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Removing Offensive Monuments
The eyesore presidential libraries
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The social justice warrior charge to purge the United States of all monuments relating in any way to the Confederacy has been rapidly expanding to include the scourge represented by all white people all through history. The Founding Fathers who owned slaves will undoubtedly be the next ones on the block and the list will certainly expand as other deviations from current sensibilities are elaborated. In Baltimore, the world’s oldest memorial to Christopher Columbus was vandalized and it is reported that the snowflake mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio has ordered an inquiry into whether Columbus Circle in Manhattan and its eponymous statue should remain in place. Los Angeles has renamed Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples Day.

When the Columbus statue was vandalized I posted the news story on Facebook with the comment “More sanctimonious leftists having fun, wrecking a historic monument to vent their hatred of everything and everyone that does not fit into their worldview.” It attracted some comments from the usual crowd, including these from two Brits, “So glad this disgusting monument of sick depravity is gone. It’s not ‘lefties’ it’s your white privilege that’s annoyed! I wish disgusting Churchill would get off my UK bank notes too,” and “Hmmm. Columbus was a psychopath who killed, enslaved and raped countless innocent people. He doesn’t deserve to be remembered as anything but a vile and disgusting creature, IMHO.”

Chris clearly did not know what he was getting into when he “discovered” the New World, and what should be done about fellow explorer Amerigo Vespucci, whose name was given to the two continents? What used to be called the Age of Exploration will no doubt be renamed the Age of Exploitation in the textbooks and the levelers will promote the viewpoint that everything indigenous was good and everything that came out of Europe was bad. In fact, they are already saying that at some of our leading universities.

Now, I would suggest that turnabout is fair play so if we are all agreeing that monuments must be destroyed to right historic wrongs, I am interested in making up my own little list based on the things that I disapprove of. As readers of this site are aware, I am a critic of illegal behavior by the United States government, to include torture, targeted assassinations by drone and starting wars without any reason to do so, so that would be a good place to start.

So how do you go after monuments that celebrate war crimes as such memorials don’t really exist in any unambiguous form except possibly hidden in a broom closet at CIA headquarters? Well, for starters, I would go after the presidents who authorized the misdeeds, since, as Harry Truman once put it, “the buck stops here” in the Oval Office. I would look first and foremost at Presidential Libraries and would suggest that all the recent ones be either demolished or shrouded in black tarps like the statue of good old Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville.

Recent Presidential Libraries represent an unhappy compromise where politics, personal commemoration and archival information that is presumed to be both reliable and comprehensive have to coexist. Most Americans would likely be surprised to learn that there are 13 presidential libraries, many of which are attached to museums and supporting foundations, all of which are now operated by public funding. The first such library was founded by Herbert Hoover, but a number of libraries preserving presidential papers were established privately prior to that administration for presidents Washington, the two Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, Grant, Hayes, Wilson and Coolidge.

The libraries themselves are designed and built through private contributions. After construction, they are funded through the Presidential Libraries Act of 1955 and are managed by the National Archive and Records Administration (NARA), which provides them with much of their material and pays their actual operating costs, currently exceeding \$100 million annually. Add-on institutes linked to the libraries are privately funded, normally by a foundation set up for that purpose.

Presidential libraries actually attract few visitors. The three most popular are those of JFK, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Others get by through hosting special events like book signings that might or might not be linked to the presidency or by featuring theme park like exhibits. Even the top ranked in popularity Reagan library has featured a display of Walt Disney treasures.

The older presidential libraries are essentially historical collections of presidential papers and are only to a limited extent partisan, as the contentious issues that might have divided the nation once upon a time have subsequently faded. That makes them a genuine resource for researchers, aided measurably by the declassification of many documents that were considered too sensitive when they first opened their doors.

The newer libraries have likewise been promoted as repositories for documentary evidence relating to a presidency but they are in fact much more self-absorbed, engaged in what one critic describes as “legacy polishing.” They include numerous unclassified documents that present a certain point of view, but most information that would be of interest to scholars does not begin to appear until more than a decade after the library opens, after it has been “processed.” Even then, it is reasonable to assume that many documents will take decades to be declassified or they might never appear at all on grounds of national security or even to prevent embarrassment.

I would save the taxpayer money and also send a message about the true legacies of some recent presidents by destroying their libraries after removing all the actual public records and putting them in the National Archive. We could recycle the land that the libraries stood on by turning it into parks that the public would be able to use.

The University of Chicago was chosen to become the home of the most recent library, the Barack Obama Presidential Center. Construction has started on the Center, which will include a library, museum, exhibit rooms and office space for the Barack Obama Foundation. The city of Chicago is donating the land while construction costs have been privately raised. The actual operation of the center will depend on both NARA funding and a private endowment. As hosting a presidential library is regarded as prestigious, the university has been boasting of the achievement, envisioning in the Center the creation of a “new global destination.”

