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Remembering Palestine on Nakba Day: Use the Hashtag COVID1948
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Palestinians worldwide have an annual day of remembrance called Nakba Day. Nakba comes from the Arabic al-Nakbah and means “disaster” or “catastrophe.” It takes place on May 15th, the day after the Gregorian calendar date for Israeli independence in 1948. It is an opportunity for a people who live largely in exile to recall what was stolen from them by the nascent Israeli state in 1947 through 1949. An estimated 700,000 Palestinians, half of the country’s Arab Christian and Muslim population, were driven from their homes through a deliberate policy of terrorism officially initiated in January 1948 to drive the Palestinian population out, a clear case of government initiated ethnic cleansing.

The expulsion orders, formulated as Plan Dalet in March, were carried out by the Jewish state’s military and militia forces, to include terrorist groups like Irgun and Lehi. The massacre of Arab civilians at Deir Yassin in April 1948, in which hundreds of civilians died, was, for example, implemented to terrorize the local population, forcing it to flee. In the portion of Palestine that was to become Israel fully 80% of the resident Arabs, many of them Christian, were killed, fled in terror or were compelled to leave at gunpoint.

In the expulsion process, which continued into early 1949, between four hundred and six hundred Arab villages were destroyed or rendered uninhabitable, while Palestinians in the larger urban centers were driven from their homes. Those homes were then given to Jews coming from Europe or America and one of the first acts carried out by the new nation Israel’s parliament was to pass laws blocking the return of any Palestinian to his or her home in what was to become the Jewish state. This meant in practice that a European Jew could arrive in Israel on one day and by the next be settled in a former Palestinian home. The legal owner of that home, however, had no right to return or even visit his former property. United Nations demands that the Palestinians should one day be able to return home have been since that time ignored by Israel and unsupported by the United States.

In fact, Israel never intended to allow Palestinians to return to their homes, in spite of the fact that when it joined the United Nations in May 1949 it agreed to “unreservedly accept the obligations of the United Nations Charter and undertake to honor them from the day when it becomes a member of the United Nations.” This included an explicit understanding in principle to allow the return of all Palestinian refugees.

Palestinians are to a certain extent wards of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which was founded in 1949 to support those displaced by the Israelis. In 1949 there were less than one million refugees, but today, due to large families and other population growth, the number who technically qualify for UNRWA’s assistance is over 5 million. Services include education, health care, food security and other essentials, to some 800,000 Palestinians registered as refugees in the West Bank and 1.3 million people in the Gaza Strip, as well as 534,000 in refugee camps in Syria, 464,000 more in Lebanon and also 2 million in Jordan. Approximately 1 million refugees have no documents other than an UNRWA identification card.

Israel has long been highly critical of UNRWA and the Donald Trump Administration predictably followed its lead to eliminate funding to the organization in August 2018.

The so-called peace plan being promoted by the Trump Administration has been rightly described as a non-starter as it is a wish list for Israel that will permit annexation of much of the West Bank with a rump Palestinian state that has no control over its airspace, water, borders or defense in place for those Arabs who can be induced to remain. It would mark the clearly perceived end of any Palestinian aspirations for either statehood or even for an acceptable relationship marked by mutual respect with its de facto Jewish overlords.

American antipathy towards the Palestinians, particularly as expressed by Evangelicals, is somewhat surprising as there has long been a vibrant Christian community in Palestine that has been sharply diminished through the actions of the state of Israel. Residents and church leaders describe the nervousness of the tiny Christian communities in Israel, caught between larger Muslim and Jewish populations. Like other Palestinians, Christians face land seizures, arbitrary arrests, home demolitions and collective punishment that come with the Israeli occupation. Recently radical Jewish settlers have become more active, defacing Christian churches and cemeteries while also threatening and spitting on clergy in the streets.

In and around Bethlehem, Christians constituted 80 percent of the population in 1950 and are only around 12 percent today. Jewish settlements have annexed land owned by Christians in many areas. In Israel itself, Christians were 21 percent of the Arab population in 1948 but number only 8 percent today, just 2 percent of the total population. The process has been described as “a quiet ethnic cleansing… not large-scale massacres or large-scale deportations, but it is bit by bit over many years with a variety of policies which Christians are not necessarily attacked as Christians but they are marked by being Palestinians.”

This year Palestinians are expressing themselves on Nakba Day to demonstrate their rejection of the Trump peace plan as well as of the new Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu led government’s intention to annex large portions of the West Bank, to include the entire Jordan River Valley, after July 1st. They have adopted the hashtag #COVID1948, which seeks to equate the current devastation resulting from the coronavirus with the catastrophe that occurred to the Palestinian people in 1948 at the hands of the Israelis. It is reportedly trending on social media and is in one sense an eloquent reminder of the wrongs committed against an entire people, to include a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing that bore fruit in 1948-9. It is also a reminder that the Palestinians are a stubborn and self-aware people who will not just go away because the Israelis and the United States would like to see that happen.

