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Obama's Victory Lap?
Lots of talk, not much to show
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In between nearly daily campaign stops shilling for Hillary, President Barack Obama has been promoting his record as Head of State. To Obama’s credit, he talks nice and appears to be both thoughtful and rational, qualities that were not always evident in his predecessor in office. But the hype about what was achieved in his eight years appears to be more than a bit overblown, particularly if one considers the flagship domestic project, Obamacare. It is a program in which the government forces individuals to buy a product that has been crafted together by private, for profit companies. If the people do not buy, they will be penalized by the government. The companies in turn have learned that it is tough to make money insuring people who are actually sick so they are leaving the program while those individuals who have to buy their own coverage without government subsidies are discovering that the significant annual price increases mean that they cannot afford insurance at all. Donald Trump is right that the program is in crisis, is “over,” and should be repealed.

Against that, what has Obama accomplished domestically? I will not consider the constant pandering on gender and race because that is, after all, what Democrats do. But if one considers immigration a part of domestic policy, he is responsible for refusing to enforce immigration law, letting Haitians stay illegally in the U.S. as compensation for a hurricane that occurred in 2010, while also failing to deport whole categories of Hispanics who are in the country without visas or residency permits. Domestic would also include the continuation of several types of surveillance of citizens by the NSA and FBI, the hounding and prosecution of whistleblowers, and the increased reliance on the State Secrets privilege to derail the use of the judicial system to pushback against government overreach. And in a just concluded parole hearing involving a Guantanamo detainee who had been repeatedly tortured, the Obama Administration has now determined that some individuals can be held in prison forever without ever being charged with a crime or convicted.

But it is in the foreign and national security policy areas that Obama has been most visibly active as he has a relatively free hand based on what he considers to be his own “unitary executive” authority. In his famous Cairo speech delivered to the Muslim world in 2009 he promised change but basically did not deliver, though there have actually been several successes in foreign policy that date to the past year. He should get full credit for confronting the Israel Lobby and Congress (essentially the same thing) to obtain a nuclear program agreement with Iran. Likewise, he went against the Cuban Lobby and GOP in Congress (also essentially the same thing) to ease relations with Havana. He still might do the right thing by the Palestinians and allow the U.S. to recognize their statehood at the United Nations later this month or even support the French plan for a multinational conference to create a Palestinian state but I wouldn’t want to bet on it, particularly as the incoming Administration headed by Hillary Clinton will be firmly in the Israeli pocket and Obama would presumably defer to her before doing anything dramatic.

And Obama should also get credit for some things that he didn’t do. He did not exacerbate tensions with Russia by arming Ukraine with game changing offensive weapons in spite of intense pressure from Congress and the media and he did not get involved in a new land war involving tens of thousands of American soldiers in Asia even though some of his advisers were urging him to do so in Syria. But by the same measure starting yet another war by proxy, in Libya, was a complete failure, though it did not involve American boots on the ground. It was a war that might in part be attributed to the aggressive advocacy of Hillary Clinton, who was Secretary of State at the time.

And while it should also be recalled to Obama’s credit that he made no effort to maintain a troop presence in Iraq, he was unable to extricate U.S. forces from America’s longest war in Afghanistan, which continues and is likely to be on the presidential agenda for the next decade or even longer. Nor could he dissuade the Saudis from initiating their brutal and senseless war on Yemen, which has had devastating consequences with more to come for the entire region. And President Obama has also failed to closed Guantanamo prison in spite of promises made eight years ago to do so.

President Obama has also changed the actual mechanics of America’s intervention in the world, using drones and aerial bombardment instead of soldiers on the ground to enforce Washington’s diktat. A Pentagon press release in September boasted how over Labor Day weekend U.S. warplanes attacked targets in six countries. The United States was not at war with any of them. And then there is Anwar al-Awlaki and his son, American citizens who were executed in Yemen by drone without any legal process, by executive order, after they were placed on a “kill list” compiled by the White House.

But Obama’s poorest grades relate to his handling of Russia, Syria and Israel, all three of which might plausibly be seen as linked issues as Secretary Clinton once commented that Syria’s government would have to be brought down to benefit Israel while Russia is Syria’s most important ally. The problem with Syria is the policy itself. The only serious direct threat emanating from the country is ISIS, which has the capability to send suicide bombers and other dedicated terrorists to strike targets in the United States and Europe. To be sure, Washington is operating against ISIS, providing intelligence, equipment and training to its proxies and the “moderate” rebels that it supports in the country, but the effort is a mish mash, involving as it does feckless allies and clashing loyalties. The Pentagon and CIA have meanwhile been training batches of dubious recruits, some of whom turn their weapons over to the crazies at first opportunity. The Defense Department deflected completely accurate charges that it was supporting terrorists by changing the names of the groups involved. Amid the chaos, President Obama has even conceded that there are no moderate rebels.

Defeating ISIS would be relatively simple if everyone were on the same page, but the White House persists in seeing the removal of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad as the top priority, as if creating a power vacuum in Damascus would be a solution to what ISIS has been doing. And pressuring al-Assad also creates and feeds the ongoing problems with Russia. As the beltway groupthink goes, Syria minus al-Assad and Vladimir Putin would magically become a place where all the moderate, nation-building and democratically inclined forces would be able to come together and form a new government that would immeasurably benefit the Syrian people.

That formulation is, of course, complete nonsense and it is Moscow that has a clear understanding of what is at stake, not Washington. The reality is that creating a power vacuum is precisely what provides the opportunity for militant groups to settle in and expand their authority. It is how al-Qaeda and ISIS both came into prominence. It happens because, as in Iraq and Libya, the Washington interventionists have no idea what might succeed as a post-civil war political system in Syria. Nor do they have any real plan for achieving a functioning polity.

U.S. administrations have already tried decapitation of existing leadership in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya with catastrophic results but one of the delights of the American political system is that all the key policy players change every four to eight years meaning that lessons learned are lost and have to be discovered a second time around, repeating as necessary. That regime change would work any better in Syria defies belief but it is nevertheless what Washington chooses to believe. Regarding al-Assad as an enemy actually weakens the effort against ISIS because the most effective asset in that fight is the Syrian Army backed up by Russian air support.

And then there is Israel. Israel is, according to many Congressmen and the media, America’s best friend and greatest ally. It is a judgment that also defies belief as Tel Aviv and more particularly its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been persistently pursuing policies that are nominally opposed by the United States government, most particularly the expansion of its settlements. It has also interfered in U.S. internal politics during elections and did not hesitate to exploit political divisions in Congress when Netanyahu was invited by GOP leaders to speak to a joint session to provide his perception of President Obama’s “misguided” negotiations with Iran. Israel is no friend of the United States even if it does receive an annual handout currently running at in excess of \$3 billion and unlimited political cover in international bodies. Obama reportedly hates Netanyahu but did not have the courage to do anything about him.

So the Obama record is a mixed bag, but mostly a disappointment. His presidency will be somewhat untouchable by those who do retrospectives, as least for a while, protected by Obama’s status as America’s first black president. It would have been nice to see real health care reform, a backing off from police state norms in the war on terror, and less lethal engagement in other people’s quarrels overseas, but I suppose Obama would argue that GOP obstruction and the Establishment consensus caused him to support policies and engage in compromises that he really wanted to avoid. There may be some truth to that but ultimately Obama comes across as yet another morally deficient head of state who presumably saw the folly in the status quo but ultimately decided that loyalty to his party and dedication to its continuation in power was more important than doing what was right. Ultimately, the acquisition of money and power are everything in our system of government and the brief trajectory of Barack Hussein Obama is no exception to that rule.

