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It is my understanding, from a very reliable source, that the Ron Paul campaign laid off most of its staff nationwide yesterday. I do not know if that means he will suspend his campaign, though I hope he will continue on to the convention to make sure his voice is heard, even if ignored. I have to say that it was my impression that the campaign was poorly run at every level, top heavy with useless six-figure consultants, and frequently unfocused. I spoke at a number of RP events in Northern Virginia but they were generally poorly attended because little effort was made to publicize them. Even a February rally of Veterans for Paul held on the Mall, which I and many other local veterans would have attended, was in no way advertised to reach a wider audience beyond the organizers. I think Dr. Paul could have carried the Old Dominion with a little more effort and I would bet that has also been true in other places. It is such a tragedy because the Paul message of genuine change in how we do business was coming at the right time and creating a great deal of enthusiasm, particularly among younger voters and independents. The blockhead establishment Republicans are only preaching war and big government and it now looks like we will be having more of the same from them or from four more years of Obama. More likely Obama.

(Republished from The American Conservative by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Ron Paul 
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  1. Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear it.

  2. tbraton says:

    Since his staff was so top-heavy with “overpaid consultants” who were so ineffective, the layoffs might be designed to allow Ron Paul’s campaign to continue longer by conserving cash. With the winner-take-all primaries scheduled to begin April 1, the chances of Paul picking up additional delegates after that date become exceedingly thin. He would still want to get his message out, I would think.

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    We’ll see in due course what this means for RP’s 2012 run, but whether the campaign continues or folds, people have begun to come together to roll back the tide of irrational neocon wars, incompetent government run amok and a diseased financial system. It may take a few more election cycles but keep the faith. It will happen.

    Oh, and thanks for your invaluable work, Mr. Giraldi. You’re one of the reasons that I treasure this site.

  4. Yes, thank you Philip Giraldi. Over a period of time, your insights changed my way of thinking, by reasoned argument, even when it was initially resisted!

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I would sooner Take a Bullet for America then give into terrorism over Liberty !
    Protect the People Not Media Wars started From She said he said to Build Nations and destroy Religions.Freedom Starts At Home ! Vote Ron Paul and share the Words !

  6. I have just been informed by Ron Paul’s campaign staff that the layoffs have been of staff in states that have already voted and that there have not been any across the board cuts. That is good news as it means that the Ron Paul campaign, which I support with all my heart, will continue, hopefully until the convention. I would also add that my comments on the deficiencies in the campaign are my own opinion solely and are based on what I saw play out in my corner of Virginia.

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I’m all for Ron Paul, and all of them, staying in as long as their superpac sponsors keep them on life support.
    GoThiel (9/11 truther) 4RP!
    btw OBAMA2012!!

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “I am vowing to you today that I will keep fighting.  I will fight in every convention and every place where delegates will be selected.  I will fight until there is a clear winner – not because the media says that’s the end, but because the nomination has been clinched.”

    Ron Paul
    Campaign Email, 3/8/12

  9. Perhaps 6 giant corporations owning basically ALL the news media that matters is part of RP’s inability to spread his message more effectively.

  10. “I have to say that it was my impression that the campaign was poorly run at every level, top heavy with useless six-figure consultants, and frequently unfocused.

    I’d like to take issue with that a little bit. In almost every state Ron Paul has improved his percentage of the vote, sometime treble the number from four years ago. The difference from that amateur effort four years ago is considerable. The ads they’ve run are much better and their organization is better and the crowds they’ve drawn much larger.

    Have they’ve been perfect? No. But the reality is organization, while nice thing, cannot make up for defects in candidate himself as a politician, nor can it make up for the fact his message does not resonate with a majority of Republican voters, many of whom are older, less technologically inclined and some fashion dependent on a government (social security, medicare, military) they think he’s going to cut which would hurt them in their impression of him or if they are religious inclined think he’ll let hookers and drug dealers run wild. No amount of organization or grassroots support can make up for a voting culture attitude which will not support what you’re talking about no matter how distorted their impressions. Santorum has far less organization than Paul does but he can win state after state just by plugging into that voting culture.

    For today, that’s the reality Paul faces. But because he has done well among young voters, especially early on, it’s his views which are the future of the party and that’s why he needs to stay in the race. Because to make that claim on the party’s future he needs to be in the convention hall in Tampa, not outside of it.

  11. Hardy says: • Website

    I’m hope this means he’ll be endorsing Gary Johnson soon on the LP ticket so that we can start focusing on getting Johnson to 15% in the polls to be included in the general election debates.

  12. Alex says:

    I think if Paul is viewed as being short changed in Tampa, Johnson will pick up most of the primary voters, especially those young and independent voters that were never too keen on Romney and the list of consecutive anti-Romney candidates

  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I donated the legal maximum to Ron Paul’s campaign and voted for him in the Florida primary as well as hosted a Meetup Group supporting him in my city. I wish him the best going forward. However, I have now turned my personal efforts to boosting the Libertarian Party so that we will have a vocal and visible choice for Americans in November who love peace, prosperity and liberty. I also hope that Ron Paul will endorse the Libertarian Party Presidential candidate soon.