Philip M. Giraldi is a former CIA counter-terrorism specialist and military intelligence officer who served nineteen years overseas in Turkey, Italy, Germany, and Spain. He was the CIA Chief of Base for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and was one of the first Americans to enter Afghanistan in December 2001. Phil is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a Washington-based advocacy group that seeks to encourage and promote a U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East that is consistent with American values and interests.

(Republished from American Herald Tribune by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anon[368] • Disclaimer says:

    In the three years after the Second World War ended, approximately 20,000,000 people were forcibly removed from their ancestral homes and moved elsewhere. Many died, certainly north of 3,000,000. None of these people did anything to deserve this, yet it happened nevertheless. Yet here we are 75 years later and the only people still whining about this, instead of getting on with their lives, are the Palestinians, based on the 750,000 Arabs that were displaced in 1948 by the creation of Israel. I have two basic questions: 1) why should I or anyone else give a damn about these people, but ignore the other 19,000,000 who were displaced but have not spent the last 75 years whining? and 2) Given that the Germans, Poles, Italians, Hungarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Russians, Ukrainians, Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Japanese, and many others have accepted the result of these mass displacements after WWII, no matter how unjust, why can’t the Palestinians just accept it too, get on with their lives, and shut the hell up?

    Nothing can make me care about the Palestinians, now or ever, especially when they continue to attack civilians in other countries rather than trying to make their individual lives better. And just to be completely clear, I could not care less about Israel either, though my primary concern is that Israel stop interfering with US domestic and foreign policy rather than how they treat the Palestinians. If the Palestinians (or any other group of people) want my sympathy, they should get off their terrorist asses and start working on making their lives better rather than electing Muslim religious maniacs as leaders and spending all their time whining about how they are oppressed.

  2. @Anon

    It seems you are a wee bit too invested in the proposition that the Palestinians should stop whining. If, as you write, you don’t cared about the mass murdering Hebrews and that you don’t want them to continue to suck blood and treasure from good, honest, white folk, why not just cheer every time one of the rockets actually hits a target?

    • Agree: Exile, jack daniels
  3. Biehan says:

    Yes Jews MUST should had stopped whining 3K yrs ago…., torahs, talmudic delussional ezquizophrenic bs about Chosen people, promised land..BS…please STOP whing about the 6millions hoax, why should I care? why should we ALL pay kosher taxes forever??? Why keep giving TRILLIONS to a terrorists state that kills children..?? inventing pandemias..

    • Replies: @Exile
  4. Exile says:

    Exactly. Jewish “whining” is essentially what won them the magic paper declaration giving Palestinian land to Jews in the first place.

    Everything about Zionism is a double-standard, one set of rules for the Chosen, one for the rest of us.

    Unless and until the world starts holding Jews to the same standards as the rest of us (and stops taking Jewish bribes to permit unfair advantages), Jews will be justly resented and shunned by every decent fair minded person.

    • Agree: mark green, Alfred, FLgeezer
    • Replies: @Jake
  5. lloyd says: • Website

    You do raise some good points. I get a bit tired of its lachrymose nature too. The displacement is about the same number of people as the population of Auckland New Zealand. The difference is everywhere else the conquerors have or almost always have scrupulously kept the new borders. OK there is Kashmir but there even now dominant India is not physically displacing the Moslem population. If they started doing that, the world would pick up on it and international support for India would collapse. Not so Israel where the situation since 1948 remains ongoing. Thanks to Netanyahu, it cannot be disguised any more even in Covid-19. It seems he thinks it will be which makes him a child or a nut case.

  6. Why does this particular land dispute garner so much attention and column inches compared to the dozens of others around the world? Is it just a result of neurotic Jews trying to censor all criticism of Israel, and thus encouraging more via the Streisand Effect?

    Note also the sheer hypocrisy of those on the “Left” that oppose Jewish settlements in the West Bank, yet fully support Third World people’s settling in the West! Perhaps the Palestinians just have to learn to appreciate diversity like the rest of us?

    On a side note, I think Western sympathy with the Palestinian cause has gone downhill quite a bit since the first Muslim ghettoes* started popping up, one can witness these people’s behaviours first hand and conclude that these people are trouble and unreasonable and simply want to dominate over non-Muslims, and in particular Europeans whom they hold a grudge against due to colonialism. This resentment has been tapped into quite skillfully by Zionists and as a result, sympathy for Israel has grown.

    * – Before someone mentions it, these Muslim ghettoes formed as a result of mass *legal* immigration and not as a result of poor innocent Muslims fleeing the Middle East after muh evil America bombed their countries.

    • Replies: @UK
  7. Mr. Giraldi cares little for the world’s displaced. Mr. Giraldi cares about using the issue as a weapon against a particular area comprising less than 1% of the middle east, containing a particular people comprising less than 1% of the population of the middle east. He does so without shame.

    UNHCR – Forced displacement worldwide at its highest in decades

    UNHCR’s annual Global Trends report says an unprecedented 65.6 million people were uprooted from their homes by conflict and persecution at the end of 2016.

    By Adrian Edwards in Geneva | 19 June 2017

    In each of the past five years, annual increases to the global displacement total have been in the millions.