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  1. Allow me to spike this with something from my blog:

    May 2, 2011 – Obama Backgrounder

    I am puzzled by the issue of Obama’s birth certificate. Even if it never existed, it would be simple to fabricate one. The serious “birthers” don’t doubt that he was born in Hawaii, but that his dad is not the guy listed on his birth certificate. We are told that his dad was from a middle-class Kenyan family, but somehow got the money and visa to take Russian language courses in Hawaii, then went on to Harvard, and then back to Kenya. This was during the Cold War, so what powerful group may have arranged all that? Why would a Kenyan need to learn Russian? The only logical answer is that he was assigned to spy on Soviet diplomats and military advisors in Africa, which were heavily involved in places like Angola and Somalia. And if the Soviets uncovered him, or his alcoholism caused the CIA problems, might he die in an “automobile accident”?

    The birth certificate is a dead horse issue used by our corporate media to fill air time with another manufactured controversy. Yes, Donald Trump mentions it, but he spends more time saying that China is slowly killing our nation by exploiting its cheap labor to steal our industries, something our media refuses to report. If one wants intrigue, try to discover how a poor, average student named Barry Obama managed to attend expensive, private Occidental College, then somehow found the money to attend two ultra-expensive universities of the eastern establishment (Columbia and Harvard).

    Obama’s only private sector work experience was a year with a CIA front company, Business International Corporation. This may seem like Manchurian Candidate paranoia, but even Obama supporters acknowledge that he has ignored all campaign promises and reversed his senate voting record to function as a puppet for Wall Street and the Pentagon. He made no effort to implement: closing Gitmo, pulling all U.S. troops out of Iraq by May 2010, allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire, prosecuting Wall Street swindlers, reducing our military budget, or establishing efficient, single-payer health care for all Americans. Obama brought in the corporate cronies who run the Democratic party for personal profit to run the show, and they blocked efforts in the Democratic controlled Congress to implement these changes.

    Its not like powerful people selected Obama for President 20 years ago, but a key element for controlling American democracy by the Power Elite is to select and groom young, ambitious middle class Americans to run for political office. They sponsor hundreds of potential senators and presidents from college onward and push them upward. Candidates must be attractive, intelligent, ambitious, and lacking in scruples. This is nothing new, most American Presidents were sponsored for years by the powers that be until they were selected to accept their party’s nomination. They were unknowns who suddenly showed up on every corporate TV show as a leading candidate. Recall Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barak Obama rose from nowhere. Carter was a disappointment, who cut his puppet strings, so he was ousted. Republican candidates are usually “old money” types from the Power Elite, like Bush and McCain. Nixon was not, and when he tugged back on his puppet strings, he was thrown out of office. The Democratic party machine needs candidates that appeal to the working class, so they must grow their own, although the Republicans test market attractive puppets they find in the sticks, like Sarah Palin.

    For a current example of a CIA front company manned by the “Power Elite”, take a look at this propaganda outfit: America Abroad Media Few Americans are aware that PBS is a corporate run propaganda outfit, which is why PBS and NPR will not be defunded by the Republicans. It offers a sophisticated slant on news to fool those who consider themselves highly educated, rather than the crude spinmasters at Fox. Just yesterday I heard a reporter from NPR discussing Obama’s plans to cut our military budget, which he must know is nonsense. These “cuts” are just reductions in planned growth, but the military budget will continue to grow each year. Next year, Obama will spend 10% more on our military than Bush (even after adjusting for inflation). Has the “threat” to our national security grown 10% in two years? When I watch or read corporate news, I’m not seeking information, but learning what “they” want us to think, and try to determine why.

  2. The fact that the CEO of Citibank dictated who would be the Obama administration’s senior officials, months before it took power, puts the lie to Obama’s reported excuse that “I would have liked to have done something [to reign in bankster malfeasance] but it would have pissed off too many powerful people.” That leak of Citi’s appointments via Wikileaks shows that from the beginning, to the contrary, seeking to serve the powerful was the agenda, without resistance or regret.

    Impressive summary and insight by Phil Giraldi, who’s serving the American people directly now with his considerable analytic capabilities. I suspect it may be to more salutary effect than his other public service.

    • Replies: @mcohen
  3. President Obama missed his calling by a few decades. He would have been a fine executive post-Reagan, and would likely do fine after we cleaned up foreign entanglements and had a robust industrial base.

    The ACA (“Obamacare”), though, is possibly the best thing that Obama has accomplished. Not because the ACA was great, but because it has demonstrated how completely out-of-sync we are with healthcare.

    No thinktank nor chin-stroking thinkpiece has adequately described how much money it takes to keep people alive. Forget abortion, plenty die because genetics dealt them a bad hand, and it costs something to keep them alive.

    Healthcare is not a luxury. Healthcare is infrastructure. If healthcare is anything less than that, then let us institute death panels and save time by killing people quickly.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @OutWest
  4. MEexpert says:

    Obama has to be the worst president ever and yes that includes Nixon and Bush II. Obama’s victory lap is like that of a boxer who couldn’t land a single punch on his opponent, got himself whipped in the ring but was still standing.

    As far as his achievement in getting the nuclear agreement with Iran is concerned, how could this be an achievement? Iran agreed to stopp doing what it wasn’t doing at all.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
    , @Eileen Kuch
  5. Anonymous [AKA "micv"] says:

    Obongo is a joke. His white owners and the ziocons has no respect for this illiterate clown but the narcississtic degenerate has served as the best teleprompter-reading parrot and scape goat for their evils they could wish for, which is why he was installed in the first place.

    Unlike the other presidents however, he will not have much to look forward to which is why he should take up on North Korea´s offer for a full life-time job, for both him and his wookie-in-drag at the Pyong Gyang Zoo.

    • Replies: @Druid
  6. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    That’s your view.
    Under Obama’s two terms Blacks have been winning more Scrabble games than ever, and thats what matters.

  7. Obama, vetted by the ruling class, was allowed to oppose Hillary for the nomination. Master of pretty lies the semi charismatic and somewhat articulate Obama slithered past Hillary. Could a partially black man be elected president? Yes, if he ran against “wallnuts” McCain. So Obama became the head front man for the Anglo/Zio Empire. He stayed bought, did his eight years and is cruising to a very comfortable and early retirement.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  8. yes… outward Obama is not great friend to Benjamin Netanyahu. However, the president’s “legacy” will proves he’s history’s 2nd greatest Zionist POTUS . In Spring 2011, Obama reneged on his campaign promise to make KSM face trail in open (non-Military tribunal) court.

    Noteworthy is Christopher Bollyn who in “Solving 9-11” wrote, “The Obama administration will NOT have an open 9-11 trial because it would expose the fraud that the person said to be Khalid Sheik Mohammed is not the mastermind of 9-11.”

    Too bad Philip G. missed Obama’s non-trial “victory lap.”

  9. America’s first affirmative action president has been propped up by fake money. This money has inflated an economic balloon that is about to pop.

    As soon as our radical, anti-white president leaves office, the powers-that-be will stop blowing into the balloon. Whoever wins our current election will inherit this problem.

    Sell your stocks, now.

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
  10. SteveM says:

    The Imperial President merely assumes authority that the feckless Congress has abrogated. The unconstrained war-making authority Obama claims would go away if Congress repealed the pathologically unbounded AUMF with veto-proof majorities and then forced the President to comply with the Constitution.

    Fat Chance. Since the Republicans are happy to accede to presidential war-monger sensibilities when one of their own (Not Trump) is careening around the Oval Office happily playing Global Cop-in-Chief using the American War Machine as a supposed “Force for Good” to slaughter brown skinned people 6,000 miles away.

    Stick a fork in America – because it’s cooked. (and broke)

  11. Tom Welsh says:

    “To Obama’s credit, he talks nice and appears to be both thoughtful and rational, qualities that were not always evident in his predecessor in office”.

    They are also qualities that often characterize psychopaths. Especially when – as is the case with Obama – the “nice talk” includes promises that are never turned into action of any kind. It’s very instructive to listen to any Obama speech – if possible watch it too – and then read the transcript, parsing it for exact meaning. You will find that it is 99% fine-sounding language, less than 1% solid meaning.

