoner Julian Assange under the cruelest imaginable conditions, imprisoned for life.

    And this is the Brutish gov’t that made one unsuccessful attempt to kill the Skripals with nerve gas and after much political dancing around and inventing another culprit as criminals always do, successfully disappeared them. Don’t hope they will ever appear again.

    And this is the Brutish government that killed another Russian by polonium poisoning and of course invented another culprit, again as criminals always do.

    And is now selling weapons for mass killing to Saudia says mass killings are merely incidentals.

    Consistently, modern Britain makes Nazi Germany look angelic. Consistently.

    These are not Christian moral values. What religion or ritual system or control system acts like this once it takes charge?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  136. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Before interacting with this “Wizard of Oz” character, be aware that he/she/they often draw other commenters in with questions and requests that are seldom resolved to his/her/their satisfaction, or with cryptic insinuations that distract discussion.

    The same person also fuzzes up threads by pretending to be more than one commenter, the technique known as “sock puppetry.” See under Mr. Derbyshire’s February 15, 2019, article comment ## 28, 42, 43, 44, 68, 122, where he/she/they got sloppy also posting as “Anon[436].”

    Over time, Wizard has emerged as sympathetic to the international bureaucracy of the Establishment of which he may even be a (former?) part, the type of “diplomat” exemplified by Mrs. Nuland’s Ivy League cookie caddy in Ukraine. He broke character a while back, showing emotional hostility to China. But who can be sure? Among this website’s oddest, sophisticatedly trollish commenters.

  137. anonymous[157] • Disclaimer says:
    @No Friend Of The Devil

    It does not make sense either, since the MEK ( Mujahudeen ) is a twisted Shiite cult Iranian, and Al Qaeda is Arabic and twisted Sunni cult.

    Both of those cults share the same patron… the pagan Christian cult of Whitevil terrorists.

    The patron must be destroyed, if we are to destroy other terrorist cults, and for this wretched earth to have any hope of peace.

  138. @Emily

    You will find that Roosevelt privately was giving both the UK & France assurances that if either were attacked, the US would come to their aid well before 1938 – even tho’ US multinational corporations were still trading with the NSDAP in Germany well into 1941.

    Talk about walking both sides of the street!

  139. geokat62 says:

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski
  140. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    As you can’t even get the Julian Assange bit right I don’t suppose it’s any use asking you to justify your bald assertions or even flesh them our with detail. Let alone explain when Britain became “modern” and ceased to be the country which is rightly credited with ending theslave trade and led the way in abolition of slavery.

    Yes, several governments have treated Assange contemptibly but he is remanded without bail pending the resumption of the extradition hearing, not imprisoned for life in cruel or any conditions. How can you waste readers time with such garbage?

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  141. @geokat62

    How much credit do you give to someone who sloppily uses the term “terrorist in that context referring to the equovalent of precision bombing in contrast to area bombing without precise aiming?

  142. Alfred says:

    Sorry if I misunderstood you. 🙂

    I am really not qualified to comment on the internal wrangling of the various factions in the USA. I look at their foreign policy actions, not proclamations, with much greater interest.

  143. Alfred says:

    Oversexed Overpaid and Over Here: The American Airmen In Britain DVD (Timereel)

    • Thanks: gsjackson
  144. @Erzberger

    I won’t even bother to answer your fatuous later comment about the geographic extent of the British Empire having relevance (think just of Israel) beyond noting that the British neglected to start rearming in good time and had to confront vastly superior German armed forces, especially after the French army proved hopeless and France surrendered. But “started bombing civilians” is as ridiculous as trying to make something of Britain formally declaring war to honour its obligation about which Germany was fully informed when it attacked Poland.
    Attacking civilians without even the justification that it was incidental to attempting to shut down war industry was started by Germany, arguably in Belgium in August 1814 but certainly in December 1914 when German cruisers indiscriminately shelled three North East England towns. An aberration? No. It was followed by Zepellin raids on London and the use of Big Bertha against Paris. Then, what message and implicit set of rules do you find in the destruction of Guernica? And many civilians were killed in the bombing of Warsaw. Even the virtually symbolic bombing of Berlin was a response to bombs dropped on London, the only point in your favour there being the fact that those bombs were probably not meant to be dropped on London.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  145. Anon[427] • Disclaimer says:

    How intriguing. Not having your obsessive interest in warning about Wizard of Oz I have failed, at my level of diligence, to find any evidence at all of emotional hostility to China or indeed, about anything much except perhaps the hypocritical mistreatment of individuals like Julian Assange by governments. Can you help?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  146. geokat62 says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    How much credit do you give to someone who sloppily uses the term “terrorist

    The Wizard of Pedantry obsessed about the proper usage of a term, while the offending party is committing acts of war, lol.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  147. @Wizard of Oz

    Alright then, call it “precision terrorism” (an Israeli specialty). Will that be acceptable to your hasbara boss?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  148. Trinity says:

    The Germans couldn’t believe how inept the average French, American, and British soldier really were, even British described how frightened many of the America soldiers, most barely old enough to shave, appeared. The German was appalled at the physical fitness of the British soldier as well, describing them as weak and frail for the most part. Here is the truth, Western Europe and America fought the German B team at best, often these Germans were little more than schoolboys in some cases. Everyone knows that the bulk of the serious fighting was done on the Eastern Front. Think if tiny Germany hadn’t had to fight on two fronts against what must have seemed like half the world. It doesn’t speak well that it took so many years to defeat a country as small as Germany, a country that was at an extreme disadvantage. The average Western soldier, be it a Frenchmen, a Brit or an American was nothing special to say the least. This isn’t a I hate America thing, but merely the truth. The average German soldier was head and shoulders above the average Brit or America G.I.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  149. I’m surprised that this hasn’t been posted yet.