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize will no doubt be prominently on display, but one will almost certainly be unsuccessful when seeking the critical documents to explain the arguments made and the reasoning behind assassination by drone, the surge of the war in Afghanistan, the decision to keep Guantanamo open, the reasoning behind attacking Libya and the aggression against Syria. Those position papers and meeting notes would be invaluable in trying to assess what actually occurred, but the documents will not be in the library as they potentially disrupt the feel-good narrative and are considered both too recent and too sensitive for public consumption. This is one more excellent reason for not taking the “library” bit seriously.

The George W. Bush Presidential Center would also be a prime target for total destruction. It is located at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and includes a library, museum and think tank. First of all, the museum portion is essentially a celebration, offering displays on what the Administration itself saw as its positive achievements, which the George W. Bush Foundation president describes as “…a reflection of what [the Bushes] think is important about what happened in their service.”

Given recent comments made by George W. Bush on some of his most criticized policies, it is clear that there has been no serious retrospection regarding the Iraq invasion or on the use of renditions and torture by the CIA, exigencies which both he and his museum clearly view as aspects of a “war presidency.” You will not find the expression “war crime” appearing anywhere, nor “torture,” “rendition,” “assassination” and “invasion” anywhere in the library. All of those issues are dealt with indirectly, using displays and video defensively to provide explanations that amount to damage control featuring recorded speakers like Condi Rice, Andrew Card and John Bolton. For the serious student there is thin gruel, with no opportunity for rigorous inquiry. At the dedication of the Bush Library, Bill Clinton even joked about the library, which includes W’s collection of signed baseballs, as being the “latest, grandest example of former presidents to rewrite history.” Bill would certainly know all about that as he was adept at rewriting history while in office and afterwards, walking away from his killing of 500,000 Iraqi children through sanctions, his bombing Serbian civilians, and his cruise missile-ing of a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan and an alleged terrorist target in Afghanistan to divert attention from his dalliance with Monica Lewinsky.

So let’s get rid of both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama monstrosities pretending to be libraries. And I am also proposing that Bill Clinton should be next up. We might consider replacing them with simple obelisks commemorating the innocent victims of the U.S. foreign policy that has been a hallmark of all their administrations, an estimated 3-4 million Muslims who have perished in the so-called “War on Terror.” The memorials should specifically commemorate the more than 3,000 civilians who were killed under Obama by drones and all those who died under Clinton sanctions. And we might also want to remember the treatment of whistleblowers who have attempted to expose criminal and unconstitutional activity, including the illegal mass surveillance of U.S. citizens, only to be silenced through imprisonment as well as for the “renditioned” and tortured foreigners seeking redress in Federal courts who have been blocked through repeated invocation of the State Secrets Privilege.

If we really think we can eradicate evil in our country by destroying anything symbolic or plausibly linked to the bad old days, then let’s get those bulldozers rolling. Bill, Barack and W can kiss their libraries goodbye, though I am still wondering what to do with the associated think tanks. Just imagine what a George W. Bush think tank must look like. Good grief!

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  1. Wally says:

    How to break up a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest:

  2. wayfarer says:

    “Damnation of Confederate Memory!”

  3. I agree with this article, but Congress don’t care. Allow me to spice up this thread with historical clips from my blog:

    Most Americans now know that Columbus (actually Colombo) did not discover America, but arrived to steal what he could. Asians discovered America when they migrated across the Bering Sea. More recent evidence proved that some Polynesians sailed across the Pacific and settled in Chile. Vikings had several settlements, one as far south as Maine. Some “pure” blond Canadian Intuits (aka Eskimos) were tested and found to have European DNA.

    The great book “Lies my Teacher Told Me,” notes that Columbus’ diary records that when they reached Haiti, he found the Arawaks (local natives) in possession of spear points made of “guanine.” The Indians said they got them from black traders who had come from the south and east. Guanine proved to be an alloy of gold, silver, and copper, identical to the gold alloy preferred by West Africans, who also called it guanine. Given that West Africa is half the distance to the Caribbean compared to Europe, this is not surprising.

    When Jacques Cartier mapped the mouth of the St Lawrence River in 1535, he reported there were a many Basque fishing boats already there. The Basques of northern Spain have always asserted that their fishermen were summering off the American coast for decades before 1492, harvesting cod and whale. The crew of Columbus’ ships were mostly Basque, including his navigator!

    There is lots of hard archeological proof from old Basque fishing camps in the Americas from the early 1500s, but hard proof prior to 1492 has yet to appear. Fishermen set up Summer camps to gut and dry/salt their cod/whale meat and barrel whale oil before sailing home. Had the Basque discovered great fishing areas along the American coast prior to 1492, it is unlikely they would have announced this discovery to the world.

    All this means what? Change the name of Columbus Day. He was no hero, not an American, and did not discover America. Change it to “Explorers Day” and celebrate people like Lewis and Clark and the Apollo astronauts.

  4. Polymath says:

    There’s that “sanctions killed 500,000 Iraqi children” meme again. I’ve never seen a believable justification for that number. People who repeat it without citation are not serious.

  5. Great satire, Mr. Giraldi!

  6. Dan Hayes says:

    A very good use for the George W Bush Presidential Library would be to serve as a venue for conducting Nuremberg War Crimes Trials of GWB and assorted neoconservative war criminals.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  7. Maj. Kong says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    The Solutrean Hypothesis, while a minority opinion, might add up to something. Given lower sea levels during the Ice Ages its possible evidence was submerged. Some legends also blame the Basque for wiping out the Norse from Greenland.