    I’d like to point out that people like Al Capone, Napoleon and Stalin were also thoughtful and rational.

    • Replies: @SteveM
    , @Carroll Price
  12. Flavius says:

    Excellent early postmortem on a Presidency that, despite the histrionics of the election in progress, is dying with a whimper. It is perhaps the histrionics, as well as the fact that Mr Obama has been the nation’s first mixed race President, that obscures the fact that mediocrity represented the summit of Mr Obama’s and his Government’s achievements. There was always less to the man than met the eye, even down to the most fundamental reality as to the way he chose to project his race. Alas, this was a man who came into office with no achievements in life to qualify him for success in the office he sought but who recognized that his ticket to success had been and would be to maintain the partial deception of race. Thus the man came to office untested by experience and, neither knowing who he was or knowing what the office required of him, it showed: he hid himself in the warm womb of a bloated White House staff while the bureaucracies he was nominally charged to lead blundered and bluffed their way into the well deserved contempt of the American people: in short, the buck never stopped with Barack, he liked it that way, and often times he was even proud to admit it.

    • Replies: @JoaoAlfaiate
  13. SteveM says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Right. Obama is a pathological narcissist whose public persona is crafted around two Manichean objectives; maximizing Narcissistic Supply and avoiding Narcissistic Injury at all cost.

    Obama’s primary sources of Narcissistic Supply are his cheap grace political stunts calculated to induce the applause and adoration of his deluded sycophants (including the cronied-up MSM). So Obama shooting off his big mouth about giving men in dresses access to women’s toilets and locker rooms gets big play while he ignores the obvious and stark implosion of his busted Obamacare program.

    And the U.S. – Russia relationship is wrecked because Obama personalized it. He demands sycophantic approval as the “smartest person in the room”. Only Vladimir Putin don’t play that game and exposed Obama for the genuine mediocrity that he really is, (a huge narcissistic insult.) So Obama hates him for it. And by extension – he also hates Russia.

    Avoiding Narcissistic Injury explains Obama’s juvenile derogatory responses to criticism. E.g., The Putin “slouch…looking like that bored schoolboy in the back of the classroom.” That’s the sign of a hack mediocrity shooting blanks.

    Over 8 years Obama has saturated his schedule with the cheap grace stunts that provide narcissistic reinforcement and while avoiding the hard policy problems that include the risk of narcissistic injury (screwing up and getting called for it.) So the tax code festers, the budget deficit continues to metastasize, Obamacare implodes. All kinds of systemic problems avoided over the past 8 years while the public is duly informed about Obama’s NCAA basketball bracket picks and his congratulatory phone calls to the LGBTXXX hero of the week.

    Obama is a defective, impotent, narcissistic toad. And it’s us taxpayers who have to pay for the pathological consequences of the twisted gears turning between his ears.

    • Replies: @schmenz
  14. Rehmat says:

    Well – Barack Obama is the only Nobel Peace prize winner who had never to work for it. Furthermore, he succeeded in shielding the Zionist regime from Iran’s non-existing NUKES for eight years – and just handed over \$38 billion military aid to Israel to defend itself from the ‘marching armies’ of the AXIS OF RESISTANCE (Iran-Syria- Hizbullah).

    That’s lot of achievements – don’t you think Dr. Giraldi?

    “I think when it is all over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish president,” – Abner Mikvaner, former Chicago’s Zionist Congressman, a Federal Judge and White House counsel to former president Bill Clinton.

    • Replies: @nsa
    , @Chuck Orloski
    , @Sherman
  15. Avery says:

    In pictures:

    Authentic American POTUS:

    [Theodore Roosevelt on horseback jumping over a split rail fence]
    [Colonel Roosevelt and the Rough Riders after capturing Kettle Hill]

    “New, Improved” POTUS:

    [Putin vs. Obama in Pictures]

  16. Excellent, penetrating article. I love Phil’s aside, “the Israel Lobby and Congress (essentially the same thing).” Bingo!

  17. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    He was scouted out early and magically glided along the career path leading upwards with little effort on his part, probably due to behind-the-scenes sponsorship. In my opinion he was intended to be the next generation of black leadership after the old blowhards died off. He was to be a synthetically created black leader given copious amounts of corporate media publicity to convince blacks that he was theirs and thus steer them in desired directions. The groundwork was set for him by having an autobiographical book published. How many anonymous people in their 30’s with no accomplishments have autobiographies published? It’s an apparent case of grooming. However, he lost in an election to Bobby Rush who out-blacked him. It was discovered that the light skinned and effete property had crossover appeal and could get white votes. He became Senator, again without effort, by having his ‘research dept’ knock his opponent out of the running with some divorce scandal. He did nothing there and started running for president almost immediately despite never having accomplished much of anything. Since people were sick of the same old personalities that had been hanging around for far too long they jumped at something new and different. Turns out he was just a fake. He gets high marks just for not having destroyed us all in a nuclear war or getting involved in a 30 year war elsewhere, a very low bar indeed.
    “Change you can believe in.” Yeah, right.

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
  18. nsa says:

    First affirmative action prez is more like it. You can thank the KMMs (Kosher Media Monopolies) for this muzzie chimaera…….

  19. @Flavius

    Right. Had he held a serious executive office, like, say, Governor of Texas, before becoming President, I’m sure he would have had a far more successful foreign policy.

  20. @Rehmat


    So sophomoric how Abner Mikvaner failed to bestow top honor upon L.B.J. as being (post-U.S. coup), the 1st U.S. Jewish president and N.W.O. George H. W. Bush is tied (dead even) with his “Bring ’em on” son W. Bush at #2.

    Highest possible Jewish rank for President Barack Obama is # 3. William Jefferson Clinton gets a strong # 4 ranking, due to his barbaric bombing of a Sudan-based aspirin factory in order to help get Benjamin Netanyahu’s attack dogs off his case.

    (Note: President Slick Willie will always be in the Zionist/MSM Hall of Fame for his “standing down” and having done zip for a real investigation into the TWA Flight 800 crime and mass murder of 230 Americans)

    Who do you think, Mr. Giraldi, best deserves the # 1 ranking for being America’s 1st Jewish president? (An old buck at a local Dunkin’ Donuts feels FDR was the 1st Jewish president)

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  21. Olorin says:

    Victory lapdog, morelike.

    I knew of what Obama was made when during his first POTUS campaign they circulated that photo of him bowling.

    He looked like an AKC prize whippet taking a dump on a \$150,000 Berber rug.

    In the bassbo photo above, one need only compare his stance to that of the actual bassbo bruthas in the shot. Good lord, his knees don’t even bend, he’s that stiff, he’s half on-pointe, and you can see the crawl line running across his inner teleprompter:




    This guy has always been as robotically constructed as an elementary-school-aged pageant queen…with not one iota of the chthonic charm or tendency toward real humanity shining through.

    If there are any “victory laps” being done, it’s by the cabal that elevated him to Occupy (TM) the Oval Office. He’s not the “first post-American” president, he’s the first post-human US president.

    And Miss Rodham is worse, impossible as it seems.

    • Replies: @edNels
  22. dahoit says:

    I take issue with a few things here;There are no and have been no
    ISUS attacks on US(and Israel ,right next door to terror central),unless Mr.Giraldi,through intelligence connections, thinks the alleged lone wolf unaffiliated murderers are ISUS members themselves ,there are US troops still in Iraq,and no, HRC is not our next POTUS.
    And Donald Trump,our next POTUS,despite being a deplorable,is right on a hell of a lot more than stinking Obamacare.
    I notice this everywhere,denial of his message’s resonance among the rest of US deplorables,the majority of our nation,and of all colors and creeds.
    The rest of the article was pretty right on,and yeah,Obomba is the greatest disappointment in American history,which points out scumbags can be all colors and creeds also.
    And his treatment by the ZNN has been the most non critiquing ever,absolutely no pushback on anything,outside of the Iran deal,by the wackos,where as one says,the Iranians just agreed to do what they weren’t doing in the first place.
    That’s one critique of Trump,his stance on the bad guys being the Iranians.
    Hopefully just political red meat crap.
    Will Trump clean the Augean Stables of the CIA?Whoosh.

