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Republican Jesus
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Kelly’s piece on David Frum’s website has a link to his designer T-shirt collection. The T-shirt page includes a link to a shirt showing Jesus firing from the hip with an M-16 while below him there is a vista of oil wells pumping away. It is called “What Would Republican Jesus Do?” and has to be seen to be believed:

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4 Comments to "Republican Jesus"
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  1. […] Giraldi points us to this T-Shirt which is – apparently – not a […]

  2. tbraton says:

    Well, Jesus was a Jew, after all. There is no denying it. Isn’t there a good chance that, if he were alive today, oops, I mean to say if he were among us today (it’s Easter, after all), isn’t there a good chance that he would characterize himself as a neocon, be an ardent supporter of Israel and subscribe to The Weekly Standard? The overwhelming odds are that he would vote Democratic, although he might be scratching his head about why Obama was taking so long to move against the money changers in the Temple, since they had produced the financial meltdown in the first place. This is just my seat of the pants analysis based on current statistics.

  3. I don’t think Jesus would vote at all.

    Correction the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government
    caused the financial crisis by pumping the money supply and creating artificially low interest rates. The Goverment mandated that fiancial instituions make risky loans to people that never should have been given loans and guaranteed them.
    Wall Street pulled the trigger on what was a set up created by Big Government not admirable or prudent but certainly a rational grab at profits.

  4. Dennis Dale says: • Website

    Who, upon seeing this, would take it for anything other than an anti-GWOT statement?

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