    .. 40.3 million people uprooted within the borders of their own countries ..
    .. the total number seeking asylum globally was 2.8 million ..
    .. the total seeking safety across international borders as refugees topped 22.5 million ..

    In terms of overall displacement, Syria still accounts for the biggest numbers, with 12 million people (65 per cent of the population) displaced internally or living outside the country as refugees.

    Leaving aside the long-standing Palestinian refugee situation, Colombians (7.7 million) and Afghans (4.7 million) remained the second- and third-largest displaced populations, followed by Iraqis (4.2 million). In total, about 3.3 million South Sudanese had fled their homes by the end of the year, in what has become the fastest-growing displacement of people in the world.

    • Replies: @Iris
  8. anonshen says:

    Well written Sholmo. Once again the (((hidden))) hand produces a great work of blasphemy in the service of a higher (((master))). May Moloch and his high priest Bibi reward you with many gifts and pleasures of the flesh. At least before they are burned at the altar. Nothing says ‘the Holocaust was a Jewish Projection’ like this kind of bilge scuttle. If any had thoughts that tikum olam was anything but a dream of worldwide slavery, your letter dispelled that notion. Especially since the Palestinian of today is the genetic successor of the actual lands of the Bible, unlike the Khazar usurpers that have taken over modern Jewry. Of course liquidating those that might know or suspect is right out of the (((Bolshevik))) playbook, right comrade?

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  9. Lot says:

    Giraldi never says a word about the hundreds of thousands of Jews expelled from Arab countries who now make up a large share of Israel’s population.

    It wasn’t an expulsion of Arabs so much as a population transfer of Jews from Arab countries entering Israel and Arabs leaving.

    Giraldi also has no complaints with Turkey invading, conquering, and expelling the Greek population from northern Cyprus. That was in the 1970s.

    If he did, he wouldn’t get paid to appear on Iranian state TV so much!

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Ann Nonny Mouse
    , @Exile
  10. Iris says:

    Mr. Giraldi cares little for the world’s displaced. Mr. Giraldi cares about using the issue as a weapon against a particular area comprising less than 1% of the middle east,

    I will spell it for you in numbers, as you pretend you dont’s understand.

    This geographical spot constituting less than 1% of the Middle-East causes 90% of the threats to global peace, as well as probably 99% of the instability and violence in the entire ME region.

    Israel is a geographically unsignificant louse which has managed to be the cause of a terminal cancer imperiling global peace and putting Humankind under the threat of nuclear war.

    Don’t blame Mr Giraldi for being world-famous, sitting comfortably on the top podium of the world’s geopolitical psychopaths. Your fame is well deserved.

  11. Iris says:

    hundreds of thousands of Jews expelled from Arab countries who now make up a large share of Israel’s population.

    Stop taking people for dummies, Hasbara.

    Jews weren’t expelled from any Arab or Muslim country: they left from their own will for better economic prospect, and their access to Western countries and citizenships was granted by the lobbying of the tribal brethern in the powerful banking Cabal.

    Those who wanted to stay did so; there are still Jews living even in Iran with their specific parliamentary representation.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @Biff
  12. @Lot

    Lot of rubbish. Why were Jews who had lived peacefully in Arab countries for a thousand years, and still live peacefully in Iran, “driven out” just when they were wanted in the new State of Israel from whence the indigenous people was to be driven out?

    I have read in the past of how Jewish terrorists entered those countries and made it happen.

    And why raise a different topic? Cyprus has nothing to do with it.

  13. Exile says:

    Resident hasbarist Lot explains why some displacements are more Chosen than others.

    This is a perfect example of the Talmudic double-standards I spoke of in my reply above.

    We are not fools, shill. Keep insulting goyim intelligence and abusing our morals. More goyim are Noticing every day.

  14. Thank you, Mr. Giraldi, for remembering.

    I’d like to direct our more enlightened readership’s attention to the following resources — a superb compendium of information guaranteed to provide immunity against the lingering hasbara of Covid1948:

    1. The Erasure of The Nakba in Israel’s Archives

    A 2019 investigation by the Israeli NGO Akevot and Haaretz newspaper has uncovered official suppression of crucial documents about the Nakba in Israeli archives. The Journal of Palestine Studies is publishing print excerpts and a full online version of the buried “migration report,” which details Israel’s depopulation of Palestinian villages in the first six months of the 1948 war, a document that clearly undermines official Israeli state narratives about the course of events. In methodical fashion, this report provides contemporaneous documentation of Israeli culpability in the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes and the systematic depopulation of so-called Arab villages in the first six months of the war. Alongside a discussion of key revelations in the newly available document, this introduction situates the broader pattern of erasure within historiographical debates over 1948 and questions of archival access. It examines how accounts of Israel’s birth and Palestinian statelessness have been crafted in relation to the underlying question: who has permission to narrate the past?