  23. @Buzz Mohawk

    You beat me to it. I never tire of reminding progs that Barak Hussein Obama is not our first “Black” president. Obama was our first affirmative action president. Bill Clinton was our first “Black” president. Just ask Toni Morrison and all the other mindless Clinton supporters from back in the day.

  24. Sherman says:

    Hey Homer

    “He succeeded in protecting the Zionist regime from Iran’s nonexistent nukes for eight years”.

    Thank goodness for Stuxnet!


    • Replies: @Rehmat
  25. @anonymous

    IMHO an excellent summary of how the man got where he is.

    It will be interesting to observe whether upon leaving the White House he will be allowed to follow his natural inclinations and continue a life of lazy, luxurious and empty pomp or whether his handlers and enablers will require him to serve as their sock puppet in some new capacity. I’m betting they are as fed up with him as he is with them and our first affirmative action president will manage to slip away into a continued existence of lotus eating and mindless navel gazing.

  26. Art says:

    Obama has wasted eight years of America’s life – America has nothing to show for the last eight years.

    Health care is worse – congress is worse – the foreign war scene is worse – immigration is worse – the division into political groups is worse. Everything is sliding in the wrong direction.

    Hope and Change – NOT — post racial – NOT — economic division – Greater!

    p.s. The sad truth is that we are further apart than ever.

  27. edNels says:

    Good comment.

    informative and understated.

    He looked like an AKC prize whippet taking a dump on a \$150,000 Berber rug.
    In the bassbo photo above, one need only compare his stance to that of the actual bassbo bruthas in the shot. Good lord, his knees don’t even bend, he’s that stiff, he’s half on-pointe, and you can see the crawl line running across his inner teleprompter:

    Exactly the analogy. Another highlight was the fawning deep bow made to the diminutive Japanese Emperor/ess. Shot from his right hind section. Very stiff, and too obsequious by Japanese stardards…That pcocrp could remember we have a few left from war in the Pacific.

    When you mention ‘‘crawl line” I wonder if that pertains to a visible wire seen through the suit fabric, or to the lag time sensed in his deliberate style which to me, suggests that the little lag time enabables to hear the inner teleprompt and regurgitate it comfortably with time to ad-lib and paraphrase. With both the inner prompting and obviously actual teleprompters it’s almost fail safe.

    The robots are coming, but the first robots are already been here. The hybrid robots.
    so why change that, they will have all the features of humans, no need to reinvent the wheel. They will be fit out with super human capabilities, Bionic man/woman. and like in the movies, self abort when needed.

    In general by the time the fiction writers come with these ideas, it’s already close to fait accompli.

    Presidents are for a purpose, but it’s not what Charlie Tuna thinks it is!

    • Replies: @Olorin
  28. Art says:

    Obama’s Next Move May Be Lifting U.S. Protection of Israel at UN

    Bloomberg… While the world remains fixated on the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, the Obama administration is facing another foreign policy showdown in the United Nations Security Council.

    The administration has signaled that it might abandon the decades-long U.S. policy of protecting Israel at the UN and back a Security Council resolution laying out terms for a two-state solution to the almost 67-year-old dispute between the Jewish state and the Palestinians.


    Hmm – Obama’s last gasp move for relevance!

    • Replies: @Art
    , @Druid
  29. MarkinLA says:

    As the beltway groupthink goes, Syria minus al-Assad and Vladimir Putin would magically become a place where all the moderate, nation-building and democratically inclined forces would be able to come together and form a new government that would immeasurably benefit the Syrian people.

    This is for the stupid masses. Those in power know that Syria will be a mess – just what Israel and Turkey want.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  30. Okay here it is :

    It all boils down to one simple fact :

    Democrats/leftists : All of them are totally uneducated, they simply have no ( comprehended ) knowledge of world history, european history, and the events which lead up to the never-ending pandemonia of wars and tensions. They may have gone through the school system but they did not understand the information which was imparted to them, otherwise they would be able to handle situations, and not to worsen them, and of course I know how simplistic this sounds, but it is fact : They are ignorant unaware fools, and can only cause upheaval and chaos.
    All of this being the product of marxist indoctrination which has taken over the US university system.
    And I know I am beating a dead horse with this viewpoint.
    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @musings
  31. RobinG says:

    Dear Mensa member,

    The past tense of lead is led.

    (Been a peeve for ages. You just asked for correction.)

    • Replies: @Druid
    , @Authenticjazzman
  32. Druid says:

    Agree completely. And to think I voted for this never-been clown!

  33. Timalex says:

    So, from reading the above, in summary, a guy not really knowing his father, raised by his mother and displaying psychopathic tendencies, who was early-on singled out by various entities to be developed to become an American Black leader at some level. He was bright enough to pick up upon and learn white nuances and play “the man” and thru “Clintinesque” means attained a Senate seat. After one term, those who were sponsoring him ran him for President after a news media splash of his visit to Africa.

    He ran against a woman (Hillary) who came across most of the time as a drunk, but who was probably suffering (even back then) with Parkinson’s disease. Add this, to an America recovering from a Republican Howdi Doodi-looking freak, who feloniously invaded Iraq and
    mired America into the international and domestic delimma (sp) which Barrack Hussein maintained and intensified for eight years.

    So now, some want us (him included) to celebrate the super job he has done (not mentioning the economy). I side with those who see him as a psychopath, a second rate man, who used his handlers and circumstances to survive while taking down as many “white” cultural and Constitutional traditions and values as he could.

  34. Rehmat says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Here is how many other people see Obama’s family tree. His American mother Ann Dunham was a White Christian with Jewish family roots, who worked for CIA at US embassy in Jakarta.

    Harvard educated Barack Obama Sr. was adviser to Kenya’s socialist government. He even taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School for twelve years, first as a Lecturer from 1992 to 1996.

    Later Barack Obama senior abandoned Dunham and little Obama while in Indonesia – and went back to Kenya and remarried a local Muslim woman. Malik Obama, the supporter of Donald Trump is product of that marriage.

    Then the Kenyan scholar dumped his second wife too, and married an oriental Jewish woman Ruth Ndesandjo who gave birth to Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo. Currently, Ndesandjo, a practicing Jew, lives in Beijing. Mark visited Israel in 2014.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Druid
  35. Rehmat says:

    Neyth Ariel Shron. Don’t thank Stuxnet which was as much a Israeli lie as G-d promised Palestine to Khazarian Jews.

  36. Who’s guarding Obama? Playing basketball with Obama must be like fishing with Kruschev.

  37. Art says:

    Obama’s Next Move May Be Lifting U.S. Protection of Israel at UN

    Hmm – Obama’s last gasp move for relevance!

    I fear that I have been to sarcastic – if Obama did that, he would be relevant.

    No other president has dared go against the Jews.

    Obama would have our thanks if he had the gonads to speak up at the UN for the Palestinians – PERIOD.

  38. @Rehmat

    Barack Sr did not teach at Chicago. In 1992, he’d been a corpse for ten years.

    I don’t recall any Jews in Stanley Dunham’s line (Stanley Sr or Jr). Perhaps you’re misled by the popularity of Biblical names among colonial Americans. That might confuse an ESLer.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  39. @Demeter Last

    Millions of Americans who already HAD medical insurance, now have NO medical insurance, or are cutting their family budget drastically to pay much higher premiums than they did before Obama-“care”, or are about to lose or drop their policies.

    And you think this is the best thing the fraud has done?