    Finally, seven days after its ‘scoop’, the NYT ran another story on the subject, entitled ‘New Administration Memo Seeks to Foster Doubts About Suspected Russian Bounties’, which was published on July 3 and buried in the bowels of the paper.

    Its opening paragraphs sought to back up the original story, claiming that an intelligence memo had said the “… CIA and the National Counterterrorism Centre had assessed with medium confidence – meaning creditable sources and plausible, but falling short of near certainty – that a unit of the Russian military service, known as the GRU, offered the bounties.”

    It was only in the last paragraph that the real story – that there was no story – was revealed: “The agency did intercept data of financial transactions that provide circumstantial support for the detainee’s account, but the agency does not have explicit evidence that the money was bounty payments.”

    So the blood libel lasted a week!

    One of the greatest things about the Trump Presidency was to carve the ‘Fake News’ meme on the MSM’s forehead.

    • Agree: Z-man
  150. annamaria says:

    The US has its comeuppance in the locally-produced “democracy on the march.” The jolly game of regime change is now played in American towns.

    Cheney the Traitor and Obama the Fraud are only marginally different. The US is run by financiers and war criminals.

    • Agree: Derer
    • Replies: @Ace
  151. annamaria says:

    “…there behavior constitutes an attack on the US”

    Mister/Miss, since when the zionized Congress of the US serves the citizenship of the US? Thank you for reminding (and you do this regularly) of the unfortunate fact that the US is an occupied territory and the US Congress is a nest of liars, war profiteers, and rabid zionists.

    Les Wexler, Ben Cardin, Chuck Schumer, and Clintons have inflicted more harm to the US than any Maria Butin and such. And don’t forget Dick Cheney and Co, the committed traitors and profiteers by any means.

  152. annamaria says:

    Skripals! Well. There was also the Steel dossier and Browder/Magnitsky Act. You certainly have a weak spot for bad forgeries.

  153. @geokat62

    In my experience people who are sloppy with language are sloppy with thinking. I thought you might have had similar relevant experience unlike most commenters here. For example, if you were employing a director of research or even just a junior researcher for a committee of inquiry would you not rate their careful use of language as a qualification? You want to be able to rely on the facts they turn up and their reasoning underlying proposed conclusions do you not?

  154. @Franklin Ryckaert

    I am content to know that you don’t read my comments and are as sloppy and inaccurate in calling me hasbara as the person who called destroying an Iranian nuclear facility “terrorist”. To extend my last comment, you wouldn’t even be on the long list for assisting any inquiry I chaired.

  155. Derer says:

    Do you know at least, what were you fighting for in Vietnam? How Vietnam threatened US shores?
    Do not tell me fighting communist ideology, because the same Nixon and Kissinger that bombed Cambodia civilians embraced that communist ideology in China with grave consequences. We have lunatics in Washington and it is time for direct voting – majority rules.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Ace
  156. Erzberger says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I suggest you read AJ Spaight’s 1944 “Bombing Vindicated” to clear things up for you. Belgium 1814?

    As for WW I and II, the British waged total war against the civilian population from day 1 via their naval blockade. Spaight actually used the argument that the blockade in either war killed more civilians than the bombing. In WW II, German civilian deaths were prevented by starving non-Germans instead. You also don’t seem to understand the difference between tactical and strategic bombing (the latter not accompanying ground forces). In Guernica, German and Italian air forces accompanied Spanish ground forces.

    As for British military strength: it is true they were no match for German ground forces but made up for that with superior naval strength (handy for enforcing the blockade), and massively building up the air force. The story that the Brits failed to rearm in time is mostly rubbish, as is the myth that Hitler was in any way ready for a full scale two front war in 1939. As for the British security pledge for Poland: yes, Chamberlain made it abundantly clear that he would defend Poland against Germany (but not the Soviet Union), and Hitler had perfectly good reason to belief that A) Chamberlain was bluffing and didn’t want war, B) that he wouldn’t declare war on both Germany and the Soviet Union. And Hitler was right in the sense that despite the British and French declaration of war, not much happened – other than the naval blockade and the lame French invasion of the Saar region. Neither Britain nor France had the courage to follow up on their war declaration, for fear of unpopular casualties or further destruction of land and people (France), and both hoped to gain a cheap victory by starving out the German war effort. Had they actually opened a second front in the fall of 39, the Germans would have collapsed, and the war would have been over before Christmas.

    The GErman victory over FRance surprised everyone, including the Germans

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  157. @Erzberger

    Whether one choose to be frozen by the thought of the Soviet juggernaut invading all or part of Germany and Europe, depends on one’s political orientation.

    I think the conquest and occupation of Germany by Americans (still going on) was/is the worst possible option for Germany and Europe, and probably for the US as well

    I agree the occupation was and is a disaster. Whether it is the worst possible option is debatable.

    There is no such thing as “never recovered” for the Soviets/Russians.

    You are conflating the Soviet Union, a political movement with the citizenry. It is the same mistake people make with Hitler/NSDAP and Germany. Hitler and the NSDAP made it clear communism was the enemy. As dysfunctional as Ukraine has been historically, there is a reason the invasion had support there – the oppressive Soviet political system. We can only speculate what would have happened had the communist system fallen.

    The blockade and bombing also led to the erection of large labour and concentration camps in occupied Poland or the purpose of continuing industrial production, including ammunition, with forced and slave labour, at such facilities like Auschwitz where “useless eaters” were eliminated.

    Often overlooked, is that the war started over Polish occupied German territory, seized after the Nov 11, 1918 Armistice. While Germany had already recognized Polish claims to some of those territories it was Polish intransigence (which included mobilizing its army to attack Germany) egged on by the UK and France, that created the crisis and caused the German invasion. Yes there were labour camps, but as with any incarceration, there was also pay. The camps issued their own `Lagergeld`where inmates could buy articles from a canteen.
    I`m not even going to respond to the useless eaters allegation. The camp records showed the prisoners were getting about the same caloric intake as the German population as a whole. As other posters noted some time ago, the Bletchley Park transcripts belie that narrative.
    It should be noted that the Warsaw Ghetto uprising was about moving production and people to Lublin to concentrate resources.