    2. Institute for Palestine Studies

    The most reliable source of information and analysis on the Question of Palestine

    3. Palestine Today: Explore How the Nakba Transformed Palestine

    This is a brand new, elegantly designed web resource providing details about the demographics and status of Palestinian villages and towns both prior to and following the Nakba. Very informative when used in conjunction with the following site:


    Highly compelling documentary detailing Israel’s systemic persecution and murder of Palestinian Christians.

  15. My compliments, Mr. Giraldi. You’ve certainly touched a nerve on the paper-thin hide of our local hasbaristas. But I suppose that’s to be expected with any mention of the Nakba, which usually drives them into a shirt-drenching shvitz.

    I see it’s mostly whataboutery — same old, hackneyed arguments from the same old, dogeared playbook. Perhaps we can offer them a clue or four:

    @Anon[368]: Likening the Palestinian people to those displaced or killed during or proximate to WWII is as ridiculous a comparison as one can offer, since the latter killing and displacement has decidedly ended where that of the Palestinians has not, thanks to Israel’s violation of international law beginning with its rejection of the UN Special Committee on Palestine’s authority in 1948 and the explicit terms of Resolution 181.

    If war were over in Palestine, then how do we explain Israel’s ongoing military occupation of the West Bank or their continued offensives launched against Gazans? Unlike those who, to this day, exploit the memory of Jewish suffering during WWII in order to shake down European nation-states, Palestinians aren’t whining. They’re taking a stand that neither you nor your fellow travelers would have the temerity to even consider if confronted with similar circumstances.

    Why should I give a damn about it? Because my tax dollars are subsidizing Israeli murder, theft, destruction, torture, and tyranny to this day, while the misery of WWII remains a distant memory for nearly everyone except zionists.

    @Just Passing Through: Western sympathy with the Palestinian cause has not gone downhill. The trajectory of the BDS movement is well ahead of where the anti-apartheid movement was in its infancy, as represented by the following timeline.

    @04398436986: Three of the top five regions in the UNHCR report you cite were embroiled in conflict as a consequence of American invasion, occupation and destabilization of sovereign Muslim countries targeted as a consequence of Israel’s influence over American foreign policy. As Stephen Walt accurately remarked, “… the neoconservatives are happy to see the United States embroil itself with countries and groups in the Arab and Muslim world, because maintaining a constant state of tension between the United States and Islam is a good way to safeguard the ‘special relationship’ (between Israel and the U.S.).”

    Since you’ve already suggested that America was joined at the hip with Israel when the latter attacked the Liberty, it’s a little too late to backtrack on that claim now.

    @Lot: Try doing a little homework to determine the correlation between Israel’s aggression against Palestinians in the run-up to May 15, 1948 and the corollary hostility directed at Jews in the Arab world at around the same time.

    You might just discover what the cause behind the latter was.

    C’mon, Tel Aviv … Is that really the best you’ve got?

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @Lot
    , @lavoisier
  16. @Anon

    “Yet here we are 75 years later and the only people still whining about this, instead of getting on with their lives, are the Palestinians, based on the 750,000 Arabs that were displaced in 1948 by the creation of Israel. “

    Better that you ask the question to the Holocaustians. The tragedy of the Palestinian refugees is still here for everyone to see. On the other hand, any attempt at history revisionism of the Holocaust has been stifled with character assassinations and imprisonments.

    “If the Palestinians (or any other group of people) want my sympathy, they should get off their terrorist asses and start working on making their lives better”

    For your tepid knowledge of history and current affairs, the Palestinians did make many improvements to their lives throughout the diaspora where they rebuilt their lives based on adventurism, hard work and individual initiative but not all could make it because of legal and societal prejudices against them even inside the Arab countries that have served them as a refuge after the Nakba. Just recall that at the Oslo agreement, the Palestinians settled for a land that is less than a quarter of historic Palestine only to get the Israeli settlements in the West Bank multiply by a factor of more than twenty since the signing of the Oslo agreement with the Gaza Strip as the biggest open air prison in the world and more than ten thousand unarmed Palestinian demonstrators killed by Israeli police or by the IDF since the Intifada ( uprising) of 2001. This is what you reap when you negotiate with people bent on bad faith.

    And mind you, if you were to draw parallels between the fate of Europeans after WWII and Palestinians after the Nakba, then your comparison should just end in 1949. May be your poor knowledge of history made you oblivious to the 1967 six days war where the land that Israel occupied in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula, is all the Palestinians and other Arab countries are clamoring for.

    Nice try to convince the reader that you don’t care about Israel and all you want is to see Israel stop interfering with the United States’ politics. Your pro Israel bias is clear as crystal.“

    Better that you ask the question to the Holocaustians. The tragedy of the Palestinian refugees is still here for everyone to see. On the other hand, any attempt at history revisionism of the Holocaust has been stifled with character assassinations and imprisonments.


    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  17. @Anon

    Why do you want to deny the right of the Palestinians to fight for their property, for their rights, for their lives and for their land? Who are you to do that, why does it bother you so much that they do that? If Jews are claiming back paintings that their sold more than 80 years ago for what might have been market prices at the time, if they are claiming compensations from other countries 75 years after the war, why shouldn’t the Palestinians claim what belongs to them?