    I’d say a couple of the least bad things he has done are not interfering even more in Syria and Ukraine as many urged him to do.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  40. @WorkingClass

    Watch for his spawn to be placed in congressional seats, as well, bookended perhaps by very lucrative BS jobs with “nonprofit organizations”, law firms, finance, or other nonproductive and/or dishonest endeavors.

  41. @JoaoAlfaiate

    1. If you think insulting GW Bush — or any Bush — will bother people here, then you haven’t spent much time at or haven’t paid any attention. Bush was another lying “invade the world, invite the world” scumbag like Clinton and Obama.

    2. Governor of any state would have been more potentially relevant and useful than obama’s string of nonsense jobs.

  42. schmenz says:

    Excellent summary of this pitiful failure. Many thanks.

  43. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Allow me to spike this with something from my blog:”

    America: land of free, home of brave. There is nothing fraudulent going on here.

  44. Druid says:

    He is surrounded by neocon dual-citizen fascists. Never happen!

  45. Druid says:

    And he being a Mensa member. I knew one who kept remind people that he was. And he was disliked idiot! Along with IQ one needs common sense.

  46. Rehmat says:
    @Chuck Orloski

    America had several Jewish presidents judging by their services to the Organized Jewry. However, only president Gen. Eisenhower had a Jewish family roots. Some German and American writers and bloggers believe Eisenhower’s parent David Jacob Eisenhower and Ida Elizabeth Stover were Swedish Jews. Furthermore, Eisenhower in a letter to his wife, reportedly wrote: “I hate Germans.” Some German historians have blamed him of masterminding the killing 1.7 million German Christians.

  47. Rehmat says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Are you saying you don’t trust Israel’s Wikipedia? Go and polish your Israeli lies.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  48. @Carlton Meyer

    Jimmy Carter fired 25% of the CIA. The CIA took revenge by negotiating with Iran to keep the hostages until AFTER the election. He paid the price for opposing the machinations of the Deep State.

  49. Giraldi:

    ” . . . Ultimately, the acquisition of money and power are everything in our system of government and the brief trajectory of Barack Hussein Obama is no exception to that rule.”

    Giraldi’s words have an eloquence to them, wouldn’t you say?

  50. Obama will go down as one of the best Presidents of the 21st century. The bar is set mighty low. We did get an Iran deal and he has been resistant to push for confrontation with Russia. Russia understand the US is out to make war profits. The US nurses adversaries, grows them in a garden, then spends a fortune to kill them. That is what it has done for at least the last 15 years. What is ISIS going to do to average Joe plutocrat? Nothing. The only thing average Joe plutocrat fears is a decrease in arms sells. One just has to look at imperial Japan to see what happens when the US gets serious. The reason Obama has changed war is because the enemy is so pathetic and weak they really can’t do anything to us. No American deaths no bad publicity. There is a threat of home grown terrorism via disaffected Muslims who seek to punish us for our foreign policy (but they don’t hit the oligarchy do they? No, average Joe plutocrat is safe.) and morons like Petraeus/Hillary Clinton who ally with Al Qaeda and their underlings who train and arm them. The US political establishment is allied with moderate head choppers when the US is at war with moderate head choppers. No one explains what a moderate head chopper is. We know they are with Al Qaeda and they can’t be separated from Al Qaeda. Perhaps there isn’t a nickels worth of difference between them and that is why. They all look and act the same. Do they hack in moderation? Yet no one serious argues that the US supporters of the head choppers should be tried for treason. They assume the American people are stupid and easily manipulated. The head choppers are a scary boogeyman that temporary replaced the Soviets and rogue states as the next big bad. Our greatest enemies are plutocrats who support terrorism and terrorist sponsoring states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar who help fund propaganda to keep the war machine humming with new targets to knock off. Obama let them down but all the noise indicates that Hillary Clinton will make a killing. She will be Queen of the head choppers!

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  51. Alden says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Starting in the mid 1950s when Eisenhower was president the American government established huge scholarship programs for Africans. It was mostly Cold War tactics. The Russians had a big university in Moscow that trained Africans to go home and effect communist revolutions

    So Eisenhower established a similar program to bring Africans to Amerucan universities The idea was to convert them to democracy, capitalism and pro Americanism. Obama’s father was one of the first beneficiaries.

    American state department people in every African country were ordered to search the high schools for recruits.

    Obama Sr. had a full scholarship plus generous living expenses and spending money.

  52. Alden says:

    Eisenhowers mother was baptized Lutheran. Both parents became Jehova witnesses and Eisenhower was raised in that religion. He later joined the more respectable Presbyterians.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  53. mcohen says:
    @Fran Macadam

    citibank has an interesting history as in bringing down the white government in south africa

    • Replies: @Fran Macadam
  54. Olorin says:

    When you mention ‘‘crawl line” I wonder if that pertains to a visible wire seen through the suit fabric, or to the lag time sensed in his deliberate style which to me, suggests that the little lag time enabables to hear the inner teleprompt and regurgitate it comfortably with time to ad-lib and paraphrase. With both the inner prompting and obviously actual teleprompters it’s almost fail safe.

    I was thinking of the electrical typographic gizmos that supply a line of type moving from right to left in a viewer’s field of vision. Early versions were made of light bulbs–think of footage of people in Times Square watching for headlines on buildings. Today we see typographic crawl lines on the bottom of “news” broadcast screens.

    The robots are coming, but the first robots are already been here. The hybrid robots.
    so why change that, they will have all the features of humans, no need to reinvent the wheel. They will be fit out with super human capabilities, Bionic man/woman. and like in the movies, self abort when needed.

    I was still but a teen when this came out…

    And I still have it for driving music. Also Kraftwerk dance parties with our resident parrot, who likes the later, techno-er versions.

    My point being that some people can do the machine/human hybrid quite well. BHO is not one of them. It helps to start out being at least something of a human. If the human element is entirely constructed–as he is–the whole schtick comes across more like a Golem. Animated clay rather than a Six Million Dollar Man.

    I always felt oddly more human as a Physics Geek when riding my Japanese sport bikes at 130 mph in the desert…ergo arguably was rather hybridized myself in that setting.

  55. Anonymous [AKA "Gestershon"] says:

    I must disagree.

    Besides bizzare policies such as ‘obama-care’ .. Barack Obama was a good President.

    Nothing major happened on his watch. He killed shit-tons of terrorists and other scum, including Osama Bin Laden. Bullied the world for our financial interests, and doing so did not let the IMF/WB in.

    Obama was not a ‘great’ president, but when the list is out I would put him somewhere in the middle.

    Also immigration? Obama was rather hard on illegal-immigrants compared to G-W-Bush.

    I am not a fan of Obama but was he a terrible President? No. “Obamacare” however makes me think he was smoking pot or something.

  56. @RobinG

    1 : All ” Spelling” is arbitrary, and based upon agreements.
    IN english “correct” spelling is dependant upon one’s memorization abilities.
    There are no natural laws backing up “Right” or “Wrong” English spelling.
    In German, Italian, it is next to impossible to make a spelling mistake because everything is “Phonetic”,and CONSTANT.
    In English, for example, the word “guitar” should actually be pronounced : “gooey-tar”, if one were to base it’s pronounciation upon it’s “spelling”, and the word : “Omnipotent” should pronounced “omni-potent” and not ” om-nip-petent”, such as in it’s silly-ass distorted english version.
    2 : “Correct” spelling was not a tested area for Mensa membership.

    And the “Past tense” of Lead, as in metal, is not ” Led” ha ha ha ha ha.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years.

  57. @Johnny F. Ive

    The only possible, and fitting response to such blatent nonsense is :

    “Even the Gods dispair in the face of stupidity”

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years, and pro jazz performer.