    I think the EC got together so quickly because the US wanted to impose their economic model on Europe with the illusion of control. The Marshall Plan was unraveling as the swindle it was, and the EC was the answer to keep up the illusion. While the UK was in on the scam, they were the front for the Americans, as the idiot Churchill had pissed away the Empire to buy his 15 minutes of fame.
    Once the shooting starts there are no good guys. Like all wars, WWII was an economic war. The German economic system could not be allowed to succeed, it was catching on.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Erzberger
  158. Derer says:

    You must must have quite a deteriorated mind when Russia can influence your vote. Tell me the logistics of the process. You must have equally deteriorated mind believing what CNN, MSNBC, WP or NYT and others dishonest outfits tell you – they are a propaganda machine for a small unpatriotic parasitic group.

  159. anon[178] • Disclaimer says:

    There is a hierarchy in the blame game . Trump isn’t on the top . If he were, the vile Democrats would be asking review and discussion by broader media ,Dept of Justice and Treasury either to discredit or confirm the following story

    in–“Venezuela’s interim government wants access to funds confiscated in the US from corrupt officials, saying it belongs to the Venezuelan people. But US officials appear to have other plans. The Treasury Department diverted \$601 million last year from its forfeiture fund to help build President Trump’s border wall. (Leer en español) Since the United States initiated a coup attempt against Venezuela’s elected leftist government in January 2019, up to \$24 billion worth of Venezuelan public assets have been seized by foreign countries, primarily by Washington and member states of the European Union. President Donald Trump’s administration has used at least \$601 million of that looted Venezuelan money to fund construction of its border wall with Mexico, according to government documents first reviewed by Univision Univision reviewed US congressional records and court documents and found that the Trump administration tapped into \$601 million of the Treasury Department’s “forfeiture fund” to supplement the wall constructio

    Reason no-one is doing it is because hating Trump could always be swapped for worshipping something more sinister and idiotic .

    We would have heard a similar story only if Russia extracted something like this from Ukraine or Libya .

  160. Derer says:

    I suggest you seek treatment for you pathological hate. Russia want to be a friend in peaceful coexistence but it is sinister players in Washington that constantly need/create enemies to build military industrial complexes instead of consumer goods which are supplied from China.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  161. @Trinity

    In Iceland she would not be especially good looking, just another face in the crowd.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  162. “Sorry if I misunderstood you.”

    I have been a supported of the current executive before he considered running. And his choice to agree with the intel report and more was a fairly tough pill to swallow. As it turns it was but one of many.

    No I found the intel dubious. And I think the executive could have challenged in a manner that did not call the CIA and other agencies DIA, etc. or damage his ability to curtail his policy agenda. But having signed — he essentially states Pres Putin and the Russians are active enemies of the US given that scenario

    one would draw on our behavior in Afghanistan hen we supported the Taliban with weapons to kill Russian soldiers —-

    tit for tat foreign policy is not new.

  163. @Trinity

    Even long after WW2 I found that there was a remarkably large rural population of what amounted to peasants in Germany. They would have been bigger and healthier, on average, Ghana the British factory worker though not when compared with Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans.. Nor the average American country boy. Their superiority over Americans indeed all their superiorities – would therefore owe most to the length of their training and, later, battlefield experience, and even more to the quality of the training. As America barely had an army in 1940 whereas the Germans still had thousands of experienced officers from WW1 and clandestine training in the 20s it should be no surprise that the Germans fought more effectively and efficiently than the novice American soldiers. Then there were technical factors which were naturally advantageous to the more experienced military. For example the famous 88mm anti-aircraft gin turned anti-tsnk gun was never matched by the Allies (I thin) and the German tactics for its use were also superior. Germany, though less than the Soviet Union had another advantage over Britain and France. It’s population went on growing fast for a generations beyond the end of high growth in Britain and, especially, France. For example there were 2 million Germans born in 1913 to provide young men for the army in the 30s.

  164. Z-man says:

    Yes, as I’ve said repeatedly, the ‘sinister players’, the Judaic NEOCON cabal want to keep America and Russia apart mainly for their hate of Christianity and gentiles, and try to destroy them both.

  165. Erzberger says:

    Thanks for your comments but…

    You are conflating the Soviet Union…”

    No, I don’t but didn’t express myself very well. I meant that either after WW I or II they would have bounced back, and more likely as non-Soviet Russians had the Brits and US stayed out of a conflict that was none of their business. And the more of Central and Western Europe the Soviets may have conquered after WW II, the greater the chance that the Soviet system would have collapsed much faster than it took the Cold War to achieve the same result. WW I should have ended with the separate peace of Brest-Litovsk, the first time an independent Ukraine was ever discussed as an option, and a negotiated peace with the West, more or less going back to pre-war conditions. Such a massive territorial loss to the Russian Empire as Brest-Litovsk (more or less the current Russian border with Europe) would have brought down the Bolsheviks as traitors before they could have launched the spread of their revolution to the West. The Germans would have established nation states with limited sovereignty, similar to the EU, with a common market, currency and defense. They would have had to compromise on the Ukraine, for sure, and perhaps the Baltic states, to maintain peace with Russia, and quite possibly, we would have had a more or less unified Europe, including Russia, as well as peace in Europe, for 100 yrs now. Again: Wilson messed this up, and US messianic militarism and regime change have ruined much of the globe ever since, also known as Wilsonianism. Glad Princeton struck him down finally.

    Sure, Poland bears major responsibility for WW 2, and lending themselves to now hosting US nukes and troops to be moved over from Germany signals that they once again have not learned a thing from their past. One can only hope the present government gets ditched or balanced asap.