    I do agree with defunding NARA and reclaiming the public records. Presidential libraries are the USA version of deifying dead Roman emperors.

    • Replies: @Alden
  8. I enjoyed your article as usual Me. Giraldi. I think you make some valid points here. If the memorials to the confederacy are offensive to some why wouldn’t memorials to war criminals be offensive. Obama received a Nobel peace prize and yet left office with much blood on his hands. George W. is perhaps the worst war criminal of the recent presidents and comes from the “Bush Crime Family”. That we the American people would pay tribute to him is a national embarrassment. He should stand trial for his crimes as should Obama and Clinton and maybe Hillary also.

  9. You forgot that we should also commemorate those rare journalists who dared to investigate the misdeeds of these Administrations and who went on to unfortunate early deaths.

    You yourself might want to stay away from hot tubs, small aircraft, nail guns and fast cars.

  10. 1RW says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    This is all true, but misses the forest for the trees. Columbus’s voyages mark the start of an era – when European states, starting with Spain then Portugal, then others began exploring, exploiting, and settling the new world. This effort spawned new major cultural development that is still ongoing – the Americas are filled by states whose cultures have European roots, not mere fishing camps.

    So while Columbus did not discover America first, his discovery had the furthest and weightiest consequences

  11. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Why stop at presidential libraries? Word is that Antifa gangsters are insulted by Mt Rushmore, so why not blast off the faces of Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington and Roosevelt and replace them with Antifa heroes, like Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao?

    Then the Antifa thugs would rejoice by go on a killing spree–just like their heroes in the USSR– and butcher tens of millions of Americans, just like what happened to Russia when it was turned into that Commie nightmare, the USSR.

    Here’s some more Antifa thugs, beating up people on the streets of DC during an AIPAC coven:

    • Replies: @lavoisier
    , @Wally
  12. Offensive monuments exist only for those unable to accept history as it is.
    The ‘offensive’ most of the time is no more than being unable to understand that present morals, real or just propaganda, cannot be applied to the past.
    Past deeds must be judged according to the morals that existed at the time.
    Those who complain of slavery now should read some books on how British petty thiefs were deported to Australia and New Zealand, conditions no better than slave transport over the Atlantic, and how they were treated there.
    The voyage took a little longer.
    Marcus Clarke, ‘For the Term of his Natural Life’, 1874, 1970, London
    Robert Hughes, ‘De fatale kust, Het epos van Australië’, 1988, Amsterdam (The fatal shore, The epic of Australia’s founding, 1986, New York)
    William Pember Reeves, ‘The Long White Cloud, AO TEA ROA’, 1898, 1924, 1998, Middlesex

  13. @Polymath

    Madeleine Albright stated that the goal justified the number of deaths.
    Because a Dutch medical doctor got a virus in the pc that sent parts of emails to anyone in the contact file, I could read desperate pleas of Iraqi doctors for instruments and medicine.

  14. @Dan Hayes

    After seven years of investigations and hearings GB produced a devastating report on Tony Blair, his role in the Iraq war.
    Nothing happened.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  15. geokat62 says:

    People who repeat it without citation are not serious.

    On the basis of these 2 citations, it appears there are studies that range between 350,000 to 576,000:

    Iraq Sanctions Kill Children, U.N. Reports
    Published: December 1, 1995

    UNITED NATIONS, Nov. 30— As many as 576,000 Iraqi children may have died since the end of the Persian Gulf war because of economic sanctions imposed by the Security Council, according to two scientists who surveyed the country for the Food and Agriculture Organization.

    The grim question of how many people have died in Iraq has sparked heated debate over the years. The controversy dates from 1995, when researchers with a Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) study in Iraq wrote to The Lancet, the journal of the British Medical Society, asserting that sanctions were responsible for the deaths of 567,000 Iraqi children. The New York Times picked up the story and declared “Iraq Sanctions Kill Children.” …

    The two most reliable scientific studies on sanctions in Iraq are the 1999 report “Morbidity and Mortality Among Iraqi Children,” by Columbia University’s Richard Garfield, and “Sanctions and Childhood Mortality in Iraq,” a May 2000 article by Mohamed Ali and Iqbal Shah in The Lancet. Garfield, an expert on the public-health impact of sanctions, conducted a comparative analysis of the more than two dozen major studies that have analyzed malnutrition and mortality figures in Iraq during the past decade. He estimated the most likely number of excess deaths among children under five years of age from 1990 through March 1998 to be 227,000. Garfield’s analysis showed child mortality rates double those of the previous decade…

    Garfield has recently recalculated his numbers, based on the additional findings of the Ali and Shah study, to arrive at an estimate of approximately 350,000 through 2000.

  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I think Trump will do away with the idea of Presidential libraries. A lot of the Presidential traditions are stupid and anachronistic. And as pointless as the British monarchy in the 21st century.

  17. Why have any monuments for public sector parasites?

    It is the people who actually make, produce, and service upon a voluntary and consensual basis who are the heroes.