    • Replies: @Johnny F. Ive
  58. musings says:

    How can anyone pretend to be writing seriously without facts? If Haitian immigrants were allowed to overstay in the US, it was not because of a “2010 hurricane” (common enough in those parts), but because of a major earthquake which killed more than 300,000 people. The quake affected everyone, and even Americans died in a luxury hotel while the presidential palace was destroyed.

    If you have forgotten this devastating quake, then it is much easier to blame Obama for his leniency, and to imply it is racial.

    As for Obamacare being too expensive, this is due to the compromises made with for-profit insurance companies, imposed by Republicans and Democrats sponsored by these companies, who do not understand the notion of regulation of such entities, or who have forgotten on purpose, to line their own pockets.

    Forgetting – it’s like a virus in the election season, but then it’s always election season.

    Having a President who is rational, articulate enough to explain what he is doing, and moderate in temperament, has been a good thing for this country.

  59. musings says:

    I don’t think all Democrats are leftists, and if you consider them to be ignorant and poorly educated, then you must know a different subset of them than I do. With rare exceptions, scientists, engineers and economists tend to be Democrats. It has been my experience in a family which is mostly Republican, that choices are made on an emotional basis without a good mastery of facts. Even the richest members of my family have little experience with living in or even traveling to other countries. Hawaii is about as far as they range. They hang out with those much like themselves, and this leads to the sense of being under assault by the great unwashed, as they see everyone with less money as being. It also leads to thinking in stereotypes.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  60. moi says:

    Obama is exactly the prez the country deserved. Now live with the consequences.

    • Agree: schmenz
  61. @Rehmat


    Are you aware of Canadian James Bacque’s (1989) book, “Other Losses”? Fact-filled, the book is well reserved researched and it changed (by 360 degrees) my perception of Allied triumphant victory in WW II.

    Author James Bacque emphasized President Eisenhower’s “hatred of Germans” and as Allied Supreme Commander, his P.O.W. (internment camp) policy, 1944-1949, resulted in the mass death of German prisoners from starvation, disease, and the cold. (Curiously, J. Bacque did not go into Dwight Eisenhower’s Jewish roots)

    Despite unspeakable German P.O.W. cruelty, I still “like Ike” for his “Farewell Speech and the warning to Americans about the nation killing “Military Industrial Complex.”

    As you know, last month or so, Benjamin Netanyahu was very pleased to get \$38 billion of taxpayer money forked over for Israel’s defense. Of course, Israel lamely insisted that U.S. workers will benefit because all the murderous weaponry must be manufactured by D.O.D. contractors, at US.-based facilities. (Recently, Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal had the balls to complain about how Israel’s hometown defense plants will ,lose out on the boondoggle)

    Thanks for all the work you do, Rehmat. Maybe Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first Jewish POTUS. But at least America never got either Milton Shapp (Governor, PA) or Al Gore’s V.P. choice, Joseph Lieberman. It’s chilling to project what either Hillary or Trump will do to advance Israel’s lebensraum goals.

  62. @musings

    ” With rare exceptions, scientists, engineers, and economists tend to be democrats”.
    So fucking what if were to be true, as almost all of science is based upon lies and profound BS, such as the concept of “Bacteria” being an “Outside” element which then “Attacks” you and makes you ill.
    And then we have the idiotic ” scientific” theory of the “big bang”, which claims that there was a an explosion which nobody caused, and then everything started to expand, how goddamn fucking stupid can “Scientists” be.
    And then the idea( Einstein) that nothing can go faster than the speed of light : Why, why can nothing go faster than the speed of light, seeing as “Thought” in the case of “Telepathy” is instantaeneous, and therefore IS faster than the speed of light.
    And current “Economists” are all fucking Marxists, so no wonder that they are democrats.
    I could could go on for hours with this subject.
    Nice try but you will have to get up earlier, to get over on myself.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” Society member of forty-plus years.

  63. Thanks Mr. Giraldi for providing political information and insights into how the Deep State operates. For performing a service to the American people that could very well lead to you becoming the victim of another unplanned suicide.

  64. @Tom Welsh

    To Obama’s credit, he pushed the envelope about as far as he dared without becoming the 2nd US president assassinated on orders from Israel.

  65. @Rehmat

    Strong evidence shows Franklin Roosevelt was America’s 1st clandestine Jewish president, with Dwight David Eisenhower being the second. But why go to all the trouble of searching for a Roosevelt or an Eisenhower, when producing a Jewish clone like Bill Clinton or Barak Hussein Obama is so much easier?

  66. Exudd1 says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Excellent, well-argued article. Thanks.

  67. Rehmat says:

    “Iran agreed to stopp doing what it wasn’t doing at all.” YES – Iran agreed to stop its ‘non-existing threat to ‘wipe Israel of the map’ – in order to get its \$150 billion asset unlocked which were frozen in western banks since 1980s.

    US vice-president Joe Biden with his son and daughter married into Zionist Jew families – spilled the bean last year.

    “The only thing that would satisfy (US-Iran nuclear) deal opponents including Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is “a regime change” that could only come with US power,” Biden said while addressing Ahavath Achim synagogue in Atlanta….

  68. Rehmat says:

    I’m sorry to know it’s you who was called DIRTY SWISS at the US Military Academy and not the cadet Eisenhower (Eisenhover).

    Gen George Patton, commander of the US Third Army and governor of a greater part of US occupied Germany is accused by the organized Jewry for slapping and berating two Jewish soldiers, Pvt. Charles H. Kuhl and Pvt. Paul Bennett in August 1943 in Sicily. Patton also called them cowards. Patton was ordered to apologize to the soldiers in public by the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces Gen. David (Ike) Eisenhower, who is accused of being a crypto-Jew

    Several writers have claimed that Gen. Patton was killed by Jews as part of Jewish vengeance for insulting Jewish soldiers.

    • Replies: @mcohen.
    , @Anonymous
  69. Carroll Price,

    It’s very important to track the historical roots of “Jews First” U.S. presidents in order to counter America’s public school “National Curriculum” which is dedicated to teach LIES about the Weimar Republic’s (1920s) agony and cause of WW II.

    Rarely do American undergrad college students get opportunities to study the sorry economic state of the Weimar Republic prior to the rise of Hitler and mass popularity of National Socialism. (At low paid work, while on break with Fox Radio, dismayed Millennials are fed and charged up by Glenn Beck’s Nazi-B.S.)

    Did you ever hear the gospel saying, “When the roots are rotten, the Tree will die”?

    As you know — Carroll Price — rotten political “roots” often go deep. So I for one ask, Who/What are the “Executive Branch” roots of our modern Zionist-U.S. presidents, i.e., G.H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush, and Barack Obama?

    Collectively, their incremental Global trade policies are resulting in the American Republic’s economic resemblance to the Weimar Republic! Rotten roots must be discovered, exposed, and ideally yanked. (American classrooms will need a mighty Caterpillar-backhoe to do such job!)

    Thanks for providing the very educational Roosevelt (Stanford U.) “link.”

  70. @Authenticjazzman

    He may despair (assuming that he is real and is anthropomorphic) but everything I said was pretty much true.

    I expect a more thorough analysis from a man who belongs to Mensa.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  71. mcohen. says:

    b.obama did a good job in Ethiopia and can be recommended.i wish him well with his future endeavors and am sure he still has much to contribute to society

    yours truly

    • Replies: @Fran Macadam
  72. @MEexpert

    MEexpert, you just hit the nail squarely on the head, and I couldn’t agree with you more. Obama, indeed, has to be the worst president ever .. and, yes, that includes Nixon and Bush II – Nixon having acting out of paranoia and Bush II being dyslexic and having an IQ slightly below 100 (He was more of a figurehead, as Dick Cheney actually ran the show).
    Obama, unlike W, has an IQ around 125, but he has no conscience whatsoever, making him a psychopath. He had no intention of keeping the promises he had made to the American people – especially, all those voters who had elected him POTUS.
    Obama’s fervent supporters were so blinded to his lies that they voted for him again .. that makes it voting for him TWICE. Now, if that’s not blind stupidity on their part, I don’t know what is. He had NO intentions whatsoever to act on his promises; instead, he made W to look like a choir boy.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  73. RobinG says:

    Try reading DL’s post carefully. (Hint: not a praise of ACA.)

