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Palin Foreign Policy 101
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Sarah Palin basically adhered to a straight Bush foreign policy, as Joe Biden noted, though there were a couple of exceptions. Her great love for Israel and her willingness to let Tel Aviv attack Iran as if there would be no consequences for the United States is a result of both her Israel-centric view of the Middle East and her ignorance. In terms of bellicosity it goes beyond Bush, who has insisted that the Israeli leadership exercise restraint because Washington is not ready for a third war in Asia. Similarly, her insistence that the Israeli capital be moved to Jerusalem undermines the two state solution that she claims to support and goes beyond current White House policy. Her other interesting assertion was that Iran should not be allowed to have nuclear energy, which it more-or-less already has. Even Bush concedes that Iran is entitled to have nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Palin’s ban on Iran obtaining nuclear energy is a straight Neocon/AIPAC formulation, arguing that Tehran should never be able to master the nuclear fuel cycle because being able to enrich uranium is in and of itself the capability to produce a weapon somewhere down the road. It is not clear what Palin would do if Iran were to ignore her and proceed with its uranium enrichment program.

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