    People who create, develop, engineer, innovate, and invent.

    People who dream and act on their dreams.

    People who imagine and act upon their imagination.

    People who would never be a crony capitalist.

    People who would never be in the public sector.

    People who would never don Caesar’s uniform because they would have nothing but contempt and disdain for those who cravenly surrender their autonomy to the state.

    That’s what I’m talking about – people who make civilization work.

    • Agree: Stonehands
  18. lavoisier says: • Website

    This is a fantastic idea and I would be the first in line to request demolition of the Obama, Bush, and Clinton libraries.

    And what kind of think tank would be associated with any one of these morons?

    The idea of a lot of books and serious reflection attached to any one of these three charlatans is absurd.

    And all three were guilty of war crimes. There is no honor among any of these men. Only sophistry, stupidity, and cruelty.

    Tear the libraries down.

  19. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Greg Bacon

    Mass murder would not be perpetrated by these assholes despite the core of their DNA being wrapped up in the desire to destroy.

    It would be by the security services of the state. That is how all mass murders are perpetrated. Armed forces under the control of the state.

    That is who should be feared–not a bunch of hateful pajama boys wearing masks.

  20. @Carlton Meyer

    “Some ‘pure’ blond Canadian Intuits [sic]… were tested and found to have European DNA.”

    I now confer upon thee, Carlton Meyer, the Alfred Russell Wallace Grand Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaf Clusters and Diamonds for this somewhat obvious conclusion.

  21. annamaria says:

    One of the amazing Obama’s achievements (along “support the troops!”) in the Middle East – the creation and active cooperation with the openly terrorist organizations:
    “… This time, the plan is to expel the populations of the North of Syria and replace them with people who were not born there. In order to implement this ethnic cleansing, the Pentagon and the CIA have mobilised combatants from the circles of the European extreme-left. …
    … on 31 October 2014, Salih Muslim – one of the co-presidents of the YPG, the Syrian branch of the PKK, took part in a secret meeting at the Elysées Palace with French President François Hollande and his Turkish opposite number, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. There he was promised that he would become the head of state if he agreed to re-create Kurdistan… in Syria.
    Immediately, the International Coalition, which the United States had just created, allegedly to counter Daesh, offered support to the YPG, providing it with money, training, weapons and supervision. All the imprecations against US imperialism were abandoned, since Washington had now become such a worthy ally. The Kurdish organisation began to expel the original inhabitants from the regions they had chosen for themselves.
    Just as the CIA has enrolled tens of thousands of young Western Muslims in order to turn them into Islamists, in the same way, it has recruited European anarchists to create the International Brigades, on the model of those which fought in 1936 in Barcelona against the fascists. We can also find auxiliary YPG/NATO troops such as the Internationalist Antifascist Batallion (Central Europe), the Bob Crow Brigade (English and Irish), the Henri Krasucki Brigade (French), the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces (Americas), the Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity (Greek), the Unity of the Marxist-Leninist Party (Spanish), and all the pro-US Turkish groupuscules (DK, DKP, MLSPB-DC, PDKÖ, SI, TDP, TKEP/L, TKPML) to mention only the most visible.”
    A cherry on the pie: “In February 2016, the White House « anti-terrorist Tsar », Brett McGurk, was sent by President Obama to supervise the battle of Aïn al-Arab (Kobane). On this occasion, he was decorated by the YPG (People’s Protection Units), whose head office – the Turkish PKK – is nonetheless considered by Washington to be a «terrorist organisation».

  22. Wally says: • Website
    @Greg Bacon

    It’s the Potemkin Villages / ‘holocaust’ museums / Theme Parks that should come down.

    Like deers staring into car headlights, too many know the scam is a lie, yet they are paralyzed by self censorship.

    An impossible narrative where Jews make untold fortunes.

    One example:
    tax exempt cash taken in by US ‘holocaust’ Museum

    US Taxpayers money to to USHMM:

    • Replies: @Greg Bacon
    , @Carroll Price
  23. Lebanon was once majority Arab Christian and relatively stable and peaceful. But massive arrival of Muslims and higher birthrates led to greater diversity and civil war that totally devastated the nation. This Lebanese guy fled from diversity to Canada, but as Canada becomes more diverse, there is less freedom of speech there too, and more tensions.

    You can have one people and diversity of ideas under true democracy OR you can have diversity of people and only one idea under PC oligarchy.
    PC calls for diversity of people and just ONE idea for all. Why do globalists want diversity? Divide and Conquer. A diverse people cannot unite against the elites. The Spanish imperialist elites still rule Latin America because diversity cannot unite against them.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  24. Workers at the Presidential Libraries are not always the most friend folks you could meet. I simply asked one at the Clinton Presidential Library where among the displays I could find the famous blue dress and the next thing you know I was out on the street. Go figure.

    • LOL: Alden
  25. it is just another move by SJW, PC mobs.

  26. bjondo says:
    @Priss Factor

    Sad Gaad is a Zionist Jew and his comments regarding Muslims ain’t worth piss.

    France and England had more to do with problems in Lebanon not the Muslims.