    A reasonable solution was found to all those refugees that you mentioned (which you don’t care about anyway), but no solution was found to the Palestinians and this is the reason why The Country has to keep killing them. All the other refugees have a country to which they belong. Why shouldn’t the Palestinians also have their own countries or full national and citizen rights in their own country?

    If so many people were displaced, as you say, what would be the problem to displace a few settlers who robbed land that didn’t belong to them? If displacing is right as you say, we could displace your settlers, couldn’t we?

  18. Jake says:

    It was not whining. It was 2 things – (A) there was a crisis that was almost unimaginable providing an opening, and (B) 300 years of WASP culture moving ever deeper into the fruits of its Judaizing heresy founding, including the fact that Jews had been banking WASP Empire since the days of archetypal WASP Oliver Cromwell.

    Jews had earned full partnership with actual genetic/cultural WASPs in the WASP Empire, and that was when they used that partnership for more than just loads of personal wealth acquisition.

  19. UK says:

    It is worse than that.

    On Palestinian controlled territory, Palestinians make other Palestinians still live in so-called refugee camps, despite the fact that they were often born a lifetime after supposedly being made refugees.

    Imagine if Merkel was still forcing the Ost Germans’ great-grandchildren to live in squalor so that they might be used as pawns in emotional blackmail to get more monies from the West? That’s an exact analogy for what the Palestinians still do to their supposed own.

    Ah, yes, supporting those authorities = the noble Palestinian cause *vomit.

    • Replies: @UncommonGround
  20. UK says:
    @Just Passing Through

    It seems to be the number one conflict in the world for projecting one’s own inadequacies/wishes/fears/repressions onto. The stakes are tiny, in 70 years barely anyone has died and the tiny patch of land is mostly a desert.

    Commenter 2 is interested in it because he thinks the Jews are out to get him, when in reality it is only his own blackened soul that chases him.

    Commenter 3 is mildly but clinically deranged

    Commenter 4 is some sort of failure who needs a target to pin the apparent unfairness of a world that doesn’t treat him as his ego has decided it wants to be treated. And somehow he’s decided that the Palestinians represent an adequate reflection of that ego…like when people with dogs claim that their dog feels sad…but really it is they who feel sad.

    Commenter 5 seems to think that one of the most successful political leaders of our age must be a “child or a nutcase” because his political decisions don’t conform to what Commenter 5 for some reason wishes they would be. I’m sure Commenter 5 has been wish-prognosticating Bibi’s failure for a long time, and yet the more he is wrong the more he needs him to fail merely to save Commenter five’s desire to be right.

    And Giraldi hates Jews/loves his Palestinian boyfriend or whatever. He really is an odd one in that he seems absolutely fanatically obsessed.

    The Israelis have been blessed by their opponents.

  21. @UK

    On Palestinian controlled territory,

    There is no Palestinian controlled territory. Take a look at this article telling how The Country treats its Palestinian citizens. They have pratically to live in cages:

    Israel has ‘hemmed in’ its Palestinian citizens for decades: HRW
    A new report finds that Israel’s land practices have allowed Jewish communities to thrive at the expense of Palestinian development

    • Agree: AnonStarter
    • Replies: @UK
  22. @Anon

    Those other people who were displaced were either on the losing side or forced by wartime disruptions. And it was a terrible crime to hand eastern Europe to Stalin. They whined quite a lot but should have whined a lot more. Unfortunately, the Bolsheviks had their tentacles deep in US governing institutions and as a result the US government was deaf to their whines. The Palestinians are in a worse position by far with no relief in sight.

    The Palestinians were also on the losing side, but their conquerers had duped the whole world into supporting them, and then they behaved more like Nazis or Communists than like Americans.

    Frankly, I don’t believe your claims about wanting to rid the US of Israeli influence. I think you are dissimulating.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  23. UK says:

    Because both happened in the context of a rise of nationalism in the Middle East and as part of the same escalating conflict…

  24. UK says:

    There are areas governed by Palestinians and that’s just a fact.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  25. @jack daniels

    They whined quite a lot but should have whined a lot more.

    The common theme of these hasbaristas is whataboutery — argument tu quoque, a logical fallacy intended to divert our attention and diminish the significance of the subject at hand. Now we have yet another troll playing freelance psychoanalyst, assuring us that “the stakes are tiny” while Israel’s minions enact one law after another to undermine the First Amendment, then recruit an a-list actor/comedian to pressure social media companies to shut down that criticism and successfully achieve it.

    Obviously, Israel doesn’t think “the stakes are tiny.”

    The Palestinians were also on the losing side, but their conquerers had duped the whole world into supporting them, and then they behaved more like Nazis or Communists than like Americans.

    Well, we can say what we’d like, but most Palestinians have not resigned themselves to defeat, which is the very spirit that so enrages the usual suspects. Were it so simply resolved, Israel would not throw such disproportionate weight at them.

    But your point about the political deception is valid, and certainly distinguishes the conflict from those that beset populations displaced during WWII. Instead of abiding by international law and accepting the conclusions of the UN Special Committee on Palestine, Israel went ahead and implemented Plan Dalet, resulting in the Nakba, which has yielded the results we see today.