    You are partially correct about the camps but this is not the whole story. The Germans were quite serious with their “Arbeit macht frei” promise, and Jews generally realized that their best hope for survival was either a quick German or quick Allied victory, which were both prevented by the latter. But whoever could not work ended up on the wrong side of the selection ramp. There is no question about this fact. And non-Jews, including Germans and other declared Aryans, didn’t fare any better. The first victims of gassing were German soldiers returning from the Polish front with severe injuries. The argument was that any sentimental feeling would only lead to more and worse suffering in case of defeat. Compassion was declared counterproductive, and not just in war. No work, no food was Hitler’s battle cry all along. Let’s not sentimentalize Hitler.

    The Marshall Plan, like the Dawes plan after WW I, was supposed to enable Europe to repay their war debts to the US (that’s why Britain got the lion share of 25%), and to offer a little stimulus for the purpose of enabling Europeans to buy American goods. It was almost entirely financed by the biggest intellectual property heist (from Germany) in history. That the US now complains about China stealing US patents is a joke. At least the Chinese didn’t do it via armed robbery while claiming moral superiority and liberating their victims. Did the US ever pay for the patent of manufacturing China (porcelain), and who invented that? Gunpowder? Paper? The other day some moronic retired US general said on Fox that the Chinese don’t invent anything because they have no freedom (of thought, speech whatever). It may be the other way round.

    As for Churchill: He saw very clearly that Britain had two choices: make peace with Germany, and get the US on their (Britain’s) case as well, destroy their navy, and possibly lose Canada and Australia/ NZ, or , as Tony Blair put it later (Iraq war), “crawl up the Americans’ ass and stay there.” So while I deplore Churchill, I can appreciate the tough spot he was in. You cannot seriously blame him for not sacrificing Britain for Germany. And it was Churchill who threw his weight into European unification, and who got France on the UN Security Council, giving Europe a continental voice. It’s probably the best he could do: achieve a fake victory, maintaining the illusion of having won the war. The biggest villain in my view was FDR, another Wilsonian, but fully conscious of what he was doing.

    And, sure, both World Wars were economic wars, as most wars are. This century , China has taken the place of Germany, and a traditional war like the ones waged against Germany is out of the question. The blaming of China for Covid 19, and the demand for reparations by Trump and the Pompeo gangster are a futile attempt to get a Versailles without the war, with territorial losses (Taiwan, Hongkong etc) and reparations. It’s beyond ridiculous.

    The best outcome would be a return to what was indeed Hitler’s scheme of continental autarky and a more even distribution of wealth, and a democratic model much more in line with the Prussian model, the latter bearing significant resemblance with the Chinese Mandarin system. The Chinese Communists are really doing nothing different than the old emperors running a meritocracy rather than an idiocracy. Western democracies, esp the US, with their insane and horrendously expensive election circuses tend to achieve the latter. I hear Kanye West is running for president now. The problem with China is not Communism but their adoption of Western state-capitalism.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Curmudgeon
  166. @Art

    Excellent idea. Trump could schedule a meeting in Moscow which would include a tour of the new cathedral the Russians just built as a commemoration for the 75th anniversary of victory in WW2.

    I am sure President Putin would be delighted to draw international attention to this new symbol of a Christian resurgence in Russia. President Trump would appreciate the splendor of such a backdrop for his meeting with another major head of state. Many of the Evangelicals among Trumps’s base would be gobsmacked to learn that Mr. Putin is not running a godless, soulless Communist hellstate. And many of people in the US State Department and the rest of the Swamp would utterly sh*t their pants.

    A win all around. Maybe the President will do it.

    • Agree: Alfred
  167. Ace says:

    True dat. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the exceptionals.

    And Cheney’s daughter burns the midnight oil in order to keep the pot boiling in Afghanistan. MUST have U.S. troops there to oppose “terrorists” with AKs.

  168. mike99588 says:

    NYT is a rental rag that always favored Soviets and now CCP, why cite it anymore?

    The Russia distraction distracts from Piglosi, Feinstein, Biden, Bushes, congress and corps etc etc being in bed\$ with China. With the side benefit of Russian alienation from the US driving Russian goods into the China slaughter house on the cheap.

  169. Ace says:

    Holding the line against communist expansion seemed like an adequate justification to me, vestigial though my understanding of communism was at the time. Reading Solzhenitsyn made it all crystal clear. As did events that transpired in Cambodia after 1975. Anything to stop animals like that was and is justified. Johnson’s gradual escalation strategy was a formula for defeat and he did his best to bring that about by virtue of his stupidity and micromanagement. It’s a tragedy that at critical points in our history only flawed lightweights end up driving the bus. Nixon understood smashing your enemies as job no. one but he was fending off l’Affaire Watergate to our great loss. Trump for all his faults is similarly hobbled (as per deliberate Democrat/leftist design.)

    The Gulf of Tonkin “event” was a lie, so there’s that.

    Please give the “bombed the civilians of [name of country]” rubbish a rest. You read too much Shawcross.

    I don’t recall that Nixon and Kissinger “embraced that communist ideology in China.” They sought to drive a wedge between China and the U.S.S.R. which was probably Realpolitik 101 far as I can tell. The grave consequences you mention are real enough but I hardly see their origin in the N/K initiative. Over the decades the corporate/MIC state/****-the-American-people state invented a new game of impoverish Americans and destroy American industry (IADIA). They were the ones who had no antibodies against totalitarian government (if not a positive infatuation with it) though, of late, they wet their pants over Assad’s or Gaddafi’s purported authoritarianisms like they’re skunk pie. Eeeww!