    • Agree: Moi
  27. bjondo says:

    Whatever is housed in these libraries and museums belongs in the Smithsonian and the NARA.

    The empty buildings can then be put to proper use as memorials to Jew Suffering which is never ending always present.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  28. @Carlton Meyer

    Most Americans now know that Columbus (actually Colombo) did not discover America, but arrived to steal what he could.

    Columbus discovered America as far as Europe and world literature was concerned and at the time there does not seem to have been any active travel or commerce between say, China, and Japan, and the Americas. From his writings it appears that had miscalculated by a large factor and thought that he was arriving on the east coast of Asia, which is why he called the islands he discovered the “Indies”. Although he did sail along the coast of Panama on his third voyage, he never discovered the existence of the Pacific Ocean a short distance overland. Cortes did that later,

    Thus your inference that he already knew the Americas existed and arrived to steal what he could seems dubious. It is, of course, true that those who financed his voyages wanted them to be commercially profitable and that desire for profits is what drove Columbus into exploiting the natives of what is now the Dominican Republic and forcing them to find and hand over gold found by panhandling in the rivers.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  29. After Honest Abe’s emancipation proclamation, I wonder if there were many US human rights activists who had moral problems with President Grant’s commissioning of General William Tecumseh Sherman to vanquish the continental Plains Indians.

    How I’d like to read an opinion issued by prisoner,
    Leonard Peltier, regarding which flag, either Union or Confederate, had moral superiority.

  30. Hillary has one thing in common with Hitler. To the very end, Hitler blamed everyone but himself.
    Hillary has same kind of mindset. It’s EVERYONE’s fault but hers.

    That said, notice she doesn’t blame the Holy Three.

    1. Obama and Blacks. If she should blame ANYONE for her failure to become president, it is Obama who ungraciously cut in front of the line in 2008. A young man, Obama could have waited his turn. Hillary had been waiting for a long time and had ‘paid her dues’. Bu he cut in front of the line in a yr when it was a cinch for Democrats to win due to Bush II’s mess of a presidency and 2008 financial crisis. Also, the establishment all got behind Obama and dumped Hillary. People that Hillary thought were her friends deserted her and jumped on the Bama bandwagon. But Obama is black, therefore holy, and you can never blame blacks.

    Hillary also lost because Obama and Progs unleashed BLM that gave her side a bad name. With riots, crime rates going up, and even cops ending up dead, it was bound to dent her campaign. But nope, blacks are holy, so she can’t bring that up.

    2. Homos. Homos pushed homomania as ‘pride’ and new religion, a Queertianity. It didn’t end with ‘gay marriage’. Once that deranged lie was sacralized — marriage, the most important institution of civilization was associated with homo fecal penetration and tranny genital mutilation — , it broke the dam and all the perverts and freaks demanded their 15 min or 15 yrs of fame. Soon, much of ‘progressivism’ turned into a ludicrous festival of green hair, ‘pussy’ this and that, and other childish quasi-pedo dementia. As this was the New Proggism, Hillary embraced it and looked stupid.

    3. Jewish Globalism. After all these wars and meddling, the US public got sick of disasters like Iraq, Libya, and Syria. But Hillary involved herself in the destruction of Libya under Jewish globalist pressure. These wars also unleashed a ‘migrant’ and ‘refugee’ wave that led to terror attacks that became world wide news. So, Hillary’s slavish service to Wars for Israel did her harm. But you can’t blame Jewish Power for anything.

    So, blame everything but herself and the Holy Three.

  31. @Priss Factor

    In all of Hitler’s published writings, he is extremely candid about his mistakes and is very self-critical in a constructive, evaluative way. Stop getting your history from the movies, Priss.

    • Agree: Moi
    • Replies: @Vinteuil
    , @Priss Factor
  32. @Jonathan Mason

    Look at it this way: Taken to it’s logical conclusion, we as a species will end up being told we have to apologise for the senseless slaughter of single-celled organisms that became the food that made it possible for our protozoan ancestors to evolve into us.

    Different times, different mores. Ethnically cleansing us for the sins of Columbus won’t change history as we know it.

  33. J1234 says:

    ….mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio has ordered an inquiry into whether Columbus Circle in Manhattan and its eponymous statue should remain in place.

    And yet Samuel Dickstein Plaza remains in place.

    And I don’t think Mayor de Blasio has ordered an “inquiry” into it, either.

  34. David says:

    Let’s move displaced minority families into them “temporarily,” just until the floodwaters recede, power is restored, and the poor folks are back on their feet.

    That would be the functional end for those libraries.

  35. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    There are over 150 Houses of the Holy in the USA, solely dedicated to the religion of Holocaustanity.

    Like other religions, no proof is needed, just blind faith in whatever miracles the high priests command you to worship, even if they have to tell you six million times.

  36. yeah says:

    “Just imagine what a George W. Bush think tank must look like”.

    LOL! Firstly, it will be completely EMPTY, as empty as the space between Dubya’s two ears. Secondly, it can be put to great educational use: to teach young students of maths and computer science the important concept of “Null”.