    Frankly, I don’t believe your claims about wanting to rid the US of Israeli influence. I think you are dissimulating.

    Oh, these guys are johnny-on-the-spot where this subject is concerned, fully prepared to inundate online fora with scripted arguments.

    And they’ll lie as casually and dispassionately as Netanyahu, who has elevated boldfaced prevarication to an art.

  26. Frankly, this article should be today’s lede.

    Hopefully, it’ll receive its due attention.

  27. @Joe Levantine

    Better that you ask the question to the Holocaustians. The tragedy of the Palestinian refugees is still here for everyone to see. On the other hand, any attempt at history revisionism of the Holocaust has been stifled with character assassinations and imprisonments.

    Astute observation.

    Another fact worth noting: Not long ago, Palestinians had the highest concentration of doctoral degrees per capita. Anon’s characterization of them as layabout do-nothings falls very wide of the mark.

  28. For me the best way to understand Palestinians is: what would I do if an American Indian showed up on my doorstep claiming that the deed to my house was invalid because this was once his people’s sacred land? What if he then forced me out of my home, made me live in a tent in my own backyard, after beating me up and murdering my wife or my mom or a child or two of mine, just to make his point?

    I would do what you would do: keep fighting him until there was only one of us left standing.

    • Replies: @one_for_truth
  29. Biff says:

    there are still Jews living even in Iran with their specific parliamentary representation.

    You are correct in claiming that there are Jews living in the ME outside of Israel, and one of the largest populations of Jews outside of Israel, or anywhere, is in (Persian)Iran – the same country that the zionists of Israel want to Atomize/destroy – because other Jews are of no concern to the zionists – not in the abstract, on the other hand they would become indispensable if someone where to start abusing/killing/sticking them in ovens/putting them in labor camps. Then! Those Jews would become a valuable commodity.

    Jews treated well are of no interest, but abused or killed(sans Jesus) they become quite valuable. Sucks being Jewish…

  30. anarchyst says:

    Israel practices official “apartheid” to a much greater degree than that of any other country in the world—the former South Africa included.

    Every vehicle driver in Israel proper and in the illegally occupied territories is identified by his or her vehicle license plate as well as personal documentation (identity papers). License plates are coded as to the ethnicity and religious persuasions of the owners, and are used to deny basic “rights” to those who are of “the wrong ethnicity”.

    There are roads and thoroughfares that are designated “for jews only”. “Jews-only” roads and thoroughfares are state-of-the-art, paid for with American taxpayer dollars, while roads used by Palestinians are poorly maintained, with many military “checkpoints” which adds further misery to the lives of Palestinians.
    Any Arab or Palestinian who attempts to use “jews only” roads or thoroughfares is arrested and heavily fined.
    This policy even extends to “footpaths” which are designated by “jewishness”.

    Palestinians and other Arabs are forced to go through humiliating “checkpoints”, even being delayed for HOURS, if they are even allowed to pass, at the whim of the jewish “authorities”. This even extends to medical emergencies, where ambulances are routinely delayed by jewish authorities, “just because they can”.

    In Israel proper, and in the illegally occupied territories, Israeli officials make rules and laws as they go along, ignoring the (official) laws (rule of law) already in place.
    On a whim, any Israeli official can declare that a building, other structure, planted farmland, water wells, and other basic facilities owned by Palestinians are “illegal” and subject to destruction by Israeli forces.

    This even applies to buildings, lands, orchards and crop-producing lands which have been in Palestinian possession for centuries. All the Israeli military has to do is to declare the Palestinian-owned property to be a “military zone”. No other laws or permissions are needed to expropriate land from the Palestinians.

    Water is heavily restricted in Gaza and in the Palestinian areas while jewish settlements can use all the water they want.
    Sewage from illegal jewish settlements is routinely dumped on Palestinian land without regard to the pollution problems that it causes.

    The old belief that jews poison the wells and farmlands of their perceived “enemies” is actually true, as (illegal) jewish “settlers” routinely poison Palestinian-owned wells and croplands.

    This is a continuing process that is forcing Palestinians off their land and facilitating the building of jewish “settlements” in the illegally occupied areas.

    Let’s turn to the treatment of Christians in Israel proper. In the tourist areas, jewish authorities try to keep the disrespect for Christianity to a minimum so as not to insult their Christian zionist tourists. In fact, the hatred for Christian churches, and Christians in general is so pervasive, it is not surprising to see jews “spit” when walking past a Christian church.

    Jews are experts at “graffiti”, calling it “price tagging” which they use to good effect as the authorities generally “look the other way” when the vandalism and destruction of Christian facilities by jews is going on.

    The Israeli authorities plan specific itineraries for Christian zionist groups and American politicians so they do not witness the overt, outright hatred that jews have for Christians, You see, “it’s all for show” when it comes to begging for American dollars from the American taxpayers and from these misguided Christian zionist groups.