    You’re right that we have lunatics in Washington but I don’t think “direct voting” is the answer. Devolution plus draconian anti-trust enforcement. crucifixion of the Antifa filth, massive deportations, ending black privilege, brutally honest debate over black failure, draconian anti-vote fraud operations, and naming and neutralizing the role and power of organized Jewry and its wealth seem more likely to get us back on track. Please be more creative then “majority rule.”

  170. Ace says:

    Jesus. “Choke points” can be dealt with from afar. It takes a while to rebuild railroad bridges. The concept of the Russian and Iranian enemies has worn a little thin these last few days. It’s just assumed that Russia is a malignant force just as it’s universally assumed that “special sauce” is the way to go on McDonalds’ hamburgers. I accept neither proposition.

    I want troops on the U.S. southern border not on the “flanks” of Iran or policing “transit corridors” here and there but that’s just me.

  171. @Wizard of Oz

    My impression is that they are the cruelest possible jail conditions and jailed for jumping bail for what? Never charged! Purely political prisoner. And extradite for what? Pretend extraterrorial American law when America refuses to extradite a woman to Britain for actual homicide. Zero grounds to hold him.

    From their political standpoint the safest way out is for Assange to simply die in the maximum-security prison, so the extradition proceedings can simply be dropped. All problems solved.

    So, he is in actual fact in prison for life.

    Never mind that Britain did something virtuous in the distant past. Today is today. And notice that serial murderers can be friendly and courteous between murders but that nice behaviour doesn’t exonerate them for the murders. Nazi Germany looks angelic relative to the Britain of today.

    • Agree: Alfred, acementhead
  172. “The Gulf of Tonkin “event” was a lie, so there’s that.”

    No. It in reality, it was a series of confused messages from the patrol boat. But was used to support a defense of S. Vietnam — the matter is of no consequence. The US was going to defend S. Vietnamese sovereignty regardless of the Tonkin event.

  173. geokat62 says:

    Must watch interview…



    Today on TruNews Rick interviews Andrew Torba, the founder of Gab, a free speech alternative to the tyrants at Twitter. They discuss how the Silicon Valley elite use their satanic bias to silence opposition and have a mission to purge Christianity from their platforms.

  174. anon[402] • Disclaimer says:

    FYI while BLM and RG draw our attention and now RABAS have made all other conspiracies recede into Corona graveyard

    ( Russia gate and Russia Afghan Bounty American Solider )
    Kushner stoke and his DNA repaired the monetary damages back at home of origin .

    Israel lobby organizations such as the Zionist Organization of America (\$2-5 million), Friends of the IDF (\$2-5 million) and the Israeli American Council (\$1-2 million) are grabbing huge 100% forgivable loans from the CARES Act PPP program.
    According to SBA data released on Monday, Israeli’s Bank Leumi has doled out a quarter to a half billion dollars under the PPP program, despite being called out for operating in the occupied West Bank.
    Leumi has given sweetheart deals to fellow Israeli companies Oran Safety Glass (which defrauded the US Army on bulletproof glass contracts) and Energix, which operates power plants in the occupied Golan Heights and West Bank.
    This exchange took place today on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal.

    This video clip with additional information is available on IRmep’s YouTube Channel.
    Grant F. Smith is the author of the new book The Israel Lobby Enters State Government. He is director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy IRmep in Washington, D.C. which co-organizes IsraelLobbyCon each year at the National Press Club.

    • Thanks: annamaria
  175. @geokat62

    Salut Geo,

    Its best not to engage ol’ Oz Wiz. From my experience of him, he:
    – has multiple ‘Anonymous’ handles here on UR,
    – is UR’s resident dissembler,
    – asks questions for which no answer is satisfactory, hence plays a mindgame , i.e his questions are not a genuine request for information,
    – claims a personal affinity w/ Mr Unz,
    – claims to know members of Australian parliament, while also claiming not to know there’s approx. a dozen Israeli dual citizens in that country-continent’s parliament,
    – when it was pointed out to him that an Australian publication Quadrant was funded by a CIA front organization (CCF) his response was [quote] “so what?” (One would think a free and independent sovereign nation’s publications should be free of foreign interference).
    – is an apologist for the zionist entity’s continual:
    – targeted assassinations (the list runs into the thousands),
    – colonial expansion,
    – rolling genocide of the Palestinian people, witness 2014 Operation Protective Edge,
    – terrorist attacks of neighboring Arab/Muslim states – Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Occupied Territories, Iran & Syria;
    – terrorist attacks on Western nations, incl. the UK, the US, & France (since its Parliament voted to recognize Palestine as a state in 2014), and
    – sponsoring of terror organizations e.g, ISIS, to continue its proxy war on Syria.
    – etc, etc

    To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Thanks: geokat62
  176. Anon[377] • Disclaimer says:

    Because Biblical word “sin” is not understood, it gives cover and sanction for creditors to run wild.

    This truth cannot be stressed enough.
    True meaning of Sin = Debt

  177. Derer says:

    In addition to Constantinople, years later defending Ottoman remnants in Bosnia and Kosovo against the Christians by “cigar” Clinton and warmonger Blair that introduced the Islamization of Europe.

  178. @Erzberger

    Sorry about “1814”!

    As my interest in bombing Germany** and civilian casualties other than reprisals and other atrocities has only been roused recently by stupid suggestions from Hitler apologists that, in effect, the Blitz should be blamed on Churchill because of a raid on Berlin I have not gone into the subject in depth except to note the longer 20th century context which certainly includes events of WW1 like the cruiser and Zepellin attacks. But now you arouse my interest in the history and reasoning – and voiced objections – behind blockades – including the U boat attacks on convoys of supplies including food. It may be that blockades were assumed from the days of besieging cities and, later, naval blockades against Napoleon. If anyone felt the need to defend them it might have been along the lines of making distinctions e.g. between deliberate murder of harmless civilians and forcing choices on them (starve Russian prisoners and ration food to mothers and children e.g.). Of course the choice to get rid of their government and stop the war is unrealistic even in the post Cold War world. What did sanctions on Iran produce?? Just civilian deaths.