    Various other public spaces/institutions can be imagined, and should be given consideration in the interest of public edification and/or amusement. “The Bill Clinton Society for Promotion of Restraint and Virtue” could be one. “The Trump Twitter Club and Tweeting Agency” might merit consideration. And, of course, no one can deny the historic appeal of “The R. Nixon Burglary-Proof Library and Documentation Center”.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  37. Z-man says:

    They just defaces another Columbus statue in Central Park. They wrote that ‘hate’ must be met with violence and to ‘wait and see what’s coming next’.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  38. The libraries would be much better as tourist attractions if they were curated by cynics. For example, President Obama’s could contain photocopies of the 2016 tax returns of the CEOs of United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, Anthem, and WellCare. Last year the top eight health “care” CEOs raked in a combined 170 million dollars with the help of the hilariously named Affordable Care Act. One lucky winner has seen his compensation quadruple since Heritage Care was signed 7 years ago.

    Little touches like this would add some pizzazz to these monsters.

  39. Vinteuil says:
    @Intelligent Dasein

    “In all of Hitler’s published writings, he is extremely candid about his mistakes and is very self-critical in a constructive, evaluative way.”

    References? links, please, my Heideggerean friend?

    Did it, by any chance, ever occur to him that exterminating &/or enslaving the Slavs might not have been quite the best idea ever?

  40. Wally says:
    @Priss Factor

    “To the very end, Hitler blamed everyone but himself.”

    Blamed everyone for what?

  41. Z-man says:

    To clarify it was defaced with “Hate will not be tolerated” and “#something’s coming”.

  42. @Intelligent Dasein

    That is why Hitler apologized to the Germans as Berlin was burning.


  43. Alden says:
    @Priss Factor

    Just looked for a repair shop for my car. Nearest one that deals with the special electric system has a proud notice in bold type on its website.

    “Gender neutral restrooms”

    Words fail.

  44. Alden says:
    @Priss Factor

    More homomania news.

    I’m helping with the complicated 6 step applications to private high schools for 2 grandchildren.

    The Catholic and Christian schools just ask if the applicant is male or female. Some of the most prestigious secular schools offer the choice of male female other. If one clicks on other one must specify lesbian gay male bisexual transsexual (what into what) transitioning and undecided.

    These are applications for kids just starting 8th grade, barely 13.

    • Replies: @Avery
  45. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The empty buildings can then be put to proper use as memorials to Jew Suffering which is never ending always present.

    or roller skating rinks.

    yah, roller skating. I like that.

    or how ’bout this: porn studios on upper floors for the old man while the kiddies skate downstairs. everybody happy.

  46. Alden says:
    @Maj. Kong

    Supposedly it was Turkish slave raiders who finished the Norwegians in Greenland. Aside from enemies, Greenland was settled during a global warming era 700 to 1200AD. By 1300 AD Greenland was getting cold again. By 1600 covered with glaciers and impossible for a European farming lifestyle.

  47. Avery says:

    {The Catholic and Christian schools just ask if the applicant is male or female. }

    Catholic and Christian schools?
    You are not serious, are you?

  48. mb says: • Website

    A brilliant counter by Mr. Giraldi to our very own Red, uhm Brown Guard.
    After we impeach the presidential libraries (how come they aren’t all digital and in the cloud?) let’s start burning down a few universities like Berserkley and Hahvard or anywhere else our precious little pumpkinheads fester and matriculate.
    Then we go after MSNBC and CNN all loci of the evil white man technological hegemony along with the NYT and WaPo.

    If hey hey, ho ho, western civ has got to go, there’s no point in pussyfooting around.
    Get on with it.
    The more blowtorches and gasoline, the better.

  49. @Polymath

    Yes, there’s that ” sanctions killed over 500,000 people” . Why does this claim surprise you?
    Chaney, Rumsfeld , Bush, and their entourage made it ILLEGAL to report on genocide and absolute destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq. No one knows for “sure” how many innocents perished in these two murderous ” weapon testing/Israel need entertained” stupid circus troupe…., All television, modern and fast cameras, smart phones, Skype, live stream, YouTube…. can’t capture, report, and give an estimate of atrocities , but we’re forced to swallow and wear the SIX MILLION.
    The claimants to six million make sure no one will dare come up with any number that will exceed half of six
    We goyim, being so dumb, cheer on as we get shipped to the desert, hatred fills in at the sight of these desert dwellers, as our reality and expectations have sunk in from all those “Great Hollywood ” movies, especially ones made by Spielberg and some of his fellow tribe directors and actors ( most Jewish actors play ugly Arab villains). Try making a movie like Back To The Future, but instead of Arab terrorists, make them Jews, same actors. Can you imagine the reaction? Around the West? A bad KIKE?

    And our heroes are more than happy to “Kill me some Sand Niggers, rape them women, and kill ’em after ”

    God, we’re STUPID

    • Replies: @Man on the street
  50. Charlotte says:

    Actually, Franklin Roosevelt created the first presidential library. Truman’s was the second, and Hoover’s was the third (he liked the concept). It’s noteworthy that at that time, a president’s papers were his personal property to dispose of as he wished. Roosevelt and his successors through Lyndon Johnson could have burned them on the White House lawn if they’d wished.