    Fortunately, ACA is blowing up in their faces.

  74. RobinG says:

    There you go, that’s what’s missing from this article. The naively optimistic nation-building is just a façade. Prolonged warfare is the unmentionable goal.

    Continued chaos insures the MIC profits and relevance, and provides Israel both a threat to whine about and potential for further encroachment into Arab lands.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  75. @Rehmat

    How are your Semites any better than ours? At least we got some catchy show tunes out of them.

  76. @RobinG

    … further encroachment into Arab lands.

    Nobody is encroaching into their peninsula. The rest of the “Arab lands” are the result of their own encroachment into others’.

    Don’t they teach world history anymore?

  77. Keith says:

    We seem to be having an energetic competition in the Unz Review naming the # 1 US Jewish president. Since no one so far has been able to chose the right one, I decided to throw my hat in the ring and enter the contest.

    The number one Jewish US president was Woodrow Wilson. Why does he merit such a
    dishonerable distinction?

    The Jew, Samuel Untermeyer blackmailed Woodrow Wilson into WW 1. Woodrow had a very active woody and was having an affair with the wife of one of his colleague at Princeton University. Samuel Untemeyer was a prominent Jew York attorney of the law firm, Guggenheim, Untemeyer, &Marshall. One of the firms main clients Kuhn Loeb Bank, ( the financer of the Jewish Bolshevick Communist revolution) of which Jacob Schiff, and agent of Walter Rothschild, was the head. The blackmailed included a payoff to Woodrow’s former sweetheart and to pressure
    Wilson into supporting Great Britain in its war against Germany. To sweeten the deal, Widrow threw in the appointment of the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice, Louis Dembitz Brandeis.

    Here is my reasoning. No US entry into WW1, No promise (Balfour Declaration) to world Jewry for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, no Versailles revenge treaty, no WW2 and no victory over the only country (Germany) who challenged a New Jew World Order.

    • Replies: @L.K
  78. @Johnny F. Ive

    Quoting you : ” He may dispair”

    Apparently you are unable to distinguish between singular and plural.
    I posted ” Gods” : plural, and not “God” singular, which give this ancient aphorism a totally different meaning.

    So as far as your own ” analysis” is concerned : You even started off with the wrong premise, and you simply have no grasp whatsoever of what I attempted to communicate, which is typical for you leftists : You are messing around in waters too deep for your own abilities.

    And I don’t give a fuck about what you “Expect” from someone who is a “Mensa” member, as they ( Mensa) wouldn’t give you the time of day.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” society member of forty-years-plus, and pro jazz performer.

    • Replies: @Johnny F. Ive
  79. @Eileen Kuch

    ” IQ around 125″.

    No way, perhaps 100, not higher.

    You are simply complying with the bizarre societal urge to elevate this guy.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” Society member of forty-plus years, and pro jazz performer.

  80. L.K says:

    Yep, I think that is pretty much it.

    Good post, Keith.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
  81. @L.K

    Following up with L.K…. thanks for the logical & brilliant post, Keith! And thanks to Ron Unz for allowing Keith’s comment to stand.

    History students at U.S. colleges routinely get clobbered by tuition invoices, and they never get to know anything about how, at the end of WW I, Woodrow Wilson went to Europe NOT simply as the chief American representative at the peace conference gathering at Versailles. Wilson drafted and hoped to dictate a New World Order under a League of Nations, pledged to universal peace.

    Took over a century, but the U.S. regrettably now has the best Jewish Republican and Jewish Democrat POTUS candidates that money can buy. uggh. So, “Welcome to the New Jew World Order!”

    Thanks again for the free history education, Keith, which by the way, I never got while an undergrad at the pricey (Jesuit) University of Scranton.

  82. OutWest says:
    @Demeter Last

    The best thing Obama could have done for health care would have been to allow Medicaid/care to use its purchasing power to demand drug prices offered to similar plans in say Canada, Mexico and France etc.. As long as D.C. is owned by Big Pharma, National Health Insurance will only cut out the insurance companies that weakly work for lower health costs.

  83. The Germans, bless their tormented ignorant souls, have already promoted him to : “Harvard professor of constitutional law”, and the world greatest orator, in spite of his helplessness without his telepromter.

    The ceaseless praise heaped upon him by the German media is a wonder in itself, his “wisdom” and “eloquence” and “charisma”, and “style” and “humor”, and wittyness, and, and, and.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” Society member of forty-plus years.

    • Replies: @Keith
  84. Keith says:

    Do you believe the German main stream media is actually gentile owned. Haim Saban, an Israeli
    owns major media concerns in Germany. How stupid can the Germans be? They did’nt learn their lesson, and again, are allowing Jews to control their minds. I guess deNazification really worked.

    The educated Germans must know that the powerful Jews in Chicago selected Obama and along with the Zio media sold Obama to the dumb Americans. US Presidents are selected, not elected.

    See Chicago Jewish News ” Obama, the first Jewish President”.

    • Replies: @Chuck Orloski
    , @L.K
  85. @Keith

    Terrific response, Keith!

    Please look at Linh Dinh’s article (below) written after his teaching stint at Leipzig U.? In the work, an educated and conscientious German native speaks out.

    Yes — it’s easy to understand how a powerful Jewish-driven “deNazification really worked” in post-WW II Germany, to date. It’s also easy for me to understand how average Americans must suffer much greater Eric Holder injustice & Maurice R. Greenberg-style robbery until an inevitable deZionization begins here.

    Thank you.

  86. L.K says:

    ‘Authenticjazzman’ is just a German hater and an extremely ignorant fool who does not have a clue as to how the world really works.


    I guess deNazification really worked.

    Well, that is the thing, it was brutal & yes, it worked very well; it destroyed the soul of a Nation.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  87. @Authenticjazzman

    I figured you were just looking for attention 😉

    You gotta get that narcissistic supply from somewhere. Why here?

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  88. @L.K

    ” Authenticjazzman is just a German hater, and is an extremely ignorant fool who does not have a clue as to how the world really works”

    My wife is German and my son is German, and I studied at a german conservatory classical music performance with emphasis upon Bach and Mozart, so this makes me a “German hater”, to which I reply : You are a German hater.

    “Argue with a fool and what do you get : Two fools.

    Yep this is the intelligent manner in which you leftists debate : If you have no rational points then you start the personal attacks.

    Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen Tag.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” Society member of forty years plus, ignorant fool, and pro jazz performer.

  89. @Johnny F. Ive

    ” I figured you were just looking for attention”

    This is absurd bullshit, however it matches your political insight.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” Society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @Johnny F. Ive
  90. ” You must hate your country”.

    I have no idea where you derive this bullshit from, as you are simply talking out of your ass now.

    I served three years with the US Army, went to jump ( airborne) school and was qualified as an army bandsman.

    I’m sure you never saw an army/navy/airforce base from the inside, so lay off of the false accusations or I will request that you be banned from this site, on the grounds of slander and defamation.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” society member of forty years plus.

    • Replies: @Johnny F. Ive
  91. RobinG says:


    “Classified and unclassified information do not mix. They don’t travel in the same streams through the same pipes. They move in clearly well defined channels so that never the twain shall meet. Mixing them together is unheard of and a major criminal offense.

    “Hillary says she did not use the account to transmit classified information. This has been proven false. The FBI found over 100 messages that contained information that was classified when sent, including numerous email chains at the level of Top Secret/Special Access Programs. They don’t get any more highly classified, it’s the virtual summit of Mt. Everest. One theme pertained to the movement of North Korean nuclear assets obtained via satellite imagery. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this is extremely sensitive information.”