    **it is only recently that I discovered that it made a big contribution to diverting German effort from the Eastern Front though it is not surprising that Stalin thought the absence of a Second Front in France was meant to help the Germans savage the USSR.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  179. @Patagonia Man

    Still a fantasist I see. Kindly identify these multiple Anons I deploy.

    No, you can’t, any more than you could, when challenged, identify even a single one of the approx dozen Israeli dual citizens he alleges are in the Australian Parliament contrary to the provisions of the Australian constitution.

    So, don’t encourage him Geo, by thanking him. That Israeli nonsense is enough to brand him as a nutter.

    As to Quadrant, what does it matter that, in the 50s, and maybe till about 1970, it was given some financial support by the CIA? Really, what is the point in the 21st century? Does it matter to current affairs that Robert Maxwell owned the Daily Mirror till the 90s?

    If I don’t reply to all the rubbish no one should infer the truth of anything Patagonia Man alleges.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
    , @anonymous
  180. anonymous[157] • Disclaimer says:

    Putin because he re-established Christian Orthodoxy as the de facto state religion of Mother Russia.

    You make it sound as if Putin single-handedly guided “mother” Russia from godlessness, to true God-awareness. Lol!

    Except, Christianity of all flavours will always remain, Pagan Polytheist Mangods-worship, or Hindooism-lite, or Godlessness.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  181. anonymous[157] • Disclaimer says:

    “Professor” Hudson sounds like a kook.

    He takes various commandments of God and distills it into a silly… Debt = Sin. Indeed, it is true that one can take anything and make it fit their delusional way of thought. E.g. the 3 in 1, of the pagan Trinity.

    Of course, that does not mean, Usury (extortionate moneylending) ≠ Sin, which it most certainly is.

    The Ten Commandments were about debt? A silly interpretation. They are primarily about Monotheism and a righteous way-of-life, and refraining from usury is just one aspect of it.

    Christianity got perverted? Yes, it most certainly is a pagan perversion of True Monotheism.

  182. Alfred says:

    In Iceland she would not be especially good looking, just another face in the crowd

    Sorry to rain on the parade.

    What Have We Won?—Number One For Chlamydia

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  183. Alfred says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    I suspect Assange had to be “put away” in case he leaked documents about the then forthcoming Coronascam. The timing is right.

  184. @Patagonia Man

    I don’t always agree with the wizard but your mad ad-hominen attack is beastly nonsense, Patagonia Slug.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  185. @Wizard of Oz

    Forever the denialist, thanks for demonstrating the point.

    • Replies: @Anon
  186. annamaria says:

    “Sure, Poland bears major responsibility for WW 2, and lending themselves to now hosting US nukes and troops to be moved over from Germany signals that they once again have not learned a thing from their past.”
    — Stepping on rakes as a national pastime.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
    , @Z-man
  187. annamaria says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    “Nazi Germany looks angelic relative to the Britain of today.”
    — Look who is in charge of Britain — the City of London. And who is in charge of the UK government? — The Liberal Friends of Israel and Conservative Friends of Israel.

    Conservative Friends of Israel is an influential affiliate group of the Conservative Party which contains perhaps the largest number of Conservative MPs of any group in Parliament.

    Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel (LDFI) is an associated organisation whose stated objective is to ‘maximise support for the State of Israel within the British Liberal Democrat Party’…
    Both groups of “Friends of Israel” have been openly disloyal to the UK.
    Both groups of “Friends of Israel ” have been actively promoting the rape and destruction of Syria and Libya. The protection and glorification of White Helmets’ murderous jihadis is a nice illustration.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  188. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    So what kind of self-righteousness is this? I said from my experience

    When I want your opinion I’ll ask for it.

    In future, don’t comment until you’re specifically addressed.

  189. @annamaria

    What British politics urgently needs is a lobby Friends of Britain in all of its political parties.

    • Agree: annamaria
  190. Erzberger says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    The still widespread view that Hitler started indiscriminate bombing of undefended cities is the result of British propaganda and has nothing to do with historical facts, and no reputable military historian today will tell you anything else -unless you think AJP Taylor, Richard Overy , or the monumental multi-volume Cambridge UP “ Germany and the Second World War” are Hitler apologists. Neither was Spaight, of course. There is also agreement that Hitler did not violate the laws of war with the bombings in Poland or Rotterdam, no matter how often this is still claimed. Churchill did. One reason why bombing in Western and central Europe was no issue at the Nuremberg trials

    Bombing civilians started in 1911, when pre-fascist Italy bombed Tripoli, and bombing colonial subjects was common enough, also warmly embraced by the British. You may want to read this:

    The blockade gets very little attention compared to bombing. We are still fed the lie that blockades and sanctions are “peaceful” methods for the purpose of preventing wars. Nothing could be further from the truth, and they tend to be counterproductive, i.e. rallying people around their governments rather than stir up anti-government rebellion or defeatism. It will not work in Iran or Russia anymore than it worked in Hitler’s Germany. The effect of the naval blockade on Germany can not be overestimated. There was barely a Hitler speech that didn’t mention the civilian death toll during WW I, or the 100 000 who were starved during the armistice to get Germany to sign the Versailles Treaty – about as many civilians as the total US military death – and half of the latter died of the Spanish Flu, many en route to Europe. The US troop ships were worse incubators of disease than the Diamond Princess or Theodore Roosevelt during the current epidemic. Wilson didn’t care.

    I also recommend this book:

    and Stoddard’s contemporary observations on the first war year in Germany

    The big shocker is Spaight, you will easily find his Bombing Vindicated online. His hero is, unsurprisingly, Lincoln’s general William Tecumseh Sherman. German propaganda explicitly cited Sherman to drive home the point that the Americans will be as cruel as the Soviets. Were they wrong?