    Obama’s Chicago “library” won’t contain any of his papers thanks to a recent decision by his foundation. The originals will be stored by NARA.

    • Replies: @bjondo
    , @Carroll Price
  51. bjondo says:

    suppose that way less accessible.

  52. Wow Philip, I have been screaming about presidential libraries for a decade, and was unable to find anyone who shares similar hostility to these buildings. First I am very politically aware person, yet have never visited one single presidential library in my life. Second, whatever any president wants to spin his legacy he simply can place whatever materials or books in the library of congress. Or place it on the internet just in case the people give a hoot. My HOSTILITY towards presidential libraries is mainly relating to the money raised by our leaders to build a monument to themselves. Most of the money comes in as bribes from Saudi Arabia.

  53. @truthtellerAryan

    In 1927 decades before the Holocaust the New York Times reported the six million Jews stories.

    • Replies: @truthtellerAryan
  54. norm741 says:

    Sounds like the Cultural Revolution

  55. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Columbus wasn’t looking for a continent to exploit. He was looking for a shorter trade route to China. And ‘trade’ means ‘trade’ in this context, not theft. He was fully expecting to have to offer something the Chinese would want in return for their trade goods, and initiate a bargain that was acceptable to both sides. That’s how trading works and the way people of Columbus’ culture and time expected it to work. This is NOT theft. Contrary to what people think, Columbus showed up in America with trade good on his ships, and he TRADED with the American Indians.

  56. MarkinLA says:

    “The Bill Clinton Society for Promotion of Restraint and Virtue”

    Bill could teach classes on how to use positions of power to get women in bed that normally wouldn’t give you a second look.

  57. Skeptikal says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    What we learned in grade school was that Columbus was looking to find a passage to the East—for purposes of trade—by sailing west—which would be possible only if the earth was indeed spherical, not flat.

    It is all made up myth that the crew were afraid of falling off the edge of the earth and Columbus insisted on keeping going?

    It seems possible that there was contact by Africans and Basques, but that Columbus’s voyage was the first “official” voyage that brought news of new lands back to a royal court that could publish and exploit this knowledge (by claiming lands, etc.).

    If we are to eradicate the name of Columbus from the public sphere, let’s start with renaming the many cities, including capitals (hey! District of Columbia); move on to rename the Columbia River; from there we can start cleaning up any scientific terms that refer to Columbus, such as pre-Columbian. We can leave it to the people of Colombia to find a new name for their country, as long as they bow to our fiat that Colombia is no longer acceptable. We might offer them a short list, a kind of multiple choice of new names—we can offer them the left-overs after we have finished all of our own renaming. Or, perhaps we can do this more scientifically by choosing just one basic word or word root to stand in for all of the Columbus names. How about Philis? our capital would be Washington [but that name, too, needs expunging], D.P., District of Philis; the Philis River; Philistinia; Philistine Circle; the age of the Pre-Philistinium. Etc.

    • Replies: @Rhett Hardwick
  58. @Man on the street

    That’s the number they created and are sticking to it. And they have patent rights to it. They might push it to Goyim to sign into law as a capital crime for whoever questions it. Except for members of the exclusive tribe’s club….
    Imagine we have hollowfaux museums in countries where it ” supposedly ” never happened, but we can’t have commemoration of our leaders they disagree with. And we take it with our heads down….

    • Agree: anarchyst
  59. Chu says:

    What’s remarkable is that the same ones who are calling for the removal of Andrew Jackson, in large part for Manifest Destiny, are the same ones who would dare never mention or criticize the never ending occupation of the Jewish State.

  60. I have often thought it would have been more appropriate to build the Kennedy Memorial Library in a Chicago graveyard, than it’s location in Boston.

  61. @Skeptikal

    I understand that is presently bel9eved that Columbus used a map of uncertain origin to “discover” the New World.

  62. vx37 says:

    “The Founding Fathers who owned slaves will undoubtedly be the next ones on the block”

    Good. This should be encouraged. Look, you’re a conquered people living in an occupied territory. You’ve suffered the harshest kind of colonialism, the type that actually makes you a hated minority in your own homeland and eventually will extinguish you as a people. As antifa rightly says “We’ve already replaced you.” You can’t really expect the colonizers who replace you to honor your heroes, your culture, or your form of government outside of a museum or book, can you? Doing so will only encourage revolt among the helots. America is dead, that’s not something that’s going to happen, it’s already happened. Washington, D.C. is the seat of the colonial occupying power and destroying these symbols can only be good since it helps illustrate the true nature of that occupational government, and your place in the new order. It’s always good to be rooted in political reality. Once you acknowledge the actual relationship to your masters it may allow you to salvage some benefit when you start operating within the true parameters of that relationship. Maybe they’ll give you their hand-me-down clothes.

    • Replies: @Philip Giraldi
    , @Avery
  63. @vx37

    Or maybe we deplorables will figure all of this out before your plan takes effect and kick your asses. Let’s face it, you’re only really good at beating up old age pensioners and robbing convenience stores, so you wouldn’t have much of a chance against real resistance to your agenda.

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski
  64. Avery says:

    My read on this is that [vx37] is being sarcastic.

