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Rumors of War: Washington Is Looking for a Fight
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It is depressing to observe how the United States of America has become the evil empire. Having served in the United States Army during the Vietnam War and in the Central Intelligence Agency for the second half of the Cold War, I had an insider’s viewpoint of how an essentially pragmatic national security policy was being transformed bit by bit into a bipartisan doctrine that featured as a sine qua non global dominance for Washington. Unfortunately, when the Soviet Union collapsed the opportunity to end once and for all the bipolar nuclear confrontation that threatened global annihilation was squandered as President Bill Clinton chose instead to humiliate and use NATO to contain an already demoralized and effectively leaderless Russia.

American Exceptionalism became the battle cry for an increasingly clueless federal government as well as for a media-deluded public. When 9/11 arrived, the country was ready to lash out at the rest of the world. President George W. Bush growled that “There’s a new sheriff in town and you are either with us or against us.” Afghanistan followed, then Iraq, and, in a spirit of bipartisanship, the Democrats came up with Libya and the first serious engagement in Syria. In its current manifestation, one finds a United States that threatens Iran on a nearly weekly basis and tears up arms control agreements with Russia while also maintaining deployments of US forces in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and places like Mali. Scattered across the globe are 800 American military bases while Washington’s principal enemies du jour Russia and China have, respectively, only one and none.

Never before in my lifetime has the United States been so belligerent, and that in spite of the fact that there is no single enemy or combination of enemies that actually threaten either the geographical United States or a vital interest. Venezuela is being threatened with invasion primarily because it is in the western hemisphere and therefore subject to Washington’s claimed proconsular authority. Last Wednesday Vice President Mike Pence told the United Nations Security Council that the White House will remove Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro from power, preferably using diplomacy and sanctions, but “all options are on the table.” Pence warned that Russia and other friends of Maduro need to leave now or face the consequences.

The development of the United States as a hostile and somewhat unpredictable force has not gone unnoticed. Russia has accepted that war is coming no matter what it does in dealing with Trump and is upgrading its forces. By some estimates, its army is better equipped and more combat ready than is that of the United States, which spends nearly ten times as much on “defense.”

Iran is also upgrading its defensive capabilities, which are formidable. Now that Washington has withdrawn from the nuclear agreement with Iran, has placed a series of increasingly punitive sanctions on the country, and, most recently, has declared a part of the Iranian military to be a “foreign terrorist organization” and therefore subject to attack by US forces at any time, it is clear that war will be the next step. In three weeks, the United States will seek to enforce a global ban on any purchases of Iranian oil. A number of countries, including US nominal ally Turkey, have said they will ignore the ban and it will be interesting to see what the US Navy intends to do to enforce it. Or what Iran will do to break the blockade.

But even given all of the horrific decisions being made in the White House, there is one organization that is far crazier and possibly even more dangerous. That is the United States Congress, which is, not surprisingly, a legislative body that is viewed positively by only 18 per cent of the American people.

A current bill originally entitled the “Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act (DASKA) of 2019,” is numbered S-1189. It has been introduced in the Senate which will “…require the Secretary of State to determine whether the Russian Federation should be designated as a state sponsor of terrorism and whether Russian-sponsored armed entities in Ukraine should be designated as foreign terrorist organizations.” The bill is sponsored by Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado and is co-sponsored by Democrat Robert Menendez of New Jersey.

The current version of the bill was introduced on April 11th and it is by no means clear what kind of support it might actually have, but the fact that it actually has surfaced at all should be disturbing to anyone who believes it is in the world’s best interest to avoid direct military confrontation between the United States and Russia.

In a a press release by Gardner, who has long been pushing to have Russia listed as a state sponsor of terrorism, a February version of the bill is described as “…comprehensive legislation [that] seeks to increase economic, political, and diplomatic pressure on the Russian Federation in response to Russia’s interference in democratic processes abroad, malign influence in Syria, and aggression against Ukraine, including in the Kerch Strait. The legislation establishes a comprehensive policy response to better position the US government to address Kremlin aggression by creating new policy offices on cyber defenses and sanctions coordination. The bill stands up for NATO and prevents the President from pulling the US out of the Alliance without a Senate vote. It also increases sanctions pressure on Moscow for its interference in democratic processes abroad and continued aggression against Ukraine.”