    The irony of the situation is that the Palestinians who have lived in the middle east for centuries and even millennia are reduced to being unwelcome in their own land while jewish interlopers, most of them from the United States and Europe are overlords in Israel and in the illegally occupied territories.

  31. @UK

    The PA has nominal control over a mere 17% of the West Bank while Israel retains overall control of the borders, airspace, economy, natural resources and population registry. The majority of the PA’s funding comes from international governments and tax revenue that Israel controls and often withholds as political leverage, making the PA a de facto arm of the Israeli government.

    Palestinians are also aware that 77% of the land from which their families were displaced has never been built over, making return thereto feasible but for Israel’s obstinate denial:

    • Thanks: Ilya G Poimandres
  32. Lot says:

    “And the corollary hostility directed at Jews in the Arab world at around the same time.”

    Ahh, so the Algerian and Iraqi etc Jews had it coming.

    How about the Cypriots, Armenians, Marionites, Chaldeans, Yazidis, Copts, etc and all the other non-Muslims that are inevitably victims of the poor never-aggressor Muslims?

    • Agree: vox4non
  33. @Anon

    “hey look – those guys are murdering, raping, and pillaging, so why am I getting the blame for my murdering, raping, and pillaging?!”

    How aristocratic of an eristic indeed.

  34. lavoisier says: • Website

    The more they try to shut down any discussion about what happened to the people of Palestine since the Jewish state formed the more I smell a rat and suspect that once again Jews are behaving badly.

    Does this script ever change?

    And why the hell are my tax dollars going to support a clearly racist supremacist state that cannot seem to behave in an ethical manner on just about anything?

    • Agree: AnonStarter
  35. Step 1. DDR-type Abwicklung for the USA. Successor states assert their right of self-determination by acceding or executing the UN Charter, the International Bill of Human Rights, and the Rome Statute. This step is necessary to free peoples and regions from a parasitic police state and regain their right to health, peace, free expression, and a livelihood. No accession, no recognition, no sovereignty. The USSR’s successor states accepted that and you will too.

    Step 2. Impelled by Rome Statute complementarity, successor states press for prosecution of the Israeli Civil/Military command structure for the crime against humanity of extermination.

    Step 3. Debilitated rump USA no longer able to prop up Israel. Rump USA recognizes the inevitable by complying with the Symington-Glenn Amendement, the Leahy Law, or erga omnes responsibility in universal jurisdiction law.

    Step 4. Israel complies with its human rights commitments and obligations; Apartheid Israel ceases to exist. Jew-state genocidaires flee transitional justice. Free Palestine acknowledges continuity of obligations for all its peoples.

    Before you can end the Jewish state you have to shitcan its US dripfeed – not the policy, the whole degenerate kleptocracy. But Step 1 will happen sooner than you think. Newsome already calls CA a nation-state; MA has already undertaken an independent foreign policy in mutually beneficial technical cooperation. This is not partisan histrionics. This is a textbook case of anarchy – D and R governors doing what the central state has failed to do. A free Palestine will emerge as a collateral benefit of American peoples securing access to the means of life.

  36. @Observator

    Mr. Observator, You have a false comparison in your narrative. You compare the Israelis to the Native American as though they have a historical right to Palestine. That is false. The vast majority of Israelis have absolutely no connection to Palestine. They are descendants of a Turkic people from central Asia known as the Khazars (from the kingdom of Kazaria) mixed with some European blood. research this fact. The Israeli DNA have no connection to the Palestinian natives who have lived on the land for thousands of years.

  37. @Lot

    Ahh, so the Algerian and Iraqi etc Jews had it coming.

    Leave it to “Lot” to take his cues from charlatan pundits like Maher and Hannity whose very livelihood depends upon fueling the fires of contention.

    Did I say they “had it coming”? In my opinion, it was a grave mistake, though looking at it as a third party so many years removed from the events, it’s not that difficult to understand why cooler heads might not have prevailed while their Palestinian brethren were being murdered and dispossessed.

    After all, if western powers enabled Israel to implement Plan Dalet in Palestine without holding them accountable for it, why should Arabs elsewhere have felt confident a similar fate wouldn’t eventually befall them?

    How about the Cypriots, Armenians, Marionites, Chaldeans, Yazidis, Copts, etc and all the other non-Muslims that are inevitably victims of the poor never-aggressor Muslims?

    When you see me advocating for the mistreatment of minorities in Muslim lands, your question might have merit.

    Until then, enjoy your plot on the shallow end of the learning curve.

  38. anonymous[361] • Disclaimer says:

    The other day I sought to open an account at a carefully selected company.
    The website was not functioning properly so a telephone representative talked me through filling out the application.
    My birth date was required; the rep commented that it was one day different from his, and since his was a benchmark birthday, he had planned to travel to Israel. He regretted having to cancel those plans, but hoped to make the journey at a later time.
    I asked him what motivated him to wish to travel to Israel; he said, “I am a believer.”
    I asked if he intended to visit Palestine — the Occupied Territories.
    He said, “No, I’ll just travel where the guides take us and it’s safe.”