    Spaight claims that drawing the war to the British isles was done in solidarity with the Soviets. This is nonsense but a timely propaganda move at a time when German defeat was assured. Stalin did no fall into that trap. He lknew about Operation Pike and Operation Impossible, and had zero reason to trust the British. Wikipedia has a page on either Operation

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @Erzberger
    , @Wizard of Oz
  191. Erzberger says:

    correction: Operation Unthinkable

  192. Erzberger says:

    True. Victimhood is essential to Polish nationalism, and their last defense against becoming Europeans

  193. Anon[288] • Disclaimer says:
    @Patagonia Man

    Denialist? A careful textual analysis tells me you are saying WoZ denies what you assert, which is that there are about a dozen Israeli dual citizens in the Australian Parliament, contrary to law. Instead of coyly dancing around the issue what about meeting the challenge to name at least some?

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Patagonia Man
  194. @Erzberger

    Thanks. Mind you I think the Blitz was pretty indiscriminate bombing before Britain was in a position to inflict much damage on Germany. I gather attacks on London from the start were a strategic error by Hitler because the Liluftwaffe should have kept up its attacks on Britisk airfields. Interesting that Albert Speer, in the “World at War” series, said that four more raids like the 1000 bomber raid on Hamburg (or maybe it was Cologne) would have finished the war. Why couldn’t Bomber Command do I it? Maybe it was because Eisenhower won the battle to have bombers diverted to bombing the Pas we Calais (mostly) and Normandie.

    • Replies: @Erzberger
  195. Erzberger says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “Mind you I think the Blitz was pretty indiscriminate bombing before Britain was in a position to inflict much damage on Germany.”


    BTW, the Blitz is a misnomer. Blitzkrieg is tactical air support for ground troops. Neither applies to the air attacks on German cities in May 1940, or the German retaliation, several months later, that we know as the Blitz.

    Richard Overy though has argued that the German Blitz showed the British how it was done efficiently, so they improved their bombing strategy accordingly afterwards. Whatever

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  196. Z-man says:

    — Stepping on rakes as a national pastime.

    LOL!!! Good one.

  197. Robjil says:

    Human-ness takes many different flavors.

    One god-ness is one flavor of humanity and it is not the only flavor of humanity.

    One flavor is not good for food or the intellect.

    Compassion for all is a better concept.

  198. Robjil says:

    Israeli papers help in this. They are not afraid of reality, since they own reality in most of the world.

    This article notes that five Jewish candidates are “assured” seats in the Australian parliament in 2016. This is just one article, I sure there much info on this subject on the internet.

    Five Jewish candidates in Australia — including the first Jewish Liberal from New South Wales in the 115-year history of the parliament — have been assured seats in the next plenary.

    Three Jewish incumbents — Michael Danby and Mark Dreyfus (Victoria) of the Labor Party and Josh Frydenberg (Melbourne) of the Liberal Party — appear to have held their House of Representatives seats. Danby, who will be starting his fourth term, was the shadow attorney general in the last government, while Frydenberg was minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia.

    Here is Julian Leeser’s little ditty about what plans he will do after he won a seat in parliament.

    The first Jewish Liberal from New South Wales is newcomer Julian Leeser, who was elected to the seat of former Liberal lawmaker Philip Ruddock, the second-longest serving member of the Parliament.
    I am very conscious of being the first Jewish Liberal elected to the House of Representatives from New South Wales,” Leeser told JTA. “I commenced my campaign with a mezuzah-affixing ceremony which was attended by hundreds of people and am looking forward to serving the people of Berowra and being a proud Jewish voice in the federal Parliament.”

    • Thanks: ChuckOrloski, Alfred
    • Replies: @Anon
  199. @Anon

    So, of all the points I made Israeli dual citizens in a foreign parliament is the only point you found contentious? Interesting.

    How many dual citizens do you think are in the US Senate or House of Reps? Or in the British House of Commons or House of Lords? Or the French Senate or National Assembly? Or the Canadian Senate or House of Commons. I think its called hiding in plain sight!

    Btw, if we were to include American zionist, & founder of FOX Rupert Murdoch’s thinktank (the Institute of Public (sic) Affairs) in Australia – the no. would be closer to 20.

    To which we can add his operatives in pivotal positions in their State governments.

    So why is any of this important?

    Because Australia is a country undergoing the slow-motion process of state capture – which happened to the US decades ago, at least since 1913 and the Federal Reserve Act, and if not, since the 1963 JFK assassination & coup d’état when the dictatorship of the Military-Industrial Complex took the reins.

    State capture is better than plain ol’ fashioned corruption as it it can guarantee wanted outcomes for vested interests.

    It also means a country ends up with a ‘government’ unaccountable to the people.

    Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with state capture.

    As far as I can see, there’s only one ethno-religious group that’s attempting state capture in that country-continent – unless you have better info?

    • Thanks: Robjil
    • Replies: @Anon
  200. Anon[288] • Disclaimer says:

    Thank you for helping to make the point about Patagonia Man and his repeated false assertion about approx a dozen Israeli dual national MPs and Senators in Australia’s national Parliament, even at the expense of sounding as if you have completely missed the point that the issue concerns Israelis not just Jews you contradict Patagonia Man’s dozen and, effectually, the Israeli citizenship allegation. Patagonia Man doesn’t seem to have even noticed that a losing candidate tried to overturn Josh Frydenberg’s win on the ground that he was a dual national and lost. Moreover it wasn’t Israeli citizenship which was alleged but a technical connection through his mother to Hungary!!

  201. Anon[288] • Disclaimer says:
    @Patagonia Man

    Has it not been sufficiently clear that the issue of the dual citizens is not the only issue but one on which you demonstrate such a mental disorder that (even though you may occasionally say something which is factually correct and moderately important) that you are impossible to engage with rationally in any reliable way.
    Your repeating your false – demonstrated to be false – allegation about the Israeli dual citizens without even acknowledging the challenge is sufficient proof.