    H/T to fuzzybrain

  92. @Authenticjazzman

    Please try to have me banned. If you can get Ron Unz or any official writer here to say that they want me gone I’ll gladly leave and never to return. I’ll blocked the website so I couldn’t accidentally comeback.

    John McCain, John Kerry, Benedict Arnold served their country too what is your point? That doesn’t mean that they are good human beings who care about their country (they aren’t), or the people they betrayed. I know a guy who fought against the Salafist in Afghanistan. There is no love lost between American soldiers who have fought Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda. Petraeus has all those stars but he is still an Al Qaeda loving traitor. I got a letter from someone who served and his wife who he claims is serving in the military on the behalf of the Democrat Party. I wasn’t blown away by his service to Hillary Clinton. I also got something in the mail from the Republican Party ranting about the imaginary Iranian bomb and Radical Islamist ( they are too complicit to say Saudi Arabia).

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  93. @Johnny F. Ive

    Look buddy I don’t know what your motivation for trying to portray myself as an America “Hater” is but you are full of shit and your incomprehensible postings simply do not make an sense.
    My own brother went to Viet Nam in 1968, twenty years of age, and came home with a stiff leg and numerous other injuries, he passed away from heart disorder several years ago, after his wife, he loved the ground she walked on, left him.
    Myself and my entire family have proved their/our love of contry over and over, so
    Knock it off as you have no fucking clue as to what you are blathering about.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” member of forty years plus, and pro jazz performer.

    • Replies: @Johnny F. Ive
  94. @Authenticjazzman

    First of all, I come from a military family that has fought for the US in every war starting with the American revolution. Second, you attacked me rambling with a bunch of angry nonsense and no arguments like an angry middle school kid. If you had left me alone we would not be arguing over the internet about your temper tantrums. Third, my original post was about the establishments well documented support for Al Qaeda (thanks to wikileaks/Seymour Hersh/DIA documents). I can only conclude since you won’t supply anything other than written verbal abuse that you are fond of Al Qaeda and its supporters foreign and domestic. I have relatives that have been injured fighting what became ISIS. Fourth, its been awhile since I’ve had someone mentally disordered wanting my attention and I can’t leave well enough alone sometimes. I can come to no other conclusion that you are either trolling, an extremely mentally disturbed individual in need of professional treatment, or both. If you stop replying then I will stop replying. Its that simple.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  95. @mcohen

    They may be Martians, judging by how partial they are to the color green. Certainly attributes of genuine humanity are missing.

  96. @mcohen.

    “i wish him well with his future endeavors and am sure he still has much to contribute to society”

    And Citibank still has much to contribute to him.

  97. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Aha! So there is an extra “K” dropped from Eisenhower’s nickname!

    Patton died from serious complications from a car crash.

  98. @Johnny F. Ive

    ” Extremely mentally disturbed individual in need of professional help”.

    You are projecting your own condition onto others.

    You are the ” Extremely mentally disturbed individual” who ist trolling the net looking for victims.

    You have slandered myself with no justification, and your suggestion that I am seeking your attention is beyond rediculous.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” Society member of forty years, and pro jazz performer.

    • Replies: @Johnny F. Ive
  99. @Authenticjazzman

    If you aren’t seeking my attention then why did you reply to me in the first place and every subsequent reply? Well, at least you have some insight into your condition even if you are denial about it, projecting it onto others, being generally unpleasant. You will not get anymore narcissistic supply from me 😉

    1 2 3 blocked.

  100. Johnny F. Ive :

    I do not seek your attention, and I do not cherish your idiotic viewpoints. You are a deranged fool.

    Authenticjazzman, “Mensa” Society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

  101. A Vote For Hillary is a Vote for Thermonuclear War!
    This is Not “A Future To Believe In” Bernie
    Whoever Wins the Election, Thermonuclear Terrorist Obama’s Finger is on ‘The Button’

    Impeach Obama Now!

    Bruce Marshall


    Senator Sanders’s needs to stop calling people racists and do something about stopping those who have started World War III, Secretary Clinton and tragic failure President Obama, whose “Hope and Change” has brought us war and hate. Now Obama orders the Pentagon to a nuclear first strike readiness, to launch at any moment, could it be if Trump wins, or as Hillary, Huma’s or Anthony Weiner scandals involve the President: Treason Anyone!

    Full on chaos is the promise and response of the elite to stay in power, which Bernie Sanders is now backing. Rather than to be the truely independent leader, the U.S. Senator and the rest of Congress needs to realise that they are Under Oath to defend this nation, not rotten political parties and their corrupt leaders like the rotten DNC. Yes Bernie you know who stole the nomination from you, and it was not the Russians, so why are you blaming the Russians?

    Look it is simple, Hillary has already promised to take actions that will lead to a conflict with Russia in Syria, as Russia defeats the CIA’s ISIS terrorists. Hillary, as Secretary of State, pushed for the bombing of Libya, destroying Libya. She worked with Nazi’s in the Ukraine to stage the violent coup against the legitimate government of the Ukraine. It is now being discovered that the western press lied about Syria, that the U.S. is responsible for the carnage as it tries to overthrow the Assad government, siding with various terrorist groups, including ISIS. Remember Bernie ISIS is CIA and you would be the nominee if you had cared about more than the e-mails, but how that is part of World War III you continue to be silent and support.

    Obama needs to have been impeached, but some would rather defend the elite, and destroy the nation, then to become a real opposition to war.

    If Trump is President, he says he will get along with Russia, because peace is good, and thermonuclear war is not how to clean a hard drive, but this is how crazy Hillary and Obama are. So time to wave your arm in the air, and stop being part of the elite’s chaos machine. Yes you got somewhere because the Americans are fed up, why lots of “Deplorables” liked you, until you betrayed the struggle and went along with those who stole your nomination, paid thugs to start fights and riots, and World War which Senator Sanders endorses until he might wake the fuck up.

    (Since this was initially posted through e-mail a few days ago I have had a number of postive comments including this by noted Constitutional Law Professor Francis A. Boyle)

    “With all due respect to everyone on this list: Bernie has now sold out the Peace Movement by jumping on the Clinton Bandwagon heading towards World War III. We need to figure this out on our own and do it on our own. Personally, I could never trust Bernie to lead us again. We will have to do this on our own.”

    Concerning the issue of impeachment Boyle went on to say:

    “I agree with you on that. This week I already started working with some people to put in a Bill of Impeachment against Obama as soon as Congress reconvenes one week after the election. We need to send a shot across his bow. He could start World War III anytime between now and Inauguration Day. We need one Member of the US House of Representatives to put in that Bill of Impeachment immediately. So speak to your own Member of Congress and if he or she is willing to do so, have him or her contact me and I will get to work on drawing up that Bill of Impeachment against Obama. That will keep him pretty busy between now and Inauguration Day and hopefully too busy to start World War III.” Fab

    “Right. Well I am willing to serve as Counsel to any Member of the US House of Representatives willing to put in a Bill of Impeachment against Obama as soon as Congress reconvenes—just as I did to the late, great Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez on his Bill to Impeach Bush Sr on the eve of Gulf War I. RIP. Just have the MOC get in touch with me as indicated below.” Fab.

    Francis A. Boyle

    Law Building

    504 E. Pennsylvania Ave.

    Champaign IL 61820 USA

    All good people, if you do indeed recongize the danger that we are in, recognize that we have a chance to vote more than once in a manner of speaking, for to call your Congressional Representative, to demand that they call for the impeachment of Obama is more than a vote of no confidence, it is a demand that Congress do their job in the face of such a crisis that they will not survive either, but to which honesty and brave action, in accordance with their Oath, that they pledged, that one might well put party preferences aside and actually do something to
    defend the nation and civilization from annihilation.

    (Bruce Marshall)

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