    Overly obvious, in-your-face insult: a backhanded “wakeup call”, a “call to arms” to the deplorables.

    {Maybe they’ll give you their hand-me-down clothes.}

    Poster wrote ‘they’ not ‘we’.

  65. @Avery

    If vs37 was being sarcastic I didn’t pick up on it, but if so I apologize. I sure would like to kick some antifa asses. College kids hiding behind balaclavas and swinging baseball bats. They need a good thumping from someone who can fight back.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  66. Mr. Giraldi,

    Noble response!

    I bring you the following quote from Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago,” chapter “The Supreme Measure.”

    “In that same Kresty Prison in Leningrad (1932) one of the men in a death cell was Feldman, convicted of possessing foreign currency. Primordial commerce, the bread and butter pastime of the Jew, had also become worthy of the death penalty.”

    Given a cool twist ‘o fate, perhaps one day, vx37 will get “hand-me-down” FEMA prison clothes from his masters (ycch!) much like the mighty Bolsheviks gave Mr
    Feldman a taste of his real place as to who calls shots in “the new order.”

    Consider that it’s an executive-level devil’s favorite “bread and butter” pastime when it gets to mock, discredit, & hurt an esteemed colleague, old pal. (Uggh, what would these freaks do to mere citizen “pensioners”?)

    Take for one primordial example, Hillary and Trump’s “Tom and Jerry” 2016 POTUS campaign. Uh… C.S. Lewis said something like that in “The Screwtape Letters.”

    Thanks Mr. G. ! Inevitably, antifa too will devour its own.

  67. geokat62 says:
    @Philip Giraldi

    I sure would like to kick some antifa asses.

    Understandable, Phil. But, why bother dirtying your hands with fighting the hired thugs?

    The more important battlefield is the meta political one. And, thankfully, we have a Titan in you, who’s battling on our behalf. Keep knocking out of the park those stellar articles you consistently write, Phil. They will pay huge dividends down the road, trust me.

    P.S. I love the fight in you, Phil. If only we had more of your ilk.

  68. @Avery


    “… a backhanded ‘wake up call’ to the deplorables.

    Good thinking!

    You might be right. You might be wrong.

    Will vx37 come back?

  69. Ghost says:

    Why not de-sanctify all presidents?
    Seriously, folks.
    Knock down all “monuments” including presidential libraries, and DON’T BUILD ANY MORE.

    In the sociopath stampedes for the nation’s top job that we call elections, competitors are, I think, more flawed than most of the rest of us.

    They’re addicted to power and will do anything to get more of it. Why do we have to look at their grandiosities after they’re dead?

    The world would be better and look better with no monuments to dead rulers.
    If someone wants to honor one, let them leave a flower.

  70. Talha says:

    Removing Offensive Monuments

    I wish there was more of this going on – post-modern art makes me want to puke. Man, if it was legal, there would be a hell of a lot more statues and sculptures* getting some ball-pein hammer therapy from yours truly.


    *Likely not the ones that seem to be getting all the attention right now – but if there are some statues you want to break – trust me, we can find some that we can get like a 90% nation-wide consensus on.

    Like this thing – what the hell!!!

  71. Anonymous [AKA "axel sohn"] says:

    For the wrecking crew I’d use a drone with John Brennan strapped to it on Barack’s, a cruise missile flying the flag of a blue stained dress on Bill’s, and depleted – and live- uranium bunker busters on George’s – with him in it. We might as well let the punishment fit the crime by referring back to their historical legacies.

  72. @Carlton Meyer

    After de-bunking the Columbus discovered America myth, you accept the moon landing myth as fact. Bet you also think Muslim terrorist did 9/11.

  73. @Wally

    The holocau\$t is, by far, the most lucrative hoax of all time. Nothing else comes even close, with money continuing to pour by the bucket-fulls.

    • Agree: ChuckOrloski, anarchyst
  74. @Charlotte

    Wonder if Obama’s college application forms showing him applying as a foreign-born student will be on display?

  75. @Avery

    That’s also the way I read it.

  76. Would one day the American-Israeli Empire’s cunning deeds
    come further out into the open, a Saddam Hussein monument will stand on Rothschild Way.


  77. I was trying to explain to a few female partygoers at a music festival that to be morally and logically consistent, we should remove the Masonic giant phallus on the DC Mall (cause slavery) in order not to detract from the true Founder of the Modern Republic demigod in his temple, located at the end of the Mall.

    I lost them after ‘giant phallus’. Oh well.

    Party on.

  78. Anonymous [AKA "jbw8848"] says:

    The solution is to redesign all of the Monuments to include the”other side”. US Grant/ Robert E Lee;
    Frederick Douglass/Jefferson Davis, etc. Kiosks describe the time and struggles against one another. Each memorial would have it’s own historical piece of the puzzle that was a very young Republic. Statue commissions would reach out for design contests; submissions must include POC; both sides of the issue; retention of the original statues and the ultimate victory over slavery.
    I have communicated this suggestion to our PREZ and many others of influence who I do not know. What I’ve heard back, save a pleasant form letter from our PREZ, is….. crickets. Are you a cricket, too?

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