  14. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Dr. Paul’s campaign is proceeding full steam ahead, not just to this year’s Republican national convention, but to a genuine reform of the Republican party and our government.


  15. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I was sorely disappointed in the Ron Paul campaign four years ago in Louisiana; this year, the campaign seemed to be getting off to a better start; however, after an initial burst of energy, the Louisiana campaign flamed out. Several of us plan to vote for Ron Paul in the Louisiana Primary and will caucus for Ron Paul in the April caucus; but our efforts are merely protest and will bring nothing. I will likely vote for the Constitutional Party in November if it is on the ballot in Louisiana. I refuse to vote for the evil of two lessers in November. I will not vote for the stupid party or for the evil party, to echo the words of the late Sam Francis.

  16. It’s possible that if Paul had less of an isolationist foreign policy he might have had more traction.

  17. CD File says:

    This is only another testament that you MUST be favored by the media. No other candidate would have to advertise an event. Here in TN the tv news gave a weeks notice when Newt and the gang of more of the same were coming with daily updates of where and when. Do you actually wonder why he has high dollar consultants like the rest, especially when you have to circumvent a hostile corporate media? Hope for the best , but prepare for the worst…….we will soon be bogged down in yet another country, SOPA/PIPA will pass, 4 more years and a complete financial collapse.

  18. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    …if Paul had less of an isolationist foreign policy….

    We need to lay that idea to rest. That’s akin to calling someone a recluse because he doesn’t like to go around town getting into fist fights.

  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Ron Paul could be riding much higher if he had made our Israel problem a bigger issue during the debates.

    He backed off early on and hurt himself.

    Nonetheless, it is a powerful issue with a great appeal, touching on everything from foreign policy to the economic mess. The debate points are simply made, easily understood, numerous and unanswerable, perfect for the campaign trail. It’s too bad that Ron Paul is not the man to make them.

  20. BIll Pearlman- I doubt it. The only reason people gave Ron Paul the time of day was his “isolationist” ie refusal to grovel before AIPAC and the Likudniks. Without that, he was just some economic crank, more suited to the Gilded Age robber barons.

    Sometime I wonder why the Corporate media serves up only borderline racists and kooks to us as the standard bearers of a pro-American foreign policy.

  21. Glaivester says: • Website

    I have a feeling that Paul did not put a lot of effort into Virginia because he felt that in a straight head-to-head race with Romney, he would have a hard time beating him anywhere, and in Virginia he would have to beat Romney in some places in order to get any delegates. In a four-man race, he could win quite a few through proportionality. In a two-man race where there was winner-take-all by district and at-large if anyone got a clear majority, Paul would not be able to benefit from the Romney-Gingrich-Santorum split.

  22. I actually thought he had some good ideas domestically. But generally people outside of the TAC don’t see Israel has the center of evil in the world. Sorry about that.

  23. George says:

    It’s possible that if Paul had less of an isolationist foreign policy he might have had more traction.

    Right. If he had pledged fealty and billions to Israel, he certainly would have had more traction in the established media. But then, what would be the point of voting for Ron Paul?

    Where he certainly could have gotten more traction with THE PEOPLE is:

    1. Making immigration/invasion a major issue in the campaign.
    2. Not backing down from Israel one inch.

    Any candidate could have swept to office on a strong anti-immigration platform. Simply incredible that none embraced that.

  24. George says:

    The reason Paul isn’t the frontrunner because he has been challenging neoconservative foreign policy orthodoxy. People wonder why a moderate Republican like Romney is so hawkish on Iran, and the answer is he believes that is what the Republican establishment demands. Paul doesn’t play that game, and that is the most important factor why he isn’t frontrunner right now (so be it).

    But not reason whatsoever for gloom. Paul is doing very well in terms of the message he is offering. I don’t think there is a single state where he hasn’t at least doubled his support from 2008, and he is consistently winning the youth vote. And in terms of delegates counts, Romney has only about a 1/3 of what he needs to clinch, and Santorum has only half of Romney’s delegates. The race is guaranteed to go on for months and the likelihood of a brokered convention is high, especially if Gingrich stays in the race. Every rally Paul has is packed and the crowds if anything have been getting bigger. If the campaign can figure a way to better mobilize this support into votes, Paul will definitely be winning states outright.

  25. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    BP wrote : “people outside of the TAC don’t see Israel has the center of evil in the world”

    No,Mr. Bill: TAC readers don’t regard Israel as the center of anything at all. That’s the whole point, really.

    We’re Americans here on TAC, you see. America is central. We want a foreign policy driven by American principles, serving American interests. It must sound strange to you, but that’s what most Americans want, too.

  26. Then how come the comments section always comes around to the Jews

  27. Matthew says:

    Not all Jews are in Israel. Criticizing Israel’s disproportionate hold on American foreign policy is not anti-Semetic. Cutting off aid to Israel doesn’t mean we are building furnaces.

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