The February version of the bill included Menendez, Democrat Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, Democrat Ben Cardin of Maryland and Republican Lindsey Graham of South Carolina as co-sponsors, suggesting that provoking war is truly bipartisan in today’s Washington.

Each Senator co-sponsor contributed a personal comment to the press release. Gardner observed that “Putin’s Russia is an outlaw regime that is hell-bent on undermining international law and destroying the US-led liberal global order.” Menendez noted that “President Trump’s willful paralysis in the face of Kremlin aggression has reached a boiling point in Congress” while Graham added that “Our goal is to change the status quo and impose meaningful sanctions and measures against Putin’s Russia. He should cease and desist meddling in the US electoral process, halt cyberattacks on American infrastructure, remove Russia from Ukraine, and stop efforts to create chaos in Syria.” Cardin contributed “Congress continues to take the lead in defending US national security against continuing Russian aggression against democratic institutions at home and abroad” and Shaheen observed that “This legislation builds on previous efforts in Congress to hold Russia accountable for its bellicose behavior against the United States and its determination to destabilize our global world order.”

The Senatorial commentary is, of course, greatly exaggerated and sometimes completely false regarding what is going on in the world, but it is revealing of how ignorant American legislators can be and often are. The Senators also ignore the fact that the designation of presumed Kremlin surrogate forces as “foreign terrorist organizations” is equivalent to a declaration of war against them by the US military, while hypocritically calling Russia a state sponsor of terrorism is bad enough, as it is demonstrably untrue. But the real damage comes from the existence of the bill itself. It will solidify support for hardliners on both sides, guaranteeing that there will be no rapprochement between Washington and Moscow for the foreseeable future, a development that is bad for everyone involved. Whether it can be characterized as an unintended consequence of unwise decision making or perhaps something more sinister involving a deeply corrupted congress and administration remains to be determined.

(Republished from Strategic Culture Foundation by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Iran, Neocons, Russia 
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  1. Iris says:

    The Senators also ignore the fact that the designation of presumed Kremlin surrogate forces as “foreign terrorist organizations” is equivalent to a declaration of war against them by the US military,

    Israel wants WW3.

    • Replies: @The usual Suspectz
  2. El Dato says:

    destroying the US-led liberal global order

    I wonder whether there are Congresscritters who believe the US also controls the Orion Arm of the Galaxy.

    It seems the Europeans are a bit torn between not fully agreeing with hosting a short victorious war around Kaliningrad, the Black Sea and/or the terrain of the clearly psychologically impaired Poles — or whether they want to settle down a bit deeper on the US-provided buttplug.

    From Stanislaw Lem’s “Memoirs found in a Bathtub”:


    Wid-Wiss defended his hypothesis, claiming that when the populace of Ammer-Ka went over to the side of the “heretics” and joined the Federation, the priests of the Last Pentagon ordered it to be completely sealed off from the outside world. So the underground Moloch isolated itself from the rest of humanity and endured to the Chaotic without the least knowledge of what was taking place on the surface of the earth.

    This absolute, hermetic isolation of a community of priests and warriors of Kap-Eh-Taahl did seem, Wid-Wiss admitted, a bit unlikely. So he went on to speculate that the Last Pentagon may have possessed scanning devices on the outside. He did not think, however, that the collective military brain of the Last Dynasty was capable of any offensive or even diversive action. It certainly could not have attacked or engineered a coup against the Federation, for once the colossus had buried itself in rock and severed
    all ties with the future course of history, it was imprisoned not only by impenetrable walls but by the very nature of its internal organization. From that time on it thrived exclusively on the myth, the legend of the glory that was Kap-Eh-Taahl, and investigated, rooted out and waged bitter war against heresy — the heresy within.