    After spending a great deal of time completing that application, I decided not to open the account.

    I was too gutless to tell the rep why his reasoning disturbed me, but — One small step . . .

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  39. Iris says:

    Ahh, so the Algerian and Iraqi etc Jews had it coming.

    Always a Hasbara, always a lier.

    One of the main events organised to drive Jews out of Iraq was the bombing of the Masuda Shemtov synagogue, which was later proved to have been executed by Israel.

    On the eve of the 1990 Gulf War, the US State Department recognised that there was no peresecution of Jews in Iraq.

    People chose to flee to wealthier countries to live better life; it is okay, it is their right. But your Talmudic acting of the eternal victim persecuted by everybody else is just groitesque.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  40. @Iris

    Zionists lean heavily upon the myth of the ever-oppressor Muslim, airbrushing from their account of history the reality of western/zionist aggression against the Muslim world before which minority groups therein rarely, if ever, confronted extremist attacks.

    Their entire existence in Palestine depends upon the perpetuation of such a myth, which is why guys like “Lot” get so twisted whenever you present them with things like this:

    That’s an analysis derived directly from official Israeli archives, one completely eviscerating key falsehoods concerning the Nakba which Israel has propagated to date. Even by zionist standards, it’s unimpeachable.

    One thing I appreciate about this particular fight is the ease with which zionist lies are debunked. All you have to do is present the facts and you’ve won the argument.

    • Thanks: Iris
  41. Cynthia says:

    Many jews memebers of Congress are MOSSAD agents…so what??

  42. Clyde says:

    Nabka is a joke. How about a Yasser Arafat day when the Paleostinian youth tear down the Zionist entity’s border fences? Instead they don’t pick the oranges for European export, they lounge around all day smoking their hookahs, drinking sugary mint tea, betting on Iraqi horse races.

  43. Paul says:

    U.S. politicians are inclined to be extraordinary fraudsters and hypocrites regarding the Palestinian issue. For example, Joe Biden appears to have no problem with Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinian people (Canaanites) while he claims not to have a racist bone in his body.

  44. Paul says:

    “American antipathy towards the Palestinians, particularly as expressed by Evangelicals, is somewhat surprising as there has long been a vibrant Christian community in Palestine that has been sharply diminished through the actions of the state of Israel.”

    Some of the support for Israel by Christian fundamentalists seems to derive from their bizarre “end times” beliefs more than from any love for Jews.

  45. Two things to do:

    1. Muslims must work to expand immigration to the US, gradually building critical mass for an effective lobby to counter AIPAC.

    2. Sort through and find a small number of undeniable, egregious, and recent abuses and focus en masse on those.

    It would be helpful if Girardi provided references for some of his otherwise unknown claims.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  46. @jack daniels

    Muslims must work to expand immigration to the US, gradually building critical mass for an effective lobby to counter AIPAC.

    No need. The Muslim American population is already set to surpass that of Jewish America in about one generation, even without further immigration.

    Sort through and find a small number of undeniable, egregious, and recent abuses and focus en masse on those.

    JD, this process has been in motion for at least two generations. We’ve even seen nationwide news coverage of some undeniable, egregious abuses and each and every time, without fail, they get processed through the same old spin machine: collateral damage, human shields, targeted weapons depots, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

    But for all the deplatforming and anti-BDS legislation, they’re losing this fight. Every move they make to conceal the reality of the situation on the ground just yields more interest, and consequently, more knowledge. Their djinni has left the bottle and it can’t be forced back in.

    It would be helpful if Girardi provided references for some of his otherwise unknown claims.

    Which of them would those be? I’ve been studying this subject for three decades now. Perhaps you could point to be one or more of them.

  47. COVID1948

    An unfortunate typo: it should read COYID1948

  48. Jiminy says:

    I think that the different Arab factions infighting does not help the Palestinians cause. They have one enemy so that is who they should focus on. By fighting each other for remnants of power, the objective is lost. This could of course be planned and caused by Israel locking people into hardship, taking away their basic freedoms. Lately I’ve been trying to find out what ever came about with the case of the Mossad spies who stole Australian passports and identities and broke into the hotel room of the Arab and electrocuted him. It just sort of faded from memory. Concerning tv coverage here, we don’t see much of Israel and what the Jews are doing to the downtrodden over there. It’s as if the conflict no longer exists. Very strange. I did read just lately that the Israeli soldiers now take great pleasure in kneecaping arabs. They were boasting of their accuracy and ability to concentrate under pressure. A lot of the victims lose their leg as a result. As well the ABC website has just published some unseen ww2 photos of Palestine that show the buildings, Aussie soldiers interacting with locals, and also the local German settlers who were kicked out by the Jews, having their property confiscated. Apparently they called themselves Templars. Grotesque how so many disparate groups see so much potential in such a small tract of land, yet prepared to shed so much blood even in the 21st century.

  49. @Lot

    Copts in Egypt occupy a similar role to Jews in Palestine — a wealthy minority with outside support dominating the Muslim majority. I’ve only known one Copt but he was an annoyingly pampered poodle.

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