    Have you been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic? Are you taking medication for mental disorder?

    I am prompted to ask by distant recollection of an account, posted I think, on UR of a call to sane X by the police to say that they had Y in custody and that he had asked for X to be called. On X turning up at the police station he found the strapping young Y being watched warily by police with guns even while X and Y chatted. It was explained that Y was a paranoid schizophrenic who had apparently failed to take his medication and had done something to frighten his landlord. A notable line of conversation went:
    Y; how’s your father?
    X; My father died 9 years ago Y.
    Y; I know that.
    X: Well why did you ask how he is?
    Y: Because I like[?]d him.
    There seems to be the same bizarre disconnect from reality in your discourse. Hence I ask, not as an insult, but as a genuine sympathetic query, about your mental health.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
    , @annamaria
  202. @Anon

    Thankyou for your condescending tone – feeling a little defensive are we?

    OK, so allow me to ask you a question.

    Which do you think is the substantive point of my comment?

    The no. of Israeli dual citizens in a foreign parliament?


    That a US ally and Five Eyes member is undergoing a process of state capture?

    Note the word ‘substantive’.

    And btw, you’re quite capable of using that internet thingy to do a search.

    • Thanks: Robjil
  203. Alden says:
    @David Rodriguez

    I remember the Russia worship of Jews and liberals during the Cold War era very well.

  204. annamaria says:

    It is rather easy to spot an Israeli by her/his poor manners.

    How many non-Jewish nationals serve in Knesset where they root for their (foreign) countries?

    How come that Israel-firsters are openly disloyal to the countries of their dwelling?

    The western world has inflicted unspeakable suffering on the Middle East to please the supremacist state of Israel. The Israel-firsters were very actively agitating for the wars of aggression (remember Nuremberg protocols?) Should not we dismantle the exhibitions in holobiz museums and create instead new ones in the memory of middle eastern children slaughtered for the glory of Eretz Israel?

    American zioncons have publicly acknowledged that without their effort there would have been no wars in Afganistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. The pro-active Israel-firsters in the US/EU/UK/Australia are parasites on a body of western civilization.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  205. @Alfred

    Promiscuity in Iceland is nothing new, it’s been going on for centuries. Teenage mothers going to school is common. I was told that if the name of an unwed teen’s child name was Hansson (hans is literally his) there was a good chance she didn’t know who the father was, as Hans was not a popular name.
    Whether they are good looking is a separate issue from their being diseased.

  206. @Erzberger

    I agree with most of your comment. Context is always important. In regards to Churchill, however, he was clambering for a war with Germany as early as 1936. Robert E Wood testified before the US Congress in 1941, that Churchill had told him five ears earlier that Germany had to be smashed. Churchill, along with Duff Cooper were going to have a war, one way or another.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  207. @annamaria

    The American taxpayers are to blame… bottom line.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  208. annamaria says:
    @Sya Beerens

    Sure. According to your logic, Ukrainian Jews, Polish Jews, and all other Jews in Europe got what they deserved during WWII. Dismantle your holobiz museums already.

  209. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    See under Mr. Derbyshire’s May 1 column, where “Corvinus” also broke character.

    Any thoughts on the sock puppetry?

  210. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Kindly identify these multiple Anons I deploy.

    Under Mr. Derbyshire’s February 15, 2019, article comment ## 28, 42, 43, 44, 68, 122, you were caught also posting as “Anon[436].”

    Kindly admit this, and maybe people will be more inclined to see you as other than an effete, creepy troll.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  211. @Curmudgeon

    Bravo Churchill. He got many things wrong, including in the thirties, but he got Hitler and the Nazis right. By 1936 there were multiple breaches of the 1919 peace treaty including aggressive one’s like reoccupying the Rhineland and rearming, also the Nuremberg Laws, banning other political parties and imprisoning opponents. But your assertion that he was “going to have a war, one way or another” is seriously misleading as he was out of government and out of favour with political prospects that are indicated by the fact that, despite being grudgingly accepted as having been right he wasn’t even restored to a ministry until after war had broken out.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  212. @anonymous

    Back as a compulsive stalker I see and not even answering the challenge to Patagonia Man to justify his “multiple anons” any more than that fellow obsessive of yours can come up with any of his dozen Israelis in the Australian Parliament. But I congratulate and thank you for a nice choice of words. “Effete, creepy troll” describes your UR persona perfectly. Do you see him in the mirror?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  213. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    So, if you were Anon[427] upthread (#149), would that be enough for “multiple”?

  214. @Wizard of Oz

    By 1936 there were multiple breaches of the 1919 peace treaty including aggressive one’s like reoccupying the Rhineland and rearming,

    Starting from the position that the Treaty of Versailles was, in some way shape or form, based on the 1918 Armistice will always lead to the conclusion that Germany was bad and everyone else was good. The Treaty imposed conditions on Germany in contravention of International Law. it was designed defeat by treaty, what could not be accomplished on the battlefield. Germany was the last country to mobilize. In those times, mobilization was an act of war.
    You seem to ignore the fact that Germany had, by 1933, met its obligations to disarm, under the Treaty of Versailles. Britain and France had not begun and refused to do so. When Germany complained at the League of Nations they were told to piss off. Therefore, Britain and France had violated the Treaty of Versailles long before Germany. Germany presented several proposals to disarm all countries even further, but no one was interested. All of those tractor plants in the USSR were also manufacturing tanks, but that’s OK, because it wasn’t Germany.
    Belgium and the Netherlands were supposed to be neutral. They weren’t, they were actively working with the UK and France against Germany. After a plebiscite, the Rheinland was re-militarized, and given the conduct of Belgium and the Netherlands, why wouldn’t it be?

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