    The “Notes” were discovered in the third year of excavation, on the fourth level, within an intricate corridor system where there were several sanitation facilities. In one of these facilities, filled as the rest with igneous rock, were two human skeletons and, beneath them, a scroll of papyr — the “Notes.”

    The reader will see for himself that the daring suppositions of Histognostor Wid-Wiss were for the most part quite accurate. The “Notes” portray the fate of a community locked beneath the earth, a community that refused to allow the infiltration of any news of real events, pretending it constituted the Brain, the Headquarters of an empire that extended even to the most remote galaxies. In time the pretense became belief, the belief a certainty. The reader will witness how the fanatical servants of Kap-Eh-Taahl created the myth of the Antibuilding, how they spent their lives in mutual surveillance, in tests of loyalty and devotion to the Mission, even when the last figment of that Mission’s reality had become an impossibility and nothing remained but to sink ever deeper into the pit of collective madness.

    Our historiography has not yet passed final judgment on the “Notes,” commonly called, for the location of their discovery, “Memoirs Found in a Bathtub.” Then too, no agreement has been reached as to when and in what order certain parts of the manuscript were written. The Hyberiad Gnostors, for example, consider the first twelve pages apocryphal, an addition of later years. But the reader will hardly be interested in such technical matters. Let us then be silent and allow this last message from the Neogene, the Era of Papyrocracy, to speak to us in its own voice.

  3. olde reb says:

    Why does everybody, including Philip, continually blame the government for starting all the wars ?

    Has not John Perkins shown in CONFESSIONS OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN how Wall Street works to dominate foreign nations using the powers of the US government ? Has not William Blum documented the multitude of such worldwide instances in KILLING HOPE; US MILITARY AND CIA INTERVENTIONS ?? Has not Robert Stinnett revealed, with government documents, that WS used their crony FDR to initiate WW II in DAY OF DECEIT; THE TRUTH ABOUT FDR AND PEARL HARBOR ?? WW I was also instigated by Wall Street to prevent WS loans to European nations from going bad. Cf Michael Chossudovsky; THE GLOBALIZATION OF WAR AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER. [many more examples could be listed.]

    The Federal Reserve is analyzed to fund WS’s warmongering with embezzled funds. Trump could order the GAO to audit the specific accounts involved and solve all of the US problems and incarcerate CEOs of Wall Street, maybe. Ref.


    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  4. twocalves says:

    you anti semites always struck me as some idiots,
    but look and behold, the new ukrainian guy happens to be a jew

    • Troll: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Heywood Jablomi
    , @druid55
  5. On several levels, Follow the Money. Certainly with a manufacturing economy in late stage cancer, the military-industrial component wields outsized importance. And the health of that sector requires credible threats, with wars used to create the income streams. That’s important to Wall Steet investors. Thus for them any war that isn’t endless but ends for any reason represents defeat.

    An even bigger problem is the financialization of the American component of the world economy. The policy chosen was to offshore manufacturing, but position America as the economy that would get vigorish from the entire world as the world’s financial transactions moved through the United States by means of a global economy transacted in U.S. dollars. With most dollar denominated assets outside the United States, as well as most dollars, its perceived value is backed by the full faith of the United States – in the end, military force. The dollars really belong to the United States, because it can control their use and movement, by force of sanctions that can easily become military action. Foreign entities, particularly ones of whom the folks in charge of our policies disapprove, have discovered it’s not their people whose picture is on those dollars, but those of the Americans who print them and pass laws governing their use. Those folks want to both enforce the compulsory use of only dollars, as well as the power to prohibit their use: sanctions.

    If this world currency hegemony falters, it affects extremely negatively the economy of the United States which depends upon it, disastrously so. Needless to say, the power consequences in loss would be an unprecedented collapse. Under such scenarios, even the risk of an all out war can seem worth it. If billionaires ever had to contemplate defenestration as in the Depression fomented by their millionaire predecessors jumping out of windows post 1929, then the existential threat of extinction makes the slaughter of a billion lesser mortals seem an acceptable risk. Already found to be, too big to fail, too big to jail.

    The value of the dollar in world opinion is based to a large extent on the tremendous downside consequences of not using it. Naturally, the big players know that the intrinsic value is a con. So the gift to them is inflation, the constant inevitable devaluation towards the real value, but it turned into a gift to the biggest players who get those dollars first, when they are at their highest value where injected, losing their purchase power as passed along through the constantly inflating system.

    This is a game that only an empire can play at, with lesser countries never able to do this to their own currencies without massive negative consequences.

    The stakes in this are high; those playing it out cannot do other than proceed with increasing belligerence.

    Does Trump know this? Sure, but the options are very limited.

  6. @twocalves

    A Jewish Comedian. You cannot make this stuff up.

  7. If Washington wants a fight, all they need do is explain what the new flag is flying above the navy ships around the world.

    Who owns that flag?
    What’s it doing on military vessels?

    Whoops! Forgot to mention that to the people?

    Tell them NOW, and you will have more than a fight on your hands.

  8. Anonymous [AKA "Tsar Bomba"] says:

    It’s been clear for a while now that war is what it will take to stop the criminal enterprise controlling the US. The subject population has lost any semblance of control, so the outside world is going to take care of it. The SCO is up to it. The work has two stages: dismantling the criminal enterprise that rules the US, forcibly or otherwise, and reconstructing state and society to impose world-standard rights and rule of law. If you’re not looking forward to this, and pitching in, it means you’re suffering residual Project Mockingbird brainwashing. This regime has got to go, and if it takes decapitation with concomitant collateral damage, so be it. Nobody will mind if after 70 years of impunity, the beltway becomes a sinkhole of molten basalt. What’s a few clean kinetic warheads dropped on your local fusion center? They’re parasites, spying on you. Fuck this CIA kleptocracy, destroy it.

  9. Zumbuddi says:
    @olde reb

    “Trump could audit . . . and incarcerate CEOs of WS.”

    And pigs could fly.

    Not Trump not ANY president can take such unitary action; the People have to FORCE the action.

    So the real fantasy/ wish is, How do We organize and force the gov. to carry out our wishes?

    Set fire to LasVegas?

  10. “It is depressing to observe how the United States of America has become the evil empire.”

    What we’re seeing is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, IMO.

    The whole history of “America” has one central theme: The accumulation and projection of coercive power. Somebody realized a long time ago (apparently that “somebody” is a Satanic cult known in the Bible as the first beast of Rev 13) that with its exceptional geography and resources, America had the potential to dominate and control the world, so they sought to make it happen. They sought to make America their “hammer” (Jeremiah 50:23).

    In pursuit of this goal, every hard and soft limit on the accumulation and projection of power was methodically removed. The beast’s rise to significant power in 20th century America coincides with the evolution of the technology of modern mass communications. The beast quickly established monopolistic control over radio; TV; the book, magazine and newspaper publishing industry; and the entertainment industry; thus acquiring it’s “mouth, as the mouth of a lion” (Rev 13:2).

    Also in the 20th century, the fed was established and the dollar/petrodollar became the world’s reserve currency. Now in control of an almost unlimited source of funds, the beast set about creating the most powerful military machine the world had ever seen. With a limitless money supply and thousands of nukes and bases all over the world, the beast had removed any hard limits on the projection of power.

    The next step in pursuance of world domination and control was to remove the “soft limits”: So the beast and its traitorous agents in the U.S. “government” did 9/11. And in the aftermath of this calculated act of false-flag terror, they overthrew the constitution and the rule of law, erected a domestic police state, consolidated power in the executive branch (creating the most powerful and unaccountable seat of political power the world had ever seen) and launched the “global war on terror.”

    Apparently the prophet Daniel saw the post 9/11 consolidation of power in the U.S. government (Daniel 7:8) as did John of Patmos apparently (Rev 13:11); and they both recognized the critical role of the post 9/11 super-executive (formerly “president).

    Having removed the hard and soft limits on the accumulation and use of coercive power, the U.S. government, led by the post 9/11 super executive, has become an image of the beast – that is to say, having lost all moral and constitutional legitimacy, the U.S. government exists only to do the Satanic dirty work of the beast. At present, there is only one thing standing between the beast and either world rule or destruction: The moral compunction of the man holding the office of president.

    And this is where Trump comes into the picture. Since 9/11, the (first) beast has installed into the office of “president” a series of ever-more-evil scumbags, commensurate with the ever increasing risk posed by the pursuance of its agenda (Isaiah 14:13,14), in the face of rising opposition from an ever-more-powerful Russia (and China). The low-hanging fruit having already been picked, they now need someone willing to risk it all for a chance to go after the salivatory fruit at the top.

    Apparently the (first) beast won the lottery when it found Trump under a rock somewhere. The beast needed someone evil enough to take personal responsibility for giving the orders which risk WW3 and planetary extinction. Trump is apparently that exceptionally evil person. He’s apparently the most evil and therefore probably the last person who will hold the office. He may be the false prophet of Rev 19:20.

  11. @Iris


    Jewish resentment over events that they believe happened to Jews decades, centuries, even millenia ago drives American foreign policy

    • Replies: @Tsigantes
  12. It is depressing to observe how the United States of America has become the evil empire.

    America is the original Evil Empire. From the War of 1812 (failed bid to annex Canada) to invasions of Mexico to modern day Iran.

    Add to the above color-coded ‘war plans’ of the early 20th century;

    Black (Imperial Germany), Red (the UK and Canada), Gold (invasion of French territories), Indigo (occupation of Iceland), Yellow (China), Green (Mexico), Gray (Central America and the Caribbean), Tan (Cuba), Violet (Latin America), Purple (a South American republic), Brown (Philippines) and White (Americans at home).

    Russia has accepted that war is coming no matter what it does in dealing with Trump and is upgrading its forces.

    The Russians are just being prudent. They were after all first invaded by the Empire during the Polar Bear Expedition.

    As for the Tribe they are just continuing the tradition of warmongering but this time skewed towards Israel’s perceived enemies. They are using the same propaganda methods the British deployed to force U.S. entry into two world wars.

    First, exaggerated reports of German atrocities in Belgium, the Zimmermann telegram and Balfour Declaration.

    Later Roosevelt and Churchill used Canadian spy William ‘Little Bill’ Stephenson (the real James Bond) to undermine the anti-British isolationist America First Committee (AFC).

    • Agree: druid55
  13. druid55 says:

    The neocon-Zionists and their enablers are hell bent on destruction, per the Talmud!

  14. druid55 says:

    He is a Jew and backed by one of the biggest Jewish billionaires in Ukraine. In other words, nothing changes for Ukraine. they will continue to undermine and destroy the stupid Ukrainians for continuing to believe their BS, It’s a depressing comedy

    • Agree: renfro
  15. Basudeb says: • Website

    So be it. Extinction of life on earth. Hopefully Americans are not spared.

  16. renfro says:

    Over the weekend, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu boasted of Israel’s latest strike in Syria:
    “Just in the last 36 hours, the air force attacked Iranian warehouses with Iranian weapons at the international airport in Damascus. The accumulation of recent attacks proves that we are determined more than ever to take action against Iran in Syria, just as we promised. ”

    The Jew’s war is coming. America will do the paying and the fighting.

  17. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon19"] says:

    The Jewish lobby and its partner in crime, the military-industrial complex.

  18. Tsigantes says:
    @The usual Suspectz

    They seem to be on aggressive automatic pilot now under a ragbag of justifications and – according to the loonier comments emanating from Israel – the illusion that they can rule the planet……

    This is not very likely due to lack of vision, a lack of anything to offer to the world – beyond a fantasy of the world’s slavery to Israel.

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